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August 6th, 2008, 8:06 AM
Pokemon. You may already know what they are. Mythical creatures with even more mythical power. Big or small, strong or friendly, Pokemon have fought against and alongside humans throughout history. From Caterpie to Garchomp, their powers have arisen as evil and good. Right now, you are living thousands of years in the past. Here is the story.

A country on the mainland has just found a small island, and decided to call it 'Hoenn'. Here, the country appointed a ruler, and has seized the island to call it his own. The boat the ruler arrived on landed at Sootopolis, and that is where he rules. However, at this region, they found humans of mystical origin. They are able to control elements, the same way Pokemon control their elements. He has captured these natives, and is using the power as his own. Alas, you are one of the humans who hasn't been captured yet.

These humans use the elemental power through a spiritual bond with their Pokemon. This bond channels the energy to the human through a sort of antenna: the humans most prized possession, allowing them to harness the element of the Pokemon as their own. The human had to have met the Pokemon as friend through nature, as there are no Pokeballs, no Potions, no such thing as technology available to you. If the human loses either the item or the Pokemon, they lose their ability, but keep spiritual bond with their Pokemon.. even through death. The Pokemon is known as the 'familiar'. The familiar and its human can speak telepathically with only eachother, not even with other humans and familiars. Remember, there are only twenty of these humans. But, the ruler has created an artificial means to give his soldiers this power, which is unknown as of now.

Nonetheless, you must meet with others like you, and join to stop this madness, as the ruler is getting more and more corrupt. However, you don't know that others like you exist. You even just recently discovered these talents for yourself. Elders of the town of Hoenn tell you that you must meet with others like you at a certain place, which is Mt. Chimney.

Here is the list of towns in this Roleplay (they will be only a short description, they will resemble their present counterparts):

Littleroot Town: A very small, peasant village.
Oldale Town: Slightly more rich than Littleroot, but still poor. Has a shop.
Petalburg City: Middle class town, with small shops spread about.
Rustboro City: Rich, booming town with many facilities and businesses, such as land clearing.
Dewford Town: Small, isolated village with nothing more than a town hall and a shop.
Slateport City: A booming city located at the edge of a beach, it has a shipyard, fleamarket, among many other things.
Mauville: A middle class town, with big businesses that produce a lot of corn and berries.
Verdanturf Town: A rich, beautiful town with gigantic flower fields and nice people. There is a cave connecting it and Rustboro.
Lavaridge Town: A middle class town with hot springs. It is often traveled through, as it is at the base of Mt. Chimney.
Mt. Chimney: It's not technically a town, but it does rarely sport a house for sale.
Fallarbor Town: A poor, dirty town that is the target of the ashes from Mt. Chimney, as the wind always blows it this way.
Fortree City: A poor town untouched by outsiders, the natives live in trees and rarely venture out of the town. They humans here have special bonds with their Pokemon.
Lilycove City: A rich town that has a shopping central and a plaza where humans show off their pet Pokemon in categories of sight.
Mossdeep City: An isolated village that some believe is where the solar calendar originated from. Not much else is here, however.
Pacifilog: A small colony of boats created this over sea village. It is actually a town inhabited by the soldiers that are loyal to the ruler.
Ever Grande City: It isn't a city, but a central, where the natives would go to a coliseum and watch humans and Pokemon fight to the death. Beside that, there is only an expansive cave with a network of tunnels, that some never come out of.
Sootopolis City: A marvelously grand city with white marble for the ground, and walls. A crater of white marble, only accessible by an underwater cave, surrounds it. The ruler has taken this beautiful city, and claimed it as his own. It is surrounded by spits of land with guarding watch towers on them, to watch for intruders.

1. Basic forum rules.
2. No Godmodding, and Bunnying moderately (with permission from the characters controller)
3. You must select from these types of Pokemon for your character to control. There can only be one Roleplayer with each type.

Available Elements:
Ghost-Taken[Blanch Sil]

(I know that there are some elements missing, those are for NPC's)

4. I hold the right to deny a sign-up, or boot a player at any moment of the RP. Feel free to ask why, you aren't restricted by that.

5. The Pokemon you are using must be a basic Pokemon, no evolved forms.

6. You must follow the sign-up sheet in order to be accepted. I will not reserve members, because it isn't fair to 'call' a type. Here it is:

Note: Remember, this takes place thousands of years ago. So no 'Bob' or whatever. I will be posting my sign-up soon enough.







