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October 7th, 2008, 8:32 PM
Lately I’ve been looking for the perfect RP but I’ve always come up short. Then I realized the only way to get a perfect RP was to create it myself. So, that’s exactly what I did. This RP is based loosely off my very first fan fiction.


The Beginning

It has been many millennia since the almighty Arceus created the Legends and went into his deep slumber. Each Legendary being was given the power to govern a certain aspect of the universe created. At some points, these Legends were given similar tasks, like Dialga and Celebi, but this overlap of duties never caused the Legends to conflict with one another. Soon enough, lesser life spread throughout the universe, but mainly on a relatively small planet call Earth. Many of the Legends called these lesser beings the ‘regulars’ and demanded worship from the beings. Although many of them objected to it, the regulars were smart enough not to test the power of the Legends and worshipped them like Gods. Even with the imbalance of power and conflict eventually arising among the Legends (mainly to see who should be worshipped more), the universe was at piece. Arceus’ universe, that is.

Unknown to all except Arceus himself, an opposite universe was created by an equally powerful being: Giratina. At first glance, the two universes look completely identical, but there is one major difference. No matter how hard he tried, Giratina was unable to sustain life in his realm. Drowned in thousands of years of loneliness, the godly Pokemon went mad and annihilated his creation, but not before making an escape route into Arceus’ universe. He expected to be destroyed for ignoring universal boundaries, but was intrigued to find his better half in an eternal slumber and beings almost as corrupt as him ruling over the main source of life. And at that moment, Giratina came up with a plan; a plan that would ultimately change the course of the entire universe.

The Fall from Grace

Giratina observed the most corrupted of the Legends for many centuries, hiding in the deepest reaches of the realm to elude Dialga and Palkia’s senses. It was only when he saw that certain Legends were favored more than others by the regulars did the devious being make its first move. One by one, Giratina visited each of the favored Legends, convincing them that if they joined his cause, together they would be able to destroy the other Legends and eventually Arceus himself, allowing them to become gods in full. Such a promise was hard to deny and before the end of the century, Giratina had gained control over six Legends and their massive army of followers. However, with all this support, Giratina chose not to attack just yet, and the years continued to roll by.

No one was for sure how it happened, but one day, the news that six Legends had betrayed their brethren and was on a quest for ultimate power. The remaining Legends were obviously outraged and soon enough discovered the six that were guilty: Mewtwo, Lugia, Deoxys, Heatran, Regigigas and Darkrai. They never discovered the existence of Giratina and the evil god warned his followers not to mention his name. Unable to give any plausible reason for their actions, all six Legends were stripped of their titles and forced to live among the regulars. This act, which should have been Arceus and only Arceus’ decision to make, angered the regulars to no end. But their anger was understandable. After all, since these Legends were no more, did that mean that all the Pokemon whose prayers were directed to the former legends would simply be ignored? Conflict between the two types of beings was eventually settled, but the damage had been done. The regulars lost their faith in the Legends, and Giratina saw his chance to attack.

The War

It started off like every other day, but in truth, it was far from that. On that day, Giratina went forward with his first plan: defeat the two Legends that stood a chance against him— Dialga and Palkia. After rousing the fallen Legends and their remaining followers (which still consisted of a fairly large army), the rebels attacked the unsuspecting Legends head on. A great battle to span the ages began, and would later be known as The Legendary War. Dialga and Palkia were able to avoid total defeat, but only by making themselves prisoners to their own domains of time and space. With no one in his way, Giratina launched war on the rest of the Legends and the regulars that still opposed him. A good number of Pokemon underestimated the power of this new being and quickly fell victim to his terrible power. It was clear the to the Legends that they could not win the war on their own, and for the first time in recorded history, broke the barriers between Legend and regular and the two armies fought as one. With their combined force, they drove back Giratina’s army, and eventually decimating it completely. Without giving them a chance to recover, the remaining Legends called upon the power Arceus imbued them with and tore a hole in the fabric of the universe and locked Giratina in the Void. The fallen Legends, who knew at that point that the fight was lost, surrendered and have been locked away ever since.

The Aftermath

It has been many years since The Legendary War, but things have never truly gone back to normal. With the death of so many Legends, the regulars soon realized that these creatures were no gods and did not deserve worship. The two kept their distance as the Legends returned to maintaining control over their specific domains while the regulars began doing their own thing. Now that praying to the Legends to make problems go away was usless, the regulars took it upon themselves by forming elite teams to maintain control over their world. One thing both side had in common though, was that they forgot about The Legendary War and were on the brink of repeating past mistakes. Then, the unexpected happened: for a brief moment, Arceus awoke. With a booming voice that reached all ears, he said:

“You are all foolish to believe the Dark One is gone for good. Mark my words, He shall return and wage war against the world once again. His rise in inevitable, but there is a way for you to be ready for it: kill the fallen Legends that still remain loyal to Him. Without them, He will be much easier to silence. There will be signs of his return. First, he who governs the Earth shall awaken with a violent shake. Then He who governs Seas will create waves that shall swallow whole Islands. And finally, He who governs the Skies shall rain destruction on all those below him. If all these events come to past and the fallen ones still live, then Giratina has already won the war. Go out, my creations, and cleanse the world of the ultimate darkness!”

And with that, Arceus’ slumber resumed. If only he had stayed awake for a little longer, he would have realized that his warning fell on deaf ears. The regulars ignored him, as they had lost faith in the Legends, and the Legends knew that their prisons were much to complex for the fallen to do anything but cheer their master on. And so the centuries passed on, and most of the world forgot about this age.

Your Destiny

You are a Pokemon living in Little Hillmoss Town (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v711/KJEdge/AreaMap.jpg), and lately there have been many quakes in the region. The ignorant people of your age believe it to be natural phenomena, but a Weavile that happened to be passing by is spreading word of Arceus’ forgotten prophecy. He claims to know where to find the fallen Legends but says that he’ll need a team of brave Pokemon to help him defeat the traitors. You are intrigued by his quest and decide to join him. Little do you know that you are all getting into something bigger than yourselves.

Sign Up:

Species (no two people can play the same Pokemon):
Age (assume all Pokemon life spans are similar to that of human’s):
Appearance (if your pokemon looks exactly the same as it does in the Pokedex, leave this blank)
Personality (if I’m on the fence about your SU, this will be the category that decides if I accept you or not):
Moves (max of five, at the moment. Allowing Egg moves but not TMs or HMs):
RP Sample (not an intro to this RP!):


1) Follow all PC and RP rules.
2) If you are prone to long periods of inactivity (as in a week), please don’t bother signing up.
3) No humans exist in this world. Don’t even mention the word human.
4) No overpowered characters or controlling other characters without permission. The only exception to this is if someone has not posted for more than five days and their character absolutely must move for the story to continue. Still, consult me first before posting the bunnying post.
5) Feel free to create NPCs in towns we visit, as long as they aren’t recurring characters. Only I have the authority to create recurring NPCs. But feel free to make suggestions in the OCC thread when it is created.
6) If you know for a fact you will be inactive for a week or more, you MUST pick someone to bunny your character.
7) When bunnying someone’s character, no unnecessary fighting is allowed. No one wants to come back to the RP to see their character has a new scar.
8) When signing up, no Pokemon may be above their second level of evolution. Trust me, at one point in the RP, everyone will be given the chance to evolve. If you start off on the first stage of evolution, you will be weaker in the beginning of the RP but stronger than your fellow RPers after this point comes.
9) No reservations without this much of the SU completed: Name, Species, Gender, Appearance, History and RP Sample.
10) Be realistic when choosing attacks. If you want to give your Charmander Flamethrower, fine, just as long as you include that after the attack he is completely exhausted from the strain of such an advanced attack. Also note that Special Attacks take much more energy to use.
11) This is the Alpha Region (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v711/KJEdge/AreaMap.jpg). I did not create it, I simply found it on Photobucket.

My Sign up:

Name/Nicknames: Edward “Ed” Stern

Species: Weavile

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Along with the regular attributes that all healthy Weavile will have, Ed wears a small, brown messenger bag where he keeps all his belongings and food. He usually wears and old, ragged brown cloak that seems a bit too long as it trails along the ground. Lastly, the yellow jewel that should be on his forehead is missing for reasons he keeps to himself.

Personality: Edward has always been a natural born leader. He has always had the ability to think on his feet as well as make good judgment calls. This, however, causes him become obviously jealous when someone else tries to lead the team. He is also a very orderly being and will almost never does anything dangerous without thinking up a plan first. If, for any reason, an objective is not meant, he is quick to lay blame on the one(s) responsible, but will also gladly take responsibility if he is the one at fault. When it comes to his enemies, Ed can be very merciless and lives by the philosophy that with every enemy left alive, the team has less of a chance to complete a mission. When meeting strangers, Ed is not at all shy and can actually seem a bit too enthusiastic at times. Then there’s how he treats those close to him. Edward is a very loyal and trustworthy Pokemon, but at the same time has the tendency to act like a jerk to his friends. Most of the time he’s just joking around, but he sometimes goes a little too far.

History: Edward is originally from a village northwest of Little Hillmoss Town, known as Rosetown. In his early years, Ed held great admiration for the Pokemon teams of his village that went to complete missions. He dreamed of the day when he was old enough to join a team so he could help the growing world around him. As he waited for his time to come, Ed spent a lot of time with the village elder, an old Alakazam, who taught him how to lead a team and told him old stories. The day before all adequate males were tested to join available teams, Ed visited the elder and asked for one last story. And so the Alakazam told the best story he knew: the one of the Legendary War. The tale immediately caught Edward’s attention, mainly because it was true. To everyone’s amazement, Ed purposely missed the annual testing to educate his fellow townspeople about their past and their inevitable future. Not only were the villagers not paying attention, but even the most respected teams didn’t bother checking if what the boy said held any truth. At first the townspeople ignored the Weavile, but soon they realized that he was passionately sticking to his beliefs and continued causing disturbances. When the entire village shunned him, Edward knew the Pokemon’s minds were made up and he had no choice but to move on to the next town. Before leaving, he promised the Alakazam that he would return when he convinced a reasonable number of Pokemon to help his cause.

Moves: Quick Attack, Screech, Icy Wind, Ice Punch, Crush Claw

RP Sample: Not me!

Other: Edward’s skin is always cold to the touch, even after an intense battle.

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Name/Nicknames: Kyshawn Tesama/ Ky

Species: Gligar

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: Ky is much lighter than a normal Gligar it is almost as if he is white with a little bit of purple thrown in. He has green eyes that look like emeralds in the sun and he has a green tounge.

Personality: Ky is usually off somewhere by himself because he looks so different from all his friends that he fears that they will make fun of him. Sometimes you see him in a group but he is always behind them and supports them in what they do but can muster up the courage to try anything new himself. He likes being with other people but he just fears what they think about him. He cant handle rejection well so he tries to stay out of those kinds of situations. He is trying to work on his moral issues but haven’t found anything to test it out on as of yet.

History: Ky grew up in Little Hillmoss Town and even as a baby his parents knew that he was an odd pokemon. He had light purple skin and his tounge and eyes were totally different from theirs. They didn’t care for they had a son that would grow up to a fine pokemon. As the years flew by Ky began to learn to fly and battle to help defend himself from enemies. He became a very curious pokemon as he would go to the library and read different tales and he found a book about the Legendary War. This story really intrigued him and he kept reading. After finish the book he began to hope he could be one of the warriors that would help save the world like in that book.

He hung out with a group of friends that had vivid imaginations and pretend that they were warriors try to save the world from they fallen legendary’s but whenever Ky played they ended up quitting because sometime he would take things too far. Ky knew they didn’t believe in the story and only played it to have fun but Ky knew better. He hoped that he could join a band of pokemon and fight the fallen legends and save the world.

Night Slash (One of his most powerful moves. He is still learning how to control its power but it tries him after use.)
Wing Attack (A simple attack that really most of his family knows and is one of their specialties)
Sand Tomb (Can use this ability quite easily and uses it to trap his foes and to use a more powerful technique.)
Poison Sting (His very first move and he can pull this off many times before even becoming tired.)
X-Scissor (After mastering this attack it became his strongest move. He ways the possibilities of this attack before use in combat since it can drain alot of his energy.)

RP Sample: From: The Epic Challenge: Hoenn Region

Marcus happy to see he caught a wurmple and call it out. The bug pokemon stared up at its new trainer and made a spot on his head. Marcus thought it was cute and decided to leave it on his head until he got to the pokemon center in Oldale town.

“Okay little one time to come off my head.” Marcus said stopping in front of the pokemon center. “Oh yeah I almost forgot to name you.” he said with a smile looking at the wurmple. The pokemon turned its head and started shooting silk everywhere.

“Okay I will call you Ribbon.” Marcus said picking up her pokeball and returning it. “Hammer you to it is easier for the nurse to care for you in your pokeball.” Returning his pokemon he entered the Pookemon center.

“Welcome trainer to the Oldale Pokemon Center. I am Nurse Joy and I will be happy to look after your pokemon while you stay here.” The lady from behind a desk said as Marcus entered the center.

“Chan sey Chan sey.” A pink egg shaped pokemon said coming up behind Marcus and walking him to the front desk.

“N-nurse J- Joy.” Marcus began speaking afraid of being made fun of by the other people in the center. “C-could you look after my pokemon while I am here.”

“Gladly” She said reaching out for Marcus’s pokeballs. Handing them over he then turned and saw Rebecca sitting alone on a bench by the window. He made his way over to her.

“Hey Rebecca.” Marcus said with a nice smile.

“Huh. Hey Marcus.” She said jumping off the bench hugging him. “What are you doing here?”

“Well I am healing my pokemon what about you?”

“I just came from my dad’s house and he gave me two pokemon eggs that were about to hatch so I came here as quickly as I could.”

“Pokemon eggs?” Marcus said confused

“Yeah, eggs that you get from breeding 2 pokemon from the same egg group.” She explained “You see my dad is a breeder and he takes care and raise really nice pokemon that they own or other people bring them.”

Marcus than thought what if he could see her dad to see if he could get some pointers on how to raise pokemon properly.

“That sounds cool.” Marcus said just imagining the possibilties of pokemon the eggs could be. “Do you think I will be able to meet your dad sometime?” Marcus asked politely.

“Sure after these eggs hatch I will take you to see him.”

