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October 13th, 2008, 7:44 AM
Hello Guys I am making my own pokémon game and i first need a name please choose one from the Poll and the winning one will be the one use

There will be 1 New Pokémon maybe More and you must save this 1 Main Pokémon to save te whole entire Pokémon World.


You are a Male/Female Hero who has to help out Team Wind or Team Destra One is Good and the other is Evil you choose the path and you have to earn your ranking 1-8 maybe more and when you reach 8 or what ever you will recieve access to the New Region of ________ but there is trouble which you must stop

If Good then stop evil if evil then stop good from being good

October 13th, 2008, 7:49 AM
Very intresting cant wait to see how it turns out :D

October 15th, 2008, 11:40 AM
Thanks wolfe i hope that our game come along great btw how much have you do?

October 15th, 2008, 12:07 PM
You might want to add more story details, or you risk the thread being locked... As such, I can't really give feedback. I might, though, if you expand on it a bit.

Game Master
October 15th, 2008, 4:27 PM
Mystery of the Wind sounds...let's see....AWESOME!!! Go with that!

October 18th, 2008, 12:20 AM
yes i might use that but ill let the poeple decide

Game Master
October 18th, 2008, 5:16 PM
well...ok (sigh)
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October 24th, 2008, 6:50 AM
The Winner is Mysteries of the Wind!

That is the Game name and btw if you want to see some of the content visit my youtube channel via this link http://uk.youtube.com/user/ShunGames