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  • Hey so I just saw that you're leaving and thought I'd revive this dead account to let you know that I've really enjoyed your fics over the years. I think you also commented on one of the first stories I ever posted here, and that stuck with me. Younger me was so excited to see someone had read my writing. This relative stranger wishes you all the best for the future!
    Sad to hear you're leaving but good to read you're basically going Outside™, that should be fun.

    Have a good time and do report back on hobbies progress some time~
    Good news, Anon! Digimon Adventure tri ended with a sequel hook! And a new project has been announced!

    (And I've been reading your 02 reviews as soon as they come in, but I haven't the mental capacity to respond to them. Please keep them coming.)
    Quickly letting you know that our Digimon conversation on Serebii led me to start digging around in a lot of social science research. I didn't take any shade from your response. We actually agree!
    I actually thought of you when I came home and saw the score. Was tempted to send you a mocking message. The season's still young though!

    Digimon cheered me up today too. Got some merchandise from Japan to add to the collection! (Also responded to the Serebii convo, since it was on a topic I'm quite interested in.)
    BlazingAzureCrow's Abridged series were recommended on a Digimon podcast I was listening to, and I definitely had to go searching for them! I haven't watched anything yet, but I have heard that they're great and one of the best abridged shows out there.

    Have to say that my favorite part of your Zero Two reviews are all the things that you bring up that need answers or more exploration. Because I do believe that everything you bring up is something that I've attempted to explain/answer in my rewrite. So do keep the review train going, because it's a huge help!
    I went to go see it, and the dubbing was still decent for what they had to work with. The only thing I can't get used to are the voices for some of the characters.

    It does! Look forward to it suddenly coming out of nowhere again in the Demon Corps arc!

    And yes, this is really about the time where it became obvious that the writers had no idea what to do with Hikari and Takeru. I've heard that other people have seen some characterization for them if you squint and think about it, but it's not much.

    By the by, while you're watching the sub of Zero Two, I'm slowly making my way through the dub! Only seen two episodes so far.
    Yeah, don't worry about the gap in reviews. I know how difficult it can be to watch Zero Two. Glad you're making a return to this!

    Something that I really didn't notice about Wormmon's character is the difference of it between the original and the dub. It wasn't until someone else on a podcast said that Wormmon in the dub seems more willing(?) to join Ken in taking over the DigiWorld. Don't remember specific examples because it's been so long, but it was a huge contrast in characterization.

    I was about to say "Hope you enjoy the latest tri. movie where..." but then I found that I couldn't remember anything about the movie. It's really just a movie where they sit around and talk for parts 1-3, and then suddenly remember that they have some remaining budget to use on fight scenes.

    The last movie better be really good for it not coming out until summer 2018.

    As for me, I've been watching Digimon as well. I just finished Frontier subbed (after making my way through Tamers subbed), and am now watching Appmon since it finished. And then, of course, still working on my Zero Two retelling.
    Im trying! :p

    (I'm getting some more words in. But still won't be able to send in anything senseful until about three hours after the deadline, I think)
    Ey, I apologize for mistaking your username with that extra 0 there. (slaps head) -__- I should have double check. Went ahead and edit my post in the Time thread.
    Remember when I said "I was just thinking this the other day while shopping. That if Tri had an English release, I could be buying Takeru Digimon merchandise again"?

    We are indeed getting merchandise.
    The budget for tri. is definitely getting smaller. That's probably why the majority of the last part of this movie was evolution sequences. Not only did Piyomon evolve from Child to Ultimate, but then Patamon and Tentomon did the same. While Plotmon evolved to Tailmon. And speaking of Seraphimon's evolution being filler animation, I'm really disappointed in the fact that Seraphimon didn't even call out his attack during his revealing fight.

    There had to have been something else for Sora to have conflict with. Piyomon not liking her just because Sora stepped on her head was very weak reasoning. The other Digimon were perfectly fine with their human partners acting crazy around them (Tanemon thinking that Mimi would eat her; Takeru picking up Tokomon and talking about infections before saying that they're friends now). Sora, meanwhile, brought food and had a gentle approach towards Piyomon rather than trying to pretend as if everything was normal.

    I also really didn't like that Piyomon didn't like Sora for no good reason, but was curled up right next to Meiko at first introduction. I understand that Meiko didn't step on Piyomon, but that still doesn't explain why Piyomon cuddles with her. (I will also admit that Meiko has not impressed me in the slightest.)

    There also seemed to be some missed opportunities when the Chosen were all split apart from each other. There should have been more of the Digimon learning more about their partners from other Chosen, like how Agumon was asking Yamato about Taichi and learning about that part of him. (My bias will show here, but I also wanted them to do something more with Takeru being wounded at the Village of New Beginnings. I'll accept him being there alone, but...what was the point of him being hurt?)

    Between Gennai licking Sora's face and Gennai punching Sora with a cat, I was unable to enjoy the rest of the movie. That scene was really too out-of-place for a Digimon movie, and I wonder what the point of it was.

    Despite the faults of Loss, I'll still watch the rest of tri.! Considering what was revealed on part five's poster, things will get interesting (and hopefully better written)!
    A week late, but: What did you think of the recent tri. movie? I've seen it already, so feel free to talk spoilers.
    Much appreciated! And, yes, I'm pretty much in agreement there ... but I am looking forward to graduation. I've been writing for over a decade and I'm going through creative withdrawal in this medical program, XD. At least when I graduate I can focus on both. ^^
    The source would be awesome. I might have to give it a go later (yay medical school taking all my time), but it'll be nice if I could neatly organize all my fandom projects in the signature without it getting overly long.

    On a different note, though, your fanfics also look interesting. I'll have to check them out sometime when I'm not drowning in assignments. ^^
    Kind of random, but I was curious how you got your signature coded the way it is. I like the presentation and organization. ^_^
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