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Integrated I: Roads Crossing

Is there other intelligent life out there? Humans and creatures alike have looked to the starry sky time and time again with this very thought in their minds. An alternative theory for the existence of fellow intelligent life is that there is such a thing as an alternative dimension, hidden from the eyes of our world. Obviously, just like with the existence of life on other planets, there's no solid proof to support this theory. But what if there really was another dimension, or in fact thousands upon thousands of different dimensions that all met at one particular point in the universe? I'm sure you're raising your eyebrow and wondering about proof. Well, there is none, really. But maybe you'll visit the City of Crossroads one day yourself, and at that moment you'll know this theory is correct.

Yes, Crossroad City, or CRC as denoted by the Legion of Hearts, is what lies at the heart of the universe. It is the train station between dimensions if you will, allowing passage between one and another. But, only members of the Legion of Hearts are permitted the ability to travel freely, and for a very particular reason. So that they can gather participants from different worlds to use in a tournament known as the Dimensional Cup. You see, the players are taken from their home world without having their own opinion hold any weight. In order to get back to their home, they must win the cup or face one of two options: be killed, or become part of the Legion.

Perhaps now is the time to shed some light on the nature of the Legion of Hearts. The Legion is divided into four classes: Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and Hearts. The Diamond class is responsible for medical and healing related issues. They are the Legion group that has the largest numerical presence at the Dimensional Cup, due to the obvious need to help whomever may become injured through their victory or defeats. Clubs act as intelligence, gathering information and locating worthy contenders for the Cup, which gives them access to some of the highest level technology in CRC. Spades are the assassin class. Skilled killers, with members including ninjas and the like. The most powerful Spade member holds the title of 'Queen of Spades'. Hearts are the military power of the Legion, containing the most elite soldiers and fighters provided. Keep in mind that for the most part, Legion members don't want to be where they are, since they are only there as they lost the Dimensional Cup, but they have no choice but to obey the 'Winner'. The Winner governs the entire legion, and nobody quite knows who it is.

Aside from the Legion and the Dimensional Cup, there is quite a bit more to see in the CRC. The place is built like a giant city to provide homes for Legion members. An ocean of blue nothingness surrounds the massive city, and the only entrance or exit is the Bridge of Discovery to the north. This bridge leads to the Terminal of a Million Dimensions, which allows transportation to any dimension thinkable. At the center of the CRC is the Dome which is where the Cup is held. Participants are given residence on a nearby campus.

Upon waking in the CRC, unwilling participants are assigned to a team of three. As each participant comes from a different world with different laws and abilities, there is never a shortage of unique team combinations. The teams then must overcome a variety of challenges for round one, and the conditions begin to change as they go through rounds two and three. The entire game is enjoyed by the Winner and a majority of the Legion, whom have accepted their fate and decided to make the best of it.

Obviously, you're an unwilling participant ripped from your own world and brought to the CRC by a Legion member. From that point on, your future will rest on how you perform in the DC - Dimensional Cup, and perhaps you'll even accomplish a little more than that. Your future is in your own hands.

1) As implied in the plot, you can use almost any type of character from any kind of series, be it an anime, manga, tv show, book, movie, or even your own imagination. There are a couple of guidelines to follow for making your character, however. First of all, the character must be original, meaning you can't use Naruto or whatever. Second of all, no mecha. You can have characters from mecha series that can perform well without the giant robot, or it's also accessible if it's only a small mecha.
2) Only two people can make a character from the same series. That means if three people want to make a BLEACH character, the first two get dibs. I'll keep a list in this post.
3) Two characters per person. I may have a few extras for NPC purposes, but other than that you can only have two main characters.
4) Your character can not be overpowered.
5) Be as detailed as possible. Obviously, not everyone is going to know every series, so give a little background, especially when it comes to your character's history and abilities.



World of Origin:
World Background: (Just so people get the jist)

Powers / Skills: (You might have to branch this section off into smaller ones depending on your character. Again, be very detailed.)

RP Sample:

TAKEN SERIES: Only two per series, remember. Though it'd be nice for some variety.
Shakugan no Shana: .fate

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me.

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Ooh! I finally get in on one of .fate's RPs!! (hopefully)

Name:Assar Dara'shive



World of Origin:Wheel of Time World (Randland)

World Background:
At the dawn of time a deity known as the Creator forged the universe and the Wheel of Time, which spins the lives of men and women as its threads. The Wheel has seven spokes, each representing an age, and it is rotated by the One Power, which flows from the True Source. The One Power is divided into male and female halves, saidin and saidar, which work in opposition and in unison to drive the Wheel. Those humans who can use this power are known as channelers; the principal organization of such channelers in the books is called the Aes Sedai or 'Servants of All' in the Old Tongue.

The Creator imprisoned its antithesis, Shai'tan, the Dark One, at the moment of creation, sealing him away from the Wheel. However, in a time called the Age of Legends, an Aes Sedai experiment inadvertently breached the Dark One's prison, allowing his influence to seep back into the world. He rallied the powerful, the corrupt and the ambitious to his cause and these servants began an effort to free the Dark One fully from his prison, so he might remake time and reality in his own image. In response to this threat, the Wheel spun out the Dragon, a channeler of immense power, to be a champion for the Light. In the Age of Legends the Dragon was a man named Lews Therin Telamon, who eventually rose to command the Aes Sedai and their allies in the struggle against the Dark One's forces. After a grueling ten-year war, Telamon led his forces to victory in a daring assault on the site of the earthly link to the Dark One's prison, the volcano of Shayol Ghul, and was able to seal it off. However, at the moment of victory the Dark One was able to taint saidin, driving male channelers of the One Power insane. Lews Therin killed his friends and family and then himself. The other male channelers devastated the world with the One Power, unleashing earthquakes and tidal waves that reshaped the world. Eventually, the last male channeler was killed or cut off from the One Power, leaving the human race all but destroyed and only women able to wield the One Power safely. The Aes Sedai reconstituted and guided humanity out of this dark time. Mankind now lived under the shadow of a prophecy that the Dark One would break free from his prison and the Dragon would be Reborn to fight him once more, and although he would succeed he would devastate the world a second time in the process.

Over the next three and a half thousand years, the human race returns to a level of technology roughly comparable to that of the Middle Ages, with the difference that women enjoy full equality with men in most societies, and are superior in some. This is put down to the power and influence of the female-only Aes Sedai spilling over into everyday life. Several major wars have ravaged the main continent since the defeat of the Dark One, such as the Trolloc Wars, when the surviving servants of the Dark One tried to destroy civilization once more but were defeated by an alliance of nations led by the Aes Sedai; and the War of the Hundred Years, a devastating civil war that followed the fall of a continent-spanning empire ruled by the High King, Artur Hawkwing. These wars have prevented the human race from regaining the power and high technology of the Age of Legends, and also left humanity divided. Even the prestige of the Aes Sedai has fallen, with their shrinking numbers and the emergence of organizations such as the Children of the Light, a military order who hold that all who dabble with the One Power are servants of the Shadow. The nations of the modern era are able to unite against the warrior-clans of the Aiel, who cross into the western kingdoms on a mission of vengeance after they suffer a grievous insult, but are too divided to work effectively together in other areas.

