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April 15th, 2008, 6:38 PM
The Shinou Trio


"The Cliffhanger"

Episode 1: Baby's First Matinee

The morning sun streamed inside a bedroom, illuminating a bookshelf crammed with fairy tales and a small white crib. A small pink humanoid Pokemon lay inside, snoozing under the sheets. Every so often, the creature would open an eye, seemingly checking to see if all its toys were in their proper places. Once sure that all its dolls were in the dollhouse and all the rainbow colored Ponyta dolls were in the toybox, it would fall asleep again, content.

Suddenly it perked up, piqued by some soft, low footsteps coming down the hallway. The door opened, framing the creature's master, an older boy with tan skin and brown hair, in the doorway. "Good morning!" he smiled as he reached inside the crib and cradled the tiny Pokemon in his arms. "How's my favorite Happini doing today?" The tiny Pokemon just laughed as the boy carried it downstairs into the kitchen. The two other occupants of the house, a younger boy combing out his spikey black hair and a girl slipping a white floppy hat over her own black hair, were at the table poring over the newspaper.

The Happini was interested in what her housemates were doing. <Daddy, why are Ash and Dawn so interested in that page?>. she asked as her master set her on the table.

"That's because Brock wants to take you someplace special today, Emi." Dawn replied as she studied the newspaper. She paused to invite a Piplup on the table before turning her attention back to the orderly columns of movie titles and showtimes.

<Really? Where?> Emi asked as she watched Brock tend to the simmering eggs on the stove.

"Well..." Brock paused for a moment to turn down the heat, then continued. "I want to take you to a theater that has giant TVs inside..."

<Giant TVs?> Emi was interested. <Like this?> She made the biggest form she could in the air.

"Not even close." Ash smiled. "These TVs are so big, they need an entire wall to fit." Emi's eyes widened, impressed.

<They show the newest movies before they come out in stores to buy.> Pikachu explained. <And we get to eat all the popcorn and candy we want while we see the movie...>

"But before that, there's cartoons..." Brock added as he set the eggs aside and started cooking some bacon.

"Previews of movies that will soon come to the theater..." Dawn continued.

"And Pikachu's favorite part--the next episode of a serial." Ash concluded as he highlighted another choice of a movie.

Emi was confused. <What's a serial?>

"A serial is a long story that's usually broken up into a number of episodes." Brock explained as he arranged the now cooked bacon on a towel and shut the stove off. "These episodes are set up in such a way that one ends at a point where you don't know what will happen next untill the next week."

<Like the girl is on a railroad track and the movie stops right before the train hits her?> Emi asked.

"At that point, the announcer comes on and says--" and Brock started talking like a serial announcer. "Will Mary Jane be saved? Can our hero make it in time? Don't miss Part Seven in this theater next week!" Everyone applauded.

<That was pretty good, Brock!> Piplup replied.

"Thank you!" Brock replied in his "serial announcer" voice.

"But before we go, we have to pick a movie to go see." Dawn explained as she highlighted another movie in the listings. "With over forty screens to pick from, finding one that's safe for you isn't easy."

<Safe?> Emi asked as she watched her master set plates of bacon and eggs before everyone, as well as Pokechow for her, Piplup, and Pikachu.

"Some movies are not safe for you to see because they're too scary." Brock started. "Others might contain some bad words or involve events you don't need to see just yet. But anything marked with the letter G is safe for you to watch."

<I see...it's just like the TV rules here!> Emi smiled.

"Only the paper uses letters and numbers instead of colors." Dawn smiled as she finished marking her side of the movie column.

<So G stuff means it's like a green show on TV?> Emi asked. Pikachu and Piplup nodded. They watched as the three humans conferred on which of the movies listed was the best choice.

After a while, Pikachu noticed that the humans of the house had appeared to reach an agreement. "What about this one?" he heard Ash say.

"'Pokemon League Road Trip'?" Dawn was interested. She pictured a movie about what many trainers did: travel around the world and win badges.

"I don't know..." Brock was unsure. He imagined the same journey, only peppered with expletives and inappropriate material he felt Emi was not old enough to see.

"It's rated G!" Ash protested, showing Brock the newspaper listing for the movie.

"It's about this boy and how his mom is reluctant to let him go on a journey...so she comes along with him and his friends, and the mayhem that ensues from there." Dawn added, referring to the movie summary. Emi giggled at this--if this mother was anything like Brock in a crazy mood, she wanted to see!

"Oh, all right...we'll go see that movie then." Brock reluctantly agreed, piqued by Emi's giggling as he set his plate in the dishwasher and cleared the table. "What's so funny?" he cooed to Emi as his housemates ran to their rooms to get ready to go.

<Will the mom in the movie dress up in a mariachi suit and a sombrero?> Emi asked. Brock just sweatdropped at the question as the other Pokemon laughed.

Several hours later...

"Here we are, little girl...the movie theater." Brock smiled as he set Emi on his shoulder. Emi just decided to gawk at the number of people and Pokemon in line, which ranged from tiny Pichus and Happinis like her to Blazikens and Machokes. She waved at a Pichu, but she didn't see if it had waved back before it came to be her master's turn in line.

"Three, please." Ash told the usher as he deposited his own payment at the counter. Once the group had their tickets, they walked inside the theater, where a line was quickly forming at the snack bar and the arcade.

<Wow...> Emi was impressed at the rainbow colors of the lights and the bleeps and bloops of the arcade. <It's beautiful!>

"I'm glad you think so..." Brock smiled as the group approached the snack bar counter. "Now, what kind of candy would you like to eat during the movie?"

"Remember, only one thing." Dawn cautioned as she accepted some popcorn for herself and Gummi Teddiursas for Piplup.

<Hm...> Emi glanced inside the case that housed the candy. Skitty Crunchies, Reese's cups, Minty Balls, Gummi Teddiursas and Gummi Wurmples--there were so many possibilities to choose from, and she could only choose one of the delicious treats.

<I'm getting a Crunch bar, if you need help deciding.> Pikachu suggested as he accepted his candy from Ash.

<Or get Gummis--that lasts longer than chocolate.> Piplup suggested as he bit into a red Gummi Teddiursa. Emi just nodded to tell her friends that she appriciated their help, but she was going to make the decision herself. Just then, she glanced again at the Minty Balls--the greenish white box depicting orbs of chocolate with green mint filling looked the most appealing for this outing.

"Well?" Brock asked before noticing Emi pointing at the Minty Balls. "Those? All right."

Piplup snickered. <I can't wait to see her reaction to the green mouth she's going to get when we get home.> Pikachu giggled as well as the group started down the hallway of theaters with their treats.

<What's so funny?> Emi was curious.

<Nothing.> Pikachu stammered before hurrying to catch up to Ash.

In the theater...

After leading his friends down the dimly lit aisle and into the middle of the theater, Brock settled in his seat with Emi in one arm. "Now..when it gets dark, that means we have to be quiet so everyone can pay attention to the movie." he explained. "So no commentary or shouting advice to the characters." he added, shooting a wary glance at Pikachu and Piplup, who were whispering their predictions over what the new serial that was due to start would be about.

<I'm just interested in what the cliffhanger story will be about...> Emi yawned as she curled up in her master's hands with her candy. She popped a Minty Ball in her mouth, every so often observing the people and Pokemon coming in the theater; or her two friends arguing a few seats over.

<I hope it's an adventurer questing for treasure story!> Piplup declared.

<I want it to be an explorer in space story!> Pikachu retorted. He was about to eleborate on his position when the room went dark and the projector began to whir. After counting down 3...2...1... a green screen that read "The following preview has been rated G" appeared.

Emi nudged Brock. <What does that mean?> she asked, gesturing to the screen.

"That means that this upcoming movie is safe for you to watch." Brock explained before he turned his attention to the scene of a familiar silver pendant rotating on the screen.

He was a boy who thought his passion for singing would amount to nothing.... an announcer began as the image of the spinning treble clef pendant faded into a brown haired boy trying to sing, but sounding horribly flat and off-key. This cut to a scene of a teacher saying "If he wants to be a rock singer, he'll have to start working on that voice."

But little did he know that when he met a very special Beautifly... the announcer continued before the scene faded to the boy staring at a Beautifly that was glowing a faint blue.The Beautifly said to the boy "Thank you for releasing me!", but the boy stammered "But how can you talk?"

He would gain the power... The scene showed the Beautifly pressing the pendant from earlier into the boy's hands. It then told him "Sing the first phrase that comes to mind...don't be afraid to unlock the power inside you."

