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July 4th, 2008, 6:02 PM
I will not be accepting any more people


You always hear of the grand adventures of the brave people who have left their homes to live with Pokemon and be known as Pokemon Trainer. They strive to be Masters, to uncover secrets of Pokemon, and to become the greatest they can be with their Pokemon at their side. Endless stories praise these brave adventurers.
But have we ever considered what it's like for the Pokemon? What is like for them? To be wild, to have families, friends, and enemies. To live together to strive and survive. Pokemon trainers are nothing without their Pokemon They're stories would be nothing without them. They are the core of the Pokemon Trainer era.

Now, we will see what life is like through their eyes. Through the eyes of the one's who keep the stories alive, who keep the trainers inspired. We will see life...

...Through the Eyes of the Pokemon!


•There will be no Legendaries that can be used by those who join, with one exception. Any Legendary Pokemon that may come into the story will be controlled by the one who brought it into the story for the time it is in the story, but it may not become one of the player's characters permanently.

•Please, for the sake of everyone else, if you're going to join, plan on staying active. Don't join if you're going to have to leave for a long time soon after, wait until you can stay active.

•I know you've heard this a thousand times, but let you're own personality reflect in you're characters. That's what makes this more realistic for us, and more fun.

• You can use any Pokemon from any generation (minus legendaries). For more variety and fun, I will not limit you to one generation or one Town's variety.

•If you're Pokemon is able to evolve, then please, choose to be the first evolution of that Pokemon. You can always evolve later.

•Make an effort to make you're Pokemon realistic. Look up what moves they can have at what level, or what level they evolve. That keeps it more controlled and realistic.

•Yes, you have to be a Pokemon. That's the point of this RP. There can be humans in the story that you control, but you're main character must be a Pokemon.

•Have fun. The point of this is to have fun, so keep it lively, people.

The Character Sheet

Name: This is the name of you're Pokemon character. Be as simple or creative as you want.

Species: What Pokemon you are. Include a picture if you want to.

Gender: Simply put, what gender you're Pokemon is. Boy or Girl.

Appearance: This is optional. Use this is there is something specifically unique about your Pokemon character, like different patterns, colors, accessories, whatever.

Level: The level of you're Pokemon. Don't start off too high, please. You can always grow in levels. No need to be hasty, right?

Move set: What moves your Pokemon is capable of using. Unlike the game, you are not limited to only having four moves per Pokemon. You can have as many or a little as you want, but make sure the moves you have correspond with what level your Pokemon is on.

Personality: Describe how your Pokemon acts, and how they behave in certain situations. You can use the basic Pokemon natures, like "calm, naive, rash, etc. etc." but please, elaborate on it a bit.

I highly suggest that you use this site (http://www.pokecharms.com/webdex/search.php) as a reference for your Pokemon Character. That site will tell you exactly what moves a Pokemon can learn, and at what level. It also tells you what level they evolve and into what.


You will be playing as a Pokemon that is part of a group of wild Pokemon called the Dusk Dwellers. This group is full of wild Pokemon who strive to stay free. They detest Team Rocket, and try to foul any of their plans if they can. They protect other Pokemon in danger, and try to protect helpless towns and humans that may be attacked by ferocious Pokemon. You can't be caught by a trainer.
You can throw in any plot twists or events that you want to, as long as it's something that can happen.

This will take place in the Sinnoh Region.

Unlike most people, I will be part of this RP. Thusly, if you run into a human or another Pokemon, it's you're responsibility to control it. Also, you will be controlling you're own status, when you level up, and when you evolve, but please, keep track of what level you're on and only evolve when you're on the appropriate level. Also, level up at a believable rate. You've all played Pokemon games and know generally how long it takes to level up.

We'll start as soon as people stop applying and we have a few people.

Accepted Players

Munchy the Munchlax

Mr. Person
Crest the Cubone

Eifi the Espeon

Elite Salamence09
Pika the Pikachu

Zippo the Bulbasaur

Draco the Dratini

Ribo the Gastly

Kip the Mudkip

Firemuzzle the Growlithe

Bobby the Heracross

Kodiac the Croagunk

Cynder the Charmander

Moon the Bulbasaur

Vanessa the Charmander

Kai the Ralts

Star the Chikorita

July 31st, 2008, 11:47 PM
Name: Munchy
Species: Munchlax
Gender: Male
Appearance: Munchy is a munchlax. he often carries a bag he stole once from a pokemon trainer.
Level: 10
Move set: Odor Sleuth (Level 1), Tackle (Level 1), Metronome (Level 1), Defense Curl (Level 4), Amnesia (Level 9)
Personality: Munchy usually acts as a normal munchlax would. occasionally he may act a bit strangely. He sometimes sees 'ghosts' and may jump and startle those around him.

The Bringer!
August 1st, 2008, 12:22 AM
Name: Crest
Species: Cubone
Gender: Male
Appearance: Just a regular Cubone, but his bone club is slightly larger than usual.
Level: 12
Move set: Rock Slide (Egg Move), Swords Dance (Egg Move), Growl (Lv.1), Tail Whip (Lv.3), Bone Club (Lv.7), and Headbutt (Lv.11)
Personality: Crest tends to be a loner. He is shy and usually keeps to himself. Although he is willing to make friends, he only trusts other pokemon after a long time of knowing them.

I hope that egg moves are allowed. If they are, then I'll have it so Crest can't use then all the time and that if he uses them repeatedly he tires quickly.

August 1st, 2008, 12:48 AM
Name: Eifi

Species: Espeon (I know you want us to start as the least evolved form, but Eevee evolves into Espeon through having a strong bond with its trainer, and since we don't have trainers... Well, just tell me if you can't make the exception. ^^)

Gender: Female

Appearance: No different to a regular Espeon.

Level: 11

Move set: Psychic
Shadow Ball
Light Screen

Personality: Eifi is cynical, and often comes off as being mean or hateful towards other Pokemon. Despite this, she cares about her friends and would do anything to keep them from harm.
She's interested in trying to read other Pokemons minds, though she can never do more than feel their basic intentions and emotions.

August 1st, 2008, 2:06 AM
Name: Pika

Species: Pikachu!

Gender: Boy

Appearance: A normal pikachu with high voltage and has a long yellow tail.

Level: 15

Move set: Thunderbolt (From TM.) Thundershock (Lv1) Tail whip (Lv6)

Personality: A normal pikachu with the ability to surf. Pika is extremely loyal and he is
very strong for his level.

August 1st, 2008, 7:22 AM
Name: Draco

Species: Dratini

Gender: Boy

Appearance: Just a regular Dratini

Level: 13

Move set: Wrap(Level 1), Leer(Level 1), Thunder Wave(Level 5), Twister(Level 11), Dragon Rage(Hasn't learned yet), Slam(Hasn't learned yet), Agility(Hasn't learned yet), Aqua Tail(Hasn't learned yet), Dragon Rush(Hasn't learned yet), Dragonbreath(Hasn't learned yet), Dragon Dance(Hasn't learned yet), Outrage(Hasn't learned yet), Hyper Beam(Hasn't learned yet)

Personality: Draco has a quiet nature but loves to befriend people. He also has an odd thrill for battle and enjoys protecting younger pokemon. He will never back down from a fight and many also give him a brave nature. Overall, Draco is a really good friend and an even better ally.

August 1st, 2008, 7:48 AM
Name: Ribo

Species: Gastly

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has a chip on his right tooth. Otherwise pretty basic

Level: 16

Move set: Knows: Hypnosis, Lick, Bite, Spite, Curse

Will learn: Psychic, Dream eater, Toxic, Dark pulse

Personality: Like any Gastly Ribo is known for being Mischevious, but some of his tricks end up in people getting hurt. He Is generally happy and playful, but is very intelligent . In a fight Ribo will do his best and knows when its time to fight and when to quit.

August 1st, 2008, 9:19 AM
Level: 16

Name: Kip

Gender: Male

Species: Mudkip

Move set:
Currently:Tackle, Growl, Mud Slap, Water Gun, Bide
Will Learn: Foresight, Mud Sport, Take Down, Whirlpool, Protect, Hydro Pump, Endeavor
**Surf, Ice Beam, Strength

Nature: Brave

Personality/Background: Kip is a very stubborn, strong-willed Pokemon that refuses to give up. He is very protective of his friends and his colony, where he was a leader alongside Swampert and Marshtomp. He has quick wit, and when he relaxes he's very fun and outgoing.

August 1st, 2008, 9:39 AM
Name: Firemuzzle

Species: Growlithe

Gender: Female

Appearance: A small orange furred puppy pokemon. She has a creamy coloured muzzle and tail that stands out beautifully. She has blue eyes like crystal.

Level: Firemuzzle will start out at level 10

Move set: Roar, Ember and Bite.

Personality: Firemuzzle is a calm pokemon. She is understanding, noble, loyal and always does what she thinks is right.

August 1st, 2008, 10:33 AM
I am soooo sorry, people. I put this up a while back, and I didn't see that it was approved until just now! -________-
Because of this, things are going to start a little slow.

I'll get everything back on track soon, then we can start.

Sheesh. I haven't even signed up yet.

All have been accepted. ^^

I'll post my sign up later. :/

August 1st, 2008, 1:52 PM
Name: Bobby
Species: Heracross
Gender: Male
Level: 16
Move set: Night Slash (Lv. 1), Tackle (Lv. 1) Horn Attack (Lv. 1), Leer (Lv. 1), Endure (Lv. 1), Fury Attack (Lv 7), Aerial Ace (Lv. 13)

Personality: Bobby is known to be a little aggressive but is otherwise nice. He can get mad a little easily and can be shy but is a very optimistic Pokemon. Has a obsession with honey and will do anything to get some.

August 1st, 2008, 2:31 PM
I hope I'm not too late...

Name: Kodiac (Kody)

Species: Croagunk

Appearance: Kody can move his mouth around a lot more then an average Croagunk. The black lines on both of his arms each have a little point to them. (These dont potrude out of his skin, they are just an odd marking.) Also, there is a black diamond shape just above his wrists on each arm.

Gender: Male

Level: 13

Moveset: Astonish, Mudslap, Crosschop (egg move), Taunt

Personality: Kody tries his hardest to be the best he can be, either it be on the field or in social situations. He is very considerate and always thinks of other pokemon first. He is very gentle, and does his best to soothe others pain. He can be naive and lazy at times.
He loves to fight, particulary hand to hand combat. He is very agile and fast, making him difficult to hit. He is formitable to anyone when defending someone (or something).

August 2nd, 2008, 4:00 AM
Name: Cynder

Species: Charmander

Gender: Girl

Appearance: Cynder is a normal Charmander, with vermilion skin and a cheerfully flickering tail-flame.

Level: 9

Move set: Scratch, Growl, Ember(lvl 7), Metal Claw(egg move), Dragon Rush(egg move - Cynder is not aware she can use this attack, nor does she have enough control to use it yet)

Personality: Cynder is the troublemaking prankster kid of the Dusk Dwellers. She is rash and boastful, constantly overestimating her own meager power. She has a spirit of adventure that often gets her into trouble, as she has a tendency to leap into danger.

August 2nd, 2008, 7:08 AM
i think were nearly ready to start, all we need is a few more people and the maker to join

August 2nd, 2008, 7:42 AM
She'll join. She just needs to sort some things out first. But don't worry, she'll be here.

August 2nd, 2008, 12:56 PM
*Really hopes this doesn't die*

I just have horrible luck with these things. >.<

[Name;] Moon
[Species;] Bulbasaur
[Gender;] Male
[Appearance;] A pretty average Bulbasaur, if you consider a green lizard with a bulb on it's back 'average.' He's a little bit smaller than most Bulbasaurs, and has a dark green patch in the shape of a crescent moon on his forehead, hence the name. He usually has a small flower tied around his right front leg, the flower being either a blue or white rose.
[Level;] 11
[Move set;] Ingrain, Magical Leaf, Vine Whip, Safeguard
[Personality;] Usually a very friendly person, Moon prefers to hang out in larger crowds, and becomes quite paranoid when alone. However, Moon does have his secrets, and he usually only likes a select few of the Pokemon he hangs around with. Although he is usually amiable and friendly, with a little bit of cynicism, when pushed too hard he quickly becomes stubborn and rebellious.
Moon oft relies on his friends to get him out of his mood swings where he can quickly down spiral into an either sad an unresponsive, or angry and insulting character, which is either caused by a lack of food or some critical failure that he couldn't control.

Twilight Wolf
August 2nd, 2008, 4:21 PM
Name: Vanessa

Species: Charmander
Gender: Girl

Appearance: Vanessa has a faded scar on the right of her forehead and has deep blue eyes that always sparkle. Her claws are a silver color, are smooth, and shine in the light.

Level: 10

Move set: ( - means already learned) Scratch (-), Tail Whip(-), Ember(-), Slash(18, during Evolution), Flamethrower (29)

Personality: Vanessa is calm, outgoing, smart, and relies on mostly strategy. A bit mouthy at time, she can get into a bit of trouble. She loves meeting new people, and will fight hard in battles. Vanessa will lash out with her claws at any time, making her unpredictable. She is quick and agile on her feet.

August 2nd, 2008, 6:20 PM
A lot of people signed up...

This is gonna be one heck of an RP if everyone gets accepted. ^^

Name: Lustro
Species: Trapinch
Gender: Male
Appearance: Instead of the star/cross-shaped pupils most Trapinch have, Lustro's pupils are red. He also has a red spot on his back. Otherwise, he looks just like a normal Trapinch.
Level: 16
Move Set: Dig(TM move, but Trapinch have only learned two moves at level 16, so sue me :P), Bite (egg move), Sand-Attack (Lv. 9), Rock smash (HM)
Personality: Being a Trapinch, Lustro is an extremely patient Pokemon. In the wild, he will wait for his prey to fall into his inescapable trap for days. And in a hot, dry desert, that is no easy feat. Lustro is also a very curious Pokemon, waddling around poking at things. He will inspect new objects with his powerful crushing jaws, which sometimes leads to inadvertent damage to the object. Lustro isn't very driven; although not exactly what you call lazy, he simply doesn't know what to do with his life and doesn't really have many goals he wants to achieve. Mostly he just messes around until something happens, and goes along with that.

August 3rd, 2008, 8:33 AM
Why have so many people joined? XD I usually have terrible luck with my RPs.


And by the by, all who have made a sign up are accepted. x__x Bare with me, people, I'm trying to remember what I planned for the plot. xD

Name: Kai
Species: Ralts
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kai's only uniqueness is that her helmet, instead of a light green with a red horn, it is dark blue with a white horn. Other than this, Kai looks like a normal Ralts
Level: 10
Move Set: Growl, Confusion, Double Team
Personality: Kai is a clever Ralts, by no doubt. She doesn't say much, but she's constantly plotting. She is witty, and strong-willed, and has relatively high spirits, even in the gloomiest of situations. She never looses hope, and is certain that there is a way out of every problem. Secretly, she grieves for her mother's death. Her mother was a Gardevoir, and was killed by Team Galactic. Kai is determined to grow strong and evolve into a Gardevoir like her mother and make Team Galactic pay for what they did.

And thus Ventus's Character! :]

ALSO, check the first post, because I am adding a link to a site that shows you all the information about any pokemon, including what moves they learn and at what level, and what TMs and HMs they can learn. The site is EXTREMELY helpful, and I insist that you all use it to keep track of what moves you can learn and at what level.

We'll start soon, I promise. x]

August 3rd, 2008, 9:08 AM
Well, i'm looking forward to this. ^^

August 3rd, 2008, 9:13 AM
I think we're all looking forward to this. It's gonna be awesome. xD

August 3rd, 2008, 9:17 AM
I just use Google to learn all that stuff. xD

August 3rd, 2008, 11:19 AM
i used bulbapedia for mine, it was great...:P

August 3rd, 2008, 11:51 AM
By the way, whether or not you're Pokemon is already part of the little group or not is up to you entirely.
Also, Team Rocket is being changed to Team Galactic, because this RP is taking place in Sinnoh.

Okay okay! RP is GO!


