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November 3rd, 2008, 10:27 PM
You are asleep. Yet your body is releasing tons of andrealine, because tomorrow, you leave your house, and embark on a journey not all can go on. It's amazing. You gotta visit Oak tomorrow and pick up your new friend and companion. You wonder if he'll like you, or if you'll spend the entire journey behind a rock as he attacks it.

Each trainer has a goal in life. One dream. But how will you accomplish that dream, and how hard will it be? Will you require the help of other trainers? Or are you the loner?

"Yesterday's dreams are tomorrow's sighs..."

You have watched the numerous trainers befor eyou suceed and fail. You have seen tears of joy and tears of sadness. Now it's your chance, your chance to show the world who you are, and why you're here. This is about no one, except you, there is no one to stop you. Only obstacles you need to overcome. How will you handle yourself when it comes to the wilderness of the world of Pokémon?

Trainer, you determine you own fate in this world. You may join evil, you might become legend, you ma keep a low profile, you may join with others, you may become a gym leader, you just might be the best. The path is right in front of you. The only question is what road will you take?

-The basic RP rules apply in this RP. No godmoding, bunnying, etc.
-Keep swearing at a minimum. NO F-Bombs
-All trainers gotta start in Kanto.
-Make your trainer's story unique.
-Refer to character guide for info required (below)
-We will be goin through all regions, to make this interesting. Starting in Kanto.
-your starter choices are listed below, you may choose a pokemon that has already been chosen, but no more than 3 may be chosen.
-Pokemon habitats are going to be rather varied. Sometimes you may find a pokemon in an area unexpected. They may be migrating, or lost. On the basic side, if it's there in the game, it's where you are.
-NOTE that some staters ON VERY RARE OCCASSION will be able to catch in the wild.
--Please stay active ,ad don't drop out :(, that means doon't leave your character, or person hanging on, waiting for you to post. Thanks.

Character Info
Name: (full name)
Age: (average starting trainers age is 10, but I'll accept teen ages and maybe even below 10; gotta give a good reason why and how you can handle pokemon though)
Appearence: (clothes, body style, detailed please)
Personality: (How does your character behave in certain situations? Details)
History: (What has happened in your character's past? Details)
Strengthes: (What is your character good at? Can be training, swimming, pretty much anything)
Hometown: (Obvious, where are you from?)
Popularity: (How well known are you? Are you known around town? Or are you just that normal dude?
Starter choice: (see below)
Your Dream: (What's your characters goal or reason for embarking on the journey?)
Intro Post: (basically your sample post; I wann aknow what your tainer did prior to meeting with Oak)

Starter Choices: (each may be claimed three times)

Basic Starters:
Bulbasaur (solovina)
Charmander (lorddarigarn)
Squirtle (SamuraiMaster)
Chikorita (billie_lightning)
Totodile (Kansas) (_One_Winged_Angel_)*
Cyndiquil (Got-a-Plan-B)
Treeko (Slytherfang)

Special Starters:
Pikachu (Neiko Star [Pichu])
Eevee (Candy Christina) (Sir Aaron1017) (Master Trainer Empoleon) Taken
Plusle (chi-zukasi)
Minun (weavile96) (chi-zukasi)
Munchlax (Gamekrazy)
Psyduck (Shadowfaith)
Cubone (Shadowfaith)
Skitty (Eneko)

My Character: (You all know who it is lol, but since the Rps he joins keep dying, another attempt)

Name: Travis Darrell Mura
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (1/2)
Appearence: Travis towers above anyone he knows, at the height of 6'8''. He weighs only about 180, and is skinny. He has blue eyes, black hair which is grown out most of the time, the style is just messy. He has some facial hair, but usually keeps it trimmed. His pants are black cargo, which zip off near the knees to form shorts if needed. His tee-shirt usually is blue or black with any Metallica logo or emblem on it. He wears a gray vest over his teechirt, which holds his belongings. These include a cell phone, iPod nano, pokedex, and other items. He wears a dark blue backpack that has other items as well. On his head he is seen sometimes wearing a dark blu ebandana as a headband, and always wears a necklace around his neck, that has a moon stone on it. This is the only posession he has left of his mother.
Personality: Due to a rough past, he can sometimes get in an extremely darkened mood if angered or upset. When in these moods, he is a person you don't wanna always be around. But he years for company at times. When not in these moods, he ais one of the most respectable guys you could know. He gives advice, hangs out, listens, and comforts. He also has a big passion for Metallica and heavy Metal in general.
History: Travis hates talking about the past. His father was killed when Travis was age 11, when he left the family to be a trainer. His blood was found pooled in the Rock Tunnel Outside Lavander Town. His mother died four years later in an accident, which left Travis with his grandparents. His grandparents are the sweetest people he knows. They feed him, gave him a room, and allow him to wander Pallet every day. After two years with his grandparents, Travis decided to study for the pokemon journey of a trainer. He decided to go on one shortly after some young kids he knew decided to leave. Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum were a part of that group.
Strengthes: Travis, after living with his grandparents for to years, was given a lot of knowledge on how to survive life. He knows how to cook a decent meal, knows a lot of wisdom, and has been known to make a rather good leader. He is not the strongest person around, but he can work. He does most of the yard work at his grandparents house He has been known to spend a lot of time on the track or in the pool, because of this he is really good at running and swimming.
Hometown: Has always lived in Pallet Town
Popularity: Around Pallet Town, he is known a little bit mor ethan the normal average. He is not popular, but some residents ask him for help in certain tasks around their yard. He knew Gary and Ash, they knew him too, but didn't really consider themselves friends. They just knew each other's names pretty much.
Starter: Squirtle (Gill)
Dream: Travis doesn't really have a dream in this journey. He only started it because he wanted to escape the memories of his past. Pallet was a place that he couldn't stay all the time. He needed to get some wilderness time, and make some friends. He also vowed to make his Squirtle, the most powerful Squirtle around.
Mama they try and break me...
The window burns to light the way back home
The light that warms no matter where they go
They're off to find the hero of the day
But what if they should fall by someone's wicked way?

7:54 P.M.

That’s what Travis’ clock read. Travis seemed to like reading late now. He had been researching heavily for the past two or three months on a journey not many could go on. He himself was lucky to be going on it.

Travis Darrell Mura, age 17, and at a height of 6-8, had so far had a sad life. He lived with his grandparents, Nova and James. His father left his mother when he was 11 and was killed in the Rock Tunnel outside Lavender Town after they found a pool of blood to be his after a DNA test. His mother had been dead two years. She died in an accident, and Travis was left with his grandparents. They were his only family now. He had no brother, sister, or aunt or uncle. His other grandparents had also died before he was born.

But in this sad life, Travis felt no sadness really. His grandparents took him in as if he was their own son. They fed him, he worked for them in the yard, or house, he even had his own room upstairs. It was a good life he guessed.

...Still the window burns, time so slowly turns
Someone there is sighing
Keepers of the flames, can't you hear your names
Can't you hear your babies crying?
Mama they try and break me...

Travis loved his music. It was one of the things that helped him contain his sadness. His music helped him settle down, contain anger, get him in the mood, since Travis loved Heavy Metal and Rock N’ Roll. He listened to a lot of this, especially Metallica. He connected a lot with Metallica. How? He didn’t always understand that himself. Metallica was not Christian, Travis was, but their subject matter was what Travis sometimes agreed with.

But that didn’t matter at the present moment. Travis was reading. He had to study for this journey he would be doing in less than a week. He would be starting his pokémon journey soon. He had been studying how to do this type of journey, to pack, how to cook, set up shelter, and other things like that. But what he studied at the present moment was what he’d been looking forward to studying. What to choose as a pokémon partner.

There were so many choices! But he wanted to pick one that he believed he could learn from. He could benefit from any but they each had they weaknesses and other things Travis didn’t know if he could handle. He read on.

“...from the time of birth. It is said that if this flame ever goes out, it’s life would end. Charmander...”

“Travis, come downstairs!” his grandmother called, as he heard her climbing the stairs towards his room. He laughed. “I’ll be down in five minutes.” he said as she entered the room. “Travis, you said that twenty minutes ago. Your dinner’s probably colder than any ice pokémon you’ll encounter.” He laughed. “So I’ll re-heat it.”

His grandmother laughed and made her way towards the dining room, but stopped near the door of Travis’ room. “We always knew this day would come...” she said loud enough for him to hear. “I remember your mother used to dream of doing exactly what you’re about to do...I never knew why she didn’t go...”

Travis laughed inside. “I’ll be down in a few.”

“You really want me to leave, don’t you?” she asked. They both laughed then she left the room and went downstairs.

Travis remembered his mother. Se died a sad woman, because of his father’s death. He actually despised his father deep down inside, since he just left. Travis couldn’t remember why he left, he just did.

Travis had to leave this town. Too many memories and he’d rather get away from them for a while. He wanted to spend some time in the wilderness, make friends with his pokémon companion, and enjoy life. It would soon happen.

He picked up his book again and read some more. Who to choose? Pikachu? Too popular in the pokémon world, and could easily be caught in some places. Eevee? A good choice, but could be difficult to raise, especially when and what it evolved into. Who? He read on...then he saw an interesting one. “Wow....I think I’ve found myself a new companion...”

He shut off his lamp and closed his book. He then stood up and went downstairs. “Wonder what Grandma made up for dinner tonight...”

Candy Christina
November 4th, 2008, 12:43 PM
Name: Waverly Helena Moriarty
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: Waverly is rather on the short side, being around 5’1” in height. She has brightly tan colored skin which she inherits from her mother as her father is a more pale type of coloring. Her beautiful dark black hair takes on a conservative length. She usually keeps it no lower than her shoulders as this is the way her mother always told her to keep it to somehow look “professional.” Her attire typically consists of a green collar shirt with a black and gray striped tie, along with a pleated black skirt that reaches to her knees. She keeps her feet warm with low-top black converses that seemed to be worn down a bit as a result of having them for a couple of years. She also has her “lucky rainbow gloves,” that she wears in times where she believes they will provide her with the strength and encouragement she needs to win.

Personality: Waverly tends to have a smart mouth which gets her into trouble on an infinite amount of occasions. She doesn’t usually like to be told what to do as she is always looking for ways to spread her “creative wings” and soar to new heights. This passion is usually seen as a good thing but in Waverly’s case, she takes it too far. She’s also way too overconfident and believes she can do anything without anyone telling her otherwise. She is actually in fact quite good at many things such as playing the oboe and her participation in sports. Many see Waverly as a “half tomboy.” She does enjoy shopping and cute things but also isn’t afraid of getting dirty. Waverly has a major dislike of people who are inconsiderate of others and what they are capable of doing since she has been in the same situation, even though sometimes she is guilty of having this trait as well.

History: Waverly used to be a citizen of the Celadon City metropolitan area but has recently, in fact a year ago, she moved to Pallet Town. Her parents work as real estate agents in the Kanto region so Waverly has always been interested in seeing all sorts of houses. Her parents would like to see Waverly become a real estate agent when she becomes older as well, but she has also shown a passion for art. While she was still living near the Celadon City area, she would always attend the art festivals in the city and has even tried to do her own artistic work. While her mother and father were happy that Waverly found something very intriguing to her, they figured that this was too foolish to do as a career. Waverly’s mother also enjoyed looking at paintings in art museums and the like, but when she attempted to paint herself, she was always rejected and no one ever wanted to purchase her art. As a result of this failure, her mother doesn’t want to see Waverly go through the ridicule she went through and would like her to participate in something more “realistic.”

Waverly finally decided she might as well become a Pokemon trainer since becoming an artist was not going to happen according to her mother. This decision prompted the family to move to Pallet Town. At first her parents weren’t used to the country atmosphere because of their closeness to Celadon City, which is a very large city in Kanto. Waverly became attracted to the area almost immediately though. She saw the scenery as the most beautiful thing she has ever seen and wanted so badly to paint it but knew she couldn’t. A few months after adjusting to the move, she decided that she would soon go to meet Prof. Oak and get her first Pokemon.

Strengths: Waverly is a rather vivid artist and also a pretty good writer as well. She knows a lot about homes as well, because of her parents being involved in the real estate business. :P

Hometown: Old Lace Town. (Suburb of Celadon City)

Popularity: Waverly was somewhat well-known in the town as everyone seemed to know each other. She had a few friends here, some of whom she wished she had never left.

Starter: Eevee

Dream: Waverly doesn’t exactly have a dream. Her choice of becoming a trainer was actually rather random. She could possibly find a goal she would be interested in when she begins her journey.


“Waverly! Get up! You have to help with the garden this morning!” Her mother, Anna, called out to her from down the stairs.

“Ugh…CAN’T WE DO IT TOMORROW?!” Waverly exclaimed while she rolled over to the side of her bed trying to return back to her deep slumber that was interrupted by her mother’s yelling.

“No! You need to go out and get your Pokemon soon, remember!? Don’t be lazy today, young lady! Now you come down here and help your mother right now, like I told you to do! I have to go to the work later on so hurry up!” Anna proclaimed as she walked back towards the kitchen to finish making the breakfast.

“Argh…she never lets me sleep in. Never! Meh…what time is it anyways?” She said to herself as she turned to her alarm clock. It had read 8:04 a.m.

“Blah. Whatever. I can’t wait until I leave here so when I go on my journey I can sleep for however long I choose. That’ll be the day…”

She got up out of bed a few minutes later and went to the window. She looked out and could see many Pidgeys and Spearows flying high into the sky like birds. Well…they were birds. Waverly then looked down and saw an older couple fighting in the house next to theirs. She laughed to herself at what they were saying and how foolish they were acting. Waverly sighed to herself and closed the window.

“Now to find my clothes…” She turns to her closet and pulled it open a bit harshly. She was still a bit cranky from her mother waking her up so early.
“Hmm. Here it is! My wonderful tie.” She uttered to herself and then proceeded to the bathroom to change. Her mother then came up the stairs with an angered look on her face.

“What is taking so long Waverly!? Didn’t I say to come downstairs a few moments ago?” Anna yelled. Waverly’s mother was cranky as well today. She had usually been much nicer than this. She was busy getting ready to sell another house to a young couple and needed to get to her office soon to fill out the paperwork for the home.

“I’m in the bathroom mother…I’ll be down in a couple of minutes.” She said with an annoyed tone in her voice.

“Good. I’ll be outside in the garden waiting.” Anna responded and she turned to walk down the stairs back to the garden.

“Whatever…OUCH!” Waverly cried out as she had slipped over the bathroom rug and hit her head right on the bathroom floor.

“Okay…that wasn’t pleasant…” She muttered as she slowly struggled to get back up.

November 4th, 2008, 8:38 PM
This is so open that I can't pass it up...it really interests me for some reason haha

Name: Russel Cunningham
Gender: male
Age: 16
Appearence: Russel is an average height lean kid, reaching roughly 5'10 and only weighing a meer 160 pounds. He has shaggy brown hair that covers one eye slightly. His eyes are a dull brown and usually appear to be sleepy or drowsy. He wears a black t-shirt with white undershirt that can be seen peeking out on the edges with slim fitting dark blue jeans that cover a pair of black and white tennis shoes. He always carries a brown messenger back over his shoulder which holds all of his various pokemon and archaeology and geology gear.

Personality: Russel always appears at first to be completely unaware of what is going on. He doesn't appear to pay attention to anything and like he may fall asleep at any second but in actuality he is always surveying his surroundings and taking in whats going on, giving him his keen since for finding rare fossils and rocks. He is a very nice guy for the most part. He enjoys learning new things about pokemon and most of all finding fossils of pokemon so he can research them.

History: Russell became very interested in fossils and rocks at an early age. He always enjoyed digging in the dirt and finding things. He became so interested that he began to read more and more books about ancient pokemon and their relations to current pokemon. He was so fascinated that he began to write his own papers and thesis' about them and became quite popular through the scientific community. His research became published and at an incredibly young age, he began to study ancient pokemon with the world's best. Up to current when the trainer's desire hit him. He felt he could only truly learn about pokemon if he spent time with them. So he decided to start with a pokemon and see where the winds take him. He has no aim to win gym battles or competitions... just find fossils and rare stones.

Strengthes: Russell's eyesight is keen and second to none. He can spot the most minute of flaws or thing out of place. Because of this he can be an excellent tactician on the field combined with his volumes of basic pokemon knowledge.
Hometown: Vermillion
Popularity: He is very famous throughout the scientific community so anyone who keeps up with current events or be educated would know of him. Although it is quite possible to not know his name since he does deal with ancient pokemon.
Starter choice: Totodile
Your Dream: To learn as much as possible and to document proof of legendary pokemon by any means necessary. Russell will follow any rumor possible.
Intro Post:

It had been a couple days now since he had left the port of Vermillion on his way to Pallet Town. He would finally be getting a pokemon and be able to travel the countryside freely to search for more answers to the mysteries of pokemon. Do legendaries really exist? Or are they merely fables invented by people. He had to know, he had to be sure. The only way to do that would be to encounter one himself, but they only appear to worthy pokemon trainers... so here he was. On his way to Professor Oak's lab to receive his first pokemon. Russell Cunningham. He sat alone on the front of the ship, dangling his feet over the side and peering off into the distance over the endless expanse of water. The ferry had left two days ago after sailing to the south of the Seafoam Islands and arriving in Pallet Town in 3 days. It would only be a matter of hours before Pallet Town would be in sight. He couldn't help but think about what type of pokemon he would get. The opportunities were endless as to the places he would need to explore to find the legendary pokemon. He was getting excited just thinking about it.

"What pokemon could be waiting... the endless chances to even study evolution in person! The sheer opportunity is just too much. So first i'll pick up my first pokemon then... i'll head to mt. moon! A prime chance to research moon stones and maybe find some fossils... ya thats the plan..."Russell thought to himself, starting to dose off slightly. But before he knew it, an intercom cut in.

"We'll be arriving in Pallet Harbor soon, please be ready to depart."

The moment had finally come, the time to get his first pokemon and begin the lifelong journey to find the answers of Pokemon.

November 5th, 2008, 12:42 AM
Could I quickly reserve a Charmander?

November 5th, 2008, 4:40 AM
Hey I'm interested in joining a trainer RPG so is it cool if I have a spot. Ill have my sign up up tonight but is it cool if I claim Cubone as my starter?

November 5th, 2008, 7:08 AM
Candy Christina, you are accepted with Starter Eevee
Kansas, you are accepted with starter Charmander
lorddarigarn, you are pending, and have Charmander reserved.
Shadowfaith, you are pending with Starter Cubone reserved

November 5th, 2008, 10:15 AM
Here we go. Sorry I haven’t got the intro post yet, I started it at school and forgot to upload it onto my chip. :tired: Should have it done soon. At least I have time to spare at all now... Anyway, here we are:

Name: John Briarson
Gender: Male
Age: 13

Appearance: John is fairly tall, being about 5’9”, with a thin, wiry build and slightly tanned skin. He has long, straight brown hair, reaching about halfway down his back, and dark hazel eyes. Normally he wears his hair loose, but if he needs to, he’ll put it back in a ponytail. Dress-wise, he tends to lean towards dark blacks and blues. He normally wears a long, black jacket and shirt, with black jeans and black leather walking boots. He has a pair of small silver earrings and a necklace with a black, pearl-like stone set in it. He also wears black, fingerless gloves, with dark red around the seams and covered in small frays.

Personality: John is a very reclusive boy. In general, he prefers to just sit in the corner, reading a book or writing down his latest idea than to go out and have a kick around. He normally just keeps himself to himself, shrugging off any bullying that comes his way. He tends to be cautious around large crowds, used to bullying, but loves to hang around with a small group of friends. He finds it very hard to make friends due to per pressure, but he is very attached to the ones that he makes. He doesn’t bother with the new fads and fashions, just doing what works for him. He tends to have an answer to every question, but has learnt to keep his mouth shut after having learnt that people think that he’s showing off. He loves to learn and will actively seek out information. He enjoys tactical or strategic games, and tends to be very analytical of how things work.

History: For most of his school years, since at least six or seven, John was set aside from most of his peers. He didn’t feel it was anything he did in particular; they just tended to pick him out. As he began to set himself aside more and more, he got taunted and bullied more and more. Without the social aspect of school to turn to, he focused on the one aspect of school he could excel in and even get praise for: the academic. He would simply sit in the corner, clean a shelf of books, and move onto the next. He began to get more and more bored as they went over the same subjects over and over and over again and never progressed. He loathed the way that people mucked around and caused havoc in lessons; from his point of view, at the very worst, if you’re in the lesson you may as well try to learn, whether you want to be there or not. However, as he continued to shine through, he began to rise above and beyond what the school could manage to support. Eventually, he left school and began to teach himself at home. For a long time, he has entertained the thought of being a Pokemon trainer, and has eventually decided to become a trainer.

Strengths: John has an amazing intellect. He is extremely focused, and is able to learn very quickly. He doesn’t see it that way though, he just sees it as being able to learn things on the first time, and doesn’t have to go over it again and again or practice/revise it a thousand times over. He is an amazingly fast reader and can astound others when they find how fast he reads, and he confirms that yes, he doesn’t skim read, yes I do take it all in. He’s also good with computers and technology in general.

Hometown: Pewter City
Popularity: He’s known around the town, but not much more than “Oh, there’s Oliver” or “Hi, Oliver”.
Starter choice: Charmander

Your Dream: John doesn’t really hold anything ahead. However, he wants to become a skilled trainer and to generally earn himself some respect. He plans to challenge the gyms, but hasn’t put any thought to the Pokemon League yet.

Intro Post:

Candy Christina
November 5th, 2008, 1:48 PM
Candy Christina, you are accepted with Starter Eevee

Awesome, thanks! :)

I'm thinking of having Waverly participate in Pokemon Contests, is that okay? Or would that be too much of a hassle to do?

Sir Aaron1017
November 5th, 2008, 2:10 PM
can special pokemon be claimed more than once? if so I would like to reserve an Eevee, if not, the I would like to try my hand at Skitty - though the Eevee would be my first preferance. I am working on my sign-up and it should be done soon.

November 5th, 2008, 3:26 PM
Nice. A new role play has caught my eye that I may have to sign up for. Can I get a reservation on a Cyndiquil then?

November 5th, 2008, 4:40 PM
Name: Kris Eneko
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Appearence: Spiked white hair, blue youthful eyes , black casual T-shirt with orange tie, long denim pants, and cresent shaped earings.

Personality: Energetic, Knowledgeable, and Compassionate

History: Kris has lived a pretty normal life for his age. Well untill know at least.

Strengthes: Knows voodoo, is know for his sense of humor, and is a pretty good weightboarder.

Hometown: Celadon City
Popularity: Pretty popular I guess.
Starter: Skitty

Dream: To become a Proffesional Gym leader

Intro: Kris was laying in his bed letting the minutes go by freely.Tick, Tock ,Tick ,Tock. He was getting awfully tired for it was 3:14 AM and a teenager needs there sleep. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. Just then his mother came into the room. "Sweetie, your journey begins tommorow are you prepared?" she asked sweetly. "Yes, mother i'm prepared" he replied. "Got your backpack and Easy-Ramen with you?" "Yes mother" "Well good" she said, and with that she sighed a sigh of relief. "Honey, it's going to be a dangerous and perilous journey." "Are you sure you're ready for this?" He nodded, for which he was tired of saying "Yes, mother" over and over. She turned of the lights, said a quick "Good night", and went to bed.

November 5th, 2008, 9:43 PM
Name: Autumn West
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearence: Autumn's posture tells all. Just by looking at her one can tell how much she doesn't care about anything, except Pokemon and kicking the other trainer's butt. Her layered, shoulder length hair, is an ironic mix of reds, oranges, and blondes. (Red on top, then orange, and blonde underneath). Her attire consists of a comfortable pair of black sweats, a grey tank top, and a dark grey zip up sweatshirt. Autumn is more about comfort than anything and loves to train in a pair of sweats. It would take the force of a thousand Charizards to force this girl into something nice (what society would consider nice). Her brown eyes are hard and judging; few get past those eyes but when they do they discover a broken girl who's just been misunderstood. Autumn stands tall for a girl her age (five eight). Her tennis shoes are so broken in, there's barely any sole left. Only she knows what color they originally were. She's fit and while she doesn't seem like the kind to exercise, fresh air contributes to her tan skin and ease for running.
Personality: As said before, Autumn is the definition of apathetic teenager. The only things that grab her interest are good food, jogging, and Pokemon. She doesn't like talking about her feelings unless those feelings are anger, annoyance, or jealousy. She's not one for small talk and is only friends with those she's known most of her life. She will occasionally give people a chance if they interest her enough, though. This cold front and apathy is never aimed toward Pokemon. To Autumn, Pokemon are the only innocent creatures in this world and deserve love more than any human she knows. She has a terrible habit of gloating and doing things before she thinks about them. Autumn loves the outdoors, a hot bowl of soup, and reading up on the latest Pokemon gossip. She dislikes a good majority of the human population, ice cream, and lazy people.
History: Autumn's parents left her at an orphanage in Lavender without a note and with no intention of ever coming in contact with her. She was adopted at the age of four by Mr. and Mrs. Kelly but asked if she could keep her original last name, the only thing that connected her to her parents. She relocated to their house in Celadon city. For a good chunk of her childhood she was obsessed with finding her parents but soon lost hope and, with that, lost faith in humanity. Not long afterward she watched an intense match between Erika and an unfortunate trainer, inspiring her to truly forget her parents and start researching Pokemon. Her foster parents were worried about her always cooped up in her room but realized it was much better than her stomping around the house angrily. Autumn has always loved her foster parents but her heart would never heal. Repressing her anger toward her real parents did nothing but build walls.
Strengths: Autumn is amazing at research, but only when it's about subjects she's interested in. When she's determined, the girl is capable of anything. She knows a lot about Pokemon through said research and often impresses the people of Celadon with her fun facts. Autumn is a fast runner and is physically ready for anything life throws at her.
Hometown: Technically Lavender, but she grew up in Celadon
Popularity: Because of her cold shoulder, not many get along with Autumn except those she's close with. Many admire her intelligence and determination though.
Starter choice: Chikorita
Your Dream: Autumn choses to go on her journey to finally do something with her life, learn as much as she can about pokemon, and kick some ass along the way.
Intro Post:
Autumn winced, eyes still closed, as her alarm screamed bloody murder that morning. She grabbed it fiercely, unplugging it, and threw it across the room.
"Damn clock," Autumn grumbled. Her multicolored hair was sticking up in many directions and her eyes were still closed as she removed herself from bed. As if she knew the layout of the room by heart, she made her way to the bathroom without stepping on a single thing, not even the alarm clock.
Her foster father was also up at this hour. He was an independent scientist and spent most of his time at his desk, reading and rereading, writing and erasing. Autumn had learned from the best how to research effectively. Mr. Kelly had previously been asleep at his desk, drool running down his chin, until his adopted daughter had thrown her alarm clock across her room. As it made contact with the wall, his head jerked up suddenly.
When Autumn came out of the bathroom again, her brown eyes open this time but not focused, Mr. Kelly narrowed his eyes and said, "We can't afford to keep buying you alarm clocks, dear," he smiled slightly, shuffling his papers.
"Sorry," Autumn shrugged and dragged her feet on her way back into her room.
"Going for another run?" Mr. Kelly asked, slightly louder but quiet enough so as not to wake his wife. Autumn usually early once a week to refresh herself and "get the juices flowing", as she'd say. But lately, she'd been running everyday. When her foster parents had inquired about this, Autumn shrugged and said "I feel like I need to be doing something else with my life, but I don't know what. Running clears my mind, so until I figure out what I need to do, I'm gonna keep running."
Autumn walked back out of her room, "Yes," she answered, tying her hair up. She pulled a phone out of her sweat pants pocket to make sure it was on. "I'll see you guys in awhile."
The morning air pierced her soul and opened her mind; Autumn took a deep breath in, smiling and savoring the pure air of the morning. She hated waking up this early, but once she was awake it was worth it. She began jogging.
Stores owners were getting things ready for the day. They had gotten used to Autumn's appearance this early and usually waved at her as she jogged by. Autumn would nod respectively and keep running. The only one she'd stop for was the baker, who had an extra bagel for her every morning. She'd say thanks and be on her way again.
What is it that I need to be doing with my life? She had been thinking the same thing every morning for the past three weeks. So far, she hadn't gotten an answer.
Not until today.
Autumn stopped when her feet had led her to a grassy area. A Vulpix was doing some early morning hunting and she watched, entranced. The Vulpix puffed out a plume of fire, scaring her prey. It was in that moment that Autumn realized what she wanted to do.
"I'm going to train Pokemon," she said out loud. She didn't know why this had suddenly come to her but she was smiling as she ran back home. I need to get ahold of Proffesor Oak.

November 6th, 2008, 1:14 AM
Name: Keoni Makaiau

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Keoni has navy blue hair with silver highlights here and there, though this hair colour may look abnormal, it is his town; it extends to his shoulders and is styled so that her fringe is flicked to one side, obscuring his view to the right. This is then accompanied by a set of haunting dark blue eyes that almost look black under cover of night, but shine brightly in the sunlight.

He has a thin frame and is rather agile though one would not think this due to his clothing style which consists of a black button up shirt, accompanied by baggy black cargo trousers which are then tucked into a pair of clumpy black boots with silver clasps, giving Keoni that extra bit of height he needs to appear intimidating.

Concealing all of this is a black leather coat which just about fails to reach the ground, it is held shut by silver clasps and chains and has a large collar which manages to hide the bottom half of Keoni’s facial features if that is what he wishes. Two silver studded leather belts wrap themselves sluggishly around his waste in a lame attempt at keeping his trousers above the waistline and a few chains hang lifelessly from the belts. A multi chained silver pendant, shaped in the ways of a dragon is forver present around his throat…a memory of his lost sister.

A tribal tattoo runs from his thigh all the way up his back and around his neck, with the centrepiece resting at the small of his back, these are also accompanied by two triangular tattoo’s which lay just below each of his eyes. Accompanying these are silver hoops which peirce the very tops of both of his ears.

Personality: Keoni is a lone wolf and though he doesn’t hate people, he doesn’t love them either. He’s quite a solitary character and prefers his privacy to being cluttered by fans (yes he has fans). He views others as being transparent and prefers to carry on with His life not know about others feelings or past, exceptions are made for those that have gained his trust and relatives. He’s far from mean but will go as far as to ignoring others in order to let them know where they stand in his eyes, he’s been known to share the odd companionate sentence now and again but apart from those rare moments he is mostly silent and keeps to himself.

He’s one who prefers the company of nature to the company of people and will take any opportunity given to simply sit and think about life in general or a certain predicament he has gotten herself into. Though no one would know it, Keoni has been known to make of mess of things like any other normal human being and has often found himself in situations he would rather have avoided, perhaps due to his own mistakes or others. Due to this fact he remains calm, cool and collected under stress, knowing full well that panicking will solve nothing.

In a team he is rather strategic and though quiet will not allow a team member or someone he thinks something of to fail. He is a rather helpful coach when the time calls and believes souly on keeping focussed and not loosing your cool else something more drastic go wrong whilst panicking. Over all though quiet and seemingly uncaring, he is not one to let people suffer when he can do something about it, no matter how annoying the task may be.

History: When Keoni was younger, he trained Pokemon with his father in order to study them. His father being a professor of sorts in the Orange islands meant that he had to tamper with Pokemon in order to learn more about them. It was this fact that got Keoni into Pokemon in the first place and helping his dad meant that from an early age he was aware of Pokemon’s acts, feelings and habitats. Hir mother was a nurse on the island tending to wounded Pokemon and the occasional human but was more well know for keeping an eye on her son and husband whilst they were busy with they’re experiments. His sister Keanu helped her mother in caring for the Pokemon that came in, with the island having no Nurse Joy to tend to the Pokemon, the small population looked upon this family for aid when something was amiss with they’re Pokemon.

At the age of 11 Keoni was meant to travel across seas to Kanto in order to start a Pokemon journey of his own. Though his dream was to follow his father and keep the small island business going, his father replied that a Pokemon journey was the best way to increase understanding of Pokemon and meet new species that he had never before seen. Unfortunately it was at this point that Kenoi’s sister fell ill and he was forced to postponed his journey and stayed with his family during his sisters illness. Many times they had had to travel across seas to a hospital in order to have Keanu checked out and treated and sometimes it was left to Keoni to travel back and forth on his father’s Pidgeot to pick up medicine. Having no proper hospital on the island meant that the family had difficulties in treating the illness.

Years went on and still Keanu was ill, the doctors tried they’re hardest to treat the illness and due to this Keoni could not start his Pokemon journey so that he could be with her sister in these harsh times. Unfortunately his sisters struggle was in vain and she past not two years ago. It left Keoni quite scarred knowing that his sister had died so young and he was not up to a Pokemon journey for two years there after. It is today that he proceeds with his original plans and departs on his belated Pokemon journey.

Strengths: Having lived on an island and due to his activities in the past has developed a rather keen understanding of Pokemon, but that still has yet to be developed further.

Hometown: Mikan Island, Orange Islands

Popularity: With his cool and collected demeanour along with the fact that he had come from the tropic Orange Islands and his father had appeared on many tv programmes(though one would not think it), Keoni has amassed a few fans and though he does not care for them, they try they’re hardest to befriend him. People expect big things of this individual simply because of his father.

Starter choice: Cubone (Koda)

Your Dream: To become a Pokemon Professor.

Intro Post:

A loan figure stood at the tip of the boat, staring out emotionlessly at the sea. The wind ruffled his midnight hair and he seemed completely at peace with himself. A group of on lookers stared at him with a peculiar interest whilst eating they’re meals and the figure heard multiple whispers creeping up behind him. He sighed, knowing full well that the whispers he heard were masses of people discussing who he was and what he was doing. Because of course the entire boat knew more about what he was doing than he ever did. Word spread quickly when one of the most famous professors son was travelling off of the island. This was of course due to the fact that his father was one of the few Orange Island professors.

Turning on his heal he looked at the people with a sort of knowing. They all immediately froze and suddenly went back to eating they’re meals and talking amongst themselves. Keoni sighed and shoved his gloved hands into his pockets before disappearing below deck to his quarters. Of course his father had paid for a great room yet again, though he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why he had now let him borrow the Pidgoet. He simply replied. “Uh uh! You need to do this alone, without any help! That’s what makes a great trainer?”
“Dad…you are such a looser.” he mumbled to himself, closing his chamber door behind him.

Sighing he undid his leather coat and flung it over a desk before walking over to the king sized bed and flopping down on it. “If I was meant to do this alone, then why the heck did he get me a bedroom with two bathrooms, a dining table and a chandelier?”
He folded his hands behind his head and looked up at said ornament watching as it swayed back and forth with the rocking of the boat. He gave a wide yawn and simply closed his eyes in hope that when he awoke he would be at Pallet Town.