Hometown (All except Pacifilog, Ever Grande, and Sootopolis):


Prized Possession (That channels the elemental energy):


Weapons (if any):

Quirks/others (if any):

Moves that your character and Pokemon share (Max. of 5):

August 6th, 2008, 12:22 PM
Name: Blazing Sun

Age: 16

Gender: male

Appearance: Blazing Sun is a native that was born in fortree city but his skin color is a combination of red, yellow, and orange. He has midnight Black hair. His eyes are Blue. He is also 1 foot taller than most children in his village. He has white war paint on his face. His height is five feet one inch. His weight is unknown. He can run faster than an olympic runner (Yes the I know there are no olympics in the pokemon word but the olympics originated from the ancient greeks). He is very clever when it comes to laying traps.

Personality: Blazing Sun is a brave warrior. When he is in a fight he never backs down. He has taken down rampaging pokemon by using his fire spear. during times of war his fire staff has taken down ten enemies at once. Blazing Sun is seen as the best warrior in his village. Due to being considered as the best warrior in his village he commands his men with pride. He is also very clever because none of his prey has ever escaped his traps yet.

History: Blazing Sun is the son of a famous warrior in fortree. When he was just five years old his father died in a battle against another tribe and his mother died of a broken heart. He was given his father fire staff. when he became ten years old he was taught how to make weapons. Through the teachings of his mentor he made the weapons that he currently carries around. Now that he is sixteen he is able to start a journey of his own.

Hometown: fortree city
Element: fire

Prized Possession (That channels the elemental energy): fire staff

Pokemon: a Charmander named Blaze

Weapons (if any): fire staff, fire spear, fire arrows, fire dagger, flame sword (the sword is based off of the japanese katana sword), and a fire bow

Moves that your character and Pokemon share (Max. of 5): flame thrower, fire blast, cut, ember, and fire spin

August 6th, 2008, 12:32 PM
Well, lvl99rayquaza, it looks good. Your appearance and personality could each be a sentence or two longer. Oh, no shinies (I know how much you want them^^). Finally, the max amount of moves is 5, so if you could.. But, I'll accept you upon edit. It's not much, really. Just a few sentences. Great job, though.

Here's my sign-up.

Name: Archelaus 'Ark' Rapharam

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ark has black and red hair, spiking more downward than any other direction. The downward hair reaches just past his round chin. He has dark brown eyes, that show off a bright maroon color when hit by the sun's rays. His nose is of average size. His shoulders are broad, with thin, but muscular arms hanging down. He normally wears an overcoat with no sleeves, revealing the sleeves on his inner layer. Both are torn up badly, from past fights and adventures. The overcoat reaches his ankles. Starting at his waist, he wears white, somewhat baggy pants, with a rough texture. As the pants reach his ankles, they tighten up like sweatpants. They lead into his hefty boots, which are worn with obvious adventures. He stands a little over five feet and seven inches. His overall build is light and agile, with great physical capability.

Personality: Ark is a quiet human, with a rather shy tone to him. Things he encountered in his life made him this way, closed and unfeeling. Though he is never mean or nasty, he is often mistaken for a wicked human and uncaring. Close friends know, though, that he is a good person.. Well, at least not bad. If something opposes him, he generally stands by and lets the danger pass if he thinks he cannot beat it. Sometimes, if he's mad or feeling brave, he will leave others to take on those dangers by himself. With that being said, he likes to work alone, but doesn't do bad if he's in a group. He'd much rather solve his own problems than help others solve theirs. Ark is quite smart, and rather strong, so he's an all around good fighter, with Pokemon or not, on the battlefield or not.

History: He was born before the ruler conquered in Mauville, and destined to work as a business man. He was treated above others, because of his superior intelligence. He didn't really respect the fact that just because he was smarter, he was treated better. But, he didn't fight back because he knew that he wouldn't win the fight. One day, when Ark was about 12, he came across a wild Shuppet while he was out on the route doing some thinking and inner meditation. He instantly became friends with the Pokemon. A few days later, he discovered that he was able to speak with the Pokemon through his mind. Even more exciting to him, the Shuppet could speak telepathically back. Thinking that the ones in his town would think he was some sort of witch, he fled. With the Shuppet at his back, he traveled to Fallarbor Town, where he continued to live.