The name Asha'man means "guardian" or "defender" in the Old Tongue; the meaning is uncertain, as with many words in the language, but what is known is that Asha'man could never be used to describe someone who did not fight for a just cause (It may be similar to the concept of a Paladin.) Asha'man (singular or plural) are men in the Third Age who can channel (i.e. control the One Power) who have taken part in a training program founded by Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn. They are roughly equivalent to the male Aes Sedai from the Age of Legends, although, out of necessity due to the Last Battle being very close, their training is greatly accelerated, something known as forcing, which can easily result in someone burning themselves out by making a mistake and made more perilous by the taint on saidin, but despite this, they have well over seven hundred men enrolled. The Asha'man are headquartered at the Black Tower, a former farmhouse outside the city of Caemlyn in Andor. Though the ultimate leader of the Asha'man is Rand al'Thor, in practice they are trained and led by Mazrim Taim, a former False Dragon appointed to the task when he responded to Rand's amnesty for male channelers.

There are three official ranks of Asha'man:

* Soldier, the lowest rank; they wear no decoration on their collars
* Dedicated, those who have advanced a certain level of skill; they wear a silver sword pin on one side of their collars
* Asha'man; they wear the silver sword pin of the Dedicated as well as a gold-and-red Dragon pin on the other side of their collars

Beyond this system instituted by Rand al'Thor for the training program, however, the field organization of the Asha'man (instituted by Mazrim Taim) is akin to battle units. Modern female Aes Sedai have a very gradual hierarchy based on an individual's strength in the One Power; the Asha'man use a more explicitly militaristic system. However, it should be noted that Soldier, Dedicated, and Asha'man bear similarity to the Aes Sedai ranks of Novice, Accepted, and Aes Sedai, which is in keeping with the commonly repeated theme of the series in which men and women, while having equal-yet-different strengths and weaknesses, differing in their abilities but having a parity with each other. (see Yin and Yang, a common theme of the Wheel of Time.) One other important difference is that Soldiers and Dedicated are expected to serve in the field, being Soldiers ready to fight almost from the moment they can touch the Source. Aes Sedai do not allow Novices and Accepted (except in very rare cases) to go on field assignments, thinking they need to be protected until they are fully trained. Ranks have been created like Tsorovan'm'hael, "storm leader", and the rank below it, Baijan'm'hael, "attack leader"; these ranks have thus far only been confirmed to belong to Asha'man who follow Taim, and have ended up trying to kill Rand. Mazrim Taim himself holds the rank of M'hael, or simply "Leader" in the Old Tongue, and his position seems to combine the roles of Aes Sedai Mistress of Novices and Amyrlin Seat. This seems to be approximately equal to the Amyrlin Seat, but M'hael strongly implies leader of everything, not just the Asha'man. Though it seems more likely that Rand ought to hold that position in truth, since he is the Dragon Reborn, Rand does not have the time to train, and leaves it over to Taim, who is abusing his position to build his own power-base against Rand.

Taim's jealousy over Rand's destiny has led him to subvert commands given by Rand (such as who are to be placed on the Traitor's Tree list for desertion), so it is unclear exactly how much power Rand actually holds with the rank-and-file Asha'man. Those who have served directly under Rand seem to be loyal to him in his position as the Dragon Reborn.

Due to the Last Battle being very close, Asha'man training is much more militaristic and battle-oriented than the training of Aes Sedai, they are trained purely to fight in the Last Battle. Training also proceeds at a much faster pace, and consequently the percentage of training Asha'man who burn themselves out or kill themselves accidentally is much higher than the comparative percentage for the Aes Sedai. The number of students they are finding, however, is comparatively greater, since no one has searched systematically for men who can be taught to channel (as opposed to those with the spark) in thousands of years.

Males who can channel saidin often describe it as a torrential storm of fire and of ice which they must continually fight to maintain control, whereas women are taught to surrender to saidar, and in surrendering to it they gain control over it. In addition, the taint placed on saidin by the Dark One makes their training particularly hazardous, and several Asha'man have already had to be "put to sleep" with poisoned wine due to growing insanity. Rand's instructions to Mazrim Taim were explicit: he needs an army of male channelers to help fight the Last Battle with him. However, he does not have time to train them himself. This seems to be the reason that he continues to allow Taim to train his Asha'man despite growing evidence that Taim has priorities that conflict with Rand's eventual purpose.

From the start Asha'man do all their chores with saidin, even if it takes them much longer than the normal time it would take to do a chore by hand. Although their primary purpose is to learn how to inflict damage with the One Power, all Ashaman learn Healing and, at Rand's instruction, how to use a sword as well as unarmed Aiel martial arts. Should an Asha'man defect, they are hunted down and have their head hung on the Traitor's Tree.

Recently an offer from Rand himself has been accepted by the Salidar Aes Sedai to bond Soldiers and Dedicated to a total of forty seven of their number. However the Red Ajah have also made a truce with the Asha'man, allowing the bonding of Asha'man to members of their Ajah, done by Mazrim Taim without the knowledge of Rand or his most powerful Asha'man ally, Logain Ablar. How these two separate agreements will converge in the future is uncertain.

Appearance:Looking at Assar the first thing that most people would probably notice would be his face which contrasted between lines creasing it from smiling and laughing often with the cold hard eyes of a man that has very little to smile about. Dark Brown hair on top of his head kept in a shaggy and unkempt manner and most often cropped short seemed to add to the effect that he must be a refugee or some such from the troubles plaguing the land. However if one looked closer it is clear that he is not a lost refugee trying to find safety, his eyes tell a different story.

While his clothing is not in the best condition they are still made of stout wool and sturdy leather for his boots. The way he moves shows anyone that knows the sword that he can indeed handle the slightly curved blade he caries on his belt. The blade has a hawk on it's hilt, signifying that he is not, in fact, a blademaster.

Personality:Assar seems to be indifferent to all that surrounds him, though in reality he is just focusing on everything at once, something taught to him while at the Black Tower. He isn't very talkative, unless it relates to something which he finds interesting. As a child, and into his teen years, Assar was quite the prankster, he could often be found at the Wisdom's home being punished from some deed or another. Though this part of Assar died when he was discovered by the Dragon Reborn's army, and enrolled in the Black Tower to be Asha'man... He intensely dislikes nobles, and hates any who recieve all the attention, though he himself doesn't want the attention. He likes blending with his environment, and observing without being observed.

Powers / Skills:

One Power
The One Power is divided into male and female halves, saidin and saidar respectively, that work both with and against each other to drive the Wheel of Time. The True Source cannot be consumed by channellers, as a river cannot be consumed by a waterwheel. Each half of the One Power is able to be used only by people of the associated sex (the only known exception is the Forsaken Aran'gar, a male channeler who was re-incarnated into a female body but still uses saidin), and men and women have very different experiences in channeling.

