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April 14th, 2008, 6:26 PM
Plot: In the region of Rokua, where every pokemon from Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, everything was peaceful. But, a team was formed in Rokua.The team began to steal several things from pokemon and fossils to artifacts and documents concerning legendary pokemon. The team later became known as Team Shadow. Team Shadow began to have several hideouts and bases everywhere. Team Shadow pushed everyone who stood in their way aside by beating them in battles. Team Shadows' leader was a shadey character, who's face was never seen. Then, a group of trainers stood up against Team Shadow. Team Shadow couldn't beat this group of trainers. Instead, the group began to beat them. Team Shadow's forces began to be pushed back by the group of trainers. The trainers beat grunts, to adv. grunts, to admins and then to the elites and leader. The elites were being fought by most of the group, while one of the trainers went against the leader himmself. The leader and trainer fought with their pokemon, and the trainer succeded. The leader of Team Shadow fled, to where, no one knew. The elites had been beaten and Team Shadow was disbanded. Peace came back to Rokua, everything like it was before Team Shadoe was formed. For 20 years peace has been held in Rokua. The Grand Festival and Pokemon Leauge Chapionship in Rokua are starting as well, several trainers coming to Rokua on a ship or just starting out are coming for both. But, several shadey character reports have come up, but they've gone unnoticed by everyone, but only by a few noticed them...

Now, this is where you come in! Your either a trainer starting out or coming to Rokua for the Grand Festival or Pokemon Leauge Championship! But, will you have litsened to the reports of shadey characters or be one that didn't notice them? Will the peace in Rokua that's lasted for 20 years fall or stay? Could there maybe be a connection between these new shadey characters and Team Shadow? RP to find out!

Cities and Towns:
Newshore- Starting place like Pallet Town, Twinleaf Town and the others. It's home to Professer Maple and is by the sea and has a beach.
Gate Town- Town where the first Pokemon Contest is.
Cliffedge City- A city that has several mines and has a musem full of pokemon fossils. This is where the first Gym is.
Forest City- A city that's surrounded by so many tree's it seems like it's a forest. Forest City is where the second Gym is.
Breeze Town- A small town where trainers rest and then go to their next destination.
Harbor City- A city that is by the ocean and is where the second contest is and where the third Gym is. Has a corporation called the Daevon Corp.
Sootrock City- A city where that has several hot springs. The fourth Gym is here.
Windswept City- Is a city where winds blow very much. A weather station is near Windswept City. The fifth Gym and third pokemon contest are here.
Polar Town- A town that's always snowing. Trainers can rest here and go to their next destination.
White City- White City is surrounded by some woods. It's where the fourth contest and sixth Gym are.
Dawn City- Dawn City is a city that has several parks. The seventh Gym and fifth contest are here.
Eclipse City- A city that's very creepy at night. The eigth Gym and sixth contest are here.
Azure City- Where the Pokemon Leauge Chapionship is. Those who win all 8 badges can enter to try and win.
Violet City- Where the Grand Festival is held.

Name: Reaven Valiant (Called 'Ven' for short)
Age: 11
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: He has sunny blonde hair that's spikey and has blue eyes. He wears a orange, black and white short sleeved jacket, which is usually unzipped. He wears light blue shorts that got below his knees and wears a black t-shirt under his jacket. He wears a navy backpack that has his belongings.
Personality: He's stubborn and can jump into things without thinking. He's energenic and loves pokemon. He's kind but can be reckless. It usually doesn't seem like Reaven is smart, but he can think cleverly at times, but not much. He's determined too. He dosen't run away from a battle and won't give up. He cares about pokemon alot. He's friendly and is serious about winning the Rokua Leauge Championship.
History: He was born in Newshore Town. He grew up around pokemon his entire life because his parents were once pokemon trainers when they were younger. He loved playing with his parents pokemon andwanted to become a trainer so he could have his own pokemon. When he got a little older he began to run off from his house on little adventures, but only to have his parents pokemon, mostly his fathers' find him and bring him back home. When it was tiem to start his journey, he ended up sleeping in and missed getting a starter from Proffesser Maple, but his father gave him a Pikachu for his journey. Now Reaven is journeying with his Pikachu and wants to be the winner of the Rokua Leauge Championship.
Gender: Male
Obtained: From his father to start his journey

No god-modding
Follow basic RP rules

Okay, my bio isn't finished, but you get the point, right? I'll finnish it sometime tommarow. Please, no legendaries. And I will allow people to have Elite Four people. All pokemon trainers must be 11-16 at least. Please have fun and enjoy my RP!

April 16th, 2008, 11:02 AM
Name: Jack
Age: 16
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Appereance: Jack wears rectangle shapeed goggles on his head with a black strap, has blue eyes, is 5'6 and has black short hair. Jack only weighs about 100lbs and that gets him teases by his frineds and family. His attire consist of a blue back pack, white long sleeve shirt with buttons, black pants, and blue battle gloves. He keeps his shirt untucked so he can look better and has the first top button unbuttoned when he battles.

Personality: Jack likes contest, but also the thrill of gym battles. His Treecko feels the same way and so they are characterized as undecisive. Jack is always nice to those who are nice to him. However, Jack does not like people who insult contest or abuse their pokemon. Jack loves his Treecko and is always a caring soul. He is also a big flirt and falls for any girl that he sees. They usually break his heart so he moves on later. Jack loves to have his pokemon show affection so he alaways bonds with them.

History: As a child Jack hated the idea of pushing his pokemon too hard. When he watched league battles he would start to cry if the pokemon were hurt too bad. Jack's life was worst because his father was a gym leader that loved to push his pokemon to their limits. He thought that this method would bring out their full power in the end. Jack disapproved of this and started training on showing his father how to show a pokemon's power without the limit pushing. With that Jack decided to try being a coordiantor. As he tried he soon found that he was becoming tied into the battle moves more than the appeal moves. With that Jack decided to go out on his own journey and enter both gym and contest battles to see which one had the true pokemon safety. As he packed up and began to leave home his father gave him a few empty pokeballs. He later tried to give Jack his Venasaur, but Jack ran out of the house too quickly. He bumped into an old man who gave him Treecko after hearing his problem. Now he has decided to go to Rokua to see what the contest and gyms would have in store for him.

Pokemon: Treecko
Gender: Male
Obtained: Given to him by an old man before he left on his journey to Rokua

April 16th, 2008, 12:01 PM
Name: Zoshi
Age: 16
Occupation: Pokemon Detective
Appereance:He has spiky purple hair that looks like gary's from the tv show. he works for the pokedetectives, an organization based in hoenn. he has a long purple coat and a purple hat that looks like riley's from iron island.
Personality: He is intelligent and sometimes mean. he loves battling and contests. he can't stand energetic young trainers. he can talk to his spritomb using telepathy and he also can speak the pokemon language.
History: when he was a kid, his parent lived and worked at lost tower. there, he met his spirtomb, and they instantly became friends. 6 years later, he joined the pokedetectives and was given the assingment of tracking the mysterious people
Gender: Male
Obtained: Had it since he was a kid

See? I said I would join

Obi-Wan Jerkobi
April 16th, 2008, 1:25 PM
Name: Mike
Age: 15
Occupation: Former Hoenn League Champion
Appearance: Mike is really short for his age, only 5' 5". He has straight black hair and wears a black jacket and a pair of jeans.
Personality: He thinks very high of himself (and is a smart-alec) and hates it when people think he's a rookie just because he's short and also hates how people don't believe he was the Hoenn champion 3 years ago. If he does lose, he will continually challenge you and laugh off each loss and come back at you 10x more powerful. He wants to fight in this pokemon league championship because he wants to see if he's still got the strength to do this.
History: He used to live in Johto before he moved to Mauville. When he was attacked by a Manectric at the Cycling Road underpass, a Torchic used ember and scared away the Manectric. Him and that torchic went onto defeating the pokemon league. Immediately after he left on a journey to Sinnoh. He hasn't been seen since until now.
Pokemon: Blaziken (Male)
Obtained: It saved him from trouble.

Can I join?

April 16th, 2008, 4:27 PM
I thought I would join so here is my sign-up. Hope you like it.

Name: Ceres

Age: 16

Occupation: Was the Champion of Johto before he left for this journey.

Appereance: Ceres has white hair but isn't an old person he just died it to look white. It's hidden under a white beanie ((I believe it's called that has no bill on it.)) with a black pokeball on it. But it does cover his eyes to people which are a clear color. He wears short black Cargo pants and a black short sleave T-Shirt that says 'TDG' on it. He wears black Nike Shocks but instead of the Nike sign on it he has a white pokeball on it. He wears black gloves that cut off at his knuckles.

Personality: Ceres isn't like most of the serious type Champions. He's a layed back kid with an open personality. He can make friends very easily and make enemies a bit easier. He does love pokemon though. Before he was a Champion he was his own little group and healed wild pokemon on the spot which showed his passion for pokemon.

History: Ceres was abandoned as a kid. He grew up as a kid with his Eevee. He grew up in an orphanage since he was 9. He left it when he was 11. He beat the first gyms in the same week. He got all the badges in a number of 3 months. He went through Victory Road in a few hours. He won the Championship with only 3 pokemon.


Species: Umbreon
Obtained:Found in his father's study before he abandoned Ceres.
Specialties: Slash's fastest pokemon, his most loyal to.

Species: Espion
Gender: Female
Obtained: Got as an egg and hatched in the orphanage.
Specialties: Loveable at first sight and Slash's calmest.

Species: Dragonite
Gender: Male
Obtained: Cought as a Dratini and trained thourghly.
Specialties: Best of his three fighters.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 16th, 2008, 6:15 PM
Name: Saruwatari Heikichi (Called Saru for short)
Age: 15
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: He has chocolate brown hair that's spikey with a blonde streak and sky blue eyes. Wears a blue shirt with thin white stripes. He also wears dark blue jeans and wears white sneakers. He wears a white backpack.

Personality: He's calm and reserved. He usually thinks before doing something. Saru also likes to flirt. Saru is also pretty thoughtful. Saru usually is laid-back and is often the voice of reason in arguments. However, Saru will not hesitate to have an argument with someone. Saru is who you would call "The Voice of Reason." He is also very quiet, and only speaks when he hassomething to say or has a question. Saru also is known to be quite Humble and usually gives most of the credit to his Pokemon. Saru also hates evil and will always lend a helping hand. Once in a while, Saru will also be the "comic relief" in the story whenevr it is appropriate. Sometimes Saru is caught in Awkward positions and will easily get embarrassed. Saru is usually quiet, due to the fact that he is actually quite Shy. It takes a little while for him to get comfortable around new people, but in the end he's somebody you are glad to have on your team.

History:Saru is from the Hoenn region. He traveled to Rokua in order to compete in The Rokua League. Saru left all of his Pokemon except his starter pokemon, his Poochyena back in Hoenn. Saru likes the idea of starting fresh. He planned on getting to Newshore Town in order to start his newest journey. Saru had heard reports of shady activities but still came to Rokua in order to start his journey. Saru has also competed in Johto and Sinnoh. He was in the Top 8 in Hoenn. He was in the Finl 4 in Johto. Saru was #2 in Sinnoh.

Saru believes that his journey in Rokua will be his most memorable one.

Gender: Male
Obtained: Starter Pokemon. He recieved it when the Torchic, Mudkip and Treecko was gone due to him slacking off and taking his time to get to the lab. Saru originally wasnt even going to start his journey until he seen a Poochyena sleeping in the grass. Saru caught Poochyena with a Pokeball he bought years before he became a Trainer. Poochyend used to always bite and tackle him. Poochyena began to listen after Saru showed that they were an awesome team together after catching a Seedot. Poochyena can be seen riding in Saru's backpack and sometimes on his shoulder.

April 17th, 2008, 3:57 AM
Age: Sixteen
Occupation: Beginning Pokemon trainer

Appereance: Her thick, long Platinum curls cascade past her shoulders, ending at about mid-back. When straightened out, her hair easily reaches down past her waist. Shorter, tighter curls frame her small oval face, always clipped at the sides of her face by tiny Umbreon clips. These bits of hair are actually her bangs, which when she lets loose, covers her forehead and halfway veils her bold, Sapphire eyes. Her eyes are the most magnificent part about her, always retaining their confident glow no matter what predicament she's in, and appearing fierce, and unbreakable. Most of the time her hair can be seen put up into Pigtails, or in a ponytail, since it's much to thick to try to do anything else with. As for her body type, she is about 5'3', and very petite weighing in at about 95 pounds. She has an extremely thin and fragile figure, though she is short, and everything about her suggests delicacy and elegance. Her hands are tiny, just like the rest of her, and because of their abnormally small size, aren't of much use to her in fights. ^^' To be contined. <3 Have to go to class now.




April 17th, 2008, 4:47 AM
Can I join?

Name: Alexian Cale
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer


Alexian has Jet black hair, with a dyed red streak going through his hair at a right leaned slant. He wears a long sleeved black top, with no patterns, no symbols, and no brand images on. He wears black skinny jeans along with his big metal tipped boots. The bottom of his jeans are tucked into his boots, which are tightly tied up with 5 buckles each side, close to the bottom of his knees. He wears a small spiked collar around his neck. Alexian also wears eyeliner, he puts it on thick beneath his eyes, and draws small spikes stranding off. His eyes are a light blue colour, which doesnt really suit his black attire, but nonetheless makes him ever more so different. His is 5"8 and has an average build for a boy.


