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  • I know! I mixed it up a bit. I think I switched when I was making those Mario fonts. I was in a lovely retro Mario mood at the time.

    Anyway, omg hi! By pure coincidence that I even signed in here, I was checking something in particular. I'm not really all that active anymore.

    Nice to hear from you and see you're not... really gone again? I think. How're you doing? Everything okay?
    Don't worry... just a week and a bit until I join you in the quarter-century club. :(

    Look at me, awake at 5am like a responsible adult worthy of my age.

    /slinks off to bed
    omg ok the style i'm using does not notify me of... notifications. I thought I'd posted that to your profile without any prompting and now it looks like i ignored you, hahaha. sorryyyy!

    I hope everything gets resolved. :( Drama sucks. (Glad to see you haven't totally disappeared again this time though!)

    And yeah, PC never really seems to change. I don't know how it manages to pretty much feel the same every time.
    Obviously I don't have a trainer or else Cherrim would have been known in Gen I. IVs are not determined until a Pokemon is generated in an encounter so it follows that I am genderless until someone trips over me in tall grass.
    What. I was using it just last week. :( It's working for me now so I have no idea what's wrong with it.
    Hi, I'm Cameron. I usually zone out when people talk about old times so I don't know any of the gossip about you.

    But yeah, I could use more people to practice with, too. That'd be great.
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