To become an idol... The announcer let the phrase hang as a tense hit played.

Suddenly, the scene shifted to the boy holding his hand in the air as he sang in a noticably older voice Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly! Green, black, and blue; make the colors in the sky! The theater cheered as the boy began to transform into a man with long silver hair.

<Yay! A Kochou movie!!!!!!> Pikachu was excited.

<I'm more worried about what will be different from the show...> Piplup replied as the transformation continued onscreen.

Emi was confused. <Who's Kochou?>

"You know the cartoon 'The Adventures of Kochou and the Beautiflies'?" Brock asked.

<Oh, it's that rock star cartoon Pikachu's always talking about!> Emi smiled.

Brock continued "What you're seeing is a little taste of what the movie version of that show will be like when it comes out in a few months." He gestured to the screen, which now displayed the movie's opening date: "Rocking theaters everywhere this July."

<Interesting...> Emi mused as she consumed another Minty Ball. She was about to fall asleep as the previews continued, when suddenly, a blaring fanfare jarred her awake! <What's going on?> she asked.

"Time for the moment you've all been waiting for." Brock explained as the screen proclaimed the serial's title: "The Perils of Pit" Suddenly, a winged boy with brown hair breezed through the title, his majestic wings making a whoosh that could be heard all throughout the theater.

<How beautiful!> Emi cried, her eyes turning to hearts at she admired the Grecian decor on the boy's clothing; particularly the white tunic that fluttered in the wind. The golden laurels that crowned the boy's hair were just as beautiful in her mind.

"You like Pit already?" Brock smiled down at his pint sized charge. Emi nodded, her eyes still transfixed on the boy soaring through the clouds on the screen as the opening credits to the serial rolled.

<I didn't know angels could be boys!> Piplup agreed before refocusing his attention on the screen.

"The Land of Angels...a utopia the forces of goodness call home." the announcer explained as the image of a city made of rainbows appeared on the screen. "Ruled by the Great Angel Palutena, every angel stands ready to defend the world below from demons and monsters." Some dragons and bat creatures appeared on the screen to emphasize the announcer's point. Suddenly, an arrow impaled a snake monster as Pit soared into the city. "One of the rising stars in the Great Angel's Royal Guards is Pit, a young angel with a thirst for adventure. With his mistress' guidance, he travels across the land above and the human world below with his best friend Sylvia." At the mention of the name, a female angel with flowing black hair and dressed similarly to Pit appeared onscreen.

<There's a lady angel...happy?> Pikachu whispered as Pit and Sylvia soared skyward.

<Much.> Piplup replied as he watched the two angels fly by.

The scene shifted to the inside of a palace, where the two young angels knelt before an older female angel. <Who's that?> Emi asked, piqued by the older angel onscreen.

"I guess that's Palutena." Brock replied. He stretched for a moment, then refocused on the screen.

"...so I charge you two with winning back the three Treasures from Medusa's lair...will you do this?" Palutena explained to the two angels. Pit and Sylvia nodded affirmatively.

Emi perked up at the name Medusa. <"Isn't that the monster with Ekans for hair?"> she asked Brock.

Brock just chuckled and replied "I see you've found my mythology book."


"I appriciate your interest, but I can't pause the big TV." Brock explained, gesturing to the screen, which now depicted the two angels fighting winged snakes in the sky. "So hold your questions until we get home."

<"Okay..."> Emi sighed. She wanted to know so much about Pit's world, but this wasn't the TV at home--if she were watching it at home, he would easily pause the action of Pit and Sylvia battling to explain what had happened so far, or what story, myth or legend had inspired what they were watching. Not only that, but if Brock had to explain it to her now, he wouldn't be able to see the unfolding events on screen.

<"Oh no!"> Pikachu gasped as a snake grabbed Sylvia. Everyone watched as Pit started frantically flying after the snake, but seconds before he could get close to save her, another snake monster lashed at him, sending him falling down...down...down...

"Will Pit survive the harrowing plunge?" the announcer asked over the scene of Pit falling. "Will Sylvia be forever imprisoned in the fortress? Don't miss Part 2 in this theater next week!" With that, the scene faded to black.

Emi teared up. <Brock...I'm afraid Pit will land somewhere hard and hurt himself!> she started.

Brock froze--he wanted to assure the Happini before him that it was just a movie, but he could not bring himself to reply with that sort of answer when his pride and joy really clicked with the heroic characters he saw week in and week out. He swallowed hard and replied. "Don't worry, Pit will be okay, I promise."

<Really?> Emi asked, a weak smile forming through tears.

"Yeah..." Brock replied. "But we have to wait a week before we find out how Pit stops falling." he cautioned as the opening credits to the main feature rolled.

Emi couldn't concentrate on the boy, his overbearing mother, the Spoink that wired itself on coffee, the League battles, or even the karaoke sing along to "Gotta Catch'em All" the boy performed on a bus--she wanted to know how Pit escaped from falling, and soon.

The End (for now)

April 19th, 2008, 2:44 PM
Episode 2: Make a Prediction

"Okay..." Brock smiled as the gang returned to the house later that afternoon. "It's time for you to take a nap, Emi." he started as he carried Emi back to her room and set her in the crib.

<But I want to know how Pit stops falling!> Emi begged as she snuggled in the covers.

Brock sighed--he didn't count on Emi asking the question long after the serial had ended. "Pit can fly, so he probably remembers that he has wings and flies back towards the fortress." Emi seemed satisfied with that, so Brock gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered "Sweet dreams" before stepping outside the door.

Emi just laid awake for a while, the image of Pit falling replaying in her mind again and again. She didn't even pay attention to Brock singing to himself as he patroled the hallway: "One two, three four, nobody's coming through this door! Five six, seven, eight! Gonna ask Nurse Joy on a date." After giggling at the futility of her master on a date, she returned to thinking about the serial. <How could Pit possibly escape...maybe Daddy is right and he just rolls over and flies away...> She closed her eyes and imagined Pit rolling back over into the flying position, then bravely flying away towards the black fortress that loomed in the distance.

The creak of the door startled her from her thoughts. <Who's there?> she called.

<It's just me and Piplup...> the voice of Pikachu assured her from the floor.

<You're still thinking about the serial, aren't ya?"> Piplup asked as he climbed up into the crib.

<Yeah...what do you think happens to Pit?> Emi asked as she made room for her friends in the covers. <I know Daddy says it's just a movie, but I can't help worrying about him.>

<That's what Ash says is a good movie character--you know they're just drawings on film, but they're developed to the point where the audience cares about them.> Pikachu explained. <Besides, I can understand your love for Pit...>

<If I were the director and Pit had to land someplace...> Piplup started before reaching for some paper and crayons. <I'd make him land on someplace soft. He wouldn't be too badly hurt, but as is often the case when you fall from a tall height, you would get the wind knocked out of you.> He paused to show Emi his flipbook of Pit falling, landing on a cloud, easing himself up to his feet, then flying away.

Pikachu was about to challenge Piplup's prediction when the cacophony of a Pokeflute, a saxophone, and an acoustic guitar came drifting into the room. <Excuse me a minute...> After shutting the door to muffle the noise that vaguely sounded like music, he grabbed a sheet of paper and settled before the mound of crayons.

<You were saying, Pikachu?> Piplup began.

<I predict that an ally of the angels or Palutena catches Pit in the nick of time.> Pikachu replied, showing the others his drawing of Pit landing in Palutena's arms. Piplup nodded in approval.

<So how do YOU think Pit lands, since you're so worried about him?> Pikachu asked as he returned the crayons to their proper place.

<Well..> Emi thought for a moment. Brock's theory had sounded plausible, but she still had her doubts. <I think he lands in a cloudy oasis!> Pikachu and Piplup sweatdropped at this.

<Where would you find water in the clouds?> Pikachu was confused.

<Daddy says that rain comes from the clouds, so it makes sense that there are pools of them in the angel world.> Emi explained. Piplup gave a knowing nod.

<At least Brock doesn't tell wildly outlandish stories that Ash and Dawn have to unteach later.> Pikachu sighed.

<Really? Then how come he once told Emi there was a Buneary in the moon?> Piplup retorted. Emi just giggled as Piplup and Pikachu continued to argue...

The next Saturday...

"This is it, Emi..." Brock smiled as he led the way down the dimly lit theater aisle. "We finally find out how Pit lands...but keep in mind there's another cliffhanger to worry about at the end."

<Again?> Emi shuddered. She had been worried sick all that week, and now she was going to have to worry about Pit for another week.

