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Neiko Star
November 7th, 2008, 5:40 PM
In ancient times, there was once a something called the Lunar Orb. Its power was immense; when used correctly, its silver glow could restore happiness, stop war, mend broken hearts and even revive the dead...Such power had to be guarded, therefore a guardian was assigned with the task of protecting the Orb. All went peacefully for several decades, until a dark force, known today as the Dark Veil, decided the peace had gone on long enough...it went to the Orb's sanctuary in the heavens, and attacked it in an attempt to destroy it. The guardian tried to fight against it, but was overpowered. Age had weakened him, and in a last attempt to save the Orb, he used his remaining power to split the Lunar Orb in seven mystical dragons, known as Element Dragons, and sent them to the distant corners of the Earth, where they would sleep for eternity...

Today, the Dark Veil is no more. Centuries ago, scientists had used the power of technology and radioactivity to trap it in a space warp, where it would stay forever...or so they thought. The Dark Veil had somehow escaped its eternal prison, and is now trying to find all seven Element Dragons, who had been awakened by the Dark Veil's return to Earth, so that it could reunite the Lunar Orb and destroy it...

However, an old warlock, known as the Earth's greatest sage, had forseen this and had therefore sent his disciples to collect all seven Dragons. The Dragons were not fully awakened yet, and it was crucial that they were recollected before they were. Once fully awakened, there would be no way to tame them. Now, the Dragons were still at their most primary state, the Orb state. They were simply small, glowing orbs of grand power... And so, the warlock sent the orbs into cities, towns, everywhere. He knew that when the orb sensed the right person, they would fuse into that person's body, granting him or her great power. The only way to rid the world of the Dark Veil was for the seven chosen people to come together, and to reunite their powers to re-form the Lunar Orb...and upon that knowledge, the old warlock died...

~ Fire Dragon - Reserved by lookalikealagaler
~ Water Dragon - Reserved by Shadowfaith
~ Wind Dragon - Reserved by Gummy
~ Thunder Dragon - Reserved by Pikalover10
~ Earth Dragon - Reserved by Slytherfang
~ Mind Dragon - Reserved by Von Bolt
~ Spirit Dragon - Now open (Gasp! Yes, it's true)

Fire Dragon: RESERVED BY lookalikealagaler
The person fused with the Fire Dragon will gain several of its abilities, such as: being able to manipulating fire at will, being able to touch fire without being burned, being able to breathe in smoke, and releasing the Fire Dragon for a few moments (ONLY when you really need its power).

Water Dragon: RESERVED BY Shadowfaith
The person fused with the Water Dragon will gain several of its abilities, such as: being able to manipulate water at will, being immune to water pressure, being able to breathe underwater, and releasing the Water Dragon for a few moments (ONLY when you really need its power).

Wind Dragon: RESERVED BY Gummy
The person fused with the Wind Dragon will gain several of its abilities, such as: being able to manipulate the air at will, being able to form oxygen when in need, becoming five times faster, and releasing the Wind Dragon for a few moments (ONLY when you really need its power).

Thunder Dragon: RESERVED BY Pikalover10
The person fused with the Thunder Dragon will gain several of its abilities, such as: being able to manipulate electricity at will, being able to absorb massive amounts of electricity (but still limited), being able to sense electric power from distance, and releasing the Thunder Dragon for a few moments (ONLY when you really need its power).

Earth Dragon: RESERVED BY Slytherfang
The person fused with the Earth Dragon will gain several of its abilities, such as: being able to control the earth/rocks at will, being able to manipulate plants at will, being able to communicate with living plants and, and releasing the Earth Dragon for a few moments (ONLY when you really need its power).

Mind Dragon: RESERVED BY Von Bolt
The person fused with the Mind Dragon will gain several of its abilities, such as: being able to communicate with humans through telepathy/reading people's minds, limited telekinisis (the maximum would be to be able to lift a boulder with your mind), the ability to teleport to any place you've already been to, and releasing the Mind Dragon for a few moments (ONLY when you really need its power).

Spirit Dragon: OPEN
The person fused with the Spirit Dragon will gain several of its abilities, such as: being able to pass through solid objects, becoming invisible for a limited amount of time (maximum two hours), being able to possess a living human for a limited amount of time (maximum thirty minutes), and releasing the Spirit Dragon for a few moments (ONLY when you really need its power).