It was about evening now. The soft golden light filtered silently through the green maze of leaves that covered the long branches of the large oak trees. A cool breeze made it's way through the forested area, creating a peaceful scene.
Kai was on the outskirts of the forest. The trees were behind her, but she concealed herself in the midst of the tall grass. Crouching low, she peered through the tall blades at the small town that lay just outside of the forest. It too, was peaceful. Or so it seemed.
From under Kai's dark blue helmet, her red eyes observed men and women wearing silver, tight uniforms. They all had neatly cut blue hair. They patrolled the city as if they owned it, their shifty eyes looking around with suspicion... or rather, suspiciousness.
"It's those Galactic weirdos again..." Kai said softly.
The tall grass rustled suddenly, making Kai jump. She turned around to see a trainer approaching. They didn't notice her, not yet. They're eyes looked around, scanning the grass for wild Pokemon. Kai crept back a few feet, then got up and darted back to the comfort and protection of the thickly wooded forest.
"Whew! That was close," Kai said, slowing her pace to a walk.

I have to tell the others that Galactic is back. They're probably already stealing innocent Pokemon from trainers...

August 3rd, 2008, 12:17 PM
ok im ready;

It was unfortunate about the desolate location of the old chateu. There was never anyone around. The sky was getting dark, which meant that ribo could go through the forest again. Sighing with content, the gaseous orb pokemon floated outside. The outskirts of the forest had the most people to spook, but there was the rare trainer who explored his forest home at night. As ribo turned he spotted a man in the distance, wearing a ridiculous blue and silver jumpsuit. He had neatly cut hair and, in ribos opinion, he looked very idiotic.
"Heheheheee," came the bellowing laugh from the forest. Suddenly the suited man found himself enveloped in a shroud of darkness.
"YOU WILL LEAVE THIS PLACE!" Bellowed Ribo, And with a nicely timed hypnosis, the man was out.

August 3rd, 2008, 1:45 PM
Lustro watched the sky grew dark. He couldn't see anything but the sky and the trees from his position at the bottom of the pit.

I was right to get out of the desert, Lustro thought. Maybe his arena trap of dirt wasn't as foolproof as one made out of sand, but there was a lot more food in the forest than the desert. The other Trapinch had laughed at him when he said he was leaving, but his decision had paid off. So far.

The only real problem with it was that soil just didn't have the same properties as desert sand. Lustro already had adjusted his trap-building technique to compensate. The other problem was that a pit in a forest was easier to sea than a pit in the desert. But there were enough curious Pokemon in the forest to compensate for that, although Lustro had had to move his location several times after the Pokemon in the area learned to stay out of the pit.

Like now. He hadn't eaten for quite a while now, and he had been in this pit for quite some time. Maybe it was time to move again. He thought make to his last meal, a curious little Turtwig that had peeked into his pit just a little too far.

The mere thought made him hungry. Shaking off the dirt on his carapace, Lustro climbed out of his pit and began wandering through the forest, looking for a new place to plant his traps.

August 3rd, 2008, 1:52 PM
Hope I'm not too late.

Name: Star

Species: Chikorita

Gender: female

Appearance: Star is shiny.

Level: 9

Move set: Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, Poison Powder

Personality: Star has the docile nature. She is very friendly, and helps anyone in need. She is also very shy, and spends most of the day hiding, however, if you get to know her, she can be very nice.

August 3rd, 2008, 3:27 PM
As the day slowly waned towards night, Moon lay on top of the pile of garbage he had gathered and aptly named the junkyard castle. Every day he went out and gathered little pieces of garbage, other odd little things, and sometimes larger things, just as garbage cans or tables. One time he even got together a group of friends and pulled over a small car that had been abandoned and was slowly rusting on the outskirts of the city.
So his junkyard castle grew every day, and he managed to pull together some odd inventions he had seen in the city. Trainers sometimes came to look at the castle, but it wasn't much of a tourist place to be. Moon had made sure that there were multiple entrances to the den in the center of the castle so that whenever a trainer came by he could slip inside, no matter where he was, and wait until they thought that it was just a mound of junk and left.
The junk collection portion of his day was fulfilled in the morning, and Moon mainly spent the afternoon roaming the city, gathering a group of friends as he did so. Today was one of Moon's lazy days, but the Bulbasaur managed to rouse himself and slipped inside a small steel trash can elevator, one of his odd inventions. Gravity brought the trash can down to the base of the mound of junk through a series of larger plastic trash cans and recycling bins that formed a kind of slide. The small steel bucket landed with a clunk on the ground, and Moon crawled through the hole made as an entrance. Stepping past the mounds of garbage used as a makeshift defensive wall in case of some sort of trainer attack, Moon slipped into the city proper to find someone to talk to.

[May I ask what city this is? I checked and couldn't see]

August 3rd, 2008, 6:13 PM
Chika, you're accepted. :]
Nova, the city is Jubilife. Sorry, I didn't say.


Kai stopped her travels, now tired from walking, and sat on an exposed root of a large tree. She looked up and lifted her helmet to look at the night sky. In the distance, the sky was bright with the harsh lights of Jubilife. It made it hard to see the stars.

Looking around, Kai found she didn't recognize the area she was in. She stood and looked to her left, then to her right. Strange, she thought. Kai was sure that she had seen all of the forest before, but no she can't seem to figure out where she is.
"What a drag," she groaned, making her way back towards the city lights, "Don't want to get even more lost, so I guess I'll head back to Jubilife..."

The walk back was a long one, and Kai was hungry now. She picked a berry off a nearby tree and munched on it while walking. Soon, she was once again crouching in the tall grass outside of the city. Those same people patrolled the streets.
"What are they up to..."

Kai made a daring dash out of the tall grass, and into the shadow of a building. Her heart pounded as she peeked around the corner. This was the first time Kai had even dared to wander into town. But she had to see what those fools in space suits were doing.

August 3rd, 2008, 6:32 PM
Lustro wandered through the forest. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to try and find a new place to make his trap. His eyes were adapted to a desert climate, and he couldn't see very well at night.

He crawled between two trees and blinked. There was suddenly a lot of light. What was going on?

As his eyes adjusted, he discovered he was in someplace new. Tall, rectangular things with dots of light on it. Tall things that were like trees, yet were impossibly straight and the wrong color. And emitted light. He bit one of them. They were extremely hard and hurt his teeth.

The ground here was strange. It wasn't dirt. It was hard. Like rock.

He blinked and saw a Ralts hiding in the shadow of one of the big rectangular things. Maybe it knew. He walked over. "Excuse me, but could you tell me what this place is?"

Twilight Wolf
August 3rd, 2008, 7:29 PM
OOC: I am a city wanderer, and dont know of the group yet.

I walked carefree down te streets of Jublife City, not caring who saw, really. I took a large bite of the apple that I had in my hand, freshly plucked from a low hanging branch on an apple tree. I let the juice wash down my throat, enjoying that melt-in-your-mouth sensation that apples gave me.

I turned the corner of a building, then becoming caustious. This was a Team Galactic Building, and I knew it well. They had tried to snatch me up once, and got me, but I scrambled free once inside the building. With another large bite, only the core of the apple was left. I tossed it into a nearby garbage can, and stayed low. I turned the next corner of the building to find a Ralts and a Trapinch.

I walked curiously over to them. "Hello!" I said in a warm tone. "I'm Vanessa. Who are you?" I asked, extending my small, tiny clawed hand out to them, with a big grin on my face.

August 3rd, 2008, 9:23 PM
Kai was just getting enough courage built up to approach the building, when a Trapinch suddenly appeared, and asked her a question. She cringed and pulled the non-educated Trapinch into the shadows. Just as she was about to explain to it, a Charmander appeared.

Kai pulled her into the shadows two.
"Both of you hush! Do you want to be abducted?!" she whispered to both of them sternly. She turned to the Trapinch, "You're in Jubilife City. Trainers live here, so you could be caught if one sees you. Be more careful."

Then turning to the Charmander, and shaking it's clawed hand, said "I'm Kai. Nice to meet you,"
Kai peeked around the corner to see the entrance to the Galactic building not guarded. She dashed to the building and hid in the shadows on the side of the building, leaving the two Pokemon behind. She knew that was rude of her, but she had to get in there and see what was up.

The Bringer!
August 3rd, 2008, 10:11 PM
It was cold. Crest didn't like the cold. It was dark. Crest didn't like that either.
Crest the cubone was sitting down on the ground floor of a building in Jubilife. If not for the echoing footsteps that came from the floor above Crest, the building would be completely silent. He had followed the weird looking humans to this building, going after what they had stole from him. He had been minding his own buisness, walking through the Oreburg Gate. Until they came. He had been helpless against the marowak that those people had in their control. After defeating him, they even stole his bone club, saying that it would "increase marowak's power". Crest was out for revenge. No one stole his club and got away with it. No one. However, his plan didn't work. Now he was stuck inside some building and couldn't get out. On top of that, he only had the marowak's bone from earlier which was much smaller and weaker. He hated being weaker. For now, all he could do was wait for his chance to escape. He would have to get his bone club later. He was trapped. Crest didn't like being trapped.

August 3rd, 2008, 10:30 PM
Eifi was asleep when it happened. There was a bright flash and a deafening noise filled her ears, while nets closed in around her.
She used a Shadow Ball to tear the nets apart and ran away, nimbly dodging the two men in silver suits. Her heart pounded as she darted away and escaped between two buildings, she could hear the strange men cursing in the distance.

Some time later she spotted a small group of shadows gathered around the doorway to a building, a building bearing the same symbol as those strange peoples suits. Naturally, she shot a Shadow Ball towards them.
Much to her dismay her aiming was off by a little bit, and the Shadow Ball collided with the doorway. Realising that the owners of those shadows would probably retaliate, she darted towards them. Of course, she was more than a match for three humans.

Had the shadows actually belonged to humans, she would probably have knocked them out and continued on her way. But these shadows belonged to three other Pokemon, and they were looking rather shocked and angry.
There were a Charmander, Ralts, and Trapinch all standing there looking ready for a fight (And that Trapinch had such big teeth). Eifi curled herself up in a ball, and readied herself for the worst of their attacks...

August 3rd, 2008, 10:51 PM
"Oh great," thought Ribo "things couldnt get any worse, could they?"
After knocking out the man, Ribo wandered off. He ended up un a bright town full of flowers...disgusting! continuin on, he ended up on the outskirts of a large, rather bright city.
"whats with all these lights? its almost like day light"
After searching fruitlessly for somewhere dark, Ribo spotted a group of small pokemon. an odd group at that
"Excuse me! Why are you standing round like that, are you not worried about trai...wait, you've been caught, havent you?"

The Bringer!
August 3rd, 2008, 10:59 PM
With a large crash and an explosion of light, the door that had once trapped Crest from the outside world was now gone. All that was left was a metallic pile of rubble with black threads of shadow jumping across the material. Some how, the strange people on the floor above had not yet noticed the loud noise. Crest slowly looked out of the building checking to see what had caused the door to shatter. As Crest stepped out of the building he hid behind a trash can for good measure. He was relieved to smell the fresh air of the outdoors, even if it was somewhat tainted by the smell of the trash can. Crest could see a group of pokemon in the distance. There was an espeon in front of a group of three other pokemon. They seemed to be a ralts, charmander, and... Trapinch? Crest wondered why such a pokemon would be so far away from the desert. Sensing that something wasn't right, Crest slowly crept toward the group, trying not to reveal his presence just yet.

August 4th, 2008, 12:32 AM
Ribo suddenly felt a presense in the area, a pokemon. Quickly dispersing himself, he reappeared infront of the intruder. It was a cubone. In the harsh lights of the city Ribos' abilitys were weakened, but he had enough to fend off the attacker. That was a mistake. As the tried to Lick his opponent a child spotted him. More precicely, a trainer. The boy had tossed the small spherical capsual before Ribo could even move. All the could feel was the chrushing darkness. he could hear the pokeball tightening, about to trap the gastly forever when...Snap.The ball had broken. Again he dissapeared, into the shadows where the pokemon he saw before were. With any luck the trainer would catch the cubone, and save Ribo the job of fighting it.

August 4th, 2008, 1:02 AM
Munchy had been wandering around on the outskirts of jubilife for days now, collecting items (seeds and such) for when he needed them. after deciding he had enough, he crept into the place slowly. he heard whispering. at this he crept further and to his surprise saw a trapinch! This must be the one who made all those damn traps! thought munchy. the trapinch was with others so munchy decided to avoid any fighting and slowly edged into the light...

The Bringer!
August 4th, 2008, 1:07 AM
As Crest crept toward the group, a chilling cold enveloped him. He gave a slight shiver as his breath slowly floated in front of him, mingling with the dark haze that had enveloped the area. Before Crest could wonder what was happening, a tongue appeared to come from out of the haze and wrap itself around him. He gave a small cry as his body began to tingle all over, the long tongue slowly unwrapping itself from Crest. There before him was a ghastly, an aggressive look on its spooky face. Crest was paralyzed by the lick attack and couldn't react as the specter tried to use lick again. However, before Crest's foe could attack, it was enveloped in a red light and shrunk away. Crest tried to scream in fright, but it was no use, his mouth was paralyzed as well. Soon the ghastly reappeared, and floated of into the darkness, leaving Crest to fend for himself against the unseen enemy. He couldn't turn around to face the opponent, for the paralyze effect was too powerful. Crest was then tackled by a strong force. Barely able to stand after the hit, Crest saw that his attacker was a light blue lion like pokemon being controlled by a human. The tackle seemed to have ridden him of paralysis at least. Crest smashed his club into the opponents skull, leaving the pokemon fainted. Without looking back, Crest ran as fast as he could away from the threat. After a while, he realized that he was by the group of pokemon he had been spying on. One of these was a ghastly that seemed very familiar. "You!" Crest shouted, wondering why this pokemon had attacked him.

August 4th, 2008, 3:28 AM
OOC- Would you mind saving my character from this human trying to capture her? I'm trying to add a little drama.

Star was walking through Jublife City. She saw a fairly large group of Pokemon. Star saw a Munchlax, Cubone, Espeon, Pikachu, Dratini, Gastly, Mudkip, Growlithe, Heracross, Croagunk, 2 Bulbasaur, 2 Charmander, Trapinch, and Ralts all in a group together. "H-h-hi..." She said very quietly. This caught their attention. However, she heard something.

"Oh my god, it's a Chikorita!" A very young girl said, ignoring all the other Pokemon. "I'm going to capture it!" She must have not had a Pokemon of her own, because she had no Pokeballs around her belt. She threw an ultraball. Star wasn't strong enough to get out of an ultraball! Would she be saved, or captured by this young girl, perhaps never to be a wild Pokemon again?

August 4th, 2008, 4:55 AM
(OOC: Too many people, xD Aster, you better close the sign-ups soon, or this'll get extremely confusing.)
"Wait, what's a city?" Lustro asked. The Ralts ran off. He glanced at the Charmander, gave him a look over, then proceeded to run after the Ralts.

The Ralts stopped in front of another one of the big rectangular glowy things. This one was a bit bigger than the other. Lustro looked up at it. It was as big as some of the rock formations he had seen in the desert.

A Gastly and a Cubone appeared near them. What was this, a Pokemon convention center? Where were all these people coming from?

Yet another Pokemon, a Chikorita approached. It tried to stammer out a "Hi" when a small female human ran forward. It said something about capturing something, and tossed out a small sphere, similar in texture to the tall, hard, glowy trees Lustro had seen earlier. Whatever it was, Lustro didn't have a good feeling about it. He barreled forward, knocking the Chikorita over. The sphere bounced harmlessly against the pavement. He continued to run, not sure if it would explode. It looked oddly similar to some of the Voltorb he had encountered before, although without eyes and a different color scheme. He continued to run up the human and bit her pants, tearing off a piece of cloth.

August 4th, 2008, 5:02 AM
Star just got saved.

"Um... th-thanks... What's your name? Mine's Star."

"My name is Lustro."

