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June 22nd, 2008, 9:27 PM
.:Darkrai's Curse:.

The legendary Pokemon have always been a close group. Ever since the "Great Creation", when Arceus brought the world and Mew gave life to everything, all of the legendaries have worked together to keep the balance of the universe at peace. Through unity they achieved greatness, and while there have sometimes been quarrels and issues between them, in the end all was always well, thanks to this great and powerful bond each and every one of them shared with the rest. But this time, could it really end up alright?

As there has always been a bond, there have always been those who wished for power moreso than eternal unity. In the War of Land and Sea, the Titans, Groudon and Kyogre, fought each other for personal strength and rank. The three birds of Kanto have clashed in times past over age-old laws of equality between them. Even humans have more than once dared to cause mayhem among the beings of legend. And despite all these instances, perhaps the gods themselves were not able to detect or even expect the cause of the next disturbance. For quite some time, there has been a traitor among them, plotting in secrecy and devising a plan for the ultimate demise of all the legendaries, save for his greedy, power-hungry self. If any Pokemon was to be suspected, it was definately Darkrai. However, none of the legends really saw what was coming, and had to reason to accuse him of anything. Yet.

How he pulled it off, they never really found out. Somehow, through the acts of deceit and trickery, the Nightmare Pokemon managed to find a way to do something that seemed too terrible for even his wicked heart. It must have taken much contemplation and thought. What normally ended the plots of Pokemon and humans who sought power over all? Either a legendary Pokemon or a human with the aide of a legendary Pokemon. So, Darkrai figured, if he seeked superiority over the rest of the legends, including Arceus himself, he would have to be rid of the other legendaries. And while such a diety as a legend cannot truly be killed, it can be manipulated and removed from power.

Darkrai used the Original Ones. As said before, no one knows how he did it, but he used the powers of Mew and Arceus. Perhaps he used his nightmarish abilities to control the "Heart Swap" technique of Manaphy, or put the Creators themselves into states of eternal slumber. Whatever he did, there was no forewarning and no way to prevent it without this necessary forewarning. Taking control of the powers only Mew and Arceus could rightfully use, he tapped into the beings of every legendary, and transformed every one of them into a normal, non-legendary Pokemon. As for the Original Ones themselves? He was unable to do such a thing to them, as they were of a higher power than him. But, it is assumed Darkrai banished them to another dimension and sealed their fates in nightmares. Perhaps Palkia or Dialga could free them, or Celebi could go back in time and prevent this from ever happening, but alas, they were under the Curse of Darkrai.

Now, the legendaries find themselves helpless and stranded. They are as regular as Pokemon can be. They cannot use the powers Arceus granted them eons ago. They cannot forsee what Darkrai will do next. And under this curse, they can die like normal Pokemon, be captured by humans like normal Pokemon, and even be used and controlled like normal Pokemon. Darkrai's plan was a success. Now he is indeed the most powerful being in existence, and he can use that power to assume the role of Arceus. Perhaps he will plunge the entire world into slumber and nightmare. Perhaps he will destroy everything and re-create it as his own. Either way, the universe itself is his now, and he is free to do whatever he pleases. Not even Deoxys and Mewtwo, the false legendaries who were never part of Arceus' elite group of creators and guardians, were not left uneffected by the Curse, as Darkrai knew they could potentially prove threatening to his plot.

You are one of the once-legendary Pokemon. Due to Darkrai's Curse, you have found yourself (with the other "legendaries") in a remote plains area of far northern Johto. It is rumored Darkrai has destroyed what reamained of Mt.Coronet's Creation Dimension (where the legends used to watch the world from) and made his new lair at Mt.Silver. While this means you and the other legendaries have a greater chance of getting to him, there are plenty of human settlements between where you are now and where he apparently is. Not to mention, as you have all just woken up, you have no plan or idea of how to stop him, or if you will be able to at all in your current forms. This will be undeniably the toughest mission any of you have ever undergone, but the cost if you do not attempt it is too great to give up or refuse to try. Even if you are no longer a legendary Pokemon in form, you still remember the duty Arceus and Mew gave you to protect and guard the world, no matter what happened. Now even they are unable to stop the traitor of a legendary Darkrai has proven himself to be. So that leaves you, and the group of small, defenseless Pokemon that were once no less than gods. The future of everything is in your hands... You must not let the Original Ones down.


Okay, so I decided to make another RPG. I figured I should try this idea out, seeing as, well, I've got time on my hands for it and it seemed pretty unique. So, on with the rules:

Of course, all rules of Pokecommunity and the RPG Forum apply.
Rated PG-13 for the likely occurences of violence, blood, and mild swearing. That said, I will allow all of these things, with emphasis on "mild" with the swearing. This means you can use swear words, but do so in moderation, and use good judgement on what words are acceptable and when.
No sexual content is allowed. Sure, I'm perfectly fine with bits of romance between "legends" and all, but nothing along the lines of or relating to mating, or similar suggestive themes.
Please, don't type like a first-grader who just learned how to write. At least try to use proper spelling/grammar to the best of your ability, even if you don't have a spell checker (as that is no excuse). Chatspeak and the like is not acceptable here, along with typing "u" for "you" and things like that.
Your character can be captured or otherwise taken by a trainer/human, but PM me first letting me know: If you want your Pokemon to be "rescued" by the other "legendaries", if you want to RP the trainer/human and continue on with the RP, or don't care either way. This allows for you to play a trainer on the mission to stop Darkrai in a unique way, but still control your main legend. As I said, send me a PM and it can be worked out.
No two people can RP a legend turned into the same Pokemon. On the list of available legendaries, it will list the species the legendary is now beside whoever is RPing it. If a regular Pokemon is taken, your legend can't be that Pokemon.
You are allowed two characters/"legendaries" to control.
The only "Legendary" power the legends are left with is that they can communicate telepathically with one another. Otherwise, they are completely like regular versions of the species they became after the effects of the Curse, ability-wise.
Your character will be allowed to evolve and grow stronger; don't worry. As long as you don't go out and make him/her evolve after every battle or anything like that, evolution is perfectly fine and acceptable.

EDIT: Here are the guidelines regarding the moves Pokemon may use in their "Cursed" form:

Only level-up moves will be used, for these reasons-

They have not been owned by trainers since their transformation, and do not find TMs in the wild. If you do get captured in the RP, you can learn TM moves.
They were not hatched from eggs or bred in any way; Darkrai just transformed them, so there's no way they'd know egg moves.

As for reasonably using these level-up moves though, there's no levels in this RP per se, so... A Pokemon can use any moves it can learn, within reason. So, for example, a Cyndaquil can use Eruption, but its RPer would have to be reasonable and limit the use of such a high-level, powerful move drastically, or simply not use it at all until later. Use your judgement. If I or another RPer thinks you are abusing this, you could recieve a warning to be dropped from the RPG, or automatically dropped from the RPG, depending on the circumstances, so be resonable.

Also, there is no reason to list the moves your character knows. Your character has access to every move it can normally learn by level-ups, and every TM move they have learned if a trainer taught them TMs. There is no "four-move-restriction", or anything along those lines.

~On with the sign-ups...

Legendary Pokemon: What legendary was your character before he/she was affected by the Curse? You are allowed any legend, save for Darkrai, Mew, and Arceus of course. Alternate forms do not count as their own legendaries, and keep in mind that you can use Phione, Deoxys, and Mewtwo.
Cursed Species: What Pokemon was your legendary turned into? Note that it must be a first-stage Pokemon (Pokemon that do not evolve are allowed, considering they are not too powerful), and it cannot be a "pseudo-legendary" (these include the Dratini, Larvitar, Trapinch, Bagon, and Gabite evolution lines). Of course, no legendaries are allowed, as obviously, that would defeat the purporse. It also does not have to be the same types as the legendary you chose.
Gender: Sure, the game says most of them are genderless, but decide on a gender anyways. If the Pokemon already is given a gender, like Latios for example, use that gender.

Description: While ability-wise your legendary is just as weak as the Pokemon you chose, they can have plenty of unique features and/or quirks. Just as long as it isn't anything that alters their abilities or makes them look like an entirely different species, the sky is the limit. I'm looking for descriptive ability here, also, so don't just give me a sentence or two. Try to be creative and come up with something unique. I will also not accept just a sprite or image. You can show me a picture or a sprite, but that doesn't give you any kind of special privilage to simply go without the required amount of description.

Personality: You can be as creative as you want with this. It doesn't have to exactly follow the expected personality of your legendary either. You could have an angsty Shaymin or a happy-go-lucky Mewtwo if you wanted; just make sure it's reasonable. Of course, I'm expecting at least a good, solid paragraph here.

History: This is a bit strange here, because rather than an OC you're playing, it's a legendary Pokemon often with a set past or history, but write out what you know happened in your legend's past, and feel free to add in twists and extra bits of info as you go along. Some of the legendaries don't even have any information on their histories (or at least, not as we know of yet), allowing you to be original and unique. The required length really would depend on your legend (for instance, you could RP Phione, who would be young and recently-hatched most likely), so rather than length I am looking for detail and literate ability.

Other: Anything else? If not, simply don't list this.

RP Sample: This is not required, but it certainly will help your chances of being accepted. If you are RPing two characters, you only need one RP sample. If you don't want to make an RP Sample, simply don't list this.


Here is a list of all the legendaries available to be played:

Mewtwo-Taken by Triaspia (Scyther)
Raikou-Taken by 乚☆丁工回己❀ (Feebas)
Ho-oh-Taken by charizard_maa (Swablu)
Celebi-Reserved by GhostPrincess (Ralts)
Latias-Taken by Mightyena_Lover (Meowth)
Rayquaza-Taken by DuskGem (Shinx)
Jirachi-Taken by Eletj (Snover)
Deoxys-Taken by Zore (Sableye)
Regigigas-Taken by Chabz (Absol)
Giratina-Taken by iLike2EatPiez (Rattata)
Manaphy-Taken by orangejediman (Eevee)
Shaymin-Taken by Save Trees (Shaymin)

CHECK THIS SPACE FOR FUTURE UPDATES AND INFO ON SIGN-UPS AND THE LIKE. The RPG has begun! You can still sign-up, though; your character will just have to meet up with us, wherever we are by then. If you reserved, you are still reserved. So, feel free to reserve/sign up, as I'm not closing sign-ups until every legend is taken.

THERE HAS BEEN AN EDITION TO THE RULES. Check below the rules for guidelines on what moves your Pokemon will be able to use, and all that kind of stuff. If you don't read it, that's no excuse if you happen to cross the line and make your Pokemon use a move unreasonably, so I'd read it if I were you! Or else! XP

Oh, and I made the OOC thread- Click on this (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=143121) link to go to it.

June 22nd, 2008, 11:38 PM
Can you reserve me Latias? I have to get off right now, but I'll have my sign-up by tomorrow or the next day.

June 23rd, 2008, 12:07 AM
Sure! I'll reserve the spot right away, Mightyena_Lover. Meanwhile, I'll work on my sign-up(s) and edit this post later...

June 23rd, 2008, 12:36 AM
Can I reserve Jirachi please. Will finish sign up soon.

June 23rd, 2008, 12:46 AM
Legendary Pokemon: Manaphy
Cursed Species: Eevee
Gender: Male

Description: First, he has a slight blue tinge. Second, he has the mark of the sea crown on his back. Third, he wears a neaklace with a small ring of bronze and a gem found only in the deepest, coldest seas. He wears his hair spiky like Ash's. Other than that, he is a plain Eevee.

Personality: When he was tortured to use his heart swap ability, it scarred him. He now is a seething pit of hatred and mistrust of others. It is covered by a thin velvet carpet of cheeriness, that if broken takes a while to bring back. He tries to help others if the pit has not broken free, as it often does. He can be volatile, rash, and irresponsible at times.

