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June 8th, 2008, 8:35 PM
Pokemon Chronicles
Episode 2 - Johto



Greetings! Welcome to the world of Pokemon. It is a vast and diverse land, full of many different creatures as well as people known as Pokemon Trainers who control them in battle.

You are one of these Pokemon Trainers. With your new Starting Partner at your side and your fellow Pokemon Trainer companions, each having their own unique Pokemon, you must travel through the land that is Johto, collecting Gym Badges from the various cities as you strive for one, single goal: to be the Pokemon Master!

You, a resident of New Bark Town, have decided to finally begin your Pokemon Journey. With the help of Professor Elm, the local Pokemon Expert who provdes you with your first Pokemon, you set out to begin your journey through Johto!

Your job will be to catch wild Pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not!

Beware though, because an evil organization of Pokemon thieves is on the loose throughout the region. They are known as Team Rocket, and they will do anything to steal rare and/or powerful Pokemon. It may be up to you to stop them and their evil plans!

You can collect items and secret Pokeballs to help your chances of catching wild Pokemon. Your final goal is to collect all 8 Johto Gym Badges and face off against the Elite Four to prove that you are indeed the true Pokemon Champion.

There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow Pokemon Trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best Pokemon Trainer of all time!

Character Sheet

Character Name: You character's name. Please, no relation to any existing people in the games and/or Anime.
Gender: Male of female
Age: Between 12 and 16
Birth Date: This can be anything.

Apperance: This is a description of how your character looks. This should be fairly long (at least a couple of paragraphs). It should include your character's physical traits as well as the clothing they typically wear. You can also include little gadgets and trinkets in this description.

Personality: This is a description of how your character acts around others and how they interact with their Pokemon. Be sure to create a character you will enjoy playing, because I will enforce that you roleplay similar to your character's personality description!

History: Besides being born and raised in New Bark Town, your character's past is pretty much up to you. Just keep in mind, please, that they don't get any super powers or anything like that. You are a normal 12-16 year-old human. Remember, the longer and more detailed this is, the better. I will be accepting only the best characters sign-ups!

Preferred Starter: This is where you put what starting Pokemon you'd like to begin with. Remember certain Pokemon may already chosen and there is only one availible of each, so you may not get your first choice. Here is a list of them:

Chikorita - 001
Level: 5
Type: Grass
Gender: Female
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Quiet

Cyndaquil - 004
Level: 5
Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen
Nature: Mild

Totodile - 007
Level: 5
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Scratch, Leer
Nature: Lonely

Additionally, aside from the three basic starters listed above, there are two other Pokemon which are much more difficult to get. In order to select one of them as your starter (keep in mind that there is still only one of each), you must post an exceptionally good sign-up. If it isn't good enough, I will recommend that you redo it or choose one of the other three Pokemon, if they are still availible. Here are the other two options for very good sign-ups:

Tyrogue - 143
Level: 5
Type: Fighting
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Helping Hand, Fakeout
Nature: Hardy

Togepi - 046
Level: 5
Type: Normal
Gender: Female
Ability: Serene Grace
Attacks: Growl, Charm
Nature: Bashful


The games system is fairly simple. Basically, after every Trainer has been accepted (3-5 people, depending on how many get Togepi or Tyrogue with exceptional posts), the game will begin.

I, myself, will not actually be playing the game. Instead, I will be the "Game Master", helping players along their Journies. I will control the wild Pokemon as well as other Pokemon Trainers, Team Rocket, Gym Leaders, Professor Elm, etc.

The only things the players can control are their own characters and that character's Pokemon. Please do not try to "God Mod" and control other people's characters or Pokemon, or wild Pokemon either (as far as capturing them is concerned). Basically, you can fight the wild Pokemon, but I will be the one who decides if you catch it or not and how powerful it is depending on the quality of your post.

The players will not necessarily post in a specific, pre-determined order but, regardless, I will post right after that last person and sometimes even after each player individual player, depending on how busy I am. Then the cycle will start all over again. Please read the forum Role Play rules if you have any other questions or concerns.


1) No Legendaries! I don't care who you are as a Trainer. No player will ever own a legendary Pokemon. Sorry. You may, however, get to control one for a limited amount of time during a special event...

2) Play your Personality! Please, after you've spend the time creating an in-depth personality for your character, please make sure that you actually make that personality surface through good roleplaying. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.

3) YOU MUST BE ACTIVE!!!! This is the most important rule for this RPG. If you are not active, don't even bother signing up. My goal is to have everyone log in and post AT LEAST once per day. It may seem extreme, but I feel that is the best way to keep the momentum and flow of the story going. If you are going to be away for a day or two, please let me know. I will control your character until you return.

4) Johto Pokemon Only! This is very important, seeing as we are roleplaying in the Johto Region. This means that only Pokemon numbered 001-251 (Johto Dex) will appear during your adventures through Johto. Please, please, please don't break this rule. We will move to other Regions later, I promise!

5) Stay Together! This rule seems dumb, but it is very important. If the Pokemon Trainers don't stick together then the game gets very dull and unwieldy. Temporary straying is, of course, permitted but please do not overdo it. You guys are a team!

6) HAVE FUN!! Anyone seen not having fun will be immedietly kicked, no questions asked. Sorry. If you are not here to have fun, you are gone...haha.

Accepted Trainers

Chikorita: Ryan Alpin (played by Falling Star)

Cyndaquil: Seth Wykes (played by Bladerzac)

Totodile: Matthew Silver (played by Sean)

*Togepi*: Adeline O’Neil (played by Lauren)

*Tyrogue*: Lucius Jericho (played by Got a Plan)

NOTE: If this RPG looks familiar, that is because I have another RPG very similar to this, except that it takes place in the Kanto Region. My goal, obviously, is to have the Trainers from this Region (Johto) meet up with the Trainers from Kanto at the Pokemon League and battle to see who really is the best Trainer! I created this post, also, because I did recieve many requests to join Episode 1 - Kanto. Because of this, I created Episode 2 - Johto! Enjoy!

