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July 8th, 2008, 5:24 AM
Rating: PG-13 (Minor swearing only)

It was a cold night, for every pokemon sleeping in Hushley Forest were wrapped up well, it had been the coldest night for years. Hushley Forest was usually a place of beauty, in the summer it would never be too hot, never humid, just right, like you were in paradise. The trees would sway gently, you could just really relax. The winters were cold, but never cold enough to make you complain. The snow would gently fall, there were never blizzards, it was unatural for one to occur in this part of the Pokemon World.

It may be winter, but it was far too cold for this sort of thing. In the past few months, everything had gone different, strange, out of hand. It started with the new Pokemon arriving, shady characters, people disappearing, then the weather started changing dramatically, and now the terrible stories everyone's been talking about.. the teams of terror.

There are a few Teams of Justice around in the forest. Incase you don't know what they are.. here's the lowdown:

Teams of Justice are small groups of Pokemon, sometimes small as 2, some can go up to five. They are born battlers, but only fight when they have to, they do what they're name says, keep Justice. They've been around for legends, they've never really been used as the Pokemon World hasn't had a war or high level of criminals for a few hundreds years. The last war was between the Teams of Justice, and their most dangerous enemies, the Teams of Terror. The Teams of Terror, were similar in some ways, two to five pokemon, except these ones would always fight. They wanted to take over the Pokemon world, they would kill innocents, kill enemies.

The Teams of Terror were wiped out, the world came back to peace. But secretly, they have re-built themselves. They have some sort of power.. something thats changing the weather, our personalities, evolotuion can stop, or go out of hand. The whole Pokemon world is calling for more Teams of Justice, we're calling, for you.

Your part in all of this:

YOU can either be a Team of Justice (you can control the whole group of characters, unless another player wishes to join your team) or you can be in a Team of Terror, with same rules.

If a Team of Justice, you choose, these are your rules of combat and life.
Fight to defend yourself, never attack another. Be nice, considerate, and always make your descions fair. Help your teamates, never run away.

If a Team of Terror, you choose, these are your rules of conbat and life.
Attack anything, anyone that gets in your way!! Don't be a coward, fight vigiriously and never be kind to a soul, even if its your teammates!

Sign up

Team: (Terror or Justice)
Nickname: (Like in PMD, Team Fighters, Dynamite, etc)
Number of Pokemon: (2 min, 5 max. Note, if theres 2 in your team, they should both be very strong fully evolved pokemon, if theres 5 they should be a team of mainly unevolved weaker Pokemon)
Pokemon Number 1:
Pokemon Number 2:
Pokemon Number 3: (Optional)
Pokemon Number 4: (Optional)
Pokemon Number 5 (Optional)

Team Personality: (Describe your different pokemons personality, and how they act together, this should be a fairly long paragraph, especially if you have 5 pokemon)

Team Overview: (How they fight, their tactics, what they believe in)
Teams History (Give history from each pokemon comes from, and how the team came together)

Special apperances: (Describe your different pokemon look, if they look different to other types of pokemon, what makes them special)

Note! You don't HAVE to make your own, if you like the look of another team, you can ask the team creator if you can be one of their Pokemon. However you will only be allowed to control your pokemon, the creator of the team will all other team members if the team has them)

BIGGER Note! This is important to keep the roleplay balanced, when joining RP, for example if there is 2 people on team Terror and 1 on Justice, please join Justice to even it out, or eg, 5 on Terror and 3 on Justice, join the team with least so it don't become unbalanced.

You may only have one team!

Even though I'm not a mod, I'd still like to display some rules I think are important.

1: Spam
2: Godmodding
3: Bunnying
4: Char Control
5: Double posting

You know 'em, thanks for reading this and I really hope you join! :) Here's my team.

Team: Justice
Nickname: Team Duo
Number of Pokemon: 2
Pokemon Number 1: Blaziken
Pokemon Number 2: Blastoise
Pokemon Number 3: N/A
Pokemon Number 4: N/A
Pokemon Number 5 N/A

Team Personality: Blaziken and Blastoise are two mature, yet funny characters. Friends since childhood, these lot are inseperable. Blaziken does like to fight, but as a Justice member he is mature and only fights when he needs to, like a Justice member. Blastoise is more powerful, he always has been but is proud of it and never rubs it in his best friends, or anyone elses face.

Team Overview: The two believe tactics is the way to win and stay alive. Their fire and water combination work well, and they are rarely beaten.