Not everyone has the ability to "channel" the One Power. Most men and women cannot reach it at all; of those who can, most must be taught to access it to varying extents, and can go their entire lives without touching (or even knowing they can touch) the Source. Generally they find out when a member of the series' only formally-organized group of channelers, the Aes Sedai, visit their town on a recruiting trip. Aes Sedai visitors also search for the few channelers who are born with "the spark," an innate gift that will inevitably lead them to touch the Source. If left untrained, these gifted channelers often die without ever gaining control over their innate ability; the Aes Sedai estimate the mortality rate at 75% or more. Those who do survive, called "wilders" by the Aes Sedai, do not realize that they have channeled, only that "things happen" if they want them to. To aid in this self-deception, they are frequently saddled with a "block," an instinctive self-preservation behavior that keeps them from channeling in all but exceptional circumstances. Known blocks include only being able to channel while angry, in the presence of men, with one's eyes closed, and so on. These blocks can be eventually overcome, but only after significant and sometimes drastic counseling. The trainee, Theodrin Dabei, who could only channel in the presence of men, for instance, was broken of her block when the handsome young stableboy who had been attending her training sessions revealed that "he" was actually the handsome young stableboy's twin sister.

Channelers must first tap into the One Power before being able to channel it, and can "hold" the Power within themselves without using it; the feeling of accessing the Source is described as being "more alive than ever before," a powerful feeling of joy for women, and a feeling of "holding a river of frozen fire and burning ice" for men, as well as a significant increase of sensory acuity. The "sweet" and addictive nature of the Power is problematic in itself, as drawing too much of it can kill the channeler, render them brain-dead, or—if they are lucky, relatively speaking—only "burn out" the ability to channel permanently. Channelers can also be temporarily cut off from touching the Source using shields woven of Spirit, and or permanently cut off from it by outsiders; modern Aes Sedai call it "stilling" when done to women and "gentling" when done to men, while historically it was called "severing" for either sex. Regardless of the circumstances, those who lose the ability permanently also tend to lose the will to live, and are often dead within a year. Very recently, Aes Sedai Nynaeve al'Meara and Asha'man Damer Flinn have (independently) discovered how to heal severing, but the process only works completely when the healer is of the opposite sex to the healed; when Nynaeve healed fellow Aes Sedai Siuan Sanche and Leane Sharif from their stillings, they were left with significantly reduced strength.

Channelers are not born equal: some are stronger in the Power and can handle larger quantities of it than others. Men and women, furthermore, are different in many regards when it comes to the One Power, as covered below.

The One Power is "woven" (or "spun" in the terminology of those from the Age of Legends) in "flows" or "threads" (or "webs") consisting of one of five elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. Men are generally stronger with Fire and Earth, while women are generally stronger with Air and Water; strength in Spirit is typically equal, and equally rare. Male channelers, in general, are capable of holding more of the Power than female ones, while women generally are more dextrous in weaving the Power. Also, male channelers cannot link to form a "Circle" of multiple channelers working together without a woman's aid; only women can initiate a Circle, although there cannot be more men than women in a circle and no more than thirteen women may be joined without including any men. These differences allow for rough parity between male and female channeling, and it is known that the greatest works of the Age of Legends (a golden age that ended some 3,000 years before the start of the novels) were performed by men and women channeling in cooperation.

Female channelers can tell when other women are touching the Source: a white glowing aura appears around their body, though only visible to those trained to touch the One Power. It is also relatively easy for them to gauge each other's strength in the Power. Men, on the other hand, can only sense intuitively when another man is channeling (and roughly how much of the power they are weilding), and both must weave saidin in each other's presence for a length of time (half an hour or more) before being able to even guess at the other's strength. Male channelers can sense a woman holding saidar as goose bumps on their skin; women have no innate method of sensing male channeling, though certain ter'angreal and weaves have been crafted which do the job for them.

Most vividly, male and female channelers experience the Power differently: a woman would describe it as a gentle force that she must submerge herself in, as trying to exert control over it would lead to being instantly consumed; a man, on the other hand, faces a cataclysmic torrent requiring perfect control, immense willpower and ceaseless vigilance. In short, women "embrace" saidar, surrendering to it and influencing it from within, while men "seize" saidin, manipulating it by force. This essential difference in the "feeling" of the Power means that a woman cannot teach a man to channel, and vice-versa (though it has been tried—many, many times), especially since many weaves which work for one sex do not work the same way (or at all) for the other. As an example, men can use flows of Fire to transfer the heat of a candle flame to another location (for instance, the stones of a fireplace), but women who try that have been grievously injured, some even bursting into flame—just from a candle. (Women use a thread of Water or Air to snuff a candle.) Male and females also grow in the One Power differently; women gradually increase in strength, whereas men gain strength in sudden leaps.

Terminology differs between the sexes, as well. Women, as stated before, "embrace" saidar while males "seize" saidin. Males "weild" their half of the One Power as females "guide" it. Women are "stilled" when they are cut off from the True Source while men a re "gentled"; a gender neutral term was used in the Age of Legends, "severing". "Burning out" (an accidental self-severing from the One Power occurring when one mis-handles or tries to use too much of the One Power) is gender neutral as well.

Some other differences include:

1. A woman's shield for her dreams is a crystal barrier between the dreamwalker and the dream, while a man's shield for his dreams is described as a barrier showing dreams as if looking into "muddy water."
2. The weaves for healing with saidin are specific to each ailment, whereas Aes Sedai use the same weave of Air, Water and Spirit no matter the condition or the degree; results vary based on that Aes Sedai's particular affinity for Healing. However, it has since been discovered that the Aes Sedai use a relatively primitive weave of Healing, whereas Damer Flinn has re-discovered a number of more advanced (and, presumably, efficient) weaves. It is also known that, after the Yellow Ajah discovered Nynaeve's use of all five powers in Healing, they began to discuss the use of different combinations of elements for treating different ailments.
3. A female gateway for Traveling is made by "folding" the Pattern of an Age, making the two places to be Travelled as one (similar to a tesseract). A male gateway is made by "boring" a hole through the Pattern, from one place to another.
4. Two women in a circle can usually beat a man who is in the same comparative power level, even if they are weaker than he individually.
5. Women are more susceptible to compelled Circles like the a'dam. A female a'dam, which allows a "sul'dam" controller to control her leashed damane's channeling ability, is essentially flawless and allows perfect control of the captured woman. A male a'dam, on the other hand, requires two women to safely handle and maintain the link to the man, though one would do for a short time, and the man will eventually be able to reverse the flow of control to some extent, causing the three to fight for dominance.
6. Women are able to create a bridge of Air further than men can, regardless of the fact that men are generally stronger in the Power.
7. Saidin seems to be more based in brute force, being complete will and pure instinct and thus, it is done bluntly, whereas saidar is more organized, more like weaving silk into patterns.

This is an incomplete list of significant or important "weaves" (spells) of the One Power. While none of the weaves are necessarily important in their own right, they illustrate the breadth, scope, limitations and dangers of channeling.