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 8th, 2008, 10:17 PM
Character Name: Yoshikuni Hatsuharu (吉国溌春)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: 4th December, 1991

Apperance: Messy blue hair in a large, spiky mop on his head. He has chiseled features and sharpened teeth (he does that himself). He wears all black, plain clothing, with some chain and other odds and ends dangling from his jeans. He also wears blue wristbands.

Personality: This is a description of how your character acts around others and how they interact with their Pokemon. Be sure to create a character you will enjoy playing, because I will enforce that you roleplay similar to your character's personality description!

History: Besides being born and raised in New Bark Town, your character's past is pretty much up to you. Just keep in mind, please, that they don't get any super powers or anything like that. You are a normal 12-16 year-old human. Remember, the longer and more detailed this is, the better. I will be accepting only the best characters sign-ups!

Preferred Starter: Totodile

OOC I will finish the rest after school, I haven't got time now

Trainer card:


June 8th, 2008, 10:26 PM
To Slave: Um, no offense Slave, but you are already in Episode 1 - Kanto. I was looking for new Trainers for this Region. Sorry about any confusion. If you want Totodile, though, we'll be encountering them once we get to the Orange Islands.

June 8th, 2008, 11:37 PM
Can I join with my ... not so good English ? XD

Character Name: 青木 Aoki (blue tree) 美晴 Miharu (beautiful clear sky)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birth Date: 19/03/93 ((< random pick, lul))

Apperance: [link (http://nicku.deviantart.com/art/Aoki-Miharu-88168892)] Aoki has long (or may short for a girl?) hair to around the shoulder. It a deep blue colour, almost black. It has a few red stripes, and two plaited on both side of the face. The hair is rarely set in a pony-tail, but in days with lots of wind, it can happen.
She's wearing a light, almost white, sleeve-less t-shirt, with another sleeve-less t-shirt just in black with a deep blue Pokeball mark in the bottom-right, under the white one.Her 'short'-pant's (yes, she actually have pants D:!) is a light blue colour with two red small ball attached.
She's also wearing all-black wristbands. Oh, and before I forget, she have a necklace, formed as a water drop with a small stone in the middle.
Her clothed is not really good in cold, but she didn't really thought about that in the hurry, the day she ran away. Her bag shouldn't be too heavy, she didn't even bring a jacket with her...

Personality: Aoki like to explorer, and she's not afraid of getting dirty if it means she can see new places and Pokemon. She like to help other, but ... her help is not what you may want - she's not good at helping, if your leg is broken she'll probably break the other one too... Yes, she's a little unlucky, and a bit naive. But it doesn't bother her a bit.
One of her parents talk Danish, which means she sometimes mess around with both languages ((It'll make it a little more easy for me - I think ^^; )). Unlike lots of people she like when someone tell her she's going something wrong.
Aoki seems like a nice character, and she is, but sometimes she can be annoying. She likes to start singing for no reason, it's not that she's bad at singing (but she's not good either - she's ... okay), but she always do it in the middle of a battle, or if she can't sleep.
Together with the singing she like to talk a lot about ... nothing. Y'know, she normally doesn't have anything important to say, so she just fill the air with empty talk. Mostly about things 'this situation' reminds her of. Like the singing she start talking at randomly, even if they're going 'to die' and it reminds her of a 'funny' story... (But it's not that she can't be scared, sometimes is it just easier to hide her fear by doing something random)
As you may can hear she takes lots of thing calm, and she like to be calm (unless she gets too much sugar ...) most of the time.

History: Aoki is born in New Bark Town. She travelled a lot with her family as a kid (or when she was smaller ... or whatever you say), one of her dream was to go on a Pokemon journey with her very own Pokemon, and her parents thought they could 'stop' that dream by travelling a lot. It helped for a few years, but then she started to 'watch tv' along with lots of Pokemon battles ... The dream about becoming a trainer was back, but her parents didn't allow it. It's too dangerous to be a trainer! ,,You can get hurt!'' they always told her when she tried to tell them the good thing about having a Pokemon.
So Aoki ran away from home, to get her Pokemon. Now she's like scared of the police, and she don't give out her last name. Because if her parents find her they'll never let her go again and she'll never see anything called Pokemon again...

Preferred Starter: Chikorita

Lt. Silver
June 9th, 2008, 12:38 AM
Ill give this a go

Character Name: Matthew Silver
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birth Date: September 13th 1992

Appearance: About 5”5 and slim, weighing somewhere in the region of 115-125 pounds and has Light brown hair. While most teens like to style their hair, Matthew prefers to keep it simple. A splash of water on his hair a little play around for a couple of minutes and he's good to go. He usually wears simple denim jeans and a white brand name T-shirt. Despite spending a lot of time outside playing different kinds of sports and games Matthew possesses a very light skin tone. He has a decent number of freckles covering mostly his face and arms. Matthew has a large nose and ears for his head size and his limbs appear quite large compared to the rest of his body.
Matthew often wears a black digital watch with the usual different modes such as a spotwatch that you expect to see on most watches. Because Matthew often forgot to put the watch on he now wears it all the time, only taking it off to shower/bathe or swim. Matthew wears relatively simple white runners with little black stripes. His mother has been getting the same style of runners from olivine, sometimes from the occasional visits there however usually she just orders them for him.

Personality: There are two completely different sides to Matthew, He is very timid and shy around new people, when he tries to be formal he often can’t put his thoughts to words and comes across as very timid. However then there is the cocky side that we see when he is doing any kind of competing especially when he’s around his friends. Matthew rarely lets any emotions show on his face and he cops some criticism from his peers at being too serious. Despite this inside he is a very optimistic person and does get very emotional inside but has simply developed a very serious exterior. Matthew is susceptible to the occasional emotional explosion.

History: Matthew was born in New Bark Town and apart from the occasional holidays to olivine and Cianwood, he has practically never been out of New Bark. Matthew’s father left on a research trip many a year ago and to this day, Matthew’s mother never speaks of him. Matthews early childhood was an interesting one, because of the lack of a father he was often very emotional and was bullied during the ages of about 9-12. This is the most likely reason that he now has developed a serious exterior.