History: Manaphy was born like them all: after floating in the sea it hatched. His sibling was the one found by May. Unfortunately, his egg was greatly mutilated by the Sharpedo famine. During this famine, the Sharpedo and Carvahana could not find enough food because of overfishing. They would eat anything they found. And they found Manaphy, and tried to eat the egg he was encased in at the time. The mutilation caused Manaphy to be unable to find the sea temple.
He aimlessly wandered the great seas for about a year. Greatly traumatized, he went exploring and found Palkia. Being a water type, Palkia knew how to nurture him. Manaphy looks up to Palkia as a father figure. Palkia trained him so his fighting skills were well above the average Manaphy's. Palkia also reccommended he try again to find the Temple. Palkia gave him the Sea Charm, a special item that will ocasionally boost Water and Ice types' power.
Manaphy tried to find the Temple again , but was captured by Darkrai. Darkrai tortured him to use his Heart Swap ability to steal other legendaries' powers. the torture involved Darkrai and many other pokemon, such as Electrivire and Tyranitar, attacking him. His instincts then kicked in, no matter how hard he tried to resist, and Heart Swap activated. Darkrai then put the Legendary and himself in front of Manaphy. This let Darkrai take the legendaries' powers. When Darkrai forced him to Swap Palkia, the last legendary other than Mew and Arceus, Manaphy tried to bust out. He unleashed a Hydro Cannon that became empowered by the Sea Charm. But, when he was mercilessly attacked by the pokemon loyal to Darkrai, he became seriosly disillusioned with other pokemon and the seething pit was formed. The only pokemon he trusts is Palkia.

June 23rd, 2008, 1:11 AM
GhostPrincess and Elitj, you are both reserved!

orangejediman, I'm liking your descriptive abilities, but it could perhaps use a little bit more. Somehow I don't feel like I should accept it, but it's close. Namely on the History: What was this "Sharpedo Famine"? More on how the egg's mutilation made him unable to find the Sea Temple. Perhaps add to the parts about Darkrai, especially when he tortured Manaphy to use Heart Swap. If it made Manaphy so hateful that he mistrusts others in general, certainly there was something truly horrible about it? As I said, you're not that far from getting accepted, so maybe edit in a bit more, and I'll probably accept it. :)

On the topic of my sign-up, for now I've just decided to do my main one, Giratina. However, later I might do another, and I've considered the idea of "RPing" Darkrai, to make things a bit simpler. Anyways, here's my super-long sign-up that mainly resulted from boredom:

Legendary Pokemon: Giratina
Cursed Species: Rattata
Gender: Male

Description: Upon first glance, it is obvious that this is not any ordinary Rattata. While in shape and general appearance he seems just like a Ratatta, the once-legendary Giratina looks quite demonic in this form, actually. Rather than his fur being a regular vioelt-purple color, it is a dark, smoky gray; rather close to black. His paws, ears, and whiskers have whitish-gray fur instead of tan, and on his back there is a single stripe that is golden-yellow in color.

His eyes can be very intimidating at times simply because of their appearance. The pupils are pure white, the iris red, and otherwise they gleam with an eerie and almost unnatural-seeming yellow. They reflect both anger toward the misfortune of his Curse and sorrow built up by multiple ages of sadness in his past.

Probably the most noticable thing about this "Rattata" is that he has a pair of red spikes protruding from his shoulders. These spikes, while they hold no real purpose or power, are perhaps the only exterior feature that would actually suggest that this is indeed Giratina, the legendary Pokemon of another dimension, rather than a simple and weak rodent creature.

I also made a sprite (http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k50/pokesonicmaster/GiratinaRattataSprite.png) (yet again, the fault of boredom)...

Personality: Giratina usually seems like a rather laid back Pokemon, despite the events of his younger days. While he takes his duties seriously and has developed a great inner respect for the legendary Pokemon and the world they protect, he acts as if he has no trouble being one of the legendaries and preforming the tasks he must. In actuality, he really doesn't have any problem with it. While the purpose Arceus and Mew decided to give him is a rather emotional and saddening one, he has been doing it ever since the world existed. It wasn't like he hadn't had time to grow accustomed to the sorrows or death and tradgedy. That being said, it takes a lot to move Giratina emotionally. He looks darkness and death and sorrow in the face and accepts them with little if any reaction, and thinks of happiness and joy as foolish things to be ignored, as from them one gains no knowledge or true insight.

Behind Giratina's undreadable expression of solemnity is a mind that is constantly thinking and pondering, always trying to figure new things out or learn more about anything he can. In this respect, backed by litterally countless years of pondering his existence and that of everything else, he could easilly be considered a Pokemon genius after so much time. Whenever he observes something new, meets someone he has never met, or discovers a peculiar thing about the world, Giratina will set his mind on it and simply think, as a hobby or pasttime to keep him occupied. New things fascinate him, willing him to learn more about them no matter what they are. In his observance, he is capable of finding things out simply by spending a few moments of curiously wondering about them and tinkering with logic. For instance, he suspected Darkrai of something traitorous years before the events of the Curse even began. While he could never have possibly known exactly what it was being plotted, he could tell the Nightmare Pokemon was up to something, and likely had a craving for power.

If there could be one word to sum up Giratina's existence, perhaps "lonely" would fit perfectly. It isn't that he is bothered or saddened because of it, but he is not very talkitive, and generally does't enjoy being around others (though he doesn't particularly dislike it either, as company gives him something to think about). While he knows that the true strength and power of the legendary Pokemon comes through their unity, and that it is always a good thing to socialize, he is only truly at peace when he is alone and in silence.

History: In the beginning, Giratina was created as the "Guardian of Death". While this would seem like a dark and cruel job, due to the seriousness of his nature he understood the purpose and meaning of his duty and accepted it without question. Basically, when a Pokemon or human's life ends, they go to an afterlife; a place and life seperate and almost disconnected from the world we know, and so mysteryious that only Mew, Arceus, and Giratina would ever know what it really was. Giratina's job as a legendary Pokemon was to guide the souls of the dead from their world to the afterlife.

This is exactly what he did, for what seemed like entire eternities. But eventually, Giratina himself began to question his existence. What did it all mean? For ages and age, he made sure souls made it safely to the one place they could live eternally, but what about him? It has always been known that legendaries do not die, but continue living and serving the Creators litterally forever, so what did that mean for the one who lived almost as one with death itself? Such a life, consisting only of transporting others between life and death... Could he really be considered alive?

In his ponderings, Giratina began to feel more and more bothered by the grim truth of his existence. He felt he was only created to serve, and thus would never be given the opportunity to live a real life, and he would be forced to accept this for eternity. The concept of such a thing... Existence never ending, always going, and going, and going... Eternity actually frightened him. And fear can become anger in a very short amount of time.

Giratina was perhaps one of the first legendaries to cause disturbance. Moreso than that, he actually attempted to rebel against Arceus himself for "cursing him" with such an existence. This set the higher legendaries in a rage. How dare he refuse to comply the laws set down ages ago for the sake of the grand world of life? For without death, there could be no life, and without one to be a guardian of death, what would that mean for life?

All the same, Arceus and Palkia managed to create a temorary link from the world to the afterlife that spirits could use on their own(temporary meaning their powers would be constantly connected to the link, but it would last for a good tousand years or so), and they did so for a single purpose. That purpose was to punish Giratina. Whether it could be considered ethical or not, Giratina was banished to an alternate world, a dimension set aside to keep him trapped where he could not cause disturbance or upset the other legendaries. He spoke of living as if he were dead, did he? Well, this world would show him just that. There, nothing truly existed. There was no life. No death. No sun. No moon. No light. Not even air to breathe (but Giratina was quite capable of living without). This hellish, void land could only be referred to as "The Torn World". Here, Giratina was forced to live in solitude and sorrow, until he could accept that his life was not without real purpose and continue his duty as the Guardian of Death. While he was there, he was also forced to exist in a form bound to the earth by no less than six legs, whereas before, in his "Origin Form", Giratina was free to soar and pass through dimensions as he pleased.

It took a long, dreary millenium for Giratina to decide to accept his duty. His time in the Torn World was spent meditating and pondering, considering his options, and realizing just how important his existence was (after all, Palkia couldn't keep the portal to the afterlife open for eternity, but he could live for just that long). In return for his choice, Arceus agreed to give him more freedom from his duty, remembering how distressed he had been before. The Torn World became like a private home to Giratina, as for all it's gloomy dreariness, it was a peaceful, silent place in which he could be alone and in silence. He was also permitted to shift between his two forms, and thus could once again soar freely in his Origin Form.

There were never any more real problems with Giratina, as a thousand years of thought could likely clear up just about anything. But still, there were issues. Most of the legendaries had a sense of mistrust in him. Even though it was like an ancient law that legendaries were to communicate and work together no matter what, no one was about to befriend Giratina, the Guardian of Death: the one who almost abandoned his duty as a legendary Pokemon out of his own selfish greed for freedom. What it all came out to was nothing serious or terrible; Giratina just lived a lonely life. He upheld his duty and lived alone, only doing otherwise when the time called for it or the legends were summoned to meet for some reason or another.

Yet more ages passed. Humans began training Pokemon and mastering the tools of their world. Pokemon began working together with them and living in harmony. Cities emerged. Some humans tried and failed to control legendaries. Some legendaries grew aggrivated. Some did not care. And as time wore on, Giratina's ancient act of defiance began to lack importance or meaning. It didn't really matter anymore. All that did was keeping things in order. And speaking of which, that Darkrai, the legendary Pokemon of Nightmares, was seeming more and more suspicious by the day...

June 23rd, 2008, 1:24 AM
Will edit if needed!

Legendary Pokemon: Regigigias

Cursed Species: Absol

Gender: Male

Description: Normally Absol are white fured creatures, with a grey like face, horn, tail, claws and red eyes. But originally being Regigigias, this Absol's appearance has been modifyied to accomadate the former legendary appearance. Now with a red face, tail, horn and claws, grey fur and blue eyes. The reason for these color changes is the 6 spheres that had been apart of Regigigias old body.

Personality: Regigigias had changed his ways, only in fear of being imprisoned yet again, to a more calm and accepting attitude. While he will helps others he sees in need, in order to repay for his past actions, he doesn't like to interact with others. Preferring to sit under tries, or near a lake to just relax and think to himself. When it comes to helping people, Regigigias puts in the best effort he can to help aid in his repentance.

History: Satisfied with the universe, the Master ripped open a portal to Alternate dimension. But as the portal closed, two things fell out: The Heaven's Pipe, for the greatest trainer to summon Arceus many thousands of years later, and Regigigas.

Regigigas summoned his three minions, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, from the other Plane, and they began to wage war against the humans. After hundreds of prehistoric years, the humans were able to, with the help of their partner pokemon and the 6 regional guardians, banish the legendary, otherworldly beings to a deep, deep sleep. But they made one mistake: The humans had no interdimensional portal, and thus the Regis were imprisoned on the Pokemon World, with the potential to awaken with a vengeance.

But when the Regi's formed again, recreating Regigias, what was expected did not occur. Regigias turned out to have put the past behind him, and only wanted to live out life calmly.

RP Sample: This Sample is from my RP: Adventure - A Journey Of New Friendships:

The wind was blowing, a nice gentle breeze, as the Trophius made its way through the air, her trainer resting comfortablely on its back. Their destination was the trainers home town, Eterna City, where they could all rest before her next pokemon journey. Just returning from a small trip to the Orange Islands, the flying pokemon was high above Oreburg City and making good time towards Eterna. The air had been warm, but was cooling down as the sun began to set in the distance. The view was great, one of the many reasons that the trainer enjoyed flying pokemon. Blonde hair, flowing in the small gusts of wind, and blue eyes, sparkling in the now fading sun.

