View Full Version : Kyogre/Groudon/Latios/Latias

Dragon Man
October 25th, 2003, 12:38 PM
I was just wondering if Kyogre was better than Groudon or Groudon better than Kyogre?
I know Kyogre can learn:
Rest at level 50
Sheer Cold at level 60
Double-Edge at level 65
Water Spout at level 75
I know Groudon can learn:
Rest at level 50
Fissure at level 60
Solarbeam at level 65
Eruption at level 75
The 2 rest moves are the same
Sheer Cold and Fissure are 1 hit KO's
Solarbeam and Double-Edge's strength are 120
Eruption and Water Spout's strength are 150
It seems they are made to be equal. Same with Latios and Latias.
Latios can learn:
Recover at level 45
Dragon Dance at level 50
Latias can learn:
Recover at level 45
Charm at level 50
However if you have both Ruby and Sapphire (I only have Ruby) could you please tell me who is better for taking on the Pokemon League or just better in general.

October 25th, 2003, 12:47 PM
Generally, Kyogre is superior. Its weather effect adds to its high Special Attack stat and STAB it has with water. Groudon though, its weather doesn't help it's hugh attack, or it's STAB with ground.