Matthew's interest in pokemon was sparked by an interesting occurence just after his 15th birthday. While he had always been a little interested in pokemon he had no real ambition to become a pokemon trainer. Matthew had a dream about his father in a strange place. Incredibly when Matthew woke up the next morning he turned on the television and what did he see but the strange place from his dream. It was an advertisement about pokemon trainers collecting the 8 Johto badges and then facing up against the elite four. Matthew decided that even if it wasn't a sign about meeting his father it must be some kind of sign telling him that he should become a pokemon trainer

Pokémon Starter: Totadile

Trainer card should be in my sig, picture doesnt look particularily like my character but hopefully that wont worry you

Zeta Sukuna
June 9th, 2008, 12:57 AM
I'll give this a try.
Name: Christopher Evans
Age: 15
Birth date: 23rd February, 1993
Appearance: Chris has messy black hair, and sometimes he puts a cap over it. His skin is slightly tan, from being in the sun. He wears a slightly tan hoodie that is a couple sizes too big for him. His pants are long and black with some tears in them, but no matter what he wears, you will always see a chain hanging out.

Personality: To strangers, Chris is an impatient man whom is susceptible to anger fits . To family, he is more loyal to, despite his impatience, Even to pokemon he is impatient, but can be a good person if you look past his impatience.

History: Christopher was born in New Bark Town on February 23rd, 1993. But there were complications with his birth. It turns out that Chris was born with a fatal blood infection. So Chris had to stay at the hospital for nine days, until a blood transfusion was performed, after that, his parents were finally able to take him home.

When Christopher turned five, he gained a fierce rivalry with his nine year old brother Fredrick. But obviously Chris couldn't beat him because he was too young. When Chris turned seven, the brothers rivalry grew because Fred went out and became a successful trainer, having caught at least 100 pokemon in only 1 year, so Chris decided go on a pokemon journey when he was the right age.

Two years later, when Fredrick came home, he decided to take Chris to the Orange Islands with him, after hearing about that, Chris was ecstatic, he always wanted to see Fred in action. But two days before the brothers were to go to the Orange Islands, a squad of Team Rocket grunts attacked and killed Fredrick, and his final words were." You won't get away with this, when I fall another, and stronger person will rise and take you down."

After hearing of his brothers death, Christopher started getting mad at every little thing, it got so bad that he had to be pulled out of school for a few weeks. Eventually Chris's temper subsided when he found his brothers journal, explaining everything about his journey, even the events that happened with Team Rocket, and ever since that day, he wanted to take out Team Rocket to avenge his dead brother.

Preferred Pokemon: Chikorita
( I meant to do this type of post, but it was too late and I was on my PSP.)

June 9th, 2008, 1:00 AM
To Nicku and Sean: I am temporarily accepting you guys into the RP. I will post up your stats as soon as you finish up with your profiles (adding more details and such). If you don't edit them and let me know by tomorrow I will remove you guys from the accepted list. For now, welcome!

To Rubii Naruto: You're going to have to give me a better sign-up than that to secure a spot. Look to Nicku or Sean's post.

New Age Retro Hippie
June 9th, 2008, 1:40 AM
Might I take a reserve? A Totodile is to my fancy~

June 9th, 2008, 1:46 AM
To Falling Star: Not unless you make some form of sign-up.

To Sean: I like your edited profile so far. Add a little bit more to appearance and you are golden!

June 9th, 2008, 2:15 AM
I think I need to ask, coz'd make my 'job' a lot more easy xD;
Erhm hham:
Is it okay if I make a ... not soooo long desperation of what Ayumu look like? Of course with the most important stuff, hair, what she's wearing, stuff stuff... but unless the detailed stuff, and a lovely picture I used almost the whole day on because the feet is evul to draw ? XD
The reason is that my danish-english dictionary hate me ... Or at least I think it does, coz' I can't find any of the words I need =_= The most 'interesting/detailed' thing, or what we can call it, is Wristband ._.

If not ... um, then I'll try xD But I can't promise how well it'll go ... harhar + I'm going to post the draw anyway C:

June 9th, 2008, 2:18 AM
To Nicku: Just do your best. After all, if you can't describe your own Character, how do you expect to be able to make good RP posts? Keep up the good work though.

To All: Make sure you make TRAINER CARDS! Pokecharms.com is a great spot, for example.

June 9th, 2008, 2:27 AM
Good question.. I dunno XD But of course I'll try my best. I may doesn't seems like it but I hate short posts, but again, my 'amazing' English stops me T^T And why join English RPGs? Because the 'Danish web' doesn't have ANY RPGs... I only a few dead I've tried to start, but nobody wants to join them X_x;

Maybe I should try writing it on Danish, and then try to translate it... Mmmm... *Nickus brain is trying to think*

June 9th, 2008, 2:29 AM
Name: Seth Whykes


Age: 14

Birth Date: 10th of March 1994

Appearance: Seth is about 5ft 4in tall, has black hair and a long fringe that comes out of his hat which is his trademark, he has emerald green eyes, he wears a black woollen hooded jumper that was made by his grandmother using her mareep’s wool. He wears a Raikou fang on a string around his neck. His shorts were bought when he last visited the pokemon league with his brother Van and Van’s typhlosion. He won his bag in a competition called name that pokemon in the city of goldenrod the wining answer was “Entai”, he got his shoes at the local shoe store in new bark town two blocks away from the #1 pokemon lab of the well know professor Elm. He has no burses, burns or cuts on him at the moment.

· pokegear (black)
· phone (black silver)
· promotional fishing rod (blue)
· red flame skate deck (skateboard)
· ninja robber kit (how he gets into places without people knowing)
· ninja head mask (one owned by him and the other two belong to his two friends Jane and Chris)
· Pokemon egg (handed over to elm)

Personality:Seth is that normal guy that everyone knows and doesn’t dislike. He likes everyone and can bring out the best in any trainer or pokemon. The only people that Seth dislikes are bad trainer’s people that hurt their pokemon or cheat in battles and the evil team rocket. Seth has a kind heart and loves all pokemon in johto. His normal stance and style of walking is with his hands behind his head. Seth is normally one to follow instructions by friends, family and the police but when it comes to the words “keep out” or “danger” or “under development” or even “trespassers will be killed (which normally is a team rocket base)” the adventurous ninja side shows he is able to get into anywhere without even trying or breaking a sweat. He and his two friends were called the three ninjas of new bark town when they were 9 and are still called that by professor elm.

