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Draconia School of mythology is a special school dedicated to teaching select students all about the mythological history and creatures that go unseen by humans in the world because of they’re tendency to appear at night time. The school has been dedicated to protecting these mythological creatures from humans and keeping them hidden as well as they can. When a mythological creature appears you can guaranty a Draconian will be there to keep them out of harms way as best they can.

Of course, you have the odd quest that does not go exactly as planned and the Draconian’s are forced into battle, be it against rouge creatures or humans who have managed to capture one. Either way it is then that the students rely on they’re most trustworthy partner, the dragon that they were linked to at birth. If a Dragon dies, the Draconian linked to that creature also dies and vice versa. Each Dragon has its own powers and elements, they’re own unique strategy’s and they’re own bond with the Draconian, be it that of mutual partners and friends or a more dominant approach.

The Draconian is the rider and controls the Dragons motives and actions, but through they’re bond both aim for the same goal unless the will of one of them is strong enough to disobey the other. The rider can control the same element as they’re Dragon and posses they’re own fighting skills, but both partners help the other out and are never separated from each other by a large distance. Both partners will grow week if they are so far apart that they can not feel the other presence.

The school teaches a range of different students, they are of different ages, different species and different countries and travel far to be taught the mythological ways. They can be Elves, Anthros, humans and even those of a darker past. It is not limited to just those who are good and just, all students can choose they’re own paths when they leave the school and aren’t entirely expected to follow the rules whilst they attend it either, but punishment is all that is in store for those who break the rules.

The school is situated in the middle of large fields and forests, filled with mythological creatures that they have rescued. Rivers and Ponds patch the lush grass and there are even darker spots for the darker of mythological creatures. The sea is situated not too far from the school so that they can keep tabs on those who are too great and too big to be residence in the various ponds and rivers. It is a natural habitat in which they can live without being fed or properly looked after by the residence of the school.

As for the school itself, it is much like a castle…or a mansion. It does not bare any modern traits other than the students that attend it and is designed in a Victorian way. The girls and boys sleep separately in dorms which are linked to separate common rooms where both genders may meet and greet each other. The hall is lined with multiple tables for each separate house (there are four in total) and the classrooms are spread through out the building and the school grounds.

These students were born to tend to mythological creatures, be it in a good or bad way. They travel all over the world in order to help these creatures and are met with difficulty along the way, but they’re main concern now is making a future for themselves in the mythological world, and don’t think for one second that your school is the only source of people like you, there are many of your kind in the world and a total of four other school across the world. There will be conflicts and friendships with your own kind and you will be the one to trigger them.

Yes, don’t think your getting away with not having any classes. Below is a list of the classes you will be taking and they’re location within the school grounds along with the teachers who teach them.


Skills and Combat
This class teaches you how to fight physically in battle along with your Dragon, how to use your weapons and physical skills to strike an enemy down. This class does not teach you how to use your elements or how to control your Dragon during flight; it teaches you hand to hand combat and how to protect yourself from different types of creatures.

Teacher: Mr Oliver J Tolkien
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro
Description: Mr Tokien is a cross between a human and a silver Fox. His hair resembles that of his animal’s colouring and dangles down to cover a thin white face and shocking sapphire eyes which are framed by designer glasses. He is tall and lanky, not very fitting of a combat teacher, but he can certainly take down the largest of enemies using his skill and agility. A pair of silver fox ears pokes out from the mass of silver hair and a matching silver tail with white tip emerges from his lower back. Oliver always dresses in silver, white or black.
Personality: Oliver is a very friendly guy and obviously cares for his students. He’s more of a father figure to them. But you really don’t want to get on his wrong side, because he will certainly punish you in any way he can.

Magic and Elements
The class teaches you and your Dragon how to use your elements and work as a team whilst doing so. It also teaches you of the types of elements mythological creatures can control and how to protect yourself against them.

Teacher: Mrs Paige R Sullivan
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Description: Paige seems to be getting on in her years, but she is one of the most skilled mages in the world. She has white hair, emerald eyes and a podgy frame and wears a long pink and purple robe most of the time.
Personality: Paige is an elderly woman, that’s all that can be said. She looks like one, she acts like one. Caring, friendly and talkative, she is always willing to take the time to teach those who are having difficulty what to do.

Dragon flight and teamwork
This class teaches you manoeuvres and tactics to use in flight and how to work as a team with your Dragon and your classmates. You will be taught no combat, only how to react to attacks and magic spells whilst in the air.

Teacher: Miss Flannery A Hutchinson
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Description: Flannery has Emerald hair and hazel eyes. The hair is almost always held back into a pony tail for it not to obscure her view whilst flying. She dresses in casual clothing, this consisting of a pair of baggy jean, a pair of black trainers and a brown t-shirt.
Personality: She acts like she looks, she’s young energetic and always ready for some hard work. She will defiantly push you to your limits and will not stop until she knows you have reached your max.

The History of mythology
This class is as the title suggests. You will be taught the history of mythology, a boring lecture class where you will do hardly any practical work. So get your pens out and get ready to write…you may want to book an appointment with the nurse for the cramp in your hand afterwards.

Teacher: Mr Fredrick P Jenkins
Age: 44 (in looks)
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Description: Fredrick has short brown hair and dull grey eyes. Though he is not terribly old and is of the elven species, he has a great deal of wrinkles and always looks as if he is going to fall asleep. He wears a shabby silver robe which many claim he has had since forever.
Personality: Boring is the word to describe this one. He speaks in a monotone voice and even threatens to put himself to sleep as well as his class. But he is kind and helpful and knows a lot more than what people give him credit for.

Care for mythological creatures
You are taught how to look after and deal with mythological creatures. You are shown all the species and learn all about them. They’re habitats; they’re body structure and the likes. This is where you’re going to meet a majority of creatures.

Teacher: Mr Thomas L Cooper
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro
Description: A cross between a human and a Lion. He has shoulder length, scraggy brown hair and a thin goatee. His amber eyes always look kind and determined. He wears a white button up shirt and a pair of baggy thin brown trousers which are tucked into brown boots. The Lion ears are pierced with gold hoops and his sleek tail is almost always coiled around his waist.
Personality: He’s always determined and up for a challenge and hopes his students are too. He’ll jump head first into anything, but will make sure everyone is safe first. Some may say he is a little too reckless, but most seem to adore him.

You are taught how to survive in the wild. Some missions take longer than one day and some times you will need to camp or travel under cover of darkness. You will be taught first aid techniques, how to set up a camp and how to take care of yourself and your team mates.

Teacher: Miss Adel J Norman
Age: 31 (in looks)
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Description: Adel has platinum blonde hair and amber eyes, a pale complexion and long ears. Her body is thin but lean and accustom to living in any weather conditions. She wears an olive tunic with flat shoes and carries a bow and arrow around with her at all times.
Personality: Adel knows the risk’s that lay ahead and it is this that has made her one of the strictest of people ever to have worked in the school. She hates idiocy because she knows you cannot take any risks and prefers everything to go as smooth as possible.

This subject is essential to any member of the school. One must know in which direction one must travel to reach they’re destination and what species of mythological creatures live where. Although care for mythological creatures teaches you about them and they’re habitats, this class teaches you of where to find them and how to reach there. You will also study less interesting things such as volcanoes and earthquakes, so that you know how to deal with them and what signs to look out for.

Teacher: Mr Peter T Richards
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf
Description: Short of course, with a long red beard and deep brown eyes. He wears a sort of tunic and resembles how one would imagine dwarfs to look like in ancient times when they were said to work in mines and underneath the surface. Clumpy brown boots and the kids could all swear they’ve seen an axe kept under his desk.
Personality: He has a…short temper and will loose it over almost anything. But he is good as gold and though he may shout and scream he has plenty of time for his students…as long as they aren’t scared and run away crying by the end of the class.

Mythological Languages
Well, I hope you can all speak proper Dragon language, you have been around them all your life…but this class teaches you the other language of mythological creatures, such as how to speak goblin, elven (for those who are not elves) and such other things.

Teacher: Mrs Annette G Hurfford
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Anthro
Description: Half human and half Peacock. Annette is a beautiful woman with a slender and curved physique and a tanned complexion. She has silvery blue wings sprouting from her back and a set of beautiful tail feathers sprouting from her lower back. She wears a long flowing dress with is made up of the multiple different colours of a peacock.
Personality: She is intelligent and kind, but almost sickeningly so. You either love her or hate her, there is no in between. Some think she may just be a spider in disguise or something along those lines, trying to trap whoever she can in her web.

Protection against dark creatures
You will be taught how to deal with those of a darker nature. Dark creatures are normally the downfall of most students as they are not completely sure of how to deal with them. You will be taught how to protect and attack against these creatures.

Teacher: Ms Catherine L Crawford
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Description: A Vampire, long canines and a very pale complexion, ruby eyes and beautiful long black hair. She wears nothing but black and is the only dark teacher in the school.
Personality: Some are scared by her and some are entranced by her. She is calm and collective and has perfect control over her eating habits, but will not hesitate to use people’s fear of her to her advantage.

Other Characters to note


Name: Mr Charleston H Rodriguez
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Description: A tall and handsome man who looks to be in his forties. He has long crimped brown hair and hazel eyes with a small goatee. He wears a brown waste coat and white button up t-shirt with brown trousers and clumpy boots.
Personality: Kind and always looking out for his teachers and students. Not much is known about him as he keeps most of his affairs a secret.


Name: Mrs Raquel Rodriguez
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Unknown
Description: A tall and beautiful woman with long flowing red hair and sapphire eyes. She wears a long black dress and always wears a small crystal around her neck.
Personality: Like her husband, she is kind and looks out for the teachers and the students and not much is known about her.


Name: Mr Thomas Creepily
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro
Description: A scrawny and scraggy old man who is a cross between a human and a rat.
Personality: Very secretive and grouchy, he’ll get you in to trouble as soon as look at you if he doesn’t like you.


Name: Anna McGlinchee
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Anthro
Description: A cross between a human and a parrot. She has tanned skin and emerald eyes with multicoloured long hair. Tropical parrot wings sprout from her back along with tropical tailfeathers.
Personality: She’s all about the job, protective and ready to fight anyone or anything that disturbs the peace.

Name: Thomas McGlinchee
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro
Description: A cross between a human and an eagle. Tanned skin with amber eyes and shoulder length brown hair, long and sleek brown and white wings and tail feathers.
Personality: Like his twin sister Anna, totally devoted to the job.

Dragon carer’s

Name’s: Timothy Turner, Kimberly Turner, Laurence Turner and Samantha Turner
Age: 20 (Timothy), 15 (Kimberly), 50 (Laurence) and 47 (Samantha)
Gender: Male (Timothy), Female (Kimberly), Male (Laurence) and Female (Samantha)
Species: Human
Description: A Family who live in a hut next to the school and are happy to dedicate they’re lives to looking after the Dragons. Each member of the family has red hair and emerald eyes. Timothy has shoulder length dark red hair (almost looks brown). Kimberly has beautiful long flowing bright red hair where as they’re parents looking the older versions.
Personality: They are protective of the Dragons but are not afraid to strike up conversation with the students and teachers and get to know them.


Name: Dorothy Payne
Age: 78 (looks)
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Description: Wears a typical white nurse’s get up with grey hair but beautiful blue eyes.
Personality: May look old, but knows exactly what she’s doing.

You will meet more NPC’s and PC’s through out the RPG, such as humans and more of your kind.


You’re Dragons can look like anything, but they can’t be over powering. They have the same element as you do so be creative. Whilst they are in doors with you they can transform into smaller beings of themselves, be this something that can walk at your side or ride on your shoulder, so you can take them anywhere. At night they will return to the fields where they are look after by the Turner family and protected by the McGlinchee twins.

Your Dragons were linked to you at birth and have lived with you through out your normal life and now your school life, this is what determined which school you went to (as will be explained below). You will work together with your Dragon and you basically aim towards the same goal unless the dragon disagrees with you strongly enough. The relationship you have is up to you. You can be best friends or take a more dominant approach (your Dragon control you or vice versa). Either way you are never too far apart or else you will grow week.

These are the elements you can choose from and both you and your dragon will control. But remember that you do not properly know how to use it yet so don’t over power it. I do not want more than two people to each element:

Fire: Use the power of hot flames to physically attack your opponent. (ACC-M, Narutard, Silver Tail 1 SPACE LEFT)
Ice: Use the power of snow and ice to freeze your enemies in they’re tracks. (Shadowfaith and Animadversion 2 SPACES LEFT)
Water: Use this watery power to drown your enemies and trap them. (Rena 3 SPACES LEFT)
Earth: Use this strong power to crush your targets. (Silver Tail, Gummy 2 SPACES LEFT)
Lightning: Use this energy to stun and shock those that oppose you. (Rena 3 SPACES LEFT)
Poison: Use this power to slowly damage your foes. (Lily, Trainer Kat, Sweet Dreams 1 SPACE LEFT)
Psychic: Use this power to air your friends, read minds and pick up objects. (Dactylus, Lemon Tea 2 SPACES LEFT)
Air: Use this power to slash and cut at your foes flesh. (Random Fan, Kansas, Shadowfaith and Sandslash 10 TAKEN)
Dark: Use the shadows to do your bidding. (Willt, Brad and Animadversion 1 SPACE LEFT)
Light: Use your healing powers to aid friends and blind enemies. ( Krainer Kat 3 SPACES LEFT)

Different Schools

Like I said before, you were linked to your Dragon and this determined your school. Well there are a total of five schools across the world and they are as follows:

Draconia: Located in America, this school’s students are born linked to a Dragon.
Phenia: Located in Europe, this school’s students are born linked to a Phoenix.
Kitsukata: Located in Japan, this school’s students are born linked to a Kitsune.
Griffinia: Located in Australia, this school’s students are born linked to a Griffin.
Unikata: Located in Affrica, this school’s students are born linked to a Unicorn.

You will be visiting these schools as well as meeting they’re students through out the RPG. YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF DRACONIA, THE OTHER SCHOOLS ARE JUST THERE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

Houses and Years

You will all start out in the same year regardless of age, one because it’s easier and two because age doesn’t matter when it comes to how well you act in both the RPG and in real life. But you will be split into houses, there are four in total and I do not want more than five per house. It works out equally for the amount that is aloud to join. If there are odd numbers, I may ask you to move around a little.

The houses are as follows along with a description of the qualities a student needs to enter the house. So work your character partially around the house you choose:

Fafnir: Brave and courageous, they would do anything for those they deem friends and would most certainly do anything to gain what they want in life. This house is lead by Mr Oliver Tolkien. (Silver Tail, Animadversion, Silver Tail(2), Shadowfaith (2), Sandslash 10- 2 SPACES)

Orochi: Power hungry and cunning, members of the Orochi house would do anything to have control or be noticed. This house is lead by Mrs Annette Hurfford. (Willt, Lily, Random Fan, Dactylus, Gummy, Sweet Dreams TAKEN)

Nidhogg: Smart and Patient, members of this house are clever and wise, but can also be very smug and cocky. This house is lead by Miss Adel Norman. (Shadowfaith, Lemon Tea, Trainer Kat, Kansas, Narutard, Rena and Thesis TAKEN)

Coca: Hardworking and kind, these Dracnonian’s know the true meaning of friendship and kindness, but can be rather naïve. This house is lead by Mr Thomas Cooper. (Animadversion, Rena, Trainer Kat 4 SPACES)

If you are unsure of anything, PM me =D

NOTE: The maximum amount of people that can join this RPG is 28, the elements and houses are odd numbers, but we will be going by houses, so when the spots for houses are full then the sign ups are no longer. Note that houses do not have to be full for me to start the RPG, so don't worry.

Sign ups

Name: (Creative please, first and last name)
Age: (11–18)
Species: (You can be anything within reason, if you don’t think it will be accepted then don’t put it, PM me if you are unsure)
Element: (Choose from the list)
House: (Choose from the list)
Description: (5+ lines)
Personality: (5+ lines)
History: (5+ lines)
Weapon: (Two maximum)
Other: (Anything else)

Name: (Be creative…nothing like Spot)
Description: (I will allow pictures for this one)
Personality: (5+ lines)
Other: (Anything else)


Shadowfaith: Kalima Noir, Element of Ice and member of Nidhogg
Shadowfaith: Kenai Magoichi, Element of Air and member of Fafnir
Animadversion: Fleur Blanche, Element of Ice and member of Coca
Animadversion: Seth Caanel, Element of Darkness and member of Fafnir
Willt: Rosalie Capp, Element of Darkness and member of Orochi
Silver Tail: Ka-to Touamua, Element of Earth and member of Fafnir
Silver Tail: Teishu Hyuu, Element of Fire and member of Fafnir
Lily: Lilia Cain, Element of Poison and member of Orochi
Random Fan: Kell Delovrits, Element of Air and member of Orochi
Dactylus: Evin “Sun Wukong” Kinsley, Element of Psychic and member of Orochi
Kansas: Zalisk Tiburon, Element of Air and member of Nidhogg
Lemon Tea: Renelle (Rena) Chagnue, Element of Psychic and member of Nidhogg
Trainer Kat: Luke Reynard, Element of Poison and member of Nidhogg
Trainer Kat: Jordan Reynard, Element of Light and member of Coca
Gummy: Clytemnestra (Chloe) Althea, Element of Earth and member of Orochi
Rena: Darya "Dasha" Kushinerova, Element of Lightning and member of Coca
Brad: Dante Xavious, Element of Darkness and member of Orochi
Thesis: James Fortunado, Element of Fire and member of Nidhogg
Narutard: Lyon Siegmund, Element of Fire and member of Nidhogg
Sweet Dreams: Cerulea Procella, Element of Poison and member of Orochi

Rena: Ahnzieg Pavlyuk, Element of Water and member of Nidhogg
Sandslash 10: Solana Barkington, Element of Air and member of Fafnir

Master Trainer Empoleon: Ray Steele, Element of Light and member of Fafnir
Blue Pikachu: ???, Element of Lightning and member of Orochi

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I remembered I had two characters, so I'll post them both. You can disregard the second one if things start to look too full.

Name: Fleur Blanche (Which translates to "White Flower")
Age: 15 physically, technically 16.
Gender: Female
Species: Yuki-onna (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuki-onna)
Element: Ice
House: Coca

Fleur Blanche, being a girl of the physical age of fifteen, maintains that cute, vibrant look of youth while showing signs of a maturing woman. She stands at about 5'6", and is very thin. Her hair, while long enough touch her waist and as straight as a ruler, is an icy blue colour that matches the shade of her eyes and lips. Her bangs hang over her forehead, but stop a few inches above her eyes. Her skin is white as snow, and dangerous to the touch. It holds a devastating cold that even makes the air around her chilling, and prevents her from ever feeling any warmth. Her clothes, however, contain a special chemical that prevents them from freezing, and allows contact without the person touching them to freeze instantly. The lower half of her outfit consists of the following: a long black skirt that falls to just above her knees, pastel blue and black striped leg warmers that follow from her black snow boots up until just below her knee, white nylon material covering the exposed skin between the skirt and leg warmers. The upper part of her outfit is first composed of a black and pastel blue beanie on her head, a pastel blue and black striped sleeveless shirt that was made for warmth, pastel blue and black arm warmers that reach just beyond her elbows, and white nylon covering in between the arm warmers and the shirt. The nylon also covers her hands and finger, and she has black, fingerless gloves over top. The outfit is essentially the one on this (http://www.patchworkpansy.com/yoritoospoiled3.jpg) doll, just with the nylon and obvious colour differences.

Fleur, despite her rough past and her nature as a Yuki-onna, fits the bill of member of the Coca house quite well. She has learned to control her malevolent side, and only requires to feed on life energy once a month as opposed to once every few days. Because of her unique condition, and because she is the only one of her kind, she is often shunned by everyone. Even when she wasn't a monster she was shunned at school, and the beatings from her father never helped anything. This has left a bit of a scar on her ego, and thus she is often shy, nervous and skittish around people, despite the fact that she wants to get along with them. She feels like she's an unneeded threat and burden to everyone around her. Even so, she is quite the scholar, for she uses her studies as a distraction from the real world. In retrospect, she is also quite naive and easy to manipulate, since she has a little grasp on the real world, and her quest for friends would probably have her do anything. Once she gets used to people and breaks out of her shell, she is a fun loving girl with a hunger for souls- er, I mean adventure, and she can be quite goofy.

Fleur was once a French Canadian human girl who lived with her father in Ontario. Her mother died when she was only three, leaving the man of the house to watch over his daughter by himself. He hated that girl, he blamed everything that was wrong with his life on her, and he eventually became a drunk because of it. With this, his sense of decency was thrown out the window and Fleur became subject to a beating at least once a week. All of this time, she was unaware of her purpose as a Draconian, as she had yet to meet the dragon she was linked with. She heard voices sometimes, however, from the pendant left behind to her from her mother, and she often talked. Despite this, she wore it at all times. On the night of her tenth birthday, after an unusually severe beating, one in which she bled and bled for hours, her mother's pendant began to glow furiously, a miniature blue dragon named Celsius appearing from the light. It explained to Fleur her purpose as a Draconian, and how they had been in each others hearts all this time. This gave her the strength to push forward, and so she did. She kept Celsius a secret from her father and continued with her usual, sad story of a child's life, taking the beatings until she turned fifteen.

As the year went by, her father's hate got stronger, and the beatings got worse. Out of absolutely nowhere, her father decided to take her to Japan for her fifteenth birthday, and he dragged her there against her own will. The first excursion they attended in Japan was a helicopter flight over some mountains. As if by her father's will, a blizzard began to kick up just below them, and the father then cut his daughter loose. He opened the helicopter door and pushed his daughter out, sending her plummeting into the cold, snowy blizzard below, screaming in a terrified manner until she hit the ground and a majority of her bones shattered. This was the end of the human Fleur, a version of her that would never be seen again. She felt her flesh and blood freezing as death began to take hold of her soul. At this moment in time, so many feelings of hate for and thoughts of revenge against her father swirled through her mind. She tried to cry, but the tear only froze upon penetrating the air. Her hate became her savior, as an inhuman woman had been watching the girl. This woman was the snow, she was the ice, she was the Yuki-onna, and she understood Fleur's feelings of revenge. The Yuki-onna, tired of her eternal life haunting the snow, decided to give the girl her soul. The last thing Fleur saw before passing out was this woman kneeling down in front of her, and kissing her upon the lips, the cold consuming her body.