<I bet you a dime that my prediction's right.> Pikachu whispered to Piplup as the lights dimmed and the previews rolled.

<And you have to pay me a dime if I'M right.> Piplup whispered back.

"But what if you're both wrong?" Ash asked as the familiar serial fanfare began to play, and Pit once again soared through the title with a whoosh that could be felt through the entire theater. Both Pokemon sweatdropped as the serial's credits rolled.

<May I have a dime if Pikachu and Piplup are both wrong?> Emi asked Brock. He sweatdropped as well--he hadn't counted on a betting war erupting over a movie.

"Okay...here comes the fill in." Dawn started, gesturing to the screen, which was replaying the last few scenes of the previous week's adventure.

"When we last left our heroes..." the announcer began over the black and white still scene. "Pit and Sylvia were on their way to Medusa's dark fortress in the sky. In the midst of a heated battle, Sylvia was captured by Medusa's forces, where she is still being held. In a desprate attempt to rescue Sylvia, Pit was injured and sent hurtling down to the world below..." At this, all six members held their breath as the scene colorized and began moving again. As a sharp spire of rock kept rising ever closer, Pit's wings started to weakly flutter, slowly at first, then faster, until Pit was safely hovering, albeit dangerously close to the rocky spire.

Emi smiled. <You were right, Daddy! I guess you get the dime for being right...> She offered Brock a dime that had been lying on the floor.

Brock just chuckled as he pocketed the dime. "I guess the humans are now involved in the betting game..." He turned his attention back to the screen, where Pit had found his way back to the dark fortress and entered through a window. After wandering down the various corridors calling for Sylvia, Pit rounded a corner to be ambushed by some devil-creatures! He fought off a few, but soon found himself cornered! He glanced up on a rafter, where a familiar female shadow loomed overhead.

As more devil creatures continued to surround Pit, the annoucer cut on: "Will Pit survive the ambush? Has Sylvia really escaped her prison? Don't miss Part 3 in this theater next week!"

"I say that is Sylvia!" Ash announced.

"It'd be kinda ironic if that were one of Medusa's minions in disguise as Sylvia..." Dawn interjected as the opening credits to the main feature rolled.

"That'd make a better cliffhanger, actually." Brock added.

Emi smiled as her human companions debated about the next week's outcome. Now that her daddy was in on the game, maybe she wouldn't worry about Pit so much and concentrate on predicting outcomes....

To Be Continued...

April 19th, 2008, 3:04 PM
It actually looks very well written Emerald Sky. I eagerly await the next chapter

April 19th, 2008, 6:03 PM
We'll be tracking the gang's reaction through the whole serial (which is a romanticized version of Kid Icarus...you'll notice that I described Pit as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.)

April 22nd, 2008, 8:08 AM
Episode 3: And Then There Were Six

The walk back from the theater soon developed into a full force debate as Ash, Dawn, and Brock debated their predictions for the next week. Despite the yelling, screaming, and threats to evolve into a full out physical fight; Emi savored each point, counterpoint, and rebuttal--it was wonderful that her friends were starting to click with Pit as she did.

"That girl Pit saw had to be Sylvia!" Ash confidently declared to begin the discussion. "I mean, the shadow on the rafter had hair just like hers!"

"If you remember episode 1, Sylvia was taken to the fortress and presumed to be locked away." Brock countered. "So unless she found a way to get out of her cell, that can't be her."

<Have we even seen Sylvia's cell at all?> Pikachu interrupted. <If we've seen the cell, we could try and prove Brock's point!> Piplup nodded in approval.

<There was that one scene of Sylvia in the cell right before we saw Pit get surrounded by monsters...> Emi interjected. <And I think I saw a few odds and ends that she could've used to get out...>

"Such as?" Dawn was interested. So far, the boys had made the best points, but Emi sounded like she had a great idea.

<She could've picked the lock on the door with one of the feathers from her wings...> Emi suggested. <And Pit managed to unlock a door with a feather from his own wings right after he flew in the window...>

Piplup was impressed. <I didn't know angel wings were so strong!>

"That's very possible, sweetie, but what else could she have used if that shadow is indeed her?> Brock asked. Emi froze--how could she answer her daddy's challenge?

"Wasn't there a few nails by the bed?" Dawn asked as the group approached the bus stop.

"Yeah! She could've forced her way out by poking the monsters guarding it, then picked the lock." Ash suggested. "And judging from how quickly those monsters fell to Pit's arrow, I'm sure a nail would be just as effective!"

"Ash...a nail and an arrow are two different things, and you would need something like a hammer for the nail to do any damage." Brock explained. Ash just sighed as the group got on board the bus and paid their fares.

<But what if that girl on the rafter ISN'T Sylvia?> Piplup interjected. <Suppose it's Medusa in disguise or something...>

<THEN what happens to Pit?> Emi shuddered. <We won't have a story left!>

"If Pit gets captured too, he could use his wits to get him and Sylvia both out, so there'd still be a story left." Brock assured Emi. Pleased by this, Emi tottled to the window and watched the various buildings go by. She still kept an open ear for a point to challenge or a possibility to discuss from the raging debate a few seats over. Talking about what will happen next sure is fun, except if you end up fighting over it... she thought.

"Here's an idea for you, suppose this girl is a third angel sent to help Pit and Sylvia..." Dawn suggested.

"Huh?" Brock was confused.

"How could that be a third angel when Palutena explicitly asked Pit and Sylvia to storm the fortress?" Ash was interested.

"Serials have a thing for introducing characters that come out of nowhere to help the hero." Dawn explained. "It's possible that this girl is one such character."

"Hm..." Ash thought about Dawn's point for a moment. "Come to think of it, didn't we see a girl angel in Palutena's throne room that matched the shadow back in episode 1?"

"But Sylvia matches that shadow too!" Brock countered. "So the question is: which of these two girl angels does it match better?"

<I still say that shadow is Sylvia.> Pikachu replied.

<It's that girl back in episode 1!> Piplup retorted as the bus came to a stop nearby a residential area. They continued to argue as they walked the two blocks to the house:


<Other girl!>


<Other girl!>



Pikachu and Piplup whirled around in the direction of the whistle and sweatdropped when they saw Brock glaring at them with his "I-don't-want-to-hear-any-more-about-it-or-there-will-be-no-TV-tonight" face. <Okay...we'll just wait and see what happens next week...> he sighed as he trudged in the house behind Piplup.

<I didn't know you could whistle like that, Daddy!> Emi was impressed.

"It works every time when those two argue." Brock smiled as he watched Pikachu and Piplup romp to the rec room to play.

The next Saturday....

<All right! Now to find out who's right on this debate!> Pikachu smiled as he flew into his seat with popcorn.

"Winner gets a dime." Dawn reminded everyone, pausing to show everyone a tiny coin.

"Let's review the predictions..." Brock whispered as the lights dimmed and the previews rolled. "Ash thinks that Sylvia somehow busted loose...Dawn says it could be that girl from back in episode 1...and I say it could be one of Medusa's minions in disguise."

"Shall we find out the winner of the debate?" Dawn started as the serial's theme began to play and Pit once again soared through the title with a whoosh. She paused to give Piplup some popcorn, then focused her attention on the screen as the credits rolled.

"When we last left our heroes..." the announcer began as a black and white still scene of Pit flying into the tower appeared onscreen. "Pit managed to recover from a harrowing plunge and landed inside the dark fortress, where Sylvia is presumed captured. After braving some of the many monsters inside, he now finds himself surrounded by monsters that multiply faster than he can defeat them. Just when it seemed like the end for our hero, he saw a familiar shadow in the rafters...." With that, the last black and white still of Pit looking towards the shadow began to slowly colorize. Once the scene was colored, everyone watched as the scene began moving again. Pit's worried look on his face turned to joy as Sylvia leapt from the rafters to aid him in the battle.

"Yeah!" Ash smiled as Dawn handed him the dime. "It WAS Sylvia!"

<I'm wondering how she got out of the cell.> Emi replied as she watched the two angels drive away the devil monsters.

"Watch and see..." Brock assured her as Pit looked Sylvia over to see if she was hurt.

"After those two snakes threw me in there, one of them left a hammer behind. I used that and a nail by the bed to knock them both unconscious." Sylvia explained as the two angels flitted down a corridor. "Once sure the guards would not be getting up, I used another nail to pick the lock..."

<Wait, I don't remember seeing a hammer in the cell.> Pikachu interjected.

<Ooh, plot hole!> Piplup agreed.