History: Seth was born into a family of johto’s greatest pokemon trainer that have ever won the indigo plateau. He grew up in new bark town. He has two older brothers Van and Jake were all so champions. Seth has lived with pokemon all his life, his older brother’s pokemon has been like his brothers protecting him when he went in to the forest when he went walking.

One time when he has six he could hear howling in the middle of the night coming from the forest the boy was curios so he went to investigate. Typhlosion saw the boy walk out the door with a pokeball and his older brother Van pokedex so he followed so that no person or pokemon could harm the brother of his best friend. Typhlosion followed in the dark as the boy wounded towards the lake in the north-west side of the forest. He was not seen or heard by Seth until a wild swarm of Spinarak and Ariados came out of nowhere and circled the boy and trapped him. Then a giant flame wheel came out off the bushes and wiped the swarm out. Seth turned around and saw typhlosion out in the open because of the flame wheel. He was spotted by the young boy. Seth walked up to typhlosion and said “thanks typhlosion. Do you want to help me find the pokemon that is howling and catch it to make Van and Jake proud?” typhlosion nodded in agreement “good but you have to be quiet so he doesn’t get away, ok?” typhlosion again nodded in agreement.

It was a while and they had finally made their way to the lake and on the rock in the middle of the lake there it was “Raikou!” Seth whispered to himself “ok here’s the plan typhlosion I want you to use flame wheel like you did at the last battle at the pokemon league when you trapped the pokemon and in a fire tornado so he can’t get away, ok?” like before typhlosion nodded in agreement. “Great!!” said Seth with a lot of excitement being the first pokemon battle he has ever had and to make things better it was the legendary dog of thunder Raikou. Seth looked in the pokedex to see if the pokedex had any data that was about Raikou there was and when Seth pressed it info button this started speaking “Raikou.” It said “the legendary dog of thunder, it is said to have fallen from the sky during a great lighting storm in th....” before it could finish Seth quickly turned it off because Raikou became aware that he was being watch “NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!” yelled Seth “fire spin!’.
Typhlosion obeyed the orders and used fire spin trapping Raikou in a vortex “now use heat wave”. Suddenly the air around the lake became very hot boiling even. Then the heat wave stoped and Raikou jumped out of the vortex and used thunder on the tree next to Seth. Typhlosion saw this and turned around and ran towards Seth grabbed the boy and ran but Raikou jumped in front of them and roared. Seth notices something around his neck property of team rocket don’t remove. “Is this think around your neck causing you pain?” ask Seth. Raikou nodded as sign of Seth being correct meaning he was in pain because of team rockets collar. Seth hoped off typhlosion and walked up to the enraged Raikou and took the collar off him. “There you go. Stay away from team rocket, ok” Seth said. Raikou bowed down to the boy that has stopped his pain. As a reward Raikou walked up to a tree and took a bite and his two front fangs stayed in the tree Raikou pointed to Seth and then the fangs in the tree. “You want me to take them? asked Seth. Raikou nodded as a sign to let him now he was correct. Seth walked up to the tree and took the two fangs “cool I can give one to Jane (his childhood friend) but it doesn’t seem right what will u do without these?” he asked. Then suddenly Raikou used recover and grew back his front fangs. “Wow!” said Seth with astonishment. Seth felt a shock coming from his hand, he look at his hand and the fangs where filled with electricity. “Thanks Raikou” said Seth. The grateful pokemon nodded and ran off in to the sun rise. “Oh no!” yelled Seth “its morning, typhlosion we have to get home, now!”
Seth and typhlosion came bolting out of the forest. When he got home it was daytime he went inside. As soon as he able to breathe. There stood his brother Van, his mum, professor elm and new bark town’s officer jenny. After explaining his side of the story professor elm said that Raikou has recently been spotted around new bark town. Then later that day he met up with his 2 friends Jane and Chris he gave Jane one of the fangs that Raikou gave him. Later that day his mom told him that professor elm was looking for him so Seth went to see him. They talked for hours and came to the agreement in a year’s time he will assist the professor in the raising and training of the starter pokemon till his ready to begin his journey in this wonderful region of johto.

He has travelled with his two older brothers to every single pokemon tournament his brothers have been in since he was a baby. Ever since he was a young boy at the age of 5 he wanted to be a Pokémon trainer like Van when he turned 13 his grandmother gave him a black version of his older brother Van woollen hooded jumper ever since then he determined to get a cyndaquil to be he’s partner and friend and train it to be better than his older brothers’ typhlosions so one day he will be the best in johto.