Fleur awoke one week later, and the first thing she saw was her dragon, Celsius, staring down at her. This was the first time she had seen Celsius in a full sized manner, so she was quite shocked. The girl wasn't sure why, but her whole body was freezing cold, like there was no blood running through her veins to keep it warm. She sat up and looked around, finding she was in the middle of a snowy field amidst the mountains. Celsius urged her to have a look at herself, and gave her a small piece of reflective ice to hold. Fleur tried to cry at what she saw, but every tear froze upon touching her skin. She was no longer human, that much was obvious. Her skin, which used to be so full of colour was now snow white, so much that it blended in perfectly with the snow on the ground. The skin was ice cold to the touch, and she could tell that there was no blood pulsing through her veins. Her hair, eyes, nails, and lips had taken on a cold, icy blue colour that stood out against her skin, but not too much. She was still wearing her clothing, but they had become frozen solid thanks to the weather. After her examination was finished, her new identity, along with various instincts popped into her head. She was a Yuki-onna, a frozen spiritual being of which once was Fleur, destined to live trapped in this cursed form forever. Over the following few weeks, she became more comfortable with her new form. Most of her new lifestyle was instinctive. It wasn't required of her to eat or drink, but rather she fed upon the life force of the living. Normally it was animals, but once she came across a lost man, and tricked him into thinking she was a lost girl. After he was convinced of that, it was easy to take the life force she needed, leaving the man a frozen corpse to be consumed by the snow. She also found that her body was so cold, physical contact with most things was futile. Water froze upon contact, and she zapped a majority of the heat out of any living creature she touched. The only exception was Celsius, who she could touch and ride as much as she wanted without the dragon feeling uncomfortable. This life was a lonely one, however, and despite the knowledge that she was a danger to most people, she wanted to live amongst people once again. Celsius made her aware of Draconia, reminding her that her role of Draconian had not changed despite her new lifestyle, and that she would have to control herself upon doing so. Therefore, the two departed for the school a year after the incident, Fleur aware of all the things she'd have to do to stop herself from hurting others.

Fleur, for some reason, is capable of wielding an insanely large hammer with two hands. The shaft is white and 6' in length, while the head of the hammer is two sided, ice blue, and at least four feet long! She doesn't carry it around full sized, but instead can transport it via a charm she keeps in her pocket.

Name: Celsius
Gender: Female
Description: click (http://njoo.deviantart.com/art/White-Dragon-32000229). You imagination can hopefully fill in the rest.
Personality: Celsius, like ice, is quite cold indeed. Her responses are blunt, her concern for her Fleur seemingly non-existent, and she wants nothing more than to stay on task. Despite this, the two still get along quite well, and Fleur has gotten used to her dragon's constant lack of concern and rude comments. Celsius does have a positive side, she just tends to keep it hidden deep within her soul for the most part. Fleur believes that it's because of her own insecurities that her dragon acts this way, and that is quite possibly the truth of the matter, although there is no proof. The truth is, if the two had actually met each other a lot sooner, and if not for Fleur's freak fate changing event, they probably would be a lot closer emotionally and such, but alas that is not the case.

Name: Seth Caanel
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Reaper
Element: Dark
House: Fafnir

Reapers are required to wear a standard colour scheme: black, and Seth does nothing but follow this standard. In fact, it oftentimes looks like he's afraid of any colour at all when placed near his body. He's approximately 5'11" tall, his messy, three inch long black hair making him seem a little bit taller, especially when his hood is propped up because of it. Despite popular belief, reapers do appear as living humans, not gruesome skeletons dressed in black cloaks. Well, the black cloak part is true, the skeleton part was probably fabricated because the face could not be seen. Therefore, Seth does indeed wear a black, hooded cloak with a grey string that ties it around his waist, and the entirety of the cloak goes down to his feet that wear black shoes. His hood is almost ALWAYS up, shrouding his identity in mystery. For the most part, only the dead know his eyes are blood red, or that his hair is black, or that he isn't that bad looking for a being associated with death itself. In fact, he has a few fansouls.

At first glance, you wouldn't be able to identify Seth's true personality because he tries to keep himself hidden. Most wouldn't be aware that he is an extremely loyal friend, or that he has a soft spot for cute things, or that he has often stepped out of the line of his duty and prevented those about to die from being killed via murder or the like. No, nobody knows this about him, the just take care to stay the heck away from him because of how he appears. Seth is very ambitious, with his number one goal being to outgrow the shadow left behind by his father, who is regarded as one of the world's greatest reapers, and he'll do almost anything to to reach his goal. He has also proven to be very kind and sensitive, as displayed by his acts that have saved precious life in the past, although he was often scolded for such things. After all, his duty is to guide the souls of the dead. If he prevents death from occurring, who will he guide?

Seth was born and raised a reaper, one who guides the souls of the deceased unto a new life beyond the physical chains of our world. His father was a reaper, and so was his grandfather, and the chain continues. It's just in his blood. Each reaper also doubles as a Draconian, and as such Seth grew up with his own dragon at his side almost twenty-four seven. Reapers live in various forms of homes, depending on their assigned location and their age. After Seth turned twelve, he had no choice but to leave his home and live on his own. He chose to live in a large mansion, as his living costs were paid for by his family. By day, he would keep himself cooped up in his windowless study, learning about the world, for reapers are not fond of sunlight. During the night, he was charged with guiding the souls in his assigned section, which was located in America. Also during this time, he would train with his dragon and work on his combat ability, aware of his destiny to attend Draconia. Upon departing for Draconia, he had to place his area in control of his father while he is away.

Weapon: Seth, stereotypically, carrying a pitch black scythe that stands at a height of about 6'.

Name: Razyr
Gender: Male
Description: click (http://www.sweetwitch.de/Fantasiebilder/Black_Dragon.JPG)
Personality: Razyr is much like Seth, and a fitting steed indeed. They have been together since birth, and because of this, they have grown as close as two brothers would be. Unlike Seth, however, Razyr is a lot quieter and doesn't tend to ramble on about nothing. He is quite knowledgeable, and has a much firmer grasp on common sense than Seth does. Razyr, like his master, is also very keen on following rules with the odd rule that he's rather excuse himself from, such as with Seth and his occasional saving of a life. A lot of the time, Razyr is also lazy because he doesn't feel challenged, even when he really is being challenged. This often leads to squabbles between the two.

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Name: Darya "Dasha" Kushinerova.
Age: 12.
Gender: Female.
Species: Slavic fairie/Rusalka. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavic_fairies)
Element: Lightning.
House: Coca.

Description: Darya is described as a young woman who will go far in her life. Her skin is a gaunt shade of a pale peach and is dotted with an army of freckles from head to toe. Conquering the cheeks is an everlasting tint of pink that always seems to flush whenever she is feeling embarrassed or timid. Her body shape resembles a tall and very thin stick. Darya's hair is a dirty white and is gracefully curled in a subtle way. It reaches down to her mid-waist and may sometimes be assembled into a messy, low bun. These two typical qualities of a Slavic fairie. Her bangs reach down, obscuring her murky olive-tinted eyes. These refined eyes always seem to be lacking a radiant gleam and are staring down an other individual's shoes. Darya's attire consists of an onyx camisole as the lowest layer. A black-and-white top resembling a school uniform layers the camisole. The jacket consists of a white collar with one single ebony stripe through it, one carefully sewed on jet black button and gently buttoned. The sides of the jacket are are adorned with a single stripe. Darya's lower attire corresponds in a stylish way. She has a pleated skirt that is a plaid pattern and are the opposite colors of black and white. The skirt reaches down to mid-leg and covers up a portion of her gaunt legs. Darya always wears sensible shoes and as she says "Good shoes take you to good place." The shoes are black old-fashioned penny loafers, and they cover her knee-high pure white socks that Darya wears. One single accessory, two silver earrings pierced into her ears. An old-fashioned outfit describes Darya from head-to-toe; smart, sensible, and mature.

Personality: Did I say that Darya's outfit describes her personality? Actually, Darya's appearance of smart, sensible, and mature to first look is just a facade. Darya actually is a typical, what humans call "dumb blond (no offense to any blonds here!)," even though she is not blond. Darya's many examples is that first, she has a short-term memory and doesn't remember important details that she should know well. Darya is prone to tickling; even when the "ticklers," are a foot away. Whenever an annoying laugh trickles the whole campus, you shall know that it's Darya Kushinerova. Darya has made a "dormhold," name in the campus, and most people know about her. While goodly or badly, Darya does not know, she just interacts with anyone and everyone and attempts to start up a conversation. Darya is clumsy, she trips over rocks, objects, and even air. She just stands up; and laughs. Darya is not the brightest on the campus, but she is loyal and very outgoing; the definition of a "true friend," as some people say. Sometimes, Darya is spunky and will say some censored things to everyone, but don't let that fool you, she is actually a very gentle girl. Darya's naive nature comes from her Slavic Fairie mother, who was left at the alter by her lover and her spirit turned into a Slavic Fairie. The fairies have much control of men, and beautiful singing voice. They are also fierce warriors. Unfortunately, Darya has only gained half of powers and has the whole appearence, while her mother's naive nature also passed down to her. A spunky, clumsy girl like Darya is easy to be manipulated by others and may cause some trouble around the campus. But really, all you have to do is to befriend Darya and she will do anything for you, a great friend in the same of friendship.

History: Darya's mother; Hyacinth is a typical Slavic fairie. She is a delicate fairy-like creature who has the power to create storms (hence Darya's lightning affinity.) Hyacinth lived in the country land of Serbia and roamed around the ponds, forests, and rivers. There she met a human man named Stavros. Stavros was a handsome young man, with a gaunt smile that made the ladies fall all over him. Although, Stavros was what the humans called "a player," that that had no effect on Hyacinth as she fell in love with the young man. It was the wedding day; Hyacinth, transformed into a beautiful woman and was waiting for Stavros on the aisle, though he never came. Hyacinth was devestated, as she let out a terrible scream that braced the entire country. Little did Hyacinth know, was that an embryo by the name of Darya Kushinerova was in her stomach, a young two weeks.

Once Darya was born, Hyacinth tried her best to care to Darya's need, but she hardly came close. Without a father, Hyacinth couldn't do to much to help care for Darya. So, Hyacinth sent Darya to a foster home, where Darya has lived up until she has recieved the letter. During all these Dreadful year, Darya was shunned in this enviroment, but still tried to remain happy and cheerful. Just like she is now. Ever since being through all of these, Darya has understood the true meaning of friendship. That is when she met Thalassa. Thalassa was a bright young girl who was friends with everybody, and by everybody I mean even Darya. She made Darya come out of her shell and become even more of what she is today. Although, the foster mother, Eurydice, kept Darya and Thalassa away from each other, thinking that Darya was a bad influence for Thalassa. Eurydice was biased towards many of the children, and Thalassa was one of her favorite children. So breaking the last bit of contact between the two friends, Eurydice sent Thalassa away to a caring family. Darya was devastated of course, but for the remainder of time she stood by the dark wall of the home. That is, until she recieved the letter from the Draconian School of Mythology.

Weapon: Darya weapon of choice is a smooth metal baseball bat that she had found once in the tool shed of the foster home. Darya has always enjoyed swinging the bat around. It is a smooth black color, though is "decorated," by many stripes and paint splatter of white. Providing an "artistic," site for the "victim," to adore. When carried around, it is stored in a white very long cashmere bag. Or sometimes, it is hanging on Darya's shoulder.

Name: Ariadne
Gender: Female

Description: Ariadne has always been a average European dragon. Base of it frail, almost seeming anorexic. Though can become quite powerful. Overlaid with chartreuse scales, that seems to be like a canopy of spikes, prodigious and adamantine. Wings with a downy texture of leather, though to diminutive to enable the use of soaring the skies. Once again, they are a viridian color, comparing to the scales of Ariadne as well. Maroon fabric is tied upon her leg, signaling an ownership, does it? Ariadne has many exotic colorings; shaped into blobs that seem very much like paint splatters. Shades of colorings include fuchsia, turquoise, and celadon. Ariadne has a crest on her stomach; it's composed of a diamond outlining a diamond, in a lemon shade. Spikes grace the back of Ariadne, going into a mountain pattern; one petite, one elevated.

Personality: Ariadne is soft-spoken, and down to earth. Only speaking her opinion if it is absolutely necessary, she prefers to stay quiet, and let others do the talking for her. Ariadne usually depends on other people to keep her going, a form of co-dependency, and if that person were to ever leave, Ariadne would break down, and lose her mask. That person is the same girl that is linked to her; Darya Kushinerova. Ariadne's strong-willed, ice-queen demeanor is all an act to cover up her dependant nature. She appears as cool, calm, collected, and downright stoic to new people. Ariadne is one of the few people that call's Darya "Dasha," a feeble childish nickname that has no connection to the name "Darya." Most people will say that Ariadne is the polar opposite of Darya; cool, calm, mature, and cunning. With this "cunning," nature, Ariadne can coax many people into doing what her hearts desires. Ariadne cares very deeply for Darya and always tries to protect Darya. Actually, the only reason that Darya is alive right now is because of Ariadne. While Darya is the only reason that Ariadne is alive.

Other: Darya's pet name for Ariadne is "Ariiiiiii," (with the long "I.")

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Character I

Name – Kalima Noir

Title –White Fang

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Race –Anthro/ Elf
Typically and Anthro is a being who takes on the form of a half human half animal. In Kalima’s case this is of a wolf. An anthro has many tales of how it came into being; Kalima’s was one to talk about. Her father having been bitten by a werewolf when he was younger meant that he took on the same history. Her father then fell in love with a female elf and together they brought upon the birth of Kalima: A Lupine anthro.

Kalima’s particular species has the build of a human, but the characteristics of a wolf, that being a pair of wolf like ears, the piercing eyes surrounded by a dark frame, claws, a tail sprouting from the lower back and sharp canines. This will be described in more detail in the appearance section.

Element - Ice

House - Niddhog

Gender – Female

Age – 17, Kalima (even though she is part canine and part elf) is measured in human years because of her tendency to age physically as a human does.

Appearance – Kalima’s appearance is very compatible with her fragile name. She is tall and slender, with little to no muscle (which isn’t much of a loss for her because it is profitable for her agile nature), this is down to her mother’s racial traits, female elves were never known for their bulky figures and were always knows for their fragile and intoxicating beauty. Her skin is snow white, but not deathly so, in fact it adds to her beauty, but from afar many would think her to be a spirit or something otherworldly. Her eyes are a piercing amber colour, these in turn are narrowed and surrounded by black, much like that of a wolfs. Slender strands of Violet hair, specked with white fall like a curtain of silk to cover the haunting eyes, but most is kept at bay by a thick strand material of white material wrapped tightly around her forehead. Her hair however is not completely straight, it lays in a scrupled mass atop her head, jutting out in all manner of directions, the only straightness it has to it in fact, are the strands just behind her ears.

Accompanying her mother’s trademark pointed ears are another set, only these are a set of pure, white wolf’s ears. The ears are somewhat fluffy and mussed, but have a soft. Clean feel to them. Her mouth is home to two razor sharp canines, only present to the top row of her teeth, these fangs could easily draw blood without the slightest effort on Kalima’s part and many could fall prey to her sharp fangs and quick reflexes. Another thing to note about her facial appearance are the two sets of red painted lines on each cheek, to Kalima’s clan, these are a sign of a true and dedicated warrior.

Kalima’s other racial traits are the scruffy looking white tail that juts out from her lower back and the clean claws that fit the tops of both her fingers and her toes, there are even places, such as her ankles, her elbows and the back of her neck in which tuffs of white fur poke out from her skin, giving Kalima’s clearly beautiful appearance a slight edge to it.

Another thing to note about Kalima’s appearance is the black, tribal tattoo that runs from her right thigh, all the way up to the left hand side of her neck. This is something Kali was born with, it was not given to her by anyone, so really speaking calling it a tattoo would be wrong, this is more of a birthmark to Kali.

Kalima wears a white, short sleeved top (in which the top two buttons are always undone) and a pair of loose fitting three-quarter length black trousers. Across her chest she has thrown a brown leather belt with a gold buckle which holds a great, brown sheath which holds her katana in place. Around her waste is a matching brown leather belt, like the one thrown around her chest. The outfit isn’t very flattering, but Kalima does not care, it is not relevant to how well one does in battle. But for casual time’s she does wear a white strap top underneath the long sleeved top, which is flattering to her upper body and is especially cool when in the summer days.

The bottom of her legs are wrapped in the same white material as is around her forehead and upon her feet she wears nothing but the same white material so that she is not held down by any sort of weight at the bottom of her body, though when not in battle, she does carry a pair of brown, clumpy boots which are held by a thick strand of string to the belt around her waist, just in case it comes the time to cross mountainous paths, the boots however have small holes in the front to allow her claws to poke through freely.

Like the bottoms of her legs, her forearms are also wrapped in material, only this time they are not white but black and finish off in a pair of tight fitting brown gloves, wearing these gloves does protect her knuckles from harsh blows, but her punches are not as effective when they are in this state. Like the boots, these also have holes in them for her claws to be set free, leading to more of a blow. Around her neck is a beautiful elven charm made of silver and shaped like a leaf, this was a gift from her mother to her and she wears it always.

Kali, being an anthro, can transform into her wolf form. It comes naturally, but her fighting skills are weaker. In this form Kali takes on the form of a roughish looking wolf. Light blue in colour wish deep Sapphire eyes. The wolf has the same curved carving of Kalima’s sword running along its body and looks to be quite serine and friendly, or at least looks as if it could not be any trouble, but when it is angry it will sharply turn from being a serine looking canine to a menacing hell hound.

Personality – Kali was never much of a people person, always brushing up on her skills, never having time to socialize with others, too concentrated on getting her martial arts skills in top condition. The only one she treated with any sort of respect was her sensei. She spoke with him about her problems and was very open to him only; she remained closed to everyone else around her after leaving her parents. What was once a fun loving young child was transformed into an ice cold sculpture of a woman and because of this many people don’t know what to make of her. Kali always puts her duty before anything else, including her life, to her putting her life in danger for a mission is no problem at all and to many it seems that she would even put the lives of others after her duty.

But Kali was not raised so harshly. She was taught to always put her duty first, but her first duty would be to protect the innocent souls around her, including that of wildlife, because of her anthro nature, the only place she feels safe and wanted is in the enclosure of the wilderness, if Kali were trying to rid her mind of something, it would certainly be done in the warm embrace of the wilderness. Kali may seem heartless and stone cold, but she does have a warm heart and emotions. In fact there is not a day that passes that Kali does not think of her parents and her little brother. She may not show much emotion to anyone else, but to the right people or when she is left alone, Kali can come across as a very confused and lonely young woman, she has tried desperately to find her parents and has not come close to anyone in case she has to lose them too. What Kali needs is for someone to share her pain and be there for her, but she has not found anyone yet who has wanted to even attempt to getting close to her.

Kali is a lone wolf and does not do well working as a team, but if it means that the job will be done and she can be on her way, she will put up with anything, but she will not be happy about it. Though very few people have witness it, Kali has been known to smile and laugh, but this is a rare occasion and consider yourself honoured that she will do it genuinely, not in a sarcastic sense as she normally does. By no means is Kali untrustworthy, she will do as told and will gladly put her life in danger for others, but not one person has been brave enough to befriend this one, but Kali is not incapable of being friendly, one just needs to spend the time to get to know her and gain her trust.

On first impression, Kali would seem to be ruthless and uncaring of anyone and anything. Completely un-befriendable and cold hearted. One would think that she would put the lives of other in danger to achieve her goal and even go as far as murdering someone in the process if need be. She seems to be a character no one would dare get close to her in case they mix with the wrong crowd. Her appearance does not help one bit either, her rather roughish and flustered appearance would drive off the toughest of character. She travels alone and asks for help off of no one, she is a character that young kids would find to be ‘cool’ in her own weird way and would aspire to be like because of her roughish and uncaring attitude, they would even try to talk to her and befriend her, but parents would drag them away and tell them never to get close to her again in fear that she may put them in danger. All in all, Kali is the silent wanderer; she comes and goes without a trace.

Weapons – Silver Fang: This is Kailima’s most prized possession, a sleek, smooth Katana made of the finest silver. It is about three-quarter’s of Kalima’s body length and is as light as a feather, which also makes it fragile if used in an uncaring matter. The blade was designed to slice through enemy flesh gracefully without much force; the blade is sharpened enough so that Kalima does not have to use much force to be able to use her weapon. The silver blade is encrusted with sapphire, curving its way up the body of the sword to the hilt. The hilt is then made out of sturdy black leather which is encrusted with one singular sapphire in the centre. The history of this blade is a simple one; it was made for her by a friend of her senseis to fit Kalima’s character perfectly. The Sapphires were taken from a rare stone found in the mountainous regions of the snow lands of Avalon, Kalima herself was sent to get this stone as a test of courage and strength, but little did she know that the sapphire would be used to make the weapon she would be attached to for the rest of her life.

History –
Kali’s ‘life’ began when she was six. Before this age, Kali had lived her life as any normal child would...well partially normal child. She had grown up in the snow lands of Avalon, a small plane of snow land completely surrounded with high mountains and snowy forests. She was home schooled by her mother, an elven woman from the forests of Malowind which lay far, far to the south of where she lived now. After she had fallen in love with a werewolf from the same forest, Deity fled from the forest, giving up her life to be able to be with the one she loved. You see if you were born an elf in the land of Malowind, you were not allowed to leave or else you would lose your immortality. But Deity had a baby on the way and she could not bear living a life of secrets around her people. The pair fled far, through many villages and overcame many hardships. Kali’s mother had given birth to her along the way in an inn they had passed in a small village towards the centre of the land called Linderdale. The land was home to a small village of people who lived in the shadows of grand city to the west, not far from where they’re humble village lay. Frederic, Kali’s father, swore to them that he would return one day with an army of many to save them. The village elder mearly shook his head and lay a hand on his shoulder, instructing him to forget of the place and live life as well as they could with they’re new born child. The family left the sorrowful people to they’re mere existence, but till this day Frederic has not forgotten them.