“Oh Rebecca the eggs you brought are about to hatch.” Nurse Joy yelled out. Rebecca jumped up grabbing Marcus’s hand and pulling him into the room to see the eggs hatch. They walk back into the Hatchery where they seen many different pokemon eggs.

“Here we are.” Nurse Joy said pointing to two eggs that were glowing. The eggs began to crack and out of one of them popped out a pokemon with two long pink ears and the inside of them were green and the other one had a pokemon with blue ears and the inside were a dark blue. Marcus pulled out this pokedex and pointed to both pokemon.

Nidoran Male: It constantly moves its large ears in many directions in order to detect danger right away.
It extends its toxic spikes when angry. The size of its body thorns indicates its toxicity.

Nidoran female: A mild-mannered Pokémon that does not like to fight. Nidoran has barbs that secrete a powerful poison. They are thought to have developed as protection for this small-bodied Pokémon. When enraged, it releases a horrible toxin from its horn.

Closing his pokedex he saw the two pokemon jumping around each other already playing as if they have been friends forever.

“Okay you two come to your pokeball.” Rebecca said as she was happy to se that the pokemon were okay and healthy. “And now how about coming with me to come visit my dad?”

Marcus knew this was a great chance to get some really good tips from a master pokemon breeder. They left the pokemon center and heading to the a small house that was close to the forest with a tall fence that kept the many pokemon they had inside it.

“Mom. Dad. I am back with the pokemon and I brought a friend.” Rebecca yelled out from the doorway. No one answered her back so she thought they could have left for Rustboro City to visit the school. She closed the door and apologized to Marcus.

“I am sorry my parents weren’t here but maybe they went up ahead to Rustboro City to visit the school and you could meet them there.”

“Okay thanks Rebecca. Well I have to run to the pokemart real quick before they close and then I will be back at the pokemon center for the rest of the night.” Marcus said walking away from Rebecca’s house and to the pokemart. Upon arriving at the pokemart he saw that it was closed and so he headed for the pokemon center to get some shut eye.

The next morning Marcus woke up and headed to the front desk.

“Good morning Nurse Joy.” Marcus said with a little yawn. “I am here to pick up my pokemon.”

“Okay they all are in fighting shape again.” Nurse Joy said handing him his pokeballs that contain his pokemon. “Oh yeah almost forgot this girl named Rebecca left this note for you.” Marcus took the note and began to read it.

Marcus if you are reading this then you must be up
and I want to battle you again on Route 102. Hurry
up and come already. There will be a surprise for you
if you beat me in this battle.
Marcus knew he could not just decline the battle so he headed out the pokemon center and headed to Route 102.

Other: He is a very loyal pokemon and sometimes can take things too far.

October 8th, 2008, 4:46 PM
Koroc: And acceptable sign up, but I changed the maximum amount of attacks from six to five, so delete one of those attacks and you're accepted.

October 8th, 2008, 4:49 PM
Okay I edited it. I have been dying to play a rp where I am a pokemon and this one sounds very fun.

October 8th, 2008, 6:28 PM
Perfect indeed :), Here's my sign up

Name/Nicknames: Jexlin (Jex, for short)
Species: Riolu
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: Jex is a blue and black pokemon resembling a dog. The top of her head, much of her torso, and her upper legs, as well as her arms and tail, are blue. Her chest area, her tapered muzzle, and her lower legs and feet are black. She also appears to have two sets of ears, though it is assumed that they are not both used for hearing. There are two pointed ears that are located atop her head, and two black ones that dangle much like a dog such as the Irish Setter's ears would. Jex's eyes, rather than the traditional violet or reddish shade, are instead steely gray, cold and hard as metal, and they are surrounded by a black patch of fur resembling an eye mask. Jex also has a yellow collar-like growth around her neck which, at most times, is barely visable, two gray-white rounded bumps on the back of her paws, which as of now appear to serve no real purpose.

Personality: Jex, although young, is very proud and independent and fully capable of taking care of herself. Or so she thinks, and most of the time that’s pretty much true. She doesn’t really need others, just herself, and then she’s pretty much fine and dandy. Jex can be the type to act first and ask questions later, meaning that it probably isn’t a good idea to be around her when she gets angry, or even to get her angry in the first place. She also acts older than she is, sometimes, to mask her insecurity and awkwardness around those much larger, much older, or intimidating to her. Recently, though, she’s been kind of withdrawing from that habit, even though it results in her getting kicked around by other Pokemon a lot more than she used to. She also loves to cause trouble, or rather, play pranks on the bullies in the park, and that too usually results in her getting kicked around by whichever one of the many bullies that she played the prank on. Though she has been picked on all her life, Jex always seems to get over it and move on, apparently physical injuries don’t hurt her very much anymore, not like they used to, she’s gotten used to it.

History: Jex’s family were all very loving, they were kind towards their second youngest daughter, as was her older brother, Rex. She, in turn, looked after her youngest sister, Elyss, and they were a big, happy, loving family. That was exactly what they were, and Jex always considered herself lucky to have such a loving family, because she knew that some Pokemon didn’t receive the love and care that she received, and she never took it for granted. However, outside of it all, Jex was the one that bullies took notice of. Somewhat smaller than the average Riolu when she was younger, the bullies decided that she would be an easy target, small, but still proud, it seemed unlikely that she would tell anyone that she was being picked on. Jex never did, though she often came home with bruises, burns, and cuts, her family worried, but they never found out for quite a while. Not until Jex was nine. But by then, she had been picked on for almost four years, and the main bully that picked on her was Jake, a Houndour. He was almost twice as big as her, and saw Jex as an easy target, and there was no way Jex could escape him, even with her generally faster speed and stamina, Jake somehow always managed to catch up to her. Standing up to him didn’t work either, because all she would get was a little “reward” for snapping at him or even daring to face him directly. It wasn’t until her brother saw her being bullied that her family found about what had been going on and where Jex had been receiving all these injuries. Her parents managed to put a stop to it, or so they thought, though really, they only put a damper on it, because whenever the bullies could get Jex on her own, it would start all over again. Eventually, she began staying closer to home and training, working out the moves she had learned, and faced Jake again. This time, she managed to turn things around, and Jake was sent home whimpering, but Jex knew he’d never tell. He would never hear the end of it if it ever got out that he was beaten by some puny Pokemon, but they kept their distance from then on, Jex likes to think that she had finally managed to scare him, but she knows that he’s probably just waiting.

Moves: Quick Attack, Force Palm, Counter, Sky Uppercut (a move that has been passed down through the family)

RP Sample:
Reily Jackson rolled out of her bunk at the PokemonCenter, it was the start of a new day, her Raichu, which had slept at the other end of the bed, twitched its ears and sat up, looking around and blinking sleepily. Reily gathered her things together, and straightened the bottom bunk on which she had slept for the night, pulling the sheets up tight, Raichu helped by tucking the sheets in, it had become accustomed to this process because they stayed at a Pokemon Center every night since they had started their journey, unless they had somewhere else suitable for staying. Then the pair gathered their things together and silently opened the door to their room, slipping out noiselessly. Raichu led the way down the flight of stairs leading to the main part of the PokemonCenter, and she was greeted by a Chansey, who took her hand and led her onto one of the phones at the Center, where she could see her best friend’s face of the screen. She thanked the Chansey, who went off happily, and said hello to her friend, Connor.

“Hey Connor, how’s it going? I almost forgot what you looked like!” Reily said to Connor, who grinned. As soon as she had seen her friend, everything rushed back to her, the straight, short, brown hair, the blue-green eyes, and the smile that she has always trusted.

“I’m great, I’m calling from the PokemonCenter, how’s Raichu?” He asked, spotting the tips of Raichu’s ears, Reily looked around, Raichu was standing on its toes, trying to say hi, but not quite tall enough.

“Oh, Raichu’s doing awesome,” Reily leaned over and picked Raichu up, Raichu waved at Connor, who laughed and waved back, good thing Raichu’s not very heavy, Reily said, Raichu apparently wanted to be put down again, because it gestured towards the ground with its tail. Reily set her pokemon down and it went towards a Chansey, apparently asking it a question, because moments later the Chansey nodded and pointed towards a long hallway, where Raichu ran off to. What’s Raichu up to? Reily wondered.

“That’s a good thing, I’m thinking,” Connor said, “I think you’d better go find your Raichu, I can see it running off in the background. And we can’t talk for too long anyways, so, I’ll call you later sometimes, okay?”

“Sure, that’s fine,” Reily nodded, looked behind her back, Raichu had reappeared, “oh, Raichu’s back, I don’t think it was up to anything, but I’ll ask later. See you, Connor.”

“Later Ri!” Connor said brightly before hanging up, the screen went black, and Reily sighed, she wished she could see Connor in person, they had some serious catching up to do. Currently he was in SnowpointCity, she was in, well, near, Hearthome, that was kind of a major difference in distance, then again, Snowpoint was a mostly insolated city, it takes quite a bit of travel to get to there.

“Rai rai!” Raichu tugged on Reily’s sleeve while she was standing there gazing at the blank screen. She looked down,

“oh…right, we’d better get going then, I guess.” Reily agreed, slinging her backpack over her shoulder, as they said thank you to Nurse Joy and left the PokemonCenter, Reily took out a breakfast bar, it was pretty much flavorless, but it was as satisfying as a bowl of oatmeal and eggs, and contained similar nutrients, so she ate one when she didn’t have time to get breakfast.

They reached the edge of the town fairly quickly, seeing as it was a rather small town, and headed out into the forest road. As they walked, Raichu suddenly interrupted the silence.

“Rai?” He cried, as an Azumarill appeared. Reily was rather surprised, she rarely ever saw Azumarill in the wild.

“Err….” Reily began, she noticed Raichu moving into attack stance. But the Azumarill was gazing sweetly at Raichu, she seemed to be trying to attract Raichu’s attention. “Sorry, he’s taken.” She muttered under her breath, but quietly, so that the Azumarill couldn’t hear. Now the water rabbit pokemon was using bubblebeam and water gun in combination to try to impress Raichu, who was looking rather confused. As the Azumarill continued to make attempts to impress Raichu, it began getting the point, and looked at Reily for help. Reily understood that Raichu’s look meant, please help me get out of this, I’m not interested in that Azumarill. Reily nodded, and thought for a moment, before staging a loud, fake, conversation.

“So….how do you think Pikachu’s doing, Raichu?” Reily asked, Raichu stared at her for a moment before replying.

“Rai, raichu!” I hope she’s doing well, I can’t wait to see her again. Reily knew Azumarill could hear, and suspected this might have been somewhat cruel, but she was kind of sick of having all these pokemon eying Raichu, it happened more than once before.

“Oh that’s good, I bet she misses you a lot,” Reily said thoughtfully, while Raichu nodded, faking agreement.

“Rai…” I miss her too…

The Azumarill had understood every word of this faked conversation, and it couldn’t help but be slightly offended, here was a Raichu she was trying to impress, and it didn’t even take notice of her. Puffing herself up, the Azumarill turned up her nose for a second, then blew a kiss at Raichu, who pretended not to take notice. Finally, the Azumarill disappeared into the bushes again, and Reily knelt down to whisper to Raichu.

“Good job…”

“Rai….” They did the same thing every time a pokemon happened to develop an attraction to Raichu, and it always worked to take their focus off Raichu. Reily also found that they forget about Raichu after a while, which Raichu was pretty happy about.

“Do you think she’ll come back?” Reily whispered, her voice even lower now, Raichu glanced around before replying.


“Well, for the time being, let’s keep on going.” Reily decided, and Raichu gave a nod of agreement before dropping back on all fours. They continued walking, though they both knew that they’d probably see that Azumarill at least one more time.

From Operation: Maledict
Created by LaurenLOVESTONED
Character: Reily Hayden Jackson


-Though Jex's Sky Uppercut can be really powerful, it is difficult for her to get a direct hit.
-Her eyes never reveal any emotion, which almost always creep some Pokemon out.

Trainer Kat
October 8th, 2008, 6:35 PM

Damn you, Gummy. xD; I had planned on not signing up for any more RPs, but you have me intrigued. Can you please reserve me Shinx?

October 8th, 2008, 7:19 PM
Name/Nicknames: Katrynah / (Kat)
Species: Pachirisu
Gender: Female
Age: Fourteen

Appearance: Kat resembles your average Pachirisu. Perhaps a bit leaner, however... At first glance she's normal-looking, as there's nothing strikingly obvious about her fur or features, but her muscles are much tougher than those of most Pachirisus, allowing her to move quicker, with more speed and power.

Personality: Before you meet Katrynah, there's one thing you probably should know: Don't you dare call Kat cute. Ever. You're lucky to escape from her unharmed if you say anything along those lines. Why, exactly? Well, that's where the fact that she's a Pachirisu of all Pokemon becomes a bit unbelievable...

Kat's tough. Very tough. And I don't mean tough as in "strong and brainless", but the kind of tough you'd expect from someone who means business. Which would be precisely the kind of Pokemon she is. She's got a lot of what you'd be looking for in a hero of some sort. Willpower, courage, intelligence... And a lot besides. Like stubbornness, for instance. Oh, yeah. Kat is stubborn. As far as she's concerned, it's her way or no way, and if anyone objects, then that's their problem. She's never been one to fool around. Especially not with people who can't just shut up and listen to the "tiny little Pachirisu".

Don't underestimate her, either. She hates that. In fact, Kat seems to strongly emphasize that being a small, fluffy, squirrel-like Pokemon does not make her weak or harmless. She's anything but that sort of Pokemon. In battle (and sometimes outside of it) she's a ruthless fighter who knows no mercy, be you a friend or a foe. A master of battling, she uses her small size to her advantage, and tends to rely on tricky moves and strategies to get the job done. This is where her brains come in, and she has plenty to back her up in times of need. Whether you're meeting her in battle or not, she's fierce, and you'd probably be better off if you just didn't test her...


Katrynah wasn't born in Little Hillmoss Town. In fact, her birthplace was across the sea, in the mountains known as the Torrid Range. While her parents lived in the town of Corporcana, she was brought up in the actual mountains, where her father (a Raichu) believed she would learn more about true courage, strength, and survival. This is perhaps where she discovered her fighting skills, as her father would test and challenge her on a daily basis. Her muscles developed as she climbed peaks and adapted to the harsh mountain life, and her over all personality became rough, tough, and ready for anything.

