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August 1st, 2008, 8:14 PM
Sign-Ups are Open Again!!!

Electrike is open for anybody who would like to sign-up for it. If you do want her sign-up in the ooc thread. I repeat, in the ooc thread. You will be denied if you break this rule.

I decided to open up my own Hoenn RP since Zimvee closed his. If you're in my other RP, the Great Adventure *Remake*, sadly I won't be running that anymore. I'm hoping that this rp will be a little more organized and fun than the other one.
Welcome to the world of Pokemon! It is a vast and diverse land filled with many unique creatures called Pokemon. Trainers set off on journeys to capture these creatures and train them in battle to be the best. On their journey, they challenge special trainers called gym leaders and collect gym badges from them when they defeat them in battle.
You have heard many tales and legends about trainers who have traveled these lands and were brave and powerful enough to defeat gym leaders and collect their badges. Some of them are even from your hometown of Littleroot!
Wanting to be just like these trainers, you have decided to start your own journey with Pokemon. With a new unique pokemon, and partner, you will set off into the vast world of pokemon. Your ultimate goal is to challenge the gym leaders and collect all eight badges and then go on to the Pokemon League for a chance at becoming the Champion.
But it isn't as easy as it sounds. You must travel through the world with your new partner and battle through many obstacles. Battling together, you must capture wild pokemon to build your team and defeat the many challenging trainers that are all after the same goal as you- becoming the best.
You may even run into the two teams terrorizing the region of Hoenn- Team Magma and Team Aqua. Team Magma's goal is to cover the whole world with land, while Team Aqua's dream is to drown the whole world in water. It may only be up to you and your fellow trainers to put a stop to their plans for the world.
So be brave and step into the world of Pokemon! There will be tough challenges and hard times, but you must push through. On the path you may meet many friends, make new rivals, and will be depended and trusted on by other trainers. Be strong and battle through all the way to the Pokemon League!

1.) Be Active!! This has to be one of the most important rules in the rp! We can't keep this rp running if no one ever posts. You must be able to post every one or two days. Pm me if you're going away or can't make it to the computer for awhile. We'll work it out.
2.) No legendaries will be caught in this rp! If you don't like it, I'm sorry. Later on in the rp, you'll be able to work with some legendary pokemon, though.
3.) Do not god-mod or bunny any other of the players. Unless you have gotten permission from that player, do not completely control another person. I will have a serious problem if you break this rule.
4.) Follow the personality and history that you made for you character. It makes no sense to make a happy, light personality for your character and then make them mad all the time in the rp. This is why you're making them!
5.) Have Fun!! This is another important rule. Do not sign-up if you have no intention of having fun. Put some effort into your posts and help make this rp enjoyable!

Character Profile
Age- (10-15 please)

Appearance- I need at least a paragraph for this. You will need trainer cards later.

Personality- This will be the most important thing as this is how your character will act in the rp.

History- Once again, a paragraph. Just explain events that have happened in your past, how you decided to become a Pokemon Trainer, etc..

Preferred starter- Simply put which starter you want down here. If it's taken, pick another one. There will only be one trainer per pokemon.

Starter Pokemon (All Pokemon start at level 5)
Normal Pokemon
Treeko- Taken by RealPyromaniac
Type- Grass
Gender- Male
Attacks- Pound, Leer
Ability- Overgrow
Nature- Bold

Torchic- Taken by Zimvee
Type- Fire
Gender- Female
Attacks- Scratch, Growl
Ability- Blaze
Nature- Quirky

Mudkip- Reserved By Serginho
Type- Water
Gender- Male
Attacks- Tackle, Growl
Ability- Torrent
Nature- Timid

Special Pokemon (These Pokemon require better sign-ups)
Skitty- Taken By Dai-tan
Type- Normal
Gender- Female
Attacks- Tackle, Tail Whip
Ability- Cute Charm
Nature- Naive

Makuhita- Taken By Rubii Naruto
Type- Fighting
Gender- Male
Attacks- Tackle, Focus Energy, Sand-Attack
Ability- Thick Fat
Nature- Hasty

Electrike- Open for Anybody
Type- Electric
Gender- Female
Attacks- Tackle, Thunder Wave
Ability- Static
Nature- Serious

Bagon- Taken by behbod55
Type- Dragon
Gender- Male
Attacks- Rage, Bite
Ability- Rock Head
Nature- Brave

Game Play
When all the slots are taken, we will begin the rp.
Like most rps, I will not be participating in this rp. Instead, I will be the "Game Master", controlling many characters such as Proffesor Birch, both Teams, Wild Pokemon, Gym Leaders, etc.
You will be in charge of your own character and your own pokemon. For your pokemon, you will be in charge of the moves they learn, if you want for them too evolve, etc. You cannot godmod other players' pokemon and actions (like mentioned in the rules). If trying to capture a wild pokemon, I will decide whether you have caught it or not, and what its level is depending on the quality of your post.
This rp will be in "Chapter Form." This means I will post a chapter with information of the area you are in, and what you're allowed to do. There will be no specific order to post in, but you must wait in between each of your posts to wait for me to grade your post. In this grading, I will tell you the level boosts your pokemon have gotten, the moves they are, or trying to, learn, the items you've gotten, etc.
Please refer to the RolePlay rules if you have any more questions, or Pm me.

Accepted Players
Treeko- Solona "Solar" Lin/ RealPyromaniac
Torchic- Bobby Baker/ Zimvee
Mudkip- Sergio/ serginho

Skitty- Azure "Zuri" Souma/ Dai-tan
Makuhita- Christopher Evans/ Rubii Naruto
Bagon- Adam/ behbod55

(I referred to Zimvee's Hoenn rp for the layout of the introduction, so I must give credit to you, Zimvee.)

August 2nd, 2008, 12:51 AM
Character Profile
Name - Solana "Solar" Lin
Gender - female
Age - 15

Appearance - Solana is very girly girl and she likes to show it off with her glamorous dress´ and skirts. She usually wears something easy and light as she works and trains really much with her grandmother but sometimes she just like to wear something cool and pretty. Her favorite dress is the one that her grandmother made herself as a gift and she uses it very often when she´s walking outside the mansion. It is light purple and she likes to wear a special designed umbrella, pink shoes and pink t-shirt with it. Her hair are sea blue and it is her favorite colour just like her grandmother´s too. Solana often changes her hair colour and outfit which make her very hard to spot in crowd and she also is a fanatic pokémon cosplayer as her favorite pokémons are dragon-like pokémons.

Personality - Solana is very social girl, who was born in big and rich family. She has good relationship to her parents and brothers and sisters but she loves the most her grandmother, who has raised her as her parents were gone several years. She likes to joke around and she loves to hang around pokémons as her grandmother has few pretty cool pokémons. Even tough Solana´s parents are really rich and famous, she doesn´t mind about money that much but she has a quite amount of money herself too but she likes to earn them by work, not like her sisters and brothers. She has a dream to be the best cordinator ever and become the Champion of Hoenn League.

History - Solana was born in big and rich family as she has two brothers and two sisters who are all trainers around different regions. Her parents used to live in Kanto but moved into Hoenn as they thought there would be more save but maintainly they travel trough pokémonworld all the time. Solana´s grandmother who lives in Littleroot Town took Solana under her wings and raised her as her own daughter and tought everything about pokémons that she knew. Solana is very skilled using pokémons just like her parents and her grandmother are but she likes more cordinating than battling. Solana´s best friend, Carina, is also a newbie trainer but since they both start they journey´s and they turned rival´s they weren´t that close bonded anymore. She never gives mercy or pity her opponents as she is very feisty and tough and never gives up when it comes battling or cordinating.

Preferred starter - I´d prefer Bagon but if that´s not Ok. then Treecko.

August 2nd, 2008, 2:45 AM
Name- Azure "Zuri" Souma
Gender- Female
Age- 10

Appearance- Zuri is simply short for her age barely reaching the four foot mark, her hair is short in a boyish cut, her left eye covered by the long aqua-teal coloured bangs that connect to the rest of her her short blonde hair. She has caramell coloured eyes, so warm and inviting, that stand out against her pale skin. Her frame is thin, perfectly portioned to her height.
Zuri can usually be found wearing a bright blue miniskirt that has a white stripe a long the bottom, a loose black t-shirt, a large white jacket with light blue accents, loose socks, a pair of white with blue decor running shoes, and two hair clips she uses to pull the bangs away from her right eye. She has a thing for loose shirts due to some of her insecurities.

Personality- Zuri is quite intelligent but chooses to hide it and act dumb and/or stupid in a childish way sometimes unintentionally adding "Aha!" to a lot of her sentences. She can be quite naive, but lacks not in courage. Zuri tends to annoy others with her overly happy/bubbly moods, and is almost never sad, and when she is it's for petty things like losing candy or something of the sort. Zuri has a tendancy to be nit-picky about little things like organizing, which she does a lot. She is quite artistic, though doesn't recognize her own abilities and is quite afraid of Tentacruel and Tentacool. Oh...did I forget to mention she has the the manners of a delinquent boy? Well sorry her only outside source was her punky older brother

History- Azure, the second child of Jennifer and Kenta Souma, was born minutes before sunrise after Jennifer gave birth to the first Souma, Brian. The two children grew up as twins, doing everything together, no matter what it be; bathing, eating, playing, you name it. Because of Azure's smallness and helpless appearance, at the age of five she had been the victim of attempted kidnapping. After the alleged culprit was caught Azure was no longer allowed to leave her home without her mother or father. This caused a rift between Azure and Brian, Azure staying naive and pure, not getting much information from the outside, whilst Brian grew up like a normal boy.
Azure decided at the age of nine to sneak out of her house to get fresh air, she met other girls her age and was talked into dying her hair. Jennifer saw this and knew Azure needed to grow up, to live her life. Jennifer decided that Azure could manage her own and allowed Azure to ready to become a Pokemon trainer. Still paranoid Jennifer contacted the Professor and things were arranged...Azure's Pokemon journey was about to begin.
Preferred starter- I'd Prefer Skitty...But Mudkip is fine if not Skitty.