"It's not a plot hole, it was probably there, except off camera." Brock explained as he resumed watching the screen, which depicted the two angels entering a room filled with treasure.

<Knowing treasure rooms, there has to be a trap.> Pikachu noted. as Pit dug through the various gold coins and gems in search of an item. Sylvia hovered nearby clutching some glowing feathers and a goblet contining a red liquid. <Right about...> he mused as Pit finally scooped hop an armful of heart-shaped gems. <...now.> At that second, Sylvia gasped as the walls began to close in on the treasure room! Pit noticed that the only exit was a door to the right, but they had to get there quickly before the walls closed it off and crushed them!

<Come on!> Emi cried as Pit carefully but quickly led Sylvia towards the exit.

"Will our heroes meet their demise in the wall? Can they get to the exit in time? Don't miss Part 4 in this theater next week!" the announcer proclaimed as the scene faded out.

<Now I have worry if Pit will get squished!> Emi whispered. The story was just now getting interesting, and it was threatening to yet again end prematurely...was she going to able to stand the weeklong wait?

To Be Continued....

April 29th, 2008, 3:56 PM
Episode 4: Cheap Shot

The ride back home from the theater was quiet. To Ash, there was nothing to debate this week: Pit and Sylvia would most likely escape the rapidly closing treasure room. Emi, meanwhile, was unnerved by the silence. Surely there has to be something concerning next week we can talk about... she thought.

She decided to try out her proposal on her sleeping master. <Daddy...>

"Hm?" Brock sleepily replied as he eased himself to a seated position in the bus seat again.

<Do you think what they did this week for the stopping point was a bit cheap?>

<Cheap? Of COURSE it was cheap!> Pikachu complained. <You see it all the time, even in normal movies! But with normal movies, you can tell a mile away that the heroes will escape.>

"Pikachu, Emi asked Brock the question, so let Brock answer." Ash began. Pikachu just stared out the bus window and sulked, angered about what he saw as a cheap ending.

"I'll agree with Pikachu that yes, this week was a cheep ending." Brock explained, all the while patting Emi's head. "But if you do it right, it can be an effective cliffhanger."

<Really?> Pikachu was interested.

"The reason the closing room works so well is because of the risk it presents--the very real risk that the heroes could die." Brock explained. "But in order to have it work and be effective, the audience doesn't need to be shown any openings. If you see an opening, then you've essentially spoiled the cliffhanger."

<So we've been spoiled?> Piplup asked.

"Brock has a point, but sometimes, you'll be shown an entrance, but then the heroes will escape through a previously hidden entrance." Dawn added.

<Hmm...> Pikachu thought about Dawn's point for a moment. <You may be right...we may see Pit and Sylvia escape out another way.>

<That's my prediction for the week!> Piplup announced.

<I wonder when we're going to see the three treasures at all...> Emi interrupted.

"Well, assuming that this serial has thirteen episodes, we'll most likely see Treasure #1 next week." Brock replied."

"And why do you say this?" Ash had his doubts on Brock's prediction. For all he knew, this serial could have twelve episodes, or even fifteen. With three of them now gone, Pit and Sylvia seemed nowhere close to a treasure.

"The next episode will have the battle with the monster holding the first treasure, Episode 8 they get the second, and Episode 12 they get the third, with Episode 13 being the final showdown with Medusa and the ending. This is, yes, assuming that we're dealing with 13 episodes." Brock answered. Ash just nodded to show he understood.

<If we have 12, then they could move the third treasure to episode 11, and the final battle be the last one...> Pikachu added.

"But if it's 15, then we have to wait for the week AFTER next to see a treasure." Ash cautioned. He let that hang as the bus arrived at the stop.

The next Saturday...

"Since there's nothing to be predicted, I guess we all get dimes..." Ash started as he settled in his seat and began rustling through his pockets for dimes.

"Actually, we do have a prediction here..." Brock cautioned as the lighyts dimmed and the previews rolled. "The human prediction is there's another entrance besides what we saw before; and the Pokemon predict that they'll use the entrance we saw."

"And here comes the moment of truth." Dawn smiled, the whoosh of Pit's wings proving her point.

"When we last left our heroes..." the announcer began. "Sylvia managed to find her way out of her prison and rescued Pit from an ambush. After braving many monsters and traps, they found a treasure room, which was itself a trap! As the two angels hurried towards the exit..." With that, the last still of Pit and Sylvia running colorized and began moving again. Sylvia stumbled on a pile of coins, but Pit took her hand and flew up to an open panel in the ceiling, allowing the angels access to another floor of the fortress.

<I guess you guys win...> Pikachu sighed as he gave Ash his dime.

"The only question now is, are we going to see a treasure or not?" Dawn asked.

<YIPE!!!> Emi screeched as an apparition of Medusa appeared from a pot to taunt the two angels. She buried her face in Brock's arms, shuddering from Medusa's warning that the angels would not take another step.

After a few tense minutes, the ghostly image disappeared with another loud POOF! "It's okay, you can look now." Brock assured the shaking Happini in his hands.

<It wasn't so much Medusa as it was how she appeared!> Emi explained. <The smoke scared me!>

"We'll warn you if we see another pot like that." Dawn replied before turning her attention back to the screen, which showed the two angels gawking at a glowing shield on a pedestal.

"This is it...the Mirror Shield!" Sylvia cried as she flitted to the pedestal.

"Sylvia, wait!" Pit called after his friend, but stopped when he noticed a hulking monster staring Sylvia down. It proceeded to roar, sending the Pokemon scrambling to find a place to hide in the theater.

"Hey, that moster's not gonna eat you, okay?" Brock assured Emi as he fished her out from his popcorn. Ash retrived Pikachu from under his cap, and Dawn dragged Piplup out from under her seat.

Emi just whimpered in Brock's arms as the announcer cut on over the angels preparing to fight the monster: "Can Pit and Sylvia defeat the evil Twinbellows? Will they claim the first Treasure? Don't miss Part 5 in this theater next week!"

"There...it's over..." Brock cooed to Emi as the opening credits to the main feature rolled.

<May I sleep with the nightlight on tonight?> Emi asked. Pikachu and Piplup nodded in agreement.

To Be Continued....

May 8th, 2008, 7:06 AM
Episode 5: The Nightmare

Emi shuddered in her master's arms as the main feature rolled onscreen. She hadn't counted on Pit and Sylvia having to face a monster that large--or that scary--for one of the Treasures. Just its roar had been enough to send her diving into the closest popcorn bag in fear it would escape the screen and try to have her as its next meal.

She glanced over at Pikachu and Piplup a few seats over, laughing and cheering over the baseball games onscreen. Yet how could she root for the "hero" team when her two new favorite characters were off fighting a monster? Maybe I should just hold my thoughts about Pit and Sylvia until the ride home. she thought as she tried to pay attention to the movie onscreen.


"Emi's still afraid over Twinbellows' appearance?" Ash asked as the group got on board the bus for the ride home. He had noticed Emi had not left her master's arms since the serial had ended, so he was a little concerned.

"Must be." Brock replied, every so often eyeing the shaking Happini in his arms. He tried to stroke her as he settled in his seat by the window, but Emi would notice and start to fuss; causing Brock to withdraw his hand. If Emi started to cry on the bus, it would attract a lot of attention he didn't want. But he had to find a way to tell Emi that monsters like Twinbellows were not real, and she had nothing to worry about.

Pikachu bounded over a seat to sit down next to Brock, where he could see Emi. <Twinbellows scare you?> he asked.

<Yeah...> Emi replied. <Daddy knows that big and loud things scare me...but at the same time, I also want to see Pit and Sylvia fight that monster.>

<Sitting in your master's hand shaking in fear won't make the monster go away.> Piplup agreed as he joined Pikachu on Brock's seat. <If he shows up in a nighmare tonight, dream that Pit and Sylvia save you from him!>

Emi giggled. <Or maybe Daddy beats him!> Brock just smiled at the remark, all the while chuckling at the mental image of himself as a hero not unlike the many different serial heroes he saw week in and week out.

"Brock, a serial hero? I can see the serial now--'Brock Harrison, Private Eye.'" Dawn joked. Everyone laughed as Brock sweatdropped at Dawn's jab.

<What's a private eye, Daddy?> Emi asked, now interested in the conversation.

"That's another name for a detective." Brock explained. "When something bad happens, and Officer Jenny and her crew don't know who committed the crime, they call in a detective to find out who did it." Emi nodded to show she understood.

