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September 22nd, 2008, 8:48 AM
Saviours of the Digi-World!

Many years ago, the Digi-World was home to some of the greatest Digimon tamers ever to roam the Digi-World.The Digimon and tamers lived together in harmony until a few months ago.A few months ago, one Digimon who went by the name of Piedmon decided he would turn the Digi-World upside down by making all Digimon kill their tamers and become strays.His plan failed but now there is a new Digimon with the same goal.This Digimon goes by the name of Kimeramon.Kimeramon must be stopped at all costs so the Digi-World asks you to enter the Digi-World, get a Digimon and help them in the fight against Kimeramon.As a note of warning, the journey will most certainly be tough and some may not make it but it is best for the Digi-World for you to try as hard as possible to defeat Kimeramon.


Follow all of PokeCommunity's existing rules.
No Mary Sues
Please be active
No overpowered Digimon and only digivolve when it is approprate eg: You can't have a level 10 WarGreymon but a level 56 WarGreymon is acceptable.Also it takes a while for your Digimon to go up levels so please don't make them level up after every battle.
Keep it PG-13
Most of all HAVE FUN!!!

Sign-Up Sheet:

Nick: (If any)

Appearance: (Pictures allowed)
Digivice Colour:
How did they get to the Digi-World:
Starter Digimon: (In-Training only)
Digimon Nick: (If any)
Other: (Anything special about your Digimon or character etc.)

There is no limit to how many people can choose a certain starter Digimon.

I would prefer everyone to have a unique Digimon like Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02 etc.

I will post my sign-up later.

September 24th, 2008, 1:29 AM
Name: Chad

Nick: None

Age: 14

Personality: Chad has a very unpredictable personality.One minute he can be a very kind-hearted person and then he can be the worst behaved person in the world.He can make friends very easily and is not a shy kind of person.

Appearance: (Picture Coming Soon)

History: (Will reveal throughout the rp)

Digivice Colour: Red

How did they get to the Digi-World: (Will reveal throughout the RP)

Starter Digimon: Koromon

Digimon Nick: None

Other: None

September 25th, 2008, 7:05 PM
Name: Zephaniah
Nick: Zeph
Age: 10
Personality: Both are quiet but Babydmon is more outgoing then Zeph. Both are fun to be around. Infact, they are almost the same in every way. And once babydmon digivoulves, they both have anger management problems.
Appearance: (Babydmon down below) Zeph is kinda tall for his age, and wares a blue bandana with a white lotice patern. He has a blue vest and black pants. His shirt is crimson.
History: They both had a pritty normal life, well until that thing with Piedmon and now this thing with Kimeramon. Also they werent able to help, because they were too weak.
Digivice Colour: Black-Blue mix
How did they get to the Digi-World: Welll one day Zeph and Babydmon were just relaxing out in the front yard when a shadow apperaed over them. Babydmon was asleep so Zeph looked up just when a blue portale fell around them. They wake up to find that they are in the Digi-World.
Starter Digimon: Babydmon
Digimon Nick: D.
Other: Being a recently discovered Digimon, Babydmon's data analysis shows that he carries the special program code of ancient Digimon. He is a lost ancient Digimon.


September 25th, 2008, 10:21 PM
I'll request a reservation if that's cool? I'll have the sign up by the end of the day after I finish Uni ^_^

September 26th, 2008, 1:33 AM
Ok, you can reserve Lucien and looka accepted.

September 27th, 2008, 12:16 AM
Name: Lachlan
Nick: Locky

Age: 15
Personality: Calm and cool even in a battle, Locky will never mess up because he always thinks things through. He also thinks of himself been higher ranked than others just because he does... Locky loves computer games and also enjoys a challenge that he can do and gets fustratrated really easily but mostly he is calm.
Appearance: White T-Shirt with a Blue Hoodie and Demin Jeans. Blue eyes and Brown hair. He is Short and thin and he wants to be tall.
History: Locky's parents are devorced and Locky has been spending alot of time playing Video games locked in his room when the lightning thing happened. He also has 3 younger siblings which are a royal pain. Other than these he is just a normal kid who attends school.
Digivice Colour: Blue
How did they get to the Digi-World: Playing digimon online when the house got stuck by lightning causing a power Surge.
Starter Digimon: Tsunomon
Digimon Nick: N/A
Other: Tsunomon has a wierd sword shaped mark on his horn. Locky is also left handed!