As predicted, he awoke to the sound of a voice over the voice com. He blinked tiredly and looked up at the offending speaker.

“We will shortly be arriving at Pallet Town Harbour. Please remember to take any belonging with you or else they will be discarded by a member off staff. Thank you.”

The voice cut off and Keoni immediately flung himself onto his feet and gathered his coat and backpack from the table. He swung the door open and charged upstairs, pushing his way through the joyful crowed and to the front of the queue leading off of the boat.


Name: Keahi Ichigo

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Keahi has blood red hair (at the time) and emerald green eyes. Her hair is cut short to cup her face and a pair of designer glasses rest atop her head to keep the straight bangs at bay when they are not needed. She has slightly tanned skin and a thin frame to make her look all the more appealing to the opposite gender. Keahi has two preferred choices for clothing, one is her professional look and another is her casual look. The casual look consists of a strapy orange top which stops just below her bosom, another top of the same design is present below it only this one black and comes to a stop just above her belly button, the straps of the second top lay slouched against her upper arms. A pair of baggy blue three quarter length jeans fail to cover a pair of black vans with orange laces.

A pair of belts are thrown around her waste to hold the jeans up and a mass of orange and black bracelets decorate both of her forearms. A decorative anklet rests against the top of her left shoe and three black and orange necklaces wrap themselves snugly around her throat, all decorated with shells and other beach like artefacts.

Her professional look…isn’t really professional at all, and is merely something she wears when making announcements on TV. This consists of a black pinstriped, button up shirt which the two top buttons always left undone, these are then accompanied by a pair of blue or black jeans depending on her mood and the same black vans that she always wears, only with red laces. A red tie wraps itself around her neck, replacing the cluster of necklaces that would normally be there.

Keahi also has a tendency to change her hair color often so no one really knows what hair color she truly has. Another thing to note would be the multiple piercing she has, these consisting of the top of her left ear, her nose, tongue and belly button. Like her outfit and hair she changes these from red to orange gems (apart from the ear which is just simply a hoop) to match her hair color and outfit.

Personality: Keahi is quite loud and bright and it tends to grate on peoples nerves sometimes. She’s quite the tomboy in character and likes nothing more than kicking back and relaxing even though the job she has been given tends to require the opposite. She hates being told what to do by others and simply brushes suggestions off that she does not agree with and will simply do things her own way. She is quite the happy character and doesn’t wish any harm on anyone or anything but can loose her temper quite easily and makes whoever ticked her off, really wish they had stayed home that morning.

She’s always up for a challenge and will never turn one down unless she thinks that either she or her pokemon will not be able to handle it…though this happens rarely. She’s able to tell when a battle will be too much, but tends to try anyway as she claims it will only make her and her Pokemon stronger. When it comes to loosing she doesn’t take it well at first and will sometimes rant and rave about a re-match or how it was unfair because of some abnormality that happened to pick this battle to intervene, but soon after she‘s back to her old self and is looking for her next battle.

Though she may appear to be a completely active character from the above description, she prefers to spend her days simply getting away from it all, which is partially the reason she decided to take a Pokemon journey. The fact of travelling the regions and being able to do as one pleases is very appealing to her and would be a change from her usual life…not that she dislikes it. All in all, she is a friendly enough character with a bit of a temper and a complete and utter desire to be the leader in everything she does.

History: Keahi grew up a surfer in the town of Slateport. Spending most of her days lazing by the side of the sea with her friends she wasn't the most active of teens and remains so up until this day. Either way when Keahi was thirteen a documentary team came to slateport in order to make a programme on the annual surfing competition that was being held at the beach close to the city. Keahi was taking apart in the competition that year and came third, making it all the way to the finals before being toppled by an incoming wave. Annoyed with herself, she tried again and again from then on and finally reached success when she was 15, winning the competition and having a documentary made of her surfing styles. Luckily for her, from there on after she became famous for her win and was given her own tv show, which till this day has been immensely popular amongst viewers of all ages.

Keahi started out making more documentary's of her surf life and others of the same nature when one day she captured a rare sight of a surfing pikachu in one of her shoots. This episode's rating's flew sky high and from there on out, she dedicated her time to making Pokemon documentary's which lead her to starting her own Pokemon journey to give the viewers a better look at what the life of a trainer consisted of. She will be airing this live, accompanied by her camera man and best friend Kai.

Strengths: Keahi is a great artist and enjoys writing and reading given her personality. She’s also a rather talented swimmer and surfer having been raised so near the sea.

Hometown: Slateport, Hoenn

Popularity: Keahi is extremely popular. Being the host of a popular tv programme is meant to do that to you. She has travelled far and has been greeted fondly in many regions for her attempts to bring the viewers at home closer to the Pokemon world.

Starter choice: Psyduck (Mikau)

Your Dream: To be the no1 television host.

Intro Post:

"Okay! Were live in 3, 2 ,1!"

There was a slight pause as the camera took time to adjust and then into view came a red haired teen with emerald eyes, a mic held to her lips. "Hello and welcome to Ichigo gone wild! Today is a very special day as I take it into my own hand to bring you closer to our Pokemon friends! Yes, today is the day where I Keahi Ichigo begin my own Pokemon journey!" The red haired teen swings around dramatically and proceeds to a helicopter waiting in the background, the camera followed obediently as the teen ducked her head and held her glasses to her nose. She grabbed a hold of one of the seats and stepped half way in before turning once again to the camera, a wide grin on her face.

"As you can see, I have already arranged for transport to take me to the lab of a one Professor Oak in Pallet town in order to receive my beginner Pokemon! Now, why don't I just grab myself a Pokemon here and now, I hear you say...well the answer to that would simply be because I want you, the viewers at home to have the best possible experience of a Pokemon journey." Yells and clapping could be heard in the background and this only made the grin spread wider across the teens face. "Yes, I will give up my own personal time to bring you closer to the Pokemon world in this amazing journey across the regions. So stayed tuned and keep watching! Over and out!" She ended the scene with a quick wink and a cheeky salute before the camera stopped rolling and she referred to her old self again.

"Man, I seriously need a break from all of this." She muttered, accepting the bottle of water that Kai held out to her. She took a long swig and dumped a little over her head to cool off. "Thanks Kai." She mumbled through the stream of water. "Glad your coming with me, I'd probably go insane."
Kai chuckled. "Nah, you'll have your adoring fans following your every step."
"Don't remind me." The pair jumped into the helicopter and were followed closely be the director who had the widest smile possible plastered across his face. "Ahahaha! There's my favourite surfer star! Your gonna make us a killing, kid!" He yelled, throwing an arm around Keahi and pulling her close. "This is my best idea yet!"
"Your idea? If I recall I was the one that wanted to do this." Keahi growled, turning angry eyes towards the director who quickly withdrew.
"Hey hey hey! Take it easy!"

Kehai rolled her eyes and turned her gaze towards the window. She removed her glasses and began to fiddle with them.
The director sighed and leaned over. "You can take us up now. S'gonna take us some time to get to Kanto."
With that, the helicopter lifted into the air and they were off.

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 6th, 2008, 6:43 AM
Name: Keiku Reishu
Appearence: K.R. is about 5' 11" and weighs around 165 lbs, K.R. has spiky black hair with a blue streak in the front of his hair. He has piercing green eyes and perfect white teeth. He also wears a tight black shirt with a white skull on it which stops at the first half of his top shoulder. Looking at K.R. the first thing that would come to your mind is "A no good punk." K.R. also has two silver earrings in both ears. He wears a black leather spike strap on his right wrist and is seen wearing a silver Dragonair chain on his shirt he also has a dagger tattoo on his right arm, it is sometimes commented on.

K.R wears Black Jeans with a large silver skull on the right back pocket. He has a silver chain wallet in his right pocket. The chain can be seen hanging out of his right pocket. K.R. wears black sneakers that are very durable and tough. At nighttime, K.R. wears a long cyan pajama shirt and cyan pajama pants to bed. They also have white skulls on them. K.R. also has an athletic build which always catches the eyes of girls and women alike. It is known that K.R. often works out. If he was to ever go swimming , K.R. would wear black shorts with many white skulls on them. He also wears his Chain when he goes swimming, complementing his athletic build.

Personality: Even though K.R. looks like a punk looking for trouble, in reality he is actually a kind, strong character. He always like to lend a helping hand to others and is always kind to pokemon. K.R. is known to have a strong-willed attitude towards his goals. He always keeps his head straight and likes to look on the bright side. K.R. believes that there is good in everyone and can be Naive to some extent. In the end though, he is someone anybody would be glad to have on their team. K.R. often thinks before he acts and is not afraid to be wrong. K.R. would do anything for his friends and his pokemon. He loves to train and is a firm believer in hard work and is someone who's confidence is hard to break. If you could choose anybody to stand up and take charge in a high-pressured situation, K.R. would be the man for the job. He is also the type of guy who could turn a deficit into a victory.

History: K.R. was born and raised in Celadon City. K.R. was orignally going to start his Pokemon at the age of 10, but had a bit of fear of setting out on his own. K.R. decided to train and focus so he would be physically and mentally prepared. K.R. also stopped going by the name Keiku and began to call himself K.R. and soon, everyone else did as well.

K.R. lives with his Mother in Celadon City, his father left home to join Team Rocket when K.R. was 8 and hasn't heard from him since. Rumors are that, K.R.'s father became a team Rocket Executive or something of that sort. K.R. became angry and bitter towards his absent father and doesn't like to talk about it much. K.R. decided to become strong for him and his mother and decided on becoming a Pokemon Master shortly after his father left. K.R. changed to his "punk" look when he was 12. At first his mother was against it, but soon grew comfortable with it. K.R. who is now 14, is ready for a Journey that he would never forget.

Strengthes: Despite the way he dresses, K.R. is talented from a variety of athletics, from Football to Mountain Climbing. His prior knowledge of Pokemon also helps him as well.

Hometown: Celadon City
Popularity: K.R. is pretty well known in many parts of the city, whether it's an someone who makes the all-city team in sports or someone who is good in academics or just someone pretty cool to hang around.

Starter choice: Eevee

Your Dream: K.R.'s dream is to spread his wings and see how he rates as a trainer he also wants to go out and see the world outside of Celadon City. On a more personal note though he wants to know where his father is and what happened to him.

Intro Post:

Mama take this badge from me
I can't use it anymore
It's getting dark too dark to see
Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door

Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door
Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door
Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door
Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door

Mama put my guns in the ground--

"Keiku!!!....come here!"

K.R. took off his headphones and went down the stairs, his mother was standing in the kitchen waiting for him. She was a pretty woman in about her mid 30s. She had long, straight black hairs and soft blue eyes. She was a few inches shorter than him and she had something in her hand.

"You plan on starting your journey soon, so maybe you should read through this first."

K.R. took the book, it was a paperback book for beginning trainers. K.R. flipped through the book and seen information on Poke Balls, what types of Berries are good and which were not and most notably of all, What starting Pokemon were available. K.R. was pleased at the variety of pokemon to choose from, he seen the usual starters and then came across the special starters. He liked the idea of starting off with Machop or Cubone but in the end, decided on Eevee.

"Thanks mom, I know which Pokemon I want." said K.R.

"What would that be?"

"I want Eevee, mainly because of its different evolutions and the flexibility I can use to form a team."

"Wow, that is wonderful how you think of strategies like that." she said

K.R. then walked outsode the house and looked up at the starry sky, he then looked ahead and saw the skyline of the city, it was a beautiful sight to see, and then K.R. continued to gaze at the skyline and after a few minutes turned and returned into the house, waiting to begin a journey he won't soon forget.

November 6th, 2008, 8:31 AM
Kansas, your starter has been changed to TOtodile by your request.

lorddarigarn, you are accepted with starter Charnamder.

Sir Aaron1017, you may reserve an Eevee. Specials may be claimed up to 3 times as well as the basic starters. You are pending.

Got-a-Plan-B, you are pending and have Cyndiquil reserved.

Eneko, before I consider accepting you, I must request that you give a LOT more details into your character. CHeck out the descriptions of the other characters here, and you'll see what I mean. I need more info in personality, appearence, and background history. I would like to see a better intro post as well. You are pending, with Skitty reserved.

billie_lightning, you are accepted with starter Chikorita.

Shadowfaith, wow, if you can roleplay with two characters, that's cool, just hope you can do it good. I just hope you can get some history in for your second character. You are accepted with Cubone and Psyduck. I hope this is okay with everyone here.

Master Trainer Empoleon, you are accepted with Starter Eevee.

Eevee is now unavailable to those who now wish to sign up.

Digimon Kaiser
November 6th, 2008, 2:09 PM
Name: Tom Crier-Damon Backlot
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearence: He has medium-length dark red hair, his skin appears to be tan, and his eyes are hazel. He appears to be average weight and height, and wears the same clothes as the male hero in Pokemon Platinum
Personality: He is a nice guy, unless angered. He despises anybody who uses Pokemon for evil, and will be brutal to those who do. When angered, his fits of rage are huge.
History: His grandparents are Eric Damon and Peggy Crier, who stopped Team Rocket twice as young adults. His mother is their daughter, and apparently his father was kidnapped at birth by Giovanni's minions and chosen to be heir to the leadership of Team Rocket, but was reluctant since he despised the Rockets, and was glad Giovanni died, and is actually Mr. Backlot's biological son. Tom has the skills similar to those of a Snagem Member, a Coordinator, a Pokemon Ranger, and an elite Trainer.
Strengthes: His physical strength and his intelligence, along with various other skills that can really help at times.
Hometown: Doesn't really have one, but was born in Jubilife City.
Popularity: He's pretty popular, especially with the ladies.
Starter: Totodile (no nickname)
Dream: To become the best and stop all of those who use Pokemon for evil.

Tom was busy training his Totodile, when a Trainer in a black and gold uniform witha crimson "R" on it walked up to him and grabbed him. Tom shouted "Who are you and what do you want from me!?" The person, apparently a Rocket grunt told him Team Rocket was back for a third time, and wanted revenge against his entire living family, who was responsible for defeating Team Rocket every time they tried to do something incredibly evil. Totodile bit the Grunt in the leg, causing the Grunt to bleed. The Grunt fled and Totodile let go and ran to Tom, checking if he was OK. Totodile screamed its name twice. The Grunt was dead due to blood loss. Eric then patted his Pokemon, and said "Nice going, Totodile. If you didn't act so brave, I'd probably be dead."

(sorry if this is too short, I was in a hurry)

November 6th, 2008, 2:58 PM
This rp interests me... may I reserve a spot? I would prefer to have Munchlax as my starter if it is not too much trouble. Gonna see if I can bring Taro back from that gym leader RP.

Sir Aaron1017
November 6th, 2008, 3:22 PM
Here is my sign-up. I hope it's good enough for you.

Name: Lexie (Lex) Volari

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: 5’8, 125 lbs, Lexie has back hair with a few white streaks that are natural, though most people won’t believe it. She has been told on multiple occasions that her eyes are the clearest blue they have ever seen, and if you comment them, she will blush uncontrollably. Despite how her eyes command total attention of her face, she has other great qualities about her. Her teeth are dazzling white, and she uses them all the time because she is always smiling. She wears a black blouse that has extravagant sleeves that are very wide at the hands, which are usually getting in the way, but she loves them anyways. She also wears a pair of performance brown pants, and black stilettos, and she has a necklace which is oddly always changing color, which she received from her mother as part of the will.

Personality: She is the one that most people find too headstrong because she is always telling it as it is, and will never admit it when she is wrong, but when she is, she just smiles, but the smile never leaves her mouth because she is glaring at you. Although she is over controlling, she has to have people to talk to, so that is why she chose to be a coordinator so she could meet lots of people, and to see the scenery, of course! She is not too trusting, though, because she lost her parents at an early age, and when she moved in with her aunt (who was given custody of her in the will, seeing as she was her mom's favorite sister, and because she was always nice to Lexie) was treated extremely cruelly, and she never forgave her. She tries to always keep things positive, and always look ahead.

History: When Lexie was 4, her parents died of "unknown causes", which the police have decidedly given up on investigating because it was too complicated. After her parents’ deaths, the care of Lexie passed to her Aunt Valorie (Lexie’s parents gave custody to her because Lexie loved her dearly), who was made her legal guardian. Now, Lexie hates her aunt with a passion because Valorie is cruel and heartless. The only reason she acted nice when Lexie's parents were alive was to gain her mom's trust, and inherit the fortune that Lexie's parents were worth. Lexie will never be able to touch a penny of it because her aunt spent half of it getting her complexion fixed, which has taken many years, and lots of money! When she turned 10, she ran away, and hopes to never return, but she feels that one day, she must return to confront her on what she had done to her.

Strengths: Her creativity comes in handy when trying to come up with new routines for contest battles.

Hometown: Hearthome City, Sinnoh

Popularity: She is known only in the Sinnoh Region where she participated in various contests.

Starter choice: Eevee

Your Dream: She wants to become the best coordinator that the world has ever know, even better than May, who is one of her idols and heroes.

Intro Post: “I sure hope this boat hurries up, I am getting sick and tired of looking at waves over and over again…” Lexie though, clutching her stomach as the first clutches of sea-sickness began to make her feel a little woozy. Luckily for Lexie, the captain made an announcement over the intercom.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank for riding the S.S. Anne II, we will be arriving in Vermillion City within the hour. We hope you enjoyed your trip and hope you choose to travel with us next time!”

“I’ll be sure to do that if I ever decide to go by boat again… though that might be in a few years…” she mumbled out loud, but trailing off, holding her breath as the sickness tried to make it’s way out of her. After a few moments, she took a very deep breath, but couldn’t hold it anymore. That’s one mess she knows someone won’t want to clean up, but she wasn’t in the mood to do it herself, so she went to her room, grabbed her bag off her bed, then walked to the side of the ship where the approaching dock soon grew in the distance.

There were many people lining the docks which she guessed were friends and family of some of the other passengers. “I wonder if he’s here yet…” she thought to herself. Sure enough she spotted a man in a yellow jumpsuit and a tattered red and white cap. He gave her a wave, and she just smiled back at him because she was clutching her back against her stomach, urging it to calm down.

When the boat finally docked, she heard a disgusted yelp from the other side of ship where she had thrown up “Sorry about that, but I am off this forsaken ship…” Still clutching her stomach, she finally was able to make it through the crowds to stand in front of the man in the yellow jumpsuit. “Are you ready Miss Volari?” he said in a gruff, deep voice. “I am all set. When will we be leaving?” She said, trying to be polite, though the impatience came across very clearly. “I need to double check all the systems and make sure we have enough fuel to make it to Pallet Town without any problems, so within the hour” he replied, obviously trying to please her. “ok, I’ll be in the Pokémon Center when you are done” she said, walking past the man, through the crowds, and in through the front doors.

“Welcome to the Vermillion City Pokémon Center, how may I help you?” The Nurse Joy behind the counter asked. “I could use something to drink. Is there someplace I can get it here?” She replied. “There is the PokéMart across the street. There are some vending machines out front” Joy answered, pointing behind Lexie to the blue-roofed building across the street. “Ok, thank you for your help” Lexie said, dashing out the door to buy something to wash the taste of vomit out of her mouth. After a few gulps she walked back across the street and found a chair to sit on just inside the door of the Pokémon Center. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall. Within a few moments she fell asleep. “Miss? Miss? We are ready to leave. Miss?” the man said, trying to wake her up, not sure if he should shake her awake. “Huh? What?” She mumbled, her eyes flashing open. “Oh sorry, I must have fallen asleep. Did you say something?” She said. “I am all set to leave. Whenever you are ready” he replied. “I am ready now if that’s ok. The sooner I get to Pallet Town the better” she answered while standing up, stretching her muscles and rubbing her stiff neck.

As soon as she climbed in the airplane, Scott, the man in the yellow jumpsuit, started the engines and prepared to take off. “Are you sure you have everything Miss?” Scott asked Lexie. “I am sure” She replied, unconsciously touching her bag that was between her legs on the floor. Soon they were soaring above the clouds, the roar of the engines making conversation all but impossible, not that Lexie minded, she was still feeling a bit queasy from earlier.

When they finally landed, she opened her bag, pulled out some bills, paid Scott, then started the trip up the road to Pallet Town.

November 6th, 2008, 4:24 PM
Wow, this one looks interesting
Can I reserve a spot?

Name: Haley Aria Harrigan
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Appearance: Haley is somewhat tall, standing at 5'5, and weighing 116 pounds, which is just in the healthy weight range. However, she hates it when people remark about her being thin, to which she replies "I'm not thin, I'm healthy." She bears a slight resemblance to a toothpick, but not really that much. Her hair is straight, falls to her mid back, and of a dark brown color, it has a silky texture, though, color wise, is rather unremarkable. Her eyes, however, are almost creepy, they are ice blue, almost white, though the pupils are dark, and give her an otherworldly appearance, and she purposefully uses black eyeliner (not liberal amounts or anything), and a small amount of eyeshadow carefully applied to create a 'smoky' effect, in order to emphasize her eye color (maybe she just enjoys creeping people out.)

Haley is often wears lived in, long-by-a-few-inches black street pants with black straps, with a dark blue, short sleeved t-shirt that has a rather intricate floral print and silver accents. Over the t-shirt she wears a light gray jacket made of light, durable material, which is often worn unzipped. Her sneakers are clean and white, and are worn in, though they appear to be rather new, and around her neck she wears a black cord with a silver dragon pendant hanging from it, which was given to her by one of her best friends, Casey. However, when she doesn't need her sneakers, she will replace them with mid calf, slightly scuffed, lace-up boots with a low heel, so as to let her sneakers air out a bit.

Personality: Haley is can be of rather shy character, though at times, you could never tell, from the way she acts. Normally, she's a loner, and very independent, preferring to do many things on her own, without the assistance of others, though she's definitely not one of those people who have just turned their backs on society. Haley is often just polite enough, to anyone she can get along decently with, at least, though if she doesn't like you, she'll manage make it plain and clear, even if she only does imply it.

Haley is easily irritated by others, the most trivial of snide comments can cause her to tense up, and she doesn't have any problem with acting first and asking questions later, especially if you manage to arouse her anger (which, thankfully, most people get the message before it comes to that.) However, when she's around her friends, she becomes more or less a completely different person, laughing and joking like anyone else would, very much unlike her normally more serious character. She doesn't have many friends, perhaps what some might call the "average amount."

One notable thing about Haley is that her mood can change quickly, though usually it stays level throughout her day. During her normal mood, which is usually serious, she normally doesn't say much, and rarely even cracks a smile, which makes her seem like a pretty uninteresting person, though people who manage to get past her outer shell know that there's something more to her than just being a serious...unsmiling person.

History: Haley is a citizen of the Hoenn Region and a resident of the Kanto Region. She was born in Verdanturf Town, in the Hoenn Region, and led the life of an only child. However, unlike some single childs, she was far from spoiled. In fact, she didn't even receive the attention that most kids who are the only child receive. Her parents, Sierra and Alexander Harrigan, both worked full time at the Devon Cooperation building in Rustboro City, and they traveled to work via the Rusturf Tunnel, and had been assigned the lengthy and daunting task of updating the Pokedex and Pokenav with the latest information. Haley, who was very much a troublemaker at that time, and who was much too young to be left alone when her mother returned to work when her daughter was two, stayed with a kindly neighbor the entire day, until her parents came home.

As Haley grew older, she also grew more serious and composed, and began spending a lot more time with her friends, all of whom she loved and was grateful to have, until one day when her parents announced that they would be relocating to the Kanto Region, as they called it, because her father had been transferred to work with the Kanto branch of the Devon Cooperation. Not exactly devastated, but upset all the same, Haley kept things silent for a while, before finally telling her friends the news. Obviously, they were upset as well, they would be, seeing as one of their friends was moving, and so in the two months before the move, Haley and her friends became almost inseperable.

The two months before the dreaded moving day passed astonishingly quickly, too quickly for Haley. She had nearly forgotten about it during the night, though as she came upstairs the empty house reminded her. Naturally, she burst into tears upon remembering, and called her friends over to say goodbye. It might have turned into a very lively party, though her mom finally announced that they would have to get going if they were to be able to catch the ferry, which left from the east side of Mauville City. She obviously couldn't delay leaving any longer, and so as they piled into the car, she turned around and waved to her friends until they were out of sight.

Though they had promised to keep in touch, Haley noticed the emails they exchanged becoming less and less frequent, until one night, she replied to an email her friend Tessa had sent, to receive no reply, even six months later. If she had remained friendless the whole year she had been living in the area outside of Viridian City, then she would likely have been devastated. However, fortunately for her, she had managed to make new friends here. She was inspired to become a Pokemon Trainer after watching numerous battles on television, where she marveled at the attacks and strategies, and finally received her mother's permission to begin her journey.

Strengths: Somewhat athletic, intelligent

Hometown: Verdanturf Town, though she moved to an area just outside Viridian City, which is near Pallet Town

Popularity: Average person, though she happens to know quite a few people by name, she doesn't know a ton personally.

Starter choice: Treeko

Your Dream: Haley was inspired by the Pokemon battles frequently shown on television, and she wants to be able to rise to that standard

Intro Post:


Haley sat up instantly, startled by the sudden sound, then realizing it was coming from her nightstand. With a sigh, she flopped back down on her pillow, muttering that it was just her alarm clock. As soon as her head touched her pillow, she sat up again, blinking in slight confusion and excitement. How could she have forgotten?

Jumping out of bed in an excited flurry of movement, she rummaged through her closet for the outfit she had decided to wear. Then, after she had changed, she hung up her pajamas, just so save her mother the trouble, grabbed her already packed backpack, and cast a look around her room, trying to think what else she would need. Of course...

It didn't take Haley long to dash across the room and grab the letter Professor Oak had sent her, she had left it on her nightstand, and wouldn't be able to get her Pokemon without it. Thank goodness she had remembered. Butterflies began to jump in her stomach, and she had a feeling she likely wouldn't be able to eat breakfast. By the time she had come downstairs, though, the butterflies had settled, and she poured out a bowl of granola and milk. She normally would have preferred to sit down and eat her breakfast like a calm, at ease person, however, today was different, and she ate standing up, shoveling spoonfuls of cereal into her mouth and chewing quickly before swallowing. Finally, she forced herself to slow down, lest she get indigestion from not chewing her food thoroughly or something. What caused indigestion, anyway? Everything seemed to have been driven out of her mind.

Obviously, her parents were at work already, Haley was used to this, but she still felt a slight twinge at the fact that her parents were so into their work, they still went on time even if it meant not getting to say good bye to their daughter before she left home, not for real, yet, of course, but left home all the same. Oh well, that was what the letter was for, she had spent all night handwriting it, so that she could say, "bye Mom, bye Dad, don't worry about me, I'll be fine, yes, I'll remember to pack a first aid kit..." and stuff like that.

Okay, let's go! Haley thought to herself as she opened the front door, stepping outside into the cool morning air. Then she closed the door softly behind her, locking it as she stepped out onto the porch, then down the porch steps, and then onto the walkway leading out of her front yard. Then she broke into a run as she headed for the forest path that would take her to Pallet Town, where she was supposed to receive her Pokemon, a device called a Pokedex, she had no clue what those were, and Pokeballs, to contain the Pokemon that she obtained throughout the course of her journey. New excitement flooded her as she picked up speed, it felt great to run after being confined in the house all of yesterday, packing for her journey, and even then, she just ended up with one large backpack-full of items that she would be bringing along. She had a lot of energy to get rid of.

"I wonder what my friends will be doing today?" She asked out loud, suddenly, slowing down her pace as she slowed into a walk. She had already said goodbye beforehand, they didn't exactly understand how come she had decided to become a Pokemon Trainer, but then, there were some things that only certain people could understand, becoming a Pokemon Trainer was one of them, and obviously, her friends weren't the type of people who could understand. Oh well, she had tried to explain what she had been dreaming of as best as she could, not like they actually understood it, but anyways.

A twinge of sadness passed through her body, and she decided to pick up the pace again to keep her mind off it, she didn't know why she was feeling sad on the day she should be excited, and more than happy, in fact, euphoric. She was slowing down again, she had reached the beginning of the path, and it was a more forested area here, more trees, not quite as....settled, looking as the town that now lay behind her. With a glance over her shoulder, she began running again, not looking back in case she suddenly decided to change her mind about becoming a Pokemon Trainer.

November 6th, 2008, 8:06 PM
Name: Jake
Gender: Male
Age: 11

Appearance: Jake is about 4'11" and has dark brown hair with eyes to match. He also wears glasses with a black and red jacket and dark blue jeans. He has worn out shoes that drag across the pavement no matter what he does. His hair is short but kinda of looks like he just got out of bed. Her tends to smile a lot, most of the time for no reason! So you'll usually always see a smile on his face!

Personality: Jake is a fairly shy and quiet boy. He loves to read and is one of the top students at the Violet City trainer school. He also likes Pokemon and wants to find every Pokemon existing. He is happy most of the time, and it is very hard for him to get depressed or angry. If he is, it usually does not look like he is angry or sad. He is extremely nice and is always tried to be taken advantage of. But he is not easily fooled. Soon he will get his diploma from the trainer school and start his journey to become a Pokemon master.

History: All of Jake's family was tracked down and killed by Team Rocket because most of them knew about their highly top secret plan. Jake and his Aunt Marcy are the only people left in his family. They both live in Mahogany while Jake attends the Violet Trainer School. Jake has been known sometimes to have constant nightmares and up until he was 9, he was quite a loner. Her sometimes still is. But he is more interactive. He was almost killed in a fire caused by a lone Team Rocket member when he was 7. Luckily his aunt and him escaped and moved to a different location of Mahogany.

Strengths: Jake is capable of reading at a college level. He has a very high IQ and is very successful.

Hometown: Mahogany Town

Popularity: Jake is well known around Mahogany and is usually clustered around the trainer school after class by people that need his help to study.

Starter Choice: Minun (Minnie, is a girl Minun)

Your Dream: To become a Pokemon master and later, a Pokemon professor. Also to get revenge on Team Rocket...

Intro Post: I was happy when I got out of class and on to the bus to the Goldenrod airport. I had finally gotten my diploma and was ready to go to Pallet Town. I was eager to start my journey. When I get there I will receive my first Pokemon and finally venture out to the Pokemon world. When the bus stopped in front of the airport, I grabbed my suitcases and entered through the sliding doors. After I went through all the airport crud, I ran through the gate and into the plane. I strapped up and grinned, because I knew my journey was just a region away. After the airplane landed 4 hours later in Saffron City, I looked for my Aunt's friend and finally spotted her. 'Hi Jake!" She yelled. I ran to her and said hello. We talked all the way to her car. After I had put my luggage in the trunk I got in the car and of we went to Pallet Town where I would begin a journey, no, a legend...

November 6th, 2008, 9:36 PM
Name: Taro Zenbu
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Appearence: Taro has light colored skin, short, blond hair, and cheasnut colored eyes. Dispite his love for food, he is surprisingly thin, and stands at about 4'11. His normal attire consists of a white T-shirt with a red stripe crossing diagonally from the right side of his body, and a pair of blue Jeans. On his head he wears a red beanie with a small pokeball logo embroidered on the front, and around his wrist he wears a black Poke'Gear, compliments of his dad.

Personality: Taro is the kind and generous type of person. As stated below, he loves food and cooking it, and if he is ever able to pay someone back somehow, it usually is by making them a meal. He loves seeing people enjoying the food he makes. He is very accepting of other peoples feelings and views, and it is very hard to pick a fight with him. During battle, Taro has a great deal of determination and trust in his pokemon, and dosn't tend to lose his cool in tough situations. Very sportsmanlike, he never complains about losing a battle. In the end, the point is to have fun, not to win (Though winning is a very nice consolation.) Because Taro has not stayed in a single neighborhood very long, he has no long-term friends to speak of.

History: Taro is the son a man who was very high up in the Poke'Gear corporation, creators of the watch that took the Jhoto region by storm. The wide sucess of the product has made his family considerably wealthy, with Taro living what many would call a privleged life.

With Taro's dad needing to travel all over the world for buisness and such, the boy has been to many places, and seen many sights. It seemed his family was never rooted to one place. While traveling around, Taro had the chance to taste the food from places all over the world, and soon enough, a love for the culinary arts. Once he had figured out how to, he became somewhat of an aspiring cook, taking recipes from all over the world, and even coming up with some of his own. Though Taro got to see many places, he never exactly got to go where he wanted to go. He knew there were places out there famous for their food, some for their sights, and some for their cultural heratige, and that traveler that had been born inside of him wished to go there. See the places that intrested him, without his dad having to have some buisness job there. And so, he decided to start out on a pokemon journey.

Strengths: Cooking.
Hometown: Originally from Goldenrod City, but wouldn't exactly call that his hometown, because his family moves around so much.
Popularity: He isn't very well known, having moved around so much that he never really got a permanent place in any neighborhood.
Starter choice: Munchlax (Kiga)
Your Dream: To become a world-famous chef. He has also thought about getting into the pokemon coordination field, using his cooking skills to create the perfect poffins for his pokemon. He may challenge gyms for fun, but does not plan on becoming pokemon leauge champion. In the immedate future though, to broaden his horizons.

Intro Post: Taro strained himself as he hauled a large box out of the moving van. He really didn't know why his parents were making him help with moving the boxes into their new Viridian City home, they had machoke hired to do specifically that. He didn't complain though. He never went against the word of his parents.

Finally reaching the table, he let the box down. While not exactly as heavy as his mom's boxes of books, it still had caused him a fair bit of trouble. Opening the box, he found its contents to be kitchen utensils. Oh the irony.

"Taro." Came a mans voice. It was Taro's father, accompanied by his mother, who came into the room. "That makes about everything out of the van. Sorry if it was too much trouble."

"Not at all!" The boy replied modestly. "The least I can do. After all, I am leaving tomorrow."

"You'll visit, right?" His mom asked in a desperate tone of voice. "And you have our phone numbers registered in your Poke'Gear, right?"

"Easy honey." Taro's father insisted. "Taro is a responsible kid. Im sure hes going to do fine for himself."

"Yes... But..." His mom said, getting emotional.

"Don't either of you worry. Ill visit and call often." Taro said. "I promise."

Over the next few hours the Machoke did their job of moving everything into the house. It was amazing how fast they did their work. After making dinner for his family (Chicken Parmesan) they watched T.V. for quite some time, before it became late, and Taro retreated to his room. It took him hours to finally get to sleep. He was anxious. Tomorrow, his story began.

November 6th, 2008, 10:03 PM
Wow this is popular :)

_One_Winged_Angel_, I need a bit more character info out of your sign up sheet. You are pending with Totodile.

