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August 12th, 2004, 2:18 PM
Hello everyone! ^__^

I've finally found some time to hand aroudn one of my favourite forums here at PC, hehe the art forums. I'll be posting *unless the thread dies* some pictures computer made and of course SKETCHES, hand drawn using a pencil.

First of all, the two pictures i drew for my good friend Satoshi-kun, Red & Green.



August 12th, 2004, 2:27 PM
o_0 woah....dude....you DREW those?? Those are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are like a professional!

August 12th, 2004, 2:57 PM
Arent those the pics on the new layouts?

August 12th, 2004, 3:07 PM
Yup, I drew those and they are on the new PC themes. See my signature? There's the list of the names people know me online.

Here goes a non-pokémon image i drew today:


August 13th, 2004, 8:22 AM
Here goes another sketch. This one is based off the The Misty-mermaid episode.

It's a sketch. I might eventually CG it and work on it more seriously sometime ^^;


Estrella Oscura
August 13th, 2004, 8:37 AM
I like you colored pics. You did well in the anime style with them. The shading is good as well.
The last sketch is funny ^^ also looks good... the shading on it is a little flat though.

August 14th, 2004, 6:37 AM
If someone comes with a good picture idea i can take up request, hehe. Just keep them Pokémon related, ok? ^__^

August 14th, 2004, 6:56 AM
I like those drawilings their really cool!Your good!

August 14th, 2004, 7:16 AM
I have a pieace its in black and white i have it drawen can you color it
I put the scan later. oh and program do you use to color it and where do i get a download?

August 14th, 2004, 10:13 AM
I use Macromedia Flash MX to draw and colour in the images, hehehe :P

I also use my trusty optical mouse ^^

August 14th, 2004, 11:33 AM
i got a scetch idea. how about the eeveelutions? just a suggestion...

August 14th, 2004, 12:29 PM
Well, maybe it's about time i get the eevee evolutions all together in a pic. I might get it done, hehe ^__^

Green and Charizard
August 19th, 2004, 1:57 AM
Nice arts! I like your color!

Professor Britch
August 19th, 2004, 2:59 PM
hey I need Like a Professor Britch Pic. I don't care if its a sketch then colored in or if its a Computer drawn one But to tell you the Truth I like the Sketches Better and you are good verry good in deed but I suck

yes I do Suck at Drawing :( well if you can please make me a Professor Britch Drawing

well Thanks

Professor Britch the Pokemon Professor

August 19th, 2004, 3:07 PM
Ooo, you going to do any more PSO work? ^^; Will look forward to it if you do.

August 19th, 2004, 3:11 PM
Awesome pictures, I love the Misty Mermaid one!

August 29th, 2004, 1:50 PM
Alright, thanks for the ideas, I'll get them done :P

Here's a new pic I did -before i read your messages- today.


August 29th, 2004, 5:09 PM
Great art Nil! XD I think you should draw a Haruka x Shuu Pic (May x.... The green rival kid that shes rivalling, whatever his name is)

August 30th, 2004, 12:25 AM
that is professional stuff i must say..

August 30th, 2004, 12:42 PM
Here's the pic dark_espeon asked for, the eeveelutions! I've coloured them and shaded them as they do in the anime. Here we go!


Both the sad elf and this picture are shrunken versions. I've got the large original size pictures in my computer.

August 30th, 2004, 12:58 PM
Wow that is awsome man! Keep up the good work. Your stuff looks exactly like the anime!

August 31st, 2004, 8:39 AM
A non-pkmn image. Same charecter as before, but this time it's her adult form.


I made this character up, so (c) is to me ;P

August 31st, 2004, 8:47 AM
VERY nice work, I can like draw a house and that's it...