<I want the serial after this to be a detective story!> Piplup declared. <Just to see if Brock is anything like the hero!> Everyone laughed again as the bus rounded a corner and slowed before the stop.

At the house...

"Thanks, Dawn." Brock smiled as the group arrived in the kitchen. "You perked Emi right up." With that, he walked into the living room and set Emi down in a playpen that overlooked the backyard. Once sure Emi was occupied by some dolls and some blocks, he returned to the kitchen. "The main problem is, what are we going to do if she has a nightmare tonight?"

Ash and Dawn both froze--they knew that once Emi woke up from a nightmare, it took at least an hour to calm her back down. If she had seen a scary movie, it would take even longer--and judging from how she reacted to Twinbellows' appearance, it was shaping up to be a long night.

"Read her a story until she falls asleep again?" Dawn suggested. That usually helped when she was in charge of Emi for a night, but some stories, like "The Three Little Spoinks" would put her to sleep before she had even said "Once upon a time".

"Every time I read her a story, she doesn't go to sleep, I do!" Ash sighed. He shuddered over the memories of nights where he could barely get past page 2 of a book without using the pages as a pillow. Emi would ask what happen next, jolting him awake enough to read a few more sentences before dozing off again. At least reading to Pikachu is easier. he thought.

"I don't know if I'd be willing to do voices and sound effects at three in the morning." Brock sighed. Pikachu and Piplup just giggled over this--both of them knew that Brock's style of reading a story involved costumes, voices for each character, sound effects, and music; as well as audience participation. But if Emi were to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, his character voices wouldn't sound as alive as they would be at other times of day.

"She'd know if your prince voice had a note of 'Why am I doing this at 3 AM?' Dawn interjected. Heroic characters were Brock's best kind of character voice, as he gave them enough power and charisma to make his audiences of children--be they his own siblings or Emi's friends--cheer with delight.

"And she'd really know you were tired if your evil overlord voice didn't sound very spooky." Ash agreed. Pikachu nodded as well--he felt Brock had the evil laugh down to an art form.

"Okay, so if I'm too tired to give a performance, does anyone else have any ideas to calm Emi down if she wakes up?" Brock asked.

"Oh, I forgot about the one thing that never fails to put Emi to sleep..." Dawn smiled. She eyed Ash sneakily.

"You want me to serenade her with my flute at 3 AM?" Ash stammered. He was very aware of Emi's love for his Pokeflute, but playing lullabies at 3 AM didn't sound very fun.

"Why not? It works every time!" Dawn smiled. Ash sighed and trudged upstairs to his room, knowing he'd been beat. If he was going to be giving a potential concert at 3 AM, he had to get some sleep beforehand, or the notes on his sheet music would become blurry as he struggled to not fall asleep to his own song...

That night...

"All set?" Brock asked as he tucked Emi in. Ash just nodded as he finished screwing on the mouthpiece to a long and slender recorder-like instrument. Once his flute was assembled, he began organizing his program of lullabies in order of likelihood Emi would fall asleep.

<What if there's a monster under the bed?> Emi worried, clutching a Teddiursa plushie in one hand.

"Ash will play his Pokeflute to scare it away." Brock replied. "Monsters don't like Pokeflutes, so they run when they hear one." Emi seemed to buy that answer, so she snuggled under the covers as Brock turned off the main light. Ash just screwed on a wire light on the music stand so he could see the sheet music in case of a midnight performance. Once satisfied with his setup, he dozed off in his chair; his instrument in his lap.

For a while, all was quiet. Every so often, Ash would open an eye to check on Emi, or blow a few quiet notes to see if his instrument was in tune before going back to sleep again. He secretly wished Dawn hadn't volunteered him to do this, but if it meant Brock would get a chance to sleep through the night; he'd humor her.

He finally decided to try picking out the tune to the main theme of "The Perils of Pit" to pass the time. While the song didn't sound quite as majestic on a solo Pokeflute, it was a decent rendition; wrong notes and all.

Some odd tapping greeted him when he finished stumbling through the tune. After glancing around in an attempt to find the sound, he realized it was Emi applauding his performance in her sleep. "You like that, huh?" he sleepily asked. Emi just gave an affirmative nod and went back to sleep. Inspired, Ash decided to try the song again. The second time around wasn't riddled with quite so many botched notes, but it was enough to keep Emi from waking up. The mental image of Pit soaring through the clouds on the theater screen spurred him to keep playing the song late into the night, each passing rendition better than the last.

To Be Continued....

The Beast
May 8th, 2008, 11:49 AM
I like the story, I'm really hoping for the next episode.

May 8th, 2008, 2:05 PM

The episodes I try to release weekly. The serial is a romanticized (and animated) version of Kid Icarus (since I described Pit as he appears in Brawl)

May 9th, 2008, 6:00 PM
i like the story it has a good middle and ending part^-^ cant wait to hear the next part

May 9th, 2008, 6:20 PM
We'll be following the gang through a typical 13 episode serial (and their reactions)

May 12th, 2008, 2:32 PM
Episode 6: Midnight Madness (part 1)

The next Saturday...

Emi sighed as she watched the rain fall on the windowsill. Brock had explained that there was a special midnight matinee this week; with the main feature being "Nick Dragonswift and the Temple of the Crystal Eye". She was also aware that her master loved the Nick Dragonswift movies, and would usually drop what he was doing if one of them was on TV. The burning question in her mind was why a movie had to be shown at such a late hour. She had napped most of the day in preparation for the big event, but even then, she still wasn't sure if she'd be awake enough to enjoy the show.

A loud THWACK! jolted her from her glum daydreams. <Who's there?> she called into the hallway.

<Oh, Ash just "had" to make a full Nick Dragonswift costume, complete with a whip.> Pikachu sighed as he trudged into her room, only to be briefly startled by another THWACK! before closing the door. <On top of that, May's in town, and she offered to go with him, also in costume.>

<Who's May?> Emi asked.

Pikachu exited the room for a moment, then returned lugging a large black book with the word "PHOTOS" on the cover. After thumbing through the pages of pictures, he stopped on one particular picture of Ash and a brown haired girl wearing a red Poke Ball print bandanna. <This is May.> he explained, pointing out the girl. <Only, when you see her, she'll be dressed up as Runim.>

<Runim?> Emi was confused.

<You know, the Arabian girl Nick meets on his way to the temple?> Piplup asked, pausing to shield his ears from a THWACK! <She wears a orange and yellow and pink outfit, and her hat has an emerald in it...>

<Oh, that's what the girl in the trailer's name is!> Emi smiled as she put the name and the image together. <Will Daddy be dressing up too?>

<No...> Piplup sighed. <Although judging from the number of times he's watched each movie, you'd think he'd dress up.>

Pikachu was about to reply when Brock peeked in the room. "Aren't you guys interested in seeing Ash in costume?"

<I do!> Emi piped up.

"Come on then..." Brock wrapped Emi in a blanket and carried her inside the living room, where Ash was eyeing a target. After studying the best way to hit it, he lashed at it with a whip, making another THWACK! echo through the house.

Emi studied the costume and compared it to the best image of Nick Dragonswift she could remember: Ash had clearly paid attention to detail, as the boots and slacks matched the ones Nick wore, right down to a place to put the whip. Complimenting this was the trademark tan shirt and deep brown leather jacket. A fedora hat crowned Ash's messy black hair, completing the look. To Emi, Ash looked EXACTLY like Nick, never mind that he was a few feet shorter and his hair the wrong color.

"Well?" Ash asked, recoiling the whip in preparation to put it back by his side. "Like it?"

<You look just like Nick!> Emi smiled.

"Now all I need's the theme song!" Ash smiled as he adjusted his hat. "That should help me get into character for tonight!"

"Here!" Dawn rushed into the room with a CD player. Brock followed along behind her, the CD of the soundtrack to "Nick Dragonswift and the Crypt of the Forbidden Skull" balanced on one finger. After inserting the CD, Brock pressed PLAY; making the beloved Nick Dragonswift theme song blare into the room in all its brass heavy, bombastic glory. Ash just struck a dramatic pose when the music began--he was enjoying playing the part of one of his favorite adventurers.

Hearts formed in Emi's eyes. <Ash should've gotten the part of Nick...> she thought as Ash proceeded to make a flying jump off of the chair he'd been posing on, landing feet first. Brock and Dawn just applauded, while Pikachu and Piplup displayed scorecards. Pikachu's read 9.0 and Piplup's read 9.3.

"What, no perfect 10's?" Ash was confused by the "scores" Pikachu and Piplup had given him.