"Oh, n-nice to meet you." She continued walking away, deciding to train herself on other wild Pokemon. She saw a wild Bidoof after some walking, however, it wasn't in the group. Star used razor leaf on it. The bidoof used tackle. Then, Star sprayed poisonus powder, and it poisoned the Bidoof. The Bidoof fainted from poisoning, and Star gained a few expirience points. Not many though, since the Bidoof was young, maybe only at level 1 or 2, only a baby wandering away from its home.

August 4th, 2008, 5:13 AM
As Ribo realised the cubone had found him he slipped through one of the walls on a building. The inside was even brighter than outside. All over were people in the same jumpsuits as the man he had knocked out earlier. There was also a woman who looked like a medicham.
"bloody hell, the worlds gone insane" he exclaimed
Wrong Move. Although the humans couldnt understand him, they could still hear him. All there eyes were on him, and all were pulling out pokeballs.
Quickly paralyzing the closes to him with lick, he then put the rest to sleep. Feeling weakend, he turned to exit, when he saw a shadow. it was a raltz, and it seemed angry. Deciding he was not in the mood to fight, ribo turned and hid in a shadow in the corner of the room

August 4th, 2008, 5:54 AM
Eifi protected herself with Light Screen, though the group of Pokemon didn't seem interested in attacking her. They seemed more interested with the strange building so Eifi darted around a corner, and watched them from a distance.
During this time other Pokemon made their way towards the area, it seemed as though the small group was drawing attention to themselves.
Why are they all here?
Eifi was worried that some of those strange people would notice them, so she retreated further into the shadows in an attempt to hide herself. Eifi could tell that none of the Pokemon meant her harm, and she felt like she owed them an apology for the attack.
Creeping out towards them slowly, staring at her feet she murmured a small apology.

"I'm... sorry for... attacking you." she said, while staring at her feet.

The Bringer!
August 4th, 2008, 6:00 AM
"Hey, you, get back here!" Crest shouted at the fleeing ghastly. Deciding that it was a lost cause, Crest decided to see what this group was gathered for. There appeared to be a ralts, charmander, and espeon in the center of the group. A munchlax that looked like it had just arrived was slowly walking by them. The trapinch Crest had spotted was a few feet away from the others. There was even a chikorita that was walking away from the group towards the outside of the city. Crest leaned back against a lampost. He might as well hang around with these guys until he could get his club back.

August 4th, 2008, 6:47 AM
Lustro watched the Chikorita walk away and attack a Bidoof. Strange little girl.

Meanwhile, the human had run off crying for her mother. Another strange little girl. What was the problem with humans? They always had somewhere to go.

The talk about mothers reminded Lustro about something his own mother had told him.

"Who's my little pinchy-winchy?"

No, not that.

"Don't go around biting rocks, you'll wear your teeth down."

Not that either.

"There are places, far from here, not natural. They're called cities. These are the lairs of humans. Everything is metal or brick, and they create huge unnatural constructs. The world of humans is a dangerous place to be."

That was it. Lustro was in the city. Suddenly he became rather afraid.

His stomach rumbled. The smell of food wafted through a large metallic can. He tackled it and tipped it over. Things spilled out, some edible, some not. Lustro munched on some leftover spaghetti, gulping it down in one bite with his enormous jaws, then wandered back over to the Pokemon convention center.

August 4th, 2008, 7:16 AM
Draco slowly hovered over a densely wooded forest; he had to get to Jublife. He had traveled for hours from another city, Veilstone, which had been attacked only days before.

“Those Galactics, they think they are so tough with their Zubats and Glameows,” the Dratini said to himself.

He began to remember the events from yesterday where he had to battle his way from those grunts who thought he we would be so valuable to their team.

“Pathetic,” he said as he broke his thoughts from the Galactic grunts.

The trees finally disappeared and pavement now covered below him. There were many buildings that seemed to creep over Draco. This reminded him of Veilstone. He then noticed a small group of Pokémon near a Galactic building.

“Why are they near that building, they can be seriously thinking of attacking the whole building themselves,” Draco continued to think to himself. “Looks like they may need help and I will be so ready to attack these Galatics again,” he said as he smiled to himself.

He descended behind the group and saw a large range of Pokémon, a Charmander to an Espeon. He crept up and said aloud, “if you are going to attack Galactic, please let me join in.”

He waited for a response somewhat impatiently as the group began to turn to gaze at him.

August 4th, 2008, 7:18 AM
Kody had spent the last few weeks wandering. Just wandering...hitching rides on vehicles, following migrating pokemon...the wandering life had began to wear him down.

Kody collasped on a flight of stairs. He was so tired and hungry, he didnt care. He had been wandering for so long...at first, the journey seemed enticing. Leaving the Great Marsh seemed like a good idea 2 weeks ago. The odd humans with stupid looking hair cuts...many pokemon were fleeing at the time. Kody had decided it would be wise to follow them, but had lost them in a rain storm. He had been alone ever since. The recent encounter with an angry Staravia didn't help things at all, either.

Kody turned his head over...bright lights? Other pokemon? He swore he heard a large crash...and a girl crying...a chicorita...? He moaned. His lack of proper nutrition must be making him delirious. "Must...get..food..." he mumbled, attempting to get to his feet, but tripping and tumbling down the remaining stairs. He landed hard on his shoulder. Kody shouted in pain. He winced, tears flooding his eyes. How could things get any worse...

August 4th, 2008, 7:28 AM
Lustro heard a thud and a shout inside one of the rectangles. He crawled over. How did one get inside one of the things? He bashed his ahead against the wall. No good. Climbing up onto his hind legs, he reached up and peered through one of the transparent parts of the walls. There was a Croagunk inside, lying on the floor.

His stomach twisted at the sight of the Croagunk. The things were poisonous. The last time he had eaten one... oh, he couldn't eat again for weeks.

But it seemed to be in pain. Inedible it might be, that didn't make it any less of a Pokemon. Lustro tapped his head on the transparent part of the wall. It sounded brittle.

Twilight Wolf
August 4th, 2008, 7:30 AM
OOC: Slow the crap down, people!!! Oh, and I'm a girl.

IC: More and more Pokemon started to slowly join our once group of three. I became a bit neverous. I felt crowded, caged, like I was in the Galactic building with so many people rushing around, trying to catch me. I scurried nervously over to the Ralts.

"Nice to meet ya'." I said quietly. "You dont want to go in there. Those Grunts will be on your tail big time. I've been in there, and it's not a nice place to be." I whispered. I didnt want them to get caught. I saw the Trapinch looking over me. "What?" I said. I hated being stared at, even if they were doing it mindlessly without a thought.

August 4th, 2008, 7:38 AM
Moon entered the city proper, trotting happily through the streets, and ducking into shadows and alleys whenever a Trainer or a Team Galaxy, or Galactic, or Rocket member, whoever was inhabiting the city now, there always was someone, walked by. Trotting past the streets he caught news of a small but growing gathering on the outskirts of the city. Apparently trainers seem attracted to it like magnets and only managed to spot one Pokemon and try to catch it (Cough), while the rest tried to infiltrate Team Galactic's building. He had tried that, came out with two less friends. But, he had to help them, it was in his nature.

((There are so many people, it's rather confusing that we're all in one spot, I really can't tell what's happening. Anyone want to go somewhere else for a bit?))

Sure enough, there they were, some Pokemon hanging around outside the building, and some in it's shadow. But boy, this was an odd group. A Ralts, an Espeon, a Munchlax, a wandering Trapinch, that probably was the one he had heard was eating other Pokemon, and a couple others. Deciding to screw over stealth, he pushed his way into the center.

"So, are you going to infiltrate the building or not, because with Pokemon these random I think you could do it. I know a way in, but it's semi dangerous." Realizing how blunt and abrupt he sounded he paused, breathed in, and started again. "Sorry for interrupting your chit chat, but I think that if you're gathering to attack the building that you've had the Pokemon to do it for a while." Moon stepped back and nodded. Thinking a bit more, he smiled and added, "If you want to know my name, that's your problem. Once we get out of there alive I might tell you."

August 4th, 2008, 7:42 AM
Being on his own in such a high tech building was scary. Ribo was used to a building full of ghosts, not one full of humans. He found himself in a room with a square hole in the back. Edging closer, ribo found he could hear a whispering sound. Putting his face right next to it was possibly the worst idea ever. Ribo was a pokemon made of gas, and he had put his face next to the air conditioning unit, and inside was a fan, which promply sucked the gastly in, and ripped him to pieces.
After being shot outside and reassembling himself he founhimself, yet again, confronted by the group of pokemon, but now there was a large dragon flying there.
"hehe, thank god were in an alley, or we'd have every trainer in the city after us" said ribo, before adding "im Ribo, sorry if iv'e caused any trouble"

The Bringer!
August 4th, 2008, 7:45 AM
((OOC: When is something actually going to happen?))

Crest became slightly amused with what he was watching. It appeared that more and more pokemon were begging to show up near the towering building that belonged to the funny looking people. He could hear a few of them talking about the building. Maybe if he followed them he could get his club back without having to fight at all. That would be nice. Crest looked around to make sure that the ghastly from before wasn't gonna start attacking him again. The last thing he wanted was to have the other's attention drawn to him. If he could just go with the flow of the group and remain quiet his plan might work. The moment he got his club, he would be able to leave this freak show and get back to Oreburg Gate.

August 4th, 2008, 7:51 AM
(ooc: in my next post om going to go back to the old chateau to find TG trying to destroy it to catch rotom, and ill get a few NPC ghosts to help, like haunter and spiritomb)

August 4th, 2008, 7:54 AM
((I was somewhat hoping that someone could sneak inside/bash a hole in the wall of the Galactic Building. The owner hasn't posted in a while though. This caught on and shot off what she had expected fast.

Mewtwo, you realize that Eterna and Jubilife are pretty far (Chateau is next to Eterna), and what is TG? Anyways, anyone want to go on a side plot adventure until the creator comes back?))

The Bringer!
August 4th, 2008, 7:59 AM
((Someone already burst open the door a while back. People might have not read that part or have just forgotten. My character is just waiting for every one else to go.))

August 4th, 2008, 8:01 AM
OOC: Lol, I never intended to blow a hole in the wall. But I guess that was the impression I left so we'll pretend it was due to structural weakness. ^^

August 4th, 2008, 8:01 AM
((we need to establish a proper stroy line soon...a big seige, and then something MAJOR, that fits in with the games storyline prehaps))

August 4th, 2008, 8:04 AM
OOC: Cripes, this is moving fast...o_0

Kody lifted his head. He saw something red...a Trapinch. It seemed to be peering at him through a window.

Kody managed to get to his feet, cringing from the pain in his shoulder. He held it with his other arm.
Did I break it? I really hope I didnt... Kody hobbled over to the wall. He looked at the Trapinch.

"My name is Kody...um, do you know were we are? Why are you inside that building?"

((Your right Evilmewtwo, we need a proper storyline for this to work...))

August 4th, 2008, 8:08 AM
OOC: Leave the storyline up to Ater_Ventus, i'm sure she has something planned. ^^

The Bringer!
August 4th, 2008, 8:09 AM
OOC: Lol, I never intended to blow a hole in the wall. But I guess that was the impression I left so we'll pretend it was due to structural weakness. ^^

Thats the only reason that I was able to escape the building =P

Evil M is right, we need some way of knowing where we are going with this. We also might need a OOC thread so as not to clutter this one like I am doing now.

August 4th, 2008, 8:09 AM
When it became obvious that nothing was going to be changed soon, and that the door that was busted down probably shouldn't be entered, Moon left. If any rumors of them getting inside spread, he would return through his 'back door.' Oh well, it was a nice try to get inside. He would be infamous to humans, and famous to his fellow Pokemon. Finding a nice garbage can, he started rolling it off towards his home, getting back into his boring daily routine of life. But Moon knew, he knew, that he would be coming back before the next morning. He had a feeling these Pokemon would the act of rebellion together.

August 4th, 2008, 8:21 AM
(ooc: ill make the OOC thread, as the owner isnt online right now))

IC: Feeling he had sufferen enough ribo headed off north, which was where the forest was. Within 20 minutes the edge of the forest was visible...and surrounded, by those space people. Thank god he could go invisible. Sneaking past the guards, Ribo found the old chateau, also surrounded. The spacemen seemed to be looking for something, possibly Rotom, the ghost who lived in the TV. Ribo Knew he had to do something. Solaceon town, thats where the hallowed tower AND the lost tower were, And he knew the gardian of the ghosts was, the legendary Spiritomb. And so ribo set off...Again

August 4th, 2008, 8:56 AM
(OOC: Okay, we need to establish an order in which to post, because in an RP with this many people, it gets way too confusing.

Oh, and Willowisp, I thought Kody was inside the buiding due to references to stairs. xD)

Lustro ignored the question put to him by the Charmander. He hadn't meant to stare, only to take a look. He peered back at the "Kody" and tilted his head in confusion. "What's a building?" he asked. "And what's wrong with your arm? While we're at it, what's wrong with you?" He backed off the window and assumed his normal position on all fours. "This is one weird night," he said. "People are just standing around doing nothing."

August 4th, 2008, 9:09 AM
OOC: Kody is actually outside, at the bottom of the flight of stairs that lets you enter Jubilife.xD The order of the post thing...I dont know if it will work. I just hope the owner comes back on soon so she can sort it out. :1

Kody looked curiously at the Trapinch."A building is something humans make to live in and do stuff in...and your in one!" Kody looked at his arm. "Um...I fell down the flight of stairs and landed on my arm. Its just bruised right now, but I really hope I didnt break it. I have been wandering around Sinnoh for some time, and I got attacked by some Staravia. I'm really weak and hungry at the mommet."

Kody looked around. It was bright here... a lot of lights, and humans wandering the streets. A chill suddenly ran up his spine...some human might see him and decide to catch him. He wouldn't stand a chance in the condition he was in! He began to grow nervous, looking around for a place to hide. "Um, quick question...is this a city or something? A lot of humans seem to be around..."

August 4th, 2008, 9:14 AM
"People and Pokemon alike" Espeon replied to Lustro, "Since everyone's standing around in a daze, how about a friendly battle? There doesn't seem to be much else to do.".
Espeon readied herself into a fighting stance, while she awaited Lustro's answer. None of the other Pokemon seemed to be paying attention, but that suited her perfectly. She was never one for theatrics and if she lost then they'd be none the wiser.
Preparing herself, she watched Lustro intently. She was ready for a fight and only needed his consent...

August 4th, 2008, 9:28 AM
"damn it" muttered Ribo " i could have sworn it was this way. Instead he had found a place called celestic town. If that wasnt bad enough he was now lost in the fog.
"maybe i should turn back" he thought "No! i have to save the chateau"
Ribo could see the fog thinning around him. just as he got into open sky again, several psyducks surrounded him. Not wanting a fight, Ribo decided to curse them. Thanks to psyducks chronic headaches, the added effects of Ribos curse would leave them paralyzed for weeks. Leaving the psyducks behind the gastly headed of towards the horizon, where he could see ranches coming ever closer
(( see what i mean by linking in with the games. i think it will add to the depth of the RP...but im insane, so it may not be true))

August 4th, 2008, 9:46 AM
"Oh," Lustro said. "I've never been in a city before. I suppose that's what this is. I don't really get out much." That was true, seeing as how he spent most of his time sitting in the bottom of a pit waiting for food to fall in.

Now that he thought about it, he didn't exactly live the most active lifestyle. Hopefully that would all change when he evolved. If he evolved. He couldn't wait to be able to fly.

He turned around and looked at the Espeon. "Battle?" He thought it over. Random Pokemon battles weren't exactly to his liking. But why not? "Okay, sure." Without any further warning, he swept a bunch of sand into the Espeon's face, hoping to make it harder for her to hit him. While the Espeon was recovering from the suprise attack, he quickly smashed a hole in the asphalt and burrowed into the ground.

Twilight Wolf
August 4th, 2008, 10:31 AM
I suddenly noticed the battle going on. I cocked my head curiously and walked over, but stayed at a distance. A Sand Attack was launched at the Espeon, and then the Trapinch used what seemed like a Dig.

"Oh, God, I hate that move!" I exclaimed in a whisper. I looked around at all of the Pokemon around me, having the sudden urge to battle.