August 31st, 2004, 8:48 AM
Hey man that Eevee evolutions one is awesome i love it keep up the good work


September 1st, 2004, 1:57 PM
More Images. I haven't done Tsugi's request yet, but here are some recoloured images i drew a while ago to suit the anime style. Some of them have been change quite a lot since i drew them because i've improved ^^;;

I'm planning to draw all the pkmn in anime style. These won't be official images but it's sure a cool idea ^^;






September 2nd, 2004, 12:57 PM
Emerald Male Trainer: Yuuki/Brendan

I drew it anime style. Even he hasn't actually appeared in the anime -except for the movie 6 intro cameo where he couldn't be seen clearly- this is more or less how he would look like:


September 2nd, 2004, 1:43 PM
Like I told ya on AIM, one of the best character drawings ive ever seen.

September 3rd, 2004, 3:33 AM
Aww those are so brilliant, perhaps you could so A squirtle one for me :D!

Well done! There so great, much better than anything I could ever do! XD!

September 3rd, 2004, 8:22 AM
Sure! :rambo:


Ta da! Here's a Squirtle. As I said I'm working on drawing all the Pokémon, heh heh heh :laugh:

September 3rd, 2004, 8:27 AM
Hey thats awesome could you do a Blaziken for me PLEASE


September 3rd, 2004, 8:37 AM
Wow, did you really do that for me, Its so great, thanks alot! :laugh:!

September 4th, 2004, 1:36 AM
Thats the way man.

You rule!


September 5th, 2004, 8:12 AM
Ok, up to now i've got to do this requests:

Request List:
RAYQVASA - Asked for a Suicune or Feraligatr
Pokemon_Veteran - Asked for a Blaziken

I just had the idea of drawing some more human characters... such as.. the Gold/Silver/Crystal Cerulean Gym leader, Kasumi/Misty!


September 5th, 2004, 8:23 AM
Wow! Your pics are wonderful! You are a great artist.
I would love to draw like you^^ Ehehehe.

Maybe you will draw Kanon/Bianca with Houndour for me, please?
But only when you have a time of course^^

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 6th, 2004, 2:41 AM
Ehehe, try Lt. Surge later, not forgetting his new sunglasses. If you've seen Stadium 2's version... he has like the coolest glasses and all...

September 6th, 2004, 10:56 AM
Hahah I will. I was thinking baout how i'd draw Lt. Surge today... just thinking, haven't started anything yet :P

Here's a Elite Four Member from Pkmn GSC again:

You can check some new pics at http://www.poke-safari.com/sketchbook/ (GETTOdaze!) too :)

September 6th, 2004, 11:02 AM
omg. Taht can be true! Its SO AWESOME. OMG. They look like in the anime!!! OMG, thaey are good. i should stop saying, OMG -_-

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 6th, 2004, 1:27 PM
Bueatiful! And anime-style too! Tried using gradients (and bending them)?

Anyway, good job. Wil looks great.

Gonna try 3DCG one day?

September 6th, 2004, 1:34 PM
I like way to much the anime shading style i guess XD
But I should surely try bending one of them at least or 3dCG'em ..

(For the very first time in this post, I haven't posted a pic, whoot!! I'm gonna take some kind of revenge for that.. lol XD)

September 6th, 2004, 6:12 PM
Awesome artwork! That's Will of the Elite Four if I'm not wrong ^^
Btw, I visited your website and I can't sign the guestbook =P

September 6th, 2004, 9:45 PM
Your picture is really sexy you know? ^^
I have seen your site. Nice but you don`t have a lot of pics there. I hope, you will draw some soon. Anyway, I will give you 20/10. Very nice arts. I bet, you use PSP7

September 7th, 2004, 11:59 PM
I use Macromedia Flash MX to draw all those. Paint Shop Pro is only used to compress the PNG images to reduce their filesize :P

Yesterday I couldn't get into PC... blame my proxy connection -_-

Still i drew some more pictures:

Surfing Pikachu / Naminori Pikachuu

Quilava / Magumarashi
Gold/Hiro/Kenta/Yoshi (whatever you want to call him XD)

BTW, I fixed the Guestbook problems now :)

