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March 1st, 2008, 6:26 AM
Yeah, I'm making this again. DEAL WITH IT! *gave it slight update*

It was December 31st, 1999. White snow blanketed over all of Sinnoh. Professor Rowan claimed that tommorow, the first day of 2000, he'd get the Sinnoh starters to give out to beginning trainers. Not only that, but he'd get the starters from the other regions too. For the first time ever, Rowan would have all 12 starters.

Trainers from Twinleaf Town would be visiting him too get an exotic Pokemon, of course, but also beginning trainers from different towns, even different regions. Half of the trainers of the 12 were just average 10 year olds, and they'd take a normal journey earning gym badges or ribbons. For some, even both. The other six, however, were a different story.

The other half were ranging in age from 14-16, even though they could have started much earlier. For their own reasons, they decided to wait. Little did they, or anyone for that matter, know what fate was in store for them.

Most kids that age are spoiled little brats. Their used to having all the electronics, such as I-Pods and cell phones, at their fingertips. When on a journey, they would be sleeping at fancy hotels with confortable beds, fluffed pillows, and room service that would cater to their every need. Foodwise, they would be eating at five star resturaunts with one heck of a menu. These kids would have none of that. What they would have wouldn't even come close.

They would randomly black out. The cause would be unknown, but they would wake up on an island with no one else there. No one knows how they would get there. Some say it was magic, others say a bird Pokemon flew them, who knows. But either way, they would be on an island.

They would have to learn how to go without electronics, fancy hotels, and five star resturuents. There would be no little reasue boat or plane that would save them from the island. They would have to learn how to live on the island. Overall, they'd have to learn how to survive.


1. They moderators have good reasons for posting rules. Read them over. If you can't follow them, don't join.
2. Please try to post at least four lines, but remember, quality > quanity.
3. You can capture a total of 6 Pokemon, including your starter, but no more. Please be reasonable with the Pokemon you catch when it comes to shininess and rareness, and no legandaries are allowed.
4. No sex, please. Romance such as far hugging and kissing goes is fine.
5. My rule about character control is this: You can control characters other than your own, just don't go overboard. Also make sure you don't make other people's characters do stuff out of their personalities.
6. If I'm absent, the show must go on. Just bunny my character, and let the RP days pass. Don't stop the RP and wait for me.
7. Six people, including me, are aloud. Sign up quicky.
8- The starting RP day is January 1st. Each page, starting with the first complete page, will be an RP day.
9. Have fun!

Sign Up Sheet

Name- Self-Explanitory
Gender- Male or female
Age- 14-16
Birthday- When was your character born? This is imporant because RP days will pass, and when it hits your characters birthday, they will become a year older.
Personality- 3-5 complete sentances, please. Try to go into some detail.
Figure- How tall is your character? Don't make it anything too unreasonable, like 15 feet tall. How much does your character weigh? Again, be reasonable. And overall, what is your character's body shape/figure?
Eyes- What color is your character's eyes?
Skin- What is your character's skin tone?
Hair- How long is your character's hair? What color? What style?
Summer Attire- What clothing does your character wear from April 1st-October 31st in RP time?
Winter Attire- What does your charcter wear from November 1st-March 31st in RP time?
Starter Pokemon- Any of the 12 starters are allowed, as long as nobody else has the one you want.
Starter's Gender- What is your starter Pokemon's gender?
Starter's Personality- What is your starter Pokemon's personality? You don't have to go into too much detail.
History- Optional.
Other- Anything else you'd like to add.

Have fun!

March 3rd, 2008, 5:42 PM
I'd like to reserve a shiny Charmander for my starter, por favor.

Trainer Kat
March 3rd, 2008, 6:56 PM
Placeholder. I plan on finishing this when I don't have a paper due. xD;

Name- Kari Sato
Gender- Female
Age- 15
Birthday- October 6th, 1991
Personality- 3-5 complete sentances, please. Try to go into some detail.
Figure- How tall is your character? Don't make it anything too unreasonable, like 15 feet tall. How much does your character weigh? Again, be reasonable. And overall, what is your character's body shape/figure?
Eyes- Kari's eyes are a light brown color, a small bit of green mixed in to the otherwise monochrome color.
Skin- What is your character's skin tone?
Hair- How long is your character's hair? What color? What style?
Summer Attire- Click (http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r223/Gengarr/art09.jpg)
Winter Attire- Click (http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r223/Gengarr/art09-1.jpg)
Starter Pokemon- http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffb/dpffb007.png #007 Squirtle
Starter's Gender- Male
Starter's Personality- What is your starter Pokemon's personality? You don't have to go into too much detail.
History- Optional.
Other- Anything else you'd like to add.

March 3rd, 2008, 7:04 PM
Going to sleep. Editing post right about now, so reserve a spot.

Name- Gage Truthbell
Gender- Male
Age- 15
Birthday- Augest 11th, 1991
Personality- Gage is a quiet individual normally undisturbed by the commotion of Pokemon and people. He manages to get by, with a sense of survival intended. However he is unused to the idea of surviving in the wilderness, as he never gone camping before. Gage is a trainer that's usually somewhat calm, yet isn't afraid to go to drastic measures to get what he wants. Gage prefers to stay away from people that manipulate him or others, and will punish them. His speciality is taking words and turning them back at the user, regardless of wheither it has an impact. At least it shows that Gage doesn't give a damn about them.

