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  • Ah, I see. What sort of dog is she and the puppies? Chance of any pictures!?

    Yeah, a new astronomy postdoc. New project, new stuff to learn, enjoying it so far. Busy!

    That's good to hear. It's a bit weird here - there are 0 cases in the state (been this way for many months), so no masks or anything, just really harsh borders.

    Yeah... we did quarantine just to get into Aus, but it was in a dedicated facility (the only one in the country) rather than a hotel. That meant we could actually sit outside rather than having closed windows for 2 weeks. Still have to pa for it ourselves... but my employer will cover it (or at least reimburse), thank goodness. Once is more than enough.

    What are you studying at school? And what else is new?

    Birthday was good! And oOverall things are fine, new job started and getting into the swing of things there. Job hunting while abroad and during a pandemic was not great!

    Alas, the state I am (Western Australia) in has harsh border rules rn - so while I could go to the other side and visit family, as there's covid cases there I wouldn't be able to get back without quarantine in a hotel (at my expense). So family reunion next year I suppose. Could be worse though.
    Sending lots of smiles your way, my friend. :)

    I hope you've been keeping safe during these tough times, and that you had a great birthday yesterday!! <333
    Ahhh!! It's your birthday again, isn't it, Asty? Wherever you might be right now, I hope you have the happiest of birthdays! ^-^

    Oh, and one more thing!! ...Thank you for everything. :') I truly mean it! Take care, okay?

    Just wanted to drop by and wish you a PERFECT WORLD of a birthday!!! ;) Have a good one, okay?

    How goes, Astinus?

    Yesterday I saw two penguins have a fight. So life is entertaining I suppose!
    Well actually, to be fair to the others, I'll just skip your turn for now. Your turn will come again for the next round.
    It's ok; I was kinda busy myself to update, so, I'll still let you choose a move o: (but an exception only this once)
    That'd explain it, haha. Still don't have it on my phone as yet...

    That's forward thinking! I'm still getting used to talking to people at different hours, haha.

    Cool, I look forward to hearing this update including positive changes, and then I'll give mine. =)
    In hindsight maybe I shouldn't have sent something over discord, haha.

    Anyways hope all is well. Hi from Cape Town!
    Indeed! And the recurring joke that followed each instance was a gem as well. xP

    Ah, Apollomon was also my favorite Death General! The Hell's Field mini-arc in general was just so good. The parallels between Taiki's dilemma and Yuu's delusion really helped both of these characters face reality in their own way, which I thought was an amazing touch!

    Arrrgh! I know exactly how you feel... ;__; At one point, my sister and I tried to have a "binge marathon" of every Digimon series in Japanese, but we unfortunately couldn't finish because of time constraints. We managed to finish Tamers, Frontier, and Adventure (in that order), but then we had to stop somewhere in the middle of Zero Two. Didn't get around to Savers, either. *sigh* I'm really hoping to follow through with this marathon someday!

    That reminds me... I still need to get started on the Xros Wars manga, haha.
    Oh wow, I actually had a feeling that you might pick either Astra or Haru! xD

    But honestly, I'm with you 100% that every single one of them was endearing, and it's really hard to give the characters justice by ranking them, haha. But still, if I had to pick, I'd say Yujin was my favorite Appli Driver! I was already worried about him since the very first episode, especially when they hinted at his true identity. The mysteries surrounding his character made the show very intriguing to watch, and I constantly found myself wanting to know more about him. And by the time we got to the final episode... don't even get me started on that. ;__;

    As for the monsters, Offmon was easily my favorite! *o* Like, oh my goodness. That lil' puppy was both sooooo adorable and relatable at the same time! But Musimon was super cute too! I couldn't get enough of his "praylist," ahaha.

    YESSS, I really want to re-watch Appmon sometime as well! It's also my second favorite Digimon series, but it's extremely close to being tied with Xros Wars as my all-time favorite! If the Digimon franchise ever has another special crossover like Hunters, my biggest wish would be for Haru to meet Taiki! They'd be such amazing friends, you wouldn't even imagine! Taiki represents everything Haru aspires to be, and I bet meeting Taiki would certainly remind Haru of Yujin... which could potentially be heartwrenching, depending on how you interpret the finale of Appmon.

    Also, I think a character like Haru would have been the absolute perfect protagonist for Digimon Hunters (rather than Tagiru), but I digress, haha...

    LOL, that guy was hilarious. I love how we would sometimes have a perfectly normal crowd of people, and then one person turns around just so we find out that he was Afro Man all along. xD (I think he was even disguised as a surgeon at one point...)
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