Kat would often visit Corporcana with her father, mainly to visit her mother (a townsfolk Pokemon who much prefered shelter and security to the harsh conditions of the wilderness). It was here that she learned of the myths... Tales of an untold clash; the Legendary War. Kat, of course, didn't really believe in these silly tales... Legendaries? Well, if they were so god-like and mighty, why wouldn't they show themselves and actually do some good in this world? And if they were power-hungry enough to break out in wars amongst each other, clearly they weren't worthy of such titles. She figured, especially if there had been a War, that these so-called Legendaries did not deserve her care or thought.

However, it was the quakes that started to make her beliefs a bit uncertain. They came seemingly out of nowhere, shaking the mountains themselves in their rage. At first few seemed worried about it, but then... when a mountain crumbled and a small village was reduced to splinters and ashes... It became apparent that the area wasn't very safe anymore.

Luckily for Kat, her father knew a Floatzel living near the sea by Corporcana who was skilled in the craft of sailing and boat-building. This Floatzel agreed to sail a small boat across the sea to the Alpha Region's mainland. Kat's father told her to leave for a peaceful town called Little Hillmoss, where the quakes surely couldn't have reached just yet. When Kat asked if he would be going, he lowered his head and said he had to stay behind, to look out for her mother. If there was anyone who wouldn't want to displease her father, it was Kat, and she bravely agreed to head for the town on her own. When she made it, a month or so later, she managed to get settled in well enough... for now.

Moves: Fake Tears, Last Resort, Super Fang, Discharge, Quick Attack

RP Sample: Taken from Lusankya's The Final Level~
Darkness... Cold, metallic surface... White. Unfamiliar air. Peculiar tubes... Surrounded... Trapped? Noise... Strange noise. Unnatural noise. Beep... Beep... Beep...

Shaymin blinked. Her green eyes flicked from side to side as she came to her senses. Something was wrong. This was not her home. Her paradise. That was apparent. Rather than a soft, grassy patch of flowers, a hard, solid floor lay beneath her paws. There were no clear skies or sweet aromas. Just a wall. A round wall, sealing her into a small space. And that blaring noise... Beep... Beep... This was not right. It was uncomfortable. Incorrect. Not meant to be.

Her gaze turned to a rectangular indentation in the wall. Black, in color. Glowing red light. Symbols... Symbols that changed with every ring of that sound. Beep... Beep... It hit her quickly. Humans. They were doing this. More than likely, to trap her. To use her powers for their own selfish, greedy desires. With a tilt of her head, Shaymin noticed the hallway. White and ominous, it lay befor eher eyes. Her hypothesis was flawed. Humans wouldn't allow her to escape so easily. They may have been greedy, but they were definately not stupid. All the same, the instinctual urge to flee from this compressed space called her forward. And so, she darted.

Beep... Beep... That noise. Beep... It chimed out from the room. Beep... Somehow... Beep... It frightened her... Beep... The hallway was void of any obstacles, but it was long... Beep... Perhaps this was a trap...? Beep.

All of a sudden, the loudest sound imaginable broke out from behind her. Louder than the beeping noise. Louder than thunder. It didn't beep or crash. It exploded, in a powerful blare that sent all of Shaymin's fur up in a single horrified heartbeat.

She didn't take the time to look back and see what it was. To do so would be insanity. Instead, her winglike ears flapped quickly, and she felt her body detatch itself from gravity. Except, there was something else different. She was heavier. She had a defined wieght, and still felt the ground's pull tugging at her paws. This had never occured before... This form was called the Sky Forme for a reason... Shaking her head, she let herself fall back down. Running would prove faster.

All of this; the rise into the air, the realization, and the fall, occured in about a second. That one second, however, was a dreadful loss. The sound was growing louder... Several tiny objects rammed into the flooring behind her, colliding with the surface in a horrible smashing sound. She had to escape. Now.

Even without flight Shaymin could prove herself to be fast. A fierce and wild determination filled her as she dashed, pushing her forward. You want to get me? ... You'll have to catch me, she thought. Of course, her mind was whirling with excitement and confusion all at once. She had no idea where she was. Why she was here. What she was running from. Why it was after her. Where she was heading. All she knew was to run. And that she did.

The tunnel ended abruptly. The entire setting had suddenly changed. Soft dirt and leaves were pressed underneath Shaymin's paws now. The air had a fresh, woodsy scent to it. Trees. Bushes. Foliage. A forest.

"Welcome, players!" a voice rang out. Shaymin glanced around, wondering where it had come from, but found no source within her vision. "We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

She blinked again. What was this? She could understand basic human speech, but this seemed... rediculous. A game? What...? A game that required her to abandon her sacred duties? Just to come here...?

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

This made no sense. This was crazy. She wasn't supposed to be here. All the same, though, the same wild feeling Shaymin had experienced before was rising. This was exciting. A great risk. Life or death. Far more entertaining than sitting around in a field of flowers... While her dutiful, responsible side knew she needed to escape from here and return to her home, her adventurous side was, honestly, ready for more... A smirk found its way to Shaymin's face. Well, then. Bring it on!

Other: None.

October 8th, 2008, 8:06 PM
Name/Nicknames: Karnrasinforetsuetoi or Kran (no i did not type random leters)

Species: Zangoose

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Reversed colors. Where white is red, and red is white. Other than that he looks just like other Zangoose.

Personality: Karn is very violant when taunted. He has an almost uncontrolable anger, and any thing can set him off. But if you become friends with him that changes. For some reason you can't make him mad if your his friend. Unless you are fakeing it, then you die. He likes to listen to soothing music, keeps him calm. Fast or hard music can, but not always, set him off. Also, he does not like to be angery, makes him feel hollow inside, like all that was him just flowed out. Also he hates false heroism ( you know things like, "You go on ahead, I'll hold them off) , and preechy pokemon. Those are two things to set him off for sure. And yes, common Zangoose/Seviper hatered too. Ok, time to get to happy thoughts. When hes friendly he's very fun to be around. Acts very normal, laughs, plays, has fun. Kran likes to laze around and sleep too. He spends most of his time sleeping too. He is also good at making friends. Kran is very protective of friends and loved ones.

History: He no longer lives with his family because of the anger thing. He was not kicked out thought, he choose to leave. The reason he left was one day while playing out side with his friends some kid pokemon started making fun of, not him but his friends. Two minutes later he wakes up from a blind rage. All but ons offender dead. His friends dead too. He now lives on the out skirts of the village, sleeping and eating the day away. But on some days he trains all day long, stoping only for water and food three times. He was traning when he hured two pokemon talking a crazy old Weavile talking about some end of the world or something. The detailes were sketchy, so Kran decided to cheack it out. And thats when his story begins.

Moves: Close Combat, Crush Claw, Counter, Detect, Razor Wind

RP Sample (not an intro to this RP!): Two Hours Later

"Wow! That's a lot to take in.. What did you say your name was?" Mishra said. After Mishra regained control of his body, he started running, and ran for a long time, all the while having a voice in his head talk about his adventures in a previous life.

Not your past life. Remember at my death I sent my soul in to that cape you wore, and had it given to a famile of Medicham, said the voice. And I never said my name. it's not time yet. You must learn.

After a while he stoped running and sat to listen and try to take it all in. But even for an Enlightened pokemon it was a lot. "That's hard to belive. Then again I did just see Rapharam get brought back so I gess it's not impossible. So what do i have to learn.

You must learn to fight him and the other Shadow pokemon who follow him. He is very dangeris. I fought him once, but did not win. That same fight taught me how to defeat him though and I am not the one who can do it, said the voice.

(A quick image of whats going on is Mishra is just sitting down and to anyone who passes by he is talking to him self)

Mishra gets up and says "Ok! Lets do this. How do you kill Rapharam!"

Not yet. First we must find the family that originaly had the cape. We must find the true heir of the cape. Only a Medicham can do it.

"Well I'm not sure who had it first but we can easly find out. I was found as an egg by a family of Medicham. I am sure they will ether know who or find us along chain of people who had the cape," said Mishra

Good. Let us go to them. Once we find the heir you give them the cape so I can transfer to his or her mind. Then we can defeat Rapharam. After we find the heir I will tell you my name.

Mishra stood up and started to go when he rembered a couple of things. "First off we need to bury someone, then we need to get directions and a map, because i'm lost.


Other: N/A

drunk ¬_¬
October 8th, 2008, 10:23 PM
Name/Nicknames: Luis "Nani" Almada (not MY real name)

Species: Nidorino (expecting to evolve throughout the rp)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Looks like a normal Nidorino, with a horizontal scar underneath his right eyebrow

Personality: Nani acts very dfferently in different situations, for example, if he is in company of younger pokemons, he can be a very fatherly figure. If he is with elder pokemon he is very respectful to them too. But when he is in company of others his age he'll be calm and quiet around them, UNTIL he gets close to the new people who he'll treat as his friends. And when he is with people he considers friends, he'll be the most loyal companion of them all. He is the "noone stays behind under any circumstances" kind of guy, and he'll be quick to put his body and life on the line for those he cares for. He can be a complete goof to these people to, but prefers not to, because sometimes it makes him feel stupid. In battle he enjoys using his Poison Jab to poison his opponents and get a strategical advantage, or when the cards are truly on his favor, finish it quickly with a Horn Drill, besides that he's more into action than strategy.

History: Nani comes from a lonely background, a small family rejected by the rest of the pack due to his father's "crazy" rants about Arceus' advise. His dad had a pretty harsh life because of this, both of his younger sons doubted him, and were a little ashamed of him, and he knew his wife suffered by looking at him. Nani was his only reason to continue to preach of the matter, as a matter of fact, Nani would never doubt him, because he was the only Nidoking in the pack, and should therefore be (in his eyes) the leader and most respected of them all. Then one day a weavile came to Viridian Forest preaching for followers who would help him save the world from an evil greater than anything we've encountered so far. Hearing this, Nani rushingly went and asked his dad to help the Weavile in his cause, but he refused saying "I'm too old, and I have a family... why don't you go in my place". Nani then realized that due to the extended years of rejection, his dad's heart had started to doubt itself by asking Nani to go in his place. "Don't worry dad, I'll help you remember, and I'll save everyone who turned deaf ears to the warning and save them too".

Moves: can we learn new moves as the rp progresses?
if so then: Peck, Horn Attack, Double Kick, Poison Jab, Horn Drill
if not then: Poison Jab, Horn Drill, Thrash, Earth Power, Megahorn (if you don't want a Nidorino to have these moves, I can always start out as a Nidoking)

RP Sample: Taken from Lusankya's ReGenesis Games: Final Level

Chicho the Snorlax

Level 1

“Welcome to the game”



(tic) *rolls to side attempting to fall asleep again*


“ALL RIGHT, WHAT THE F…!” Chicho screamed out before seeing protruding gun turrets all pointing at him in a slim white hallway that looked only big enough for him to fit in, and like nothing he had ever encountered before.


Behind him, he encountered a digital clock counting down, and on 11 (tic)… no 10 seconds.

“SHIT!” there wasn’t much to think, Chicho just jumped up aiming to the exit of the hallway and screamed out while performing a Rollout, attempting to make it out on time.

(tic) time was down to 8 seconds

<What am I doing?> Chicho thought, his body felt cramped up all over, he could feel bags under his eyes for the lack of sleep (comparing to other happier times), he accidentally bumped his head against the artificial floor of the hallway, and got a shiver on his back for not stretching out after a nap. His stomach growled asking for food, even though he knew he didn’t need it, it was his body’s instinct to ask for food after sleeping, he knew this because he was still too sleepy to have actually woken up on a normal day, which meant he shouldn’t be eating yet.

(tic) <Was it 4 seconds now?> thought Chicho who was now approximately halfway down the aisle. <Too slow… I’m n pain, as a matter of fact, why did I even bother getting up?> Chicho was smart enough to realize he wouldn’t make it at his current pace, his body was in pain, and he kept bumping against the walls and gun turrets protruding from them. He didn’t think when he got up, there was no way he could make it on time, <Why?> he kept asking himself. <Why am I fighting something that’s inevitable anyways? Why am I willing to die hurting instead of dying a happy and quick death in my sleep?> He knew better though, there was no way, not even he could sleep in a situation like this “Hmph” <I guess it was my instinct to fight it>

(tic) and down to 2 seconds

“WHY THE (tic) F…!” At the same time as he yelled out ****, he blasted a strong Hyper Beam that destroyed most of the gun turrets, and wall.

Chicho was now limping his way out of the hallway through the smoke that had escaped from the same way, as he made his figure visible outside of the smoke he said to himself: “Not… fast… enough…” His Hyper Beam wasn’t all that effective to say the least, as he ended up with 10 gunshot wounds to his body, 3 to his left arm, 2 on each leg, 2 of the bullets scraped his ribcage after being deflected from his face by the energy beam, and 1 that could’ve killed him had it not been for a weird bounce it had off his Thick Fat. “Guess… need to… REST.” He then fell face first onto the floor thinking he had finally saved himself.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, cnguoriotlaants! For toshe of you nuifvd …”

Other: If there's an ooc thread answer my q's bout evolution and movesets there plz

October 9th, 2008, 5:50 AM
Sounds interesting. May I join? I shall finish up personality as soon as I can.

Name/Nicknames: Yuudai (Called Yuu)
Species: Grumpig
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Same as pokedex description.
Personality: Yuu is a very jolly pokemon normally, and an overall nice person to be around. He works well with others, and quite frankly hates to be alone. He is very gentleman-like, especially to ladies, watching his manners, never wanting to offend anybody. In battle, Yuu tries to keep calm and asses his situation, lest he make any unwise choices. He considers himself more of a follower then a leader, however that at times can be completely untrue. He is quite good at coming up with ideas and taking initiative, and at times focuses on his own interests and ambitions more then the ones set upon him by others. While Yuu admits that the so-called "Legends" are indeed not on the same level as gods, he recognizes they are very powerful beings, and therefore should not be underestimated. However, he rarely voices this opinion, looking at the type of society he lives in.

