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July 14th, 2008, 10:10 PM
And the girl has a problem.

Okay! I've got an idea, and like many of my ideas I always dream about making them into Fics but I never do it. Still, I like to keep my options open and write just a bit about and dream.

So I've got a problem and not sure what I should do.
I don't want to do very cliche things in this. Well actually the first situation is very cliche but- kay.

I have a girl that will be traveling with Max. Her name is Queenalia. (It's a pun of something else, don't ask.)
Knowing that Max wants to battle Ash, he's obviously going to be a badge collecting trainer. Now the options for the girl would be

A) ALSO a badge collecting trainer
Problem: Back to back Gym battle have got to be annoying and eight of them, it'd be a very dry and boring story without anything else to get involved in.

B) Do Contests
Problem: I've dumped Queenalia into the typical girl's role and thats just boring. Also, she's in the journey for studing pokemon medically, even if it would be fun for her, it's not an always thing.

C) Do Nothing
Problem: She'd basically be a useful as Misty. Who face it, wasn't useful for anything but being a nag. (No offense to Misty lovers) She'd be dead-weight and there's no bike in the mix to keep them traveling together. Get in a fight and it's "Why are you even here?". I mean once Misty got her bike Ash was like "Lol wut, your still here? Go home."

Am I thinking too much about this? I just don't want her to be unuseful, shoved in the boring girl's position, or...I don't want her to do gym because it's just... .-. My choice.

And turning Kanto into a tag battle place is just kinda weird. (I actually thought of that when I was 9. Lol, me and my sister thought about double battles before double battles existed! We also made Ash's sisters. What a fail.)

One last question. Is it weird that it's only these two? .-. I feel like it's an automatic "They like each other.". I kinda wanna add a guy who does contests but as I havn't developed him, he seems like a fifth-wheel type of guy.

ADD: Well I just read the OT Hate thread. xD
This is more about the people rather than the journey, but I just want to know what the basis will be of what she does. Would you need to know a little more about her to suggest a decision?

July 15th, 2008, 12:46 AM
Well, I've done OTs before so I could try and help. I had the main characters as a boy and a girl who travelled together through most of the story. Like yours the boy was collecting gym badges but I didn't put the girl into gym battles or contests. Ok, she was in one gym battle but that was a double battle and there's nothing wrong with having one double battle in your story. I actually tried to tone down the gym battles and make the journey the interesting bit to hide the fact that the girl was doing absolutely nothing by having mini-adventure things. I also included a male character that popped up for a short while then went off on his own again and came back later.

You've got Max wanting to be able to battle Ash right and to get there he's got to become a great trainer. It's not just the gym battles that'll train him up. Just thnk about the actual show, Brock and Max didn't really do much but the show managed to come up with enough ideas to make Brock's presence worthwhile throughout several seasons.

If you do put in cliches, put in lots and make sure you can turn them into comedic incidents or put in a couple but don't make them too obvious.

That's about all the help I can give to your problem.

July 15th, 2008, 12:37 PM
She could be a Pokemon Breeder, like Brock is. And she joins Max on his quest because she feels that she has to travel to meet as many different Pokemon as she can, to learn the most about them. Learning how to be a Pokemon Breeder isn't explored all that much/at all in fanfiction that it would be new for your story to do so.

And Max could want her along because he remembered how helpful it was to have Brock along for a journey.

As for the romance thing, it would be rather odd to hook two ten-year-olds up. Especially Max, whose mind is focused on Pokemon. So it would be like hooking Ash up with anybody. XD; But that's just me.

Kiri Berry
July 15th, 2008, 8:22 PM
Well like when me and you were talking, which you didn't mention here, chasing after the dream of being in the Pokemon medical field keeps her from being in the typical girl position but keeps her from being boring and useless like Misty. Since it is an OT story and Max is into battling you stay on the usual storyline but you will be able to keep Queenalia from becoming a minor character or useless as long as you keep her into something.