Alexian can be quite selfish at times. If it doesnt concern him, he doesnt want to know about it. His main aim is to become the most unique pokemon trainer there ever was. He doesnt see the point in having friends, as while he was growing up, most of his friends turned their back on him. He confides his deepest thoughts into Snorunt. Alexian isnt very flirtatious, and finds it hard to talk to the opposite sex. He hasnt had much of a social life, and therefore finds it hard to spark off a conversation.


Alexian's home town is Newshore. He has lived there ever since he was a baby. His mother and father are of working class citizens, and manage to get by without luxurys. Alexian grew up quite confused - as to who he was, and what he was doing here. As the years went by he begun to feel different from the other kids. Instead of watching the latest movies and playing football after school. Alexian would go home and study about pokemon. Eventually his hunger to become a pokemon master took over - He decided he wanted to leave home, and make his way in the world. He spent several weeks trying to come up with a unique look - Studying different magazines and fashion shows. He found nothing in particular that he liked. So he spent 2 days in his room without stopping - And came up with his new look. After being so vain he realised he had absolutely no pokemon!
After Alexians morale hit rock bottom, he decided to disobey his parents and stole 2 pokeballs from the local pokemart. He ran out of the pokemart and ran off down the path out of Newshore. After many days of being hungry, cold and sleepy he found himself at Polar Town. Before he could make it inside the town he collapsed. Off the path a small Snorunt noticed Alexian, and came over - The Snorunt was hesitant at first and begun to nudge Alexian. Alexian groaned and slowly came to - As he did, he noticed the Snorunt and yelled moving back. The Snorunt was upset by this - and dropped a berry for Alexian as he begun to walk off. Alexian noticed this and ate the berry, smiling he called out to the Snorunt to come back. As he did the Snorunt ran back to Alexian in joy, springing into his arms. From that day on - Snorunt was Alexians first pokemon.
Alexian eventually made his way back home with no trouble - but his parents werent too happy...


Snorunt (Female)

Snorunt is a very small and cute pokemon. Alexian sees it as his best friend, and refuses to let anyone harm it in anyway. Snorunt always tries to make an effort, but sometimes cannot pull through. Alexian has alot to learn about Snorunt and its capabilities.

Powder Snow - Releases a powder of snow at the opponent, sometimes causes freezing.

Leer - Snorunt leers at the opponent, usually putting it off guard.

Obtained: Polar Town.

April 17th, 2008, 7:08 PM
Name: Christina Prince
Age: 16
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: She has long blonde hair, and brown eyes, She wears a black t-shirt, and red skirt with white tennis shoes. She wears her hair in a ponytail tied with a red bow.
Personality: She is very competitive, and hard working, She is almost stuck up to a point, but can also be very loving and caring. She thinks she's the best, and that she is never wrong even when she knows she is.

Gender: Female
Obtained: From Christina's grandmother
Gender: Male
Obtained: From Christina's sister when it was still a Shellder.

1st generation
April 18th, 2008, 4:44 PM
Am I allowed to join?

Name: Kyle Shwirri [sh-wi-ree]
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appearance:He has short, brown hair with a yellow hat, a red jacket and baggy green pants.
Personality:A naiive young trainer, he is warmhearted and tries to stick his nose into other people's business often.
History: He used to live with his dad until he left to become a trainer in Newshore.
obtained:Chosen as starter pokemon

Obtained:Used to be his mother's until she died.

April 19th, 2008, 11:54 AM
Name: Alex Revrant
Age: 18
Occupation: Poke'mon Trainer
Appereance: He is standing at 6 foot 7 inches and muscular 225 pounds. He has black hair with red highlights. He is african descent. He wears black glasses and always has them on. He wears a black shirt with a black and red jacket. He wears black pants with red on the bottom. He wears a black and red belt. He wears black and red shoes. He also carries a black and red backpack to carry his poke'balls and other items
Personality: He is great with both humans and poke'mon. He can be quit mean when people talk about him behind his back or even when the others are getting annoying.
History: He lives in a small town near a volcano called Lavaflow. When he was about seven they moved to a big city just outside of Lavaflow called Erupt City.
When he was a five year old boy, he always wanted to be a fire poke'mon expert. When he was 18 his dream became true, when his father became a poke'mon professor he started his journey as a poke'mon trainer.

Pokemon: Charmander
Gender: Male
Obtained: When he was coming to Newshore from Erupt City, he finally hatched his Charmander egg.

April 19th, 2008, 1:35 PM
Name: Mickey Brown
Age: 13
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Appereance: Has black hair spiked to the back with four bangs in the front. Wears a blue tank top covered by a black longsleeved zip up hooded jacket, cotten to be exact that he always where open unless it is cold. Wears blue jeans with white K-swiss shoes. Skin is caramel and has blue eyes. Skinny but has some muscle. He's 5'8 and is 120 pounds

Personality:A very talented kid. Know a lot about pokemon but anything new he will widely accept as new information. He's very proficient in battle. He likes to carefully observe the pokemon has and battles. Sometimes he gets too hot headed when battling and he pays dearly. He belivevs that training his pokemon to their limits isn't enough. Luckly Cyndaquil has some of his same ideals. Hes a fun person to be around but when it comes to anything pokemon he'll go serious. Loves Fire type pokemon.

History: Came to the new reigon to be a pokemon master but has an alterior motive, to find his Father. He used to live in Viridian City before coming to Rokua. Has a family full of Gym Leaders such as Erika, his sister, and Blaine, his grandfather. His father left home four year ago to train. Mickey has though about him ever since. In his family the women usually take grass starters and the men take fire starters.He wanted to start off at Kanto but realized that his dad was probably some where exotic. This lead him to have a three day training regimen with his grandfather. He really wanted to make sure that he was ready for the road ahead.

Gender: Male
Obtained: Got it from the wild on his way to Rokua

Cosmic Tyrant
April 19th, 2008, 5:06 PM
(This seems good, Hope my character gets accepted)

Name: Vlad Vonhowser (Nickname: Double V)
Age: 18
Occupation: Professional Guitarist / Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: Vlad stands at 6'4 and weighs in at a lean 190 lbs. His hair is a vibrant blonde, which goes towards his lower back, and is kept very silky. His skin tone is fair, but is slightly pale-ish. His eyes are a brilliant blue. His body build is mostly normal, with a little tone of muscle. As far as Vlad's clothing goes, he keeps it simple. He wears a black T-shirt, which is covered by a blue denim vest, and blue jeans, both the vest and jeans being colored a light blue. The vest is torn on the edge of both sleeves. His shoes are black sneakers with light blue laces. Accesories include a silver necklace that he wears with a charm in the shape of a steer skull, a knuckle glove on his right hand, black fingernails, and his ax, which is black and is normally seen on his back.

Personality: Vlad can be summed up in one word: Extreme. Everything he does is all about being straight-edge, be it playing the guitar or battling with his pokemon. Some call Vlad insane for his unorthidoxed approach on his lifestyle, but he thinks of it as "innovative". He subscribes to the theory that if you want something, reach out and try to grab it. This makes him an incredible guitarist, but also makes people question his knowledge as a trainer. Some think that Vlad is too harsh on his pokemon, and maybe they're right. But all in all, Vlad always makes sure his Pokemon are in good condition after his battle is finished. In events that don't involve stages or arenas, Vlad's "extreme" lifestyle is anything but sane. He enjoys climbing, hang gliding, cycling, and other things of that nature. But most of the time, it's either concerts or battles for Vlad.

History: Vlad was born in a region in a colder climate; It snowed almost all the time. As a result, Vlad became more resistant to colder weather each year, just like all the others in his region. At the age of 12, he left with his family and headed to a town in the Rokua Region: Polar Town. Vlad's family figured that they might as well find a place that somewhat resembles their previous home. The people in Vlad's previous town all spoke a different language, mostly Norweigan and Polish, so learning english wasn't very easy for Vlad and his family. Vlad is the second of four children, his older brother being 21, his younger sister being 15, and his younger brother being 12 as a result of the forign languages, al four of the children, along with the parents, now speak in a thick accent, and sometimes mix up their letters, though mostly the words are only slightly tweaked. ten years have passed since Vlad's family moved to Polar City, and everything's going well for them. Vlad is about to make another annual trip to the Grand Festival, in which he goes alonce since nobody else in his family is interested in it. But he is completely unaware for what's going to happen to him next.


Species: Rhyhorn
Nickname: Rocker
Gender: Male
Obtained: Given to him by his father prior to his 10th birthday

Species: Lairon
Nickname: Thrasher
Gender: Male
Obtained: Caught after one of his tours.

April 19th, 2008, 6:28 PM
Okay, K9S8 you are accepted. Darkly_the_flygon, you aren't accepted, your bio has to be longer with the history and personality. Obi-Wan Jerkobi, you're not accepted either, your bio is too short. SlashVorlex, your bio is not accepted either because the history is too short. Master Trainer Empoleon, your bio is good, but the personality just need to be a bit longer and you'll be accepted.
Umbreongirl, yours isn't finished so it's not accepted. Arachnid, you are accepeted. HotAsIce, your not finished either with yours so you are not accepted. 1st generation, yours is too short so you are not accepted. DragonairKing2000, yous is too short so it's not accepted. FireTrainer92, your bios' history is too short so you're not accepted. King Cosmic, everything seems good, but the age needs to be lower.
Okay, now I do not want any history to say that their person beating the elite four. They could've made it to the Leauge Chapionship of any region, but I don't want them beating the Elite Four.

Cosmic Tyrant
April 19th, 2008, 6:36 PM
Sorry 'bout that, Neku. I fixed my profile so that Vlad is younger. I hope it's suitable enough, as I really don't want to make him too much younger XD

April 19th, 2008, 6:55 PM
Alright Neku, you said it, my guy needs more info so I'm going to edit it for it can be accepted.

April 19th, 2008, 6:56 PM
Well...it looks okay King Cosmic. So you are accepted.

Master Trainer Empoleon
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Neku, I added to the Personality. Hope that's enough for me to be accepted.

April 19th, 2008, 7:12 PM
Okay Master Trainer Empoleon, looks good! You are accepted.

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Alright Neku, I made my editing so please read it.

April 19th, 2008, 7:24 PM
Okay DragonairKing2000. The history is still too short, put more detail into it, say where he was from or if he moved or something to make it longer..

April 19th, 2008, 7:33 PM
I edited my history. It should be longer now.

April 19th, 2008, 7:39 PM
Alright I got you Neku thanks.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 19th, 2008, 7:45 PM
When do u want to start this?

April 19th, 2008, 7:45 PM
FireTrainer92, add a bit mroe to your history and it should be good. And, well, I'm not sure when I want to start this... Like after I accept one more bio...

April 19th, 2008, 7:49 PM
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April 19th, 2008, 7:50 PM
Alright, I added the area he lives in and the area he moved to also.

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April 19th, 2008, 11:51 PM
Name: Ashleigh Mori (She cannot stand being nicknamed 'Ash', it really ticks her off.)
Age: 14
Occupation: Beginner Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: At a height of 5'7, Ashleigh weighs at a slim 115 pounds. She has light brown hair, its length is just above her elbows and on top of her head she wears a light purple cap, the visor part of the cap is white. Ashleigh's eyes are green-blue, her skin is creamy with a light tan. Around her neck she wears a golden necklace with a small locket, (A present given to her from her older brother.) her clothes are simple for her long journeys but still very stylish: She wears a white long sleeved top which is over-layered by a dark purple sleeveless shirt, dark grey denim skinny jeans and as for foot wear, Ashleigh wears white casual shoes with three golden strips on each side of the shoe. To carry her belongings she has a black backpack.

Personality: Ashleigh is a strong, energetic and independent person. She trusts her own instincts above everyone elses which can sometimes lead to stubbourness and tendency to ignore peoples opinions even though Ashleigh doesn't mean to. She is intelligent and a strategic planner (which is useful during battles), she will think before she acts, but when something is bothering her or has made her angry, she can act irrational and rush into situations or decisions without thinking. Ashleigh likes playing leader and to stand out of the crowd but occasionally won't mind being part of a group, but If she believes in something she will go after it. Although she can be self-absorbed, she is very sensitive, she concerns herself with those to whom she is close to, she can sense and tell how others feel and think, Ashleigh is a very caring person, helpful, kind and thoughtful.

Histroy: Ashleigh was born in Forest City to a small family of three: a mother, a father and an older brother, Tie (who is now eighteen). Fortunately living a privledged life, Ashleigh grew up in a quiet, secluded area where she and her family lived in a fairly large home surrounded by many trees and wild Pokemon. Her father is a Pokemon Breeder and would use the forest as a place for breeding, her mother was once a top Pokemon Coordinator, so growing up, Ashleigh and Tie would learn as much as they could about Pokemon. Ashleigh got along very well with her brother, they would find many adventures in the forest and discover many types of wild Pokemon, Ashleigh's brother had a very caring nature to Pokemon and Ashleigh admired that. But when her brother had turned ten, he had to make the difficult descision on what he should do. His father suggested he try Pokemon training and so he did. Saddened that her brother would leave and be gone for some time, he gave her a departing present: A golden locket, inside a picture of him close to her heart. The day before Ashleigh turned ten, her brother had returned from his long journey and although Tie was a successful Pokemon trainer, he had decided he would rather become a Pokemon Breeder like his father and care for Pokemon than battle. After Ashleigh's parents deciding she wasn't to leave home until fourteen instead of ten, it was now Ashleigh's turn to begin her adventure. Ashleigh too had to decide what she would do, she really did love her mothers collection of ribbons and also loved the feeling of a Pokemon battle, Ashleigh could not decide! She didn't recieve a Pokemon from a professor, instead before departing her father had given her her first Pokemon: A Pachirisu.
Presently travelling with her Pachirisu in the region of Rokua where she will be attending the Grand Festival or will it be the Pokemon League Championship? Ashleigh is on her way to becoming the greatest Pokemon Trainer or will it be Coordinator? What obsticles will she have to overcome...?