August 2nd, 2008, 5:39 AM
To RealPyromaniac: Great Sign-Up, but if you want Bagon, I want for your Appearance and History to be a little bit longer. Just add another one or two sentences to add a little more detail. Right Now, you're Pending (Unless you just want to keep your profile the same and take Treeko. That's up to you.)

To Dai-tan: That was a very good Sign-Up! Skitty is all yours. You're Accepted.

August 2nd, 2008, 6:09 AM
(Thank you so much! I Look foreward to RPing with you guys.)

August 2nd, 2008, 7:17 AM
To RealPyromaniac: Okay, that's good enough thanks. And I know how you rp. You're Accepted.

August 2nd, 2008, 8:17 AM
Character Profile
Name- Bobby Baker
Gender- Male
Age- 15
Appearance- Bobby is about 5ft 5in tall and weighs about 120lb. Very thin he's skin tone is tan almost to the point of looking like he is from the Caribbean as he spends most of his time outside. He has a mess of curly black hair that is constantly knotted and has dark brown Hershey chocolate eyes. He not on the strong side so he's very boney to the point that you can count his ribs. Among his family he is tall and lanky when he is actually rather short. Wears a brown unzipped jacket all the time with a black/brown shirt underneath. Wears blue jeans and and faded blue shoes. The shoes are a pair of hover shoes that Bobby has invented. Bobby also sports a pair of goggles that his dad gave him for his 8th birthday on his head that lets him see in the rain and sandstorms. They also double as binoculars and lets him see his and the opponents pokemon's stats.

Personality- Bobby has a laid back personality prefering to take the easy road insted of the hard road. He has a very optimistic view on life and always believes that whatever happens, happens and that you should get over it. Always smiling he uplifts everyone around him. When he's not exploring or battling, he's usually eating or sleeping. He has trouble making friends, but for those he has he defends them furiously. If he sees a friend in trouble or someone hurting a Pokemon, his anger ignites. However while he may be quick to anger, he is also quick to forgive, which is his biggest weakness.

History- Bobby was born in Olivine City and lived in a lonley world for 6 years. He had lived a sheltered life as when he was born, he almost died by an unknown disease. It looked like Bobby wasn't long for this world. He was a fighter though and manged to pull through. For the next six years Bobby was sheltered and sick quite often. He then met Jasmine. Bobby had been trapped in a land slide, as he was tired of being sheltered and went to go exploring against his mothers wishes. He was wondering near the beach when the strong winds knocked the rocks off. No one was around so he cried. Soon a young girl found him buried and called apon her Onix for help. When he was free, she let him borrow her Magnimite so that they could have a battle. Which he lost. And mulitple times after that. He found out that her name was Jasmine and they soon became inseperable.

While Bobby viewed her as an older sister, she saw him as the cute young boy. As years went by, their roles reveresed as Bobby became the outspoken one, and Jasmine became the quiet one. Jasmine soon became the Gym Leader of Olivine City because of her amazing battling skills and Bobby no longer had time to see her. So with a plan in mind he set out to become a Pokemon Trainer so that he could battle her and prove her once and for all he was better than her

Preferred starter- Torchic

August 2nd, 2008, 8:40 AM
To Zimvee: Bobby Baker again, huh? No, it's just a joke. You're Accepted.

August 2nd, 2008, 8:42 AM
its just easier if i use the same name of all the rps im in lol

August 2nd, 2008, 9:08 AM
Name- Michael (Mike) Granger
Gender- Male
Age- 12

Appearance- Mike is rather tall for his age, standing at 169cm. His legs seem to be the longest part of his body, which makes his baggy jeans seem straight. He has dark brown hair which sits upon his head (duh) which is slightly tanned. He wears bronze glasses and a bracelet with the name Mike on it in his faviroute colours, Green and orange.
He normally wears baggy jeans, as explained earlier, and a white top with a red pokeball on the front. When it gets warm he wears a buttoned shirt similar to his normal shirt and black 3 quater length tracky bottoms. He has a bug red backpack were he stores all of his things. He also has a belt were he holds his pokemon.

Personality- Mike is very mysterious. It takes alot to become freinds with him. He must trust you with his heart and he must know alot about you. He won't just greet strangers but that's not because he is shy. He is very outgoing when he makes a freind and is very bubble around kin (family for you average intelligence people) and freinds. He is very funny and cares only for people closeest to him. He is very competitive and loves Pokemon.

History- Mikes big brother became a Trainer at the age of 13 and by the time he was 15 he had moved to Sinnoh. Mike was always jealous of him and wanted to follow in his footsteps. The farthest he had went from Littleroot Town was just the route beside it and had always wanted to break free and explore the world. At 11 he joined Pokemon camp and learend alot about pokemon and at 12, he became a Pokemon Trainer...

Preferred starter- Electrike ^^

August 2nd, 2008, 10:20 AM
Character Profile
Name- Adam
Gender- male
Age- 13
Appearance- Adam is 5ft. 1inch tall and weighs about 80 pounds. He has tanned skin and always wears the same black beanie his mom gave him before she passed away, there is also a bit of his brown hair sticking out of the beanie. He has sky blue eyes like his brother and an average physique. He always wears the same black jeans, a black striped polo, and blue skate shoes. He also has a small scar on his left cheek that he has no idea how he got.

personality- Adam has a very sarcastic and wisecracking attitude, at times he seems like he doesn't care but in reality he is hiding the fact that sad of his mothers passing. He would never let anyone he cared about get hurt. He has always had a fascination with dragon pokemon and has always dreamed of having one, he is very knowledgeable as he spends most of is time at the library.

History: Adam was born in Canalave city and was shut out by his peers, he spent most of his time in the library to hide from the local bullys. His mother passed away when he was 8 years old, before his mother died she gave him a black beanie which he has not took off since. His father Dave thought they should move from the region so that Adam could forget about his sorrows in Canalave.
For years his brother Sam tried to cheer him up but it never worked. To keep his older brother quiet Adam acted like he was happy again but he was hiding it all along. Adam had no real ties with people except for his mother.

preferred starter- bagon

August 2nd, 2008, 10:30 AM
sorry i posted like 3 times :S my computer was trippin'...

August 2nd, 2008, 10:31 AM
can you reserve bagon or mudkip please

August 2nd, 2008, 10:32 AM
sorry i already took bagon
at least if i'm accepted

Zeta Sukuna
August 2nd, 2008, 10:33 AM
(I use this one a lot, but it works.)
Name: Christopher Evans
Age: 15
Birthday: 23rd October, 1992
Gender: Male

Appearance: Chris is 5'7" tall and has light tan skin, from being in the sun just a little bit in his life. Chris's hair is a nice golden brown, and is a little spiky, but not too bad. His eyes are a nice brown, but there are streaks of red in them. He isn't very muscular, but isn't really too skinny. He always wears a black shirt with a logo that looks like three chains, each wrapped in circles, all next to each other in sort of a triangular pattern. The front of the shirt has another chain, but wrapped like a triangle, with the words 'better to be a triangle then a circle'. His pants are also black with the circle triangle on the left side, and a triangle on the right. His shoes are also black, but they have a very small writing that says "triangle= originality" and "circle= imitation".

Personality: Chris isn't the nicest person to meet, having grown up in the Pyrite Orphanage. He doesn't make jokes and treats people with disrespect. If someone gets to open up, which isn't likely then you would know that his personality was caused by the rich people in Agate. Chris just despises rich people, since he thinks that they think that they're better than him. Chris may be cold, but if you really get to know him, then he can really be a good guy, but no one knows that because they're afraid of him. He views the Snagem and Cipher members as 'rich class' and despises them as well.

History: Chris was born in Phenac City, on a full moon. The doctors were puzzled about his eyes, but thought nothing of it. After a few days his parents took him home and they lived in peace, for a month, when three bandits came in and killed Chris's parents. The bandits also stole everything and dropped Chris off at the Pyrite orphanage as an act of supposed kindness, but the years at the orphanage were not good at all. Chris was subjected to beatings from the other kids, and the management, for being the weakest, but also the most rebellious.

When Chris was twelve, he ran from the orphanage and lived deep in Pyrite, so he wouldn't be taken back. Soon enough, Chris found three kids like him, and started to make friends with them, but in a month, the same kids started to beat him up and throw him out. Chris had had it and had stolen a lot of water, food, and a big backpack from a store and went out into the desert on his own. His food and water rations were gone in a month, but that's all it took as he made it to Agate somehow.

But after getting to Agate, the kids saw him and made fun of him for being poor, but Chris dealt with it until he was fourteen. Then he stole a few thousand from the rich kids and bought a hover bike and started riding around Orre, a month later Chris got bored with the Orre Region, and snuck on to a boat to Hoenn, Chris had to leave the bike behind, but he didn't mind. In a month, he walked to Littleroot Town, to get his first Pokémon.

Preferred starter: Makuhita

August 2nd, 2008, 10:49 AM
To Toxic0345: You're Accepted. Have fun with Electrike. (btw, you can delete two of those by editing you posts)

To behbod45: You have a good sign-up, but if you want Bagon, I suggest you make your appearance, personality, and history a little bit longer. Not that much, just an extra one or two sentences for each thing. Right now, you're Pending

To serginho: Mudkip is reserved for you. Fill out your profile as soon as possible ^^

To Rubii Naruto: Good sign-up. It looks very familar... No, I know its easy to use the same character. It can be easy to mix up things in different rps. Anyway, you can have Makuhita. You're Accepted.

Wow, the spots are filled already. Everyone get their profiles fixed as soon as possible and we can get started.

August 2nd, 2008, 10:56 AM
Character Profile
Name- Adam
Gender- male
Age- 13
Appearance- Adam is 5ft. 1inch tall and weighs about 80 pounds. He has tanned skin and always wears the same black beanie his mom gave him before she passed away, there is also a bit of his brown hair sticking out of the beanie. He has sky blue eyes like his brother and an average physique. He always wears the same black jeans, a black striped polo, and blue skate shoes. He also has a small scar on his left cheek that he has no idea how he got. He usually walks around with a blank expression that quickly changes when anyone says anything.

personality- Adam has a very sarcastic and wisecracking attitude, at times he seems like he doesn't care but in reality he is hiding the fact that sad of his mothers passing. He would never let anyone he cared about get hurt. He has always had a fascination with dragon pokemon and has always dreamed of having one, he is very knowledgeable as he spends most of is time at the library.
Adam loves to insult and give backhanded comments to people, even if they say any kind of insult to him it doesn't really make him feel bad.