Such beauty, and it never ceases to amaze me how magnificent such natural things can be. A beeping sound interrupted Tricia's train of thought, and she reached down and picked up her Pokecom, a device she had invested a lot of money in that enabled her a mobile phone plus some other things, and attached it to her right ear. Quickly pressing the small button, she had picked up the phone call. "Hello," said Tricia in a mature, yet young, voice.

"Am I speaking to one, Tricia Ebony Asterton?" asked a somewhat dark tone of voice.

"Yes this is her, who is this may I ask?"

"Right now that is not of your concern, but you have a choice to make."

"Excuse me?" said Tricia now getting annoyed at this suspicious voice.

"The proffesors of the four regions, including Professor Ivy of the Orange Islands, are going to be kidnapped and murdered. The organization that I work for is going to be responsible for this, and now its time to make that choice I told you about."

"And what would that be" Tricia asked worried about what exactly was going to happen.

"You either, being on of the few remaining Advanced Trainers in the world, join my organization and help take out the proffesors. Or, you can choose to stand against us, and be killed just like the proffesors and all the other Advanced Trainers who chose this choice."

Fear filled Tricia's body, she didn't know what was going on and why she was being brought into this. And one of the few remaining Advanced Trainers? There were tons of them, or was this person telling the truth and this "Organization" killed them all. Tricia's best bet was to go along with their plan, and hopefully take it out from the inside.

"Fine," said Tricia nervously, "i'll join your organization. Where am I going?"

"Fly to Saffron City in the Kanto Region. Once there, we'll contact you." And with that, the person hung up the phone.

What the hell is going on!? This is so crazy. Tricia whispered to her Trophius, and she began flying off to Saffron City instead of home.

Somewhere unknown, the same mysterious man was calling the two other Advanced Trainers left in the world. Also, he was planning to call the Proffessors of their impending doom, knowing a chase to hunt them down would be much better.

June 23rd, 2008, 2:19 AM
Oh, that's okay, Chabz. I don't expect many people to sign-up this late (it's after 5 where I am, too, but I woke up late today and can't seem to sleep, so...). I'm surprised so many poeple are reserving in the middle of the night. Wonder how many people will want to join... <coughramblecough>

Anyways, reserved!

June 23rd, 2008, 2:34 AM
Sorry to waste thread space, but I wanted to say i edited my post. Turns out life hated me and didn't want me to go back to sleep.

June 23rd, 2008, 2:53 AM
I probably wouldn't have noticed the edit as soon had you not posted, so it's really no problem, at least as far as I'm concerned. By the way, you are ACCEPTED.

June 23rd, 2008, 3:15 AM
BOO YAH! I'm really excited. All my other RP's, besides Legendary Guardians, are pretty dull right now. One i just start, and mine could be good if people post faster haha. But this one looks great!

June 23rd, 2008, 5:33 AM
Reserved Raikou for me. Just wondering, can I be Magikarp, Caterpie and other junk Pokémon that needs evolution to be useful?

Legendary Pokemon: Raikou
Cursed Species: Feebas
Gender: Female

Description: The once majestic Raikou had became a fish with looks that only a mother could love. Raikou has very rough and slimy skin compared to real Feebas. She has a white marking that resembled a star on its right eyelid. Raikou has gray fins instead of blue ones like real Feebas do. She has sharp canine teeth too long to be tucked into the mouth, her red eyes not helping to lighten the frightening effect. The black thunderbolt-markings that once proudly zigzagged her Raikou body now appear as shapeless black spots scattered on her Feebas body, including her fins. Scary and ugly. That's a somewhat kind way to describe her Feebas form.

Personality: Raikou hates humans in general, but she has to change that mindset or she'll never get more power in that weak form she currently is. Raikou is sneaky in nature, but she can freely admit his weaknesses and mistakes. She tends to hide her true abilities and potential, preferring to keep them secret so that no one can exploit them. Raikou is highly curious. If given an object, she'll examine it so closely, you'll think it was the last thing she'll ever see. Which is fairly true because of her pessimistic nature. Raikou rarely cares, if ever, what others think of her. She will only take the words of friends seriously. With an "I rather do it myself" attitude, Raikou had problems asking for help.

History: Lightning struck the Brass Tower of Johto. Fire blazed through the tower, consuming all in its path. Then came the rain of relief, and the shower squenching the thirst of the flames. A sparkling bird flew past the tower. With its mystical forces, with its powers to control life, the pheonix reincarnated three unmentioned Pokémon who suffered hell on earth to the end. She is one of them. Raikou can't remember what she was in her past life, but she remember these parts clearly. Most important of all, this giver of life is Ho-oh.

Raikou roamed the land. She witnessed many things. Humans left the most impression on her. Sadly, bad ones. Their cruelty. Their desire for power. Their vanity. Their greed. More times than she could count, humans had laid traps to catch her. The earliest ones, before Pokéballs are thought up of, were nets. As times went on, the human mind evolved, and so did their ideas. After nets came metal clamps, followed by Pokéballs, more advanced Pokéballs, and recently, tranquilizer darts which are used by the wealthy or scientists. Now and then, they succeeded catching Raikou, and humans abused her enormous electric power. Often Raikou escapes by electrocuting humans, sometimes sending them to their grave as well. A week before she lost her shocking electricity to Darkrai's curse, Raikou was captured again. However, a compassionate trainer selflessly freed her. She was touched and began to change her perception on humans, opening her mind.

Other: She can't swim well.

RP Sample: This is not required, but it certainly will help your chances of being accepted. If you are RPing two characters, you only need one RP sample. If you don't want to make an RP Sample, simply don't list this.

June 23rd, 2008, 5:42 AM
May I reserve Lugia, please?
I will probably post my sign up-sheet tomorrow, I'm kinda busy today.

June 23rd, 2008, 7:44 AM
Legendary Pokemon: Rayquaza
Cursed Species: Shinx
Gender: Female
Description: Instead of her back paws and front part of the body being blue, it is green, reflecting the fact she was Rayquaza, , and her eyes are also green and red. From the middle of her forehead , along her spine to the base of her tail is a red line, with occasional hollow circles on it, like the yellow markings on her original body. The same markings are on the yellow bands around her feet. Apart from all the colourations, she looks like and ordinary Shinx.
Personality: Sheis normally very quite, tending to keep to herself, and not soending much time round the other Legendaries, or any other pokemon, unless it is to break up a fight. Despite the way she acts she cares deeply for them and others, not woshing any to come to harm. She will happily sacrifice herself for them, yet she diesn't make it obvious. She is also very stubborn, hating to have to give up or run away, prefering to stay put and fight until she can't anymore.

History: Just Kyogre and Groudon represent the sea and the land, Rayquaza represents the sky, living high up in the Ozone layer, tending to stay away from everyone else.Humans say that she has lived there for hundreds of millions of years without ever descending, which isn't true, they just never happen to see her when she does come down, which is rarely. One of the only reasons she will come down is to brake up a fight between Groundon and Kyogre, or any of the other legendaries. And she is happy with that, feeding on water and particles in the earths atmosphere.

She once had a fight with Deoxys, after she got badly injured by the meteor containing the other legendaries essence hit her as it sped towards earth . She seemingly destroyed it in the fight ,but it is eventually revived. She went after it again when she found out, but soon realized they weren't an enemy, and once again returned to the sky.

June 23rd, 2008, 8:00 AM
Edited my Signup... tell me if it is better!
1. added alot to history.
2. added some to Apperence

June 23rd, 2008, 8:26 AM
Everyone who asked is reserved. And ★ラティオス★, you may choose a Pokemon like that if you'd like; it's no problem as by the end of this pretty much every "legendary" will likely be fully-evolved and very powerful from training, no matter what their species.

orangejediman, you are ACCEPTED!

I'm also going to Edit the main post to add in a new rule, just because now that I think of it, it seems like it could be important:

No two people can RP a legend turned into the same Pokemon. On the list of available legendaries, it will list the species the legendary is now beside whoever is RPing it. If a regular Pokemon is taken, your legend can't be that Pokemon.

Just to prevent everyone from flocking to the "cool" or "powerful" ones like Absol and Eevee. One person RPing a Pokemon like that is fine, but I just want to make sure that half the RP won't consist of tiny brown foxes and their many evolutions that are oh-so-popular. Because honestly, I'd be surprised to meet someone who didn't want to RP a popular Pokemon with plenty of versatility and power.

June 23rd, 2008, 8:40 AM
great! I cant Wait to start! Manaphyvee!

June 23rd, 2008, 6:25 PM
Legendary Pokemon: Mewtwo.
Cursed Species: Scyther
Gender: Male.

Description: Wingspan of cursed Scyther is a bit larger then normal, and his blades are a darker grey. He has longer claws on his feet, and retained his purple eyes instead of getting the normal Scyther red

Personality: Mewtwo still harbors a dislike to humans, but has started to accept his place in the pokemon world and is opening up to the wild pokemon around him. He his very loyal to his clones and fellow legends, and will still stick up for wild pokemon, he also tends to be cold to captured pokemon, and will sometimes try and persuade them to leave their masters and return to the wild, though he opens up to pokemon and trainers that have a bond like Ash and Pikachu

History: After being cloned from Mew, Mewtwo awoke in a lab where he was put through extensive tests before blowing up the island he was born on. Giovanni arrive to capture him and tricked him to working in the gym, when Mewtwo found out he was just being used, he returned to the island of his birth and sent out invitations to trainers, In the mids of his battle with Mew, one trainer ran out and got caught in the crossfire and turned to stone, the tears of the surrounding pokemon revived him and Mewtwo teleported them back to the mainland eraising their memories. Years later Mewtwo was found by Giovanni again, this time on a island in Johto, and he flew to try and recapture the cloned pokemon, once again Ash interviened and protected Mewtwo and the clones, Mewtwo eraised Giovanni and his teams memories and left them stranded on the island, Mewtwo teleported Ash had his friends to the mainland before dissappearing again with his clones.

Other: Mewtwo released his clones into the wild, allowing them a chance to have a normal life and run free with other pokemon, before moving to the creation dimention with the other legends

RP Sample: Upon learning of Darkrai's plot, Mewtwo and the other legends tried to stop him, The battle lasted long into the night. As the moon rose high over what was once the lush planes of the creation dimension, the battlefield became illuminated, it was a barren wasteland. Seeing the destruction that had been caused to their home, the remaining legends, those not already affected by the curse, launched one final attack against Darkrai, but the moonlight had made him more powerful, and the pokemon were tired and injured. Darkrai dodged the attack as if it was moving in slow motion and launched his counter attack, cursing the remaining pokemon and sending them out of the creation dimension, powerless and alone.

June 23rd, 2008, 7:46 PM
Legendary Pokemon: Ho-oh
Cursed Species: Swablu
Gender: Female

Description: Ho-oh as a swablu has red-orange feathers to cover what would be a swablu's blue feathers that glimmer with the rising sun. The cotton-like cloud wings have been alter to have golden color wings to make it seems like the pokemon was flying with golden clouds attached which would also match the golden color tail wing to make it sprinkle even more with the sun. The talons that Ho-oh has as a swablu have been made to be night black with sharp nails to resemble her formal self while the long head feathers have been changed to gold. Lastly, if one would look into Ho-oh's swablu eyes, they could see that they burn with the fiery passion that once was inside the great phoenix pokemon.

