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March 13th, 2008, 3:57 PM
This is a wakthrough which will tell you what to do on pokémon ruby destiny rescue rangers.

1. Start off
What justed happened,
Sinister Woods,

2. 2nd mission
town square,
into the darkness
by a mountain
it's a legendary

3. Boquet Field
back to the town
sinster woods again
a lovely paradise
New enemy team greenleaf

4. mission 4
Town square
Sinister Woods
omg it an ancient pokemon aerodactyl
back to town square

The end of beta 1

now for the walkthrough

1. getting started:

the Beginning:

The game starts with your 12th birthday party and you are dressed up as a pikachu so anyway, you are outside the hotel and when you enter head right then up to some stairs then you go round the wall and speak to your mom, then you enter the party and your friends start speaking to you then a gaint flash of light appears and you teleport,

What just happened:

By now you don't know what has happened or were you are so just walk east a bit and you will meet a torchic and chikorita who want to join you so they do. now you are a rescue team. then head east then south and you will se some stairs so head down them.

Sinister Woods:

Now lets start looking round the forest, to start walk down and jump the ldge to get to the stairs then as soon as you are down head down to the bottom and go down the stairs
head down from where you are and you will see a strange plant which will heal your party.
if you head down more then you will see a staircase.


Head up from there and you will see a caterpie which gets taken away by a manectric
you then teleport to a new area. Head south then go east and south again then head west and you will see a plant head to that because your team may be ow on health. head south from there then head east to you get to the stairs, head round the trees till you see three pokemon surronding caterpie.


when they start speaking to you then a battle will start so make sure your pokemon are high levels. after the battle thet will run away and you take caterpie back to town square end of mission 1.

2. 2nd missiom

Town square

Welcome to the pkmn town square, you will start in your house and then when you leave you will meet up with torchic and chikorita. they walk off so you head east into the main town. head to the north of town until you see a house infront off a waterfall. enter it and speak to gandieroir and you willget your next mission so now head back to your house and your mission should begin.

Into the Darkness

In this place it is like a maze and as soon as you head south from the start you get alot of berries and hm 01 (cut), from there you must continue going down the stairs till you come to stair case which goes into the darkness.

By a mountain:

You are outside of a mountain where all you need to do is head east then north untill your team walks out and starts talking about boulders and groudon.

it's a legendary

Soon a Regirock will appear and it is lvl 13 so use chkorita to win. when you win your msion is finished and you will teleport back to the town square.

3. boquet field

Town square

all you need to do is go speak to gandievoir an dyou will get a mission to go to boquet field which is in sinister woods.

Sinister woods again

this time do exactly the same as last time and where you saw caterpie getting attacked if you head east then north to the staircase you will be in boquet field

Boquet Field

from here head south a small bit and on the left you will see some stairs which lead on a small hill head down to the end of the hill where you will see an eevee begin beaten up by three grass type pokemon,

New enemy Team Greenleaf

This team is called Greeneaf who are beating up you friend ros ewho used t be a human like you. a battle will begin and the best poemon to use s torchic and its fire moves when you win you will teleport back to town square.

4. Mission 4

Town square

like every time go to gandivior and get your mission.

Sinister Woods

once again do exactly the same as mission 3. but instead head to the very bottom were you will hear a boring speach.

omg it an ancient pokemon aerodactyl

at one point in the speach you will met a aerodacyl who will battle you so use chikorita.
then you are teleported to town square.
end of mission

back to town square

now you are back in the town square thee is nothing ese to do so it is the end of the beta so have fun.

March 13th, 2008, 8:12 PM
First of all you should use spell check, I see a million text errors in this. Second, why are you making a walk through when only the first beta is out????

Sarcastic Prince
March 17th, 2008, 6:35 AM
First of all you should use spell check, I see a million text errors in this. Second, why are you making a walk through when only the first beta is out????

He loves to make a walkthrough so what?! And spelling errors and text errors are normal.
You shut the hell the up!

March 17th, 2008, 7:05 AM
thanks for the back up :)