History: (His parents shall be called by their pokemon names for lack of creativity)
Yuu, in short, was an unwanted accident. His mother, a Grumpig, and his father, an Espeon had met one night by chance, and in the process, probably got a bit closer to each other then they should have. Over the next few weeks, the two pokemon spent time together, oblivious to the fact that Grumpig was bearing their child. When it became visibly obvious that the female was pregnant, Espeon became disgusted. He had never wanted children, and hated the fact that they were going to have one. He became angry with Grumpig, blaming her for bearing the child, as if she had a choice. In the end, he left her.

Grumpig was heartbroken. Eventually she had became angry at the fact she was bearing a child as well, seeing it as the thing that had separated her from the love of her life. Once her child had been born, she would look at him and only see Espeon, causing her to come to hate her offspring. Yuu lived with his mom for the first five or so years of his life, but it was painfully obvious she saw him more as a pest then a son. One morning though, Yuu woke up somewhere in the Radloffian Farmlands, alone, without his mother. She had had enough. She had abandoned him.

A small family of Typhlosion took the boy in when they had found him all by himself, and raised him themselves. Over this time, Yuu grew into a fine young man. His foster parents nurtured him as they would any other of their children. When he grew big enough, Yuu began to work on one of the farms on the farmlands, using his psychic to lift heavy objects and aiding in harvesting berries, every now and again going to one of the nearby towns to sell their goods.

Moves: Hypnosis, Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Payback, and Future Sight (From his father, Espeon)
RP Sample: From Pokemon: The Hybrid Chronicles

And once again another training robot fell. The simulated Dragonite was easily vanquished by Jiro's sketched Dragon Claw. He was panting now, his hunger getting to him as his stomach let out another loud growl. It was still anticipating lunch, but it wouldn't get anything till dinner. Hopefully, that is, assuming Taro didn't get to him first. No... that wouldn't happen! The fiend wouldn't get ahold of two of his meals in the same day!

Feeling content with training, the smeargle turned to head back to his room, figuring he would draw to take his mind off of things until dinner rolled around, but speak of the devil, he ran headfirst into the very hybrid he was thinking about, and hoping not to see.

"Well well... Hey there pal!" The Snorlax said in his usual mocking tone. He towered over Jiro, making him feel very small in comparison, he had to be at least seven feet tall. His body was well rounded, much like a Snorlax's, and his hands and feet were that of a Snorlax. Blue fur covered his arms, legs, and ears, leaving his body bare, revealing his human skin. Reaching down, Taro grabbed the helpless Smeargle by the tail, hoisting him up to eye-level. Normally, a pokemon would be in pain from being lifted in such a way, but Taro handled Jiro like this often, and he had gotten used to it.

"H-hey Taro..." He Jiro stammered in response, intimidated by the large pokemon hybrid "J-just got your physical?"

Now, Taro had been systematically making his life miserable for quite a while now, and as such, Jiro learned a thing or two about him. One of the unpleasant things about the large hybrid, was that he usually carried with him a very noticeable odor. Being so large, Taro couldn't fit inside of any of the facilities shower or bath chambers, so the only time he got cleaned was on the day of his physical, when a team of workers would help wash him down. The absence of his usual stench told Jiro his check-up had already passed.

"Why yes, actually." He responded, smirking "The doc said I look great! Granted, he did mention I may be overeating a bit, but with my Snorlax metabolism its not like im going to clog an artery or anything. So how did yours go?"

"H-he said Im underweight..." Was all he could get out.

"Aw, pity. You should eat more." Taro said, with a devilish smile on his face "Anyway, Im glad you ran into me. Ya see, Im just brimming with energy from my physical right now, and could use a good spar with someone, ya know? And well, seeing how you were performing a few seconds ago, I figure you would be a good choice in an opponent, don't you agree?"

"I-" Jiro started, but Taro wouldn't let him finish.

"Perfect. I gotta warn ya, Ive been practicing."

With that, Jiro was lifted even higher into the air, before his large opponent brought his hand down and slammed him into the ground. Pain hurt. Jiro was probably going to be feeling that for quite a while, but not nearly as much as what was coming next. Looking up, to his horror, Taro was falling forward, down ontop of him. Time seemed to slow down as he saw the massive pokemons body slam approaching, but he sat there, unable to do anything. His mind had gone blank, as it usually did in situations like this, and soon he found himself pinned under the massive hybrids body. His opponents great weight crushed down upon his body, forcing the air from his lungs, causing him to pass out under the pokemons massive girth.

Realizing his opponent was no longer conscious, Taro got up, removing his weight from the Smeargle's defenseless body, and looking upon his defeated opponent.

"Only two moves and your already down?" Taro said, though he knew Jiro currently was not able to hear him. "Your no fun at all. Now I gotta go find something else to do..."

With that, Taro uncerimoniously left, leaving Jiro passed out on the floor. If he didn't wake up on his own, one of the workers here would most likely return him to his room like they usually did.


October 9th, 2008, 9:14 AM
I am accepted only 5 more SU’s. If you are Denied, it’s not because your SU was horrible, but just that other people have better SUs.

Lostt: I'm not too sure... you have a tendency to capitalize random words, which happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves. I also noticed the same problem occurring a lot in your sample. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to say Denied for the reason stated here and at the beginning of the post.

Slytherfang: Sexy SU you got there. Accepted

Kat: If you were anyone else, I'd point out rule #9. But I did beg ask you to join and I know first hand about your RP skills, so reserved. But please, hurry...

iLike2EatPiez: Another great SU and Sample. Accepted

Lookalikealagaler: Everything looks good up to the RP Sample. It’s a bit too short. Also, in that short paragraph, you have quite a few of spelling and grammatical errors. If you can get me a better sample, please do, otherwise Denied.

Drunk: Yes, evolutions will occur, just much later in the RP and moves will be learned, just not as fast in other RPs (which is why I allowed a max of five). Anyways, onto your SU: everything is okay except the history section. There is no Viridian Forest, check rule 11 to see the region we will be playing in. You should already be living in Little Hillmoss Town, or at least on the outskirts. Denied, but fix this small problem and you will easily get accepted.

GameCrazy: Like Kat, I already know you’re a good RPer and your sample proves that. Reserved, but I’m sure you’ll be accepted once that SU is finished.

I have good reason to believe those with reservations will make the cut, so it's safe to say I will be accepting one more SU. If you were denied, I advise to fix your SU quickly!

October 9th, 2008, 12:32 PM
Name/Nicknames: Kairo
Species: Vibrava
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Appearance: Kairo mostly appears to be the same as any other Vibrava around, but he has three sets of distinct markings that set him apart from the others. The first is a red upside-down triangle on his forehead. The second set of markings take the form of red diamonds in the center of his primary wings and tail-tip wings. Lastly, there are red bands running along the length of his body, adding color to the otherwise dull nature of the Vibrava body.

Personality: Kairo is a quiet, somewhat shy Pokemon, preferring to watch on the sidelines rather than get into the thick of the action himself. Despite his meekness, he has an innate curiosity that compels him to explore and learn anything that he can, and he has the intelligence to back it up. Kairo has the ability to remember things in vivid, almost perfect detail, although for some reason, this power of memory appears to be rather selective, and only certain things (and he doesn't appear to be able to control what) can he remember with video-like quality. He is also smart, near the top of most of his classes, and has a knack for math. However, despite his intelligence, he is quite lazy and dislikes having to work, but at the same time, is subservient enough that he will work when told to by anyone he has respect for. This means, in effect, that he will do, or attempt to do, anything that one tells him to do, but he probably won't go out and do it if no one does order him to. He's very empthatic and chooses his words carefully, trying not to intrude on the emotions of other people, but has difficulty making close emotional bonds. Music is his two hobbies, and he will spend endless hours sitting in a quiet spot, away from other people, and hum his wings while singing to create beautiful songs, but he gets embarassed if anyone catches him playing. His other hobby is simply poking around, exploring and such, or taking an object apart to find out what makes it tick.

History: (I am going to assume that in this world, Pokemon perform all the functions humans would) Kairo was born on the outskirts of Little Hillmoss town, and lived a quaint little life there, the child of a pair of Flygon farmers, Jax and Loroma, who owned several acres of land outside Little Hillmoss town. While not exactly poor, their family, being farmers, weren't exactly rolling in money either, and they lived a decent middle-class life on the outskirts of town. As a Trapinch, Kairo was always very helpful to his parents in helping to plow the fields and loosen soils, but when he was young, that was about all he could do. Elementary school went fine for Kairo, and he was pretty much as average a student one could possibly find: Average grades, average popularity, and a small circle of friends, although no one really close to him. Middle school went somewhat less well, and he was constantly bullied and beat up by the local school thugs, although his parents were always too busy chasing off the local Ratatta, Raticate, and other pests that constantly attempted to steal grain off the family farm to notice.

It was in 8th grade that with the assistance of a friendly Meowth named Jirly that Kairo finally decided to fight back the bullies, a particularly nasty Mightyena named Quron and his thugs. The two got beat up anyways, but the event had gained Kairo his first close friend, and just as importantly, evolution in his second state. With the ability to fly, the Mightyena wasn't much of a problem for him anymore, and Jirly, being a girl, wasn't subject to the terrors of Quron unless she stood directly in his path, as she had when attempting to help Kairo earlier. After middle school however, Jirly and her family moved away to Moorfeldt city, and Kairo was left alone again. His parents were oh-so-proud of his evolution, but now he wasn't in much of a condition to plow fields anymore, and he spent the summer helping his parents keep the pests off their fields. Now Kairo is ready to enter high school, but he still isn't too keen on doing so. For after all, if this time there's a bully capable of flight, there wouldn't be anything he would be able to do about it. His parents want him to finish high school, but Kairo isn't too concerned about it. After all, his parents make enough money for them to have a decent life, and being a farmer certainly doesn't require large amounts of education.

Moves: Dragonbreath, Sand Tomb, Faint Attack, Sandstorm, Supersonic
RP Sample: Amber streamed through the air, her sleek aerodynamic body cutting through the atmosphere like a hot knife through butter. The wind whistled around her, almost drowning out all other sound.


A roar sounded behind her, and she momentarily turned her head slightly to aim one eye to her rear. Her pursuers, two humans riding a Salamance and a Pidgeot, were steadily becoming closer and closer.

How? She should have been able to outspeed them easily. Yet no sonic boom had sounded as she cruised over the cityscape.

And how had they found her? For weeks she had hid in the city in her human form. There had been no suspicion toward her. So how did they two know she was a Pokemon?

If she continued like this, she would be caught. And Amber knew full well what happened to those who fall into the hands of poachers. All too well, in vivid detail from the perspective of the victim.

She dove into the city, hoping to evade her pursuers by agility rather than speed. Weaving between buildings, she did her best to set up a route that the devil himself couldn't follow.

A mere half a minute of trying told her it was no good. Instead of following her into the city as she had hoped, they merely cruised above the rooftops, more than able to keep a bird's eye view on her.

So what then? Perhaps it was time to give up and surrender. They all had to die someday. No, she reminded herself. They all had to die, but she wouldn't go down without a fight. But what could she do about it? Scanning the ground, she spotted a manhole. A lightbulb flickered on above her head.

Opening her mouth and letting out a cry, she aimed a Hyper Beam at the manhole. The ray of destruction blew through the road, causing several cars to swerve. But she had accomplished her objective. A gaping hole now existed in the road large enough for her to fly through. And fly through she did, straight into the sewer system. Slowing down considerably due to the tight space, she weaved through the sewers. After a few minutes, she decided to wait and see if she had lost her pursuers. Settling down against the side of the sewer wall, she closed her eyes and rested. The rank smell of the waste of thousands of humans almost erased all thought from her mind, but she managed to block it out, partially.

For a long time, she waited. Just when she was about to decide that her little plot was successful, she heard footsteps, and voices, not too far away, echoes bouncing around within the sewer.

"Look, she went this way," said a small, tinny voice.

"Yeah, I can see. I have eyes too, you know. Not blind," sounded the other, an older, gruffer tone.

Her veins froze. How had they followed her? Opening her eyes, she looked down at her body for the first time since the chase had began, and instantly understood why.

A large crater, an empty pocket where there had once been flesh, existed in her side. The blood that was streaming out was no small amount. She had laid a trail for the poachers, a trail of her own blood. But when had she received the wound? Try as she might, she couldn't remember.

Willing herself to be silent, she covered the wound with one paw, the best she could manage, since the other one couldn't reach that far. Cruising through the undercity, she looked around for something, anything, that could help her. She didn't know what she was looking for, but she knew she would know it when she saw it.

Perhaps Fem Fortune was on her side at last. She spotted box floating through the sewer, filled with what looked like bottles of dye. And one of those was red, from what she could see in the dim light. She took it, used her telekinetic psychic powers to unscrew the cap, and tossed it into the sewer as far as she could. She took a wad of crumbled paper, also in the box, and stuffed it into her wound, ignoring the sharp shriek of pain that shot through her nerves. Praying that they would fall for the deception, she streamed off in the direction opposite to that which she had thrown the bottle.

She doubled back to the hole in the ground she had come through, although taking a different path. Emerging from the sewers, she willed her feathers to bend as to refract the light around her, effectively making herself invisible. She cruised just above the heads of the people walking through the streets. The wad of paper had done a good job of keeping her from dripping blood, but now it was throughout saturated, she had to get rid of it. She ducked into an alley and tossed it into a dumpster. Blood once against streamed from her wound.

Hovering in the air, she suddenly felt tired. Beyond tired, she was completely exhausted, all the energy sucked from her body. Perhaps part of it was the blood loss. She fell from the air and collapsed onto the ground, and her feathers returned to their normal position, making herself fully visible again. She could barely muster the strength to drag herself behind the dumpster, out of sight, and prop herself against the wall, sitting with her back to the cold, lonely brick.

Sitting against the side of the building, she looked up at the sky. The smokey, polluted, smog-filled sky. Oh, what humans have done to this world...

A sound bounced from her mouth, a tiny sliver open, just barely agape. She began to sing, quietly and softly to herself.

Notice me...
Take my hand...
Why carry on without me?

She was completely drained of energy. She could no longer fight or run. All she could do is hide. And if those poachers found her now, then there was nothing she could do to prolong her life.

Every time I try to fly
I fall without my wings
I feel so small

But perhaps that was for the best. What had she ever done for anyone? What had she done to be deserving of life? Her entire family was dead. Perhaps it was destiny that she would share that fate. Maybe it was meant to be, that a poacher would walk down this alley, point a shotgun at her head, and pull the trigger, splattering her brains against the cold, dark asphalt and the uncaring brick.