The people fused with the Dragons, which we will now call Elementists, will also be given a weapon by the old warlock. These are the weapons given to their corresponding elements:

Fire Elementist: The Inferno Blade - a sword of fire, also capable of launching powerful fire attacks
Water Elementist: The Aqua Arrow - a bow with arrows that freeze all they touch
Wind Elementist: The Wind Fan - a fan capable of generating great winds, such as tornadoes
Thunder Elementist: The Lightning Staff - a scepter capable of generating great amounts of electricity, as well as absorb small amounts
Earth Elementist: The Leaf Crescent - a crescent-shaped blade capable of cutting through anything
Mind Elementist: The Psychic Amulet - an amulet capable of hypnotising people, one use every thirty minutes
Spirit Elementist: The Spirit Claws - a pair of strap-on claws made of spirit particles that trap their victims in their worst nightmare

~ No godmodding. The only powers you have are the ones matching your Element.
~ No bunnying, unless given the permission
~ Try to avoid any killing
~ Keep the bad words and romance to a minimum, please
~ Be active at least twice a week


Name: (First and last, middle is optional)
Age: (12-16)
Appearance: (Detailed description of your character, include clothes and accessories)
Personality: (A nice paragraph)
History: (I want at least two paragraphs of AT LEAST three lines)

By the way, the Leaf Crescent is kinda shaped like this ( and it has a kind of bar in the middle where you hold. :P

November 18th, 2008, 2:21 PM
Would it be okay to reserve a spot?

Neiko Star
November 18th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Sure, I'm not in a rush. Which one?

November 18th, 2008, 5:39 PM
Name: Max
Gender: Male

appearence: (Will do later)

personality: (will do later)

History: (will do later)

Fears: Max is afraid of being an outcast and not having anybody to be around as a friend or family member.

Other: N/A

Can I reserve the thunder drgaon fusion plz? Thanks. Oh and before the RP starts is your charecter aware that they are fused with the dragon?

Neiko Star
November 18th, 2008, 5:43 PM
'Kay, Pikalover, you're the Thunder Elementist is reserved for you.

November 18th, 2008, 7:23 PM
Normally I would say I already have wayyy too many RPs, but this one looks too interesting, having said that can you reserve Earth Dragon for me please?

November 19th, 2008, 7:35 AM
Name: Zephaniah Xylon

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zeph has short black hair, but usualy ware's a black bandana with a white lotis pattern, so you don't see his hair much of the time. He has a red and black sleeveless shirt under a black silk t-shirt with Bruce Lee and a Chinese dragon on it. He also wares blue jeans. He wares brown sandals. No socks. He has a rather large body weighing around 250 lbs, but he is tall for his age and because of that his weight is distrubuted evenly enough so that he doesn't not look to big.

His face is friendly most of the time execpt when he's mad, then he would scare a demon from hell with one look. His eyes are, strangely, a crystal blue color, and because of that he got made fun of in elementary school by most of the guys. He now wares black sunglasses to hide his eyes. Not that he's ashamed of them, he would just prefer to avoid conflict. He has pretty clear skin execpt for an odd black swirl on his cheek. He again hides that with a large bandage when in public for the reason above.

Personality: Zeph is a laid back kinda guy. And by laid back I mean lazy as heck. Not much worries him. Except his fears of corse. He does have an anger management problem though. Not much is able to get him mad, but when he does, he's lible to mame someone. He is loyal and protective of his friends and family. Insulting ether of them is one thing that will get him inraged. But other then that he's fun to be around. That's something else, he hates conflict. Bothers him greatly when people are mad around him.

History: Zeph was born in the U.S. but moved to London, England at age five and back to the U.S. at age ten. So his British accent was pretty much bred out of him except for occasional reverts when he's really emotional( which isn't very often). And yes even in England he was made fun of. Aside from the huge moves, he's had a pretty normal life. He has met some good friends who actually think his eyes where pretty cool.

The reason for his fears where at age 8 he was almost knocked off of Big Ben while winning a bet with the other kids. Zeph was born with an exceptional amount of strength in his arms and legs, as well as an exceptional sence of balance. So the school kids chalenged him to a bet. Climb Big Ben and they would do all his homework for the next 3 years. Kinda dosen't work out for him not only because he gains an intense fear of hights, but he would move in 2 years. So just when he gets above the main roof a powerful wind blows him over and he then hangs their by one hand for 2 hours untill someone in the Palace sees him, and pulls him in through the window.

After that his life was pretty safety bound, so not much else happened to him. The person who saved him decided not to tell his parents, but told Zeph to do it instead. He didn't.

Fears: Hights and loss of exsinstence (not death, after death)

Dragon Fuison: Fire

Other: He always caries a book with him where ever he goes. When he's not moving, he's reading.


Neiko Star
November 19th, 2008, 1:50 PM
All right, the Earth Elementist is reserved for you, Slytherfang.

November 19th, 2008, 5:31 PM
May I reserve the wind element, please? I think it's time I take my chances with a fantasy-like RP.

