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September 4th, 2008, 12:17 AM
Where once there was just a road, Pokemon and people gathered to create a small peaceful town names Solaceon. The town soon became one filled with ranchers and cowgirls, a mainly farming town where people and Pokemon relaxed and lived side by side in complete harmony. Only a few years ago there were many ranches built around the small town to produce food that would be shipped out to bigger town in order for the hardworking townsfolk to make a living, but now it is only home to a few select people who have not moved onto bigger things in the cities. Here you will find a Pokemon News centre where local people and also passers by will pay a visit to in order to have interviews with a small time journalist trying to make it big in the world of TV and Radio. Apart from these small businesses, Solaceon town is pretty much uninhabited by people and remains a tranquil get away for trainers and Pokemon looking to take a break from training.

Off in the distance you will find the Solaceon ruins where small creatures names Unown have supposedly taken up residence because of the solitude and harmless location. Many trainers and locals have reported seeing these fascinating creatures lingering around outside and inside the ruins but no one has ever returned with photographic proof or anything that would make true they’re existence. The town keeps true to its haunting feel with the silhouette of lost tower in the background where may people pay visit to they’re dead pokemon.

But this small town is nothing to be feared and neither is it as depressing as I make it sound. Not long ago a couple opened a centre where trainers could drop off they’re Pokemon to be nursed and cared for until they were in perfect fighting condition. The couple edged the Pokemon on to evolve and grow stronger in they’re time there and were even known to tame wild Pokemon ready for when the owners returned to collect them. Many ranchers would leave they’re house Pokemon at the day care centre in order to go to work and not have to worry about they’re Pokemon and sadly some trainers never return to collect them. But the old couple are never harsh enough to put a healthy Pokemon down and keep them as they’re own.

The Pokemon day care is made up of a few acres of land. The old couple’s house is situated towards the front of the establishment and behind is a small paradise for any Pokemon. The garden spreads for a few miles back in order to give even the largest of Pokemon room to wander. To the smaller Pokemon however, it is like a small island waiting to be explored made up of forest, lakes and free running space. The daycare is not as small as people believe and it is possible for the old couple to take days to find the Pokemon they need. True there are Pokemon that would happily eat other Pokemon but this is why the old couple have Pokemon of they’re own to keep guard over others and make sure no harm comes to the smaller ones. Yes indeed the day care of Solaceon town is a world of small mysteries, fun and danger if one is not careful and to you it will be your new home for the next few months.


Okay then. I gave the day care a little re-design in order to give you a small sense of freedom. Don’t go thinking that this is like a whole island to yourself because it not but I do want you to think that this place is huge…try thinking a nature reserve park, so that even an Onix will be content with its surroundings.

Anyways, you play a pre-evolved Pokemon (either baby or first evolution) and you are a new member of this Pokemon daycare. You will meet others; make friends, make enemies have run in’s with Pokemon that you don’t really want to have run in’s with and so on. The point of the RPG is to be completely open so that you can do whatever you want within reason. Just remember than your in a day care not on your own island (Your Pokemon character may not know that, but you as an RPGer should.). To you it can be an island, a magical world, a prison or just a daycare. What your character thinks is up to you.

In order to make sure that no Pokemoneats any other Pokemon there will be guards. I will be playing the main Pokemon guard, but there will be other NPC’s to make sure that Pokemon stick to rules. The old couple will also play a small part in your lives. After all they are the ones caring for you, but for the most part you will be able to roam free.

There will be Evolved Pokemon such as Charizard and such but I want you characters to have a chance to be able to evolve and grow.

Anyways on with the sign ups:

Name: (A nick name you have been given…if any.)
Age: (Human years (7 – 16)
Gender: (Male, Female, Neither. Depending on the Pokemon: A ditto will be neither where as a Miltank will be female only)
Species: (Species of Pokemon. Remember baby or first evo)
Description: (It can be hard to describe a Pokemon, but just give a general description of the species with any differences you would like to add.)
Personality: (How your Pokemon acts by himself, with others and in general.)
History: (What is your history? Who is your trainer? Were you found injured by another trainer and put into the day care? How did you come to be here?)
Other: (Anything else?)

Okay just to tell you I’m going to be playing the main ‘Guard’ : A male Arcanine. I’ll get that sign up soon along with my own daycare Pokemon.

Okay! Sign up!

September 4th, 2008, 2:41 AM
Name: Seth

Age: 15 in Human years

Gender: Male

Species: Growlithe

Description: Slightly longer than average scruffy fur, with blue eyes and a slightly longer tufted tail. Apart from that, he looks like your everyday Growlithe.

Personality: Friendly towards just about everyone. Energetic and overal optomistic, he always seems to look on the bright side of life, although he has been known to lose this happy nature, and adapt a more miserable one. This only happens when he has a reason to be upset though; he will never be sad for no reason. Well, not for long, anyway. He will also do random things when he is bored, such as roll around or attempt to learn how to swim (a very memorable exprience.)

History: Seth may be fifthteen in human years, but as a Pokemon he is rather young. He basicly was born at Celestic Town, but his trainer, a young breeder, sold him to a young male trainer, who soon decided that Seth wasn't strong enough to battle, so he only sent him out to fight every now and then. After finally excepting that he couldn't train Seth along with his other Pokemon, he gave him to the old couple at the Pokemon Daycare until he was older. Then he would either use Seth to battle more often, give Seth away to someone who would take better care of him, or ask if the Pokemon Daycare would like to keep Seth, since he seemed to prefer the Daycare's reserve to being couped up in a Pokeball all day. He also seems to like the Daycare couple, as they take care of him, and give him proper meals (his trainer only gave him two thirds of the recommended amount of food and water a day.)

Other: Seth's parents are unknown. His mother is one of hundreds, going on thousands of breeding pokemon, while his father could be anything, from a Arcanine, to a Vaporeon. Seth thinks that there may be a chance that his father was either another pokemon kept for breeding purposes, or a random Pokemon. He seems to think that his father could be one of the local pokemon, however. His favourite place is the forest where he will simply lie back and relax. If he is not at the forest, or near the lake, (his second favourite place) he will be at the daycare building.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
September 4th, 2008, 3:23 AM
I Will Sign Up Later. Maybe After School. :)

September 4th, 2008, 4:26 AM
Name: Tsuguu

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Species: Minun

Description: I'm a Minun who is actually a younger twin brother of a female Plusle named Tsukii, and I have have a small tuft of hair on my head with darker blue accents than normal Minun. I'm also a fast runner, and I have a yellow that's a little darker than most Minun, and my attacks are not as strong without Tsukii. Also, my Minus ability is strong enough on its own, but without my sister, its a little weaker than expected. My feet are also a little bigger than normal Minun; and my tail's a little sharper.

Personality: Often, me and my sister like to make trouble while having a little thinking done. I love eating, and I do know what's good for me. We're smarter than some Pokemon, and I have always hated Math, but I love being very social around people--but I'm immature--and me and my twin have an uncontrollable temper if ever we are angry! I'm very lazy, hungry, bored, inactive and sleepy all by myself. Also, I always hated sports, but I'm actually very playful, and curious when it comes to anything else.

History: We were raised and trained by a couple of professional trainers who were a lot like our parents who only battled strong trainers and specially-bred Pokemon. But they broke up and decided to place us in the Daycare Center where we learned about teamwork, cooperation and just playing nice to other Pokemon like me. Eventually, that's how I became closer to my sister, as well as being very protective of her. AKA, my other half. XD But, we aren't really that close, since we just came to the Daycare at Level 7.

I was bred with this moveset, actually:
Helping Hand
Rain Dance

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 4th, 2008, 9:32 AM
Name: Zen
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Species: Squirtle
Description: Squirtles are light blue skinned pokemon, with a brown shell. It has a curly tail, and a round head with a large mouth. He has little sharp teeth. Unlike most squirtle, Zen has small spikes around the rim of his shell, as well as ridges along its middle.
Personality: He is very fun loving, and sprays water at people at the most inopportune times. Zen loves nothing more than swimming. In fact, he hardly ever leaves it, sleeping in the shallows in his shell. He likes to dive to the bottom of the pond at the day-care, and get son with all the water pokemon.
History: He was bred back on Kanto to be a fighter. His mother was a blastoise, his father a swampert. The trainer, however, took off long before he was ready to leave his mother, and tried to follow them helplessly across the seas. Found off Kanto shores, unconcious, a swimmer captured him and traveled to Sinnoh. He refused to battle however, and often escaped from his trainer. One day, in the driving rain, he ran from the cover of a cave, and was found slumped outside solaceon town by the day-care man.
Other: Moveset:

Tal Whip
Muddy Water

September 4th, 2008, 10:06 AM
Name: Mara
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Species: Espeon

Description: Mara is a small, dog-like Pokemon just over a foot high. She is mostly brown, with a large cream tuft around her neck. She has large ears with small furry tufts underneath, as well as a arge bushy tail with cream-coloured tip. Her eyes are dark brown, with a small slash running across her right eye.

Personality: Mara is an extremely curious and inquisitive Pokemon, always exploring and putting her nose in where it shouldn’t be put. Not as in people, she isn’t rude or snoopy, but slightly too explorative for her own good. She is very friendly and likes to socialise, thought she can get slightly testy when she’s hungry. She cares about other people’s feeling and will always try to help.

History: Mara was born on the ranch. Her mother was an Espeon, Lyra, that belonged to a professional trainer, and her father was an Umbreon, who she has never met. Her mother’s trainer did not believe that he would be able to provide suitable care for the young Pokemon, so he asked if she would be able to stay at the daycare. However, he visits often and she loves having her mother there. She’s earned herself a small scar from a nasty incident with a Nidoking, and though that has made her slightly more wary it hasn’t tempered her inquisitiveness one jot.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 4th, 2008, 11:11 AM
lord, i think you would have to be eevee, since he said baby or first evo only

September 4th, 2008, 12:05 PM
Name: Tsukii
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Species: Plusle
Description: Tsukii is a paler red than most Plusle, with dark magenta accents. She's of average size, but a couple centimeters shorter than her twin. She has bigger feet than average, and a slightly pointed tail. Her ears are long and tipped with tufts of fur, and they tend to throw off sparks when she's upset. Her face and stomach are lighter than the normal creamy color.
Personality: Tsukii is the twin sister and best friend of Tsuguu the Minun. She's the *slightly* more mature and cautious one of the pair, but she can be just as hyper and fun-loving as her brother. She's also extremely hotheaded (like her brother) and can get reckless when she gets angry. They love to make mischief and can always be found hanging out together. By herself, though, she's shy and quiet.
History: Tsuguu and Tsukii were raised by a couple of aspiring trainers, who broke up soon after breeding them and sent the pair to the Daycare Center. They became extremely close there and gradually learned how to play by the rules and get along with other baby Pokemon, skills they hadn't been taught, because the people who bred them were battlers and looking only for powerful Pokemon with customized movesets.
Other: (moveset~! Bred to compliment Tsuguu.)
Thunder, Helping Hand, Sunny Day

September 5th, 2008, 1:20 AM
Frost Flame: Everything is fine apart from the length of your personality and description. My fault thought I should have been more specific in the length that I requiered your sign up's to be. I want both to be a paragraph long (4 - 7 sentances preferably). So if you could edit that for me I see no reason why you cannot be accepted. PENDING

Silent Pidgeot: No worries RESERVED

RR: Hmm, I'm not sure what to think about the first person take on a sign up...but I'll give it a chance. Either way your sign up and personality is too short, but again I should have said how long I wanted them both. I want them both to be a paragraph long (4-7 sentances). Also with your history, remember than you are a new adition to the pokecentre and so have only just arived, s oyour bond with your sister cannot be that strong from being there. PENDING

Slave to the Poke Rave: Okay everything is way too short for my liking, but that again is my fault for not saying how long things had to be. I want all sections (personlity/description/ history) to be a paragraph long at the least (4-7 sentances). PENDING

lorddarigan: Rave is right in saying that you will have to change from Espeon to an Eevee. I'll give you the chance to evolve in the RPG, but I want time for you to grow. Other than that the length is a little short, but its what I've asked for so if you edit that small detail then your accepet. PENDING

Soluna: Everything is fine but I would ask you to add to your description (around 4-7 sentances for each section). PENDING

Nice that we have twin Pokemon here XD.