I wandered over to Kai, hoping that the Ralts' reply would be 'yes' or 'ya, sure, why not', or something along those lines.

"Would you like to have a friendly battle?" I asked Kai curiously.

August 4th, 2008, 10:32 AM
OOC: AGH WOULD YOU PEOPLE SLOW THE CRAP DOWN? I posted last night and went to bed, and this is what happens? Jeeeeeez.

Kai watched in amazement as Pokemon seemed to pop up from the ground. She was surrounded by Pokemon now.
"Agh, I didn't really want a party!" she said with a groan. The newly formed hole in the wall provided to be a perfect entrance, but Galactic had obviously heard the wall break down, because here came three grunts, with their bowl-cut hairdos, looking around frantically.
"All of you shut up!" she screeched. It got quiet real fast. The grunts looked around, and came around to the corner of the building they all hid. Great. This is not how she was hoping this would go.

August 4th, 2008, 11:03 AM
(OOC: Like I said, too many people.)

Lustro hid underground. He was preparing to jump out and attack the Espeon when he felt more vibrations.

When underground using the move Dig, Pokemon can still find their way around by feeling the vibrations of those moving above ground. Trapinch felt the miniscule vibrations caused by breathing and sound, but also felt the vibrations of what might have been 3 humans running towards the Pokemon convention center. They might have been humans. Their gait and weight seemed to be enough. But he couldn't be sure.

He unburrowed behind them. Yep, they were human. And they were dressed in uniforms.

"What's with all the Pokemon?" one asked the other.

"I dunno, but they're causing a lot of trouble," one replied. "We ought to get rid of them."

He started walking towards the Ralts. Lustro jumped out of the ground, still unnoticed by the grunts, and bit him in the leg.

"AHHHH! GET IT OFF ME!" the grunt screamed, kicking his leg, trying to fling Lustro off. He let go of the leg and went flying a few feet, landing next to the Ralts. A noticeable taste of blood was in his mouth. As well as a piece of flesh. He swallowed it. Humans did not taste good.

August 4th, 2008, 11:34 AM
[[Oh man. I've been gone for under 24 hours and this is already haywire. Should I drop out? There's so many people...]]

August 4th, 2008, 6:48 PM
Draco watched in amazement as the group of Pokémon began to make more noise.

“If this is the group I’m suppose to find, they don’t seem like such a rebellion,” Draco said in his mind.

At that he saw the Espeon and Trapinch begin a battle. The ground Pokémon then buried himself underground. The noise grew louder and Draco knew they would soon be caught.

“You guys, stop battling, you’re just going to tire yourself out,” Draco said aloud to the group. “We need to fight the Galactics, not each other.”
He seemed to be ignored by the group and this began to annoy him. He gazed over at the building and saw a white Pokémon with what looked like a green helmet on his head.

“That Ralts looks like it’s trying to lead us in, maybe she is the head of the rebellion,” he said as he began to hover over in her direction. A second went by and three of the spacemen looking grunts came from a hole in the wall and looked as if they were going to attack the Ralts. Draco saw one member get bit by the Trapinch as he moved his blue and white scaled body over to the Galactic members. He then wrapped his body around another grunt’s head and began to tighten his muscles. The grunt tried to push the small dragon Pokémon off but its grip was too tight.

The Galactic member collapsed to the ground and Draco released his wrap attack. He looked around and went back into action as the other Pokémon began to realize what was going on.

Twilight Wolf
August 4th, 2008, 7:01 PM
The Galactic Grunts came quickly, and the Trapinch and a Dratini attacked them. A panicked and confused grunts stood there, nervously glancing side to side. I growled a small growl and then leaped into the air. With extreme force, I shot an Ember down on top of the man. Flames rained down on him.

He was about to flee, when gravity dragged me down to the ground. Well, not exactly, more like on the Galactic Grunt. But, oh well! Why does it matter? The second I landed on him, I used Scratch about four times before he finally ran yelling bloody murder. I laughed as a sudden power washed through me, and my tail grew bigger.

Level-up! I thought, still in the midst of laughter. 13 was now my lucky number! Only three more levels...

The Bringer!
August 5th, 2008, 5:28 AM
Crest leaned against the lampost as he looked on at what had once been a small group grew into a giant gathering. It looked like two of the pokemon were starting a fight. Yeah, thats not going to draw any attention to us... Crest thought sarcastically. It seemed like Crest was right, because three of the weird looking people arrived, finally noticing the group. The trapinch and dratini immediately began to attack and soon after that a charmander leaped into the fray. Crest merely watched, deciding not to trouble himself with fighting. Although these pokemon were unfamiliar, but they were at least half decent at battling. Soon Crest would get his club back. Soon.

August 6th, 2008, 12:37 AM
Munchy watched, amazed. All these pokemon were overreacting all it was was just a couple of people with funny clothes.
Why would they just overreact?
Munchy queried out loud: "Why are we attacking them randomly?"

August 6th, 2008, 3:37 AM
"I will never live this place! I will banish all Team Rocket thugs to LLLL. I will not leave!!!" Shouts Me as I thunderbolt a black murkrow thinking it as a thug. "Huh? Team Rocket? Hehe. I'm ready bring it on! Pika!!"

August 6th, 2008, 9:28 AM
[[Alright people, we've got a plot down! Thanks to IceDragon ^^]]


Kai moved toward the hole in the wall. It was the only way in, and these Pokemon were proving to make a good distraction for her to make her way in unnoticed. She turned slightly and made one last effort to tell the others to come in.
"Hey, you guys, follow me! We can find out what these guys are up to in here,' she said, not waiting to see who listened or not, and made her way into the hole.
She arrived in a large room... full of halls and a high ceiling. Everything was metal. Manufactured. It was peaceful in here, but nothing like the peaceful of the forest. No, there was something sinister in the air.
Kai moved forward slowly, her eyes darting around, looking for a nice place to hide if one of those humans were to come along. The last thing Kai wanted to happen was her get caught.

August 6th, 2008, 9:23 PM
Draco heard the Ralts say, “Hey, you guys follow me! We can find out what these guys are up to in here.” Then he saw here walk into the building. Draco followed behind her, ready to attack if need be. He noticed a lot of machinery scattered around the room but it seemed to be deserted. He looked at the Ralts and noticed that she seemed a lot more suspicious, so Draco put his guard up.

“Hey, what’s your name?” he whispered. “I’m Draco, and I’m here to help anyway I can.”

As he waited for an answer, he began to here a few beeping and humming noises. It was almost peaceful and seemed to put him in a trance. He shook it off however, and continued to follow the Ralts and get her answer.

(OCC) Glad I could help ^_^

The Bringer!
August 6th, 2008, 11:32 PM
Crest noticed that while some of the pokemon were fighting those pitifully weak humans, two of the 'others' were creeping into the building Crest had been trapped in. "Perfect, they look strong enough to do any fighting if necessary," Crest thought to himself as he followed the dratini and ralts into the high tech interior. "If I just stay a bit behind them and they don't notice me, I'll be able to get my club back without working a sweat," Crest continued to think, a barely visible smile on his face.

August 7th, 2008, 12:06 AM
"finally" shouted Ribo. He had found the hallowed tower. I he had touched it he would have released spiritomb. but the didnt touch it. Just as he extended a gasseous tendril the wind picked up. he could feel his atoms being flung away. then...blackness. When ribo could see again, the first thought he had dreamt leaving the city, because he was back again. But no, there was a hole in the wall. that was new.
"hell, i may as well join in, if those spacemen are trying to destroy my home" ribo said to no one in paticular. Following the sounds of commotion, ribo slipped into the building, and turned invisble

August 7th, 2008, 8:41 AM
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August 7th, 2008, 8:48 AM
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August 7th, 2008, 9:07 AM
It was directed at everyone. ^^

For those that have been following the rules, it's a reminder to them that they can tell off their fellow roleplayers and say, "Hey, you need to add more to your post, or this thread is going to get closed". And for those that haven't, it's a reminder that says, "Add more to your posts, or it'll be your fault when the thread gets closed."

Twilight Wolf
August 7th, 2008, 10:39 AM
Kai voice startled me as I watched for more grunts, ready to rip and tear. "Follow me!" she said. I quickly ran over to her. A Dratini was following her too as they were about to infiltrate the building. He introduced himself as Draco.

"Hello, Draco." I whispered. "I'm Vanessa." I peered slightly into the building and saw the bright lights and there were so many beeping and humming noises. I rubbed my eyes and then continued to caustiously look into the building.

The city lights had never bothered me. I thought. There's something about these that irritate my eyes greatly... I took a sniff of the air. So many mixed scents filled my nostrils, most of them not good.

Blood, Pokemon, strange concutions, posion, and death were the strongest scents coming from the building.

August 7th, 2008, 4:15 PM
Sorry guys, I'm dropping out. Too much stuff going on, too many people, too confusing.

August 7th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Munchy heard several pokemon creeping around behind him.
He turned around to see the ralts, a dratini and a cubone sneaking in.
He thought Now why would they be sneaking in, maybe there's something going on in there.
Munchy then followed them in. He'd leave those jumpy pokemon behind to attack those people.

After they arrived in there munchy asked (possibly a bit too loudly) "Why are we sneaking in?"
Pulling out an apple from his bag he began to eat while he waited for an answer

August 7th, 2008, 5:27 PM
Kai glanced behind her, noticing that most of the Pokemon had actually listened and followed her, to her immediate surprise. The Munchlax came in and asked why they were sneaking in. Kai groaned, "We wanna see what's going on, and we don't want to get caught, so please keep it down!" she said in an almost pleading tone.
Kai's eyes darted left and right down the halls, looking to see if anyone was coming. When she was almost certain that no one was coming, she moved her short legs as fast as she could down the halls. She had absolutely no idea where she was going, or how far into this maze she could go without losing her nerve and trying to turn back.

A staircase. For some reason the thought occurred to her that anything interesting would be in a higher level. She made a sharp right and skidded to a stop at the base of the staircase and looked up. A man was making his way down the stairs.
Agh, crap. Just my luck. There's no time to hide! she thought frantically.

August 7th, 2008, 6:53 PM
“Why are we sneaking in!” a voice from behind Draco yelled. Draco turned to see a Munchlax, the cause of the voice. Draco thought to himself, “Is there any Pokémon here that know how to be a little stealthy?”

The Ralts answered in a somewhat annoyed voice, “We wanna see what’s going on, and we don’t want to be caught, so please keep it down! The Ralts then continued on into the building at a pretty quick pace. Draco hurried to catch up and could hear the other few Pokémon behind him. The Ralts sharply turned to the right and halted in her position. Draco was right on her heels and crashed into. He looked up where the Ralts was staring and saw another Galactic member slowly walking down the stairs.

“Just our luck,” Draco said out loud. He was ready for anything as he positioned his slender body in a battle-like pose.

August 7th, 2008, 7:49 PM
"By the way," Kai started, not turning her head from the man as he walked down the stairs, still hadn't noticed them, "My name is Kai. Pleased to meet you, 'Draco'. I hope you have experience in battle. Try not to kill him though," she said. Kai detested the thought of Pokemon killing humans. It was just wrong. Although these people had not necessarily been nice to the Pokemon, but she wouldn't have death.

Kai swiftly used a Double Team attack, creating various copies of herself. She hoped that the illusion of the larger number of Pokemon would scare off the man, and he would leave them alone. Although he would tell others, then would be more company. So they had to knock him out, at least.

Fine, if I have to attack, I will, Kai thought, focusing her mind on using a Confusion attack on the man. He grunted and swayed a little, his hand holding his head as if suddenly suffering a migraine. Ugh. That's my only attack, and that's all it does? I really need to level up some...

Just as the thought went through Kai's mind, a surge of power flooded through her small body, as it had done a few times in the past. It was the indication of leveling up. Of becoming stronger.
Yes, level 11! she thought excitedly. To her dismay, though, no knowledge of a new attack made itself evident to her. Crap. Oh well, at least I'm a little stronger...
Kai's thought was interrupted when she remembered the presence of the man a few steps above her, still holding his head from her Confusion attack. He seemed to be snapping out of it, though.
"Ah, crap! Knock him out!" she said, as if anyone would listen. It's not like she was the leader of this strangely put together excuse of an invasion party. She didn't even know these Pokemon.
How did I get myself into this...

August 7th, 2008, 7:59 PM
“Glad to meet you Kai,” Draco responded to the Ralts.

He then watched as many forms of Kai seemed to appear out of nowhere. He glanced around to see at least twenty. The Galactic member however, continued to move towards them. Draco then noticed him move his hand to his head, as if he got a headache all of a sudden. He looked at the Ralts and noticed that she had concentrated her sight upon the member. After a few moments, the grunt seemed to push the pain away and continued his path towards us.

“This is where I’ll step in,” Draco said with a sly smile.

He began by forming a ball of yellow energy in front of him. The thunder wave was then propelled at the Galactic member. He collapsed in front of us. Draco then moved his body towards the member and repeated what he had done to the earlier grunt. The guard gasped for air as Draco tightened his muscles around the member. He finally went unconscious and the Dratini released his wrap.

“That never gets old,” he said as he turned to face Kai.

August 7th, 2008, 8:11 PM
Kai smiled as Draco took care of the man. No more worries. For now, at least. It became clear that she had completely wasted energy on the Double Team move. How pointless. She felt stupid. The illusions disappeared, leaving the real Kai standing on the first step.
"Alright, let's hurry up," she said, making an effort to get up the stairs. Each step was so hard to get up.
I really wish I wasn't so short... she thought in dismay, heaving herself over the top of the next step.
Eventually, she made it to the top. She leaned over and rested her tiny hands on her tinier knees, and breathed heavily for a minute, then straightened up, and looked around.
This floor seemed almost identical to the previous one. A long, metal looking hall stretched out before them. It would be very easy to get lost in here. Somewhere in here there's something.... I know it... Kai thought, shuffling her tiny feet down the hall way, occasionally putting her white hand up to her dark blue helmet and lifting it slightly, to see the room clearer.

August 7th, 2008, 8:22 PM
Draco felt pretty good about himself, his second consecutive win. Kai smiled at him belt look exhausted. It seemed that she wasn’t use to fighting. He then watched as she maneuvered herself up the stairs.

“I sort of feel bad, since all I have to do is float and she has to walk,” Draco said to himself as he followed Kai. They finally made it to the top and it looked similar to the floor below. When he felt that the humans weren’t around he asked, “where is the rest of the rebellion?” “There were so many outside, where are they, Kai?”

They continued their path, even though they weren’t sure where they were going, as Draco waited for her answer.

The Bringer!
August 8th, 2008, 2:14 AM
Crest walked along in the hall filled with technological noises and machines. He kept to the side of the gloomy hallway, glad that he was yet to be noticed by the psychic and the dragon pokemon a few meters in front of him.

"Hey, what's with all the sneaking? Is something important happening?"

Crest almost jumped in surprise at the exceedingly obnoxious voice that came from behind him. The cubone quickly dived underneath a large vat that was suspended a foot or so off the ground and was filled with pulsating green liquid. "Good, they still don't know I'm here," Crest thought to himself while remembering to breathe. The person who had almost alerted the others of his presence was a munchlax, who was now happily chomping on an apple while following the other two pokemon as they made their way down the hall. Crest slowly crawled out from under the strange machine that had provided him with cover. He turned around to look at it. It was strange. It looked like the green liquid inside the vat was dancing. "Strange," he thought.

"Hahaha, look what we got here," a strange voice said from behind Crest. He hoped that he hadn't been found by another pokemon while he was dazed by the strange substance. The cubone turned around to see who had said that to him, to be very surprised. There in front of him was one of the strange looking men. Suddenly, being found by another pokemon didn't seem so bad. The man grabbed a strange black device from his belt and brought it up to his mouth. Crest didn't know what it was exactly, but he could guess it was a way to talk to the other people that were dressed just like the man. Reacting quickly, Crest bashed his club into the ground. "Ugh, this borrowed club is way weaker than my old one that's in this building somewhere," he thought to himself in mid attack. Large chunks of the ground were blasted in every direction by the attack, knocking out the human. "Although weaker, Rock Slide still packs a punch," Crest smiled to himself as he walked over to the knocked out human. Level up to Lv. 13.