*What else can I really say?*

September 27th, 2008, 3:16 AM
Name: Kaida Haiku
Nick: Kai
Age: 13

Personality: Kai is a little up in the air and hyper and doesn’t know when to quite to save her life. If there’s danger she will rush right in and try to take charge and if there’s no danger…well she’ll pretend that there is. There is honestly no way of calming this young teenager down other than probably splashing her with cold water or knocking her out. On the positive side her heart is in the right place and she would do anything for a friend or loved one, the only downside of this being that she is way too trustworthy and friendly to even consider someone being a threat if they seem nice enough to begin with. This of course becomes problematic when faced with a Digimon or human that hides it’s true persona and Kai ends up becoming instantly attached to it, some villains will try to use this to they’re advantage to lure her in and some may even try to convince this strong minded individual to use her powers for evil, but on the rare occasion, Kai’s simple minded and heart warming persona wins over and evil digimon are unable to turn against this innocent teen.

In a group there is no doubt that Kai likes being the leader of the group, but doesn’t a pull a temper tantrum if people decide to do things they’re own way, she simply shrugs, laughs and walks away in good humour. The only thing that riles Kai up is when people betray her and turn they’re backs on her. When this disaster happens, Kiada is either thrown into a terrible range that she can’t control or bursts into a fit of tears, at this time it is up to her partner Digimon to calm her down and get her working again, or else the results could be disastrous.

Her relationship with Koda is a loving and trusting one. Kai finds all she needs in her partner Digimon and trusts him to never go against her and break her heart and in return she promises the same thing.

Appearance: Kai has red-dish brown hair and bulging emerald green eyes. A pair of orange strapped goggles keep the unruly short, layered bangs from falling into her delicate eyes and a long, black thread of material is rapped snugly around her neck so that it is free to blow in the wind at the back of her neck. She has sun kissed skin thus always looking as if she has just come back from holiday and has a lithe yet healthy frame. Her preferred clothing consists of a pair of three-quarter length blue jeans, which are a little too baggy for her and so she is forced to wear a pair of brown belts around her waste to stop them from falling down. These jeans are decorated with multiple pockets and a few chains and end in a pair of black trainers with orange laces (which she never does up). Her preferred top consists of a tight fitting black t-shirt which is then covered by a short orange crop top, giving her a slightly punk-ish look which is why she is normally mistaken for a troublemaker.

Accessories include a small brown pouch at the back of her belt to hold key items and small knick knacks. A set of brown, black and orange bracelets on both wrists and lowers arms. A loan anklet that was given to her by her older brother before he went away to the army and a small silver cross pendant that she wears wrapped around her wrist, given to her by her parents for her thirteenth birthday.

History: Kai had a simply life of childish adventures with friends and the annoyances of school, but she had one problem that none of the other kids had: Her parents were wild life presenters and she was forced to move around the world and leave her new found friends behind. In one way this is how Kaida became such a good friend to those that were willing to give this strange child a chance. Every time she moved, she would promise to write to her friends every now and again and keep in touch with them, in hopes that she would return one day. In the end Kai was left with a bunch full of pen pals and spent a good deal of her travelling time writing letters so that she could post them at the next town. Surprisingly she did return to some friends and was happily never forgotten because of her attempts at keeping in touch.

She is well trained when it comes to languages. Being of such a young age and going to so many different school, she picked up a knack for learning new languages in order to make new friends. On top of writing, she also spent a great amount of time learning new languages when travelling every time she encountered a new one to learn. Granted she didn’t become fluid in every language she learnt, but she was rather good at communicating with others none the less. Until this day she continues to travel with her parents and was saddened only last year when her brother decided to leave and join the army of Britain.