Personality: Ho-oh can seem to be distant at most times due to the fact that she been moving from location to location for many years to stay hidden from the humans that once worship her. Still under enough this cold and distant exterior is a caring and mother-like figure that cares about her fellow legendaries, pokemon and humans alike. Ho-oh also has a sense of nobility within her and she demands that people to treat her with respect.

History: Created by the Creator to be the one to watch humans and protect them, Ho-oh took this as a serious matter still she couldn't help but to get close to the humans and when she did that, the humans treated Ho-oh as a god. The ancient humans of Jotho at once built the Bronze Tower in the name of Ho-oh and allowed Ho-oh to take rest there when she needed to. Once the Bronze Tower was built though, Ho-oh decided to make this her home and use it to help keep watch of the humans from a top of the tall tower. The humans were honor to be able to be so close to a god-like creature and thus treated Ho-oh as such which in turn developed the idea of to Ho-oh that she was a noble creature that should be respected. Still these peaceful years came to an end when a rebellion stared in Jotho by a group that wished to capture Ho-oh for their cause. Ho-oh had a hard time fighting these humans since she found it hard to believe that the humans that she once loved and care for were not fighting over her and wish to harm her. In the end, Ho-oh was force to flee her home in Bronze Tower and in the process, watch it burn to ashes by her own flame. Still what hurt Ho-oh more was that three pokemon were caught in the fire and died.

Depress from having to been attack by the very humans that she was sent to protect and killings three pokemon. Ho-oh went to Arceus to request that new life would be brought into the three pokemon. Arceus agreed to this request and created Entei, Raikou and Suicune and place them under her leadership. Ho-oh looked at the three pokemon and told them to search throughout the world for pure hearted humans and thus help her keep watch of the humans since they could move fast enough without being seen nor detected. The three pokemon did just that leaving Ho-oh with only the feelings of depression that later became feelings of betreal. It was then taht Ho-oh became cold and distant towards her fellow legendaries, pokemon and ultimate humans in order to prevent such a situation to happen again. Ho-oh traveled the world watching the humans move on with their lives with the rise of cities and pokemon trainers. She watch the Tin Tower being built in an attempt to gain her trust but Ho-oh refuse to reveal herself and thus used the Tin Tower as a chance to relive the memories she once had but would always leave when she thought somebody was coming. Still this type of life left her blind to what would soon happen by the one that was named Darkrai.

Other: N/A

RP Sample: [War VII] WAR VII RP - The End's Grasp from PokemonElite2000 Forums

A surge of flames then shot at the jynx who was surprise to see Mal up so fast. The flames began to lick the jynx's body made it yell in pain. The absol then began to make her head blade glow purple and then did an upward slash at the jynx making it fly in th air. The pokemon hit the ground with a hard thump.

Mal then looked at the cacturne and the two pokemon that Nine and Kati were battling against. Mal then yelled in a voice, "I demand that you stop now or I will rid of you myself." The flaaffy and treecko looked at Mal and were unsure if they wanted to stop.

It was then that the cacturne yelled, "Keep fighting! For the NOS!"

The two were still uncertain but they just rose their paws and continue to fight with a combination of Tackles and Pounds.

Mal then looked at the cacturne and said, "That is how you treat them? How disrespectful."

"Well I have this battle already won you see." said the cacturne. "Just look at your leg." He then pointed a long white arm that looked like a sword.

Mal looked at her leg to see that red blood was dripping from it. She then looked at Andre and guess that the cacturne found a way around the Mr. Mime to do damage to her body while learning the TM. Mal then smiled and said, "That is alright. I can handle this." SHe then began to prepare a whirlwind. Soon two were surrounding her.

"That is all? What kind of goddess are you?" said the cacturne as he ran at Mal to use his Needle Arm.

Mal counter the attack with her Night Slash attack. She wasn't going to let up after this. She still had her focus on the whirlwinds and began to push back. Then the pair jumped back.

The cacturne did a few hands signs and soon a larger version of the cacturne stood before Mal. At once Mal ran forward and used Night Slash to knock out the Substitute but it wasn't powerful enough. The substitute disappeared had to disappear since Mal knew that the cacturne was inside the Substitute preparing to use a Focus Punch. Still she had to focus on the whirlwinds. More and more of them were forming and she needed them.

Mal then looked at the pokemon around her and said, "If you want your life then hide behind Andrew! NOW!" She then watched the Subsiutute and made her blade glowed purple then black. She then charge forth and made the substitute disappaer to reveal the Cacturne to be preparing a Focus Punch by the look of his fist being blue.

Mal then said, "Prepare to die!" She then felt the multiple whirlwinds gather around her and spin rapidly until they made one huge whirlwind. The wind around her made her fur fly everywhere giving her a very mystic look. Mal then looked behind her to see that Andre had project a Protect attack to protect everybody even the ones on the cacturne side. "You remember you asked me what kind of goddess I was?"

The cacturne looked angry and said, "I don't care!" HE then charge forth with his Focus Punch.

Mal then said, "I am the goddess of the WIND!" She then took a deep breath and unleash a Flamethrower attack that was suck up with the whirlwind and Mal unleash the whirlwind to perform a Razor Wind mixed with flames. The Cacturne was already moving too fast in Mal's direction to avoid it and was caught in the heated flames and deadly wind. The whirl wind then rose upward and burned a hole in the warehouse to create a pillar of fire.

Mal then said, "I am the goddess of the wind."

June 23rd, 2008, 7:47 PM
Legendary Pokemon: Latias
Cursed Species: Meowth
Gender: Female
Description: Latias looks like your average Meowth for the most part, but there are a few differences that make her stand out. For one, she has mostly black fur, except she has white socks and the tip of her tail is white, too. Her left eye is a vibrant red, and her right eye is a dark purple that looks black from a distance. Instead of the usual circular gold coin on her forehead, she has a triangular silver coin on her forehead. Latias is constantly putting flowers behind her ears, her favorite being tiger lilies.
Personality: Latias is shy and quiet most of the time, but if you become close friends with her, she can be quite loud and playful. She has a big heart and because she tends to trust too easily it is constantly crushed, although it doesn't take long for it to mend. Latias prefers the carefree lifestyle, and it is nearly impossible to anger her. But when you do upset her, she can be pretty rough. Latias is very vulnerable, and it is easy to make her cry. She thinks almost everyone is her friend, and it is hard not to like her. Latias is extremely clumsy, but doesn't get self-conscious about it. She is confident that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it. Latias doesn't understand lying, so sometimes she can hurt people's feelings on accident. She has always loved shiny things, even before she was a Meowth. Latias is very loyal and will always remain faithful to her companions. She believes in fate and thinks that everything is magical. Latias is quick, strong, and intelligent, which makes her a good fighter. The only people she hates are people who are complete jerks. Latias is fun to be around and she can make almost anyone laugh. She isn't very sad or angry about being turned into a Meowth, but she does miss being herself. Latias is always willing to forgive people who apologize, even if they have done the most terrible of deeds. She can get lonely, since she doesn't really have any friends, but she never lets it get to her.
History: Hmm, I was kinda hoping to reveal her history during the RP, but if I won't get accepted without it, I'll PM you it, so at least nobody else has to know.
RP Sample: You can see my RP, A Legendary Adventure, to check out my RP skills.

June 23rd, 2008, 8:39 PM
Legendary Pokemon: Deoxys
Cursed Species: Sableye
Gender: Male

Description: Deoxys' skin has the lighter pigmentation of Sableye native to Hoenn. Taller and lankier than an average Sableye, The gemstones that grow out of the former Deoxys are the sickly pale orange and green of his original form. With the paleness of the gemstones and the unusual thinness, Deoxys appears to be a malnourished Sableye in desperate need of food.

Personality: Deoxys is... peculiar. He is not a native to the Pokemon world, having arrived from outer space, and the word Alien describes him very well. He is fascinated by minute and ordinary things, and completely unmoved by the fantastic. Having adopted an almost zen approach to life, he is very laid back and would never think of attacking without provocation. However, when threatened he responds with overwhelming force. Deoxys barely has higher thought processes, even when he communicates telepathically it is unable to express more than the simplest of ideas. However, he is learning and day by day he grows from an unthinking monster to a fully developed Pokemon. Deoxys' main drive is to learn and develop until he becomes more than a glorified virus.

Deoxys will have immense difficulties transitioning in Sableye form. He is used to his body reacting to situations automatically. He can no longer overcome problems merely by trying again and again until his body is capable of overcoming it. He has never needed to eat, breathe, or sleep and can barely comprehend that his body won't just change itself to meet the situation.

Deoxys loathes all Clefairy and the evolutions thereof with immutable fury and vice versa. The immediate rage is hardwired into his mind, and at his current stage of development would lead to immediate blind attack. Deoxys harbors a lesser animosity towards the Jigglypuff evolutionary line mainly due to their similarities to the Clefairy line.

History: Deoxys arrived on earth several years ago, a completely non-sentient being created to destroy Clefairy. Deoxys had been created to personify reactionary evolution, able to change its form to one more suited for whatever situation he found himself. He ramaged through the Kanto region, wounding and and killing many until he was stopped by Mew. Mew teleported the Pokemon to a safe location. Taking pity on the mindless Pokemon, Mew sped up the process of reactive evolution by challenging the Deoxys to escape from simplistic traps and obstacles until rudimentary intelligence began to develop. Deoxys became akin to a child and began to learn and grow as an individual. When Mew was satisfies Deoxys was able to survive on its own without attacking at random, he left him in the Hoenn region and charged him to learn and become a true Pokemon.

Deoxys literally knows nothing of the time before he became aware and is unaware of the rampage he engaged in. It is unknown who or what created him and why he wants to kill Clefairy. He strives to learn from all living things, and will spend hours simply watching a young ratatta or a tree blowing in the wind.

June 23rd, 2008, 10:30 PM
Legendary Pokemon: Jirachi
Cursed Species: Snover
Gender: Male

Description: Snover is differently coloured than normal Snovers. His brown stomach is now yellow, and his green hands/feet/tail are blue. He is also significantly smaller than most, about half the size of an average Snover. He is also thinner than most.
Heres a pichttp://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n137/Eletj/SnoverJirchico.png

Personality: Jirachi is Cheerful, Optimistic, Fun-loving and Michievous. He is always playing tricks on people, and is always giggling in delight. Because of this, he has trouble lying. He fidgets alot, and has trouble not moving or being silent. However, he can if he must, and he can concerntrate and focus on things if he must. He dislikes fighting, and so he has trouble bonding with humans.

History: Jirachi has been asleep for the last 700 hundred years. When Darkrai placed the curse on the other Legendaries, he began to have an unrelenting nightmare that wouldn't stop. He was awoken by an untainted legend, but they were punished. Darkrai stole his wish tags before changing him into a Snover.

RP Sample: (PMD2:Escaping the Dark)
Darkrai leapt to the side, easily dodging the beam. "Is that the best you can do?" Darkrai cackled.
"No....This is!!" Toby yelled as he charged at Darkrai. It charged a ball of shadow, and released it at Toby. He teleported behind Darkrai, covering its eyes with his hands. "Guess Who?!" Toby laughed playfully.
"FOOL!! YOU WILL FALL TO THE MERCY OF DARKRAI!!!!" it bellowed as it flailed it arms, attempting to get Toby off his back. Toby gripped on even harder.
"Ah,ah, ah! No refering to yourself in third person. I'm gona have to hurt you now." Toby mood changed instantly, now he became serious and dark. "Take This!" he yelled, send blasts into Darkrai's eyes. He released his grip, teleporting in front of Darkrai, who was staggering around, clutching his eyes. Toby pulled back his right leg, and kicked Darkrai in the stomach.
"ARRRGGHHH!! What's this power!? I will be back!! AND YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSQEUNCES!!!! YOU WILL PAY!!!" it Bellowed, then dissappeared in a puff of smoke. Toby walked over to the girls. "Are you girls okay... Tiffany, you conquered Darkrai. The only reason I beat him, was that you conquered the Nightmare. Now wake up, I'm cooking breakfast!" He said, smiling at the girls.