History: Adam was born in Canalave city and was shut out by his peers, he spent most of his time in the library to hide from the local bullys. His mother passed away when he was 8 years old, before his mother died she gave him a black beanie which he has not took off since. His father Dave thought they should move from the region so that Adam could forget about his sorrows in Canalave.
For years his brother Sam tried to cheer him up but it never worked. To keep his older brother quiet Adam acted like he was happy again but he was hiding it all along. Adam had no real ties with people except for his mother. The night before Adam was going to leave for hoenn adam woke up with a peircing pain on his left cheeck, he got up to see a note on his chest saying *something to remember the sorrow*.......

preferred starter- bagon
how's that?

August 2nd, 2008, 11:12 AM
To behbod55: It is better. Have fun with Bagon. You're Accepted.

To Everyone: I have to get ready for a soccer game. I might be able to get on before I leave, but if I don't, I'll be back on at about 9:00 pm (it is about six hours away from now for people with different time zones). Everyone needs to make trainer cards at pokecharms.com (http://www.pokecommunity.com/pokecharms.com) I will make the ooc thread later with everyone's bio's in it.

August 2nd, 2008, 11:13 AM
Yes! thanks for accepting me this is my first rp......

August 2nd, 2008, 11:58 AM
Thanks :D well I sorta made my own Trainer Card


But if you dont like it then I will simply get a one from Pokecharms :)

And if they are alowed then if anyone else wants one just ask :)

August 2nd, 2008, 12:13 PM
Just wondering, are we allowed to catch at least one sinnoh pokemon?

August 2nd, 2008, 12:48 PM
Thanks :D well I sorta made my own Trainer Card


But if you dont like it then I will simply get a one from Pokecharms :)

And if they are alowed then if anyone else wants one just ask :)

We are just going to use Trainer Cards, but just out of curiousity, where did you get it?

Just wondering, are we allowed to catch at least one sinnoh pokemon?

I might have special events where you can obtain a Sinnoh pokemon, or pokemon from other regions.

August 2nd, 2008, 4:11 PM
(I can't access Pokecharms....so I Made this myself...Is that okay
Sorry my computer is weird xDDD )

August 2nd, 2008, 4:12 PM
soory it is taking so long i'm posting it wait a sec

Character Name: Sergio Santos
Gender: male
Age: 13
Appearance: Sergio is 5 ft 5 inch is chubby,because of this he is often refered to as fatcheeks and he has short hair wears a green shirt with a pair of jeans he has a blue backpack which caries all his items, he keeps his pokballs in a belt wich he caries with his belt. He wears the newest brands of poke air forces he does not wear glasses and bassicaly doesn't wear anything that has something to do with a handicap.

Personality: Sergio is a rather smart boy but he hates it if someone is smarter or trying to be smarter,he treats his pokémon well and helps out others if needed he is always smiling but if you say that he is chubby he gets angry and would fight you. Respect him and he will respect you hate him make fun of him and he will hate you and make fun of you twice as hard his moto is:Why so serieus make some fun :p

History: Sergio's parents broke up when Sergio was only two. But he kept going to his father every weekends.When Sergio was six his father married a woman wich gave him a growlithe but the growlithe disliked Sergio and Sergio released him. Sergio was at his last year of pokemon school when his father decided that he would go to sinnoh and now that Sergio is about to become a trainer he isn't there for him.His mother always helped him and encouraged him to like fire type pokemon and so he did.At the day he was getting his pokemon he arrived in hoenn from the johto region and ran to proffessor birch who was gone and later the bagon he wanted was gone so he chose mudkip

Preferred Started: mudkip
if it is not ok I will change it.

August 3rd, 2008, 1:58 AM
I made it myself :D

I've got my own shop on the Pixel Projects called Avasigs if you wanna check it out.

I'll get a Pokecharms one right now :)

So when do wer start RPing :\

August 3rd, 2008, 6:12 AM
To Dai-tan: You can't access it? Let me check the link. I can make you one if it comes down to it.

To serginho: Mudkip is okay, but make you appearance longer. Fix this as soon as possible.

To toxic0345: Thanks for the trainer card. I may have to come check out your shop later.

August 3rd, 2008, 6:41 AM
(No that's okay, My Computer is just weird.....Aha! xD So If The One I Made is okay......*Plus it looks more like Zuri Anyways* xD)

August 3rd, 2008, 7:43 AM
No, it's not your computer. It's the link. Here's the real link: http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/
See if you can find a person that looks like your character. It doesn't have to be perfect.

August 3rd, 2008, 7:51 AM
There's My Trainer card :D

Can't wait for this RP to start :\

August 3rd, 2008, 8:52 AM
The first chapter is coming up! Just give me about half an hour to put it up.

August 3rd, 2008, 8:56 AM
cool i won't be able to post right away as my mom is making me go SCHOOL SHOPPING! (how can summer be almost over sob!)

August 3rd, 2008, 8:57 AM
(It says "Database error" when I Google it....Will this work?

http://www.pokestadium.com/trainercard/trainercard.php?b=Azure&i=dpf24&a=blue&c=300&d=000&e=000&f=000&g=000&h=000 )

August 3rd, 2008, 9:18 AM
Okay so here is the first chapter! People who still need to make trainer cards please do so. And Serginho, fix your profile like I said. Besides that, we're ready to go!

Chapter One: Save the Professor!
(1 Post)
Description: Professor Birch was what you can call a "Nature Guy." If you asked any of his lab assistants, they would tell you that he spends more time out in the fields, researching, than he does in his own lab.

It was just a normal day for the Professor. Grabbing his briefcase, he set off towards Route 101 to just do another day of research. He knew that new trainers were coming in, but he still had some time to do a little research and observation. After settling into an area, he clicked open his case, exposing eight pokeballs. These were special pokemon he used for his research.

But then, suddenly, all the pokeballs clicked open, and all eight pokemon came out. The professor turned around in shock and looked at his eight different pokemon. But then, even more surprising, all of them attacked the professor. The professor was taken too much by shock to react. As he got a distance away from his pokemon, he could see all their pokeballs just laying there, but there was no way he could get to them.

The professor then saw eight trainers run over to the scene. They were standing right next to the pokeballs.

"Please, help me!" the professor pleaded. "See those pokeballs? Throw one at a pokemon!"

What you do: You have received a letter from the professor explaining to come to his lab so he can start you, and seven other trainers, on their pokemon journeys. Simply wake up, go to the lab to find the professor not there, and go in a group with the other trainers to find the professor on Route 101. To save him, pick up one of the pokeballs and explain throwing it at the starter pokemon that you picked. That's it!

(*Note* This first chapter is a lot like Zimvee's, just a little bit different)

Zeta Sukuna
August 3rd, 2008, 6:01 PM
Chapter 1: The Traveler from Orre

"Hmph, so this is Hoenn... why do many trainers think that this place is the toughest region?" Said Chris as he stepped into the town. "Oh, well... maybe I'm in the tamer parts of the region."

After an hour, Chris had stepped into Professor Birch's laboratory. "Welcome to Professor Birch's laboratory, how can I help you?" Asked the aide without turning around.

"I'm looking for the head scientist... Professor Birch you said?" Asked Chris. The aide looked back and saw the young man and said.

"Yes, Professor Birch is out doing field work. Come back later if you want to see him." Said the aide before getting back to work.

"Grrr..." Growled Chris before walking towards route 101... again. "At least this time I know where he is."

Thirty-five minutes later...

Chris exitted Littleroot and ran to find the Professor, but before he could take two steps, a voice called out to him.

"Help!!!" Chris ran over to see Professor Birch in a tree, surrounded by eight pokemon. "Please, help me!" the professor pleaded. "See those pokeballs? Throw one at a pokemon!" Chris looked to his side and saw seven other kids, with no pokemon, so Chris grabbed a pokeball from the ground, and tossed it at the Makuhita, who didn't see it coming, and caught it quickly.

"Hmph, piece of cake." Said Chris as he picked up the pokeball... he looked over to see how everyone else was doing.

August 3rd, 2008, 6:28 PM
To Rubii Naruto: Okay! Good first post! I'll put up the second part as soon as more people post.

August 4th, 2008, 8:28 AM
CH.1: ENTER; The Ditz~~~
Beep, Beep, Beep The alarm clock wailed at the empty room. Azure, or Zuri as she is known, Ran across the kitchen, through the hallway, and skidded into her bedroom to turn off the Piplup shaped alarm clock. "Aha! I guess I might have gotten up just a tad too early…" she laughed and set the small plastic alarm system down on her small windowsill above her vibrantly colored bedspread. The messy heap of blankets, pillows and sheets stared menacingly back at Zuri. The young girl sighed and removed everything from the mattress. Zuri put the bed together neatly in exact order; bed liner, bottom-most sheet, comforter, Piplup blanket, pillows, Piplup plushy, and finally the other Toys. "Bye Mom! Bye Dad! Bye Brian!" Zuri called out as she grabbed her small rucksack from the coat rack and exited her home.

"Yay! I'm gonna be a Pokemon trainer soon!" Zuri exclamed as she neared the Pokemon lab. She barged right in without a second's thought, "Hey!! Where's the Old man?" she yelled out to any aide who might care. An aide of around twenty appeared and explained to her that the professor was out at the moment. "Ugh! Fine then!" Zuri raced out of the lab, and at full speed ran towards route 101, "Danggit! I just got back from there!" after a fifteen minute run she saw a trainer already catching a Pokemon attacking a man. "Wow! How cool!" Zuri stared at a Pokeball, hesitantly picking it up. "Help!!! Catch A Pokemon with that Pokeball there!! And Hurry!" Zuri looked around for the right Pokemon when she saw a small Skitty who wasn't paying attention. "Aha! Skitty....You're mine!" She tossed the Pokeball and it hit the Pokemon directly on the head. "Oops.....wrong Pokeball...." She grabbed another and tossed it at the knocked out Skitty. The Pokeman zapped in, and Zuri picked it up. "Aha! I got it!" She looked over at the man, "Are you Prof. Birch?" Then man nodded, still afraid of the remaining Pokemon. "Some Professor you are..." Zuri mumbled.

