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Zeta Sukuna
September 15th, 2008, 5:30 AM
I'll try this again, seeing as I know at least one person liked this. I just hope I can tell the story in full this time.

Story (Some platnium elements are in this, but the story is different.):
Hello, and welcome to the world of Pokemon. This world is filled to the brim with mystical creatures known as Pocket Monsters, or Pokemon. People use pokemon for many things, some use them as pets, and yet more use them to battle. The people who battle with these creatures are called Pokemon Trainers, most trainers have but two goals: One is to conquer the eight gyms and earn all eight badges, which leads up to goal number two, enter the league tournament after collecting all 8 badges and beat all opposition, allowing them to claim the title of champion. But with every good, there's a bad. Not everyone follows the league rules. These criminals sometimes gather together and with the same ideals, create a 'team'.

This story takes place in Sinnoh, but there's another story to tell. Twenty years before this time there was a criminal organization called Team Galactic. They did a lot of bad things compared to the average team. (Excluding Magma, Aqua, & Rocket) They stole the evolutionary energy to awaken two titans of terror: Dialga, and Palkia. But thanks to the help of Lucas, Dawn, and Barry(?), Team Galactic's plans were foiled. But this lead to another and more dark threat. The clouds began to darken and collect over Mt. Coronet, causing the climate to shift and become cold. Not many people cared at the moment, but when an unknown cave appeared things began to get worse. The cave wasn't empty, and highly unnatural so the trio of Lucas, Dawn, and Barry went inside to look around. There they saw Another forme Giratina, the lord of the Torn World. Giratina was beaten, but it seems that it was a bleedthrough form, and didn't solve anything.

Here's where the RP comes in. The Sinnoh government decided to form an anti-team, known as the Blank Division. The Blank Division was designed to stop any formation of evil teams, and protect Sinnoh while the league solves the Giratina problem. It all seemed better for Sinnoh, but the Blank Division's five leaders became corrupt from an unknown cause and started to come up with a disasterous plan. Deliver false information from other countries, making everyone think that the surrounding countries are planning on starting a war against Sinnoh. But unknown to all, Cyrus also has plans of his own, as he forms Neo Team Galactic with the same goal as before. Capture Dialga and Palkia, and create a perfect world. But everyone forgets one detail, and it's name is Giratina. It's plans are unknown, as is its strength, but one thing is certain, Sinnoh is about to become a war zone.

You are a new trainer from Twinleaf Town who knows nothing about Neo Galactic, Traitor Blank Division, or Giratina. Travel the region of Sinnoh as you battle the plans of the three threats, in order to save the world. But let's not forget about becoming Champion, and battling the eight gym leaders. This isn't your ordinary Sinnoh RP, is it?


The Pokecommunity RP rules. obviously.

You can't catch the legendary pokemon, not even Giratina. You may be able to work with one later though.

No Godmodding

No Bunnying

I will not be playing as a character, instead I will be the RP master and control the events and actions of the wild Pokemon, the NPC's ect... the only thing you control is yourself, and your pokemon.

Be active, and have fun. If you don't do either then you're booted out, or you'll have to catch up and possibly miss events.

Become your character as in, take on the role as your persona in this RP, or you won't be able to truly appreciate the story.


Sign up sheet
Name: (The name of your character)
Age: (The Age of your character)
Gender: (The Sex of your character)

Description: (What your character looks like)

Personality: (How your characters acts alone and with others)

History: (A small History of your characters life)

RP Sample: It has to be done. This is a big part of acceptance. (A sample of a role-play post that you would do.)

Pokemon (Note: These are the ones I'm going to use, not the ones on the main forum.)

Turtwig- Taken by Pikalover10
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/c/c9/387.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:387.png)
Level: 5
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Withdraw
Nature: Brave

Chimchar- Taken By Gummy
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d1/390.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:390.png)
Level: 5
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Scratch, Leer
Nature: Calm

Piplup- Taken by Lostt
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/ef/393.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:393.png)
Level: 5
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Pound, Growl
Nature: Bold

These two require very good sign ups to have.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/60/190.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:190.png)
Level: 5
Type: Normal
Ability: Pick Up
Attacks: Scratch, Tail Whip, Sand Attack
Nature: Hyper

Munchlax- Taken by Zimvee
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b3/446.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:446.png)
Level: 5
Type: Normal
Ability: Pick Up
Attacks: Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Defense Curl
Nature: Relaxed

Munchlax isn't going to know Metronome because that would overpower it, and people would get only the good moves, so don't bring it up. As soon as my RP thread is open, I will replace the Pokemon info with this stuff. I will be using Zimvee's chapter system if you must know. Note: For those who get Munchlax, you learn Metronome at Level 26 now.

Reserved Trainers:
Turtwig: Pikalover10/Max
Chimchar: Gummy/Vanessa
Piplup: Lostt/Joseph
Aipom: Open
Munchlax: Zimvee/Bobby

September 15th, 2008, 11:57 AM
(Can I Reserve a spot for Aipom? I'll do the rest of the sheet after school..)

Name: Rolyn Ceria
Age: 13
Gender: Female

September 15th, 2008, 1:58 PM
Sorry about last time Rubii Naruto, my internet was out for all of August (waste of a summer, I know >_>). I hope you can accept my apology and allow me to reserve Chimchar.

September 15th, 2008, 3:55 PM
YAY! this is awsome! i sooo want to do this again! do you want me to sign up again?

Zeta Sukuna
September 15th, 2008, 4:07 PM
@Zimvee: Sure, I'd love for you to sign back up. Just do it on this thread.

September 15th, 2008, 4:11 PM
Name: Bobby Baker
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: Bobby has a mess of curly black hair that is always covered by a red bandanna. He wears goggles on the top of his head that let him see in snow, rain, sandstorms etc. As he has spent most of his life outside with Jasmine, Bobby is very tan. He has dark brown eyes and is quite lean. What he lacks in muscle he makes up for in speed. Wears a dark brown jacket with a black shirt underneath. Wears dirty blue pants and black/gold shoes.