And every time I see
you in my dreams
I see your face
your haunting me

She closed her eyes and turned her head downwards to the ground. A trickle of liquid flowed down from her right eye. A single drop rolled down her face. She felt the tear's pressure against every single feather it touched. It reached the tip of her nose, and fell off.

It was the first of many.

I make believe
that you are here
It's the only way
I see clearly

Oh, Jacen, she thought. The gaping void in her heart, where her brother had been, had always been, as everpresent as the sun and the Earth, as reassuring and solid as the strongest rock, seemed to swallow her entire existence. It was a wound that pained her far more than any physical hurt ever could.

I may have made it rain
please forgive me
My weakness caused you pain
and this song's my sorry

She closed her mouth. Sleep would come, or not at all.

October 9th, 2008, 1:32 PM
Lusankya: Very promising SU, Reserved.

Okay everyone, unless you can whip up a sign up that will absolutely blow my mind, Sign Ups are CLOSED. To those with reservations: you have twenty four hours before you receive an automatic denial and I reopen SUs to fill in your slot.


OOC Discussion Thread has been approved. If you have any questions or want to inform me that you finished your SU, post it there!

October 9th, 2008, 8:40 PM
Alright, I finished up my sign-up. I feel that the history is a bit shorter then I could have made it, and may expand it a bit later, but I covered the main points of his life, so I think its ok for now...

October 10th, 2008, 2:35 PM
Gamekrazy, you're Accepted, if you didn't already know by checking the first post of the OOC thread.

Sorry Kat, but we're going to have to start without you. When you get the time, please PM or VM me about the progress of your SU. Now, without further ado:

Chapter One: Call of the Brave

Our story starts in Little Hillmoss Town, located right at the center of the Alpha Region. Right now, all I require is your character attending the town meeting and making his or her way to the designated rendezvous point (northwestern Hillmoss). When you get there, introduce yourself to Edward and I'm allowing all RPers to bunny my character into saying "Thanks for joining the cause" or something similar.


The sun shone intensely on the hot, cloudless day over Little Hillmoss Town. It was still the early hours of the day, but the brightness of outside resembled that of a noon day sun. The small town was perched atop a steadily sloped hill, making it look as if was glowing from far away. All the buildings of the town were made of wood, brick, or a combination of the two. Its size was comparable to that of a large community, making it not one of the more visited areas of the Alpha Region. Nonetheless, in was in this fateful, little town that the destiny of several unsuspecting Pokemon would be fulfilled.

The sound of a large bell being sounded filled the immediate area; an indicator to any sleeping Pokemon that an important announcement was soon to be held at the town square. Within minutes, the asphalt streets were littered with confused Pokemon, all wanted to get the unannounced meeting over with and get on with their lives. One of the many street leading to the square was blocked off due to a recent quake that created a small sinkhole in the ground. Most Pokemon ignored the hole, along with the quake, mainly due to the widespread belief that the planet was simply going through some hasty changes and that order would soon return. Little did they know this meeting would address the recent natural disasters, along with other pressing matters.

All fell silent as a short, cloaked figure pushed through the crowd and walked to the middle of the square. With razor sharp claws, the mysterious Pokemon pulled back his hood, revealing himself as a Weavile. Whispers and gasps floated amongst the crowd; they were sure a Weavile did not live in Little Hillmoss, so this most have been a traveler. The Weavile casually raised his right hand next to his head, a sign that he was ready to begin talking and wanted everyone to remain silent. However, eyes shifted from his hand to his forehead, where the yellow jewel that all Weavile were adorned with was mysteriously missing, which only generated more whispers. This time, the Weavile set down his bag and waited for silence to come naturally before speaking.

“Hello, inhabitants of Little Hillmoss Town, my name is Edward Stern.” Ed tried to sound older than he was, but it was still pretty obvious to the townspeople that this meeting was being held by a young adult.

“Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for coming here today. I know many of you have better things to do, but I have important and urgent news to share with you. I’m am sure you all have noticed the recent quakes in this area, correct?” A wave of nods swept across the crowd, as if Ed was lecturing an army of bobble heads. “Well then, what if I were to tell you these phenomena are not prone to only this area? Even more, what if I was to tell you this, along with other natural disasters have been occurring all over the Alpha Region?”

A series of astonished gasps and whispers filled the crowd, but a few Pokemon scoffed at the idea. “The planet is simply going through—“

“Natural processes, I’ve heard the excuses,” Ed interrupted. “I can assure you, my fellow Pokemon, that these are not natural occurrences. No, they are far from it. It has been lost to history, but long ago, Arceus himself foretold of the days when the Earth would shake, the seas would swallow whole islands, and the sky itself falls.”

This time the crowd had a different reaction as the majority of them giggled and laughed. These days, citing and Legendary creatures in political matters was a joke.

“And what does ‘almighty Arceus’ suggest we do about this?” someone said mockingly. Edward held back a rude comeback.

“He says it is a sign that the dark one, Giratina, will return to free his fallen followers and wage war once again. This brings me to my main point. I call upon all brave warriors to meet on the northwestern outskirts of Little Hillmoss Town. The time for waiting is over, so we much act! And that is why I’m calling for a small battalion to aid me in finding and destroying the fallen ones.”

The crowd could no longer hold back their amusement and many of them broke down laughing. Leaders of the most respected teams of Hillmoss waved a lazy hand at the Weavile and left the meeting. Within minutes, the entire crowd dispersed, most with smiles on their faces. With a sigh, Edward picked up his bag, stepped away from the square and headed for the northwestern corner of the town.

“Hillmoss is my only hope. I have no choice but to wait for any brave believers.”

October 10th, 2008, 3:04 PM
Kairo sat perched on a branch located on a tree situated just next to his family's field. He was supposed to be watching the field to look for the Ratatta's and other pests that often came to steal their family's hard-grown crops. Supposed to be. What he was actually doing was sitting there with his eyes closed, wings vibrating gently, and himself humming along to the tune. It was a beautiful song he had heard in town from a Gardevoir playing a flute. Beautiful song, beautiful Pokemon. Now he was doing his best to imitate the song of a flute with his wingbeats. He managed, he thought, an extremely good likeness. But he could do much more than a single instrument; thanks to the fact that he had multiple pairs of wings, he could imitate as many as three different instruments, plus his own voice, and now he was making up his own instrumental additions to the song, inspired by his own creativity. A musician was what he wanted to be, not a farmer, or a mathmatician. A renowned musician.

The tolling of bells, far, deep, and powerful, interrupted his song, smashing apart the melodies and drowning out the invented countermelody. It was the bell of the town hall, and was the summons for the entire population of the tiny town to quickly make their way to the town square. He saw his parents, a pair of green dots in the sky, flying across the sky towards the center of the town. He envied their ability to fly, for his own wings were not fully developed, and he couldn't keep himself in the air for longer periods of time. Music, was what his wings were best for.

Even though they couldn't managed great distances, he was still adept enough at flight to make his own way to the town square. His wings quickly shifted positions from pure vibration to lift generation, and as they began to buzz, Kairo's body lifted off the ground, and he aimed himself towards the center of town. Pokemon of all shapes and sizes were heading in the same direction, it was clear that the entire population was in a hurry to get this unannounced gathering over with as quickly as they could and continue on with the daily monotony of their lives. He landed on the edge of the gathered crowd, where a Weavile, cloaked and standing in the center of the crowd, was speaking. Kairo did not remember a Weavile living in the town, so either he was a newcomer, or Kairo was wrong. Either was possible. The Weavile had already been talking for a while, it seemed, and Kairo had arrived too late to hear all of his speech.

“He says it is a sign that the dark one, Giratina, will return to free his fallen followers and wage war once again. This brings me to my main point. I call upon all brave warriors to meet on the northwestern outskirts of Little Hillmoss Town. The time for waiting is over, so we much act! And that is why I’m calling for a small battalion to aid me in finding and destroying the fallen ones.”

Most of the crowd began to laugh raucously. Kairo himself didn't get what was so funny. Giratina and the other Legendaries were jokes, yes, helpless now, but it was sad that the poor Weavile thought this way, not funny. Still, this man was talking about a journey to places Kairo had only thought about! And since the Legendaries didn't really do anything anymore, there was no possible danger. He could join this guy's "battalion" and go help him "find and destroy" the nonexistent "fallen ones". Excitement caused his wings to buzz, but he glanced over at his parents, shaking their heads in amazement and wandering off. They would want him to finish his education before he went anymore.

So? Kairo thought to himself. Not like it takes a high school education to be a farmer. It was time he did something for himself, for a change. It was completely safe, after all.

The crowd continued to disperse, and the Weavile had headed off towards the northwester corner of the town. Kairo followed him there, and landed behind him. The Weavile turned around. "Excuse me, sir?"

"Yes?" The Weavile replied.

"I'd like to join you on your journey," Kairo said pointedly.

The Weavile nodded, and smiled. "Thank you," he replied, then looked around, Kairo assumed for others to come.

October 10th, 2008, 4:22 PM
Kat hated crowds.

It wasn't so much that she didn't care for being around others, or that she was anti-social. Crowds were just... too many people. As such, being part of them made her feel cramped. Annoyed. Irritable. And nobody likes an irritable Katrynah. Nobody.

So, instead of plunging into the huge mass of moving and chattering and annoying Pokemon, the Pachirisu kept to the edge of it, managing to slip past others with little if any notice thanks to her small size. She hadn't been in this town long enough to get used to these meetings... In fact, it took her about five minutes to realize the ringing chime of that bell meant 'come to town square and listen to some guy talk for a while'. Kat sort of wished she hadn't remembered that when she did. Her cozy little hut was much more comfortable than these clogged streets, filled with the traffic of Pokemon bodies. Bleh.

She noticed the movement starting to come to a halt (Finally!), and blinked, realizing the crowd must have reached the square. Only... she couldn't see a thing behind all these much-taller-than-her Pokemon! Gah, she thought, not satisfied at all, If some moron is gonna drag me outta my house to yap in my ears, I should at least be able to see who the heck he is. Of course, she could always slink around this rediculous assembly of townsfolk.

Carefully slipping past a few legs and over a tail or two, Kat made her way to the very front of the crowd, a slight smirk on her face as she did so. It was so easy for her to be ignored and unnoticed if she really tried. Sometimes, she actually thought it was a blessing that she had been born a Pachirisu rather than, say, a Charizard. (All the same, she believed being a Charizard would be quite nice... The ability to fly and rain flames down upon her foes... Ahh. Now, how amazing would that be?)

"... my fellow Pokemon, that these are not natural occurrences..."

A voice caught her ears. Kat looked up to see the speaker, a Weavile, who seemed to be recieving quite a few looks from the crowd that said things along the lines of, 'Heh. You can't be serious...'

Drat. I could have missed half the meeting-speech-whatever-it-is by now... she thought in dismay. As the Weavile continued, a Breloom behind her was giggling, probably at the speaker's words. Kat whirled around, eyes blazing with anger. She wasn't in an exactly "good" mood right now.

"You. Quiet. I'm tryin' ta hear this guy," Kat spat. She didn't wait for a reply either (though she did see the Breloom close his mouth with an alarmed expression). Instead, she turned back around and continued listening to the Weavile's words.

“He says it is a sign that the dark one, Giratina, will return to free his fallen followers and wage war once again. This brings me to my main point. I call upon all brave warriors to meet on the northwestern outskirts of Little Hillmoss Town. The time for waiting is over, so we much act! And that is why I’m calling for a small battalion to aid me in finding and destroying the fallen ones.”

Now Kat realized what everyone was so humored by... Giratina, huh? Right... Good luck convincing people by preaching that. The truth was, many Pokemon didn't believe that the Legendary Pokemon still -or ever had - power over the world. In fact, some didn't even believe the Legendaries existed at all! Kat was among those who were skeptical as to what Legendary Pokemon really had control over. That, however, wasn't what concerned her. She'd caught a bit about the quakes and disasters in the Weavile's speeh...

A mountain. A gigantic, towering mountain. A symbol of strength and pure, untamed nature. Plummeting to the ground; scatterering into a million pieces. And, all of those pieces sliding down a hill, into a village... Homes destroyed. Lives ruined. Pokemon dead. All in one instant... All in one trembling quiver of the Earth itself...

That was what got to her. Kat had seen a mountain tumble and crumble to pieces at the mercy of these quakes. She'd seen towns destroyed by them. Pokemon killed. Effort and lifestyles shattered. And she'd actually believed it was just around her hometown, too... But then, she came out here, and what do you know? Quakes. Whatever this was, it was definately abnormal. Now, Kat didn't immediately jump to the conclusion that Legendary Pokemon were to blame, but she felt she was a lot smarter than all these Pokemon insisting that it had to be 'the Earth going through changes'. That was a pethetic excuse, and everyone knew it. This was serious. And she cared enough to do something about it, in one way or another. Besides... What better did she have to do? Sit around here waiting for the next stupid town meeting?

"Hey," Kat said, approaching the Weavile (seeing as the crowd was clearing away). "I'm in. And don't say something like, 'Oh, you're just a tiny Pachirisu'. That stuff doesn't work on me, and you're only looking stupid if ya' start patronizing me 'cause of my size. Got it?"

She didn't care what he said in reply, or, honestly, if he replied at all. So long as this guy knew she wasn't one of those cute, huggable, fluffy little Pokemon that never did anything but stand around looking sickeningly adorable, she was perfectly content with him.

October 10th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Ky was inside the town’s library which was pretty old and beat up but he didn’t mind as long as he got to read the book about the Legendary War he was fine. While reading he felt a little quake and thought it just some of the stronger pokemon battling and continued to read the old book that interested him so much.

“What I wouldn’t give to be one of the legendary warriors to save the world.” Ky said while reading and began to daydream.

Ky heard the bells ring saying that a town meeting was about to start so hw took to the skies and headed for the square. Flying over the town Ky noticed that the ground has a big hole right in front of his house that wasn’t there before but he passed it off as nothing not wanting to be late for the meeting. Ky finally arrived at the multipoint but saw there was no room for him to land and be close enough to he the announcement so he hovered above the heads of the other pokemon.

Ky noticed a Weavile step to the center of the square and place his bag down.