Sir Aaron1017, you accepted with Starter Eevee.

Slytherfang, you are accepted with starter Treeko, but can you finnish your sign up sheet? Your dream and intro post are M.I.A.

weavile96, I need a lot more details on your character. You are pending, with starter Minun. I need more details in you personality, your appearence, and history. Can we also work on the intro post a bit? Refer to billie_lightning's sign up sheet to see what I'm looking for. The same goes for you, Eneko. One more thing, don't mind first person, but I don't kno if it's the best choice in rps. It annoys a lot of people. Just a heads up.

Gamekrazy, you are accepted with starter Munchlax

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 7th, 2008, 7:04 AM
I hope we start this soon.

November 7th, 2008, 10:57 AM
Name: Ronald Arinian, however he prefers to be called Randy
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Randy is not your typical little angel of a character, in fact he embodies the opposite especially at first glance. Standing at 5"10 with a strong build of at least 200 pounds, Randy is cut and muscular with clearly enough strength to destroy most people. Looking at his cranial region, one would first notice the mop of brown hair that defines his face. The hair is fairly long and somewhat curly, reaching down to his ears in length. Being ragged and unkempt, one could either see a style or see a nonchalant person when it comes to his appearance. Blue eyes penetrate through the hair, however they seem cold and uncaring. His nose appears to be broken as well, leading to some to believe Randy had a few too many fights. A light bread completes his face adding a sense of age to his otherwise young looking face.

The rest of his body is defined by a muscular build that seeps through his otherwise heavy clothing. A tight fit black shirt with a design that resembles the "Hurly" shirts of our world covers his torso along with a red leather jacket similar to Volkner's of Sinnoh. Leather fingerless clothes cover his bruised hands, offering protection from the elements. Loose fit, stonewashed, jeans are used to dress his strong legs and a leather built keeps them on without seeping to unmentionable levels. Skateboarding shoes that bear a resemblance to the "Vans" brand of our world keep his strong feet protected from the outdoors.

Scattered across his body is jewelry of all kinds. The first is a piercing on his right ear, a plain gold loop that is awfully small and only noticeable to those who bother to examine his head for small details. Along his neck is a golden chain with a cross as a pendant, signifying some religious beliefs. Other details worth mentioning about Randy's appearance is his powerful stride and strong posture granting a sense of superiority and aggressive tendencies. However, Randy is clearly attractive to women due to his natural build, young yet scruffy face and body, and powerful confidence that seeps from every pore.
Personality: Randy's personality is quite simple and easy to discover. Born with an ego as large as Kanto, Randy has a notion that he is destined to be the best in anything he does and he has managed to live like that for 17 years. His confidence in himself is well deserved as he as usually come up with a win some way or another. Expecting everyone to believe that fact as well, he loathes anyone who doesn't show him the respect he desires so much. However, it is hard to respect anyone like Randy as he has a dirty personality to begin with. Aggressive, disrespectful, and a cheater, anyone who loves Randy has clearly been dropped on their head one too many times. He is aggressive in that he will fight anyone who he believes deserves it or asks for it. He is disrespectful as he sees everyone his below him. He is a cheater in that he does anything for a victory, whether personal or professional. He has a charming side that he rarely shows, probably to his distrusting nature. Randy is an excellent speaker using his natural charisma to win the hearts of anyone he wants to, however he rarely gives anyone time for a stable conversation. A loner with an extrovert personality, Randy is certainly a strange case. But lets summarize in one phrase: Randy is a bad ass and he doesn't care what you think.
History: Randy's past is clouded with drama and pain, mostly for Randy himself. Raised in the slums of Vermilion City, Randy had mixed with the wrong crowds right away. Without a mother to guide him in the right direction and a father that was barely home due to being a natural born sailor, Randy was raised by his older brother who had the lovely company of convicts. Whether they were gamblers in debt, down and out guitar players, sailors who were fired for being lame or even gang members of the biker clan that passed through, Randy became a child of negative influence. He learned to fight and curse at a young age and as a result became the resident bully of his local school system. Simply put, it was his destiny.

From elementary school all the way to high school, Randy fought, blackmailed and terrorized his peers with a lack of mercy and sympathy. He became quite popular as a result, mostly for beating up geeks and hitting on all the hot girls. His uncaring attitude towards school earned him several cool points as well, even if he was fairly intelligent. He never acted on his potential to be a genius and became a bum in terms of effort. He focused constantly on increasing fear in those lower than him with building popularity amongst a crowd he could call his true peers. He became a star football player and wrestler, building a body well suited to crushing competition. His ego rose to unbelievable levels and his reputation as the school bully and popular guy grew ever more. However so did news of his activities. Simply put, it was destiny.

His karma caught up with him as he was subject to police investigation for numerous crimes that he was a prime suspect for, including robbery, assault and battery, blackmail, and vandalism. The stress of being a convict got to him and he eventually left by his senior year of high school. He eventually wandered until he hit Pallet town, knowing that the place was composed of small community with few real law enforcement individuals that could be considered a threat to his well being. Upon arrival he heard of some Pokemon handing out event, figuring that being a trainer may a new opportunity to succeed and rebuild a new reputation. One that fame and fortune can be earned with. One that could bring him everything he desired. He could abandon his new dirty life and build one with fairness. Or he could just become famous and not care how he gets there. Yeah, he'll go with that.
Strengths: Randy has excellent skills that involve physical ability. A superb athlete capable of combat and retreating. At the same time, he is a skilled criminal who managed to run away from the authorities for several weeks. His survival skills are also developed to the point he can make a camp site with great speed.
Hometown: Vermilion City
Popularity: Randy is popular with anyone who isn't a complete nerd or a member of the criminal justice system. His deeds as an athlete are well renowned but so are his criminal tendencies.
Starter: Cyndiquil (Argos)
Dream: To be a celebrity of the Pokemon World, since its the new fad these days. If it means being a Gym Leader, fine. Elite Four member, sure thing. Champion, that would be the best.
POP!!!! An explosion of fruity flavor covered the scruffy face of Ronald Arinian. "Damn it. I hate when the gum gets all over your face." It was fairly early in the day with the sun just rising over the horizon. After cleaning up his face from the gum he "bought" at Viridian City, Randy preceded to put out the camp fire he established on the border of Route 1 and Pallet Town. Rumors of something involving Oak handing out Pokemon intrigued Randy enough to give him a destination and a possiblity of fame. It was supposed to take place today and he was prepared to leave Pallet Town after only being in the region for a week. "How could anyone live in this place?", he asked under his breath, not expecting an answer from the wind.

He walked slowly into town, attempting to not look suspicious. Even if his crimes were localized, he was suspect in a crime spree in Vermilion and it was possible that they put out a wanted call. He had hoped his ability to lay low for the past few weeks made them forget he existed, but he couldn't be too sure. His brother taught him that much even if he was a useless pile of you-know-what. The morning breeze rushed through his hair like a hunted animal and it was cold to the touch but his thick leather jacket kept him warm. Randy made his way to the Lab, ahead of schedule. The old building looked ready to collapse under its own weight though peering through the windows, Randy saw an impressive collection of scientific artifacts. Several geeks ran laps around the facility with their thick glasses acting as eyes and their white lab coats stained with sweat and stress. He couldn't help but laugh at the show, as from his view it was a dance of nerds or possibly a ritual of intelligence. Eventually it got old and Randy wandered the vicinty, waiting for a clue to smack him in the face. He was sure it was today that Oak was going to hand out something, but he wondered where all the little children were that desired a little Pokemon companion so dearly, even if they were going to waste the little thing keeping it as a pet. Randy had plans for it, he was going to train and advance his status with it. Sure it would be a tool, but he would take care of the little guy. He was a jerk, but one with some shards of a soul.

November 7th, 2008, 11:38 AM
Nice Got-a-Plan-B, you are accepted with starter Cyndiquil.

As for when this starts. I'm cool with it starting anytime at the moment. I sent messages to some players wanting to join to edit their signups, but the rest are good to go. Should we start?

November 7th, 2008, 11:41 AM
Definately no complaints here.

November 7th, 2008, 11:44 AM
Yeah, let's go ahead and start it.

I'll put up some story of my character later tonight. Probably not until 10ish, Fall Play's tonight :)

(The Crucible is really dark...brutal....METAL!!)

Anyway post some story guys see you tonight.

November 7th, 2008, 11:46 AM
weavile96, I need a lot more details on your character. You are pending, with starter Minun. I need more details in you personality, your appearence, and history. Can we also work on the intro post a bit? Refer to billie_lightning's sign up sheet to see what I'm looking for. The same goes for you, Eneko. One more thing, don't mind first person, but I don't kno if it's the best choice in rps. It annoys a lot of people. Just a heads up.

heh heh
My ego just grew to twice it's size, thanks Samurai ^_^
I'll get a post up either tonight or tomorrow morning =)

November 7th, 2008, 2:12 PM
I edited mine. Hope it's better! :)

Candy Christina
November 7th, 2008, 2:23 PM
It was the day. The morning approached rather quickly. The sun arose behind the large, beautiful rolling hills that encircled Pallet Town’s southern end. Pidgeys, Pidgeottos, Spearows, and all other flying types of the vast Pokemon world chirped as they flew high above the small town. It was this day that Waverly would finally find her outlet. This journey…a long and perilous path that would lead her onto seemingly unknown things, adventures, new friends, rivals, and all kinds of Pokemon to capture. Was she really ready for all this? She definitely thought she was. This fifteen year old teenager figured now was the time to venture out and actually do something with her life.


7:00 A.M.

~ I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world~ The alarm clock’s radio sounded as soon as the hour changed to 7 in the morning. Waverly was viciously bitter, as she usually was in the mornings. Her hand reached out from beneath the warm, cozy blankets and searched for the loud, irritating radio that continued to sing, ~I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world.~

“Ugh. Five more minutes, PLEASE….Where is that stupid off button…?” Waverly’s voice was muffled as her head was plunged into the pillow.

~Life in plastic, it’s fantasic~ The alarm’s radio still played the chorus over and over. It was like a broken record that couldn’t be shut off. In this case, Waverly’s hand just failed to reach for the off button. She eventually resorted to picking up the alarm clock and throwing it onto the floor. ~You can brush my hair, undress me every-…~ Success! She thought in her head and only thought of returning back to that wonderful sleep she had so magnificently favored. Her slumber didn’t last long, as her mother began stomping up the steps towards Waverly’s bright, vivid room filled with many paintings that her parents had bought for her. They helped her sleep at night on occasions where she had severe insomnia.

“Waverly, dear? Are you awake? It’s time for you to get your Pokemon sweetheart!” Anna called in a much nicer tone of voice than she had the day before. Her mother had worn her “trademark outfit.” A purple jacket over a long black dress with stylish black heels to complement the dress.

“Uh…Waverly isn’t here right now. But if you leave, and don’t come back up the stairs, she’ll get back to you when she’s done sleeping.” Waverly responded to her mother whilst her head was still deep into the pillow.

Anna couldn’t help but chuckle at Waverly’s foolishness.

“Dear…you need to get up soon or else Prof. Oak won’t have anymore Pokemon left! You have to get ready for your journey. I remember when your father and I went on a journey together…I met so many cute Pokemon and tough Pokemon on my adventure with him. It was probably the best years of my life….I remember it like it was just 10 years ago…” Anna said with a distant expression on her face.

“Uh…it was 10 years ago?” Waverly responded to her mother in a somewhat cold tone of voice.

“Oh. Right. Well, young lady, I suggest you get ready or else you’ll have to get a Pokemon you wouldn’t want to have! Hurry along now! I have to get back to the real estate office. Your father is already there but he said he wishes you the best on your journey and to make sure you contact us anytime it’s possible. Goodbye dear, good luck on your journey! We love you! Be safe!” Anna yelled out to her as she walked out of the door towards the real estate office.

“Ugh…blah. I guess I should get up.” Waverly tiredly proclaimed.

She eventually got dressed and made her way towards Prof. Oak’s laboratory. The walk was somewhat refreshing to her. She hadn’t walked like this in a few days. She was cooped up in and around the house doing all kinds of housework instead of studying for her journey like she was supposed to. Waverly would dearly miss her parents despite her not really wanting to show it.

After a few more moments of strolling, she finally made it to the front of Prof. Oak’s lab.

November 7th, 2008, 2:32 PM
Is this better? :nervous:

Name: Kris Eneko
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Appearence: Kris Eneko has rapid growing white hair with a slight touch of blue, Crystal pool blue eyes, and pale skin. His torso consits of casual T-shirts allways with a tie, some dark wash denim jeans, some checkerboard style platform shoes, and green neon socks. His build is an average one. Skinny, tall, and a bit muscular. He occasionally wears cresent shaped earings from time to time but usually does not. On special events like proms or dances he wears a blue tuxedo, a blue fedora, and some electric blue gloves.

Personality: He is loyal and brave ready to step up to a challenge when nesscerary.He is also pretty compassionate among friends, relatives , and pokemon from time to time. Has a temper from his long and terrible past.

History: Kris has had a hard life starting when he was 7, he was taken away from his parents and sent into a small apartment where he lived in for two years before he could go back to his home. When he returned his parents were both murdered in a car accident. Kris had been so dramatized that he swore revenge on those who untreated anything or anybody. Wheter its friends , family, or even Pokemon he swore never to let anything or anybody to be mistreated.

Strengthes: Guitar, mimicing voices, and being able to eat 40 pies without barfing.

Hometown: In the heart of Celadon City.

Popularity: He's popular among his grade in "different" terms, like when he's angry he is able to squeeze a book, letting the pages fly everywhere.

Starter: A Skitty by the name of Eneko after his last name.

Dream: To avenge his parents death.

"Take a melody, simple as can be. Give it some words and sweet harmony."

Listening to his favorite video game song was Kris Eneko putting on his clothes. "Today, will be the day" "I'll get my first ever Pokemon!" he said now struggling to get down the stairs while putting on pants. Once ready he lept out the door in excitement. While he was running he thought that the PokeSelter was the best place o go to get a pokemon. Once inside a trainer greeted him. "This place has THE best Pokemon ever!" Kris looked arond at all the different and rare pokemon. Plusle, Starly, Torchick, and even Pikachu! Kris just couldn't decide. Then near the end o the hundreds of cages was the cutest little Pokemon he had ever seen. Skitty it read. "Hello there little Skitty, do you wanna go home with me?" "Meow!" it responded. Taking that as a yes he said "I'm gonna name you: Eneko after my last name" The newly named Skitty started purring. "This sure is a start of an adventure."

November 7th, 2008, 4:22 PM
Havn't started play yet ;)

Weavile96, you are now accepted with Minun as your starter.

Eneko, much better :) Wish your personality was a bit more detailed, but it's good for me. You are accepted with Skitty as your starter.

Also, got a PM from another user wanting to join. :) Hopefully he'll put his info up soon.

I'll get the OOC Thread up, put OOC stuff there from now on.

Venia Silente
November 7th, 2008, 4:48 PM
This sounds interesting and I really wanna learn and practice RP, so I'm signing in.


Name: Tobias Bassana, Jr.

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Origin and Residence: born at Lavender Tw., temporarily residing at Vermilion City

Tobias is about 5'2 (1.60m) and weighs close to 170 pounds. Altough he is not very tall, he might give the impression he is so because of his long legs, angled face and a generous amount of grey hair growing out of his head in all directions, despite all kind of haircuts. His pale skin clearly shows he does not spend too much time under the sun. His green eyes and big nose serve as the most prominent features of his face.

Tobias usually wears jeans or wool pants, depending on the weather, and fastened by a brown belt. In this belt he carries not only his Pokéball(s), but also a short string he uses to tie together his stuff to trees when he takes a nap. His upper body clothes always remain the same: an aquamarine shirt with vertical dark brown stripes, with the logo of a local Lavender sports team, under a very old and decolored leather jacket. He wears no hat or cap, even when it's raining.

Tobias' long and thick legs are the only evidence he likes to walk a lot, and he's got some endurance, but beyond that he is not exactly in good shape, and is not a physically strong person. He tires quickly when in heavy terrain.


Tobias is a silent person, somewhat untrusting of strangers, and he enjoys the solitude and the time of contemplation the dusk and the night offer. He is one who likes to stay "on second row", to appreciate and enjoy the events, but not directly under the spotlight where the stress is too high.

Having three younger brothers, Tobias has grown to become frustrated when he is deprived of things he feels he has attained on his own, for them to be given to his brothers (namely: old clothes). He also dislikes having to split his attention between several people or issues. He is also prone to leaving things for later, unless they would take quite some time to complete.

Even though he is silent, Tobias is nowhere near uncommunicative: he enjoys writing mail and having short chats with police officers, cashers or attendants, albeit scarcely. And he is very "vocal" to express himself with body language when he finds a situation embarrasing or unpleasant.

Tobias is afraid of crowds, of sharp and of loud noises. Also, he does not like the sea at all, because of the smell characteristic of fishing and sailing towns. He instead likes the plains, the forests and the roads.


Tobias was born in Lavender Town, and grew with his parents, his mother being one of the town council's assistants. His father envisioned a family of patrollers and caretakers that could help preserve the town's order. Having three younger brothers, Tobias felt always separated from other people because between school, brothers, expectations and home, he did not have the time to find and enjoy things he would really like.

Tobias left town to become a famed person because of his own merits instead of the "already paved" paths his family and town offered, as he does not like the kind of stuff his parents do for a living, namely having to attend on the town's often menial problems. As he strongly wishes for his family to be known outside the confines of the town, he took some family pictures, as well as pins and a flag of the town, when he left, hoping one day he would show to the world.

He went to his uncle's house at Vermilion City, even though he despises ports, to rest there for a while and arrange for his transportation to Pallet Town, as the next installment of the Oak Research Center's welcome to starters is due next week.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Tobias is an assertive person, always questioning the motives and the inentions of people he had recently met. He is also smart, but not too much, getting over average grades at school. When it comes to nature, he is a fast learner: he already has some knowledge of Grass and Ground types.

He has a good sense of direction and can navigate forests and mazes without much difficulty. This is also helped by his legs' endurance, as he can walk for hours, and his despise towards his own frustration, which propels him onwards when he "knows" he is going the right way.

His overall physical condition, however, sharply contrasts with his ability to walk nonstop. He has endurance, not strength, and he tires quickly when faced with climbing, swamps, or another kind of heavy terrain. He is not a good swimmer, not made easier because of his dislike towards sea.

Tobias is also prone to frustration and to abandon menial tasks. He dislikes to take on any effort that seems too repetitive or that lasts for very long before any sight of progress. He is also quick to lose trust towards people when he feels cheated.


he comes from an influent family in town, he's got some friends and is the eldest brother, so he was somewhat well known in school, but that's all of it.


Tobias has not given his life too much thought to have a "dream", but he would really like to become a respected trainer, skilled enough to earn his family some renown beyond the town's politics.

Starter Choice:
 * Bulbasaur *

Intro Post

It was very early in the morning, but there were several people already in the Mart, forming in a line to buy some tickets: the local League Gym Leader, a tall man under the name of Surge, was to give battle demonstrations later today.

“Why do they have to do their shopping at the last minute?”

Tobias walked to the counter, passing by the long line of people, and threw in the soda coke and the pack of bread. He handed out some coins to the casher, who met him with surprise.

"Are you not going to the demonstration today?" she asked.

"No... I'm on my way to Pallet Town."

"Pokémon journey? Oh, that's good to hear. Professor Oak is a very respected figure."

"Yes, I know," answered Tobias as he picked his stuff and the change. "I'm sure he can teach us some things. And, once I become a Trainer, I'll come back here and challenge that Gym man."

"I wish you luck, then," smirked the lady. "lt. Surge is a very skilled Leader. Mr. Tucker, an old man who makes him company in the Gym, told me it took some convincing for him to agree on the event."

"Oh... but they are doing it anyway?"

"Yes... that was very nice of him."

"I would like to battle him, alone. You know, one-on-one, without all the people staring."

"Mm.... one on one, yes, but, you know what?" asked the lady, leaning over the counter as she pointed towards a map in a nearby wall. "There are faraway lands, where Pok´emon battles are in pairs, and that makes them all more exciting."

Tobias shifted his weight and took a look to the map. He noticed the word "Hoenn" written in big letters in the upper left corner of the chart.

"Maybe if you become a good trainer, you'll fight another trainers from these lands. so be careful and call your parents at least once a week."

"Yes. Thanks!" said Tobias smiling as he combed his hair. he waved goodbye to the casher --- and the group of unhappy people still waiting in line --- and walked out of the building.

As he was heading towards the northern exit out of town, he noticed his uncle, Jinan, sitting in a bench, holding his companion Venonat in his arms. The two of them turned to look at him as he approached, and moved slightly to let him share the bench.

"I got some supplies. Food and drink. Here's the change," said Tobias, handing the coins to his uncle.

As Jinan took the coins, Venonat jumped over Tobias' head, and stayed there, chilling and looking at his trainer while leaning left and right as if it was dancing.

"Ready, Venonat. Come here!" said Jenan looking up, and he was met by the weight of hi s Pokémon back on his legs, still dancing, this time in silence.

"Good..." laughed Jenan, while turning to face Tobias. "I got you a ticket for the express ferry sailing at three o'clock. That will get you to Pallet Town tomorrow night."

Tobias sighed. He did not like traveling the sea, but he knew from the newspaper that it was better than trying to outsmart the Digglets who lived in the cave near the city, the only other fast route to Pallet Town and the Oak Research Center.

"I think you will make a good trainer. Just don't overdo it. Right?"

"Right," answered Tobias, while nodding with his head. "Thanks, uncle."

The pair stayed there enjoying the sight of the port down the hill. Tobias breathed heavily. He was already this far. If he could be brave enough, in two days he could have his own Pokémon. And maybe the two of them together could return one day to Lavender, as respected trainers. Tobias had read in school about some trainers who were called the "Elite Four", so skilled and powerful only a tournament champion could face them. Tobias liked the idea of going through the fray of such a battle. It had to be more exciting than to sit in an office at home, signing ordinances.

Tobias closed his eyes and, for a moment, envisioned his future. A delighted man standing on top of a podium, his Pokémon by his side, enarboling the flag of Lavender Town as he was bathed by thunderous applause.


November 7th, 2008, 7:19 PM
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November 7th, 2008, 11:01 PM
solovina, you are accepted with starter Bulbasaur.

Slytherfang, your sign up is good.


Please put sig ups from now on in OOC thread, since storyline is starting. Thanks. Late comers may be accepted.


Morning had come. Pallet Town was a peaceful town in the morning. The sun broke through the clouds and the first signs of the usual pidgey took to the air.

Travis Darrell Mura, had been up since 5:30 that morning. He got up for one purpose before starting his journey. He had been kneeling in a cemetary for about 30 minutes. He knelt at one grave. The grave of his mother. Travis felt very peaceful when he came here, yet very cold and sometimes uncomfortable. Travis got up. He thought one last thought before leaving; "This is for you mom. I know you'll be with me and help me when I need it."

THe next thing he had to do was get over to Oak's lab. He had his stuff, and had already said goodbye to his grandparents. NOw he had to just pick up his companion.

It was about 6:30 when he reached Oak's lab. Of course...it was locked. Travis sat down on a bench, pulled out his iPod and shut his eyes.

"Sleep for a little more..." he thought to himself.

"Born to push you 'round
Better just stay down
You put away, he hits the flesh
You hit the ground

Mouth so full of lies
Tend to black your eyes
Just keep him close, keep praying
Just keep waiting...

Waiting for the one
The Day That Never Comes
Stand up and feel the Warmth
But the sunshine nver comes...
No the sunshine never comes..."

November 8th, 2008, 1:09 AM
The ferry from Vermillion to Pallet town had arrived. It slowly nudged its way into harbor until it hugged the coastline, allowing its passengers to exit. Russel stepped out, breathing in the fresh air. He could see the Johto mountains far off to the west and the expanse of Kanto lying ahead of him. Although he had no real ambition to become a pokemon master, he was quite excited to recieve his first pokemon. He walked slowly through the small town of Pallet, smiling at the small houses and buildings that made up the contents of the town. On the horizon, a larger building finally came into view. It was obviously the Pokemon lab.

"Hmpf... that must be the place..." Russell thought to himself as he inspected the giant building from afar.

After a brief period of walking he was at the front steps of the lab, looking down at the handle. He placed his hand on the knob, turning it and thrusting the door open and stepping inside to reveal a mostly plain laboratory. An older man with greying hair stood at a counter top across the roomm. He turned to see Russell and quickly cleaned his hands, approaching him happily.

"Greetings! I'm Professor Oak... I assume you're here for your first Pokemon, aye? And what might your name be?" He began quickly.

"Um.. Russell.." He replied, unsure of how to speak to the world renowned professor.

"Ohhh perfect! I've heard a lot about you and you've got promise... I actually have the perfect Pokemon for you picked out already, come this way!" Professor Oak said cheerfully, ushering Russell over to a counter top with a number of pokeballs on it. The professor reached for a very specific ball, handing it to Russell and smiling.

"The perfect partner for you." he repeated.

Russell looked at the ball confused for a moment. Wasn't he supposed to pick his first pokemon? He eyed the ball once more before releasing its contents onto the ground, taking the shape of a small blue alligator. It jumped up and down excitedly and shot small sprits of water around before running in circles and running off into a clearing to chase a ball the professor had just thrown.

"Thats a Totodile... he's a little hyper active for someone like you but I think you and him will learn a lot from each other..." Professor Oak said to Russell before a question could even be asked.

"Hm... a Totodile aye..." Russell said to himself as he watch his Totodile play by itself with a ball. It bounced around excitedly like it had an unlimited amount of energy. "He definitely looks like he'll be a good partner to help me discover mysteries of legendary Pokemon..." Russell said softly to himself, watching his new partner play alone.

"The other trainers should be arriving for their first pokemon soon. So if you'd like to wait for them then you're more than welcome. I'm sure more than a few of them would like to have a traveling companion to the next town at least." Professor Oaked piped up over the silence of Russell watching Totodile play.

"Thanks, professor. I think i'll wait around for them. It can never hurt to have a traveling companion..." Russell responded, shifting his attention back to his new partner playing with a small ball while Russell waited for the other trainers to arrive.

November 8th, 2008, 7:55 AM
As the sun rose over the edge of the woods bordering the small town, John’s bedside alarm began to bleep, sounding out the new day. John yawned expansively and rolled over, but did not rise. The alarm continued for several minutes, slowly eating away at John’s patience, until he eventually lifted himself up with one arm and grabbed the alarm. Flicking the setting to Off, he replaced it on the small cabinet beside him. He let himself fall back, bouncing slightly on the mattress and wrapping the cheap cream covers round him and imbedding his head in the pillow. Light seeped through the hotel’s windows, the thin curtains almost but not quite managing to blot it out.

After a few minutes of lounging in bed, he eventually rose. He stumbled out of bed and stretched, muscles corded against his pale skin, then relaxed again. Rubbing sleep from his eyes, he stumbled over to the small washroom, using the walls and the sparse furniture as a support. After having washed, John emerged, still slightly damp and shrugging on his jacket. He quickly checked the contents of his traveller’s backpack, then stowed away his alarm in one of the pockets and shrugged it onto his back. After a quick breakfast in the café in the lobby, John left.

A small Pidgey flitted across the sky as the town streets gradually filled. He casually strolled through the small crowd, finishing off the remains of a baguette he had picked up. As he wandered further and further away from the town centre, the crowds slowly died down, until soon the only sounds were the sounds of the morning wildlife. He considered taking an off-road walk, but decided against it. "Best to take it easy for now, things’re going to be busy later." The broad gravely path crunched under his feet, the leaves piled up against either side occasionally drifting across the road like tumbleweed.

After just under an hour, the sun having nearly peaked, John stopped for a quick drink and to check his bearings. Sitting down on an outcropping rock, he watched with a small grin as two Rattatta scurried around in the leave piles, occasionally popping in and out, attempting to startle each other. He withdrew a sandwich from his backpack and split it in half. He picked himself up, left one half of the sandwich on the stone and began to walk again, chewing on the half he kept. "Shouldn’t be too far ‘till Pallet Town."

November 8th, 2008, 2:21 PM
After a call to Professor Oak, Autumn packed her things as quickly as she could. Mr. Kelly had fallen back to sleep at his desk and it was still much too early for her foster mother to be awake. She was on such an adrenaline high that she only left a note, explaining where she was going, leaving a cell number, and apologizing for suddenly up and going. She knew they'd understand. Her foster parents had always wanted her to get out of the house.

Autumn had been saving money since she was a small child; she had stuffed the wad of cash into her shoulder bag, hoping it would be enough. She considered herself lucky for living in Celadon, the one city in Kanto with a decent shopping center. Autumn ran there, unsure of what time it was exactly, praying the immense shopping center was open. The manager was just turning the key, his assistant flipping the lights on behind him, when Autumn got to the door. He looked a little shocked but amused at his early customer.

"Early riser?" he asked, fixing his tie a little.
"Yeah, sure. Look, I need some Pokeballs and Full Heals, stat!" Autumn said, smiling at her use of the word "stat"; she had always wanted to say that and since she'd never be a doctor...
"Uh, right away ma'am," the manager said, rather taken aback by her forwardness.
"I'm sorry..." Autumn eyes were downcast; she wasn't used to apologizing, "I'm just kind of in a hurry."
The manager smiled, "It's quite alright Miss, we've had customers much worse than you..." he paused, "That came out much more rude than it sounded in my head."
He handed her the bag and she gave him the money. On the way out the door he yelled, "Miss, I didn't realize you had Pokemon!"
As the door shut around, Autumn yelled back, "Not yet, sir! Not yet!"

Autumn ran to Pallet Town.
No train, no taxi, no vechicle. Autumn ran. She stopped only once around noon in Cerulean for lunch and even then she ran with her sandwich. People stared as she zoomed past. Some mistaked her for an experienced trainer and shouted challenges as she ran by.

By the time she reached Pallet her calves burned. She switched up her act and slowed to a power walk. The laboratory stood out among the small, cozy houses of Pallet. She paused in front of the door, flattening her hair and brushing the nature off her clothes. Autumn took a deep breath and walked inside.

Professor Oak was already accompanied by another to-be trainer. Autumn frowned, how had this young man beat her? He looked distant, like he wasn't all there. His brown shaggy hair hung lazily over one eye and his clothes looked neat and clean. Autumn looked down at herself; her sweatpants were a little muddy and her sweatshirt hung off one of her shoulders, revealing a tan shoulder; there was a twig in her hair and she was still breathing rather heavily.

"Hello, Professor," she nodded. A rather excited Totodile was running amuck and she smiled momentarily; the Pokemon was very amusing.
"You must be Miss West," Professor Oak smiled back, noticing her interest in the crocodile Pokemon. "You ran all the way here?"
"Yes, sir. I was mostly running on adrenaline; I'm very excited about getting my first Pokemon," she admitted, looking down at her feet.
"I can see that. Your foster parents called about an hour ago wondering where you were, I hope you told them you were leaving," said Oak, reaching around for something.
"I left note..." said Autumn, not really expecting anyone to hear her.
"Well, I have a Pokemon here for you. I hope you like it," Oak smiled and handed her a Pokeball. Autumn stared the ball for several minutes, in awe.
There's a Pokemon in this ball...and it's mine, she smiled. She opened it, letting the mystery Pokeball out.
A small green creature with a leaf atop its head appeared and looked up at Autumn. It sighed cutely and ran to her, jumping happily.
"That's a-"
"A Chikorita," Autumn smiled, "I know Professor. I love her, thanks."
"I thought you would," said the Professor. The Chikorita ran off to play with the hyper Todotile.

Autumn turned to the other trainer, who had stayed silent for the last couple of minutes. "Sup, the name's Autumn West" she held out a hand and waited for a response. She was surprised at herself for being so polite, but it had been awhile since she'd met someone new and she was starting a new life. She was also in the presence of a Poke Genius.
She smirked, after the adrenaline rush she'd probably go back to her old self.

November 8th, 2008, 4:31 PM

As he stepped off of the boat, Keoni ran a slender hand through his midnight hair and took in a deep breath. Glad to be off of the boat and in the fresh air again and NOT surrounded by sea. Satisfied with his lung full of air he carried on up the road to where the other passengers were heading, Assuming that that was where Pallet town resigned. As he followed the path, his head craned so that his gaze was directed at the ground, her noticed that passers by were still whispering about him, knowing about him but not sure why. He rolled his eyes and decided he wouldn't correct them on they're guesses and kept on going. It was quite different from his Island; the sun was less bright, though it still shined, the air was cooler and more relaxing and there was no sign of palm trees to be seen. He found the place more comforting in a way...he never did like the warmth of the island and the constant smell of the sea.

Lifting his gaze at the sound of wings, he noted that the birds that flew there were Pidgey and not the tropical Pokemon he was use to seeing and he was sure he saw a Rattatta run close by. It was weird to think that these Pokemon were common to the people here where had he had only seen them a few times on his visits. Shrugging it off, he averted his gaze to the path in front of him and noted that the lab was now in view. He picked up his pace in order to get there as soon as possible and made sure to avoid catching the gaze of anyone there, dare they try to strike up a conversation with him. Closing in on the lab, his gaze locked with the handle of the lab door and he immediately grabbed and yanked it open.

The lab was nothing like his fathers. He was so use to working out doors or with plants that the sight of so much white actually made him flinch. There was a lot of beeping to be heard and the mumbling of voices as the assistants discussed amongst themselves. He carried on up towards a tall man at the very top of the lab and noted that he was talking to another teen. He came to the conclusion that it was another trainer who had just received his starting Pokemon and so proceeded onwards. He stopped within arms length of the professor and stared at him through sapphire eyes before holding out his hand. "Keoni, I believe we spoke over the communicator." He stated, shortly.
"Ah yes! The son of Richard and I right? How are things out in the Orange Islands?"
Keoni shrugged. "Dad's still studying the effects of plants on Pokemon and Mom's still fussing over me ever since Keanu passed. But either way, here I am."
The professor shook his head and sighed. "Yes I heard the sad news from your father. It is an awful shame. I remember seeing her when she was only this high." The professor held a hand to his waist.
Keoni only nodded once before staring around the lab awkwardly, the silence was interrupted when Oak cleared his throat and shuffled to a near by desk. "Yes, well. I have taken the liberty of picking out your Pokemon for you. After hearing about you from your Dad I selected a special Pokemon just for you." He picked up a Pokeball and turned, handing it to Keoni with a smile. "Here"

Keoni took the Pokeball in his hand and gave it a once over before releasing whatever it was that was inside. A blinding white light emitted from the Pokeball and took shape almost immediately. It was small, which didn't really surprise Keoni, most starter Pokemon were. What he didn't expect was for it to take the form of a skull headed Pokemon with a reptilian body. "A Cubone?" He questioned, staring at the Professor in curiosity.
He only nodded. "yes, the lonely Pokemon."
"Fitting." Keoni mumbled, setting his gaze on the Pokemon before him.
"Indeed. I thought you to could cheer each other up or at least brood together." He chuckled and to his surprise, Keoni did too.
"I suppose I could use a brooding partner." He admitted, stooping down to the Pokemon's level and poking its stomach. "You up for it?"
The Cubone held out its bone club in a sort of salute and nodded. "Cubone-bone!"
Keoni snorted a chuckle. "So...you want a name?"
Another nod from the Cubone.
"How about Koda? Was gonna be the name of my sister before my parents found out he as a she..."
Noting the sentimental value of the name, the Cubone gave another nod and hit Keoni atop the head gently in acceptance. Funnily enough Keoni didn't mind the intrusion. Straightening up, he turned his gaze from the Pokemon and thanked Oak before averting it once more to the other occupants in the room.