September 5th, 2008, 2:15 AM
Took your advice--I tried to water down the bond a little, but I still want to keep it a little Platinum sheathed, Diamond and Pearl encrusted. Any other critique?

September 5th, 2008, 2:31 AM
I adjusted my sign-up. Is it good enough to let me in?

September 5th, 2008, 3:58 AM
I'm in. Great idea to be a pokemon in a place you can wander about in without much disturbance.


Name: Tytrox

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Species: Cyndaquil

Description: A small, round, cute and short pokemon can be a good overall description. It's eyes are such that no one knows when they're open and when they're closed, but still give expression to others. It walks mostly bipedal, but runs at a quadrupedal stance to gain more speed. The vents on it's back are always warmer than the rest of it's body, because erupting flames can come out of them anytime at it's own will. The small arms and legs find it hard to hold most objects, dropping them most of the time, but Tytrox has more grip thanks to be able to use the move crush claw, a move it learned through it's father, a Zangoose. It's mouth is fairly sized in comparison to it's body size, making it able to eat most things smaller than it. The blue coat it wears protects it from heat and cold, as well as it's own flames. It's flame vents are a bit larger than those of other Cyndaquil, which is fitting to protect itself. A strange cut exists on it's head, which seem to be as hot as the vents on it's back. It seems to be more fit in mobility, but lacks to hit it's enemies hard.

Personality: Tytrox is timid, very timid in fact, by nature. Such increases it's speed, but reduces it's attack. It seems to always be by itself at all times and is sen in a dark corner, always away from the crowd. It finds it hard to communicate with other Pokemon, and get's scared of almost anything it sees that it doesn't like. But once it gets a friend, that friend is a very lucky person or Pokemon. Tytrox isn't friendly, but it never let's a friend down nor does it let it's friends get hurt. A great friend to have together, but it never even sees any Pokemon or human as anyone safe to be with, exceptions include it's trainer, it's parents and now probably the daycare caretakers. It avoids other Pokemon, and tends to stay by itself. However, it is pretty well off by itself and is hard and stubborn to get by. It's good at battling and protecting itself and others, but it rarely ever sees the need to do that.

History: Tytrox was born normally as most experienced and competitive trainers do breeding. Get two compatible Pokemon, place them in the daycare and wait for the yield, then go train the new born. Tytrox was born the same way, with a Zangoose and Quilava as it's father and mother, respectively. It's trainer was just as loving and caring, and it thought that it was very lucky for it to be like that. It never got to meet it's trainer's other Pokemon though, as by nature it was timid and to itself, that only supported it's timidity. All that while, it gained a growing bond with it's trainer, they were almost inseparable. But all of a sudden, It found itself in the daycare, not knowing what had happened. I twas then it saw, that it's trainer was riding away to another place, abandoning Tytrox in the process. Little did it know that it's trainer was trying to protect Tyrox, because it's trainer had to run to do something which could prove dangerous for the young Pokemon. This sight made Tytrox all the more timid and lonely than it was before, finding no friends at all at the new place it was brought to. It could now just wait and see what could turn out.

Other: Tytrox has the egg move crush claw, combined with the basic Tackle, leer and smokescreen.


I think thats about it. Hope I get accepted.

September 5th, 2008, 4:01 AM
Oh. Just a question. Can we write the RP posts in first person? Like a personal narrative?

September 5th, 2008, 4:29 AM
RR: Okay keep in mind that a desctiption is of your physical appearance not how you act, but I accept the fact that describing a Pokemon doesn't really go further than "He's a Growlithe" XP I'm going to be easy going with RPG and I'll accept you. ACCEPTED

Frost Flame: Same as above your Accepted though your description is only two lines long I'll accept the fact that your pretty much an everday Growlithe. ACCEPTED

Xano: Awesome ^_^ You reached all the requierments and I am liking your character. ACCEPTED

RR: Yeah I have no preference how you write in this RPG. It's pretty much free roam anyway ^_^

September 5th, 2008, 5:56 AM
Great that I got in. Posting here to mark that I read that I'm accepted. I think you should enforce a couple of rules apart from those in the rules or stress a few already there out.

September 5th, 2008, 7:54 AM
OK, I'm just making the change. Thanks for accepting.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
September 5th, 2008, 11:26 AM
Name: Magma

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Cyndaquil

Description: Magma Is Like A Weasle-Like Pokemon With A Red Flame On Its Back. Magma Has A Black Tint To His Fur And Has Emerald Eyes. His Flame Is A Blue-Green Color. He Wears A Pendant With A Rayquaza Scale On It.

Personality: Magma Is Very Brave,Even For A Basic-Leveled Pokemon. He Loves To Get Into Fights And Train. Whenever Its The Full Moon He Would Stay Up And Stare At It.

History: Magma Was Found Injured During The Full Moon By A Trainer Named Damion. Damion Never Noticed The Rayquaza Scale. Damion Went Back To His Hometown And Couldnt Bring Magma,So Damion Left Magma In The Solaceon Day-Care Center.

Other: During The Full Moon Magma's Pendant Glows Red,Yellow,And Green.

September 5th, 2008, 1:57 PM
Just posting so you know I'm here. Thanks for accepting my character!

September 7th, 2008, 6:17 AM
Hey. This thread has been a little dead for a little while. Lucien, will you still be able to accept Soluna? A twin can't do it without the other.

September 7th, 2008, 9:15 AM
I would love to join, but I hate all basic pokemon...

September 7th, 2008, 10:06 AM
I've edited my description ... I hope it works. Thanks for the second chance. ^^

September 8th, 2008, 6:40 AM
I'll sign up later after school,so please reserve me a spot.

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September 8th, 2008, 8:55 AM
Guess What?


Im On The Computor In The Nurses Office. My Aid Is Gone And Its Recess,So Here I Am. LOL


September 8th, 2008, 4:01 PM
Name: Bladerunnr
Age: 9 (In human)
Gender: Female
Species: Chikorita
Description: Like most Chikorita, Bladerunnr has pale green skin, though the leaf on her head is mostly green, the tip is yellow with a little bit of dead plant colored brown on the edges. The small buds around her neck are not much different, but are yellow near the base and tip, though there is no brown like on her leaf. The rest of her is about the same, a little pink is in her eye, and her stubby tail is longer.
Personality: Bladerunnr is usually in a good mood. She happily greets anyone if she is passing by, and often acts silly, never using pranks or rude jokes. She is very head forward, rarely shy unless facing a large group or a giant pokemon. When alone, she is quiet, and pretends like she isn’t even there. She can change from this state to her happy personality in a flash, and is usually glad for the company. She usually starts a chat about the weather, and the humidity and temperature, as her form of small talk.
History: Bladerunnr was one of a few Johto pokemon brought over to the Sinnoh region to increase the population of them. Soon after being released near Hearthome city, she was captured by a trainer, who was fairly excited to catch such a rare pokemon. He quickly made her part of his team, Training her until she was about the same strength as the rest of his pokemon. However, by this time, the trainer found Solaceon town, and the daycare.
Like most trainers, Bladerunnr’s trainer was excited about a chance to have people care for his pokemon, and happily but Bladerunnr in. Though, he also had something else in mind, breeding. Her trainer had decided that since he had such a rare pokemon, why not get more, and trade them for more pokemon? Now, occasionally, the trainer would come by and check on her, then continue on his way, waiting patiently. (I’m not playing the second monster pokemon he put in, I don’t know if I can handle that.)
Other: Moveset:

Her ‘trainers’ name is Thomas, if you were wondering.

September 10th, 2008, 12:14 AM
Lorddargian: ACCEPTED even though I still think your description and personilty are a little short, they still seem to tell me all I need to know about your character.

Silent Pidgeot: Okay, your description and personality are too short. Instead of listing all the things, make it into a sentance. For example: "Magma is very much like a a weasel in appearance, with a red flame sproiuting from the centre of its back. Unlike other Cyndiquil, he has a black tint to his fur and has sparkling emerald green eyes which stand in contrast to jos dark fur." See how much of a difference it makes?

Also I'm not sure about your punctuation. Why do you use all capitals for the start of every word may I ask? Your DENIED for now but you can work on your sign up a little if you would still like to particapate ^_^

Darkly: Unfortunantly thats the plot. You can pick a basica Pokemon or you could even pick small un-evolvable pokemon such as Chatot and Murkrow if you really want to push it (but I would prefere not). So its up to you.

shadowkittie: No problem RESERVED. I'll be accepting new arivals through out the RPG anyways ^_^

Willoweon: Great ^_^ ACCEPTED

Okay, here are my sign ups. Not that some are really short because they are not major characters, just NPC's you can interact with.

Day Watch

Name: Jake

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Arcanine

Job: Head Guard (Mainly day)

Description: Jake has been well looked after from the moment the old couple opened they’re Day Care. He has a long coat of fur which looks well kept with a glossy texture to it. His mane has been well kept and is more than likely brushed every day by his owners along with his puffy tail. Now to most he would simply look like a show dog, but Jake has his differences and they are more often than not looked upon as imperfections. His yellow mane is marred by streaks of black and his nose has a big black patch running around it along with the fact that one of his ears is completely covered in black and not striped like most Arcanine. His front left paw is completely orange where as his back right paw is completely back, and again the streaks of black run though the ruffs of yellow fur that decorate his paws. On his chest, Jake has one loan scar that stretches the entire way across form a dangerous fight he had when he was younger that almost cost him his life.

A red bandana wraps itself around his neck, this was given to him by the old couple as a means of covering up the scar.

Personality: Jake is rather strict when it comes to the well being of the day care. If he catches you mucking about or trying to eat another Pokemon he won’t hesitate to A) Raise his voice or B) attack you, all depending on how bad the situation is. Most day care Pokemon dislike him due to his habit of draining all fun away, but if one looked hard enough Jake only drains the fun away from situations he thinks could lead to some problems. Some Pokemon fear him where as others just prefer to stay out of his way. He is very protective of the old couple, having accompanied them on they’re various strolls through the day care to make sure nothing went amiss and it is evident that Jake would lay his life on the line for them.
Though his is strict and to the point, Jake is very unconcerned with idiots and is more than happy looking after the younger generation of the day care and making sure that they are okay and having fun. He’s quite the comforting character when you get to know him.

History: Will edit


Name: Cody

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Vaporeon

Job: River guard

Description: Cody is very much like your average Vaporeon, light blue scales a mermaid’s tail and the fan of fins around his neck. Though he may look like a normal version, he has his trademarks that set him apart from the rest. For example though Vaporeon aren’t exactly the most harmful of creatures and do not harbour large canines, Cody's are quite the opposite and both of which jut over his lower lip to give him somewhat of a feral look. His eyes although black in colour, hold more emotion than normal Vaporeon and therefore more personality. The fin emitting from the top of his head is slightly curved over to (for lack of a better word) give him a sort of emo look, though he is not a depressing character in the least, in fact, this makes him look somewhat charming instead. But the most noticeable thing about this Vaporeon is the fact that, though he defiantly possesses scales, he appears to have fur growing over them, making him fluffy and not smooth. His back paws are longer than his front and are white in colour not the blue that runs over most of his body.

Personality: Cody is quite a chilled and laid back character, he doesn’t want any trouble of the sort to crawl his way and prefers to just lay back and relax in the river or under the warm sun soaking up some rays. He’s lazy and will only get up if there are two things involved: Fish or shade. He doesn’t really care for much other than those he cares about and even then he needs a bit of pushing to be able to get up off his behind and go hunting with them or exploring. But though he may not be the most active of creatures, Cody is totally in when it comes to females, he likes to flirt and normally gets in quite well with the ladies, but he has been known to have his bad days and get whipped in the face by a tail or slashed by a claw. But he shrugs it off and moves on, thus is the life of Cody. When it comes to working in a group, Cody is quite intelligent and in tune with his senses, but it all depends on whether he can be assed to use them; he normally needs some persuasion or a really good reason at the least. Completely oblivious to the world and its dangers, Cody could probably walk straight past a pack of rabid Houndoom and not even notice they’re stalking him.

History: Cody doesn't really know much about what happened when he was just anEevee, he was found by the old couple at the age of 7. All he can remember is the old couple (well a little younger back then) talking about how harsh and cruel it was to just leave such a young Pokemon in a bush. So he never knew whether his mother had left him or if a trainer had just had enough of him. He was never really the fighter, he knew that much so maybe the trainer just couldn't be bothered with a peaceful Pokemon. Either way Cody shrugged it off and continued his life at the day care and was even sent out some times (much to his displeasure) to scout the area for abandoned Pokemon. Over all he is happy being in the care of the two oldies (as he calls them) as it is a relaxed atmosphere and Jake never seems to get tired of just laying by the small river that runs through it. If a young Pokemon just so happens to disturb him though he does tend to have a bit of a temper.

