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July 16th, 2008, 12:13 AM


Greetings all, and Pokemon fans especially! I am posting here today to let people know about a Pokemon Fan Fiction which I have been working on for quite some time now, entitled Generations. In its most basic form, it is a “re-telling” of the Generation One Pokemon games, but I think it is better described as a hybrid between the games, anime and Pokemon Special manga. So, yes, it is an OT or Original Trainer Fan Fiction, in essence, but I am actually using pre-made characters and tweaking them to fit my story better.

It takes place in an alternate reality universe to the anime and games, and because of this it has a few different rules about how the world of Pokemon works. Don’t worry, though, there is nothing majorly different, and everything, I think, flows and fits together rather smoothly. You will catch on quickly, don’t worry.

Below, unfortunately, I have not posted up any of my completed Episodes yet due to the fact that I’d like to actually introduce the Fan Fiction to the community first before putting up any actual story-line content yet. You will find Character Profiles of the main protagonists, though, and the first Chapter will be posted up tomorrow.

Please, love it, hate it, or if you don’t even give a crap, let me know. I’m already pretty far into the Fan Fiction (Episode 23), and I’ve only kept it quiet this long to make sure I have a steady supply of postable material to keep you guys entertained after I actually unveil it.

Let me know what you think about this idea, and I will use any bit of praise, criticism, and anything else you might have for me towards the story. My goal is to have this be very long, epic, and, hopefully, entertaining!



Red Ketchum

Character Information

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 135 lbs.
Class: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: He stands about the height of the normal 15-year-old, medium-length brown hair and brown eyes to match. His skin is lightly tanned.

He wears a dark pink hat with a white, semi-circular Poke Ball symbol in the center of it, with a dark pink vest to match it. The vest also has a white, popped collar on it. Red wears a black, short-sleeve t-shirt underneath his vest. On his lower half he has light blue jeans and black running shoes with red trim. His right wrist is home to a black wrist band, while his left has a black, simple, digital watch. He wears a large yellow and black backpack to carry all of his supplies.

Personality: Although he can be a bit hot-headed at times (especially when in the middle of a battle) Red, for the most part, is a good guy. Due to his relative lack of immaturity for his age, however, he is often caught saying the “wrong” thing, and is often met with social backlash because of it. He loves Pokemon, perhaps more than some people, and, quite literally, would die to protect his own.

History: Having been born in the quiet town of Pallet and lived there is whole life; Red hadn’t really seen much of the world. When his dad left when Red was only two, to become a Pokemon Master, neither the child nor his mother heard from him ever again. Growing up, Red was best friends with his fellow PalletTown residents, Blue and Green. As they entered their teen years, however, the three began to grow apart, especially as Blue grew more and more despondent from the duo and, eventually, became an outright bully towards Red. Eventually though, when Red came of age, he decided that he’d start his Pokemon Journey. He missed his father dearly and hoped, in some small way, this Journey of his would help preserve his father’s legacy.


Blue Oak

Character Information

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 140 lbs.
Class: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance:Taller than the average teen his age, Blue has light brown, spiky hair and eyes to go with it. He has rather light skin and a thin frame.

Blue wears a black polo short-sleeve shirt with a popped collar and a white hip pack at his waist to carry his supplies. He has dark purple khaki pants with cargo pockets and wrist bands to match. On his feet he wears black running shoes.

Personality:If one word had to be used to accurately describe Blue, it would be “bully”. Having been spoiled by his rich parents for most of his life, Blue has grown accustomed to the fact that he gets whatever he wants, when he wants it. He views other people in his life as obstacles and nothing more. They are things that must be overcome on his own path to greatness. Pokemon, he views them, are tools to do his own bidding, whether they like it or not.