The young girl turned to watch the others. "Oh..." she noticed the guy who she'd seen first when running and smiled, "Hi! I'm Zuri! Who're you?" Zuri extended a free hand and quickly added, "Oh! But my name is really Azure, everyone just calls me Zuri."

August 4th, 2008, 8:28 AM
it is added not that much my inspiration button is of i gues but you know how I rp right?

August 4th, 2008, 8:36 AM
To Dai-tan: Good first post! I like how you mentioned how you threw the wrong pokeball lol.

To serginho: Yes, I know how you rp. You're in the Johto one with me. And your bio is now good enough for Mudkip. You're Accepted. Sadly I cannot put your bio up right now, but you can still put down your first post and make a trainer card.

August 4th, 2008, 9:24 AM
My journey starts

It was an important day for many starting trainers but especially for a trainer who just arrived from the johto region on his birthday it was Sergio who just got his mother's advice to get to hoenn region because the pokemon there were rare.Sergio stepped out of his mother's car gave her a kiss and ran to the lab of proffesor Birch and his mother returned to the johto region.

Sergio finally arrived at the lab of proffesor Birch and he yelled:"Hello is there somebody here" He got no answer but then he noticed a poster which said starter pokemon he walked to it and looked for a fire pokemon and then he saw it torchic the fire pokemon he looked further and he saw a picture of another pokemon bagon he looked further and he saw the water pokemon mudkip.

"Wow this is awesome I already have my top three set",Sergio said and he noticed a letter right next to the poster.

if you are a new trainer looking for me
then come to route 101 immidiately
prof. Birch

Sergio ran out of the door and ran to route 101.
"You're awfully late youngster",He heard someone say and he looked around and saw seven other pokemon trainers with shining with a pokeball in their hand, he also saw that the pokemon left was his number 3 mudkip.
"My name is prof. Birch and here is a pokeball use it to catch the mudkip",Prof. Brch said.

Sergio grabbed the pokeball and threw it at the mudkip moving it inside the pokeball wiggled once wiggled twice and the third time Sergio heard a Poof.
"Wow I just caught myself a pokemon", Sergio said and he looked toward prof.Birch

To be continued

August 4th, 2008, 9:42 AM
Chapter 1: All systems ready, here we go!
Bobby was excited. He was getting his first Pokemon today! He was so excited that he had stayed up all night! So it came as no surprise that he passed out two hours before he was supposed to meet Prof. Birch. With 15 minutes left on the clock, Bobby's mom came bursting into his room screaming like a banshee. "What are you doing still in bed?! You have to go to Prof. Birch's lab in 15 minutes!" Literally picking Bobby up and throwing him out of bed and out of the house his mom threw him his backpack and a change of clothes (he still had a pajamas on.)

Soon ariving at Birch's lab, fully dressed, with 2 minuetes to spare Bobby was feeling mighty proud of himself. "Theres the eighth trainer!" a assitant cried as he ran out of the Lab. "Prof Birch had left for Route 101 awhile ago! All the other trainers went there a long time ago!"

"Man today is just not my day..." Bobby muttered as he took off for Route 101. Apon ariving Bobby noticed that the Prof was being attacked by Pokemon. Seeing a Pokeball on the ground and threw it at an orange chicken thing pecking like mad at the Profs head. Chucking the Pokeball at it, the chicken dissapeared in a flash of red light. "No sweat. I don't know why everyone says catching Pokemon is hard!" Bobby said arrogently. He looked over at the Prof to see what to do with the chicken.

August 4th, 2008, 12:21 PM
To serginho: Good post, just that Prof. Birch didn't just calmly hand Sergio a ball. He had to pick one of the balls up across from the professor and use it to save him. It's okay, just pay more to detail.

To Zimvee: I love how you refer Torchic to a chicken. I always see a bucket of fried chicken in my head every single time I see a Torchic ^^

Thank you both for you trainer cards.

August 4th, 2008, 12:43 PM
Hah ha ha. The post breaks are everywhere! I already got notification from the other three people to move on. (And one decided not to sign-up)

August 4th, 2008, 1:03 PM
Chapter One: Pt. 2: Littleroot town
(1 post)

Description: The professor looked at the seven trainers, relieved that they had come at just the right time. Going over to them, he thanked them over and over again, shaking each one of their hands, and apologizing at what a horrible professor he looked to be. After a few seconds, he looked at the trainers and told them to follow him back to his lab.

Each of the seven trainers followed the professor with the pokeball they used in their hand. None of them knew what might happen next. After a few minutes, they arrived in Littleroot and walked inside the lab of the professor's.

All trainers lined up in a horizontal line and waited for the professor. He paced back and forth as if he was thinking for a few minutes before he looked up at them again.

"I was very impressed by your performance out there today," he declared. "And because of it, I would like for you to take the pokemon you caught as your starter."

The professor actually had other pokemon set aside for them, but he knew this was for the best. He knew that these trainers probably felt a connection when they threw a pokeball at their very first pokemon.

Some of the trainers looked extremely excited by the news. Others looked surprised. One trainer looked totally indifferent. The professor guessed he had a rough personality.

Fiddling around on his desk, the professor pulled out seven things that looked like red, mechanical boxes.

"These are pokedexes," he explained while passing one out to each trainer. "They will help you record information on pokemon you see or catch. Try to fill your pokedex up as much as possible."

The professor then handed each new trainer five miniture pokeballs.

"Use these to capture wild pokemon like you did with your beginner," he said. "But remember that you'll have to weaken the pokemon first before you can catch it."

Many of the trainers nodded as if they understood. The professor set them off after a few moments and they traveled off to begin their pokemon adventure.

What you do: Explain your trip back to the lab, when you got your things in the lab, and then end your post at the entrance of Route 101. Then it'll be time to start your adventure!

August 5th, 2008, 6:51 AM
CH.2: The Real Begginning
Azure waited for a few moments before recoiling her hand, “Oh…Sorry! That was rude of me...I guess…Sorry!” She smiled awkwardly and turned to look at the now standing professor. “Follow me please.”

(Commence walking music)

Zuri followed the professor along with the other trainers, holding the Pokeball with the Skitty contained lightly in both hands. ”So cool! I hope I can catch a Skitty someday, it’s so cute.” She whispered to herself. Zuri paid so little attention to anything else, that when they arrived at the Pokemon lab she narrowly avoided walking into a wall. She laughed her mistake off and stood in a horizontal line with the other trainers.

Birch paced back and forth before finally looking up at the trainers. "I was very impressed by your performance out there today," he declared. "And because of it, I would like for you to take the pokemon you caught as your starter." Zuri gasped, “Really?!” she blurted out; she looked back down at the Pokeball and smiled, “I want to name my Skitty, Aha! I’ll name him….her….it…Wait! What is it!?” Professor Birch shook his head and simply replied “She’s a female.” Zuri nodded and then mumbled “…Anjou…” She looked back at the professor to find him rummaging through a pile of stuff, grabbing seven red boxes.

"These are Pokedexes," he explained while passing one out to each trainer. "They will help you record information on Pokemon you see or catch. Try to fill your Pokedex up as much as possible." Zuri nodded thoughtfully and grabbed her Pokedex. The professor then handed each new trainer five miniature Pokeballs.

"Use these to capture wild pokemon like you did with your beginner," he said. "But remember that you'll have to weaken the pokemon first before you can catch it." Zuri nodded again and waited several moments before speaking up. “Well then, I’ll be going if that’s all you have to say. G’day Professor, Bye all, I’m headed out.”

Heading out of the lab, Zuri made her way to the entrance of route 101, there her adventure would truly begin.

To be continued….

August 5th, 2008, 1:39 PM
Chapter 2: A chicken for a partner?!
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Prof. Birch said a little too thankful.

"Its fine! Are you ok?" Bobby asked feeling overwhelmed at the Prof's eagerness. The Prof nodded and began thanking all the other trainers. Meanwhile Bobby looked down at the Pokeball that held the orange chicken. "Mmm Kentucky Fried Chicken..." Bobby said to himself at the thought of chicken. "Oh!" Bobby exclaimed when he noticed everyone heading back towards Birch's lab. "No one bothers to tell me anything..."

Back at the lab Birch was saying, "I want to thank you all again for coming to my rescue! Those Pokemon are actually my partners but for some reason they attacked me this morning..."

"Guess that's the reason the guys a Professor. He can't control a Pokemon!" Bobby thought with a chuckle.

"Anyway I had Pokemon laid aside for you but I have decided to let you all keep the Pokemon you chose!" Birch said excitedly.

"What?!" Bobby cried. He didin't want a friggin chicken as a Pokemon! He wanted more of a Bagon or a Treecko! However when the cute girl with the dress gave him a dirty look he quit whinning about it.

"Here take these. These will help you on your Pokedex quest!" Birch said as he handed everyone 5 Pokeballs and a Pokedex each. "Now young trainers good luck on your quest!"

With a sigh Bobby walked back towards Route 101 wondering how he managed a chicken as a partner.

August 5th, 2008, 2:21 PM
To Dai-tan: Great post! Hopefully I can get the first actually good chapter out soon.

To Zimvee: I love that little bit of disconnection and uncomfort with your new "chicken" partner lol.

August 5th, 2008, 5:25 PM
will post tommorow OOC: that is okay right

August 6th, 2008, 12:46 PM
k sorry for not being here, i was on vacation.

chp.1 Get off me!

"OOF!" "Get off me lardo!"

Screamed Adam at his brother who was lying on top of him like a snorlax.

"Get up! You have to go get your first pokemon from professor Birch!" Said Adam's brother Sam as he got off of his younger brother.