When he turned 13 years old, the ruler and his soldiers came and invaded his new hometown. Quietly stowed away in a small house, he was nearly killed when the soldiers burnt the village. Thankfully, he escaped, and is living at the mouth of Meteor Falls, where he continues to live life on his own. While exploring the huge cavern, he found an old sage that told him about this mystical power with his Shuppet, and that he needs to get to Mt. Chimney. That is where it brings us now.

Hometown: Fallarbor Town

Element: Ghost

Prized Possession: Small medallion that stays in his pocket. Inscribed, it says "Mauville Management".

Pokemon: Shuppet, named Sharon.

Weapons (if any): Small pocket knife.

Quirks/others (if any): Like stated before, if anything opposes him or his friends, he may stand by if he knows he cannot win the strife. Rather quiet, and somewhat cold.

Shadow Ball

August 6th, 2008, 12:58 PM
Name: Hiroshii Katsuyama



Appearance:Hiroshii(Or, Hiro, as he prefers) Has medium-length deep cerulean hair. His eyes are the same color, a trait shared by his mother. His eyes gleam brightly in the light, and his hair flows easily in the wind. He's around Five foot Seven, and has a sincere smile, and a childlike, cute face.

Personality:He is usually really nice and calm, though he can get startled of confused easily at times. His temper is slightly offset, as it takes him a longer time to get angry than most people. He is an easy-going, caring boy before anything else. He also has a small crazy streak, whenever someone begins to talk about Mossdeep's Shoal Cave, pestering them to join him in an exploration of the cave.

History:Hiroshii was always right at home at Mossdeep, where the easy-going, nice Island citizens welcomed him with open arms. When he turned six, he met his best friend, Katsuya. They stayed together most of the time, and even called each other 'brother'. On his Thirteenth birthday, Katsuya was finishing moving out of his house, and gave Hiro a small pendant, with an indent to put a picture in it. Hiro put a picture of the only other person as close to him as Katsuya was, his father. At that same second, Hiro's father beckoned him inside the house hurredly, as a large Ice Pokemon was attacking the city. All the adult males did their best to fend off this Pokemon, shaped like a bid, but many of them died. One of them, being Hiro's father. Another victim was Katsuya. Hiro's mother, shortly after, gave Hiro a Totodile, telling him, "This is what your father was going to give you for your birthday." Hiro and that Totodile, whom he nicknamed Mizuki, have stuck together since, and formed a brother-like bond, which he cherishes in memory of his lost friend.

Hometown: Mossdeep City


Prized Possession: Small pendant with father's and best friend's picture in it.

Pokemon:A female Totodile, nicknamed Mizuki.

Weapons (if any):Tonfas on his sides, and a small knife in his bag.

Quirks/others (if any):Has a tendancy to get tense around ice, a trauma from a year ago that has never left him. Also has a strange obsession with the Shoal Cave, just north of his Island.

Moves that your character and Pokemon share:Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Surf, Dive, and Whirlpool

August 6th, 2008, 1:03 PM
lvl99rayquaza, you are accepted.

Blackhayate-x1000, it was a great sign-up. There was only two problems: Personality was a sentence short, and there were no such things as Pokeballs. Otherwise, you're in. Accepted upon edit.

August 6th, 2008, 1:16 PM
This is me expressing interest and taking the electric slot. I will edit this post very shortly with a more fully detailed profile.

Though I do have a question. I would like to be able to have my character bond with a Raichu, but I know you said no evolved forms. My question, therefor, is if my character would eventually be able to find a Thunderstone to evolve the Pikachu, or if the Pokemon we're using will evolve along the way anyway?

August 6th, 2008, 1:29 PM
Technically, I won't be reserving element slots. But, I hate to hurry your sign-up. Anyway, to answer your question, yes, Pokemon may evolve during the RP, but not that quickly. In a way, it would be difficult to make Pokemon evolve the exact way, so you can make it evolve either way. Thunderstone or level up, if you want.

August 6th, 2008, 1:35 PM
*hates to be a pester* That's fine about the evolution. I just wanted to be clear so I could appropriately decide on a Pokemon based on evolutionary trends in the world.

My other question that just occured to me:

Okay, maybe there's two.

What about the Eevee-lutions for the elements? How would you treat Jolteon, persay.