History:Raised in largest, most lavish house around, on the outskirts of PalletTown, Blue is the grandson of Professor Oak. As a child he was very friendly with Red and Green, playing and interacting with them almost daily. As the three of them matured together, though, Blue grew jealous of Red’s more-than-friendly relationship with Green and began seeing him as an enemy. Secretly, he’s always had a crush on Green, but the boy has never told her, and never plans on it. When he finally came of age, he made sure to make Professor Oak reserve the Pokemon that he wanted to start his own Pokemon Journey. Nobody was going to take his Pokemon!


Green Leaf

Character Information

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height: 5’3’’
Weight: 105 lbs.
Class: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance:Green is rather short for her age, and she has a lightly tan skin tone. She has light brown eyes and long, brown hair which goes to about half-way down her back.

She wears a white, brimmed hat on her head with a pink trim around the edge and a Poke Ball symbol of the same hue in the front of it. She has a light blue, sleeve-less top and a red skirt. Her socks go half-way up her calves and match her shirt color, and her running shoes are white with red stripes. Green wears black wrist bands and a large yellow shoulder-sling backpack to carry her supplies.

Personality:Green has a relatively outgoing and friendly personality. She sees the good in everyone and will do anything to help somebody (human or Pokemon) in need. The teen is very smart for her age and sees herself as a very mature individual, which isn’t too far from the truth. Taking responsibility for all of her actions, she is very often guilty of reprimanding herself for things that aren’t necessarily her fault. The only thing that Green really can’t stand is a cheater, and that is the one type of person she cannot bring herself to assist.

History:Green was actually born in the far off city of Goldenrod, but when her parents divorced when she was five, the then little girl moved to PalletTown with her mother to get away from it all. Having left her little sister behind with her father, Green wrote to her on a weekly basis to stay in contact. Growing up with the boys, Red and Blue, Green soon developed the role of peace maker and care taker of the two. Whenever they would get in arguments, she would be the one to break it up and, despite her younger age, was able to be the mature one of the group. At the age of 14, seeing that her two childhood friends were taking off on their Pokemon Journeys’, the teen knew she had to go with them. Although the minimum age requirement to start a Journey was 15, Green was allowed to go anyway due to her high grades in school and high recommendations from her friends and citizens of Pallet.

Ninja Caterpie
July 16th, 2008, 1:29 AM
Q-quite interesting...
Although, if you want to post a fanfic, post it in the actual Fanfiction section. More people will read it there.

Oh, I think Green is the guy and Blue is the girl in the manga...

July 16th, 2008, 12:16 PM
Oh, I think Green is the guy and Blue is the girl in the manga...
In the dubbed manga, Green is the girl and Blue is the rival. In the Japanese version, you would be correct. So it depends on which version Generation is writing from.

Also, "Leaf" appears to be the fandom's name for the girl from FR/LG, so Generations might have based it off that.

I'm questioning why you changed the minimum age of when the kids can leave home. Since you're writing in both game and anime canon, the kids could leave as early as ten (anime) or eleven (game). So I would like to hear why this was all changed, since even in Special, the kids were ten, if I remember correctly.

July 16th, 2008, 6:02 PM
I've decided to change the ages required to become a Pokemon Trainer to make it a little more realistic. Plus, it'll help my story be a bit more mature and allow for some semi-adult content (nothing major, mind you).

I unfortunately won't be able to post anything up today. I'm unable to access to computer they are stored on right now. I will soon though, I promise, hopefully tomorrow by the latest.

Until then (and even afterwards), I'll be happy to answer any other questions you guys have

And Astinus answered rather well on how I got the names that I did for the characters.

JX Valentine
July 16th, 2008, 6:35 PM
I've decided to change the ages required to become a Pokemon Trainer to make it a little more realistic. Plus, it'll help my story be a bit more mature and allow for some semi-adult content (nothing major, mind you).