Months past until the family reached a land far from home. A small village at the very bottom of a huge mountain, this was Avalon. Here they raised they’re anthro child who in time had become one with the ice around her. At the age of three, Kali let out a small sneeze which in turn turned to ice and from that day onwards, the couple knew that they’re child was destined for much greater things. They did not know what, but they’re child was not normal...but for the time being they treated her as any other. Kali played with the kids her age, learned of many myths and legends and grew to become an intelligent child who was one with nature. For her remaining three years she would wander from the village and climb a small part of the mountains, greeting animals and catching fish in the river that flowed down its centre without a fishing rod. The girl was wondrous, but was treated no differently to anyone else. Once a month her mother and herself were forced to lock her father in the basement for his transformation. Kali remembered crying every time over the awful sounds her father made, but her mother would hold her tight and promised her that her father would be back in no time at all, and to this the tears would stop flowing.

Yes, until the age of six her life was peaceful and meaningless, this was until one fateful morning a shadow walked down over the top of the mountain tops, shrouded in a shawl of material to hide his features from the cold. The figure used his cane to knock on the door of the quaint family and to this young Kali answered, looking up at the figure with confusion in her eyes. It wasn’t before he asked if her parents were there, that Kali’s ears perked and she ran off in side in search of her parents. They immediately invited the stranger in to escape the harsh cold and to this the man was eternally grateful. You see, the man could have easily had been a thief or worse, but Deity and Frederic were too kind to say no. Fortunately, the man was the complete opposite. He was a monk from the mountains who had heard tell tale that a creature of magic lived in the very village. You see even though the land is one of myths, legends and magic, it is very rare for one to come across a human (or half-breed) that could use magic, in fact it was a legend in itself.

He explained that the elder had been in touch with him by means of an eagle. The monk had travelled far over the mountain tops in search of this young magic user and wished to take her away so that he could train her in becoming more in tune with her abilities. Kali’s parents knew that one day something would cross they’re paths that would lead to them loosing Kali, but never did they think it would be this soon. But never the less there was little they could do, after all they were not one with magic so they could not teach her and if she did not learn, there was always a chance that her magic could destroy her one day by over powering her if she could not control it. They accepted and Kalima was given the day to bid farewell to her parents and after many tears, the young girl and the monk set off across the harsh mountains towards a temple in which Kali would learn to harness her skills and fight for what she thought was right.

The harsh mountainous range was her first test, it was hard for one so young to overcome the cold and the young one found herself riding atop the man’s shoulders for a great deal of time, but he explained that when she had mastered her abilities, she could control even this bitter coldness. Upon arrival at the temple, Kali saw that it was not just her who had been summoned here, there was a mass of students. She had though magic was rare, but there were so many students! Her sensei explained that even though there were allot of people here, it was nothing compared to the millions of other people in the world. This was only a handful compared to that. Kali only rumpled her nose. The temple had trained many magic users, some much older and in tune with their abilities to her, but the monk explained that Kali was different, many of the pupils here did not possess such great opportunity as her, for Kali had other skills and abilities ready to be discovered.

Many years of hard training passed and Kali still remembers the first time she had been able to conjure an icicle in broad day light and still remembers her first transformation from human to wolf. She was not 14 and she sat before the monk elders waiting to go on a mission that would determine if she was ready to go out on her own or not. She had accumulated to being the top student in the temple because of her unique heritage. Her ability to go from human to wolf was outstanding and her speed surpassed anyone’s. But this was a test of maturity and skill. She was to go back to her home village and find a special rock in the mountains of Avalon that was encrusted with Sapphires. Her heart leapt into her throat, she was to go back home? But her parents wouldn’t know her in this form! But...she would get to see them again. She had little choice but to accept and the day after her kit was packed and she was making her way over the harsh mountains like she had done those may years ago. From the peak she could see the outline of her village, but first she was to gather the stone. Treading deep into the mountains, she found a cave glowing blue. Completely awe struck by its beauty, she did not realise the shadow creep up on her from the depths. She only just missed the gapping jaws of a sapphire snake that had slyly made its way upon her in hopes of a tasty snack. As quickly as she could, Kali dub into her pocket and retrieve a knife. Closing her eyes and concentrating she could see the vulnerable spots on the snakes body and with one quick and flawless move, she jabbed the snake just under its jaw line, paralyzing it. It seemed the snake was only protecting the Sapphires. Kali took pity on the creature and let it be. The effect would wear out soon enough and so she quickly gathered the rocks and made her way out.

Looking down from above, the village was closer than ever. But she could not bear it. For her parents to look at her will unfamiliar eyes, she bravely turned her back on her past and hiked over the snowy mountains once again, back to her future.


Name: Diego
Gender: Male
Description: (I will allow pictures for this one
Personality: Diego is pretty much like Kali. He's loyal, very dutiful and mature. He doesn't like wasting time or doing pointless activities and is pretty much the same as Kali in the fact that he is rather cold and uncaring, if it weren't for Kali he would care for no one. He's calm, cool and colected and would much rather spend his time either doing missions or spending time with his only interest (Kali).
Other: (Anything else)

Character II

Name: Kenai Magoichi

Title: Quickster

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Anthro

Element: Air

House: Fafnir

Description: Kenai has short dirty blonde hair with brilliant hazel eyes, which in combination give him an almost charming and boyish look. His hair is spiked up in all manor of directions and layered so that the bangs cup his face somewhat giving him an unkempt look. A pair of brown bound goggles lay atop his head to keep the unwanted mess out of his eyes and therefore strengthening his eyesight for shooting. He has slightly tanned skin and a healthy physique, not overly muscled or else he would not be able to jump as high as he can, but enough so as he can woo the women with. His normal attire consists of a baggy white top which always has the most part of his buttons undone to show off his toned chest. His lower half is covered by a pair of baggy blue jeans which are then tucked into a pair of clumpy brown boots with silver clasps and around his waste is an abnormal brown leather belt with a matching silver buckle. To protect his hands from getting damaged by holding his preferred weapon he wears a pair of brown leather gauntlets which cover his forearms and are fingerless to allow him more freedom in movement, these are then decorated with silver armour like substance which give Kenai that extra protection.

Kenai also comes prepared with a brown backpack with which he carries key accessories and his brown leather jacket in. The jacket is designed like a typical western one with multiple pockets and is tight fitting with silver clasps and only comes to around Kenai’s waist. A brown belt is thrown across his chest so that he may hold is gun in place and around his forearm is a small tribal tattoo band; a rabbit tattoo is also located on his back which he rarely shows off unless it is warm weather and he takes his shirt off. Kenai’s gun is a long barrelled, mahogany shot gun with which he carries ammo for in the small pouch at his hip or in his backpack. His most prized possession other than his gun is his brown cowboy hat which either sits neatly atop his head, or hangs around his shoulder blades by the string around his neck.

Now for his abnormal traits: He has a pair of long light brown hare ears that sprout from the top of his head and and a rather long tail sprouts from his lower back, this is light brown and black in tolor and at the tip splits into two parts. The tail is large enoughto wrap around his waste once. His feet are bigger than avarage and ar light brown in colour with fur replacing flesh. They are huge and can easily squash a full sized rabbit. His eyes are shraper than normal, making him a good marksman.

Personality: He’s overconfident cocky and is very well in tune with the fact that he is a mythological savior. He hates being told what to do and always replies with ‘I got it, I got it’ that is until he manages to do something wrong and hops back to his teachers with is head bowed low apologising. He’s very friendly and keen on getting to know people, especially the ladies. He’s quite the charmer when it comes to the women and will never pass up the chance to flirt with a girl or two when given the opportunity, he fancies himself as a bit of a lady’s man, but he doesn’t do it in the smarmy and sleazy way most people do, in fact he manages to do it properly and has captured quite a few hearts along the way. He’s charming and appears to be quite innocent, which in all fairness to him he is and doesn’t really understand the fact that h hurts people when he flirts continuously, in fact he doesn’t really mean to flirt, it normally just comes across that way, when in fact he’s only being friendly.

Although he is quite the talker and can easily make friends, Kenai is quite sarcastic and likes to mock those he knows are weaker than him, which normally gets him into a little bit of trouble when it comes to those who are just as soar of looser ‘s as he is. He hates it when he looses and considers it a great blow to his pride and will normally sulk for a few hours until he regains his control and is ready to practice again. All in all, Kenai is a fun loving young man with all intentions of unlocking his full power and potential and will stop at nothing until he has achieved it. He’s quite the mix of characters, but at the end he’s still quite an innocent young lad.

Weapon: Long barreled shot gun.

Other: N/A


Name: Taija
Gender: Female
Personality: Taija has a heart of gold and the patience of a sain to be able to put up with such a high spirit like Kenai. She's a mother figure to the young lad and though it can be a daunting task at time, she enjoys it and doesn't of him as a burden. She would protect him with her very being and would never let harm fall upon him if she could help him. She is a kind hearted and trustworthy spirit.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 19th, 2008, 6:12 PM
Name: Ray Steele
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Half Human/Half Elf
Element: Light
House: Fafnir

Description: Ray is half Human and Half Elf. He has gold hair and gold eyes. Ray is about 6 feet 2 inches. He also has a medium athletic build. Since Ray is half Elf, he has long, pointed ears. Ray also has an X scar on the left side of his face. The origin of that scar was part of his rigorous training. Ray's skin is a medium tan color. He has piercing Gold eyes that can intimidate if directly stared at. Most of Ray's body is scarless and his fingernails are trimmed. Ray can be described as "handsome" or "good-looking."

He often wears a silver chain with a dragon on it and is almost never seen without it. Ray also wears two silver loop earrings in both of his ears. Ray also has a trimmed, clean-cut, goatee which compliments his slick, golden hair. He also wears a black t-shirt that has a picture of a White Dragon on it. Ray also wears Black jeans and White Sneakers and if you look on Ray's hand you will be sure to see a silver ring on his Right ring finger. It is a beautiful ring with Dragons cut into the design. Ray ALWAYS wears it. Ray also has a few scars on the back of his legs, but are often unseen. He has no scars on his arms or back.

Personality: Ray is a brave and strong-willed person, he always fight for truth and for what he thinks is right. He also doesnt mind arguing with someone. He also have extreme courage as well, considering that he will risk his life no matter the circumstance and save lives. Ray is also someone who never backs down from a challenge or run away from a fight. He can be considered kind and genrous at heart, but sometimes will not show his emotions. Ray is someone who gets down to business and who takes his job seriously. He does have a softer and more light-hearted side, but is shown occasionally. In the end though, Ray is someone anybody would want on their side.

History: Ray was born to a Human Mother and an Elf Father. His father was an alumnus at The Draconian School and is actually pretty well known among the teachers and students who know about the History of the school. Ray was born in a remote forest somewhere in The Ukraine. He lived with both of his parents and was a happy little boy. His father however, saw something within Ray and he knew that Ray was no ordinary Child. THen one fateful day, Ray's Mother died of a mysterious illness. His father who was saddedned and distraught from his wife's death, decided to move away from the forest and to America.

Ray and his father moved to the countryside and bought a farm with many acres of land. Ray and his father were pretty well off. On Ray's 10th birthday his father presented him a golden dragon egg. Many weeks later, it hatched into a beautiful baby dragon. Ray later named the dragon Thain. Ray's father taught Ray the basic rules and history of Dragon Riding. Ray also knew how to ride his dragon a little bit but not much. Then, another fateful day occured and Ray's father mysteriously disappeared and only a note was left. It said, "Ray, whhen you see this letter,I'll already be long gone. Don't worry about me,I will be fine."

Under that note, a Shortsword was found. That Shortsword became Ray's Main Weapon. Now 17, Ray decided to enter the Draconian Academy.
Ray also realised that he and Thain held the power of Light. He could use Light based attacks and could heal his teammates. Ray knew he had to learn how to control his powers and to find his father. Ray also knew his destiny as a Draconian and readily accepted it.

Weapon: Shortsword
Ray uses this Shortsword when he does Melee attacks and when he fights on top of his dragon. This Shortsword is a shiny silver color and has a picture of a sun with its ray of light designed on the blade It also has a golden handle on it.

Other: Ray is known to have an IQ of over 180, but rarely shows it due to his quiet personality.

Name: Thain
Gender: Male
Description: Thain is a beautiful and elegant dragon. He has golden scales and silver fangs. Thain also has beautiful silver eyes. If you take one look at Thain, you would think that he was something an angel created. Thain has Golden CLaws with Silver tips. Thain has a Skinny dragon body but with long, silver wings. He also has an Elegant voice but doesn't say much.

Personality: Thain is an outspoken and deceitful dragon. He also does whatever his Human Prtner tells him to do. He is protective of Ray. Thain also has that "badass" attitude. He likes to do things the violent way, but Ray usually tells him not to. Thain sometimes doesn't like to listen to reason and will often cause arguments between the two. In the end, the firends would usually make up and move on. Thain also spend a lot of his freetime sleeping and usually wakes when he is called upon by Ray. So Thain can also be considered very loyal dragon nonetheless.

Other: Thain is also quite fond of eating Goblins.

This is my RP Sample

This is an excerpt from a battle from Zelda Universe I haven't really participated in many RPs on this site.

Flame Demon ran down the first hall and that's when I trap set off. A barrage of chains covered his legs and started to drag him into the wall. His hands lit up and shouted "Phoenix Fists!" and melted the chains. He then ran down the next hall on the right. Flame Demon came upon another trap,but was ready for this one. Poison-tipped arrows shot out of the wall. Flame Demon dodged most of thm and sliced two of them in half with Red Glory. He came to what looked like a very large hallway. Flame Demon thought about his next move. "Hmm...I should wait and ambush the next fighter that comes in this way." Little, did Flame Demon know,this someone had watched him melt the trap and has tailed him ever since. Flame Demon knew in order to get to the room,he ad to knock off his opponents to reduce the competitin. Flame Demon spilit Red Glory into two daggers and crouched behind the corner. Flame demon knew that this was going to be a tough fight. It also began to worry him. "What if they're stronger than me?" or "What if I die?"Keigo then thought," That's nonsense,prepare for battle."

Flame Demon drew his blades and stared down his opponent. his opponent was a cat-like mage and seemed to used White Magic. "Well...if it isn't Keigo the flame demon." The mage said with a smirk. This pissed Flame Demon off big time and he charged at the mage only to be knocked back by a blast of light. "Damn." said Flame Demon as he quickly got up and slashed the mage with his daggers. Flame Demon then yelled, "Hellfire Blades!" as the flames covered his daggers. The Rogue ran up the wall of the chamber and did a 360-degree spin,thus making a flaming whirlwind.
The Mage crashed into the wall, however the mage was not phased much by the attack. Flame Demon glared at the Mage as the two fighters charged at each other, starting what would be known as one of the most epic battles of all time.

April 19th, 2008, 6:34 PM

Name: Rosalie Capp (( Rose – a – Lee // Cap ))
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Element: Dark
House: Orochi


Topaz fills her eyes with sheer brilliance and that is what stops you dead in your tracks. The contrast of her golden blonde hair against her pale, transparent skin is what makes you want her. The seemingly colorless shade in her smile and the gesture of approach brings to her. Then you are dead. Those are the three things she uses to kill mortals. Vampires, like carnivorous flowers, use their beauty to attract their prey. This technique works on the average human, but not most Draconians, for they know if there is no direst eye contact there will be no affect on you. She is easy to overtake if you do not gaze. Rosalie doesn’t kill that many humans though, only the ones that will taste exceptionally well. (It took years but she has learned to keep the blood lust to a minimum.) She is about average height with most of her classmates and those her age. Her fingernails are kept long like a witches; they are painted a dark red color. Her fangs are not as long as normal vampires would; they are just a little bit long than a human. Her hair lies below half backs length, she has no bangs. Since she as a desire to feel above all else her cloths tend to be fancier than others; wearing frilly and elegant dresses even to the most dirty of classes. She likes wearing dark colors, things like red and black. She finds it more intimidating than lighter colors, but doesn't mind wearing lighter colors.


Rosalie will blow you off in a style of sexy arrogance that will make you beg to be her friend. She likes no one, and only pretends to when there is something for her. Because of her extreme beauty and cool attitude she is easily one of the most popular girls in school. She is not a people person and likes to work solo. She has no friends, but many people who think they are her friend. She might hate everyone but they don’t hate her, most find her very likable. If you are kind to her she doesn’t care. If you betray her she’ll get you back; sometimes with her bodyguard-ish “boy friends”, but most of the time with her words. She’ll burn you to tears before you can even say, “My hair is not ugly”. She used to use her exquisiteness to attract humans. It takes three steps: Her eyes are what transfix you. Her hair makes you want her, and a ‘come here’ hand motion makes you approach her. If you don’t look into her eyes then the effect will be useless. All students know this, except first years; she doesn’t take advantage of them, however. Very rarely, and as difficult as it may seem, she can be sweet and maybe even sensitive.


Rosalie was born into a family of cross-species. Her sweet and loving mom being human and good ole dad was a vampire. The day Rosalie was born was the day her mom died. Rosalie’s father, Lucius Capp, convinced Rosalie that it was all her fault for her mother’s death. It wasn’t though. The truth is Lucius slaughtered her, because she bore a non vampire child.

Lucius was forced to do his own dirty work since Rosalie tainted with human blood. He put two vicious wounds in her neck. It is said the transformation to a vampire is the worst burning pain you will have for the rest of your immortal life. The torture has killed even the strongest men, so it was a phenomenon that Rosalie even survived.

Over the years of her life Rosalie was forced to heavily study everything about the vampire race. Everything from the history of the first vampires to why blood drinking is important, she learned it. Her father also told her from the age of one that vampires are the superior breed of the world and that someday the dream of their domination would be accomplished. Lots of vampires believe in that theory. The first account of the philosophy was recorded by Ausean the Gray in 3000 b.c. Since then a whole faction has been designed known as The Ehre. The sole purpose was designed to fight for what all the vampires have longed for. Rosalie and Lucius were profoundly involved with The Ehre. Rosalie has only killed a few times, though. She spent most of her time watching her father rip people to strings of meat. She isn’t strong enough to kill grown adults, or people a few years older than her for that matter.

Vampires are supposedly impervious machines of immortality. That however has been deemed untrue by Rosalie. When she was eleven she watched her own father expire in front of her eyes. A dark December that was. A woman lich had the honor of taking his last breath; a woman that Rosalie had never met before. Rosalie found her familiar though. She even thought of the ghost as extraordinarily gorgeous, and that was something she had never said about anyone.

After her father’s death Rosalie was taken in by a petite old woman. The lady, who went by the name of Juliet, was also a vampire, but Rosalie never found a spec of beauty in her. She, unlike every other vampire, did not feed on human blood. Though it was not as satisfying, she and Rosalie drank the juice of the animals. Soon Rosalie learned self-control when it came to eating. They devised a type of pills the contained dried blood in them for Draconia since most likely there would no animals roaming the hallways. She takes the capsules once a month; since she is immortal chowing-down is not a necessity.


Rosalie wields a small unadorned sword that is rarely ever used. Most of the time fangs are the weapon of choice. If she does use the sword though she is very skilled with it, the last thing you’ll see is the shimmer of light, then darkness.


Name: Pryderi
Gender: Male
Description: Yay for pictures! (http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/8238/dragonserpentwy0.jpg)

Personality: Pryderi is pretty much Rosalie in lizard form. It loves no one, including his owner. Rosalie uses a dictator like method of inspiring fear in Pryd, as she calls him, to make him obey like a monkey. He is ruthless and cruel to other dragons, and has no friends. Unlike Rosalie people do not seem to like him. He’s dull gray color is not very attractive. He doesn’t like working with Rosalie, she forces him to. He is agile but not the strongest dragon around.

April 19th, 2008, 6:54 PM
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Name: Kinazi Nekura
Age: 16
Species: Anthro [Cougar]
Element: Dark
House: Nidhogg

Name: Kurasa
Gender: Male

April 19th, 2008, 7:14 PM
Hope if it's ok if I make 2 characters. I do this as to have a little more variety &....'meat' to my posts. Please note that I can hold 2 characters perfectly well and not get confused or ignore one.

Name: Ka-to Touamua (Kay-Toh Toah-Muay)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Earthmancer
Element: Earth
House: Fafnir
Description: Ka-to stands an enormous(for a human) 7' tall. He has long, silver-ish hair with a dark-grey fringe over his left eye. Bolth eyes are a dull onyx in color, while the rest of his face is unkown. This is because he wears a T-shirt with a high collar. The shirt and collar have a crimson, plate-like front, each side having a single zipper on the chest. The plate ends right before a neon green hoodie-pocket, crimson patches to either side of the pouch, while the rest of the shirt is a dark grey in color, minus the green patches on his sleeves. He wears a studded black belt holding up his dark grey pants, which have neon green pockets, and black cuffs and stripes along the thighs. The pants are bound with crimson bands and he wears dark-grey, metal-like shoes. To complete the outfit he wears crimson, almost-fingerless gloves. Almost due to the fact that the middle finger is fully covered with black material, which also covers the knuckles and cuffs. (you will never see his face. Ever.) Also expect to see him with a strange, orange-clad, japanese romance novel from time to time, especially when his collared-shirt is being washed.

Personality: Ka-to is very a very vocal person. Despite the fact that he dose not talk. At all. Ths however, dose not mean that he will not show his opinion, as he isn't afraid to stand up for who, or what, he believes is right. This gentle giant also loves romance, comedy, and cooking, as you can usually find him reading that orange-clad Japanese romance novel of his. The reason he reads the book could be one of many, be it the fact that the large crimon "R" on the back lables him as a pervert, or that he wants to find true love. we will never know. The only reason he dislikes the school is that he is not allowed into the kitchen to help cook, and is going to keep trying to get in there to help mix things up a bit. Ka-to has an uncanny ability to communicate through sounds, expressions, and motions when apart from his partner, although not everyone can pick up on what he means. If necissary he will write down his idea for everyone to read.

History: Ka-to was actually born and raised in Japan, but, due to his being bonded with a dragon, he was sent to Draconia. This is because his parents were Americans, who had moved to japan on a long, LONG term mission after graduating. A mission that actually took him six years of his life. During that time he was able to make friends, and learn bolth english and japanese, although he never talked. It was discovered one night at dinner that his dragon could talk for him, and since then he has been ka-to's 'interpreter' since. Ka-to helped them often before getting his letter to Dracoinia, and part of him wonders why it took them so long to get it to him, as he had returned from Japan to America when he was twelve.
His best classes are: care for magical creatures, survival, magic and elements protection against dark creatures.
He is moderately good in geography, skills and combat, and dragon flight and teamwork.