September 8th, 2004, 2:51 AM
Wow. Pokesafari. Its awasome, man. How can you draw those!? Its really awesome work. Love it.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 8th, 2004, 3:45 AM
Wow Nil, Gold is quite well-drawn! It's better than that avatar that many of the new members keep using... XD

September 8th, 2004, 5:49 AM
Hey they are Awesome pokesafari but are you still doin the Blaziken


September 8th, 2004, 6:08 AM
Thanks everyone for your comments ^____^

Pokemon_Veteran, Blaziken will get done tonight, when I get home *is not at home right now as you can figure out XD*

Wow Nil, Gold is quite well-drawn! It's better than that avatar that many of the new members keep using... XD

Sure looks better to me too. Probably because those avatars are now 1 and 1/2 yrs old and I've improved quite a bit since then ^^;;

September 8th, 2004, 10:06 AM
I`m your fan, Pokesafari! ^_^ I really love all your picces and I wanna see more!
I have seen your site. I hope, you will draw more trainers and GL (Whitney! Yay!). Can I say something? Probably you will draw Sabrina. Maybe you will draw her with a smile on her face? I have seen many her pics and she is still so gloomy. Your pic should me orignal^^ But.... it is only my idea.

September 19th, 2004, 3:31 PM
Sorry for not drawing... i mean CGing pics. I draw almost daiy except weekends (which i use to sleep, do some bits for pokemon safari and study) XD

Today i found and old sketch of a caterpie, which I drew 2 YEARS ago and i decided to CGI it as it was fast to do.


Now that emerald is out I'll be doing anime versions of the Battle Frontier Leaders and Enishida :P

September 19th, 2004, 3:43 PM
Wow nice drawings your a great artist ^-^

September 19th, 2004, 4:07 PM
Hey can you do one for me. It doesn't have to be exactly like the description but it would be nice if it was.

Dark blue eyes,blond hair,pony tale, Navy hat with the letters PL in yellow on the front a Blue T-shirt also with the letters PL in yellow on the right shoulder,blue jeans, gloves like Ash’s but a different color(navy on the hand part and yellow on the wrist), Backpack(Blue with PL in yellow) that has holders on it that hold Pokéballs and on the other side a holder for a pokedex and a jacket that looks like the shirt tied around the waste. I guess the skin color should be something like this Color It was the closest I could find so it isn't exactly right but it'll do fine. For a better look at it its the color LemonChiffon.

Don't worry much about getting the colors right. And for the skin tone that can definatly be changed. As long as the color isn't changed completely I don't mind. If you don't want to do this one its alright. I've been having trouble finding someone who wants to.

September 20th, 2004, 12:15 AM
Sorry for not drawing... i mean CGing pics. I draw almost daiy except weekends (which i use to sleep, do some bits for pokemon safari and study) XD

Today i found and old sketch of a caterpie, which I drew 2 YEARS ago and i decided to CGI it as it was fast to do.


Now that emerald is out I'll be doing anime versions of the Battle Frontier Leaders and Enishida :P

Its a very nice pic. But I think, your Caterpie should have bigger eyes.

September 20th, 2004, 9:56 AM
You should go work for the people at Nintendo o_o

September 22nd, 2004, 8:38 AM
Here's a cool one. Emerald Haruka/May. I've been asked to do this one sooooooo much lately. I also wanted to do it, so.. hehehe ^^;


September 22nd, 2004, 12:11 PM
Great pic on all them :3 <3 the Kenta and Haruka :3 I should cg more XD But I dont ahve flash anymore so no more super crisps drawings from me *uses OC now*

September 22nd, 2004, 3:08 PM
Hello PoKeSaFaRi, If it isn't to hard could you draw me a picture of the trainer in my Trainer Card(which is in my sig) with his Politoad.

September 22nd, 2004, 5:11 PM
Awesome-looking Haruka! ^^ (I prefer Haruka over May for name-calling =P)
(Yayz last day of exams today and then I can draw a bit more too ^^)

September 23rd, 2004, 1:54 AM
If someone comes with a good picture idea i can take up request, hehe. Just keep them Pokémon related, ok? ^__^

I had to quote myself, just as a reminder.