Digivice Colour: Orange and black.
How did they get to the Digi-World: Whilst in contact with a friend from Japan, Kai came to know of a website that allowed you to raise a creature and battle others on line. Little did she know that she would be one of the chosen to receive and interesting e-mail and upon opening it, was sucked into another realm.
Starter Digimon: Poromon
Digimon Nick: Koda
Other: Kaida has a large scar crossing her back from when she was playing up a tree and fell from it, successfully cutting her back on a sharp branch as she fell.

September 27th, 2008, 5:50 AM
Lucien Lahance: ACCEPTED

Lockmaster: PENDING - Add more to your personality, history and appearance

One more person to to get accepted then we start so if Lockmaster get's accepted then we start.

(Ok, lets just start)

Chad yawned as he walked into the computer room.He saw no-one was around as the computer room was meant to be closed and he didn't want to be caught.He turned on one of the computers and sat down.As the computer finished loading up he saw a weird icon and it's name was in binary.He double clicked it and a program opened."Welcome to the Digi-Gateway" The title said.He clicked the button called 'enter' and suddenly there was a flash of light.

Chad felt himself hit the ground."Ow" He said as he stood up.He looked around and realised he wasn't at school anymore.As he walked around he heard something."CHAD! DOWN HERE!" said a voice.Chad looked down and saw a little pink ball with two long ribbons attached to it's head."I'm Koromon and welcome to the Digi-World" Said the little pink thing."The Digi-World? Koromon? Is this a prank?" He asked curiously."Why am I here?" he continued."The Digi-World is a world that exists on computers and I am a Digimon who are the creatures here.Here is a Digi-Vice" Koromon said as he handed Chad the red Digi-Vice."The Digi-World needs saving from Kimeramon and you must save it, I will be your partner and I am sure there are other Digi-Tamers that will help us on our journey, they must be late" Koromon said as he jumped on Chad's shoulder."Ok, lets wait for them" Chad said as he put the Digi-Vice in his pocket.

September 27th, 2008, 8:06 PM
The day was just perfect. Partly cloudy with a nice bresse. So Zeph decided to go out -side and read a book. It took him about 10 minuntes to choose one. When he finaly got outside, D was already asleep, he pulled up his favorit green lounge chiar. After about 1 hour he noticed a large shadow shaped like a square around him. As he looked up it just fell on them both. WHAM!!! As Zeph woke he saw D floteing next to him looking off in another direction. "Whats going on D," he said. "I feel like I got hit on the head."

D answered, "I'm not sure, but I do know where we are. We're back in the Digi-World."

"Wait, what do you mean back in the Digi-World. I thought Piedmon Was digi-dust. Oh man, I didn't have my Digi-V... Wait, here it is." Zeph calmed down after he found his Digi-Vice. "Well we might as well find whats happening," Zeph said.

"I here someone over there, two someones, and I think one said that he is a Koromon," said D,

"Well lets go introduce our selfs." Zeph got up and called out "Hey, whats up!!!"

September 29th, 2008, 8:28 AM
“32! I told you I could do it!” The young teenager yelled throwing a blue bottle in the bin. “See see see! I win I win I win! You loose you loose you loose!” She finally took a breath and splashed down into one of the computer chairs in the IT room. “Hee hee! 32 cans of Red Bull! I told you I could do it!”
“Wow, Kai! I’m surprised you haven’t passed out yet” A boy with red hair laughed, patting her on the back.
“Well she’s more hyper than ever at least” Another said, this boy with black hair.
“I knew you could do it Kai.” A Blonde haired girl giggled, laying her hands on another boys shoulders so that she could see over the gathered crowd.
There was a Corus of ‘me too’s’ and ‘year’s’ before the crowed began to dispatch. Classes were starting again soon and teens new how riled up the teachers got when they were all crowded into one room or late.
Kai span around in her chair multiple times before flicking the computer monitor on as well as the tower. Her classmates were starting to arrive now and she grinned sheepishly at all of them. Allot of them returned the gesture whereas a handful of them simply turned they’re noses up at her. These were the people Kai simply had no time for and didn’t care about. They were just weird.