Figure- Gage stands at 5'7", with a light, agile build. He weighs at around one-hundred and ten pounds.
Eyes- Gage's eyes are a dark green.
Skin- Light skinned, Caucasion.
Hair- Gage has blue messy hair tied up at the end into an unoticable ponytail around three inches long and a centimeter thick.
Summer Attire- Gage often wears a black T-shirt with a Pokeball symbol on the front. He also has blue denim jeans with a brown belt that carries his pokeballs and lastly, he has white sneakers.
Winter Attire- On top of the T-shirt, Gage has a grey weatherproof slightly stuffed winter jacket. His pants are slightly thicker than normal, and he has brown winter boots. As an addition, Gage wears black fingerless gloves.
Starter Pokemon- Cyndaquil (Nicknamed Inferno)
Starter's Gender- Male
Starter's Personality- The Cyndaquil is somewhat playful. Inferno has recently hatched from an egg (November 13th, to be exact), and has a habit of thinking as if everything is a game (outside of battling). When playing around, the pokemon tries to be a leader in small groups, even though it's easily scared of large pokemon and any sort of weapon. When interacting, the pokemon is shy and prefers to stay out of discussion or discussing things. Like Gage, the Cyndaquil relies completely on instinct when it comes to survival, as it was out of captivity for a month before being captured and cared for by Professor Rowan, who took this as an ample time to study one of Johto's popular starters.

March 3rd, 2008, 8:22 PM
Name- Miru Sangkaeo
Gender- Female
Age- 14
Birthday- September 18th, 1997
Personality- Miru is a very social person, someone who loves to talk but is very shy. She's a very forward and blunt person if she's drawn out of her shell. Survival on an island should be easy, she survived without her parents for a good portion of her live. Miru never felt the need for the high tech things. She trys not to annoy people to much, although annoying people is what she does most of the time without thinking about it.
Figure- Miru stands at full height 5'3 she weighs around 100lbs and as a small frame and an hour-glass figure
Eyes- An orange red color
Skin- She has a healthy dark tan
Hair- Miru has bubble gum pink hair that is below her shoulder blades. Her hair is mostly worn in a braid
Summer Attire- Black shorts that reach mid-thigh on her, a plain white tee
Winter Attire- A pair of black slacks with a grey sweater

Starter Pokemon- Bulbasaur
Starter's Gender- Female
Starter's Personality- Bulbasaur is very outgoing and strong willed, willing to try anything at least one time. Bulbasuar also loves food, any kind of food or berries will quickly vanish if it isn't put away correctly.

March 4th, 2008, 4:57 PM
Brad- You can reserve a normal Charmander, but not a shiny one.
Trainer Kat- Looks good so far. Just finish it. ~pending~
AExacalibur- Same with Trainer Kat. It's pretty good. Just finish it. ~pending~
Ice_Heart- It could use some improvement, like punctuation. ~pending~

March 12th, 2008, 10:00 AM
What happened to the other post?

Trainer Kat
March 12th, 2008, 10:25 AM
*sigh* Sorry for the OOC post. Do we have to, like, go through all that again or can we just pick up where we left off? -_-;

March 12th, 2008, 12:06 PM
Um, we can just pick up where we left off. That'd be much less annoying. ~_~

March 12th, 2008, 12:41 PM
Name- Dave
Gender- Male
Age- 15 years old
Birthday - July 17th (no special reason for this; just a random date)
Personality - Dave has a very hardcore type of personality, and will take MOSTLY any challenge. He ALWAYS has a lot of energy, and not enough to do, which creates boredom. and for him, boredom creates randomness, and sometimes destruction XD. Aside from pokemon training, Dave is a professional skateboarder in his spare time, and will look for anything to skate on. At the same time, he can also be calm and has a way with getting pokemon to like him.
Figure- Very tall, 6 feet 3 inches to be exact. That's my height in real life :P. He's skinny too. Not like a stick, but average.
Eyes- Blue and often covered up by hair.
Skin- Light tone with lots of bruises and cuts XD
Hair- An emo-ish style and its blue.
Summer Attire - Click (http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/3654/rpsummercd9.png)
Winter Attire - Clickity Click Click (http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/2452/rpwintervo2.png)
Starter Pokemon - Blaziken
Starter's Gender - Male
Starter's Personality - Blaziken has a sense of superiority above everyone except Dave, who he shares a bond with. He can speak English and he doesnt take crap from people. He has a big appetite too.
History - Dave goes on this adventure after being kicked out of his parent's house for the 6th time.
Other - Random off-topic references from Dave are meant to be funny, because they will happen.

March 12th, 2008, 1:54 PM
Pro: Piplup's not taken!
Con: But wait... I can't use the character with the Piplup I wanted, because she's only 10-12 years old...

But at least my Plan B character is more computer-savvy than my other one, so she fits better... Now, to pick a starter...

Their used to having all the electronics, such as I-Pods and cell phones, at their fingertips.

I-Pods didn't even exist in 2000... nor did any other sort of MP3 players. There would have been CD players, but...