Personality: Bobby has a laid back personality prefering to take the easy road insted of the hard road. He has a very optimistic view on life and always believes that whatever happens, happens and that you should get over it. Always smiling he uplifts everyone around him. When he's not exploring or battling, he's usually eating or sleeping. He has trouble making friends, but for those he has he defends them furiously. If he sees a friend in trouble or someone hurting a Pokemon, his anger ignites. However while he may be quick to anger, he is also quick to forgive, which is his biggest weakness.

History: Bobby was born in Olivine City and lived in a lonley world for 6 years. He had lived a sheltered life as when he was born, he almost died by an unknown disease. It looked like Bobby wasn't long for this world. He was a fighter though and manged to pull through. For the next six years Bobby was sheltered and sick quite often. He then met Jasmine. Bobby had been trapped in a land slide, as he was tired of being sheltered and went to go exploring against his mothers wishes. He was wondering near the beach when the strong winds knocked the rocks off. No one was around so he cried. Soon a young girl found him buried and called apon her Onix for help. When he was free, she let him borrow her Magnimite so that they could have a battle. Which he lost. And mulitple times after that. He found out that her name was Jasmine and they soon became inseperable.

While Bobby viewed her as an older sister, she saw him as the cute young boy. As years went by, their roles reveresed as Bobby became the outspoken one, and Jasmine became the quiet one. Jasmine soon became the Gym Leader of Olivine City because of her amazing battling skills and Bobby no longer had time to see her. So with a plan in mind he set out to become a Pokemon Trainer so that he could battle her and prove her once and for all he was better than her.

RP Sample: Charmander's and Grimer's attacks met at the same time sending the Pokemon backwards. "Looks like your Charmander has gotten stronger..." The Rocket said noticing that Grimer went back farther than Charmander.

"You got that right! Now we'll beat you even faster this time!" Bobby roared his anger fueling his cockiness.

"Hm we'll see about that won't we Ekans!" The grunt sent out a large purple snake that hissed "Ekansssss" when it came out.

"What is that?" Bobby wondered as he took out the Pokedex. "Ekans the snake pokemon." the woman's cool voice said, "It sneaks through grass without making a sound and strikes unsuspecting prey from behind."

Noticing that Bobby was distracted the Grunt took action and said "Ekans use Glare! Grimer use Mud-Slap!" "Mander!" Charmander cried as it became frozen in fear from the Glare and in pain as it was pelted with Mud-Slap.

"Charmander!" Bobby cried. "I'v got to get this Pokeball open!" Bobby pulled and tugged, but the ball was wedged shut. Finally out frustration, and what any guy would do, Bobby threw the ball at the cave wall which, ironicly released the seal.

"Allright now we're in action!" Bobby said with a battle grin on his face. "Go Mankey!"
The pig monkey pokemon lept into action, relieved that it was out of it's Pokeball. "Mankey use Focus Energy! Charmander use Smokescreen!" The Pokemon complied with Mankey building energy and Charmander belching out thick black smoke.

"That's not gonna stop us!" the Rocket yelled confident. "Grimer suck up the smoke! Ekans use Poison Sting on Mankey!" Grimer inhaled the thick smoke, while Ekans shot out thin purple lines at Mankey.

"Mankeeeey!" Mankey cried as the purple lines connected. When Mankey got back up on it's feet, Bobby noticed that there was a sickly look about his eyes. 'Probally nothing...' Bobby thought. "Charmander use Ember on Ekans! Mankey go use Scratch on Grimer!" The Rocket was ready however and made Grimer use Pound to retaliate the Scratch and Ekans used Poison Sting to reflect Ember.

"Your attacks are too predictible!" the Rocket roared mockingly.

"He's right..." Bobby muttered, "There has to be something we can do..." Bobby saw Mankey getting worse and called him over to take an Antidote. When he was done, Bobby saw the TM Brock had givin him. "I wonder..."

Bobby picked up the TM and held it toward Mankey. The TM flashed and turned from its gray color to a pure white color. "Guess I can use it anymore." Bobby said prepared now with their new move.

"You ladies done over there?" the Rocket yelled goadingly.

"Yep we're done. With this match." Bobby said confident. "Mankey use Rock Tomb!" Mankey pulled the new move off flawlessly by buring Ekans in a pile of rubble. The poor pokemon was stuck.

"Ekans!" the Grunt cried.

"He's the least of your worries. Charmander Ember!" Charmander shot out its fireball and Grimer not knowing what to do took a direct hit, knocking it out.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The Rocket cried knowing he was defeated. Bobby came up and took the key to the cage releasing all the Pokemon inside.

In the back he saw Clefairy, who's eyes widened when it saw him. She jumped into his arms happy to be away from the Rocket. Bobby saw the Clefairy eyeing his black stone. "Pretty huh?" Bobby said.

Suddenly a shadow lept at Bobby. "That's my Clefairy!" the Rocket roared. The Clefairy lept in front of Bobby taking the black stone with her.

"Clefairy don't!" Bobby yelled as Clefairy become engulfed in a white light. When the light faded in Clefairy's place was a pokemon that looked like Clefairy but bigger and with wings. "What is that?" Bobby said pointing his Pokedex at it.

"Clefable the fairy pokemon and the evolved form of Clefairy." the female voice said, "Rarely seen by people, it is said to be drawn by the full moon to play at deserted lakes."

"Wow this Clefable's gonna make me rich!" The Rocket said, practically drooling at the thought.

Clefable on the other hand had other ideas. She started waving one finger back and forth until a giant Flamethrower came out. The torched Rocket took off running from the powerful trainer and the newly evolved Clefabel.

Laughing Bobby said "Good job Clefable! You sure sent him packing." Clefable nodded and started walking the way the cage was going. "Hey where you going?" Bobby asked running to keep up.