* Healing: traditionally, this weave involves flows of Air, Water and Spirit, but (as previously mentioned) a number of characters have begun to increase the scope of weaves used and ailments healed. Almost every Aes Sedai knows the original Healing weave, but their proficiency at it varies considerably.
* Bonding: this complex weave of Spirit is used to bond a Warder to his Aes Sedai.
* Wards: a Ward is a standing and passive enchantment, often with its weaves "tied off," so that the channeler does not have to maintain it, and "inverted," so that no one but that channeler can see them. Wards can be made to serve a variety of purposes: in The Fires of Heaven Rand creates one in each cardinal direction, each programmed to produce a different bird call if Shadowspawn crosses it; in Lord of Chaos he places one outside a Waygate that, instead, kills any Shadowspawn that crosses it. According to Rand's narration, trying to make a ward do too many things will generally make it malfunction instead.
* Illusion: this weave creates a false image from The Power which overrides the normal image, meaning that a character can project an Illusion over themselves. It is only useful on non-channelers, however, as anyone who can touch the Source will merely see flows of Fire and Air.
* Balefire: This extremely dangerous weave destroys anything it touches (with the possible exception of things made of Cuendillar); furthermore, whenever it hits a living thing, it also undoes any actions they recently took, though the memory of their actions does not fade. It fell out of favor once its destructive effects on the Pattern itself became fully understood, and the Aes Sedai have forbidden its usage, though this did not stop at least one member of that organization (Moiraine Damodred) from learning it.
* Gateways: these interdimensional portals can be used to move between any two points in any world. They can be used to move to an alternate dimension through which hyperspace-esque meta-travel is possible, which is called "Skimming;" they can be used to move between two specific points in our world, which is called "Traveling;" and they can be used as weapons, as their edges are razor-sharp. The weaves for Gateways, as mentioned above, are different between men and women, and were lost until Rand al'Thor and Egwene al'Vere (independently) re-discovered them in The Shadow Rising and Lord of Chaos, respectively. The weave requires significant strength in the One Power, and the ability to create one is considered a mark of prestige or status. The introduction of Traveling allowed author Robert Jordan to increase the scope of the series, as Traveling characters can now become involved in events separated by hundreds or thousands of miles.
* Compulsion: this powerful weave can be used to impose limited mind control on its victims. It has been completely lost by contemporary Channelers, leaving the Forsaken as the only living characters who know how to use it; having said that, two Aes Sedai, Verin Mathwin of the Brown Ajah and Liandrin of the Black (formerly the Red), have independently discovered weaves that have similar, if weakened, effects.

RP Sample: (To be done later...)

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This is an absolutely awesome concept. *wracks brain*

Name: Kurenai Hatsuharu
Age: 17
Gender: Male

World of Origin: Earth (Kamen Rider Kiva)
World Background:

The planet Earth holds various mysteries shrouded in secrecy for thousands of years. Be it the time traveling wish granters, the Imagin, or the true existence of characters from the world's most ancient myths. Other things are more public such as the meteor impact that released the Worm race upon the world which was finally obliterated by the Zect organization. As ages have gone by, new threats continue to appear on this ill-fated world. However, there is one malefic force that has been in existence since homosapiens (had to combine the words because it was censoring h.omo... >.>) learned to hold tools. They can disguise themselves as one of us and their main source of food is the life force of Humanity itself. These are the Fangire.

Known hundreds of years ago as Vampires, the Fangire race, as explained before, is an evil group if individuals that feed off of the essence of humans. Each one has a life span of several hundred years and can make themselves look like one of their prey for perfect camouflage. They have survived just as long as humans have and like to keep their existence a secret from the human race. When they reveal themselves, their bodies usually resemble a wild animal in a humanoid form. Their skin changes to mimic stained glass with dark framing and they gain unique abilities that they spend their entire lives perfecting to be able to hunt efficiently and defend themselves. Their are hierarchies within the ranks of these creatures as with any society. Some fangire are more powerful or of a higher stature than others. The highest of the race are known as the Checkmate Four.

The Checkmate Four
These four fangire have attained power beyond all others and are permitted to become one of the ranks in the group.

Rook: Considered the lowest in power and responsibility, Rook is allowed to essentially do whatever he or she pleases. As long as it involves draining humans daily, that is. The former Rook who was recently defeated in battle enjoyed doing "time plays" where he would spy an article of clothing or an everyday item and then give himself twelve hours to drain someone that had that item in common. If he succeeded then he would reward himself with a sweet treat. If he failed then he would punish himself with incredible pain. Before his death, the previous Rook had learned of heaven and the way to get there. He then made it his life goal to do good things while still devouring human life force and then asked to be killed when he felt he had done enough. His request was granted, but no one knows if he succeeded in reaching the place he desired.

Bishop: Bishop is the next in line in power. His or her job is to oversee all fangire dealings and keep tabs on the day's progress. The current Bishop does his job well and is now in the process of training a new Queen to take her rightful place beside King.

Queen: Queen has a very important role within the four. Her job is to eliminate any fangire who falls in love with a human. This love is forbidden and considered a sacrilege within the fangire society. The current queen is a shy girl named Mio who recently found out of her real heritage. Bishop guides her as she awakens more and more each day.

King: King is either the first or second most powerful being on the planet. The other being Kiva, who will be explained later. His job is to destroy any human contributing to the evolution and progress of humanity as a precaution to keep the human race for becoming a threat. The current king, Taiga, has been living among the humans as a CEO for a company that "invests" in people who fit the target description.

Kiva is the world's only opposition to the fangire and has been so for thousands of years. The tradition is passed down from generation to generation and the successor to the Kiva legacy is often times tied to King. Usually a halfbreed from a fangire mother and human father, the mix of blood allows him to use Kivat, a loyal partner, to transform in Kiva. His waist becomes wrapped in a red chain belt and he attaches Kivat to it. The atmosphere around him warps and he is suddenly glad in silver, black, and red armor and attains powers similar to that of Queen herself.

The current Kiva is Kurenai Wataru. The son of Kurenai Otoya and the previous Queen, Maya. He is also the half brother of the current King.

Other Races
Along with the fangire and humans, there are three more races to take note of.

Wolfen: Known to humans as werewolves, this race can transform from their human appearance to being a humanoid feral wolf with frightening strength. This race was nearly wiped out by the fangire save for one member who lives in Castle Doran and aids Kiva by lending him a sword and his power.

Merman: Often depicted in myths as half fish, half human, these actually more closely resemble something you would find as a humanoid sea monster in a horror film. They can also assume a human form and their abilities include the ability to fire concentrated bubbles from their mouths as accurately as a master sniper. The race was also wiped out by the fangire except for one who also aids Kiva by lending him a gun and his power.

Franken: Gigantic, dull-witted, and immensely powerful. This race can transform from a human appearance into a large monster that resembles the beloved Frankenstein's Monster. Also nearly extinct, the one surviving member helps Kiva by lending him his strength and a gigantic hammer.