Toby's eye's colour returned to normal, as his soul returned to his body. He could still feel Celebi's power flowing through them. He grabbed at his bag, and produced some berries. The fire was slight lit, and the first lights of Dawn were coming over the horizon. Toby grabbed the berries, and cooked them over a fire. He could here the others stirring. 'The first light of a new day.' he thought to himself.

June 24th, 2008, 10:12 AM
DuskGem, you are ACCEPTED!

scythe, you are ACCEPTED!

charizard_maa, you are ACCEPTED!

Mightyena_Lover, you are ACCEPTED!

Zore, you are ACCEPTED!

Eletj, you are ACCEPTED!

Well, looks like we have a lot of sign-ups. I'll probably start this later today, in fact! Don't worry; SIGN-UPS WILL STILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE ROLE PLAY BEGINS. Anyone who reserved and has not yet posted a sign-up/been accepted is still reserved.

EDIT: Sorry it took me longer than I said. Well, here's my starting post. The RPG has officially begun.




Darkness and cold wrapped around the soul of he, Giratina, the Guardian of Death itself, eating it away and reducing it to something small, vulnerable, without true legendary essense. Even while unconscious, the Pokemon subject to this pain felt it. Imagine your insides being dissolved away by acid. Now imagine this happening many times over at incredible speed. What Giratina felt right now was ten times worse than that. It wasn't just his body. It was his spirit. The farthest reaches of his being burned.

And yet, he was aware that all of the legends must be enduring this right now. (Well, all of them except that filthy traitor...) If they could manage, so could he. And while he had an urge to fight the pain, he knew it would be a helpless, futile attempt that would only make things worse. So he remained, helpless and barely alive, under the wrath of this agonizing pain of the soul. It was eating at his status. He could not possibly take pride in being a legendary Pokemon ever again.



On a grassy, remote hillside, far from where any life lived, there was a sudden flash of light. Nobody saw it, as nobody was there to see it, despite the fact that it was quite noticable. Then there were several Pokemon laying there, unmoving. Each of them seemed to look a bit different from most Pokemon of their species, and there were no two who happened to be the same kind. In the night air, they remained on that hillside, for who knows how long, rejected and defated...

June 26th, 2008, 11:57 AM
Manaphy struggled awake and said, "Wh... Where am I?" Then he realized that his body was different. "Darkrai... He... This is all his fault! I bet that these guys around me are his minions!" He used tackle on the rattata who was closest to him. Manaphy was in a fury.

June 26th, 2008, 2:47 PM

Manaphy struggled awake and said, "Wh... Where am I?" Then he realized that his body was different. "Darkrai... He... This is all his fault! I bet that these guys around me are his minions!" He used tackle on the rattata who was closest to him. Manaphy was in a fury.

Ehm... that post is too short. No offense to you of course, but posts that are that small are going to get this RPG closed. The posts are supposed to be full paragraphs, and about four lines at minimum. Not to mention it seemed a bit rushed...



All of a sudden, a sharp pain in his shoulder brought Giratina awake. If the circumstances were normal, he would have responded calmly and coem to his senses before doing anything rash. However, something was different. He was tired and had little of a grasp on where he was. This left him with only an instinctual option that did not fit his usual personality, which he proceeded with in the next instant.

He felt himself lunge upon his attacker, suddenly wide awake, and glared at the foe. It was an Eevee. But... this was wrong. Everything was wrong. Giratina, still pinning the Eevee down, noticed the grass at his feet, where usually there would be stone or cloudy mist. He noticed the Eevee's size in comparison to his own, the speed at which he had lunged, the fact that the Eevee was not being crushed beneath his weight... All these little things and more came to him in a single heart-gripping second, and he realized that there was something terribly wrong here.

Giratina gazed into the Eevee's eyes, and caught a tiny flicker of something familiar... Who had that familiar look? His mind rolled through the legendaries, seeing as they were the only Pokemon he was actually close with. Then, it hit him.

"M... Manaphy?" he asked. And his voice sounded nothing like it always had. Yes. There was something very bad going on here.

June 26th, 2008, 3:18 PM
Mewtwo slowly woke up and attempted to use his psychic powers to lift himself back up onto his feet but nothing happened. He tried using his hand to lift himself up but it just sunk into the grassy hillside. Looking down at it he saw it wasnt his usual hand but it had been replaced by a long curved blade. Using his bladed arms, Mewtwo crawled over towards a nearby pond, still unable to stand and peered into the crystal blue water. A Scythers reflection stared back at him "Damn Darkrai, why couldnt we stop him" yelled Mewtwo angrily and slashed at his reflection before crawling to a nearby tree and digging his scythes into the bark pulled himself onto his feet

June 26th, 2008, 6:00 PM
Something felt different. The ground felt cold and soft, two things that were unfamiliar. The sounds were different too. There was too much sound as a matter of fact. Soon the visions of a grassy field came before and soon many pokemon stood before me which included a rattata, eevee and a scyther.

"Where am I?" asked Ho-oh in a soft voice in order to avoid the attention of the others. The last thing she remember was crying in pain as it felt like her body was melting in acid and landing on Tin Tower. Everything after that was a blur.

Ho-oh then looked around and everything looked bigger to her now. She had her eyes wide since rarely did grass looked as tall as a small tree. She then began to flap her wings but it felt different. Clearly she was able to fly but it wasn't as fast as before and soon Ho-oh landed on the ground. Ho-oh then said in a soft but angry voice so that nobody could hear her, "What did he did?"

June 26th, 2008, 6:14 PM

Sorry about my short post. I did not mean to try and get the thread closed. My posts will be longer next time. I did not know that they had to be long.


Manaphy struggled to get free and attack the Rattata that was latched on to him. Then something unexpected happened: the Rattata said, "M... Manaphy?"

"Wh... What?" said Manaphy, suddenly snapping out of his crazed condition, recognizing the fighting style, and the fact that the Rattata knew his name. "Giratina? Does that mean... That all the pokemon here are legendaries also? Palkia!" Manaphy shouted, "Palkia, are you here? Dad?!" Manaphy looked around wildly, and, seeing the Scyther, aked, "Which legendendary are you? Are you Palkia? No, Palkia would be a water-type, I know it!" Manaphy resumed his frantic search.

June 26th, 2008, 6:18 PM
Slowly the sableye opened its eyes, blinking slighty. It sat up suddenly in an almost unnaturally fast motion breathing deeply. It stared at its hands, hands so unfamiliar and strange. Slowly the Sableye fell onto its side into a fetal position, claw-tipped hands digging deeply into almost insubstantial arms. It let out a low moan, rocking back and forth as its mind sought to comprehend what happened. This was wrong... WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!

The sableye formerly known as Deoxys let out a bloodcurdling screech as it grasped its head. What happened, why...how? Its mind, barely equivalent to that of a child could not comprehend this change, these sensations, this body. Slowly and quietly it began to sob, a lonely child whose entire world had been ripped away overnight.

June 26th, 2008, 8:27 PM
Giratina looked around. He noticed that there were not as many Pokemon here was there were legendaries, even with the Creators and that filty snake Darkrai deducted. Some of them must have not been teleported here. Perhaps they were lost in the teleportation? Or they landed elsewhere? Perhaps...

It appeared that Darkrai's plan had succeeded. It was only now that any of them really found out what he had been trying to do, though. Relieving us all of our legendary status... Giratina's mind growled in anger, Damn that Darkrai.

Besides Manaphy, who was looking for Palkia frantically, he noticed a Swablu, a Scyther, and a Sableye who were also awake. Ho-oh must be the Swablu... But those other two... He paused and watched the Scyther for a moment. His anger. His quick temper at the realization of what he now was. ... ... It's coming to me... Mewtwo? Of course. The human-made clone of Mew, one of the Original Ones herself. It had to be him. The Sableye? He hadn't the faintest idea. None of the legends he knew would act like that... He had to be somebody, though... Giratina was determined to find out, but first, and more importantly, he needed to know what kind of Pokemon he had become.

Uncertainly, on new and light paws, he hobbled over to the sun-colored Swablu, nearly tripping while trying to adjust to this different way of walking. He now only had four legs rather than six, and could not soar through the air. This form matched neither of the ones he was familiar with, in any way.

"Excuse me, Ho-oh, am I right?" he asked, still bothered by that higher-pitched voice he now had. "I'm Giratina... erm... Would you mind telling me what species of Pokemon I am now?" Better to ask questions than make a fool of himself tottering about to look at his full body, he figured.

June 26th, 2008, 9:38 PM
looking around at the other pokemon struggling to their feet mewtwo started testing his body, for what it could do. He found flying took less concentration then it did to levitate, and was a bit faster and although he could no-longer teleport, his blades could cut through a thick tree stump with one swipe, and if he combined use of his legs and wings he could cross small distances as if he was teleporting. Testing the strength of his wings, he stood on the edge of the lake, dug his claws into the sandy bank and flapped his wings hard, a large wave rose up from infront of him and sped across the tranquil lake, when it got to the middle he flapped harder and harder and the wave swelled higher and higher and started to spin turning it into a typhoon. The sand under his feet was too loose and couldnt hold him, and he shot off into the sky with wings at full speed, within seconds he was higher then mt silver, he kept pushing higher and higher hoping to just get a glimpse of the creation dimension but couldn't get high enough to even see the edge of the vortex.

Mewtwo hovered at the peak of his flight. He could see the top of the pokemon tower miles below, the forest he'd just come from was a small patch of green. he sped back down towards the lake, stopping just before breaking the surface and hovered there before floating over to the land. "This body should suffice untill I can get my body back and being bug type I can do double damage to that dark and twisted nutjob"

June 27th, 2008, 6:55 AM
Ho-oh was now thinking about the situation. She knew that Darkrai had done something to her and possibility to the other Legendaries. If Darkrai did something to just her then that means the others were ok including her three underlings: Entei, Suicune and Raikou. The only way to find out if they were ok was by using her special connection between her and the three dog-like pokemon.

Ho-oh closed her eyes to concentrate but nothing happen. No familar feeling of being transported to wherever one of the three pokemon were. No feeling of seeing though their eyes. Nothing. It was as if she had lost all traces of her Legendary power. Ho-oh then tried again but this time something or more like somebody had interrupted her.

"Excuse me, Ho-oh, am I right? I'm Giratina... erm... Would you mind telling me what species of Pokemon I am now?" said a high pitch voice that Ho-oh knew couldn't be Giratina.

Ho-oh then opened her eyes to see a gray color rattata before her. This was a different looking rattata then the ones that Ho-oh has seen many times before though out the centuries. Ho-oh looked coldly at the rattata and said, "If you don't know what pokemon you are then let me be the first to tell you that you are a pathetic rattata.

Ho-oh then finally realize how soft her voice sounded. She was surprise at how her voice sounded since for many centuries, Ho-oh had made her voice sound deeper and harsh. This new voice was something that she wasn't use to. Ho-oh then looked at the rattata that claims to be Giratina and wonder if what he is saying is true. If so then that means that what Darkrai did was changed their forms. Now what Ho-oh wonder was what flying pokemon she was. Hopefully it was something respectable like a pidgeot. Still she would never dare to ask another pokemon, not even a fellow Legendary, a question like that.

Ho-oh was going to say something else to this rattata or Giratina, but she then heard cries coming from a sableye. Ho-oh turned to the direction of the crying and said, "You. Stop that whimpering. At once, tell us who you are."

