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raquaza killer
July 31st, 2008, 7:46 AM
chapter one in the town of pallet town ash ketchem started his journey. after he started a boy had moved there after ash ketchem started his journy through out kanto. ash was in virdian city when the boy had moved in pallet town. the boy made freinds and became a trainer. his starter was a pidgey. pidgey hated the boy but became the boy named green became freinds with pidey.

chapter two the big battle. after green moved to pallet he had forgot to tell his mom he was already in virdian. he had saw missing sighns with his face on them he paneckt and paneckt my moms going to freak' said green hee traveled back to pallet therewere police every were even in the water seing if green had drowned green saw it all freome rout one but then a ratata atcked goooo pidgey' said green. pidgey use tackel on the ratata' ratata was nocked out almost then ratata used hyper fang but then pidgey use gust and nocked out ratata. BUT THEN there came a trainer named gary. hm who are you'? im green'. fine then lets battel'. fine!' gary was determoned hed win completely. go spearow peck'. pidgey gust'. the battel took on for long adn then gary sent out squrtel his best pokemon. squrtel used bubble it deafeated pidgey. sigh' said green what u dont know how to actept of looseing of a battle'? NO GRRRRR'!! hm you need to train hard ' said gary like i do' chapter three the second pokemon green got into pallet then his mother came stomping over to him GRRRR WERE WERE U?' uh training said green' after that green saw professer oak walk towards him here have a bulbausuar k? green here thatnks' said green chapter four

July 31st, 2008, 3:41 PM


This is...yeah. Really bad. Errors abound everywhere. It's short. It's messy.

It's closed. Really try again.