Resent events (two weeks before the start of the start of Seth’s adventure): Seth and Jane have been going out for months now and Seth can’t wait to begin his adventures in the land of johto with her and Chris. There trio were going to meet up at the lab to help the professor with his studies.
When Seth arrived Jane and Chris where waiting for him at the door. “Morning guys, how are we today?”Said Seth “good, how are you?” replied Jane. Chris hit Jane in the back “don’t get carried away” said Chris. “Ok, Seth we need to talk” said Jane “ok, what is it then?” asked Seth with a quiver in his voice “we won’t be seeing much of each other for a while” said Jane “WHY!” demanded Seth. “Well I’ve been asked to help a professor named rowan in the sinnoh region to the north of johto” said Jane with a sad look on her face “but don’t worry it’s not the end of our friendship just a fork in the road with three different paths” said Jane with a reassuring smile. “Three paths? So where are you going Chris?” Said Seth with a puzzled look on his face “well this is kind of a shock for me to Seth honest, I just got my letter from professor birch in the hoenn region two days ago asking for my assistance.” Said Chris tiring to be happy about it. “So when do your boats leave?” Seth asked “today” said Jane looking like she was about to cry “oh not the water works again” said Chris “I thought we went over this before we can’t cry because we need to be brave, this is going to be the last time we see each other for awhile now”.
“And you” looking angry at Chris for making Jane cry because of his speech about being brave and the last time and all.
“Well I’m stuck with you for a whole week, buddy” Chris answered. “Well...this....is.....good...bye...then...I...have...to.....go” said Jane running off and crying like it was the end of the world as they trio knew it. But it was kind of.
That afternoon Seth and Chris were at the lab working and then Jane stormed in to get the letter that she gave professor elm so that she didn’t lose it like all here stuff. Seth was worried that shed lose her pokemon before she even left the lab. Jane couldn’t even look at the two just being in the same room reduced her to tears then she quickly ran out. Seth saw this and ran up to professor elm and asked when her boat was leavening. “In half an hour Seth” elm replied “see hasn’t even said good bye to totodile! she would never do that!” Seth said then Seth got an idea to take chikorita, cyndaquil and totodile to see Jane off. “Chris we have to get there before she leaves, NOW MOVE IT! Said Seth angrily. Chris seeing that Seth was meaning what he said. “I can’t do it mate, I promised Jane I wouldn’t let you see her off” said Chris trying to calm the enrage boy down. “What” said Seth “ok but she didn’t say anything about the pokemon right”. “Right” said Chris “but we won’t make it on foot Seth, so we can get your dad’s pidgeot” so the boy ran back to professor elm’s lab to get the pokemon and then they got the trio of pokemon in their pokeballs and when soaring in the skis. “Wow how did your brother Van get pidgeot this speedy?” asked Chris “ten years of training” replied Seth “nice” Chris said as sign of him being overwhelmed. What he is 24, Hey where here” said Seth pointing down at the pier.
They landed down. Well I thing we have some spear time did you want to play with the pokemon?” Ask Seth “I was just about to ask that” replied Chris. So the two boys played for 15 mins as they were playing Jane sneaked past them. Later the boat left and the boys were too busy talking about the pokemon in hoenn that they saw on TV In search for the legendary pokemon of the ocean. “Did you just see that the boat is about to leave I thought I saw Jane up on the deck” said Seth “what a ninja” said Chris “she was always able to get into anywhere if she tried” “we were better tho we didn’t have to try” said Seth “yes you are right the three of us were the ninjas of new bark town” said Chris smiling. “So you’re going to be with people you don’t know right” said Chris “that’s the plan professor elm has he has already found the people who are going to take your spots” said Seth look down.
The two friends looked at the boat going in to the sunset it was golden orange and it was a great start to the last week the two boys had with each other. “We better go back now” said Chris. “Ok but let’s walk back” said Seth. The boys walked back, it was dark by the time the boys got back to new bark town. So the boy decided to have a sleep over at Seth’s house and watch the complete 1st, 2nd and 3rd seasons of in search for the legendary pokemon of the ocean.
The next week was all about making Chris’s last days in johto good ones. They went to goldenrod city for the day by themselves they bought the complete fourth season of in search for the legendary pokemon of the ocean and they got a promotional blue fishing rod with the title of the show going down it . They needed a new way of transport on their adventures so they went to the skateboard shop in goldenrod Seth got a red flame deck and Chris got one with a tree on it. Later that day they headed back to new bark town. It was the day that Chris was leavening johto for the hoenn region. The two boys and the three starters went to see each other for the last time. “Good bye chikorita I’ll be ok it’s just that this is the last time we might get to see each other, Seth will you keep me posted on chikorita’s status will you” said Chris smiling “totodile I’m sorry about what happened with Jane” “and you cyndaquil if you get stuck with ninja of a trainer you’ll be in good hands, and final you Seth as soon as I get my 8th badge I’m going come back to johto and battle you and then we’ll see who is the best and if you’re done your journey in johto come with me and we can go to hoenn together and you can meet professor birch.” Said Chris with a smile “it’s a deal ill beat you with everything I’ve got, ninja’s honour” said Seth “TO BE THE BEST THAT IS MY NINJA WAY” the two boys said as the shook each other’s hands. “See ya later Seth” said Chris “you too Chris” said Seth.
Chris boat left the same way as Jane’s in a golden orange sunset that’s when Seth was determined to be the best trainer like his brother who said that he can’t do and defeat Chris every time they meet. It was his ninja way. “C’mon guys we need to get back to new bark town this time he was alone the only companions he had were chikorita, cyndaquil, totodile and the wild pokemon they befriended, they were close to home when Seth found a pokemon egg on the ground Seth picked it up it look like a electric Pokémon’s egg seeing that it was all alone Seth picked it up and put it in his bag. When They got back to town it was twilight and Seth returned the starters to professor elm he was just about to leave until Seth was called back by professor elm with a package for him “Seth this package came for you it’s from my college professor oak it’s a picture of ur cozin bobby baker" said elm “thanks i haven't seen him since i was five” said Seth
“Can’t wait to begin my pokemon journey in johto so can I know what pokemon am I receiving?” Seth said with hope. Professor elm stood up and walked to the boy and said “Seth you will receive ........... is that a pokemon egg seth?" said elm pointing to the thing in the boys bad " yes i think it is" said the boy "i will hang onto this till you reach golden rod gain and win 3 badges" said elm " ok fine" said the boy
Preferred Starter :Cyndaquil only if its o k with sean (i really wish so) if not Totodile sice its on pendingand then Tyrogue rather that than Togepi rather put an eevee

June 9th, 2008, 2:31 AM
To Sean: You have been ACCEPTED! I will notify you via PM when the RPG officially starts. Your stats are up in the OOC Thread.

To Niku: Just do your best. I'd like you to stay aboard. As soon as you give me a solid Appearance, I will accept you.

To Bladerzac: That's a long post, my friend, but I'm afraid you cannot have a VS Seeker or a Pokemon Egg to start off with. Unfortunately, unless Sean wants to give up the Cyndaquil he requested, you are unable to get Cyndaquil as a starter. Please choose a secondary starter just in case.