...He ignored them....

(OOC- I will wait until my other character is accepted to post my reply for her.)

Venia Silente
November 8th, 2008, 6:06 PM

Tobias took a last look at the mirror. He buffed: his hair was always a problem, the only reason he kept unsuccessfully trying to adapt a haircut was because he felt people around him would judge him. He ran a comb through his hair for a couple of times, but decided to dismiss the idea of a neat hair after seeing no progress at all.

As he was leaving the bathroom and picking his stuff, Tobias noticed a man hearing the news in a local radio. He approached and stretched his hand.

"Thank you for letting me stay the night. I would have to wander around all night," said Tobias, as the man welcomed his handshake.

"No problem. It's always a pleasure to do something for the aspiring trainers. Now you go to Dr. Oak's lab and try your best."

"Will do. Thanks again, and bye."

With that, Tobias left the small house and walked to the other side of Pallet Town. His ferry had came to the south shore three hours behind schedule, and he was forced to wander the town until the man invited him to stay. Tobias would not have accepted the offer had he had his own Pokémon to guard him... but that was the exact reason why he was here after all, so he had mumbled his thanks and followed the man to a house near the Major's.

After walking down a hill, Tobias noticed a giant open space in the distance, with a sole building before it. There was a sign down the road, it read, "Welcome to Oak's Research Facility". Smiling, Tobias hurried his step, and in just a couple of minutes he reached the front gates. He checked his watch: it read 07:15.

It was still in the morning, and the first thing Tobias noticed was that further down the road, there was a young sitting in a bench, apparently sleeping. Was he waiting for a Pokémon too? He had black hair in a freestyle haircut, and for a while Tobias sarcastically laughed at the idea of having found a rival, in more ways than one. But he dismissed the idea.

As he came closer to the door, Tobias heard some people talking inside, so he decided to try the handle. As he opened the door, the voices became slightly louder. One of them was that of an old man.

"That must be him..." said Tobias in his mind.

He walked across the corridor and came to a large room, filled with books and shelves containing several Poké Balls. Some people were there, all dressing casual with lab coats. Tobias continued his way towards the source of the voices, but he was cut short when he heard a buzz, as a round object fled in his direction, barely avoiding his leg.

"What the---?"

Tobias looked down to see a small ball bouncing on the floor. He crunched to pick it up, but a blue stream of light took it away, crying "Dile..! Dile...!" Shortly after, a Chikorita followed suit. Not exactly wanting to understand what was going on there, Tobias shrugged and continued his path, as he saw the man he recognized from the magazines -- the renowned researcher, Dr. Oak.

The older man turned his gaze to meet Tobias', as he continued walking to stop a couple of steps before him.

"Good morning. Dr. Oak? I... well...the..."

"Oh, so you came for your first Pokémon, too?" questioned Oak, a smile in his face.

Tobias frowned and shifted his head, catching sight of a young boy a couple of steps away, wearing cargo trouser and looking absently to nowhere. He was accompanied by a Cubone. Tobias hissed at the sight: he felt as if that young was just ignoring everyone, and the Cubone's stare was not helping. There were two other people in the room, but Tobias' attention went back to the Professor before he could take a look at them.

"So, what's your name?"

"Tobias, Sir. From Lavender Town. I came for my first Pokémon."

"Lavender... nice people live in there. And which Pokémon will you choose? We have more than three starters this time."

"Yes. Well, I choose Bulbasaur!" exclaimed Tobias, his face filled with the emotion of the moment. "I've read Bulbasaur are very proud, loyal, they like nature, and they can even control it when they evolve!"

"That would be then, a Bulbasaur," chuckled Dr. Oak. Then he took his right hand to his head and started scratching it: "But you will have to excuse me for a moment, because I have to go and check on my assistants, see if there are more trainers to come. Can you wait along with the other trainers?"

"Actually, Sir, there is one outside, I think," Tobias said while nodding. Dr. Oak gave him a questioning look, and taken by surprise, Tobias could do nothing but just blurt his opinion. "Well, I think he is a trainer. Very tall, black hair, black trouser, black everything... He is sitting in a bench outside."

"Can you go for him?" asked Dr. Oak, resuming his step. "And I'll go look for more Poké Balls. I'll be right here with your Bulbasaur when you return."

"Yes, Sir. I'll go."

Tobias lowered his head and turned back, his sight unvoluntarily fixating in the boy with the Cubone before he walked away. He came across a young girl, her hair mixing firey colors; she was standing close to a boy, who was instead intently watching the Totodile and the Chikorita Tobias had met earlier. The girl seemed jovial and nice, the boy seemed to be very focused. He felt unsure about saying hello right now.

"No... it would be awkward. I'll wait until I get my Bulbasaur."

As exited the building and turned left, Tobias noticed the bench where the young was still sitting, alone.

He came closer and stood before the boy, his left hand on his waist, leaning towards him...

"Hey... hey... hey?"

There was no response. The boy had apparenly fallen asleep while listening to music.

"Hey, you!" tried Tobias,a bit louder. Still no response.

Hissing, Tobias decided to poke the other boy's shoulder. "Just once... I don't want to screw up of he is not here for the starter thing...."

Tobias blinked a couple of times, clenched his fist and poked the other boy's shoulder.


Candy Christina
November 8th, 2008, 7:09 PM
The morning was still young yet bright. Waverly still hadn’t made a move towards the door of the wise and renowned Professor’s laboratory. She was a bit shaky; this was quite obvious to a bystander. She couldn’t understand why she was feeling this way. A trainer’s first time being away from their parents is a pretty unnerving experience, at least initially, and it seemed like this emotion caught up with her fairly quickly. The young teenage girl thought of how desperate she’d probably become being out all alone although she was going to have a Pokemon along with her. Somehow, the thought still raced through her scatterbrained mind as she started to reach towards the doorknob of the lab that would be the first step on her journey that would last for what would seem like an entire lifetime.


Prof. Oak’s laboratory was just as she had imagined it. It was filled with all kinds of technological gizmos and gadgets; some of which she had never seen nor heard of. She was tempted to grab one of them and see what their function was, but knew that she could get into deep trouble if she did this. Waverly was never one to be too curious about much other than art, yet something about the electronics sparked her interest. She thought to herself if she would be able to use one of these inventions on her journey as well.

“Hmm. So this is the lab…cool. I can’t believe I’ve never even gone here a while back. I hope Prof. Oak is around…” Waverly calmly said to herself.

She walked around a corner and could see four other trainers that had already made their way to the lab. + I’m glad my mom made me wake up…or I probably would have been late to get my Pokemon. + Waverly thought to herself. She looked and the four trainers and gave them a slight smile and wave and proceeded her way towards Prof. Oak.

“Hello, I’m here to pick up my first Pokemon, sir. Are there anymore available?” She politely asked the knowledgeable senior citizen.

“Why, of course! There is plenty for many more trainers after you as well. Feel free to take this Pokeball. I’ve spoken to your mother and father on many occasions before our meeting together. Going by your vibrant and free-spirited personality, I’d say this Pokemon would fit your traits fairly well.” Prof. Oak replied as he handed Waverly the shiny, new Pokeball.

“Oh, alright. Thank you!” Waverly answered in a cheerful tone of voice. She gazed at the Pokeball that lay in her hands. She couldn’t take her eyes off the shininess of the ball while wondering what may be inside.

“You may let your Pokemon out in the lab if you want, Waverly. The other trainers have and their Pokemon seem to be getting along just fine.” Prof. Oak affirmed to her in a somewhat reassuring voice.

She looked at the other Pokemon that played with each other, bar the Cubone, which are said to be known as the “Lonely Pokemon.” Waverly then looked at the Pokeball and threw it up in the air; a shining white light burst out of the Pokeball and out came Waverly’s first Pokemon and a new friend that would accompany her on her long journey.

“Eeeee~” An adorable Eevee had popped out of the Pokeball with a soft cry.

“Oh wow! It’s very cute! I love it already!” Waverly cried out as she reached down to hug the Eevee. The Eevee dodged the hug and started to make a run out towards the enormous backyard of the laboratory.

“EEVEE! COME BACK!” Waverly shouted as she ran out the door towards the backyard as well.

“Oh dear…” Prof. Oak muttered with a sigh.

November 8th, 2008, 10:34 PM
"Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistance?!
One step from lashing out at you
You want in to get under my skin and call yourself a friend!
I've got more friends like you, what do I do?

Is there no stan-"

"Hey you!"

Did Travis hear something? The question was answered when he felt a few pokes at his shoulder.

Travis opened his eyes, and looked up. There stood someone a bit younger than him that he'd never seen before. The guy wore what looked like a jersey? Not quite, but the Lavender Town's team logo was on it. The guy also had some gray hair growing out of him. The guy looked like a punk in some way, which didn't thrill Travis at all.

Travis stood up and stretched. Then looked down at the young male in front of him.

"...RE-...SPECT! .... WALK!
Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?"

Travis took his headphones out of his ears, which were playing "Walk" by Pantera.

"Hey. Can I help you?"

November 8th, 2008, 11:28 PM
Taro panted as he raced down the route to Pallet town. Was he late? Not really. He was simply very exited to get his first pokemon, as he was sure many others were. That, and before he had left home, his mom made a sarcastic remark to him about not eating too much delicious food, and now he was running to prove to himself he was still athletic. He was slim dammit! That wasn't going to change!

His legs were sore by the time he had reached Oak's lab. Taking a few moments to catch his breath, not wanting to look flustered when he met the famous professor, the boy walked up to the large door, and knocked. After several moments of waiting, the door opened, and he was greeted by a cheery, elderly looking man.

"Why hello there." He said "And you might be...?

"Taro, sir." The boy replied.

"Oh yes, Ive been expecting you as well. Some other trainers have gotten here already, but you are by no means late." The professor said "Follow me. From what ive heard of you, I think ive got a good pokemon in mind for your starter."

Taro nodded and followed Oak through the lab. He noticed several trainers interacting with their pokemon as he followed the professor, eventually coming to a table with several pokeballs on it. Oak picked one off, and handed it to Taro.

"I think you will be pleased with this one." The professor said.

Staring at the sphere for a few moments, Taro held it away from him, before the ball opened, white light pouring out from it, taking on the shape of a small, green-furred pokemon.

"A munchlax!" Taro exclaimed "Thanks Prof! It suits me perfectly!."

"I thought as much." Oak responded, watching as Taro crouched down to see his new partner better.

"Hey fella. What do ya say about teaming up with me?" Taro asked the pokemon. The Munchlax simply stared at him for a few moments, before happily replying "Munchlax!"

"Awesome! Im sure were gonna be great-" Taro started, but was interrupted by a noise: The Munchlax's stomach growling.

"Munch..." The pokemon said, seemingly embarrassed. Taro smiled at him, and reached into his backpack, rummaging through it, until he found what he was looking for. A bag of pink pasteries, with which he had prepared before his departure, expecting a situation like this. He handed one to his new pokemon partner, who sniffed it a couple of times, before taking a bite.

"Munchlax!" The pokemon excitedly replied. It seemed he liked the food, and proceeded to eat the rest. Taro was amused as he continued watching him. He got the feeling that they would get along just fine...

November 9th, 2008, 4:54 AM
John strolled down the lane, glancing around and absorbing the scenery. This was his first time to Pallet Town, though he'd been in the area before, and he wanted to find out as much about it as he could. The architecture here was often completely different, but sometimes quite similar in places, beyond that of four walls and a roof. Slowly, he began to hear faint noises coming from the large reserve behind Oak’s lab, slowly getting louder. Son, as he puffed his way over a hill, he caught sight of the windmill of Oak’s lab.


Breathing heavily and face flushed red from the run he’d made, John jogged up the steps to the door. Taking a second to catch his breath, he knocked. A few seconds later, the door was opened to the aged, slightly weary face of Professor Oak. Behind him, John could hear the faint noise of voices and a few not-so-faint voices yelling after what John guessed must have been slightly over-energetic starters.

“Hello. I’d guess you’d be here to collect your first Pokemon, correct?” John nodded. “Come right in. And your name is…”

“John, sir.”

Oak seemed faintly amused at the title. As John walked through the lab, John noted a handful of young kids, about his age, all of them about his age. He followed Oak through the lab, mentally going through everything he knew about Oak and his laboratory, not for any particular reason other than him being there. Oak opened a door, and in the middle of the room was a table with about a dozen Pokeballs on it, about the size of a ping-pong ball and gleaming under the lights. Oak ran his finger over the balls, his lips moving soundlessly, until he settled on one of them. Carefully removing it, he handed it to John.

“Here. This should be a good Pokemon for you.”

John held it very carefully, turning the ball round his hand and examining it. He pressed the small button on the front and it expanded to comfortably fit in his hand. He looked over it again for a second, then directed it at the floor and held down the button. It opened and a white light flashed. Though it only took a second, for John it took much longer, watching it form. Suddenly, it formed a recognisable silhouette and solidified into…

A Charmander. A small Charmander.

John bent down on one knee and held out his hand not wanting to startle the young Pokemon. It looked at him curiously, then walked over to him.

“Char?” He looked at him for a moment, then smiled. Then grinned cheekily and blew a thin puff of smoke into his face. John laughed and picked the small lizard up, mounting it on one arm. He could feel the young Pokemon’s tail fire flickering over his arm, though it wasn’t hot and didn’t burn in any way. He looked up at Oak, who was smiling.

“Thank you, sir.”

“You’re welcome. Look after her. She can be a bit of a handful, but she’s generally very friendly.” A girl, then. Wouldn’t have told.. “You can let her free in the lab if you want, but try not to let her get into any of the sensitive rooms. Particularly the library.” John grinned at this.

“Will, sir. Thank you.” He walked out of the room and sat down against the wall, putting the Charmander down next to him. He turn towards her.

“Do you have a name?” She shook her head. “Okaaay. How do you like…” He thought for a second, “Maiya?” She looked thoughtful, her mouth opening slightly, then beamed.

“Char man char!” She let out another small cloud of smoke. John smiled again and looked around at some of the other trainers in the room. Off the top of his head, he could see a couple of trainers with a Cubone and a Munchlax, and a few trainers without any Pokemon seemingly nearby. Then, he felt a small hand carefully worming its way into his pocket, which still held half a hotdog.

He kept perfectly still, then spun round. Maiya froze, holding the dying remains of his lunch over her tail fire and with bulging cheeks. In a blur, her hands snapped together next to her face and, for a reptile, she managed to put on pretty good puppy eyes. John looked accusingly at her, with over-exaggerated slit eyes and a small growl, then the pair of them simultaneously burst out laughing, drawing some attention from the other new trainers. Removing his backpack and placing it between them, he withdrew a small bag which, when opened, proved to contain a small bundle of snack food. He glanced at Maiya, smirking.

“Grilled cheese sandwich?”

November 9th, 2008, 7:20 AM
Kris was eating a nice Chocolate Shake in a nearby malt shop. His newly named Skitty was begging for some even if that meant to steal. After a while Kris decided it would be best to ive her some, or else she would scratch his face out. She finished the rest of the shake in one Massive gulp getting every last bit of the glass. "Well I guess snacktimes over" Kris said, wanting another shake. Beep Beep! his watch said it was 1:00. He was supposed to see Proffeser Oak in an hour. He quickly dashed right out the door with a following Eneko right behind him,bolting through the streets heading to his cozy little home.

"Aunt Springs!" he called throughout the house as soon as he got there. "Here, sweetie!" she lovingly replied.
She was standing in the kitchen holding a small cupcake. "I made you a special treat for your journey" she said.
"Aunt Springs?" he asked licking the icing of the cupcake," Do you believe I'll ever be able to beat the elite four?"
"Of course I do, you just have to believe in yourself." With that she she reached into a pocket and pulled out a small book.
" This was your father's log" she said, "You can use it to track all the nearby Pokemon you encounter. He looked inside the book. There was data and secrets
about alot of different Pokemon including the all famous, Ho-oh. She gave Eneko some food and kissed Kris on the cheek. "Good Luck" she said, and with that he
leaved the house ready to take on the world.

Venia Silente
November 9th, 2008, 9:04 AM

Tobias stepped back a bit, as he watched the other boy stand up. He was tall, quite tall, and had an air of wavering calmness. Tobias guessed the boy could not be angered by having been awake, or else he wold be laying unconscious in the floor right now.

"Maybe he was not sleeping? That music from the headphones... sounds like it should really keep you awake."

As he smiled, Tobias could not help but to notice a shinning stone attached to the boy's necklace. He knew about evolutionary stones: most of the tourists who came to town via Celadon talked about how rare and costly they were.

The sight of the stone and the boy's inquiry made him remember why he was outside in the first place.

"Can I help you?" he heard from above.

"Yeah," answered Tobias. "Are you by any chance a trainer? A beginner, I mean..." he noticed that did not sound very good. He tilted his head, getting a glimpse of the Lab.

"I saw you sleeping, so I guess you came here for your first Pokémon, too, right?" he continued, this time pointing with his head towards the building. "Professor Oak just opened a while ago: he's already giving away starters."

As he was saying that, Tobias' eyes caught sight of an Eevee happily running in the backyard. He did not pay much attention, thinking it was one of the Pokémon kept in captivity in the reservoir. His mind changed, however, as he noticed a black-haired girl chasing the Eevee.

"I haven't seen her before... Maybe more trainers are coming?" said Tobias to himself. He frowned: it was to be too uncomfortable if there were so many people with all their Pokémon frolicking around. "Well... at least I won't have to worry about the Cubone boy", he thought.

Tobias smiled to himself and moved his head again, to meet the taller boy's eyes.

"We better get going. There's more people coming and we don't want to get the last available Pokémon, right?" Then he stretched his hand, and introduced himself: "I'm Tobias, by the way. From Lavender Town."

Neiko Star
November 9th, 2008, 9:21 AM
Vivian walked towards the bus station, her heart pounding. She was getting a Pokemon, she was going to set out on a journey, she might meet friends along the way...

The trip to Pallet Town seemed to pass in a blur to Vivian, even though she knew it lasted a good two hours. When she stepped out of the bus, she found it hard to believe she was finally in Pallet. She glanced around her, and spotted a large, circular building with the P initial on it.

That must be it, she thought, Professor Oak's lab.

She stalked across the fields and rushed to the laboratory. Just as she was about to knock on the door, she realized that it was already open a crack. Without hesitating, she pushed it open and stepped inside. It seemed that she was not the first one: there were a few trainers sitting outside of the room, and they seemed to have already chosen their Pokemon.

"I suppose you are here for your Pokemon as well?"

Vivian turned around. An old man with grey hair was standing behind her, smiling pleasantly.

"Oh, yes, yes I am," Vivian replied quickly.

The man, obviously Professor Oak, smiled wider and said cheerfully, "Well, you're not the first, as you can plainly see..." He gestured the room full of trainers. "...now, if you'll follow me..."

Vivian followed him into a larger room, where a few Pokeballs were lying on a table.

"You are Vivian Lunair, correct?" Oak asked her, seeming excited, no doubtfully of meeting the child of the two owners of the Minerettes company, which was well-known throughout the whole Kanto region.

"Yes," Vivian replied dully.

"That's wonderful!" Oak said delightedly. "I once met your parents, they were fine people..."

"Uh...sir? My Pokemon?" Vivian asked unenthousiastically.

"Oh, right, right, right," Oak said, embarassed. He thrust a ball into Vivian's palm. "Well, there you go...I think you'll like it very much..."

"Right," Vivian said tonelessly. "Bye." She walked out of the room, and stopped near the bunch of trainers and their Pokemon. "Hi guys. My name's Vivian."

November 9th, 2008, 9:40 AM
"Wow, what a run..." Haley panted, exhausted from her run. "Almost there, though." She added, spotting the laboratory just about a ten minute jog away. Though right now, I think I'll take a break.

Sitting down on a bench, she pulled a sandwich from her bag, and groaned. Great. She had asked her mother to make a sandwich for lunch today, though when her mother asked what kind, she had said, "surprise me." So it was just her luck that her mother decided to do tuna fish. Which, honestly, wasn't too bad, though she would much rather have preferred something like tomato, or maybe tomato and lettuce. Or chicken salad and watercress. Something else. The point was that her mother had suddenly gotten on a tuna sandwich kick, meaning that every time she asked for a sandwich, she would get tuna. It gets pretty boring after a while.

Yum. Haley thought sarcastically, taking a bite and chewing thoughtfully. At least her mother had bothered to stop and make a sandwich for her, she ought to be thankful for that. Her mother never had enough time to make a lunch for her anymore, since she was always working, her parents had always been more or less obsessed with their work, some might call them workaholics, but still.

Five minutes later, Haley crumpled up the plastic wrap that the sandwich had been covered in, wiped her hands on a napkin, and tossed the plastic wrap and the napkin into a nearby trash can. Time to keep going.


The solid walls of the laboratory loomed above Haley's head as she approached the lab. The door was closed, and, not knowing what else to do, she reached forward and knocked, then waited.

A few moments later, Professor Oak appeared, and opened the door.

"Hello, I assume you're here to get your first Pokemon?" He asked, sounding like he'd already asked this many times today.

"Yes, sir, that's right."

"And your name?"

"Haley, sir, Haley Aria Harrigan."

"Right then, come on in." Professor Oak stepped aside to let Haley pass through the doors into the lab. Haley looked around at her surroundings, she didn't have much to say on the interior, except that it was clean. And that in the middle of the room, there was a table with a group of Pokeballs on it, all in their little container-ish thing. They were small, smaller than she thought, only about the size of a golf ball, but as Professor Oak reached forward and removed one, it grew in his hand.

"This one?" A blue and cream colored, rather plump, Pokemon, moved forward. "It's name is Munchlax." Oak explained, as the Pokemon proceeded to sniff, and try to take a bite out of Haley's backpack. Haley gave a cry of surprise, and leapt backwards. Munchlax, who didn't seem to be bothered, started towards the trash can.

"Oh no, not again, Munchlax, come back here!" Oak called, returning the Pokemon. "I guess we might as well try a different one." He removed another Pokeball, and sent out a green, reptilian Pokemon. "It's a Treeko." The Treeko seemed to be scrutinizing Haley, before moving forward towards her.

"Trree-ko!" It said, and Haley grinned, she couldn't help it.

"I think I'll take this one, sir." She said, and we're going to be an awesome team!

November 9th, 2008, 11:29 AM

A bunch of on lookers shielded they’re eyes from the gusts of wind as the Helicopter came down to land. Keahi stepped towards the end of the floor to take a gander out at the side, grinning as all the bemused faces stared up in both confusion and admiration as it hit the ground. Wasting no time she dismounted and put on her glasses and took the mic from the directors hand. Kai turned on the camera and focussed it partially on Keahi and partially on the town behind her, Pushing her way passed the gathering crowed who were growing more and more excited at the fact that there was a celebrity before them, she cleared her throat and waited for the go ahead from Marth, the Director.

“Hello and welcome to another fun filled episode of, Ichigo gone wild! As you can see, we have arrived at Pallet town to receive the Pokemon that will be accompanying me on my WILD journey across the regions! Now if you would follow me!” With that said, she motioned for Kai to follow her through the crowd. She received multiple pats on the back and requests for auto graphs along the way but she kindly refused until she had received her Pokemon. “Now then…” She mumbled, opening the door to the lab. “As you can see, we already have other trainers present here, but luckily I had the perfect Pokemon put aside from me.” She winked at the camera and gave her cutest expression. “Shall we go see what Pokemon was chosen? Of course we do!”

Running off up towards where the others trainers stood, she stopped just in front of the slightly confused people and introduced the professor to the viewers at home. “I’d like to introduce my good friend Professor Oka. Thanks to him I am now able to show you the viewers at home what its like to set off on your own Pokemon journey!” She grabbed the professor’s hand shook it vigorously. “So Professor, what Pokemon have been chosen thus far?”
Professor Oak looked a little surprised, but smiled none the less. “Ah well Keahi there has been a wide selection of Pokemon handed out thus far. We’ve has a Cubone. Several Eevee’s a Chikorita…and…my goodness there are just too many to name. “He chuckled.
“Ah yes, Eevee were always a popular choice amongst trainers, being able to evolve into 7 alternate forms using a different means.” The camera studied a playful Eevee seemingly having fun with a Chikorita on the lab floor and then back to Keahi.
“Another odd choice of Pokemon is the lonely Pokemon Cubone. Not very social and tends to keep to themselves, but are brave and rough fighters.” Again the camera focussed on a Pokemon, this time a brown reptilian Pokemon with a skull lodged over its head. It was immediately hidden when its trainer…a blue haired boy stooped down and hid his from view, knowing exactly how the Pokemon felt.
“Don’t you have anything better to report on…” The boy muttered. Cubone are not one for the spot light.”
The Cubone nodded angrily at the camera and Kai raised it once again to Keahi who was trying her hardest not to laugh. “Anyhooo! How about we find out which Pokemon I’ll be training on my journey? Professor?”

Oak turned his back for a second a picked up a Pokeball from the table. “I know your fond of water and surfing, so I went for the obvious choice of type. But I also thought about your calm and collected outlook, knowing you from a young age, I know about your secret life.”
Keahi’s eyes widened and she chuckled nervously. “Me? Laid back? Ehehehe…”
Oak only chuckled and ruffled the teens red hair, making her glasses tilt to the side. She growled and straightened them yet again before taking the poke ball from Oak and releasing the Pokemon inside without a word.
After the bright light died, a rather odd sight sat before Keahi, one she had not expected. A Squirtle would have been cute, a Totadile kinda cool and a Mudkip would have been okay…but a PSYDUCK!?
Keahi tried her hardest not to let her smile waver and poked the yellow duck with her foot in an attempt to wake it up.
Oak shook his head. “He’s meditating…not sleeping.”
Either way the Pokemon flew awake and looked up at the red haired teen with a smile. “Psy?”
“Ahahaha…great! A Psyduck everybody!” She was obviously a little confused and angry with Oak for landing her with a pretty useless Pokemon, but tried her hardest not to show it. “There you have it! We’ll report back in the next half hour when the journey is about to begin! Until then! Over and Out!”
Kai turned the camera off and Kehai turned angry eyes towards the professor. “A Psyduck?” She questioned, taking off her glasses and ruffling her hair back into place. “You gotta be kidding me…I may be chilled and laid back, but not THIS chilled!”
Oka simply chuckled “You forget what Pokemon Psyduck evolves into…Golduck, a perfectly capable fighter and admirable swimmer. He’ll be a perfect partner. You’ll see.”
Keahi only snorted and crouched down to the Pokemon’s level. “So…you want a nick name?” She questioned, Poking the Pokemon’s round stomach playfully.
It nodded and poked Keahi’s stomach back. She managed a small chuckle at the cute act and raised a finger to her lips in thought. “Hmm…how aboooout…Mikau? It was the name of my favourite surfer when I was younger.”
The duck simply nodded frantically and hugged the teen’s leg. It seemed the Pokemon was growing on Keahi already. She picked it up in her arms and took a look around at the other trainers, noting that most of them were very young apart from the blue haired boy with the Cubone…but after the earlier disagreement she wasn’t too keen on talking to him and by the looks of it, the feelings were mutual.

November 9th, 2008, 3:03 PM
Travis listened to the younger male. Damn, it was 7:18 and Oak had opened. Oh well. IT was times like this that made Travis thankful for reserving his starter a week ago. Travis did not mention this however.

"I'm Tobias, by the way. From Lavender Town." the trainer said, extending a hand.

Travis extended his own and shook Tobias' hand. "Name's Travis. I live here in Pallet."

Travis then did one last stretch. "To answer your question, yes, I am a begining Trainer." he said, grabbing his gray vest off the benchand putting it over his "Ride the Lightning" Tee shirt. "I'm assuming you are as well a beginner?"

November 9th, 2008, 4:41 PM
"We are going to be so late!" Scarlett exclaimed as they walked into Professor Oaks lab.
"So, which Pokemon will you choose, Scarlett and Grey?" Professor Oak said.
There were a lot of other kids around the building who Scarlett seemed to know, but who Grey had never seen before. The two walked up to Professor Oak, passed all of the kids who already had their Pokemon: Chikoritas, Eeves, even a Cubone.
"So.." Professor Oak said, urging them on.
"I think that I'll take Minun, and Scar here will take Plusle," Grey said.
"Very good choices! You two will make a great duo. Now, go on now and greet the other trainers!"

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 10th, 2008, 6:29 AM
It's early morning
The sun comes out
Last night was shaking
And pretty loud
My cat is purring
And scratches my skin
So what is wrong
With another sin
The ***** is hungry
She needs to tell
So give her inches
And feed her well
More days to come
New places to go
I've got to leave
It's time for a show

Here I am, rock you like a hurricane
Here I am, rock you like a hurricane

My body is burning
It starts to shout--

"We are at our next stop...Pallet Town!"

K.R. opened his eyes and took out his headphones. He was here, in Pallet town. He looked around and saw that he was the only one left on the bus. The bus driver looked impatiently at him and K.R. knew it meant that it was time for him to get off of the bus. K.R. hopped off of the bus and the the bus sped off. The boy looked at his surroundings, it was a quiet and peaceful town, with many small stores and houses. K.R. then looked at the clock on the wall of a building and said, "Oh snap!..I better hurry, I'm late!"

K.R. dashed down the road, he ran as fast as he could and afte ra few minutes of manuevering through the streets, he found Prof. Oak's lab. It was a large place and he seen many people inside. K.R. knew that he was one of the last ones to arrive and rushed to the fron pushing many people out of the way. He then shouted at Prof.Oak "I NEED EEVEE PLEASE....I KNOW I WAS LATE BUT I AM HOPEFULLY NOT TOO LATE IN ORDER TO GET AN EEVEE!!"

Prof.Oak rubbed his ear and quickly handed K.R. a pokeball. The boy was relieved, "Sorry about that, I just woke up and I am a little high-strung right now."

K.R. then turned to the other trainers and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Keiku Reishu, but you can call me K.R. as you can tell, I chose Eevee as my starter." K.R., though a little embarrased by his outbreak, was very excited to start his journey.

K.R. then turned to Prof. Oak and said, "Eevee...come on out!" He threw the Pokeball and out came the Brown and white fox-like Pokemon.


"Eevee is a normal type pokemon and as you already know, it has many different evolutions, choose one wisely when the time comes...I think you and Eevee seem to be a great match for each other." said Prof.Oak

"Thank you." said K.R.

K.R. then looked around at the other trainers, they all seem to have interesting choices. He wondered where they were from and what they planned on doing.

Candy Christina
November 10th, 2008, 1:32 PM
She ran and panted. The sun was beating down hard on her now as the morning began to grow older; into the noonday. Waverly had been searching for what seemed to be almost half an hour, almost giving up. Eevee was quite a good hider, she could tell that much. The backyard of Prof. Oak’s laboratory was astoundingly large and she figured it would be hopeless to try and find it now. As she started to reluctantly walk back towards the lab, a brown fox-like Pokemon ran past her and stopped a few feet in front of her. It was Eevee, still as joyful and cheery as ever. This Pokemon appeared to be the hyperactive type, which did in fact fit Waverly as well, since she was very high-sprung, similarly to Eevee.

“Alright…let’s try this again. Hello Eevee, I’m your new friend, Waverly! Don’t you want to shake hands with me? Maybe even a hug…” Waverly whispered to the Eevee, trying to reassure it that she didn’t mean any harm.

“Ee…Eevee?” Eevee softly cried as it looked at Waverly’s hand that was extended out to it.

“Yeah…see? I’m not going to hurt you or anything. I just want to be friends. That’s all.” She affirmed to the vibrant, young Pokemon.

Eevee started to reach its paw out towards Waverly but then shot back and started to make a run for it once again. It ran towards the front end of the laboratory, running past two trainers who were standing in front of the lab. She quickly followed while trying not to trip over a bundle of sticks and rocks that were “conveniently” in her way. Once she reached the foreground of the large building, she began to slow to a stop in her running episode. She fell to the ground in a tired heap and panted crazily.

“Ugh…I didn’t know getting your first Pokemon would be such hardwork…Wait Eevee…I’m coming…blah.” Waverly spoke, with her words being separated by strong, hard breaths.

After a few moments of lying on the ground, she got up and noticed the two boys that were standing near the entrance to the laboratory. + Wow, that guy is tall! He should play basketball or something…+ Waverly thought to herself while still in somewhat of an exhausted stupor. She scanned the two trainers’ physical appearances and then noticed her own. Her clothes were surprisingly decent after all the running she had done trying to get Eevee, but she still felt a little self-conscious about how she looked in front of them.

“Oh, sorry if I’m interrupting anything. I was trying to grab my Eevee but it keeps running away. Are you guys new trainers too? I’m just getting this Eevee but I’m already having some trouble with it. Blah.” Waverly explained.

She looked away from the two for a second and could see Eevee running back towards Prof. Oak’s humungous backyard. She immediately shot up and ran towards the rear of the building once more.

“There it is! I see it! I gotta hurry!” Waverly shouted as she sprinted towards the backyard to get the rambunctious Eevee.

November 10th, 2008, 2:27 PM
With a lap around Pallet, Randy was surprised to see the entire lab be engulfed with people of all walks of life. The sight was hilarious to Randy at least considering he knew half of them would turn into hopefuls begging to their spiritual guide or spectral being of guidance and direction for a way to escape from their miserable lives. The day was young yet more busy than a standard day at the Vermilion sea port. The large crowd was collecting themselves all over the building, surrounding an elderly man. With gray hair and a white lab coat, he was the only nerd in the entire laboratory region with a shred of an identity. He must the professor guy that everyone is talking about, Randy thought as he fixed his appearance to look threatening. Stretching his muscles and adjusting his jacket, he slowly made his way towards the structure of science and knowledge. He bashed the lab door down and eyed anyone inside. Numerous pairs of eyes stared at him and it did not surprise Randy at all. In fact, he loved every moment of it.