Any why can't a PC be the Psychic element. *playful pout* =P

August 6th, 2008, 1:53 PM
*hates to be a pester* That's fine about the evolution. I just wanted to be clear so I could appropriately decide on a Pokemon based on evolutionary trends in the world.

My other question that just occured to me:

Okay, maybe there's two.

What about the Eevee-lutions for the elements? How would you treat Jolteon, persay.

Any why can't a PC be the Psychic element. *playful pout* =P

Well, I was thinking about this. I guess you'd have to take the element that the Pokemon evolves into. I.e, Trapinch=ground type, but when he evolves, he is a dragon type. So, if you'd want Dragon type, and eventually wanted to have a Flygon, you'd have to live with a Trapinch for a while.

Psychic is actually taken by someone else. Sorry!

BTW, you're not a pester. It's a rather confusing RP, I was prepared to answer questions..

August 6th, 2008, 2:29 PM
Wanted to post what I had so my type didn't get snagged. Still working on it though.

Name: Zephyr Jetenta
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Zephyr is a rare teen, his head covered completely by white hair which isn't very common for someone his age. The hair itself is cut short and he spikes it up, the spikes help him show that he does indeed have a rebellious nature. His eyes are as black as night and they show no emotion to any who look in them, just completely emptiness which tends to cause fear in the hardest of hearts. Accompanying his left eye is a scar that cuts across it diagonally, a mark left from when he became a man. Hanging from his neck is a necklace made of black string and has five sharks teeth dangling along with it.

His upper body is toned and defined from working out four hours everyday to keep in shape in case of attack from anything, human and pokemon alike. Zephyrs shirt is black in color and is filled with various rips and tears. His pants and boots are both black as well, the pants also containing rips and tears while the boots are scuffed up.

Personality: Kind and caring is the outer appearance of Zephyrs personality. He is always willing to lend a hand, no matter the danger, simply because he knows that it is the right thing to do. Anyone who has comes in to contact with him knows this for a fact, and if their lives were ever in jeapordy they know he'd be the first person they'd go to.

His inner personality, however, is actually quite different. Rage, anger and frustration are what fills and fuels him. This anger takes a lot of poking at to release, but once it is let out it is quite hard to control and recontain. Anyway in his way would be advised to remove themselves or else feel quite a bit of regret.


Hometown: Littleroot Town

Element: Ground

Prized Possession: Shark Tooth necklace

Pokemon: Selyph the Gible

Weapons (if any): Ten throwing knives that are placed within holsters that wrap around his waist. Two regular hunting knives hidden within his boots.

Quirks/others (if any): N/A

Moves: Tackle, Dig, Flamethrower, Slash, Hidden Power

Master Electrician
August 6th, 2008, 2:30 PM
Color me interested. I'll work up a character concept, try and post it tonight or tomorrow.

August 6th, 2008, 4:36 PM
Aww, no psychic.

Name: Akula Tesla

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Akula is of average height. Her hair is an extremely faint blonde, almost white in color, and falls straight to slightly below her shoulders, with no waves or curls. She sometimes wears a blue bow to keep her hair in check, but normally she just leaves it plain. Her eyes are a bright, sparkling electric blue, a rare shade of color for eyes. Her skin is somewhat pale, but not extremely so. Her frame is somewhat small, and she has thin, slender limbs. Normally she wears a white short-sleeved shirt that is buttoned down on the front side, a blue knee-length skirt, white socks that are pulled halfway up to her knees, and blue dress shoes, though not high-heels. She wears no jewelry except a silver heart-shaped musical locket around her neck that channels her power.

Personality: Akula is a kind, thoughtful kind of person. She is quiet and shy most of the time, preferring to follow others rather than to lead. To see others in pain is not something she can endure well. While she doesn't get angry easily, when she does she will fly into a extreme rage, opposite of her normal personality, which is often rather shocking for those around her that don't know her that well. Somewhat naive, she has difficulty understanding perceptions that are not in some way similar to her own. Akula is also a curious girl, and loves to learn new things.