Name: Flita, Rita and Skeeta

Age: 34, 15 and 19

Gender: Female, Female, Male

Species: Pidgeot, Pidgey, Pidgeotto

Job: Sky watch

Description: Flita is a fully grown Pidgeot with a mane of colourful long feathers sprouting from the top of her head. Her wings spread wide and are decorated with dark brown specks as she is not a pure bred Pidgeot. Her daughter Rita is a tiny Pidgey, but don’t let her size fool you, she is stronger and more aggressive than she looks. Like her mother she has specks of brown marring her underbelly and unlike a lot of Pidgey she has a small tuft of color sprouting from the top of her head. Skeeta on the other hand is the older brother of Rita and though he looks like your average Pidgott does have a boyish feature about him. Instead of slowing backwards like the most part of his species feathers, the long rainbow of color instead flicks up and over into one eye. You will also notice on close inspection that Skeeta has rings of black around his eyes giving him a mysterious look.

Personality: Flita is the ever protective mother and carer of the day care. Though she may not be in higher power over Jake she does have authority over him and it is safe to say that Jake is a little scared of her when it comes down to right and wrong. But don’t let her aggressive outlook fool you, she is motherly and kind and has been there since the beginning along with Jake and will not hesitate to comfort any Pokemon that has ill fate brought upon it.
Rita tries to be like her mother, minus the kindness. She tries to prove everyone wrong by trying to be aggressive and tough in front of others. It works the most part of the time simply because the day care Pokemon do not want to face Flita, but sometimes things get a little dangerous and its up to Skeeta to rescues his little sister.
Skeeta is the calmer and more laid back of the three birds in his family. He’ll make sure nothing goes amiss but prefers to just glide through the air and mind his won business. He is good friends with Cody and teams up with him when it comes to dinner time but unlike Cody Skeeta is always on the look out for danger and keeping an eye on his baby sister.

History: (What is your history? Who is your trainer? Were you found injured by another trainer and put into the day care? How did you come to be here?)

Other: N/A
As soon as i get the rest of my Pokemon up, we will start. Note that anyone can join through out the RPG.

September 10th, 2008, 4:12 PM
I would like to join plz.

Name: Maximillion(Max for short)

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Species: Pikachu

Description: Max is shorter than that of the normal Pikachu. He has long yellow ears with brown tips at the top, he is yellow, he has red cheeks, he has a yellow tail with some brown on it, he has blue eyes and usually wears a blue bandana around his head. He also has a bite mark on his tail.

Personality: Max is very funny but usually gets himself into trouble. Max makes very funny jokes and gets in trouble most of the time for them. He makes fun of some people or he tries to be funny by braking something. He often wonders off and ends up tresspassing or something to get himself in trouble and that is why he usually needs someone watching him. Max loves to swim and climb trees and he usually tries to climb to the top but usually falls after like the first branch or two because he doesn't have very good balance, but he swims faster then some water type pokemon!

History: Max was born in the forest near the day care and became friends with most of the pokemon there. He was caught by a trainer when he was about four and was mistreated by the trainer because the trainer thought he was to weak. Max was beat and injured really bad by his trainer before the boy abandoned him.

A nice boy who grew up in Solaceon Town found Max and decided to take him to the pokemon day care. There Max was healed but the boy didn't want him because he was going to go to law school to be a lawyer. Max was then raised by the two people who owned the day care and eventually became one of their own. He grew up in the day care and has never left since then.

If i need to edit anything then tell me and I wil:):):):):)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
September 10th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Why do you use all capitals for the start of every word may I ask?

Well,I Mainly Have To Many Habits. >.<

September 12th, 2008, 12:02 AM
It was a beautiful day in Solaceon town. The birds were singing the trees were humming in the light breeze and there were but a few clouds in the sky. For the old couple at the Pokemon day care it was the perfect time to take a stroll through they’re owned land and show love to the Pokemon they had been entrusted with. The old woman was the first to waken and she in turn nudged her husband until he stirred too. Next to awaken was the loyal yet oddly marked Arcanine that lay at the foot of the bed, obviously looking over the couple in case something went awry. Jake gave a wide yawn and stretched his entire body to its fullest, feeling the relief as a few bones popped with satisfaction. He shook his head to rid it of the fuzzy feeling that you get first thing in the morning and pounced down off of the flower print bed.

“It’s a beautiful day.” The old woman stated after opening the curtains of they’re bedroom and looking down on the day care. “Come on, we’ll take a walk shall we?” She asked, closing the curtains and bending down as much as her frail body would let her to run a hand through Jake’s mane. Of course Jake lifted half way in the air to meet the hand so as not to strain the old woman’s back too much. After his petting he opened the door by pulling the handle with his paws and then nudging the door with his snout. He ran down stairs eagerly and grabbed the woman’s cardigan from the back of the chair where it had been discarded yesterday. He was about to make his way back upstairs to deliver the item when a nock was heard at the door.

Jake sighed and turned on all fours, placing the cardigan down lightly on the stairs for a second. He shuffled over to the kitchen’s countertop and rested his front paws on it in order to boost himself up. He grabbed a large, rusted old key from the counter before landing back on all fours on the wooden flooring. He rushed to the wooden front door and rammed the key into the hole before tilting his head to turn the key and open the lock. The door gave a click and Jake let the key go in the hole before repeating his action of opening the door. He gave a loud bark in order to alert the old folk.

‘So much for taking a walk’ he thought. ‘I hate this job sometimes.’

He heard the scuffling of feet from the stair way and pranced over to where he left he cardigan. He picked it up between his teeth and held it out to the old woman as she descended the stairs. She accepted the item of clothing and Jake was rewarded with a pat to the head. He then sprang of to get another item of clothing. A pair of slippers this time, left under the living room coffee table. He discarded them at the foot of the stairs just in time for the old man to slip his feet into them. Another pat to the head had Jakes tail wagging.

“Who was at the door Jake?” The man asked, putting a pipe in his mouth and lighting it. Jake hated those things, the smoke always made him cough and what was worse that he had watched a program on TV that explained how smoke could kill a human being. The day he had seen the documentary he had been stupid enough to knock the pipe out of the man’s hand and in unison knocking the man to the floor. He was made to seep outside that night. Hastily he realized that the door had slid back shut because of the wind and he rushed over to open it again. He watched with curiosity as a figure stepped inside…

(OOC- Okay I decided to start it now. I'll get the rest of my Pokemon up as the RPG goes along and I feel the need to introduce them. I will also be making a starter Pokemon so expect tha soon.

Now to start of is your arival. You are welcome to take control of the old couple but not Jake (The Arcanine) as he is my character. At the end of your post simply state that the old couple have placed you out back in the day care with the other Pokemon.

Now Pikalover. I have the same problem with your sign up as with Silent Pidgeots. It is for one too short and you havea tendancy to list everything. Take a look at what I said about Silent Pidgeots and edit accordingly.

Silent Pidgeot. If you edit your sign up to include whatI asked I will accept you reguardless, okay? I'm not one to force people to break habits XP

Soluna: Sorry I missed you out XD. You are accepted of course ^_^

Okay, begin! Remember you can join anytime through the RPG, just simply check in at the day care and join in!)

September 12th, 2008, 1:27 AM
Name: Sapphire 'Sapph'
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Vulpix
Description: Sapphire is slightly smaller than most vulpix's, her colour is a darker shade of red, but paws are quite lightly coloued. She's well-groomed with soft and silky fur, which shimmers softly when the sun hits it in the late afternoon. Her claws are sharper than most, but she still looks innocently adorable. Sapphire's eyes are a soft odd sea-green colour that are always filled with some kind of emotion, yet always warm and gentle no matter how she's feeling. Around her front right paw are 2 silver bangles that can't be taken off, no matter how much she tries. Her left ear is slightly floppy but not very noticeable but has a scar running over the top.

Personality: Sapphire loves exploring and finding new places to play. She has a fun-loving attitude but is slightly shy at first. Though she's a fire type she loves hanging out by the water and walking in the shallow ends of lakes and ponds. Sapphire is quite gracefully and gentle but sadly at times extremely clumsy. She gets lost easily and loves sleeping under the shade of trees. If she meets another pokemon she doesn't really know what to do, but with some help she is able to make great friends. After you get to know her she becomes a hyper, talkitive vulpix, who has a slight sarcastic bone in her tiny body.

History: Sapphire was found by her trainer in a small cave as a newly hatched. She still had yet to walk and only just opened her eyes. There was no parents or other pokemon in sight so her trainer 'David' presumed she was left behind or abandoned. She got her name because the cave she was found in was covered in sapphire's. She was brought up by David but sadly he wasn't the nicest trainer. He ignored her often and yelled at her if she did something wrong, even if it was accidently spilling her food. The other pokemon in his team made her an outcast so she was lonely quite a lot. But her spirit and happiness never faded, and she always tries her best.
One day David travelled past the Day Care and dropped her off, saying he'd come back for her, but never did.

Other: Knows Fire spin, Ember, Iron tail and a weak flamethrower. She doesnt realy like using her moves, but if in danger will to defend herself.

September 12th, 2008, 4:32 AM
Tytrox had to sit in the back of the bike. He thought of asking his trainer what was going on. But for some strange reason, he didn't. He just felt everything will turn out fine in the end. As his trainer sat down on the back of the bike, Tytrox looked at the big city known as Hearthome, before he had left. The bike started with a jerk. The sudden burst of speed frightened the little mouse. A few minutes later, he had got over it and the city of Hearthome was no longer in sight.

Tytrox looked at the trees that sped by. The wind was too strong to turn back. Tytrox had to use his claws to cling on. he looked across the trainers whom they had past. "In the past, before I was born, maybe Xano defeated these trainers." he thought. He sat down and continued to watch the sights that passed, even hollowed tower.

After some more time, the bike came to a sudden halt. Tytrox was asleep by then. Xano, his trainer, rushed into a building. A couple of minutes later, he was out and he he folded his bike back into his backpack. he took out a pokeball, and called out a staraptor. The trainer jumped on and went on flight. An old woman came out and took the sleeping pokemon inside.

Tytrox's eyes twitched. He slowly got up. He felt the soft grass and smelled the fresh air. He recollected what had happened. He opened his eyes completely and looked up. he saw a familiar sight; a staraptor- the one Xano owned. He suddenly glanced around, and noticed a small house. He ran as fast as he could, into the closed, but not locked, door that he saw. He cautiously stepped inside, unwary of what was inside.

((Hope you don't mind Tytrox to be the figure that Jake saw. I can edit it if you want.))

September 12th, 2008, 9:45 AM
When actually, there were 3 more figures who entered the door.

They were a couple, one young man and woman, each holding a Pokeball they were going to leave at the daycare. They were a couple that battled together until they broke up: the couple only seeked other professional trainers with movesets. "Welcome! We're about to close for the night, but you can let us have your Pokemon checked in to the Daycare if you need to." The old woman said, putting all the Pokeballs she checked in today inside her cupboard, with pillows for the Pokeballs to rest on.

"This better be good," Jake thought. "I wonder what they--" And then, the couple threw their Pokeballs to reveal 2 sleeping Pokemon that looked alike. They were twins who grew extremely close before they were checked in to the Daycare. The pair of Pokemon were from Hoenn, and they looked like rodents that fell into a vat of pale yellow, orange and blue. "Oh! They're good alright. They're rare." The old man yelled, walking to the newlyfound Pokemon. "I've been looking them up."

"They're a Plusle and Minun. Tsuguu and Tsukii." The man said, getting ready to give them to the Daycare clerk. "We've raised them with a specialized moveset." The woman said, blushing, turned her head away from the man she just broke up with. "They're Level 7. Tsuguu's Naive, while Tsukii's Jolly." "Take it or leave it." The man said, who also turned his back on the Minun and Plusle. The woman, was worried about how the future of the 2 Pokemon would clear out in the Daycare.