Made up won't be considered Pokémon characters, but I might get them drawn. It depends on my mood, time and imagination XD

September 23rd, 2004, 5:32 AM
Errrr..... I`m original, your pic of Haruka is different. I mean, she doesn`t look exactly like Haruka from anime. Ummm.... she has quite different face and I think, her second eye is smaller.

Spirit of the Moon
September 24th, 2004, 1:45 AM
They're really nice,cool and creative arts! I like all!

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 27th, 2004, 2:57 AM
Ya know my request anyway Nil. ;)
I seem to notice or ask myself: have I commented at all? No, I keep closing all the tabs... XD

Love the art. Love it so. Let's see you catch up with Ken Sugimori. =D

Forest Grovyle
September 27th, 2004, 3:18 AM
I love your pics, PokeSafari :D I think they're awesome! They look so official! Keep up the incredible work! ;)

--FG :)

October 8th, 2004, 2:28 PM
This is a QUICK SKETCH I drew today at Univeristy when bored in a class... -math class to be accurate- (don't go saying I should pay attention to class, I know that already! :P)

It's my pkmn character with some made up clothing. Anyways here it is XD


I'll do proper CG works as soon as I have some free time, as right now University eats most of my time...(my schedule has gone high on study time...time to do some kind of diet.. o.O'')

I'll post more pics made in class if I get bored and have something to draw on. Anyways see you around anytime! :P

October 8th, 2004, 2:36 PM
I didn't mention it before, but I bought a scanner a week ago... so I decided to scan some of the old pics from last year at college. The reason I drew them.... same as above, bored at class XD

Anyways, here are some more SKETCHES!

Marina & Totodile (drawn during a Philosohpy Class)

Fire Red (drawn during a Physics Class)

Note: SKETCHES are drawn in my Pokémon-Personal crossover style, that's why they aren't that close to the anime. That's because it's fast for me to draw them that way without being caught or spending too much timeXD!!

October 8th, 2004, 2:41 PM
Thats a cool pic. Do you do requests? I'm not sure cause my last request was a dud but it wasn't really Pokemon so I don't know if that counts. I want a pic of an Eevee wearing a headband. Umm I don't know what color just navy with some symbol I guess. You can decide what the symbol is. It doesn't have to be blue either, I just said the first color that came to my mind so it doesn't matter.

Ninja Retsu
October 8th, 2004, 6:13 PM
Cool arts! I am very sure,you can draw Pokemon Special characters as cool and nice!
Keep up the nice work!

October 8th, 2004, 10:48 PM
can you draw Gary from fire red with umbreon beside him?

October 9th, 2004, 3:31 AM
Great sketches. Scan the Kimori one beside the Mle Trainer from FRLG :3 Please XD

October 9th, 2004, 5:04 AM
That's what there was in the back of the FR Trainer drawing *placed only decent Kimori pics*

*For some weird unknown reason i drew 3 tails on kimori, maybe i wanted to give the movement feeling to the pic.. can't remember.


I'll search some old sketches as u are showing interest in them XD

October 9th, 2004, 6:47 AM
Those kimori pictures are great! I can hardly draw any Pokemon in action =P Good work!

Ninja Retsu
October 9th, 2004, 7:11 PM
Nice,PoKeSaFaRi! You should work for anime studio!

October 10th, 2004, 7:14 AM
More randomness from my OLDIES pics! I'm happy I got the scanner so i can show u some :P

Yu-gi-oh fans will like this sketch I drew 2 years ago

Pokémon pics drawn 2yrs ago too:




October 10th, 2004, 7:46 AM
I don't mean to be rude, but do you still plan on doing the Battle Fronteir Leaders?

October 10th, 2004, 10:45 AM
I don't mean to be rude, but do you still plan on doing the Battle Fronteir Leaders?

