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April 10th, 2008, 7:40 AM
Pokémon : Secrets & Lies

Welcome to my new comic!

Its been a while since I even attempted to make one, and this is my first comic in about 2 years! :O

Its a move away from the simple straight foward generic.

After Kanto was destroyed by Elite Forces, Professor Oak moved his lab to the humble region of Ahnuz in order to continue researching new found Pokémon. However, in a slight mishap he attempted to build a Pokémon from stem cells he found in the region.

Unfortunately this 'creation' has escaped, and a rookie trainer who has just passed his Trainer's exam is unknowingly going to aide Oak in returning the creation. What Oak plans to do with the creation in unknown.


Volume 1 : Rookies don't Rock

Episode 1 : Escape (http://imgcash3.imageshack.us/img240/7762/episode1kd2.png)

The Spriters Resource.. For everything, although a few say credit isn't necassary to people personaly, I'll list them on here eventually.

April 10th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Ooh, pretty comic, though I'd suggest you create your own professor, just so you aren't restricted by the audiences prior knowledge of the character.

But yeah, nice looking comic so far. The speech bubbles might become a hassle though, since they take up extra space unnecessarily, and there's no idication (besides their placement), of who is speaking.

April 10th, 2008, 10:30 PM
Yeah, I haven't sprited in a while so I kinda need to get used to that.

Im editing the speech bubbles as I type!

Prof Oak will have The Greyish coloured one, and the main charachter, a red one. Other new charachters will get different coloured bubbles.

April 11th, 2008, 9:18 AM
Purdy nice, but that the equipment is twice oaks size might be a problem >.<

Oaks a bit generic with the hidden agenda that he explains to the audience, but he's good. Will there be MD Pokemon or Ranger Pokemon?

April 12th, 2008, 12:27 AM
It's likely to be Ranger Pokemon :P

April 12th, 2008, 2:32 PM
[css-div="background-color: #ffffff; border: 2px solid #7c7c7c; width: 420px;-moz-border-radius: 15px; background-image: url('http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/6852/bgyonw1.gif'); background-position: top right; background-repeat: no-repeat; opacity: 1.0;"][css-div="text-align: center; padding: 20px; font-family: Calibri, Verdana; font-size: 11px; color: #772d0d;"][css-span="font-size: 16px;"]A c e n d o[/css-span]

D: Chizzy! It's Acendo, :D

+ the spriting and everything looks spectacular.
+ the characters sprites and background objects don't seem to mesh with each other very well, the characters are small and the objects are thrice their size.
+ The bubbles are very creative and i like them.
+ Also, the episode title in the top right corner is spelled wrong (Escpae = Escape).

so far i like it, just a few minor flaws which you of course and fix.


good luck.

April 16th, 2008, 3:07 AM
It has a nice spriting
and very creative

Showapool Kwesi
April 30th, 2008, 11:33 AM
Looking really good so far.

Oak is using the little children, the lazy mother - !

Only joking. Really good comic though.

Can't wait for more.

May 2nd, 2008, 12:59 PM
Good comic so far. I wounder what escaped from the lab.

Showapool Kwesi
May 2nd, 2008, 2:13 PM
I know.

It's really interesting, can't wait.

May 8th, 2008, 8:39 AM
You should really use textbox tails. It makes it a heck of a lot easier to see who is talking. But not a bad try for your first attempt!

May 18th, 2008, 6:49 AM
cool. I love the speech bubbles (I'm not very good at them.) and I think it was a mew or mewtwo that escaped from the Tank :D...

May 18th, 2008, 7:03 AM
You should really use textbox tails. It makes it a heck of a lot easier to see who is talking. But not a bad try for your first attempt!

'Tis not his first attempt. It's like his.. fifth or something.