The Plusle and Minun were hugging each other, and they were scared about the environment they were currently going to be kept it, until someone takes them. "If ever someone wants a Plusle or Minun, or if ever we reconcile as a couple, give it to us, or them." The man said. "If no one comes for them, keep it." "I'll take it then!" The old lady said, determined to take care of such a pair. "Even if they're a handful, I'll still be able to take care of them. I'll try my best."

Tsuguu and Tsukii eventually ran to their trainer to try going back to him. "Guys, I can't! I'm sorry. I might come for you. Someday. I hope."

And then the couple left.

September 12th, 2008, 3:53 PM
Name: Sakura
Species: Cherubi
Description:Sakura is a circular cherry like Pokemon with two stubby feet like most Cherubi's are,with a stem sprouting out from her head separating into two leaves with a bud on the right right side of the leaf seeming to be asleep until it blossoms.Her overall color is Vermillion and fuchsia although she's more lighter ,with a purple-red stripe leading down part of her face.The only thing different about Sakura from most Cherubi is that she's a little more small if you compare her to a different Cherubi besides that she's any normal Cherubi in Sinnoh.

Personality:Sakura is always willing to venture out into new things,she's very ambitious,but sometimes she's goes a little overboard and forgets what is important.Even though she's extremely hyper,she's actually shy too,and never once turned her back on a friend that needs help,and she might be a tad crazy,the good kind.Sakura can also have a short tempered side to her especially if you irritate her or her friends,but she'll get over it after a quick nap under the shade of the trees on nice soft grass,to tell you the truth battling never really appealed to her,she loathed the sight of somebody getting hurt especially if that person was trying to protect her.Overall Sakura is a generous Pokemon willing to help anyone and is always loyal to her friends,even though she maybe crazy at times,it always great to have friends with a personality like that,right?

History:From the very beginning Sakura was hatched she already knew she was safe as long her trainer ,by the name of 'Jasmine',was always by her side.Her trainer,Jasmine,has been a Pokemon breeder to many kinds of Pokemon,she had found Sakura's glistening dark pink egg near Lake Verity hidden in the tall grass.Sadly Sakura wasn't the best in battling,when she was a little younger every time her trainer called an attack Sakura would start crying,but Jasmine never gave up on her,never once she scolded her and she would always take her time with her.However,soon her trainer started to get frustrated with Sakura because her battling never improved so her trainer made a decision to drop her off at the Day-care thinking they would take proper care of her and help her with her battling skills,Jasmine had said she would come back for in time,even though what her trainer did was out of love the incident still left Sakura feeling heart-broken.

leech seed
Hidden Power

I'll edit if I have to.

September 12th, 2008, 7:15 PM
Bladerunnr was happily perched on her trainer’s shoulder, watching as her trainer approached a small building, with a lot of space in the back. She hopped off as her trainer opened the door, and they walked in, another human standing near her. Her trainer said something to the lady, though Bladerunnr couldn’t hear it very well, something about her name. Suddenly, her trainer stooped down and scratched her around her leaf, and she smiled. “I’ll be back soon, Ok?” Bladerunnr frowned, wondering what he meant. She was lifted up, handed over to the other human, appearing to be a elderly woman. This woman went out back, and set her down, and closed the door..

Bladerunnr was immediately panicked. She walked in a small circle, looking around, wondering what this place was. She stopped as she started to become dizzy, and walked off to a fern, about large enough for her to wedge under it. She softly grunted as she slipped under the long leafs. “Chiko..” She yawned, stretching, and laying down. This place was confusing, and she had a longing to explore. However, it would be safer to stay here, incase her trainer came back soon.

This proved to fail, and she got up, and slipped out of the fern. She decided to look at the area near the ‘entrance’. In a glance, the area was mostly lightly grassy, maybe a few ferns, and a tree or two. She walked up closely to one of the trees. It was very young, and was hardly even older than a sapling. She nudged it, and it shook easily. This area was strange. It was obviously natural, but why was it enclosed?

“Chi-Chiko?” Bladerunnr asked where she was, to no-one in particular. This was all surprising, and she decided to stay with her… original plan. She sat down under the young tree, closing her eyes, and trying to fall asleep.

September 13th, 2008, 4:07 PM
Hey I edited my SU is it good enough now???

September 13th, 2008, 5:28 PM
Is it cool if I reserve a spot? I'd like to sign up, just not right now.

September 13th, 2008, 10:46 PM
Pikalover: Your doing the same thing ^_^;; It may be longer but your still listing and this time even repeasting yourself:

Max is very funny but usually gets himself into trouble. Max (LISTING) makes very funny jokes and gets in trouble most of the time for them REPEATE. He makes fun of some people or he tries to be funny by braking something. He often wonders off and ends up tresspassing or something to get himself in trouble REPETE and that is why he usually needs someone watching him. Max loves to swim and climb trees and he usually tries to climb to the top but usually falls after like the first branch or two because he doesn't have very good balance, but he swims faster then some water type pokemon!DONT OVERPOWER THE CHARACTER. YES HE CAN BE A FAST SWIMMER BUT IN REALITY HE WOULD NOT BEAT A WATER POKEMON

Your using too many full stops.

Why not try something like:

Max is a funny little mouse Pokemon who thinks himself a bit of a trouble maker. Always making jokes, he likes nothing more than making fun of others and committing small crimes in order to get himself into some sort of mischeif which is why for the most time he will need someone to watch over him and make sure he isn't causing havoc. Max loves to swim and climb trees and he usually tries to climb to the top. Unfortunantly he usually falls down after about the first branch or two because he doesn't have very good balance. But on the upside he is a fast swimming.

See how thats a little better? Your not listing things and your using both full stops and comas and it doesn't sound as if its being forced ^_^

I'll give you another chance at it. You can copy this if you like but I want to see your improvements in your history and description. I know I'm being a little harsh, but I'm only trying to help if you can see it that way ^_^;; If you need more help PM me if you like =D
DENEIED for the moment.

Shining Jewel: Awesome ^_^ Your ACCEPTED! Begin whenever =D

shadowkittie: Great sign up. My only beaf is that you don't put spaces after commas and full stops. But I'm sure you can pick up on that through out the RPG. ACCEPTED

Seinyuu: No worries RESERVED!

September 13th, 2008, 11:07 PM
A/N - Thanks for Accpeting me! I'll try and post up after I finish writing my Essay for English.

September 14th, 2008, 3:47 PM
Name: Kylie
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Species: Eevee
Description: Fluffy dark brown fur with a dark shade of gray where the cream colors should be. She also has a star shaped mark on her forehead.
Personality: Kylie is an inquisitive and determined young Eevee. She won't give up when she tries to find something out, and tends to pull others into her plots. She's super-friendly, and some call her hyper.
History: Kylie's trainer left her here to get stronger. Her trainer checks up on her every once in a while, but not often.
Other: Nope.

Gumshoe Satyr
September 14th, 2008, 7:28 PM
Name: Surge

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Species: Mudkip

Description: Surge is a water-type pokemon which walks on all fours. Along with a tail fin, he has a fin on his head, which can detect subtle changes in air and water currents. On his cheeks, he has external gills which he can use to breathe underwater. He is just like a normal mudkip except the blue on his body is darker than usual and his gills are a light red.

Personality: Surge is a fun-loving pokemon who loves to play. Whenever he meets new pokemon, he boldly goes over to meet them except if its an electric or grass pokemon because of his type disadvantage, in which case he's a little wary. He can't stand to be left alone, especially if he thinks something exciting is happening elsewhere. He's at his happiest when he is the center of attention, which sometimes causes him to be somewhat of a daredevil.

History: Like other mudkip in Johto, Surge met his trainer when he was given to a brand-new trainer. They traveled around for about six months, battling and winning gym badges. Suddenly, his trainer found out that her mother back home was ill and wanted to see her. Surge's master realized that there was a great pokemon daycare in Solaceon and decided to leave him there until she got back.

Other: Moveset: Tackle, Mudslap, Iron Tail, Water Gun

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 15th, 2008, 8:21 AM
Name: Zen

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Species: Squirtle

Description: Squirtle are bipedal turtle with its most notable feature being the hard shell on its back. This shell forms and hardens on its back after birth. It could perhaps be distantly related to some other turtle-like Pokémon, such as Torkoal and Turtwig, but Squirtle seems to only be closely related to its evolutions. Squirtle's shell is an extremely helpful defensive tool. It can withdraw into the shell to block physical attacks. Its smooth, hard shell and head also aid it in other ways, such as minimizing its resistance in water to increase its swimming speed, and allowing it to launch attacks like Rapid Spin and Skull Bash.
Squirtle is a natural-born swimmer. However, due to its size, it's easier for it to transport something small like a Pikachu than to carry its trainer.
Its jaws may not look like much, but they are strong enough that a Squirtle can learn to use a Bite attack.

Personality: He is very fun loving, and sprays water at people at the most inopportune times. Zen loves nothing more than swimming. In fact, he hardly ever leaves it, sleeping in the shallows in his shell, covered in mud. He likes to dive to the bottom of the pond at the day-care, and gets on with all the water pokemon. He treats all grass and electric pokemon with a great degree of suspicion due to his past.

History: He was bred back on Kanto to by Professor Oak. His mother was a blastoise, his father a swampert. The trainer he was given to was rash and unprepared for pokemon. Zen had to often feed himself as his trainer forgot, and he seemed to spend more time in the pokemon centre than out of his pokeball. His owner kicked him out after becoming frustrated, after losing for the seventh time to Lt. Surge. Zen was in very bad shape. He didn't care for his trainer at all, and made sure to soak him, before running fast to the north of Vermilion. A trainer took him to the pokemon centre, who decided to ship him off to Sinnoh, to be kept in the care of the Solaceon daycare.

Other: Moveset:

Tail Whip
Muddy Water

Patatas Fritas
September 15th, 2008, 11:28 AM
Name: Sophie

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Species: Smoochum

Description: Smoochum are the pre-evolved form of Jynx, they use there lips to sense weather they like things or not the lips remember this too. Smoochum normally have light blond hair, a pink face, pale pink lips, a cream couloured body and cream arms, and pink legs with cream couloured feet which may resemble shoes. Sophie also has a mirror and a hairbrush.

Personality: Sophie is pretty much your average Smoochum, meaning romantic, fun loving, and partially self centered. Sophie also enjoys running but will fall ALOT, when ever she falls she checks her apperance to make sure there isnt any dirt on her face and that her hair isnt messed up. She likes lots of people and finds it hard to dislike anyone as she is kindhearted.

History: Smoochum was born and raised in the Ice Cave by her mother Jynxenita, and father Kazam. But later on a female trainer came while she was wondering the caves and the trainer practically adored her, as she was caught she saw her mother and father softly waving and heard her father saying that him and her mother new this would happen and they hoped she would enjoy her new life. The trainer loved Sophie very much but Sophie just wouldnt get stronger, so she evetually just sent her of to Solaceon Daycare for her to get stronger and be happy.