New Age Retro Hippie
June 9th, 2008, 2:46 AM
Character Name: Ryan Alpin
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birth Date: 16/10/95 (Sixteenth of October, 1995)

Appearance: Ryan is a boy of both average height and weight. He is an unexceptional type of person to the eyes, nothing amazing. His skin tone is a gentle tan to the shape of his clothing, a few freckles interspersed amongst fair body hair. He is of a somewhat slight build, but do not let his apparent lack of muscles fool you- He is in fact quite strong. His limbs are of average length, the gangliness that puberty would usually bring along not affecting him.

He has a sort of an angelic, good-boy look to him. He has somewhat short white-blond hair prone to fluffing up resting atop his head, framing his heart-shaped face. His eyes are large and the colour of the sea on a clear day- A bold turquoise. His eyelashes are surprisingly long compared to what one would expect of someone his gender. His nose is essentially described as a button; small, slightly turned up. His mouth and lips are nothing spectacular, and his teeth are clean.

Generally he wears a plain coloured t-shirt under a white hoodie with jeans. The t-shirt is often a plain, solid colour of a random colour. The hoodie is also unexceptional, except for the fact that two wings have been printed on the back, and there is a gold ring on the hood itself. His jeans are of average length and are made of denim. He wears sneakers on his feet, silver with red markings and laces. He usually has a pair of binoculars strapped around his neck for viewing Pokémon from afar. He has a yellow bag with a shoulder-strap to keep his supplies in.

Personality: Ryan is a gentle boy, if slightly immature at times. He’s not the kind who will rush head-on into battle; he’s a bit of a strategist. He’s also a Pokémon Sketcher, one to sit down and draw the scene in front of them. Indeed, his bag contains several sketch books and good quality pencils, sharpeners, and erasers. He’s a fairly calm soul and not one to anger easy. Even his ticked-off moods are quiet; he generally just seethes in a corner. He is friendly towards all Pokémon, though naturally those who kill humans for enjoyment cannot feel the gentle kindness that this boy radiates. He usually acts a few years younger than he actually is; it’s like seeing an eight-year-old in the body of someone four years older. He just hasn’t really developed very far emotionally. He’s pretty clever, not with prodigy-level intelligence but able to outsmart those whom are irritating.

History: Ryan was born to a wealthy couple in Cerulean while his parents were on holiday. His parents ended their vacation abruptly, despite the fact that they were enjoying it, and returned to their home city of Goldenrod. They noticed the environment in which they lived was somewhat damaging to their child’s health, being in the heart of the city and all, and when Ryan was six months old they moved to the small town of Newbark.

Ryan grew up in a sizable house, which his friends insisted on calling a mansion. His parents were not huge fans of Pokémon, so kept no pets. Ryan could interact with the wild visitors in his back yard, however, but missed them dearly on the days when he could not go outside and play. So, at the age of six, he took to sketching them. Though his drawing skills were poor at that age, the subject Pokémon were polite about them which sparked a great interest in drawing. As long as he was within a group of peers, young Ryan was allowed to go out to route 29 and draw any Pokémon he saw. He did notice there was another child, an older girl, who shared his passion but he never interacted with her.

For his eleventh birthday he was given a pair of good-quality binoculars to aid him in his plight to draw Pokémon. He had watched trainers battle, and while not interested in the violence he found himself muttering under his breath better strategies to attack the opponent. So, when he asked his parents if he could train Pokémon, he was met with the response: “If you can take care of one, you can have a battling one”. Therefore, a small pet-bred Growlithe came into his possession. He took great care of little Full Stop, and so his parents finally consented. Full Stop was given to Professor Elm to take care of, while Ryan eagerly awaited the day when his true starting Pokémon would come into his possession.

Preferred Starter: Chickorita; named Comma


Gahaha, post 100!

June 9th, 2008, 2:49 AM
To Falling Star: That is a good sign-up, so far. I will Accept you, temporarily. This won't last long though, so as soon as you finish up that Bio and make a Trainer Card you will be in.

June 9th, 2008, 3:26 AM
Name: Lucius Jericho
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lucius towers over most children due to his impressive height of 6 feet. At the same time, he packs an impressive body of muscle and agility. His exact weight is unknown, but he at least weighs 200 pounds. From top to Lucius' appearance is fairly varied.

His head is clearly defined by the mess of bright blonde hair. The hair seems out of control, forcing itself into any direction it wants to. His eyes lack any noticeable color and as a result take the form of two black holes leading to nowhere. His face itself is stern and serious, however always seems to have a smirk giving anyone looking at him mixed messages.

The rest of Lucius' body is covered by a brownish outfit. He wears a thin light brown hoodie over a black sleeveless shirt. The hoodie possess a pokeball symbol on left chest region as well as his back. On his belt, Lucius has a utility pocket, which is fairly large and holds various survival tools. Lucius also owns a backpack which isn't particularly large but it is enough to get the job done. His pants are dark brown, which their length hits the ground and generally cover the white shoes with a red outline. His clothes appear to be expensive and high quality.

Personality: Despite Lucius serious face and cold eyes, Lucius is a man of near absence of those qualities. Lucius is surprisingly carefree, enjoying the freedom he recently acquired from leaving his home of Kanto. However, he is used to standards that extremely high, especially from himself and his pokemon, therefore he pushes himself and others. The pushes are never strict and militaristic, but rather ones that are intended to inspire one to do better. Lucius is confident he can achieve these standards, but he never seems cocky about, preferring to be mellow and calm. He doe not contain ridiculous amounts of energy, but rather remains cool about everything, especially when in large groups.

History: Lucius' family never stayed in one place for a long time, moving from region to region every few years. He lived with his father and two younger sister and as a result of his father's occupation as a corporate head, ended up taking care of everything. He developed a rough relationship with him and his family and as a result found comfort in attending school. In school, he was the perfect individual and the envy of everyone. He held high marks, performed well in sports (football, basketball, baseball, pokemon), and had all the girls in school. Lucius, however, found the greatest enjoyment in hanging around in nature with the wild pokemon during any time he had to himself, usually late at night. This process continute from every region starting with Hoenn, to Sinnoh, and most recently Kanto. Lucius orignally had intended on leaving his family on a pokemon adventure however, he was late in receiving a pokemon, a pokedex, and everything else. Lucius was informed that in Johto pokemon were being handed out. Immediately, Lucius demanded to go towards his father. His father originally protested in great rage, but saw his son's determination. Giving him money and supplies, his father allowed him to go to Johto borrowing a pokemon to surf to New Bark Town.