On the other hand Kai did have her closest friends Yumi and Toko. Yumi was the same age as her with straight black hair and watching black eyes. To most she looked a little scary and emotionless, but unlike many Toko and Kai had taken the time to get to know her and she was as friendly as they come, a little quiet on times but that was only when she thinking. Toko was a few months older than Yumi and herself with dark red hair and amber eyes. He was a member of the football and rugby team and never passed up the opportunity to try new things, though he could have had any friends he wanted he chose to hang around with Kai and Yumi.

“Did mister Takada tell you what were doing today?” Yumi asked, playing a strand of hair through her small fingers.
Kai shook her head swiftly, still a little up in the air after drinking multiple can’s of energy drink. “Nope! Not that I can remember. I hope were carrying on with making those posters though! My brother taught me a few things about advertising on the internet and I think I can imitate it. Mr Takada would be sooooo proud of me if I could master that!”
“I thought your brother was away, Kai?” Toko stated with an eyebrow raised in confusion.
The red haired female nodded. “He is but we keep in contract over the net. He sent me a script.” She answered taking a gulp from some water to calm herself down. “It was a little hard but I think I got there in the end.”
Taking her attention off of her friends for a second Kai stared at the blank screen with a frown on her face. “Weird…the computers not working.”
Toko lent over to examine her screen and then attempted to turn his one on. “It’s probably just some down time. Mr Takada will fix it when he get here.
As if on queue, said teacher popped in through the door and ordered everyone to sit down. “Okay okay, settle down. Turn your computers on and get on with your posters. I’ll be coming around to help you when I get my projector up.”

The blonde haired girl sitting next to Toko immediately put her hand up. “Mr Takada, Sir! The computers aren’t working! I think its some down time! Can you fix it?!”
Kai rolled her eyes at the blonde haired teen. She had had a crush on the teacher ever since they started at the school.
“Hmm. I can’t see why they would be down.” He stated taking a look at his own PC. “Kai?” He rose his gaze to the fiery haired teen. “Could you pop over to Mr Robinson and ask him what’s wrong with the computers please?”
Another roll of the eyes from Kai, yet none the less she rose to her feet and made towards the door. “Yes sir.”
She closed the wooden door behind her and made her way down the hall way to the IT room. She gave one knock on the door. Then another and finally another but there was still no answer. Curious she stepped inside. “Only on very rare occasions was Mr Robinson out of the IT room, so she assumed that he had had his head phones in. “Mr Robinson, sir?” She questioned, closing the door behind her. “Hello?”

Stepping around a screen she noticed that Mr Robinson’s computer screen was glowing white. With one eyebrow raised and her curiosity getting the better of her she stepped closer and examined the computer closely. Funnily enough the only thing showing up on the screen was a message “1 new E-mail.” She stated allowed, taking the mouse in her hand and scrolling across the message. She double clicked and almost instantly her stomach was in her mouth. She was being hurdled through a multitude of 0’s and 1’s, swirling down an endless tunnel of Data. She could feel herself screaming, but could not hear it. It was such a weird feeling and the most sudden thing was that it was gone as soon as it had come. She felt the rough texture of a hard ground under her backside and she let out a sudden yelp.
“Ouch!” Her emerald eyes gazed around in alarm. “Where am I?” She questioned to no one in particular, but got an answer anyway.
“Your in the Digiworld!” A high pitched squeal sent Kai hurdling backwards away from a small pink creature in front of her. “What are you?!” She questioned, panic evident in her eyes.
“I’m a Digimon Silly! Poromon! And your Kai and were partners!!!”


September 30th, 2008, 9:32 AM
Is it too late to join? I'd like to... =X

September 30th, 2008, 9:56 AM
It's never too late :) (Until we have enough Digi-Destined that is)

Chad looked around and saw a boy with another small Digimon."Hi, you got one too?" He asked carefully as he stood up and picked up Koromon."My name is Chad and my Digmon's name is Koromon" said Chad.He looked around and saw someone fall out of a portal.He stood there and watched the girl's reaction to the Digmon.

September 30th, 2008, 3:34 PM
"Hi, you got one too," said the kid. Zeph was about to answer when he heard a loud thump. He looked over to find a girl freak out at the sight of a Poromon.