"Okay! Oh and by the way I'll bill you for the heart surgery I now require!" Said Adam as he got dressed to go.

"Hello why are you here?" Said the lab assistant.

"Hi I'm here to get my first pokemon from Professor Birch" Said Adam.

"Oh... I'm sorry the professor is outside doing research." Said the lab assistant.

"Then why would he send me a letter to come here today?! Does he like postage stamps?!"
Said Adam sarcastically.

Adam set off for route 101 to find the professor when he saw him lying on the ground asking him and the other trainers to take a pokeball and capture one of the pokemon that were out of there pokeballs.

"Okay fine but, why are you sleeping on the job?" Said Adam.

"JUST CAPTURE ONE!" Screamed professor Birch.

Adam grabbed a pokemon and chucked it at a bagon that was about to headbutt the professor.

Chapter 2: Yes i caught a dragon!

Professor Birch tried to shake Adam's hand although he pulled it away.

"Okay everyone follow me back to the lab with your pokeballs" Said professor birch as he leaded the way to the lab.

"What's gonna happen next? Is he gonna take another nap?" Mumbled Adam as him and the other 7 trainers walked back to litteroot.

Adam and the other seven trainers arrived at the lab and went inside. The professor started to pace back and forth.

"What is he doing now? Is he trying to burn off some of that body weight?" Adam said to himself.

"You all did very well out there! I had some pokemon set aside for you but since you already caught pokemon you can keep them!" Said prof. Birch.

"Why is everyone so excited? Did he offer to give them their well needed brain surgery's?" Adam said to himself with a blank expression on his face.

" I have one more thing for you all! These are pokedex's they will tell you useful information about pokemon you see in the wild, and these are pokeballs they will help you capture pokemon in the wild! Now everyone set off for your journey's!"

Adam left the lab and to his surprise the pokeball of his bagon bursed open!
"What's a matter little guy? Don't you like being in your pokeball?" Said Adam

Bagon shook his head.

"Okay then you don't need to stay inside it!"

Adam walked to his home to get his backpack. Adam opened the door to see his dad hand him his backpack.

"Thanks dad, well.... good bye!." Said Adam.

" You to do your mother proud!" Said Adam's dad.

Adam left for route 101 with his bagon by his side......

August 6th, 2008, 5:06 PM
To behbod55: Okay good post, just a little bit of reference: Make a new paragraph when a new person is speaking.
i. e:
"Hi, what's you name!" exclaimed Jimmy.

"It's John," replied the other boy.

This makes the post more enjoyable to read.

August 6th, 2008, 5:07 PM
Okay, thanks! It's my first RP so i didn't know XD

August 8th, 2008, 8:22 AM
Let's get started.

Prof. Birch and the others walked to the lab they walked and walked and finaly they were there.

"So,Youngsters are you all excited well you shouldn't be look at my right you see a lot of pokeball's well these are going to stay here untill tommorow for the other set of trainers you guys did great and the pokemon you caught is your starter",Prof. Birch explained and there was a boy who started freeking out stating he did not wan't a chicken as a starter and prof. Birch qiuckly gave him some items so he could leave.

"Mister....emm professor can I have my items now ",Sergio asked the professor and then the professor walked to the desk and grabbed a red box and some balls.
"If you insist youngmen but I wanted to tell something but if you are in a hurry here is your pokedex it stores all data of pokemon you just meet and it records how many pokemon you have caught",The professor said and handed over the red box which Sergio put in his bag and then professor Birch gave him some miniature pokeballs "These are to catch pokemons",he said.

"Okay professor thank you and goodbye",Sergio said while walking out of the lab. "Goodbye and good luck young boy I hope to hear about you",The proffesor said.

Sergio walked to the place where he met professor Birch and he took a deep breath "The smell of a journey I love it, or were does the beans I ate last night.

Stay tuned.

August 8th, 2008, 8:05 PM
To serginho: Good post, just work on adding commas in it so all the sentences don't seem like "and then" "and then" "and then". Just for example, put commas in between independant clauses.

i. e- I went to the store, and then I went home
instead of- I went to the store and then I went home.

Adding commas in just makes the sentence more easy, and less stressful, to read. Don't worry about it too much, just slowly try to improve it a little at a time.

Chapter Two: Route 101 (Again...)
(1 Post)
Description: You just went on the route, so it it very familiar to you character. Surrounded by woods, it is a very queit and pleasant place to start your adventure. But be warned that wild pokemon that live on the route can sometimes be dangerous, especially for people who do not own pokemon. You may even run into trainers, beginners just like you, who will be itching to battle you. Note that if you are challenged, you must battle. It's just the law of a pokemon trainer...

Wild Pokemon
Level- 2-5
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip (If level 5)
Ability- Pickup/Gluttony
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-5
Type- Dark
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Howl (If level 5)
Ability- Run Away/Quick Feet
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-5
Type- Bug
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting (If level 5)
Ability- Shield Dust
Rarity- Common

Rules for a Route, Cave, etc.
.You may battle trainers, just use the attacks you pokemon learn (refer to the ooc thread). The better, and more creative, your post is, the more experience your pokemon receives
.You may find items/tms, but you post must be VERY creative, but stay realistic with your findings
. On your travels, you will be able to capture wild pokemon listed on the information for the route. The more rare the pokemon is, the more creative and decent your post must be (Of course, it does not matter on this route because all the pokemon are common). While trying to capture a pokemon, after you mention throwing a pokeball at the pokemon, END YOUR POST THERE. I will decide whether you caught the pokemon and how strong it will be. This, once again, depends on the quaility of your post.

So get out there and begin your Pokemon Adventure! This is only the beginning for everyone!

August 9th, 2008, 6:26 AM
CH. 3: A Bug?

Zuri looked up to the bright blue sky and stretched her arms upward, "Today's gonna be great, aha!" The girl pulled her Pokeball off of the Pokeball holder located inside her jacket and swiftly let the pink cat out, "Come on out Anjou!" Skitty jumped out and looked up at Zuri, the girl bent down to look closer at the cat Pokemon. "Hi Skitty! I'm Zuri, and I'm your new trainer!" The Skitty tipped her head sideways and blinked several times before letting a small unreassuring cry. "...Well, I'm naming you Anjou, is that okay?" Skitty tipped her head to the other side in confusion, "Oh boy, I Can tell this is gonna be fun, aha..." Zuri scooped the cat in her arms and placed the empty Pokeball back in place.

Walking happily through the grass humming to lighten the mood more so, Zuri heard a faint rustle. "A-anjou....did you hear that?" the Skitty uttered a soft cry of confusion before looking up at the head of messy blonde and aqua hair. "Oh, it's nothing..." she continued and made it almost halfway to Oldale town safe from wild Pokemon, although still hearing rustling around her. Finally a Pokemon appeared, "Aha! It's a......it's just a worm..." Zuri sighed and kept walking, before getting hit on her legs with a string shot. Zuri fell and turned over to look at the worm Pokemon, "Oh...sorry, are you a Pokemon?" she pulled her Pokedex out and pointed it at the Pokemon.

'Wurmple, the Worm Pokemon.
It spits a white silk that turns sticky when it contacts air. It is used to immobilize foes.'

"A Wurmple...I'm not sure....but it did stop me...maybe I should catch it." Skitty cried in confusion and jumped out of Zuri's arms. Zuri stood and pointed at the wild Pokemon, "Wurmple, get ready! You're gonna be mine! Anjou use tackle!" Skitty nodded and used full speed to hit the Wurmple. Wurmple went flailing backwards but used it's silky thread to cushion the impact.

"Wow! It's super smart! Anjou use tackle again!" the cat Pokemon nodded and went for another round, but the Wurmple was ahead of her, it used String shot to slow Skitty before it used a quick tackle. Skitty was sent flying backwards and lay on the ground for a moment before standing again. "Anjou are you okay?" Skitty nodded and ran to the Wurmple, "Anjou use tail whip!" Skitty turned around and slapped the foe with her large tail.

"Now Anjou, use Tackle one last time!" Skitty ran at her full speed, getting hit with an opposing tackle, sending both Pokemon backwards. "Okay Anjou, use Tackle!" Skitty recovered her sense and tackled the still down Pokemon. "Come back Anjou, and go....Pokeball! Wurmple you're mine, aha!" She removed a Pokeball and sent it out at the worm Pokemon. It was sucked inside and the ball started to quiver.

August 9th, 2008, 6:40 AM
To Dai-tan: That was a great first route post!
You caught a Level 4 Female Wurmple!

August 9th, 2008, 10:31 AM
Start Of Something New, Part 1

"I am warning you sweetie as there are many dangerous pokémons and people who can be quite nasty to you!" Solana´s grandmother yelled from the kitchen as Solana herself was dressing up on her room. "I also heard that you have to save professor Birch from a wild pokémon as a tradition! It is good to know someone who talks really much like Samuel Oak because you can get some important information just like that!" she shouted when in the mean time Solana run the stairs down and started to wrap some freshly made pancakes into her bag. "I know that grandmom but Dante isn´t my friend anymore and neither is anyone else! They all think me as a rival or something but luckily I´ve got you at least!" Solana said and hugged her grandmother who was smiling brightly.

"I already wrapped few pancakes sweetie!" her grandmother said when she handed a huge pile of pancakes at Solana and continued by saying: "You have to be carefull but promise me sweetie that you enjoy from your very heart and you won´t think us at all!" Solana hugged her grandmother and together they went outside and Solana left walking towards the place where she would find professor Birch in danger. Tiers were falling and filling Solana´s eyes as she walked towards her own adventure.

After walking a while or two Solana decided to take a break as she had been walking for many hours already and sat down a three. She took some pancakes and looked how wild pokémons were playing in tall grass and chasing each others when she heard a voice somewhere near her. Solana quickly stood up and started to follow the voices which came really close and finally she was able to find the one who was screaming. It was professor Birch and two Poochyenas were chasing him down and biting him everywhere but Solana wasn´t able to help as she was lying on the ground and laughing.