Randy bulldozed his way towards the Professor, pushing anyone in his way with some degree of force (OOC: Yes, this includes any characters inside and the lovely army of nerds that decorate the area). He made sure not to break anything but many were shocked at such a violent and unloving gesture of greetings. The professor stared at Randy, wondering what culture develops such crude manners. "Can I help you....?" he coughed possibly out of displacement. Randy smirked with confidence and shook his head to remove the hair from his eyes.

"Yeah, you can actually. I want myself one of those Pokemon things." Randy said with a shred of a city based accent, obviously Vermilion. Oak sighed, regretting the words that were going to come out of his mouth. It was apparent he did not want to give Randy a Pokemon of any sort, believing with all his heart and soul it was going to be used for selfish purposes. With armies of terrorist organizations and greedy bastards for Gym Leaders, giving another demented child a Pokemon did not seem to serve the greater good of the world. Randy stared at the aging professor with some anger, "Is there a problem? Too much dust in the ears? Want me to clear it up? I have a special medicine that requires 5 easy steps." With a fist waving in his face, the man conceded.

"What Pokemon do you want...sir?" The final word took too much pride to swallow, actually admitting a child with such a crude nature and aura would become a "sir".

"Anything that shoots fire. I like fire." The thought of giving a fire-type to a boy that enjoys tossing people like ragdolls was definitely going to haunt the elderly professor for years to come. He dug into his collection and pulled out a ball at random, knowing full well it was a pure fire type.

"You sure you don't want a Normal type or even a Water type?" The professor struggled to convince Randy to find an alternative. Something less destructive. Something less dangerous. Something that will bring love and happiness instead of death and despair. Randy shook his hand with a hideous smirk upon his face. He handed over the ball with regret and Randy snatched it violently from his hand.

"Thanks, old man. Don't trip and break a hip." Randy walked away, accompanied by the stares of the trainers(OOC: assuming anyone is there, if not ignore it completely. I hope there is lol.) and even the four eyed nerds that seemed insulted by Randy's behavior. He stayed close to the door, in case the professor had anything to say or if any trainers desired a beating. He was in no rush to leave it, enjoying the calm environment of Pallet town. He had decided that following today, he was going to divert his obvious crimes into training and winning, hoping to extort money from any victories he planned on having. For that he needed a solid Pokemon. He had examined the ball he was given and overheard the professor yelling that he was a Cyndaquil, a fire type native to Johto. Randy knew a thing or two about Pokemon, after all he paid some attention to Biology and History in school. He released the Pokemon into the public and stared at the small rat looking Pokemon. "Well, you look somewhat scary with the fire coming out." The Cyndaquil stared with an earnest determined look at his new master. Despite the anger at the world, Randy showed some concern for his new found friend and lifted the Pokemon gently off the ground and perched him on his shoulder. "Your name is too hard to say. I'll call you Argos. Sounds cool and hopefully you'll end up that way."

November 10th, 2008, 3:41 PM
Autumn was not enjoying herself. She was surrounded by people and she was quickly growing annoyed.
People, pfft, she rolled her eyes. The only person who seemed even the smallest amount of decent was the trainer who had arrived before she had. The owner of the Totodile. The one kid with the grey spiky hair seemed all right...but he ran off...

How will this work? Autumn thought to herself amidst the chaos. One girl was frantically chasing her Eevee, clearly clueless. She was nervous and the Eevee could tell, that's why it was running away. That was beside the point, she was currently wondering how they'd all travel. Surely all of them weren't going to travel together? I'd kill myself, Autumn grimaced at the thought of being surrounded by this many people. She sneered as one boy in particular walked in and and practically shoved everyone out of the way. Not only that he was entirely disrespectful to Oak.

Now, Autumn wasn't a fan of people (mostly due to jerks like this) but she had the highest respect for Oak. After the Professor reluctantly gave the monster (she could think of nothing else to call him) a pokeball, she could not stay silent any longer.

"Hey, jerk, I know you're large enough to have your own gravitational force, but the earth does NOT revolve around you," she spat through gritted teeth, "You don't deserve the Pokemon in your hands. You don't just stride in here and start pushing people around!" Autumn had a bad habit of saying things before thinking them through. She secretly hoped the others would back her up on this, but on the outside she was clenching her fists and more angry than she'd been in awhile.

Chikorita was by her side now, also looking very serious. "Chicka," she growled softly. She stared the trainer in eye, waiting for his comeback.

November 10th, 2008, 4:21 PM
As Randy was enjoying the company of Argos, a Pokemon with clearly enough grit, heart and strength to become a force and young enough to be molded into a Pokemon version of Randy himself, a woman of impressive stature and determination confronted the mighty living ego that was Randy. Standing at almost the same height of himself with a fit body, Randy was admittedly shocked at the girl but not scared. With Argos on his shoulder and smirk on his face, he stared down at the girl. Confidence was flowing through him and he began to prepare a speech. Actually more of a scolding, since kind speeches wasn't a Randy thing to do. Speeches are for politicians attempting to cover up scandals and other crap the public brings up just to criticize an individual who wants nothing more than the success of all. Speeches are for teachers who want to foster growth in young minds but their good wishes are shot down by the lax nature of those around them. Randy stared down at the girl directly in her eyes trying to gauge her fear and insecurity.

"I hope that remark wasn't a fat joke, because last I checked there is nothing but muscle here," Randy began, removing his jacket to reveal his tight fit shirt. "Now last about the Pokemon, apparently I do deserve it, considering I got one. And I DID just stride in her like I own the place since all of you are nothing but little tiny pushovers who hope they don't get stepped on by the people who actually do things. If you people cared or disliked it, you would of done something the second I bashed down that door. But you didn't. You stood there and took it all with full force. People like that are nothing but trash.," he continued raising his voice during the final sentence to emphasize his statement. The words were harsh and strong and anyone with low self esteem or high sensitivity to criticism would be hurt. Anyone else would either respect his disgusting honesty or hate all he represents. Randy finished his first part before lightly coughing to clear up his throat. "But, I will give you this." pointing at the rebellious girl, "You tried and showed concern for your well-being. And that attitude of yours reminds me of myself. The anger, the hate, the feeling of disdain of nearly everything this pathetic little planet has. All traits of my own. The only difference is that you are a hypocrite, while I convert my feelings into something more productive. You confront me for sharing similar thoughts with you. That, you immature little girl, is quite low. Even for me. Grow up before trying to make an impact with everyone here."

He had hoped he got the message across, as painful as it was.

November 10th, 2008, 5:12 PM
"Good choice," Oak said approvingly, grass types weren't that popular amongst trainers. He then proceeded to take out a red digital device thing, and five red and white golf ball sized capsules. As Haley listened, he explained both devices, the mechanical one was a Pokedex, and was used to record the Pokemon she had seen, and the Pokeballs were for containing caught Pokemon.

"Well, now that that's done..." He said slowly, "I think....yes, that's all, you may go. Oh, wait, here's Treeko's Pokeball." He passed her a sixth Pokeball, this one was unusual in the fact that there was a leaf printed on the top, cool though. Haley thought.


A few moments later, Haley stood with Treeko, who had not yet been returned to its Pokeball, outside Oak's laboratory.

"Well, hello, Treeko!" She said, in an attempt to be friendly, though she didn't know how she was supposed to treat Treeko, due to the fact that they hardly knew each other.

"Tree-ko!" Treeko flipped its tail importantly and stared imperiously at her.

"We're going to be an awesome team, won't we?" She continued, hoping dearly that she wouldn't start going on and on like her occasional habit of going from a small comment to a fully fledged lecture.

"Treeko!" Depends on how good you are.

"I'll take that to be a yes, even though I'm not sure, maybe you would like to go into your Pokeball now." Haley suggested, thinking she might as well give the Treeko a choice. Treeko shook its head.

"Tree..." Not yet.

"Well, okay then."

She was beginning to have her doubts, but she was sure that they would be an absolutely awesome team. Once she and Treeko learned to kind of work together, not that they had much of a chance to yet, but it would still be something that would determine their....awesomeness.

Venia Silente
November 10th, 2008, 7:16 PM
(OOC: Umph... finally... it took some time but I am back... I mean... Tobias is back! It took a while to figure all the progress and the current events since my last post, but I'm gonna try to do this well.)


"Quite a strong handshake," said Tobias in his mind as his greeting was met by the tall black-haired guy in front of him. "And it seems he is not upset with me."

"Name's Travis. I live here in Pallet."

Tobias smiled as their hands separated. He let his sight wander again towards Dr. Oak's house, not noticing anything strange. All the while, Travis stretched and grabbed some of his clothes that were laid against the benchband.

"To answer your question, yes, I am a begining Trainer." answered Travis. "I'm assuming you are as well a beginner?"

"Not for long," answered Tobias, still looking at the laboratory, but not letting the other beginner out of his sight. "Soon I'll put the name of Lavender Town in everyone's mouth."

As he was saying this, Tobias' sight caught an ondulating stream of black hair closing by. Slightly annoyed -- as he did not expect any more Trainers to wait outside, -- he turned his head to meet the same girl he had seen before, running after an Eevee.

Tobias took his hands to his pockets and turned to welcome her, facing away from the now standing Travis. But it was the girl who spoke first.

“Oh, sorry if I’m interrupting anything," she started, almost panting, her eyes fixated in a point beyond Tobias' shoulder, where he knew Travis was standing. "I was trying to grab my Eevee but it keeps running away."

Tobias frowned. "Still can't catch it? She seems too naïve to have been given an Eevee... Oh, well, the Professor will know better."

The girl continued: "Are you guys new trainers too? I’m just getting this Eevee but I’m already having some trouble with it. Blah.”

Tobias kept silence for a while, expecting Travis to introduce himself, but before any of the two could do anything, the girl noticed something in the distance and rushed past them, towards the Lab, screaming:

"There it is! I see it! I gotta hurry~~~!"

Tobias atsrted walking towards the Lab to reach the girl, thinking it may be unsafe for her to chase Eevee alone, if it was such a mischievous creature. He leered back towards the bench, noticing Travis was starting to move. But before he could turn and call him, a scream came from Oak's lab.

"Hey, jerk, I know you're large enough to have your own gra..." There was the voice of a girl, seemingly pissed off. Tobias halted, thinking who was she talking to. The boy with the Cubone? "That's just great..." he thought, shaking his head. "That's what happens when places get too crowded. Do I have to get in there again to get my Bulbasaur?" he thought, pondering what kind of war-like disaster would take to piss an apparently very nice girl that much. At least, Tobias smirked, she seemed to be the nicest. Of all the trainers he had found in his way in, she was the only one who was actually greeting the others. Put the Cubone trainer to the other end of the scale... and he still could not figure it out.

As he was thinking this, Tobias approached the gates of the Lab to notice a young girl sitting close to the door, with a green Pokémon at her side. He examined the pair for a moment, focusing on the Pokémon. He did not know the species. It looked like a small bipedal lizard with a thick tail and prominent yellow eyes.

"Great, again..." Tobias scolded himself, hissing. More people here... The questions for later! I'll skip her too, and get my Bulbasaur. Quickly. I have to get out of all this mess!" he screamed in his head, as he removed his hands from his pants and hurried his step, almost running as he readied to leap over the pair and right into the Laboratory. But he miscalculated and instead skidded towards the door, barely avoiding hitting the small Pokémon.

"Sorry!" he yelled, leering back as he progressed inside. He turned his head and focused on the corridor, as he heard a male voice with a very reprimanding tone apparently scolding the girl, and as he approached the last room he raised his sight to notice Professor Oak was just entering.

November 10th, 2008, 9:40 PM
OOC: I really like where this is going lol


As Travis put his vest on, Tobias began speaking again. "Not for long. Soon I'll put the name of Lavander Town in everyone's mouth."

That's when a girl arrived. “Oh, sorry if I’m interrupting anything, I was trying to grab my Eevee but it keeps running away."

Travis was confused. "Did I miss something? Sleep does that to you I guess."

"Are you guys new trainers too? I’m just getting this Eevee but I’m already having some trouble with it. Blah.”

Travis said nothing. He didn't know if he wa to introduce himself, or if she was about to leave, but that was about to be answered.

"There it is! I see it! I gotta hurry~~~!" and she was off in a hurry.

It was then that Tobias started into the lab. "Guess I'd better get my starter as well..."

And Travis also entered the lab, needing to duck to avoid hitting his head.

There stood a group of trainers. However two caught his attention.

One, was a female, about his age, her hair an explosion of red, and was wearing sweats, despite the now growing warm weather. The other trainer, also about his age, was a male. He looked like he belonged in a high school football team. He looked like he had just come out of a Metallica Mosh Pit, it was brutal, but it wasn't.

The trainer was speaking to the female. His tone was rising, and so was his voice.

He was in some rage. Travis felt it all the way across the room. Travis did not bedge from his spot. He listened to this trainer. He pointed at the girl, and gave her what Travis guessed...was a compliment? It may have been, but this dude was out of control. The fac that he was talking trash about everyone around him, was just plain stupid, weak, disrespectful, and uncool. Travis didn't think he was trying to be cool, but this dude was losing it.

Losing it to the fact that Travis was reminded of himself for the past few years. He still had these dark moods come into action. Whenever he was anered or upset, his mood would go very dark, and he would do anything from lashing out in anger at people he loved, to throwing punches at those who angered him,
to going on a swear rant about life in general, to running out alone just to shout and/or let it all out emotionally.

This trainer needed to settle. As he finished his little rant. Travis couldn't help but applaud sarcasticaly in his mind. "Bravo, *******. Go take a chill-pill. Jesus Christ."

Travis was thankful that didn't escape his mouth, but he did mumble out a lyrical phrase that came to his mind as he watched the two trainers.

"Breaking your life
Broken, beat and scarred
But we die hard..."

Candy Christina
November 11th, 2008, 4:58 AM
There were tons of Pokemon that roamed Prof. Oak’s rear courtyard. There were Poliwags, Poliwhirls, Geodudes, a few Onixes, a Ponyta, a whole heap of Grass types, and practically anything else you could find in the Pokemon world. The backyard was endless and really fascinating. Though all Waverly was worried about right now was finding her precious Eevee. The search was starting to be rather tedious but she couldn’t just quit and leave Eevee out here. She was entrusted with the Eevee as her Pokemon so it was her responsibility to take care of it now. She figured it would be a very difficult task trying to raise it seeing as it seems to be a little too jumpy, even for her. Well, at least she was getting some exercise.

“UGH. Eevee, where are you!? I’m done playing this stupid game.” Waverly cried out as she started to double over with pain in her stomach from so much running.

“Eevee!? Can we stop playing hide and seek now!? PLEASE!?!” She yelled out as she gazed out on the exterior of the yard.

She looked across a hill, then near a lake, over towards a few bushes, and then to a tree. She noticed a brown tail wagging behind the tree and then she rolled her eyes in annoyance. She got on the ground slowly to make sure Eevee wouldn’t notice and began to creep towards the tree in some kind of military crawling formation. Her eyes were focused on Eevee’s tail, never once looking elsewhere for a second. + Okay Eevee…playtime’s over…+ Waverly thought in her head with a slight smirk on her face.

“GOTCH- No!” She shouted angrily, as she was just about to grab Eevee but it quickly moved out of the way of her grip.

“Eevee~” Eevee uttered in its cute, soft voice. It stuck its little tongue out at Waverly in a teasing way. + Hmm…I have an idea. + She started to kneel down in front of Eevee and proceeded to zip open her backpack. Inside was a bunch of useless things like hairbrushes, hairclips, hairspray, magazines and whatever else. There were some stuff she would need though, such as Potions and Antidotes that her parents had supplied for her before she left. After a few seconds of digging through her pack, she took out a box filled with Pokemon food. + Why didn’t I just think of this sooner? + She thought to herself while she poured some of the food into her hand.

“Here you go Eevee…Some nice Pokemon food, just for you!” Waverly cheerfully remarked with a smile that seemed to say ~This better work or else~

“Ee…Eevee! Eevee!” Eevee happily exclaimed as it enjoyed the delicious Pokemon food. It walked closer to Waverly and began to paw at the box of Pokemon food.

“You want some more? Well then, you’ll have to promise me that you won’t leave anymore. Is it a deal? You will get more food if you don’t go running off again.” She suggested to the hungry little brown fox.

“Eevee!” Eevee responded with a nod.

Waverly smiled and poured more of the Pokemon food into her hand. The box was actually seemingly starting to become empty and she didn’t exactly know why. She knew she couldn’t have eaten it, although she has been to known to resort to eating food that is made for Pokemon if she is terribly hungry. She then thought that maybe her mother had given some to the Grass Pokemon that visited their garden on occasions, but then figured this couldn’t have been the case either. Waverly got the Pokemon food yesterday, so it shouldn’t have been half-filled already. + Stupid cheap grocery stores... + She thought with an disgusted look on her face.

“Ee~” Eevee uttered as it looked up at Waverly when it had finished its food.

“Eheheh…sorry Eevee but it’s all gone…we can get some more in Viridian City though. Does that sound okay with you?” She asked it.

“Ee…” Eevee held its head down with its ears flopping down as well in sadness.

“Well, maybe we could go back into the lab and see if Prof. Oak has anymore food that you could eat. You must be a really hungry Eevee, eh?” She said almost teasingly as she picked up the Eevee and walked back towards the lab.

As she proceeded to walk inside, she noticed there was grave tension going on between a girl and a very muscular boy. She decided to stay quiet and see what was really happening.

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 11th, 2008, 5:45 AM
OOC: Wow, this is definitely getting interesting.

IC: As K.R. finished his conversationw ith Prof. Oak, he seen the standoff between a girl and a boy with the same build as him. K.R. and his Eevee walked over to the others and was wondering what was going on. He seen another girl who also had an Eevee she looked as though she had been running for awhile. K.R then was wondering what the boy and girl was arguing about.

He had then decided to ask somebody who had been stamding there long enough to see wha the commotion was about. He then decided against that and moved his way closer to the front and said,

"Instead of you two arguing over whatever it is you guys are arguing about, why don't you have a battle over it, using the two pokemon you just got, that way, it will save you from wasting your breaths." he said shrewdly

K.R then waited to see what their response was as he stood there with a smirk on his face. The boy was pretty interested in the conflict now and was getting into the mix of things.

November 11th, 2008, 6:44 AM
Travis got distracted a minunte. He saw porfessor Oak. Forgetting about the two trainers for the moment, he went to him.

"Hello, may I help you?"

"Yes, sir. My name is Travis Mura. I sent in a form for a pokemon a few days ago."

"OH yes, it's here. I can go retrieve it for you." he said with a sigh.

Travis saw the tire in his face. "Rough day?"

"If you call it that. It's been a while since I've had this many trainers start on one day before. Most of you are also rather older than normal."

"I'd think that'd be a bit easy since 10 year olds are rather hyper or immature."

Oak chuckled and then said, "You may wait below for your starter, I gotta get s bunch for some down there anyway."

"Thanks, professor."

Travis went down. Stood where he had been standing watching the two once again.
Travis stuck one headphone in his ear, which was blasting "My Apocalypse."

"But we've cross that line
Into the grips
Total eclipse
Suffer unto my apocalypse!
Tyrants awaken my apocalypse!
Demon awaken my apocalypse!
Heaven awaken my apocalypse!
Suffer forever my apocalypse!"

"Instead of you two arguing over whatever it is you guys are arguing about, why don't you have a battle over it, using the two pokemon you just got, that way, it will save you from wasting your breaths." a trainer said.

What? Battle in here?

That was not allowable! This was not an arena, and hal fthe machinery was worth more than them. Travis couldn't stop himself.

"Whoa!" he said walking over, left hand in his vest pocket, while his right was held up in a "calm down" stance. "If you two are in conflict, I can understand. Wanna battle it out, I understand. Battle in here, out of the question. This is not a playground, and I'm sorry, but both of you are sorta acting like 5 year olds. Chill out, but if you gotta battle, take it outside." Travis said rather sternly, as he felt the dark mood churning within him.

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 11th, 2008, 7:05 AM
K.R. saw the kid pipe his smart little comment and was rather annoyed by but agreed nonetheless. K.R. had to agree with the guy. He turned around to look at the kid. He was a lot shorter than him but he noticed that he listened to a lot of music just like K.R. did, he decided to introduce himself to him.

"Hey, I'm Keiku Reishu, but you can just call me K.R."

K.R. was actually beginning to be pretty interested in this kid. He began to wonder about him. He was also going to ask him where he was from and what starter he chosen and whether or not he was doing gyms or contests.

"I am from Celadon park which is a suburb in Celadon City, and this Eevee, my starter."

"Eevee." said Eevee

K.R. then asked the boy his name and what he was planning on doing on his journey.

November 11th, 2008, 8:39 AM
There were, obviously, other trainers around, Haley could see that, and it didn't take a genius to realize it anyways, but she didn't try to approach any of them, being the type of person she was. They seemed to be talking about something, maybe arguing? It didn't matter to her, let them work it out, she didn't care. Maybe she ought to do something about Treeko. Let it out of its Pokeball.

"Treeko!" The Pokemon said as it appeared again.

"Hows it going?" Haley asked, though suddenly, a dark shadow swooped over them, and Treeko jumped, moving closer to its trainer. Haley looked around, startled as well, before realizing that it was a tree branch swaying as a light breeze swept over them.

"Don't worry, Treeko, its a tree branch." Haley reassured her Pokemon, who promptly climbed into a tree and stayed there. Yeah, I think I heard somewhere that Treeko liked trees, hence their name. Haley thought, as Treeko made itself comfortable. She wondered how long it would be before Treeko decided to come down. Being almost guardians of trees, it could be an awfully long wait. Time's something I've got at the moment, Haley thought, time wasn't her biggest worry. However, at that moment, Treeko leapt lightly down, its feet brushing the ground.

"Let's go say hi to the other trainers!" Haley suggested, changing her mind about them. By then, though, some had gone into the Pokemon Center. Er, nevermind. It would look really strange if she suddenly went back into the lab, wouldn't it, maybe she should just stay out here, yeah, that's what she'd do, anyways, it wasn't that important.

November 11th, 2008, 9:22 AM
Russell had been the first to arrive but others quickly followed and soon the room was just a complete circus of trainers and their starting pokemon. Totodile had ran off and was playing cheerfully around the lab but it was all just too much happening for Russell to handle. He pulled out Totodile's pokeball and recalled the small blue alligator to the ball. Walking over to Professor Oak, he prepared to make his goodbyes.

"Professor Oak, I'll be leaving now. I'm headed up to Mt. Moon to begin some research at its peak." Russell said to the Professor casually.

"Wonderful! I've been meaning to head up there as well. I know you wont need this for pokemon knowledge but it will be good reference material for you." the professor replied, handing Russell a small green rectangular pokedex that Russell quickly slipped into his back pocket.

"Thank you, Professor. And i'll tell Professor Raine hello for you at the museum in Pewter." Russell replied.

"Haha thank you, Russell. You really are what the scientific community needed these days. I nice fresh mind." the Professor complimented before shaking hands with Russell.

"Alright professor, i'll be off then. Have a good one." Russell said before turning and heading out the door into the fresh air. He walked through the streets of pallet slowly, taking in the few sights there were to see before heading north to the outskirts of Pallet. He looked around for a moment and took in a deep breath. The wide expanse of fields with tall grass every where. He released Totodile down onto the ground and let him take in his surroundings. After a brief survey, Totodile began to happily run in circles shooting water in the air.

"You really do have a lot of energy, don't you..." Russell said, sighing as he walked over underneath a tree, dropping his bag of gear underneath it and sitting beside his gear. He fished through before pulling out a long map and a pad and paper. He looked up to check on Totodile who had switched to happily playing with butterflies in a patch of grass beside the road. He smiled before looking down at the map.

"Guess its time to plan the next leg of this trip... So here's Pallet and with this much food and rations while walking... it'll take about a day to get here... then another day from here...."

November 11th, 2008, 12:08 PM
John sat in the corner, disdainfully watching the trainers argue as Maiya finished off the last sandwich, seemingly curious about what all the commotion was about. Personally, John just didn’t get it. Firstly, he didn’t see how a ************ like that could just barge in and shove around anybody, let alone such a famous and, more to the point, old man, and then treat everyone around him like they were something he was accustomed to have his servant wipe off his shoe for him. And then he threatens to start up a battle using Pokemon he’s only had for 60 seconds! Though he was damned if he’d get involved, he was pretty much incensed.

Trying to calm down, he turned back to Maiya. She was now rooting through his backpack, seeing if she could find anything of interest. He reached out to take the bag off her, but that second she whipped her hand out, holding one of his small battery-powered torches. She clicked the button and squeaked with delight when it turned on. She started flicking it on and off and on again, then started pointing it into his backpack. Shaking his head slightly, he took the backpack but let her keep the torch. There was no particular reason why she couldn’t have in, and she plainly loved it. Stretching, John stood up and swung his backpack over his shoulders. He held out his hand towards Maiya.

“Fancy a ride?”

Maiya yipped eagerly and ran forwards. John picked her up and sat her on his left arm and, trying to avoid the bombastic pyromaniac, John left the lab and walked out into the now-glorious weather. He glanced over at the boy with the map and considered giving him a hand, but dismissed the idea. He seemed on top of things and would probably just think he’s showing off. He glanced down at the Totodile playing with the butterflies and grinned. He looked away and was about to set off, when he felt Maiya tugging on the shoulder of his jacket. He looked at her curiously.

“What?” She pointed at the Totodile.

“Der char char man!” She was practically bouncing up and down. For a second, John was completely non-plussed, and then he caught on.

“You want to play with the Totodile?”

“Char char!” Shrugging, John lowered Maiya to the ground, and she was off like a streak. John watched for a second, then went over and sat down next to the trainer with the map. No reason why they couldn’t chat, plus it’d be odd if the two Pokemon just went wild together. He looked over at the boy.

“Hi, I’m John. You a new trainer too?”

November 11th, 2008, 1:01 PM
"It wasn't a fat joke..." Autumn mumbled. She wasn't stupid. She knew the guy was muscular.
"But, I will give you this." the guy pointed at her, "You tried and showed concern for your well-being. And that attitude of yours reminds me of myself. The anger, the hate, the feeling of disdain of nearly everything this pathetic little planet has. All traits of my own. The only difference is that you are a hypocrite, while I convert my feelings into something more productive. You confront me for sharing similar thoughts with you. That, you immature little girl, is quite low. Even for me. Grow up before trying to make an impact with everyone here."

"Wow, who wrote that one for you?" Autumn was not happy about being called a hypocrite but, thankfully, this big guy wasn't getting to her in the least. "I am not full of hate. You call being rude and shoving around your elders," she pointed to Professor Oak, "being productive? Really?" Autumn lowered her voice, "Look I didn't mean to start something, I just can't stand by and watch people like you push around decent people. Trust me, I know something about decent people. When they're so few in this world, you learn to identify them." She was about to walk away, noticing that they had aquired an audience, but turned back around, "And I hardly think I'm the immature one. Me? A little girl? I'm not the one who needs to grow up here." She had heard voices encouraging a battle, but this was no place for one and she really wasn't in the mood.

The one named Tobias seemed to be in awe of everything she just said. "Hey," she greeted the grey haired boy, "did you get your Pokemon yet?"

November 11th, 2008, 2:09 PM
The audience he had attained was interested but refused to get involved except for the one lunatic who demanded a battle. Obviously the child had an intelligence disorder as a battle in a crowded place like this would: 1. Cause too much damage, which knowing this nerds would demand a payment; 2. Cause a riot attracting attention, something Randy couldn't afford at the time; and 3. Randy would likely lose since Argos was inexperienced and Randy knew next to nothing about battling. The girl's response was not very powerful in Randy's mind but some effort was made which was commendable. "I will admit something to you." Randy started while the girl remained distracted by the wandering trainer and a member of the audience, "You got spirit and that will get you somewhere. Most people take my force lying down like some helpless child. You actually stood up, but don't expect that to get you popular or successful. That little attitude can get you in plenty of trouble." Randy began walking out of the lab, not expecting a single individual to follow him which is a trend he was used to at this time. With a personality like his, nobody likes him. "I will finish this though, everybody needs to grow up. None of us are mature, just some more than others. We are playing with little cutesy animals after all." He slammed the door with impressive force, enough to bend the hinges a small bit.

Argos was on his shoulder, scared by his master's fearful tactics of saying farewell. He pat the head of his partner. "It's alright. It is only people that piss me off. I'll show them eventually." Randy's determination to become rich, famous and powerful was undeniable and unstoppable. Immature little girls and eager young boys who sought excitement were nothing but obstacles. Naive children who did not experience the harsh reality of life. They'll learn as did Randy. And that will be day that the last laugh will be enjoyed him and him alone.

Venia Silente
November 11th, 2008, 3:01 PM

When Tobias entered the back room of the Laboratory, the abient was tense. And there was a lot of people in there. His only relief, albeit temporary, was that the young boy he had first seen when he entered was leaving. As he was listening to the two arguing trainers, Tobias noticed Professor Oak picking up two Poké Balls from a case.

"This might be my chance", Tobias said to himself, almost grinning. He could very well pick up his Pokémon and leave the place before anything worse happened. He notices Travis walking up to the Professor and receiving one of the devices, so he waited patiently. He noticed Travis walking off and meeting another trainer, and then he heard something that called for his attention.

"Instead of you two arguing over whatever it is you guys are arguing about, why don't you have a battle over it, using the two pokemon you just got, that way, it will save you from wasting your breaths."

"A battle, here? Come on. Dr. Oak is not going to allow that..." he mumbled as he turned to watch the boy who had said that, for a moment. The boy's face left clear he wanted to see a battle. Travis intervened to call it off, saying that if there was to be a battle, it would have to be outside of the laboratory.

Tobias approached Dr. Oak intently.

"Professor? I-- my Pokémon...?" he asked, his chin pointing to the one Poké Ball Dr. Oak had left in his hand.

"Oh... yes, this is it, take it." answered the elder man ina low voice. He was very focused on the current situation. To say the truth, Tobias was, too, even as one part of him just wanted to blast away, the other part of him picked attention of the two trainers. He felt something in his hand and looked down, to see a Poké Ball.

"Right, then. Come out!" hushed Tobias as he stretched down his hand and clicked the device's button. A white light came out and it materialised in the form of a Bulbasaur.

"Bulba?" greeted the creature, looking up.

"Hey, fellow. I'm Tobias and I am going to take care of you from now on. How's that?"

Bulbasaur tilted its head, looking into Tobias' eyes. Maybe looking for some indication the boy was trusting. But the discussion before them distracted it.

"Bulba... bulba," hissed Bulbasaur.

Whatever that meant, Tobias felt he could share the sentiment. He ducked to tak to his Pokémon. "Yeah, fellow. Want to go outside? Far from this mess, and then we'll pick a name for you."

Tobias was about to grab Bulbasaur and walk outside, but it resisted and stepped forward, forcing Tobias to return his attention to the ongoing discussion.

"Wow, who wrote that one for you?" asked the red-haired girl in a somewhat loud voice. Tobias noticed the girl was accompanied by a Chikorita, another Grass-type Pokémon, and it was leering to the male trainer and his fierce-looking Cyndaquil Two Johto starters. "You call being rude and shoving around your elders," she pointed to Professor Oak, "being productive? Really?" continued the girl. Tobias could hear her voice fading slowly.

"Tch... if they battle... probably that Chikorita is going to suffer. No doubt this guy can order his Cyndaquil to do something nasty," thought Tobias, biting his lip. He checked the boy with the Cubone, hesitantly, wondering which one of the two could be more aggressive. Then his sight met that of the Chikorita girl, and a wild idea roamed in his mind. But his new partner's call brought him back to his senses.

"Bulba. Bulbasaur!" called Tobias' starter, using one of its vines to push him forwards. It was obvious Bulbasaur felt for the other Grass Pokémon and it seemed to also have taken the offense personal.

"Don't tell me you want in?" asked Tobias, looking at his partner as he pointed to the group with his free hand. "Brawls are not my thing, you know?" he complained, as he could hear some low voices calling for battle.

"Bulba!" Tobias felt a stronger pull, accompanied by a tackle. Bulbasaur was decided.

"All right, then! -- I'm going to help you. But I know I'm going to regret this..." he said, as he stepped forwards, Bulbasaur following. The girl had walked towards him, too, and called.

"Hey. Did you get your Pokemon yet?" she asked.

"Yeah," he answered while leering down, "he's right here."

However, as he was about to side with her to show his support, the boy started talking away, as he walked outside the Lab with Cyndaquil on his shoulder.

"Most people take my force lying down like some helpless child. You actually stood up, but don't expect that to get you popular or successful. That little attitude can get you in plenty of trouble." snuffed the boy, proudly, as he walked towards them. Tobias did not move: there was space enough for the offender to walk by without slamming anyone.

The boy walked past the group, and, as he left them behind, let some words for them that Tobias felt particularily stunned by. "I will finish this though, everybody needs to grow up. None of us are mature, just some more than others. We are playing with little cutesy animals after all."

"Grow up?" raged Tobias inside. "What the h... does he think we are?" Tobias proceeded to circle his head, watching the entirely of the group. The girl with the Chikorita, the Cubone boy who was still there, and even the dark-haired girl with the Eevee, who was sneaking by. "We ARE all grown up! We wouldn't be entrusted the lives of other creatures otherwise."

As Tobias turned heels to face the closing door, which was slammed with a very strong sound, he reminded himself why he was here.

«But I don't want to share it with my brothers!» complained Tobias as he forcibly handed over his favourite shirt. He had earned it in a puzzle contest some months ago, but it not longer fit him, and so his father decided that he would have to hand it over.

«You have to learn, Tobias. You are the eldest. One day, we, your parents will no longer be around, and you will have to take care of your brothers yourself.»

«I won't stay stuck here forever!» he had screamed. He expected his father to punish him for having said that, or something, but instead, he simply took away the t-shirt. He returned, however, with a small object in his hand.

«A plant?» Tobias tilted his head as he took the small pot.

«Even if you won't be with your family, there will always be people who depend on you. Like this plant. It is now yours, and yours only. Understand?» asked his father, kneeling to met his son's eyes.

Tobias raised his head, and nodded while h e brought the pot closer to him, in this way welcoming the gift.

«Your brothers need help and raising. But I think you don't. Not anymore.» continued the father, petting his son's head. «Being mature means that when people trusts you, like what I'm doing now, you won't fail to them.»

Tobias buffed. He was not going to let anyone call him "immature" just because they felt like it.

"Just you wait." Tobias said under his breath.

"Bulba," nodded Bulbasaur.