"Poromon arn't that scary, are they?" Zeph said to himself, but loud enough for everyone to hear. He walked over ( D floted over) to the girl and what he assumed was her Digimon. He greated both in turn and then introduced both D and himself.

"So whats your name," he said. He thought about introducing Chad, but dicided against it.

September 30th, 2008, 4:31 PM
Can I finish later? Heres my signup.

Name: Max Hindman

Nick: Maxie

Age: 14

Personality: (Ill finish this later >.<)


He has dark brown hair and unimaginably light blue eyes. People he’d randomly meet on the street would stop to tell him how lovely he looks. This normally annoys him, since a lot of people tell him that and he hates it when people point something out about him. Maxie Stands at about 5’3”, which is fairly short. In school people would always tease him about his height, but he didn’t take it seriously, he’d just shrug it off. He usually wears jeans and a short-sleeved tee shirt, which bears an emblem of an eye bursting out of the center of it, and an even bigger one on the back.

History: (Will finish later >.<)

Digivice Colour:

White and black

How did they get to the Digi-World:

One day after he was done with his homework, Maxie found himself playing online games, when something strange happened. His computer screen started getting fuzzy and started changing a multitude of colors. He heard something that sounded like a tiny voice calling for him. Then on his screen a scene of a huge forest appeared. Then even more sounds were coming out of it, and Maxie was puzzled. On an impulse he touched the screen and was sucked in. He woke up in this strange land, it seemed familiar but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

Starter Digimon:


Digimon Nick:



Tanemon only has one leaf instead of two from an accident fighting another digimon of a higher digivolution, and has a tendency to be fierce.

September 30th, 2008, 10:34 PM
I update my thing so am i in???

October 1st, 2008, 11:57 AM
Time to add a nice dark touch to the side of the Digidestined. I just hope my character works in this RPG...
Name: Edwin Tasselbury
Nickname: Lupin
Age: 23

Personality: Lupin appears serious and even a bit intimidating, as his aura portrays. This is aided by the fact that he tends not to show much emotion. Instead he'll mantain a smirk or cold gaze when around people, depending on how familiar they are. But reclusive though he tends to be, he can carry on a conversation just fine, and despite what you might think, he's pretty honest in what he says. But beware--he dodges questions just as frequently as he dodges the police. (He is a thief after all; his strongest skill is with picking locks and pockets.) He speaks in quite an articulate way as well, and he is a good liar when he does choose to lie. On the surface, not many things scare him, but he does really hate bright lights--including sunlight. He's nocturnal as a result.

But there are some idiosyncrasies. You might think someone leading a criminal life as violent and/or trampish. Actually, first of all Lupin is quite fussy about his appearance, and secondly, he does harm to someone only if he has to or if the victim did something evil, and keeps his thieving acts secret and in moderation. Plus he can't be considered rash, and has a good temper. And although he's not real big on it, he will accept help from people.

And we go on to the miscellaneous characteristic section. Though Lupin may seem to not have much respect for people and their property, he does have respect for nature, and seeks harmony with it. I dunno, maybe he sees himself as a predator among society, like a... wolf?... might be in the wild. He does have that spiritual side to him--in fact, because of a slight worry about karma, he occasionally feels compelled to have compassion for or even help people. (For example, he gives some of the money he steals to charity--a modern-day Robin Hood perhaps?) Also, it's nigh impossible to get him to fall in love with someone--I doubt even a siren or a love potion would work very well. You'll have to add some personality and friendship to establish a sense of love...

Appearance: Lupin is about 5'9" tall. His hair is fairly curly and long--as in almost touching his shoulders--and a light brown in colour. (More specifically, various shades of blond.) His eyes are a deeper, darker brown, an interesting contrast to his skin, a very pale shade thanks to lack of sunlight. Gaunt best describes his figure, yet he manages to avoid looking weak or dead. Besides, at least his face and hands don't look that bony. You won't find a whole lot of muscle on him (except maybe on his legs, since he's a very fast runner)--just enough to be able to move around quite well. And with absence of strength there is flexibility anyways. Form really does follow function...