After few minutes she stood up and started to look a bag or something where professor might just keep his pokémons and found it lying on the grass and opened it. There were three pokéballs which had just been polished and they were sparkling in the sunlight as Solana took one and threw it up in the air and yelled: "Come out pokémon!" and smiled as she knew what she would have to do. A green pokémon came out and happily jumped on the ground as it was clearly waiting for something exciting to happen and Solana shouted: "Help professor Birch and chase those two away!" and the green pokémon immediately attacked against those two Poochyenas.

It didn´t take long to banish those wild pokémons and before Solana even realised she was already helping professor down from the three where he had gone to save. "How did you know what to do and what to look?!" Birch said when he shook hands with Solana and raised his bag from the ground. "Well...It is an interesting story to tell but it takes too much time now as those two can still return!" and Solana knew that they wouldn´t but professor Birch and Solana quickly started to walk and the green pokémon followed them till they arrived to professor Birch´s laboratory.

Start Of Something New, Part 2

Birch opened the door and walked inside when Solana followed him and got excited when she saw all the books and pictures of different kind of pokémons which covered all the walls. "Come here!" Birch shouted and walk to the farest part of the laboratory where was a big oak table and few other people too and he laid his bag on that table. Everyone paid attention to Solana who quickly walked across the laboratory and left to stand right infront of the table and suddenly everyone started to whisper and Solana felt really embarrassed. "As you Solana saved me from those two wild pokémons I let you to choose one of these pokémons!" Birch said and summoned all his pokémons out and personally introduced them one by one and at the very end he continued by saying: "Choose wisely as you don´t have another chance!" and sat down on his chair behind the table.

Solana walked around those pokémons many times and tried to look which one would be overall the best one for her but they were all the same. Suddenly that green coloured Treecko who had helped Solana to save professor Birch started to tease Torchic and Mudkip by tickling them which caused them to fell down. Few minutes all the pokémons were fighting and Treecko laughed at them and Solana said: "I choose that Treecko!" and pointed towards Treecko who was still laughing on the floor. "You chose wisely and as you are a new trainer you will need these too!" professor said and handed over five red pokéballs and a yellow Pokédex and continued by saying: "Dex will record the data of every single pokémon that you meat on your journey!" and shook hands once again with Solana who was really thrilled.

Solana helped her Treecko to stand up and together they started to walk towards the door but suddenly she saw two people in the crowd which caused Solana to lost her attention. She opened the door and Treecko happily jumped out from the laboratory and together they left walking as Solana was sure that this friendship would last forever.

To be continued!

August 9th, 2008, 2:04 PM
Chapter 2: Come here fido!
"Here's the start of our adventure! ready Bagon?" Said Adam

Bagon nodded his head. The two ran off into the route with no real thought or planning.

"BAAAGON!!" Screamed bagon as he was tackled by a wild poochyena.

"what the.... aah!!" Screamed Adam as he was also tackled by the wild poochyena.


"Hmm.. a poochyena huh? Well bring it on Fido!" Said Adam in a challenging voice.

"Bagon use bite!" Exclaimed Adam

Bagon lunged at the poochyena but it swept out of the way at tremendous speed!

"hmm... i'm gonna catch it!" Adam thought to himself "Bagon use rage to pick up speed!"

Bagon ran around in a circle in rage picking up speed while doing so.

"Now Bagon slam it!!" Yelled Adam at the top of his lungs.

Bagon slammed into the young poochyena with all it's might, and the poochyena went soaring into a tree, then retaliated by using it's speed to try to bite bagon,

"Now Bagon JUMP!" Bagon took a jump into the air causing the wild poochyena to slam into a near by tree,

"Now!" Yelled Adam, Bagon slammed the poochyena with a full power rage causing it to faint.

Adam tossed a pokeball at the fainted poochyena

to be continued.....

August 9th, 2008, 4:50 PM
To RealPyromaniac: You should pay more attention and notice that you went out as a group with the other trainers to save the professor. We can just say that you were a little late. Just don't do it again. =) You may continue onto Route 101.

To ~element: Your name threw me off for a second lol. I can say that the post was okay. You need to work on making them longer and with more detail. It was good enough though for a common pokemon.
You caught a Level 3 Female Poochyena!

*Note* I forgot to mention this, but people who capture pokemon need to make new trainer cards. Post them in the ooc thread if they're not in your sig.

Zeta Sukuna
August 9th, 2008, 5:24 PM
(ooc: Again short, but when I post for the next route, it'll be longer then this.)
Chapter 2: The Professor's Laboratory

After an hour to return to the laboratory...

"Aaah, yes... you must be the trainers who are here to recieve your pokemon, well... I had already picked out some pokemon, but since you went through all of the trouble of catching these pokemon, you may keep them." Said Birch. Chris noticed everyone else get a little excited.

"Well then, why are we here?" Asked Chris to himself, but appearantly Birch heard it and responded with.

"You are all here to get some equipment like pokeballs, and the pokedex." Said Birch before picking up the backpacks. After handing the equipment to almost everyone, Birch turned to Chris. "You may be from the badlands, but don't underestimate Hoenn." Birch then handed Chris the equipment before walking back to where he was. "Have fun on your trip."

After everyone cleared out of the lab, Chris asked Birch. "So you think that Hoenn is tough enough for me? Well I'll prove you wrong." After that Chris exitted the laboratory and faced the route. "Well, we'll see if it's tough." Said Chris before walking out of the small town, and into the first leg of his journey.

August 9th, 2008, 5:54 PM
To Rubii Naruto: It's okay. You got what needed to been done in this post. You know what I expect in the posts for now on.

Zeta Sukuna
August 10th, 2008, 2:48 PM
Episode 3: The Wurmple Battle

"Hmph, I'm already almost past this place, if the rest of this region is like this, I'll be done in a week." Said Chris rounding a corner once more. "But, I'd better familiarize myself with my pokemon. Go, Makuhita!" And in a flash, a fat, yellow, human-like pokemon appeared out of the pokeball.

"Maku maku Makuhita!" Yelled Makuhita. Chris winced at the volume of the cry.

"Oh, crap." Said Chris, knowing that the outburst attracted at least one pokemon. Suddenly a String Shot came out of nowhere, Chris was easily able to dodge it, but Makuhita...

"Maku maku!" Yelled Makuhita as he was tied up. Chris ran up to Makuhita and tore the webbing off of the fighting pokemon.

"We have to be careful, the enemy is hiding, and has probably moved positions by now." Said Chris, but Makuhita was already attacking the bush that the String Shot came from. "What are you doing!?" Yelled Chris to Makuhita. The fighting type pokemon looked at Chris before going back to attacking the empty bush.

And another String Shot came down from a tree, and like before Chris was able to avoid it, and Makuhita was tied up. "What am I to do with you?" Asked Chris to himself before returning the pokemon. "Come back out, Makuhita." Said Chris once again summoning the fighter pokemon.

"Maku!" Yelled Makuhita before moving towards the tree, but before Makuhita got too far, Chris pulled him back saving the yelow pokemon from being wrapped... again, but an instant, Chris picked up a rock and launched it into the tree, knocking the Wurmple to the ground. Makuhita then started to run over to it, but was blasted with String Shot once more.

"What am I going to do with you?" Asked Chris once again before tossing a pokeball at the Wurmple. The ball shook once... twice... Boom! "Capture failed." Said Chris. Wurmple fired another String Shot, but Chris avoided it. "Makuhita, use Tackle!" Makuhita tried to hit the Wurmple, but the caterpillar was able to dodge before getting hit. "Sand Attack now!"

"Makuhita!" Yelled Makuhita before he started tossing sand at Wurmple.

"Wurm." Cried Wurmple as it tried to get sand out of it's bleeding eyes.

"Now finish it with a Tackle!" Yelled Chris annoyed. Makuhita ran towards Wurmple, but the bugs flailing tripped the fighting type. "Oh my god, this pokemon can't even hit a blind Wurmple." Chris then tossed another pokeball hoping to end this. The ball then started shaking.

Would Chris capture Wurmple this time?

August 10th, 2008, 4:28 PM
Wurmple come out wherever you are!

Sergio walked through the route which he had entered a few minutes ago and within seconds he saw a pokemon it was a little red catterpillar-like pokemon it was behind a lot of bushes and then it dissappeared Sergio looked around and then it appeared again."Come on out mudkip for our first battle ever",Sergio shouted and throwed mudkips pokeball in the air and a blue pokemon came out of it.

"Okay this is a fun game when it appears you tackle it, but be carefull if you miss you hit one of the tree's",Sergio told his mudkip, Sergio saw the wurmple appear and it was right in front of mudkip, mudkip tackled the wurmple and the wurmple then tackled back, but it was dodged and countered right away."Good job mudkip now try lets try the pokeball",Sergio said and he threw the ball to the not jet fainted wurmple.Sergio saw the pokevall wigling left and then right and then left again and then.......

(this is up to you pika_master414 and sorry if this is short)

To be continued

August 10th, 2008, 4:40 PM
To Rubii Naruto: Very good post! I never read about a pokemon breaking free before!
You caught a Level 4 Male Wurmple!

To serginho: Hmm, Wurmple seems to be very popular here. I agree, the post was extremely short, so you'll have to go with a low level wurmple.
You caught a Level 2 Female Wurmple!

EDIT: Seeing as most people are finished, I will go ahead and put up Chapter Three so I do not have to do it tomorrow after school.

Chapter 3: Oldale Town
(1 Post)

Description: Oldale is a small, but busy, town with many new trainers passing through it all the time. It houses major fundamentals for a pokemon journey- a Pokemon Center and a PokeMart. Many people in the town love, and will not hesitate, to help out new trainers.

Things to do in a town:
.Go to the Pokemon Center to rest (More info below)
.Buy items at a PokeMart (Also more info below)
.There will be absolutely no battling or capturing pokemon in towns or cities unless of special occasions, including gym battles.

Places of Interest
Pokemon Center- This is one of the most important places in your pokemon journey. Its services include getting your pokemon healed, lodging, and meals. And the best part of all, it’s all absolutely free! Now that’s neat!
Pokemon Mart (PokeMart)- This is a great place to restock your supplies before heading off again on your journey. This PokeMart has the following items: Pokeball, Antidote, Potion, Paralyz Heal, Awakening.