Other: Moveset:

Sweet Kiss
Ice Punch

September 15th, 2008, 12:39 PM
Name: Mouse
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Sneasel-Sharp Claw Pokemon
Description: Mouse is a bipedal pokemon that somewhat resembles a weasel in appearance. Her body is mostly black-ish in color, though she has a bright red head feather on her left ear, and three bright red feather-like tails. Mouse has two long claws on all four paws, which she likes to keep sharp and in perfect condition for battling. She has a yellow marking on her forehead that is shaped like an oval, and an almost identical one on her upper chest. Mouse also posesses markings on her fact above her eyes that are black and which seem to resemble eyelashes.
Personality: Mouse fits in with the definition of Sneasel, she is a vicious pokemon, who can deal out large amounts of damage using her long claws, which she usually keeps sharp and in prime condition. She is cunning and clever, and though she used to take days for the day care people to find her whenever they needed her, she has recently come and found them whenever she heard that they were looking for her, to save them the trouble, mostly out of gratitude that they provide her with an excellent place to live and let her stay, so that she doesn't worry about being driven out. Although she gets along well with the day care couple, the same can't be said about other pokemon, being more of a loner, she prefers to stay that way, not lingering in the company of others for too long. As for trying to find her? You might as well give up, if you're not the day care couple, then Mouse can elude you for days, weeks even, if you're slow. But by then most pokemon would have given up searching for her. Recently, however, Mouse is trying to be kinder to the other pokemon, and socialize with them more often, though that's completely going against her nature, and she finds it hard to keep her temper, she's still making an effort.
History: Mouse has lived at the day care center for just about her whole life. She was found on one of the streets of Snowpoint City as a young Sneasel by a beginning trainer, and became his second pokemon. Though Mouse didn't trust the trainer completely, she still obeyed him and gave it her all during battles. It took a long time, but eventually, Mouse decided that the trainer could be trusted, that was when her performance peaked during battle, and she became closer to the trainer, whom she considered her friend by now. She went with him and his other pokemon, Snorunt, all the way to Sandgem Town, though she never knew the reason, and then helped him defeat the Oreburgh Gym Leader, Roark, and the Eterna City Gym Leader, Gardenia. By then, she had become fairly strong, and could hold her own against most pokemon of her level even if she had the type disadvantage. They were training in order to challenge the third gym leader when everything changed in one night. They were traveling by boat one night when a storm came up, causing fierce waves and strong currents even though they were in a river, the small boat capsized, and while Sneasel tried to hang onto her trainer's hand, the current swept her away, she caught one last glimpse of Snorunt and her trainer, and cried out, trying to swim to them, but that would be going against the current, and she wasn't strong enough, then the current pulled her underwater. Mouse had bobbed up and down like a doll, completely helpless, until at last she washed up on the banks of the river, gasping for air and drenched by the water and the rain that was falling. She looked desperately around for her trainer, but she knew she wouldn't be able to find him. She then turned and walked into the forest, heading for nowhere, but going somewhere. Another trainer found her soon after, though she couldn't describe her predicament to him, she could only point desperately in the direction of the river. Finally, he decided to take Mouse to the pokemon day care, where she would be looked after, and that was where she has stayed every since. She still waits for her trainer to come, but has almost completely given up hope.
Other: Moveset-
Quick Attack
Faint Attack
Ice Beam

If there's anything wrong with my profile I'll edit it

September 15th, 2008, 7:02 PM
Name: Xander
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Species: Mankey

Description: Mankeys have features similar to many primates including fur, a long flexible tail, and prehensile hands and feet ideal for gripping branches and other objects. Mankey has a nose similar to a pig. Xander is well built like other Mankeys, yet slightly taller. His ears and feet are also darker in color than other Mankeys, while his tail is slightly longer. A large black triangle has been permanently etched on his back since birth.

Personality: Most Mankeys are very defensive, angry Pokemon who will attacked if ticked off for any reason. Xander couldn't be farther from the majority. While a strong Pokemon for his age, he is very shy and doesn't do well in crowds. He communicates very well in 1-on-1 conversations, where he's not pressured to be anything he's not. When threatened or insulted, he will strike back, especially defending fellow Pokemon and humans he cares about. He's most comfortable in the trees, where he can swing about and find peaceful places to meditate.

History: Xander was abandoned in Eterna Forest by his father when he was a baby. He never knew his mother. When growing up by himself, he learned to defend himself, living on chestnuts and water to eat and drink. Living in the trees for what seemed like forever, he was beckoned by a girl in a wheelchair who told him she was lost. Guiding her out of the forest, they developed a relationship as she guided him back to her house. She told him she was training to become a trainer, but has been repeatedly been put down by other kids because of her disability. Callia, she called herself, showed him to her family, who immediately liked him. Knowing in his mind that this was the right way to go in his life, he became Callia's first Pokemon, preparing to begin a friendship that would last a lifetime.

Her mom and dad loved Xander. Her older brother Ross hated him. Thinking of Xander as a weak and confused Pokemon, Ross wanted him gone. He wanted him gone NOW.

September 15th, 2008, 10:27 PM
Sapphire looked up at her trainer 'David' from behind him. Speeding up her pace she reached his side but soon fell back again due to how fast he was walking. He...looks like he's in a hurry... She thought and looked at the ground.
After a few hours of travelling he finally slowed his pace and looked back at her with an odd look of happiness in his eyes. Cocking her head to the side she let out a small noise but he just waved her off without a care in the world. All of a sudden David threw a pokeball into the air and in a flash of red light a cocky looking Swellow appeared landing on the ground waiting for David to jump on. Roughly picking her up, he did just that and climbed on, as they all took flight into the sky.
"Vul!" Sapphire screamed in pain as his nails dug into her stomach when he picked her up.
Swellow looked back at Sapphire and smirked at her, making Vulpix feel inferior. His grip on her tightened as she started to loose connection to the world.

Sometime in the future...

Sapphire woke up and looked around at her surroundings. Where...Where am I.... In panic she jumped up and ran towards a building and accidently ran into it.
".......Vul...." Laying on the ground she sighed, suddenly two hands picked her up and she waited for the pain of nails but...it was gentle...Looking up she found an old lady staring at her smiling softly.
"Hello there...Welcome to this day care..." Her voice was a bit shaky.
Sapphire's eyes widdened. D-d-day c-c-care?

A/N - its not that long..but i finally posted.

September 16th, 2008, 8:22 AM
This seems like a rather fun and laid back RP so I may give it a shot:

Name: His trainer named him Ram, although Ram despises the name.

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Species: Wooper

Description: A Wooper's body comprises of a stumpy torso, a large football-shaped head, two short and rather useless legs and a thin, flat tail. This frame is covered in an ocean blue, rubbery skin which covers their whole body and is coated with an poisonous oil. This skin, when touched, gives a sharp pain. Ram the Wooper is no different, standing at 1"03' - average wooper height - and weighing in at about 17lbs.

Personality: Prior to his capture by a Pokemon trainer, Ram used to be cheerful and carefree. He enjoyed trying to meet girls, joking around with his many brothers and sisters and swimming in his home in The Great Marsh, a real social creature. This changed when he was captured however. He grew angry and lost his carefree nature, frustrated at being so far from home and away from everyone he loved back at the marsh. Now he is content simply lazing around and disobeying his trainer. He keeps to himself now mainly out of bitterness but really just wants to make a friend.

History: Life was great back at the marsh. Back then Ram was happy, social, free. But everything changed when a 15 year old aspiring trainer paid the site a visit. Our trainer, Roger (although Ram prefered to call him other names), noticed a small group of wooper swimming at the surface of the water. In a move, Roger threw a Pokeball and captured the unsuspecting Wooper, dubbing him Ram. As you can imagine, Ram wasn't too happy at this, being taken away from his home, his family, his friends, that female wooper from down the way who he had been trying to pick up for some time now. Now branded disobedient and lazy for refusing to comply with Roger's wishes, Ram has developed a strong hatred for his trainer and wants nothing more than to hurt him. Hurt him and then get back home. For a while, he's been trying to learn how to get out his Pokeball uncalled so that he could get out and get home.

Other: I think I've pretty much covered everything, but just for fun, here's a picture of him with his family before he was taken away: (he's the blue one *cough* :P )

September 19th, 2008, 1:12 AM
Sailor Shadow: Your sections are too short. Just lengthen your personality, description and histroy for me will you? DENIED

namoura: Accepted ^_^

Poke Rave: Also accepted =D

rafey: Accepted!

Slytherfang: Accccepted!

Sei: Having alot of them, Accepted!

Yaziyo: Also accepted ^_^

Remember is a free roam. You don't need me to tell you what to do. Just post...explore make friends. I'll make a map for you all soon okay and while I'm at it I'll make a list of characters.

Sorry I have been a bit lazy. I started Uni a few days ago and I'm just getting use to it. We've been out drinking alot lol.

Just have fun!

I have added three more guards and here is my daycare Pokemon sign up: (at least part of it)

Name: Sheik

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Houndour

Description: Sheik looks like your average Houndour from afar, the thick black coat and white rack of bones. But up close one would note the strands of silver running through his fur, as if to indicate that he was getting old in his young age, but this of course isn’t true. Instead of the hollow black eyes that most Houndour possess he is graced with a dazzling emerald green orb that stands in complete contrast with his dark complexion. Upon closer inspection one would also find old war scars, some much clearer than others. A painful looking scar runs straight through Sheiks right eye causing the emerald green to fade and be replaced with a dull grey, Sheik is of course blind in this eye, but the vision in his left eye is still perfect. Other scars include faint ones across his body and the more vivid ones which would be located on the rack of bones down his back and the skull atop his head. Some of these bones are chipped and even broken, but Sheik doesn’t really care for such things, he gets along fine as he is.

Accessories would include a silver bracelet around his front right paw and a simple shark tooth necklace which is wrapped snuggly around his neck. Sheik holds these dear to him as they were given to him by his trainer and girlfriend before they passed away.

Personality: Having seen so many harsh times in his life, Sheik is a little cold and harsh towards people and Pokemon, though he would never turn violent of them without any real cause. He is mostly silent and prefers to be alone but will make acceptations for those he cares for or those who make an effort to befriend him. He isn’t completely heartless and is capable of making friends, but will not approach them. He is afraid that one day he will meet someone else he cares for and will immediately lose them and so chooses not to get to close to people and other Pokemon, as soon as he sees this happening, he draws a line and prefers to loose that friend instead of having to face the consequences later. All in all, Sheik is a caring Pokemon, but simple does not want to see anyone close leave him ever again.

History: Sheik lead a completely happy and harmless life before the daycare. He had a trainer named Lee who he loved and protected with his entire being. Lee had a girlfriend Amy who also showed much affection to Sheik and he her. In all they were a good team and a happy one at that. But one fateful day, there was an incident. The group had managed to walk in on a pack of unfriendly Mightyena who just so happened to have a thirst for blood. Sheik had tried his very best to protect the pair from the rabid Pokemon, but soon proved to be unsuccessful. He was knocked into the river by a headbut to the chest and was carried downstream. He could hear his friends’ screams for a mile off and all he could do was howl for help. He was found later by Kovu, the Houndoom that worked for the old couple at the day care and taken there to recover.

Other: Sheik has a permanent limp due to his right front leg being damaged.

September 19th, 2008, 2:58 AM
Bladerunnr was awakened as a soft breeze flew by, and made her leaf hit her forehead. She quickly woke up, throwing her head back, and looking at the sky. "Chikori.." She said quietly. This was a boring place. She wanted her trainer.. Her leaf again hit her face, and she knocked it out of the way.

She now noticed a red pokemon, with big ears and six tails. She recalled that her trainer had one in his PC, it was... A vulpix. She was worried about it, by it's shivering look. She ran halfway towards her, then walked the rest. She stopped a few inches away, incase the vulpix attacked her. "Chiko!" Hello, are you alright..?
As soon as she said this, she took a step forward. Her bravery was failing her, but she hoped that she would not get hit by a ember or something.

September 19th, 2008, 3:58 AM
Thanks, Lucien. I'll post later on today.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 19th, 2008, 9:00 AM
Zen felt his body cool down as he descended to the depths of the day-cares large pool. Some dirt from the bottom had churned up, but didn't stop his vision at all. Diving lower and lower, he twisting, watching bubbles of air rise to the surface in a reverse cascade of light. Though he couldn't breathe to well underwater, he could hold it for hours on end, and swam along lazily with his stubby blue limbs. He could see some of his water pokemon friends splishing around also, and swam deeper, the light of the sun piercing the liquid and lighting the deep depths of the pool. He swam on, his shell scraping the mud up into a brown cloud. He settled, sitting on the bottom in the dirt cloud. He then shot up, higher and higher, speeding to the surface. He burst from the water.

'Squirtle Squirt!' he cired, happy as the sun fell upon his skin. He dived, withdrawing into his shell and splashing back into the pool. He came out, and swam to the muddy shallows, where he buried himself deep and withdrew to snooze. Someone approached.

OOC Anyone feel free to apporach Zen, I dont know every character yet.

Patatas Fritas
September 19th, 2008, 10:05 AM
I'm scared... More scared than I've ever been... I've never been away from my trainer! But she said to me " Sophie, this is the daycare... You will be here for a while... I'm sorry..." Then i was here... I wish she was with me... I felt a cool breeze and stood in it thinking of the ice caves and mom and dad... I wonder how they are? I then saw a small Icy Lake... I ran over and jumped in, but of course i placed my mirror and brush and the lake's edge... I then saw a green Pokémon with a leaf on what looked like her forehead, she appeared to be with a red Pokémon with six tails... Um... I think my trainer has them... A... Um... Chikorita and Vulpix! Yeah thats it! I then slowly got out of the water and warily walked to the strange Pokémon.

September 19th, 2008, 11:38 AM
"Keep moving, soldier. It's only a little while longer 'till you're out of my life."