Name: Ari Tsukimaru
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: December 19
Personality: All her life Ari has been a computer geek. Though she's not as eccentric as that stereotype is, she is as intelligent. She spends most of her time locked up in her room, on her computer... usually in some sort of online RPG or in an IM chat with random online friends (she even resorts to adding IM abbreviations in school papers, for a little fun), or even the occasion of pirating music or trying to hack into certain websites. She's hardly ever outside, although there are exceptions, two main ones being school and outings with her brother. When she is around real people, she tends to be rather reclusive, but if people talk about a subject that interests her... Or when she's in a Pokemon journey... THEN, she'll warm up to people occasionally, although she still won't go into animated talks and rants about the subject. Ari is simply not a public speaker or a huge performer, primarily because talking isn't her thing. She doesn't exactly have stage fright--she just pretends crowds and such are not there. Of course, most things in real life can easily seem distant or whimsical to her, as if life was one big video game.
Figure: Ari is exactly five feet tall, weighing somehwere around 94 pounds. (What? That's too light? She's still heavier than me...) From her figure, it's pretty easy to tell how she spends her time. Sitting in the dark for hours at a time, too occupied to get up and walk around or even eat or sleep in some cases... This cuts down her body mass a bit. You definitely won't find much in the way of muscles on her, nor any of those pleasant curves some girls her age have (Maybe this is more because of the outfit she usually wears?)... And it's a good thing she's built on a relatively small frame, for if she wasn't, she would look more bony than usual... But she is, so she looks more, er... petite, maybe?
Eyes: Under normal light, they look to be a dark bluish-gray or something (well, it's SOME sort of dark colour)--but when she's in front of a computer or TV screen, her eyes always look more purple for some reason...
Skin: A pale almond colour, due to lack of sunlight
Hair: Straight, black, and goes down just about to her shoulders. In fluorescent lights, for example, it looks to be a very dark blue instead...
Summer Attire: Unfortunately, Ari's very picky about the types of clothes she wears, as she wants to make a good impression on people if she's out and about. So if she hates wearing shorts, skirts, and short sleeves, and prefers darker colours... this often makes her look to be dressed too warmly for summer. Still, she tries to make up for it... Her black pants have one pocket on the side of her left leg, and are of a thin fabric so as to not be too hot. And she also wears simple black sandals with light blue socks underneath (for some reason, she doesn't like showing her feet), and carries around a yellow parasol with a Skitty design on it. (Wait... this is completely off her colour scheme, isn't it? That scheme doesn't apply to things she doesn't actually wear. Plus it has to be a light colour so as to not absorb too much heat.) She still wears her usual dark blue jacket (which is fairly light anyways), which is made of a material that feels similar to denim, has long sleeves that almost cover her hands, and is long enough to just about cover her hips. If it's not too cold or hot, she wears a black shirt underneath it, but if it's mid-summer, she doesn't have any shirt underneath. And she still wears her favourite deep blue hat, a cute little one with narrow sky blue stripes across it. Haha, she's had it since she was four and it still fits her. And Ari always wears glasses, no matter what.
Winter Attire: Ari wears the same jacket and hat as in the summer, but the rest changes. This time, she wears a short-sleeved black shirt underneath the jacket, for a little extra warmth. She also wears black leather gloves, and buttons the jacket all the way up her neck (as opposed to in the summer, when the top three buttons are left unbuttoned). Her pants are thicker and a dark gray in colour, and also have a large side pocket on the left leg. (Is that a trend with her?) On her feet are black boots with heels that come up only an inch off the ground (anything higher would hurt her feet).
Starter Pokemon: Piplup (nicknamed Kaiser)
Starter's Gender: Male
Starter's Personality: This Piplup gets bored very easily, and sometimes he will just run around if he has nothing else to do. Sometimes he will interact with other Pokemon, but when he does, he had a tendency to sound arrogant, although he otherwise might seem more collected and even a little shy. But when he gets interested in a battle, he battles with pride and confidence, and if he loses the first thing he wants is a rematch. (Unless it's a seriously overpowered Pokemon.) Kaiser is also a picky eater--he luuuurrrrves seafood of all types, shapes, and sizes, but completely hates anything spicy--including berries.
History: Ari didn't spend a lot of time with her parents when she was young, but she did spend a lot of time with Gon, her older brother. Often times the two of them would go on walks together, and explore around their hometown of Eterna City, Sinnoh. Sometimes they wandered towards Mt. Coronet or the forest to look for Pokemon to watch or play with. And they would even return home to play video games or watch TV together. (Especially for cartoon night on Saturday!) But as they got older, these outings became less frequent... especially as school started. They stopped hanging out together in school after several people thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend instead of brother and sister... not to mention that Gon soon got involved with the school baseball team and spent more time in school than usual. So Ari began to retreat back into her room for hours at a time... Her parents were okay with it, so long as she didn't skip school.

On the computer, one of the places Ari frequently went was to a chat site about Pokemon. There, trainers posted things about their Pokemon, and other users talked about their favourite Pokemon or their hopes for the future. Ari wasn't that crazy about going on a Pokemon journey at first, as it seemed to involve too much work and travelling. Not to mention she wouldn't be able to use a computer that often.

But Gon went on a Pokemon journey--he became a trainer who specialised in Bug and Fire-type Pokemon (his starter was Chimchar) and strived to enter the Pokemon League and win badges in various regions. Occasionally he called or emailed Ari whenever he got the chance, to let her know how he was doing on his journey. But he also kept badgering Ari to go on a Pokemon journey herself. Whenever Ari heard of this, she rolled her eyes or deleted emails... she really wasn't sure. But over time, the idea of having a Pokemon interested her... after a few online RPGs that simulated Pokemon journeys. In some of those RPGs, she got attached to her Pokemon, particularly her level 80 Skitty she often experimented with on there. And the Darkrai she managed to obtain by hacking. And the Palkia she kept duplicating with a particular cheat... (What, is Ari some sort of virtual criminal? I suppose so...) And the Mismagius who knew Curse and Ominous Wind. (Okay, so that one wasn't hacked or cheated. Nor was the Skitty. Buuuuttttt...)