The Wonderful Aozora Organization
The Wonderful Aozora Organization is a group of humans stationed in Japan who fight the fangire in secrecy with specially designed weapons. They are not very large, but they do have one thing that makes up for it.

IXA is the rider system developed by the Wonderful Aozora Organization. It's suit resembles a gallant white knight. The IXA Knuckle is used in conjunction with the IXA Belt to transform into the warrior. The weapons this system includes are the knuckle itself and a gun that can be converted into a sword.

IXA has recently been endowed with a version up. If the fighter removed the keypad mounded on the mouthpiece of the helmet and enters the code for the transformation, most of the armor is removed to reveal a blue suit of armor underneath and the helmet shifts into a different configuration. The keypad can be changed into a code gun. This version of IXA is many times more powerful and can rival Kiva's Emperor Form.

IXA has changed hands many times since its initial test run in the 1980s. The current user is Nago, a bounty hunter working for the Wonderful Aozora Organization.

Appearance: Hatsuharu stands at a respectable 5 feet 6 inches and holds a slim figure weighing a mere 122 pounds. His sandy brown hair is a rare trait among the Japanese people and he tends to be teased for it. He doesn't really care much for styling it as it tends to stay in a naturally "teased" look. His eyes are the usual black, but are slightly large for a Japanese male. Many would tell you that his face has very soft features and there is very little rigidity in the "lines" of his visage and his skin is of a very fair, almost snowy complexion.

His clothing usually consists of a t-shirt and jeans. He dislikes shoes, but he does have a pair of sandals he will tolerate when he is outside. Around his wrist you will find an assortment of bangles and wristbands and he always wears the necklace his father gave to him before he perished which is a silver chain with a pendant of a fleur de lis.

His rider appearance is similar to Kiva's, but where Kiva resembles a bat, he resembles a falcon.

Personality: Being the second son of Kurenai Otoya, he possesses great talent on the violin and a musical flair to himself. Unlike his brother Wataru, whom he has never known, he is very outgoing and outspoken. Wataru never lived with Otoya who was a self-proclaimed "ladies man", but Hatsuharu (Haru for short) did. Living around this man, he has developed a similar attitude and confidence. He attempts to woo women with his wondrous playing and it does work... sometimes.

Also unlike Wataru, he has known of the fangire race all his life. Unfortunately, he was not the first born son of Otoya and Maya so he did not receive the Kiva legacy. However, he did meet Kivat's father and, with the meeting, was given his own choice to either stay the way he is or to fight as a second Kiva. He refused the offer fight at first. He incredibly dislikes the idea of violence. Though, one day on a stroll he happened across his brother as Kiva experiencing troubles fighting King. The urge to help his brother whom he never knew drew him to this option again. He rushed home and voiced to Kivat II that he wanted to fight. This turn of events has slightly changed his perception and he now fights valiantly to hopefully team with his brother and take his rightful role as one of the two Kiva's that comes along every 300 years to defeat King.

Powers / Skills:

Haru calls Kivat II and the Kiva belt appears on his waist. After the command, "Henshin" is said and he places Kivat on the belt, the atmosphere warps just like with Kiva and he is transformed into Kamen Rider Aer.

Rider Kick
Like all riders, Aer has the rider kick. Kivat II channels power into Haru's right leg and he then leaps into the air and crashes down with a kick capable of destroying a fangire instantly.

Aer is the only rider than can take to the air. The armor on his shoulders slides back and opens to form a large pair of falcon wings that he uses to fly.

Feather Edge
Aer's wings are made of feathers, but are also metal. He can pull them out and use them as blades or he can fire them like arrows from his wings while in flight.

Sovereign Form
Unknown to Haru as of right now. Kivat II has told him of it, but he cannot attain the form as of yet. He requires the aid of Tatsulot's, the creature that allows Kiva to enter Emperor Form, brother to activate it.

RP Sample: (Wasn't sure if it had to pertain to the RP. If it does then I'll write a new one. This is just some completely random thing. Making it up as I write and such.)

The Dusantyr mountains. Jagged crags that go on for miles in a seemingly purposeful pattern. These giants border the two warring empires and thus serve as a perfect point of battle. The temperate base of the earthly protrusions are a salvation compared to the bitterly cold summits, however. Most fighting on these rock giants takes place once one army has reached the other side. Most of the large weapons cannot make the trip so they also make good places to whittle down the enemy numbers without too much risk involved. Though, some elite soldiers and equally elite fools choose to take the battle to the top.

A biting wind whipped the snow-capped summit of Mount Tyrsal, the third tallest mountain in the range. It's unusually flat surface and wide diameter made it a great place for those brave enough to fight up in that weather. The faint sound of crunching snow under the feet of brave soldiers could be heard that night. Their white attire allowed them to keep slightly warm and blend in with the stark setting of the mountain. A small group of three Gandren soldiers trudged through the blizzard looking for cover and hoping to avoid any contact until then. Their individual body temperatures made them begin to regret their decision to climb the mountain. This was further re-enforced as a slight twinkle could be seen in the distance followed by a large shell flying directly towards the group. The sudden turn of events somehow changed their minds as they finally decided to act like soldiers and all put up their blast shields as was rehearsed in the training they recently left. However, this round was stopped short of it's destination and was sent spiraling into the snow which now sported a brand new hole.

"Tch... damn blizzard."

"I told you. This weather is horrible for sniping. Let's just ditch the gun and go melee." A male Furangan soldier stood up and grabbed the hilt of his blade on the back of his belt. The soldier with the large anti-mech gun that produced the shell sighed and rubbed it's barrel.

"But... Hector... it's my Mr. Gunny..." A pout came from the soldier's lips, but couldn't be seen through the individual's scarf.

"Jeez... you can come back for it. Just leave it here for now and help me with the close quarters, Celine." Hector looked at his female partner through his thick goggles. She hung her head and stood up while brushing off snow from her clothes. Pulling out two large handguns she gave an unseen smile.

"Let's do it." Hector laughed a bit and then crouched low. He produced his blade which resembled a butcher's knife and signaled to advance. The two of them ran through the snow as trained towards the slow-moving, yet cautious group of Gandren soldiers. Just before reaching them, they split up and continued to run at them from two angles. Still cloaked by the storm, they took the opposing warriors by surprise by suddenly leaping into view. Hector landed in the soft snow and used the cushion to re-direct the energy from the fall into a spin where he extended his right leg to sweep it under the first soldier he saw. The unprepared fighter was now in the air as Hector took his blade and spun into a front flip which ended in the weapon cleanly cleaving the unlucky man in two. Hector stood up after landing and looked at the next one. Paralyzed by fear, he wasn't able to draw his gun. Fortunately for Celine, she now had a clean shot. She stood in front of the victim holding the final soldier in an arm hold with one gun at his head. She aimed the free gun at the other man and fired. The snow below was quickly spattered with his blood and brain matter. Horrified at the carnage, the final rookie soldier let out a yell, but was quickly silenced by another quick death from Celine's gun.