Xander keeps running as fast as he can without leading Ross. He knows he can run faster than Ross, but from all the anger he's been given from him, Xander uses his better judgment. It's a dark day, and the slate clouds in the sky signal a very good chance of rain.

"Where am I even going?" Xander thought as tiny drops of rain now fall from the sky. "Callia told me that I was going to be better of at this place, and that Ross would take me. She said he offered. I know Ross cares deeply for her, so why am I, her best friend, being treated like garbage?"

Eterna City is now way out of sight, and Ross yells, "We're at Solaceon. Let's go." Slowing down the pace, Xander walks with Ross over to a small building west of where we entered. The building was small, but behind it was a mass of land, full of different kinds of terrain. He immediately sees loads of trees, and he wiggles an ear in delight. With the rain falling much harder now, Ross knocks on the front door.

Knock, Knock. Knock, Knock.

"Don't worry dear, I'll handle this," said an elderly man carrying a cane. Walking up behind the door, he yelled, "I don't know who goes out in this weather, but whatever you're sellin', we're not buyin'!

"No honey, it's probably another Pokemon," said an elderly woman with grey hair, done up in a bun. Opening the door, she sees a tall young man with long blonde hair, wearing a grey hoodie. By his side is a Mankey, with nothing to protect him from the rain. "He's my sister's," the young man said. "She'll be visiting him soon. Is it cool if he stays here? His name's Xander."

"Sure," the woman said, "but I'm afraid all the Pokemon have taken shelter for the night." Thinking, she says, " I guess he'll have to stay inside." "That's fine," the young man said, and looking at the Mankey, he says in a strict tone, "Stay strong, soldier." And with that, he strode off. "Come on in and dry off," the woman says in a encouraging tone. "We're glad you're here."

Morning came very fast for Xander. Once moving, he looked out an open window, and saw that the sun was bright, almost saying, "Get outside!" He was immediately shown outside in the day-care park. "Now have fun!" the elderly woman called to him as he went to explore the forest in the distance.

September 19th, 2008, 11:44 AM
Tsukii watched her trainers leave, still confused and more than a little worried. Who would they pester and play tricks on now that the couple was gone? Her ears drooped. Who would take care of her and Tsuguu now?

The old woman from behind the counter picked them up and deposited them gently in a large play area with many other baby Pokemon. Tsukii glanced at the human as she tottered back inside. She seemed kind enough to the Plusle. Maybe they would find someone else to play tricks on.

Tsuguu looked questioningly at his sister. There were many other baby Pokemon in the field, and Tsukii wasn't sure who to investigate first. She noticed movement in the wide, shallow pond in the middle of the field and saw a Squirtle snoozing happily in the shadows. He looked friendly enough, she decided, and hopefully was good-natured enough to laugh at the little trick they were about to play on him. Just because she and her twin brother were in a new place didn't mean they had to give up their old habits, did it? She grinned at the thought of all the fun they would have.

She glanced at Tsuguu, nodded, and they skipped across to the pond where the Squirtle napped ...

September 19th, 2008, 2:39 PM
Sapphire lay in the sun wondering what to do, she was still slightly scared of course, she was just put in a place she had no idea about...but she didn't miss her trainer at all! Her eyes made their way to her right paw and eyed the annoying 2 bracelets that hung there, using her left paw she started clawing at them trying to break them off...but like always, it didn't work.

Lifting her head back up she saw a weird looking pokemon making it's way over to her, it looked slightly scared, but trying to be brave, this made Sapphire giggle slightly.
"Hi...Don't worry if your scared..I don't bite" Sapphire stood up and smiled slightly at the unknown pokemon.
"So...What pokemon are you?" As she said this Sapphire slowly began circling it to see what it looked it.

Sapphire was usually a very shy pokemon at first, but this pokemon seemed to make her feel unshy..if that's the right word..Cocking her head to the side she sat down in front of the pokemon and swished her tails from side to side.
"My names Sapphire..or Sapph, which ever your prefer to call me..." With that said she swished her tail extremely happily to the left which caused her to fall that way. Lying on her side she sighed.
"Not again...."

Gumshoe Satyr
September 19th, 2008, 5:16 PM
Is she really going to leave me? Surge thought sadly, as he walked beside his trainer, a girl about fifteen. Noticing her pokemon's concerned look, she smile and reassured him. "Don't worry, Surge. I'm taking you to a nice place, and it's not like I'll be gone forever." Still worried, he recalled the event that seemed to be the cause of all this.

Only a few days ago, his trainer, Ashley, received a strange strange phone call from her father. Although Surge didn't understand very much of the conversation, he soon realized that Ashley was going back home without him. He looked up at her with sad eyes, hoping that she would change her mind, but she didn't even notice because she was lost in thought.

Soon they arrived at a small house that he guessed was where he would be staying. Knocking on the door, Ashley gave him another reassuring smile before the door opened and a friendly-looking elderly man stuck his head out.

"Excuse me sir. I need to leave my Mudkip here for a while. I'm quite not sure for how long, but I'll be back as soon as I can," Ashley said, handing Surge's pokeball to him. "That's quite alright. We'll be happy to have him." The old man gave Surge a grin, making the pokemon feel slightly better.

"He'll be sad for a bit because he hates to be left somewhere alone, but he should get over it quickly. He's a very friendly Mudkip." She bent down and gave Surge a hug. As she walked away, he could almost see tears in her eyes. "Well let's put you out back where you can meet the other pokemon." Surge followed the elderly man slowly, his head hanging sadly.

As soon as he saw the huge open space outside and the other pokemon, however, he just about forgot about being sad and ran around excitedly. Seeing a pond, he gleefully sprinted toward it, almost knocking down a Plusle and a Minun. Jumping up into the air, he belly-flopped into the pond, making a big splash.

September 19th, 2008, 5:54 PM
Sakura was gingerly being held by her most-loved trainer passing through the tall shady grass until they came to a quaint small building, "What kind of place is this" Sakura thought quietly to herself. Her trainer quietly walked up to the front door and was greeted by two elderly people, the elderly women looked at Jasmine, Sakura's trained, as she approached the counter,"Good afternoon Miss, may I help you?" The elderly lady said, Jasmine placed Sakura on the counter carefully,"Um...can you take care of my Cherubi...just for awhile?" Jasmine replied with sorrow in her eyes,the lady looked at Jasmine and smiled at her sweetly,"Of course I can,is that all?" the elderly asked, Sakura looked up at her trainer, but Jasmine turned away to avoid her Pokemon's stare,then she started to walk towards the door, but paused for a second, "Her nickname is Sakura" Jasmine said and with those final words she walked away.The elderly lady carried Sakura out back and gently place her on the ground,"I'll check on you later" She said closing the door behind her.

Sakura looked around her surroundings, "It seems nice..too nice" Sakura said looking around every moving tree flowing in the wind,she sighed and found a nice pile of leaves to lay in, "Maybe I'm letting my imagination run away with me." Sakura said slightly yawn,but soon she fell fast asleep thinking of her trainer.

September 19th, 2008, 7:07 PM
"Plus... Plus... Plusle!" Tsukii said, just when she was going to run, jump, and tackle the Squirtle. Tsuguu eventually had sparks fly from his cheeks, while he started bouncing happily in the air. Luckily, the Squirtle was able to understand the mischief that the Plusle and Minun caused, and he acted a lot like a big brother to them if ever they were about to get beaten up.

But grey clouds gathered overhead, about to cause rainfall. The clouds started to drizzle, and Tsuguu and Tsukii gained a memory of their past that they never wanted to remember at all. It haunted them and stalked them if ever they messed up. They both got scared as soon as there was a thunderclap nearby, and it scared the twins even more than before they arrived.

"Plus..." "Minun..." The twins were too scared to battle. The man shouted, "Come on, Rain Dance and 'effing Thunder!" The twins hugged each other, even when sparks flew out of their cheeks. "Okay, fine. I guess I'll have to do this. Return!" The man said, re-capturing the Plusle and Minun. He slapped the Pokeballs in anger, while the man was slapped himself.

"Aha! I realized something. Sis, you'll use Rain Dance, while I use Thunder!" Tsuguu thought, and the twins easily understood what they'd think. Tsukii thought, "All right, all right! Now's our chance!" The twins jumped up and down with sparks flying from their cheeks, and they clapped in the air. It started to rain harder, and Tsuguu and Tsukii curled up into balls.

They closed their eyes. A giant Pokemon was approaching them, ready to make them cry. Electric currents flowed slowly through the twins' blood, while the big creature was approaching them. It started to rain harder, and the old couple tried to bring the baby Pokemon indoors. The baby Pokemon just wouldn't go inside, and they ran to see what would happen next.

"POLI!" The Poliwrath said. It was the Pokemon ready to beat up the twins, but it got electrocuted due to the twins' Thundershock and Thunder. It cleared up, and the twins woke up the Poliwrath. The baby Pokemon ran to the twins and they all started hugging Tsuguu and Tsukii. The Poliwrath clenched his fist, while Jake ran to see the commotion, and it sighed.

"Man, these kids are rough. Aren't they, Squirtle?" Jake thought. He sighed, and decided to drag the Poliwrath back to the deeper ponds of the Solaceon Daycare. The Poliwrath woke up, and it shrugged its shoulders. They Plusle and Minun tackled Jake, and they both rubbed their faces into his fur. Jake smiled, and the Squirtle decided to pass the big-brotherhood onto him.

The Pokemon all laughed.

the bitter end.
September 19th, 2008, 7:18 PM
Could I join?

Name: Satoshi (Kun)
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Species: Eevee
Description: Mainly the same as any other eevee, his eyes are violet and big, and well his ears are long and pointy.
Personality: Eevee is generally social and would prefer to be with a friend than alone, but when he is alone he can often be found sitting on a rock staring at the stars and wondering, which is comes to his general want for knowledge, he wants to learn everything there is to know, and nothing will stop him from doing it. He is easily hurt (emotionally), mainly due to his abusive trainer.
History: Eevee was owned by a rather abusive trainer who put him in the daycare, seeing him as "useless" but Eevee didn't really care all too much, but it did leave a slight mental scar, which is why he is so easily hurt.
Other: Not really...

September 19th, 2008, 8:18 PM
Do you have room for one more?
I would like to join as a female Charmander named Char. I'll get up a profile sometime tomorrow, it's rather late here at the moment and I need to get to bed.

Edit: Here it is hopefully it's acceptable! If there's anything that I need to tweek, just let me know.

Name: Char

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: Charmander

Description: Instead of the blue that is normal for Charmanders, Char's eyes are a bright emerald green. Other than her green eyes, Char is pretty much your average looking female Charmander.

Personality: Char tends to have a short fuse for people and things that she deems insignificant or a waste of time. When faced with these situations she usually deals with them with biting sarcasm or a quick jet of flame.
Though she can be gruff and plain rude sometimes, Char is a great friend once you get to know her.

History: Being what was know as a "Starter", Char was her trainer's first Pokemon. With Char's help Shawn managed to catch a few wild Pokemon: A Pidgey, Magnamite, and a Bellsprout.
They had only been in the Sinnoh region for about a week when it happened. Shawn was wandering through the grass searching for Pokemon when he came across the Floatzel.
After a moment of watching the Pokemon, he called out Char. Before she even knew what happened, Char was hit full on by a powerfull Water Jet attack!
After that, she wasn't too sure what happened. All that she knew was that Shawn had a new Pokemon. Strangely, he didn't seem happy like he usually was after catching a new friend. It was shortly thereafter that he dropped her off at the Daycare; she hasn't seen him since.

Ability: Blaze
Move Set:
Fire Fang (Egg Move)
Flamethrower (Egg Move)

September 19th, 2008, 8:59 PM
Bladerunnr was relieved to see that the Vulpix wasn't.. Fiesty. "Hi.. Don't Worry if your scared, I don't bite." Bladerunnr smiled, sitting down. "Good." "So..What pokemon are you?" Bladerunnr was confused by this. "I'm pretty sure my trainer said I was a.. Chikorita." She watched as the vulkpix circled her, to look at her. "My names Sapphire, or Sapph." The vulpix said. Sapph, huh? Her tail leaned to the side, and she fell over. "I'm Bladerunnr, I suppose you could call me Blaid if you want. Thats what that old man did.." She laughed. "Any idea where we are?" She asked, jesturing to the achres of space. "Or what its called? I've never seen a place like it."