Starter: Since Cyndaquil is taken, I suppose I will be good with Totodile. Backup is anyone else, though Togepi is something I would avoid, but I won't be mad. (Character might be).

Anyway, I do have school now. So just leave feedback on it. I'll add/change anything I need to.

June 9th, 2008, 3:43 AM
To Got A Plan: This is a pretty good Sign-Up so far. Just make sure you add a Trainer Card, and you will be Accepted. Seeing as all of the Pokemon you wanted are taken, I'm going to give you Tyrogue temporarily, until you make a Trainer Card.

June 9th, 2008, 3:51 AM
Alright, Thanks. Just posting to show the trainer I mocked up.

Now Im seriously off to school.

June 9th, 2008, 4:26 AM
To Got A Plan: You are ACCEPTED. I will post your stats up in the OOC Thread.

June 9th, 2008, 4:56 AM
Character Name: Manuel Jonas Croven
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: April 30th 1992

Apperance: Manuel is a bit...strange. For one, his hair are straight, standing and blue. Not a deep, calm, blue, but a strong, electric-like one. Yes, those are dyed, obviously, the real colour is a quite dull brown; the eyes, instead, are of a beautyful emerald green, but are often covered by a pair of old sunglasses. The body is extremely skinny: he stands at almost 2 meters (6 feet, 8 inches) tall, yet he is just 75 kilos in weight! The face is long and sharp, with an hooked nose and an extremelt large mouth. He has 3 piercings in each ear, 2 nose-piercings, 4 on the right eyebrow and 2 on the left one; one on the lower lip, on the tongue and in the navel. He usually wears a pair of worn out jeans that are extremely large, held just by an heavy black belt, a black shirt and a set of armbands, wristlets, chains and ankle bandages. Yet, even if he seems like a killer or the like, the eyes are gentle and caring. They quite mix it up with the rest of the body.

Personality: This is a description of how your character acts around others and how they interact with their Pokemon. Be sure to create a character you will enjoy playing, because I will enforce that you roleplay similar to your character's personality description!

History: Besides being born and raised in New Bark Town, your character's past is pretty much up to you. Just keep in mind, please, that they don't get any super powers or anything like that. You are a normal 12-16 year-old human. Remember, the longer and more detailed this is, the better. I will be accepting only the best characters sign-ups!

Preferred Starter: Togepi

Ending this in some hours. I'm leaving now, so I can't finish this right now ^^

June 9th, 2008, 5:27 AM
To WeissRaben: Your spot is reserved. Finish up your Sign-Up and make a Trainer Card and you will be Accepted.

June 9th, 2008, 6:27 AM
Character: Rin Ishuzu
Age: 15
Birthday. September 8th 1993

Apperence: Rin has an elegant demneor around her.She is often seen whering midnight blue turtle neck with long sleeves and black jeans. She wheres black laced high healed boots and is never seen whering any other shoes.She has long dark hair and her eyes are a frail pink maybe violet. She stands about 5"9 and weights onl 100-110 because she is in very weak health, she has scars all over her body from a painful past and isn't one to talk about. Her weak health makes her skin very pale so if you saw her skin would make her a gastly white.

Personality: Rin is cold and indifferent to everyone accept her pokemon.She rarely talks and this is only to give battle commands when she is battling a trainer. Either way she is a big fan of the pokemon Dratini and hopes to find one someday and raise one. Rin also has quite a temper if she's mad. If she's mad enough you will end up with deep scratches on your face. Rins cold personality never gave her any friends so she is often seen alone and only with her pokemon.

History: As stated by the above, Rin is in weak health and the scars on her body show an abusive past. Rin was born and raised in Newbark town and is now currently living there,Rin hated it here in her home she wanted to leave so badly.. Rin wouldn't do anything wrong but she would end up getting beaten unconscious and then she would awake on the floor hours later. Her body was always stung with bruising and deep cuts. People thought something was wrong when they saw Rin come outside and Rin was tired of people whispering about her so Rin just gave up going outside for several years. One day after she had turned 15 she decided enough was enough, so she was going to head over to Proffeser Elms and get her first pokemon.

Preffeferred Starter: Togepi. I edited this. I can choose this since its not techinically taken right? :S But as Brawler said I probably won't get it.. but its worth a try right? xD

If I can't get in here I'll see if I can make it into your Hoeen and Sinnoh episodes (if you do make one that is..because its an assumption o.o)

June 9th, 2008, 7:48 AM
To Ghost Princess: Unfortunately, Cyndaquil is already taken. The only Pokemon possibly left are Totodile, Chikorita and Togepi. They are reserved, though, so your chances are fairly slim at getting them.

Zeta Sukuna
June 9th, 2008, 10:47 AM
I changed my post, please check it out. thanks.

June 9th, 2008, 12:19 PM
I'll say I'm finish now. I've changed her name, but I don't think that's a problem?

Oh and I've made a trainer cards as you told;

Lt. Silver
June 9th, 2008, 2:13 PM
decided to change to totadile since the other person had such a long sign up for cyndaquil
new tainer card:


New Age Retro Hippie
June 9th, 2008, 7:33 PM
I have finished my sign-up, yay :3

June 9th, 2008, 8:38 PM
Character Name: Adeline O’Neil
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birth Date: 12th of September

Appearance: Adeline is rather short for her age, standing at 5’2, but instead of whining about her height, she embraces it. Her frame is very petit, and she is often accused of being anorexic, but she eats like a Munchlax and enjoys food deeply. Her hair is a deep auburn and short, so that it just touches her shoulders. Adeline has deep, emerald green eyes and a golden tan.
On a whole, Adeline has been described as cute or pretty, she has a small, heart shaped face with delicate features. Her hands are slender and have long fingers, which perfectly suit her instrument of choice, the piano.