Gender: Female
Obtained: Her father caught Pachirisu and then was given to Ashleigh.
Pachirisu travels out of its Pokeball to keep Ashleigh company.
Personality: Pachirisu is just about as headstrong as Ashleigh. When it comes to obeying, Pachirisu would rather do its own thing than take direct orders. But will the two soon be able to get along and work as a team? Before its too late?

April 21st, 2008, 1:22 PM
Um I was wondering if on the location part if you could give some info on Gym Leaders, Caves, etc I need to know these things for future reference

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 22nd, 2008, 2:23 AM
So when do we start this?

April 22nd, 2008, 1:44 PM
yes seriously, we got one more person "registered" here so we can start, one of you guys can PM Neku or something to make sure how we do this.

April 23rd, 2008, 3:24 PM
It still hasn't started? Aw.

April 23rd, 2008, 4:47 PM
I think I'll try this one out...

Name: Jackson Avis G. Roosevelt
Age: 17
Occupation: Adv. Pokemon Trainer and Assistant Researcher
Appereance: He's a Short(4.9), healthy looking person. He wore spiky white colored hair usually covered with his favorite cap. He wears a blue-colored coat with matching heavy pants. He wears heavy, black boots. In his right hand, he wears a glove and a military watch. He's wearing a pair of eyeglasses. He carries a blue-colored backpack, where all his stuff are stored.

Personality: He's a calm minded person with lots of patience inside him. He never fights back using harsh words or brute force, instead in calm, kind-hearted words. He would never abandon his pokemon or his friends. He's quite low-tempered and inquisitive type of person which, would get him into trouble sometimes. He rarely interact with strangers even they look friendly because his motto is, "Don't trust friendly strangers".

History: Jackson was born in Hearthome, it is where he finds fascination to the pokemon around him. He has been a good trainer, travelling with them, talking, telling stories about his life and of course battling side-by-side with them. Because of this he has become a strategical trainer, looking for the advantage of the opponent and rebuffing it.

He's currently finished his final badge. He's recently won 3 contest ribbons, all in a row. So he's now off to the Rouka Championship League, hoping to win there. He also heard of some strange phenomenon there.

Gender: Male
History: Obtained him as a Duskull in Mt. Pyre in his trip to Hoenn. He's quite scary at times.

Gender: Male
History: Obtained near his home. He's the second pokemon of Jackson

Gender: Female
History: Found as a Fossil near the deserts of Hoenn. With the help of the proffessor at the Devon Corp., the fossil revived as a Lileep. With a little training, the Lileep evolved.

Gender: Male
History: Obtained as a starter pokemon. Edmund puts his trust to this pokemon.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 23rd, 2008, 5:26 PM
Lets get Neku over here. :P

April 23rd, 2008, 5:43 PM
*Grabs Neku by the scruff of his collar and drags him here.* K! Lets start this. XD

April 23rd, 2008, 6:01 PM
Lol what? I like that, but until he comes on here and approves the new person's "registry" he will let us know if it's okay to start.

April 23rd, 2008, 7:28 PM
Name: Alison Newberry

Age: 15

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer/Coordinator. She is more focused on Pokemon Battling however, but still enters contests.

Appereance: She has long, black hair, held together with nothing. Sparkling blue eyes is the first thing you see from her. Wearing a simple white long shirt and red cargo-pants, it's pretty average for a trainer. Swung over her shoulder is a yellow backpack, with a large pouch on the center, seeming to carry items, one on the side, which appears to store her empty pokeballs, and other places that store other various things.

Backpack Carryings:

Item/Keyitem pocket(Big one): A bycicle obtained from the Hoenn bycicle store, with a special where they carried gear bikes from sinnoh. She also has a few potions, and an assortment of items, ranging from Miracle Seeds to Pokedolls. Although she never uses the Pokedolls, her ghost type likes to play with it. She just carries the Miracle Seed because it holds sentimental value.

Pokeball Pocket: This Pocket, due to what happened(Will be explained later), she lost most of her pokeballs, only having two Pokeballs, and a Net Ball.

Personality: Cautious and weary of every situation, this girl doesn't let her guard down. Even if you were in a forest only inhabitted by Wurmple, she won't stop thinking that theres probally something stronger in there. However, she does, however, like... yep, you guessed it. If you didn't, I'll tell you, boys. Like most girls but... she's boy crazy.

History: She grew up with a father trainer, a mother coordinator(Hold on, skip this clicheness!), and two brothers, two sisters. She was the youngest. One Boy, one girl became trainers, while the other two became coordinators. Now, she hadn't decided. Her trainer brothers and sisters encouraged her to join their side.

She didn't like it.

Now of course, her Parents influence didn't help either. So she decided. At dinner that night Alison said, "I've decided on wether to become a Pokemon Trainer, or a Pokemon Coordinator." Everybody leaned in to hear the answer. Their ears were filled with a simple, "Neither." They all exclaimed, "Wha-wha-what!?!"

She simply responded quietly. "I'm becoming..." Then she jumped up and yelled, "Both!" They all sighed in relief. "Okay!" one of the brothers responded. "Then while you battle with me, you can practice moves with your other brother and sister!" The Trainer Sister jumped up. "Don't forget about me! I'll battle with you too!" Now at this time she was really young, about 6. Now, she didn't become a trainer right away, she waited until she was 9. I forgot to mention some other facts.

Like, for one, there was another brother, he went by the name of Rika. He was born into the family around when she was 4, so he would be... 11. She had went through each reigon, conquring all gyms and contests, but losing at the Pokemon Leauges and Grand Festivals. The Gym Badges are stored safely in one case, although... She had gotten all the badges and ribbons of one other reigon, but there was no Pokemon Leauge or Grand Festival there.

Instead, she was told to go to the Rouka reigon and compete in it's leauge. However, when she got there, a strange force ambushed her, and took her gym badges and ribbons from the other reigon, and tried to take her Pokemon, but instead got most of her empty pokeballs. Now, she has decided to quest through the Rouka Reigon, conquring the gyms and contests before the Pokemon Leauge and Grand Festival there.

Can Alison make it? Only time and RPing will tell...


Species: Blaziken
Nickname: Fire Chick
Gender: Male
History: Fire Chick was, like a lot of trainers, Alisons starter pokemon. While exploring the Hoenn Reigon, well, when she first entered the Hoenn Reigon with her brother, Rika, the two were met with the Professer of the Reigon, Professer Birch. The Professer heard that only Rika had a pokemon, so he gave them two starter pokemon: Alison with Torchic and Rika with Sceptile.

While venturing through the Hoenn Reigon, they came across a tough swarm of Geodude. Weakless against the tough rock types, Torchic took many beatings against them. however, through sheer force of will to protect Alison, Torchic evolved into Combusken and Double Kicked all the Geodude down.

After the two had left the Hoenn reigon for the Johto Reigon, Combusken evolved against a Wailord that attacked the two mid-sea travel. However, since it wasn't used to power, it didn't manage to beat the Wailord. Later, after some training, it managed to take down the Wailord and master it's moves.
Personality: Blaziken is really hardheaded and stubborn. Not afraid to take on an enemy after it's evolution to Blaziken. Even if the enemy is Nine hundred times stronger then him, Blaziken will cluelessly charge into battle. His favorite move is, and always has been Sky Uppercut, ever since he learned it.

Species: Misdreavus
Nickname: Miss Dissapear
Gender: Female
History: Well, while searching through Ilex Forest in Johto, which was a twist to visit their cousin in Goldenrod City, they encountered the Misdreavus. It kept pulling pranks on Alison, until it saw she had a Pokedoll. Loving them, she decided to follow and stick with Alison because of the Poke Dolls. Wierd.
Personality: Misdreavus is like most other ghost types. Childish and playful, she likes pulling pranks on people. She also seems to like Poke Dolls, which is why Alison always has them. She's also not a fighting pokemon, as she doesn't like to. She can take down a Pokemon if she needs to though.

Species: Magnezone
Nickname: Sticky Magnet
Gender: No Gender

Species: Duskull
Nickname: Dusk Twilight
Gender: Male
History: Duskull is her most recent Pokemon she caught. While traversing the Lavender Town Graveyard, Miss Dissapear decided she wanted a mate. So they went out to find one. Instead they found Dusk Twilight. He seemed to like Miss Dissapear, but she didn't like him. However, he didn't like that they were trying to get ghost types out, and needed a trainer. After knowing that Alison was Miss Dissapears trainer, he happily joined.
Personality: He is extremely shy, not good with social talk. He also seems to have a fear of most things, making it hard to have as a Pokemon. However, he seems to have a crush on Miss Dissapear.... too bad she feels the exact opposite.

Species: Flygon
Nickname: Dirt Dragon
Gender: Male

Species: Scizor
Nickname: Pinching Slash
Gender: Male

NOTE: It's late(Kinda) here, so I will finish the rest of the Pokemon tomorrow. Sorry for turning in an incomplete Character Sheet, but I can't finish it tonight. I promise I will tomorrow though!

April 24th, 2008, 6:19 AM
That's alright, some other people do that sometimes anyways, when Neku comes back on here, he has to approve your "registry" anyways.

April 26th, 2008, 10:36 AM
FireTrainer92 you are accepted. Chiemi, you are not accepted, I won't allow you to have the Forest City gym leader as a father, so change your history. Quantumforce, you bio looks good, you are accepted. Shadowmaster345, you are not accepted because you did not follow the bio form I made and they can't have nicknames like that, and if they do, put them right by the name.

And yes, I will put in information about Gym Leaders and etc.

April 26th, 2008, 2:15 PM
I'll post this character:

Name: Darkly (not his real name, he does not tell his real name to anyone)

age: 16

occupation: Pokemon Detective

Appereance: He is tall, and has dark purple hair. his hair looks like your rival's from fire red. he wears a dark purple coat and intead of the standard trainer's backpack. he uses the many pockets in his coat for items

history: his history is mostly a mystery except for that fact that he was raised in lost tower. that is also supposedly the place where he met his first pokemon. once he left to become a trainer, he found that he could see the future. he thought that his talent would be helpful for catching criminals. so he joined the pokemon detectives.

personality: he has a very short temper and hates young trainers. he can also talk to pokemon. he loves battling and contests, but he prefers contests, due to the act that he can talk to pokemon, and he hates to hear them in pain. he also loves solving mysteries. him and his spirtomb are the best pokemon detectives on the police force despite their young age


history: Darkly met him in lost tower
gender: male
personality: he pretends to be evil, but he's really not. he is very sarcastic, and can speak english

history: Darkly met him in the desert shortly after leaving on his journey
gender: male
personality: he is good friends with Darkly's spirtomb and they often pull pranks together on unsuspecting humans he can also speak english.

April 26th, 2008, 2:54 PM
Ok, sorry about that. Well.. I fixed it up so I hope its a bit better.

Adrian Johnson
April 26th, 2008, 3:23 PM
Hey I'm going to join this RP because it looks really good. If my information, let me know because I'll change it.

Name: Adrian Johnson

Age: 18

Occupation: A Poke'mon Breeder/A Former Poke'mon Trainer/Former lieutenant of Team Rocket

Appereance: He has black dread locks. He wears black glasses. He wears a dark grey shirt with a black jacket. He wears black pants with black and white shoes. He also carries a black bag to put his personale belongings in it.

Personality: He is a great person with poke'mon and humans. When you get to know him he can be a little complicated at first but you need to be more talkative to actually know him. His personality is very unique. He can be a little on the down side when he does the wrong thing but he can quickly get over it in no time flat. He also loves his poke'mon that save other trainers from harm and danger.

History: Adrian used to live in the many regions of poke'mon, but he moved to this region to be find more things to do. When he moved to the region, he used to live in Newshore but he moved to Sootrock because he loves the feeling of the hot springs.
Poke'mon: Charizard
Gender: Male
Obtained: He got it from the beginning of his Kanto journey when it used to be a Charmander.
Personality: His Charizard is his very first friend. He saved Adrian from harm and trouble.

Poke'mon: Pidgeot
Gender: Female
Obtained: During his match with Winona, the Fortree gym leader, she gave it to him as a present for saving her from a tree.
Personality: His Pidgeot is a rare and shiny Pidgeot. His Pidgeot is his most beautiful and kind poke'mon he got. She also finds random stuff for Adrian sometimes.

Poke'mon: Nidoking
Gender: Male
Obtained: When Lt. Surge was in trouble catching Zapdos, his Pidgeot saved Surge from harm.
Personality: His Nidoking is a very great and powerful driller and attacker, the Nidoking is one of his favorite poke'mon ever.

Poke'mon: Arcanine
Gender: Male
Obtained: When he was in Cinnabar Island during when he was living in Kanto, he found a Growlithe and his former professor Blaine gave him a fire stone.
Personality: When his Charizard isn't with him, his Arcanine is his second favorite fire type that will help anything and take anything down.

