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  • I speak Icelandic, but I know a little German (My dads gran was German), and I know Danish, Norwegian, Spanish and some French, then of course English, and I can understand Swedish.
    We don't have cheerleaders on Iceland:/, it's just exercise so I'll stay in shape, I practice soccer too:D.
    Hahahaha, doing fewer subjects will turn out to be a good thing, especially in year 13. God I envy the people that only have to do one exam at the end of the year.

    I was hoping for short points like in the Pros but its ok, I'll turn them into points myself.

    I'll stop pestering you so you can get some sleep now. Good Luck for tomorrow! :D
    Wow, thats great! I wish my school offered Cambridge Exams, thought I doubt I would do well in any except Calculus. Do you take different classes then? Literature isn't an NCEA subject.

    13th of November? Man, you're lucky. But I guess when exams end for me I won't have anymore school exams for the rest of my life. :P

    Btw, could you PM me what the Cons were? You've just copied and pasted the Pros.

    Also, your Signature says you're working on a few hacks. Is that true or is that just a really old signature?
    Wow, Cambridge Exams? Thats very impressive. Do you go to er... Auckland Grammer (I think)? Or do other schools use that system too?
    I think you must have added me a while ago because I didn't get a request when I logged in today. You seem to have two boxes for positives, did you want one box with negatives? Also could you PM me it next time? I very rarely check my e-mail.

    And yeah I am, this is my last year. :D
    Sorry I forgot to reply. If you could get that in ASAP that would be great. In future just PM me any articles you've done.
    Auckland, heading down to Taupo for a few days (Thursday - Monday). When do you want my D/P article in by?
    Do you have an article or review you wanted to submit for todays RHN? We've already got one on CSS threads btw.
    Haha, I just discovered this :P DNA production is still charging forth, albeit slowly. I will release a Beta in due course, but that won't be for another month or two. It will be fair in length however. Still watching LoD, hows that coming along?
    Hi DNA, it just looked like someone should say something here. Are you still working on DNA or has the project stopped?
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