The Clefable had showed Bobby to the exit of Mt. Moon. "Oh wow thank you so much Clefable!" "Clefable!" the former Clefairy said, obviously thanking Bobby for helping her out of a dire situation. Its eyes began glowing and the seal on Butterfree's Pokeball was released. "Oh wow! Thanky you so much Clefable! Take care now! I hope to see you again!" Bobby said walking out of the cave, "And if I see Team Rocket again, they won't know what hit them!" Clefable waved good bye to her friend as Bobby walked onto Route 4.
(the rp sample is from Brawler 360's rp Pokemon Chronicals and if this sign up is not good enough for Munchlax i can update it if you want)

(are you gonna do what Pika_Master did and let the people who were in your last one wait till jubilife city to post? and if you do are you gonna let them have the same stats?)

September 15th, 2008, 4:12 PM
I liked my old character, so I decided to keep her. If you want me to make a new sign up, just say the word.

Name: Vanessa Lopez

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Description: Vanessa is quite the beauty, if I do say so myself. Her skin his a light caramel color, almost as if she spends all her days tanning in the sun. Atop her head is mane of curly, black hair that extends to her shoulder blades. On particularly hot days, she ties it up in a ponytail, as do most females. She always puts on pink and glittery lipstick before leaving home and just incase, takes an extra lipstick capsule with her at all times. Her normal attire consist of a flashy necklace, a sleeve-less blue shirt, red and blue plaid shorts, a pair of all-white running sneakers, and last but not least, a pink backpack in which she holds all her necessities.

Personality: Look up the definition for Prima Donna in the dictionary, and you just might find Vanessa's picture. In other words, I dare you to find someone more conceited than her. Being an only child, she was constantly spoiled by her parents to the point where she actually believed she was better than some people. Due to this, Vanessa isn't exactly a team player but will still travel with the group, as her fear of being left alone overpowers any standards she has. When it comes to Pokemon relationships, Vanessa acts a bit differently. She'd much rather capture cute Pokemon as opposed to strong ones, but once she does capture one, she becomes extremely affectionate of it. Maybe a little too affectionate...

History: Vanessa was born into a high-middle class family in Celadon city. Her parents only wanted one child, so when she was to be left an only child. Her father was the one who "brought home the bacon," as the saying goes, so her mother stayed home most of the time. Leaving two females in a house together will only amount to one thing: massive amounts of make-up, and in those first ten years is when Vanessa developed her stylish personality. Then tragedy struck when her mother became terribly ill. Although she survived the sickness, for two months Vanessa had to stay home everyday, alone. Ever since her mother recovered, she never wanted to be alone for such a long time again, and her parents feared this would interfere with their plans to send her off on a Pokemon journey. Finally they came up with a plan and moved to the small town of Twinleaf, where many trainers traveled in packs. They also wanted to get their daughter away from the rising Team Rocket activity in Celadon, but little did they know of the catastrophes about to hit Sinnoh.

RP Sample:

“So... hot...”

Cato impatiently fanned himself as he stood on the registration line, awaiting his turn. That morning on Zenith island had been way too hot for the young trainer to be wearing his usual sweater vest, but the ugly piece of clothing had almost become a part of him after all these years. If that wasn’t bad enough, the line was formed in a shadeless area on the isle with people standing shoulder to shoulder. The anxious teen could literally feel the body heat of a nearby man rubbing off on him. If it weren’t for the opportunity of a life-time being presented by this mysterious tournament, Cato would have surely stayed home with his beloved air conditioner. He turned his gaze to sky, hoping the heat would at least create hallucinations of oncoming rainclouds, but frowned at the sight of a sky void of such things.

“Next up!”

The surprisingly manly voice brought Cato out of his trancelike state, and he quickly adjusted his glasses to give the impression that he was actually paying attention. The sweaty trainer ran his hands through his curly, black hair, gave a slight sigh, and stepped forward. He let out and unintentional gasp as he eyed the employee sitting behind the desk buried into a computer screen. Despite the deep, masculine voice, he was looking at a female— or at least, something that once was a female. The overweight receptionist barely fit into her small seat, let alone uniform— and unless Cato’s eyes where playing tricks on him, she sported a fancy tattoo on the back of her neck. Just his luck to be stuck with odd one out of all the beauties.

“Ya deaf, kid?”

“Oh, I apologize. Can you please repeat that?”

The obese woman groaned loudly and turned to the trainer. “Give. Me. Your. ID,” she said slowly as if Cato had a hearing disability. Not wanting to get into an argument, especially with all these people watching, the trainer reached into his wallet and retrieved the ID that was assigned to all trainers. The large woman snatched the rectangular card from his hand and began typing away at her keyboard.

“Cato Cornelius. Gender, male. Age seventeen. Born in Johto Region. Trainer ID 6497 – 3914 – 0684. Registered Pokemon: Feraligatr, Houndoom, and an Elekid,” she finally said, almost robotically.

“Actually,” Cato interrupted, “it’s an Electabuzz. We had a recent evolution and I guess the database has yet to update my profile.”

“Yeah, sure,” the lady commented unenthusiastically before returning to her keyboard.

“Is that all?” the trainer asked disappointedly, hoping she would mention the fact that he had won all eight badges of the Johto League so all others could hear. Unfortunately, she didn’t hear him— or more likely was ignoring him— and continued typing. She moved one of her hands to nearby machine that spat out a card similar to the trainer cards.

“Have a nice day,” she said while handing him the cards, although it sounded a bit forced. “NEXT!”

After sliding both cards into his wallet, Cato hastily moved aside as to not agitate the man standing behind him. Well, it was official. He was now a contestant in the Zenith Island Tournament. But first things first, he needed to cool down.

Seeing as most trainers were collected around the main desks to retrieve their competitor IDs, it didn’t take long for the boy to find a nice, empty spot. After reaching into his messenger’s bag for a pokeball, he pressed the small button twice— once to enlarge the ball, and a second time to release the blue, bipedal alligator inside. The Feraligatr gave a slight smile to her trainer and awaited her commands.

“Okay Aquarius, can you give me a light water gun?” Cato requested.