November 19th, 2008, 6:02 PM
Could I reserve the dragon of Water please?

November 19th, 2008, 9:31 PM
Can I have the fire dragon reserved? Then I was wondering if I could be like a traitor or something. Nevermind. All the good dragons have been taken..

November 20th, 2008, 2:32 PM
Name: Kitanya (Kite) Altilago

Age: 14, but occasionally seems older

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kitanya's most striking feature would undoubtedly have to be her eyes, which are a crystalline blue-gray with darker gray flecks, and which appear vibrantly ice blue to the eye. There is a thin ring of black around the very outside of her iris, which makes their color even more noticeable than it already is. Other than her eyes, Kitanya's appearance is overall rather plain. Her eyebrows are straight, with only a slight arch, and her skin is an alabaster cream color, which appears never to tan. No freckles or blemishes mar her skin, and her hair, which often is either left loose, or hangs over each shoulder in a loose braid, is stick straight and dark brown, with caramel highlights, the only really interesting thing about it. Kitanya herself is of average height, standing at 5 feet 4 inches, and slender, though she insists she's not thin, just healthy.

Though she is somewhat fashion conscious, Kitanya chooses to dress respectably, and still stay within what is normal for her age. Her favorite outfit, which works very well both for fitting in with the crowd, and making, and leaving, a good impression on others, consists of dark gray jeans, with slight fading, a minivest in a solid black color, over a white pinstriped, form fitting, short sleeved blouse. Her preferred shoes are gold ballet flats with flexible soles, which she claims allows for easy movement, and still has some dressy aspect. Though Kitanya doesn't look good in many things, in fact, she often dismisses most clothing, the ones that are suited for her type look better than usual on her, almost as if they were custom made for her.

Personality: Kitanya's intelligence is considered above average, though she could pass for the average student, as her brains only show through on her school report card, and the fact that she's in all of the accelerated classes. Luckily for her, she has always studied at a school where intelligence is valued, and for that reason, is often treated normally, rather than differently from the students considered at average intelligence. She still doesn't show off, having no reason to, though she has more than once delievered a lecture when particularly angry, or when she feels especially strongly that she has to make her point clear to others.

Sal Kar
November 20th, 2008, 3:09 PM
hey can i reserve the mind dragon?

Neiko Star
November 20th, 2008, 3:34 PM
Wow, this is getting popular. O_O Not bad for my first RP. XD

Okay, all the people wanting reservations are reserved. (Of course, whether I'm accepting you or not depends on your SU.)

Edit: Okay guys, all future SU's in the OOC thread please.

November 23rd, 2008, 6:52 AM
Name: Oki Ootari

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Oki stands at average height for a sixteen year old girl. She has unruly, layered light brown hair which comes to a stop just above her shoulders blades, this is then decorated with sea green streaks running through it and sparkling emerald green eyes, giving her an almost calming look. Her skin is slightly sun kissed, giving her a smooth complexion and she is rather well built from all the activities she participates in.

A white top cover’s the most part of her upper body, though does a very poor job at doing so. It manages to cover her bosom but fails in covering from the end of her rib cage down, leaving to view the entire length of her stomach and her arms. Fortunately a black net top, cascades lazily down her upper body, giving her some sort of dignity. A pair of three quarter length jeans lay slouched around her waste, only just about managing to keep up with the help of two brown leather belts thrown hastily around her waist. And then finally a pair of brown flip flops with a ocean flower pattern act as her choice of foot wear, though Oki carries a spare pair of clumpy brown boots in her rucksack just in case she needs the extra protection.

Accessories includes a multitude of leather bracelets which decorate both her lower arms, a shell anklet which lays lazily atop of her foot and multiple blue piercing’s which decorate her bellybutton, tongue and the top of her right ear. A pair of black sunglasses keep the unruly bangs of hair at bay and a sea blue and brown rucksack is carried with her the most part of the time to hold key items. Around her neck is a long thread of sea green material, which act’s as a sort of bandana bust cascades down her back to the bend of her knee. One last thing to note about the youngsters appearance is the black tribal tattoo which runs up the small of her back and the small design which decorate her right leg.

Personality: (A nice paragraph)

History: (I want at least two paragraphs of AT LEAST three lines)



Will edit...

Neiko Star
November 23rd, 2008, 9:02 AM
All right guys, you may have not seen my edited post. ALL SIGN-UPS IN THE OOC THREAD PLEASE.
(Except for those who already posted theirs on this thread.)

Master Trainer Empoleon
December 2nd, 2008, 5:50 AM
Can I resevre the Spirit Dragon? (My SU will be in the OOC thread)