The only problem that Crest faced now was that he was lost, the pokemon he had been following were no where to be seen. "This is just great..." Crest said out loud sarcastically.

August 8th, 2008, 2:24 AM
Ribo quicly found that he was lost. The noise was dying down, and he could no longer find anyone.
"damn it, these halls all look the same" he said. He floated down another identicle corridor, only to hear someone speaking "This is just great..."
The voice sounded familiar, so he quicly took a look.
To ribos' surprise it was the cubone he had fought earlier. Quicly getting into a fighting position, which for a floating orb was easy, he prepared to battle. Then ribo heard the footsteps. A grunt stepped round the corner, taking Ribo by surprise. The grunt pulled out a pokeball, and tossed it, and a white light shot out, quickly forming into a pokemon...

The Bringer!
August 8th, 2008, 2:37 AM
Crest looked around glumly, it seemed that he wouldn't be able to find his way out of this place. Just then, felt a strange chill in the area. There was a slight fog, which was strange for a location indoors. Crest shivered slightly as he remembered the last time something like this happened. He looked around until he spotted the form of a ghastly lightly bobbing up and down in the air, a tense expression on his face. "Finally, I may be lost, but at least I can finish this once and for all," Crest thought to himself as he readied his club. He was slightly tired out from using such a strong move as Rock Slide, but he had been looking forward to this 'reunion' for a while now and was ready to battle. However, before Crest could launch an attack, another one of those strange men that seemed to be all over the place now days appeared, holding a pokeball in his hand. He wordlessly released it's contents with a sneer on his face. A giant pokemon with four arms appeared before the two pokemon, towering over them. It let out a roar before pounding the ground with it's fists to intimidate Crest and the ghastly. "Listen, you! I have half a mind to bash your skull into the ground, but it looks like I'll be needing your help instead!" he bellowed over the noise of the machamp. This was going to be one heck of a fight.

August 8th, 2008, 3:07 AM
"Listen, you! I have half a mind to bash your skull into the ground, but it looks like I'll be needing your help instead!" cried the cubone. Ribo stared at the four armed giant. It was absolutely massive.
"ok, ill distract him, you hit him with that bone" ribo shouted back. Flying up to the machamps neck, ribo used bite. The machamp tried to swat him away, but ribo dodged it.
Ribo then tried to paralyze the beast with lick but to no avail. He hoped the cubone hit the machamp soon, he could see it preparing for a seismic toss.

August 8th, 2008, 9:27 AM
Eifi wandered through the halls of the odd building. Somehow, she'd lost sight of the group while trying to follow them in.
She heard a sound somewhere back in the other direction, it sounded like a human. She planned to quietly sneak away when she heard what sounded like Pokemon too.
"Perfect..." she thought sarcastically, could she in good conscience allow those Pokemon to fight that human by themselves?
"Excellent idea! Now i'll just head off down that safe, quiet little hallway and hide for a few minutes..."
Only she found her feet carrying her in the wrong direction, towards the threat. Hoping the human wasn't too big, she made her way to the doorway of the room.
The human was enourmous, with four hulking, muscle bound arms.
"Wait, what? That can't be right..." she thought to herself, knowing all too well what this was.
"A fighting type, piece of cake." she thought happily, and strutted off in its general direction.

"I have the type advantage here." she thought, and fired off a Shadow Ball, "Whoops. Wrong attack..." .
This time she used Psychic on it, and having the type advantage she could hold it in place for awhile. Though not for long, as it was a much higher level.

"Finish it!" she shouted at two nearby Pokemon, that she hoped weren't on the humans side...

Twilight Wolf
August 8th, 2008, 1:41 PM
OOC: My computer was messing up, so it wouldnt let me post. It will now!

IC: I watched as Kai used Double Team, and then confusion, which gave the man a migrane. It left him dazed, but then he started to snap out of it.

"Knock him out!" Kai said, and Draco did it with a Wrap attack.

"Just for good measure..." I said as I leaped around the corner and landed roughly on the man's solar plexes (you know, that spot in your chest that hurts when you get poked!). I also presure pointed him hard in his wrist (ouch!). I then leaped onto the first step and waited for the others.

We headed up the staircase and finally reached the top. Kai seemed to have trouble, but Draco and I did it with no problem what so ever. I glanced up and down the halls quickly before taking a whiff of the air. I froze, recognizing this floor.

I only smelled fumes, blood, death, sludge, and toxic waste throughout the floor. This was the North Wing where the testing labratories where.

"Be careful about which room you enter." I whispered caustiously. "Because this is the testing floor where they test on Pokemon, and you may just run into an expiriment in progress, and you'll be next. They disable ALL of your powers and strap you down. I've been through it, and it's not fun. Luckily, I got away before the could start. Well, I hope so..." I said, trailing off.

Maybe they did expiriment on me but I didnt know it?

The Bringer!
August 8th, 2008, 4:47 PM
It seemed that the ghastly understood the magnitude of this situation and quickly began distracting the machamp to keep it away from Crest. Being a ghost type, the ghastly had much less to worry about. Crest decided to get in a Swords Dance so he could have much more 'oomf' in his attacks. Before Crest could use bone club, however, a giant black blob that resembled what had let Crest escape the building before crashed into the machamp. Before the machamp could react to the attack, it was hit again by the psychic that was launched at it by Crest and the ghastly's mysterious helper. Machamp began to sway, it looked like it was almost down. Crest decided that finding out who had helped him would have to wait till later. The cubone ran forward and bashed his club into the machamp's shin, quickly knocking it out. The machamp then disappeared in a blazing glow of white before being replaced with an all to familiar shape. It was the marowak that had belonged to the people who had attacked him before. That meant that if he defeated it he could finally have his club back. "And to think that it took this long for me to find it," Crest muttered before shouting to the ghastly, "I think I remember this guy from somewhere. This should be his last pokemon!" If Crest was right, then he just might be able to get his club back. However, his plan from before of quickly entering unnoticed and slipping out wasn't going to word. Now that the other pokemon who was concealed in shadow knew he was here too, he might have a harder time getting out without having to answer some questions. "Hey, who are you anyway? Crest asked the mysterious pokemon who had used a psychic attack while getting ready for another swords dance.

August 8th, 2008, 9:32 PM
Draco heard noises down below them. It almost sounded like a battle and he figured it was a few of the other Pokémon. He noticed a Charmander had teamed up with them and their group now had three. Kai seemed to be looking for something because she looked distracted. He wondered what she was thinking about and what them here in the first place.

“Kai, what exactly are we looking for?” Draco asked in wonderment.

He began to look around at rooms here and there and saw many different things from test tubes of many colors to metal containers with contents he would never imagine. It left him in awe at what the Galactics had planned for the region of Sinnoh.

“Hey, Charmander, what’s your name?” he asked as he waited also for Kai’s response.

Twilight Wolf
August 8th, 2008, 9:51 PM
OOC: I've been following yall the whole time. =P

IC: "My name?" I asked, wanting to be sure that the question was directed at me. I then supposed that it was. "My name is Vanessa." I said with a bright smile as I extended my timy, clawed, hand out to Draco.

"I already know your name." I added. I glanced up and down the hall. A grunt was running straight for us.

"Pokemon inside the building!!" the grunt yelled. "Oh crap!" I yelled as the grunt hit a red button on the wall, making red lights flash and the alarm go off. Footsteps erupted from all around, the only outcome being to be surrounded, and we were.

I glanced around and saw all of the grunts, and panicked. I went into the defensive mode and took a battle stance. I shot a whopping Ember that was certainly larger than any other I have prefored, and turned in a way that swept the knees and feet of some of the grunts. I shot another one. The Galactic members were dancing on the flames now. I propelled myself into the air as I pushed of the ile.

I had launched myself dirctly at the largest one. He was buff and muscualr, but I could probally take him out. I slashed away with Scratch until he was bloody. That alone only took about ten seconds. I felt power building inside of me. The flame on my tail grew slightly bigger, which alerted me of a level up.

Boo yeah! Level fourteen!!! Two more to go! I thought joyfully.

I then bit the next grunt, but it didnt have much force, for it wasnt a move I currently knew.

I was shook violently in the man's effort to shake me off. I held on tight. I relased my grip and leaped back. I skidded as I landed on the linoleum tiled floor.

"Dont just stand there! I yelled at the two Pokemon.

August 8th, 2008, 9:54 PM
"Hey, who are you anyway?" asked the Cubone that so boldly finished off the Machamp.
"My name is Eifi" she said while feeling a sudden surge of power go through her body.
"Level up." she thought.
"We'd better take out that Marowak!" she shouted, while launching a Shadow Ball at the spot where the Marowak used to be. She couldn't see it anywhere, when suddenly she felt like the roof fell on her head and collapsed. Watching as the Marowak ran away twirling its bone like a baton.
She couldn't get up so she tried to shoot Shadow Balls at the Marowak, but they dissipated before travelling a metre. She saw the odd human walk towards her and she uttered a painful laugh before he let out his newly revived Machamp and ordered it to carry her upstairs, to the North Wing.

The Bringer!
August 9th, 2008, 12:42 AM
"My name is Eifi," came the rushed reply from the espeon that had saved Crest and the ghastly. Before Crest could thank her properly, she launched a shadow ball at the marowak.
"Oh, right, the marowak," Crest thought to himself. He quickly turned around to bash it with a bone club, but to no avail. It appeared that the marowak was gone. Crest noticed that the man was pressing a yellow diamond shaped item to a pokeball. It was a revive, but Crest was oblivious to that. He heard a shout from behind him that distracted Crest from the man. It was Eifi, and she had just been attacked by the marowak, which was now fleeing from the scene. Crest chased after the marowak, but was tripped up because he had to keep dodging shadow balls coming from the espeon. "This is why I usually work alone," he thought to himself, before hearing laughter from where Eifi had fallen. She was being taken by the human and his machamp, who had somehow been revived. They were walking away quickly and in a few seconds would be out of Crest's sight. He turned around to go after his club and the marowak, ignoring the espeon. "But she saved you," a nagging voice sounded in his head. "You saw what they did to some of the pokemon they captured," it continued, causing Crest to stop chasing the marowak. "Damn it!" Crest shouted out loud. It looked like his club would have to wait. He quickly ran after Eifi and her captor, shouting to the ghastly that had helped him attack the machamp. "Well, are you coming or not?" Crest didn't really care if he was going to or not, but thought it would be good to ask. "Helping this espeon better be worth it," he though to himself, continuing to run after Eifi and her captors.

August 9th, 2008, 1:19 AM
"Well, are you coming or not?" The cubone yelled. Ribo suddenly became aware again. Something had confused him. Seeing the cubone and an espeon fleeing didnt bode well. Ribo then felt himself smashed into a wall.
"should have paid attention" ribo thought to himself, before dodging another attack. Ribo knew this marowak would tear the building apart to get what he wanted. Then an idea popped into his mind. Ribo bit the marowak, angering it, before he flew off. The marowak chased him, backing him into a corner,but before the marowak struck ribo vanished, leaving the marowak to destroy the wall. unfortunatly for the marowak the wall housed some water pipes, which sprayed into the marowaks face at a high speed, knocking it out. Ribo started to laugh, before he felt power surging through him.
"level up" he shouted, feeling proud of himself.

The Bringer!
August 9th, 2008, 3:23 AM
Crest didn't look back to see if the ghastly was following or not. He was too busy trying to keep up with the machamp and human, who had much longer legs and could run faster. "Why am I even doing this?" Crest asked himself. It was not like him to help others. He didn't even know who this Eifi person was. After a while of running, Crest began to tire out. "It's... too hard..." the cubone panted, sitting down to watch the machamp and it's owner continue to run away with Eifi. "I just can't... too... tired..." Crest said to himself, inwardly cursing himself for his weakness. He hated being weak. This had been a disaster, first his club was stolen, then he was trapped, and when he was finally within grasp of getting his club back he went to save some pokemon instead. "And you couldn't even do that," a voice in his mind told him. Crest fell back against the wall, closing his eyes. This couldn't get any worse. He wasn't even strong enough to save Eifi. He felt like just staying in the enormous building to rot, it would do the world a favor. He was just another weakling. "And a murderer," the voice said to him. "Quiet!" Crest shouted at the top of his lungs. He couldn't take it anymore as guilt flooded through him. An image of the espeon being tortured flashed through his mind. A few minutes later the sad cubone was walking through the hall, his club trailing on the ground behind him. He had given up trying to escape, and was now slowly walking without paying attention to where he was going.
"Don't just stand there!" a voice rang through Crest's head, causing him to snap out of his sorrowful trance. Up ahead of him was the dratini and ralts he had been following before, along with a charmander. They were attacking a bunch of the strangly dressed people who had brought Crest into this mess in the first place. Crest made a decision. He had failed, he had been weak, and above all, he had been selfish. That would change.
"Allow me!" Crest shouted, sending a rock slide at the attacking humans.

August 9th, 2008, 5:50 AM
“Well I’m glad to meet you, Vanessa,” Draco responded.

At that, a grunt had spotted us and pressed an alarm of some sort. Red lights began to flash and an irritating siren sounded off. Out of nowhere they had been surrounded by a group of Galactics. “What’s with them today?”Draco asked himself.

Vanessa began by shooting ball of flames at a few to the right. Draco then responded by forming the ball of electrical energy from before. The thunder wave landed successfully and a few grunts fell to the ground, in shock. A surge of energy seemed to flow through Draco’s body and he felt a little stronger. He decided that this was the right time and began to move swiftly in a circle. As he moved a cyclone of wind formed and little objects began to get sucked in. He then thrust the twister attack at the few more grunts.

“That felt good,” Draco said.

In his parallel vision, a few shadows ran past but he couldn’t get a full glimpse at them. He then noticed a Cubone walking slowly, as if he were really depressed, with his bone dragging to the ground. His spirit seemed to change we he saw the battle raging on and slammed his club to the ground. A small group of rocks were propelled at a few grunts running towards us.

"Awesome, now there’s four of us,” Draco said with a smile before returning back to the fight.

Twilight Wolf
August 9th, 2008, 10:08 AM
OOC:Yay! ACTION!!! I wanna make this last at least. Level up one more time maybe after taking down a few mroe grunts.

IC: More and more seemed to flood endlessly into the hall. I singled out one and rammed straight into him, singling out from the crowd.

"Give me your best shot!" I said challengingly, but to the grunt it was only a ferocious "Char! Char!" He tossed a Poke Ball. It rolled and came to a stop at my feet. A bright light envolped me, but as soon as it happened, the light faded away to reveal a Squirtle.

"Just keep on fighting! I dont need any help with this one just to let you know!" I yelled to the others as the Squirtle and I stuck fighting poses. I bared my teeth and used a very loud Grolw, dropping the turtle's Attack down alot. He shook his head vigorously and waited patiently for his trainers orders.

Pathetic. Waiting for a human to tell you what to do... I thought, humoring the Squirtle.

"Squirtle! Use Bubble!" the grunt yelled. Squirtle nodded and pulled back his head, then threw it foreward, while doing so releasing large bubbles thatrocketted torwads me. I took a great leap over them and landed squarely on the Squirtle and pinned him down.

Same rountine untill I learn a new move. I thought, letting out a brief sigh. I used Scratch a couple of times on his face.

The blue turtle shoved me forecfully off and slammed me into the concrete wall. I fell to the ground, but I was up in a flash. I charged, swerving back and and forth as I ran. I leaped mightily over him and landed behind Squirtle. I brought my leg around and tripped the stubby legged creature with a bit of difficultly.

I concored up a large Ember and hit him square in the face. Critical hit. Obviously. The Squirtles eyes seemed to seem like they became spirals, then the Pokemon was withdrawn. Again, I felt the rush of power.

Level fifteen. One more to go...

Pain rushed up my arm as I jumped backwards to even out the distance between us.

