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  • Yep, sorry if I haven't posted my character yet. Didin't expect the virus to hit, but i'll finish my character as soon as possible and turn her in!
    Ok but what is my starting point? I don't really have enough information to create a post. Do I begin in pallet town? Am I supposed to sign up for a musical or is there another plot line for me to follow? Or is that for me to decide?
    Hey, letting you know that I have decided to start reading your Giratina and the Sky Warrior remix special. I had it in the backburner, M11 is one of my fave movies.
    Hey, as my first official act as a FF&W mod I've taken the liberty to add your story to the Library as per the request that was pending. Thanks for submitting material!
    I understand. I still feel sore ash doesn't have veronica anymore to be honest, and it made me sad when all those nice people were losing their jobs thanks to pokemon usa :(
    Is Jirachi Wishmaker your favorite pokemon film? :) Since I know your avatar is from it.

    My favorite is either that or Pokemon I Choose you. Right now, i just can't choose! Pokemon I Choose You was super amazing and had the best story, but I really love Jirachi.
    My only excuse is assuming everyone online's a dude. -w-
    I'll be keeping this in mind, my good sir. XP
    I'm still n the fence, you know. Boredom willing, I might check it out. (Your Sun fic, because Johto's my least favorite region...)
    I'm fine with twisting the overall feel and tone. But I'm still on the fence.
    I've been pondering on doing so. The journey genre's so common-place in this series, that it discourages me a bit, but I'd like to see what take some have on this generation, being new and fresh. XD
    Cool. Nice, legal way to advertise. XD
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