Teams History: The two knew each other pretty much from birth, their parents were close friends, and they were born, three hours apart. Blastoise came first, but at that time, he was just a little Squirtle. The two have been great friends, getting in trouble when they were younger, but now very mature.

Special apperances: Blaziken is like a giant wildfire. His flames shine and burn hotter and brighter more than most, he outstands in the crowd, especially as he is a fire type roaming in Hushley Forest, he can scare most thought he don't mean too, especially grass types. Blastoise is pretty much your regular, Blastoise, however, he's alot more muscly than the others, alot of the females quite like him...

Well, thats me done with my RP ranting. :) Please accept this RP mods, and if it does, I hope you guys join!

August 2nd, 2008, 9:53 PM
Ok hope ya like (and i did Justice Team cuz im not the type to be mean to my other team mates srry if it makes ya mad).

Nickname: Pokepals
Pokemon 1:Monferno
Pokemon 2:Pikachu
Pokemon 3:Grovyle
Pokemon 4:Crocanaw(srry if spelt wrong)
Pokemon 5:N/A

Team Personality: Monferno,Pikachu,Grovyle,and Crocanaw are a very relaxed lot of Pokemon. They bring Justice when needed and keep an eye out for trouble. When they aren't doing a mission or bringing Justice and balance to the world they like to train or just have fun and hang out. You will never find just one of these guys alone unless something bad has happened. These guys are a very happy lot.

Team Overview:This lot use to believe that muscle was the way to win until they got beaten badly by 2 pokemon who had strategy worked out. Now they belive in Tactics and Strategy.

Team History: This lot of pokemon have been like brothers to eachother since the day they met eachother at a lake and a pack of wild rampaging Zangoose trashed the lake. They didn't want there home destroyed so they teamed up and knocked some sense into the Zangoose. Ever since then these pokemon have been with eachother everywhere.

Special Apperances: Monferno's tail has a flame the size of a Charizard when the Charizard is mad. Monferno has tried to make the flame smaller before but can't since he was born like that but he has learned to love it since it makes his fire attacks slighty stronger. Pikachu's cheeks spark electricity even when it's not sick so pokemon mistake him for being sick all the time. The leafs on Grovyle's arms are longer than the average Grovyle by about an inch longer which make his leaf blade easier to hit on a target and the move is stronger too. Crocanaw's jaw is bigger by about a third of an inch. This charecter trait makes his bite hurt more which could mean bad news for his opponent.

Hope I can join and i hope this RPG turns out to be loads of fun:).

Game Over1375
August 2nd, 2008, 11:28 PM
Team: Terror
Nickname: Team Destruction
Number of Pokemon: 2
Pokemon Number 1: Feraligatr
Pokemon Number 2: Metagross
Pokemon Number 3: N/A
Pokemon Number 4: N/A
Pokemon Number 5: N/A

Team Personality: These guys are about as different as you can get. Feraligatr is a very relaxed Pokemon, while Metagross seems to be in a rush all the time. Metagross is more mature than Feraligatr, but Feraligatr does know when it is time to draw the line. Every now and then, you will see them argue. When working together though, you will see a very brave and powerful team. When not battling Team Justice members, they are always training, making themselves stronger.

Team Overview: Both Pokemon like to make their strengths known immediately. Using Feraligatr's shocking speed and Metagross's powerful attacks, they can take the strongest of foes down.

Team History: These teammates have only recently met. They met at first as enemies, battling over some territory of Hushley Forest. The battle went on for what seemed like hours, until both decided that they were evenly matched. They then made a team for themselves, thinking they could take anyone.

Special Apperances: Feraligatr looks like a normal Feraligatr, until you see his legs. His legs are huge, which is the reason why he is faster than some Feraligatr. They are also slightly longer, about 2 inches. Metagross is a special colored Metagross, with a blackish-brown body and a golden x instead of a silver x. Metagross's arms are also larger than normal, which help with all of his moves.

How are these for foes?

August 3rd, 2008, 10:04 PM
Wow those foes will be hard to fight Earl...I wonder if i could take em......