Tobias Stretched his hand and met his new friends' vine, strapped around his arm. A sign of newfound trust? He looked down to his Bulbasaur and was met with a smile.

Sensing its trainers' resolution, Bulbasaur leaned against Tobias' leg, and after a while he left to inspect the place. Tobias turned back, too. He was met by the red-haired girl, who was just in front of him.

This time, Tobias decided to make sure he could properly introduce himself. "I'm Tobias, from Lavender Town, by the way." he said while stretching his hand. "Well done back there. I'm sorry I was of no help." He pointed down, smiling: "And this is my partner, Bulbasaur, but we haven't picked a name for him, yet."

While his hand was stretched, Tobias' sight wandered again. He got a glimpse of the door with the lid of his eye.

"Bulbasaur and I will teach that brat what being mature means. Next time he blasts in like that, his cocky attitude and the type advantage won't save him: he will have to stand by his claims, or else..." promised Tobias to himself, clenching his free fist, and returning his attention to the girl in front of him.

He smiled, his eyes slightly closed, and asked: "And what is your name?"

November 11th, 2008, 7:26 PM
The male in front of Travis said a few more nasty things. As did the female. Travis didn't know if they heard him or not, but he knew they did, Travis knew it wise not to say anything else at this point unless it got too out of hand. Fortunatally it didn't. The male started for the door, a cyndiquil on his shoulder. He did say one thing before leaving.

"Most people take my force lying down like some helpless child. You actually stood up, but don't expect that to get you popular or successful. That little attitude can get you in plenty of trouble. I will finish this though, everybody needs to grow up. None of us are mature, just some more than others. We are playing with little cutesy animals after all."

Travis couldn't help but laugh inside at that. This guy obviously had a very vague image of life in general. Travis muttered. "Truth hurts, mate. Life ain't perfect. But you ain't doing any better to make it perfect..."

"Excuse me, Travis."

Travis sighed, as his darkened mood settled down. He turned to see Professor Oak standing there with a pokeball in his hand. "I have him."

Travis accepted the gift, and nodded. "Thanks professor, and sorry if this seems a biit wild...withevreyone here and all."

"I've seen worse, the world awaits you, Travis."

"Thanks again."

Travis looked at the pokeball. He began to speak, aware that the one inside could hear him well. "Hello. My name is Travis Darrell Mura. I guess you and I are to be with each other for a while now...I'll do my best to provide you with whatever you may need, and take care of you whenever necessary...Gill...so let's meet face to face...come on out."

Travis pressed a button, and out came his starter, a Squirtle.

"Squirtle squirt!"

Travis knelt down to get a better look. Gill seeme a bit confused as if it was okay to trust him of not.

"Truthfully, I'm just as curious about you, as you are about me. But this isn't the time or place to study each other. There's a group I'm with...maybe...over there. Let's go say hi. I hope we can gain a bit of trust here."

Travis said this holding his arm out. Gill walked a bit toward it, bt didn't get on. Travis understood. He needed more Trust. Gill was however following him. Travis walked over to Tobias, and the female who had engaged in the agrument witht he trainer with the Cyndiquil.

Tobias was introducing himself, when Travis walked over. "Sorry if I interrupted something." Travis said with a little smile.

November 11th, 2008, 8:08 PM
The large trainer left, leaving her with words that she didn't care to remember. They were obviously a result of an inflated ego. One day she'd teach him a lesson. She ran a hand through her multi-colored hair, the red orange and blonde, reliefed that he had left.

"Yeah," Tobias answered her question from before, "he's right here." Autumn looked down at the Bulbasaur and smiled. She'd always found this Pokemon in particular to be very cute. The owner was glaring at the door that the meaty, angry trainer had left through and she sensed he was just as frustrated as she was. "I'm Tobias, from Lavender Town, by the way." he said while stretching his hand. "Well done back there. I'm sorry I was of no help." He pointed down, smiling: "And this is my partner, Bulbasaur, but we haven't picked a name for him, yet."

Another trainer, the one who had been outside, walked over with his Squirtle and nodded politely, "Sorry if I interupted something." Autumn shook her head as if to say, "Nah, you're good" and answered Tobias.
"That's okay, it was my own mess. I didn't really expect anyone to get in the middle of it," she waved her hand dismissing the apology. This kid isn't so bad, she thought, maybe not all people are jerks...

"And what is your name?" he asked.

"I'm Autumn West. I was born in Lavender, but I grew up in Celadon. And this," she pointed to her Chikorita, "is my Chikorita." She was prancing around her ankles, also excited that the big, mean trainer had gone. "Look, I'm gonna head out of here. This many people in one place kinda gets on my nerves. You can come with me if you like," she shrugged and hesitated with the last sentence, hoping she wasn't doing something she'd regret. "There's another trainer that sparked my interest earlier. I wanna try and catch up with him," she admitted quietly to Tobias.

Autumn turned on her heel and headed out the door, "Thanks again Professor!" Oak handed her a Pokedex at the last minute, shining a pretty onyx grey. If Tobias was coming with her he'd follow. Chikorita danced and skipped along side Autumn, who didn't have the heart to put her new Pokemon back into her Pokeball. Thankfully the trainer-Russell was his name right?-was still in Pallet. He seemed to be planning his next move.

"Hi," she greeted him, "I'm Autumn. Look, I'm gonna be straight forward. You and Tobais," she jerked a thumb behind her, assuming the trainer was behind her, "Are the only two fools here I can stand. And I need to travel with someone so..." she paused. "I know you're a research buff, I'm one myself, but I won't interfer or interupt your work. I won't hold you back or anything. What do you say?" Autumn waited, holding her breath, for the trainer's answer.

November 11th, 2008, 11:31 PM
As his new Munchlax buddy finished up his meal, Taro's attention was drawn to a dispute between a girl and a rather bulky brutish trainer. The boy didn't exactly seem like that much of a cheery fellow. Honestly, thinking everyone was trash was not a very good way to think at all. There is always someone better than you. Always. And the larger you get, the more people wish to take you down. Both sides stated their arguments very well, but Taro agreed with the girl with the chikorita, hands down.

One trainer suggested that they had a pokemon battle to settle the dispute. The idea was interesting, but first off, in their current location, a battle could have harmful effects, and because chikorita was a grass type, the boys cyndaquil would beat it as easy as paper beats rock. The two went their separate ways though. The boy getting the last word, and leaving quite dramatically.

"Come on Kiga, lets get going." Taro said to his pokemon partner, standing up.

"Munch?" The pokemon replied in a confused tone.

"Oh! Thats my name for you. I cant just go around calling you 'Munchlax' after all. Too general. Kiga means hunger in japanese, just in case your wondering." Taro replied "You like it? If not, I can always change it..."

"Munch! Munchlax!" Kiga replied happily, seemingly acceptive of his new name. This caused Taro to have a smile on his face once again, and soon he went on his way, bidding the professor farewell and leaving out the door. He had considered traveling with some of the trainers who had gathered in Oaks lab, but they already were forming groups with one another, and he didn't like the idea of traveling with many people. Instead, he decided to travel with only one other person, and he was quite positive it would stay that way. He hadn't gotten very far since they had left Oak's lab, and Taro simply started to follow him.

"You seem like a very cheery person." He said to Randy.

Sir Aaron1017
November 12th, 2008, 1:22 AM
-7:00 A.M.

After a few hours of walking through the night and well into the morning, Lexie finally caught sight of Pallet Town. The quaint town looked peaceful in the early morning, and only a few shop-keepers were opening up at this time. “Maybe I can do some shopping now seeing how I have at least an hour to kill” She thought, then decided it was probably for the best. The PokéMart just opened, so she ducked in through the front door and walked through the aisles browsing the various merchandise filling the shelves. She stopped shortly when her stomach rumbled. “Looks like it’s time for breakfast…” She mumbled under her breath. She looked around for something to eat, settling on some chocolate muffins and some milk. She walked up to she store clerk, handed a few bills over, then continued to pick out some full heals and some antidotes and a few potions. Returning to the clerk, he rang her up, not bothering to make small talk because he was still waking up. “Thank you” She said while handing him some more bills, then placing the bottles in her bag. She looked at her watch to see that it was now 7:30, so she walked out the door and started looking for the lab.

She walked at a slow pace, taking her time and looking at the scenery. The sun had risen and the warm rays made her pause, wishing she could stand here for a while, but her anxiousness wouldn’t let her. She was about to get a new starter and set out on a new journey. This wasn’t the first time she’d set out on a journey – She had started out in her home region, Sinnoh, with a Chimchar. She journeyed for a year with a boy she had met at Professor Rowan’s lab and they decided to journey together, he battled the gyms, and Lexie had participated in Contests, cheering each other on.

When she finally walked up the lane to the lab, she saw a few people sitting outside and a few that had just come out of the lab. “Interesting… I think I’ll talk to them if they are still here when I get ready to leave…” she thought, and then walking up to the lab doors, she pulled one open, and continued on inside. There were a few trainers inside already with Pokémon already. “Professor Oak?” She said, looking around, spotting him with a look of torture on his face. “How odd…” She thought to herself, but didn’t’ pursue the situation. “I am Lexie Volari, Professor Rowan told me that you had a starter for me?” She said when he finally acknowledged her. “Ah! Lexie! Professor Rowan has told me all about you! I am very pleased you could make it! How was your journey?” he asked. “Long. It was a good break to recharge after my last journey…” Lexie replied. “Of course. If you come with me, I have a starter for you. I picked him just for you after I spoke with Professor Rowan. Here you are” He said, handing her a standard Pokéball. “Thank you!” She beamed. She turned the ball over in her hand a few times, then finally pushing the button, releasing a small Pokémon.

“Vee!!!” it cried when it had completely formed.

“Aww! An Eevee! How cute!!!” she said, then picking him up, she looked him in the eye. “Do you want to journey with me little guy?”

“Vee?” he replied.

“Why? Uhm… I hadn’t thought you wouldn’t have wanted to come, so I don’t know how to answer you… I guess it’s up to you, though you do belong to me now…” She said, her face falling at the last part.

“Vee! Eevee!” the small fox said after he saw the look on her face.

“You want to come then?” She asked.

“Vee” He replied, very sure of his answer now.

“Awesome! We’ll start as soon as I find someone to go with…” She said, then stood up and started looking around, trying to figure out who would be the best person to go with. There was a boy with a Squirtle who was very tall, and there was also a boy who had a Bulbasaur, who both looked like they had potential to be great traveling partners.

"Excuse me," she said, walking up to the very tall boy with the Squirtle, "I don't want to sound too foreword, but would you be interesting in traveling with me? It seems like you would be able to take care of yourself if we get into trouble, and I can hold up my end of the partnership seeing how I already have some experience with Pokemon" She was being subtle with flirting with him, but she couldn't be sure how well that was working.

Candy Christina
November 12th, 2008, 3:53 AM
The Pokemon lab was indeed becoming quite crowded. Waverly usually wasn’t all that claustrophobic since she used to near a rather large city anyway, but then again, it was a pretty small area. She figured she ought to leave soon to make room for any other trainers that would be coming to get their starters as well. She could see some people coming together and it looked like they were going to travel with each other. She didn’t want to intrude on their conversation so she decided to just get what she came back into the lab to get and get out. Prof. Oak had been messing with some of his books on a shelf; he seemed to be putting them in alphabetical order for whatever reason.

“Um… Prof. Oak?” Waverly uttered as she walked over to where he stood, next to the bookshelf.

“Oh! Yes, what do you need?” Prof. Oak proceeded to ask her; he appeared to have been caught off guard as he jumped when she acknowledged him.

“Well, my Eevee is feeling very hungry right now… I was wondering if you had any Pokemon food with you sir?” She politely asked the old professor.

“Hm… I could take a look in the backroom and see what I have for your little Eevee here. I’ll be back in a moment.” The professor responded as he strolled towards a room that he seemed to keep all kinds of supplies in.

As he had walked away, Waverly put down her backpack and searched inside for a Pokemon Contest pamphlet that she had received from her mother. She wasn’t sure if this was what she had wanted to do on her journey, but it was a suggestion. Her mother had gotten the pamphlet from one of her clients while selling a house, and decided to give it to Waverly to see if coordinating would be one of her interests. Waverly figured it wouldn’t hurt to try contests to see how she faired. She would have to be able to come up with a bunch of different contest styles and appeals though, which would not be an easy task at all.

“Hmm… I’ve heard of these people before. May…Drew…Harley… They do ring a bell.” Waverly said to herself quietly with Eevee listening attentively as well.

“Apparently, the first contest may be held in Cerulean City! That gives us plenty of enough time to practice Eevee! Don’t you think so?” She exclaimed as she looked down at her eccentric little Pokemon.

“Ee! Eevee!” Eevee cried happily in agreement.

“I’ve been to Cerulean City before…it’s such a nice city. There’s the Cerulean Cape and the Cerulean Gym…and the lake too. I can’t wait til our first contest together! Hmm…this pamphlet says that most coordinators have at least two Pokemon for their contests though. That means we’ll have to find another Pokemon to join us on our journey. I bet we’ll meet a whole bunch before we get to Cerulean. That’ll be no trouble at all!” Waverly excitedly preached to Eevee.

Prof. Oak started to make his way back to where Waverly stood with a box of Pokemon food in his hand that should be able to last them until they reach Viridian City. Eevee grew a bright smile upon its face as Prof. Oak handed the box of Pokemon food to them.

“This was the only box I could find…blah. I need to get some more Pokemon food later on too. I hope this’ll be fine for you, Waverly.” Prof. Oak proclaimed to her.

“Yeah, I’m sure this’ll be enough professor. At least until we reach Viridian City that is. Thanks!” Waverly said and put the Pokemon food into her backpack.

Waverly then picked up Eevee once more and proceeded to walk out of the door as Randy had done not too long before. The sun was shining brightly. The wind blew slowly and cooled her bright tan-colored skin. It was the dawn of a new journey. This was first chapter in an adventure that would be filled with many exciting incidents. She was glad she would finally be free from her strict parents and embarking on an exuberating expedition such as this. As she started to walk, she noticed some boy talking with Randy and thought she might want to say a few words to Randy before she finally left.

“Hey you…you’re the boy that was being a complete jackass to that girl back there. Well there’s something I gotta say to you. What the hell is your problem? Don’t you have ANY respect for women at all!?” Waverly angrily yelled at him.

She obviously wasn’t thinking about what she was saying.

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 12th, 2008, 6:18 AM
K.R. noticed that everybody seemed to be pairing up and traveling together. K.R. normally enjoyed his own company and did not mind traveling alone, but technically he would not be alone considering he had his eevee with him. K.R. then walked out of the lab and stood by the door. He then sat on the wall and pulled a lighter out of his pocket, it was one of his favorite tricks. He felt bored and wanted to entertain his eevee, K.R. then moved a little bit away from the crowd and ignited his lighter.

"Ok, Eevee look at this."


K.R. then blew the flame from his lighter and up shot the flame on his lighter. The flame shot up a few feet but then quickly disappeared. K.R.'s Eevee looked impressed and K.R. turned a few heads after he pulled that stunt. He then looked around and got a little more attention then he thought he would.

Then, with a nervous laugh K.R. then looks around at the others. He then wonders if everyone was paired up but him. He decided to look around for a while. He then seen a girl who was named Waverly or something and she was yelling at some boy who name was Randy, K.R. although a very nice guy, wanted to be somewhat of an instigator made his way over in order to hear the argument and to see what the girl was yelling about.

"Heh, maybe I'll finally see a fight..." he thought

K.R. then stood by the two with a smile on his face.

November 12th, 2008, 10:14 AM
The girl with TObias left as Travis walked over.

Travis looked down at Gill, who had followed at apace, but he followed none the less. Plus he hadn't attacked him yet.

Tobias had himself a bulbasaur. Not bad. The young pokemon looked a bit...determined, or even angered? Was it perhaps disturbed by the recent argument that took place?

That led Travis to wonder. "Damn, that guy seriously had some issues...wonder if everything is cool with him..."

Travis admitted he wasn't all that happy with his words or behavior, but someone who had that kind of attitude usually had something major bothering him. If not, he was trying to act cool. Travis hated people who pretended to be bad-ass. But if that guy was pretending, he was damn good at it.

"SO you got yourself a bulbasaur?

"Excuse me," a voice from behind said. IT was a female, about his age, a foot shorter than him, and dressed in mostly black. "I don't want to sound too foreword, but would you be interesting in traveling with me? It seems like you would be able to take care of yourself if we get into trouble, and I can hold up my end of the partnership seeing how I already have some experience with Pokemon"

Whoa...this was a bit foreward. Travis was interested in traveling with people, but he didn't expect it to happen so suddenly. But Travis was interested in company, and couldn't refuse an offer really.

"I do admit, I have not had much experience with Pokemon at all really. I just got GIll here, and am new as anyone here is. But yes I am interested in travelling with company and was in the process of finding a group. I'd be willing to travel with you. I am Travis Mura, I live here in Pallet Town."

He then turned to Tobias, "What's your plan then, man?"

November 12th, 2008, 1:16 PM
A voice was carried by the wind and clearly directed at his amazing self. "You seem like a very cheery person." That is all the voice said and Randy slowly turned around. However no person was there. He thought he was hearing voices in his head (OOC: By the way, Voices by Rev Theory is a good idea to listen to. A theme song if you will). Then Randy surveyed the immediate area to see a small boy demanding his attention or so it seemed. Several voices in his head told him to kick the kid in the face for his sarcasm and Randy wanted nothing more than to hit something right now, especially after his heated debate with the insolent little brat of a woman. This kid seemed innocent enough and his choice for a Pokemon was funny considering it was so fat. He didn't recognize the boy and chose to ignore the violent thoughts and began to answer.

"And you seem like a very rebellious person. I was expecting just about everyone to ignore my evil actions and decide to mess with me in the future." Randy began to remove his backpack and emptied out its contents on the deep green ground. The grass was long and soft to the touch, causing minimal noise when the various objects crashed to the ground. It was a green pillow of sorts, capable of cushioning the mightiest of falls. A sleeping bag was already attached to the bag, therefore only tools and such plummeted to the floor. Most of the items were metallic, meaning no food or other actually useful materials were there. Just brass knuckles, various knives including survival, utility based knives and the type one would expect to be used in combat. In the mix of violent tools were empty water bottles, chewing gum, a broken wind up clock and an old cell phone. Under his breath, Randy could be heard uttering curses only known to the sailors of the sea. Turning back he saw the young boy holding a blank stare of confusion. Randy broke the awkward silence with a simple question: "So kid, what's your name and why are you following me of all people? Nobody liked you in there either?" Randy let out a little evil chuckle at the end. Of course he was sarcastic but he didn't know if the boy caught that. Before he could answer an angry figure emerged.

Once again, Randy pissed off another member of the female race. He was surprised but the sudden conflict caught the formally calm Randy off guard. She boldly stated with an malevolent tone enough to make grown men weep: “Hey you…you’re the boy that was being a complete jackass to that girl back there. Well there’s something I gotta say to you. What the hell is your problem? Don’t you have ANY respect for women at all!?” Just as he predicted, but of course he couldn't help my release a smirk out of the sight of another goody two shoes. Someone else was pissed about his actions. He never got this much criticism for his behavior. His high school accepted it simply because they knew the end results. Broken bodies, empty wallets, and a life of fear were the usual. However he had never actually thrown a punch yet. He was about to, but he decided the more effective way was to use his charisma to talk his way out of it.

"What is with you women? Always on my case." Randy said quietly before actually beginning his reply. Randy squatted down to the girls level, enough to see her head as much like the young boy that actually bothered to talk to him her proximity to the ground was quite close. "No, I have no problem with actual men or women. Little boys and girls who have this notion that respect is given to them unconditionally. People like you and everyone else in that old building of happiness and joy have been brought up in some society beats that LIE in your head. Sorry missy, respect is earned." Before finishing his response, he lightly grabbed her collar and pulled her close to his face with a jerking motion nonetheless. "And you, your friends back there have done NOTHING to earn that respect. NOTHING! So before you start acting all high and mighty like a spoiled little girl who believes that her word is the right, earn some damn respect. Then maybe I can actually take you and your superfriends over there seriously." As the words left his mouth, a serious but not angry tone can be sensed. It was apparent he was being a cruel individual but he meant what he said. He pushed the girl away, releasing her from his tight grasp. Whether he fell or not was unknown to him. He turned to small boy and apologized for his actions with a serious look on his face. "If you want to follow me, then let's go. I don't mind the company." He quickly gathered his scattered supplies and lifted his bag with great ease and continued on his way out of Pallet town.

November 12th, 2008, 6:45 PM
Okay, this was just getting stupid, here she was, standing here, while everyone found someone to travel with. It might get awfully lonely by myself. Maybe instead of just standing here thinking, she ought to actually do something, but she had always been somewhat shy around others, it didn't matter who, her friends even counted at certain, though occasional, times.

Well, there was a problem, she didn't know anyone here, when it suddenly occured to her that no one else did either. That made things somewhat easier, though it wouldn't be easy just approaching a total stranger. JUST DO IT. Seemed to replay over and over in Haley's mind, and she realized that if she didn't say anything she was going to get stuck traveling on her own, in an unfamiliar region, to top that. Best she just go and find someone, anyone, as a matter of fact, to travel with.

Treeko seemed to sense that she was thinking about something, maybe of the journey that lay ahead of the two of them, which they were currently facing.

"Treeko?" He asked Haley, staring up at her.

"Oh, um, nothing Treeko, listen, let's go and say hi to some of the trainers, just, you know, get to know them a bit?" Haley suggested.

"Tree!" Treeko agreed with a nod, leaning against the bark of the tree.

Haley didn't know who to approach, there were too many people there. As a result she decided maybe she'll just pick any random person and go up to them and say hi. Ah, there's a trainer not surrounded by too many people. She thought suddenly, noticing a shorter, boy with blond hair.

"C'mon, let's go say hi!" Haley suddenly said, before she could change her mind, running alongside Treeko to catch up with the boy, who appeared to be standing with another boy. For a split second, she thought about just backing off without being noticed, but decided against that.

Approaching the two of them, she smiled uncertainly.

"Um, hi...are you new trainers too?" She asked hesitantly, waiting for the reply, if they just stared at her, she would turn and just leave, find someone else to travel with, god, this was humiliating. Stupid. Stupid.

Venia Silente
November 12th, 2008, 9:06 PM
(OOC: OK, so I'm trying to get ahead with the traveling party here... let's see if Tobias can coerce Travis into joining the group that is already forming between him, Autumn and hopefully Rusell. Maybe with this and the next posts we can leave poor Dr. Oak in peace:laugh:


As he was talking to the Chikorita girl, Tobias heard a voice he instantly recognized behind him:

"Sorry if I interrupted something."

He leaned his head back as Travis came by. The girl with the Chikorita shook her head and proceeded to introduce herself:

"I'm Autumn West. I was born in Lavender, but I grew up in Celadon." she explained.

"Another Lavender local? This is great," thought Tobias, memories of his home materialising inhis head. "Maybe we can make each other company until we get there..."

"And this," she continued, "is my Chikorita." The cute little Pokémon was prancing around her trainer, apparently happy with the new, more enjoyable levity in the room.

Tobias smiled at the grass Pokémon and turned his head around, inspecting the place in search of his Bulbasaur. There he was, using its vines to inspect a strange water-containing machine. "Great... as long as he doesn't break something," he thought.

Tobias felt slightly "sandwiched" between Autumn, who was covertly inviting him to her group, and Travis, who was behind, too. But then Autumn said something about going for another trainer and slipped by. Tobias turned around to meet Travis.

"So, you got yourself a Bulbasaur?" asked the black-haired trainer.

"Yeah," answered Tobias, laughing, as he noticed Dr. Oak taking the water machine away from Bulbasaur. The Pokémon sat besides Tobias, sulking.

"I have to pick a name for him, yet, so, well, he's just Bulbasaur right now." As he said that, he heard a female voice approaching by. Another trainer.

"I don't want to sound too foreword..." started the girl. Tobias smirked: Travis seemed to be a very adequate person to travel with, which was good, but Tobias felt his mind was already made. As the two other trainers talked to each other, he crunched to meet his Bulbasaur.

"So, pal, what about a new name for you?"

"Bulba?" answered Bulbasaur, tilting its head.

"Let's see... Skip?"

Bulbasaur stayes there, his head tilted and his mouth open. Tobias interpreted that like he did not like the name.

"O'kay then... what about Osmond? It sounds royal or something..."

Bulbasaur shook his head and growled lowly: "Bulbaaaaaa...."

Tobias raised his hands as to say it wasn't his fault to be that bad for names. He shrugged and decided to try something simpler:

"Well, Ciabet, then. What about that?" he asked.

Bulbasaur raised his head, and opened his eyes very wide. Out of impulse, Tobias repeated the name. "Ciabet". And Bulbasaur called him back with a "Bulba" in response. The two looked at each other's eyes and smiled faintly. It was decided.

"Well, then, Ciabet, come... we have to go for a Pokédex." said Tobias as he walked to where Dr. Oak was arranging the machines again. Bulbasaur walked by slowly, and hid behind Tobias' legs.

"Professor? Can I have a Pokédex? the other trainer already have those."

Dr. Oak turned back and noticed Bulbasaur hiding by, reading to try and steal the water machine again, but said nothing. "All right, then. Here you have." He handed Tobias a dark-red coloured computer device which opened like a book, revealing a screen and a set of buttons.

"I had almost forgotten to give the Pokédexes to the trainers," explained Dr. Oak, stretching his hand as he saw Bulbasaur trying to slip by, "uh... but here you go... use it well, right?"

"Right. Thanks, Professor." answered Tobias, very happy with his new toy. He looked down to Bulbasaur: "Leave that thing alone, won't you? We have to go." he said, as he walked back to where Travis was standing with the girl. They were talking about parting together, apparently.

"I'd be willing to travel with you." told Travis to the girl, then introduced himself. Tobias waited patiently until Travis turned to him, asking, "What's your plan, man?"

Tobias raised his chin pointing to the door. "That brave girl invited me to her party. I think I'm going with her. She has a Grass starter too, so we'll rock. And besides," he grinned, "nothing beats fighting a mirror when you want to learn your weaknesses. So the next time that jerk with the Cyndaquil comes, we'll be ready."

"Bulba!" nodded Ciabet. It liked the idea of a battle, too.

Tobias leaned his head to the right, inspecting the girl who had been talking with Travis.

"it would be great if you came with us, too... I mean, two Water, two Grass, a Gym-beating pack... but it seems that you've been already 'claimed' by someone else. So," inquired Tobias, stretching his hand, "unless I'm wrong, we can meet one of these days in the battlefield, okay?"

November 12th, 2008, 10:01 PM
Russell studied the map of Kanto carefully in the cool grass for a while. Taking notes and re-checking other notes. Totodile seemed to never run out of energy as it quickly moved like a kid on A.D.D from one form of entertainment to another but never straying too far from his new master. Russell's calculations and preparations were soon interrupted by a shadow being cast over his map. Russell looked up to see the shadow's owner, a trainer from earlier in the lab.

"Hi," the trainer greeted quickly, "I'm Autumn. Look, I'm gonna be straight forward. You and Tobais," she jerked a thumb behind her, assuming the trainer was behind her, "Are the only two fools here I can stand. And I need to travel with someone so..." she paused. "I know you're a research buff, I'm one myself, but I won't interfere or interrupt your work. I won't hold you back or anything. What do you say?" The girl said confidently

Russell sat bewildered for a moment at the girl's boldness and really didn't need a traveling companion to begin with. But at the same time, any comrade in the harsh elements would be welcome. She may even be able to help in his research a bit if she's also into.

"Fair enough. You can travel with me. But don't ever call me a fool again. I'll be going to Mt. Moon to investigate Articuno sightings, after that I can't assure you my company though. We should get moving if we want to make it to Viridian by nightfall though." Russell followed, standing and folding up his map. He slipped it behind him into his bag and looked over to Totodile playing in the bushes across the path.

"Hey, Totodile! We're gonna get goin now." He called to the little blue alligator who instantly halted his playing and waddled happily too its new master who he had clearly taken an early liking too. It leaped into Russell's hands before letting Russell tap the pokeball gently on his back, returning him to his spherical home.

"I guess i'm ready to go whenever you are. Is that guy comin too?"

November 12th, 2008, 10:09 PM
Decisions desicions...Travis had two offers, they could be combined into one group, but it would depend on what one thought of the other.

Travis reflected what Tobais just said about the trainer witht he Cyndiquil. He said they'd be ready. Travis couldn't help but worry and/or feel sorry for the guy. He'd love a chance to just sit down and chat with the man. Sure he'd probably get insulted like none other until the cows came home, or maybe even get in a fist fight, but Travis was used to that. He knew how to handle vocal insults, and may not have been the best fighter, but knew how to defend himself...

"Me? I'm completally cool with whatever. I'm not really into the whole Pokemon Master, thing, but I did come on this journey to make some friends...not many around Pallet anymore... I'll leave this decision up to you and..." he pointed at the female. "Sorry, what did you say your name was?"

November 12th, 2008, 10:10 PM
After a couple seconds of quick thinking -at least that's what Autumn assumed was happening- the young trainer named Russell answered.

"Fair enough. You can travel with me. But don't ever call me a fool again. I'll be going to Mt. Moon to investigate Articuno sightings, after that I can't assure you my company though. We should get moving if we want to make it to Viridian by nightfall though." Russell followed, standing and folding up his map.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you," said Autumn, not sure if the trianer was even listening. "Articuno? Really? Wow." she sighed heavily at the thought, "Sounds exciting." While Russell was gathering his things and his Pokemon, Autumn turned around, "Hey Tobias, you comin'? We're goin' to Viridian City, ya goof!" she smiled and hoped that her new friends would get used to the terms of endearment.

"You ready Chikorita?" she looked down at her ankles where the grass type was still prancing merrily. Chikorita nodded eagerly. "Okay, let's get movin' boys," Autumn grinned, tugged her bag higher over her shoulder, and began walking to Viridian.

She was so beyond excited.

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 13th, 2008, 6:53 AM
K.R. who still failed to see a fight was dissapointed but he knew he had to do something. He still did not mind traveling alone but he did want to have traveling companions. K.R. looked around and finally picked a target. He approached a girl with a Treecko who was apparently talking to two other trainers. K.R. quickly approached her.

"Hi, I'm Keiku Reishu, but you can call me K.R." he said

K.R. didn't usually like small talk so he decided to cut to the chase.

"What's your name and are you traveling with anybody?" he asked

Candy Christina
November 13th, 2008, 4:04 PM
The wind started to blow a bit more as Waverly strolled along the roads of Pallet Town. She didn’t seem to be exactly in her right mind as of now. Her thoughts raced as she wondered about all the sights and sounds of being in an actual Pokemon Contest. She was incredibly anxious to find out about the vast wonders of coordinating and what it’s like to actually compete in something that requires one to be creative but yet still quite quick-witted. The inspired young teenager knew that her Eevee had the ability to bring out its inner beauty and talents through Pokemon Contests. She wanted Eevee and herself to really shine for their debut contest, and knew that they would have to practice relentlessly but not so much as to tucker themselves out.

+ Waverly sighed. +

“Contests will be quite interesting I think…we will come up with a whole bunch of appeals and see which ones we think are the best. Though first of all…I need to know what attacks you actually know, Eevee. Let’s see what you can do.” Waverly perkily said as she turned towards Eevee, who had been walking closely by her feet.

“Eevee! Ee~” Eevee replied in its cute, babyish tone.

“Hmm…let me take out this Pokedex that I got from the professor. Apparently it’s one of the newer versions of the Kanto region’s dex, and is able to scan all sorts of Pokemon as well as check what attacks they know. Let’s see what yours are, Eevee.” She retorted, pointing the Pokedex towards Eevee.

Pokedex Entry

* Eevee ~ The Evolution Pokemon

+ [/URL]Its genetic code is irregular. It may mutate if it is exposed to radiation from [URL="http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Evolutionary_stone"]element stones (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_FireRed_and_LeafGreen_Versions). +


“Hmm…okay there’s that and it says that you seem to know Swift, Wish, and Yawn. Well, there doesn’t seem to be much we can work with for now. Maybe when you gain more experience you’ll have more variety of attacks. We can try now and see what we come up with though. What do you say!?” Waverly cheerfully declared to Eevee.

“Eevee!” Eevee happily responded in agreement.

“Okay, try your Yawn!” She ordered. Waverly hadn’t really studied but she did know how to order commands for Pokemon as she has seen it happen many times on television.

Eevee made somewhat of a running start and then leaped while releasing a few Yawn bubbles into the air. The bubbles slowly floated past the trees, barely missing some of the branches.

“Now, let’s see an awesome Swift attack!” She called out once more.

Eevee then jumped up and proceeded to roll into a fast moving ball while still in the air and shot an enormous amount of bright yellow stars into the sky. The stars punctured the Yawn bubbles and met together in the air, collapsing into beautifully shining fireworks. The sky above the two lit up, leaving Waverly standing there in awe of her young Eevee.

“Wow…that was beautiful Eevee. It was just like a painting I remember seeing back in Celadon City…so wonderful.” She remarked with her mouth still somewhat open from what she had witnessed.

“If we can make stuff like that with only two attacks, imagine what we could do with even more in our arsenal! We also have to find a new Pokemon to come with us as well. I wonder what we’ll find on our way to Cerulean City. I hope it’ll be something that could really help us shine in our first Contest.” Waverly said as she still stood not too far from the laboratory.

“Ee!” Eevee cried with a nod of agreement.

November 13th, 2008, 4:42 PM
As Haley opened her mouth to continue speaking, a boy approached them, and she shut it quickly, she didn't want to be caught with her mouth half open like that, it made her look, well, stupid. She looked expectantly at the boy that had just approached them, obviously he must have had something to say.

"Hi, I'm Keiku Reishu, but you can call me K.R." He said, almost at once, it seemed to Haley. Then before she could reply, he continued.

"What's your name and are you traveling with anybody?"

I guess I'd better stick with answering the questions, Haley thought to herself immediately.

"Hey, I'm Haley Harrigan, its nice to meet you," I think, "and um, no, I'm not traveling with anybody as of now, even though it seems that others are getting into...er, groups for traveling." She said in response to the boy, Keiku's, questions.

Meanwhile, Treeko didn't seem to be paying much attention, as it had picked up a stray stick from the ground and was currently twirling it expertly like a baton, making rather spectacular catches, and at the same time, demonstrating new ways to drop a baton, or rather, a stick, as well.

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 14th, 2008, 7:07 AM
After Haley has she was not traveling with anybody, K.R. knew this wa shis chance.