The Pokemon gave a nod of approval and released a stream of water from her mouth. A joyous grin appeared on the trainer’s face as the cold liquid splashed against it, cleansing it of the copious amount of sweat. He didn’t mind getting his clothes or bag wet, as long as he was relieved from this mind-boggling heat. When the attack finally ceased, Cato wiped his face with his sweater vest and recalled his Pokemon.

“Time to find some shade.”

Zeta Sukuna
September 15th, 2008, 4:13 PM
@ Zimvee: Like last time, you are accepted, but which pokemon? Oh, and it's your decision. Do you WANT to restart?
@Gummy: That's all right. Which pokemon though?

September 15th, 2008, 4:15 PM
Chimchar, seeing as Aipom is already reserved.

September 15th, 2008, 5:01 PM
Munchlax of course and i wanted to start where i left off with Shinx and Munchlax

September 15th, 2008, 5:14 PM
Can I have Pipulp I'll make my sign up in a bit.

September 15th, 2008, 6:11 PM
Name: Maximillion Tegeku

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Description: Max is short for his age standing at about 4 foot 2 and weighs about 90 lbs. He has black spiky/ messy hair. He normaly wears a red polo shirt, black pants, a necklace with a Kyogre scale encased in it for good luck, brown running shoes, and a red and blue hat he got at the Pokemon League he watched when his older brother kevin competed.

When it is cold Max wears the same pair of pants, the same shoes, the same necklace, the same hat, earmuffs depending on how cold it is, and a jacket not to thick but not to thin.

On formal occasions Max wears a black tuxedo with a blue under shirt. He wears his necklace but hidden under the under shirt. He has his hair unspiked even though it bothers the crud out of him. He has crystal blue eyes.

Personality: Max is very micheveous and very funny. He usually pulls pranks on people right after he makes a joke around them. He loves to climb trees and swim. He can swim as fast as a water pokemon almost adn can climb trees almost as fast as an Aipom! He is usually found training his pokemon around a lake or around a bunch of trees were he can practice their swiming or there dodging techniques.

History: Max grew up in Snowpoint City were he went to martial arts class because he had nothing else to do. He moved up in ranks and eventually became a black belt. He has two pictures of his favorit martial arts teachers. He became part of their demonstration team at the age of 6. He performed doing the splits, backflips, frontflips, and doing amazing tricks. When his father announced their moving his brother had already started his journey and Max didn't want to move at all.

He told his instuctors and almost cried. They left for Twinleaf Town where his father got a job of going through the forest and making sure the pokemon were fine. His mom worked as one of Nurse Jpy's assistants bringing home many pokemon so that they couls heal. Due to this Max learned how to help pokemon that are injured and grew up around them so he was used to them. When it was his tenth birthday it was also his older brother Kevin's 17 birthday. they didn't pay much attention to him after they gave him the slip so he could get his very first pokemon. Max promised that he wouldn't come back home when Kevin was there. (Sad I know)

RolePlay Sample: (It's from another Roleplay:))

Brandon woke up and told Mareep that they were going to head out to Route 29. While they were walking on Route 29 Mareep fell due to sleepiness. "Huh. Mareep is still tired." said Brandon. He then called Mareep into it's pokeball. A few moments later and his stomach growled. He looked around and noticed an apple tree. He ran over and grabbed two. Then he called Mareep out and gave him an apple. After they ate Brandon called Mareep back inside his pokeball.

While on the Route Brandon was still half asleep, then suddenly out of nowhere Brandon tripped on something "Ahhhh." yelled Brandon. He fell to the ground and got his white polo shirt all covered with dirt. He looked back and saw some type of pokemon. He looked for it in his pokedex and soon found out that it was a Hoothoot! "Mareep go!" said Brandon. "Ok Mareep we have to catch this pokemon. OK?" asked Brandon. Mareep nodded his head and then turned to face Hoothoot. "Mareep use tackle quick!" said Brandon. Mareep ran as fast as it could towards the Hoothoot. The tackle hit! It sent Hoothoot flying into a rock. "Good job Mareep." said Brandon. Then unsuspectingly Hoothoot got up and rammed Mareep with it's tackle attack. "Mareep no." said Brandon running to Mareep. "Are you OK Mareep?" asked Brandon. "Reep Ma." sadi Mareep. Mareep got up. "Ok Mareep let's rap this up. Use tackle full force!" said Brandon. Mareep ran as fast as he could again and it hit Hoothoot! This time though Hoothoot didn't get up. "Pokeball...GO!" yelled Brandon throwing the pokeball at the Hoothoot. It popped inside the ball and it wriggled back and forth back and forth. Then it stopped. "Yes we caught a Hoothoot!" said Brandon excitedly. Then Brandon sent Hoothoot out to say hi to him and Mareep. Then after everyone got aquainted they got back on the trail.

While Brandon was walking along with Hoothoot on his left shoulder and Mareep running around his feet. Then they saw someone with a Pocheyanna scampering around their feet. She was just about 2 inches taller then he was. She has beautiful blonde hair that flips naturally around her chin. She wore a black tank top with a white trim around the collar and bottom of the shirt. She had black and white arm warmers that almost reached her arms. She also wore dark jeans, a messanger backpack with her pokeballs on the strap (probably for easy access), and she wore black chuks over her feet."Hey! What's your name?" asked Brandon as he came up to the person."Hi. My name is Charolette(sorry if I spelt it wrong) and this is my Poocheyana Belle. What's your name?" asked Charolette. "My name is Brandon and this is my Mareep and my Hoothoot." said Brandon. "Well hi Mareep. Hi Hoothoot." said Charolette bending down to pet them. "This is a healthy looking Poocheyana ya got here." said Brandon. "Thanks and these are two healthy looking pokemon ya got here yourself." said Charolette. Mareep looked at Hoothoot weird and then they both ran off down the road. "Mareeep. Hoothooooot. Come back here now." yelled Brandon. "I'm sorry but I have to go after them. Or else they might get into some serious trouble. It was nice meeting you and Belle though."said Brandon. "It was nice meeting you too." said Charolette. "Well maybe we'll see eachother around." yelled Brandon as he was running after Mareep and Hoothoot. Oh man Charolette sure was pretty thought Brandon to himself and she smelled like strawberries.