For her sixteenth birthday, Ari got a small laptop as a present. Oh, wonder wonder joy joy! This means she didn't have to stay in her room all day, and take a computer with her everywhere she went! Just like Gon did with his own laptop--he emailed Ari from his laptop while he was on his Pokemon journey. ...While he was on his Pokemon journey? Ohh, we all know what that means. This encouraged Ari to finally try out a real Pokemon journey, with real Pokemon. Meh... maybe she would get used to traveling if she had a Pokemon or six with her.
Other: As mentioned in the History, Ari carries around a small laptop, which has an 11-inch screen and a large Cresselia sticker on the back. (And a few little stars to go with it.) She even carries around a little mouse and a little memory stick to go with it. That's the only electrical device she carries around (unless she receives a Pokedex and/or Poketch). But if there's no internet on the island, it wouldn't be of too much use...

OOC: Whee! I ended up adding some characteristics to my character that weren't there in previous RPG's she was in! How fun!

March 12th, 2008, 2:33 PM
Okay, Rai, here is my sign-up:

Name- Siry Gelado
Gender- Male
Age- 14
Birthday- June 27, 1987
Personality- 3-5 complete sentances, please. Try to go into some detail.
Figure- Siry is short for his age, barley making the 5'2" cut. He is very small and shrimpy, and weighs a mere 124.
Eyes- Sirys eyes are a grey color. They change due to looking at TV screens too often though.
Skin- Siry has pale-white skin, because of his spending too much time with technology.
Hair- Siry has short, brown-red hair.
Summer Attire- What clothing does your character wear from April 1st-October 31st in RP time?
Winter Attire- What does your charcter wear from November 1st-March 31st in RP time?
Starter Pokemon- Totodile
Starter's Gender- Male
Starter's Personality- What is your starter Pokemon's personality? You don't have to go into too much detail.
History- Optional.
Other- Anything else you'd like to add.

I'll finish later.

March 15th, 2008, 10:47 AM
I'm actually going to accept up to 12 characters.

Ninetales- ~accepted~
Ikasu- ~declined~

March 15th, 2008, 3:46 PM
Hey Raichuchika, remember me?

Well I'd like to sign up just like in the old thread.

Name - Fraky
Gender - Male
Age - 14
Birthday - December 9th
Personality - Fraky is a mysterious boy. He takes things real serious and likes challenges, however hard they are. Hates evil and tries to help his friends by any means possible. That doesn't mean he doesn't like fun, and it's difficult for him to say what he feels for someone. He's not any shy, strangely. He loves every Pokémon type, specially Dragon and Steel-types.
Figure - Fraky is about 5'3" and weighs some 105. He's a bit slim, but strong. Has a high stamina.
Eyes - Brown
Skin - White (you know what I mean)
Hair - Fraky has a dark hair. His hair's not too long (it doesn't get to the end of his neck)
Summer Attire - A dark blue t-shirt with a lightning on it and brown shorts.
Winter Attire - A dark green shirt and blue jeans.
Starter Pokemon - Cyndaquil (named Volcano)
Starter's Gender - Male
Starter's Personality - Volcano is a strong-willed Pokémon that likes to roam outside its Pokéball.
History - Fraky loves Pokémon since he was a child. He promised to his family that when he would return home as the Champion, but what took him to his adventure was his love for Pokémon and the opportunity to see the whole world.
Other - Nothing.

I hope this is enough.

March 16th, 2008, 5:54 AM
Name- Darkly
Gender- Male
Age- ???
Birthday- No one knows...
Personality- A mysterious character who appears to be a talking flygon... he is completely insane and plans to use his destructo-ray that he built on the island to destroy sinnoh and all nearby regions.he has a human assistant known as tiffany, and another assistant who is a salamence. ever since these mysterious teens have landed on the island, he has become even more evil. Now he plans to capture them and test his destructo ray on them. his lab is the only working technology on the island.
Figure-He is 6 feet tall with a blade on the end of his tail. he weighs about 100 pounds, tiffany weighs 80 and salamence weighs 200. tiffany is also 6 feet tall and salamence is 5 (on all four legs)
Eyes- A dark red
Skin- He is a black and grey flygon
Hair- He is a flygon, they don't have hair
Summer Attire- He wears a black cape each season
Starter Pokemon- ummm... himself?
Starter's Gender- male (duh)
Starter's Personality- read Darkly's summary
history-you will find out as the story progresses

I felt that this story needed a bad guy :)

March 16th, 2008, 6:58 AM
XWeavile- ~accepted~
missingno 1010- ~declined~

March 17th, 2008, 1:59 AM
Hey, I would like to join, but could you clarify what starters are at the moment available (if any)? Two people seem to have Cyndaquil... though one was a pending sign-up. Would just like to know so I can select my starter ^^; I have all my profile ready just not the starter... I would choose Charmander but I wasn't sure if it was available because the person who wanted it reserved hasn't posted anything here for a while. :S

March 17th, 2008, 10:49 AM
Two people seem to have Cyndaquil... though one was a pending sign-up.

Though mine was completed before the forums wipe. Now it's pending again and I completed it. :/

However, it depends on Raichuchika's decision. I can probably give up my position, however it depends on which person's sign-ups he prefers.