What You Do: Find a place to sleep for the night (This will mainly be the Pokemon Center unless you want to be creative and go somewhere else). You may visit the PokeMart or mention talking to a townsperson before you fall asleep for the night.

August 10th, 2008, 8:49 PM
After an exciting journey through route 101 Adam and his pokemon decided to settle down at Oldale town.

"Well here we are at Oldale town. Wow talk about low government funding! I mean this place is worse than my room when my dad gets mad!" Said Adam with a grin.

Bagon chuckled at Adams joke.

"well i guess we should find a place to sleep...... but first let's go to the mart." Said Adam as he started to march over to the pokemart.

Adam walked inside the pokemart and to his surprise the mart owner greeted him with free merchandise, and a very long speech!

"Hello young trainer! You are obviously a new trainer, because prof. birch notified me so let me give you some info about pokemon!"

The pokemart owners speech raged on for a half an hour until Adam said.....

" Okay I GET IT!!! I mean..... you have some customers that need attending to.." Said Adam with a fake smile while pointing to the agitated customers.

"Oh yes thank you for reminding me! But before i go here! Those are potions you can use them to heal your pokemon when they are damaged in battle!" Said the shop owner

"Thanks" Said Adam

The second Adam left the shop he screamed:


Yelled Adam in a sarcastic and annoyed voice.

"Okay now here is what we are going to do Bagon, first we are going to NEVER GO BACK TO THAT SHOP AGAIN! Second we are going to find someplace to sleep because it is getting dark soon let's go to the pokemon center!" Said Adam as he and his Bagon started to walk to the pokecenter.

Adam walked into the pokecenter with his Bagon And asked Nurse Joy if him and his pokemon could stay for the night.

"WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE ANY ROOM? WHAT IS THIS THE GOD D#$%#D HILTON?" Said Adam as the people started to stare "Take a picture it'll last longer!" Said Adam to the people that were staring as Bagon started to hide his face in embarrassment. Adam stormed out of the pokecenter with Bagon closely behind.

"What're we going to do now Bagon?" Said Adam

"Excuse me but did you say you needed a place to stay?" Said a stranger

"No sir we are fine..." Said Adam

Bagon shook his head.

"Well your pokemon seems to disagree. Come to my house my wife won't mind, by the way My name is bill." Said bill

"My name is Adam, and if it wouldn't tire you it would be nice if we could stay at your house for a night...." Said Adam

"Then come on!" Said Bill as he started to lead the way to his house.

To be continued............

August 10th, 2008, 8:58 PM
Chapter 3: First Battle!
Bobby walked back out to Route 101 with a Pokeball holding a chicken. "I guess its time to find out what you are..." Bobby muttered releasing the chicken. Out it popped in a flash of red light. "Tor!" it said. Bobby took out his new Pokedex to find out about this thing.
"Torchic, the Chick Pokemon." the Pokedex said in a cool female voice. " A fire burns inside, so it feels very warm to hug. It launches fireballs of 1,800 degrees F."

"So you really are a chicken Bobby muttered a hungry look entering his eyes as he began thinking of fried chicken for dinner. As if Torchic could read his thoughts she began to peck at his head. "Allright! Allright! I won't friggin eat you!" Bobby yelled. Satisfied Torchic got off his head.

"Looks like you're a new trainer." A arrogent voice said. The source of the voice was a boy about Bobby's age who wore what looked like expensive clothing. "You won't last long if you can't learn to trust your Pokemon."

"From the looks of your clothes, your also a new trainer." Bobby shot back. "Since your clothes have a look of newness and fancyness about them, I would assume you've had a tutor on Pokemon since you were young you're just repeating what a textbook said."

The rich boy's eyes twitched. Bobby knew he had struck a nerve. "Fine! I'll prove to you I'm an amazing trainer!" the boy roared. "Go Zigzagoon!" The boy threw out a brown racoon like Pokemon.

Bobby pointed his Pokedex and it said "Zizagoon, the TinyRaccoon Pokemon. It walks in zigzag fashion. It is good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground."

"Zigzagoon, use Tackle!" Richy Mc Rich said. Running at a high speed Zigzagoon rushed Torchic.

"Torchic, dodge and use Scratch!" Bobby cried. The Tiny Raccoon Pokemon's attack missed and Torchic landed on its back and began scratching its eyes out.

"Zigzagoon shake that chicken off!" the rich boy said, not noticing the evil look that entered Torchic's eyes.

"Uh-oh..." Bobbythought.

"TOR!!" Torchic roared and began to peck the living daylights outa Zigzagoon's head. While it was dazed she grabbed Zigzagoon and using her powerful legs she threw it towards its owner. The force of the throw sent both Pokemon and human into a tree and both passed out. "Tor." Torchic said with a proud smile on her face.

"Good job Torchic!" Bobby said rubbing her head affectionatly. With an emmbarressed look she jabbed him with her beak. "Stupid chicken..." Bobby muttered rubbing his hand. And at that Torchic jumped on Bobby's head and procceded to peck him until he arrived in Oldale Town.

August 11th, 2008, 3:41 AM
To ~element: I love how the shop guy just went on and on. I find that frustrating in the video games sometimes.
You received three Potions!

To Zimvee: I just love the personality you gave to Torchic. It shows the bond between her and your character a little bit better.
Torchic grew to level 8!
Torchic learned Focus Energy!

August 11th, 2008, 1:07 PM
Can I join the RPG action I'm New

August 11th, 2008, 1:11 PM
okay delete that post and ask in the ooc thread in the roleplay lounge, also fill out the form.

August 11th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Can I join the RPG action I'm New

The info is in both the first post and in my profile

August 11th, 2008, 3:37 PM
CH.4: Oldale Town.
The Pokeball stopped and the center flashed red before fading back into white. "I Caught a Wurmple, Aha!" Zuri ran over to the Pokeball and picked it up, "Awsomeness!" She placed the small ball in her jacket and picked Skitty up. "Good job Anjou!" The cat purred, finally acknowledging her new name. "H-hey! I see Oldale Town!" Zuri yelled looking over the hill and seeing the entrance. Zuri held onto Anjou tightly as she ran to the town..

Oldale town was quiet, small but beautiful as the water glistened with the setting sun. "I guess I should stop by the Pokemart first." a man appeared in an apron and dragged her over to a building with a bright blue roof and a sign in front saying "Pokemart." "This is it, as a sale promotion I'll let you keep this." He handed her a Potion and practically pushed her through the door.

As the door opened a jingle of bells was heard and a cashier appeared at the counter. "Hello can I help you?"
"Yes, I need to buy some Potions and Pokeballs."


Zuri smiled and bowed to the merchant as she exited the Pokemart virtually broke. "Anjou, you must realise I care for you....I don't have any money left...." fake tears ran down her cheek and she slowly made her way to the Pokecenter. "Hello, would you like me to heal your Pokemon?"
"Yes please..."
"Alright, you must be a new trainer. Usually you must hand over your Pokeballs and Skitty and head to the sleeping area, which is on the third floor...although there isn't anymore room. Sorry. You'll have to find another place to sleep tonight." Zuri nodded and placed Wurmple and Anjou's Pokeballs on a tray and Anjou on the same tray. "Bye Anjou, see you in the morning."

Zuri left the Pokemon and exited the biulding. "Well now what am I gonna do?" She chuckled as she heard some other trainer yelling about the unavailablity of rooms in the Center. Two men left and she sat down next to a flower pot in front of the Pokemon Center. "This'll do...." She removed her jacket and curled her legs up to her chest, she then threw her jacket over her knees and placed her rucksack underneath. "I'm so...beat..."

To be continued...

Items obtained;
10 Pokeballs
1 Premier ball
5 potions (4 bought 1 recieved)

Money left: $0

August 11th, 2008, 3:56 PM
To Dai-tan: Sorry, but there is not supposed to be any battles iin this post, so your pokemon won't gain any exp.. :( The items are acceptable, though. I should've mentioned the Premier Balls.
You received:
Pokeball x10
Premier Ball
Potion x5

August 11th, 2008, 4:02 PM
*edits* Okay, sorry about that *edited*

August 12th, 2008, 12:19 PM
First accidents make you closer!

"Corbin?! Where are you?!" Solana screamed as loud as she was able and kept running around the woods as her Treecko called Corbin was lost once again but suddenly stopped when she noticed it sitting on a tree ranch and continued by saying: "Corbin! Why do you always have to leave just like that?!" and started to walk with it as it was jumping from tree to tree. Solana was really worried all the time as she didn´t want her very first pokémon to hurt itself but in her heart she realised that Treecko will always be a pokémon and it wants to get stronger and without practising and battling it won´t be possible.

After walking few hours she decided to take a break and let Treecko to rest a bit and eat and drink too as it was scorching hot day and they sat under a tree. Solana took some fresh fruits that she had picked from trees in the forest and handed over them to her Treecko and gave also her water bottle too and waited until it had drank and after that she drank herself. Few minutes later both Solana and Treecko were walking on the woods but they didn´t reach to walk too long when they already were stopped by two Poochyenas as they were following something. Treecko was excited and it wanted to befriend with these two wild pokémons but poochyenas were too distracted and got angry when they were interrupted which caused them to attack against Treecko.

"Watch out Corbin!" Solana screamed which made Treecko to lost it attention and Poochyenas´ attacks hit with full power and Treecko crashed at a tree. Solana immediately ran over to look if Treecko was fine but then Poochyenas decided to attack against Solana which was a mistake as Treecko somewhere found power to stand up and slammed both down. "How did you do that?!" Solana yelled and pulled out her new PokéDex and pointed it at Treecko who was jumping and dodging Poochyenas´ attacks.

The soles of its feet are covered by countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings. Uses many attacks such as Pound to jump from tree to tree and dodging wild pokémons´ attacks.