Lupin wears a fairly long black jacket that fits him perfectly, so it doesn't look big on him or anything. There is the occasional golden button on the end of a sleeve or near the collar, and the dark purple embroidery on the neck, and purple satin lining what little you can see of the inside. He wears a shirt underneath the jacket, but it can't be seen at all anyways because he always buttons the jacket all the way up to his neck. Also he wears black trousers, which are also not too tight or baggy. He's not a firm believer in sneakers, and thus instead wears another kind of shoe made from black leather. He also wears a pair of glasses that have rectangular lenses and barely visible frames. Without them, his vision is still pretty good, but not as good as with them. Also, he doesn't carry around any sort of bag or backpack or anything--he just keeps everything his jacket pockets for the most part.

History: Ever since Lupin was twelve years old, there existed a little group called the Black Cat Bandits. They acted sort of like a gang, except they were less violent and more secretive, and focused more on stealing than fighting. This group was actually founded by Lupin and three of his childhood friends, and although Lupin wasn't the actual "leader" of the group, the idea revolved around his own thieving skills he had been developing years earlier, and inspired by the times he wandered about the city at night.

...But wait a minute, let's backtrack a little first, to the relatively poor Tasselbury family. Dad was the grouchy and abusive sort, whereas Mum was a bit more caring, yet still initially wanted a daughter instead of a son. Little Edwin was often either left in his room while his parents argued over him, or subject to Dad's torture, so he frequently left their little flat to wander about the seaside town, especially at night while they slept. Although Mum tried her best to care for him, Edwin ended up running away from them when he was ten. After a bit of traveling and being cared for in an orphanage, he met a girl named Kelsey, who had come from a similar past and thus became a friend for a while...

Okay, okay, so the Black Cat Bandits continued on (and grew up) without suspicion from parents or police, and there came a time when they went their separate ways career-wise... During this split-up (Lupin was about 20 at the time), he was in something similar to a faction of the mafia for a while--that is, until they picked on Kelsey as a victim, upon which he dropped out. The group punished him for this leave by blaming one of their murders on him, causing him to end up with A) a short time in prison (short because he escaped), and B) a criminal record, something he never wanted to have because he wanted to be viewed as an innocent most of the time. (To make things worse, his accusation has shown up in the news a few times, even though it was actually false.)

Shortly after this, the Black Cat Bandits made efforts to spend more time together, just like good old friends. A couple of new friends even joined the group, one of them being a computer geek (well, we have to factor computers in at some point in a Digimon tamer signup...) named Gon. Gon was special because one day while surfing the Internet, he found out about Digimon, and about an incident where one Digimon named Piedmon terrorised the Digi World and the Tamers. Then he heard that the Digi World usually recruited tamers by sending emails to them. Gon, having wanted a Digimon for himself for a long time, tried to hack his way into one of the portals to the Digi World, but never succeeded. Lupin, however, would find his way into the Digi World later on...

Digivice Colour: Dark Purple
How did they get to the Digi World: One night, Lupin broke into someone's house. Okay, that was nothing new... But, while walking past the computer, he noticed a glowing white screen with nothing but a mail icon on it. This was something Gon (see History) had identified as one of the emails sent to the Digidestined! Remembering that Gon had always wanted a Digimon, Lupin planned to forward the email to him. But, as soon as he opened the email, he was sucked right into the computer... and came out in the Digi-World. Oops. Computers do the darnedest things sometimes.

Starter Digimon: Yaamon
Digimon Nickname: Akuma
Other: Akuma's face is white instead of yellow. So he looks kind of like an Impmon without a body.

October 11th, 2008, 12:19 PM
Name: Japanese: Taichi Masaki, English/Dubbed: Tyson Mason
Age: 15
Personality: Taichi is the kind of guy that is quick to make a decision. He has a fear of being undecisive. He's mainly a man of action. He thinks normal generally but put under some sort pressure, he thinks quick. Sometimes the decision is good, sometimes the decision is bad. Taichi tries to balance out the good with the bad, thinking plenty on his virtues and vices, going through his emotions at an average pace while doing so. He keeps a plain face on and is realistic about things. That doesn't mean he doesn't have fun, he just doesn't give out a reaction most of the time.