Poke'mon: Feraligatr
Gender: Male
Obtained: When he was helping Prof. Elm, a wild Feraligatr ran away from its habitate. Later on, he caught it and the Feraligatr befriended him.
Personality: It can be mean sometimes and it needs Adrian by his side always to keep it calm.

Poke'mon: Suicune
Gender: Female
Obtained: In is travels he always wanted to have a legendary poke'mon so he found a Suicune and caught it. The Suicune is a rare and shiny poke'mon.
Personality: Her personality is very unique just like Adrians. She is always calm and nice.

April 26th, 2008, 10:33 PM
(This sounds like a lot of fun. Looking forward to it!)

Name: Shai Tyler (Pronounced "Shy")

Age: 15

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Shai is slightly tall for her age and is very lean. She is a bit lanky, but everyone tells her it's just an awkward phase. Her deep brunette hair, which contrasts sharply with her shocking grey eyes, falls just past her shoulders and is generally slightly wavy. On rainy days, however, it will uncontrollably form a giant mess of curls, causing her frustration to no end. She can usually be found sporting cargo pants, which she finds incredibly useful for holding all of her knick knacks, and a fitted tee. Her most striking feature is the nearly perfect smile that always seems to be present on her face.

Personality: Ironically, Shai is anything but shy. The highly extroverted teen always seems to be looking for her next challenge. She has little reservation in meeting new people, jumping on any opportunity to make a new friend or even a spirited rival. Shai is quite genial and easy to get along with, and she is very loyal and committed to those who she feels have earned her lifelong friendship. Her never-ending drive has propelled her to begin her journey to become a Pokemon Master, and she absolutely will not stop until she achieves that elusive goal.

History: Hailing from White City, Shai set off on the long path to achieve her coveted dream. She had always grown up with the ambition of becoming the greatest trainer the Rokua region had ever known. Her parents had always immersed her in the world of Pokemon, her father being a world class trainer and her mother rather famous breeder. Growing up, her family had also run a Pokemon day care, and Shai has always played an active part in the business. Now setting off on her own journey, the ambitious teen is accompanied by a young Cyndaquil that her mother had bred from her prized Typhlosion. The small Pokemon seemed to have an unnatural attachment to her, so her mother found it fitting that the Cyndaquil become Shai's first Pokemon of her own. Shai was overjoyed, and with her new companion by her side, the pair soon set off for Cliffedge City, seeking their first badge and beyond that, the path to greatness.

Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Gender: Male
Obtained: Bred by her mother, given to Shai because of their intense bond from the beginning.
Personality: Cyndaquil is slightly naive because of its age, but is unwavering in its loyalty to Shai. Like her, the small fire Pokemon is incredibly eager to take on any challenge that may be presented.

April 27th, 2008, 12:52 AM
Name: Dante Reddon
Age: 18
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: He has shoulder length black hair and dresses in dark clothes and a trench coat. He also hides his face with a black cloth. His eyes are deep blue and seem to be filled with a caring light that undercuts his general standoffish and cold exterior.

Personality: He comes off cold and unfeeling towards anyone who meets him, but will never turn his back on someone in need. He never spares people's feelings on serious matters and for this reason his only friend is the Umbreon he's had since he was a kid. He prefers using his wit over his muscle when it comes to battles. His only goal is to be the best Dark Trainer he can be.

History: Dante had always wanted to be the Greatest Dark trainer when he was younger. His father had made a fortune as an exhibitionist Fighting type trainer who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Dante not liking the all brawn no brain method of the fight types rejected his father After his uncle passed away when he was 14 Dante was left His Uncle's Favorite pokemon. An Umbreon named Shadow. Dante's Father was furious and tried to force Dante into abandoning the pokemon his own brother cherished. Dante having made up his mind basically told his dad to shove it and walked off with Umbreon in Tow and never looked back on His hometown. He refuses to talk about where he is from and will never return.
Gender: Female
Obtained: His Uncle had left it with him as a last will.
Appearance: A Typical umbreon except that her rings are Silver instead of Yellow
Personality: Her personality matches her trainer. But she doesn't give people the cold shoulder until after getting to know them and deciding to or not.

April 27th, 2008, 9:49 AM
Chiemi, you are accepted. Darkly_the_flygon, you've got the hisotory and personality mixed up, and I don't want both of your pokemon to talk, so you're not accepted. Adrian Johnson, I don't undestand your occupation, I don't know why you put down Mysterious Trainer and the personality needs to be longer. Randmstateofmind, your bio looks good so you are accepted, but your person doesn't have to go to Newshore to start a journey. Foxfiredemon, your bio is not accepted because there is no such thing as a Umbreon having silver rings unless it was shiny, but I don't want any shiny pokemon, change that any you'll be accepted.
And now, we can start the RPing! Also, I will make a OOC thread so go there to talk instead of here.

Reaven and Pikachu were on their way to Gate Town. They hadn't seen any trainer or pokemon since they left Newshore Town. "It's so quiet..." Reaven muttered. He thought he'd be able to meet some trainers or pokemonto battle on his way to Gate Town, but apparently he was wrong...

"Pika..." Pikachu said. Pikachu was currently on Reaven's shoulder.

April 27th, 2008, 12:27 PM
Name: Dante Reddon
Age: 18
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: He has shoulder length black hair and dresses in dark clothes and a trench coat. He also hides his face with a black cloth. His eyes are deep blue and seem to be filled with a caring light that undercuts his general standoffish and cold exterior.

Personality: He comes off cold and unfeeling towards anyone who meets him, but will never turn his back on someone in need. He never spares people's feelings on serious matters and for this reason his only friend is the Umbreon he's had since he was a kid. He prefers using his wit over his muscle when it comes to battles. His only goal is to be the best Dark Trainer he can be.

History: Dante had always wanted to be the Greatest Dark trainer when he was younger. His father had made a fortune as an exhibitionist Fighting type trainer who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Dante not liking the all brawn no brain method of the fight types rejected his father After his uncle passed away when he was 14 Dante was left His Uncle's Favorite pokemon. An Umbreon named Shadow. Dante's Father was furious and tried to force Dante into abandoning the pokemon his own brother cherished. Dante having made up his mind basically told his dad to shove it and walked off with Umbreon in Tow and never looked back on His hometown. He refuses to talk about where he is from and will never return.
Gender: Female
Obtained: His Uncle had left it with him as a last will.
Appearance: A Typical umbreon
Personality: Her personality matches her trainer. But she doesn't give people the cold shoulder until after getting to know them and deciding to or not

Adrian Johnson
April 27th, 2008, 3:56 PM
Alright, I'll change my personality and my occupation. I might change the whole thing up because I looked through it and it doesn't sound right.

April 28th, 2008, 8:28 AM
Name: Darkly (not his real name, he does not tell his real name to anyone)

age: 16

occupation: Pokemon Detective

Appereance: He is tall, and has dark purple hair. his hair looks like your rival's from fire red. he wears a dark purple coat and intead of the standard trainer's backpack. he uses the many pockets in his coat for items

personality: he has a very short temper and hates young trainers. he can also talk to pokemon. he loves battling and contests, but he prefers contests, due to the act that he can talk to pokemon, and he hates to hear them in pain. he also loves solving mysteries. him and his spirtomb are the best pokemon detectives on the police force despite their young age

history: his history is mostly a mystery except for that fact that he was raised in lost tower. that is also supposedly the place where he met his first pokemon. once he left to become a trainer, he found that he could see the future. he thought that his talent would be helpful for catching criminals. so he joined the pokemon detectives.


history: Darkly met him in lost tower
gender: male
personality: he is not as evil as he looks and likes to pull pranks with flygon. he can't speak english

history: Darkly met him in the desert shortly after leaving on his journey
gender: male
personality: he is good friends with Darkly's spirtomb and they often pull pranks together on unsuspecting humans he can speak english.

I fixed him

April 28th, 2008, 9:09 AM
Jack and Treecko had finally reached Newshore. The trip required a two hour boat ride and they were both tired. Treecko was on Jack's side and started to pull on his jeans. "Tree..." said the Treecko. He understood that his Treecko was ready for a meal before they started the journey. So they looked for a place to eat.

Jack looked on and saw that on the beach there was a food cart. The woman running the cart was selling fried fish. The Pokemon and trainer ran to the cart and ordered some fish. Treecko chomped down and so did Jack. Before the fish could cool off the boys had burned their tongues and eaten the fish. The two threw the bones in a garbage can.

"Now we start our contest and gym battle journey. Let's catch us an Aipom and then go to the next contest." "Tree..." "Aipom is my favorite contest Pokemon and thats why we need to catch one." Treecko shrugged and then turned away from Jack. "I must have made him mad."

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 28th, 2008, 9:37 AM
As Saru and Poochyena got off of the boat to Newshore, Saru was pretty excited.

"Poochyena,it's time to start a new journey today!" he exclaimed.

"Bark..Bark!" said Poochyena

Saru had came to Newshore in the first place, because Prof. Rowan recommended that he meet Prof. Maple before doing anything. Saru however, thought that before he went to the lab, that he and his Poochyena stretched their legs for a bit. After walking around for a few minutes, Saru found a park. In the park, there were many people and their pokemon. Saru found a clear spot filled with grass and laid his backpack down. He then reached into his backpack and pulled out a Red frisbee. He knew Poochyena loved to play catch and was his favorite game. Saru then tossed the frisbee and Poochyena ran to go fetch it.

After playing catch for a while, Saru and Poochyena began to rest for a while, then before leaving Saru had an idea.

"Poochyena, how about I throw the frisbee one last time, but this time, I'll throw it pretty far away, and we will see who gets it first, ok?"


Saru tossed the frisbee as hard as he could, little did he know, the wind carried the frisbee even further and further until it floated across the beach and hit a Treecko onto the head. Saru saw the frisbee go out of sight and remebered that Poochyena ran after it. Saru decided to try and hurry to the beach in order to get the frisbee before Poochyena did.

OOC: K9S8, I did this so our characters can meet if it's ok with you.

April 28th, 2008, 12:47 PM
Mickey had just made it to Newshore. With Cyndaquil on his shoulder, he began to move forward to the lab.

"Cyndaquil, you ready?" Mickey asked his new pokemon.

"Quil!!!" It said with its flames burting out of its back. Mickey first had to get his Pokedex from Prof. Maple. So he continued to walk towards the Newshore Lab. As they walked around the beach city he saw many trainers, young and old. He was ready for all oncomers, but that would have to wait. He contineued walking. He seemed to like this place. Beaches, water, surfing. It seemed just like the beach on Cinnabar where he spent his last days in Kanto. Just then, Cynaquil nugded his shoulder. He looked over at the echinda pokemon. He seemed hungry.

"Cyndaquil you hungry?" He asked.

"Cyndaquil." It said quietly nodding. Mickey saw a woman with a food cart. He decided to see what she had to offer.

April 28th, 2008, 3:16 PM
“Just a little- -more further- -and we’ll be in Gate Town…” Ashleigh panted as she dragged her silver coated bike at her side, her Pachirisu was following behind her.

She and her Pachirisu had been travelling since they left Forest City and with minimal rests in between, Ashleigh was eager to get to the first Pokemon contest in Gate Town.

“Pachi!” exclaimed Pachirisu, something had caught the Pokemon's attention in a tree above them. “Pachiri!”
Ashleigh stopped and looked up as her Pachirisu pounced up into the tree. Apparently Pachirisu wanted to take a food break and was to be seen eating a very juicy berry.
“Pachirisu!” Ashleigh cried, “I don’t have time for this, get down here right now!”
Pachirisu was too busy eating the berry to listen to Ashleigh and instead made a face at her.
“Did- Did you just stick your tongue out at me?!” Ashleigh yelled through her frustration, “Don’t you know any manners?”
“Pacha!” teased Pachirisu. Pachirisu was now mocking Ashleigh, it had its bottom and tail stuck up in the air.
“I give up…” said Ashleigh as she sank to the ground with a sigh all she could do was wait.

Ashleigh, who was leaning against the tree with her hat over her eyes to block out the sun's harsh rays, had sat there which seemed for hours waiting for Pachirisu to finish eating. Ashleigh straightened her hat and got up off the ground she had had enough. Ashleigh looked up to the tree only to find that Pachirisu was no where to be seen nor could Ashleigh hear the sound Pachirisu made when she was eating.

“Pachirisu?” Ashleigh asked, her eyes scanned the tree for any sudden movement. "Pachirisu?"

This time she had asked a little louder, there wasn’t even a rustled of leaves or a berry to fall from movement, all was still.

Maybe Pachirisu did run off? Ashleigh thought, It’s all my fault, I’m such a lousy-
“Hey-!” Ashleigh cried. Unexpectedly, a berry had dropped on her head. "What the-?"
Ashleigh looked up; it was Pachirisu who threw the berry at her. Pachirisu had been hiding in the tree waiting for the right moment to strike.
“Please Pachirisu, can we just go now?” Ashleigh pleaded. “We are so close to Gate Town- Look you can see the Pokemon centre from this hill! Plus, I'm exhausted!"

Pachirisu couldn’t disagree, she was exhausted too. Finally, Pachirisu jumped down from the tree and returned to Ashleigh’s side. Ashleigh picked her bike up and continued her journey to Gate Town.