I glanced down to the side to see a gash in my arm. It was bleeding, but thankfully it wasnt pouring out blood. I looked back at the grunt to see he had a bag. He had carelessly set it down on the wall near him. I rushed at it once the grunt looked away. I grabbed the bag and got as far away as possible from the grunt before he noticed.

When I was about a good fifty feet away from him, I searched though the bag. I found a Super Potion and used it on my arm. Thankfully, the wound disspapeared. It wouldnt of if it was really bad. I searched through more and found four rare candies (get where I'm goin with this? ;D)

One for Kai, one for Draco, one for that Cubone that showed up that's helping, and one for me!

I thought joyfully. I ate one, and there was once again another rush of power.

Level sixteen! Wait! That means...!

I thought as light glowed brightly around me. I was taller now, and could see more and I felt like I was invincible. I wasnt though, sadly enough. But, I was a Charmeleon. I hoped and prayed that the others would recognize me...

OOC: Yay!

August 9th, 2008, 10:32 AM
((damn you, i have to be level 25 to evolve, im only on 17, thats 8 levels))

Ribo paused for a moment, when he saw a bright light through a doorway to his right. Quickly turning invisible he sneaked round the corner, only to see a rather strong looking charmeleon staring at him. He was about to panic, when he realised that he was invisible. They would feel the temperature drop though, but hopefully wouldnt pay attention.

He decided to stay invisible, until they needed help. There was a quick silence, before an ear-piercing alarm went off, and a deep emotionless voice, coming from nowhere said:
"it seems like we have intruders, I want all personel to fint them, and eliminate them, as soon as possible"

August 11th, 2008, 2:00 AM
A hallway, the gentle thud of footsteps, a siren, an entire wall of caged Pokemon...
These images seemed to flash by in an instant, and Eifi was dimly aware of her own existence. Kept unconscious by a deep analgesia, she could only lay there and think.
"What's going on?" Eifi thought, "I can't move!".
Eifi lay there for what seemed like hours, until she felt a light Psychic presence. Trying to direct her thoughts towards it, she eventually came in contact with it.
"Hello?" she projected her thoughts loudly, "Is anyone there?".
Suddenly, Eifi felt a sharp pain followed by an exhilarating rush of energy. The Pokemon she was trying to contact was either in battle or had just finished.
She pushed her mind harder against the presence and saw a small group of Pokemon, as if she were really standing there herself before the image vanished. She pushed harder still and her mind felt as if it were doused with cold water, and she could see the Pokemon again.
But something was wrong; she seemed to be unable to control her movements, and everything looked so much taller than usual. She spotted a Dratini, Charmander, and that Cubone she had tried helping.
Projecting her thoughts as loud as she could, in the hopes that this strong psychic presence could hear her she thought "Hello?".

August 11th, 2008, 1:36 PM
[[Vanessa, tone down the leveling up just a tad. ^^]]

Things were crazy now. One moment, Kai had been completely safe, wandering down the halls as if she owned the place. Then all of the sudden, they were surrounded by humans and Pokemon.
"Well, it looks like our cover is completely blown..." Kai sighed, watching the flood of humans advance towards them. So much happened at once, it was almost impossible to keep up.
Kai strained her mind, using confusion on almost everything she saw. She felt a headache coming on.
Damn it... only knowing two moves sucks! she thought loudly.
Behind her, A charmander whose name was Vanessa, fought a Squirtle. It fought hard. A sudden light distracted Kai, and she turned to see that the Charmander was now replaced with a Charmeleon. I smiled, happy for her, although sort of jealous. I still had a bit before I evolved... or learned any new moves.
"Man, I should have trained before I decided to do this!" Kai said out loud, feeling exhausted from using the same move over and over. She stumbled back, and retreated behind a crate, and sat there, breathing heavily.
Just then, she faintly heard a voice... Kai looked around. No one, except for the fighting.
She heard it again. It became apparent to her that this voice was not a normal voice... she was hearing it with her mind. It was Psychic. Being one of the only Psychic Pokemon here, Kai was one of the only one's who could hear it.
What...? Hello? Is someone there? Kai projected her thoughts into the air, hoping for a reply.

Twilight Wolf
August 11th, 2008, 2:29 PM
OOC: Ya, I just wanted to get to a Charmeleon. The faster I get to a Charizard, the better mood I wil be in. ALso, it makes me really really want to role play when I'm a Charizard. But I'll slow it down cuz' you cant keep up!^.^ I still gonna give you Rare Candies though.

IC: I froze as a chilling feeling ran up my spine. My instincts told me what it was. A gastly, for sure. I edged to the side a bit, only to find that it was colder now. I closed my eyes and began to concentrate hard. My senses revealed his presence. I leaped and took a swings at the psychic Pokemon, the mental picture in my head was as accurate as it could get, and I hit something for sure.

Something was slammed into a wall. The invisibility faded, and there was a Gastlyy at the base of the wall.

"Speak your name. State your buisness. Friend or foe?" I demanded, eying him. I focused my attention to Draco, the Cubone, and Kai.

"Kai! Draco! And you! The Cubone! Catch!" I yelled tossing the Rare Candies to them. I turned back to the Gastly and waited impatiently for his reply.

The Bringer!
August 11th, 2008, 3:33 PM
Crest paid no attention to the pokemon he was helping for the time being. All that mattered now was fighting. Rage flooded through him. These people would pay for all the trouble they had caused. Crest wordlessly began attacking with headbutt and boneclub, while adding in a swords dance when he had the time to make his attacks more potent. After four or so swords dances, he was fainting enemy pokemon and humans alike in one hit. His deathly club and light gray helmet wreaking havoc on his foes. Level up to Lv. 14!
Before he could wreak more havoc on the enemy, he felt a familiar cold in the air. He wouldn't have recognized it normally, but it was begging to get familiar in a way. "So, the ghastly did come after all," Crest thought to himself as he took a moment to rest. It seemed that someone else noticed the specter, because a charmeleon began attacking at what looked like nothing but air. The pokemon quickly asked the ghastly that appeared soon after why he was there in an intimidating manner. Crest looked around, it seemed like most of the humans were gone. Before he could take in his surroundings more, however, the charmeleon tossed him and the other two a small blue sphere. Crest caught it in his empty hand and examined it. "Hm, a rare candy," the cubone thought. He had recently leveled up already, so he put it in a leather pouch he kept on his tail for the time being. Now that the fighting was over, he remembered what had happened before hand. Crest walked up to the ralts, as it appeared to be the leader of the group. The ralts looked like it was having a hard time thinking or something, but Crest interrupted her anyways. "Hey. I, um, sorta, like, have something to say. The espeon that had been out side of the building when everyone was gathered together, is, um, well, somewhere in hear. Yeah, something like that, so, um, yeah," Crest finished.

August 11th, 2008, 4:26 PM
Kai was suddenly tossed a rare candy, which interrupted her concentration. She unwrapped it and popped it in her mouth. Delicious.
Level 12... still eight levels to go... this is going to take forever...! Kai thought in despair.
Kai blinked, suddenly becoming aware of a new move her mind was trying to compute. She concentrated. ...Teleport...?
A new move. Pity, she was hoping for an actual attack, but hey, this was helpful.
A Cubone ran behind the crate and suddenly started speaking to her in a very nervous fashion. What an insecure being. He spoke of an Espeon that was apparently in the area.
An Espeon? That might be the voice I heard... Kai thought, then saying "Alright, we'll see what we can do..." to the Cubone, then running back from behind the crate into the brawl. Now stronger, although only slightly, it was easier to use Confusion, and the rush of energy had filled Kai up with power.
But there was no end to the men and their Pokemon. They kept coming, and each wave was stronger, with stronger Pokemon. This isn't good...

An idea suddenly came to Kai. Teleport. She could use teleport. "Everyone! Gather around me!" she called, hoping to use teleport to move them al to another location in the building.

August 11th, 2008, 7:58 PM
Draco saw a flash of light and the Charmander that had been near him was now a Charmeleon. “Awesome,” he said to himself. The grunts kept coming and his energy was nearing its limits. His twister’s didn’t last as long as they did before. He began to slowly back, near a crate which, Kai and Crest had now used as protection. “Alright, I’ll let them rest and try to hold off these grunts, where the hell are they all coming from,” he said to himself again. He thought he felt a cold wisp of air but brushed it off to see Vanessa attack the air. A Gastly appeared and Vanessa tossed an item to the small group before returning to the gas Pokémon.

As the item flew through the air, Draco couldn’t do anything but catch it in his mouth. The second it hit his mouth, here knew it was a rare candy and swallowed it whole. He felt a new found strength course through his veins and knew he had leveled up. A group of four grunts surrounded Draco but he knew it was time to show off the new move he had just learned. He drew his head back and then shot a blast of blue fire at the group. Two Galactics hit the ground hard and another followed soon after. The fourth and final grunt ran off. His new found power felt great and he shot another burst of Dragon Rage at a nearby Machoke, knocking it out instantly. He then heard Kai’s voice behind him shout, “Everyone! Gather around me!”

“Alright Kai,” Draco shouted after shooting out more blue flames at two more unlucky grunts.

He waited alongside Kai as the Cubone and Charmeleon fell back besides them. He awaited there next move in suspense as a new, fresh group of Galactics headed their way.

“Kai, if you are planning something, I think you need to do it now,” Draco nervously said to the Ralts.

August 11th, 2008, 11:33 PM
"Everyone! Gather around me!" Eifi felt her (Not hers, it was a Ralts.) mouth call.
The Dratini spoke now, "Alright Kai," it shouted. She could feel that the Ralts intended to use Teleport, and Eifi intended to use this to her advantage.
Using all her mind and will power, she projected the last image she could remember seeing; that entire wall of caged Pokemon. Eifi was sure that this was where she ended up, or she hoped anyway.
"Kai, please try to teleport to this location. I'll help in any way I can, but we need to rescue these Pokemon!" Eifi thought, projecting it to Kai.
"Kai, if you are planning something, I think you need to do it now," the Dratini said nervously.

Twilight Wolf
August 12th, 2008, 2:03 PM
I snorted at the Gastly before dashing over to Kai. More and more grunts still came.

"Kai, if you're going to do something, do it now!" is what Draco nevously said.

"Dont be such a chicken!" I said to him, blowing an Ember at some oncoming grunts. "On second thought," I said. "yes, please do it now!" My Ember was running out of PP, and fast. I blasted the last three Embers at them before leaping forewards with about twenty Scratches.

I was out of Power Points for all of my moves.

Wait! I thought. I forgot all about Dragon Rage!! I yelled in my mind. I shot bundles of blue flames out at rapid speeds and in large quanities.

"Come on, Kai! Now would be the perfect time to do whatever you were going to do!" I yelled.

August 13th, 2008, 9:56 AM
Kai waited until all the Pokemon had gathered around her. Once she was sure everyone was there, she closed her red eyes and concentrated on this new power Kai had discovered. Kai heard the voice again, sounding desperate, asking her to teleport to a certain location... by no doubt the location where this Pokemon was. She prayed that it wasn't a trap and activated Teleport.
White light shone blindingly for a half of a second, then disappeared, along with the group of Pokemon. The Grunts and enemy Pokemon stood dumbfounded as they blinked furiously from the suddenly bright light, and the sudden absence of the Pokemon.

Another white flash. The Pokemon reappeared in a hall. Kai blinked, and staggered a little as she body became solid again. She looked around, relieved that it had worked. Then she remembered the voice, and the image it had sent her. She looked around, a perfect replica of the image was around her. A long hall... cages of Pokemon stacked on the sides. Hanging lights that flickered once in a while hung from the ceiling every few feet in a perfect line. They gave off a harsh, yet soft light.
Kai looked in horror at the hundreds, maybe thousands of Pokemon that were trapped in these cages. They all looked half dead. A desperate want to free them all overwhelmed Kai. She shook her head, and emitted her thoughts into the air.
We're here. Now where are you? And to make things easier, what are you? Kai thought.

August 13th, 2008, 10:09 AM
The grunts were closing in and Draco just wanted to get out of the hallway. His strength was beginning to drain from him and the powerful Dragon Rage was nothing more than a small flame now. Draco was then blinded by a white flash and for a few moments felt nothing. He then saw that they were in another room.

“Whoa, that was cool,” he said with a grin. “Nice goi…where are we,” he continued now realizing the cages that were lined along the walls. Each cage held a Pokémon, many looking tired and drained, maybe some…dying.
Draco looked around horrified as did Kai. “So this is what Galactic is doing to us,” Draco muttered to himself.

“Kai, I think we need to do something about this,” Draco said regaining his confidence. “And fast.”

The Bringer!
August 13th, 2008, 1:45 PM
After Crest told the ralts about how Eifi might still be alive somewhere, the ralts jumped back into the fight. Crest was about to follow suit, but felt a sharp pain in his leg. He let out a sigh of pain as he tried to get up again. "It's useless," he admitted to himself after his fifth attempt at getting up. Crest couldn't even use rock slide from behind the crate in fear of braking it. Then he wouldn't be able to defend himself for sure. All Crest could do was watch as the three others continued to face the humans. He noticed that the fight was beginning to become more difficult. What had once been wurmples and glameows were now bronzongs and croagunks. "There's too many of them for sure," Crest thought to himself. He hoped that someone had a plan to get them out. As if on cue, the ralts that Crest had talked to before was backing away from the fight. She called out to the three pokemon "Everyone! Gather around me!" Luckily for Crest, the ralts wasn't too far away and he managed to scramble over to her despite his damged leg. Soon after a dratini quickly floated over, eventually followed by the charmeleon that had been fighting the ghastly. The two pokemon hurriedly asked the ralts to execute her plan. "So her name is Kai," Crest thought to himself after hearing the other two address the ralts by that name. Suddenly, a bright flash washed into his eyes. It obliterated all view of his surrounding, and brought a strange buzzing to his ears. However, as soon as it began, it was over. Crest was now sitting down, as he still couldn't stand because of his leg, by the other three pokemon like he was before, but in a completely different room. "Kai is a psychic type, so that must be what teleport feels like," Crest thought. It seemed that the ralts had brought them into a long rectangular room filled with other pokemon. They were all locked into gray metal cages, their eyes seemed to be glazed over in pain or despair. "This place is horrible," the cubone said to himself, disgusted. Then he noticed something. There was a needle from a wurmples poison sting. It was in his leg. Crest shivered from the poison.

August 14th, 2008, 9:49 AM
Kai was concentrated on picking up the voice that had summoned her there. Her concentration was interrupted by Draco's slightly nervous voice telling her that they needed to help these Pokemon. And fast.
Kai opened her eyes, "Yes... that's why I came here... I knew something was wrong, and I couldn't have been more right about that..." she said slowly, letting her eyes scan the walls, seeing the pain in the Pokemon's eyes as they looked at them through the cages.
A slight groan made Kai turn. A cubone, the same on that had talked to her earlier, was sitting on the floor, staring at it's leg. She walked over to it and noticed a stinger in it's leg, pumping poison in it's veins. Kai gasped.
"Ah! Are you okay?" That was a completely stupid question, of course it wasn't okay.
Kai placed her small hand on the stinger, "We have to get this out... Did anyone happen to grab an antidote from a bag or something?" she asked, not sure what to do. If the poison wasn't treated, the Cubone would faint, and eventually die.

August 14th, 2008, 12:17 PM
“We have to get this out…did anyone happen to grab an antidote from a bag or something?” Kai asked the group. Draco turned to see Kai looking down at Crest. Draco hovered over quickly to see the wound and the purple ooze dripping out.

“Ahh, well I have no arms, so I couldn’t grab one but I’ll look around for one,” Draco replied as he turned his sight from the Cubone.

Draco began to frantically search the room. He looked through many iron boxes to no avail. He was about to give up when he noticed a box with a red cross-shape on the top. He nudged the lid off to find medical supplies. “So the Galactics aren’t all heartless,” Draco sarcastically muttered to himself.

“Hey guys, I found some medical supplies, antidotes included,” Draco happily yelled to the group. “But I sort of can’t lift them.”

As he waited for some help, he noticed a cage which held a Pokémon with purple fur and long ears. He wondered if he had seen it before. It looked very familiar and he moved from his position towards the cage.