March 18th, 2008, 3:10 AM
Well, I'll post my sign-up with Charmander as my starter and if it's not allowed I'll change it to something else ^^;

Name: Sammi Murasaki
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: October 31st

Personality: Sammi is a rather strange little girl, who loves Pokemon more than anything. This may sound normal, as most children around her age have an interest in becoming Pokemon trainers, but Sammi loves Pokemon to the point where she wants to *be* one. She refuses to wear normal clothes and instead chooses to cosplay as different Pokemon. She can be very hyperactive – especially with the prospect of obtaining her first Pokemon ever – and is generally a very cheerful person. Being an only child she can seem a bit self-centred at times and loves bringing attention to herself with her crazy antics.

While she may seem like your average hyperactive kid, Sammi is in fact quite intelligent and knows a great deal about Pokemon (she reads and studies them all the time). She dreams of becoming a Pokemon professor.

Figure: Everything about her is tiny (except her hair!). Sammi is just under 5 foot tall and weighs about 7 stone. She’s very slim, despite the amount of chocolate she consumes.

Eyes: Sammi’s eyes are a bright blue colour.
Skin: Slightly tanned from where she spends a lot of time outside watching wild Pokemon, but it’s not that noticeable.
Hair: Sammi has hair. And lots of it. Long, purple hair flows around her as if it has a mind of its own. It’s very unruly and never really seems to be tidy, even after she’s brushed it.

Summer Attire: In the summer, Sammi usually likes to dress up as a Vulpix. She wears a headband with fox-like ears attached to them; a red/brown-ish button-up shirt with a collar (and about what seems to be a million pockets… not literally of course, but she does like pockets), gloves that look like Vulpix paws; a red mini-skirt that has Vulpix-tails attached to the belt, which hang down behind her; and cute brown boots that have buckles going up along the sides.

Winter Attire: Sammi often wears her Pachirisu attire in the winter (one of her favourite Pokemon). This involves her Pachirisu hoody – a white hoody with Pachirisu ears attached to the hood (she wears the hood up all the time) and the sleeves are so long that they cover her hands up completely; Pachirisu gloves; baggy blue jeans with a Pachirisu tail attached at the belt and white boots (which you can’t see because the jeans cover them)

Starter Pokemon: Charmander
Starter’s Gender: Male
Starter’s Personality: Sammi’s Charmander is oddly calm for a fire Pokemon. He is very quiet and shy around anyone who isn’t Sammi – even around other Pokemon. He adores Sammi and will do anything to protect her, although he doesn’t like to battle much.

History: As I’ve said already, Sammi is an only-child. She never had the chance to start her journey around the same time as other kids since her parents wouldn’t allow it. Her hometown is Violet City in Kanto, but she recently moved to Sinnoh and so her Pokemon journey began there instead. Both of her parents have no interest in Pokemon and don’t really approve of Sammi leaving home to become a Pokemon trainer, but she got her own way eventually (through lots of tantrums, of course). Sammi would often be found outside on her own, trying to communicate with wild Pokemon; she never really had any friends since she was always more interested in befriending the creatures outside.

March 18th, 2008, 12:53 PM
Murasaki- ~accepted~

Oh yeah, we can start the RP now.

March 18th, 2008, 2:54 PM
Today was possibly one of the best days of Gage's life. As a New Year Gift, beginning trainers were allowed to select starters. This was normal, however this year Professor Rowan, the leading Pokemon research authority of the Sinnoh region, has obtained the most common starting Pokemon from each region. Gage was happy, as he wasn't limited to Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup, none he prefered. However, he was fifteen years old. This meant that he started five years later than the majority of trainers, who started their journey at the age of ten. So he was missing out on five years of experience. Still, it wasn't much of a disadvantage to him. Gage still had the rest of his life.

Opening the door to Rowan's labratory, located in Sandgem Town, he made his introductions to the assistants of the busy professor. He was one of the last twelve trainers to come today, the majority of them have already left.

"Um, hello. I was here to get my starter," Gage said. He wasn't much of a speaker.

"Ah, I see another arrived. You're Gage, correct? We should still have the Cyndaquil you asked about, so don't worry," Rowan replied, reaching and grabbing a red and white sphere known as a Poke'Ball. Pressing a circular button on the middle, the sphere which once fitted inside his palm, as if it was to be crushed, grew a large amount, the size of the professor's hand actually. A red light trailed a foot away from Rowan, as a tiny blue creature came out. Red pores were on it's back, and flames occasionally bursted out of them. The pokemon faced Rowan and Gage, and stared at Gage.

"Quil~?" The Cyndaquil was a bit confused, and showed this by tilting it's head to the side a bit.

"This is the person I said would take care of you, Cyndaquil" Rowan comforted the Cyndaquil, and then turned to face Gage and continued. "The Pokemon has recently hatched from an egg, unlike the other Pokemon here. So it's easily misguided and doesn't know much. Please treat it carefully," Rowan finished, handing Gage a PokeDex and returned the Cyndaquil to it's Pokeball before handing the sphere to Gage. Taking both of them, Gage gave his thanks before leaving the labratory.

"Well... That was a lot quicker than I expected... So Inferno, how about we start this adventure. It's going to be good for the both of us," Gage said to the Pokeball, looking at the Cyndaquil through the Pokeball's transparent red top. He attached it to his belt, and began to leave the town. However, there was a hard blow to his head as he was knocked unconscious, muttering a barely audible "damn."