Don't worry, it's ok. U are not being rude. Yeah I plan to do them. In case you didn't notice, all of those are OLD pics.. I just wanted to keep the thread alive while i get them done :P

But as I said before (and if i didn't i'll say now) University takes up lots of time. I'm doing computer engineering, so when i get home i don't feel like sitting in front of the computer, but on the TV or listen music (that's when i don't have to study, of course ^^;;)

I'll try to get a pair of them this week...or at least one !

Ninja Retsu
October 10th, 2004, 4:51 PM
Nice and very good sketches. Yugi looks awesome too.

October 10th, 2004, 6:21 PM
Yami Yugi looks freaky Oo;;
But the rest are really good. Like the shuckle, the way the curves are drawn are really good.

October 11th, 2004, 2:26 PM
Arena Captain Kogomi! This is the first of the Battle Frontier "Brain Trusts" (or leaders if you prefer) I've drawn. She is the Battle Arena Brain Trust

Who will be drawn next...who knows XD! (should i know?.. hmmm)


I might edit the image and add the Pokémon she uses on another pic.

October 11th, 2004, 2:34 PM
Ooo That one is very Cool , Great Job on it ~ I like the shading ^_^ Ya always do Great pics :)

October 11th, 2004, 3:37 PM
Aw! That's a cute picture :3. Keep up the great work :D

Ninja Retsu
October 11th, 2004, 5:24 PM
Nice and cute picture! Keep up the good work.

October 11th, 2004, 9:21 PM
The pose is good ^^ I don't know why, but I find the hair a little artificial =P

October 12th, 2004, 1:15 AM
Yeah, she's good a weird hair style, blame Ken Sugimori for drawing her that hair XD

Hmm long time since I have drawn a male trainer at PC.. maybe the next frontier Brain Trust we'll be a male *hint hint* =P

October 12th, 2004, 4:00 AM
I made up my mind while i was drawing a Brain Trust/Frontier Leader and ended up with....



(don't consider this double post, as i'm taking about different stuff and wrote it at different times! ^^; )

October 12th, 2004, 4:56 AM
Wow! thats really good! I want to see more of your pics! ^_^

October 12th, 2004, 7:16 PM
omg! Lance of the E4/Champion Lance XD
I think he has to be my favourite of all the Elite Four and Champs ^^;;
Great job!

Ninja Retsu
October 12th, 2004, 10:55 PM
Lance is really cool! Nice art!

October 18th, 2004, 1:36 PM
Some more old CLASS MADE sketches. These are more recent. Images are placed in the order i drew them




Forest Grovyle
October 18th, 2004, 1:40 PM
Awesome sketches, PokeSafari! I especially love the way you have drawn Lance in that first picture - it looks just like him! You have a Delibird's bag-load of talent! :D

Ninja Retsu
October 19th, 2004, 12:38 AM
They're very nice sketches! Keep up the good work!

October 19th, 2004, 2:19 AM
Canyou draw the Battle Tube Girl, Azami :3? http://serebii.net/emerald/tube.shtml

October 19th, 2004, 11:37 AM
Tsk tsk.. don't link to that site on my topic, lol! I know who Azami is. I've got those images too as I've got a site and did some research too on the Battle frontier.

BTW, this might be interesting for everyone:

There you can see that my drawings and the original ones drawn by Ken Sugimori look quite alike.. Wee!

I might buy that book at Yesasia.com as I did with the Japnese FRLG Pokémon Zukan book ^^;;

October 19th, 2004, 11:49 AM
Hey Nil nice job i like abunch your pics and you know i do ,they are all amazing .again good work , but btw what happnened with the shades on lance and the other ones , just seing page 4 gonna check the whole topic.

Ninja Retsu
October 19th, 2004, 10:48 PM
It's really cool and nice art! Good job!

October 20th, 2004, 2:59 AM
Wow, I love your drawings they are really great!

October 20th, 2004, 3:19 AM
What is this "Battle Frontier" stuff? Never heard of it before. :\