Weapon: A large hammer and any cooking utensil.
1: As ka-to is part earthmancer, he can change small sections of landscape by using quick movements and willing the earth and rock to move to his whim. He is not very proficient yet, even after years of practice, as the earth is stubborn and dose not like to be moved.
2: Although Ka-to dose not speak, he has a telepathic link with his dragon, who speaks for him when needed.
3: Ka-to's favourite teacher is Ms. Crawford.

Name: Ju-Ken
Gender: Male
Description: Ju-ken is 10 feet tall naturally, and is a dull grey in color with large yellow claws on his front legs, which are about human-length, proportioned to his body. Ju-ken has no back legs however, only a long, flexible tail with yellowed grey spikes at the end in a plus shape that can act as a claw of sorts. His wings span almost 12 feet, and the flight membrane is the same color as the spines, while the actual wing itself is the same color as his skin. He has an elongated muzzle and a single, reversed yellowed-grey horn that extends from his forehead to just above his nose. He has emerald eyes and his wings have three fingers each. Ju-ken can shrink small enough to curl comfortably on ka-to's head.

Personality: Ju-ken is more of a quick-witted dragon, ready to jump into almost anything head first. He can be very chatty when he's comfortable, but usually only speaks when ka-to neads to be heard. He also likes to sleep, but knows when it is time to be alert and awake, especially when food is involved. Ju-ken loves flitting around as a smaller dragon, and only goes into his larger form when it is absolutely necessary, or when ka-to has a class. Women beware as he is also a bit of a flirt and not above showing off his speed, agility, and grace when flying whenever he has a chance.

Other: ju-ken is gifted with the ability of speach along with the elemental abilities granted to him by his union with ka-to. He actaully has a very loud voice, which gets slightly squeaky when he shrinks, but is deeper when he is full sized.

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Name: Teishu Hyuu (or "FoxFire, see history for details)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Anthro (Red Fox)
Element: Fire
House: Fafnir
Description: Teishu stands at about 5'2 and has deep crimson hair, a fringe of black hanging down to her chin, hanging halfway over her right eye, while the rest hangs down over her shoulders to her mid back. Her eyes are a deep emerald blue in color with slit-like pupils, and she has two crimson fox ears sticking out of her hair, with black tufts near the ends, just like her long fluffy tail, which is also crimson with a black tip(they were died from white). Teishu wears a black long sleeve shirt that ends just above her belly button, which has very wide cuffs(holding her arms horizontally they end at her waist) and has a single zipper zig-zagging up the outside edge of one sleeve, across the shoulders, and zig-zagging down the other sleeve for no apparent reason, other than it looks strangely cool. Another zipper adorns the front, going diagnally down from the left side of the collar to the right edge of the shirt. Speaking of collars she also wears a dark choker necklase with a single, black feather-shaped charm hanging from it. She wears a black skirt that completely covres her left leg, but leaves the right exposed by means of a slit. Running along the slit is a zipper, showing that it can close if needed. Under the skirt she wears fishnet stockings and black shoes with crimson buckles.

Personality: Teishu is a bit of a rebel. A bit meaning she'd be the first one to get in trouble if something happened. Very cunning though, so she can often get away before she's caught. She also has a bit of a mean streak from time to time, but it only means her pranks will be a bit more troublesome than usual. Although she is a troublemaker this dosn't mean she dosn't have a kind and brave side. Being part fox, along with being a girl, means she will protect those close to her with her life as if they were her own flesh and blood. Devoted and loyal, she is the first person you should turn to if you're in a pinch. Well, atleast when she's not in one of her 'moods' atleast, then it could be trouble. She is also quite the flirt, bolth to guys and girls.

History: Teishu was born and raised in America, while her parents were from, yup, you guessed it, Japan. Her mother was a kitsune, just like her, while her father was a human. The only reason she has a dragon is because her father had one. She grew up in a mythalogical community, so she had many friends who would go to the school when they were called. Thanks to her fire abilities and her foxy heritage, she was often called "FireFox" by some of her friends as a sort of code-name. She discovered when she turned thirteen that she was finding some of the girls she pulled pranks with...attractive to say the least. She has never told her parents this for fear of what they'd think, even though, unbeknownst to her, they already knew.(her mother was the same way) She has actually kissed a girl, and was shocked at how natural it felt, even if the other girl didn't feel the same way. Luckily, and ironically, her letter came the next day and she was shipped off to Phenia. She secretly hoped that she wont be outcast instantly if anyone finds out of her liking bolth genders, as she likes to be surrounded by a lot of people, but has come to terms since that whatever happens will happen.

Weapon: Claws and a crimson Ninja-to passed down in her family from mother to daughter.
Other: Straight as a spiral this one.

Name: Kitsuneko (meaning 'Foxcat' in japanese)
Gender: Female
Description: Kitsuneko stands at a comfortable 8 feet tall, and has a long slender build and is deep crimon in color, with an onyx underbelly and flight membrane to her 13 ft span wings. Her legs are lithe and muscular, showing her toned muscles very well. Her muzzle is long and slender, with a single horn protruding from the tip of her nose, it only being about 2-3 inches long. She has the same eyes as her partner and a ovular patch of pink-ish scales just below each eye, like a blush almost. Her claws are onyx in color and rather short, as all four of her feet are almost like human hands, but have three fingers and a 'thumb' instaid of four. She can shrink down small enough to rest comfortably across teishu's shoulders and back of her neck, which are her favourite perch.

Personality: Kitsuneko is almost the exact opposite of Teishu, as she is calm and collected for the most part, although she will often mess around or flirt herself. Kind and caring she looks out for other's intrests before her own. another thing, she absolutely loves flying, and, when not resting on teishu's shoulders she can usually be found flitting around her partner's head. She often tries to convince Teishu to jump on her back for a little flight practice outside of class.

Other: Kitsuneko cannot speak, but can communicate emotions between herself and Teishu, and vice-versa, along with feeling out the emotions of anyone within her sight that she chooses. This however, dose exaust her and she will often fall asleep if she dose it too often or for too long on another person. Free range with Teishu as they are linked. (this is not mind reading, she's reading their emotions.)

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Name: Lilia Cain
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: human
Element: poison
House: Orochi
Description: A standalone girl, so to speak - small, lithe, but strangely resilient. Her hair is black and impeccably straight, falling short above her eyes and shoulders. Dangling strands are held up by a a simple white lily pin. She dons solely dark garments - loose black shirt that looks a tad too big on her, accompanied by a matching skirt, gloves and laced knee-high boots. Although her pale skin and delicately carved face suggests someone of an oriental background, Lilia's eyes are a muddy blue, with streaks of gray swimming within the murky color, giving her a perpetual gloomy, wishy-washy appearance. Despite her age, the adolescent looks to be around thirteen or so, given her petite stature.
Personality: Lilia is hardheaded and exceptionally intelligent, a combination that has done nothing but merit her scorn and envy. She is taciturn and will rarely talk to others out of shyness. She is by no means power hungry, but rather, sets extreme goals and drives to fulfill them, from grades to mastering a particular skill. Mostly she conveys apathy to surrounding students and teachers, always looking disenchanted and bored. Unfortunately, many misinterpret this as a sign of hostility and self claimed superiority. She simply doesn't interfere in problems she has no place in. At times, she likes going 'against the tide;' she will not hesitate to play as the devil's advocate just for her sheer enjoyment, and will often try to slowly crush her opponent. Overall, just a very quiet girl with big ideas.
History: Unlike many others, Lilia has actually had a fairly reasonable, normal childhood. She wasn't particularly malicious regarding her ability, although she did have a habit on threatening other children with it when things didn't exactly go her way. She grew up in a tiny, provincial town in one of the states, her parents having moved when she was little. Her parents never knew about her ability. She did have a younger brother who knew, but it was in her fortune that he knew how to keep a secret. She also had a close friend who knew, Evin, whom she met in fourth grade. When he moved, she was inspired by him to begin martial arts, or rather, kung fu, and to be more specific, Tibetan White Crane. It would not be until years later when she'd meet him again. Until she attended Draconia, her life was relatively quiet.
Weapon: Poisonous candies she keeps around. Mostly martial arts.
Other: n/a


Name: Xiah
Gender: male
Description: Not your conventional dragon with two wings and a distinguished tail. Xiah is shaped more like a serpent, snaking through the sky. (Think: Haku from Spirited Away 8D) He is all black, similar to Lilia, with chips of silver scales flickering now and then. His eyes are an unusual glowing pink, and has a very protective aura about him.
Personality: He is deeply attached to Lilia, as she is to him. He has no known temper, and will always act rational. He remains faithful and obedient to Lilia, and has a sense of pride that often appears to be his biggest fault. Xiah has a playful side to him; he amuses himself by trying to make the silent girl utter a reaction or two. Other than that, he's a well behaved dragon, trustworthy and mindful of his duty.
Other: n/a

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Name: Kell Delovrits

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Anthro

Element: Air

House: Orochi

Description: Kell is a basic humanoid raccoon, though you don't see many of those around. His fur is a dirty brown and has grown wild, giving him a sort of look that shouted aloud he was from a bad background. As well, some spots of his fur are not all brown. His underbelly for instance is white, all the way up to his chin's underside. Like any raccoon, he has the black fur streaks across his eyes, as well as black fur upon his ears and back of his hands and feet. The last part of black would be found on his tail, where they ringed three times. All other parts of his fur are different shades of brown, and he even has deep dark brown streaks upon his back. He has brown eyes to match that fur.

As someone who usually spends a lot of time at home, he usually wears pants of any kind that were baggy enough to deem comfortable, as well as shoes. His shirt he did without, seeing it more as a bother to him than much else. Of course, going to a school such as Draconia, his clothing attire would have to change to something a little more fitting that still represented him. Simply put, all he adds to the mix is a black vest and calls himself worthy as being formal, though far from it.

Personality: A lot would say that he is careless, in which most times they may be right, but it would always turn out in the end as if he planned the whole thing, whether the outcome were good or not. Kell is not like his parents or the way they raised him. He has more of a competive nature and can usually think of nothing else but of ways to be better than all. Though he knows when he is flawed, it does not stop him from still trying to be better. Sometimes the things he ends up doing lead to major disasters. To fix the problem, he usually shrugs and turns away. Sometimes even points to someone else. People may not like him for this reason, but it was not all his fault. Part of this attitude he has is because of his dragon. Since Kell has been with his dragon for all of his life, he learned traits directly from her that he would have not from others such as his family. He and his dragon are currently on a mutual standpoint, but has been challenged in the past. On occasions, yes, he can get along very well with his dragon. But on others, things could turn out horribly wrong.

History: Kell was raised in the rural country hills of Lomaran, a small strip of land hidden and undetected between Louisiana and Texas. There were many of his kind is this place. Kell never turned out to be the most popular of anthros, but that was always because of his changing nature. When he was about nine years old, his dragon was already leading him towards other directions and actually had him question a religion his parents were into. So not only was he not popular among the anthros, but sometimes his parents would get on his case. They never explicitly got mad at him though. They may have been afraid of the dragon, even though at the time it was still not so strong to overpower them. Maybe they were afraid of what his dragon would eventually be capable of doing.

He ran away from home during his teen years but did not get very far. Though his dragon would persuade him easily enough, it was everything he had learned throughout his existence that made him change his mind. He knew logically that he would not make it in the world beyond Lomaran and was cursed to stay there for as long as he was different from the humans out in the real world. He went against his dragon's wishes and turned back. This was the first time he showed that he could overcome control over his dragon and it has been this way for a long time. He and his dragon were easily not the best of friends when it came to choices.

Weapon: Kell is equiped with two one-foot long daggers. The most he has ever used them for is for cutting fruits, though has trained with them when a time came when they would have to be put to a real test.

Other: None

Name: Dastra

Gender: Female

Description: Dastra is a little smaller than the average dragon, though still pretty tall. She can be measured up to seven feet in her height. Her scales are dark chocolate. Back in the days when she was more playful (days being when Kell was around five or six), she was always hard to find because of them. Her underbelly is a beige color. To describe her scales would be much like describing a pavement. They were hard as hard could get and always a pain to ride on. On many ocassions, Kell would walk away from her in a limp after a small flight. She was meant for comfort, and Kell knows this. That is why he tells himself he will only ride her if he really needs to, and now knows he definately will for his time in Draconia.

Personality: Though she used to be playful, her heart has turned cold. She is usually in a cruel mood and is always trying to find a way to toy with Kell's emotions. Anything he hates, she does or makes sure happens. It is a strange way of getting back at him, though for what reason is not clear. Kell treats it more as a brother and sister type rivalry relationship and tries to let it be, but Dastra does not help in the least. She keeps on poking at him whenever she has the chance and is always on the move with the next opertunity that would give Kell a hard time. With this personality, it is very easy to believe that she desperately wishes to be the dominant one over him. Kell promises not to let that happen very easily though. For now and forever, they are stuck with each other.

Other: None

April 19th, 2008, 10:02 PM
All of this, especially the history, was written at around 1 at night, so please excuse the lackluster. I just wanted to get it done. Like, really: please excuse the history. It’s to the point, factual, and not at all entertaining. =p

Name: Evin “Sun Wukong” Kinsley (Eh-vin)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Element: Psychic

House: Orochi

Description: Evin looks to be quite the casual rabble-rouser. Being seventeen – the liaison between a boy and a man – doesn’t help to solve this anomaly. He stands 5’11, well-shouldered with a lithe form that seems perpetually relaxed and, paradoxically, perpetually coiled. His body, while lean, is hewn of long, sinewy muscles and seems to exhale an air of certitude, stepping with the strong, practiced steps of iron confidence. Evins face is fair-skinned and thin, with the look of a boy who knows his way around hard work and always has. Sullen brown eyes twinkle with veiled curiosity from under rough, rueful bangs the color of blood. In fact, his entire head of rebellious, seemingly ever-windswept hair is dyed a dark red, and drops messily down his visage. Apathy is carved into his features, but every now and then the curiosity hidden in those dark eyes will brush his lips, tugging one corner into a bemused grin. Or at least the beginnings of one.

A white (or other color), oft rumpled short sleeved dress shirt decks his toned torso, the collar button undone and the ends untucked. Black slacks, jeans, or cargo khakis (it all depends on his mood…you didn’t expect the guy to wear the same clothes everyday…did you?) – not tight, not billowy – drop to dark converse sneakers. His wrists sport black leather bracers the size of ordinary sweatbands, and a tie of some hue and decoration almost always adorns his neck, it’s beautifully done knot made less glamorous by being worn so loosely to the point where it sways nearer to his chest than his throat. Evin doesn’t like to feel choked.

Personality: Few people can find specific reason not to like Evin, but many still do. While in actuality he’s a very playful, jovial boy, the pressures of society and his training have led him to believe that such displays of emotion are superfluous and silly. Instead he blankets himself in traits that he has carefully cultivated through years of studying others. Evin rarely wears a true smile, but is not at all unkind to most. He maintains the sort of careless, “whatever” attitude that teenagers have become so apt at weaving, choosing to keep thought to himself and guard his tongue warily. This is not to say he is stony-faced and uncouth; not at all. He speaks, and laughs, and jokes – but mainly in the parameters he’s set for himself. Quiet contemplation often sews his lips, an aspect developed through years of chi-gung, and one of the few outward exhibitions of himself that is actually true to the boy’s nature.

Despite the years of training, Evin is no monk and does not pretend to be. Completely aware that he is, in fact, a seventeen year old bo- excuse me, a seventeen year old “man” as he would say -, he takes over opportunity to flaunt his athleticism.

History: Evin, from a young age, faced a touch of adversity. His father, an American diplomat, was killed overseas and his mother – wracked with grief and responsibility – could only plod on miserably as she tried to sustain herself and the four year old boy she loved so dearly. The only token left to his son was an ancient Chinese coin he had acquired many years ago when he had a post in Henan. Luckily, in their town, the mother and her boy came across a man at a grocery store. The boy, a young Evin, helped the man when one of his bags split just outside, and the ensuing small talk between the three left the man very interested in their predicament. He, Donald Galan, had faced a similar trauma as a youth and had only escaped it by finding a master in the beautiful art of traditional Chinese kung fu. Now a sifu (teacher/master) himself, Donald felt obligated to pass such a gift down.

Of course, Evin’s mother was thrilled to have a place where she could leave her son while she milled about at her two jobs, and Evin took to the teachings of Hung Gar well – if slowly. Having little else to do, the child grew up in the school, training with his older kung fu brothers and sisters constantly. Of course, being so young, he did not get much out of it at first – but the foundation he was laying was as important to his future self as was his very birth. When he was in third grade, his mother was offered a job a few states away that could not be refused and so, with many good byes and thank yous and promises to see each other gain, the boy parted with his sifu. And so it was that he started fourth grade a stranger.

As luck would have it, and in the airport no less, Evin leaped at the feet of a thief escaping with an old man’s wallet, who was then taken away by security. The old man, short and gangly, thanked the boy and glanced at the odd Chinese coin that had fallen from his pocket when he lunged. After what seemed like a moment of surprise, he smiled at the two and said he was new in America and, peculiarly, asked if the boy had any interest at all in learning the art of Tai Shing Pek Kwar; a branch of monkey kung fu. Of course plans were made and Evin began his training at once.

During fourth grade, though, the boy met Lilia. A girl only a few months younger than himself, she was fascinated by his martial arts and the two became fast friends, nearly inseparable. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and, when his mother died suddenly, Evin left the country with his legal guardian – his sifu.

From then, the boy learned Cantonese and performed his studies based on American home-schooling assignments, but the majority of his time was spent on his kung fu and body conditioning. His sifu explained that the coin held the spirit of an ancestral being, and, while they tried for many years to unseal the gate, eventually it was a passing man who heard their story that told them the coin was also one of luck, that any man who possessed it would tempt to fate to give him opportunity to open it. It all made sense now. All the things that had happened in order that brought Evin to China…it was the coin trying to open itself. Finally the three together managed to free the spirit, where it took on the newborn form of a dragon, seemingly linked to Evin. The two men aptly named it Ao Run, after the mythical dragon of the west whose descendant was forced to be a steed for the monkey king.

After years of intensive training, Evin returned to America to get a taste of American schooling before attending this strange “monster school” that had gotten a hold of him. There he met his old friend Lilia again and, interestingly, they began referring to each other as brother and sister.

Weapon: A northern-style staff, simple and unadorned, and a three-section staff. He brought these two for the sole purpose of continuing his training while at school. I edited out the broadsword cause I was getting tired of EVERYONE having some sort of sword or axe. =p

Other: Sun Wukong is the name of the monkey king, and it is Evins nickname. His powers were developed through his chi-gung training.

Name: Ao Run.

Gender: Male
Description: Just because I’m lazy and tired. http://eic.deviantart.com/art/Golden-Chinese-Dragon-67397890 Only, try to imagine him younger – less mature, if you will – and obviously smaller.

Personality: Ao Run is very much like a steed to Evin. A steed and a lantern. Although he enjoys basking in jokes about others, the dragon is very proud and very focused, often bringing Evin back around when he gets distracted or led astray too far from the task at hand. He enjoys following through with his bond-mates forms, twisting and writhing around the human in a dance only they understand.

April 20th, 2008, 12:21 AM
XD I finished my application before you could even say I was reserved. That wasn't as boring of a character to create as some of my others. I actually had fun. I hope I'm accepted. It's above just in case you didn't already guess.

April 20th, 2008, 2:18 AM
Rena: I'll reserve your spot. You have three days to finish.

Master trainer Empoleon: For one your description is too short for my liking, for a start what does he wear? Also you need to watch your grammar, your using too many full stops and for lack of better word it makes your sign up look a little 'bitty'. One more chance to edit but this time I need an RPG sample.

Wilt: Your sign up isn't half bad. I quite like your character, it is a little stereotypical of a Vampire, but you gave it your own touches. I will ask you not to make her over powering though because by the sounds of things she can stop most in they're tracks, please be aware that she goes to a school with strong willed and strong minded people so her magic will not work on them as well as humans, it is fine for her to be beatiful and have some NPC's that admire that, but be aware that people here study mythical being like her and know how to avoid her powers (not fully, but effectively). I will ask you to edit both your personality, description, history and dragons personality though. Your description and personality is too short, you could add the first three lines of her description to her personlity for a star. Describe what clothes she wears in the description. As for her history you may want to explain why she can control her hunger because from my knowledge of Vapires, they need to hunt and feed so it needs to be a good explination. Also you make her seem over powered by her History, could you dumb her down a little? I m ean its fine for her to have killed, but don't make it too much okay. Your Dragons personality is just to little, so if you could edit that as well. If you edit the above, then there is no reason why I will not accept you.

Gyro: Reserved for now. You have three days to get it up.

Silver Tail: I like your character, he's quite abnormal but familiar. Please be aware that this is your first year at school, which is why you got the letter, so could you edit that? Also I like the fact that your character speaks through his dragon (just thought I would add that in), but be aware that your Dragon cannot be with you all the time, as long as your willing to work with that, it is fine (your dragon won't be far from you, but still.) Now you need to edit your personality, it is just a little too short. Edit those small details and your accepted. Also about having two characters, I'm afraid you will have to wait to see how many people join up, if they fill the spots then you cannot have a second character, on the other hand if they do not I see no problem. Do as Animaversion did and put your second character under a spoiler tag for me, please.

Lily: =D Hallo Lileh! Like I could turn you down XD. Accepted.

Brad: No worries, use your form from SPPF but you will have to change your element because dark is taken, but the house is Reserved

Random Fan: Good, accepted.

Dactylus: As allways, accepted.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 20th, 2008, 3:58 AM
Yeah I did too. This one sound spretty interesting.

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April 20th, 2008, 4:41 AM
Can I get a reservation for Nidhogg with Fire? I can't type a sign-up right this minute. 0.o

Can I get a reservation for Nidhogg with Fire? I can't type a sign-up right this minute. 0.o

Alright, minute's up! Prepare to be completely underwhelmed amazed!