Dropping the dead men's remains over a cliff, they cleaned up their mess and headed back to their camping spot. Celine hugged her "Mr. Gunny" out of the happiness that it was safe and her sudden levity she tends to get after a kill. Hector sat back down and started to clean his blade.

"I seriously wish that their could be anyone up here that can match us. It's getting a bit boring."

"Yeah, but it's hard to beat the Summit Killers... no one is as used to this place as us."

"I suppose you're right." Hector looked up at the gray clouds that populated the layer above the calm white ones, "I guess I can only hope, huh?" He thought of what a true match would be like and continued his polishing.

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Name: Mirielle Victoire
Gender: Female

World of Origin: D.Gray-Man
World Background: Set during the end of a fictional nineteenth century on Earth, D.Gray-man mostly centers around 15-year-old Allen Walker, who is gifted with the ability to control a weaponized form of a divine substance from ages past, called Innocence, and becomes an Exorcist of the Black Order. This secretive organization aims to stop the plan set in motion by the Millennium Earl to destroy all life on Earth. But the Earl has raised an army of Akuma, created by taking advantage of grief over a loved one's death, and summoned the direct descendants of Noah himself, the 13-strong Noah Clan, to aid him in his second attempt. Because of the Akuma's ability to wear a human's skin, they are nearly undetectable by any human. Allen proves to be a powerful asset as his 'cursed' left eye is able to detect the Akuma.

Very brief paragraph on the Noah Family (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Noah_Family#The_Noah_Family)

Appearance: Mirielle, like your average Noah, is distinctive in the fact that she has gray skin and seven holy marks carved across her forehead, the middle mark slightly larger than the rest. Her black hair retains the same purplish sheen as her family, and her long, uneven wavy hair reaches the small of her back, her bangs pinned back from her face in a light pouf. Her bangs are held in place on the very back of her head by a black tulle rosette pin sprinkled with small diamonds. To further the ease of recognizing her as one of the Noah Clan, her large golden eyes are the exact same shade as her kin, but they take on a somber look- as if she is always looking at something that makes her extremely sad. Her thin eyebrows are always knit together in concern, and she seems to have a keen aversion to holding her head high when speaking. Mirielle’s preferred attire consists of a Gothic Lolita dress with an A-line styled torso- white ribbons lining the ribbed portions of the corset-like top. Comparable to a babydoll dress, the strapless style neckline is lined by frilled black lace, the very same kind that peeks out from underneath the waistline. Underneath the lower rim of lace, the skirt of her dress is made of satin, two white petticoats underneath to give her skirt volume. The satin is then layered with two skirts of black tulle on top, and a horizontal strip of less delicate lace hangs off the ends of the uneven layers. Ribbons streak across these parallel lace strips, similar to the white ribbon weaving in and out of the upper portion of her detailed garment. In the back, the ribbons come together and criss-cross until they are tied into a simple bow just above her hips. Her black stockings reach mid-thigh, and upon her feet are a pair of high-heeled mary-janes. Accessories upon Mirielle’s person usually consist of a purple, black-pin-striped ribbon tied into a large scarf, turned askew to her right. Lacy wrist warmers adorn her arms, and a large amethyst set into a silver ring rests on her right index finger.

The Dress (http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd64/xXAisuru_MaruXx/lolitadress.jpg)
Sketch coming soon

Personality: Being the Sorrow of Noah, Mirielle’s actions and words are often tinged with the soft, fluid slowness of this melancholy. Her sad gaze is unreached even when she smiles the brightest smile, and this being the case, Mirielle is quite aware that she is rather undesirable company. She is, in all, a very kind person. The type who reaches her hand out to anyone and everyone, and always considers others before her own good.

Powers / Skills: (You might have to branch this section off into smaller ones depending on your character. Again, be very detailed.)

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Well, here's my shot at this, hope it's good enough for the resident forum gods.

Name: Summertide Teslanova (Designation: TV-531393)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

World of Origin: Sentinel Gate

World Background:


For hundreds of years, the barrier of the speed of light kept humanity from exploring the vast reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. Humans were forced to expand to relatively nearby stars through massive colony ships the size of skyscrapers, accelerating using primitive ion-engine technology, traveling through the distant reaches of space at a snail’s pace of 10% the speed of light. While that was an incredible speed to be reached then, to dream of building the human empire to its current extent with only this technology was something that only the truly insane could dream about. For centuries humans had to construct colonies on far-flung alien worlds using these generational colony ships that crawled through the normal space-time continuum. The flaws were obvious. The times involved were too vast for a single lifetime, so that the eventual colonists were the great-grandchildren of the people who had first boarded the starships in orbit around Earth. This also meant that anyone who didn’t want to completely give up their lives couldn’t leave Earth. Not only this, but by the time the colony ship reached its destination, the technology level on the homeworld had doubled, sometimes even tripled.

But these roadblocks were not enough to stall the human spirit of adventure and discovery. Inside everyone is an innate curiosity into why things are the way they are. So humanity continued to expand through this “Crawlspace”, as it is called now, the roughly spherical region of planets around Earth that were expanded to via the slower-than-light drives.

Even so, the first discovery of evidence of intelligent life that originated elsewhere in the universe came from a Crawlspace Colony Ship. As a ship approached the planet Lavoste in the Savalle system, it discovered a massive free-floating space station, which they named “Swarm”, for although it was a solid object, at a distance it appeared more like a gigantic swarm of satellites. Today, humanity knows the creators of these massive Artifacts as simply, “The Builders.”

And for a human race that had just began its journey into the universe, the thought was frightening indeed. After the Bozeltine Drive was invented and faster-than-light travel made possible, humanity discovered more and more of these incredible Builder Artifacts. Then they made contact with two other alien empires, not too much older than our own and in the same technological stage, also making their way through the Orion Arm, also finding these enormous Artifacts.

Little is known about the Builders, this super-race who once spanned the entire Milky Way, and possibly even beyond. While their Artifacts litter the galaxy, no trace of the Builders themselves have been discovered. Their Artifacts defy the known laws of physics. Even though Artifacts vary enormously in their properties, some being space-time anomalies, such as the Transvanian Infarct, a region of space the size of an entire galactic sector in which effects normally relegated to the universe of quantum physics, such as existing in multiple places at multiple times, objects being completely unable to be defined to be in a specific and things will spontaneously exist in a different location or cease to exist entirely. Others are gigantic free-floating space stations, such as Sentinel(of which the planet Sentinel Gate is named after, because of its close proximity), massive spiderweb-like construct shaped in a sphere containing a black pyramid, around which shimmers an impenetrable energy shield that annihilates everything that comes into contact with it. Yet more are massive swarms of objects floating in space far from any solar system, such as the Red Fog, an immense cloud that slowly circulates its particles, responds to external stimuli such as energy infusions, and somehow regenerates lsot particles from nothing. Standing in contrast to the Red Fog are objects like the Umbilical, anchored via gigantic cables or pipes to planets. Umbilical itself is a massive hollow tube that locks together two planets, Teuful and Dafur. Through all this, there are only three things that hold constant for all Builder Artifacts:
1. Builder Artifacts seem to be immovable from their position relative to the environment they were discovered in. Even the most powerful engines have not made a single Artifact move so much as a nanometer.
2. Builder Artifacts seem to be indestructible. Humans have thrown antimatter, supernovas, and even black holes at them, without even a scratch on the Artifact.
3. Nobody can figure out what each Artifact is designed to do. Artifacts like the Needle and the Eye of the Needle (both space-time anomalies) have the effect of giving anything that passes through it a boost in speed that seems to come from nowhere, and the Lens, the galaxy’s largest telescope, capable of displaying galaxies flung to the ends of the universe with incredible detail and clarity, do have these uses for humans and the other alien races that populate the Orion Arm, nobody knows whether this is what these Artifacts were designed for. And of course, there are those Artifacts like Paradox, a space station that completely erases the memory of anything, organic or mechanical, that exits its confines, of which seem to serve no definable purpose whatsoever.