Cosmic Tyrant
April 28th, 2008, 4:50 PM
White City: A peaceful city surrounded by woods. The wind was blowing a nice, refreshing breeze, gently whisking away fallen leaves. The sky was a nice shade of cyan, and the sun was maked by frail clouds. The day at White City was a good one indeed. Vlad walked to the city's limits, looked around, and took a deep breath. "This place is pretty relaxing" He said to himself as he walked up to a man passing him. "Excuse me" Vlad said to the man as he raised his hand in the air to signify a hello. "This place is knowns as White City, no?" He asked the man. The man looked at Vlad with a skeptical look at first, then realized that Vlad wasn't from around the region> "Oh, yeah." The man replied. "This is White City." He said as he pointed to a nearby building. "If you need help locating anything, there's a Pokemon Center that has a town map inside it. Vlad smiled and said "Thank you, sirs." And walked off.

Upon reaching the Pokemon center, He immediately took a glimpse at the town map. "Let's see how far we has to go to gets to the Town Festival..." He said to himself as he traced his finger from White City to Violet City. "Hmm...It's not too far off, I can makes that in good times!" He said as he walked out of the Pokemon Center. He immediately grabbed a Pokeball and released his first pokemon. "Go, Rocker!" He said as a red beam emitted from the Pokebal and formed into a Rhyhorn. "You must be sick of being crammed in that Pokeballs for so longs" He said as he began to leave White City. "Walk with me for a whiles and get some fresh airs" Vlad said again as the two were now on a path to the next city...

(OOC: Sorry for the mix-up in Vlad's sentances, it's a part of his speech problem. Hope it's okay)

April 28th, 2008, 6:07 PM
Jack's Treecko had been struck by a frisbee. Treecko looked angry and so did Jack. "How irresponsible of some people. These people must be really rude to hit Pokemon with frisbees." Jack grabbed the frisbee and thought about breaking it. However, a Poochyena ran over and grabbed the frisbee out of his hands.

That amazed Jack and soon his eyes lit up. "I have to catch that Poochyena," said Jack with a Pokeball in his hand. As he was about to throw the Pokeball. A young boy ran over and stopped him. The boy informed him that was his Poochyena and the frisbee also belonged to him.

Jack looked at him, "When we meet again at the Grand Festival or Pokemon League. I want to battle you and see how powerful you are. I expect great things from you." Jack walked away and Treecko followed him. The young boy looked on.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 28th, 2008, 6:21 PM
"Well that was wierd." said Saru

"Poochyena, I get the feeling that we'll be seeing him again pretty soon."

Saru then shook the current situation out of his head and decided to head over to Prof. Maple's lab. Poochyena then jumped into Saru's backpack as they duo began to walk. Saru then looked around the city as the walked, but didn't see a lab. Saru decided to search throughout neighborhoods but still didn't see the lab. Saru then seen a hill where he and his Poochyena sat down on.

Saru then let Poochyena out of the bag and the two looked up at the sky. One of the clouds looked like a Poochyena, another looked like a Magikarp and a Goldeen. Saru began to feel warm and cozy within the sun's rays and drifted off to sleep...

April 29th, 2008, 2:30 AM
A mysterious cloaked figure strode along the twilight horizon. He stood motionless for a moment and clicked his fingers. Another eerie figure appeared out of nowhere. Then suddenly..

"Gallade! Use Psycho Cut near that tree!"


The tree absorbed the psychic energy emitted from the long, sharp knifelike elbow of the Gallade. Then shattered and revealed it wasn't a tree at all.

It was a holograph.

"What in the -"

The mysterious person suddenly became engaged in a physical tussle with a certainly buff opponent.

April 29th, 2008, 8:48 AM
"Gate Town? Must have made a wrong turn somewhere..." Shai mused to herself as she stared at the sign before her. She had never been particularly good with directions, but at least she wasn't too far away. This would be a decent stop before she and her Cyndaquil would make the trek to Cliffedge City to seek their first badge.

"Well, might as well check it out, Cyndaquil. I've heard this is where the first contest is. Might be interesting to check it out." A smile spread across the young girl's face as she stepped past the sign, the small fire Pokemon perched on her shoulder. "Cynda, cynda!" it replied gleefully, a bit of fire springing up from its back to reflect its excitement.

With a slight spring in her step, Shai approached the local PokeMart, the first building she spotted as the pair entered the town. She reached her hand into one of her many pockets, and the contents made her delighted to know that she had reached the shop. After a few minutes, the pair exited the PokeMart, restocked on Potions, Pokeballs, and other assorted goods.

The two journeyed further into the town, finally finding a bench to rest. With a sigh, Shai plopped down on the seat, Cyndaquil hopping off her shoulder and curling up next to her. It had been a long while since she had been able to rest her feet. From here, she also noted that she could see the Contest Hall, a sight that brought an intrigued grin to her face. Pulling a rice cake from one pocket and handing a Pokemon treat from another to Cyndaquil, Shai happily took this time to relax a bit to prepare for their journey that was just beginning.

April 29th, 2008, 10:07 AM
Wow, I don't know If I am accepted but can I start writing because this will be kind of a good story plot for my guy. So I am just here to see if I got accepted or not so let me know if I am okay.

April 29th, 2008, 10:53 AM
The time had finally come, Treecko and Jack were now in Gate Town. The two looked at each other and rushed to the Contest Hall. When they got inside the hall Jack registered for the Pokemon Contest. He was now an offical coordinator. After that he took Treecko and headed to the Pokemon Center where he registered for the Pokemon League. Jack's journey was about to begin.

After looking at his contest pass and his badge holder Jack realized something. "I only have one Pokemon!" he thought. "How will I compete in gym battles and contest, with only a Treecko." this time he screamed to the air. As he was screaming a Shinx walked by and gave him an idea. Treecko looked at the expression on Jack's caucasian face and stood in front of Shinx. The Shinx was a female and she used her intimidate ability to weaken Treecko. Jack looked at his Treecko fear at the little girl and ordered an attack.

"Use Quick Attack then turn so that you hit it with your tail's Pound." Treecko rushed off and then so suddenly turned in Shinx's face and hit her with Pound. The Shinx flew across the contest field. It had fainted from that one attack. Treecko's attack was a critical hit that was strong enough to knock the Shinx out. Therefore, Jack threw his Pokeball and captured Shinx.

"I captured a Shinx and now we can train for our contest." so Jack took Shinx and Treecko to the Pokemart where he bought items for their performance. Shinx looked at Jack, who had given her a pink collar to make her cuter, and started to wonder was happening. "We are about to start contest training for your appeal stage, Shinx. I am going to need you to look super cute and extra cool. So show me your best work." the blue puppy nodded and began to warm up her Sparks.

April 29th, 2008, 1:09 PM
Mickey had finally got his Pokedex, and was on his way to Gate city. Looking at his Poke gear, he noticed that their were no gyms in Gate City.

"Cyndaquil, you wanna skip this town," Mickey asked his pokemon. Cynaquil nodding saying no. "Alright...hold on there is a contest here! I can probably scope out some trainers there."

Mickey, with Cyndaquil on his shoulder, kept walking towards Gate City. He then realized something. He had no extra pokemon. He had to catch something. So he looked around the grassy area carefully.

"Cyndaquil you see anything?" He asked the fire pokemon. Cyndaquil looked around and noticed a two bird pokemon.

"Quil, Quil, Quil!" Cyndaquil yelled repeatedly. Mickey swiveled around.

"Oh cool a Pidgey and a Starly," Mickey said surprised. "Lets see now, Pidgey is very fast but so is Starly...."

"Quil!" Cyndaquil yelled annoyed. Mickey went with the Pidgey.

"Cyndaquil, use your tackle to take down Pidgey," Mickey commanded. Cyndaquil jumped from Mickey shoulder and landed on the battle ground. Then the fire pokemon began charge. Pidgey looked at Cyndaquil with a nonchlant look and kept pecking at the ground. As Cyndaquil got closer, Pidgey fly up into the air. Paying attention to Pidgey, Cyndauil failed to see the tree ahead of it.

"Cynnnn." It shrieked in pain.

"Crap," Mickey said angrily. "Try it again Cynaquil!" Cyndaquil got up and attempted to tackle Pidgey again who had just landed. Once again the Pidgey flew up. The only difference this time was that Cyndaquil knew to stop.

"Ember!." Mickey yelled. Mickey knew that Cyndaquil had not yet mastered the attack but he had an idea. Cyndaquil had spun around opened its mouth and released a few embers. One ember struck the wing of Pidgey making it fall down. "Now tackle!" Cyndaquil then jumped in the air and tackled it. Mickey then reached in has pocket and grabbed a Pokeball and threw it catching it.

"Cyndaquil!" Cyndaquil yelled happily. Mickey smiled knowing that he caught his first pokemon. He realized that he still had to register for the Pokemon League Challenge. Mickey quickly ran to the entrance of Gate City.

April 29th, 2008, 1:16 PM
(I guess since I fixed my info Like Neku said I thin I can play I just need to know >.>)

April 29th, 2008, 1:34 PM
Reaven and Pikachu saw the entence to Gate Town. "Alright Piachu! We're almost there!!" Reaven exclaimed happily.

"Pika!! Pika, pikachu!!" Pikachu said happily.

Reaven and Pikachu soon made it too Gate Town. They went into the Pokemon Center so he could register for the Pokemon Leauge. Reaven looked around confused. He had no idea how or where to register. Pikachu was currently on his shoulder and was looking around the Pokemon Center.

OOC: Dragonairking, you were already accepted so you can RP. And Foxfiredemon, make the age of your character a bit younger and you'll be accepted. And Lmaoyonaise, you never made a bio on here, so delete that post.... And you never included a name or anything... So you can't post until you make a bio.

April 29th, 2008, 3:18 PM
"Now it's my turn," said Ashleigh, "I need a few minutes to catch my breath; these hills are draining!"

Pachirisu stopped walking and looked at her trainer, watching as she dropped her bike on the ground then to sit down on a rock.
"I think..." said Ashleigh, her eyes closing and her voice drifting away, "that I might take a short power nap..."
Pachirisu didn't seem at all too thrilled with her trainer, Pachirisu wanted to keep on moving so she could eat at the Pokemon centre.
"Pachi?" asked Pachirisu, "Pachiri?"
Ashleigh flicked her eyes open and looked at Pachirisu as she started to do the most peculiar thing: Pachirisu's cheeks began to spark out electricity as if she were charging up. Ashleigh started to look very alarmed.

"Pachirisu, what are you doing?" she asked. Gathering that Pachirisu was sparking electricity it could've only meant one thing, "Pachirisu! Wait! I'm not tired any-"

Electricity erupted from Pachirisu like an explosion, directly hitting Ashleigh. Miles away you could hear her scream.

"S-strangely, I'm not s-so tired anymore," stuttered Ashleigh who was to be seen on the floor twitching, "T-thanks Pachirisu ..."
Pachirisu smiled and seemed rather pleased with itself. Ashleigh got up and picked her bike up from the ground and yet again, recieved another shock from touching the metal of the bike.
"Thanks for not frying my bike," said Ashleigh with a hint of sarcasm, "Let's go."

Still on their journey to Gate Town, Ashleigh and her Pachirisu are determined to get there before sunset.

"What is it?" asked Ashleigh, her Pachirisu had stopped. "Pachirisu?"

Pachirisu was on the tip of its hind legs looking quite alarmed, her noes was up in the air, sniffing. Without warning Pacirisu dashed off ahead. Ashleigh got on her bike and rode after her.

"Pachirisu!" cried Ashleigh as she pedalled after her pokemon, "Come back!"

Pachirisu had finally come to a stop as did Ashleigh. Pachirisu had sensed this boy and his Pokemon sitting before them. The boy appeared to be asleep while his Pokemon sat next to him.
"Huh," spoke Ashleigh, "Who's that Pokemon?"
Ashleigh got off her bike and took out her Pokedex from her pocket, pointing it at the dog-like Pokemon.
"Poochyena," a robotic voice from the Pokedex spoke, "A Pokemon with a persistant nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted."
Ashleigh put her Pokedex back in her pocket and backed away slowly from the Poochyena as opposed to Pachirisu who seemed to make friends with it instantaneously.

Ashleigh returned her attention to the boy who had his eyes closed. Could her be hurt? Ashleigh thought, Or is he taking a nap..?

"Um, hello?" asked Ashleigh, she tapped the boy on his shoulder.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 29th, 2008, 5:00 PM
"Nice, warm clouds...soaring through the sky..."

"Huh?" said Saru and a sleepy tone. Saru looked up and saw a girl staring at him. Saru realised that it was Sunset!

"I overslept!..oh well."

"Hi I'm Saruwatari, but you can call me Saru." "I was on my way to Gate Town. I'm from the Sinnoh region and I'm here to compete in the Rokua League!" "I have many pokemon, but I only took my Poochyena with me."

"Bark Bark!"

"Ok, well we'll have to go through the forest to get there by morning."

"By the way, what's your name and also, your Pachirisu reminds me of the one I have back home." said Saru with a smile

April 29th, 2008, 5:43 PM
Can I join?

Name: Ben
Age: 13
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: tall, brown hair, grey eyes, gold/black hat, blue sweatshirt over a black t shirt, grey sweatpants, carrying bag that he has to keep all of his things in
Personality: Laid back, always hanging around. Doesn't care too much about anything other than his drive to win. He doesn't look like much, especally by the way he dressed so sloppily and casually, but is actually quite smart and fierce in battle.
History: Grew up in Littleroot Town, mother and father were moving closer to work in Rokua. Placed in top 8 in Hoenn. His father was once a pokemon master years and years ago and his mother is an experienced breeder.

