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Zeta Sukuna
November 14th, 2008, 6:33 PM
Yes, it is I, Rubii Naruto... coming on my third attempt of a Pokemon RP, but this one will be different, instead of a trainer quest RP, this is a Mystery Dungeon RP. The plot is semi-original, as the main villain will not even be mentioned for some time. Prepare for a wild ride through the entire planet, and a few other dimensions as well. This will blow your mind, or at least I hope it will.


Two-hundred thousand years ago, there was an unnamed evil which spread evil out with it's influence, all who went against this mighty beast were slaughtered instantly. Whenever anyone heard it's cry, they fled to try to get to safety, but there was nowhere to hide. The ghost dragon had the whole world, no the whole universe in its grasp, not even the god Arceus could do anything against this beast, but three brave pokemon stood against this beast, and using the power of the Azure Flute, Glacedia Flower, and the Platnium Orb. The three defeated the nameless evil, and sealed a part of it away in each of the three items, which were then sealed up into three tombs. The three agreed to never tell anyone that the beast was merely sealed, but instead they killed it, and destroyed the body... But little did they know the beast was still planning, and had the ability to communicate with outside beings, but only if they were psychic, Dark, or Ghost.

The three items were eventually found and thought of as powerful weapons, and were used in struggles in the future, but every civilization in which has hald them had gone extinct, and spread the rumor that they were cursed, so no one had ever disturbed any of the three artifacts again. Over time, pokemon kind had forgotten about the artifacts, and the ancient socieities that held them, and they had never found them... until now. The prankster Legendary: Mew had found the items, and had gotten corrupt by them, as did Darkrai, who was with the other pokemon.

Here's where you come in. None of you know about Mew and Darkrai's rebellion, the nameless evil, the three artifacts... Nothing! But you are each a part of a guild of explorers, not as famous as Wigglytuff's guild, lead by a Crobat known as Coby, and you have to defeat this nameless evil once and for all.

(It should be obvious who the nameless evil is, I mean, I tried to hint at it. Oh, you will be surprised at what the plot will be, trust me as this barely scratches the surface.)

Sign Ups

There are no slots open.

Name: (Your character's Name)
Age: (Your character's Age)
Gender: (Boy or girl?)
Personality: (How your character acts: One paragraph Minimum)
Appearance: (What your character looks like: One paragraph Minimum)
History: (Background of character, what happened to it before this begins. One paragraph Minimum)
Extras: (Any additional stuff)
RP Sample: (Yes, this is necessary)


No godmodding: I hate that, as it can mess up a well planned story in an instant. I take this seriously.

No Bunnying unless you have the character's owner's permission: Yeah, what I just said.

Follow the rules of the RP community, as those are your lifelines here.

No stateing anything about the nameless evil, Mew, Darkrai, or the three items before you are told about it.

You cannot be a legendary (or Rotom, but I count it as a legendary, because of it's five forms.), as all of them play a semi-important role in the story.

Accepted /Reserved players

wolfsrain23: Accepted (Volt: Pikachu)
Gardevoyeurism: Accepted (Claire: Alakazam)
Gorgormcgor: Accepted (Lashe: Scizor)
dragpyre: Accepted (Dante: Luxray)
Rubii Naruto: Reserved (X days)
Sweet_Dreams: Accepted (Jaw: Mawile)
Darkly_The_Flygon: Reserved (2 days)
Darkhaven3: Reserved (Snake: Lucario)

Wolf in the Rain
November 15th, 2008, 7:23 AM
Can you reserve me please?

Zeta Sukuna
November 15th, 2008, 12:15 PM
wolfsrain23: You are reserved for three days.

Wolf in the Rain
November 15th, 2008, 5:02 PM


Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Pikachu

Personality: Volt likes to take things slow in battle, pacing his moves out, and thinking about his moves before he uses them. He tries to be at least one step ahead of his opponent at all times. In a team, if Volt is not already assigned as the leader, he likes to offer tactics in a battle and is not afraid to offer suggestions. While some leaders will listen to his tactics, most usually get annoyed with this. However, outside of battle he is always respectful to his leader.
Although Volt is a brilliant tactician, he has the soul of a gambler. If things start to go wrong in a battle or not according to what he thought would happen, he gets choked up and takes chances he does not need to, often getting himself hurt in the process. Coby, the guild leader has been trying to help him calm down and get back in rhythm when things go wrong. Outside battle, he likes to play games of chance.Most of the time, he loses, but that doesn't stop him from trying again.
Volt is also good at making friends.

Appearance: Volt is about the size of a normal Pikachu and looks just like one as well. However, he has a brown stripe across his muzzle just like the ones on his tail. When he first wakes up, the fur on his head is always a mess, and other Pokemon usually make many different comments on it. He also wears a blue bandanna given to him by the guildmaster, Coby, when he joined the guild.

History:Volt has grown up around the area of the guild and has lived there his whole life. His father was a respected Rescue Team member of the guild and partook in many successful missions. There, his father made good friends with the guildmaster and the other rescuers. However, 3 years ago, right before Volt was going to try out for the guild, his father disappeared during a mission along with his team. Volt has searched for any sign of them ever since.
After successfully joining the guild, Volt trained every day, participating in many important missions. In one mission, Volt strayed away from the rest of his team, eager to seek glory. For hours, he wandered around the caves, seaching for the treasure that was apparently there. When he spotted the treasure, his heart skipped a beat... until he saw a Golem charge at him, knocking him out. Luckily, Coby and the rest of his team realized Volt was gone and managed to save him. Volt is now always jumpy whenever he sees a rock Pokemon, not making friends with them easily. They are also his biggest fear.Since this incedent, Volt has tried hard and learned Iron Tail in case he has to fight a rock Pokemon but he hasn't perfected it and about 1/2 the time, it fails.