Twilight Wolf
August 14th, 2008, 5:48 PM
OOC: Pokemon with purple fur. Purple fur... Aipom?

IC: We were teleported into a white hallway lined with metal cages that held Pokemon in it. Above, there were dome lights dangling from a scraggely and rusty chain, its creaks making it seem like it was threatening to fall upon us at any given moment.

I looked up and down the hallways and ran to the first cage I saw. A shivering Vulpix was pressed against the shadow corner, scared out of its wits. I used Scratch about a million times on the lock to almost death until it finally broke.

Man I cant wait to learn Slash!!! I thought.

Noise caught up with it about a minute after it broke, a metallic ring resounding through the metal filled halls. The barred door swung open.

"Please dont hurt me!" the Vulpix squeaked feebly.

"I'm here to help, not hurt. What's your name?" I asked. If I new her name, and called her that name, she might feel more comfort.

"F-F-Flare." she stammered shakily. "What's yours?" She seemed to have more confidence already.

"Nice to meet you, Flare. My name's Vanessa." I said warmly. I carefully reached into the cage and gently picked up the shying Vulpix and cradled her gently in my arms. I walked over to a wind and looked out. I set Flare down.

There was a part of a roof jutting out over some kind of porch or balcony that could be reached by only this window. I opened the window.

"Run to the forest, and never come back to this horrid place ever again!" I said firmly.

"But I want to stay with you guys..." Flare said gloomily. I thought for a moment.

"Well, we could use another member on the team." I said thoughtfully.

"Yes!" she yelled happily and jumped into my arms.

OOC: Is it fine if I have one more character. I knwo that I'm responsible for the character and everything. Just pleeeeeeeeeaaaassssssssssssse!!!

August 14th, 2008, 6:10 PM
[[I think she's referring to the Espeon, Eifi, that has been contacting Kai. =P Also, it's fine to have another character, but you must make a sign up for it and you have to keep up with it. ^^ Okay? I may make another character too... eventually. :/]]

Kai watched as Draco flew off, zipping here and there, looking for something, anything, that could help this Cubone. He suddenly called out that he found medical supplies, but couldn't lift them.
"Alright, I'm coming. What was your name? Crest? Wait here, we'll get you cured in a moment," she said before darting off to see a white box sitting on the floor. Kai eagerly ran over to it and dug through the contents. She strained her mind to remember which of these weird human machines was an Antidote. She picked up a bottle, and observed the liquid in it through the pale blue glass that held it.
"This... this is antidote..." she said softly, as if confirming the fact to herself. She was just about to run back to Crest, but stopped, seeing an Espeon in a cage. It's eyes were closed, probably unconscious. Kai stared at it for a long moment, then realized that it was this Pokemon that had contacted her.
"Ah... hey!" Kai ran up to the cage, "Hey, are you the one who contacted me?"
No answer.
"Agh..." Kai groaned, and darted back to Crest, and handed him the antidote, "Here, take the stinger out and then drink this. The poison will go away, now if you'll excuse me..." she said in a rush, running back to the white box and once again digging through it.
She picked up a small, golden, star shaped object. A revive. Kai closed her eyes, and used Teleport, moving herself inside the cage where the Espeon lay. She moved to it and placed the small star in it's mouth, then stood back and waited.
"That should help..." Kai said.

August 15th, 2008, 12:38 AM
Munchy wondered into the room and saw that alot had happened. Wow... maybe I shouldn't have dozed off after that apple... Munchy saw that some of the pokemon had been hurt. He rummaged through his bag and pulled out various healing items. "Is there anyone that needs anything still?" after saying this he pulled out another apple and munched on it.

(OOC: sorry if i'm a bit behind on events, I've been busy and I sometimes have trouble reading text on a screen.)

August 15th, 2008, 12:47 AM
"damn" thought ribo. he had been confused and had drifted along a few corridors before regaining control of his body. when he could see again, he noticed a wall of cages, and the pokemon he had seen before. They were destroying the cages...which were full of pokemon.
"i may as well help" he thought, using bite on a cage. No effect. he tried again. Still no effect. it was only then that he noticed inside the gade was an angry raticate...which decided to use body slam on the weakend door. The raticate was free, but the door was about to crush ribo, who didnt have enough time to go invisible...

August 15th, 2008, 12:49 AM
OOC: Just so you know, Eifi's in need of an Awakening.

Eifi watched Kai feed her a Revive, but nothing happened. She tried to wake herself up, but saw herself only stir slightly.
"I can't wake up, will I be stuck in an endless sleep forever?" Eifi wondered, only slightly aware that Kai could hear her thoughts. She hardly noticed the ground and walls shaking, and never realised that one of the higher ranking Galactic members had been watching them for awhile.
The walls and floor were shaking noticeably, and the rough noise of rock on steel filled the room.
Slowly but surely, the Rhyperior approached.

The Bringer!
August 15th, 2008, 1:26 AM
Crest tried to keep his breathing under control, but he wasn't having any luck. It felt like his lungs were slowly shrinking. He looked at the small barb that was lodged into his leg. Purple juices were oozing out of the wound, while the skin around the impact was puffing out. The cubone couldn't help but let out a small whimper as he realized that the poison was worse than he thought. He would have to find a way to cure it without letting the others know. He didn't know why, but he just couldn't bare the thought of being too weak to save himself. Crest hated being weak. He tried to get up, but a searing pain shot through his leg. Crest let out another, much louder, cry of pain. It felt like his leg had ripped open, and even more thick poison mixed with his blood bled out of the wound. His vision grew clouded, but he thought he saw Kai walk up to him and say something in a worried voice. "No, I was supposed to do this myself!" Crest thought to himself. He couldn't be weak, he just couldn't. The cubone rubbed his eyes, trying to rid himself of his blurry vision. It helped a little, but now just moving his arms tired him out. He could barely hear Kai say something about an antidote, after having something shoved into his hands. "This must be an antidote," Crest thought to himself as he drank it. A cold chill passed through his body until being replaced by numbness. After a few seconds, Crest felt much better and had removed the barb from his leg. He was still exhausted and close to fainting, but at least the poison was gone. Still, he had to rely on the others. That was a sign of weakness. "I should thank them for making up for my... Weakness," Crest said, sighing at the last word. Maybe if he stuck with these people, he could get stronger. Then he wouldn't have to be weak anymore. Crest got up, still with a little difficulty, and walked toward where Kai and the dratini were. Then he saw Eifi, stuck in one of the cages. "So she is still alive. At least, I think," Crest muttered to himself. The espeon looked like she was out cold. Kai teleported into the cage and put some sort of yellow thing in the espeon's mouth. "Hey, that's the same thing that guy used on his machamp to revive it. I guess Eifi should be okay after all then," Crest thought. The cubone decided that until he got stronger, staying with these pokemon would be a good idea. However, for now all Crest cared about was getting out of this place. Although the strange humans were gone for now, it wouldn't be hard to run into them again in this place. But humans weren't the only thing to worry about. It seemed that a fairly large pokemon was approaching, and Crest knew that it was looking for them. "Guys, I think we have company."

((OOC: I just couldn't resist using that cheesy line xD ))

August 15th, 2008, 8:08 AM
Draco heard Kai behind him, looking through the box of medical supplies. She finally found the antidote when she stopped looking over at him, no the Poke’mon in the cage. Draco turned too and clearly saw the captive, the Espeon. He remembered passing her when she was battling. He then turned to see that Kai had tossed the antidote over to Crest and then moved next to him. She had a yellow-starred object in her hand. Next thing he knew, Kai was in the cage with the Espeon. Whoa, that is cool,” Draco said to himself.

He noticed that the object didn’t work, but the Espeon looked more like she was sleeping. Draco floated over the box of medical supplies and found a light blue colored bottle and picked it up with his mouth. He then handed it to Kai to give to the Espeon. He also noticed that Crest had finally gotten up and looked much better than just a few minutes ago.

“Good to see you up,” Draco said happily to the Cubone.

Draco then felt a tremble in the ground. It was small at first, but got larger as if something very heavy was walking. “Guys, I think we have company,” the Cubone yelled over the trembles. Just as the tremble felt really close, it let out a loud, ear-screaching roar. It shook the room and Draco hit the floor as cages and boxes flew everywhere.

August 15th, 2008, 10:41 AM
"I can't wake up, will I be stuck in an endless sleep forever?"
The words echoed lightly from the Espeon, as it stirred ever so slightly. The voice seemed to be getting weaker now, as if it was losing the will to hold on. Kai's mind raced.
A revive didn't work...? Then... what does it need? she thought frantically.
Kai heard a small noise behind her, and turned around to see Draco holding something in his mouth. He pushed his head a little ways through the bars, and dropped it in Kai's hands. She looked at it.
An Awakening... of course... How stupid that she wasn't able to figure that out herself. Ah well. Moving back to the Espeon, Kai carefully opened its mouth and poured in the liquid that the little bottle held.
"There... that should help," Kai said softly, obviously relieved. She teleported outside the cage, and turned to take off the lock. Which was hard, since Kai possessed no physical attacks.
"Uh, a little help here?" Kai said, hoping someone would answer.

But the room was quiet. All except a low rumble that spread quietly through the floor. It grew with each tremble, louder and stronger.
"Guys, I think we have company," Said Crest.

All eyes were focused down the hall, where something, something huge, was making it's way through the dark shadows of the hall. The trembling stopped, only to be followed by an ear splitting roar that shook the room, crates fell over, and Draco hit the floor with a bang. Kai could already tell what it was. The aura it was giving off... it was a Rhyperior. A Pokemon of such raw strength and size, it was rarely seen, only owned by the strongest of trainers.
Cold fear griped Kai like the hand of death wrapping around her throat. She stared in horror as it approached. "No..." she said softly, taking small, hesitant steps backward, "No... we'll never make it out of here... we can't possibly... there's no way..." she said, her voice starting to shake.

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August 15th, 2008, 11:32 AM
Draco stared in disbelief; a Rhyperior was storming down the halls, and towards him and the small group.

“No way, how can this day get any worse?” Draco said as the gigantic drill Pokémon continued on his path.

Draco looked around at his group. Many were injured or recovering and others had type disadvantages. He couldn’t imagine defeating this thing but there was no escape and it had to be done. Draco pushed for his courage to return and moved into a battle stance. He heard a human voice say something to the Rhyperior and who came to halt, just after it entered the room.

“All right guys, looks like we have a hard fight ahead of us, I’m ready when you are,” Draco said confidently to the group.

He hovered, ready for anything that the Rhyperior would try to do.

August 15th, 2008, 12:41 PM
Eifi awoke.

She felt her mind being torn away from Kai's as her body woke up, and everything was dark. She tried moving her legs a little, success.
She opened one eye and saw the Pokemon cast in an endless shadow, it belonged to a Rhyperior. She got up, ready for a fight, charged forwards, and collided with the bars. Falling backwards, she saw what was presumably Kai, the kind host who allowed Eifi to take refuge in her mind.
She looked up at the Rhyperior, into the endless abyss of its eyes. It was huge, easily 8 feet tall, covered with a brick red armour [OOC: Don't correct me on my spelling of armour, that's how you spell it here. >=o].
The Rhyperior gave a fierce battle cry, and charged forwards. The Pokemon scattered and fled in all directions, only Kai remained in front of Eifi's cage, trying to remove the lock.
Eifi used Psychic on the lock and used her mind power to unlock it from the inside. The door swung open, and Eifi darted out and stood beside Kai, staring up at the Rhyperior.
Looking braver than she felt, she charged up a Shadow Ball and shot it at the Rhyperior, a glancing blow that ricocheted and hit one of the cages, freeing a Pokemon [OOC: This could be that Umbreon, if you want.].
Eifi tried reaching out with her mind to contact Kai, but it was like trying to speak underwater. Perhaps Kai had to reach out with her mind to speak as well. Or perhaps being back in her own body, Eifi could no longer contact others with her mind.
Projecting her thoughts as loud as she could towards Kai, she gave her thanks for helping her.
The Rhyperior was swinging its arms about, in a vain effort to hit the other Pokemon who were much to small. Giving up on its plan it adopted a rather effective new strategy, stomping.
With feet descending heavily upon all who got in the way, taking down this Rhyperior was going to be hard.
"But if it can't take orders, will it refrain from attacking?" Eifi wondered. Deciding to give it a try, she turned on the odd looking human commanding the Rhyperior, and let loose a series of weak Shadow Balls.

Twilight Wolf
August 15th, 2008, 2:42 PM
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IC: All was fine. Until, the Rypherior came. I could feel Flare shaking in my arms now. I was slammed to the floor by the large tremors. Those dome lights, that were threatening to fall on us, started crashing to the ground, sending glass everywhere.

Then, there was darkness. Nothing else. But, my tail was burning vigorously, and the Rypherior gave out a little glow too. Now, my tail was like a flashing beacon.

This cant be good.

I thought, as silence took the place of the loud tremors. I felt Flare jump out of my arms. The Rypherior was starting to charge at me now, at the only Pokemon it could see. I struggled to keep my balance as the floor shook like it was an Earthquake. But, it was obviously a Take Down or Giga Impact.

Either way, I wasnt going to get hit by it. I leaped to the side as the Rypherior was almost close enough to jab me with his drill like horn. That drill went into the wal. The massive Pokemon was jerking around, trying to get his horn out of the wall.

I lunged onto his back and just used Dragon Rage, then alternate to Ember.

Dragon Rage, Ember, Dragon Rage, Ember, Dragon Rage...

I kept thinking over and over again as I flawlessly preformed the moves about five times each. The Rypherior finally got un-stuck. I jumped off of the outraged Pokemon and landed by the wall.

I skidded a bit on the linoleum flooring, but caught my grip on an empty, overturned, mangled, cage.

August 15th, 2008, 6:57 PM
I'm sorry guys i'm just getting too lost so i guess i'll have to quit. sorry.

August 15th, 2008, 7:47 PM
I'm sorry guys i'm just getting too lost so i guess i'll have to quit. sorry.

[[That's fine, Salamar. Nice having you while it lasted. =P ]]

Sevin slept in the back of his cage. The chain that connected to the collar around his neck was wrapped like a snake across the floor. A slow rumble in the distance made his long black ears twitch. It got closer, and louder, to the point of actually shaking the ground. Then it was quiet.
A resounding roar broke the short and eerie silence. Sevin's red eyes burst open, the fur on his spine standing on end.He stood and walked to the other end of the cage, looking out. There in the hall was a Rhyperior, along with some weak looking Pokemon he had never seen before, and a few cages that were busted.
What's... going on....? he thought, his red eyes narrowing as he took a step backward.
Suddenly, Sevin's world was rattled. His cage was hit by some heavy force, and fell to the floor with a crash, causing Sevin to tumble with the cage. There was a resounding "snap" after the cage fell.
Sevin stood slowly and blinked a few times, shaking his head. What had just happened? He noticed that the door of his cage had been blown off. He took a step towards it, not being able to resist the sense of freedom, but he waited for the tug of his chain to restrict him. A few more steps...
How odd. The chain did not restrict his movement. His eyes glanced back, to see the chain on the floor, not connected to anything. That snap had been his chain. A grin spread across his face. This was too perfect. He was free.
Sevin walked nonchalantly out of the cage and looked around. The mysterious group of Pokemon fought the Rhyperior, doing little to no damage. The Rhyperior's trainer looked over to see Sevin out of his cage. He gasped and said, "Rhyperior, get that Umbreon!"
Sevin sighed. It helped that he was able to understand human speech now. The Rhyperior charged toward him at alarming speeds. Sevin waited until the beast was about a foot away from him and side stepped. The Rhyperior went crashing into the wall behind him.

"Tch! How pathetic! Is that really the best you can do, Jupiter?" he asked the Pokemon's leader. He didn't seem fazed at all that a Pokemon just spoke to him. They knew about Sevin. About his... abnormality.

"Quiet, Umbreon! We can't allow you to leave here. Your worth hasn't ran out yet!" he said to him.
"I have a name, human. And it's not my fault that your sorry cages couldn't keep me restricted. Should I thank your Pokemon for that little gift of freeing me?" he replied, walking slowly back and forth, keeping his gaze on the trainer.
"Grr... Rhyperior! Get that umbreon!"

