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Zeta Sukuna
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    WAITWAITWAIT YOU PLAY FF? Since when? What server?

    I've been playing FF for 3 and a half years now, how're you liking it?
    Had a weird...reunion with Another World lately and realized how much I actually want to play it. So in that same vein that kinda means that work on Remix is resuming? Or restarting?

    Everytime I go back to it I realize why I stop and when I was thumbing through everything I kept having all these visions of what I want to do with it to spruce it up but then realize that like...most of it's going to be hella difficult on the existing hack. I've been thinking about honestly just going back and remaking the entire thing from a clean American Fire Red hack and then just continuing from there because with things like the sprites overlapping each other in *very specific instances* and the music stopping, that must be due to where everything was placed in the hex code. But I also kinda feel like if I *do* do that I'm kind of depriving myself of this experience where I can really take a deep dive and figure out what the hell's going on in there that makes that stuff happen because lord knows I've never seen anyone else have a problem with it.

    And I guess having to do things myself without really knowing who I can talk to or try to get input from makes it feel kind of hopeless. Working on my own hacks in the past everything was just kind of straightforward because I was making my own stuff, not working off of someone else. So even with the technical details some things are vague some things don't make sense and it's a starting point but it's legitimately not enough to understand why things are the way they are.

    I'm...venting lol and sorry about that. I really did just kinda want to mention the hack in passing. I ended up seeing you were still working on yours and that made me want to drop a hi and a happy new years, esp since by now it's unofficially been 3 years since we've talked which is fucking bonkers. How've you been lately, fam?
    Sounds great, good talking to you again, Zeta. Hope you have a good rest of your day/evening/night.
    Cool. I haven't done one like this before, but hey, it should be a fun learning experience at the least. I'll make sure to let you know when I start it up.
    Well, that'll be cool whenever you get around to it. Things like that are best when you take your time, I think. But, overall, that sounds pretty great.

    And yeah, I'm debating maybe doing a nuzlocke if possible, since I haven't played a Pokemon game in months at the least. Did you have any plans to release it publicly? It's been awhile so I don't remember if I asked you. I was thinking about doing a run of it over on the nuzlocke forums maybe in the next couple months possibly, to try and get myself motivated to do things.
    Understandable, I've been teaching myself a bit of coding and to a lesser extent scripting so yeah I could see how getting to something particularly time-consuming would make you feel a little less motivated to work on it. And yeah, I'm in a pretty okay place now, so thanks. I've been playing the last Another World patch you sent me and it kind of sparked me deciding to check up on you, ironically enough.
    That's good, I kinda disappeared myself, life got especially troublesome and all that jazz, though things are better now at least. Anyway, whatcha up to? Still working on your touhou stuff?
    That's no real problem, though. It would've been convenient, but that you're working on Johto at all is commendable because...holy hell.

    Holy hell.

    I mean, it's not Java, but. Holy hell.
    I've been meaning to tell you this for a while- and sorry for the hour delay, I just got home from work, but I owe you one hell of an apology. For the silence this past couple of months, I mean. Even more for holding off for so long on messaging you. I started messages a bunch of times, and I even made a post for Enhanced back when you first posted it...and lost the post.

    And it's mostly because things haven't been particularly good on my end. Stress up the wazoo and being constrained to something I didn't want to do for three months...well, it's not really an excuse. Just...ugh. Really sorry about all that. Bad habits never die, I guess.

    Have things been alright on your end?
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