“Hello, inhabitants of Little Hillmoss Town, my name is Edward Stern.” the Weavile said holdin ghis arms out. Ky thought he was pretty young to be trying to give announcement but realized he never seen this pokemon here before. Ky began to wonder if this was a special meeting.

“Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for coming here today. I know many of you have better things to do, but I have important and urgent news to share with you. I’m am sure you all have noticed the recent quakes in this area, correct?” Edward asked looking out to see the reaction of all the pokemon. Ky didn’t think that the rumbling he felt in the library a quake more of something pokemon battling would produce.

Edward continued with his messing but all he got was laughs from the majority of the pokemon that were there. Ky knew that the Weavile had some truth in what he said as he was a believer of the Legendary War and remember hearing his parents talk about the voice they heard from far away.

“He says it is a sign that the dark one, Giratina, will return to free his fallen followers and wage war once again. This brings me to my main point. I call upon all brave warriors to meet on the northwestern outskirts of Little Hillmoss Town. The time for waiting is over, so we much act! And that is why I’m calling for a small battalion to aid me in finding and destroying the fallen ones.” Edward said ending his announcement while the pokemon of the town walked off laughing. Ky couldn’t believe his ears.

“Did he just say that is why I’m calling for a small battalion to aid me in finding and destroying the fallen ones?” Ky asked himself and smiled. He quickly dashed home to pack and get ready for an adventure. He jumped into his window throwing on a backpack and got ready to fly to northwestern part of Little Hillmoss Town. He leaped out the window and took to the skies.

Close to the point he was meet the Weavile and flew over and saw a dark figure with a red like thing on his head and knew he was in the right spot. As he got closer he noticed a smaller bug like pokemon that had two sets of yellow and green outlined wings. Ky was afraid to land and ask to join Edward on his adventure. He had to get over the fear of meeting people so he flew down to the ground. Making a great landing beside a dragon fly like pokemon Ky began to speak.

“Mr. Edward sir.” Ky said nervously “I would like to go with you and try to defeat the fallen ones.” the pressure was getting to Ky and he tried to stay calm but it didn’t work. “I always thought this would be fantasy but now I have a chance to do it and I must take it.”

Edward turn around and sighed in relief as more people were turning out than he thought. “Thank you…?” he said trying to think if he was told the gligar’s name.

“I am Kyshawn Tesama but I would prefer to be called Ky.” Ky said introducing himself.

October 10th, 2008, 5:27 PM
Alex finally saw Little Hilmoss Town it was a bit far, but reachable soon with a quick sprint. He stopped to rest himself a bit,Alex also decided to groom his fur. He laid down and began licking his paws. "I can't believe it, I cant believe that i got this far.." Alex said quietly to himself. He stood up and began a slow trot, then he quickened his pace. Alex soon entered the town.

The first thing the Alex had noticed was a bunch of pokemon gathered around something that he could not see. Slowly as not to disturb what anyone Alex walked to a pokemon in the back.

"Um, excuse me, but can you tell me what is going on here?"

"Sssh! can't you see? Edward Stern is giving a public speech.." the pokemon whipped back around.

"B-But i.." Alex stopped there, there was no use in continuing. Instead of just walking up Alex ventured closer so he could hear Edward Stern talk. He still could not see the pokemon but could make out what he was saying.

“Hillmoss is my only hope. I have no choice but to wait for any brave believers.” What does he mean by that? Well i guess i have to wait untill the meeting is over and then ask him in person. I do not really just want to stand here, I think I'll go rest somewhere. With the end of his thought Alex backed away from the crowd and bounded off. He looked around until he found a building that said 'Inn' or 'Motel' he could find none. "Well, I guess I will find a nice patch of grass or something. Alex wandered about a bit he found a nice patch of grass right out side of the town. He laid down, but shifted his position many times untill he was comfortable. He finally found comfort curled up like a ball.

Alex began to drift off to sleep when a growl came from his stomach. "I dont feel that hungry, but if my stomach is growling I must be hungry." he hopped to his feet. Alex began to sniff around the town for some food, as he the spot where the huge crowd was the sqaure was instantly empty. He caught the scent of something, he did not know what, but it smelt very good. He walked towards the smell, towards the northern part of town. When he arrived he saw a Weavile, he did not know who it was, but smelled the same nervous stench that was given off from the crowd. This is that same nervous smell from the crowd, is this the speaker? Those were the last thoughts that went through his head before he approached the Weavile.

"Hello, are you.." Alex had forgotten his name. "um.. Edward Stern?" he guessed. He looked up at the sound of flying pokemon flying overhead. He heard a Meowth that was walking by mock him, "Hah Hah, look a believer..." said the Meowth. Alex just ignored it and waited for the Weavile's answer. His stomach growled again. His nose smelt the same, irresistible smell again. He soon found himself slowly walking towards the smell. It came from a nearby house.

Alex got to the door and hit a couple of times, an elderly Drowzee answered,"Hello.." came the slow voice of the pokemon, "How can I help you?" it asked.

"Hello, my name is Alex" said the Growlithe in a casual tone, "I smelled your food, it smells great and i just got here.. I was wondering if I..." he let his voice trail off thinking he asking too much of the Drowzee.

"Why, Yes you can.." came the Drowzee's sweet reply. The pokemon moved quite fast compared to it's speed of speech. She motioned Alex in with a hand as it turned a corner.

Alex, cautiously approached the door, the smell as good as ever. He came inside, the house was small, and felt cozy.

"Over here" came the voice of the Drowzee.

He padded over into the kitchen and the Drowzee slopped the food down infront of him. "T-thank you Ma'am" said Alex.

The Drowzee nodded her head. "There is no need to thank me, all pokemon young, and old need their food besides I dont think that I could finish all this" she muttered something to herself that Alex could not make out.

Alex bit down into the food it certainly tasted better than the herbs he ate on his journey. Alex watched as the Drowzee yawned and tiptoed over to a bed in which it climbed in and fell asleep. He was about halfway done when he realized the he had had forgotten about the Weavile. He scarfed down the rest of the food and got up. He bolted out the door and in the direction that the Weavile was headed in. He finally saw him on the outskirts of town. He saw the Weavile along with a Gligar.

He overheard the Gligar say “Mr. Edward sir, I would like to go with you and try to defeat the fallen ones.” So, they must be joining a team. this could be the prophecy i have to see if i could join. He approached them, "You are Edward, correct?" The Weavile turned and then nodded and turned back to the Gligar who he had heard say that his name was Ky. "I would like to join your team if that is possible, and sorry about running off like that.." he said and then waited for Ed's reply.

//OOC: I hope you didn't mind the bunnying or ghosting wich ever you wish to call it, i looked over the area map you found and i was wondering if you could change Kevin Baconville that name is so random and it doesn't fit at all.\\

October 11th, 2008, 11:06 AM
"Thank you for your patronage!" Yuu said in a pleased tone as he handed the bag of oran berries to their customer, who in turn handed him some money for compensation. "I hope you enjoy them!"

"Good day for buisness, aint it?" His fellow worker, a Milktank named Belle, commented.

"Yah." Yuu responded. "I think the boss is gonna be pleased. We've sold a good amount of produce. I expect by the end of the day we might not even have any to take back!"

"And you were so looking forward to eating all those leftover pecha berries, wern't you?

"Aw, it dosn't matter. Its not that big of a deal."

Yuu's ears perked up at the sound of bells chiming through the town. The crowds of pokemon migrating twords its center.

"Whats going on?" Yuu questioned, seeing the pokemon moving with a perpose now.

"It seems like some type of town meeting." Belle responded "Why? You want to go?"

"Well, I don't plan to be staying on the farm forever. I might move here ya know."

"Then go. Ill watch the produce while your away. I doubt well be getting many customers during the meeting anyway."

Yuu nodded to Belle, and walked off with all the other pokemon. He had moved out of his parents home a few weeks ago, thinking it was time he became more independant. He still visited them though. Up until this point, he had taken up residence at the farm, but he felt living in a town like Hillmoss, close enough to get to work and a seemingly nice community, would be the perfect place to live.

Arriving at the meeting, he saw it was not about town affairs, but the natural phenomenon that were occuring all over the world. The wevile speaking was being ridiculed by the rest of the crowd. Obviously they didn't take anything he said seriously. Yuu agreed that these strange phenomenon may have to do with the prophecy Arceus had foretold, and even if it didn't, he thought the crowd was being too harsh on a guy who simply wanted to state his views.

After the meeting, he decided it may be a good idea to go along with this person. It would probably bring up his self-esteem, and besides, if he could somehow find out how to stop these natural disasters, he would be extremely proud of himself. But before he went to accept the offer, he had to stop back at the produce booth and tell Belle. Someone had to explain to the boss why he wasn't there.


"Taking time off?" Belle asked at Yuu's notion "I suppose the boss wont mind... you are one of his favorite workers, after all... But why so suddenly?"

"Ive decided to go around looking for some place to stay, so I thought to myself 'Hey! Why not make a vacation out of it?' And you know How I am when it comes to acting on impulse, right?"

"Yah... I guess." The Milktank responded. "Fine, I suppose there wont be a problem with it. I hope you enjoy yourself!"

Yuu nodded, and headed off twords the place where the Wevile was awaiting anyone to aid his cause. He didn't need to head back to the farm for anything. Its not like he had any personal belongings there anyway. Reaching the meeting spot, he noticed a small group of pokemon were already there.

"Hey, hows it going?" Yuu asked plainly. "Mind If I join your cause?"

October 11th, 2008, 3:34 PM
Jex swung from tree to tree, Aipom-like in the way she did it, though she didn’t grip the branches with her tail. She was nearing Little Hillmoss Town, the town nearest to her. She actually lived in the forest, but today, she had decided to go to town, as more Pokemon than usual seemed to be heading to the center of town. Naturally, she wanted to know why, and so she decided to head there as well.

When she arrived, there was already a small crowd there, more town Pokemon than forest Pokemon, or rather, Pokemon that lived in the forest, Pokemon like her. She craned her neck for a better look, trying to look over a bulky Rhydon and not having much success. However, by shifting her position slightly, she caught sight of a cloaked Weavile that appeared to be the speaker, and who was addressing the crowd.

“Hello, inhabitants of Little Hillmoss Town, my name is Edward Stern,” the Weavile began, and Jex could tell from his voice that the Weavile was not much older than she was, but still, she listened intently. For all she knew, this could be interesting, or not.

“Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for coming here today. I know many of you have better things to do, but I have important and urgent news to share with you. I am sure you all have noticed the recent quakes in this area, correct?” He continued, and Jex nodded, along with the other Pokemon who seemed to be wondering what he could possibly have to say on the subject of these recent earthquakes.

“Well, then, what if I were to tell you that these phenomena are not prone to only this area? Even more, what if I was to tell you this, along with other natural disasters have been occurring all over the Alpha Region?”

The Rhydon in front of Jex stirred slightly and let out an impatient grunt, and Jex could distinctly hear him mutter to no one in particular, “get to the point, now, will you? I’m a busy Pokemon.” And she had the urge to shush him, though obviously that wouldn’t buy her any good. She could see Pokemon glancing at each other, as if thinking that coming here was a waste of their time, and others protesting, one Pokemon saying something about the planet going through a cooling process and that these earthquakes were of completely natural causes. Through the gasps and mutterings, Jex strained to catch the next words that left the Weavile’s mouth.

“Natural processes, I’ve heard the excuses,” the Weavile continued, seemingly unaware of the mutterings that were still going on. The crowd silenced as he began speaking again. “I can assure you, my fellow Pokemon, that these are not natural occurrences. No, they are far from it. It has been lost to history, but long ago, Arceus himself foretold of the days when the Earth would shake, the seas would swallow whole islands, and the sky itself falls.”

This time, rather than astonished mutterings and protests, the Weavile’s words were greeted by laughs and skeptical glances from Pokemon to Pokemon. Jex could tell that the crowd thought it nothing more than a joke, though she couldn’t help but want to know more about whatever it was that was going on. At that moment, a Pokemon shouted out.

“And so what do you suggest we do about it, huh?” The Pokemon shouted up mockingly to the Weavile, who seemed to be refraining from rolling his eyes and uttering a rude response with extreme difficulty. Jex thought that had it been her, she would likely have already snapped at the crowd, maybe attacked a few offending Pokemon. She’d never have been able to restrain herself.

“He says it is a sign that the dark one, Giratina, will return to free his fallen followers and wage war once again. This brings me to my main point-“ (“About time,” The Rhydon muttered). “I call upon all brave warriors to meet me on the northwestern outskirts of Little Hillmoss Town. The time for waiting is over, so we must act! And that is why I’m calling for a small battalion to aid me in finding and destroying the fallen ones.”

Mocking laughter greeted the end of the Weavile’s speech, and, though Jex didn’t know whether to believe this or not, she felt a stab of pity for the Weavile. Surely he wouldn’t go through all this just to play a joke on the residents of Little Hillmoss Town! That clinched it, and she decided that she would go meet the Weavile on the northwestern outskirts of Little Hillmoss Town, the designated rendezvous point, as she called it.

“What a waste of my time, think of the things I could have done in the time it took for me to listen to that stupid speech!”

“Yeah, and he thinks that we’ll believe him…”

“We’re not stupid, I suppose that it’s his idea of a joke.”

“Who does he think he is anyway? Going up in front of the inhabitants of this town and spreading lies about something that doesn’t even exist!”

“I can’t believe I bothered to come.”

Jex caught bits of conversation as she stood there silently, unable to really move in the crowd of Pokemon that were standing around her, having a good laugh about the speech. What she heard angered her as she tried to put herself in the Weavile’s shoes, if she had to do something like that, she would have asked someone who believed her to do it for her.

As the crowd began to disperse and thin, Jex fought her way through it to find the Weavile, though it seemed that he had already disappeared. Well then, at least I know where I can find him. To tell you the truth, I feel bad for him, of course he’s telling the truth, its just that most Pokemon are too thick headed to notice! Obviously, I’m glad that I’m not one of them. She thought as she headed directly for the northwestern corner of Little Hillmoss Town, where she found the Weavile standing there. Not many had actually bothered to come, though she was glad that she wasn’t the only one who believed him. Though it was likely she would have stuck to the fact that she believed him, she would still have felt odd being the only one who did.