August 3rd, 2008, 11:16 PM
Team: Terror
Nickname: Team Duskfall
Number of Pokemon: Three
Pokemon Number 1: Leader-Luna/Sableye (Female)
Pokemon Number 2: Silver/Absol (Male)
Pokemon Number 3: Crest/Sneasel (Male)

Team Personality:

Luna, the leader of the Team, is more of a rough sort of girl than an evil villain. She has a great lust for treasue, and isn't afraid to play dirty to get it. In fact, she seems complately careless as to who she crushes in the process of achieving her "dark" deeds. Selfish, is perhaps a word that could describe Luna. Her heart is a black pit of greed. However, that's not to say she isn't fun-loving. Like most Sableye, Luna enjoys mischevious pranks and tricks. Unlike most Sableye, she tends to go overboard on occasion, and can purposefully make her plans and plots very dangerous, or even deadly. She's the brains of the Team, and leads it well.

Silver, on the other hand, is cold and reserved. While he shares Luna's selfishness, he isn't necissarily greedy or vain. Rather, he goes about in a quiet manner, and is much more serious than either of his Teammates. Some might not see him to be as dangerous as Luna or Crest at first glance. However, he is by no means kind. Silver happens to be a vengeful Pokemon, and he's easily provoked as well. These two traits don't make for a pretty character when combined. Anger him (which isn't hard to do), and he will get his revenge in some way or another. That's a promise he won't hesitate to make.

Crest is perhaps the most truly "wicked" member of Team Duskfall. He won't play a trick on you, and he won't silently plot revenge, but he's more than likely to attack at a moment's notice. As a Sneasel, Crest has a rather... carnivorous... nature. Any Pokemon smaller than him must either gain his respect or be considered "prey". And anyone who's prey is fair game for him to slash, mangle, and kill. He fights and lives more on instinct than brains, and considers Luna somewhat of an "alpha", or "pack leader". As such, he's entirely loyal to her. If she tells him to do something, he'll do it without question.

Team Overview:

Team Duskfall, thanks to Luna's leadership, is less aimed toward destruction and more for thieving, looting, and finding treasures and riches for themselves. However, they're more than willing to get nasty of someone gets in their way. With Silver's brawn, Luna's brains, and Crest's wild, dangerous fighting-style, few would actually consider messing with the trio.

Team History:

It all started with a cunning Sableye who went by the name of Luna. She was intelligent and leader-like, and would have made a great member for a Team of Justice. However, there was greed in her heart, and she desired something more than just an occasional thanks of the feeling of doing good deeds. So, she decided to start a Team of Terror. First, though, she would need another member...

There was an Absol who had been stalking about the Hushley Forest. While he would never reveal his past, he had lived with a pack of wild Absol who defended a faraway land from disaster. When he was falsely blamed for the death of another Absol, he was banished from the land, told never to return. Now, his spirit full of rage and hatred, he wandered the world looking for a new place to call home. Never did he expect to be caught in some crude trap set by a Sableye, though...

Luna had caught the Absol in a rope net that hung from a tree limb. A simple trap, really, but effective all the same. While the Absol could have easily slashed through the net with his curved blade, that same net was the only thing between him and a fall of fifty-feet or so from which he wouldn't escape without a broken bone or two. And so, he was trapped and forced to do as Luna said. The Sableye told him to form a Team of Terror with her. The Absol, having no home to return to anyways, accepted, and in return was released safely from the trap.

Before long, the pair held a respect for each other, and had seemed to forget the whole issue of Silver being trapped and what not. On one particular night, they were at teh edge of the woods looking for trouble, when a Sneasel appeared and attacked them. Of course, the lone cat Pokemon didn't stand a chance against them both, and ended up defeated. When it overheard they were a Team of Terror, though, it leapt to its feet and asked to join them, saying it loved the thought of chaos and destruction and the like. By now, the trio are inseperable (despite their occasional squabbles and their noticable differences), and their unlikely bond could just be an issue for the Teams of Justice who defend the Pokemon world.

Special Appearances: Luna's skin is a bit darker in color than that of your usual Sableye. Otherwise, though, she looks generally normal. Silver, as his name implies, has a grayish pelt that seems to shine in the faintest of light. And while Crest's only peculiar trait may be that he's a bit smaller than most Sneasels (but also quicker, however), one may notice that he often has traces of bloody red stains on his long, razor-sharp claws.

August 4th, 2008, 1:09 AM
If i'm able to i'd like to put forward my pmd2 team, if not disregard this.