Gender: Male
Obtained: From Prof. Birch to start his journey, refused to evolve him

Gender: ?
Obtained: At the end of Hoenn journey, given an egg by a friend, taken wth him to Rokua

April 29th, 2008, 6:10 PM
Shortly after tapping the boy’s shoulder, his eyes fluttered open and looked up at Ashleigh. Ashleigh felt a sense of relief that he hadn’t been injured.

"I overslept!” He exclaimed, “Oh well."

From his sudden outburst of him oversleeping had frightened Ashleigh, she stepped back to give him some space, and he seemed rather giddy.

"Hi, I'm Saruwatari, but you can call me Saru,” he began, “I was on my way to Gate Town. I'm from the Sinnoh region and I'm here to compete in the Rokua League! I have many pokemon, but I only took my Poochyena with me."

Ashleigh looked at his Poochyena, its eyes were aggressive and ferocious. Ashleigh had always had somewhat of a phobia against dogs or dog-like Pokemon.

"Bark, Bark!"

Ashleigh got a sudden jolt of fear. Aww! Please don’t come any closer than you already are! She pleaded in her thoughts over and over again. Ashleigh was too preoccupied with her attention on Saru’s Poochyena to listen to what Saru was saying.

"By the way, what's your name and also, your Pachirisu reminds me of the one I have back home." Saru had said with a smile.

However, when he had stopped speaking he had got her attention. She laughed nervously for not listening earlier, hoping that he wouldn’t have noticed.

“You have a Pachirisu? That's great! It's nice to meet you, my name’s Ashleigh and I’m from Forest City,” she said, “Oh, so you’re going to GateTown too? Well, so am I!”

Ashleigh smiled but it faded away when the sun caught her attention; she saw the sun was past its halfway mark in the sky so it would’ve been past noon, nearing sunset.

“Actually I was hoping to get to Gate Town before sunset but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen,” she added. “I was also hoping to compete in the Pokemon Contest that’s held there.”
Ashleigh didn’t want to miss her chance at the Pokemon Contest. Determination overcame her; she wasn’t going to miss out. Ashleigh got on her bike.

“Well, I have a bike? So maybe we can get to Gate Town quicker?”

Pachirisu continued to play with the Poochyena, running rapidly around it.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 29th, 2008, 6:39 PM
"Good Idea." said Saru

"Bark!! Bark!!"

Poochyena then jumped into Saru's backpack and Barked happily

"Let's go." said Saru as he hopped into Ashleigh's basket.

Saru flipped the backpack to his stomach so Poochyena wouldnt be in Ashleigh's face.

"We'll have to be careful, the Houndour and Murkrow like to come out of the woods at around this time, so we will have to be extra careful." said Saru

"I still cant elieve that I have been asleep for so long." said Saru

"Say, is this your first time on a journey?" asked Saru

April 29th, 2008, 7:07 PM
“D-did you say Houndour?” whimpered Ashleigh, “Just great …”
Pachirisu jumped up onto the bike and into Ashleighs bag.
Ashleigh looked at her surroundings; everything seemed much scarier as it was now starting to get darker. She could hear several noises around her, and see wild bug type Pokemon coming out for the night. She shook her head and preferred not to think about what was around her.

Ashleigh put her feet on the pedal and began to push; with extra weight it became nearly impossible. She started to get annoyed that a gentlemen like Saru didn’t even offer to ride the bike. He’s such a boy, she thought.

"Say, is this your first time on a journey?" asked Saru.

“Mmhmm,” was all Ashleigh could say. She stopped pedaling and crossed her arms, Ashleigh could not pedal anymore further.

April 29th, 2008, 7:43 PM
Jack was looking at his new Shinx and his buudy Treecko. He realized that he wanted some nicknames for them now. He believed tha bonds are built with nick names. He gave Treecko the name Knox and Shinx the name Noxa. They weren't the best nicknames, but Jack didn't care about that and neither di his Pokemon. The sun satred to set and the team had gotten almost no training done.

Shinx had a good Spark and Thunderbolt attack, but Treecko had only Quick attack and Pound. He knew that would make it difficult for his Pokemon to compet well with the other Gyms and Contest. So Jack looked in his book of contest secrets and attack book.

Jack used his contest book to right down combinations of other coordiantors he had seen on television. The attack book had all the attacks he had seen from different types of Pokemon. Such as the Electric type attacks like Thunder and Volt Tackle. He had written notes on how they were performed and how to teach a Pokemon. He looked up some grass moves for Treecko. Jack found the moves Energy Ball and Bullet Seed. Jack looking at the notes started instruct Treecko on how to use the moves for the contest.

April 30th, 2008, 12:49 PM
Reaven walked over to the counter where Nurse Joy was and Nurse Joy and had asked her how to register for the pokemon leauge.

"Just give me your Pokedex and I'll be able to register you." Nurse Joy said.

Reaven gave her his pokedex and she took it and put it in a machine. She gave it back to him and said "Okay, you're registered for the Pokemon Leauge."

Reaven grinned and thanked Nurse Joy. He walked away from the counter and sat down on a chair and Pikachu sat on his lap.

"Alright Pikachu, we're gonna beat all the Gym Leaders and go to the Pokemon Leauge!" eaven said to Pikachu.

"Pika! Pika, Pika Pikachu!!" Pikachu said and jumped on Reaven head. Reaven laughed.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 30th, 2008, 1:41 PM
When Saru felt the bike stopped he turned around seen that Ahleigh had stopped pedaling.

"Oh, how rude of me , I should've pedaled the bike. Well anyway, get into the basket, I'll pedal the bike."

"We better hurry, it's pretty dark out and I think The Houndour are lurking around here somewhere."

Saru and Ashleigh switched positions on the bike and Saru began to pedal, they were making excellent timing as they sped through the forest. Saru could see lights up ahead and knew that they were almost to Gate Town, when suddenly...a Weedle popped out in front.

The Weedle looked furious and was trying to fire Poison Stings at the bike.

"Hey you can't do that!" yelled Saru

"Let's go Poochyena!" Saru yelled as Poochyena jumped out the bag and stood in front of Saru, growling. Poochyena's fangs and teeth bared showing that he was ready to attack

"Poochyena, Take Down!"

Poochyena charged at Weedle, slamming it into a tree, Weedle then tried to charge at Poochyena, with its Poison Sting attack.

"Poochyena, use Poison Fang!"

Poochyena's fangs glowed a scary purple color and bit Weedle ferociously.

"Pokeball, go!"

Saru threw the Pokeball




The red light faded and Weedle was caught. Saru picked up the Pokeball, shrunk it and hooked it onto his belt.

"Sorry about the interruption, let's finish going to Gate Twon, we should be at The Pokemon Center in a few minutes."

"Are you alright?" he asked looking at the girl while he pedaled.

April 30th, 2008, 2:08 PM
Mickey was still walking to Gate Town. It was starting to get dark.

"The sun is setting. Oh man How am I going to make to Gate Town?" Mickey said thinking about his next move. Hmmmm I can run it if, but I'll need to return Cyndaquil. He thought.

"Cyndaquil." The Echinda pokemon yawned.

"Your tired Cyndaquil." Mickey asked his pokemon. Cyndaquil nodded. Mickey took Cyndaquil's pokeball from his pocket and put Cyndaquil back in its ball. He began to sprint. Mickey was a good runner and did alot of physical training with his grandfather which boosted his running skills.

"Oh yeah I'm making great time, I'll be in Gate Town as long as I follow this road." He said to himself while running. While running he heard some noises coming from down hill. He stopped for a second to see what is was. He saw two people on a bike that was going towards Gate City. He heard more noises from behind. He looked around to see a figure in the shadows.

"Who's there!" He asked. The figure said nothing and launched at him, hitting him in the Stomach. Mickey's blue eyes opened up as he started to fall back down the hill. He rolled down the hill felling every rock, twig and leaf. When he hit the base, he landed in front of the same two people he just saw. He then lost consisness

April 30th, 2008, 3:40 PM
"Oh, how rude of me, I should've pedaled the bike. Well anyway, get into the basket, I'll pedal the bike." Said Saru.

Ashleigh uncrossed her arms and got off the bike seat to switch places with Saru. Finally he is seeing some sense, thought Ashleigh. When Saru was out of the basket and on the bike seat, Ashleigh got into the rather cramped basket; her Pachirisu climbed out of her bag and went to sit on her lap. She took her hat of so it wouldn't be in the way for Saru.

Saru started to pedal the bike, and with his speed; they were going to be in Gate Town in no time. All Ashleigh had to worry about was sitting still, keeping balance for the bike so they wouldn’t tip over. They were almost there, Ashleigh could see Gate Town up ahead-

Ashleigh felt the bike stop, she looked behind at Saru; something had caught his attention making him look elsewhere, past Ashleigh. She looked back to the front and saw it too: it was a wild bug type Pokemon. It began to attack the bike with its stingers.

"Hey you can't do that!" Saru had yelled. "Let's go Poochyena!"

Saru’s Poochyena was ready to engage in a fierce battle with the wild Pokemon.

“Ahh!” screamed Ashleigh. Pachirisu climbed on top of her head from the shock of Ashleigh's scream. “What is that?!”

Ashleigh got out of the basket, and taking her Pokedex from her pocket, she pointed it at the wild Pokemon.
“Weedle,” A robotic voice coming from the Pokedex began, “Its poison stinger is very powerful. Its bright-colored stingers is intended to warn off its enemies.”
“It must’ve felt threatened,” she muttered to herself while putting her Pokedex back in her pocket. Amazed with the current battle, she watched on as Saru ordered Poochyena to attack.

"Poochyena, use Poison Fang!"
Poochyena’s fangs bit the weedle ferociously, the weedle looked defeated and then-

"Pokeball, go!" said Saru as he threw a Pokeball at the Weedle, they waited for the red light to fade and it did. Saru had caught a Weedle. Even though this was her first time seeing a battle, Ashleigh was impressed with Saru’s performance and knew that she had much to learn. She looked at her Pachirisu, she wished she had that sort of companionship with her.

“Wow!” said Ashleigh, “That was great! Although, personally I wouldn’t catch a slimy Pokemon like that, but that’s just me.”
Ashleigh got back into the basket of the bike after Saru had got on the bike’s seat so the bike wouldn’t tip over. Pachirisu returned to Ashleigh's lap looking very sleepy.

"Sorry about the interruption, let's finish going to Gate Town, we should be at The Pokemon Center in a few minutes." He said, as he started to pedal again, "Are you alright?"

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Ashleigh said, “Great, the sooner we get there the better.”

They continued to pedal closer to Gate Town, when only just metres before the entrance, unexpectedly, a young boy had landed with a loud ‘smack’ on the ground in front of the bike.

“Ah- Oh no- Stop!” cried Ashleigh, Pachirisu was grabbing the edge of the basket tightly, “We’re going to hit that person!”

As the bike was still moving, she had to think fast, Ashleigh pushed herself up so she was sitting on the very edge of the basket with her legs dangling centimeters from the ground. Ashleigh who had her eyes closed, quickly touched her feet to the ground pushing down stiffly to stop the bike from running over the boy. From the force of impact of the bike stopping, Pachirisu flew from the bike and landed on the ground lying there motionless; with Ashleigh's attention elsewhere, she did not notice this.

Ashleigh opened her eyes-
My shoes! exclaimed Ashleigh in her thoughts, they're ruined! But this was no time to be thinking about her shoes, Ashleigh ran over to the boy and rolled him over onto his back and checked his pulse, his eyes appeared to be closed.

"Well, he's not dead," she said thickly, "Quick, we have to get him some help. Help me put him in the basket. I'll catch up, you ride on ahead."

April 30th, 2008, 5:42 PM
Treecko continued to work on focusing his energy. He continued to try the Energy Ball, but just couldn't get out the ball. Jack patted him on the head and decided to switch attacks.

"Try Bullet Seed for a couple of more hours." Treecko looked up and started to eat some watermelon. He began to spit out the seeds with accuracy and precision. After he had tried a few five times he began to try the real thing. Jack and Noxa looked on as Knox tried to break the flying targerts. Knoz focused his energy and then shot a series of seeds at the targets.

Knox had perfected his Bullet Seed and so Jack had him try it again. Knox was able to do it like he was born with that ability. Noxa gave Knox a Spark as a congradulations. Jack started Knox's trainig for one more Energy Ball. As he stood ready to fight Knox fell over from exhaustion. "I'm sorry lets go to Nurse Joy and rest before we start again." Jack said taking his Treecko in his arms.

April 30th, 2008, 6:47 PM
When Alex arrived at Newshore when he was flying on his Charizard, he managed to go somewhere it was safe to hatch his very first Charmander egg. The only spot that was safe for him was in a little bush by the sea.

When he was waiting for it to hatch, Alex went awy from the bush awhile to buy some poke'mon food. When he came back, there was not a bush not at all and when he looked further, he saw that his Charmander hatched. When Alex went towards his newly hatched Charmander, he looked at the ground and Charmander laughed because Charmander made an accident.

When Alex fed Charmander, Alex got Charmander and trained it. Alex trained it so much that his Charmander. Alex decided to make the training a little bit harder so he brought out his Charizard.

It was a blazing battle but not by along shot. Alex stopped his Charmander and Charizard from battling and he made Charizard go back to its poke'ball. Alex liked Charmander alot so he kept its poke'ball away from Charmander alot. When Alex decided it was done training, Alex decided to walk towards Gate Town to try out his first poke'mon contest.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 1st, 2008, 2:37 AM
"ok." said Saru as he pedaled ahead of Ashleigh

Saru was watching the boy in his basket as he pedaled to the Pokemon Center. "I dont know why we just dont go to a people doctor, but they're not open at 1:30 in the morning."