When Brandon finally caught up to Mareep and Hoothoot they were sitting next to a rock looking scared. "What's wrong guys?" asked Brandon. Hoothoot and Mareep didn't say anything back. Mareep jumped up and down trying to warn Brandon that there was a huge pokemon behind him but he didn't get the message. Then suddenly all he heard was something that sounded like a Hyper Beam before it was released behind him. He turned around and saw this huge colorful pokemon behind him looking at him funny with it's Hyper Beam charging. "Uh oh." said Brandon turning around and shielding his pokemon. BOOM! The Hyper Beam shot and hit Brandon's back and sent him, Hoothoot, and Mareep flying. "What kind of pokemon was that?" asked Brandon as he turned around and pointed the pokedex at the huge bird. "There is no data on this pokemon." said the pokedex. "What? Did I just have an encounter with a legendary pokemon?" asked Brandon. Then suddenly BAM!! They hit the ground. Brandon looked up and found that they were sitting on the route and were sitting like right outside of Cherrygrove City (if that is were we are going to be next if not ill change it). He walked to a cool grassy patch and then Hoothoot, Mareep, and him took another little nap.

September 15th, 2008, 8:47 PM
Name: Joseph (Or Joe for Short)
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Description: Joseph is very short 4'8" to be exact. He knows Few People Shorter than him. Joseph has medium brown,Medium Length Hair. He has lightly tanned skin and very blue eyes. His hair is usually messy as he doesnt brush it. It hangs just over one eye. Joe is very scrawny His face is the palest part of him. For Different Moods or Ocassions Joe will wear different Clothes.
He often wears black Jackets,Pants and undershirts, and shoes.

On a formal occasion, He will Wear his Sweater and a pair of Jeans as he does not really have a suit to wear to these. If he is feeling a bit more free than most days he will wear something lose like a T-Shirt and Shorts.

He often wears black Jackets,Pants and undershirts, and shoes.

If it is cold weather he will wear his Sweater,Sweat Pants or Jogging Pants, and a knit cap.

(Good enough? I will add more if you say no...)

Personality: Joseph is a generally happy person around his friends, always looking for a chat or someone who needs cheering up. He has very few friends but the ones that he does have he would take a bullet for any day. He always Tries to be the best he can be. He doesn't like his friends being Depressed or Angry, although he does understand that people have their good days and their bad days. Every once in awhile he will get annoyed when people use incorrect grammar such as "He hunged up on me instead of he hung up on me." Joe doesn't really care much for hand writing or spelling. He is very curious and can often be found reading,exploring or trying new things or new food. He doesnt really like big formal events. He would rather have a few close friends than be the most popular kid.

History: Joe's Family isn't really the richest family so he grew up appriciating the small things that he did come to get or pass by. He was always determined to do his best and what he was told. This got him very far in life. He hadn't much rules to follow before his journey he did though regardless of him wanting to or not.

His dad and mom also came from poor families thus allowing him to know what he does today. Joe has lots of freedom but tends not to use it as much as most people would. He knows that he should be responsible for his life and not leave it the hands of others.

He has Two Older Brothers, one is a battler and other is a Reasearcher. Both of them want Joe to follow in their footsteps. They will often they learn more from their experiences witch is indeed True in both cases.. One of his brothers went off to the Poke league while the other went traveling to research, They often do write to try and convice Joe to follow in their footsteps.

Most of the members of Joe's family have forgotten about his dad who was a coordinator. Joe has not he never will. He thinks that he wants to be a coordinator, not only because his dad was one but because it appealed to him combining moves and showing a dazzling performance. If he doesnt make it as coordinator he will retreat to his second option of a Pokemon Breeder.

RP Sample: (This will also be my first post) Bzzzt! BZzZT! BANG!These were the first sound Joe heard as he left his nice dream back into reality. The Buzzing sound from his alarm clock still echoed in his head, he ignored it knowing he hit the 'DISABLE' button. He sat up in his bed, still half asleep he reached up to his face to begin rubbing his eyes. He hadn't slept well that night knowing he was going to get a pokemon. He didn't care that he didn't sleep well. He was very excited and Ready for anything.

Joe got up out of bed and walked into his bathroom taking off his clothes from the previous day. He always slept in his clothes from the day before. He got into the shower turning the 'HOT' Knob and then the "COLD" Knob. The shower went from Hot to Cold. It took a minute of Adjustment like always but Joe got his shower to the right temperature. He did the same process he washed his body, shampooed his hair, rinsed,put conditioner in his hair. Then rinse that out. Joe turned the knobs off, reaching for his towel he dried his hair and body for the most part then wrapped up in the Towel. He Brushed his teeth and then Trudged down the stairs for Breakfast.

He opened his fridge door rumaging through it. He could not find it. He looked high and low, left and right. He could not find what he was looking for. He closed the fridge and opened the freezer He needed bacon. He took a Minute but he had found it, setting it on the table he walked over to his Pantry to get some bread. The Pantry was dark and with no light so Joe stumbled around abit tripping over up turned carpet or mising a step on his way down. When he got to the bottom he flipped the switch. Why their switch was at the bottom of the stairs puzzled Joe to this day. He locate the bread and took it upstairs he set it on the table nticing his mom had gotten back from the store. She Had it.! She had eggs. "Hey mom.." he said walking over to his mother "can i have an egg.
"Sure you can she replied handing him one. He began to fry the egg and a couple of pieces of bacon. He toasted his bread,slopped it together and ate it.

Joe scooted out the table. He picked up the pans and tossed them into the sink before taking off to go get his pokemon he ran through twin leaf town, not really minding those around him. Joe turned the corner still at top speed, crashing into a boy younger than him. Falling to the ground he reached his hands out barley catching himself. Joe stood up and offered his hand to the boy. The Boy has a strong firm grip and hoisted his body up. Joe aplogized then set off again.