Team: Justice
Nickname: Munchunter
Number of Pokemon: 3
Pokemon Number 1: Munchy (munchlax) Male lv. 73
Pokemon Number 2: Toto (totodile) Male lv. 74
Pokemon Number 3: Farfetch'd Male lv. 18

Team Personality: Munchy is the team leader, and carries a bag around with him at all times. he has many items in it. Munchy tries to help others when he can and is fairly well known amongst other such teams.

Team Overview: Munchy starts by throwing items at any foes and then they rush in and fight. they try to take the enemies down asap so they have no trouble afterwards.
Teams History: Munchy and Toto met soon after munchy's move to {region this is set in} and became fast friends. after helping other pokemon for many months they came across a farfetch'd and it decided to help in any way it could.

Special apperances: Munchy carries a bag which has items in it.

I hope this is enough. :)

August 4th, 2008, 9:30 AM
Team: Terror
Nickname: Team Toxic
Number of Pokemon:
Pokemon Number 1: Anthrax (Toxicroak)
Pokemon Number 2: Sarin (Ariados)
Pokemon Number 3: Ricin (Seviper)

Team Personality:
Anthrax is male, and he certainly follows the whole "macho" stereotype. He wants to be in every fight and claims he's the best at everything he does. Ricin often calls him "Ego." He loves to inflict pain on people as much as anyone else in the team, especially through posion, but he will only poison someone through winning a fair fight. In fact, he only likes to fight fair. Doesn't mean he won't though. He is probably the only one who still has any heart left, though.

Sarin is female, and she's pretty much insane. She doesn't talk to anyone but herself most of the time, and she doesn't really show any emotion either. She claims to be a demon instead of a Pokemon, though she claims a lot of thinigs. Sometimes she says she's an angel instead, or a goddess. However, she's extremely smart and usually is the one who plans anything in the team, but because of her mental condition she isn't deemed the leader of the team.

Ricin is also female, and she is really the only one who thinks completely straight in the team, without insanity or an overinflated ego in her way. Though she isn't actually the leader of the team, she's the one who gives the team the most direction. She has an obsession for seeing things writhe in pain as poison runs through their veins, and she has no problem with killing anything. Not that she doesn't feel any emotion, but the only beings she is and will ever be attached to are the other members of her team.

Team Overview:
Anthrax is always at the front, ready for anything. He's very straightforward with his style. His physical fighting style is more like that of Jujitsu, with grapples and very close quarters combat. He is the only one on the team who doesn't aim to kill first.

Sarin moves around the back, always sneaking around and plotting something. It's hard to ever find her in a direct battle like Anthrax is always in.

Ricin will go either way, depending on the size and strength of the team they're facing. When she sneaks around with Sarin, though, she'll still fight directly, but she'll surprise her enemy first.

Teams History:
Originally the team was four members. Their leader was a wise old Muk, and believe it or not, they were a team of Justice at first. This was back when they were all very young, except for the Muk of course. Being poisonous, they were avoided most of the time and they began to hate the other Pokemon as they became more and more shunned. The old Muk didn't like this and tried to teach them how something as destructive as poison could be a good thing.

As the team learned more and more of what they could do, they found out some strange things. For one, Sarin wasn't completely immune to her own poison. She decided to fix that by drinking her own venom over and over. This greatly affected her brain and drove her insane, but she still didn't leave the team. This just made other Pokemon shun them even more, not wanting a team with an insane member to try and save them.

Even some other teams of Justice were beginning to fight them to drive them off. One day the old Muk was killed, and that was when the team's hatred for everything else came full circle. They killed the team that did it, as they were weak (but the Muk, in his age, was weaker.)

After that day, they decided to no longer be for Justice anymore. Why should they, when everyone hated them? After killing that weaker team, they had also realized what they loved to do: Destroy.

Special apperances:
Anthrax, instead of being blue, is black. The black lines of a normal Toxicroak are orange.
Sarin's legs are red and black like her body, and longer than normal.
Ricin has smaller fangs than most Sevipers, but makes up for it by having a bigger blade on her tail.

Game Over1375
August 4th, 2008, 9:39 AM
Team of Terror is going to be awesome. I already see it.

August 4th, 2008, 11:12 AM
Looks like a lot of fun. But can't people just give themselves 00bers and dominate everyone else?