March 18th, 2008, 4:57 PM
OOC: Hey, just to say something - either me and AExcalibur chose Cyndaquil. Well, as AExcalibur signed up before me, I don't mind changing my starter to Chimchar (still named Volcano and still the same personality). And I'll start after blacking out.

IC: Fraky woke up. He was still a bit dizzy. He must had been uncounscious for some three hours. The last thing he remembered was to leave Prof. Rowan's lab in Sandgem. Then he woke up in some kind of... island?
He took a look around. He was in a beach. But what did really happen? Was he knocked out by something? Was he kidnapped or something? Was there a disturbance in space due to... whatever it was, and he blacked out to that place? What, when, how? All these questions made Fraky more confused than before.
But he was still dizzy and gave a giant yawn. Then he fell asleep.

March 18th, 2008, 11:50 PM
Sammi slammed her front door behind her and began sprinting down the road towards Rowan's laboratory, her Pachirisu tail bobbing wildly behind her.

I can't believe they tried to stop me from going again! she exclaimed in her head. Well, it's too late to stop me now, I'm gonna get my first Pokemon! It's a good thing we live close to the laboratory... I hope I'm not too late!

The gates of Rowan's laboratory were coming into view, Sammi's heart began to leap as she got closer to the one thing that she had wanted for the last four years. She stopped running and began to walk cautiously towards the gate. One of Rowan's assistants was there. He stared blankly at the odd little girl in front of him.

"Er... can I help you?" he enquired.

"Yes! I'm here to get my first Pokemon!" Sammi replied.

"You're a trainer...?"

"Yes! Is there a problem?"

"No... it's just... never mind. Come this way. You must be very excited."

"I have Butterfrees in my stomach!"

The assistant lead her into Rowan's laboratory. Sammi felt like she was going to explode. Rowan was standing at the far end of the laboratory. The walk there seemed to take a lifetime.

"Professor Rowan, this young trainer is here to see you," the assistant said.

"Ah, hello there, you must be Sammi," Rowan greeted her and picked out a Pokeball.

"Yup! I'm Sammi! And I wanted a Charmander! They're the cutest of all the starters!"

Rowan laughed and handed her the Pokeball, "Here is your Charmander."

Sammi's hands shook with excitement as she took the Pokeball from the Professor. She pushed the button and the ball exploded, revealing her first ever Pokemon - Charmander.

"Yay! My first Pokemon!" Sammi squealed.

"Char char!" Chamander exclaimed, though looking rather sleepy.

"Char charmander!" Sammi replied to the Charmander. She broke out into laughter and picked up the little lizard, "Thanks a bunch Mr. Professor Sir!"

"You're welcome Sammi. Take good care of Charmander for me."

Sammi hurried out of the laboratory with Charmander in her arms, "We're gonna have so much fun!"


"But first I have to go back home... I promised my parents I would go back and see them after I picked you up. They really don't like Pokemon much but don't worry, it'll - "

Before she could finish her sentence, everything went black.

March 19th, 2008, 3:27 AM
IC: Fraky woke up after some hours sleeping. He felt better after some sleep. He stood up and took a look around him again. He was in the same beach. Then he remembered he wasn't alone - he had Volcano with him. Inside the Pokeball.
"What will I do now? Better try to find help." - he said to himself.
He spent hours walking, trying to find help. When he noticed that he had returned to the same place he was before, he concluded.
"I'm in an island..."
In an island in the middle of nowhere. He didn't see any land beyond the sea.
"Volcano, come out and watch this" - he said, releasing Volcano.
The small Chimchar came out of his Pokeball. "Chim! Char!" it said.
"We're alone, Volcano. Alone in this island. In the middle of nowhere. I don't have any idea where we are." - he said.
There was a forest behind him. He looked at it.
"Volcano, let's go. I haven't searched on that forest yet. Let's see if we can find help there."
He didn't call Volcano back to his Pokeball. No, he taught that it would be good for him to roam outside the Pokeball.
When he entered the forest, he noticed a flash behind him. He looked behind and saw a body. It was a boy.The boy looked like he was uncounscious. Now he was not alone.

March 19th, 2008, 12:44 PM
I knew I shouldn't have walked down that alley after leaving the lab... Ari thought as she woke up in the forest on a strange island. What, did an Alakazam appear out of nowhere and teleport me here?
It had only been a few minutes since Ari had gotten her first Pokemon--a Piplup named Kaiser--from Professor Rowan. After getting the Pokemon, she and the little Piplup walked around Sandgem Town for a while, until they got into an alley than ran behind the Pokemon Centre. Ari barely took three steps into it before somehow being transported to this place...

"PLUP!" A familiar Piplup appeared in a tiny flash of light right next to Ari. This Piplup landed on the ground and started rubbing his head.
"Oh, Kaiser..." Ari said out of relief. For a second she was worried that she would be separated from him upon being transported here.
"...Plup?" Kaiser wondered, looking around the place to see nothing but trees...
"...Plup!" Kaiser finally spotted something--or someone. A boy lay unconscious on the ground, and a younger-looking and shorter boy stood nearby him. Ari faintly recognised the two of them--she had seen them getting their Pokemon from Professor Rowan. Apparently they had ended up here the same way Ari did.