Sevin was smaller and more nimble than the large, slightly clumsy Rhyperior. He danced around it's attacks.
Kai watched in utter astonishment as Sevin talked to the human, and evaded the Rhyperior.
"You... you can understand them!?" she shouted.

Sevin stopped his evasive dance and hopped back a bit, keeping his gaze on the Rhyperior.
"That's none of your concern. Furthermore, who are you and what are you doing here? As you can see, this place isn't what you would call safe," he said, standing tall.

"You! Umbreon! What are you saying to them?" the trainer screeched. Humans couldn't understand Sevin when he spoke to Pokemon.

"Oh nothing. Just telling them all of your "well hidden" secrets," he said in a mocking tone.

"What?! No matter... it's not like they can do anything with that information.... you didn't really tell them, did you?!"

"I suppose you'll never know."

That made him furious. He called to his Rhyperior and sent it after all of the Pokemon. Kai focused hard on using Confusion on the Rhyperior, seeming to have little effect. Sevin did nothing, only watched as the Rhyperior approached.

[[*wheeze* Long post! D8 ]]

The Bringer!
August 16th, 2008, 8:41 PM
Crest looked up at the monstrosity that stood before the five pokemon. It crushed its fists together, small boulders flying in all directions. It opened its mighty jaws, showing its stalactite like teeth to the group. The charmeleon bravely ran up to the rhyperior, but the attacks didn't seem to leave a scratch on the pokemons mineral hide. The newly awakened Eifi shot a shadow ball at the raging beast, but it was deflected by the rhyperior's protect attack. The glowing ball of shadowy threads collided with a metallic cage a few meters away, bursting off it's door. "It's about time I try to help," Crest muttered. He was still near fainting from the poison he had recently struggled with, so rushing up to use bone club would be pointless. Worst of all, his only semi-ranged attack, rock slide, would have no effect at all on the beast. "I'm useless against this thing," Crest thought in despair. Before he could try to think of a different tactic, he was distracted by a black cat-like pokemon that seemed to leap out of no where. The rhyperior spotted this new form of prey, and ran towards it with a rock wrecker attack. The umbreon leaped aside, it's glowing blue rings pulsing against the midnight black of its body. It shouted a taunt at the rhyperior. "Wait, not at the rhyperior. He was talking to the human!" Crest thought to himself. "Why would a pokemon try to communicate with a human?" he continued to ponder, slowly edging away from the fight. He knew that he wouldn't be of much use here. As he finished this abysmal realization, he noticed the rhyperior had figured out it wouldn't get far against the umbreon. Now, it was turning it's attention back to the group. "Someone better to something fast!" Crest shouted, jumping onto a overturned cage to avoid another earthquake.

August 21st, 2008, 1:52 PM
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The Rhyperior appeared before them, a monstrosity of a Pokémon. Many things went through Draco’s head but he would not back down. He knew he had to help out the rebellion, his friends. Kai, Crest, Vanessa, Edify, and Rib, they all had something that inspired Draco, like never before. He felt brave when he fought beside them and even now, before the gigantic drill Pokémon, he felt brave.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road,” Draco said aloud confidently.

Vanessa reacted first, with a barrage of moves but to no avail, the Rhyperior pushed them off like it was nothing. A shadow ball followed, formed by Eifi, but again had no effect. The Rhyperior blocked it and the ball of black energy slammed into a cage. Draco was about to attack, when another Pokémon appeared, its blue rings glowing steadily.

“An Umbreon and it looks almost fully healed,” Draco muttered.

It began a series of evasive moves as the Rhyperior began to go after it. Draco attempted to use to his advantage when he noticed the Umbreon talking to the human across the room. “How…did it just talk to the human,” Draco said to himself, his eyes growing wide in astonishment. After a few more moments of the conversation, the Rhyperior turned to the group again. Kai attempted confusion, but like the other Pokémon before her, it did nothing.

Draco decided to move and he quickly hovered above the attacking Rhyperior, and his lifted his head back. A series of blue flames erupted from his mouth and they seemed a bit stronger than before. They hit the face of the drill Pokémon and he staggered a bit but recollected himself. Something that Draco didn’t expect began to emit from its body. Its eyes turned a blood red and it grabbed Draco’s tail. “This isn’t good,” Draco said disappointingly to himself.

The Rhyperior then launched Draco across the room and he crashed into a wall of cages. His muscles began to throb as he gasped for air. Pain surrounded his body, and he attempted to cry out. Nothing happened as his conscious began to fade. He saw the battle faintly through his clouded eyes and then passed out.

August 22nd, 2008, 8:56 AM
[[Holy crap a lot was deleted. I mean. A lot. So I'mma summarize what happened and we're gonna start where we left off, kay?

•Rhyperior goes overdrive, Jupiter mentions the NOVA virus
•Sevin goes overdrive and fights Rhyperior, nearly attacks Kai, but stops himself
•Kai gives Draco Potion, everything else in medicine box is broken
•Rhyperior calms down, Sevin attacks, still in overdrive, almost defeating the Rhperior
•Kai calls everyone around so she can teleport everyone out
•Sevin goes out of Overdrive after nearly attacking Crest, who decided to stay and fight instead of teleporting out.

And I think that's where we were, right?]]

August 23rd, 2008, 10:19 PM
Kai called everyone around to teleport out. Eifi rushed over with the other Pokemon while avoiding the crushing feet of the Rhyperior, but something made her look back.
Crest was standing there, looking up defiantly at the Rhyperior. It almost looked like...
"No, no, no, no, no. He'll never defeat it, it's way too powerful." Eifi thought.
Making up her mind, she darted away from the group and rushed towards the Rhyperior. She tried using Psychic, pouring all of her will power in to it.
In it's weakened state, the Rhyperior was affected by it, and it screwed up its face in concentration.*
It stumbled around and held onto a wall of cages for support, but its weight was too much and it collapsed to the ground, tearing the wall down with it. Pokemon scattered everywhere, all of them heading for the exit.
Eifi could feel her energy draining away, but she did her best to keep the Rhyperior down. As she lost consciousness for the second time in a day, she hoped Crest would defeat the Rhyperior, she was of no further use.

*Imagine a boulder collapsing into itself. Yeah, odd.

The Bringer!
August 23rd, 2008, 10:51 PM
The ground gave a mighty shake as the rhyperior stomped its feet on the floor of the metallic room. The rock like pokemon was taking its time, knowing that these two pokemon before it couldn't take it down. One of the many small pieces of rubble went flying through the air landing at a cubone's feet. That cubone was Crest. He got ready to use bone club against the massive beast, twirling his weapon in his hand in a swords dance. The cubone could feel his new power course threw his veins. Crest tightened his grip on his club and couldn't help but remember that it was much weaker than his old one. No, you can't think about that right now. Crest let his mind empty of thoughts. He only focused on the rhyperior. He would beat it. This was his chance to get stronger. The cubone ran towards the rhyperior, blinded by his urge to fight. He didn't notice the rhyperior getting ready to use focus punch. I need to get stronger! He didn't notice the purple blur that ran up to the rhyperior. I have to defeat it! He didn't notice the rhyperior fall onto its back. This is the only way! He didn't notice Eifi fall to the floor. It's all that matters! Crest did notice his club ram strait into the rhyperior's skull, knocking it out in one swift blow. It had been severely weakened by its fight with Sevin and Eifi's psychic attack. I did it. Then Crest saw something laying on the light blue floor a few meters away. It was an espeon that seemed familiar. "Eifi!" Crest shouted, seeing that the pokemon that had saved him was out cold. Why is she still here? Was I really that focused on the fight. Crest had decided to help the group of pokemon, but why was he doing it. As he ran towards the fallen pokemon, Crest realized that he didn't feel stronger. He felt... weaker? Because I wasn't fighting for the right reason, maybe? I need to figure this out later. If I'm to get stronger. Now, it'd be best to help Eifi. The cubone wondered how he could aid the fallen pokemon. The others had been blocked off by a fallen part of the ceiling, and the medicine was no longer usable. That might work, maybe. Crest reluctantly pulled the small sphere out of the small bag tied to his tail. It would cost him, but he needed to put all selfishness aside. "This should boost her health," Crest said to himself as he gave the rare candy he had received from Vanessa to Eifi. It wouldn't be as effective as a revive, but it should still work just enough.

August 24th, 2008, 8:13 AM
Sevin watched with a smile as Crest lunged at the Rhyperior again and again. Sevin could feel his determination. the Rhyperior fell with a crash. Jupiter made his way out from behind the box he hid behind, and returned the monster to it's Pokeball.
"We must look into this... this defect. You, Umbreon, come with me. You seem to have the same problem this Rhyperior does," he commanded, turning to leave, expecting Sevin to follow him. On any normal day, he would have followed him, but today was different. He had been freed by fate.

"Tch. You can't command me anymore. I'm leaving," Sevin said.

Jupiter slowly turned around, "Oh really? And go where? Live in the cities? Be caught by trainers? Live your life in slavery, forced to battle all the time? That's hardly a life to live, Umbreon."

Sevin was silent for a moment, then said, "I will go with these Pokemon. I will travel with them, and then, when I am stronger, I will come back here and defeat you, and all of Galactic," Sevin snapped.

Jupiter laughed, "Nonsense. You will come with me."

Before Jupiter could say another word, Sevin was right in front of him, growling and snarling. He took a step back, not having a pokemon to protect himself with.
"F-Fine. You want to ruin your life? Leave. It matters not. We'll get you back somehow," Jupiter stuttered, turning and walking off into the shadows.

Sevin walked wearily back to the group of Pokemon. "I'm sorry about this... I hope you don't might if I tag along. But right now... we need to find the others. Kai teleported them out of here, but to where, I don't know," he looked down at Eifi, "It would help if this one could contact her, and ask where they went."

Kai stood in the middle of a large patch of tall grass. It was still night, but morning was close. The sky was getting lighter, shade by shade, in the east.
"We made it out..." Kai breathed, sitting down, completely exhausted. I think this is Route 204... she thought, looking around, I hope that the others are okay...

August 24th, 2008, 4:58 PM
Eifi felt a rush of strength, as she levelled up. Waking up with a gasp she looked through half-closed eyes and saw two monstrous blurs towering over her.
"No, wait... It's that Cubone, Crest. But who's this?" Eifi thought, looking at the Umbreon.
Eifi suddenly spied a small blue wrapper that lay on the ground by her feet, the wrapper of a Rare Candy. She also noticed the open bag tied to Crests tail, it must have been his.
"I... You... saved me... I'm sorry..." Eifi said, "No, what I mean to say is... thankyou...".

"So, you defeated the Rhyperior did you? That must be a fine club you're wielding there."
At this, Crest looked at his weapon doubtfully.
"But a weapon's only as powerful as the one who wields it, right?" Eifi said happily, "In any case, we should get going. The others are bound to be nearby, Kai wouldn't forget about us."
"And..." she added respectfully, "I owe my life to all of you."
She noticed the Umbreon again, it seemed to be watching her with an irritated look in its eyes. Eifi lay on the ground in front of them, wondering what they'd do next. The Umbreon opened its mouth to say something.

August 24th, 2008, 6:23 PM
Draco watched with tired eyes as the Rhyperior crashed to the floor. The floor rumbled from the weight of the gigantic Pokemon. A piece of the ceiling crashed before them and cut them off from Eifi and Crest. The Dratini tried to keep his eyes open but it was getting harder every second. He finally felt as Kai began her teleport. “Finally, we make it out of this crazy place,” Draco said to himself.

When they reappeared, he felt dirt below his blue scales. He could see the purplish sky as the sun began to rise. The air carried a chill as the group finally let out a sigh. He saw Kai sitting next to him and heard her say, “We made it out.”

“And we did it together,” Draco said with a weak smile.

Draco was happy he found friendship and was ready to take on anything with the group he was a part of. He knew though, once his strength returned, they needed to find Eifi, Crest and the Umbreon. He felt his eye lids grow heavy and the scenery around him turned to black. Sleep would have to come first.

August 27th, 2008, 5:34 PM
[[Sorry for the delay, people. School just started, and you all know how that goes. ; w;]]

Kai smiled at the weary Draco as he drifted off to sleep. The smile was quickly washed away. Those Pokemon were still there. Abandon. Her red eyes closed, and her thoughts reached out as far as she could make them. The Galactic Base was pretty far from here, and she wasn't sure if she could reach Eifi from here. This was all assuming that they were still in the building, or still alive, for that matter.
Eifi! Can you hear me? Answer me if you can! she thought, sitting down, crossing her arms in concentration.

Sevin looked at Eifi. She was awake. Great. He looked away and thought. Should they leave? Or stay here? Staying here would be stupid, they should leave as soon as possible, but to go where? And these Pokemon seemed like they wanted to find the Ralts and the others again. Perhaps they knew each other. Sevin supposed that it would be best for now to follow these Pokemon. He had no where else to go, and he had to figure out about that... power that took over before. Maybe following them would lead him to answers.

"Your up. Good. Now let's get out of here. Since no one here should know Teleport, we'll have to get out the normal way. We're not out of danger yet, so be on your toes," Sevin said, taking a step or two in the direction of the exit, stalling to wait for the others to get up.
"By the way, my name is Sevin. It's... a pleasure to make your acquaintances," he said, obviously straining the politeness.

Twilight Wolf
August 27th, 2008, 5:50 PM
OOC: Wow. Alot happened. School started for me last week. I've been majorly busy.

IC: Finally.

No more linoleum tiled flooring.

No more crazy damn Rypherior.

No more battling.

Only the sweet smell of the grass and the Krickitunes singing their blues. Kai had finally got the idea to teleport us out there. There was an Umbreon fighting alongside us back there.

Was was he? I looked around.

Kai, Draco, Flare, myself...

Well, everyone was here.

Wait. Where was Eifi? Crest?

Kai was concentrating hard, probally trying to contact Eifi.

I sighed. We were far from the city I called home. I stared into the grass. My home was far away now.

Here, there was only the soft light of the rising sun to the east, the starry night skies to the west, a small dirt path, and green grass. I was perfectly fine with everything, nethertheless. I didnt fight much, but at least I helped. There was a slight rustle in a nearby bush.

"What's wrong, Vanessa?" A small Vulpix beside me asked.

"That horrid enough city was actually my home..." I murmered.

"I hated that place... I mean...!" she stammered.

"Only... well... Because I was mistreated, I guess that's why..." the fire fox said, her voice trailing off. I smiled at her.

"Hey Draco!" I called to the Dratini.

August 27th, 2008, 11:32 PM
"You're up. Good. Now let's get out of here. Since no one here should know Teleport, we'll have to get out the normal way. We're not out of danger yet, so be on your toes," the Umbreon said, "By the way, my name is Sevin. It's... a pleasure to make your acquaintances,".
"The pleasure's all mine, Sevin." Eifi replied. She could feel something, almost like a fly buzzing in her ear.
"Not a fly, it's a voice..." Eifi thought. She reached out with her mind, and found Kai's trying to contact her.
"...hear...? Answer...if...can!" Kai's thoughts sounded broken up, like a bad radio transmission.

"I'm here, Kai. Still in that building. Where are you? Did you make it out ok? Is everyone else there?" Eifi thought, surprised that she cared so much about these Pokemon.
"They saved you, you feel obliged to help them. That's all." part of her thought, deep down. But another part whispered in her mind, "Friends care about each other", it said.
Eifi couldn't ever remember having friends, though she was close to her brother when they were younger. She hadn't heard from him in years though, and she wasn't even sure that these Pokemon considered her to be a friend as well.
"They cared enough to save you, didn't they?" Eifi's mind asked herself, without really expecting an answer.

"You're right, Sevin. We should leave. More of them are bound to be on their way, do you know your way around this place?" she asked, feeling sorry for Sevin. How long had he been trapped here?
"I bet he had friends, before these people..." Eifi thought angrily, "People ruin everything. Lives, the world, everything..."

September 4th, 2008, 5:41 PM
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September 30th, 2008, 7:16 PM
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