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  • I see that you're not active anymore but I'll post this anyway.
    I appreciate the patience you showed way back in the day for dumb kids like me on whatever my old account was.
    You're honestly the person who made my experiences trying to mess around and make a game memorable.
    Thank you for that, I hope you're doing well.
    If you ever come back, consider an advanced Main Character sprites editor or an advanced item sprite editor, please xD
    I have a question, because I don't feel like using unLZGBA or Gen II suites. I figured out that Sapphire and LeafGreen aren't compatible, and I'm going to make a "demake" of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. If you had to work on Sapphire, you can give me INIs for it for Advanced Pokemon Sprite Editor so I can edit sprites in Sapphire. Giving me Sapphire INI for APSE is a great idea.
    Wichu is gone.

    Don't ask for his tools, he won't answer.

    Here is the download link for the Advance Series, courtesy of giradialkia.
    Hey Wichu. I know you get asked a ton of questions but do you know where I can download your advanced series hack tools? I checked your topics/threads and I can't download the rar one I really need a zip
    hello,, i am senno hananto,,, i wanna ask tou about pokemon raptor ex,,,
    can i explore all city in hoenn region?? like lilycove, slateport, littleroot etc...??
    please answer immediately... :D thanks,,,
    Hi Wichu

    I was wondering if you or someone who has the Pokemon Raptor Ex .rxproj file could send it to me please. I want to change and add some extra things to my game such as correcting the dialog/grammar ETC Thanks
    I cannot get my pallets to work with my pokemon I'm inserting into my game.

    these are the sprites I'm trying to insert. :

    Whenever i try to open any of the programs in the Advacned Series i get a message that says, "Unable to find a version of run time on this application" can you please help?
    Hey! So I was wondering,
    1) since the thread of your pokemon Amethyst got closed, is it going well? Is it still going to be a downloadable game like Pokemon Raptor?

    2) About Pokemon Raptor, do I have to do anything to change my Mystery Gift? I always get Celebi in there and was hoping to get some others ._.

    Hope you can answer me back, Great work you're doing, please keep it up!
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