June 27th, 2008, 10:26 AM
Eh, I wont join anyways. Sorry.

June 27th, 2008, 12:03 PM
Not finding Palkia anywhere, Manaphy decided to talk to some of the other legindaries, trying to maintain his calm. He saw the golden Swablu, the gray Rattata that was Giratina and the crying Sableye talking. He decided to try and see who they were and what they were doing. Manaphy, starting to get used to his new four legs, walked over to the group.

"Hello?" Manaphy asked warily, "Mr. Swablu and Sableye? Which legendaries are you?" Manaphy then saw a Scyther swooping down at a great speed and wondered which Legendary he was. "Giritina, you seen to know who these legendaries all are. Who are these guys?"

June 27th, 2008, 12:13 PM
OOC: That's alright, Bakuphoon.


Giratina, slightly taken aback by Ho-Oh's short reply, turned away without a further word. She is probably just upset because of all of this, he thought. So... I am a Rattata. Leave it to Darkrai to give me the worst of it. He always seemed to dislike me in the first place...

Suddenly Manaphy came over and broke his concentration with a question.

"The Swablu is Ho-Oh, and the Scyther is Mewtwo," Giratina replied, "But that Sableye... I don't think I know him from anywhere."

June 27th, 2008, 2:15 PM
Deoxys felt something nudging him, something soft and warm. He turned over, his body still feeling wrong, until he saw several Pokemon staring at him. The said things, they sounded angry. Deoxys didn't understand. He watched them, his eyes wide open as they kept saying things to him, at him? As he listened they began to sound more like... Mew...

"Who are you?" the strange Pokemon asked again. Finally he understood, Mew had told him the answer to this question.

"Deoxys." He whispered, shivering as he sat up.

June 27th, 2008, 2:29 PM
"Oh, okay. So, not all the legendaries are here?" Manaphy asked Giratina. "Hm... so Palkia must be somewhere else... I miss him..." Mamaphy started to cry as he said, "This... This... THIS IS ALL DARKRAI'S FAULT! I HATE HIM!" Sometheng started to change in manaphy, and his eyes started to glint red. He then started attacking all the pokemon that surrounded him. He dived and used tackle on the Sableye.

June 27th, 2008, 2:59 PM
Fortunately being part ghost type meant that Manaphy's tackle attack was completely ineffective against Deoxys. Unfortunately it served to further unbalanced the confused Pokemon, completely shutting down his rudimentary consciousness and letting instinct take over. Hissing angrily, Deoxys quickly turned on the stunned Manaphy and used a vicious scratch attack. The sableye then began to growl andbegan to glare furiously at the assembly.

June 27th, 2008, 5:50 PM
Manaphy was enraged as he phased through the body of the Sableye, now identified as Deoxys. And the fact that Deoxys attacked him did not help. Manaphy turned torwards Deoxys and got alot angrier. Suddenly, the Sea Charm started to glow. A bright blue aura radaited from it, spreading a calm through the area. Manaphy's eyes returned to normal and he relaxed.
"What... What happened" Manaphy asked.

June 27th, 2008, 7:19 PM
(Major ewwie at the short short postings. I'm not a novel writer, but yikes! And what's with the psycho Manaphy? Oh, i'm just giving a heads up that i'm going to say which pokemon I see lying around. I'm not controlling them, just giving them the other place to be.)

Flowing water. Blowing wind. Chirping pidgey. That was the sound that Regigigias heard, his conciousness slowly returning, as he layed in what felt like dirt. His eyes slowly opened, and to anyone watching we're a bright blue, and began to search around the scene. He had been right, now seeing he was laying under a tree that was surrounded by dirt, leaves and shade. Gaining back his strength slowly, he lifted his head, it feeling extremely light while slightly unbalanced, and noticed a little pond.

How the heck did I get here? I'm pretty sure I was sleeping in my cave, then a searing pain filled my body, and then..nothing. Everything goes black after that. And this headache isn't helping my situation any better. Hmm, now lets see if I can sit up.

The legendary pokemon, or so he thought, finally sat up and immediately knew something was wrong. Glancing down, resting his eyes on four legs instead of two, Regigigas recieved the typical anime sweatdrop on his back.

Umm..okay. This is very odd, seeing as I know have four legs and no arms! What the hell is going on here!? This better be that PokePunk'd show I heard about or I'm going to eat some small children.

Taking a shot at his new situation, the normally large pokemon began to walk towards the pond. Out of the corner of his eyes, scattered around the scene, he had begun to notice some other pokemon. Stopping just short of the pond, he decided to save to memory what type of pokemon they were. A Shinx. A Snover. A Meowth. And finally a Ralts. Continuing his previous mini jourrney, the legendary stared down into the clear water of the pond, another sweatdrop appearing.

I'm an Absol, of all pokemon to be. Why couldn't I have been a freaking Flygon or a Gyrados!? Some teenaged kid probably picked out an Absol for me and is now laughing hysterically at my misfortune of walking on four legs. Whoever did this is seriously going to get a butt whooping. But atleast I'm not you're average Absol, and I look cool and unique with my gray fur, red face/paws/horn thing, and blue eyes. Okay, I need to relax and figure out who the heck those other pokemon are.

The multicolored Absol strolled over, now having decent control of his new limbs, and slowly began nudging each of the other pokemon, one by one.

Maybe they're legendaries too. Or maybe they're all just random pokemon that are most likely going to try and claw my face off. I am so hoping its not the latter of those two options.

June 27th, 2008, 7:43 PM
Giratina seem to have been satisfied since he got his answer, or more like Ho-oh was satisfied that he was gone. She never really like being in the company of Giratina or really in the company of the other Legendaries and half of her wanted to leave them but she knew that for now it be best to gather as much information as she can before doing anything. Ho-oh hated to do anything without having as much information as she can.

Ho-oh then finally recieve an answer from the sableye to find out that it was Deoxys. The Legendary that wasn't made by Arcues directly. SHe has heard about Deoxys from Raikou, Suicune and Entei since they travel the world but never seen him directly. They say he is a secretive pokemon but powerful. Still as she has seen so far, he was just scared and weak.

Then it seems like the one that was Manaphy went crazy and attack Deoxys. At once Ho-oh took flight to intervene but her wings were much different from the ones that she had as Ho-oh and it felt like she was going very slowly. By the time she got there, it seems like the fight had resolved but Ho-oh had saw that Deoxys had more bite then it looked.

Ho-oh finally arrive at the scene and said in her newly soft voice, "You went berserk and attacked like an idiotic tauros." She said it straight and buntly but didn't meant to sound sincere though. This new voice was new to Ho-oh since she has gotten use to her cold and icy voice. SHe then looked at the sableye and said in her soft voice, "Are you ok?"

June 27th, 2008, 8:16 PM
Seeing as the problem between the Sableye who was apparently Deoxys and Manaphy was resolving itself, and Ho-oh was seeing to it, Giratina decided to speak to Mewtwo. He didn't know much about the clone-Pokemon, but perhaps he would know something they didn't, or at least be of some help.

Feeling sickeningly self-conscious of his tiny, weak body, he approached the Scyther hesitantly. This whole time he hadn't spoken to one of the others. Perhaps he would attack out of rage like Manaphy had? Still, if Ho-oh was not going to speak with him about this when they clearly needed to form a plan of action now, there was a chance this Pokemon would.

"You're Mewtwo, right?" he asked. He hoped his assumption was correct. He then hesitated, not exactly sure what to say from there...

June 27th, 2008, 9:40 PM
Mewtwo was sharpening his blades on a pile of rocks, when he looked up and saw an Eevee go flying through a Sableye he laughed quietly to himself and went back to sharpening his blades. Before he knew it the rock had taken the rough form of Darkrai, just then gritania appoached him. "Yeah I'm Mewtwo, I didnt think I could hate anything more then the humans who cloned me. I finnally found my place in the world when this happens, that darkrai will pay for what he's done" growled mewtwo. Mewtwo began spinning around picking up speed before extending a blade and slicing the head of the statue clean off "perfect" chuckled mewtwo

June 27th, 2008, 9:58 PM
Jirachi rubbed his eyes with his hands. He yawned, then something occured to him. "Since when have I had arms?" He thought to himself. He was dully aware that an Absol had nudged him, but he had bigger problems. There were a bunch of other pokemon around him. What had happened? He remembered the Nightmare, and the punishment. The Torture had been horrible. He had to find out what pokemon he was. He walked up to A Scyther and a Ratata. "Um..Can you tell me what pokemon I am?"

June 28th, 2008, 5:52 AM

(Major ewwie at the short short postings. I'm not a novel writer, but yikes! And what's with the psycho Manaphy? Oh, i'm just giving a heads up that i'm going to say which pokemon I see lying around. I'm not controlling them, just giving them the other place to be.)

Manaphy's emotions went crazy because of Darkrai's torture. Just read my charachter bio.


The Swablu that was Ho-oh said to Manaphy, "You went berserk and attacked like an idiotic Tauros."

"Oh," Manaphy said, "I guess I can't control my emotions after what Darkrai did to me..."


"I was born like them all: after floating in the sea I hatched. Unfortunately, my egg was greatly mutilated by the Sharpedo famine. During this famine, the Sharpedo and Carvahana could not find enough food because of overfishing. They would eat anything they found. And they found me, and tried to eat the egg I was encased in at the time. The mutilation caused me to be unable to find the sea temple.
"I aimlessly wandered the great seas for about a year. Greatly traumatized, I went exploring and found Palkia. Being a water type, Palkia knew how to nurture me. I looks up to Palkia as a father figure. Palkia trained me so my fighting skills were well above the average Manaphy's. Palkia also recommended I try again to find the Temple. Palkia gave my Sea Charm, a special item that will ocasionally boost Water and Ice types' power.
"I tried to find the Temple again, but I was captured by Darkrai. Darkrai tortured me to use my Heart Swap ability to steal other legendaries' powers. The torture involved Darkrai and many other pokemon, such as Electrivire and Tyranitar, attacking me. My instincts then kicked in, no matter how hard I tried to resist, and Heart Swap activated. Darkrai then put the Legendary and himself in front of me. This let Darkrai take the legendaries' powers. When Darkrai forced me to Swap Palkia, the last legendary other than Mew and Arceus, I tried to bust out. I unleashed a Hydro Cannon that became empowered by the Sea Charm. But, when I was mercilessly attacked by the pokemon loyal to Darkrai, I became seriosly disillusioned with other pokemon. The only pokemon I trust are Palkia and other legendaries."

June 28th, 2008, 7:27 AM

★ラティオス★, you're ACCEPTED! ... Well, other than that I con't have much to say. I'll post IC later, but for now I can't think of what I'd do IC, so...

June 28th, 2008, 7:57 AM
Raikou felt a watery surrounding. Am I dreaming? Or perhaps, in heaven? Raikou, exhausted after having her powers drained away by the curse, refused to open her eyes. She went on sleeping for quite some time so that her body can regain energy.


Feeling recharged after some sleep, Raikou looked at her surroundings. Water, water everywhere. However, no one was in sight, although it was an acceptable place to live in. Aquatic plants, rocks with crevices, muddy floor... The place fulfilled the needs, but not the wants, of marine Pokémon. So why not the presence of Pokémon? Why was she the only one here? Why was she here anyway? Never had she thought it were the fierce canine teeth that scared away Pokémon.