It was awkward how Ari ended up here, but it didn't matter too much. This could only mean that the journey was somehow meant to start here instead of in Sinnoh... or that the younger kids and the older ones were supposed to be separated. Or both. Ari frowned at one of the meanings of this--just before starting her Pokemon journey, she had been looking forward to (hopefully) encountering her older brother somewhere on the journey, maybe having a battle with him. But who knows where she was now--she wasn't even sure how close she was to Sinnoh. If she was teleported like she thought, this island could literally be anywhere in the world...

Ari could be sure that the two boys had spotted her--she had appeared fairly close to them. Immediately, Kaiser started waddling towards them, noticing that the younger boy had a Chimchar with him.
<"Oi! I... don't suppose you know where we are, do you? Did you just suddenly appear here as well?"> Kaiser asked the Chimchar.
OOC: Anything in triangular brackets is in Pokemon language.

March 19th, 2008, 2:09 PM
IC: Fraky headed towards the boy, to watch if he was alright. Volcano came after him. The boy looked like one or two years older than Fraky. Then, he heard something.
A little Piplup was running at him, followed by a girl. Fraky recognized that girl - she was with him when they picked their first Pokemon.
The Piplup looked at Volcano and talked to it. Volcano answered:
<"No, I don't have any idea where we are. Me and my trainer suddenly blacked out and appeared here"> - said Volcano.
Fraky looked at the girl again.
"Are you Ari?" - he asked.
"Yes." - she said - "Do you have any idea where we are?"
"No. I suddenly blacked out, so did Volcano" - he said.
Silence. Nobody of them talked. He looked at the deep sea. Where were them afterall?
The boy woke up.
"Hey, you alright?" - Fraky asked.

March 19th, 2008, 2:11 PM
Gage groaned and opened his eyes. Expecting himself somewhere in Sandgem Town, hopefully a Pokemon Center, he found himself staring at a blue sunny sky. Something had definetely gone wrong.

What happened now...? the boy thought, as he sat up. Infront of him was the ocean, bringing with it a salty ocean air. Finding out he was on a beach, Gage looked around. There was a boy a couple of inches shorter than him with a Chimchar at his side. Also with him was a girl with a light build looking as if she was less than 110 pounds, who owned a Piplup. Gage recalled seeing them pick their starter Pokemon in Professor Rowan's labratory. So most likely, there were others here.

"So uh... Anyone knows what happened?" Gage asked as he checked his belt for the Pokeball containing Inferno. Finding it still located on his belt, he let out a sigh of relief. Gage wasn't one to rely on others, and definetely would be worried to find out that the Cyndaquil was missing. After all, he never gone camping or anything of the sort. He had no survival skills in the wilderness to last him for at least a week. Period. So he just waited for a spot and thought of what could be done now.

March 19th, 2008, 7:45 PM
Kamas and Treecko looked around the island a little more. As they were walking around Kamas noticed a Sharpedo looking from the water. Treecko grabbed Kamas by the leg and moved him over to the opponent. Treecko wanted to battle and Kamas wasn't about to stop him. "Time to try out our new move." said Kamas pointing towards Sharpedo. Treecko jumped into the air and started to send bullets from his mouth. "That's how you use bullet seed." Treecko turned and gave him a thumbs up. Sharpedo followed up with an aqua jet that smashed Treecko into the shore. Kamas flinched but Treecko got up and delivered a very powerful bullet seed. The Sharpedo was sent across the water like a skipping stone. Treecko and Kamas were very proud of themselves and did a victory pose.

March 19th, 2008, 11:28 PM
Sammi was slowly beginning to wake up. As her senses awoke, she could feel a slight ache in her back, but other than that she felt fine. She groaned and began to open her eyes. Something green, black and yellow seemed to be floating in front of her face, but it was too blurry to make out. Sammi shut her eyes against the bright sunlight and opened one eye instead. A Spinarak had decended from the trees above to inspect her. Sammi immediately let out a piercing shriek and jumped to her feet. Charmander, who had been lying beside her, woke up to the sound of his trainer’s distress and let out a blast of fire from its mouth. The Spinarak retreated back into the trees.

Sammi let out a sigh of relief, “Thanks Charmander! Bugs give me the creeps…” She gazed around at this unfamiliar forest. “Wow… I wonder where we are. This definitely doesn’t look like Sandgem town!” Sammi began to feel very afraid. “And how on earth did we get here…”

She collapsed onto the floor of the forest and sat with her legs crossed. “I’m scared Charmander, I don’t know what we should do.”


Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 20th, 2008, 1:30 PM
Ill Join In If Your Still Accepting Sign-Ups,

Sign Up Sheet

Name- Solana (Nickname-Blazer)

Gender- Female

Age- 14

Birthday- 4/1/1993

Personality- Solana Is Very Nice And Caring,And Will Do Anything To Protect Her Friends,Including Pokemon. She Can Sometimes Get A Little Nervous Around New People,But She Usually Ends Up Making Friends With The People She Meets. She Will Usually Get Into Battles With Wild Pokemon,For She Has Memorized The Calls And Voices Of Every Female And Male Pokemon Known On Earth.

