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  • Hey, don't worry about it!! And woooah, you joined the Air Force?! That's... that's most definitely impressive news to hear! How are you liking it? And best of luck to you, by the way! :D

    Yessss, I am absolutely loving how smooth the controls feel! Any fighters you really enjoy so far? Young Link is easily the most comfortable character for me!
    Merry Christmas, Sil! =)

    Have you gotten a chance to try out Smash Ultimate? :D
    Yup, definitely exciting! I heard they were also planning to release an HD collection pack of the first 3 games for Switch, PS4, Xbox, and Steam for anyone who hasn't tried out the series yet. :D

    Ahh, you own both versions? xD I wish I had the Switch release instead of the Wii U version, but I guess I'd be too exhausted to re-play the game again anyway ehehe. It took me aaaaages to beat the Trial of the Sword DLC, and I've just been too burnt out to play the Champion's Ballad segment ever since. ;__; Will probably get around to it someday, though! Someday. :')

    Have you ever tried Pokkén Tournament? I was considering getting the game just for Decidueye, but I have no idea what people think of the gameplay, haha.
    Oh, nice! I kinda missed my chance to get an adapter the first time around (and then it became crazy rare after that LOL), but it's great to see that they'll be back in stock again for Smash Ultimate! Still, the thought of using a wireless controller sounds all too tempting to me! :D

    The answer to your question... is still none! xDDD I'm mainly just waiting for Smash and Ace Attorney 7, haha. Hyrule Warriors and BotW would've been on my wishlist if I didn't already have them on the Wii U. But EBOR on the other hand has been playing tons of Splatoon lately. =p
    No problem, Sil! Glad that you're still around too, of course! :D

    OOHHHH YESSS! The Final Smash meters! I completely forgot about that, but it's something I had always wished for ever since Brawl was released! There's so much customization to play with now and I just love it. Even better, I heard that we will actually get to save our own default settings for the first time in Smash history! No more 2-minute time mode every time we open the game from now on, ahaha.

    By the way, do you know what controller you'll be playing with? Most people tend to stick with GameCube controllers out of habit, but I think the Switch Pro Controller would be totally comfortable as well!

    Ahahaha, at least you didn't completely abandon the forums like I did for 3 whole years! xD I was seriously planning to cut all ties with my past... until one day I had a sudden nostalgia rush, LOL. I'm still very grateful that you and Furball were there for me when I got back, so thanks again! :D I promise I'll be better at keeping in touch this time around, heh. And on that note, maybe we can start aiming for a 20-year milestone now? ;]

    Agreed about online co-op! I think SSBB only had online co-op for Multi-Man Brawl and the Home-Run Contest, but it would be amazing if they also branched out to Classic Mode and Adventure Mode! By the way, I heard that Stamina has now been promoted to a standard rule setting, and it can also be combined with Time/Stock! That'll surely be interesting to try out.
    Oh, oh! Look what I found at the back of my imgur gallery. xD

    And hey, it looks like we've both survived 10 years on this site! Just 30 more to go, right pal? =p

    YESSSSS PLEASE!! *o* Subspace was the main reason I loved Brawl so much, but even Melee's Adventure Mode would do just the trick! I swear, if we get either variation of it in the next Smash game, I would die a happy fan ahahaha. It would also be pretty neat if there was some sort of online co-op mode, too!

    LOOOOOOL, this just made my day. xD Good times, good times. But still, I must sincerely apologize for any cringes I must have caused back then, haha... ;__;

    Same here, same here! :D

    Plus there are lots of awesome new modes to try out, with Squad Strike Mode being by far my favorite! We'll get to use 3 characters in the same battle, with each character representing one stock. Kind of like a real-time Pokémon battle, don't ya think? :)
    Oh, nice! I've been playing a lot of Ace Attorney myself (on the 3DS), it's addicting!

    I had no idea your mains were Wolf and Snake haha, even though we used to play Brawl together. xD Could've sworn Marth was your main for some reason, heh. Really happy that Young Link and Ivysaur are coming back though, because those two will surely be my mains in the new game!

    Do you plan on getting Nintendo's online subscription thingy? Perhaps we could play sometime again, just like the good old days! With my sister too, maybe! :D
    Indeed, that is true! Same can be said for me, haha. I think I'm finally getting the hang of balancing work and school, though I sure wish there were more hours in the day! ;__;

    Oh yeah, my sister bought a Switch a couple of weeks ago! I haven't personally played it yet, but we're both looking forward to Smash!! :D

    It's been a while, buddy! Just thought I'd drop by and say hi. How's everything going for you these days? =)
    Heya, Sil!! :D The Nintendo Switch came out a couple of days ago! Are you excited to get one? (And how do you think of it, by the way?)
    Omg, I did that exact same thing in Pokémon Y, haha! Back then people were talking about how overleveled they were compared to the Gym Leaders, and I was like "wait, but I'm not overleveled... OH." Lmao. xD

    Anyway, I've finally gotten my hands on a physical copy of Sun! I wasn't able to get very far, though. I left off after the very first battle with Hau, haha.
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