Raikou tried to discharge some electricity like she always could. Not even the slightest amount of electricity could she produce. Wait a minute... Where are her strong, powerful legs? Raikou was shocked. She realised was no longer Raikou. She moved all her muscles that she could, trying to get used to the feeling. Somehow, after a long while, she managed to get to the surface. Trying her best to cling onto a rock on the edge of the water with her flippers, she looked around. Raikou saw a weird Rattata, a funny-looking Snover, a strange Sableye, a psychopath Eevee, an abnormal Scyther, an odd Absol, and a golden Swablu that bore some familarity.

June 28th, 2008, 8:01 AM
OOC: Sorry for only posting ooc, but for everyone saying they are seeing my character - you aren't. I'm not in the same area as you guys. I'm in the GENERAL area, but you guys aren't close enough to see me. Just saying. I have a graduation party to go to, so I'll post IC sometime tomorrow.

June 28th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Latias snapped her eyes open as somebody nudged her. She looked around and saw a group of Pokemon. Latias cocked her head and frowned slightly. Where am I? Then she noticed that everything seemed bigger. Starting to freak out, Latias tried to fly into the sky. When she failed to do so, she looked at her paws. Wait, paws?!? Where were her wings!?! Latias cried out in confusion.
"What's going on?" She exclaimed in exasperation. Not waiting for an answer, Latias ran over to a small puddle and looked into it. She saw an odd looking Meowth staring back at her.
"I'm... a Meowth?" Latias mumbled, her brows furrowing in frustration.

June 29th, 2008, 6:30 PM
Manaphy, after finishing talking, looked around. A lot more of the others were awake. He decided to talk to them to find out how they were. Manaphy walked over to the Meowth. She was looking into a puddle. Manaphy wondered who she was.

"Hello. I'm Manaphy. The Swablu is Ho-oh, the Sableye is Deoxys, the Scyther is Mewtwo, and the Rattata is Giratina. That traitor used me to curse us all to be non - legendaries. That stinks, doesn't it? So anyways, what legend are you, Meowth?" Manaphy asked.

June 29th, 2008, 7:54 PM
Giratina was about to respond to the Mewtwo-turned-Scyther, but suddenly noticed something moving in the pond they were standing by. Was it an enemy? He felt the fur on the back of his neck start to bristle involuntarily, a sensation that was profoundly alien to the former legendary. Letting out a small growl, he glared down at the water. Yes, there was something moving down there, and he wasn't sure it was friendly.

"What's that?" he asked, loud enough for Mewtwo to hear but not in a way that expected an answer.

Suddenly, something popped its head up from under the water. At first it startled Giratina, and he leapt back in surprise. Then, after a moment, he realized what it was.

"A... A Feebas?" he said aloud, confused. The fishlike creature was not exactly a pleasant sight either. Its scales were more like worn hide, and its coloration (especially on its fins) seemed duller than usual for a Feebas, speckled by darker spots. Most frightening were those eyes, red as if they were filled with blood. However, unlike most Pokemon, while Giratina could only consider this creature "ugly", he knew that it was a being with feelings and emotion, and dared not say anything about its appearance. Also, based upon its unique features, it was likely another legendary.

And I thought being turned into a Rattata was bad, Giratina thought to himself, now feeling slightly guilty for his earlier rage. He could have become something like this!

"Are you one of us?" he asked the Feebas in the calmest, most kind voice he could muster. "A legendary Pokemon?"

Save Trees
June 29th, 2008, 8:57 PM
Legendary Pokemon: Shaymin.
Cursed Species: Turtwig.
Gender: Male.

Description: While Shaymin is a turtwig, he looks average in every way except for one glaring difference. The leaves atop his head aren't leaves anymore, they're the flowers like on shaymin. Another difference is that he is much smaller than all the other normal turtwigs; almost like a baby version. Nothing else is worth mentioning, everything is "the norm".

Personality: Shaymin is pretty timid, quiet and unsociable. But, when he feels safe, and comfortable, his persona changes wildly. He acts friendly, silly, bubbly, and full of life. With its job, its two personalities, are a given. Its goal is to purify air and land, and remain hidden. Of course being in hiding all the time, can make one quiet and sort of unsure about others. But since its always, convincing plants and earth to live and prosper, he can be quite friendly. He keeps these personalities even when in sky form.

History: Even though Shaymin looks young and naive, he's actually just as old and worldly as all the other legends. His home is in Sinnoh, it's a beautiful wonderland of life, blooming flowers, and purity. This are is known as the "Flower Paradise" And its hidden to the upper right area of Sinnoh; route 224 to be exact. Shaymin had never been suspicious of Darkrai, even though he did look spooky. He never even saw Darkrai coming at him until it was too late. He was just waking up from a nap when he saw Darkrai rush at him. Those are the last things he remembers before, well..he was cursed.
(Meep, sorry my history wasn't that good. not much is known about shaymin ><)

Other: I'm wondering how to go about the forme changing. ^^.

June 29th, 2008, 9:47 PM
OOC: Save Trees, I'm gonna go ahead and accept you. There were no reals problems with your sign-up; it could have been longer, but I also think the "short and simple" style works well. It was, put simply, good enough to be ACCEPTED.

Oh, and as I said in the intro post, all legendaries have been deprived of all their powers. There is no form-changing. ^^

June 30th, 2008, 6:59 AM
I am a Feebas? Raikou thought. There was no foolproof way to know what exactly she was for now. She had to trust the Rattata's eyesight. She had to trust her intuition telling her that this Rattata-like creature was not a Rattata in the same way she was a Feebas that was not a Feebas. Looking at this fake Rattata's eyes was like looking at her own, which were eerie with crimson. Those little red spikes on his shoulders... perhaps... Giratina?

"Are you one of us?" the most-likely-is-a-Giratina Rattata asked. "A legendary Pokemon?"

This Rattata had definitely possessed legendary powers before. Raikou pondered for a moment. She could say no to hide her true identity and strength. She could also stay wet in the pond for as long she pleases; it's impossible to drown her anyway. But, so was getting very far without her limbs. She had to get help, no matter how much she hated to ask for it, to get onto dry land.

Raikou nodded. Using telepathy, she revealed her real Raikou self. Then, trying her best to speak, she asked for a favour. "Giratina, get me up on land, please." If this Rattata was really Giratina, he wouldn't deny the fact he used to be a Giratina.

Save Trees
June 30th, 2008, 8:28 AM
"BONG BONG BONG BONG" Is the only way to describe this detestable sound inside Shaymin's head. It was most likely the blood rushing around due to a blow to the head, maybe a fall.

"oh...urgh....huh...? Where...am..I?" Shaymin struggled to sit up, it felt like his legs were thicker, but he didn't pay much mind. He looked around to see his surroundings and he was in a small wooded area, and he was leaning against a tree. He tried to let out a yawn, and this was the product,

"Twiiiiig." WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!?!!? Was that...me? I don't usually sound like that...maybe I should get a drink.... Shaymin got up and started to walk, he noticed that he was going a bit slower than normal, but he decided he was just tired. He eventually got to the lake and bent down to get a drink. Right before he got to the surface of the water he saw his reflection. A turtwig, with flowers in its head looked back up at him.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cue the person who hands out ear plugs, Shaymin just let out a glass breaking screech.

June 30th, 2008, 10:33 AM
Latias turned her attention away from the puddle to the Eevee that claimed to be Manaphy. Surprisingly, she believed him, after all, she was a Meowth. Maybe this happened to all of the lgendaries...
"I'm Latias... Er, pleased to meet you, Manaphy. And yes, that stinks very much. In fact, I think I might have to hold my nose." Latias joked. Then something seemed to click in her head.
"Wait, is Latios here?" Latias asked, searching frantically for her friend.

OOC: So... short. -_- I really hope my writer's block comes to an end soon.

June 30th, 2008, 10:35 AM
OOC: Save Trees, not a bad post. Don't feel so unconfident about it; you'll do fine at this RP. :)


Giratina tilted his strangely-shaped head slightly to one side, pondering how he was to go about doing this with these tiny new paws. He had to help her though, whoever this Feebas was (for even his insightful eyes couldn't see what legend this was behind that horrid exterior). And so, very carefully, he drooped his paws into the water and reluctantly held them to the Feebas's sides. Immediately it felt rough, slimy, and almost... gross. But this was a legendary Pokemon. He wasn't about to act disgusted by her because of what Darkrai did to her.

Carefully, slolwy, his paws pulled the Feebas up and out from the water, and he dragged her into the grass just above it.

"If you don't mind me asking," he said awkwardly, "Which legend are you?"

June 30th, 2008, 5:10 PM
Ho-oh waited for the sableye to say something but it was getting tiring to wait for the pokemon to speak. SHe had to guess that either the pokemon was very shy or just the strong slient type. Ho-oh began to flap her wings and said, "If you want. Follow. If not then then just stay there." She then was in the air now and at the moment felt like killing herself just because she was now curse with this wreched soft voice.

Ho-oh then flew or floated kind of to the lakeside and saw that Giratina was there talking to a feebas and other pokemon had joined him. Ho-oh then looked at the group and said in what she tried to in a cold voice but once again it came out soft, "What is going on here?"

June 30th, 2008, 7:33 PM
Manaphy saw the Meowth turn from the pool she was looking in. She said,"I'm Latias... Er, pleased to meet you, Manaphy. And yes, that stinks very much. In fact, I think I might have to hold my nose. Wait, is Latios here?"

Manaphy replied, "I don't know any legendaries except for a few. You should ask Giratina. He knows alot of them. He's a Rattata, and I think he is over by the lake."

Manaaphy was walking to the lahe when an ear-splitting scream ripped through the air.

"What or who is that!?" Manaphy yelled, curling up and cringing into a little ball.

July 1st, 2008, 12:03 AM
The black Rattata pulled her out of the water. Those Rattata paws tickled her, and Raikou had to keep reminding herself not to squirm or she'll end up in the water again. It hurt a little when friction acted on her body, but she did not complain. Once on the grass, Raikou tried to balance herself with her gray, badly spotted fins. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard either.

The Rattata questioned once more about her self, this time demanding a very specific answer. Looking past the rodent, Raikou saw even her giver-of-life was cursed with a new form. She knew, by instinct, that this Swablu flying over here was once Ho-oh.

"Thank you, Giratina. I am Raikou." Raikou said. "Darkrai's very sympathetic, right? He forgot to kill us after stripping our legendary selves." Without a doubt, the last two sentences were spoken with sarcasm.

July 1st, 2008, 9:55 AM
Legendary Pokemon: Mespirt

Cursed Species: Chikorita

Gender: female

Description: Mespirt looks a bit different than a normal Chikorita. She is a couple of inches smaller for one, making her look rather weak and pathetic. However, her coloration is amazing. Instead of having a green body and a darker green leaf, she has a pinkish-red body and a blood red leaf. The spikes around her neck are golden, and her eyes are the most amazing part of her body. They are sky blue.

Personality: Mespirt is a very caring Pokemon. She is there for you if you are having a problem, and will always listen. However, she is rather shy except with her friends, so she often can be found alone or with people she knows. It's very hard for her to make new friends, so she often doesn't even try. Also, she lacks social skills, and doesn't really know how other Pokemon work, so sometimes she can't understand sarcasm or know when she's clearly being taken advantage of. Another negative quality is that she is very easily upset. She might cry even if you were just joking around, but of course, she can't tell if you're joking around. However, if you look past her flaws, Mespirt is one of the best friends you can ever have.

History: Mespirt often stayed at her lake, even when she was a little baby. However, she often got visits from Uxie and Azelf, and got along with them great, especially Azelf. Uxie often teased them for having a crush on eacthother, and it was true, Mespirt did have a crush on Azelf. Later in life, Celebi visited her lake and they became good friends, but then Celebi traveled back into the future and they never saw eachother again. After that, something happened that made Mespirt painfully afraid of humans. She was kidnapped and tortured by Team Galactic, along with Azelf and Uxie. However, she was saved by a 10 year old boy. After that, her life was pretty normal, just staying at her lake, fleeing whenever she saw a human.