Adeline always wears a pair of dark jeans and an emerald green turtle neck sweater. On her feet she wears hiking boots, which are well worn from her days of exploring the route’s surrounding Newbark Town. She wears minimal makeup but takes great care in keeping her short hair soft and shiny. On her left hand she wears a real emerald ring, with a white gold band, but she often places it on the plain white gold chain she wears around her neck. She carries a worn brown leather backpack, in which she carries a sketchbook as she is always drawing the Pokemon she comes across.

Personality: Adeline is a fairly quiet person, and prefers to express her feelings through either music or art. She has few close friends, and feels awkward in social situations. She is not rude however, and will always introduce herself to people she meets, and will become offended if they do not do the same. Adeline has impeccable manners and is very bright for her age, excelling in art, English and geography at school. Strangely, she prefers the company of adults than that of people her age. She knows that boys consider her to be pretty, but doesn’t understand why, her self esteem and confidence has never been great, and she blushes very easily. However, she has had a few boyfriends and when she does fall for guys she falls very hard and very fast. On a whole she is a happy, shy sixteen-year-old girl who is still not comfortable in her own skin. She also likes being called Addie.

History: Adeline was born to Renee and David Greene, who decided they were not ready to look after a child and adopted her to a lovely couple in Newbark Town. Adeline’s adoptive parents, Sarah and Alex O’Neil were unable to conceive themselves and doted on the infant.

Adeline grew up happily in the O’Neil’s comfortable and pleasant home, and attended the local school, making few friends due to her shyness. However, the company of her parents Pokemon, a Mareep, a Seaking and a Skarmory, compensated her lack of friends. Adeline felt more comfortable with Pokemon, as she felt like they never judged her. It wasn’t long before she began drawing them and developed a knack for it.

Adeline was told that she was adopted when she was eight; she surprisingly accepted the news very well and was barely curious as to who her birthparents were. The O’Neil’s kept in touch with the Greene’s, sending photos, copies of Adeline’s drawings and her progress which was accepted readily. Renee decided that she wanted to meet the daughter she gave up but the O’Neil’s insisted that she would wait until Adeline was twelve.

Meanwhile Adeline began playing her father’s piano as well as continuing with her art. One day, when she was ten, Alex introduced his daughter to Professor Elm. Alex knew the Professor as he was a computer technician and had fixed the Professor’s computers on many occasions. Professor Elm was deeply intrigued by the young girl and often invited her around to sketch any new Pokemon he found.
Adeline took to exploring Route 29, Cherrybrook City and the foot of Mount Silver, searching for more Pokemon to explore. Her mother would often accompany her and take to reading idly in the sun whilst her daughter stalked around, drawing as many Pokemon as possible.

When Adeline was twelve her biological parents came to visit from Olivine City, the meeting did not go well. Whilst Renee approached the situation well and won Adeline over, her husband David bought Adeline to tears and it was firmly suggested that the Greene’s should leave immediately.
Since then Renee has visited annually, a week after Adeline’s birthday and staying each time for a week, but her husband did not join her.

As the years progressed Adeline became a more skilled artist and even began drawing for school posters and newsletters as well as commissioning out portraits of people’s Pokemon. She also honed in on her piano skills, winning tuition at an academy of music for three summers. Over time Adeline became closer to her biological mother, whilst still remaining loyal to her true family. When Adeline was sixteen, Renee found out that David had been cheating on her for years and he was divorcing her. Renee was distraught and sunk into a deep depression, so Adeline decided to leave her cosy hometown and head to Olivine City to comfort her biological mother. On hearing this Professor Elm insisted on giving her a Pokemon and asked her to compete in the Jhoto Gym League challenge while she had the chance.

Preferred Starter: Togepi, but seeing as there’s a huge waiting list for anything, I’ll take whatever except for Tyrougue. Or a reserved spot in the next series.


June 9th, 2008, 11:27 PM
To Laurenlovestoned: Seeing as the other person's reservation ran out of time, I am going to ACCEPT you. Congratulations. Your stats will be posted up in the OOC Thread. You have Togepi.

To Falling Star: You are ACCEPTED, but you get Chikorita. Are you okay with that?

To Sean: You are ACCEPTED once again, and I have changed you to Totodile.

To Bladerzac: You are ACCEPTED.

To Everyone Else: Sorry if you did not get into the RPG. I really had a tough time choosing these people and, if you feel left out, don't worry. Other spots will open up (if people leave), and there are more Episodes to come! Thanks for the applications!

NOTE: The RPG will be starting shortly, just to let everyone who is accepted know. Make sure you update your Trainer Cards (if needed, with a different starter) and we can get this thing going to beat those darn Kanto Trainers!

New Age Retro Hippie
June 9th, 2008, 11:29 PM
Fair enough; at least I get accepted (Though Chickorita is my least fave...). Trainer Card EDIT TIME!

June 9th, 2008, 11:39 PM
Wah. That was waste of time >_>!

June 9th, 2008, 11:45 PM
thx man and u spelled my name wrong its seth whykes u forgot the h in whykes lol

Zeta Sukuna
June 10th, 2008, 12:13 AM
Oh well, better luck next time, I guess. See ya soon.

June 11th, 2008, 12:48 AM
NOTE: If this RPG looks familiar, that is because I have another RPG very similar to this, except that it takes place in the Kanto Region. My goal, obviously, is to have the Trainers from this Region (Johto) meet up with the Trainers from Kanto at the Pokemon League and battle to see who really is the best Trainer! I created this post, also, because I did recieve many requests to join Episode 1 - Kanto. Because of this, I created Episode 2 - Johto! Enjoy!

this wouldn't work because this means that the kanto people need more posts to stay in tune with johto (us) i tought when we meet we would just say hi and if people wanted to try and work to gether

Lt. Silver
June 21st, 2008, 11:33 PM
Im pulling out, under some pressure right now, dont have time

June 25th, 2008, 11:40 PM
oh ok sean hope u get throgh it al but now we need some one new or we don't have anyone