Joe arrived at the Pokemon Lab, wow he was excited he was finally going to get his first pokemon. What pokemon should I get thought Joe. He turned and looked back,thinking of everything up to this point. The things that allowwed him to be hear. He turned back to the doors nodded with determination. I will do my best he thought standing in antcipation at the door of the labs. He also felt nervous on this great day.

September 15th, 2008, 10:02 PM
Name: Rolyn Ceria
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Description: Soft, Shiny, Black hair that falls just below her shoulders with a slight curl in it, the top half pulled back and tied up into a small plat while the rest just flows freely in the wind. Light olive coloured skin and a doll-likeish figure but not too skinny. Most days she wears a blue top shoulders cut off with a small hood, 3/4 jeans that reach just above knees and black sneakers. One thing she always has on her is a small silver chain that has a music symbol pendant hanging off it.

Personality: Rolyn is quite a fun-loving, outgoing person, she is sometimes very hyper, and loves talking. Having two brothers a father and no mother or sisters has made her somewhat tomboy and but she still loves to spend money and have a good time. She isn't really into dressing up and make up and tries to avoid it but doesn't have anything against people who love it. Rolyn isn't one who likes to be alone and much prefers having people around her, or at least someone to keep her company. She's very friendly and kind but at times has no manners at all.

History: When Rolyn was at a very young age of 3 her mother died of lung cancer, since she was so young it doesn't really bother her, but she would like to know what it's like to have a mother. She was the youngest in the family and her oldest brother was out travelling most of the time now. Growing up for most of her life in Veilstone City, with a Father and 2 brothers she wasn't very spoiled or anything. Her family was somewhat poor but it didn't bother them the slightest.
When Rolyn turned 10 she was just about to set out on her Pokemon Journey when one of her brothers got digonosed with lung cancer, just like their mother. She decided to set her journey to a later date and helped take care of her brother. After 4 years of looking after him to the best of her ability he sadly got weaker and weaker. Not wanting her to see him in his state begged her to go start her journey. With much debate Rolyn gave in finally decided to begin her adventure.

RP Sample: From another RP xD
Rolyn walked along the battlefeild in the forest taking in the sight before her. Blood and guts along with dead bodies of pokemon and human alike lay on the ground in a mess, wether they were good or bad, they died fighting for their side.

"Rolyn...Are you alright?" A voice in her head rang.
Turning her head to her right Rolyn looked down at her best friend/partner Sapphire, a ninetales, not wanting to talk Telepathically back, she sighed.
"I'm fine Sapph..." She reliped softly.
She was sure that if anyone saw her at the moment, they'd make her out to be crazy for talking to herself.

In her hand was a scrunched up letter she got yesterday, it told her to go to this meeting with the Elder's, she didn't go for she was too busy having a yelling fit with her father...god she hated him.

Sapphire rolled her eyes ay Rolyn's behaviour and ran a bit ahead trying to sniff out someone alive near by they could go talk to, or help if injured.
"Rolyn, You should be immune to your fights with her Father. Besides, we have more important things to be worrying about here, i mean, hello! look around you!"
Rolyn looked over at Sapph and decided she was right, but with a different idea Rolyn took the staff off her back and started poking the dead bodies to see if they had any items she could steal on them.

"Nine!! Ninetales!" Sapphire called to get Rolyn's attetion.
Rolyn sighed and put her staff away and walked over to Sapph.
"What's wrong" Finally talking back telepathically.
"I've got a scent, thats not just dead and bloodly, but alive!" Sapphire wagged her tails happily and ran off with grace in her steps.

10 minutes later...

Rolyn and Sapphire hid behind a tree, well up in the trees, spying on a girl who looked older than her and a younger boy who looked like he was just hanging onto life.
"Are you alright? Do you need Cloud to rush your ralts back to the village for help?" The girl said, most likely making Cloud the Altaria behind her. But Ralts...what Ralts...Rolyn cocked her head to the side and scanned the area spotting a dead looking Ralts...
"Please..." Replied the boy.

"Oh...That Ralts" Rolyn grinned idioticly
Sapph just wacked her over the head with her one of the tails.
"Be nice!" With that she jumped out of the tree leaving Rolyn and went over to them.
Rolyn frowned at Sapphire and rubbed the back of her head.
"Hey! That hurt!" She yelled and and jumped off the tree aswell walking over.

"Do you guys need any help here?" Rolyn asked trying her best to be helpful under the gaze Sapphire was giving her.

Zeta Sukuna
September 16th, 2008, 12:19 PM
@XxShingingJewelxX: You are accepted, but just barely.
@Lostt: You are Rejected. You need to work on your history, and description.
@Pikalover10: Which pokemon do you want? You're accepted though.

September 16th, 2008, 12:38 PM
Wewt Rejection...!!!!! Hm.. Ok.. I will Try..

September 16th, 2008, 6:36 PM
Sorry Rubii Naruto I would like Aipom if I could if not then I'll take Turtwig.:P

Zeta Sukuna
September 16th, 2008, 6:45 PM
Sorry Lostt, but as long as X-Files hasn't posted his sign up, you are rejected... But if he doesn't post his sign up in five days (four now), or his sign up is rejected, than you'll be accepted. Oh, and fuse the last two paragraphs with the second description paragraph, it looks a little sloppy.

September 17th, 2008, 8:44 PM
Gahhh I'm extremely sorry about this, but i think i'm going to drop out.. I hate doing this in RP's but i'm getting really busy lately, I have tests for all of my subjects at school coming up because school only has a week left before holidays and then for the first week of the holidays my family have friends from Australia coming over so i wont be very active what so ever -sigh- i feel really bad..

Zeta Sukuna
September 21st, 2008, 7:12 PM
This RP will begin tomorrow, after I come back from school. So don't lose hope yet, Aipom is still open so anyone can still sign up.

