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  • Again, incorrect, you NEVER had a competition, we all just wanted a translated version, you imagined this competitive difference.Not even Snakebyte acknowledged a competition, he just wanted to translate it for us as we grew annoyed with you. We do not care about the errors of the current one, and everyone's now just annoyed with you.
    Just saying, your evidence was before the whole furore, since then it all got transfered to Snakebyte for his translation that actually wasn't as bad as you made out. May need to reget this permission (and why do another translation... Same hack, same story, just a minor difference...)
    Well, times have changed I guess. Also, due to the events that transpired to you after that, naturally people will be hesitant.
    ...oh, you meant in my sig.! Yeah, I better fix that...I had finished writing a PM at the time where Rufflet/Braviary was brought up as a trade prospect, so I mixed the two up quite clearly. :)
    You can say that. Advanceshipping is my favorite.
    Of course, it's pretty normal for Japanese to have "name-like" surnames.
    But that is the viewpoint you take, if I recall, as you do edits such as decapitalisation, which isn't something a translator should do.
    Incorrect about the translator = editor.

    Translato's should only translate if that is all their job is. Only if they get permission from owner should they make other edits.
    Of course, Haruka. Haruka was my favorite from the moment I've started AG.
    I like her cuteness, her attitude towards Satoshi (which was much much better than Kasumi's) and her character development which was probably the best of all those 3.
    Sorry I'm going to use my own version of Light Platinum, because I'm going to make it like Snakebyte's and have it the way WesleyFG had it, not your way.
    Oh, hi there!

    On September 15, 2011 of Light Platinum was released I got permission from Wesley to make a harder version of Light Platinum. He said when it's done he would put it on his site. Do you think I should make an easy version that's easy like in GSC/HGSS if LPX is too hard?
    Dardusk sounds OK, surely. And Wesley kept it as Dardusk in the final release, so it works. Actually, to me, it sounds better than Darkdusk...

    That's fair, I will not argue.
    More "repetitive" than anything. I am going to say though - if you do edit anything in LP, do not go too overboard. Don't want events to repeat themselves. This includes city names, as Drakebreath sounds OK, Dardusk is intended, and also includes Pokemon available.
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