"Well, if you want, we could travel together...and so can anybody else if they would like to come." he said

K.R. was happy he was making progress. he then saw Haley's Treecko playing with a stick, he then took out the black Pokedex he had gotten from Prof.Oak and flipped it out he then looked at her Treecko and learned that it was a grass type.

November 14th, 2008, 12:31 PM
"Rebellious? I don't think I ever considered myself that before..." Taro responded to Randy's statement. He observed the teen emptying out his backpack. Yes, a very cheery person indeed. "Id like to believe that Im a very likable person." He said in response to Randy's following statement "But everyone elses groups were getting a bit large, and Id rather not travel in a crowd. Two is fine for me."

After he was finished, another girl came up, displaying displeasure with Randy's actions. He told her off as he had the last girl, and Taro stood by, indifferent. He dissaproved of the teens actions, however, because he was riled up, it would not be in his best interest to intervene. Once he was through with the girl, Randy looked over at Taro, and gave him permission to follow him. Taro nodded, giving one last glance back at the girl, checking she was ok, before following, Kiga trotting after him. He absentmindedly thought of traveling with another group, but no, he had already made up his mind. Besides, his new 'friend' might get lonely if he left.

"So..." Taro said after a bit of walking "Where exactly are we headed?"

November 14th, 2008, 12:51 PM
After popping a piece of gum into his mouth, the child opened his mouth to speak again. The good thing was he wasn't as annoying as everyone else and likely thought about he was going to say before blurting some terrible combination of words that somehow made a sentence. Since he was distracted by his gum own amazing gum chewing, Randy barely heard and understood the question. He believed it was something about where he was headed. Randy looked over at the small little boy he was going to call a partner and began to speak.

"First off, we never introduced ourselves. You can and will call me Randy since my birth name doesn't roll off the tongue very well. And he are heading towards Pewter City since I enjoy fighting. The fact that Pokemon battling is legal makes sure I don't get busted for making children cry and run home to mommy." Randy hoped his sick minded thoughts didn't make the small trainer cry in fear and run over to the trainers he had already put off. "Now best case scenario, I can find some strong Pokemon on the way and weak trainers to beat up. This little guy here," Randy boldly stated pointing to Argos who perched himself on his shoulder, "will be a mighty fighter. I can sense it when the those whiny grass trainers were 'confronting' me for my bad behavior. Enough about me, what's your story kid?" Randy asked. In reality, he didn't care that much. He didn't want to sound like a douche in front of the one person who actually bothered talking to him and didn't give him any attitude. For the sake of variety, he hoped it wasn't the same "I wanna be the best trainer in the world" or worse yet "I wanna make my Pokemon all pretty and stuff and win lame contests". Those gimmicks got old ten years ago.

November 14th, 2008, 3:45 PM
As Taro listened to Randy speak about his plans. Indeed, he was a very cheery person. However, it was nice he was getting rid of his aggression through pokemon battling, rather than actually fighting people. It was nice to see that Taro so far had not had any anger pointed twords him. Treat others the way you want to be treated, he guessed.

"My name's Taro." He introduced himself. He was slightly embarrassed that he hadn't done so earlier. "Dad works for the Poke'Gear company, so my family has been dragged all over the place for business stuff. Its nice to be able to travel, but I would kinda like to go to places other then ones that had do do with dads work, ya know?" It was true. Though the family had seen its fair share of the world, it had always been big cities, centers of commerce, not the countryside, or far-off islands, or any other of the like. "I suppose ultimately I would like to establish myself as a cook. I rather like the culinary arts, and I like to believe I can make enjoyable meals. And seeing as Kiga here liked the Poffins I had made for him earlier, I may join in a few pokemon contests. I don't really plan on making it to the grand festival though. Just to score some money."

Venia Silente
November 14th, 2008, 4:49 PM
OOC: sorry for taking too long...


"I'm not really into the whole Pokemon Master thing," said Travis, answering Tobias' question, "but I did come on this journey to make some friends...not many around Pallet anymore... I'll leave this decision up to you and..." he looked back to the girl besides him, "Sorry, what did you say your name was?"

Tobias hissed. With so many trainers around the groups had formed in a qute quirky way, most of the boys and girls still not having introduced themselves. For example, Tobias could not remember what was the name of the Cubone boy, nor whether he had actually said the name at any point. "It's a shame... I think the idea of a Gym-beating pack is actually quite good one.".

A push against his leg indicated Tobias that Ciabet had finished whatever indagations it was doing. Tobias looked down: his Bulbasaur seemed to be ready for the journey, although it was still leering the water-purification machine every once in a while.

"Please, Ciabet, just leave that. We are soon to depart."

"Bulba?" questioned Ciabet, looking in every direction in search of something.

As Travis was still talking to the girl, Ciabet fixated its sight in the main door, as Tobias heard a voice calling him.

"Hey Tobias, you comin'?" -- it was Autumn, ready to go. "We're goin' to Viridian City, ya goof!"

"Goof?" said Tobias to himself, frowning. "Some people are so happy to depart on a journey. I guess I'll have to get used to call her 'chick', or something like that..." As he pondered the colloquial terms of conversation, Tobias noticed Ciabet running towards the door.

"Hey, Ciabet! Wait--!" yelled Tobias, forgetting to recall his Pokémon. "Dam....." He picked his stuff and addressed Travis.

"Look. It was nice to meet you and all that thing, but my companions seem to be very excited with this thing." he explained, hesitantly pointing towards the door. "Anyways... I really think the four of us would do a fearsome pack, so... if we meet again in a city, my offer holds, to teach whoever Gym Leader crosses our path one thing or two. I'll convince the others." With that said, he picked an old picture from his jacket pocket and wrote a number and a name down. He handed the picture to Travis.

"If you get to Vermilion City and have any kind of problems, my uncle Jinan can help you. Just show him the picture."

Tobias picked his bag, took out Ciabet's Poké Ball, and waived his new found friends goodbye: "Again, sorry, but I have to hurry... It's been great to meet you." Then he gave arespectful bow to the girl, with whom he had not time to introduce himself properly, and ran outside of the lab. Ciabet was waiting outside and they chased after the others, Tobias yelling:

"Guys! Autumn! Wait, I'll come with you!"

Candy Christina
November 14th, 2008, 5:56 PM
It was still somewhat broad daylight but Waverly could tell it would only be a couple of hours now before night would creep up, befalling Eevee and herself. She had brought a tent and a sleeping bag as well along with her. It was amazing how much stuff she could fit in somewhat of a small backpack but then again, she also carried a purse with her on her left shoulder. Eevee was still trotting along beside Waverly’s small feet; it was walking almost perfectly in sync with hers. There was something about the two that made them click, albeit not too much at first. Prof. Oak was definitely right about his choice with this spunky little Eevee. It had appeared to have the same ambitions Waverly did which made them a flawless match.

“Well, that was certainly a good work out Eevee. Don’t you think so?” She asked her scrawny Pokemon after a few moments of silence between them as they walked.

“Eevee!” Eevee answered with a slight nod.

Almost on impulse, Waverly came to a sudden stop. Eevee continued to walk until it noticed that its trainer halted a few steps away from where it stood. Waverly had a frustrated yet dazed look on her face like she was staring off into space. Eevee turned facing ahead and noticed another girl with curly, dirty blonde hair. She wore a blue blouse with a blue-jeaned miniskirt. Her feet were covered by black strapped high heels. Around her neck was a pearl white necklace that sparkled in the daylight. Her face showed blue eyes along with a taunting smirk upon her face.

“Haha, so you finally decided to get a Pokemon, eh? Aww… what an adorable little Eevee. I’d hate to see it get inadequate training from a pathetic lame-o like you! Maybe I should say…take it off your hands?! Hm!?” The teenage girl remarked with a distinct northern sounding accent.

+ Oh boy… She thought to herself. +

“Emely, what are you doing in Pallet Town? I thought you were still living in Old Lace Town.” She asked in an annoyed tone. Eevee leaped over to Waverly and hid behind her leg with an irritated look on its face as well.

“I came because my parents heard from your parents that you were going on a journey. I just wanted to see my old buddy go off on her little adventure! That’s all. Oh, and I was just kidding about taking your Eevee home with me. It is a cutie though! Teehee!” Emely squealed in her typical squeaky, henpecking tone.

“Well…thanks I guess. Now go on home, I don’t need you to bother me and tease me or whatever else you came to do. I know you didn’t come to see me get my first Pokemon, you just want to infuriate me like you always used to do when we were younger.” Waverly responded, still sounding semi-sarcastic.

“Oh, heavens no! I’m not going to leave yet. We still haven’t had our battle first!” Emely vocalized with her evil smirk creeping upon her young face once more.

“…Battle? You think I’m going to battle with you? Here? Now?” She questioned with a confused appearance.

“Um… yeah. I hope you haven’t forgotten our deal. Once you got a Pokemon, we were going to battle each other to see who was better! Silly!” Emely replied cheerfully.

“But I’m just star-”

“I DON’T CARE! Delcatty, strut your stuff!” Emely shouted as she threw a shiny Pokeball into the air; it was obvious that she had just shined it.

“Nyaaaa~” Delcatty cried out as it leaped from its Pokeball onto the ground in a graceful pose.

“Iron Tail, sweetheart! Let’s do it, quickly!” Emely ordered as soon as it had appeared.

Delcatty rushed at a very high speed towards Eevee, who was still standing behind Waverly. As soon as it was in reach of Eevee, its tail began to glow and it performed a smooth front flip close to the ground and dropped its approaching tail upon Eevee, though the brown fox quickly dodged it and ran near a group of trees to try and make a getaway. Delcatty immediately followed after it and stopped in right in front of Eevee. Delcatty’s tail started to glow once more and then it executed a nimble sideways spin, smacking Eevee into a tree causing it to faint immediately.

“Nyaaaaa....” Delcatty uttered as it sat on its hind legs once it had finished, proceeding to lick one of its paws.

“Nice job, Delcatty! Let’s go back in your ball now, okay sweetheart?” Emely cheered as she took out a Pokeball and returned Delcatty safely inside.

“Eevee! Are you alright!?” Waverly shouted as she ran over to where Eevee lay, near an oak tree.

“Hahaha…nice battle, Waverly! I really enjoyed it! Mhm!” Emely yelled out to her as she turned and walked towards the road that led to Viridian City.

“That…that…UGH I CAN’T EVEN SAY IT!” Waverly angrily screamed as she held her injured Eevee in her arms.

November 15th, 2008, 11:28 AM
Well, I guess I haven't creeped him out, Haley thought to herself, turning her eyes to Treeko before shrugging her shoulders slightly, but enough to be a noticable shrug.

"Yeah, sure, I guess." She said after a moment, before glancing around at the other people, maybe there would be someone else who could travel with them as well. However, by now, she wasn't sure of anything more she could say.

"So, um, what Pokemon did you chose for your starter?" She asked, in what she hoped was a conversational tone. If she would be traveling with him, then they might as well get to know each other a bit beforehand. And maybe they should find someone else. There had to be someone who hadn't found someone to travel with yet, though, she noticed as she looked around at the scene, many people were already paired up, or had gotten in groups to travel together already, so there really wasn't much chance of that.

"Tree-ko!" Treeko called as it executed a rather stunning catch, before promptly dropping the stick upon catching it. Flicking its tail, it tried again, and succeeded, though nearly tripping itself in the process. Haley could see that Treeko clearly liked to amuse itself with stick-batons, kind of like how she used to keep herself busy when she was younger.

Strangely enough, right? Treeko's personality seemed to match hers as well, it was almost scary how it just happened that way, and now it seemed to enjoy what she liked doing as well. Really weird, but maybe these things just occur.

November 15th, 2008, 1:58 PM
You've got to be kidding me. No seriously you have to. If there is some mighty force in the sky, please tell me you are kidding. This kid wants to be a.....chef. Randy's thoughts were in confusion. Most children want to follow the path sent forth by the legendary masters of battling, much like Randy was about to. The easiest way to fame and the most normal. That or they want to play dress up with their Pokemon. As confused as Randy was, a sense of relief was almost experienced. Taro wasn't going to be real competition and he wasn't a regular toddler. Randy would of likely ditched the kid otherwise, seeing how he would have been more of a problem than anything else. "Alright, Taro. Good to hear you can cook, since I have been eating candy that I stol....bought at supermarkets. Stuff gets old after a while, ya know? Now we are almost at Route 1, I think. I'd like to hit Viridian forest before nightfall, if that's okay."

Randy's word were casual and calm. Nothing out of the ordinary. He seemed to have enjoyed the company of Taro, mostly because Taro didn't express himself as a confident punk who believes he knows all there is to know about life and as a result is the moral authority of the world. The trainers at the lab had that mentality forced into their small minds and but lacked the valuable life experience to use it wisely and make it somewhat effective. Randy had experienced a lot more than most people know. Being forced to fend for yourself since you had no parents to guide you and a neglectful brother who rather smoke up all day instead of work for living teaches you so many life lessons than most people can all dream of. These life lessons have contributed to the development of Randy in numerous ways. However, most people don't bother to delve into the part of Randy's persona and he rarely gives anyone a chance anyway. Instead they see a large brute with no soul which isn't far from Randy's personality at all, removing the stigma of being your cliched bad ass with a sensitive side. No, Randy's life removed that important piece that distinguishes the monsters from the men. He is a monster true and true. The sad part is: he is proud of that fact.

November 16th, 2008, 4:12 PM
"Fine with me." Taro said, nodding to his new traveling companion "Perhaps we should stop by the Mart on our way there? I don't exactly have anything with me to prepare for dinner, and it never hurts to stock up on supplies..."

It was good to see that Taro seemed to be establishing good relations with the brute. Though the other kids had seen him as an inconsiderate jerk, Taro saw him as a possibly key ally. He sure seemed to be able to hold his own, and who knows what types of trouble the aspiring chef would get into upon his journey? Randy seemed to be able to hold his own, and as long as he didn't get on his bad side, he could prove very helpful.

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 17th, 2008, 5:48 AM
"So, um, what Pokemon did you chose for your starter?" asked Haley

"Well, why don't you see for yourself." said K.R. as he press the button on his Pokeball. A red light jetted out and out came Eevee. The Brown and White fox-like Pokemon then looked at Haley.

"Eevee?" it said tilting its head

"Yep, this is who i chose as my starter." said K.R.

K.R. then wondered what the first destination would be, he also wondered if there were anymore potential traveling companions nonetheless, he turned to Haley and said,

"I'm from Celadon Park, it's a suburb in Celadon City, where are you from?"

K.R. was curious where she from and so he figured he should ask. He wondered what she thought of him. He wondered if she thought he looked like a punk, someone who would cause trouble. He knew that somebody with four piercings (two in each ear) and with a dagger tattoo on their arm would look suspicious and wondered if that was why nobody really approached him in the beginning. K.R. didn't know why he secretly wondered what his new traveling companion thought of him, normally in the past he wouldn't have cared, but suddenly he did. K.R then looked at the others, sure he stuck out a bit, but he was glad to be unique. He was also glad to know that he definitely wasn't the only one with different colored streaks in his hair. K.R. continued to let his thoughts race in his mind while he waited for haley's response.

November 17th, 2008, 11:16 AM

“Ahhh!” Keahi sighed as she exited the lab and into the fresh air. She noted that there were not as many people around now, which was fine by her, it meant she could just carry on with the journey. That was soon put aside when a horde of fan’s stumbled her way holding out cards, books and pens. She groaned as the first person approached her and laterally shoved a pen in her face and demanded her to sign her book. Keahi complied, taking the pen and the book in hand. She didn’t need to ask the fan her name as she answered that with a loud “Kairi Adams!”, her eyes arched and a wide smile plastered across her face. Keahi showed her own grin, but it was obviously forced, but that seemed good enough for the fan and she snatched her book back and ran off screaming to her friends who gathered around in a circle and started squealing. ‘Man, that was a little freaky…’
The Psyduck at her side was literally clinging to her leg for dear life in the hopes of not getting trampled by the on coming crowd. Keahi petted Miaku on the head and gave him a reassuring smile, before carrying on with her autographs.

It was a good quarter of an hour before the crowd started to go they’re separate ways and Keahi found herself signing the last of the books and watched as the podgy teen stumbled away with his parents. She almost collapsed then, but noted that the Psyduck would probably get crushed if she did. She instead grabbed a hold of Kai’s shoulder and steadied herself. “You know, after this I might go back to surfing. Less kids…and hassle.”
Kai chucked and patted her shoulder lightly in a friendly gesture. “Doubt Marv would be happy with that. But your well off anyways, so I guess its up to you.”
Keahi perked up then and stared at him with confusion. “If I do go back to surfing, you’ll be right by me as my camera person, right?”
Kai simply shrugged and wiped the lens of his camera. “Dunno, depends how much your payin’” He grinned slyly and gave Keahi a wink.
She returned the grin “Hehehe, I’ll pay ya good, no worries! But anyways, we getting on with this?” She questioned, walking up the path to where the long grass started. “Ack! We ain’t got any Pokeballs! How am I suppose to catch more Pokemon?
“We’ll just get some in the marker in the next town. I doubt its far. You got the map?”
Keahi dug into her pocket and produced a crumpled map, grinning sheepishly at Kai’s disapproving look. “Don’t worry, It’s not that bad.” She stated, opening it up and smoothing it out. She took a quick look at it and pointed up the path. “Apparently its just a straight road from here on out.” She muttered from behind the map.
“Cool, then lets get a move on. The others have pretty much gone and left us behind…well apart from that guy.” He pointed at the blue haired teen with the Cubone. “Buuut I’m not really down with hanging with him…don’t seem very fun.”
Keahi nodded. “Agreed, we’ll carry on alone.”
With that they headed out into the open fields and tall grass, noting a few other trainers near by. Kai turned on the camera and focussed it on Keahi who merely sighed and carried on.


He was aware that he was the last to leave, and didn’t really care, it meant he wouldn’t have to talk to anyone. Of course there was still the camera man and the presenter, but they seemed to be fine on they’re own and to be honest they were a little to chipper to put up with. No he was happy with the Cubone as a partner and didn’t really care for anyone else. Shoving his hands in his pockets he trudged up the path towards the long grass, keeping to the path so that he wouldn’t have any unfortunate encounters with wild Pokemon. He wished to buy Pokeballs in order to capture them before he began to fight them, but there was nothing saying that they wouldn’t stray onto the path and encounter him there.

The Cubone followed suit, a rather depressed look in his eyes. Keoni noted this and ran his fingers along the skull in reassurance. “We’ve got each other now, no need to be looking so down.” He mumbled, knowing that he was a fine one to talk. But the words seemed to cheer the lonely pokemon up as his eyes arched in what seemed to be a smile behind the skull mask. “Cubone…”
Keoni nodded before turning his attention back to the road. He noted a few trainers from the lab up ahead and inwardly hoped that none of them would approach him in order to strike up a conversation or even worse…a partnership. He made doubly sure to go around the trainers hidden in the tall grass.

November 17th, 2008, 11:32 AM
OOC: Because of absence SirAaron 1017, I'm gonna move my character on in the story. I'm not trying to ignore your character, or abandon it, it's just everyone is pretty much moving. I don't know if ur still on the road or not, but yeah. Sorry if I'm being a bit mean or impatient.


Tobias had just left with another group. Travis held his picture. He put it in his pocket, laughing to himself, "Don't think I'll need to call yet..."

"Listen," Travis said to the female next to him. "I don't know what your plan is, but I'm gonna head out of here. I'm not trying to get away from you or anything, but there's a few things I gotta look into. Here's my number. Give me a shout if you need help for anything. I'll try and get your way. Sorry if I'm leaving too fast."

With that, he left the lab with GIll following close behind.

Travis inhaled. The air was sweet. He stood alone in the street with Gill.

"Today, Gill, we begin our journey. We don't know what fate has in store for us, but we decide fate. You ready?"
Gill looked at Travis with a look that said "What?" and "Weird..."
Travis laughed and knelt down. "Let's just say I suck at motivational speeches. But I can see into you. I know that you're still unsure of me, on if I can be trusted or not, if I am a good person or not. Well, I can't force an answer to you on that, or I will never gain trust. But I can tell you that you are ready for this journey, and I do hope that you will learn to trust me more and more, bud." Travis said, putting a hand on Gill's shoulders.
Gill looked at Travis with amazement. Travis knew why. He didn't know exactly why, but he had a gift for detecting the emotions of those around him. Sometimes these emotions were good, but as Travis experienced about 15 minutes earlier, some emotions could trigger the dark moods within.
Gill looked at Travis, then nodded and switched his look to determination.

"Cool. I knew you would agree. As you already know, I am Travis Mura, your companion, and soon friend hopefully. I'll show you where to go in power and defense. I'll do my best for you, as I know you'll do for me. Ready, bud?"
"Squirtle!" Gill nodded.

"Then let's head out man."

Then they left the lab, exited Pallet, and started for Viridian City...

November 17th, 2008, 3:51 PM
OOC: Kansas gave me permission to bunny his character

"Guys! Autumn! Wait, I'll come with you!" Tobias yelled from behind. Autumn smirked knowingly. Of course he was coming with her, why wouldn't he? Maybe making friends isn't as hard as it looks. She ran a thin fingered hand through her multi-colored hair.

Route one was lush and green, Pidgeys flying through the air, just barely missing their heads sometimes. Chikorita shrieked in delight at the Pokemon; she was as excited as her trainer at the possibilities. "This is going to be so much fun," Autumn's voice was lost in the music of nature. On her way here she had been so focused on the destination that she neglected to take in all the beauty of Kanto.

Russell was mumbling beside her, still eyeing his map and ignoring the scenery. He was going on about things like "time management" and "recent sightings" quietly, circling areas on the map that seemed significant.
"Uh, what are you doing?" Autumn asked slowly, not wanting to knock him out of his zone.
"Organizing," was all Russell said before he went back to mumbling to himself. This should be fun, Autumn thought.
Instead she turned to Tobias, who seemed more excited than focused, "So what are you looking forward to most?"

Venia Silente
November 18th, 2008, 11:39 AM

It didn't take much for Tobias to reach Autumn and Rusell on their way. Tobias kept a couple of steps behind them, watching Ciabet carefully. The Pokémon was havin a good time walking the road and inspecting some trees and patches of grass, from which fortunately no wild Pokémon came out to try and attack them. Chikorita was having some fun too, a couple of steps in front of them.

For Tobias, the best part was walking. As he did, his hands behind his head, he watched as some Pidgeys flew by, very low and almost crashing straight into the others' heads. "Well, it would pretty much ruin the fun if I take out a Poké Ball and start hunting for a Pidgey now..." thought Tobias, as he heard Rusell mumble something about time management. One of the Pidgeys passed right over him and dived close to the road. As Ciabet started running towards the patch of grass where the Pidgey had lay hidden, Tobias caled him back. The mood was just too good to ruining it by hunting wild Pidgeys.

"I promise," explained Tobias to his Pokémon, "that once we get to the city, we'll find some Pokémon to fight against. Right?"

Bulbasaur nodded and turned to follow his trainer again, and Tobias veily smiled: he wanted to go for a Pokémon too, but he knew he could find better specimens once the group headed to the Viridian Forest.

Suddenly, Autumn called back to Tobias: "So what are you looking forward to most?"

"Look for?" Tobias held his chin while thinking about an appropiate answer. He had already made up his goals for this journey, but they would take time. He decided to settle for something simpler and more enjoyable for the moment.

"Well... I've never been into Viridian Forest." he said, his sight wandering in the sky. "They say it is a wonderful nature maze where one can find all kinds of Pokémon. I'd really like to visit that place." After that he lowered his head and grinned, adding: "And, after that, find the closest Gym and teach the leader where in the map is my town."

As he said that, he approached the other trainers and lined up with them, to Rusell's left, noticing how he was checking a map and marking specific spots. "And you?" asked Tobias, slightly leaning forwards to better see the map. "What do you have that map for?"

November 18th, 2008, 3:04 PM
The trail was quiet and peaceful as the trio walked through the fields of Route 1. Pidgeys were swooping left and right and various other wild pokemon ran around in the tall grass off the side of the road.

"Hmpf... a flying type would be good to have for traveling purposes... But i'll need something better than a Pidgey." Russell thought to himself, noting the fact in his mind as he inspected the small brown birds flying around happily. Russell's two companions, although scarcely what Russell would call welcomed set backs so far, were enjoying the scenery. The two of them conversed as Russell walked silently as he rechecked his notes over and over, marking more places on the map for food and rest and sightings. After being consumed in his work for a few minutes, a voice of acknowledgment cut his attention.

"And you?" asked Tobias from Russell's side, leaning over him a bit to peak at his work "What do you have that map for?"

Russell finally broke attention from his map, looking to the boy with a raised eyebrow then back to his map.

"Since no one else seems to have any idea what they're doing when traveling, I suppose I can explain. I've marked various rest spots and notable places to stop at for my research on route to Mt. Moon where there appear to have been multiple accounts of Articuno sightings in the early morning near the peak of the mountain. I plan to stop in Pewter momentarily at the museum. The Kanto Researcher's Institute asked me to take care of a pokemon they recently revived from a fossil. Without anymore set backs, I should be able to make it to Mt. Moon within the week with more than enough supplies. You were fortunate to have followed me like a lost puppy." Russell finished, informing the boy with a patronizing tone. "Who are you, anyway?"

Russell wasn't a mean kid, he just lacked a certain subtelty and restraint when he spoke. He was always straight to the point and didn't like to cut corners. Finishing his marks and satisfied with his schedule, he gave the map one more look over, placing a question mark on the east part of the map in the ocean.

"Not enough information to base a search off of... but some sightings of Kyogre in the deeper seas between Kanto and Hoenn. I'll need to gather more details while traveling towards Mt. Moon." Russell planned quietly in his thoughts, always planning something and never liking to not know the next step in a process. He hesitated at the marking for a moment before shrugging and folding the map back up, returning it to his bag.

"Viridian will be just over this hill. I'll be here for one hour. If you wish to travel me more, I will be leaving at that point on the dot so that I can make it to Pewter before nightfall." Russell said to the two as they came up over a large hill to see Viridian, the closest town to Pallet, below them and bustling with people.

November 18th, 2008, 8:53 PM
Travis, travelling alone, was quite agile and quick. He was within minutes, far outside of Pallet Town. Yeah, Pallet Town wass still in sight, but it was far away. Travis looked back, inaled, and exhaled.

The air was sweet. The air of the wild was breath taking, and Travis thought the very sweetness it gave would make him pass out.

They had just reached the top of a hill, some trees providing some shade when Travis looked behind. Gill was starting to trail behind.

"Gill you okay?" Travis asked waling over. Gill was sweating.

"You need a break don't you?"
"Squirtle..." Gill nodded.
"Well, don't worry. I am not the guy whose gonna keep you on your feet all day. Not until we both get stronger at least. Don't you worry. Jut a few feet ahead is a nice little area we can sit for a while, have some lunch, and get rested up before heading off again. How's that sound?"
Gill's spirit lifted, and Gill smiled and nodded. "Squirtle!"
"It's just up ahead, let's go." Travis didn't pick Gill up as, he didn't know if he'd yet earned that trust yet. Gill however had the strength to move up to the area Travis had just described, he found a comfortable place and collapsed. Travis also sat down. He removed his backpack, and took out some random food items. It was too hot to cook something, so he'd just do something simple.

"Gill, want some apples? They're from the backyard of my grandparents house. They're unlike any apples I've ever had. They're...I don't know how to describe them they're so good. Here, catch."
Travis tossed an apple at Gill. Gill caught it, sniffed it, then bit into it. Travis saw Gill's eyes widen in awe as he tasted the apple. The apple had soothed Gill's inner soul in a way. Travis' granparents had an apple tree in their back, and the apples that came off were very soothing to the soul. Travis didn't know why or care why. They were good.
Travis began eating one of his own, when he thought he heard a sound come from a nearby bush. He stopped eating, as did Gill. "Gill you hear something?"

Gill had just finished his apple, and stood up, as he had heard something. "Be ready for anything Gill. This could be our first battle..."

As if on cue, a Ratatta jumped from the bushes. Fangs were bared and headed for Gill's arm. "Gill, watch out!"

Gill dove out of the way. Ratatta hit thin air, landed and spun back to face Gill. "Gill, I don't know all you can do, but start out with a tackle attack."
Gill listened! That was good, thought Travis, but he still was unsure with all the moves Gill knew. was Gill trained well enough to know water gun? Only one way to find out.

As Gill impacted with Ratatta
Ratatta bit Gill's arm, cutting a small but rather deep gash in Gill's right arm. Gill cried out in pain. "Gill, hold on. Do you know how to do water gun?"

Gill unleashed a small torrent of water at the Ratatta. It's wasn't very strong at all, but it was an attack. Ratatta, who looked dazed from the tackle a ew minutes ago, got wet, and was ushed into a rock. Then it ran off, having enough.

"Wow. Gill, you won a little battle. Good job bud."
"That Ratatta got you didn't it? Let me see..."

Travis knelt down.

"Oh wow." Travis said examining Gill's right arm. The cut was rather deep, but not too bad. "Gill, you'll be fine. But we can't let that go unclean or unbandaged. Here." Travis got his back pack, got out a first aid kit. "I don't have any potion, but this will work. I read about it. But it may sting a little, I must ask you not to freak out. Okay?"

Gill looked unsure, but nodded.

"Just close your eyes, and don't look at it. Here, squeeze this rock if you gotta." Travis said, giving him a small rock about the size of his cell phone. He soaked a cotton ball with some alcohol, and put it on Gill's wound. Gill winced. Travis shushed him and said, "It's fine...the stinging will stop momentarily."

Gill exhaled. Travis took off the cotton ball and ripped off some cloth from a shirt he didn't care for at all. He soaked it in water, and wrapped it around Gill's wound. "That'll help a bit. At least until we can get you to a pokemon center. There' s one in Viridian, which is where we're heading right now."

Travis finished dressing the wound. "But we won't head out. I can see you're still a bit tired. You want in your pokeball?"

Gill looked at the pokeball in his hand, then shook his head. "Don't like it huh? That's cool. I enjoy company. We'll start off when you're ready. That sound cool?"

"Squirtle. Gill nodded.

Candy Christina
November 22nd, 2008, 9:05 AM
Waverly walked towards the outskirts of Pallet Town with her harmed Eevee still in her small arms. Eevee seemed to have been doing a bit better despite getting handled quickly by Emely’s Delcatty. Emely and Waverly’s rivalry was rather unusual but not unheard of. Emely talked to Waverly like they were best friends although it was obvious that they had a clear dislike for each other. It irritated her how difficult it was to figure Emely out. She had some kind of trait about her that practically made you want to like her but her actual personality is masked by her two-faced cheery-self. It wasn’t the time to think about this now though. She looked back and could see Pallet Town disappearing further and further into the distance. Luckily, Viridian City wasn’t far at all. She would be able to get Eevee some help from the nurse at the Pokemon Center soon enough.

“Don’t worry Eevee…everything will be fine. Just hang in there.” Waverly assured the young fox.

“Ee…” Eevee weakly muttered. It was barely able to open its beady eyes.

She looked and saw a sign that read, “Route 1.” She breathed a sigh of relief as it seemed to her that she had been strolling for quite a while. Night would soon be falling upon Eevee and her in a couple of hours, so she figured she should try to walk a bit more quickly as she didn’t feel quite up to sleeping in the wilderness by herself just yet. As she continued her footsteps, she looked over and could see someone looking in the bushes frantically. Waverly displayed a look of confusion on her face and decided to wander over and see if she could be of help.

“Uh… hello? Do you need some help, ma’am?” Waverly politely asked with her confused expression still on her face.

“AH! O-oh…sorry. You startled me.” The woman replied with a shaky tone of voice.

“I tend to do that a lot…” Waverly remarked as she recalled the incident when she unintentionally frightened Prof. Oak back at the lab. “I was just wondering if you needed any help. You look a bit anxious about something. Is everything okay?”

“Well…yes…er…maybe…uh…no, exactly. I came out here to walk the sickly Swinub that Nurse Joy is trying to take care of for her…again, but I seemed to have…. “misplaced” it. I can’t find it anywhere. Oh, what am I going to do…” She vocalized worriedly.

“Swinub?” Waverly asked as she proceeded to consult her newly acquired Pokedex.

Pokedex Entry

* Swinub ~ The Pig Pokemon

+ It rubs its snout on the ground to find and dig up food. It sometimes discovers hot springs. +

“Aw…it looks cute. Where did you last see it, miss?” Waverly questioned, putting her Pokedex back into her backpack.

“Well…I don’t rightly remember…I believe it was…er…no…that was when I saw the unusually fat Rattata…or maybe it was…no, that wasn’t it either…” She cluelessly responded.

Waverly looked away from the woman out of frustration and almost coincidentally noticed a Swinub digging out from underground. As it emerged, it began to sweat profusely and looked rather tired after digging through the earth. Eevee, who was still somewhat hurt, jumped down from Waverly’s arms and limped towards the Swinub. Eevee put its paw on Swinub and rubbed its back to let it know that it sympathized with its pain.

“Or maybe it was… no.. that was when I was being chased by an angry Rhyhorn…oh! Swinub! You’re back!” The woman happily exclaimed and then noticed Eevee attempting to aid Swinub. “Hm…young lady. I think I have an idea. I could let you have this here Swinub as your Eevee seems to want to help it out too… and you have to promise Nurse Joy and I that you will nurse it back to health. It might be just what this little guy needs. Some fresh air and adventure! Wouldn’t you think so?” The lady confided in Waverly.

“Well…I guess so. Do you think Nurse Joy would be okay with it?” Waverly enquired as she looked at the Swinub, who was still acting as if it was having some sort of Pokemon version of an asthma attack.

“I could escort you to the Pokemon Center and we could ask. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind though. Oh, and by the way, my name is Sheila. I work at the Poke Mart in Viridian City.” Sheila disclosed to her.

“I’m Waverly. I’m just starting out as a trainer. I’m thinking of doing Pokemon Contests. I’m planning on entering the Cerulean City Pokemon Contest soon!” Waverly reported cheerfully.

Sheila nodded with a smile.

“I remember starting out with my first Pokemon many years ago. I was born in the Johto region, so I started out with a Chikorita. I believe they are allowing all sorts of starters in the different regions nowadays though. Oh, how I wish to be young again…” Sheila said with a distant look on her face.

Waverly chuckled a bit at how the middle-aged woman’s face looked and picked Swinub up while Eevee jumped on her shoulders as she crouched down. Sheila lead her towards Viridian City, which was almost in the distance now.

Venia Silente
November 23rd, 2008, 10:38 AM
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Tobias had leaned forward to inspect Russell's map, inocently asking what was the map for.