So, without any way to affect these monumental Artifacts, the lesser races of the galaxy left them alone and lived in relative peace. But eventually the United Federation of Worlds (which was actually made completely up of humans) grew too large and shattered into a civil war. There were many internal factions all vying to become their own nations, but the main two were the Federation, and the Scrin Empire, named after their founder, Thomas Scrin. The Federation were the conservative side, by-the-book politicians and generals that preferred the old, more natural ways, what remained for the United Federation. The Scrin, on the other hand, were famous for inventing new technologies. Eventually, after a century of war, the battle ended in a stalemate, with neither the Scrin nor the Federation able to gain an upper hand on the other. So an armistice was made, a treaty signed, and there was peace in the Orion Arm again.

The Scrin Empire

What makes the Scrin stand out the most from the other factions that fight for dominance over the scattered threads of humanity is the degree to which that have embraced cybernetic technology. A Scrin infant is reconstructed by nanites at birth, and sometimes still in the womb, to become a biomechanical creature, neither truly organic or mechanical, but a melding of the two on a molecular level. Scrin are faster, stronger, tougher, and smarter than their human counterparts, require less food and water, and can withstand harsher extremes of environment. Scrin can be reconstructed later in life as well, to fit better to a new job that requires them, for example, to work long hours in a vacuum where a space suit would hinder too much. The only flaw in the system is that a reconstructed human is no longer fertile, a problem still not solved by scientists even today. So, the Scrin Empire has a smaller population than the Federation, and relies heavily on cloning and artificial insemination to keep its population from declining.

An elite military division within the Scrin military known for the incredible individual power its soldiers are given, the Travelers are the spies, assassins, and guerillas of the Scrin. Both their soldiers and their vehicles focus on being quick and speedy, avoiding damage, while dealing out massive amounts of the stuff in return. In exchange for speed and agility, they tend to be more vulnerable to the damage that they do receive, and are relatively fragile.

The soldiers of Traveler are reconstructed upon joining the military, and are trained to hone their newfound abilities to a fine point. Their entire bodies become devices capable of manipulating the fabric of space-time, and it is this that is their greatest weapon, more so than any assault rifle or plasma cannon. Traveler soldiers focus on being quick and agile, using their powers to manipulate the space-time continuum to avoid damage and turn their enemy’s own attacks against themselves.

The Masters of Cold

While the Orion Arm was at peace, the same could not be said for the Sagittarius Arm, just one over. Long-distance telescopes have soon discovered that a region within the Sagittarius arm that once contained brilliant, vivid stars, was so no longer. Within a massive spherical region of space within the Sagittarius Arm, stars were disappearing. Any kind of movement on this scale had to be influenced by the Builders—but, even through the galaxy’s limited knowledge of the Builders, it was fairly apparent that they had been a peaceful race, with no tendency towards destruction.

And yet, there was still those disappearing stars.

So, a multinational expedition force consisting of all the major factions, both human and alien, set out for the Sagittarius Arm, towards the Dead Zone, including Traveler-division members. There they discovered a race of Bose-Einstein Condensates, a special type of matter that only exists at a temperature very near to absolute zero in which quantum effects are visible on the macroscopic scale. Known to their mechanical servants as the Masters of Cold, they have the ability to draw out heat wherever it exists. The disappearing stars were the result of the Masters sucking out the heat of the fusion core, rendering them dead lumps of hydrogen in space. But even more important that the discovery of the Masters was the revelation the Builders are indeed still very much active within the galaxy…

Appearance: In Summertide’s day and age, Scrin parents can choose all the traits they desire in a child, thanks to genetic engineering and molecular reconstruction. While this was done by her grandparents for her mother and father, Summertide’s traits are mostly genetic (a rarity within the Scrin), the result of natural DNA recombination from her mother and father. But because the genetic codes of her parents were already artificially refined to “perfection”, Summertide’s traits are still quite close to the artificial standard, with the only major changes installed after her conception done to decrease the chances of disease or impairment. Even after birth, Summertide has gone through relatively little of the artificial refinements in shape and mind that most Scrin request for when undergoing reconstruction, although the amount of refinement is still far greater than that of the average human.

Standing at 5’11 inches, Summertide is on the lower side of the height spectrum for the Scrin, which is considerably higher than that of an average human’s. Her hair is sleek, perfectly straight, and shiny, the color of the empty darkness of space, and falls elegantly just four inches beyond her shoulders. Standing in stark contrast to her hair is her skin, which is almost absurdly pale. This is because of a side effect of reconstruction to become a Traveler, which causes the cells within the skin that produce melanin, the brown pigment that gives humans their skin color, have essentially shut off, making Summertide’s skin the same color as a Caucasian who has never seen sunlight before. In addition to being white, most parts of her skin, apart from the scalp, eyebrows, and other traditional concentrations of hair, is almost completely devoid of hair.

Summertide’s preferred attire when off-duty is a military-issue jumpsuit (which is actually in-style), form-fitting, sleek, and shiny, constructed of a dark reddish-purple material, similar in appearance to leather, almost glowing in its color, that insulates against heat and cold, breathes, stretches easily, and is impervious to water and oils, causing them to simply slide right off. The material is “smart”, and embedded with quantum processors and nanofibers that enable it to stretch as needed, and even self-mend rips and tears, to a degree. While not anywhere near as effective as actual battle armor, it is also capable of hardening upon impact to help spread out the damage of high-velocity strikes to a small degree. For the most part, the jumpsuit has little decorations, but Summertide’s military designation, TV-531393, is written on the sides of the sleeves and the words “Traveler-53”, Summertide’s unit, are emblazoned on the back in bright red. Around her waist is a black belt with a small pouch on the right. The pouch utilizes spatial-compression technology, meaning that the volume inside is actually greater than that of the outside, in essence letting it store objects that are larger than itself. To end it, Summertide wears boots that go up to about six inches below the knee and gloves made of the same material the jumpsuit is made of.
Powers / Skills:
Quantum Nervous System
While not technically a "power", Summertide, along with the other elite troopers of the Traveler division, possesses an artificially-enhanced nervous system that grants vastly increased reflexes, recall, and perception. For the average human, it takes about 250 milliseconds for visual stimuli to register in the brain and for the brain to send a command to the muscles, and that’s for reflexes that don’t require one to make a choice. For Traveler-division soldiers, it takes, on average, a mere 50 milliseconds. Scattered throughout Summertide’s brain are quantum processors that provides her with perfect recall of visual and sound stimuli. In addition, they give soldiers the potential to speed up their thought processes, essentially slowing down how they perceive time by speeding up their own minds, which can be incredibly useful in a combat situation, especially for a combat style that relies almost completely on speed and reflexes. Overuse of the “Slow-Mo”, as it is affectionately referred to by the Travelers, can cause mental instability, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. The quantum processors don’t make Summertide any smarter.