[Team;] Justice [Good/Chaotic Alignment]
[Nickname;] Twilite Ice Cream [T.I.C.]
[Number of Pokemon;] 3
[Pokemon #1;] Moon, Bulbasaur [Male]

[Pokemon #2;] Sun, Espeon [Female]

[Pokemon #3;] Earth, Dragonair [Female]
[Team Personality;]
One of the oddest teams ever, Moon is the only male, but doesn't take as the alpha male, he's the builder. He's build everything from the tree fort to makeshift defenses in battle against Teams of Terror, and once against a Team of Justice. Moon spends most of his time tinkering with thinks, expanding and adding new inventions and features to the tree fort, to walls of dirt around the tree to defend it
Sun is the destroyer of the team. A powerful Psybeam and a deadly Psychic fill her arsenal. She and Moon are always at odds, him the Builder, her the Destroyer, but since she stays away from destroying things Moon has built (To avoid his wrath and the various pitfalls he built around her room in the Treefort) and so peace reigns.

Maybe the oddest fitting one is Earth, the thief and scout. Earth's heart is filled with both Darkness and Purity, making her an odd addition. Preferring to stay in shadows and to use stealth, Earth is a humble scout by day, and a quick thief by night. Moon has built multiple contraptions for her to utilize her strange speed and stealth, and therefore Sun has been known to be jealous of her on some occasions.
[Team Overview;] The only reason this team is considered a Team of Justice is because they are the defenders of the citizens. They find most other teams annoying, and to venture within the territory of TIC is going to war with them. They truly don't care who they're destroying, as long as someone besides them is being destroyed, and their friends are safe.
Their strategy is simple, after a quick all out attack to destroy any weak enemies Moon will build some sort of defensive structure which he and Sun hide behind. Sun will shoot out Psybeams and nail anyone who gets close enough with a deadly Psychic, while Earth snakes around and snipes people from the sides. Because of this the team prefers to use small forest paths as chokepoints to pick off enemies.
[Teams History; Originally village defenders, Sun and Moon fought off anyone who came near their village, whether they were Justice Teams looking for a place to sleep or Terror Teams looking for a place to destroy. They earned a reputation of neutral rebels, and the village flourished. While their fame grew Earth, a nimble thief, start 'borrowing' things from them. After being caught Earth switched sides, although her reason is unknown and people still don't trust her fully.
They soon became stronger and developed into a Justice team, only because they defended their, and nearby, villages. They have strict boundaries, and few other teams are allowed inside those, the few that do get inside are almost always attacked and driven out.
[Differences;] None really, the only change in any appearances is that Moon wears a flower around his front right leg, and that he has a crescent shaped spot on his forehead. Besides that they are perfectly normal Pokemon.

August 4th, 2008, 11:19 AM
Team: Terror

Nicname: Team Corruption

Number of Pokemon:
Pokemon Number 1:-Leader- Hades (Tentacruel)
Pokemon Number 2: Dune (Zangoose)
Pokemon Number 3: Elepsy (Mismagius)

Team Personality:

Hades: Hades is the leader of Team Corruption. He is the mastermind of the teams tactics, his brain being the largest. Some say he has the smarts of a tainted super computer. Hades loves to torment and manipulate his foes. He also has a strange facination with innards...his many tentacles can't help but to dissect anything they can get their suction cups on.
Hades is different in color-he is infact a shiny.

Dune: Dune is probably the least smartest on the team. He loves to fight, and it was his odd bloodlust that drove him off the edge. He dosn't ever say much to anybody, and prefers his spare time spent alone. He may seem like a sane pokemon, but once you look into his eyes you know something is wrong with him. Dune may be the most powerful on the team when it comes to random lethal attacks. He seems to always be staring at something, never blinking.
Dune's main color is a deep brown. His usual markings are black, and his claws are unusually long,a vermillion shade of red. His eyes are a ghostly gray.

Elepsy: Elepsy is the only female on the team. She seems like the least sane, always lurking around in the dark. She is always in a state of depression, crying and raving to herself. She may seem like a wild banshee, but in reality she has a good head on her shoulders. She wails and moans only because she can't help what she is. Her powers are greater then she can control, and as a Misdreavus she had always accidently hurt her friends. She can't control them, and wishes that one day she will gain control and be able to be good again. Of course, she dosn't tell her team this. She is a softie deep down, but if you were to really aggravate her, she would turn into the most horrific Mismagius you have ever seen.
Elepsy is a deep lavender color, darker then the average Mismagius. The usual pinkish markings scattered throughout her body are a nasty mustard yellow. The jewels that span across her chest have yellow rings around them. They seem to pulsate with a strong aura.