Russell showed the various spots marked in his map, explaining: "I've marked various rest spots and notable places to stop at for my research on route to Mt. Moon where there appear to have been multiple accounts of Articuno sightings in the early morning near the peak of the mountain."

Tobias immediately raised an eyebrow and resumed his previous position, now hearing with more attention than curiosity. "Articuno?" he mumbled.

"Without anymore set backs, I should be able to make it to Mt. Moon within the week with more than enough supplies," stated Russell, in a somewhat challenging tone, and then added: "You were fortunate to have followed me like a lost puppy. Who are you, anyway?"

Tobias had his eyes widely opened a this point. If there was a patronizing or judging tone in Russell's speech, he was not aware of it. He was only focused in the one name Russell had mentioned.

"I'm Tobias. From Lavender Town," Tobias explained, as he saw Russell give a more final look to the map and mark a somewhat hige question mark on the part that showed the eastern ocean. "I'm glad to meet you. Say..." he continued, hesitating a little. He had heard about the mirage birds, like every child in his class had, but he had believed them to be just that, mirages. But before he could continue, Russell raised his sight and both Tobias and Autumn followed, Viridian City appearing before them.

"Viridian will be just over this hill. I'll be here for one hour," stated Russell to the two, preparing to tak the hill down to Viridian. "If you wish to travel me more, I will be leaving at that point on the dot so that I can make it to Pewter before nightfall."

Tobias stopped on his tracks for a while, watching Russell marching downhill. "Is he kidding me or what? Can he really track a Legendary Bird?" Then he looked down at Ciabet, who seemed abit tired after the walk. Smiling to it, he recalled the tired Pokémon to its Poké Ball, and pondered the situation carefully.

"I guess he is taling serious. I better find out. Maybe I can guide Autumn and him across Viridian Forest in a breeze, and then we'll have a lot of time to inspect the mountains, catch Pokémon, and fight passing trainers. Besides," he thought, smiling to himself on the idea, "if this turns out great, I can already see the next cover of the Pokémon Times magazine: «Close pictures of Articuno! Experienced researcher tracks the Legendary Pokémon aided by two trainers from Lavender Town.»" The words "from Lavender Town" resonating in his head.

He quickly resumed his step downhill, and approached Autumn:

"Hey, uh... with Articuno, does he mean, well, THE Articuno? The real thing? What do you think about this?"

November 23rd, 2008, 4:44 PM
((Plan-B gave me permission to bunny his character till he found time to post))

The rest of Taro and Randy's trip to Varidian had been fairly uneventful. Randy had partaken in a few battles with wild pokemon, while Taro had stuck to observing the sites he had missed in his run down to Pallet. They didn't talk all too much, and before they knew it, they were in Varidian City.

Taro had a slight agenda to take care of in the city. Stopping off at his own house, he said a few more farewells to his parents, and picked up some spending money to start him off. Afterwards, he had headed over to the town Mart, and picked up some ingredients for hamburgers, some spices, and condiments, the first thing for dinner that he could get off the top of his head. Following that, he got some gram crackers, chocolate, and marshmellows. You just can't go wrong with having smores when your camping, after all. Last, he bought ten poke'balls for use on the road, with the cashier giving him a complimentary white 'premier' ball with his purchase. It was totally white, unlike the standard pokeballs.

With that, Taro and Randy found themselves heading twords the exit of the city. The sun was starting to set, so it looked like they would make it to the forest before nightfall after all. Everything seemed to be going according to plan.

November 27th, 2008, 12:56 PM
Autumn had been taking in the scenery, deciding to leave Russell to his own thoughts, when Tobias asked her a question.

"Hey, uh... with Articuno, does he mean, well, THE Articuno? The real thing? What do you think about this?" he asked.

Autumn mouth twisted thoughtfully, "Seems sketchy to me, I mean, Articuno! What a find! But, this guy seems pretty serious," she turned to look at him meaningfully, "I don't think he's one to mess around."

"Chika!" Chikorita screeched. A wild Pidgey had jumped out of the brush was was harassing her.
"Ah crap," said Autumn. She didn't want to slow Russell down anymore than they had. "Chikorita, Tackle!!"

The grass type took a running start and tackled the wild bird pokemon, who seemed surprised by the assault. "Tobias, you wanna help me out? It would be easier if both of us did this together," she smiled.

November 27th, 2008, 2:30 PM
OOC: Sorry if any rules were broken. However, this point did break me out of my lack of role-playing groove.

"Taro, shut up for second!" Randy ordered. Of course, Taro wasn't even talking but one could assume Randy had a rush of superiority go through him when he uttered the statement with such force and power that a child would likely cry upon the words flying through their ears. Randy looked back at Taro and saw a somewhat confused look upon the boy's face. The dynamic duo had perched themselves only a few yards outside the dark forest that the bugs of Kanto called their sweet home and it happened to be their checkpoint for the day yet the man who demanded they reach this location had paused and began crouching and hiding in the tall grass. Taro followed Randy despite his confusion and probable desire for an explanation. "Hand me a Pokeball. Quickly." Randy whispered. Taro seemed to refuse and instead of handing him one, he simply looked back at Randy. "Fine. I'll use the one I stole from the store instead." Out of his pocket appeared one of those pure white Pokeballs, which apparently belonged to the store moments ago.

Out of the bushes appeared a single Pokemon which bore a resemblance to a monkey of sorts. It displayed a pig like face that screamed trouble to Randy. "That Pokemon stole my hat on the way here. Little piece of crap." Randy pointed to the hat, that the Pokemon hid in the bush some distance away. "Okay. Argos. Spit some fire his way. Scare him so he is in the middle of the field." Argos nodded and leaped forward, spread an ember of flames that forced the monkey to flee towards the middle of the field. Argos pursued the Pokemon, burning his body in various places with accurate flame launching. Clearly the fire Pokemon had much experience during the battles on the way to the forest as indicating but the brutal assault. The monkey was perfectly place in the field with injuries and fatigue being its primary expressions. "Surround it with another ember!" Argos created a flaming circle similar to the ones in evil ancient rituals. Unable to escape, the troublesome pokemon was exposed and vulnerable. Argos charged forward and struck the opponent head on with a vicious tackle. As the monkey tumbled to the ground, Randy chucked a Pokeball at him striking him in the face with the catching device. A light flashed and enveloped the Pokemon, sending him inside the ball. After several violent shakes, the ball froze and remained silent and still. Randy retrieved his hat from the bushes and returned Argos to his shoulder before walking over to the site of the capture.

Randy looked over towards Taro. "Do you know what happens now? I never did this Pokemon stuff before so I have no idea what to do." Randy released a light chuckle and stared at the boy hoping to the Powers that be, he knew what to do.

Candy Christina
November 27th, 2008, 6:27 PM
Viridian City was just as vibrant and bright as she had imagined it would be. Waverly had never exactly been to the city before, but her parents have. They had said the city was fairly upbeat yet there have been instances of riots happening here, although not many have started recently. When they had finally arrived in the city, Sheila seemed to have a bit of trouble finding her way around for some reason. Eevee was now returned to its Pokeball, and Swinub still cuddled tightly into Waverly’s warm arms. It already appeared to take somewhat of a liking to her, although it could just be tired and would be willing to rest in anyone’s arms right about now.

“Where’s the Pokemon Center? It should be around here somewhere right?” Waverly asked Sheila as she scoped the landscape in front of them.

“Erm…maybe it’s…no…that’s the city prison…or maybe it…no it’s not there either. Oh, never mind! There it is, right in front of us. Heheh…” Sheila embarrassingly responded as she practically leaped over to the building, not showing her blushing red face to Waverly.

The Viridian City Pokemon Center was a rather large building with many young and some old trainers filled up inside it. There were plenty of Pokemon that Waverly herself had never seen, but knew that she couldn’t scan them all with her Pokedex since there was quite a big amount of them. Sheila walked further inside towards the counter where a nurse stood; apparently called Nurse Joy. She spoke a bit to Nurse Joy and then motioned for Waverly to follow a few moments later.

“Hello! I understand that your name is Wendy?” Nurse Joy remarked with a cheerful smile spread upon her face.

“Hi! It’s Waverly, not Wendy.” She responded with a sweatdrop.

“Oops…m-my mistake…heh.” Sheila interrupted in her typical clueless tone while Nurse Joy let out a slight giggle.

Swinub started to awaken once more and smiled as it noticed Nurse Joy, who had been taking care of it for a while. Nurse Joy looked down and walked out from behind the counter to take a good look at Swinub.

“Hm…Swinub seems fine. Its condition is definitely getting better…Chansey, where is Swinub’s inhaler?” Nurse Joy called, looking around for the overly happy pink Pokemon.

“Chansey!” Chansey immediately ran over with the inhaler in its hand.

“Swinub needs an inhaler?” Waverly asked confusedly.

“Yeah, it has breathing problems. It is still like all normal Swinub though, just a bit unique, I guess you could say. Isn’t that right Swinub?” Nurse Joy happily retorted as she inserted the inhaler into Swinub’s mouth.

“Swi, Swinub!” Swinub cried out cheerfully.

After it had finished getting the air, Nurse Joy walked towards a room in the back hall with Chansey following quickly behind. Waverly looked down at the Swinub, who was still perched in her grasp. Swinub seemed to be breathing a bit easier now, and was definitely happier than it was earlier. She had grown to like the Pokemon despite their short time together and hoped that there was some possibly that she could take it along with her. She wasn’t sure how Nurse Joy would take it though, wondering if she would even be allowed to have it while it was in this condition. Sheila had said that if she promised to take good care of it, she would most likely get Nurse Joy’s approval. Waverly was staring off into space when Nurse Joy returned with a small bag with the inhaler inside.

“Here, you’ll need this. Swinub needs to take this at least once a day, but give it to it whenever it seems to be breathing irregularly. I trust you will take very good care of it, Waverly!” Nurse Joy affirmed with the same somewhat creepy smile.

“Oh, wow…thanks! Of course, I’ll do my best.” Waverly responded as she proceeded to take out a Pokeball.

“Swi!” Swinub uttered as it jumped out of Waverly’s arms and outside of the Pokemon Center.

“Wait! Swinub!” She called out after it.

Waverly and Nurse Joy ran out of the Pokemon Center with Swinub standing a few feet away from them with a competitive look on its face.

“Oh, so it’s a battle you want!? Well of course, I guess I should earn you fair and square. Alright, Eevee, go!” Waverly cried as Eevee burst out of the Pokeball. It seemed to have recovered a little bit now yet still appeared to be a bit injured.

“Ready now, Eevee, Swift!” She ordered the fox Pokemon.

Eevee jumped high into the air and curled into a ball. It began to roll in mid-air, while releasing tons of bright yellow stars towards Swinub. Swinub opened its mouth and a somewhat large icy spear formed in front of it. The Pig Pokemon lunged backwards a bit and then proceeded to throw the spear towards the stars, crushing all of them while it raced quickly to Eevee. Eevee barely dodged the spear with a graceful front flip.

“Good job Eevee! Let’s use Yawn!” Waverly cried out.

Eevee’s mouth gaped open and a large yawn bubble crept out and floated quickly towards Swinub. Swinub attempted to use Dig to escape the bubble but started to run out of breath and laid there on the ground panting. The yawn bubble popped in Swinub’s face causing it to fall asleep instantly. Waverly quickly took out one of her Pokeballs and threw it at Swinub; it disappeared into the ball as the red light overtook it. The Pokeball wobbled, to and fro, side to side, for what seemed like over two minutes. The ball finally proceeded to a stop, with Swinub successfully captured. Waverly walked over and picked the ball up with a wide grin.

“Yay! This Swinub’s mine!” She cheered as Eevee then fell over in a tired heap.

November 27th, 2008, 6:49 PM
"Well, why don't you see for yourself?" The boy asked, in response to Haley's question. He exteneded a hand forward with a Pokeball in it, pressing a button, causing the capsule to open on something likely similar to hinges.

A glow of red filled Haley's eyes, and she looked away momentarily, still unused to the sight. As the glow subsided, she could see a brown and white fox-like Pokemon, which blinked up at her with large, chocolate colored eyes.

"Eevee?" It asked, the picture of cuteness and curiosity, in Haley's mind. She had never been one for cute Pokemon, but even so, Eevee's were, without doubt, angelic and just way too awesome.

"Yep, this is who I chose as my starter." K.R. said, and Haley's gaze one again reverted to him, as she opened her mouth to speak.

"An Eevee! That's just way too cool!" She exclaimed, sounding a little more excited than she would have in any other situation. At that moment, however, she caught sight of Treeko out of the corner of her eye, looking a more than a little jealous, and making no effort to hide the look it wore on its face. Thankfully, she didn't think the Eevee noticed, but she couldn't be sure.

"This is Treeko, he's my starter. To be honest, I've never seen a lizard like Pokemon, but he's pretty cool. Your Eevee's awesome too, by the way." The boy had begun to look slightly wondering, his eyes becoming rather distant until they seemed to snap back to the present again.

"I'm from Celedon Park, its a suburb in Celadon City, where are you from?" He asked her, changing the subject, though there was not much more to talk about from the previous topic.

"Just outside Pallet Town." Haley replied, her voice once again light, and completely devoid of any emotion, like it so often was. At that moment, a bright beam of sunlight shone into her eyes, and she lifted up her arm to shield it. Treeko, however, simply moved into the shade, a shadow falling across its face. "Well, I suppose we'd better get started then?" She suggested, rather hesitantly.

Venia Silente
November 27th, 2008, 8:28 PM

"Seems sketchy to me, I mean, Articuno!" answered Autumn to the question Tobias had raised. She continued, apparently giving he notion of the Legendary Bird some thought. "What a find! But, this guy seems pretty serious, I don't think he's the one to mess around."

Tobias had some issues, too. He thought about what would happen if they were to be face to face with a Legendary Pokémon. The idea was interesting per se, but there was too much of a gap in possibility between being in the cover of the Pokémon Times and being encased in a huge block of ice... in both cases for the posterity, maybe.

"Ice coffins my socks," he chastised himself, in a low voice. "The sole idea of tracing an Articuno is wat better than a five-years free pass to the Safari Zone, anyways..."

Tobias was still berating himself for doubting on this chance for an adventure, when a shadow flew by his head and down to the right, circling Autumn. Tobias looked up to distinguish a Pidgey, who had jumped out of nowhere and for some reason was stalking Autumn. As the girl tried to fend off the bird, Tobias halted a couple of steps forward, and noticed by the lid of his eye that Russell was still walking, a couple steps ahead of them.

"Chika!" was yelling Chikorita, helping her Trainer to fight the bird Pokémon.

"Curses..." thought Tobias to himself. "Of all times, now a wild Pokémon?"

In the meantime, Chikorita managed to tackle the Pidgey away, and Autumn took the chance to call for Tobias: "Tobias, you wanna help me out?" she said, smiling, "It would be easier if both of us did this together."

Tobias did not hesitate for a moment. "Look, Ciabet," he stated calmly, lowering his sight to meet his Bulbasaur, "the fight I promised you? Now we have it, how's that?"

Ciabet seemed to understand and smiled, answering with a simple "Bulba".

"Well then, let's see what you can do. Pursuit that Pidgey!" ordered Tobias, pointing at the wild Pokémon, "and keep some distance with Chikorita so we can have plenty of room to attack!"

Ciabet jumped forwards and ran towards the greenery, but the Pidgey had already recovered from Chikorita's hit and managed to spread its wing enough to give itself a lift. Cibet only barely missed the hit, and stopped a couple of meters away.

By that time, Tobias had approached Ciabet's previous position and watched the scene. He was surprised to see that the Pidgey, instead of fleeing from two opponents, seemed to focus on Autumn again, as it leered at her and spread its wings, ready to attack and peck her again.

"No you won't!" yelled Tobias. "Ciabet, stay behind him, but don't attack!" he ordered, knowing full that the Pidgey still had to go over Chikorita to reach Autumn. Ciabet obeyed, and started running behind the furious Pidgey.

Master Trainer Empoleon
November 29th, 2008, 9:22 PM
"Well, the first stop is Viridian City." said K.R.

K.R. hoped Haley didn't notice him thinking a little too much. He began to get a ticklish feeling in his stomach as they began to walk. He still wasn't aware why he was feeling strange around te girl. He couldn't look at her too much without feeling himself blush. He didn't know what else to say. He wouldn't why he was developing a crush on her. K.R. noticed that she seem to be impressed by his Eevee. K.R. called back his Eevee to his Pokeball as he continued walking.

"Well...do you plan on being a trainer or coordinator?" said K.R. trying to start a conversation and wanted to know more about Haley

K.R. knew it was kind of a lame way to start a conversation but he couldn't really think of anything else that wouldn't sound too awkward. K.R. then waited for Haley's response as he began thinking some more.

November 30th, 2008, 6:49 AM
"Well, the first stop is Viridian City." said K.R., and with that, he began walking, Haley turned and held out her Pokeball.

"Time to return to the pokeball, Treeko." Haley told it, opening the capsule, which emitted a smoldering red glow which encased the Pokemon, turning it a shade of red as it quickly seemed to fade away. With that, the red beam of light withdrew back into the Pokeball.

Having done that, Haley ran to catch up with K.R. before falling into her normal walking pace, treading lightly on the ground, which was still moist with the morning dew.

"Well...do you plan on being a trainer or coordinator?" said K.R., his tone light and conversational, breaking the silence that had fallen between them. Haley stared forward thoughtfully for a moment before replying.

"I've always contemplated being a trainer, though that really depends as of now, since I don't really know my Pokemon that well. What about you?" She added, a slight touch of curiosity now penetrating her previously emotionless tone of voice.

Her thought returned to her Pokemon, as she waited for K.R.'s reply, she hardly knew Treeko, having only had her Pokemon for...she didn't know, though it was probably somewhere around an hour to an hour and a half. To her, it seemed like the type that would enjoy battling, but she couldn't be sure until she got to know her Pokemon and its strengths. And why was she thinking like this anyway? She was just an inexperianced new Pokemon Trainer.

November 30th, 2008, 6:44 PM
Taro blinked as Randy got very worked up over the pokemon he had now targeted. If he hadn't been so hasty, Taro would have let him use one of his pokeballs, but no matter. After all, Randy could get as many as he wanted, what with that five-finger discount of his.

As Randy fought the Mankey, Taro and Kiga were busy building a fire to cook dinner over. Kiga had successfully gathered quite a bit of fire wood, and Taro was busy seasoning the burgers to be cooked. He doubted there would be much trouble starting the fire, watching Argos work.

Randy looked over towards Taro. "Do you know what happens now? I never did this Pokemon stuff before so I have no idea what to do."

"Um..." Taro said, looking back at his traveling partner "I believe that hes yours now... or is it a she? Oh, nevermind. Your Poke'dex should have some more comprehensive information on that pokemon now, I believe..."

Master Trainer Empoleon
December 1st, 2008, 6:35 AM
"I've always contemplated being a trainer, though that really depends as of now, since I don't really know my Pokemon that well. What about you?" said Haley

K.R. knew what he wanted to do and his goal was to collect at least 8 badges.

"I definitely want to be a trainer and I want to enter the Pokemon League and hopefully try to win." Said K.R.

As K.R. was walking looked up at the sky and noticed that it was getting dark. Fortunately, Viridian City was just up ahead. K.R. walked up to a hill that was overlooking the city, when K.R. got on top of the hill and looked at the skyline. It was a beautiful sight to see, K.R. stood at the top of the hill and gazed at the beauty of the city. K.R. then decided Eevee should see the skyline as well.

"Eevee, check this out!" said K.R. as he tossed his Pokeball

"Eeveeee..." yawned the brown and white fox pokemon It was pretty obvious that it had been aslep in its pokeball. Eevee then looked at K.R. and then looked at the skyline.

"Eevee?" it said as it apparently didn't know what K.R. was looking at.

Seeing a skyline was nothing new to K.R. considering he seen the skyline often back home. This was the first time in a while that he had seen it up close. K.R. was pleased with his first day on his journey and hoped for many such days to come.

December 1st, 2008, 7:10 AM
OOC: Okay, Thanxgiving Brea's over, now I'm available lol.


Travis had been walking for about four hours now. He was both thankful and surprised that no other wild pokemon had attacked him yet. Gill was okay, but still hurt, and Travis found himself carrying him to Viridian.

"Just hang on, buddy. We're almost there. I can see the city now."
It was true. Viridian City was only about 15 minutes out.
"How you holding up?"
"Nice to know, bud. Almost there. Just hold on. I know it must hurt, but you're only about 15 minutes away from a Pokemon Center. They'll fix that arm of yours."

Travis entered the pokemon center about 20 minutes later. Gill was in his arms, awake, but rather tired. THe attack and walk had worn the poor guy out. THe woman behind the counter saw Travis enter. "May I help you?"
"Yes, please," Travis said handing Gill to her. "Gill here's just got a nasty little gash on his arm today. Mind if you fix it up?"
"Not at all." she said removing the piece of cloth Travis had put on the wound four hours earlier. "Wow, looks like whatever attacked him, did a bit on him."
Travis for some reason didn't like that last sentence. "What do you mean? Is Gill alright?"
"Oh he's fine. Just a nasty gash that's all. I can fix it in a jiffy. It's just a bit bigger than usual. What attacked him?"
"A Ratatta. Happened around noon. I bandaged and cleaned it to the best of my ability."
"That's good to know. It doesn't look like it'll get infected. I'll just need to take GIll into the back and stich up his arm."
"Okay, I'll wait out here."
"You may do that, sir. Can I offer a room for the night?"
"That would be very nice, thank you. I'll wait until you're finished back there."

Travis sat down on the couch, head back. It felt good to sit. To relax...

"If I could have my wasted days back
Would I use them to get back on track?
Stop to warm and karma's burning
Or look ahead but keep on turning?"

Travis opened up an Arizona Green Tea from his backpack (Arizona FTW lol) and sipped. He began his daily reflection. Reflection on the day. He always did this at the end or near the end of the day. And it being about 4:00 PM, it was to him near the end of the day.

"Do I have the strength to kno how I go?
Can I find it inside to deal with what I shouldn't know?
Could I have my wasted days back?
Would I use them to get back on track?

You live it or lie it, you live it or lie it!"

The trainer Tobias returned to his mind. Where was the guy? Had Travis overpassed him without noticing?

Travis also began thinking about the other trainer. THe one he knew no name of, but had caused quite a riot in the lab earlier today. He wondered what was up with him.

Travis sat and the minutes passed. His reflection going back to his old past. He hated his past. It sucked. It was nothing but pain.

"My life style
(Birth is pain)
determines my death style
A rising tide
(Life is pain)
To push us to the other side.
My life style
(Death is pain)
determines my death style.
A rising tide
(It's all the same)
to push us to the other side.

Travis stopped reflecting on that. He'd get extremely dark if he reflected too much on the past. He hated his dark moods when they came up...yet he loved them when they did...

Travis shoved that thought away and waited for Joy to come back out.

December 1st, 2008, 3:09 PM
Russell had stopped from his dazed stare off into no where upon realization that his travel partners had lagged behind. Dealing with a small Pidgey. Russell let out a long sigh as he fished through his messenger bag. After a few moments of fumbled searching, he found what he was looking for, tossing the small pokeball onto the ground and letting out his rowdy partner.

"Totodile, you can water gun, right?" He asked the little Pokemon, knowing he hadn't once tried to use it in battle. But he really wanted to get moving and this was the only way he could think of. "If you can use water gun, I'd appreciate it if you would use it on Pidgey, we're falling behind schedule." he instructed the small blue Pokemon who saluted with a small pudgey arm before turn and aiming its mouth at the Pidgey, shooting a narrow stream of water and knocking out of its collision course path with Autumn and Chikorita.

"Thank you, friend. That'll do for now." Russell said with a somewhat expectant and happy tone as the small blue Pokemon came and ran around happily in circles around Russell's feet. Turning to start walking the other way, he continued on the path towards Viridian.

"You could probably catch it if you want." He called over his shoulder to the two. "Hm... its about time i start thinking about what Pokemon I plan to catch first myself... I'll have to make it a good one." he thought silently to himself as he continued on into the Viridian.

December 3rd, 2008, 10:31 PM
About 15 minutes passed. Travis sat on the couch the entire time, head lookin gup, sometimes his eyes would close, but mostly they stayed open.

It comes alive
It comes alive
It comes alive
And I die a little more...

Travis looked down from to Joy. "What's up?"
"Your Squirtle's ready to go."
"Awesome." Travis said getting up, and going to the counter. Joy gave him Gill, and Travis looked down at the tiny pokemon.
"You feeling better now, buddy? 'Cause I think we got enough time to actually hit the forest and get a nice camp area before night falls."
"You don't want a room sir?"
"I appreciate the offer, Joy, but I thought it over, and figured, might as well just get some fresh air."
"Okay, you two be careful."
"Thanks again, Joy."

Travis and Gill left the pokemon center.
"Let's head to the forest Gill, we'll find a nice area to camp, then we'll stay there the night."
"I've got some very easy packable camping gear, but it's very comfortable. I also got some cooking skills, and food. We'll be good. The fire will keep most wild pokemon away."
"Let's go then, bud."

After walking about 30 minutes through the large forest, they came upon a nice open area that was perfect for a camp sight. The trees were not too condensing, the ground wasn't too grassy or too dry, and the best part was, there wasn't a nest of Beedrill anywhere. Travis knew better than to not look out for those. Beedrill swarms were not an uncommon sight in this forest, and he didn't want to wake up to a nasty surprise. But he didn't do all that studying monthes befor ethe journey for nothing. Travis was competally aware of how to survive in the wilderness.

After they had a tent set up, and music playing through some portable speakers, Travis gathered some wood, dug, a pit in the ground, put the wood inside the pit along with some crumpled newspaper, and lit a fire. The fire was up just as the sun was giving the sky a mighty red glow.

The speakers weren't all that loud, but Travis didn't want to crank it, that would attact pokemon, and he didn't want to run to Viridian. The speakers played a very smooth melody, the introduction to a very famous instrumental, "The Call of the Ktulu."

Travis reached inside his backpack, and pulled out some cans of potato stew. It wasn't homemade, but it was good nonetheless. Using his pocket knife, Travis jabbed a hole in the top, got out a cooking grid, designed to sit over a fire, and put the can on top.

"Here, Gill. Chow down." Travis said, tossing Gill a few apples. Travis knew there was pokemon food, but he didn't trust the brandmade food for personal reasons.
"I hope I'm showing some friendship to you, man." Travis said as "The Call of the Ktulu" sent him into another meditative stance. "I think today was rather nice...I appreciate to see you've put some more trust into me. I thank you, Gill."
"Squirtle..." Gill probably thought it was creepy that Travis could see what anyone around thought of him or of themselves...
Travis closed his eyes, but didn't sleep, he was still sitting up, but blannked his mind of all thoughts, being careful not to forget the stew on the grid. He felt his inner dark moods that had almost been brought out of their slumber today, quiet down. Travis breathed...it felt good.

December 5th, 2008, 8:14 AM
Name: Kairi Hill

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Appearence: Kairi is of avange height at 5'' 2''. Not too tall or too short. She weights 100 pounds. She has very long brown hair, going stright down her back. She wears a sleetless blue shirt, a red short skirt red and white shoes, and very long blue socks that go up to her ankles. She is very pale white shinned, and has light green eyes.

Personality: She is very nice and trusting. Kind to her Pokemon. But she does conplain a lot. Kairi really hates walking a lot. She likes to ride her bike instead. When Kairi loses her temper though, she's like a huricane, so watch out. But she is very fateful to her friends and Pokemon. Kairi loves anything that's cute or beatiful.

History: Kairi was born, and raised in johto, at New Bark Town, but later on moved to Pallet Town, as New Bark Town was way too noisy for her and her mother. She loved going outside and picking flowers. She has a very beatiful flower garden that her mother sometimes helps her with. She plants all kinds of flowers there, but her favorite kinds of flowers are sun flowers.

Her and her mother sometimes sell the flowers at the flower store in Viridan City. One day Kairi was watching TV, and heard about all children starting out as Pokemon trainers or coordinators, and getting there first pokemon from Professor Oak. "Wow! That's what I always wanted to do, become a master coordinator just like my mom." Kairi said getting excited. The next day Kairi got her Pokemon. A Pikachu. She was so happy. She then set out on her journey.

Strengthes: Kairi is very good at Pokemon Contests. She also has a very tight, bond with Pokemon. When she was younger, she used to always go down to Professor Oak's lab and play with the Pokemon there, it is almost like she can understand what a Pokemon is saying.

Hometown: Pallet Town

Popularity: Kairi isn't very popularity around town. She mostly spends her time playing with Pokemon and tending to her flower gardens.

Starter choice: A female Pikachu

Your Dream: Kairi's dream is to be a top Coordinator just like her mother once was. She wants to be a master coordinator.

Intro Post:

"Oh, what a long day's work," Kairi said, rudding swat from her forehead as she finished working in her garden, for the day. Kairi put her tools away. She, went inside and got a bite to eat. Her mother was still at work. Kairi was eating some rice balls.

She turned on the TV to the news station,"Good evening Pallet. Today we have news from famus researcher Professor Oak. He is giving away pokemon to beginning trainers, tomorrow," said the news lady,"Don't be late, to get your first pokemon."

"What perfect timing. Then it's setled. Tomorrow I'm going to be one of those trainers, getting my first pokemon. Then I can finually become a Pokemon Coordinator like my mom once was."

There was a noise at the door,"Then you better be getting ready for bed then. Kairi turned around and saw her mother walking through the door.

"Oh, mom hi. How was work today?" Kairi asked the older woman.

"Oh, same old stuff," her mother answered,"Anyway you better be getting to bed now, if you want to be on time tomorrow."

"Oh, right," Kairi said. She turned off the TV. She then went and got her Pajamas, a blue set with pictures of Pokeballs on it, and went into her bathroom, and started taking a shower. The whole time while she was bathing she was thinking,'I can't wait.' Kairi giggled.


Kairi got out and got dressed. She then brushed her teeth, with her strawberry toothpaste. Her brush had a picture of a contest ribon on it.

She then blow dried her hair and brushed it. "Now time for bed," she said, as she got into bed with her Jigglypuff doll, cuddleing it. She set her Poke Clock for 8:00 AM, then went to sleep.


(The Next Morning)

Her clock started chiring, making the sound of a Pidgey. Kairi got up and got ready, and ran down to the lab. When she got there the Professor only had 1 Pokemon left,"Aww, I wonder what it could be?" Kairi wondered. "Why don't you see for yourself Kairi?" The Professor told her.

"Ok," Kairi said. She opened up the ball and out popped a female Pikachu,"Awww it's so cute." Kairi grinned down at it.

"Hi there. My name's Kairi. Would you like to be my first Pokemon?" Kairi asked it. Pikachu grinned,"Pika!" It said smiling.

"Ok Kairi here is your Pokedex. It is a device for gathering information about Pokemon you see or catch. It is also your ID so don't lose it. Also here is 5 Pokeballs used for catching Pokemon. You may carry up to 6 Pokemon with you at one time," The Professor explained. He then explained how to use the Pokedex and Pokeballs,"Ok got it," Kairi told him. Pikachu was so cute she decided to let it stay out of it's ball with her for awhile. "Well thanks for everything Professor."

"Wait," Professor Oak told Kairi how to get to Viridan City from here,"And when you get there make sure to buy a PokeGear and PokeNAV. They will help you out on your journey."

"Ok," Kairi repiled,"Come on Pikachu let's go." She walked out with Pikachu following behind her.

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The other two helped Autumn defend herself against the Pidgey, although Tobias was more enthusiastic than Russell. Who had asked his pokemon poilitely to attack, apathy coating his voice thickly.
He probably just wants to get to Pewter as soon as possible, Autumn thought.
"You could probably catch it if you want," Russell mentioned as Totodile returned to its pokeball.
Autumn smirked but turned to Tobias, "Do you mind? I mean, I know we both fought it, but I really want a Pidgeot some day..." she said, running a hand through her wild hair. She pulled an empty pokeball from her pack and waited for the boy to answer.

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Venia Silente
December 22nd, 2008, 5:40 PM
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Ciabet the Bulbasaur had been annoying the wild Pidgey for a while, and Chikorita protected her Trainer. However, before any of the two Trainers could give more commands, a jet of water knocked the flying Pokémon to the ground.

Tobias turned left to see Rusell's Totodile, the responsible of the surprise attack.

"You could probably catch it if you want," said Russell, quickly recalling his Pokémon. Tobias was about to object, considering that Russel was eager to reach Pewter City, and Viridian Forest was not exactly a place one could "go across"... but a voice coming from the right cut him short.

"Do you mind?" Autumn asked him, smirking. "I mean, I know we both fought it, but I really want a Pidgeot some day...".

Tobias hesitated for a moment. He had no problem, but he was more concerned with Bulbasaur, who was sulking again for having "his" battle interrupted.

As the girl produced a Poké Ball fro her bag, Tobias answered nonchalantly: "It was four fight to begin with... so go ahead." He noticed the Pidgey making an effort to stand up again as he spoke, so he knelt besides his Bulbasaur and instructed to keep an eye open.

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Kairi woke up that morning, bright and early. "Yes! Today's the day I get my first Pokemon and become a Pokemon Styleist." She rushed and got ready and ran out the door. She didn't want to be late.

But by the time she got there, all but one Pokemon were already taken,"I'm sorry Kairi," Professor Oak said,"But all I have left is this Pikachu."

"That's ok, Prof. I'll take it," Kairi said picking up Pikachu.

"Now, be careful Kairi. A Pikachu is very hard to raise. Even though, she is a sweet Pokemon. She's very hard to raise," Prof. Oak warned,"Also I heard you wanted to be a Pokemon Styleist, there's not much around here in Kanto for Styleist to do besides dressing up there Pokemon."

"I already thought about that Prof. I figured while I'm trying to be a Styleist, I'll collect the gym badges," Kairi told him.

"Ok, good luck. Also here is your Pokedex, it records data on Pokemon you seen or caught. It's also your ID so don't lose it. Also here is 5 Pokeballs to get you started on catching Pokemon," Prof Oak explained. He then explained how to use the Pokedex and Pokeballs.

"Ok, got it Prof.," Kairi said. She turned around and left. She stopped by her house, and got a few things she'd need. And already she was already dressing up Pikachu, in a very pretty pink sweater, with a red heart right on the middle. (Kinda like that thing Dawn's Bunary once wore.)

She then left,"Ok, Pikachu were going after cute and pretty Pokemon," Kairi told her. They ran into tons of Pokemon, but none of them were cute or pretty, a Pidgey, no, a Spearow no and a Ratatta was the worse of all with that big tooth sticking out.

"Awww, where am I going to be able to find some cute or pretty Pokemon," Kairi sighed. This was just one of those days, she guessed.

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