She shook her head. "Nevermind..." Bladerunnr flipped her leaf up, letting some of the soft breeze hit it. "My, very humid today.." She said absent mindedly, but turned back to the Vulpix.. Sapphire. "So Sapphire, was it? How did you get here?"

September 19th, 2008, 10:47 PM
This isn't getting any easier. Ram the Wooper (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3944050&postcount=45) thought to himself as he continued trying to break free from his master's Pokeball. He had seen it done before, Pokemon getting out of their Pokeballs out of their own wishes rather than their humans', and he had been trying to do it for a while now. He understood how it was done but couldn't seem to get it right. What if I... Holy crap!"

At that moment, Roger's (Ram's Trainer) backpack just got about 17lbs heavier. "What the hell?" The teenaged boy exclaimed as he took the bag off his back and unzipped the main pocket. A smiling blue head emerged, followed by a small body, two stumpy legs and a flat tail. Ram jumped onto the trainer's face, causing the boy a sharp pain due to the nature of Ram's skin, before leaping off his face, landing on the concrete pathway and starting to run. "Oi! Get back here!" Roger yelled as he pulled out Ram's Pokeball and successfully returned Ram.

Damnit! Ram was stuck back in his Pokeball. However, this time he knew exactly how to get back out. He broke free once more, the Pokeball still in Roger's hand, but this time he had one-up on the trainer. He jumped up and headbutted the Pokeball out of his startled trainer's hand before spraying Roger in the face with a swift water-gun attack.

"I don't think so Ram!" Roger grinned as he went back to reach for the Pokeball, but the Wooper got to it first. It smacked it with its tail, away from Roger, before painfully whacking his head against it, cracking the ball, rendering it useless. And he began his great escape once more.

Ram ran as fast as a creature with two stumpy legs and no arms could. He sprinted down the path and into the open door of a house. What is this? He saw an old human of the female variety looking at and approaching him. Nervously, Ram looked around for his options. At the other side of the room was a door, just ajar, with light visibly peering through. Deciding, he ran under the old lady's legs and through the door. It lead to a garden, of sorts. It was huge and beautiful, and it looked like home... Could this be it?

Patatas Fritas
September 20th, 2008, 1:13 AM
I had accually calmed down a bit by meeting this Vulpix, who told me her name was
Sapphire... I prefered Sapph myself. But of course I still had right to be a little bit.
worried as me, being the Smoochum I am, is part Ice type...
And I dont feel like messy chared hair today. But I plucked up enough courage to say:
" Im a Smoochum, and my name is Sophie." I then happily swished my head backwards and forwards, hoping Sapph wouldnt take it the wrong way.

I then got out my hair brush, that my beloved trainer had given me, boy i missed her... I then went forward to brush her tails as some of the hairs were sticking up. I dont no if she liked this or not because as soon as i stopped she began to wag her tails eventually falling over... I then walked backwards and forwards hoping to hear something out of her... Then she suddenley fell over! I burst out laughing and then, still laughing, I held out my hand, offering to help her up.

September 21st, 2008, 5:29 AM
(Ooc: I'm going to do this is first person, I have to do a essay in third person, so I need to practice first person.)
I looked at a human like, purple pokemon that had come near. "I'm a Smoochum, and my name is Sophie." It said, swishing its hair side to side. Then she took out a hairbrush, and brushed Sapphire's tail hair, making the tail's wag, the cause of her falling over. I looked to the Smoochum, grinning. "I'm Bladerunnr." I said quickly, taking a step back. Dear Dear, I was between a ice type an a Fire type.. Bad bad bad.. I felt nervous, and my leaf went limp.

Sophie and Sapphire appeared to be nice enough, I was pretty sure they wouldn't harm me, so I looked around the achres once more. There were a few pokemon around the area, one in the lake that I reconised as a blue skinned pokemon of some sort. The weather was perfect, for her, anyways. Nice and warm, and a little damp.

September 21st, 2008, 7:13 AM
Name: logan
Age: 13
Gender: male
Species: elekid
Description: he has a large scar on his right ear and one on his face too
Personality: when he is with others he is very energetic but when he is by himself he just sits there starring at a wall
History: when elekid was just a baby a mightyena came into his den and killed his mother and father and left 2 very large scars on his body

September 21st, 2008, 8:27 AM

Name: Niko

Age: 8 (Human Years)

Gender: Male

Species: Nidoran♂

Description: Niko is a very very shy Nidoran.He can try to get along with other pokemon but sometimes he just hangs back and waits for a pokemon to come and speak to him.He enjoys

Personality: (How your Pokemon acts by himself, with others and in general.)
History: (What is your history? Who is your trainer? Were you found injured by another trainer and put into the day care? How did you come to be here?)
Other: (Anything else?)

September 21st, 2008, 8:39 AM
i want mines name to change from logan to elli

September 21st, 2008, 11:16 AM
Underdude: If you could possibly add a little more to your discription and history I see no reason not to accept you. PENDING

Blayze: Coolies! ACCEPTED!

Pr!m3: Okay everything is much to short to begin with and like many others I have spoken to...you list things. Try to make it flow. Another thing that you need to work on is punctuation: Add full stops, commas and capital letters to start new sentances and names.DENEID. PM me if you need help.

Kaso: No worries. Finish when you can ^_^ RESERVED

Okay guys, I know I said free roam but please try and keep the quality and length of your posts. Lets not drop down to below avarage now cause were kinda boarderlinging at the moment. But that is my only note lol. My character is now finished so I shall join in!

Also RR: Please rememeber that Jake is my character. You can control the old couple and the other guard pokemon to an extent, but Jake is mine to control ^_^;; Sorry about that.


Sheik lay under a bush next to the old couple’s house. He had been brought in about a week ago now and he remained next to the house in the slightest hopes that his trainer would come bursting through the door in search of him. There had been no hope yet but Shiek wasn’t willing to give up and he had not moved for days now and even when he didn’t it hadn’t been to far from the house just in case his trainer yelled for him. One thing he had noticed is the sudden up rise in Pokemon arriving at the day care. There must have been some trouble somewhere or another it was not normally that this amount of Pokemon got dropped off in one day. The old couple was going to be up to they’re eyes in money soon.

He sighed. What did he care what happened to them. They were old, there was no need getting too close to the couple and besides he was certain that his trainer would come soon.

He looked around with his one good eye and caught a glimpse of the Arcanine mingling with the young crowd that had just arrived. He was a good Pokemon, he made sure that everyone was okay and made them feel welcome and he worshiped the ground that the old couple walked on/ He let a smile ghost his lips before they started to quake and the tears started to fall. He wept quietly under the bush. Memories of Lee and Amy rushed into his mind and how awful a death they had probably suffered. Who was he kidding? They weren’t going to turn up. He had watched the news not long ago with the old couple and he had caught a glimpse of a forested path with Officer Jenny’s positioned around an opening. He was almost certain that that had been the place where they were ambushed.

He sniffed and chocked trying to pull himself together and rid his mind of the thoughts. It slowly came to him but it took him some time to completely regain his composure. He shook his head dry of the tears before getting to his feet and wandering off to find himself some berries to eat. Eating always made him feel better, eve if it was only the slightest bit.

Trudging across the grassy path he spotted what he was looking for and meshed his lips around the ripe berry before tugging at it with his teeth. It came off easily and he managed it without stinging himself on the thorns. He slowly made his way back to the bush, the berry grasped hard between his teeth. As he passed the group of gathered Pokemon to his left he noticed that the Plusle and Minun had tackled the Arcanine to the ground. Despite his disbelief in getting close to anyone he couldn’t help but grin at the funny sight. Though of course like all things this moment was drawn to a complete close as he lost his grip on the juicy berry and it fell to the ground.

He looked down at his meal with a groan. Now it was covered in dirt and grass and some of its innards had spilt out at the sides. It didn’t look as appealing anymore. “Great.” He muttered, craning his head so that he could roll the berry back to the bush with his nose. “I was looking forward to eating this as well.”
He jumped as the deep voice emitted from behind him. He quickly let the berry be and flung his head around to see the Houndoom that had rescued him from the river looking down at him. He noted that he was holding a berry out to him with a paw. Sheik shook his head. “That’s yours, you found it.”
Kovu shrugged. “I can get to the really juicy ones later. I can climb trees quite well.”
Shiek tilted his head to the side in wonderment of how Kovu had achieved such a skill, but simply brushed it aside and took the berry anyway. “Thanks”
“No worries, kid. It’s getting late, you better tuck yourself in.” Kovu muttered, looking up at the sky and noting that the sun was setting.
“Hey, I’m a night dweller too.” Shiek protested, scowling up at the Houndoom.
The elder Pokemon simply laughed. “Yeah but you’ve been up all day. I’ve noticed.
“But then that means you’ve been awake watching me!” Touché!
“There is no rest for a Guard Dog.”
“Hmph. Whatever.”
“Watch that attitude.”

Kovu sighed and nudged the young Houndour towards the Bush. “Eat up and go to sleep, Sheik. If your trainers come, I’ll wake you up. Deal?”
Sheik nodded and ducked his head to fit under the bush. “Thanks. But I’m staying up tomorrow night.”
Kovu shrugged and proceeded to walk away. “G’night Kid.”

(OOC- Okay its getting late at the Day care now. Il l be keeping track of PM and AM so if you want to sleep in the night or day you'll know. But I don't think its really relevant. I bet your going to be up all day and night anyway XD)

September 21st, 2008, 12:42 PM
Xander noticed for the first time that mornings come fast for him once he was jerked awake. Sighing, he hopped down from the treetop he was sleeping in to a branch below. 'That was one of the best sleeps I've ever had', he thought as he gripped the tree branches descending lower to the ground. Once he hit the ground, he hustled over to a river that was near the couple's home. 'Luckily I didn't have to look far for trees to play in'.

Washing his face with the clean, cold water of the river, he noticed other Pokemon playing around him. 'A Squirtle, Vulpix, Chikorita, Pulse, Minun, and Smoochum. At least I think that's what they're called. I hope Callia didn't teach me wrong', he thought as he saw them. 'Callia'. He wonders if she had a good night's sleep, and when she'll be visiting. 'I hope she doesn't forget. But that shouldn't be a problem. She's got a great memory...Woah.'

At that moment, his back started tingling. 'Stupid birthmark'. He scowled as the sensation went away. 'That happens at the most random of times'. He then approached the group of Pokemon, as he knew that he was going to have to make friends. He wasn't going to spend all his time here alone.

September 21st, 2008, 1:19 PM
OOC: Thanks Lucien! ^_^


After her encounter with the Floatzel, Char awoke sometime later to find herself inside her Pokeball. Moments later she became aware that Shawn was talking to her, he sounded angry.
"...can't believe that you lost so easily, Char! One attack? Come on, that's pathetic!", he was saying to the Pokeball that he held.
At first Char was surprised, Shawn never spoke to her like that. As he continued to speak, Char became angry.
'That Floatzel was a Water type, a Water type! An evolved one on a higher level at that! He knows that I'm weak against Water!', she thought.
After a few minuets of silence, Char heard a door open, and then Shawn's shoes squeaking on a floor.
"Anyone here?", he yelled as he looked around the Daycare. "Hmmph, guess not."
With a clink, he placed Char's Pokeball on the counter. He stared at the red and white ball for a moment.
"There's no place for a Pokemon like you on my team.", he muttered.
The boy then turned on his heal, and left the Daycare.

After several long moments of seething, a single tear rolled down Char's orange cheek.
'Apparently, not everyone's as they seem.', she thought.
The Charmander then flared her nostrils. 'There's no way I'm gonna rot in this ball!'
Finally after several minuets of trying, she managed to knock the Pokeball from the counter to the floor. It fell just right, on the button.
With a flash of red, Char came out of the ball.
Her claws clicking on the wooden floor, she slowly turned in a circle.
She was in a house-like building, but didn't see anyone. Seconds later she heard the sound of a door opening, but right as she saw a person walk in she passed out.
Shawn hadn't taken her to the Pokemon Center after the encounter, and it had taken the last of her strength to break out of the Pokeball.

As the Old Woman came back inside she was shocked to see a Charmander standing behind the counter. Her shock quickly change to concern as the Fire Pokemon fainted.
"Oh! You poor child!", she exclaimed as she rushed, as quickly as her old body would allow, to the Charmander's side.
"Dear!", she shouted for her husband.
Moments later the Old Man came in, a concerned look on his face.
"What is it?"
"This little one just showed up, she needs treatment and rest."
With a nod, the Old Man scooped Char up expertly avoiding her firey tail.
After a few preparations, the old couple placed Char into a bed (With fire retardant blankets even) and applied some medication.
The Old Woman looked their work over and nodded.
"This little girl should be just fine in the morning."