Name: James "Gale" Fortunado

Age: 17

Gender: Male *begins playing "macho man"*

Species: Anthro Ram (mountain goat)

Element: Fire

House: Nidhogg

Description: Gale is taller than most in his class, and possesses two distinctive features which mark him as different than the human members of his class: a pair of long, curling horns extending from his skull and a small, goatlike tail barely visible from beneath the folds of his shirt. Well, maybe his hooves and his reverse-jointed legs are also giveaways. Most people assume that Gale is some sort of Satyr. To those people, Gale would like to point out that Satyrs have much smaller horns and usually don't walk around the school wearing modified khaki slacks, thank-you-very-much. Anyone unfortunate enough to voice the opinion that these differences are negligible will likely be on the receiving end of a withering glance from Gale's dark brown eyes, followed by a particularly swift kick to their face or nether region. Gale is also rather fond of his short, wispy, brown goatee, and anyone dissing it will quite possibly find themselves locked in pitched combat. To disguise his rather hairy chest, Gale wears a red T-Shirt, which is covered by a large, red windbreaker with two paralell white stripes running from his shoulders down to the end of his sleeves. His hair, which he allows to grow wild in keeping with his family's traditions, is pure white and extends almost past his shoulders. His face is otherwise ordinary, with the exceptions of the paralell black stripe tatoos on either cheek. His build is fairly heavyset, as is fitting for a ram, or, in Gale's case, an anthro offshoot of the minotaur family.

Like most anthros, Gale has a secondary form. However, he is able to halt his "transformation" halfway between both states in order to achieve a form that resembles a sort of ram-like minotaur when he is sufficiently angered. In this state his face lengthens, becoming more goat-like in appearance, and his goatee grows slightly. In addition, his white hair changes, as streaks of red appear in it. The redness of the hair indicates Gale's anger prior to transforming- if he was mildly frustrated, the streaks will be barely noticeable and more orange or pink in color than red. A burning hot anger, on the other hand, will cause his hair to turn fiery red in its entirety. In this form, the tatoo marks on Gale's cheeks lengthen to become a series of swirling patterns along the length of his cheeks, nearly covering most of his face and adding to the barbarian image this form presents. His horns, which are ordinarily grey, darken and become black. In addition, Gale's shoulders hunch slightly and his size slightly increases, as well as his strength. This form, however, is extremely volatile because the transformation was halted before it could be completed, and in this state Gale can neither fully control his physical strength or his power over flames. To reverse this transformation, Gale or someone nearby him must chant the lines "Aries' horns are broken now". Since Gale doesn't have complete control of this form it is usually sealed by a mark placed on his palm, a series of dots resembling the Aries constellation. In times of stress, Gale can remove this seal himself by chanting "The horns of Aries break free". In a life or death situation, this form will often manifest itself without Gale's consent.

Gale's "true" form is that of a young ram with red-orange fur, which stems from his elemental abilities, with a large golden bell around its neck. In this form Gale retains his flame control abilities, but is unable to utilize them to the extent that his human form can. Gale refers to this state as his true form, since he was born as a sheep.

Personality: Most people think it odd that someone as hot-tempered as Gale was sent to Nidhogg instead of Fafnir. No doubt these thoughts stem from Gale's annoying tendency to turn anything said to him into a personal insult, and respond with violence. These people neglect the fact that Gale's chosent method of attack in these situations, turning himself into a ram and headbutting the unfortunate student from behind, is always calculated, and don't take notice of the fact that while Gale does indeed get angry at the drop of a hat, he is able to calm his anger incredibly quickly. His anger, indeed, seems quite unnatural when the other facets of his personality are considered. Gale, like most Nidhogg students, is extremely intelligent, able to comprehend various magical concepts which most people take days to understand within a few hours study. In addition, he is quite adaptable, able to respond to most situations quickly and without incident. Still, his "bad temper" causes most people to rub him the wrong way and uninentionally, pun intended, "get his goat". Considering this, it isn't hard to see why Gale is slightly antisocial, not really willing to make friends easily. When he does form a relationship with someone he can stand to be around, he tends to be more willing to make concessions for real or imagined slights.

Gale is particularly mistrustful, the main quality that cemented his entry to Nidhogg. That is, he does not accept everything people tell him as the truth simply because they are in a position of authority. He prefers to test theories and evaluate them himself before accepting anything as fact. Because of this, he sometimes annoys teachers by asking what they term as "unnecessary questions" about how to test what he has just learned. It should be noted that while this doesn't apply to things such as magical skills, it does apply to such things as "all monsters are evil" or "the only way to accomplish this is through this means". His dream is to become a scientist of magicks, researching methods of accomplishing various tasks through magic for minimal effort. This "scientist" mentality is at direct odds with his uncontrollable temper.

History: Gale was born to a family of goats. Literally. The Fortunato family have been living in the Rocky Mountains in the form of a herd of mountain goats for over three hundred years. The family had been living in secret, attempting to avoid their rivals. As members of the "Zodiac" clans, their legends say that they were once minotaurs which wished to escape their horrifying existence as half-man, half-bull, and so researched a spell that would completely transform them into humans. The spell, while it did suceed in transforming them, turned them into goats instead. Content with their new life, they immediately left the minotaur clan. It is said, however, that the remaining minotaurs cast a curse on them by invoking the power of their patron constellation, Taurus, that would leave a seed of "hot-blooded rage" in the clan, and send it traveling through their line until they destroyed each other. In order to counteract this, the Fortunatos used the power of their own patron constellation, Aries, to seal this anger. It is this anger which later was reborn into Gale's body, and the reason his parents tatooed his cheek and marked his palm with sealing spells designed to keep the immense physical power of this minotaur form in check.

Gale first met his dragon when he was five years old, roaming the mountains. He had taken human form for the first time and, unused to walking with two legs, had fallen into a pit. His cries for help attracted a beast that appeared to be a yeti, who attempted to eat him. Suddenly, the yeti found itself grappling with a large, red lizard-like creature which sent streams of flame running across it. Gale was enchanted, and rushed up to it to hug it. The creature introduced itself. "Nice ta meet ya, mutton-breath. The name's Gaspar. Now let's talk a bit about your education..." Apparently, the dragon had been following Gale for several years, waiting for an oppurtune time to introduce himself.

Within twelve years, Gale had learned three things from his family.

1) He was cursed with an unreasonable anger, kept in check only by a series of seals which would gradually weaken and lead to his eventual transformation into a raging beast.

2) The only way to forestall this would be to make a pilgrimage to the local shrine of Aries, located on the other side of the country, and invoke the power of the stars to exorcise the curse.

3) He could do this only when he graduated from high school, after proving himself a sucessful guardian of Mythos.

Given the options, it's small wonder that Gale is now attending Draconia.

Weapon: Gale's primary weapon is a large battle-ax known as "Ares", not to be confused with the similarly-named constellation. The axe is usually slung over his back, and is large enough that Gale must wield it with two hands. The blade and handle are both made from fireproofed metal ore, meaning that Gale is capable of channeling his flame-based powers through the axe. He is also capable of wielding a longbow, but tends to only take it into situations where he knows that ranged combat will be required. When he transforms, Ares turns into the "tongue" of the golden bell around his neck. When Gale enters "minotaur form", the same spell that causes Ares to shrink when he returns to his true form causes it to increase in size and weight. Despite this increase in mass, Gale still cannot wield Ares in minotaur form without causing more damage to his surroundings and allies than his intended target.

Other: As a further method of keeping Gale's temper in check, the bell around his neck when he's in ram-form causes those who hear its chimes to relax slightly, calming them down and taking the edge off their anger.

And now for the dragon!

Name: Gaspar

Description: Clickie this 'cause I'm lazy. (http://www.arolosweyr.co.uk/Clipart2/Dragons/dragon1.jpg) Gaspar is actually fairly small when at max size, only coming up to Gale's shoulder. He can, however, shrink himself to the size of a cricket and hide in Gale's hair.

Gender: Male *continues playing Macho Man, replacing the "man" with "dragon"*

Personality: Put simply, Gaspar is a jerk. A big jerk. This is the kind of dragon who will steal your girlfriend, wreck your car, take your cash, steal your new puppy, step on your iPod, and THEN swallow everything you had in the fridge. And all within twenty minutes. He doesn't particularly care about the feelings of others, and says whatever he feels like saying- an annoying habit since due to the fact that he hides in Gale's hair, most people think that the sheep-man is the one insulting them. He does consider Gale his friend and will go out of his way to protect people, but only so he can razz them about it later. Put bluntly, this dragon ain't the person you want to be spending time with. Unfortunately, Gale is stuck with him, and so the two have developed a love-hate relationship and actually seem to enjoy working together on occasion. But not very often. Sometimes he'll stop driving Gale or whoever else is around for him to annoy crazy long enough to impart surprisingly wise-sounding advice or information, but in the meantime he's impossible to spend time with unless you've been forced.

Other: In addition to standard fire-breathing abilities, Gaspar is capable of changing his entire body into fire for short periods. In this state he is impervious to harm from normal weapons, but anything that can put out a fire will hurt him and possibly kill him. It's probably for this reason that he's afraid of water.

RP Sample (Taken from Pokemorph Liberation Force by Kansas):

Travis glared at Brad as he left via the window, apparently forgetting about his remaining injuries. "Idiot! Even with a Max Revive, you're not going to be full operational for another week!" He yelled at his impulsive colleague. Really, that Charizard was way too impulsive. Not that Travis didn't have a similar problem with following orders if they conflicted with his overall goals, but this Brad guy seemed to be one who did it just for the sake of being his own boss. Still, Travis knew that somewhere in that oversized, scaly dragon head of his there had to be some sort of reason for acting all superior. In the meantime, it seemed as if he had some free time between this mission and the next. He considered what to do, before making his decision. He'd probably better talk to Clove first- after all, it had been a bit since the two had seen each other last, and he was anxious to catch up on what had been happening in his spiny friend's personal life. Besides, talking with Clove would probably help him with his ultimate goal. Without meaning to, Travis allowed his memories to whisk him back to a treasured moment. For five minutes he saw himself standing beside a river, flipping through a legal pad as his Smeargle sat beside him. This Travis was slightly different. He lacked the white fur that the current Travis had gone to such great lengths to disguise, and therefore felt comfortable walking around in a T-Shirt and shorts. His feet were completely bare, since they lacked the stubby claws and odd shape of Travis's current paws. Most strikingly, his long, paint-tipped tail was absent and his hair was no longer shockingly white, instead being a deep, rich brown. Beside him sat his partner, a Smeargle, who gazed with rapt attention at the river in front of them before turning to a canvas on the ground beside him every so often and dabbing it with the end of his tail, slowly recreating the scene in front of him. Travis smiled. They were good memories. But then came the scenes he didn't want to remember, the ones that made him wake up screaming at night. Bolts of thunder striking Andre... him convulsing on the ground... a scream, probably Travis, but he wasn't sure... and the laughter of a cruel tyrant. His eyes narrowed with rage, Travis kicked out as hard as he could, suceeding in damaging part of the wall.


It was a rocky voice, and Travis instantly knew who it was. He turned slowly to face Brock, who was still staring at him from the column of rock he was trapped in. "Stun spore wore off already? I'm impressed," Travis admitted.

"I'm resistant. I've been hit with it more times then I can count, and I think I've built up some immunity at this point," the Golem-morph admitted.

Travis grinned slightly, ready for the oppurtunity to begin conversation. "So, why aren't you trying to kill me then?"

"What would be the point?" Brock responded. "If I kill you, I won't be any less trapped."

"Clever," Travis conceded. "But someone like you... I'd think you would try for the kill anyway. One less enemy for your regime."

Brock shook his head, and then, to the utter surprise of Travis, continued. "You're wrong about why we did this. I can't speak for the others, but I joined this because I happened to be privy to some information about the government of our country. It was weakening. The bureaucrats were taking away land and money from the people, and the country was slowly but surely going to seed. People didn't realize it, but the taxes were gradually getting higher and higher. The economy was about to go bust. I realized that if I didn't do something, we would have had hysteria. A riot in the streets. In the worst-case scenario, the country could have been taken over completely. I didn't want to let that happen, so I decided to take power. By force if necessary. My goal was to create a utopia in which nobody would go hungry. Surely you can understand that? I only took this form to help people. It was necessary to use force to overcome all. Please, understand." Travis turned and started in surprise. Seeing this reaction, Brock continued. "You could help us, you know. You and your friends have power, talent. We need more people willing to help. I understand Whitney in Johto could use someone with your talents-"

"Shut up."

Brock stared. Travis had seemed like the type of kid who would play around before, but this face... it was like staring into the eyes of a wild beast. Travis spat on the floor in front of Brock's feet before continuing. "You have no idea what you're talking about. You say you wanted to create a 'utopia', right? Well, the word utopia means nowhere anyway. You've been trying to create something that cannot exist. As long as humanity remains, utopia is impossible. And as for saving people, you have no idea what you've done." The anger in Travis's voice continued to mount, and he fixed Brock with a frenzied stare as he continued. "In the name of this nowhere-land you're trying to create, my people were enslaved, my home was burnt, and my best friend was killed. In order to return things to the way they were, I've sacrificed humanity. Honestly, when everything is over do you think I'll even be accepted by the people I'm working to save? My dreams, my life..." he paused, and a tear rolled down his face, "The person who meant the most to me. You took them all. All I have left is the ability to fight. So I'll keep fighting you until the last drop of blood spills from my body. And when I can, I will kill you." He stopped abruptly, then finished. "It's no good wasting words on you. You've never watched your best friend die in front of you. You haven't held him to your chest as his life ebbed away. Never seen your world crumble into pieces. You say that you did this to save people. Well then, explain why the only thing you've given to me is heartache." He turned to leave via the window, when Brock's voice stopped him. "What?" he snapped.

"Kid," Brock was breathing heavily, "I'm not going to live much longer. From the moment that dragon-kid trapped me completely, I've been building power. I meant to take him out with me."

Travis stared at the trapped leader. "You mean..." he gasped.

"Bingo." Brock's voice was growing fainter. "I'm too far to cancel the attack now, but I can hold it off for another minute or two. Listen closely: There's a box in the back of the room. Take it, and give what's inside it to your leader. And kid?" his face paled, "Hurry."

Travis began to follow the leader's orders, then stopped. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because you defeated a gym leader," Brock replied. "And as a leader, it's my duty to confer something on you. Now go!" He began hacking as a strange glow started to surround his body.

Travis wasted no time. He raced to the back of the room, grabbed the box, and ran to the window. "Everyone! Get the hell out! He's gonna blow!" he shouted. Then he was out the window.

Brock closed his eyes for the last time. "Good luck, kid..." he murmured. "You'll need it..."

For a moment, the gym leader of Pewter was himself again. The man that had been trusted by many, and respected by all. But that moment was cut short when...


There was a flash, rocks flew about, and Brock of Pewter City was no more.

Travis walked up to Clove slowly, holding a small, wooden box in his hand. "Brock's dead," he said flatly. "He committed suicide. Self-Destructed and blew away most of his internal organs." He opened the box, and tossed a small, grey object to the ground in front of Clove's feet. "He told me to give you this," he stated.

The object winked from the soil. The Pewter City boulderbadge.

Dusting himself off, Travis glanced around at the others. "There's a few more things in the box, papers and such, but they're all in code. We'll need to send them in to headquarters to see if they can crack it. In the meantime, looks like we've got another mission. So, what's the plan for Vermillion?"

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Can I reserve the second lightning spot?

Will edit in Application as soon as I complete it.


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April 20th, 2008, 10:16 AM
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Name: Luke Reynard

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Element: Poison

House: Nidhogg

Description: Luke is tall, standing at around six feet in height. He is pale in complexion, and relatively skinny, weighing a mere 136 lbs. He has little muscle to speak of, though what he does carry upon his arms can be seen only when he flexes. His kind, blue eyes appear purple depending on how the light reflects off of them. His hair is jet black in color, though violet streaks are scattered throughout. It is shaggy, side bangs hovering over his eyebrows, with the bulk of his hair falling below his ears, the back reaching just two inches above his shoulders (think Lelouch's style from Code Geass). Luke's smile appears kind and well-meaning, though more intuitive people would be able to pick up on its hidden malice. He dresses rather nicely, wearing a white, button down collared shirt with a black blazer overtop of it. The blazer is always worn buttoned. Around his neck, he wears a violet tie. His legs are covered by black dress pants, and black dress shoes encase his feet. However, he is occasionally seen wearing a black, three-quarter length sleeve polo, and light blue jeans. Both outfits make him appear rather formal, though he isn't really. What most people are unaware of is that Luke's eyesight isn't the greatest, as he always has his contacts in. However, he does own a pair of thick, black-rimmed glasses that he wears around his house when he knows no one else is there to see him. Upon his hip rests his weapon - a poison-tipped rapier.

Personality: While Luke initially gives off the air of a cool, suave teenager, that is not at all the case. Luke is incredibly smart, which leads him to be somewhat boastful and arrogant. He honestly believes that he is better than most people he meets. He will judge anyone within seconds of meeting them, and if they don't live up to his high standards, he will begin to look down upon them. This has resulted in Luke not having very many friends at all. He does, however, confide in his brother when the need arises. Luke has a slightly paranoid side to him, and isn't the type to trust others very easily. Because he is inherently intelligent, Luke believes he is always right, even if he proposes the most absurd idea. He doesn't like people who insist on touching him, and will bluntly tell them this. He speaks his mind in all situations, whether it's telling someone they're stupid, or informing a woman that yes, she does indeed look fat in those jeans. However, due to his relatively good looks and intelligent brain, he can usually rectify the situation if the problem arises. Luke is clever and cunning, and will sometimes play dirty to win. After all, if he thinks up a brilliant plan, he is merely using the tools he was given, i.e. his brain. He is extremely calm and is not quick to snap at others. Despite this, he will do anything for his brother, no matter the cost.

History: Luke Reynard was born to Dahlia and Richard Reynard, residents of New York City. His father had been a skilled fencer back in the day, and occasionally brought his epée down to practice. They were incredibly wealthy, and Luke was given all the opportunities in the world. He was spoiled for the first year of his life, though, it was admittedly a lonely life. He was given company a year later when his parents birthed another child, a baby boy named Jordan. While most children would have resisted a new arrival into the family, Luke welcomed Jordan's arrival. Both boys were loved equally, there was no favoritism as there sometimes is between siblings. Luke took on the role of the older brother almost instantly, and would protect Jordan from any danger that could befall him. When Luke turned four, Dahlia and Richard would leave for hours at a time, hiring a babysitter to keep watch over the boys. This girl was not exceptionally good at what she did, and often spent the duration of the night on the phone with her boyfriend. Her inattentiveness led to what could have been a disaster.

One saturday evening, while their babysitter was busy on the phone, three-year-old Jordan wandered to the edge of the stairs to retrieve a ball that had rolled out of their playroom. When he bent to pick it up, he slipped and tumbled down the flight of stairs, coming to a halt on the landing. The loud thump that the accident made, along with Luke's shrill wailing, got her attention, and the boy was rushed to the hospital. His injuries weren't too severe, but he wasn't released until a week later. Jordan has no recollection of this. Luke blamed himself for not keeping a closer eye on his brother, and has since never let Jordan wander too far out of his sight. Needless to say, that babysitter was not hired again.

Growing up was no easy task for the brothers. Jordan was often picked on for being slightly smaller and frailer than most boys his age, though the bullies that plagued him were soon taken care of by Luke. The two attended an uptight, private high school after that, where the bullies weren't as prevalent. It was there that Luke found his first girlfriend, a small blonde by the name of May. The two were serious throughout their sophomore year, leaving Jordan to fend for himself. When Luke broke it off after discovering that May had recently received an 'A-' on a test, he instantly felt awful about the neglect he had shown to Jordan.

Midway through sophomore year, Luke's father taught him how to fence. Quite dextrous by nature, Luke picked it up easily, and soon became skilled with a rapier. It was then that Antimony appeared to him. Initially, Luke tried to slay the beast, but Antimony soon proved to be too much for him to handle. The two became companions after a day-long negotiation. Luke is now at Draconia to further hone his skills.

Meanwhile, Jordan began to study in his mother's library, discovering books filled with spells. Weeks passed, as he slowly taught himself white magic. His dragon, Nimbus, revealed herself to be the one who had prevented his death after the accident. Jordan merely gave her a quizzical expression. It was then that she realized that he didn't remember the incident.

Weapon: Luke carries a poison-tipped rapier. Approximately one-third of the blade has been dipped in Acrimony's venom. The blade is approximately one meter in length, and two centimeters in width. The hilt of the rapier is designed intricately, spiraling around Luke's hand in order to protect it. The handle is topped with a rose, and the part that encircles Luke's hand looks like a rose vine. The rapier is used mostly for stabbing, but the edges have been sharpened as well, so it may double as a slashing weapon.
Other: (Anything else)

Name: Acrimony
Gender: Male
Description: Click (http://www.artshow.dragoncon.net/artshowimages/Todd%20Lockwood%20-%20temeraire.jpg)

Personality: Like his master, Acrimony is cunning and clever. Being a dragon, however, he is uninhibited by the emotion of paranoia, allowing him to act as the voice of reason in situations. Acrimony is intelligent, as can be expected from a dragon that Luke associates with. He is relentless in battle, though he often prefers to negotiate, much like Luke. Acrimony and Luke get along swimmingly, and often find themselves engaged in an intellectual battle of wits. The two will occasionally argue, as both are too stubborn to admit that they're wrong, but the bond between them runs deep, and a moment's spat isn't enough to break it.

Other: He can spray a poison mist from his mouth. When he needs to stay hidden, he transforms into this form (http://Almiux19.deviantart.com/art/Baby-Dragon-8812998), where he is about the size of a stuffed animal, and carted around in Luke's arms.

RP Sample:

The sun was beating down on Pacifidlog that day. The hustle and bustle of both tourists and locals alike hung in the air. Waves lapped against the docks, gently misting whoever happened to be standing near the water at the time. At this time of day, the docks were usually unoccupied. This day would have been no different, if not for one boy serenely sprawled out upon the wood, a red apple clutched tightly in his fist. Jett Donnovan brought his hand up to his chest. Rather than taking a bite from the fruit, he released it into the air, catching it as it spiraled down to him. Once again, the apple took an unwanted flight before finding itself safely nestled into Jett’s palm. The boy shut his grey-black eyes, putting passers-by under the impression that he was perhaps sunbathing on the docks. One look at his skin would tell a different story, however. Jett was white as a sheet, the ebony of his hair in sharp contrast with the rest of his body. His clothes looked like those that would be worn to a formal occasion. Black dress pants ran down his legs, fading away as his shoes came into view. It couldn’t be said whether or not he wore socks. His ankles were never visible.