September 21st, 2008, 7:33 PM
Can I reserve a spot for Aipom?
I'll start on the SU form tommorow after school if so.

Zeta Sukuna
September 22nd, 2008, 6:02 AM
@Pink Lopunny: Aipom is reserved, I can't add it to the first post though, since I'm on my PSP.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins!

An old man is sitting in his laboratory, reading over a few letters. Not just any letters, but letters coming from kids wanting to become Trainers.

"Hmm... I see potential in a few of these." Said the man as he walked to the table in which he had all of the stuff mixed up. After a few minutes he had all of the stuff ready for when the trainers arrive. After waiting for about an hour, four of the five trainers arrived. "Hmm... I guess the last person is running late." Said Rowan to himself before taking a place in front of the trainers.

"Welcome, young trainer hopefuls. Today is going to be a very important day for you all, as you will be going out into the world as pokemon trainers. The path is full of challenges, and is often fatal. For those of you who want to step down, then leave out the door. Don't worry, we won't think any less of you if you leave." Said Rowan as he pointed to the door. After five minutes, no one had left. "Well then, like I said before. You may be risking your lives, but you appearantly seem fine with that."

Rowan picked up the seven bags on the table. All labled so he wouldn't forget who they belonged to. Rowan walked up to the first person. "You must be Max, am I right?" Asked Rowan to the black-haired boy. Max nodded before taking the pokeball, and pack. Rowan then went to another guy with brownish hair.

"You must be Joseph, here's your equipment." Said Rowan. Joseph took the items that Rowan had labeled his. Rowan then walked over another boy.

"You must be Bobby, well here's your gear." Said Rowan giving the gear to Bobby who then took it. Now Rowan went to the only girl.

"You are... Vanessa? Here's your pokemon." Said Rowan giving Vanessa the equipment.

Rowan waited for any questions from anyone.

(ooc: Get to Rowans lab, but no battling, catching pokemon, or finding items.)

September 22nd, 2008, 6:34 AM
"BRING!!BRING!!" Max's alarm clock screamed at him.

Max woke up falling off of his bed landing on his face.

"Ouch." Max said rubbing his face.

He looked at the time. He had about an hour to get ready and go. Max slipped on his clothes and then ran into the kitchen. He ate eggs, bacon, toast, and some orange juice. When he was finished Kevin came downstairs with his Empoleon.

"So Max. Which pokemon are you going to get as a starter?" His brother asked petting Empoleon.

Max didn't answer him, but instead Max just shrugged. Although, he did know which one he wanted, and that was Turtwig. Max grabbed the letter from Proffessor Rowan and left without another word. While he was on his way to the route that exited Twinleaf he saw his best friend, Brandon, who had already gotten his starter but hadn't left yet. His starter was Chimchar.

"Hey Brandon!" Max yelled.

"Oh. hey Max." Brandon said.

"So what are you doing?" Max asked.

"I'm going to start my journey today." Brandon replied.

"Hmf. Me too." Max said.

"Well then. I guess that makes us rivals." Brandon said.

"Yeah." Max said.

They walked a little ways together until they reached the middle of the route.

"Oh hey Max I gotta go to Lake Verity for a while. So I guess I'll catch ya later." Brandon said running in the direction of Lake Verity.

Max nodded his head and then got back on track. Max got bored and his feet started aching bad. He jumped onto a tree branch and worked his way to the top. He looked out and noticed a lake but it wasn't Lake Verity. He also noticed that Sandgem Town was a few minutes away. Max ignored the temptation of swiming because he was probably almost running late or whatever.

Max climbed down and then continued walking. He grabbed his necklace remembering how he got it.

It was his brother's 10 birthday. He hated Kyogre because he read a book on how it hurt water pokemon badly when it fought Groudon. He got the necklace and said he licked it when he didn't. When it was Max's 7 birthday Kevin gave it to him secretly so his parents wouldn't get sad or mad. Max loved it and wore it ever since then except at karate practices and tournaments.

Max sighed because things in his household were never like that. He noticed that he had reached Sandgem Town and looked on the back of the letter to find the instructions to the laboratory. Max followed them getting lost a few times but eventually finding it. He turned the knob to find it unlocked and walked inside.

A Staravia flew into his face causing Max to fall.

"Wahhhhhh." Max yelled.

The Staravia flew back inside thinking that the world was dangerous. Max got up with the help of someone else. He looked up and noticed it was Proffessor Rowan. Max also noticed 2 other trainers there. He took his position in the line.

"You must be Max, am I right?" Proffessor Rowan asked.

Max nodded. Then Rowan gave him a pack and a pokeball with a Turtwig in it. Max smiled as Rowan went on to the other 5 trainers and gave them their pokemon. Max put the pack on and wasn't listening to what Rowan was saying. Then Max asked "Wasn't there supposed to be 4 of us?"

"Yes but the last one is running late." rowan said.

Nobody else asked anymore questions and Max left to sit down under a tree with the pokeball that had Turtwig in it.

Zeta Sukuna
September 22nd, 2008, 12:09 PM
@Pikalover10: Not bad, you obtained a Turtwig, but I have only one problem... there is only four people, not seven.

September 22nd, 2008, 7:34 PM
((OOC: Oh oops...sorry...I'll edit that...hahaha*rubbing the back of head*))

Zeta Sukuna
September 23rd, 2008, 6:44 AM
@Lostt: Catch up when you can.

Chapter 2: Route 202
Number of posts: 2

This is the first route, which means that you can catch, and battle pokemon.

Route 202 is a small, but active route when it comes to Pokemon Training. Younger trainers practice here to improve their skills.

Oh, if you do a capture post, the better the post, then the better chance you have to catching the pokemon. But it'll be harder to catch a rare pokemon then a common one.

If you do a battle post, then the better the post, the stronger your pokemon could possibly become.

If you find an item, don't make it shorter then a normal post you could do, you'll be able to combine it with a battle post, but not a capture post.

If you battle with a trainer, then you can make him follow you like a rival, but that's kind of obvious.

Here's the pokemon...