The basic power for Travelers, Summertide can instantaneously transmute herself to any location with absolute precision within a radius of 50 meters. This is no more difficult for a Traveler than a jog is for an average human. Beyond 50 meters, it is still possible to teleport to a location, but the teleports become less and less specific as the distance increases, increasingly the possibility of teleporting inside another object, a highly undesirable outcome. While the teleportation process can clear gases and light liquids, denser and heavier materials cannot be moved aside, and teleporting into them will result in the loss of any body parts entrapped in the object, and very possibly death. Both momentum and velocity is conserved between teleports, meaning that if Summertide is heading North at 15 miles per hour when she teleports, she will also be heading North at 15 miles per hour when she arrives at her new location.

Similar to the teleportation power, the ability to create a special breed of wormhole, known simply as a “Portal”, is also a given among Travelers. Portals are two-way tunnels through space, and allow any objects that can fit through the opening to pass through them, arriving at the other end of the Portal instantly. Travelers can generate up to two Portal openings at a time, or one tunnel. Maintaining Portals require little effort, but creating them is slightly more difficult. When placed against a flat surface, Portals take the shape of a circle. When placed in midair, Portals form spheres. Objects traveling through a Portal that is disabled when the object is still traveling through them will be cut in half along the line where they entered the Portal, and objects too large to fit through a Portal opening will not be able to enter at all. Momentum is conserved between Portals, but not velocity. An object going into a Portal will come out the other end with the same speed it had going in, but will come out heading in whatever direction the mouth of the Portal is pointing.

Singularities are the first of the second-degree powers for a Traveler, and require a substantial amount of proving oneself in real battle circumstances to be reformatted to gain these second-degree powers. Singularities take the form of a completely black sphere, and will absorb anything that comes into direct contact with them. They, however, do not “suck” in matter, rather, matter must be forced down singularities. Once created, singularities are independent of the Traveler and do not require maintenance, but evaporate after a certain amount of time. The larger a singularity, the faster it evaporates. Since the more matter a singularity absorbs, the larger it becomes, so the more matter a singularity absorbs, the faster it evaporates. A singularity half a foot in diameter will take roughly 10 seconds to evaporate. Travelers generate singularities near their bodies, then launch them at a target as an offensive weapon.

Event Horizon
Another second-degree power, an Event Horizon takes the form of a pure black stationary sphere. Similar somewhat to singularities in that anything that goes into an Event Horizon or singularity cannot escape, there are still several major differences between singularities and Event Horizons:

Matter that is absorbed into a singularity is destroyed, while matter than enters an Event Horizon is unharmed. Once an Event Horizon dissipates, the matter within will have zero velocity relative to the Event Horizon.
Event Horizons take energy to maintain, and have inertia, unlike singularities. Event Horizons, opposite of Portals, are easy to make, but quite difficult to maintain. They must be moved by the willpower of the Traveler maintaining it. The more material in an Event Horizon, the more inertia it has.
Event Horizons tend to be much larger than singularities.

The ultimate offensive power given to Summertide, the Rift is a destructive variation of the Portal. Only one mouth of a Rift can be placed by a Traveler; the other is created in a random location somewhere in the multiverse. Rifts will attract any matter nearby through gravitational pull, and when made in a fluid, will create a vacuum effect as the fluid is pulled through the Rift that makes the sucking effect even more powerful. While in theory, it is possible to use Rifts as a form of transportation, there are two flaws with this in practice: 1. The stresses that matter undergoes while traveling through a Rift are great, and most matter is torn apart, and 2. Because the location of the second mouth is random, the chances of a Rift taking you to somewhere habitable or even where the laws of physics permit your type of existence are insignificantly small. Rifts take an enormous amount of effort to create and maintain, and to create one of considerable size and lasts long enough to do a significant amount of damage is best done with multiple Travelers, because single ones will most likely take a large amount of damage themselves as they attempt to maintain it (as well as avoid being sucked into the Rift, which is normally done using an Event Horizon).

RP Sample:

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Name: Fleur Antoinette
Age: 14
Gender: Female

World of Origin: Shakugan no Shana
World Background: Yuji Sakai, a high school student, expected his very normal life to last forever. However, this expectation is quickly shattered one day while on his way home.

The world suddenly freezes in time, leaving Yuji to watch in horror as blue flames engulf the people around him. Soon a monster resembling a large doll appears and begins sucking the flames into its mouth, until it notices Yuji. Surprised with Yuji's insusceptibility to the time-stop (fuzetsu), it jumps with glee.

Just as the monster prepares to consume Yuji, a sword-wielding girl in black attire with flaming red eyes and hair appears, swiftly and confidently destroys the monster, before noticing Yuji moving freely. The girl calls herself a "Flame Haze" who hunts the "Denizens of the Crimson Realm" ("Guze no Tomogara") and the "Rinne" they send to do their bidding. When Yuji notices a blue flame in his chest, the Flame Haze tells him that the "real" Yuji died some time ago, and that he is a "Torch", a temporary replacement for erased humans. Torches take on the forms of those erased persons, but after a period of time, they will vanish from existence and the memories of the living. Unfazed by his apparent death, Yuji befriends the strange girl and names her "Shana" after her sword. The reason Yuji was able to move in the fuzetsu is that he is not a normal Torch, but instead a special kind called a "Mystes": he has a treasure inside him, known as a "Hougu", a device possessing special abilities of sorts, and an extremely powerful and valuable one at that. The hougo inside Yuji allows him to remain in existence rather than fading away like other torches. Shana resolves to protect Yuji from the Denizens, who would use the treasure to disrupt the balance of the world, and Yuji decides to join Shana in her fight.

Shana's fight is actually a long-standing struggle between the Lords and Denizens of Guze. The Denizens steal Power of Existence, the energy that forms the basis of the world, from living people and utilize it for their own selfish ambitions. Some Lords inhabit humans creating Flame Hazes in an attempt to retain balance by hunting renegades from Guze. Flame Hazes create Torches in place of the consumed to save the world the disruption of many existences being lost at once, allowing the Torches to gradually burn out over the course of time.

Powers / Skills:

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