Jett released a heavy sigh as he brought the apple to his lips and took a bite. He had impulsively taken a trip to Pacifidlog, stumbling out of the ship that had carried him across the sea mere hours ago. It was then that he had made a beeline for the dock, and it was there that he stayed. His reasons for the spontaneous travel plans would remain hidden. It wasn’t like he had anyone to tell, anyway. Truthfully, his former best friend had always longed to travel to Pacifidlog, and, after his untimely death, Jett vowed to take the trip for both of them. A single tear rolled down his cheek, though it didn’t stay there for long. He swiftly wiped it away. It wasn’t the first tear he’d shed over Akihiko, not by a long shot. Once more, he tossed the apple upwards, catching it and taking his second bite. The sweet scent of the fruit brought tears to his eyes. Sitting up, he turned towards the water and flung the apple outwards. It sailed a ways away, finally landing with a plop in the middle of the sea, bobbing there for a minute before sinking to the bottom.

“Dammit, Akihiko,” Jett muttered, bringing his knees to his chest and encircling them with his arms. With his left hand, he wiped his face, though the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. “I’m sorry…” he whimpered, burying his face in his knees. He cried silently for a few minutes, chest heaving as his eyes pumped out small droplets of water. When he could cry no more, he stood, wiping his face with his sleeves. With that, he left his former place of rest, making his way up the rows of shops that lined the marketplace. Jett’s eyes retained a light pink hue, a vestige of his brief incident moments ago. Tourists perused the shops’ wares, squabbling over what souvenirs to bring home. The trifling arguments elicited a dramatic eye roll from Jett. There were bigger things to worry about than what to buy little Suzie for her birthday.

A light aroma wafted through the air, redolent of Jett’s seventh birthday. Cupcakes, admittedly more beautiful than Akihiko’s disheveled creation, lined the cases of a bakery. An elderly woman was standing behind the counter, attempting to coerce tourists into buying “the best sweets in Pacifidlog”. Clearly, the food was made with no love, or people would buy them of their own accord. Jett’s terminus was the Pokémon Center a few feet away. Ordinary trainers would have entered and kicked back, perhaps ordered some food while they waited for their Pokémon to recover, but not Jett. His Pokémon had been healed before his trip to Pacifidlog, and he hadn’t participated in a battle since then. Rather than go in and be somewhere he didn’t need to, he took a seat on the edge of the dock, across from the Center. The waves lightly lapped the toe of his shoes. Without thought of anything else, Jett stared out towards the horizon, eyes locked on the point where the water blended into the sky.

2nd Character:

Name: Jordan Reynard

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Element: Light

House: Coca

Description: While not Luke's twin, the two brothers bear a shocking resemblance to one another. Jordan is slightly smaller than Luke, reaching 5'9" in height, and weighing a mere 121 lbs. Jordan has no muscles to speak of, absolutely none. He is quite lanky, and not very strong at all, rendering him unfit for battle. He's rather attractive in the face, despite not being built like your typical boy. He has the same pallid complexion as his brother, dark ebony hair in shocking contrast to the alabaster of his skin. His hair is styled in the exact same fashion as Luke's, though one major difference is to be noted. Rather than containing thin purple streaks throughout, his hair is a solid black hue, save one portion - his bangs are dyed a light pink color. His eyes are a deep cyan, though they occasionally show flecks of pink. He wears a white button-down tee shirt, as well as a grey sweater. He wears brown pants. His outfit is the same as this one (http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r223/Gengarr/120352991967001.jpg?t=1208841221).

Personality: Jordan may very well be one of the nicest people in existance. He is extraordinarily kind, and would do anything to help another out, be they friend or otherwise. A kind smile seems permanently plastered onto his sweet face. His only downfall is that he is incredibly naive, having always been sheltered by his brother Luke. Jordan is very innocent, and his mind has not been tainted by thoughts of war, nor women. In fact, sometimes Luke is sure that Jordan is unaware as to how babies are made! Jordan detests fighting in any sense, and will do whatever he can to avoid harming anyone. If the need arises, however, he will be quite determined. Jordan is strong-willed, and often is his brother's support. He genuinely cares for other people, and will worry himself sick if he feels something is wrong.

History: See Luke's history.

Weapon: Jordan doesn't actually own a weapon in the traditional sense of the word. No matter where he goes, he carries a thick book with him. With a faded brown cover and thin, crumpled pages, the book is often mistaken for a bible. However, this is Jordan's book of spells, and he channels all his energy through the book. He isn't able to perform much in the way of attack magic, but he has the ability to heal the wounded (only to an extent, mind you), and casts assist spells, such as blinding the enemy. One of his specialties is creating antidotes. In this way, Jordan actually serves as the counter to his brother, as he is able to cure the poison Luke inflicts.

Other: Due to his small frame, and lack of fat, Jordan catches colds quite easily. During battle, he is always perched atop Nimbus, as he is too vulnerable on his own.

Name: Nimbus
Gender: Female
Description: Click (http://users.telenet.be/anthrax/White%20Dragon.JPG)

Personality: Despite her gruff outward appearance, Nimbus is a kind, graceful dragon. She is quick to help others. However, she does have a small bit of a lust for battle. She's intelligent, perhaps because she's far more observant than Jordan, so she is forced to act as his brain at times. She's clever and usually can devise a strategy to win. Nimbus is overprotective of Jordan, though less so than Luke and Acrimony.

Other: She functions mostly as Jordan's vehicle and brain, and seldom actually participates in fights.

April 20th, 2008, 10:25 AM
Name: Zalisk Tiburon
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro/Cat
Element: Air
House: Nidhogg

Description: Zalisk stands at about 5'8, and boasts nothing special in terms of height or athletic build. He is an average weight of 140 so if anything, he's lacking the qualifications of someone who would go into battle. The muscles on his body are quite firm, but unfortunately lacking much visibility, giving him the appearance of a true puny, weak kid. He has jet black hair which streams down to chin length. He has thick strands that hang over his right eye that always seem to annoy him but he never fixes the hairstyle. Throughout his hair are random uncontrollable gray/silver highlights that shimmer in the sun but sometimes give him the appearance of an old man. Its in Zalisk's hair where we see the first of Zalisk's most prominent features. A pair of gray fuzzy cat-like ears that stick off the top of his head and point into the sky. The tip of the left ear always tends to droop down a little bit. Underneath his mop top of hair, Zalisk hides a very thoughtful and attractive face which says nothing but modesty. His eyes are very characteristic of his cross breeding and quite beautiful. They are narrow, hiding his true thoughts behind him but still provide a sense of security. They have emerald green irises and vertical pupils that are always changing in size as he analyzes his surroundings. He has creamy tanned Caucasian skin which is usually quite smooth, almost girly smooth, because of his obsession with self hygiene, mostly related to his cat like tendencies. Covering his slim upper body, he wears a close fitting white baseball tee-shirt with green sleeves that extend just down to his elbows. The shirt ends just above a pair of midnight blue jeans that fit snuggly, once again giving the appearance of having absolutely no muscle mass. The jeans closely follow his narrow figure down to a pair of bright red converse style tennis shoes with white tips. Its at the pants where Zalisk's other more characteristic trait is revealed and one that can't be ignored. Especially since because of it, Zalisk has a firm hole in the back of every pair of pants he owns. A slim gray tail with a black tip that always waggles out behind him. It sits just above the final noticable feature on Zalisk that no one would miss for 200 feet away. The massive weapon he carries behind him. It has no sheath, but more of a holster made from a system of straps and buttons. It sits horizontally at waist height.

Personality: Zalisk isn't much of what you would expect from a cat mix. He is a reserved young boy who always enjoys reading a good book. Its easy for him to talk to other people and strike up conversation since he is always keeping himself up to date on current events and has vast historical and cultural knowledge. He is very soft spoken in his tone of voice and rarely ever raises it above conversational level. He loves being engaged in intellectual conversations and can sit for hours under a tree talking. At least he can if he doesn't fall asleep. Another trait of the cat that Zalisk picked up is the fact that he is very lazy. He can most times be found in a tree, snoozing on a branch where people can't climb and wake him up. He always enjoys these naps and finds them essential to every day activity. He'll be quite cranky if he is awoken from any form of sleep. Even though all of this makes Zalisk sound like a very smart student, his grades are sub-par at best. He has no desire to to attempt and improve grades when he knows he has the essential intelligence he needs. His smarts lies more with out of school situations where he can put you in a logical lock or find loopholes in the system. He likes to take shortcuts in everything he does and usually succeeds in doing so. All of the intelligence he has, along with his scrawny appearance, lead Zalisk to his major personality dis function which is his love for over sized things from his childhood. He doesn't like anyone touching his weapon, not that they can lift it anyway, and he HATES people touching his tail.

History: Zalisk lead an average life from the beginning, as average as one could get living with a family full of half cat people. From an early age, he was taught by his parents the essentials of what he was. He was put through agility training and constantly told that he would have to get quicker and faster than anything and the only thing he could trust in the world was his claws. Well there were two things wrong with that statement. The first thing wrong was that Zalisk didn't understand the logic behind not trusting anyone. If that were true, the shouldn't he not be trusting his family? Or should he not be trusting the fact that they told him not to trust anyone so in truth he should actually trust them? This was the birth of Zalisk's obsession with paradoxes and finding out every current even happening to find the many examples of mistrust through out the world. The other thing wrong with "the only thing he could trust in the world was his claws" was the fact that... Zalisk had no claws. His whole family had learned their techniques based off of hand to hand claw combat and were known for tearing their opponents to shreds. While poor Zalisk... just had human fingernails. For years his parents merely hoped that it was a delayed growth and that he would have them in no time, but that proved not to be true unfortunately. He was forced to watch as his parents adored his older brother for how full and great his claws were and how his skills were increasing every day. It was here that Zalisk decided to change this. Focusing on learning the families magic of air, he began to focus and learn to control it to the tiniest degree. He soon learned that using this intense air focus, he could make objects feel lighter than they really were by using the air to hold them up. He immediately decided to create a weapon for himself... bigger than his brother's stupid claws. The weapon finally completed, he showed his family who just laughed at him. He has been developing his air technique and massive swordsmanship ever since. Now at the school of Draconia, he was ready to show what his techniques can do.

Weapon: He has one massive sword he simply calls Feather. An obvious oxymoron to its raw size and weight. It more resembles a gigantic butcher knife than a sword but thats how he likes it. He keeps it strapped behind him horizontally waist high and is held together by a complex system of straps and buttons. The sword is much to big to unsheath so he releases it from its hold by undoing a single strap which starts a chain reaction of releases and lets the sword crash to ground. Zalisk's attempt at intimidation before a fight.
Other: Through intense concentration training, Zalisk has developed the art of making his sword feel lighter by constantly holding it up with Air magic. He has advanced the technique to the point of constantly having it going subconsciously but this unfortunately greatly hinders his ability to use magics effectively while he is wielding his weapon.

Name: Saint
Gender: Female
Description: Here she is (http://www.lotsd.com/images/logindragon.gif)

Personality: A dragon with just the personality Zalisk needed to whip him into shape. She is a very insightful and thought oriented Dragon and always likes to make plans and work hard to achieve goals. She believes in training to make the body and mind stronger and that idle time is wasted on the lazy. Which is exactly what Zalisk is. She tends to be very naggy to her master and is always trying to encourage him to work on his skills instead of sleeping or laying around. Despite her always trying to make Zalisk work and train, the two have a wonderful relationship and understand each other deeply. They learn from each other every day, even if they're too stubborn to admit it...

Other: Aphrodite's smaller form is one taken to appease her master as well is have some lazy tendencies of herself. Her small form is one of a small silver kitten with soft fur that shimmers in the sunlight. She'll rarely be seen actually walking while in this form but much rather likes to sit on the hilt of Zalisk's sword or will hang tucked in the neck of his shirt just under his chin. Her small form is tiny, able to fit into the palm of your hand, though her actual form is quite sizable.

April 20th, 2008, 10:52 AM
Could I please reserve a spot as Lyon Siegmund, with Fire element...I'll complete it tomorrow...thanks.
Nidhogg house, sign-up tomorrow, I promise!

April 20th, 2008, 11:56 AM
Here's my sign up from serebii, with no edits at all. I don't like this sign up very much, so I might change it a bit, but not the element or the dragon, Rena needs a little fixing up. ;_; Hope everything is all right.


Name: Renelle (Rena) Chagnue

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Element: Psychic

House: Nidhogg


As an immigrant to America, Rena doesn’t fit the country girl profile as a blonde with blue eyes. Rena’s an Australian and Chinese mix; she seems exotic in her looks with cat-like eyes and dark hair. She stands around 5’6 in height with a slender, meek build to her. Rena bears herself proudly by standing straight with her head held high but with a calm smile on her face. Her hair is loosely cut, with layers and it goes a little bit below her shoulders maybe to where her ribs start. It is a pitch black with some streaks of dark brown that blend in. Her skin is the regular light skin that is slightly tan from being in the hot Australian sun and her eyes are large and cat-like fitting in the Asian description perfectly. Rena’s face is slender with prominent cheekbones giving her a pretty, noble look.

Her clothes are a whole bunch of things varying from dynamic dresses to plain white T-shirts, though her preferred wear is very simple. Usually her wear consists of a sleeveless shirt that is white with a baby-blue hood. The shirt and hood is very thin and she also wears a pair of dark blue shorts. Her feet are covered with a pair of water-resilient boots that are made of soft brown leather and go a little bit above her ankle.

Because Rena attended private school for much of her life, she also has a school uniform which consists of a starched white blouse complete with a cute blue-striped tie and skirt. She isn’t keen on wearing it, not because it gives her bad memories, but she just doesn’t like wearing a uniform and thinks that it is ugly. A habit of hers is to cross her arms.


Rena’s an easy-going girl who is very collected. Maybe a little silent and cold to others but she is pretty tolerable with a bit of humor. Rena’s a curious girl who wants to figure out the kinks in life and everything that interests her. Yet, Rena is a procrastinator, and is lazy as a person gets. She isn’t a born genius or someone who is extremely intelligent at the level of Bill Gate’s, and she knows this. Often she jokes that she is a ‘self-made genius’ as an excuse to skip doing homework and other boring things. Often when others are doing projects due in a month, she’ll be doing something totally useless to her and her education. Rena is extremely idle when it comes to homework and will do anything not to do it; though, when she sees her grade going down, she’ll push herself to do the extra-mile. She’s smart, just lazy when it comes to work.

Rena is a reasonable person that doesn’t panic a lot, thinking that life will play itself out. She isn’t intensely serious, but at the same time she isn’t a jolly care-free teenager. Rena is more in the middle as a laid-back person with a sarcastic edge who just wants to live easily through life. She is very open in her ideals, thinking that everyone is on the same level as her and respects every person. Often she is in the library researching things that spark her interest for fun, and she has a thirst for knowledge. Not a horrible thirst for knowledge as to gain power, but more like she does it as a hobby to learn more things.

She is a little arrogant and haughty because of her noble heritage and her intelligence, but she admires hard-workers-people who aren’t extremely clever but try their best to get those A’s. She is inspired by those people to actually try and do her homework right when it is assigned and not late at night with drooping eyelids and stress in her mind that she won’t finish the assignment by morning.


The Chagnues were a well-known family gifted in magic for many centuries, and they still are magically endowed. Rena was born one February day to a Chinese mother and an Australian father of European descent who was also a musician. Her mother went to Kitsukata and her father went to Griffinia, and somehow their child was born with neither of their traits. Rena had been bonded with a dragon much to their dismay and they quickly adapted to this. When the girl grew up to be 6, her parents moved from Australia to San Francisco. Regrettably, her parents had to move back to Australia because of business matters and other reasons.

The private school was only out on weekends, and during those times Rena lived with her grandfather who also happened to have gone to Draconia. Her grandfather didn’t teach her much about magic, and usually she would just to go his big, grand house and explore in it. Often she was trapped in a bundle of cobwebs, but she did find some interesting things. Her grandfather loved music, he adored music and would play Bach and works by other famous composers on his piano, violin, cello, and other instruments. Rena loved the music and enjoyed hearing the noise through the house, echoing while she did her homework. Sadly, she couldn’t play very well, and the notes she played on the violin sounded like a cat getting strangled which gave her and her family a good laugh.

She made friends with the regular kids and often went to movies and other things. Her family didn’t give her money (she had a measly allowance of 20 dollars a month), and her grandfather strictly believed that you had to earn your money. Rena was too lazy to get a job, but didn’t complain about being a poor stricken teenager either. During her freshman year, her grandfather taught her some rudimentary basic magic like lifting a penny off the ground and stuff like that.

She continued to go to regular school, until her 15th birthday when her parents decided to send her to the academy the following year. She knows much about the magical community (so she won’t be totally freaked out when she sees an anthro), but nothing really about magic. Also on holidays (both Christmas and summer) she goes to visit her parents in Australia and once she went China and Japan to visit her relatives there.


As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”. The saying fits well indeed with Rena’s case. She has two small throwing knives that she found in her grandfather’s attic. Both handles are covered with a rough red cloth that is tied to the ends. Yet, they still glimmer in the sunlight and despite being old-they are very sharp. Rena was rushed to the hospital more than once for cutting herself with them. Her goal with these knives is to be capable of using her powers to move them through the air and then at her opponent which she has no success in doing yet. Her grandfather only gave her two of a set of ten, but promised to send more in the future.


She loves apples and sometimes if she is a meter away from a basket of them, she can float it into her hand. Of course, that’s about how magical she gets, and Rena can’t lift extremely heavy and large objects. She also wants to use her powers to play a violin in thin air if possible.

She also has a cousin that goes to Kitsukata and is a 3rd year student.


Name: Aristotle

Gender: Male


Aristotle is a rather large dragon who is as long as a two story house. He is serpent-like and is sleek with elegance. His tail is two meter long, and he has slender, muscular arms and legs. Big, wide wings that are half the size of his body come from the middle of his body, and can lift him well into the air. His claws look deadly and sharp, but in truth, they’re just looks. The scales glisten in the sunlight, and are always shimmering like silver for Aristotle is a white dragon. His slender face seems a little war-like and fierce, but in reality he is a gentle creature who doesn’t seem to like to fight. Sky blue eyes adorn his face giving it a stern look, and often they reflect of someone bequeathed with wisdom and softness.

He can fold his wings back so they wouldn’t be awkwardly hitting things, and Rena found an old saddle in a dingy store in China for him. It is made of silk with a border of yellow thread and many different designs (mostly of dragons and lotus flowers) on it. It is faded and torn at places, with splotches of mud everywhere. Whoever owned it before did a shoddy job of caring for it. Rena usually prefers to ride on top of his head instead of on the saddle. His teeth are sharp and jagged and he makes sure they’re as white as ivory. He flies fast and very well despite his size.

In his 'small' size, he becomes the size of a cat (though he is a little longer than the average cat).


Named after the famous philosopher, Aristotle is quite wise…and grumpy. He and Rena are on odds and ends at times. Aristotle is a very neat dragon who believes that in order to fulfill tasks to the fullest, hard work must be done. This contrasts extremely with Rena’s views on procrastinating, and more than once this caused them to stop speaking to each other for a week. He is sick and tired of staying up at 1 in the morning helping Rena on one of her homework problems, though he admits she’s improving on not being lazy.
He wonders constantly about things, and has sharp eyes that don’t miss a single detail that anyone does. Logical, thoughtful, and quite the thinker, he is a realistic dragon that could become an amazing detective. He is also a bit oblivious; though, many times he drives away people by acting stoic and indifferent and scaring them away without realizing it.

Other: He loves gazing at the night sky and looking at stars.

April 20th, 2008, 2:16 PM
Mater Trainer Empoleon: Still waiting on the RPG sample.

ACC-M: Reserved, you have three days.

Silver Tail: Accepted, thanks for the edit.

Blue Pikachu: Reserved lightning, Orochi's house has been lengthened so that is reserved for you. You have three days,

Brad: The Elements have lengthened so your reservation for the dark element is all good. You have three days.

Willt: Thanks for editing, accepted.

Trainer Kat: Reserved, you have three days.

Kansas: Accepted, thank you.

Narutard: Your place of fire element is reserved, the houses have been lengthened, so your place is reserved in Niddhog too.

Lemon Tea: Same as Narutard.

LENGTHENING THE SPOTS SO THAT THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE IN THEY'RE PREFERED HOUSES/ELEMENTS. I know its an odd number but we will be going by houses, when house spaces are full then sign ups are closed.

April 20th, 2008, 2:32 PM
Would you mind if I re-used my character?

Name: Clytemnestra (Chloe) Althea

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Elf

Element: Earth

House: Orochi

Description: Like all elves, Chloe is rather short compared to most other species for her age. Standing at merely five feet, five inches, this teenager still regards herself as beautiful. Her long, silver hair reaches down to the small of her back and blocks most of her forehead. Under the silvery bangs lie her majestic azure eyes. The blue orbs seem to be peering in to one’s very soul when she stares at you. Almost every day, she’s wearing a sleeveless, white button-down shirt and a short, plaid skirt consisting of a variety of colors. She also sports a pair of white sneakers that she strives to keep clean. Around her neck she fashions a pendent with an opal stone that her mother gave her. Regarding her figure, Chloe is extremely fit. Like humans, elves too go through a form of puberty, but at a slower rate. This however, wasn’t the case for Chloe. By the age of fifteen, she had form of an elf in her prime. She takes great pride in her beauty which can make her quite annoying at times.

Personality: As stated in the description, Chloe has a knack for getting on people’s nerves at times. She obsesses over her looks and isn’t afraid to tell off anyone who thinks of her as ugly. She has a tendency to brag about completely irrelevant things in class and unless stopped, she’d never notice it. With both beauty and brains, Chloe feels as if life could get no better. Although her friends tell her otherwise, Chloe insist that she is indeed, one of the most popular girls in school. Due to her slender elven physique, Chloe uses her speed to get out of tight situations, namely one-on-one combat. Her elemental orientation allows her to give some powerful hits while also making a speedy escape. The only problem is, her body is extremely fragile and two or three powerful hits can put her out.