<There's always room for improvement.> Pikachu reminded him. Ash just gave an acknowldeging smile as everyone laughed.

Just then, the doorbell rang. "May's here!" Brock smiled as he dashed to the front stoop, Emi in one arm. Sure enough, May stood at the entrance, clutching a plastic shopping bag.

<I thought May was going to be in costume already....> Emi sighed as May followed Brock into the living room, where she heard a few gasps and excited yelling as the two friends embraced each other.

"Maybe she decided to not put it on right now." Brock assured Emi. "I will say this, she looks beautiful as Runim."

"So you just modified your Arabian getup from the Wallace Cup to make your Runim costume?" Dawn asked. "I'd really like to see you in it."

"I'll put it on before we leave." May assured Dawn. "I don't want to ruin it by dropping food on it or something." Dawn nodded to show she understood.

Emi just savored the festivities. <I hope this movie is worth the festivities--even Pit and Sylvia getting a treasure is worth staying up really late for!>

To Be Continued...

May 22nd, 2008, 6:43 AM
Episode 7: Midnight Madness (part 2)

Before long, night had fallen on Pallet Town; although it was not midnight yet. Emi just took a moment to observe the crowds milling about the theater--she had never seen this many people gathered in one place before. Ash and May were the only ones present in costume, and they were patiently obliging to photo opportunities while they waited. Every so often, May would pose in the same manner Runim was posing on the Nick Dragonswift movie poster. Ash would occasionally brandish his whip a la Nick for a picture as well, prompting cheers from the more devoted fans.

<I diddn't know Ash and May could pretend so well!> Emi smiled as she watched May pose like Runim again for a picture. The moon was already up, making the gold bracelets on her arms, the various tiny gems on her costume, and the emerald in her hat glitter.

"They've been looking foward to this all week." Brock smiled. "To be honest, I would've dressed up too, but I'm not sure what character I would be..."

<You could be that guy that sends Nick on all his adventures!> Piplup suggested.

Pikachu burst out laughing. <Brock as the Chief? THAT I'd love to see!>

"I don't know, Brock doesn't look too Chief-like to me..." Dawn noted--Brock was a little thin to be playing the Chief.

"Actually, I'd go as Dr. Singh; Nick's technogeek friend." Brock replied. "I have the safari gear and the Poketch already, but I'm missing all his other inventions. That's why I didn't dress up."

"Yeah, that's a better character for you, anyway." Dawn smiled as she took Piplup by the fin. "I'm going to find our two cosplayers..."

"May's over telling stories to some kids by the ticket booth, and Ash is posing for a picture by the poster." Brock called, pointing out Ash's and May's locations in the crowd.

Emi just yawned. <How much longer until we go in?>

Brock glanced at the green display of his Poketch for a moment, which read 9:37 PM. "Not for another 30 or so minutes. They want to be sure the main feature starts at midnight, so they're running everything else before then." He strolled over towards the ticket booth, where May was finishing up the story of "Nick Dragonswift and the Crypt of the Forbidden Skull", all told in character as Runim.

"...and thanks to Nick's bravery, we restored the Forbidden Skull to its rightful place in the crypt, saving the world from its dark power." May concluded, prompting applause from the children. After posing for one last picture with a child, she joined Brock and Emi by the theater entrance. "How'd I do?"

"Although I only heard parts of it, you did very well telling the movie's plot from Runim's perspective." Brock smiled. "Getting excited?"

"Yeah! I wish they'd hurry up and open the theater already." May sighed as she fanned her sweating face with her hat for a moment. She glanced around in the crowd for a moment looking for Ash. A THWACK! and some cheers in the direction of the movie posters confirmed where Ash was--posing for more pictures with the children.

Finally, the majestic red doors opened, sending a stampede of people inside the theater. Ash rejoined the group a few minutes later, only pausing to brush off debris from his costume as they walked inside. "That was quite a rush, no pun intended..."

<Judging from how those kids were fixed on you, they'd think you really were Nick Dragonswift!> Pikachu giggled as the group got in line for tickets.

In the theater....

"You know what else happens tonight?" Brock asked as he nudged Emi awake.

<What?> Emi yawned as Brock settled in his seat. Dawn was next to him, then Ash and May. People in the row behind them were whispering excitedly about Ash's costume. <Ash had great idea dressing up for the midnight premiere.> she smiled.

"Look, it's Runim!" a girl called into the crowd, prompting Emi to glance in the direction of the girl frantically pointing out May as she was led by her mother down to the front.

"Guess Ash isn't the only one getting all the attention..." Dawn smiled as the lights dimmed and a short began to roll onscreen.

Emi nudged Brock. <Why did they skip the previews?>

"I guess they wanted to focus on the main attraction for a change." Brock replied, pausing to stiffle a giggle over the comedian onscreen. "But it's only for tonight."

<What about Pit?> Emi worried.

"They'll show a serial episode, don't worry." Brock assured Emi before focusing on the screen, which was now showing a cartoon. Emi sighed--in the excitement about the main attraction, she'd forgotten about Pit--how would he defeat Twinbellows? Yes, the monster scared her, but she also wanted to see the angels defeat it. Besides, she'd seen the "Jerry the Pichu" cartoon that was playing before, so she just snoozed in her master's hands to pass the time.

It took the familiar serial fanfare and the whoosh of Pit's wings to wake her up. <About time...>

"We all know Pit's going to defeat Twinbellows anyway...so no payout this week." Dawn noted as the first still in the fill in appeared onscreen.

"When we last left our heroes..." the announcer began. "Pit and Sylvia escaped the closing treasure room to find themselves on another floor. Medusa appeared to try and slow their progress, but they pressed on, finding the Mirror Shield! But before they could take the Treasure, one of Medusa's guardians appeared..." At this, the last scene of the two angels staring down Twinbellows began to colorize and move again.

<Nice shot!> Pikachu called as Sylvia fired the first blow!

"Ooh..." Dawn shielded her eyes as the flash of fire Twinbellows blew out--only the two angels were flying above him. Emi giggled as the giant reptilian monster glanced around, confused. It took a shot from Pit to get its attention, setting up for another shot from Sylvia.

<It's almost like a game they're playing!> Emi noted as the game of Meowth and Rattata continued onscreen.

"How so?" Brock asked.

"While he's distracted chasing one of them, the other attacks!" Emi smiled as Pit delivered the final blow.

"What'd I tell you? All bark and no bite." Ash smiled as he watched Sylvia take the shield and lead Pit out to a garden in the fortress. But before the two angels could savor the flowers, they found themselves staring down a vine monster! Sylvia tried to fly away, but was caught in a vine! Pit watched in horror as the announcer cut on: "Will Sylvia be freed from her floral prison? How will Pit defeat this monster? Don't miss Part 6 in this theater next week!" Emi was psyched now--Pit had replaced Nick Dragonswift as the highlight of the night...

To Be Continued....

June 2nd, 2008, 7:02 AM
Episode 8: Late Night Predictions

It was well past midnight when the group returned home the next morning. Emi felt glad to be back in her own bed after an adventurous night--a midnight matinee was a little too exciting, and everyone needed the sleep.

For a while, the house was quiet at both its human and Pokemon occupants slept, with the occasional mumbling in dreams or changing position being the only sound. <I had a wonderful time last night...> she thought as she pulled the covers up over her head. <Ash as Nick Dragonswift was nothing compared to Pit...>

<Hey, Emi...> said a voice. Emi woke up with a jump and glanced down on the floor, where Pikachu and Piplup had set up tiny sleeping bags by the crib. <You still asleep?> Pikachu asked.

<Not really...why?> Emi asked while glancing at the digital clock numbers from her master's room, which brightly glowed 2:37 AM. If they were caught talking at this hour, they'd get a lecture at best. On top of that, Pikachu could be easily seen in the faint green light of the clock numbers, so precautions had to be taken if the three Pokemon wished to discuss serial predictions without being detected.

<Before we start discussing, we can't let anyone know we're talking.> Piplup cautioned as he eased Emi down to the floor from the crib. <So keep it down.>

<Now I know Brock keeps your sleeping bag around here somewhere...> Pikachu muttered as he quietly yet quickly dug around in the closet A flashlight stood nearby, giving Pikachu enough light to search. After peeking through some board game boxes, he could make out a tiny sleeping bag decorated with hearts in the dim light. He carefully eased the sleeping bag out of the closet, switched off his light, and unrolled it nearby the crib. He shot a glance at the doorway every now and then, in hopes no one would see them.