Gumshoe Satyr
September 21st, 2008, 2:19 PM
Poking his head out of the water, Surge observed the other pokemon around him. Noticing a Squirtle nearby, he almost ran up to him, but stopped when he noticed the Plusle and Minun nearby. In another group, was a Chikorita. Shuddering he sank back down into the water until he was out of sight. Past battles had taught him to be wary of grass and electric types, even though, after evolving into Marshtop, he would never have to fear electric types so much again. He would, however, always be cautious around grass types since becoming a water and ground type would make him twice as vulnerable to them. Wincing, he vividly remembered the agonizing sting of a grass type's Bullet Seed and the terrifying, mind-numbing feeling of paralysis for an electric's Tunderwave. He never wanted to feel those attacks again so getting him to trust those types was a slow process but not anywhere close to impossible.

Let's just wait and see what happens, he thought to himself. He hated to be alone and loved to play with other pokemon, but not with the risk that the Minun, Plusle, and Chikorita posed. Looking up, he noticed the sun starting to sink below the horizon, pulling all daylight with it. It seemed like he wasn't going to make any new friend today. He sighed as his thoughts drifted back to his trainer. I wonder where Ashley is sleeping tonight. I hope she'll come back and get me soon. As more and more light retreated, allowing darkness to gain control, the moon rose into the clear sky. Gazing mornfully at it, Surge almost wished he could howl mournfully at it like a Growlithe.

Still swimming around, he stopped when his stomach growled loudly. I guess I really haven't had anything to eat since this morning. Reluctant to leave the safety of the water, he considered waiting until dawn. Perhaps if he did this, he could eat in safety because it might be too early for the others to be awake. On the other hand, the fin on his head acts like a radar so it would be incredibly difficult for someone to sneak up on him. Eventually, his stomach made his decision for him and he crept out of the water to search for some berries. Finding some oran berries, he settled down to enjoy his feast.

September 21st, 2008, 3:15 PM
The trainer walked through the night, everyone else was asleep, no one knew he was there. But he had a destination, needed to get there. He had found a pokemon by the riverbank, he couldn’t take it, he knew likely wouldn’t ever learn to trust him, but he didn’t want to leave it either. Suddenly, he sees a light in the distance, the main daycare building! The trainer begins to run, his shoes pounding the ground, he also needed to get to a pokemon center to get some sleep, but this was more important. As he reaches the daycare, he throws open the doors. A kind looking, elderly lady looks up and smiles at the breathless, panting trainer.
“Can I help you?” She asks, putting down the book she had been reading prior to the trainer’s arrival.
“Yes, I found a sneasel on the riverbank today, do you think you could-“ The trainer doesn’t have time to finish his sentence before the lady gets up and strides around the desk.
“May I see it?” She asks, looking concerned, “where did you find it, what was it doing?”
“I found it on the riverbank, it was still conscious, but it didn’t look healthy, and somehow I managed to get it into the pokeball. It didn’t fight at all. I didn’t think that was possible, but I decided that since I couldn’t take it, the daycare would be the best place for it to stay.” The trainer explains to the lady, who nods.
“Well, do you think you could let it out of its pokeball? We might have to give it something to eat and take a look at it.” She says, as the trainer nods and draws a pokeball from his pocket. It grows larger in his hand and he presses the button, releasing the pokemon inside. The sneasel stumbles before collapsing on the floor, as the lady gasps.
An hour later, the trainer thanks the lady, who is sitting with the sneasel, now able to sit up and eat something, before he leaves the daycare center.

Mouse sat on a tree branch, unnoticed by anyone who happened to pass by. She didn’t want anyone to see her, to speak to her. Not right now, at this moment. Tyler, where are you? She thought desperately, she liked it at the daycare, but there was nothing she’d rather have than being back with her trainer and Snorunt again. She missed both of them dearly, and hoped that they had not forgotten her, maybe they’re still wondering where she was, she hoped so…

September 24th, 2008, 2:44 PM
Name: Rogue
Age: 6 years old in human years
Gender: Male
Species: Absol
Description: Rogue is pretty much your average everyday Absol. However, the blade on his head is somehow a blacker shade of black. You can't really tell unless you look closely or are of the Light Pokemon (Espeon/Togetic, etc.). A red tint runs through his fur, showing the other Pokemon that he is not the nicest Pokemon in the world. But this isn't the case. He's actually really nice and a friendly Pokemon that loves making new ones...friends, that is.
Personality: Rogue finds being an Absol extremely difficult, considering he is a forewarning for disasters. Contrary to popular belief, Rogue does not bring disasters, he merely comes to warn people of them. He could go for a week and not bring any disaster. He just warns people.

He always tries to make new friends, but due to him being an Absol, it's kind of hard for him. Pokemon seem to always try and run away from him, but all he really wants is a friend. Light Pokemon try to protect themselves at all costs from them. His trainer has left him here and he doesn't know what's going on.
History: Rogue has the regular wild-Pokemon history...was wandering around one day, seen by a trainer, challenged, and caught. However, his trainer is not like most. He absued Rogue for several years, though Rogue thought it was what was supposed to happen. Being in the DayCare will change that. The red tint is the stain of his blood from being continually attacked by his own trainer.

He just wants someone to like him for who he is...

September 27th, 2008, 3:33 AM
Rouge: I know you haven't finished your History: But if you have finished your personality and history it needs to be much longer I'm afraid.

September 27th, 2008, 5:17 AM
Description:Destiny is a pink butterfree with purple eyes.She has red feet and wings. She also can fly.She has a scar on her side from her last trainer who was abusive and abandend her.
Personality:She is a really lonely butterfree ever since she evolved. She is kid but no-one seems to like her inclueding pokemon and her trainers. She is found staring at the sky from time-to-time. And sits in the corner on the room wondering if the woman who found her will come back.
History: Destiny has had five trainers in total. She has been with abusive trainers who don't like her for her color or her abilities.
She was found by a nurse Joy then when she was at full health she came to the daycare center!

September 27th, 2008, 7:54 AM
Species: (Species of Pokemon. Remember baby or first evo)

^Sorry, but I think it's the rule.

September 27th, 2008, 8:39 AM
can i join?
Description:normal torchic but if seen closely has sparkely fir.eyes have a pale blue rim in the center that often makes torchic look upset.
Nature:very timid
Historary:rescued froma sciencestistes lab. was breed for egg moves and for a crystalizing experiment. star found out what was happening and shut the lab down.torchic was the only one to survive. left at the daycare to recover strenght and confidece as has been told that "you can't fireblast everything that you walk into"
Personality: hopes star will come back and help her show the sciencetist that you don't need to be crystal to beat the elite four. generaly avoids other pokemon but if confrounted will attack without reson. often leaves holes in the ground by mistake. certain pokemon cause for of a responce than others because of what happend. very hard to befriend but once is will stay for life

September 28th, 2008, 8:47 AM
The Pokemon were running around the room while a nurse joy entered the room with a pink butterfree in her arms.She carried the butterfree to front desk and the woman at the computer waslooking at the joy carefully putting the butterfree on the desk.
"Excuse me. I was wondering if you could take care of this butterfree. A young trainer found her in a forest and happened to be bleeding here." The nurse Joy Pointed to her side.
"Yes,of course! Does she have a name?" Asked the woman coming over to the butterfree.
"I found her name was destiny from her first trainer. Oh! She needs to take some medication,to heal her scar.",Said the nurse.
"Well,thank you. First I'll give her to Doreen to feed her and I'm guessing your going? You'r free to come by and have a cup of tea.",Said the woman.
The Nurse Joy left the center without the butterfree she came in with. Meanwhile Destiny was given food,water and medication by the old woman looking after her.

Gumshoe Satyr
September 29th, 2008, 1:03 PM
His stomach filled with oran berries, Surge walked slowly back to the pond, enjoying the quiet of the night. Hearing laughter nearby, he crept into some bushes toward the direction of the sound. There he saw the Plusle, Minun, Squirtle, and Arcanine enjoying each others' company. Fighting back a strong urge to jump out and join them, he sneaked back through the bushes, stopping when he got back to where he had been before. Can't do it yet... I don't know how free those electic pokemon are with their electricity yet..... Since the Squirtle was there Surge figured that it was alright but he didn't want to take any chances. Perhaps in the morning he would find out their temperaments, but it was a little more frightening with two of them and with his luck they probably never left each other's side. He sighed, continuing his walk.

Reaching the pond, he slipped into its cool waters, enjoying the feel of the water against his skin. His moonlight swim lasted for several minutes, and when he became too tired to continue, he crawled out onto the back under an oak tree and laid down. Yawning, his thoughts turned once more to his trainer before he fell to sleep. I hope she's alright.....

September 30th, 2008, 4:05 AM
Name: Rogue
Age: 6 years old in human years
Gender: Male
Species: Absol
Description: Rogue is pretty much your average everyday Absol. However, the blade on his head is somehow a blacker shade of black. You can't really tell unless you look closely or are of the Light Pokemon (Espeon/Togetic, etc.). A red tint runs through his fur, showing the other Pokemon that he is not the nicest Pokemon in the world. But this isn't the case. He's actually really nice and a friendly Pokemon that loves making new ones...friends, that is.
Personality: Rogue finds being an Absol extremely difficult, considering he is a forewarning for disasters. Contrary to popular belief, Rogue does not bring disasters, he merely comes to warn people of them. He could go for a week and not bring any disaster. He just warns people.

He always tries to make new friends, but due to him being an Absol, it's kind of hard for him. Pokemon seem to always try and run away from him, but all he really wants is a friend. Light Pokemon try to protect themselves at all costs from them. His trainer has left him here and he doesn't know what's going on.
History: Rogue has the regular wild-Pokemon history...was wandering around one day, seen by a trainer, challenged, and caught. However, his trainer is not like most. He absued Rogue for several years, though Rogue thought it was what was supposed to happen. Being in the DayCare will change that. The red tint is the stain of his blood from being continually attacked by his own trainer.

He just wants someone to like him for who he is...

(there done my su)

September 30th, 2008, 1:19 PM
Tsukii didn't notice that the sun had set until she saw that everybody else had ambled off to sleep somewhere. The bright golden harvest moon rose high over the fields, and somewhere in the distance a Krickitune had started humming happily. She found a nice quiet spot under a small maple tree and curled up with Tsuguu under it. It had been a great first day at the Daycare, although after all that had happened, she was exhausted.

Rebelliously, she hoped silently that their trainers wouldn't come back for a while. They never got to talk with other Pokemon much when they were around their trainers, and any fun they had was always accompanied by a scolding. Maybe tomorrow they could make some more friends, or perhaps go looking for berries. Tsukii just adored berries.

She dozed off quickly, and was soon lost in her dreams.

October 10th, 2008, 8:42 AM
Sorry for the bumping, it's just that I was too lazy to post something! [/oocapology]

Tsuguu decided to hug Tsukii for the night, because he could barely sleep without her. When he started hugging her, she felt like her trainers tried to call back to her, but as soon as she woke up, she discovered that Tsuguu clang on to his older sister, which surprised her. Tsukii smiled, hugged him back, and decided to go back to sleeping.

Unlike Tsukii, Tsuguu was able to find some good in their trainers: but it only applied for the female one that took care of them most. Everytime the male trainer would show up, the female trainer did as best as she could to hide the fun they were having, and she was the one who slapped her man after he slapped his own Pokeballs, with Tsuguu and Tsukii in them.

That was when they broke up.

Before all this, the female trainer was their source of smiles and confidence. The male trainer only tried to make them perfect. Their personalities kept clashing, and right after she and her man parted ways at the daycare, she said: "I'll be the one bringing them back. I'll give them a better future. Tsuguu and Tsukii, prepare for some more fun!"

But the man didn't want to get them back, because he opted for more powerful Pokemon. Perfect Pokemon. The man hated weak Pokemon. All he wanted were fighting machines he could boss around: according to Tsuguu and Tsukii, that's what he thought of Pokemon training. Bossing other Pokemon around can only make them perfect.

Tsuguu and Tsukii didn't believe in the perfect.