History: Chloe was born in England but moved to America with her father when she turned five. Due to America’s abundance of humans, the small elf felt very out of place and had very little friends. This all changed when she became a student at the Draconian School of Mythology. Chloe was always interested with mythology and seeing as her species had some ties with the subject, she was ecstatic when she learned she’d be attending. It was a huge relief when she found out that many students were elves just like her. She was delighted by the fact that she could finally make of for all that lost time she spent locked up in her little room.

Weapon: Two daggers.

Other: Chloe has many interests in boys no matter what species. She’s craves attention so she flirts with many guys. Also, can her Earth ability act as a defense mechanism as well? (like creating walls of rock to protect her.)


Name: Gaia

Gender: Female

Description: Here you go! ( http://www.istaria.com/images/races/Dragons_big.gif). The only difference is she’s just about a half a foot taller than Chloe. When indoors, she transforms into a much smaller version of herself, minus the wings.

Personality: A very calm and quiet creature, Gaia is pretty much the opposite of Chloe. This wise dragon occasionally warns Chloe of her obsession with looking good but never strikes an argument with the girl. Even in her miniature form, Gaia just sits atop Chloe’s shoulder and stares into space. During battle, Gaia doesn’t like to ride things out and ends things quickly. She would readily admit when her opponent is too powerful and forfeit. Because of this, Gaia has yet to see her true potential. Her relationship with Chloe is slowly deteriorating as the two spend less and less time together. She has pretty much grown used to the weak state of being separated from her owner.

Other: Favorite food is fish (not really relevant...)

April 20th, 2008, 2:46 PM
Sorry, Gummy. But for now the Nidhogg house has been taken up by other members. You may pic another and if a member of the Nidhogg house falls out or is denied then you may take up that space, but for now I cannot take on more Nidhogg members, I already extended it XP Your element of Earth is reserved though.

April 20th, 2008, 3:00 PM
Well, her personality does fit the Orochi house as well, so you can put her there.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 20th, 2008, 3:13 PM
Ok. I cleaned up the description and added a little bit to it. I also added an RP sample. Hope that's enough. :)

April 20th, 2008, 3:19 PM
My sign-up is finished n_n. I hope it fits to your expectations :].

April 20th, 2008, 3:22 PM
Well, here is my old SPPF signup.

Name: Dante Xavius
Age: 14
Gender: MALE!
Species: Chaos Elf (See Description)
Element: Dark!
House: OROCHI!!! Evil is good too...
Description: Dante, a Chaos Elf, looks a lot like an elf, but not completely the same, Chaos elves have halos of various colors, usually made of energy. Then, they also have three eyes- one on the forehead, as well as horns that point upward diagonally. Dante is homozygous for a lot of the best traits of the species. He is melanistic, and has pitch-black skin. His halo is a deep, blood red, and looks ominous. His hair is white and spiked, in the hairstyle of Vegeta from DBZ. Dante is slim, and has noticeable muscles- this gives him a great balance of speed, grace, and muscle strength. Although not the strongest, his hard work has made him a formidable foe. He is 6'5". His eyes are a deep sapphire blue. His horns are golden. He wears traditional armor- red in color with gold patterns inlaid into the hard, enchanted metal armor- at least in battle. This armor covers his whole body, excluding his head, although a neckband on the armor can be controlled by magic to become a helmet by unfolding and extending. Outside of that, he wears a white, tiger fur shirt, suede boots, black in color, blue jeans, and a red leather jacket with a blue hexagram on the back. When outside in this outfit, he also sports a nice white fedora and black sunglasses.
Personality: Dante is a quiet, reserved child. He does not like socialization, and he enjoys the quiet comfort of loneliness, loneliness including his dragon, that is. Dante has never really enjoyed others- he avoids others, and keeps to himself. Being intelligent, he excels in classes and enjoys reading, and history. He also enjoys trivia, and is addicted to Jeopardy. He relishes his relaxation time- a time where he can be alone. In social situations, he avoids conversation as much as he is able to, and often hides in the shadows. His inner thoughts are serious, and to him, precious. He never reveals them. He also trusts none of his peers- this is a paranoid instinct he developed from his history. Above all, Dante is calm, always calm, and this keeps him happy and focused with the stresses of an increasingly social atmosphere.

Dante, inside, almost wants to socialize. However, he realized a long time ago that certain eccentricities would always keep him away from most of his peers. Dante almost never smiles, or jokes- except around Baphomet. Then, he seems to let loose the carefree part of himself- he jokes, smiles, laughs around Baphomet. The two have coexistence much like that of two teenage friends- always hanging out.

The inner Dante is much different from the outer. Although he always remains polite, cold, quiet, and obedient (to adults) inner Dante is profane, cynical, and sarcastic- some of this comes out around Baphomet- but in less angry tones, and more carefree, joking tones.

Dante's thoughts of love, and other things similar- including raising a family, patriotism, etc, are very cynical. Here are his thoughts.
"Patriotism is just hopelessness combined with nothing else to do. Who gives a crap about one's country- they love to screw us over. I say march around, and burn your national flag. If your country sucks that is."
"Love- such a waste of time and money. Buy this, she swoons, you date for a while, she may dump you, if she doesn't, you get married, have kids. Then comes divorce. Whoop de doo- my whole life was wasted on crap like that! Who needs love? Devotion is for work and self-betterance, idiots.
"Kids are the worst things ever- a combination of outlandish demands, karma, and annoyance. A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N!!!"
The most scathing ones are about religion. By threat of death, Dante will never talk of it- it always gets people angry.

Of course, these inner thoughts anger others a lot. Dante has learned never to speak his mind- or his comfortable little lifestyle away from others will be shattered- no longer does he want to be bothered by others.

History: Ah, where to begin. Dante was born into a nice, quiet life. His parents lived with him in Maui. Eventually, he went to a special school, disguised by enchantment as a human. His prodigal knowledge and quiet nature pitted the other students against him, and constant praise set him even farther apart. The isolation and teasing let him focus on work, turning him into a cold shell. As he progressed at a rapid rate, older students in his grade hated him for showing them up. Eventually, at age 13, he graduated high school, the valedictorian of his class. His knowledge gave him a bad price, however- he became antisocial, and all of the local kids were alienated towards him, their egos broken into pieces. For the next year, Dante relaxed, and learned higher things through books. For that year he trained hard with ancient heirlooms of his family. By the time he turned 14, he was somewhat prepared for the new excursion he was going on.
Weapon: Dante wields priceless family heirlooms. Black in color, engraved with diamonds and gold in a fiery pattern, these mighty swords are used pretty well, but not perfectly. He also has a ringblade, which is thrown. Armed with 666 white blades, this ring always returns to Dante. It is great for large amounts of enemies.
Other: Dante sleeps in freezing temperatures and absolute silence.


Name: Baphomet
Gender: Male…
Description: He is the color of black night, but with gold stripes in some places. These scales are nearly indestructible. They are layered very well, and therefore, Baphomet does not need armor… yet. He is 666 ft long at full size, and is as tall as a 6-story building. His torso is relatively slender, and on both sides, the torso is covered in white spikes. There are also some in ridges across the back after the saddle and the wings. His two legs are smaller than is arms, yet are incredibly powerful. His tail is a medium length, and ends in a red ball covered in gold spikes. On the other end of the torso are his wings, arms, and neck. His arms are about 10 ft long, and end in a five-clawed hand, rare among dragons. These claws are like sabers; a tad bit curved, but also long and sharp, like Wolverine’s claws. Then, behind his arms and the saddle, are his wings. They are long for his age. The back is covered in one ridge of spikes. Then, we see Baphomet’s head. First, it begins with two sets of white horns. One set curves straight back, like bull horns, while the others spiral down and continue the length of Baphomet’s head. The surface of Baphomet’s head starts flat, rises, curves inward, keeps going, and rises while curing out again at the snout. Below the surface, the surface is basically mirrored, but when the head curves in, we see Baphomet’s ruby-red eyes, and below them an inverted ridge filled with white spikes. Then, the head becomes one again at the snout. The bottom is basically flat, until, at the end of the snout, we see the bottom curve up slightly. On the snout, between the nostrils is the long, black horn extending straight forward. The aforementioned saddle is actually clear leather, thanks to magic, but very, very tough. It has many pockets for Dante’s supplies.
Personality: Baphomet is like Dante- quiet and cold towards most people. He too enjoys being alone with Dante, and often talks about sophisticated things with his partner. Dante knows Baphomet well, and vice versa. Baphomet alone is antisocial and cold towards everybody. He enjoys sleep, or flying through the air, and especially hunting. Baphomet is a wise dragon for his youthful age- not reckless, but not mild. He is calculating and tactical, perfect for a battle companion.
Other: He is of a royal purebred line- but no one knows it. That is why he has odd red eyes.

April 20th, 2008, 8:25 PM
17 people have signed up or reserved a spot...
Out of those 17, only 4 aren't in Nidhogg or Orochi.

...I'm sensing a wee unbalance in the force. I also sense a wee bit of other things, but I'll refrain from posting them publicly. XD

April 20th, 2008, 8:30 PM
I'm only on Orochi because sister is. Feel free to move me to Fafnir if you need some more spaces, RP creator person.

April 20th, 2008, 9:31 PM
Ya even though i'm a Nidhogger here, I'm definitely seeing what Anima's point and saw it before he posted about it, i'm willing to change houses for the sake of the RP to maintain balance. with 17 RPers its gonna need as much balance as possible

April 21st, 2008, 4:24 AM
I also sense a wee bit of other things, but I'll refrain from posting them publicly. XD

I want to know. ;< P-Princess?

Also, yeah, if not enough people sign up for the houses to be balanced, I can move as well.

April 21st, 2008, 4:53 AM
To be honest with you, it doesn't really matter. Your going to be working in groups anyways. Houses aren't really as important here as they are in Harry Potter XP

April 21st, 2008, 6:25 AM
Oh, uh, how big are the dragons supposed to be, Shadow? I kind of got the impression they'd be about horse size (give or take), but some descriptions have led me to believe otherwise... =p

I mean, it's already kinda' weird that we're in modern times and people are walking around unnoticed with giant swords, if we add giant dragons into the mix I feel like it's going to get a little silly. >>

Scarlet Weather
April 21st, 2008, 6:46 AM
Teh sign-ups are finished. *smirketh*

Willing to edit anything ya say, and I think I may elaborate more on history later, but I'm done for now.

April 21st, 2008, 7:03 AM
They can be as big as you would like, I added that in doors they take on a mini form of what they would look like in they're full form. For example my dragon could be around Dragonite size, but when it needs to be hidden or needs to get indoors it will reduce its size to a mini form...hmm for example:

From this: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e281/Lutalo/Characters/Creatures/neverendingstory.jpg

to this: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e281/Lutalo/Characters/Creatures/anime_baby_drag2.jpg

April 21st, 2008, 7:19 AM
...kay, then. =p

I added you on MSN, btw.

April 21st, 2008, 12:11 PM
How are you going to divide us into groups? How many people will be in the groups?

April 21st, 2008, 4:06 PM
The groups will be random with every mission that crops up, as for classes you will all attend the same classes just to make it easier to keep track of you all.

Okay the list was updated: Rena, Kat, Brad and Thesis are all accepted the only one I could not accept was Empoleon, your personality and description are lacking even though they comply with the rules, there simply is not enough there if afraid. The RPG sample you gave me was a little dry, I didn't really get anything from it and it didn't do you justice because again it was 'bitty' too many full stops and not enough description in it. I'm sorry but I'll have to deny you. If you need help then please PM me okay.

Trainer Kat
April 21st, 2008, 9:39 PM
I added a sign up for Jordan. Feel free to disregard it if spots fill up. :]

I'd also like to note that it's shorter than Luke's, because Jordan's personality and appearance can be compared to his brother (appearance is similar, personality is not). They share the same history as well. x3

April 22nd, 2008, 7:03 AM
Name: Lyon Siegmund

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Element: Fire (His eyes tell it all)

Description: Lyon is a pale-skinned teenage boy with a height of about 6'2. Weighing a feather-weight 42 kg, he seems to be a built miniscule with a very slender structure. He has a wild undercut white hair with a lavender shade which slightly reaches his eye lashes. He is often seen wearing a blood-red long-sleeve shirt without a tie, beneath his pitch-black trench coat. Below, he wears a pair of linen pin-stripe trousers, which also have black, as their main colour. His choice of footwear is a pair of black suede Moccasin shoes, which are never left untied. Although his appearance makes him look from a distance like short person who was thrown into jacket, his choice of wear actually matches his size.

Personality: Lyon is a confident, and so, arrogant person. Although he may not look it, Lyon is a reliable and responsible person that would do almost anything to build progress for both him and the ones he cares for. When not with friends as he is most times, Lyon’s mind happens to reflect on what has happened in the past, present and what might take place in the future. This, he considers a thorn in the flesh, as it has made him more miserably of recent. Perhaps, it would do no harm to say that he is a boy with to many worries on his mind, in fact he doesn’t loosen himself of this stress…at least when his pals are not around him. He is the kind of person who speaks his mind and would never shake of his decisions.
That said, Lyon’s bad side should also be spoken of, the one that makes him humiliate others, the abusive and annoying things he would do once his anger is triggered, all of which are easily put to a stop when he is made fun of by his dearest pals. During this period, as the solution is, it is wisest to make him laugh, as this will totally subdue his anger. All that apart…Lyon is overly rated as a good friend and companion.Though now, it will lie in his ability to keep cool and calm, as he would be facing annoying, caring and detesting students that come from all parts of the world. All his attributes come as a result of his past loneness. His heart burns with passion for others.

History: Lyon was born in Edinburgh, Europe, in a very well known country; the country of the Queen. He was born into a rich family of 3, he, his father and mother, which was drastically shortened during toddler years. His Father was killed on his journey to a funfair with his son…in an accident that nearly claimed the young toddler’s left arm, at this time, his life was saved by Ruther King, his inevitable Dragon. Like some rich people of his age, he never went to a school; he was always stuck up at home with tutors, never really getting the chance to feel playing around his peers. This could well say that he never had friends, and so he lived the life of a miserable boy who always “told tales” of dragons and Unseen beings in their environment.
His abilities to “see the Unseen” at one time and cause fire hazards mysteriously, put him up with a large number of Psychiatrists, and later, almost landed him in an Asylum. This was just a mothers attempt to make her son normal, and because of this determination, she was able to come in contact with one of the “Unseen schools” that were in existence; Draconia. This was one of the highest rated schools, it was the most she could do for her son, and so, she enrolled him into it. However, now that the school is about to resume, her son, Lyon…has caught a rare disease.

Weapon: Beauty, and beast.
Beauty: A fine Arabian Jambiya purchased at a high price on auction. It consists of a wooden sheath which hides 15cm of curved ivory blade, with an aluminum handle.
Beast:A tattered looking, self-made knife. It consists of a One-foot jagged edged blade, with wooden hilt of barely 10cm, covered with rubber ropes.

Other: I wouldn’t want to point out this but, he suffers from pyromaniac, and due to the fact that he can manipulate fire, he tends to just let it out a few times. Due to his current medical state, Lyon may not resume school the same time as others…most likely.

Name: Ruther King, his agent (when referring to him formally) or Black Crest.
Gender: Male
Description: http://www.backblast.com/DSL/slayers/Draconis.jpg (love him?)

Personality: Ruther is quiet and cold dragon, one that hates to be taken for granted. As one of the rarest species of dragons, he tends to be very proud, and yet territorial. This dragon in particular, is one without a conscience, fearless, and fearsome dragon, one whose roots could be found in anyone who portrays the his grim behaviour. However, when around Lyon, this dragon can be quite a pleasant fellow.

Other: (Anything else)

Blue Pikachu
April 22nd, 2008, 9:35 AM
To avoid my application getting missed I'm going to post it here rather than edit my first post.

Name: Alexander Von Carstein
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (pureblood)
Element: Dark (originally chose lightning but this was my second choice since dark was full. I see there are spaces so if possible I would like to change)
House: Orochi

Description: Standing 6 ft Alexander is an intimidating character. His skin is extraordinarily pale and his hair pitch black. His hair is messy, draping over the side of his head and down in front of his eyes. He face is handsome yet strangely disconcerting. His small mouth is most of the time curled in amusement or contempt. He keeps his fangs noticeable at all times. But when the situation requires it can lengthen them considerably. His eyes while usually black can change to a violent red depending on his mood. He always dresses smartly. Usually wearing dark grey or black suits along with pure white shirts. Another distinct feature is he always wears a red rose on his lapel.

Personality: Friendliness is not a trait Alexander holds in high regard. He has an incredibly elitist attitude. He has incredible distain for most other races and regards Vampires as the ultimate species. Even for a Vampire he seems to have incredible restraint of his powers. He only needs to feed on fresh blood once a month. He only attends the school for one reason. That reason being self advancement. He has a vendetta against his father, which he has vowed to fulfill anything his does is merely a step towards this goal. His dragon is the only creature Alexander seems to have a connection with. Alexander is an unpleasant person to say the least. If a person tripped when walking past him he would sneer and walk on, when most others would help the person up. He is exceedingly clever never needing to put in effort in class yet excelling at all he does. Even within the house Orochi, which is filled those of evil tendencies Alexander, is feared. He is a recluse and during evenings tends to retreat to his room rather than socialize with those in his house. He is often very arrogant.

History: Alexander is the 23rd Vampire to hold the Von Carstein name. He lived in his family’s ancestral home with his brother and father until the age of 13. He awoke one morning to find his brother slowing staining the hall carpet with his blood. His father was standing over his brother with the Von Carstein ancestral sword. According to Alexander his father never said a word and dropping the sword on the floor fled the castle. Alexander later found out that his father had killed his mother due to a disagreement and that his brother had found out. In his rage his brother had attacked his father and had been killed. After hearing this from an old witch he vowed his father would pay. When he was 15 he returned to the family house. When he found a letter written by his mother to be delivered on that day (his 15th birthday). It told him of a secret chamber bellow the house that contained a great power even his father did not know about. It was there that he discovered his dragon.

Weapon: Alexander is adept at using his fangs and his natural speed and strength. When circumstances require it he is an excellent swordsman. He wields the Von Carstein ancestral blade. The same blade, which his father used to kill his brother. Along with his ability to control his element (darkness). He tends to confuse and disorientate his opponents before striking out of the shadows.


Name: Dezzirith
Gender: male
Description: Similar to this (http://www.testriffic.com/resultfiles/11903Black.jpg)
Personality: About as friendly as its master. After being locked bellow the Von Carstein castle since its birth it is a naturally nocturnal dragon. Dezzirith has the ability to transform into a pitch black coloured snake and usually resides around Alexander's shoulders. He can be violent at times and can only truly be calmed by Alexander himself who seems to understand Dezzirith like no one else. But sometimes even Alexander cannot control Dezzirith's rage.



Taken from an RP on Sal's forum. RP name was Halo Wars.

Kruz'Nath stood. silent.

"Well at least you have some guts." he chuckled "Not for Long!"

With a roar of pure fury and hatred he leapt forward his sword in hand. But this human was fast where his head had once been there was nothing, but Kruz'Nath had not reached the rank of commander by being weak. With the ease of a trained swordsman he shifted his weight and quickly regained his balance and footing. But strangely the human did not seem phased by this extraordinary display of skill.

The human raised his weapon with greater speed than Kruz'Nath was expecting he managed to fire a few rounds. He dived to the side but one of them grazed his leg.

"Enough of the playing around!" Kruz'Nath roared

He dived forward again, faster this time. He was not going to loose. The human brought up his weapon to block the attack. The human swung the but of the rifle round and it smacked Kruz'Nath roughly in the face. Kruz'Nath stared at the human through glinting golden visor (OOC: sorry assuming he is wearing a helmet). He noticed a thin trickle of light purple blood drip down past his eye. With a smash the human brought up knee to smash Kruz'Nath in the chest but before the devastating blow could connect Kruz'Nath leapt away.

He threw his ruined sword aside. One of the shells inside the rifle had exploded damaging the swords power core. It was useless to him now.

With the skill of a trained soldier the human grabbed his side arm and raised it.

"End of the line" the human said and with that he fired

But Kruz'Nath was not ready to die so soon, as the human had reached for his side arm Kruz'Nath had leapt foreword so when the bullet hit home. It entered and then exited through his shoulder.

With a sickening crunch Kruz'Nath brought his fist up connecting with the humans chin. the human flew into the mud. Dead. (OOC: Don't worry read on )

Kruz'Nath roared in victory. Savoring the moment. Unbeknown to him the human was far from dead. The human crept up behind him and with a vice like grip grabbed Kruz'Nath round the neck.

"You see this" The human said and brought and armed grenade into Kruz'Nath's field of vision. Kruz'Nath decided not to dignify this blatant threat with a response

A few seconds passed both human and alien locked in deaths embrace. Kruz'Nath kicked back with one powerful leg the human managed to twist out the way but at the cost of loosening his grip on Kruz'Nath. He grabbed the human’s arm and broke free.

The two faced each other and then the human looked at his hand. his empty hand. Without a word the human and Elite looked over to the ground and 3 feet away lay the grenade. Without the pressure of the humans thumb to delay it the countdown had started. The red light went green.


After the blinding white and deafening sound of the explosion Kruz'Nath hid in the bushes watching. He could see the human carefully looking around. Now the humans companions had returned another of the so called demons was also there. He could see no sign of his fellow Elites. Well his first experience of these humans had been an interesting albeit a disappointing one. Never mind he told himself plenty more opportunities, he had under estimated this human filth once. But not again. With that thought he melted back into the woods.


April 23rd, 2008, 2:37 AM
Narutard: Your character is fine, but you forgot to add his house and I only aloud pictures for dragons, not human characters, so to be fair I will ask you to describe your character in full if thats cool. PENDING

Blue Pikachu: I have the same problem with you as I did with Empoleon, your grammar is a little off. So I'm asking you for an RPG example. Your description is also a little lacking, but I'll forgive that because it seems to give everything I need to know. PENDING

Also accepting double characters now, so you can create up to two cahracters, which means all who have given two characters up until this point have been accepted. I will aslo add my own.