History: Akula was born in Mossdeep, where she lived until the age of 8. However, as a child she was frail and got sick easily and preferred to stay indoors and play alone, so she and her parents moved to Verdanturf, where they thought the fresh air and healthy surroundings would do her health some good. Her life in Verdanturf was everything they could have hoped for, as Akula quickly became a friendly, outgoing character, loving to prance around in Verdanturf's many flower fields with her friends. As she grew up, her parents let her travel farther and father from their little home in Verdanturf, and she eventually would bike to Mauville on a weekly basis, visiting friends and having fun in the crossroad city of Hoenn. When she was 13, she began traveling beyond Mauville on occasion. Shortly after she began doing so, she discovered a little Trapinch on the route north of Mauville. Surmising that it had gotten lost as it accidentally left the desert, she put it in her backpack and bike home. As she entered the outskirts of Verdanturf, she recieved quite the little shock: the Trapinch was talking to her! She quickly discovered her hidden powers, but kept them hidden, as she didn't want the embarassment or attention of everyone knowing. To her parents, the Trapinch was just a pet Akula had brought home. But to her, the Trapinch was one of her best friends. When the ruler took over, Akula found her decision to keep her powers hidden a wise one, as she was not one of the many rounded up and enslaved. When she turned 16, she moved out of her parents house to another one in Verdanturf, and works in the local PokeMart.

Hometown: Mossdeep (but she lives in Verdanturf)

Element: Ground

Prized Possession: A heart-shaped musical locket she wears around her neck at all times, passed down from her grandmother. It plays a sad little tune.

Pokemon: Tengu the Trapinch

Weapons: None

Moves: Earthquake, Rock Smash, Sandstorm, Sand Tomb, Strength

A question: Can the moveset change if the Pokemon evolves?

August 6th, 2008, 5:37 PM
Accepted. The moveset will change as the Pokemon grows, not only if it evolves.

Sorry, Chabz.. Lusankya was able to complete the spot for ground type.. Hopefully, you aren't upset. You can still choose one of the many other available types, however.

After I get off tonight, I will be gone for 4 to 5 days, so don't miss me;).

August 6th, 2008, 5:44 PM
That's fine, but I'm going to pass on the RP then. I figured since I posted first you'd have atleast waited till I finished until you chose who got it. But it is your RP..and I hope everything goes well with it.

August 6th, 2008, 5:50 PM
6. You must follow the sign-up sheet in order to be accepted. I will not reserve members, because it isn't fair to 'call' a type.

Well.. whatever floats your boat. I guess you shoulda seen it coming, but I'm not blaming it on you. Sorry you feel that way.. :(

August 6th, 2008, 5:58 PM
I understand you weren't reserving, but usually when someone reserves..they post like the type they want and a character name - not a full sign up, except for the history. Again, your RP so your rules. Hope everything goes for the best.

Blue Screen of Death
August 7th, 2008, 6:00 AM
Name: Enoch

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Enoch has dark one dark blue eye, and one light blue eye. He has brown hair, which is very close to black. He has a black tunic, with loose dark green pants, which are covered by a long, blue cloak, that he has never been seen without since he received it as his thirteenth birthday present. He is somewhat tall, at five feet eight inches. He is thin, but not to the point where he could be mistaken for someone who is anorexic, which makes hiding easy, which he has been known to do. His face is only shown at night, when he isn't wearing the hood on his cloak, but he is hardly seen during that time of the day.

Personality: He is extremely stoic, and has hardly shown any emotion during his whole life. He only lets people know how he is feeling through his voice, so his family has learned to listen very closely to him. In other cases, he shows emotion only when it comes to an extreme. such as when he received the cloak, there was a small smile on his face.

If someone where to try to get him angry, they would fail miserably, and more than likely get angry themselves. He doesn't take anything seriously, simply because he doesn't seem to care about many things.

Some would call him brave, but if anyone where to ask him about it, he would simply say, "Why bother being brave? If you don't care about the outcome, nothing will scare you." Secretly though, he loves to do dangerous things, and has been known to steal certain items from time to time. He also causes a lot of trouble throughout his hometown, by doing things such as making small holes in the ground, then covering them so people will trip on them, or dropping random objects on people from trees.

History: Enoch has had a seemingly boring life, starting with the day he was born, obviously, to the current time. He mostly worked in the fields, helping his father and two brothers with the Miltank and Tauros herds, mostly keeping the Tauros from killing each other. He has only ever broken one bone, which was his arm, when he was caught in a Tauros stampede, at the age of six. He hasn;t broken any other bones because even though he has done things that would normally have that effect, he has had plenty of calcium, giving his bones strength.