Level: 2-5
Type: Normal
Ability: Simple or Unaware
Attacks: Tackle, Growl(Lv. 5+)
Nature: Random
Rate: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/68/403.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:403.png)
Level: 3-4
Type: Electric
Ability: Rivalry or Intimidate
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rate: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f9/396.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:396.png)
Level: 2-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack(Lv. 5+)
Nature: Random
Rate: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/6d/401_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:401_m.png)
Level: 3-4
Type: Bug
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Growl, Bide
Nature: Random
Rate: Uncommon

As soon as all who are able to finish are finished, then I will post up Jubilife City, and the first new event.

September 23rd, 2008, 7:35 PM
Max stood up and stretched. He realized he had yet to meet his new pokemon.

"Turtwig go!" Max said throwing the pokeball in the air.

"Twig!" It said.

"Hello Turtwig!" Max said bending down to pet the pokemon.

Turtwig stood there and then jumped at Max's head and bit it.

"Waah!" Max yelled falling back.

Max sat up and ripped the pokemon off of his head. Then he heard a chuckling behind him. He quickly turned around and noticed his brother, Kevin, standing there with his very own Turtwig that a friend of his gave him. TheTurtwig that Kevin was holding itself was laughing at them. Max gave Kevin a scowl as foul as maggoty stew.

He turned around acting as if he wasn't paying attention to Kevin. Kevin was still grinning as if this ammused him.

"You know you can find out information about your pokemon through your pokedex right?" Kevin asked putting his Turtwig down.

"Yeah. But I don't think Rowan gave me a pokedex unless it's in the sack he gave me." Max said grabbing his sack and rumaging through it.

Inside it he found a red mechanical item. It was his pokedex. He turned it on and looked Turtwig up.

Turtwig, the grass turtle pokemon. Turtwig bites someones head when it's very fond of that person. They like to live near water, the shell on its back grows even harder when it absorbs water. If Turtwig becomes thirsty the leaf on its head will begin to wilt.

Max then closed the pokedex and put it into his pocket. Turtwig looked as if it was arguing with the other Turtwig. Max picked Turtwig up and then left because Max knew that his brother was getting ready to criticise him. Max knew that him and his brother would become rivals, and he might become rivals with Brandon. Max sighed with Turtwig in his arms smiling.

"Twig!" Turtwig said excitedly wanting to get down from Max's arms.

Max struggled trying to hold Turtwig in his arms but eventually ended up letting Turtwig out of his arms. Turtwig hopped down and ran around Max's feet. Max smiled when he noticed a dog like pokemon on the route. It was half blue, hlaf black, it had yellow star looking things on its ears, and it looked like it had yellow rings around its legs.

Max swipped his pokedex out which said

Shinx, the flash pokemon. Shinx lights up blinding its oponent when frightened and scampers away while you are temporarily blinded.

Max stood there wondering how to catch it when Turtwig noticed it and ran straight towards it.

"Turtwig no!" Max yelled trying to grab the pokemon, but Turtwig was to fast and ran towards the pokemon.

The Shinx lighted up temporarily blinding them. When the light was gone so was Shinx. Max sighed looking disappointed. He sighed and begane trying to find it. He searched for hours trying to find it. he climbed up what he thought as the tallest tree on the route and found the Shinx lapping up water at a somewhat nearby lake. Max climbed down but slipped off of a branch and fell landing on his back. He slowly got up and motioned to Turtwig to follow him.

Turtwig ran to Max and they ran towards the lake. When they came to the lake the Shinx was gone. Max grumbled to himself being fed up with this pokemon.

"It was here and now its there. Then its here and now its there...Where is that Shinx?" Max asked pacing back and forth.

Turtwig noticed some paw prints and showed them to max. Max walked over and saw them. He followed them and then soon came up to the Shinx. He held Turtwig down knowing that Turtwig might charge at it again. It was looking at something in the air away from them. Max picked Turtwig up and silently slipped out of the bushs. When he was coming out, though, he accidently stepped on a twig and the Shinx quickly turned around. It dropped lower to the ground and then lunged at them.

"Uh oh!" Max said putting Turtwig down.

The Shinx ran for Turtwig but Turtwig quickly moved out of the way.

"Ummm. Oh right! Turtwig use Tackle on the Shinx!" Max said.

"Twig!" Turtwig said charging at the Shinx.

The Shinx turned around and started using Tackle itself. The two pokemon colided and fell to the ground. They both got quickly back up. The Shinx started charging them again and Turtwig stood there.

"Now Turtwig dodge!" max said right before the Shinx hit Turtwig.

Turtwig barely dodged and Shinx colided head on with a tree.

"Turtwig now use Tackle!" Max said while the Shinx was still confused after hitting the tree.

Turtwig charged Shinx.

"Shiiiiiii!" Shinx said looking frightened.

Turtwig rammed Shinx and pushed it into the tree. The Shinx wobbled trying to get up. It tried to start lighting it's fur up but it couldn't. Then an Oran Berry dropped out of the tree right in front of Shinx. The Shinx saw it and then grabbed it and ate it. Then it got up.

"Oh come on!" Max said disapoointed.

Then the Shinx rammed Turtwig.

"Twiiiiiiiiiiig!" Turtwig yelled hitting a tree himself.

Turtwig barely got up, and the Shinx was looking any better.

"Turtwig. Turtwig use Tackle full power." Max called to Turtwig.

Turtwig dashed at the Shinx, and the Shinx did the same towards Turtwig.

"Turtwig pull off and jump off of the tree." Max said.

Turtwig dodged to the side and then ricochet off of the tree and then hit Shinx with more power.

"Ok. Now pokeball...Go!" Max said throwing a pokeball with his right hand and his left hand gripping his necklace.

The Shinx disappeared inside the pokeball with a bolt of red light. Then the pokeball wriggled back and forth until...

Zeta Sukuna
September 23rd, 2008, 7:46 PM
@Pikalover10: Yes, you have pokedex's. Can't wait to see the rest.