The RPG will start either tomorrow or the day after, m'kay?

April 23rd, 2008, 3:05 AM
I unspoilered my second character then. =x

April 23rd, 2008, 3:31 AM
I've edited it...is it up to your satisfaction?

April 23rd, 2008, 3:33 AM
Thankies! Accepted ~^.-~

And thanks Dai dai o.o

Trainer Kat
April 23rd, 2008, 4:29 AM
My second character is unspoilered as well. xD;

Blue Pikachu
April 23rd, 2008, 8:38 AM
Sorry. It was quite late when I wrote my application and I failed to spot some basic mistakes. I have edited and I (believe) got rid of the majority of the mistakes. If you could have another look over it I would be very thankful.

Edit: Sorry forgot about the sample let me add that now.

Edit: Added sample.

April 23rd, 2008, 12:20 PM
all unspoilerized. cant wait for this thing to get rolling! =3:

April 23rd, 2008, 9:44 PM
I don't mean to be "that guy" but when do you plan on starting?

April 25th, 2008, 2:17 AM
Blue Pikachu: I'm still seing the same problem as before. Its lengthened which is all good, but you need to work on that grammar (im not one to speak, but I have my good days XP) Denied, but you can PM me to help you out with that if you like and I'll see no reason why I couldn't accept you then.

Okay, I still have to make my second characters sign up and finish my first persons dragon, but hey!

It'll start sometime today before I go to work or after I have a big lay in tomorrow XP I know I'm running late, but I haven't had time to start the RPG with all the sign ups I've been doing o.o;;

Gyro: Your time is up as well. So your space is free again.

April 25th, 2008, 3:07 AM
May I make a second character? Or should i just stick with Dante?

April 25th, 2008, 3:12 AM
Be my guest, Brad ^_^

April 25th, 2008, 4:53 PM
May I please make an other character as well =D. May I reserve Niddhog (or however you spell it xD), if of course, there is a space left.

Name: Ahnzieg (Ah-nuh-zee-eg) Pavlyuk (Pah-vuh-lee-yook.)
Age: 14.
Gender: Female.
Species: Human/Hyena Anthro.
Element: Water.
House: Nidhogg.
Description: Ahnzieg is usually given a stereotype the second one sees her; freak, "weirdo," something of that matter. The reason for this is the contrast between her height, weight, and anything of that type. Ahnzieg has a pale complexion the shade of raw tapioca pudding, it is smooth and silky but is over-layed with a plethora of birthmarks. Ahnzieg sticks out like a sore thumb in a crowd due to her similarity to a tree; very, very tall. Contrasting red locks are pinned down to Ahnzieg's mid-arm. Although, her hair is a bit scruffy and thick, therefore, it takes much time in the morning to get her appearance just right. Ahnzieg's bangs run to the left side of her face and obscuring a small amount of her cerulean eyes, which are mostly narrowed down into a glaring squint. Ahnzieg has an odd bump on her delicate nose that was recieved from running into a wall head first when slipping on a toy. Make up is one of Ahnzieg's favorite object of beauty, she wears an abundance of mascara and eyeliner, yet only a dab of a rosy-blush. Ahnzieg's pale lips are always turned down into a cold, calculating frown.

Ahnzieg's choice of attire is directed in a gothic-lolita sort of way. Her upper-attire is a series of many layers. Firstly, there is a layer of a long-sleeved fishnet while a magenta short-sleeved shirt is layering it. Under that is a lime-green camisole and has a series of lace of the bottom of it. Finally, finishing the upper layer is a shirt that reaches until Ahnzieg's elbow, and is up until her mid-stomach. It has many knots, rips, and is an onyx color and has a leather-like texture. The lower attire of Ahnzieg is a sky blue pleated skirt that looks like it is too-short-for-school. The shoes on Ahnzieg's feet are a pair of black boots with abstract rainbow laces. To keep her knees warm, Ahnzieg always has a pair of orange leg warmers handy so she wouldn't get sick. Ahnzieg has a plethora of accessories, including very many bangles that hang upon her wrist and always seem to jingle a soft melody. Also, Ahnzieg has plastic-pearl necklaces in a spectrum of colors.

Just to include an extra laugh to Ahnzieg's odd appearance, Ahnzieg is a hyena anthro. Instead of normal human ears, Ahnzieg has a pair of huge golden hyena-ears. On her right ear, there are three earrings that are the first three colors of the rainbow. Her ears always hang low, and she can tie them in a bow as well. Well, that is what other people say, but it is common sense that Ahnzieg couldn't, even if they were that low. She wouldn't even want to. Protruding from her skirt is a long tail that always hangs around and twitches once in a while. The tail is subtly striped and is the same tint as her ears. Ahnzieg could look so much more mature and more beautiful, the truth is that, Ahnzieg hardly ever bothered or even cared about her appearance.

Personality: (5+ lines)
History: (5+ lines)
Weapon: (Two maximum)
Other: (Anything else)

Name: (Be creative…nothing like Spot)
Description: (I will allow pictures for this one)
Personality: (5+ lines)
Other: (Anything else)

Sweet Dreams
April 26th, 2008, 3:26 PM
((Ooc: I hope there're still spots left. I did a bit of background history for the Pixies because this is my version of what went on. I hope this is okay.))

Name: Cerulea (Lee) Procella
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Pixie
Element: Poison
House: Orochi
Description: Skinny to the point of being bony, along with being short enough to be mistaken for a diminutive twelve-year-old, Lia gives the impression of something quite frail. However, this is only because of the Pixies’ odd metabolism, which allowed the slight cords of muscles to wield surprising strength. Her hair is always loosely tied up, wisps of cerulean, after which she was named, floating by her face. Although they were the shade of those storm clouds that were so dark they were almost black, the ones that tornadoes stemmed from, her eyes were always expressing some form of passionate emotion, whether that be anger, pain or joy. Her ears were sharply pointed at the ends, and she also grew two, long, pointed teeth on her upper jaws where her canines would be. Her naturally light skin had a hint of a tan, although they bore plenty of healing scratches, and one or two faint scars.

While she wasn’t a morbid person by any means, Lea preferred wearing darker colours. Her tight, short sleeved shirt was an inky-blue and usually worn with a black, pleated skirt that stopped just above her knees. Burgundy trainers were always worn, threaded through with black laces. The gloves she wore, however, were a pale azure, and her single piece of jewellery, a single studded earring, matched that colour. The four, dragonfly wings that protruded from her back were transparent, although they held a blue-green tint.

Personality: Sometimes, Lea acted much like a child, eager and excited over the simplest things. She was always lively, and even when she was sulking, she would sing along with a child’s nursery rhyme and fiddle with anything that caught her fleeting interest. She could talk your ear off, or until you wished you were deaf, the subject flitting so far away from the original, that you’ll wonder how trolls were connected to homework. She disliked being mushy and deep with anybody, and despised needing to ask for help. Her pride wouldn’t allow for her to lean on anyone for support, and she would rather push herself past her limit to finish the job with her own two hands and stand on her own two feet before collapsing, than admit she couldn’t do it. Her stubbornness also helped with preventing her from becoming known as somebody that needed help for every little thing, even if she was on the verge of death.

However, although she usually didn’t make the first move, Lea was really quite friendly, and never hesitated to help somebody else, if they asked for it. She didn’t butt in on other people’s conflicts except to warn them of any approaching teachers or unless one of her friends, who was in the conflict themselves, wanted her to butt in. Of course, if she witnessed a bullying, she wouldn’t stand and watch like some kind of gaping idiot, but she was not dumb enough to idiotically jump in and get pummelled herself. No, she’d just point the way for the authorities so they could arrive on the scene.

When she wanted to be, the Pixie was also very cunning and sly. She was slightly sadistic towards humans, and the world beyond that of mythical creatures because of the knowledge she held of the cruelty most of them emitted, not caring about anybody other than their own individual selves. They destroyed the lands, bombing their own species out of existence and slaying all creatures, seen and unseen, from the surrounding area. They waste, they take, they steal, they cheat, and they leave nothing alive.

History: Half a century ago, a treaty that wasn’t recorded in human history took place, the Elders deciding that not all humans were evil, but that most had consciences. The species revealed themselves to a man that stated he was in charge, and brought along his “friends” so that he wouldn’t be called a madman. These friends he brought along proceeded to slay most of those that had gathered; the magic of the peaceful community was almost useless against them. The story states that the soldiers captured the ones that were left alive before torturing and dissecting them to try and find their secrets. The remaining Pixies, made of the elderly, the injured, mothers and their children, found that they were now an endangered species. They taught their children to despise humans, and to fight, using their magic as both defensive and offensive weapons.

Lea was taught from the very moment she was born to blame the humans for their predicament and to never trust the monsters again. The Pixies had stolen solid weapons from the humans as well, learning how to use them. Lea held daggers in the watchful eye of her parents before she could walk. Her childhood revolved around her people and their hate of humans, before being drafted into the school when they found that she had been bonded to a dragon at birth. She found that the Elders were right; not all humans were bad – just the grown, powerful ones.

Pixies are one of the few cultures that still use Latin.

(Will edit)

Weapon: Daggers for close combat, and archery (bow and arrow).
Other: We’ll see.

Name: Venenifer (Vener)
Gender: Male
Description: Vener’s hide was the same shade of blue as his partner’s hair. He preferred standing on his two hind legs, but for movement, he was forced to drop down to all four talons. Unlike most of the dragons seen on children’s storybook covers, Vener was really quite slender, and above his large snout, several whiskers sprouted from his face. His large, round eyes were a golden whisky colour, topped by two large, triangular ears. Filmy, bony wings, fashioned like those of a bat’s, were spread wide during flight, or used to help keep the dragon warm during the cold nights when the temperature dropped and his cold blood couldn’t otherwise be regulated enough for him to have to wake up in the night. His wings soaked and stored the heat for the day, and spread the warmth through his body at night. Of course, his tail was long, and the tip was sharp, and dripped an undetectable poison that worked so slowly, all traces of it would’ve disappeared from the body long before any discomfort registered.

Personality: Vener and Lea bickered so much that most people felt they really hated each other. The truth was, they cared for one another deeply, and since both of them didn’t like delving deep, that was how they showed it. Vener liked to sunbathe, as most cold-blooded creatures do, and snatched a bit of sunshine whenever he could. He was a really laid back character, interested in what was going on around him and amused at the reaction others have towards something that he deemed simple. He never attempted to voluntarily join in on whatever was going around him, but stored information away for future purposes. Vener was really quite wise, although his slightly playful, relaxed and rather patient, though stubborn, nature undermined whatever he said and caused people to disregard his advice.

Other: (Anything else)


Name: Caradoc (Radoc) Emiliano
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Half Siren/Elf (Click here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siren) to check Sirens)

Radoc’s mother, Ligeia, whom was also a siren, lived out a lonesome life on the island, drawing sailors to their death by starvation to try and cure it. She didn’t know it was wrong, and the sailors all claimed that they would rather die before they left the Sirens’ presence, but she felt guilty about her actions nonetheless. She fell in love with one of the sailors who had, at first, tried to fight. Her sisters cursed her as she left, bringing the Elvin sailor with her, breaking the enchantment, as her great control over her voice allowed her to do. They had a son, which was a surprise to Ligeia, since all other Sirens were women.

Element: Water
House: Coca

Description: Radoc’s upper body held the promise of becoming well defined, and his skin sun-tanned from plenty of outdoor work. His tawny locks fell down to his shoulders, covering his slightly pointed ears and framing his smooth, strong jaw. Soft and warm, his golden eyes and ever-present smile spoke volumes of who he really was. Aloud, his voice was deep, melodic and entrancing, thanks to his siren mother, and worked to mesmerise weak-minded females (and possibly some males) and to urge most of the strong-willed ones to listen and obey.

His outfit for physical labour entailed of an unbuttoned, white shirt and old, rather dirty breeches sometimes accompanied with sandals. This was assuming the labour was aboard a sailing boat at the time. For any other forms of labour, he may don a dark jacket or different shoes to suit the occasion. Away from these activities and indoors, he switched into loose, black trousers and a comfortable shirt of any colour, top button undone.

He had a single, golden earring hooped through his left ear, a shark’s fang hanging from it. A leather watch was strapped to his left wrist which, amazingly, was still intact after years of service, although it had run out of battery a long time ago.

Personality: Radoc was really a rather gentle soul. Around females, he was rather quiet, but charming with ready smiles and a curious attentiveness to everything they say. He was not shy at all, but refused to inadvertently cause them to become entranced with him. Because of his unwillingness to speak, however, he hasn’t been in a stable relationship as of yet, although he doesn’t mind in the slightest.

Around others, however, he was a laid-back character, easily laughing and cracking jokes. Sometimes, he tended to monopolise the conversation without realising it, and would instantly fall quiet and attentive when this was pointed out to him, although soon enough, he’d be drawn into the conversation again.

He was only irritated if anybody accused him of laziness and not pulling his weight, for he worked hard without complaining, and so this work sometimes went unnoticed by those who wailed loudly about it. He was prone to blow up slightly at somebody for a possibly innocent mark, and then instantly regret what he said. Usually, if the other person didn’t mean it, he would show up and apologise, grovelling where he had to, to get the point across.

In a confrontation of other sorts, Radoc acted somewhat naïve. He always tried to see where the other was coming from and to sort things out without violence. Even if a friend was being teased, he would hesitate a moment and try to consider a correct course of action before finding himself stepping in and telling the bullies off in a rash gesture. However, if it was an argument between two friends, he would try to explain, afterwards, to each of them where he thought the other was coming from, although sometimes, he was slightly off on their motives.

History: He was raised in a seaside village, brought up in an old-fashioned way. Often, he fished with his father on a small, rowing boat and learnt of the importance and dangers of tide and wind when he was younger. There were a few longer, pointless voyages with his father in a larger boat that couldn’t quite be called a ship, where he learnt to steer, and was taught the theory of how to manoeuvre the sails to harness the wind. His mother did not wish for him to go on too many of these longer voyages, worrying about the dangers of which she knew full well; her sisters not being the least of these worries, and once or twice, an argument erupted between his parents since she refused to use her Voice on either of them. Remembering this afterwards, as always, his father would go back and apologise before discussing it with her.

When he was eight and on his first voyage as a spectator, an incredible thing happened to him; he found his bonded dragon. As a curious, energetic child, he had leaned over many of the rails and watched the white foam that spread out from the ship. Green fins suddenly broke the surface for a moment, and Radoc had shouted madly, pointing so that he fell over into the water. He knew how to swim, but he could never have caught up with the boat if it were not for something that dragged him there and pushed him back up.

Weapon: Uh… a bottle of water and, in some cases, his Voice.

Other: Radoc cannot stop using his Voice, unlike his mother, for several reasons. Firstly, as for any Siren, he has not had enough practice, nor controls it well. Secondly, as he was not a full Siren, control was hard to come by, and tenuous.

Name: Pellegia (Pel)
Gender: Female

Description: Ordinarily, Pel’s streamlined body was approximately the length of a small cargo ship. Her smooth scales gleamed white, although some scales shone rainbow if placed in exactly the right angle under the sun; and others, silver under the moon. Long, flexible spine grew regularly from the top of her head between her fin-like ears to the tip of her sharp tail. Between these small spikes, sea-green, slightly transparent webbing hung, similar to, and yet entirely different from, the triangular scales usually seen on a dragon’s back.

Her snout was pointed, giving way to a streamlined body, and her eyes, which always looked to be fierce because of their narrow, triangular shape, were an opaque green.

Five long, rather thick spines, wrapped in the same green webbing as her other ones, jutted majestically out of her sides, just behind her shoulders. Her four, powerful limbs ended in what would have been claws if it were not for that same, pesky webbing, which made walking on rough surfaces a pain.

Personality: Loud, opinionative and sometimes abruptly rude, Pellegia disliked people more readily than she got to like them. She judged people by outer appearances, which annoyed quite a few, and always practically accused somebody of an action against her to their faces even if nobody was sure it was really them who did it. Quite a rash dragon, she also stuck to her opinions stubbornly, even if she knew, somewhere in the back of her mind, that she was wrong. She was at her worst when she was haughty or sarcastic, bringing a lethal bite to her words. Oddly enough, she used longer words more regularly when in one of these moods.

However, those that have somehow or another gained her grudging approval will find the dragon fussing over them like a hassled mother. And since she clung to her beliefs so strongly, she would not abruptly dislike a person just because of outside persuasion or several instances where they showed an unfavourable personality. These beings would be the first to know if anything bad was being said behind their backs, and by whom, if she caught even a hint of it. She would even tell those close to her instantly if she found something wanting in their attitude with brutal honesty, for she didn’t lie to others, and seldom to herself. However, her kind of honesty was not appreciated in the majority of society, even the ones which knew about mythical beings, and her few friends either put up with it hesitantly or, very rarely, with satisfaction.

With the right people, however, Pel knew how to have fun and joke every now and then. In fact, if Pel became quiet and submissive, most would ask her in concerned tones whether something was wrong, because Pel was never quiet; even in her sleep she alternated between mumbling to herself and snoring.

Other: (Anything else)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
April 26th, 2008, 5:37 PM
My Sign Up:

Name: Solana Barkington
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Element: Air
House: Fafnir

Name: Cobalt
Gender: Male
Description: http://commerce.idmi.net/ecommerce/153/images/CAT_1490.GIF

I'll Edit Everything I Didn't Do Later...

And Dont Ask Why I Made It Big... I Wanted To... O.o :P

April 27th, 2008, 9:57 AM
I've been gone for like three days and this hasn't started. I figured I'd have to play catch up; I guess I'm in the clear. I can't tell if it's luck or not. Anyway, I can't wait to start.

May 5th, 2008, 11:40 AM
Sweet Dreams: Accepted
Rena: Reserved
Sandsalsh 10: Reserved

Okay, sorry about the HUGE delay guys. I haven't really been hom and I've just been checking up on things and not posting because I've basically been in work from 10-5 and then not getting home until about 10 because of RL and then I'm zonked. This is the first day off I have had in a while (and tomorrow) so I'll be posting this either tonight or tomorrow morning.

May 5th, 2008, 12:11 PM
sweet! can't wait shadow. But, just to be clear, Ka-to and Teishu were accepted, right?

May 6th, 2008, 5:29 PM
blehhh figures it starts as soon as i have to leave! Its been so long that i need to re-read my char bio but i'll have a post up before the night is finish i'm pretty sure

May 7th, 2008, 12:56 PM
I basically posted an edited version of my first post from the first time you made Draconia. So, if I forgot to edit something out, tell me. XD

May 8th, 2008, 5:36 PM
Signup Sheet

Name: Xelkan Aldura

Nickname: Kain or Xel

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Human-Elf (Never call him a halfling!!)

Element: Dark

House: Fafnir

Description: Xelkan is of average height, about 5'9" with short incredibly black hair, it is so black that any who see it can detect the faintest of violet hues deeply embedded. His skin has a healthy copper coloring as a result of spending most of his life out-of-doors. His eyes are a pale blue, which are covered by thick lashes which many consider womanly, though of course Xelkan beats any who suggest this to him while in his presence. Xelkan is not very muscular, though he does have much more strength within him than one would expect. On his left arm one will find a long scar running down the entirety of it, a result of a mishap many years ago which he will not speak of.

Personality: Xelkan isn't a great socializer, he spends most of his time practicing either his combat skills or academic skills, which he puts before other people. He may seem like a cold person, but in truth he just considers all options before taking an action, and if one gets to know him, they will see that he is a loyal friend. Xelkan also has a great sense of honor, perhaps to great at times, if he feels like his or a loved one's honor has been slighted, he will not hesitate in enacting revenge, it has been joked that Xelkan was born in the wrong century...

History: Xelkan was actually born in England, far from Draconia School, his parents were Sennan and Anna Aldura. His father was an elf with about 1 eighths human blood in his veins, while his mother was a full elf. His father was himself a student at Draconia, while his mother a student at Griffinia, now the two traveled the world doing nothing more than see what they could. While in England Anna discovered she was pregnant, and the two settled in London, finally taking 'real' jobs, to support their new child.

When Xelkan was born he was named for his fathers human ancestor, Xelkan Durama, a teacher at Draconia in his time. Soon after Xelkan was born he was bonded to a dragon which didn't make an appearance. After 14 years raised as a normal boy his dragon, Enturia, made his first appearance. Quite startled, the boy ran to his parents, who were overjoyed at this, and taught him the basics of his bond for the next year and a half, until he received the letter admitting him to Draconia.


Gloves: They don't need another name, that's what they are. They were designed hundreds of years ago by elves, and were simply gloves which control blades which come out of each finger, and from above the wrist. They are quite heavy to wear, and it is difficult to control the blades, which he is still learning.

Blade: Another simple name, it is just a plain blade which he wears at his left side, he uses it when he isn't wearing his gloves or he needs to be quick.

Other: He doesn't care for the name halfling because he is not half human, and it doesn't truly describe what he is, he calls himself Kain and expects others to too. Also; he hates others calling him Xer because that is 'reserved for his mother', he says.

Name: Enturia

Gender: Male

Description: http://www.testriffic.com/resultfiles/11903Black.jpg

Personality: Enturia is smug, and believes himself the superior dragon, when he is in his miniaturized state, he rides on Xelkan's shoulder and keeps his head high, trying to look down on others. Though perhaps this comes about because of his appearance, many have called him the 'noble dragon', and this does nothing but increase his ego. He and Xelkan fight frequently due to his egotistical behaviour, and because they are still not quite familiar with each other yet.

Sweet Dreams
May 24th, 2008, 3:09 PM
Okay, Shadow, I've got a second character up. I wanna see if he's in, and I also wanted to say that he can make a pretty late entrance, because I've got a reason.

You can PM me to find out.

May 28th, 2008, 9:32 AM
Yuoa: Accepted
Sweet Dreams: All good

Well, its a bit sad to see that out of the many people that joined only a half of them have actually posted and the thread has pretty much died. I'm hoping to revive it because its not even had a chance to start, but thats not just up to me.

May 28th, 2008, 1:11 PM
Hey! I want it to survive! This is Ka-to's only living persona here on PC T.T

Believe it or not, he has a very nasty temper when he's full out ignored...