Figure- http://www.maj.com/gallery/Scrum/none/lainey1.png

Eyes- Blue

Skin- White

Hair- Short And Blond

Summer Attire- (Look In The Picture Of My RP Character)

Winter Attire- Red Sweat-Shirt And Black Sweat-Pants

Starter Pokemon- Chikorita(NickName: Solar) http://www.geocities.com/ultrastupidneal/Chikorita.jpg

Starter's Gender- Female

Starter's Personality- Solar Is Very Brave,And Will Protect Its Trainer At All Costs. Solar Is Also Very Friendly And Can Make Friends With Other Pokemon Easily,But Solar Also Has A Tough Side. Solar Can Charge Up Enough Power To Destroy A 21 Foot Tall Cruise Ship In One Hit.(Note: Solar Can Only Do This At Level 11)

March 20th, 2008, 2:43 PM
IC: "No. We have no idea." - answered Fraky. "But more important, are you alright?"
"Still a bit dizzy, but not counting that... I think I'm alright" - said the boy.
Only then Fraky did recognize the boy. "Aren't you Gage?" - he asked.
"Yeah, it's me"- answered Gage.
"But we better find some place to stay." - said Fraky.
Nobody of them talked.
Fraky stood up and put Volcano on his shoulder. Then he walked into the forest.
"You can wait here if you want. I'll try to find someone" - he said.
Some ten or fifteen minutes later, in the deep forest, Fraky heard a noise and saw some flames. He got behind a tree and saw a girl, with her legs crossed and a Charmander at her side. He recognized her - she was another one of those who picked up a Pokémon with him.
It cannot be a coincidence, he thought. All those who I met here were with me at Prof. Rowan's lab. Maybe the others are too.

March 20th, 2008, 4:52 PM
OOC: XWeavile, don't bunny other characters. That means having them do actions not inside their owner's posts. Mkay?


IC: So he doesn't know what happened as well... Plus he left the lab shortly after me. There's no way his body would disappear so fast unless we'd end up with a Pokemon using Teleport, or if someone hid us somewhere, Gage thought as he let out his Cyndaquil. It was confused as well, one moment in a labratory, the next on a sunny beach.


"I'm confused as well, Inferno." Gage said as he stared at the sky for a couple of minutes. Most likely there were other people, but where? Others probably might be on the beach, or even in a forest or another island completely. It was something to ponder, but Gage didn't really wanted to think about others right now. He had to find out about himself.

His stomach growled. He had forgotten, that he skipped breakfast and woke up late to get his starter. Chances are that a few hours had already passed in the time he had been unconscious.

"I don't really know about you Inferno, but maybe we should find some food, maybe berries? I'm a bit hungry right now... Besides, chances are that the forest has some good Pokemon you could practice fighting?" Gage said to the Cyndaquil as he stood up, picked Inferno up and proceeded into the forest that the boy from before entered. Maybe there were more survivors there, who knows.

March 20th, 2008, 11:31 PM
Sammi's mind was racing. What am I supposed to do? I've only just started my Pokemon journey and the first challenge that comes up, I have no idea how to handle it. Maybe my parents were right...

Charmander, sensing his trainer's doubt, offered a few friendly "Char char"'s of advice. Although Sammi could not really understand what her Pokemon was saying, it was pretty clear that he was telling her to not give up yet.

"You're right Charmander. There's gotta be something we can do... maybe there are other people on this island, or maybe even Pokemon that can help us out... wait a second, I can hear something..."

Sammi paused for a few moments. She was sure she heard something coming from behind one of the trees.

"Char!" Charmander exclaimed.

"You heard it too, right?" Sammi whispered. Charmander nodded and began to walk towards the tree.

"Wait, it could be dangerous!" Sammi got up and followed her Pokemon.

"Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!" Charmander let out an Ember attack at the tree. Sammi saw the boy behind the tree and a horrified expression crossed her face.

"No! Charmander stop! It's only a boy!"

Charmander ceased its attack on the tree then ran behind his trainer, looking rather embarrassed.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Sammi apologised, "We just suddenly appeared on this strange island and Charmander has become rather protective. I hope you aren't hurt. You look kinda familiar... weren't you also at Rowan's lab today?"

March 22nd, 2008, 7:23 PM
Kamas and Treecko continued to walk around and soon found a group of other people with their starters. Treecko looked at Kamas and then turned his head. "That must mean you don't want to go meet them. If that's what you want then I'm okay." then they walked away. As they walked across the sand the image of the other trainers stood in Kamas's head. Treecko looked over and woke him from the daze with a bullet seed. After hitting the sand Kamas found a note in a bottle. The paper was blank but the bottle had been attacked. Kamas stood confused then his stomach started to growl.

Kamas went into the forest and found a tree with some good looking berries. Treecko began to knock the the berries down with bullet seed and Kamas caught them. The two had their own little feast and soon found themselves recharged. Treecko samcked a tree with pound and out came a Seviper. Kamas went over to the angry Seviper and started to examine it. After looking at the fangs and the tail he had decided to capture the Seviper. However, Seviper wasn't about to jump into the pokeball like Treecko. Seviper used a haze to blind Treecko. After Treecko was blind Seviper showed off her wrap attack. Treecko shouted a little and so Kamas picked up a stick. He used the stick to weaken the wrap and free Treecko. Now that Treecko was free and could see the battle was on.

"Treecko, bullet seed to knock down those berries above." the berries fell on top of Seviper and stopped her movement. Treecko followed up with quick attack and then pound attack. Seviper slammed into the tree as Kamas grabbed the pokeball. SEviper let out a hiss and then another haze. Seviper ran away from the battle. After the haze cleared Kamas and Treecko ran after Seviper. "I'm going to catch you."

March 22nd, 2008, 7:31 PM
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March 26th, 2008, 2:50 PM
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