Appearance: http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z177/thugondarel/Tai2.png
Taichi Masaki is average height and build for a 15 year old kid. He has deep aquatic colbalt eyes that make people reminise
about the ocean when they stare into them. He has medium toned blonde hair that is wavy and spiked at the top. He usually
wears a black hooded denim jacket, a white shirt underneath with some black jeans and sneakers. Taichi's alternate attire
(Real world attire) sums up to an orange zipped long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and black boots.

History: Taichi Masaki was born in Japan and grew up as average kid, friends, smiles, and fun, until he was ten. The reason why Taichi has a fear of being undecisive is because his mother died drowning in a lake when he was 10. Taichi couldn't make the decision to save her or drown himself trying to save her. Afterwards, Taichi was taken into child services. Child services asked if Taichi had any family memebers that he could live with. Taichi said no. Taichi was lying though. His father was still alive, but his father teased him badly and treated him like he was a brat when he was young, like he was a waste of a life. He stayed at an orphanage, but still went to school. A year later, Taichi had heard that his father had disappeared. It made him wonder where he could've been, but he quickly shoved his thoughts to the side.

Digivice Colour: Black and White with a yinyang symbol in the middle of the screen.

How did they get to the Digi-World: A few years later on a snowy day, at age 15 Taichi got a text message saying to go the train station. He got caught in a sudden blizzard and knocked unconcious.

Starter Digimon: Sunmon

Other: He's male.lol.

October 27th, 2008, 6:04 PM
can I reserve a spot for Terriermon

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 1st, 2008, 5:56 PM
Name: Savanna Santira

Nick: Serpant(Prefers) or Slither

Age: 13




Digivice Colour: White and Gold

How did they get to the Digi-World:

Starter Digimon: Tanemon

Digimon Nick: Serpantra

Will Edit.

December 1st, 2008, 6:29 PM
OMG I saw Ninetails... this Rp is going to be kick @$$

I love Digimon Rp's I can use my Own Digimon right? if not I'll change it to another one that i have lying around.

Name: Bianka Nuñez Alvarez
Nick: Peace
Age: 20
Personality: Bubbly, she is the kind of girl that you want to see bouncing around whenever she wins. She was the complete opposite of her twin brother War (Waryn). She is so nice that you fall in love with her instantly.
Appearance: Blank (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Caramon-46111623)
History: Born to a normal family, Peace only knew her brother War for most of her life, they loved each other and never wanted to be apart. Yet one day she lost him in a car accident, this destroyed her, she never wanted to talk to anyone ever again, until she found Caramon, who acted so much like her brother that she never wanted him to leave her.
Digivice Colour: Red And Black
How did they get to the Digi-World: Caramon found her in the RW and brought her, for he had felt her strong desire to leave and sympathized.
Starter Digimon: Caramon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Peace-57983257)
Digimon Nick: N/a
Other: Caramon is one of the 8 Digital gods, though unless he is reunited with the other 8, his powers are diminished to that of any run of the mill digimon.

December 24th, 2008, 3:19 PM
Name: Andrew
Nick: Andy (i will prefer u to call me this and if you dont i get mad)

Age: 13
Personality: always hyperactive, positive, and doesnot hesitate to help friends
Appearance: se my sig. its the on on the left
History: Andy's Grandfather was a great digimon tamer whos partner was azulongmon. but his father disliked digimon due to an event in the past so he never told anyd about digimon. one day, while at his grandpas house, andy discovers a weird machine (a digivice) and ask his grand father what it is. his grandpa tells him that it is called a digivice, and since he doesnt use it anymore, andy could have it. not knowing its true potential, when andy goes home, he shows his digivice to his dad while he is working on his computer. suddenly andy is transported the digital world and he learns about digimon from there.
Digivice Colour: lime green (almost lke glowing)
How did they get to the Digi-World: in history
Starter Digimon: (In-Training only): Missimon
Digimon Nick: none
Other: note (a real fact): in its ultimate form, it can DMA digivolve with Batyoleomon to form chaosmon so if anyone chose frimon (i didnt read the post yet) then we can DNA digivolve

December 25th, 2008, 5:44 PM
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