Solana instantly forgot her fears and didn´t even hesitate when she yelled: "Use your Pound and dodge their attacks!" and smiled as she started to feel herself comfortable. Treecko dodged Poochyenas´ attacks but in the end it started to slow down as it felt really exhausted and one by one it got hit many times but neither Treecko or Solana wasn´t going to give up. "Listen to me Corbin!" Solana screamed at the top of her loungs and finally Treecko totally paid its attention at her and listened. "Use your Pound to jump up when they are near to you and attack by spinning in the air and then use Pound as it will at least duble the power!" and Treecko seemed to follow Solana´s orders. Poochyenas attacked and started t run towards Treecko but when they was about to crash at it, Treecko used Pound and jumped high up in the air and started to spin the exact way Solana had told to. Then it used Pound and its tail crashed right at the Poochyenas´ heads and made them to flew over and crash badly at a tree near by. Treecko was also hurt eventough it had won barely and fell down on the grass and didn´t stand up.

Solana was worried and glad of her Treecko as she took it on her arms and started to run because Treecko wasn´t going to last long if it wouldn´t get treated soon. Luckliy they were almost at the end of the woods and it didn´t take long to get to Oldale town where the nearest PokéCenter was. Solana ran trough the doors and when Nurse Joy saw what had happened to Treecko she immediately took it and went to backroom with her Chansey and Solana had to wait. It tooks hours and hours and even the day reached to change before Nurse Joy came back and said: "I have both good and bad news for you Solana!" and didn´t smile at all when she said: "The good news are that you are free to go shop or do what ever you want but the bad news are that your Treecko didn´t make it trough the night!"

Solana crashed and fell over as tiers were falling down on her cheek and was just barely able to say: "Are you trying to say that Corbin is dead?!" and tried to stand up with no succeed at all. Suddenly Nurse Joy started to laugh and laughed for a while which made Solana to feel even worse and then she said: "No it isn´t! It is just fine but it have to rest this day atleast!" and smiled at Solana as she said: "I was just kidding you!" and went to speak on the phone as it started to rang suddenly. At first Solana wasn´t able to understand at all what had happened but then she smiled when she realised that Nurse Joy had just kidding and in the end she walked out of the PokéCenter angrily.

She walked trough the town few times as she didn´t have anything else to do and in the end she found herself in the local PokéMart reading a magazine which was full of articles off pokémontrainers and cordinators. Suddenly she spot an article which was telling of a trainer called Brendan who is also a trainer from Hoenn region and started to read it excitedly.

Pokémons need to battle as they it is part of their natural instincts and they just can´t help it. As a trainer I have had many worries and fears when I have battled and in every battle my pokémon has hurted itself, not badly always but all the accidents have created a strong and breakable bond between me and my pokémons!

Solana smiled as she agreed with Brendan and finally she realised what was the true meaning of battling and training and went to speak with the Salesman. "I have just started out my own journey and I need some supplies as my pokémon si kinda wild so can you help me out?!" and smiled gently when the man replied: "Well we have this rather singular package for starter trainers!" and handed it over to Solana who instantly paid it. After that she walked out of the PokéMart and went back to the PokéCenter where her Treecko was already waiting her.


August 13th, 2008, 4:00 AM
To RealPyromaniac: That is how I want everyone's posts to look. Great job. Treeko was dead, lol. *cough* Brendan will appear later *cough*
Treeko grew to level 8! (For his effort ^^)
Treeko learned Absorb!

August 13th, 2008, 10:37 AM
Chapter 4: South Park?
Bobby walked into Oldale Town with Torchic on his head. She had decided to stop pecking him for once in exchange for nestling in his mop of black hair. Oldale was a small but busy town. With people rushing about it was starting to overwhelm the small town Bobby. Seeing it was getting late Bobby said, "Well Torchic, I reckon we should find a place to crash for the night." Torchic nodded in agreement, hoping food was there as she hadn't had a bite to eat all day.

After a few hours of wandering around, Bobby and Torchic stopped to sit on a park bench to get there barings. "Where do we go from here?" Bobby asked to no one in particular.

"Have you tried the Pokemon Center?" A voice came from above. Bobby looked up and saw a young boy who looked 9 or 10 standing in front of him. With a smile the boy introduced himself as Stan Marsh. "If you keep going down this path here you'll eventually find this building with a red roof on it. Its called a Pokemon Center and they will heal your Pokemon and give the trainer food and rest for the night for free!"

"Really? Thanks Stan!" Bobby said getting up and making his way down the path.

"C'mon Stan lets go!" a rather fat boy wearing red said.

"Shut up Cartman! Can't you see Stan's just giving some guy directions?" a boy wearing a green hat said.

"Mmmmm mmmm mmm mmm." A boy wearing a big orange parka who sounded like he was agreeing with the boy in the green hat.

"Bobby these are my friends Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny." Stan said introducing them each in turn.

"Hi guys...." Bobby said a little put off by the weird little kids. "Thanks for the info Stan I gotta go..." he said as he made his way towards the Pokemon Center. When he got in he returned Torchic to her Pokeball and gave her to the nurse. While Torchic was being healed Bobby sat down to food and stuffed himself till he felt like he was going to explode. After that he was shown to his room where Torchic was sleeping on his bed so Bobby too tired to argue grabbed a blanket and hit the floor.
(OOC: yeah not the best post but I just wanted to get from point A to point B. No comment on the South Park Characters >_>)

August 14th, 2008, 3:40 AM
To Zimvee: No, the post was good! Not much of a South Park fan, so I don't know the characters. The guys' personalitys were really interesting, though :)

Chapter 4: Route 102
(2 Posts)
Description: This path is much like Route 101, just more long, and even a little more dangerous. It is very woody and has a few ponds scattered, making it a very good environment for many different pokemon. New trainers and wild pokemon roam this route, desperate to find somebody to battle.

Wild Pokemon
Level- 2-5
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip (If level 5)
Ability- Pickup/Gluttony
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-5
Type- Dark
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Howl (If level 5)
Ability- Run Away/Quick Feet
Rarity- Common

Level- 3-5
Type- Water/Grass
Gender- Random
Attacks- Astonish, Growl, Absorb (If level 5)
Ability- Swift Swim/Rain Dish
Rarity- Uncommon

Level- 3-5
Type- Grass
Gender- Random
Attacks- Bide, Harden
Ability- Chlorophyll/Early Bird
Rarity- Uncommon

Level- 3-5
Type- Psychic
Gender- Random
Attacks- Growl
Ability- Synchronize/Trace
Rarity- Rare

Just a note again on things you can do in a Route:
.You may battle trainers, just use the attacks you pokemon learn (refer to the ooc thread). The better, and more creative, your post is, the more experience your pokemon receives
.You may find items/tms, but you post must be VERY creative, but stay realistic with your findings
. On your travels, you will be able to capture wild pokemon listed on the information for the route. The more rare the pokemon is, the more creative and decent your post must be. While trying to capture a pokemon, after you mention throwing a pokeball at the pokemon, END YOUR POST THERE. I will decide whether you caught the pokemon and how strong it will be. This, once again, depends on the quaility of your post.

Since there are two posts for the chapter, this is what you do. Put down one post and wait for me to grade it before continuing onto the second one. Simple enough, right? If you have anymore questions, post them in the ooc thread or refer to the Roleplaying rules.

August 14th, 2008, 9:22 AM
Chapter 4: Little guy!

"HEY ADAM WAKE UP, YOU HAVE TO GO TO ROUTE 102!" Yelled bill from the main floor of his house.

Adam got up and put his clothes on, after that he tried to wake bagon. He woke bagon with a lot of trouble but finally it stopped resisting. Then the two came down the stairs, Adam came down with a black eye.

"WOW! How did you get that?" Asked Bill in surprise

"Don't ask, just know that i'm gonna have KFC STYLE BAGON FOR LUNCH!" Said Adam in rage.

After Adam, Bagon and Bill said their good byes, they set off for route 102!

Adam walked for almost 1 half of the route and then decided to take a rest by a tree, when a little boy came by and said......

"Aah little boy are you lost? Let's go find your mommy." Said the little boy.

"WHAT?! I"M OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR DADDY!" Said Adam in a extremely annoyed voice

"Ahh isn't that cute?" Said the little boy who looked to have nothing but 5 years.

"THAT"S IT SONNY BRING IT!" Yelled Adam in a challenging voice.

And thus the battle started.

The little boy sent out a zigzagoon

"Try that on for size!" Said the little boy

"You have to be kidding right? GO POOCHYENA!" Said Adam as he sent out the small dog.
"Poochyena use tackle!" Poochyena rushed at the zigzagoon with it's very good speed.

"ZIGZAGOON DODGE IT!" But it was too late Poochyena had already gotten there with it's head almost touching the zigzagoon.

The Zigzagoon went flying into the air, and landed with a THUMP!


"Don't let it confuse you poochyena run left! Zigzagoon can only move in a zig zag!" Poochyena did as it was told and sure enough the zigzagoon went into a tree at full speed! The little zigzagoon finally fainted with a bump on its head.

"Good job zigy! Ready little one, go taillow!" Said the little boy.

Adam pulled out his pokedex: "TAILLOW THE SWALLOW POKEMON, THEY NEVER GIVE UP AND WILL STAND UP TO A MUCH STRONGER SKARMORY" Said the pokedex in a highly robotic voice.

"Hmm.. a taillow. Poochyena return! You did fantastic girl! Ready bagon?" Said Adam.

Bagon nodded and got ready for battle.

"Taillow use peck!" Said the little boy as his taillow swooped down with a glowing beak.

"Bagon stick your head out!" Bagon stuck his head out while the foes taillow nearly broke its beak on Bagons extremley hard head. "Now Bagon finish this battle up with a bite while it's close! Bagon used a full powered bite on the taillow as it landed on the ground fainted.

"NOW WHAT!" Yelled Adam in a mad voice.

" *sniffle* you're mean! I'm telling my mommy!" Said the little boy, as he scurried off to his mother.

"Oh crap! Bagon run!" Said Adam in a scared voice.

August 14th, 2008, 4:45 PM
To ~element: Okay, the post was pretty good! It had a little bit of humor and some good battling. Just work to improve even more from here.
Poochyena grew to level 6!
Bagon grew to level 7!
Poochyena learned Howl!