By the age of ten, he was riding a Rapidash almost everywhere he went on the farm, even though he nearly burned his hair off the first time he tried riding one. He met his familiar, a Sableye, while exploring a cave for a wayward Miltank. He got a particularly nasty lick when he awoke the sleeping ghost pokemon, because of the light his Rapidash gave off when it went into the cave.

When his thirteenth birthday came, and he recieved the cloak, he also recieved the rest of his current outfit (although it was somewhat big for him then). Lastly, the final thing his father gave him before he died, was a necklace, with a black star as its pendant, after which he said " Son, that pendant represents the darkness in even the brightest shining things. It is a reminder that nothing, human or pokemon, is perfect." Enoch thought this was somewhat dark for a birthday present, but he has teasured it ever since.

Hometown: Fallarbor town

Element: Dark

Prized Possession: Dark star pendant

Pokemon: Sableye

Weapons: Shuriken, claws.

Quirks/others : none.

Moves that your character and Pokemon share: Shadow claw, Dark pulse, Shadow sneak, Shadow punch.

August 7th, 2008, 7:18 AM
Name: Macori (Cori) Cicle (Pronounced like Ice cicle)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Cori is quite tall for his age. He has blonde, natrualy spikey hair and pale skin. He also has pale lips which blend with his skin which make him look lip-less. He ussually wears a warm coat made from Mareep wool. The outside of the coat is brownish. He weras trousers which look pretty much the same as his coat and thick, leather boots. under his coat he has a plain white top which is lkaced together by leather.

Personality: Cori has a very cold personality. He is nasty and doesn't have that many freinds. He is very serious and will not just stop for a chat. He may ignore others and is very competitive but will not hurt people he doesn't dislike. If he does dislike someone he will be even nastier and will attack them. He is supprisingly caring for his freinds and will help them when needed. He is also polite to people with more power than him and doesn't dis obey orders from them. He can also be a bit of a coward.

History: Cori was orriginally born in lavaridge town. At the age of eight, he left home without informing his family and now lives in the cold mountains around Mt. Chimney. he grew up there and rarely went into big cities and towns. He stayed in a small cave and sometimes gos traveling. He travels around only to help others. When he was 12, he discovered his power and now travels to find people who will tell him more about it. He is regularly attacked by Pokemon and has toughened up quite a bit.

Hometown: Mt.Chimney

Element: Ice

Prized Possession: A bracelet with shard of ice blue quartz sticking from it.

Pokemon: Snover

Weapons: A quartz dagger

Quirks/others: Where he lives isnt an area accesible in the game. It's sorta in the mountains were it is really cold.

Moves that your character and Pokemon share (Max. of 5): Ice Shard, Blizzard, Wood Hammer, Hail, Ice Beam

August 10th, 2008, 10:40 AM
Well, I suppose I'll start the Roleplay now.

Archelaus was standing in front of his Shuppet, Sharon. There was a man clad in armor, trying to kidnap the Pokemon. He wielded a spear and shield. But, next to him was a floating ball of steel with a single eyeball. On either side, it had a magnet, seeming to hold it upright in mid air. It was a Magnemite. Both glared at Ark and Sharon, wanting to strip them of their energy.

"I was sent by the King to acquire your Pokemon. Give it to me, and you will not be harmed. Any resistance will result in consequence," he said, knowing that Ark was going to rebel. Ark moved his hand up to motion Sharon to power up a Shadow Ball, but the guard was apparently a jumpy man. He flung his spear up, and aimed it at Ark. With a quick grunt, a bolt of electricity was flung at him. It hit Ark, and swirled around him twice. Any normal human would've been seriously injured by that attack, but with his trusty familiar, Ark and Sharon both shared the pain, allowing him to resist the more ferocious part of the blow. Ark leaped up, and Sharon started to elongate. Eventually, the Shuppet was a long stick, and was absorbed into Ark's arm. Suddenly, purple and black flames erupted from the same arm.

"Shadow Ball!" he yelled. A small ball popped up in his hand, and he lobbed it at the foe. With a small explosion of shadows, he disabled the guard. The man was ripped right out of his boots, and was stunned. Ark walked up to him slowly, and pulled out a his knife. He stabbed the foe to his doom.

August 13th, 2008, 12:57 PM
OOC: I will be able to start tomorrow as i am busy along with my family. actually i will be able to start on monday due to this week being a sad week.