Other: Just as a random side note, Mespirt loves the water, but lost her ability to swim when she turned into a Chikorita.

RP Sample:

Mespirt looked over the water, staring into her own reflection, seeing the various water types swimming around. "God, it's hot as hell today. I think I'm gonna go swimming." She jumped into the water, but then she remembed, she couldn't swim! She started to drown, screaming for help. "HELP! HEEEEEEELP!" She went under the water. "HELP! HEFLABLAGUG!" She was under the water. However, she found herself saved.

A young Piplup pulled her out of the water. "Are you ok?" The Piplup asked. "Yeah. When I was a Mespirt, I knew how to swim, but I lost my ability ever since I turned into a Chikorita." The Piplup stared at her oddly. "You were a Mespirt?" "Yes." "Yeah, that's beleivable." The Piplup started to laugh. Mespirt couldn't understand the sarcasm with her lack of social skills. "Really? Because I don't think it's very beleivable." The Piplup then laughed harder and walked away. Mespirt was very upset by this. She hated being laughed at, after all.

July 1st, 2008, 3:50 PM
Legendary: Latios
Cursed Species: Taillow
Gender: Male
Personality: Generally, Latios is calm, cool, and collected. He is usually reserved, never allowing his emotions to have free reign. He is constantly logically analyzing everything around him, trying to determine motives and thought processes. However, he does possess a great curiosity that has gotten him into trouble before. Quick to act in emergencies, when he does show emotion, it is limited and controlled. He detests people who act illogically and irrationally, and has trouble trusting or having faith in all but his closest friends. He prizes self-mastery and self-knowledge. Somewhat insensitive, Latios is quite blunt and to the point, often cutting through arguments to get at the core of a conversation, as well as saying things to people's faces where most other people would tell a white lie. However, he is kind at heart and has his companion's best interests in mind.

History: Latios is a wanderer, spending most of his time flying throughout the Hoenn region, staying well away from humans, and making many friends with Pokemon all over. If any place could be said to be his home, it would be a secret garden located on a tiny island at the far southeast reaches of Hoenn. The island is uninhabited save for pokemon, and from the air, looks to be completely covered by forest. However, there is a small garden in the center, complete with ancient stone fountains, pools, and beautiful waterfall. Large trees provide a canopy that hides it from humans. As a child, he spent many years on the island, not knowing of the outside world.

One day, a Salamance, badly injured from a battle with a human trainer, arrived on the island. He had flown many miles and was near death, but Latios did the best he could to save him. This Salamance also brought him the first news he had known of the outside world. For a long time he had assumed that there was nothing beyond the seemingly endless ocean. As the Salamance told him tales of a fantastic universe, Latios slowly grew more and more ashamed of himself for his ignorance. Never again would he assume he knew anything of importance about the true nature of the universe. Even so, he and the Salamance became great friends, for a short while. Sadly, despite his best efforts, the Salamance died of his wounds. After burying his friend near a large stone fountain at the center of the garden, Latios knew it was time to leave. He was curious, greatly curious, about the outside world. So he said goodbye to his friends on the island, and soared higher and farther than he had ever dreamed of.

Appearance: Latios is somewhat large for a taillow, and where a normal taillow would be navy blue, Latios is an azure blue the same shade as his legendary form. His underside is somewhat grayish, unlike a normal taillow's white chest, and has a distinctive upside down dark blue triangle on his chest within an average taillow's red "collar". There are two small tufts of feathers on each side of his head reminscient of his true form. His eyes are a deep, vivid red.

July 1st, 2008, 3:55 PM

Chika, you're ACCEPTED. But it's MespRIt, not Mespirt. And I hope that sample wasn't intended to be your first post, becuase there's no Piplup (or any non-"legendary" Pokemon for that matter) where we are.

Lusankya, Mightyena_Lover (who is RPing Latias), said she wanted to reveal her History within the RP. You could PM her asking about it, but she didn't say anything about it in her sign-up, so...

July 1st, 2008, 4:25 PM
OOC: So am I accepted? Or would you rather wait for a history?

July 1st, 2008, 4:37 PM
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July 3rd, 2008, 1:54 AM
Mewtwo took a close look around his surroundings, before jetting off to the sky once more "I know where we are" he said to himself, and darted off to the east of mount silver, he approached a large mountain area, one of which had a crystal blue lake in a crater at the top, he descended towards the middle of it and a small island came into view. He softly landed on the island and was swept by a feeling of nostalgia, as he walked into a cave, hidden deep among the trees on the island.

After look around he saw everything was as it was when he left for the creation dimension with mew, all his security systems were still functioning although deactivated. He explored deeper into the cave intent on finding a specific item from his past. Found the chamber of the cave where he used to sleep, and there, in a recess in the wall, right where he left it, was his armor suit. He walked up to it and began to put it on, it was harder then he remembered, but then he didnt have his psychic powers any more and when he had blades for hands he realized how much he took his true hands for granted. When he finally got it on, and making a cut in the back to allow his wings to fit through he flew back to the group. "If you guys want I know of a nearby island, its perfectly suited for a large variety of pokemon, and there's plenty of room for us all" Mewtwo announced to the group of powerless legends.

ooc:for those who couldn't work out from my post, mewtwo armor is going to function as a metal coat of sorts

July 3rd, 2008, 9:13 AM
((OOC: Ehm, Triaspia, don't you think that's a bit much? To just fly off miles and miles away from where they are and back within a few minutes? That would have to be how much time it would take, because we can't suddenly slow the time of our own posts to make that equate to days Mewtwo was gone. Plus, Scyther couldn't realistically fly for that long without resting very, very often, much less a Scyther that has only been in its body for a few minutes.

In case it was a bit confusing (which it probably was, now that I think about it), by saying the legendaries were somewhere in "far northern Johto", and how there would be many human settlements between them and Mt.Silver, I was implying we would be somehwere around here (http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k50/pokesonicmaster/Johto.png).

Triaspia, that post, because it seemed a bit too unreasonable/overpowered, does not count toward the storyline. Sorry, but it just seems a bit... much... :\))


"Ho-oh," Giratina said, noticing the sun-colored Swablu. "Well, you heard her. I suppose she was transported here in the pond just as we were on the land..."

How could we have let this happen, he asked himself, Not even powerful Pokemon like Mewtwo and Ho-oh were left uneffected. But... We can't just sit here and do nothing. Who knows what Darkrai could do next? Yes... We have to find a way to stop him.

"Excuse me, but I think we should start planning out what we are going to do next," Giratina suggested to Ho-oh and Raikou. "I know we can't do much in these forms, but if we don't do anything then there is no chance Darkrai will be stopped..."

He felt a bit awkward saying this. It made him feel as if he needed to be a leader, something he was not used to and did not approve of. His whole life other legendaries had often ignored him and left him to be a loner. If they listened to him now it would be a huge surprise.

July 3rd, 2008, 1:24 PM
Legendary Pokemon: Lugia
Cursed Species: Squirtle
Gender: Female
Description: The legendary bird pokemon resides in the whirlpool islands in Johto. Master of the three legendary bidrs, Articuno, Zapdos, and MOltres, lugi looks after them and takes full responsibility for them and has the sole duty of making sure they do not clash, less the world will turn to ash.(sorry couldn't resist!^_^) It was in a peaceful slumber in the artic caves deep in the water where it looks after the silver wing which it now keep on a necklace.
Personality: As with living in the whirlpoll islands, lugia was a love of all things water, so it is fitting she be turned into a squirtle. She loves to have fun and when she was a lugia she would play with trainers that are lucky enough to meet her. She is nice, sweet, and little bit naive. She is young and kind to all. She had a love for all living creatures but her favorite are the Aipom of the world. She spends alot of her time in the water or in the sky and tries to find the good in all, except Giratina...
Lugia has a deeply fear of causing harm to others and lives deep in the water beacuse she thinks she will casue untold devastation.
History: FOr many years, lugia had been the gaurdian of the sea. When an evil man was bent on capturing her, he captured the three legendary birds to lure her to him. For many years she was prophesied to appear and calm the birds. She used her magical songs which did not work and eventually had to use her full power to stop them. Born form a large Lugia family from Shamoutti Island, she was lost by her parents when swimming deep underwater. There she met Kyogre who told her of how she would be the one to calm the three birds. She would never come above the water, always staying deep, because she fears she will bring the end of the world. Even to this day while she does come above water every now and then she does not that often beacuse of the power others have told her she has.

Other:Has a longer tail than other lugia and on her head has unually , hair growing form her head. It resembles the hair of a normal female human girl and reaces to the back of her neck. It is silver.

I hope that I may join...^_^

July 3rd, 2008, 2:13 PM
OOC: I have updated my bio with a history, seeing as how Mightyena_Lover has not been online for several days now. Hopefully I can be accepted now.

July 3rd, 2008, 5:31 PM
Ho-oh felt a surge of anger. Darkrai dare to not only place her into a form of this pokemon, swablu, but Darkrai disgrace her underlings into forms that were against the knowledge of them. Raikou, one of her fastest creation was force to stay in the water, something completely against her nature. Ho-oh just looked at Raikou and said, "This is very troublesom. VERY."

Giratina then spoke, "Excuse me, but I think we should start planning out what we are going to do next. I know we can't do much in these forms, but if we don't do anything then there is no chance Darkrai will be stopped..."

Ho-oh knew this was bad but she kne that more knowledge was needed. Clearly Darkrai had no intention in killing them right now. Ho-oh then said in a soft voice, "We need more information. INformation is the most important thing we can have right now. Can you clearly tell me what does a rattata can do? I can but do you? Do we even know were Darkrai is? Do you even want to face him right now in our present condition? Clearly we can't face him. Not all of us can even walk. As of right now. There is nothing we can do to Darkrai unless die by his hands if we face him."

July 3rd, 2008, 6:48 PM
Im sorry guys im pulling out of this one, Its still early on so it shouldnt be too hard to find someone to fill my spot, im too busy to keep up with multiple rp's and im more established in the other one so........... cya, sorry again

July 5th, 2008, 5:43 PM
Raikou, like her usual self, was quiet all the while Giratina and Ho-oh were talking, as if she had nothing to say. Then she spoke her mind. "Just wondering. Why Darkrai did not to finish us off? The task is relatively easier now."

Well, only part of her mind. She answered her own question. Darkrai must have thought we are useless in new forms, completely incapable of stopping him. Raikou, however, did not reveal her answer.

By now, Raikou wanted to go back into the water. Her first priority was to learn to get along with Feebas fins and being submerged in water.

September 12th, 2008, 12:07 AM
Legendary Pokemon: Suicune
Cursed Species: Porygon
Gender: Male

Description: Suicune looks almost identical to any Porygon except that he has a diamond shaped spot on his back like the many he had on his body as Suicune.

Personality: Almost always an optimist, Suicune will try to look on the bright side until things are looking almost entirely impossible. After quite a few bad encounters with humans, he is almost entirely disillusioned with humans, thinking that all are like those of Team Rocket. He tries to remain calm most of the time, but when finally angered will attack ferociously. He also will try to lighten things up sometimes with a joke.

History: After his creation at the bronze tower along with the other legendary beasts,Suicune traveled the world,purifying polluted waters. Unfortunately for him, Team Rocket saw the money-making potential brought about by such a Pokemon. Suicune was angered by this, and as a consequence ran from any human seen afterwards.

Other: Due to his dislike of humans,Suicune is extremely annoyed about Darkrai's choice of turning Suicune into a Porygon.

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