Some thuds of footsteps got the three Pokemon's attention, followed by Brock's voice: "Emi? Why are you sleeping on the floor?"

<Pikachu decided he wanted to sleep campout style, and I wanted to too.> Emi explained as she snuggled into her sleeping bag.

Brock just chuckled as he started for the bathroom. "All right...if it helps you sleep, I won't complain." With that, he disappeared down the hallway.

<That was close...> Pikachu sighed.

<Great cover, Emi.> Piplup agreed.

<You're welcome!> Emi smiled.

<Now then...let us descuss how Pit and Sylvia will escape that plant monster.> Pikachu whispered. He paused and pretended to sleep as Brock returned, then continued <Any ideas on how they could defeat a plant?>

<You'd think they's know how to use fire...> Piplup explained. <Besides, we've all fought before, and we've learned that fire burns plants.>

<Emi hasn't really BEEN in an arena, so it's natural she probably doesn't know that...> Pikachu replied.

Emi cut Pikachu off. <I have so been in an arena! I watched you fight in plenty of battles!>

<Well, I meant that you haven't been in an arena to actually fight...> Pikachu stuttered. <But you've probably learned that from being in the audience.> This satisfied Emi a little.

<Maybe they have a blinding light?> Piplup interjected.

<Huh?> Pikachu and Emi were piqued at this.

<They could blind the monster with a flash of light, then cut the vines and escape!> Piplup explained, pleased with himself.

<I say they blow it away with wind from their wings!> Emi suggested.

<They were bound up in the monster's vines, remember?> Pikachu interjected. <So they can't use their wings...>

<I'm thinking they somehow cut through the vines first, then fly away and generate wind from their wings!> Emi added. Pikachu and Piplup nodded--Emi had actually brought up a good point. However, they did not feel like discussing any more now that the three of them had made their predictions for the next week. The only way to find out was to wait for Saturday.

To Be Continued...

June 21st, 2008, 8:54 AM
Episode 9: The Missing Episode

On Saturday morning...

Emi yawned and sniffled. <I hate it whed I get the sniffles...> she moaned as she listened to her housemates rustle about, getting ready to go to that week's matinee. <Now I won't get to see how Pit frees Sylbia!> she panicked. <The addouncer said 'Do't biss Part 7 in dis deader next week;, and I'm going to miss it!> Tears welled up in her eyes at this.

"Morning, sweetheart..." Brock smiled as he entered the room with the thermometer. The others nervously gathered around, anxious to see whether one of them was going to have to miss the matinee to babysit Emi. Feeling around Emi's head confirmed what the thermometer read: she had a fever, and was in no condition to go out in public.

Emi started to cry. <Now I won't get to see what happids next in da cliffhager story!> she sobbed. <I wanted to see how Pit sabed Sylbia from dat plant!>

"I know you did too, Emi, but we don't want the rest of the audience to get sick--so you're going to have to miss this week." Brock sighed as he put the thermometer away. "I'll miss it with you, even."

<Not to worry, Emi! I'll fill you in on what you missed when we get home!> Pikachu assured Emi. <I'll even save you some popcorn!>

Emi smiled through her tears. <Hodest? You bean it?> Pikachu nodded. <Thak you!>

<You're welcome!> Pikachu smiled as he turned to leave. <I won't leave anything out--you'll know what happened when you go the next week!>

"Untill then..." Brock started as he covered Emi back up again. "Let's go back to sleep and see if we can get that fever down." Emi weakly smiled and dozed off, relieved that she wouldn't be lost when she went to next week's matinee.

Several hours later...

"Emi, we're home!" Dawn called as she led Ash and the Pokemon inside the house.

"So, what happened?" Brock asked as he gave Emi some medicine.

<As expected, Pit freed Sylvia from that plant monster, but there was more where that one came from!> Pikachu started. <After fighting them off, they waded through more foilage and reloaded on supplies...>

<Then we showed Medusa's lair, where we got a hint of the second treasure!> Piplup continued.

<Oh? What was it?> Emi asked, cutting Piplup off.

<It was the Arrow of Light.> Pikachu explained. <And Medusa sent the monster Hewdraw to keep the angels from getting it!>

<Then, our heroes got a few lessons from this trainer angel...whose name I can't remember...> Piplup stammered. <But anyway, after some time, they got strong enough to handle Medusa's goons...>

<...where they arrived at another section of the fortress.> Pikachu fnished. <While exploring, they freed some prisoners, who decided to help Pit and Sylvia as thanks for saving them. After a long trek upward, everyone finally came to the chamber of the Arrow, but before our heroes could grab it, Hewdraw showed up...and it stopped there.>

<Any questions?> Piplup asked.

<Nope!> Emi smiled.

"I think I understood all of that." Brock agreed. "But judging how both of you wanted to tell us what happened, it must have been exciting!" Everyone laughed at this.

<We'll talk about predictions later, okay?> Pikachu assured Emi. Emi just nodded, thankful her friends had kept her posted on the unfolding adventure....

To Be Continued...

July 18th, 2008, 11:09 AM
Episode 10: Operation NES

Emi slept quietly the next night, glad that her friends had filled her in on the ongoing serial. While she had not been physically present in the theater to enjoy it, just hearing Pikachu and Piplup recount what had happened was enough indication that they had enjoyed it. But her thoughts turned to the upcoming week, when she hoped the second treasure would be claimed--with only one Treasure to go, they had to be getting close to the end...

<You still sleeping, Emi?> a familiar voice whispered.

Emi looked down to see Pikachu and Piplup by her crib in their sleeping bags again <Not really...>

<We figured you were past the contagious stage, so we came to keep you company.> Piplup agreed.

<So, let's discuss predictions...> Pikachu mused, pausing for a moment to pretend to sleep as Ash passed by the room. Once sure the coast was clear, he continued <Since we all know Pit and Sylvia are going to beat Hewdraw, let's think a little farther out and try to predict the cliffhanger for this week.>

<Are we getting close to the end?> Emi asked. <I mean, after the arrow, we only have one more treasure.>

<Based on what the episodes have looked like so far, it seems the serial is shaping up to have 13 episodes.> Piplup replied. <But don't quote me on that, cause I could be wrong.>

<I'm looking foward to how they handle those nose monsters...> Pikachu interjected.

<The what?> Piplup was confused.

<There's a monster that looks like a human nose?> Emi was interested.

<Don't you guys remember the game "Kid Icarus?"> Pikachu was shocked. <I know Emi didn't exist when it was popular...>

<And the last NES I saw was back in Rowan's lab years ago...> Piplup agreed.

<Fortunately, Ash still has his, and it works like a charm!> Pikachu smiled as he climbed out of his sleeping bag. <It's even unplugged, so all we have to do is get it in here and hook it up to the TV.> He gestured to the TV sitting on the top of the dresser to prove his point.>

<You sure we can do this?> Piplup asked, concerned.

<If our masters find us on the way there, our ruse is Emi's thirsty and we're going to the kitchen to get water.> Pikachu explained. <Then we'll actually make like we're going to the kitchen so they believe us more.>

<I see...then when they pass us, we start going back to Ash's room.> Emi smiled as Piplup helped her down from the floor.

<How are we going to carry it?> Piplup asked.

Emi eyed a wagon by the windowsill. <We could use my old wagon and put it in there!>

<Possible, but one of us will go back and get it once we're all in Ash's room.> Pikachu explained. <So our ruse will work.>

<Come on!> Piplup motioned for everyone to follow him to the doorway. After checking to see whether the coast was clear, the three Pokemon tiptoed past the guest room and Brock's room, but dashed behind some laundry as Dawn passed by, en route to the bathroom. Pikachu led the way past the bathroom and led the others inside Ash's room.

Emi winced at the comic books and sheet music scattered across the floor. <Ash needs to clean his room again...>

<We'll clean it for him!> Pikachu smiled as he gathered up the comics and books of sheet music and returned them to the bookshelf. <This way, the wagon wheels won't make them crinkle and alert Ash to our plan.>

<Ooh, I have a better idea!> Emi volunteered. <Why not get some earmuffs or something and put them on Ash?>

<Good idea!> Pikachu carefully searched the closet and returned with a pair of puffy navy blue earmuffs. After carefully slipping them over Ash's ears, he signaled to Piplup, who hurried out to get the wagon. He returned a few moments later, pulling the wagon behind him.

<See that grayish thing with the plug sticking out? That's the NES.> Pikachu whispered. <Ash unplugged it since his SNES gets more playtime...>

<Ugh-hah!> Emi carefully helped Pkachu hoist the ancient console off the floor and carefully set it in the wagon.

