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August 21st, 2008, 6:50 AM
-cough- Yes, as the title implies, I am writing a TCG-based fic. I have the battle mechanics and world details figured out, thanks to a discussion between me and my second-in-command at my forum.

In this world, there are both animals and Pokemon. Pokemon are the end result of a gradual mutation process known as Primary Evolution, brought about when a population of an animal species is exposed to a medium called Energy over several generations. Because of the time Primary Evolution takes to fully change an animal species into a Pokemon species, Pokemon appear for the most part in certain Energy-rich regions, the most famed of which are known as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.

Exploration into these regions was virtually impossible until a new technology was pioneered - that of storing Energy and Energy-charged objects and organisms as a non-coporeal substance. Explorers were able to capture Pokemon within a special device and train them to defend their owner against threats such as wild Pokemon. The Pokemon, who would normally be synchronized with the Energy within a region, needed their owners to charge them with stored Energy in order to attack.

After the regions were populated, Pokemon training went commercial. The first commercial training device was the TrainerPro Enconn, which provided the soon-to-be universal name for the devices - enconns. They are produced in thousands of sizes, styles, colors, and capacities; though the 52-unit Call Bank is standard for League play, enconns with differing capacities are available.

In addition to Pokemon and Energy, programs that modify a battle are also available as units, as are Energy-charged items and programs that create a field-changing hologram. Evolution happens naturally in the wild, but to be achieved by a Trained Pokemon, the Trainer must have captured both evolution stages. The Trainer combines the two Pokemon to trigger evolution; the higher form is an outer shell that controls the body while the lower form goes dormant until they regress. Because of this, a Pokemon and its higher or lower form are actually seperate entities, with different personalities and attitudes (though memories are retained between the two.) A Trainer with the most loyal Larvitar in the world may find that his Pupitar is standoffish, and that his Tyranitar wouldn't mind eating him for dinner.

I don't think that's everything, but that's most of it. The plot itself is another matter entirely.


August 21st, 2008, 7:41 AM
Go for it. It looks like you've put a lot of thought into the mechanics and concept, and I think it could work really well. Between this thread and the lounge, I think you've done more than enough asking to see if we think it'll be OK, so get writing! ;D

August 21st, 2008, 8:56 AM
Wow, this sounds good. I think it would make an excellent story (with the right plot of course).

August 28th, 2008, 3:08 AM
Go for it. It sounds good, and keep adding twists.