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  • Hi there, just hoping that you'd post for the Ultimates. I do want to move the plot along but I don't want to leave you or your characters behind.
    Hey there. Just wondering if you're gonna stick with the ultimates since you only posted once. Just stopping by to check. Gracias.
    Ah I just noticed...please put a last name up for your characters. You can go here if you can't think of any last names. (it's a name-generator)
    we haven't talked in ages but Happy Birthday, have a great day and all the other etc people say
    HA! Now I can annoy you here too!

    *sends friend request*

    No, but seriously Rachel how ya doing?
    Pass on the 'cool' judgment as OOC threads rarely rank particularly highly in that category, but it is done. :3

    (and yes, I'm aware that you didn't mean 'cool' in that capacity; spare my feeble attempt at contributing to the time-honored tradition of lame jokes)

    And yeah, I guess it would depend on the format. My RPs tend to be more dynamic/action-driven/what-have-you by nature, so a smaller, focused cast helps them run smoothly. I do so prefer a focused plotline that prevents people from going 'I dunno' what to post lol xD' or wandering off into some bizarre little world of their own which no other characters may enter; which is what has happened in all too many of the school/freeform-plot RPs I have participated in. Even in this one school-setting RP I'm trying out, I have every intention of driving all the characters out of the school's safety when the plot gets serious. XD

    And yeah, that probably has it's advantages but...not a method I'll be employing myself, at least in the foreseeable future. *lonewolf*
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