You know, you could just write about a bunch of older characters and be done with it. There's nothing wrong with writing about someone who might've started late, if you can provide a decent explanation as to why. Alternatively, it's possible to simply write about an established trainer who's pulled into something else. You know, like someone who's been a trainer for several years, may be in the middle of a badge run, and ends up pulled into a side quest for whatever reason. Or someone who starts in on a new league or someone who finally decides to drop another Pokemon-related occupation to switch to training. Point is, there's tons of possibilities, but most writers tend to cop out and just screw with the minimum age in order to let themselves write about older characters. And no, it just doesn't work in most cases (particularly if you do it for a meta reason to begin with).

I'm sorry, but it's just a pet peeve of mine to see authors upping the minimum age to "make things realistic." The reason why is because, really, a fourteen-year-old is no better than an eleven-year-old at taking care of himself. Sure, there's a bit more maturity, but throwing a kid out into the wild is still throwing a kid out into the wild.

What I mean is that a kid in his early teens still doesn't quite have it together. While you've graduated from the age where you think girls are infested with cooties, frogs are the best thing in the world, and Superman is your all-time hero (or at least most people at fourteen have), that still doesn't mean you can take care of yourself. Most likely, you still don't know the ins and outs of cooking, cleaning your own clothes (with and without machines to do it for you), making a fire (unless you're a Boy Scout -- which isn't all of us anyway), gathering edible food when your supplies run low (see note about Boy Scouts) or buying it and then preparing it, first aid, and all the other little details about taking care of yourself in the wild. As in, a fourteen-year-old really just lacks the same sort of skills that a ten-year-old lacks when it comes to taking care of oneself in the wild. Never mind the fact that a fourteen-year-old is still pretty blinking immature. (Adult themes? If I recall correctly, the people I knew at fourteen were still giggling over the fact that Lara Croft had boobs. I don't think fourteen-year-old characters are quite ready for starring in a fic with sex, violence, drugs, and the rest of the shebang classified under "adult.")

The Pokemon world tends to be different about things either way. For whatever reason, children are taught at a young age how to fend for themselves because that's what the culture states is necessary. So, by the age of ten, they already know enough to go out into the wild. Otherwise, Ash would have been dead a long time ago. (I mean, let's face it. Ash is a moron. You think a moronic ten-year-old would have survived past twenty episodes? And he wasn't even much of a Gary Stu back then.) And by the age of fourteen, you have groups like Brock and the other Gym Leaders, who are well-established simply because the culture of the Pokemon world spat them out early. Realistic? Depends on how you view culture. In some real-world cultures, thirteen-year-old boys go out and perform potentially dangerous stunts (like go on "spirit quests" with no food or water for several days until they have visions and stick their hands in gloves with ticked fire ants) to prove their manhood. That takes years of training to build up to, so naturally, they have the skills to at least prevent themselves from dying off by ten, let alone thirteen. Okay, yeah, that's a pretty different example, but my point is that some cultures train their children from pretty early ages to grow up fast and learn what it's like to be an adult.

That and it's just canon. You don't change some of the obvious points of canon without a good reason for doing it because, after all, what you're doing is fanfiction. Gotta remember that above all, you're just doing it to respect the original fandom. Yeah, I know it's AU, but when it comes to AU, there's just some things you really can't change unless you explain. Otherwise, you've missed the point of writing AU in the first place. (All AU does is answer the question of, "What if this happened instead?" I could go into a further explanation about this, but for the sake of going off onto another tangent, I'll spare you.)

That rant aside, I wish you luck in your story. To be honest, I only skimmed through your profiles because I prefer to read actual snippets or chapters before making a decision. What I saw, though, and what I'd like to warn you about, is that your characters feel very generic. You have the hot-headed good guy new trainer, the egotistical jerk of a rival, and the obligatory female sidekick. That's the formula for a ton of new trainer stories that have hit the fandom since its inception, so you'll want to be wary of that and work to make your characters believable and multi-dimensional. After all, characters are a large chunk of your story. If we really can't feel for the characters, then the rest of the story will just seem rigid and stock.