“Um…excuse me sir?” She began uncertainly, as the Weavile turned.

“Yes?” He replied, and she couldn’t help but notice just a slight trace of irritability in his voice. Some Pokemon must have come and said that they thought he was a phony, Jex thought sympathetically, though she continued as if she had not noticed.

“I-I just wanted…wanted to say that I believe what you said, and…and I’d like to join you…” She said, suddenly feeling extremely unsure of herself, and though she tried her hardest not to show it.

October 12th, 2008, 11:58 AM
Edward dragged his clawed feet across the rough soil as he made his way to the rendezvous point. By the way that town meeting played out, he had reason to believe this would be no different from Rosetown. Once again, the ignorance of the Pokemon species overpowered its logic, something that would inevitably lead to their demise. As he closed in upon the northwestern gates, he slowed his pace and began thinking. Was it worth it to continue this quest? All this time he spoke of destiny, but for all he knew, it wasn’t even his destiny to be the one to defeat the fallen Legends.

“No,” he said plainly to himself. “I can’t doubt myself now. I may be the only one willing to at least try this course of action. I’ll just wait... and pray.”

And that was exactly what he did. Almost statue-like, the Weavile stood motionless, keeping his gazed trained on the ground under his feet. His eyes were closed and he was quickly muttering inaudible words, praying to Arceus that his plans would work. As he opened his eyes and lifted his head, his jaw nearly dropped as he laid eyes upon a wonderful sight. To his utter surprise, a small of Pokemon group was headed his way, all coming from different directions. Were they coming for him? Only time would tell.

He stood still as the Pokemon came closer, desperately trying to hide a grin as he saw his entire plans coming to life. When they all stopped and introduced themselves, he could hold it in no longer and let out and awkward chuckle. Before him stood a Gligar, Riolu, Pachirisu, Vibrava, Grumpig, and a Growlithe. One by one, each asked to join his cause, whether or not they fully believed his speech, and he welcomed them with a simple ‘thank you’. Had it been any other time, Edward would have greeted them passionately, but he didn’t wish to fear the Pokemon. He walked across the six Pokemon, as if it were a military line, and stopped infront of the Pachirisu. The fluffy little Pokemon had made comment about her height and how it shouldn’t effect Ed’s decision.

“If you ask me, you have more guts than all those Pokemon that wished not to heed my warning. When this is all over, people will talk not about your height, but of your glory,” he said with great emphasis. That last part was directed more towards the entire group.

“My name, as you know, is Edward Stern but please call me Ed. Okay all, I hope you said your last good byes, ‘cause we’re leaving now. Unfortunately, everything I said in that speech is everything I know. But I know someone who can lead us in the right direction, but he’s in Rosetown. So, let’s move out!”

“Halt!” cried a grey, muscular Pokemon with four arms. Edward realized the Pokemon was a Machamp and six Machoke were standing behind it. The group had made it quite a way from Little Hillmoss Town and although he didn’t know about everyone else, Ed was feeling a bit drained. He signaled the following Pokemon to stop and he walked forward.

“Do we have a problem?”

The Machamp held up a piece of paper. “As a matter of face, yes. We got a report from Rosetown, speaking of a banished Weavile.” The Machamp pointed at Ed’s missing jewel, a common sign of banishment among Weavile. “We have been ordered to apprehend you if you re-enter Rosetown’s vicinity within the month.”

“Well we can’t allow that to happen, now can we?” Ed shot a devilish smile at the group of Pokemon. “I hope you guys are ready for a fight.”

OOC: Sorry for the grammatical mistakes in this, I didn't have a chance to proofread it. Anyway, your (main) task is to describe the fight. Remember what I said about Special Type moves taking more power than Physical ones. Also, there are 6 opponents, one for each RPer. Whoever chooses to attack Machamp should have the hardest time.

October 12th, 2008, 12:53 PM
Alex nodded at Ed. "Yeah, I am ready" he said in a low growl. He turned is attention towards the Machamp,gave him a good look up and down, bared his teeth and then lunged at the rather large pokemon. The Machamp swung his arm forward as if to swat away the Growlithe,but was instead met by sharp teeth. The Machamp flung his arm around wildly to shake off Alex,Alex came crashing to the ground seconds later. He stood up and looked around, also seeing his comrades engaged in the battle against the Machoke. Alex backed up so that he could use a take-down attack. He charged the Machamp's leg and was hit with a hard kick. So that is his low kick, huh?Alex again crashed to the ground. These Physical attacks don't seem to be working... I need a plan Alex jumped to the side as a karate chop came down to the ground. Now is my chance! Alex used his agility moved and raced up the Machamp's arm, when he reached his shoulder he lost his footing, crashing to the ground once more. The Machamp isn't as big as i think i have to keep that in mind.. Alex was definetly loosing the fight as of now. Why did I even choose this Machamp? It must of just been on impulse. Alex moved back, still keeping his eye on the Machamp "Time for another take-down" he mumbled to himself.

Alex looked down and then back up at his target, who was already using another low-kick. Alex countered it with a take-down, on the foot still on the ground. In turn the Machamp lost his footing and fell backwards. The Machamp looked as angry as ever. He decided to take his advantage. Alex used ember on top of the foe's head. He heard the Machamp grunt. Is this a sign of me taking the lead? Even if it wasn't Alex took it that way. The Machamp finally regained it self and slapped out the ember.

"You are a foolish little Growlithe, you should've stayed back and kept your nose out of our buisness..." The pokemon said in an annoyed voice, "but now you don't have the option of backing out" the Machamp grunted while sending a Dynamic Punch towards the Growlithe, who in turn staggered around in a daze.

"I don't think I should have stayed back, it is the annoying, arrogant punks like you that really tick me off" Alex growled back, while using a flame wheel.

"That is a bold statement, noble too especially for such a tiny little pokemon, but nobility will get you now where when helping a banished pokemon" retorted the Machamp. He side-stepped out of the way barley getting singed by the fiery attack. "Ha Ha Ha Ha, you are weak" the Machamp ventured to say.

Alex charged towards the Machamp who tried to swat him away again, but again met Alex's fangs.

"You should know, the same attack never works on me" the Machamp said with a sense of pride. He clamped his other hand on the dog-like pokemon. He swung him around and tossed him to the ground. "That is a taste of my seismic toss.."

Alex was almost out of the fight against this rather powerful pokemon. zzz"Oh yeah?" Alex taunted, "Well then here have a taste of my flame wheel, it is only fair since you let me taste you toss.." Alex began to shoot out an flame wheel and the Machamp opened up his mouth to speak again.

"Ha Ha Ha I hate pokemon like-" he was cut off by the flame of the wheel entering his mouth. He let out a bit of a yelp before he ran off to go find water to cool his mouth.

"Well, I hope i don't see you around here for a while.." Alex said to the fleeing Machamp. He laid down he was a bit exhausted, but couldn't sleep in case anyone needed him. So he just laid there waiting for someone to ask for help, or signal to move on.

October 12th, 2008, 3:52 PM
What good will my abilities be? Jex thought helplessly, being a fighting type pokemon myself? She had no clue how she was going to defeat the Machoke, but still, she had never been a quitter, and she wasn't about to just step back and admit defeat now. It was much too soon to do that. Without further ado, she began planning a strategy quickly in her head, though she hadn't gotten far when a Machoke lunged at her, fist clenched, preparing to throw what would have been a devastating punch had Jex not dodged it. The power of the punch made the attack slower, and thus, easier to dodge.

Sidestepping the next punch as well, she spun around and used quick attack. The distance between her and the Machoke made for a direct hit, even so, the Machoke only staggered slightly, and recovered quickly, more quickly than it would have taken Jex to recover.

"Weakling!" The Machoke taunted, and Jex tensed, it was never a good idea to get her angry, for when she finally did, her attacks often packed devastating power. That was why she restrained herself from getting too angry, so that she didn't cause any unintended damage. "I'm almost finding the whole thing a joke!" He continued, as Jex used another quick attack.

"Just wait," Jex muttered under her breath, keeping her voice low so that the Machoke couldn't hear her. However, the constant taunts were really getting to her, and she felt her neck fur bristle.

Before she could react, the Machoke had used Cross Chop, she did a backward roll, coming out of the evasion technique standing, and then using Counter as the Machoke made another attempt. She became encased in an orange glow as the Machoke used Cross Chop again. Immediately after the attack made contact, a pair of ghostly arms returned the attack, leaving Jex unharmed, because Jex had countered the attack, it did double the power, and the Machoke was sent flying.

This time, it took longer for the Superpower Pokemon to get up again, though it still didn't take long, Jex figured she would be better exhausting the Pokemon by dodging its attacks, though it seemed that it would never become exhausted. The next things that were said from its mouth, however, were too much.

"Why don't you just give up, huh? You're too weak to defeat me, maybe you should better waste your energy battling Magikarp." The Machoke said mockingly, sneering at Jex, who could feel a pounding in her ears, as the blood thundered through them.

She responded wordlessly, with a flurry of attacks rather than with verbal retorts and insults. First she used Sky Uppercut, her paws glowed blue, and she rushed at the Machoke, slashing upwards twice and throwing the Pokemon in the air, taking no apparent notice of its much larger weight, her anger perfecting her aim and control, then she followed it into the air with quick attack, flying higher than the Machoke, and placed a paw on the center of the Pokemon's chest. With a devilish grin, she followed up the Sky Uppercut with Force Palm, releasing an enormous surge of energy, and slamming the Machoke against the ground. It made contact with an enormous thud, and a cloud of dust floated up from the ground. Jex leaped backwards to avoid crashing into the ground herself.

The Machoke lay there for several long minutes, and the cloud of dust had long since settled when it finally got to its feet again. Jex glared at it, and it seemed to back off a few steps. Then the look on its face changed from stunned and surprised to defiant.

"You and your group of idiots better watch out, other pokemon won't like you spreading pointless lies!" He shouted, trying to intimidate her, instead, Jex pretended to yawn with boredom.

"Oh come on, that's the best you can do? I've gotten used to Pokemon saying things like that." Jex said, giving the Machoke a satisfied look as it stomped off with an attempt at dignity sort of march. But that was one Machop, and there were six.

October 13th, 2008, 12:36 PM
Several other Pokemon, including a Gligar, Riolu, Pachirisu, Grumpig, and a Growlithe had all joined the team after Kairo did. If they were really out to save the world, then Kairo would have been really worried; this was not anything near what he imagined to be a team of heroes. Certainly, they were no match for even the weakest Legendary. Unless some of them had hidden powers that Kairo didn't know of, he reckoned they would be screwed. So it was a good thing that there wasn't any need to save the world, unless the Weavil, who had them all line up military-style and talked to them, announcing his name as Edward Stern, was actually right. Which Kairo's little insect brain didn't want to imagine.

As they marched out on the road, Kairo deciding to walk instead of fly, they eventually were met by a group of Machoke and a lone Machamp. “Do we have a problem?” Edward asked

The Machamp held up a piece of paper. “As a matter of face, yes. We got a report from Rosetown, speaking of a banished Weavile.” The Machamp pointed at Ed’s missing jewel. “We have been ordered to apprehend you if you re-enter Rosetown’s vicinity within the month.”

“Well we can’t allow that to happen, now can we?” Ed shot a devilish smile at the group of Pokemon. “I hope you guys are ready for a fight.”

What? Kairo was stunned. What did he get banished for? Then he realized that it was probably for the same thing he just got ridiculed for.

Great. Now they were going to fight. Kairo ducked to the rear of the group as those in front charged into battle. The Riolu and the Growlithe quickly managed to run off a Machoke and the Machamp (amazingly), but there were still plenty more. He attempted to wander off to the side and work his way around, behind the Machoke. If anybody asked him what he had been doing, then he would explain it as trying to flank them. Sure, that was believable enough.

"Hey, you!" one of the Machoke shouted at Kairo, who groaned inwardly. The Machoke rushed at him, and Kairo buzzed his wings, taking to the air and perching on the Machoke's head. What in the world am I doing? he wondered to himself. Perching on his head was a bad idea. His only fighting experience previously consisted of being beat up, and the only times he had won was when he was versing Ratattas.

The Machoke lifted his arms up, preparing to throw the annoying bug off his head, and Kairo reacted instinctively; His wings began to hum a screeching, high-pitched noise, and everyone surrounding him clamped their hands to their ears (if they could), some screaming from the pain the Supersonic was causing them. Over time, the attack could rupture eardrums and cause ears to bleed, and Kairo didn't want that to happen to his traveling companions, so he ceased the buzzing.

Bad idea. The Machoke quickly recovered, grabbed Kairo, and smashed him into the ground with a Seismic Toss. Kairo bounced off the road and rolled down, but the Machoke was charging down at him now. Again acting instinctively, Kairo buzzed his wings again, this time acting for wind power instead of sound power. A column of sand and dust blew into the air, and the Machoke ran right into the miniature Sandstorm. Kairo suddenly stopped the Sandstorm, and aimed a Dragonbreath into the cloud before it dissipated, firing where he had last seen the Machoke.

Score! The Dragonbreath was a direct hit, and the Machoke was blown back, still trying to rub sand out of his eyes. Not losing the opportunity, Kairo charged forward with a Faint Attack and hit the Machoke right on the forehead, scoring a knockout blow.

Whoa, Kairo thought. Did I just win that? He suddenly realized that his entire body ached, and the exoskeleton on his back seemed slightly crushed from the Seismic Toss. Great... Now he was injured, and there were still more Machoke. He quickly scuttled back towards the rest of the group.

October 13th, 2008, 4:53 PM
The group had taken off and headed for Rosetown shortly after meeting. It seemed that Yuu was not the only person who had wanted to join the Wevile's cause, weather it was out of true belief, or pity for the pokemon, they were joined by a Gligar, Riolu, Pachirisu, Vibrava, and a Growlithe.

Upon arriving at the outskirts of the town, they were met by somewhat of a welcoming committee. It appeared that their fearless leader was not exactly 'welcome' within the town. What ensued was a fight between the pokemon in Ed's party and the group of Machoke which stood in their way. At first, Yuu stayed out of it, to see exactly how their opponents would act. When he thought he had their foes all figured out, he began to chuckle to himself, coming out as a series of pig-like snorts. This caught the attention of one of the opposing Machoke.

"Hey bacon boy!" The Machoke demanded in an annoyed tone "Just exactly whats so funny?"