Team Overview:
Hades is the one to attack first, but he comes up with elaborate schemes that his team mates execute perfectly. His tactics are painful, and always evolve some kind of torture.
Mind games are his favorite kind of battle.

Dune is very loyal to Hades commands. He is always the punishing blow, and his attacks can be ruthless and fatal. He has no problem with laying his life on the line, as long as he gets to cut something up. He lets loose unearthly battle cries which throw his enemies off guard.

Elepsy is the dark and foreboding shadow in battles. Her attacks slowly cause her foes to become detached from their bodies. She tries to avoid direct battles, but in the end she is the one to finish the job. Her attacks can be cold and dark, almost sucking the life out of her enemies with incredible force.

Team History:
Hades wasn't always bad. Infact, he was believed to be good for most of his life. Something did happen to make him turn....dark. He is usually very open, but never tells anybody of his life changing event.

Dune was bad from the start. He wasn't as intelligent as the rest of his species, but he was indeed the most powerful. He was an outcast at an earlier age, mainly for his odd spacy behavior and obsession with inflicting pain. He was driven away, and the only morals he had left soon vanished. Hades gave the misfit a home, and Dune was free to do what he wanted.

Elepsy choose to wander off, knowing she couldn't exist normally with the ones she loved. She would always hurt them, sucking the life energy out of them, nearly killing one of her friends. She left, knowing she couldn't return until she had complete control. Unfortunately, this was easier said then done. She grew depressed and angry out of frustration of why she was like the way she was. She soon met Hades, who promised to help her gain control. She soon realized it was a trap, but decided to stick around only until she gained control. She soon plans to escape and return home, but she knows this could be very risky...and life threatening.

Special Appearances:
Hades is shiny. He has darker colored tentacles, however.
Dune's main color is dark brown, his markings are black, and his claws are a faded shade of vermillion. His eyes are gray, and his claws are longer then usual.
Elepsy is a dark purple, her markings are a sick mustardy yellow, and that same color outlines her jewels. She is longer then the average Mismagius.

Game Over1375
August 4th, 2008, 2:25 PM
So, when can we start the destruction? Oh yeah, Pikalover10, you're first.

August 6th, 2008, 7:21 AM
Don't tell me he abandoned this v.v;;

I had high hopes for this one.

August 6th, 2008, 7:35 AM
I don't think he's even been online in a while. At least, last time I checked he hadn't been.

August 9th, 2008, 12:38 PM
Im here

Team Pokepals was walking through a forest chatting and figuring out what to do next when all of a sudden they heard a scream."What was that?" asked Monferno."I don't know but it didn't sound so good." said Grovyle. The team dashed towards the scream when they saw that a tree had fallen on top of someone. "I got this one." said Grovyle. Grovyle leaped into the air and used leaf blade on the tree and it snapped in half. He went over to the hurt pokemon (which was a Bidoof) and wriggled him out. "oh thank you thank you thank you. How could i ever repay you?" wondered Bidoof. "Oh it was nothing." said Grovyle. Crocanaw went over to the tree stump and looked at it. "This tree didn't fall naturally." said Crocanaw. "So what your saying is that a pokemon did this?" wondered Pikachu. "Well seeing as how it hasn't been real windy here in the past few months and there hasn't been a thunder storm in forever. I'd say that a powerful pokemon did this." said Crocanaw. The team thought about this subject for a while when Monferno said. "A Terror Team did this I bet." All of his team mates looked at him like he was crazy. Then they realized that he was probably right. Why would a pokemon do that to another pokemon without doing it just for fun?

The team searched the premises for hours trying to find the Terror Team that did this but they couldn't find them. "Well maybe we should just wait a little while until it happens again." suggested Pikachu. The team then went to a lake to take a quick swim and drink some water. They had fun playing in the water. The only one who didn't swim though was Monferno and not just because he was a fire type. Mostly because he was still wondering who had tried to severly hurt that Bidoof? He heard something rustle in the bushes and turned around but nothing was there. Monferno guessed that it was nothing and got into the water to have fun with his friends. After the swim the team went to bed.

Your turn Earl.

August 9th, 2008, 1:11 PM
Not to mini-mod, but shouldn't we be waiting for the RP-Master...? You know, Cookie-powa? We can't start if the maker of the RP's abandoned it. xP

August 9th, 2008, 4:57 PM
oh yeah oops srry bout dat

August 31st, 2008, 9:38 AM
I'm guessing this thread has died huh????