Saru began to pedal faster and before he knew it he was at the Pokemon Center.

"Nurse Joy! This boy is hurt!! Im not exactly sure what happened but can you take a look at him?"

"Sure." said Nurse Joy

"Oh and can you take these to?" said K.R. as he put his Poochyena and his Pokeball containing his Weedle on the table.

"Sure I'll look after them too."

As the boy was wheeled on a stretcher and into the ER. Saru turned around and looked at the door, waiting for Ashleigh.

"I wonder if I should go back and look for her?" Saru said as he watched the door

"If she doesnt come within a few minutes, I'll have to go look for her." Saru said as he continued to watch the door.

OOC: This is where we should all meet if Im not mistaken? or is this like Pokemon Chronicles?

May 1st, 2008, 12:56 PM
Reaven was talking with Pikachu who was lieing down on his head. Nothing seemed to be going on... He picked up Pikachu from his head and began rubbing Pikachu by the ears, which Pikachu liked alot.

"Pikaaaa..." Pikachu said happily.

Reaven laughed, but he was upset that he hadn't caught a pokemon yet... But he was sure he'd catch one soon.

OOC: Yeah, pretty much this is where everyone will meet. And Dragonairking, your Charmander can't just evolve in one post. Wait awhile for it too evolve, okay?

May 1st, 2008, 1:28 PM
Can I join?

Name: Ben
Age: 13
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: tall, brown hair, grey eyes, gold/black hat, blue sweatshirt over a black t shirt, grey sweatpants, carrying bag that he has to keep all of his things in
Personality: Laid back, always hanging around. Doesn't care too much about anything other than his drive to win. He doesn't look like much, especally by the way he dressed so sloppily and casually, but is actually quite smart and fierce in battle.
History: Grew up in Littleroot Town, mother and father were moving closer to work in Rokua. Placed in top 8 in Hoenn. His father was once a pokemon master years and years ago and his mother is an experienced breeder.

Gender: Male
Obtained: From Prof. Birch to start his journey, refused to evolve him

Gender: ?
Obtained: At the end of Hoenn journey, given an egg by a friend, taken wth him to Rokua

May 1st, 2008, 1:54 PM
When Alex walked in the route that leads to Gate Town from Newshore, Alex saw an Oddish so he managed to get it angry so it can battle his Charmander. When Oddish appeared, it started to attack his Charmander.

Oddish absorbed Charmanders health but Charmander was just getting started to get ready so Alex made Charmander use ember. Oddish was burned right away and Oddish's roots were getting ready to get black so Alex grabbed a poke'ball and threw it towards Oddish.

Oddish was caught. Alex still walked towards Gate Town to have his first poke'mon contest. Still on his way to Gate Town, he trained his Charmander and Oddish. When Alex was walking further, he started to see the buildings where Gate Town laid.

May 1st, 2008, 3:36 PM
Ashleigh stood still and watched as Saru pedalled off on the bike towards Gate Town, disappearing into the early morning mist. She’d hoped that they would’ve made it to the Pokemon Centre just in time.

She shivered; all of a sudden, the temperature had seemed to drop, and she could feel it starting to rain lightly. She looked around, Ashleigh suddenly felt alone. It was only just minutes ago it had felt chaotic, now it was just silence. But something struck her: Where was Pachirisu?

“Pachirisu?” Ashleigh called quietly, waiting for Pachirisu to just pop out and come back to her. “Pachirisu?”

However, Pachirisu didn’t answer nor return. Ashleigh couldn’t see very well due to the mist, so she lowered to the ground to see if she could spot Pachirisu from there. Her eyes scanned intensely until she saw a dark lump of a something, it could have been a rock but Ashleigh went to have a look just in case. As she got nearer to that lump, the more it resembled an unconscious Pachirisu. Ashleigh stopped and prepared herself for the worst, then kept moving.

“Oh Pachirisu …”

Ashleigh lowered herself to the ground and scooped Pachirisu into her arms, holding her Pokemon tightly. Ashleigh looked down at Pachirisu; she looked so peaceful and hurt. Ashleigh felt so ashamed that she let her Pokemon get in this condition; tears began to form in her eyes; she had let her Pokemon down.

As it started to rain a little heavier, Ashleigh thought that she too better go to the Pokemon centre. She started to run. Ashleigh sprinted through the rain, holding Pachirisu closely to her and as the ground was wet with formed puddles, the water would splash up into her face when she stepped in one but she didn’t care, she just wanted to get Pachirisu to safety.

The Pokemon Centre doors opened. There stood Ashleigh heaving for breath; she was drenched, muddy and holding an injured Pachirisu.

“Oh my-” Nurse Joy gasped as she saw Ashleigh come in. Nurse Joy felt overcome with disgrace as she saw the Pokemon’s condition.

Ashleigh stepped in. She could see Nurse Joy coming over to her; the look on Nurse Joy’s face made Ashleigh feel very ashamed.

“Do you have any idea how to treat your Pokemon?” Nurse Joy began; she looked very angered and upset. “Pokemon should be kept in their Pokeballs! Your Pokemon is lucky to still be alive-“

And so Nurse Joy continued to lecture Ashleigh. Ashleigh could feel all eyes on her making her feel more uncomfortable; she felt as if she wanted to disappear or wake up from this horrible nightmare, all she could do was lower the front of her hat over her eyes to hide the shame.

“Give me your Pachirisu,” demanded Nurse Joy, Ashleigh gave the motionless Pokemon to her. Nurse Joy walked off but quickly stopped and looked back to Ashleigh, “I’d think about what you have done if I were you, let’s hope you’ll be lucky enough to even get your Pokemon back from what I’ve just seen today. And go wash up, you're a mess.”

Nurse Joy scurried off in a hurry with Pachirisu in her arms and chansey at her side.

Ashleigh was left looking at the ground with her hat over her eyes, her shoulders began to shake, tears started to form and roll down her cheeks; she didn’t care if anyone saw, she felt she deserved this humiliation.

I guess that I shouldn’t be a Pokemon trainer, Nurse Joy’s right, I don’t know how to treat Pokemon, she thought to herself, Nurse Joy won’t give me Pachirisu back after this, even I wouldn’t give Pachirisu back to myself …

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 1st, 2008, 5:40 PM
Saru was happy to see Ashleig make it to the Pokemon Center in the rain. He saw the whole thing that happened with Ashleigh and Pachirisu. Asleigh seemed to be upset and Saru thought he should cheer her up.

"It'll be alright Ashleigh." he said

"Something like this happened to me when I started my journey a few years ago. Poochyena defended me against a large group of Seviper. It got hurt and poisoned pretty badly."

"You only just started out, don't be too down on yourself, don't give uop on your dream or don't be discouraged, bad things will happen, but just because you make a mistake or something bad happens, that doesn't mean that you should give up, don't worry, Pachirisu will be fine." Saru said with a smile

Saru looked up and seen that the red light was still on, which meant that Pachirisu was still being treated. Chansey appeared and gave Saru back Poochyena and his other Pokeball. Saru picked up his Pokeball and said,

"Weedle,I choose you!"

Suddenly, the poisonous caterpillar appeared in front of Saru. Unlike earlier, Weedle looked calm and relaxed and crawled up Saru's arm. Saru laughed at the ticklish feel.

Saru then got out a bag of Pokemon food and poured it into two bowls. Weedle inched off of Saru's shoulder and ate up all of its food before Poochyena was even half-finished.

"Damn...you have a pretty big appitite." said Saru

"Weedle!!...Weedle!!" it said happily

Saru picked up Weedle and let it crawl around on him. Saru then picked Weedle off of his hand and turned to Ashleigh

"Do you want to hold Weedle?" Saru said as he looked at a rather disguted-looking Ashleigh

May 1st, 2008, 6:20 PM
When Alex finally arrived at Gate Town, he immediately ran to the poke'center to refreshin up his Charmander for the poke'mon contest.
"Hey your really great with your Charmander." said this young women that sat right next to Alex.
"Yeah I am." said Alex.
"What's your name?" said the young women.
"My name is Alex, what's yours?" asked Alex.
"My name is Brooke." said the young women.

When Alex and Brooke met each other, Alex decided for Brooke to join him on his poke'mon journey.
"Hey, I think your Charmander isn't the right match for poke'mon contests but my Chikorita is the great poke'mon for poke'mon contests." said Brooke.
"Yeah your right, I rather wait until a poke'mon gym shows up." said Alex.

When Alex and Brooke agreed on which poke'mon are great for each other, they went to the poke'mon contest arena to register. Brooke registered and when a lady came, she started saying bad news, "I'm sorry to tell you this but the current poke'mon contest already started but you can watch it."
"No that's okay, I'll just wait here until the next one starts." said Brooke. When Brooke walked away, Alex just stood there and he ran towards her to see if she had to be comforted. Brooke saw Alex's shoulder and then she suddenly cried because she wanted to be quick for she can just win the contest and go on but she couldn't, she had to wait, both of them had to wait until the next contest begins.

OOC: After someone posts, I'm going to write down Brookes information.

May 1st, 2008, 7:47 PM
ow that their tranign was finally complete Jack decided to take his team for a rest. They arrived at the Pokemon Center and saw a familiar fcae. It was Saru with a Weedle in his hand. Then he saw a girl that was right beside him. After seeing the girl Jack immediately rushed over and started to introduce himself. "Why hello beautiful, but are you a speeding ticket? Because you got fine written all over you." Knox and Noxa noticed how cheesy that line was so they got their trainer. Knox hit him with Pound and Noxa hit him with Spark. After the attacks the two Pokemon scolded their trainer on such rude behavior. The others in the Pokemon Center looked on in confusion. "His Pokeomon must really like having only his attention." said a trainer hiding in the shadows afraid of being attacked.

May 1st, 2008, 8:58 PM
"It'll be alright Ashleigh." said Saru who came up to her from behind; he had come to comfort Ashleigh.

"Something like this happened to me when I started my journey a few years ago,” Saru continued, “Poochyena defended me against a large group of Seviper. It got hurt and poisoned pretty badly."

Although he meant well trying to cheer her up, Ashleigh just didn’t feel like talking right now, she felt like she wanted to be alone. Ashleigh still continued to look downwards at her feet; her hat still hid her eyes.

"You only just started out, don't be too down on yourself,” he said, “don't give up on your dream or don't be discouraged, bad things will happen, but just because you make a mistake or something bad happens, that doesn't mean that you should give up, don't worry, Pachirisu will be fine."

Ashleigh had the feeling Saru could read her mind; he seemed to know just what to say to make her feel much better. Ashleigh wiped her teary face and lifted her hat up from her eyes. She looked at Saru and without words, but the look within her eyes, thanked him.

They were interrupted by Chansey who gave Saru back his Pokemon.

"Weedle, I choose you!"

Ashleigh couldn’t quite understand how Saru could enjoy a slimy Weedle crawling up his arm. She watched on as Saru got the Pokemon food from his bag and fed his Weedle and his Poochyena. Saru reminded Ashleigh of someone: her brother. Saru had that caring nature towards any Pokemon whether the Pokemon being disgusting or frightening to Ashleigh; this had put a smile back on Ashleigh’s face.

"Do you want to hold Weedle?" asked Saru. He held up the Weedle maybe a little too close for Ashleigh’s liking. Ashleigh looked at the Weedle disgusted.

“I think I’ll pass--!”

Ashleigh was cut off from her words as a boy had grabbed her hands and began to introduce himself.

"Why hello beautiful, but are you a speeding ticket?” he asked, “Because you got fine written all over you."

Ashleigh felt very awkward; she had no idea what to say. Then his two Pokemon who were next to him began to attack their trainer. Feeling a little shocked from the sudden situation, Ashleigh moved slowly away from the boy. She looked at Saru; the look stated very clearly that this boy was a little odd.

“Well …” said Ashleigh to Saru, thinking that this was the right time to move away from being the centre of attention, “I’m going to go wash up, I’ll meet you at the cafeteria; I’m starving.”

Ashleigh saw that Nurse Joy had come out of the emergency room looking very preoccupied. She went over to her and asked if she and Saru could stay the night.

“Chansey will show you to your room,” Nurse Joy said without looking at Ashleigh and instead at some of her files, and then went back into the emergency room. Chansey had came up to Ashleigh and grabbed her by the hand.

“Chansey!” said Chansey excitedly taking Ashleigh to her room, “Chansey!”

“Thanks Chansey,” said Ashleigh, and closed the door behind her. She put her bag on one of the lower bunk beds and unpacked some clean clothes.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 1st, 2008, 9:32 PM
Saru put Weedle down and soon, Weedle began to roll around. Weedle began to glow and evolved into a Kakuna. This brought Saru joy.

"Nice...my Weedle evolved, that must have been why it was so aggresive when we were in the forest. It must have been ready to evolve!"

Saru then turned to Poochyena as it looke dup at Saru. Poochyena seeemed to be tired and Saru decided to let him sleep. Saru opened his bag and poochyena jumped right in. Saru often wondered why Poochyena wouldn't go into a Pokeball. He wondered what it was like inside of one.

Saru then looked at Kakuna and said, "I'll show Ashleigh tommorrow morning." said Saru as he put Kakuna back into his Pokeball. Saru then looked at the guy who just tried to hit on Ashleigh.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" he said as he looked at the boy

May 2nd, 2008, 4:32 AM
Hey this is the other character what I added to my story.