"Its just... amusing..." Yuu said "That you pokemon get so riled up over the words of another. If you truly wish to disagree with what my comrade is saying, why not just close your ears and turn the other cheek? Forcing him out of town seems like an infraction to our freedom of speech."

"Oh really?" The Machoke responded "We cant have this guy around, spreading these lies, possibly corrupting our children's minds now can we? And Im not the only pokemon who agrees that this freak shouldn't set foot within our town!" The muscular pokemon proceeded to walk forward, slowly approaching Yuu, smacking his fists together. Yuu merely stood there, the same amused expression on his face.

"You take pride in your muscles, don't you?" He asked. The Machoke stopped in his tracks.

"What?" He asked, slightly dumbfounded.

"Your Muscles. I assume you wear the minimal clothing you do so you can efficiently show them off, correct?"

"Of course!" The pokemon replied, as if it was obvious "What man dosn't pride themselves in their strength... of course... looking at you, I can see you obviously never have. You've never been in a real fight, have you?" Yuu said nothing, but kept his eyes locked on his cocky opponent. "Well then, allow me to show you what one is really like!"

Bringing his hand into a fist, the Machoke swung a Dynamic Punch straight at the Grumpig's face. When he was inches away from colliding with the pig pokemon, Yuu's eyes glowed a pure, dark purple. The Machoke's attack immedately stopped as he froze in place. He was dumbfounded.

"Wha... what the!?" He stammered as he began to be lifted off of the ground, Yuu's purple glowing eyes following him all the while as he rose high into the air. "Whats going on!? Put me down! Gyaaaaaah!"

It suddenly appeared as if the Machoke was being grabbed by a very large invisible fist, which was slowly tightening his grip on him. The Machoke seemed to be in extreme pain.

"You know... by Grumpig standards, my psychic abilities are far from fully developed..." Yuu said, still not taking his eyes off of his writhing opponent. "Do you know why I am causing so much pain to that well-toned body of yours? You have a type disadvantage my friend, and it is extremely foolish to charge headfirst into battle against someone who has the upper hand." Yuu then had a smirk come across his face.

"You've never been in a real battle, have you?"

Before the Machoke could respond, Yuu drove his gaze down into the ground, and with it, his psychic grip on the fighting pokemon pulled him down from the air, slamming him into the earth below. When the dust cleared, it could be seen that the pokemon was unconscious.

October 13th, 2008, 5:58 PM
It took Kat a moment or two to recognize the situation. Only a matter of seconds passed, however, before she was ready to spring into action. Well. She didn't particularly approve of fighting for this Edward guy, as if she and the other Pokemon who'd shown up were just his little protective army, but she was more than willing to prove herself one way or another. Especially if the simplest way would be a battle.

Her eyes quickly scanned the group of Mackokes. Already a few of the Pokemon had started fighting. She just had to jump right in. It couldn't possibly be that hard... Machokes were known for being all brawn and no brains. So--

"Heheh. What're you looking at, runt?" one of them grunted, inturruption her thoughts. In a split second, anger flashed through Kat's mind like a bolt of lightning. "D'ja hear me? Or is the little rodent too scared to fight a big guy like me?"

Kat felt a snarl rumbling in her throat. It was almost instinctual, actually. She was being confronted by a Pokemon who was many times her own size, which made her mind ready to flee or run. Of course, she did the exact opposite, and answered by leaping into the air with a ferocious cry.

Quick Attack would do the trick of getting her right in front of her foe. Fast. And, that it did. Her small form zipped over the ground and toward the Machoke faster than one could blink. Now all she needed to do was aim her teeth properly. If it worked properly, her plan of attack wouldn't exactly be pleasant, but it would at least prove effective.

As Kat bolted forward with her mind racing at the speed of sound, something suddenly flew at her. She blinked, only for a fraction of a second. A foot. Low Kick. So, the Machoke wasn't half as dumb as expected after all. She still managed to use the speed she'd accumulated to dodge it, however. She just... skidded too far to the side to land the Super Fang she'd been planning.

"What was that?" asked the Machoke in a taunting tone.

"I should be asking you the same question," Kat replied. The Machoke still seemed amused. What he probably didn't notice, however, was the sparks charging in Kat's fur. Until the attack was released, that is.

Discharge was a powerful move. And, it would take up quite a bit of Kat's energy. All the same, that was a risk she was willing to take. Especially if it would Paralyze her foe. That would give her a huge advantage. If it didn't... Well, she just had to hope it would turn out alright.

As the Pachirisu released the massive burst of electricity, she felt as if a huge force had rammed into her, knocking out all the strength in her body. It wasn't painful, per se, but it was powerful, and left her laying limply on the ground for a few seconds... Only a few seonds. That was how long it took her body to realize it wasn't really down and out. She lifted her head and saw the Machoke standing above her, as if ready to attack. Crap. She had to dodge. Fast. But... the attack had worn her out! She just couldn't--

It hit her like a train. Boom. Cross Chop. Such a powerful move could have easily lead to her doom, too... If not for the slight lack of speed and energy the Machoke had put into it. Kat lifted her head, weakly, and saw him standing there. Shivering. Barely able to move. Paralyzed.

Now was her chance. She shook off the pain. Shook off the sudden loss of all strength and will to keep going. Instead of focusing her remaining energy into cowering or running, she put it into a dash. Then she used Super Fang. Right on her foe's leg. Kat was even sure she tasted blood, which disgusted her, but she simply ignored it. If she didn't use this move, she'd be pacing around him timing Quick Attacks for a long while...

"Gah!" the Machoke cried, stumbling over in pain. "I give up. Paralyzed! Wounded!"

"What...?" Kat laughed, "Is that really all you've got?" She was almost disappointed. Almost.

"Shut up," came the reply. In that moment, the Machoke managed to rise. He then simply marched off, following some of the others who had been defeated. Pokemone who knew their limits were wiser than those who didn't. All the same, it was an easy victory. Kat smirked. It was actually smart of the Machoke to escape when he did. Well. That wasn't half as hard as expected.

October 27th, 2008, 5:03 PM
Edward couldn’t help but let a glimmer of a smile appear on his face as his companions leapt forward at his command. In truth, his assassin-like fighting style could have easily reduced the enemy numbers by half before things got difficult, but what he really wanted to see if these people were really ready to risk their lives for the cause. Not only were good at following orders— a skill that would definitely come in handy during later fights— but one Pokemon even had the guts take on the Machamp. Alex the Growlithe didn’t look like much standing next to the enormous, four-armed brute, but to Ed’s amazement, was able to take him down rather efficiently.

However, not all was going well. As Edward quickly scanned the battlefield for his remaining companions, he saw Ky the Gligar frozen in fear as an overly muscular Machoke charged toward. The Weavile glanced between the fear-struck Pokemon, the other pre-occupied Pokemon, and remaining Machoke that was headed for him. With a sigh, Ed decided he had no choice but to intervene and take both Machoke on by himself.

With a burst of speed, the petit Pokemon dashed toward Ky, getting to him much sooner than the Machoke.

“I’ll take it from here. Stand back.” The Gligar had barely moved away when the first Machoke struck. Edward was fully prepared for it and was thrown back by the force of the Karate Chop. He attempted to land on his feet but lost his footing and slid across the hard ground. However, before he could even get up, Edward opened his eyes to see the other Machoke run past his partner and charge for the floored Weavile.

Edward took a deep breathe and upon exhale, released a gust of subzero temperature winds. Shards of ice formed in the gale and impacted against both Machoke, stopping the approaching one in his tracks.

‘Now’s my chance,” Ed realized as he effortlessly hopped to his feet and sped toward his nearest enemy. As he got closer, his right hand began encasing itself in a shell of ice that seemed to be as sturdy as a rock. Before the Machoke could fully recover from the Icy Wind, Edward hit him square in the face with an Ice Punch, drawing copious amounts of blood and sending the Pokemon reeling backward. He touched his nose to check if he was truly bleeding and was horrified at the sight of his bloodied fingers.

In a blind rage, the Machoke pounded its chest like some kind of ape and ran reckless to Edward. His friend tried calling him back so they could regroup, but the brute was simply too angry to listen to reason— which was exactly what Edward wanted to happen. The Weavile inhaled once again but this time instead of an Icy Wind, he produced a high pitched Screech that could probably be faintly heard back in Hillmoss. The attack produced its desired effect as the wild Machoke stopped dead in its tracks and collapsed to the ground. The remaining Machoke pressed his large hands against his ear as he looked all around him. Apparently, all his other companions had either been brutally defeated or fled the scene, and he tried to accomplish the latter.

“Not on my watch,” Edward whispered as he pressed his feet against the ground as sped in the direction of the retreating Pokemon with his Quick Attack. He struck the unsuspecting Pokemon on the back, causing him to fall forward several feet. Unwilling to give the Machoke a change to retaliate, the Weavile extended his claws and wrapped them around his victim’s neck. With a little concentration he focused all his energy into Crush Claw attack, ending the Machoke’s life instantly. Wearing a rather emotionless face, Edward wiped his claws free of any blood and got to his feet.

All though he was breathing heavily from the exhaustion and a bit of pain, Ed still had business to take care of. He marched past the other Pokemon, quickly congratulating each one and also apologizing about Screech attack he used without warning. He abruptly stopped infront of the Gligar.

“I’m sorry Kyshawn, but I’m going to have to ask you to return to Little Hillmoss Town.” The Gligar was about to protest, but Ed held up a finger signaling him to stop. “Don’t try to convince me. By simply getting cold feet you made my battle much more difficult. Now imagine if that extra Machoke was smart enough to go for say, Alex, who was already exhausted from the Machamp fight. I simply can’t trust you with my, or anyone else’s, life.” Edward realized what he was saying sounded rather cruel, but a good leader had to be cruel sometimes. Without another word, the Gligar turned tail and retraced the path back to Hillmoss. When Ed was sure he was out of earshot, he turned to the rest of the team.

“You all have proven yourselves today and I’m finding myself all the more proud that you decided to fight with me. However, for future reference, I think it’d be best if we thoroughly take out our enemies next time instead of simply letting them escape. The ones that did escape are undoubtedly headed back toward Rosetown where they will put the town on watch for our group. I have yet to devise a plan how we’ll get around this problem, but for now let’s rest.” Edward pulled out a bag from under his cloak and retrieved numerous apples for it, handing one out to each Pokemon.


The sun was just beginning to set when Rosetown came into sight. The entire landscape was bathed in an orange glow, giving the town a marvelous appearance. But Edward knew better than anyone that the place was filled with guards that wanted his head for the crimes he had only recently committed. The Weavile put on his most confident face and turned to the others.

“Okay guys, listen up because this was all I could come up with. I hope you’re all good at stealth because the only way we’re in there is my sneaking in. Also, we’ll have to split up, but no more than groups of two, and I’ll have to go alone as I will draw the most attention. I’m sure most of you haven’t been to Rosetown, but our destination is easy to find. It is a hut that is built into a tree on the far eastern side. It’s probably best we split up now so we don’t look suspicious. I’ll start at the western side, as I know the town best.” With a nod to his companions, Edward began walking away toward his entrance point.

“Oh, and one more thing,” he began to add without turning around, “if even a civilian recognizes you as one of the Pokemon described by the fleeing guards, you can’t hesitate to silence them. Knock them out if you don’t have stomach for blood, but we cannot allow others to know we’ve infiltrated the village. I know I’m sounding like a bad guy here but remember, we’re the ones that will save this planet.”


OOC: Okay my fellow RPers, it's been a couple of weeks, but know that this RP is still alive and well. I know you guys are feeling really constricted with the recent events in this RP but now I'm allowing you a little free roaming. You can enter Rosetown with one person (although I hope that the person you choose to enter with allows you to bunny their character and vice versa to minimize long conversations). As long as you eventually get to the destination, I don't care what you do in Rosetown. You can take out a suspicious guard or civilian, run into an old friend from Hillmoss and try to convince him/her you're a good guy, or share your thoughts about your leader Edward. And as for Rosetown, it similar to Hillmoss in that it just a town built from wood and only a few brick buildings. There are a few houses built in the trees like they are in Fortree City in the 3rd Gen games. And as a last note, if you choose to fight a guard for whatever reason, he/she must of the Fighting Type.

October 29th, 2008, 3:51 PM
“You all have proven yourselves today and I’m finding myself all the more proud that you decided to fight with me. However, for future reference, I think it’d be best if we thoroughly take out our enemies next time instead of simply letting them escape. The ones that did escape are undoubtedly headed back toward Rosetown where they will put the town on watch for our group. I have yet to devise a plan how we’ll get around this problem, but for now let’s rest.”

Oh.. it is all my fault that he got away..Alex felt a little bit down, but decided to get over it. Then he noticed that his new leader plopped a red apple in front of him. "Uh... thanks.." he said and then watched the weavile go down the line. He bent down, sniffing the apple. It wasn't really the ripest apple, but Alex was starving and would eat just about anything right now. He opened his mouth, and cautiously took a bite. I still don't really know this guy.. he could dangerous. Well I guess I have to trust him.

“Okay guys, listen up because this was all I could come up with. I hope you’re all good at stealth because the only way we’re in there is my sneaking in. Also, we’ll have to split up, but no more than groups of two, and I’ll have to go alone as I will draw the most attention. I’m sure most of you haven’t been to Rosetown, but our destination is easy to find. It is a hut that is built into a tree on the far eastern side. It’s probably best we split up now so we don’t look suspicious. I’ll start at the western side, as I know the town best.” With a nod to his companions, Edward began walking away toward his entrance point.

“Oh, and one more thing,” he began to add without turning around, “if even a civilian recognizes you as one of the Pokemon described by the fleeing guards, you can’t hesitate to silence them. Knock them out if you don’t have stomach for blood, but we cannot allow others to know we’ve infiltrated the village. I know I’m sounding like a bad guy here but remember, we’re the ones that will save this planet.”

Alex nodded at his leaders last order. He opened his mouth to speak, but the leader was already gone. Well.. I wonder who I should accompany through town.. maybe that Riolu. No, she probably has someone in mind. Hm.. I guess I'll just wait for someone to ask me. When he looked up, the whole group had already taken off. So he began to run to catch up. When he did catch up, he stopped to take a breath, and then had to catch up.