<Next question is how to get it back to your room...> Piplup sighed as Pikachu gathered up what NES games he could find and set them in the wagon. After checking to be sure the console, games, controls and other accesories were accounted for, Pikachu removed the earmuffs and ran to help the wagon's trip back.

Some minutes later...

<We made it...and neither of our masters saw us!> Emi smiled as she helped unload the wagon.

<...And put this here, and it should work!> Pikachu confidently replied as he switched a flashlight off. <And one..two...three!> Piplup obediently hit the power button, making the Zelda theme blare into the room, sending the Pokemon scrambling for the remote.

<That was close...> Piplup wheezed as he rummaged through the wagon for the cartridge of Kid Icarus.

Pikachu gasped when he heard footsteps coming down the hall. <Quick, back to bed!> After helping Emi back inside the crib, Piplup raced back into his sleeping bag, seconds before the boys peeked in the room.

"I had a crazy dream, Brock...I dreamt I was hooking up my old NES so Emi could play it..." Ash mused as he looked inside the room, where he saw all three Pokemon sleeping. "And lo and behold, I saw it hooked up here...and I don't remember doing it!"

"Maybe you did it in your sleep?" Brock suggested.

"I must have...let's get back to sleep." Ash sighed as the boys returned to their rooms.

Emi looked down at her snoozing friends. Only she knew how the NES had gotten into her room, and she couldn't wait to play the game that inspired the serial.

To Be Continued...

August 13th, 2008, 12:13 PM
Episode 11: Behind the Serial

Emi woke up the next morning to see her friends still sleeping, tired from the previous night. When they woke up, they would finally play the game that inspired the serial, Pikachu had promised her.

Something inside her prodded her to see if Pikachu was awake, so she carefully eased herself down to the floor, where Pikachu and Piplup were sleeping. After tiptoing over to the lightning print sleeping bag Pikachu was dozing in, she gave him a gentle nudge. <Hey...>

<Hm?> Pikachu yawned. <Oh, hi Emi...>

<Are you awake enough to play with the NES yet?> Emi asked. She glanced at the door and smiled as Brock passed by, en route to the kitchen.

<Let's get some breakfast first, then we'll play...> Pikachu yawned. The smile on his face turned to a frown as some thunder rumbled outside. <But at least the humans won't bug us to go outside...>

<Hm?> Piplup was interested.

<It's raining outside...> Pikachu explained. <So that means we can't go out, and we can play with the NES all day if we could!>

<Can't we eat first?> Piplup sighed. <I'm hungry...>

"Aw...they decided to sleep together again last night." a familiar male voice began, startling Emi. She whirled around to see her master carrying in the Pokemon's breakfasts on a tray--at least it wasn't Ash asking what it was they were doing the previous night.

"They're cute when they do that." Dawn agreed as she gave Piplup a hug.

"Have fun with your new toy..." Brock smiled as he left to start on some chores.

"I'm still amazed they got the NES in there and hooked it up all by themselves." Ash mused. Emi giggled--only she and he friends knew how it was done, all without Ash hearing anything.

After breakfast...

<Okay, let's find the game!> Pikachu declared as he romped to the wagon. After some digging, he found the controllers first, so he went to plug them in.

<Mario, Final Fantasy, Zelda...> Piplup named as he dug through the pile of cartridges. <Here it is! Kid Icarus...> With that, he carefully inserted the game inside the ancient console and tensely turned it on.

Emi watched, bemused, as Pikachu guided Pit through waves of monsters. <So this was what inspired the serial...> Suddenly, she gasped as a monster that looked like a human nose came into view. Pikachu balked at the enemy's sudden appearance and tried again and again to keep them at bay. It wasn't to. long before he found himself staring at a GAME OVER screen.

<My turn!> Piplup announced. Pikachu reluctantly handed Piplup the controls.

<What was that monster Pikachu was fighting?> Emi asked.

<That was the nose monster he told you about yesterday.> Piplup replied as he soon found himself facing the odd creatures. Emi couldn't resist laughing as Piplup's Pit scrambled to get away, but failed horribly.

<You want a turn?> Pikachu asked as he took the controls from Piplup.

<Please!> Emi smiled. Once the controls were in her hands, she took a moment to learn what the buttons did. Once comfortable with the controls, she began guiding her Pit through the hordes of monsters. <I wish I was born in the time this first came out...> she thought as she carefully and quickly moved through the maze.

<You're doing great, Emi!> Pikachu smiled.

<Much better than either of us...> Piplup agreed.

Suddenly, Emi found herself in the room with the nose monsters, and in a similar situation to Piplup. She tried to fight back, but soon was ambushed, leading to her own GAME OVER screen. She sighed and passed the controls to Pikachu again so he could have another turn.

"Having fun in here?" Ash asked as he peeked inside the room to check on the three Pokemon.

<Yes!> Emi replied. <It may not be the theater, but this can hold us over until Saturday!> she thought as Piplup took his second turn.

To Be Continued...

September 8th, 2008, 10:29 AM
Episode 12: Return to the Theater

<It feels so good to be back in the theater!> Emi smiled as Brock led the way down an aisle to some seats near the middle.

"With the Arrow today, we only have one Treasure to go..." Brock reminded Emi. "So we're getting close to the end--and that means saying goodbye to Pit and Sylvia."

"Unless of course, they made a sequel..." Ash started as he motioned Pikachu into a seat by Piplup. Sequels to serials were relatively rare, but not totally unheard of.

"And there's always DVD and Blu-Ray." Dawn added. Releasing completed serials to DVD after their run in theaters was quite common, so if this was the fate of Pit after the conclusion in the theater, it would get a month's worth of airtime on the DVD player at home.

<Will you buy the DVD of this when it finishes?> Emi asked as the previews rolled.

"When it comes out, okay?" Brock sighed--there were a number of serial DVDs he had yet to watch, but the Pokemon always kicked him off the TV to watch cartoons, or Dawn would shoo him off to watch some mushy romance movie.

<And what's 'Blu-Ray'? Emi asked.>

"Hm..." Brock thought for a moment as a preview for a space adventure came on. "You know the DVDs we have at home--how nice they look?"

<Yeah...> Emi replied.

"Blu-Ray takes the picture and sound and sharpens it even more--so it looks like you're right there in the heat of the action." Brock explained. "So it feels like we're right in the middle of this dogfight in space." An explosion onscreen rocked the theater to punctuate Brock's point.

<I can only imagine how much prettier Pit would look in that good of a picture...> Emi dreamily mused as the whoosh of Pit's wings brought cheers to the theaters.

<Never mind that, the episode's starting!> Pikachu hissed, gesturing to the screen, which depicted the first black and white still in the fill in.

"When we last left our heroes, Pit and Sylvia managed to free several angels that Medusa was holding prisoner. As thanks for their help, they offered to join Pit and Sylvia's cause and help them defeat the evil monster Hewdraw." A dramatic sting played over the still of Sylvia's drawing on Hewdraw.

<If that's how scary the drawing looks, I'm not sure I want to see the real deal...> Emi shuddered as she retreated into one of Brock's vest pockets.

"I think you'll need to put on another Pokeflute recital, Ash..." Dawn sighed as the last black and white still of Pit, Sylvia, and the other angels staring down Hewdraw slowly colorized and began to move again.

<Good move!> Pikachu commented as an angel made the first shot.

Piplup just winced as another angel was whacked away. <I hope all these allies will be enough to at least distract Hewdraw...>

Emi peeked from Brock's vest pocket just in time to see Sylvia grab the Arrow seconds before Hewdraw tried to grab her. Her fearful tears tured to awe, then joy, as all the angels' arrows gained a blue glow.

"Now maybe they have a chance." Brock smiled, patting Emi on the head.

<Now this is a battle!> Emi smiled as Hewdraw tried to swat away all the holy missiles, but soon succumbed, opening an entrance to the sky.

"They must be nearing the top of the tower if there's a way into the sky." Ash noted as Pit led Sylvia and the other angels skyward."

<But if the third Treasure is up there, then where would the bad guys put it?> Pikachu asked.

"There's your answer." Brock replied, pointing out another enterance shrouded in clouds. He focused on the screen as all the angels streamed inside what they thought was a hot spring.

"Looks like they'll have to take another dip in the hot springs after this..." Ash began as he watched a number of nose monsters surround the angels as the announcer cut on: "Will the new band of angels escape this trap? Where could the final Treasure be? Don't miss Part 9 in this theater next week!"

To Be Continued...