Name: Brooke Kellogge
Age: 16
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: She has brown hair. She wears a light blue shirt. She wears blue pants with black heels. She also carries a purse to keep her belongings.
Personality: She is very sweet and kind. She can be mean sometimes when people talk about her behind her back but sometimes she doesn't care. She is very active around other people but when she's alone she is non active somewhat of the time.
History: When she was just a little girl she wanted to become a poke'mon coordinator like her mom so when she was 16, her dad gave her the very first poke'mon. She lived in Newshore but her family moved to Gate Town.

Pokemon: Chikorita
Gender: Female
Obtained: She obtained it from her dad to start of her journey.

May 2nd, 2008, 10:58 AM
Jack had finally regained composure and found that the girl had vanished. He alos noticed that everyone in the center was looking at him. "It's okay they only attack me out of jealousy." said Jack putting them back in their Pokeballs. That was when he noticed that he didn't have a Pokeball for Knox.

"That old man never gave me your Pokeball. I guess you can walk around with me then." Jack grabbed Treecko and took him and Noxa to Nurse Joy. "Will you take care of my Pokemon for me, please." Nurse Joy took the Pokemon to the back and started to get them rested.

Jack looked over to Saru and wondered something. "What happen to that hottie you were with earlier?" said Jack looking around the center. He noticed that Saru had captured a Weedle that had quickly evolved into Kakuna. "Your lucky to have your Pokemon evolve so quickly. Are you going to enter this contest tomorrow?" JUack asked still looking for that girl.

Nurse Joy called Jack over and returned his Pokemon. "Please take care of these tow, because they seemed fatigue." Jack took those words to heart. He grabbed his Pokeball and Treecko and returned to Saru.

May 2nd, 2008, 12:30 PM
OOC: Ok...Bigfoot the Unbeatble your history, personality and appearence are all to short. The same goes for you DragonairKing.... So they're both not aceppted.

Reaven had seen Jack get hit by his Treeko and Shinx. Reaven thought it was pretty funny. It reminded him of something before, but he couldn't remember. Pikachu simply cocked his head when he had seen it. The two weren't very afraid by that, like the other trainers were.

May 2nd, 2008, 3:32 PM
Mickey jumped up. He looked around at his surroundings. He saw a sign saying Gate Town Pokemon Center. How the heck did I get here he thought. He saw his jacket, pokeballs, and pokedex on a table across from him.

"Oh yuor up, you've must have taken a big fall." Nurse Joy said giving him his things.

"How did I get here?" Mickey asked while putting his jacket on.

"A sweet boy brought you in. I'm just glad you're okay." Nurse Joy responded.

"Oh." Mickey put each of his pokeballs on his belt. He noticed that there was a Pachirisu sitting acroos from him. It was like he had seen it before somewhere.

"I took liberty in regestering your pokedex and healing your pokemon." Nurse Joy politely told me helping me up from the bed.

"Thanks, but how did you know..." Mickey started to ask before Nurse Joy interupped.

"Prof. maple told me a trainer with a pokedex named Mickey would show up to regester,"
she answered. "Here's a key to a room. You'll need to stay here tonight." She handed me a Key. I nodded her a thanks and walked upstairs to my room. I unlocked a door with my key and turned the knob. He dropped his bag and went outside to get him a cup of Coffee'

As he made his way downstairs he noticed a boy with a Treeko and Shinx and another boy talking. He decided to make some friend to battle with in this town.


May 2nd, 2008, 4:27 PM
After washing up and now dressed in a fresh change of clothes, Ashleigh left her room and went back to the entrance of the Pokemon Centre to meet up with Saru.

Ashleigh continued to walk down the hallway; she could see Saru up ahead. But as Ashleigh got closer, Saru appeared to be talking to that strange boy who she had met earlier.
Oh just great, its Him, she thought to herself, Does he always do that? I feel a little sorry for him. I think I'll just wait here.
Ashleigh stopped and waited; maybe he’d soon go away. Someone else had joined them now; it was that other boy, the boy who they almost ran over with their bike.

Ashleigh forgot that she hadn't yet visited Pachirisu, and check if Pachirisu was feeling better. Ashleigh went into the emergency room; she could see Chansey coming out of another room carrying some trays.

“Chansey?” Ashleigh asked, “Can you take me to my Pachirisu? I’d like to see her now.”

Chansey turned her head to see who was speaking to her.

“Chansey!” said Chansey, signalling to follow. Chansey walked ahead leading Ashleigh to Pachirisu’s room. Ashleigh put her hand on the door handle to open it-

“Ouch!” cried Ashleigh; Chansey had slapped her hand. Ashleigh was not allowed to go in the room for now as Nurse Joy was to be seen through the window attending to Pachirisu, and then Chansey walked off to continue her duties.

Ashleigh placed her hands and her forehead on the window; looking at Pachirisu who was still unconscious. Nurse Joy was monitoring a machine close by, watching the steady heartbeat of Pachirisu. Ashleigh turned and sank to the ground, her knees tucked up to her chin; she couldn’t watch any longer, but she was going to wait until Pachirisu was better even if it took the rest of the night.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:27 PM
Mickey had saw a girl come and go. She looked kind of sad. It was in Mickey's best intrest to see what was up and try to help out anyway he could. He walked over to her and saw her pressed against a glass looking at what appeared to be her Pachirisu. It was in terrible condition. Mickey thought about the incident on top if the hill. I did see a Pachirisu before I fainted He thought to himself. He knew that it was his falt for injuring Pachirisu. If he had kept running he probably wouldn't have been attacked and fell down the hill causing the accident.

"I'm sorry about Pachirisu." Mickey apologized. "Its my fault, ended up falling down the hill forcing you to stop. Man I am so sorry."

May 2nd, 2008, 7:43 PM
Jack looked over to see that the girl he was chasing earlier had her face against a window. "I wonder if I should flirt with her some more." as he thought this Treecko gave him a glare. The idea of flirting quickly disappeared and he focused on the window. Thats when he saw that there was a Pachirisu on a bed. Jack looked at the girl's face and realized that was her Pokemon. Treecko got on to Jack's shoulder and also saw the Pokemon. He was afraid that may happen to him. Jack patted him on the head and reassurred him. "Lets rest here and get ready for the contest."

May 2nd, 2008, 8:08 PM
"I'm sorry about Pachirisu."

Ashleigh turned her head to find that the boy from the bike incident was speaking to her. She looked back at Pachirisu and listened to what the boy had to say.

"Its my fault, ended up falling down the hill forcing you to stop," he said, "Man, I am so sorry."

Ashleigh looked back at him; she could see bruises and a few cut scratches. She didn't want him to feel guilty, it hadn't been his fault; you can't predict when these things might happen.

"I'm just glad you're safe," Ashleigh said, her eyes started to water, she held back the tears, "It's not your fault Pachirisu got injured, it was all just a terrible accident."

Nurse Joy had come out of Pachirisu's room.
"You may go in now," she said, holding the door open as Ashleigh entered, "Pachirisu will be making a full recovery, but right now, Pachirisu needs some rest."

Nurse Joy left the room to Ashleigh. Ashleigh pulled up a chair next to Pachirisu, she was going to stay here until she woke up. Even though Ashleigh came all this way to compete in the Pokemon Contest, if she had to miss it, she didn't care she only cared at this point for Pachirisu's wellbeing. She lifted her hand and began to pat Pachirisu.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 3rd, 2008, 5:00 AM
As Saru went into his room, put his Poochyena in his bed as it slept, returned downstairs and sees Ashleigh in the Room with her Pachirisu. He also sees two guys, one being the kid that was ran over in the forest.

"Hey." Saru said as he came in

Saru then leaned on the doorway and looked at the unconscious Pachirisu. Just it siiting there motionless gave Saru some unpleasant memories...

3 years ago...

"Poochyena...Shadow Ball!!!"

Poochyena fired the black blob and blasted the target. Poochyena mastered Shadow Ball.

"Good job, that's enough trainign for today, lets's go--"

Saru was cut off. Just then, he was hit by a Poison Tail attack. Saru sudenly lost his voice due to the Poison tail hitting him in the stomach and chest. Poochyena jumped in front of Saru, fangs beared. Poochyena was growling at Seviper in order to intimidte it. Seviper then fired Poison Stings at it. Poochyena dodged and used Shadow Ball. Seviper then flew back into a bush. Poochyena thought the battle was over and went to Saru's side. Saru who watched the whole battle, looked up and stroked Poochyena, Poochyena licked him in return, when suddenly, at nine Sevipers surrounded then.

Poochyena then used Take Down on the Serviper he was previously fighting. He suddenly got behind Seviper and grabbed it by the tail. Poochyena then swung it by its tail and threw it into another Seviper. Poochyena then took down the other Seviper until there was only one left. Poochyena and The Leading Seviper facedoff. This Seviper was bigger than all of the other one. He also had the biggest fangs and was the most poisonous. Poochyena and The leader were evenly matched. Poochyena used Iron Tail, while Seviper used Poison Tail. The tils were deadlocked in battle, until Poochyena's fatigue got the best of him and fainted. Seviper was about to lunge and make the final mve, until Saru \, as a last resort, had to catch the Seviper.

Saru reached inside of his bag and pulled out a Pokeball and threw it at The snake.

The Seviper was caught. Saru looked at Poochyena. It was unconciou and in horrible shape. Saru had to get up and get it to a Pokemon Center. Saru got up limping and hurt. However, that wouldn't stop him from saving his Pokemon's lfe. Saru, who could barely speak said "n..n...Never...Again."

"So...is Pachirisu going to be okay?" he asked

May 4th, 2008, 12:17 AM
Name: Dante Reddon
Age: 16
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: He has shoulder length black hair and dresses in dark clothes and a trench coat. He also hides his face with a black cloth. His eyes are deep blue and seem to be filled with a caring light that undercuts his general standoffish and cold exterior.

Personality: He comes off cold and unfeeling towards anyone who meets him, but will never turn his back on someone in need. He never spares people's feelings on serious matters and for this reason his only friend is the Umbreon he's had since he was a kid. He prefers using his wit over his muscle when it comes to battles. His only goal is to be the best Dark Trainer he can be.

History: Dante had always wanted to be the Greatest Dark trainer when he was younger. His father had made a fortune as an exhibitionist Fighting type trainer who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Dante not liking the all brawn no brain method of the fight types rejected his father After his uncle passed away when he was 14 Dante was left His Uncle's Favorite pokemon. An Umbreon named Shadow. Dante's Father was furious and tried to force Dante into abandoning the pokemon his own brother cherished. Dante having made up his mind basically told his dad to shove it and walked off with Umbreon in Tow and never looked back on His hometown. He refuses to talk about where he is from and will never return.
Gender: Female
Obtained: His Uncle had left it with him as a last will.
Appearance: A Typical umbreon
Personality: Her personality matches her trainer. But she doesn't give people the cold shoulder until after getting to know them and deciding to or not.

(not going any lower on the age)

May 8th, 2008, 2:36 AM
(OOC: Sorry I haven't posted, I've been busy, but here it is!)

"Hey," someone spoke.

Ashleigh turned around in her chair; Saru was standing in the doorway. Her lips curled into a small, but sad smile.

"Hey ..." said Ashleigh, then turned back around and continue stroking the peaceful Pachirisu's head.

"So ... Is Pachirisu going to be okay?" he asked.

"Nurse Joy said Pachirisu was going to make a full recovery," Ashleigh said, she stopped stroking Pachirisu and leaned back into her chair. "But I'm not sure how long that will be ... All I can do is wait."

Ashleigh looked at the clock in the room; it read 3:15am. She hoped that it would be soon for Pachirisu to wake, she had been so excited to participate in the Pokemon Contest. Ashleigh gave a yawn and stretch; it had been such a long night, she only just realised how tired she felt. She turned back around in her chair to Saru.

"Aren't you tired?" asked Ashleigh, she didn't want him to think that he had to stay up the rest of the night because of Pachirisu, "You should get some rest- Me and Pachirisu will be fine."

May 8th, 2008, 10:52 AM
Jack and his Pokemon found it hard to sleep when they thought of their contest tomorrow. Jack had to shake it off and sleep or his team wouldn't get past the appeal stage. He took them to the bed and started to sleep. As he slept he had dreams about his father battling his Pokemon. Jack's Pokemon were being destroyed and he couldn't muster up the courage to order an attack.

Noxa was destroyed with a Hyper Beam from Onix and Knox had been finished off with a Blast Burn from Charizard. Jack screamed in horror as he saw his Pokemon lay motionless on the battlefield. "You aren't ready to become stronger and so I will take the life I gave you for your weakness." Jack's father ordered his Pokemon to destroy Jack. As Hyper Beam and Blast Burn came at him Jack heard a loud noise. When he awoke he found that the loud noise was his alarm clock that had been set for 6:50 a.m., which meant is was time for training.

Jack's hand started to shake as he layed in the bed a little longer before Knox woke him up with Pound. The two grabbed their stuff and prepared to compete in the contest. While he walked out the center Jack continued to feel that dream playing over and over again. "Can I really win this contest or am I too weak?" he walked out with those thoughts clouding his mind.

May 11th, 2008, 1:47 PM
Name: Lost
Age: 18
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appereance: A trainer that wear all black
Personality: Dark and something Clumsy but hyper most of the time
History: unknown
Pokemon: Ditto
Gender: Male
Obtained: Found under his house floors