Extras: Being a good Tactician and tactics along with growing up around the guild earns him high spots in the formation of rescue teams.

RP Sample: "Comon comon comon" Chris chanted as he waited in his cabin.
The boat had been stopped in port for hours. Apparently, one of the trainer's Onix broke out of it's pokeball and the crew had spent the last hour trying to put it back in. Chris glanced at the clock, 4:00, only an hour until Professor Oak closed the lab to new trainers and he wouldn't be able to get a Pokémon for another year. "Assuming there are any left..." he mumbled to himself. After a half-hour more of waiting a voice came over the intercom

"This is your captain speaking, sorry for the delay. We will now be de-embarking the ship. Thank you for patience and we hope your enjoy your stay."

Chris quickly grabbed his bag and ran off the ship.

Glancing at his watch he saw that he only had 15 minutes left, and he was still 2 miles away from Pallet Town.

In Pallet Town, Professor Oak was packing up "Well, I guess there are no more trainers for today, guess ill head to Delia's for dinner."

Suddenly someone busted through the door
"Proffesor- Oak- I'm- here- I- made it." stammered Chris

"Hm I was wondering if you would show up, its almost 5. You must be...umm..."


"Ah yes, Chris, you called on the ship, correct?" asked Oak


"Alright let’s get you your first Pokémon, shall we?" Oak then turned to the table where three Pokeballs stood,

"Ok, I though really hard about this, and I'm going to choose Charmander!" exclaimed Chris as he reached for the first ball. But when he opened it, nothing happened.

"Umm... remember, you are late..." Oak commented, rolling his eyes

"Oh...Yeah... How about Squirtle?" Chris asked hopefully







"Well...umm" stammered Oak Suddenly the Phone rang. "Oh, I should get that. Chris, can you wait here?"

"I guess..." sighed Chris

Chris sat down, head between his hands. He couldn't think of what he would do if he couldn't get a Pokémon. He couldn’t go back to Sootopolis and he couldn't stay at Pallet.
He could slightly overhear Professor Oak. Apparently he was talking to someone named 'Elm'.
About 10 minutes later. Professor Oak returned.

"Well Chris, that was Professor Elm, one of the Professors in the Johto region... he has one Pokémon left."

"Really which one?! What type?"

"He sending it over now"

Chris looked at the computer, and saw a light coming from the PC transporter, it shaped into a ball which Professor Oak picked up.

"Chris, meet your new partner, Totodile." With that Professor Oak opened the ball, revealing a Totodile. It looked like any normal Totodile, except for the one green stripe running horizontally across it's snout.

Chris bent down until he was even with the small crocodile, "Well, I guess we're going to be partners Totodile."

"Totodile" it replied jumping onto Chris's backpack. It then proceeded to throw out a few things before getting back onto it.

"Umm...Totodile, we need the map... and my wallet... and the sleeping bag..."

"Ha, looks like it likes you. Professor Elm wanted to look at that green stripe across it's snout, but he thought that you would need it more and that it would be happier with you."

" Yeah"chuckled Chris

"Well Chris, if you want to catch up to the other trainers, you better leave ASAP. Here is your pokedex and 5 pokeballs."

"Alright. Thanks Professor Oak, next time you see me, I’ll be at the Indigo Plateau!"

"Ha ha. They all say that."

"Ready, Totodile? Let’s go!"


And with that, Chris and Totodile left the Lab, ready to start their adventure.

November 15th, 2008, 9:06 PM
I've always wanted to do a Mystery Dungeon RP, reserve me a spot please. =)

Zeta Sukuna
November 15th, 2008, 10:03 PM
Okay, Kev XY. You are reserved for 3 days.

November 16th, 2008, 12:50 AM
Name: Isa
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Snorunt

RP Sample:

*Will finish later*

November 16th, 2008, 1:28 AM
Can i be part of it? I already filled out the form!





Dante is rebellious and a risk taker.
He loves adrenaline and will do anything to get attention and stay popular.
Sometimes, he takes things too far and people shun him, but in the end, he is always forgiven. He will never back down in a fight, even if it is almost his last breath.

Dante is a Shiny Luxray, and knows how to keep his coat clean.
When he walks, his fur glimmers, whether its by sunlight or moonlight.
This makes all the female pokemon go wobbly at the knees, as he is regarded as the hottest Luxray there is.

Born as a Luxio (Yes i know this is unorthodox), he only knew security. He went to the Pokemon Nursery everyday and made many friends. His best friends were Caterpie, Cyndaquil, Electrike and Starly. When he played with his friends, he used to accidentally zap them with Spark, but there bond never broke.

Until that day....

Waking up, and looking at himself, he cried out in terror, as he didn't look like himself anymore. Rushing down the stairs, and running to his mother, she only had words of comfort for him. She told him that when Pokemon get to a certain level of maturity, they evolve, and become stronger. She also told him not to worry, and that he was still the same person on the inside.

He has a scar above his left eye from a pokemon attack. Also, he likes to ignore orders and do things his own way.

RP Sample: (i didn't quite know what you meant, but i think you mean like a line or a scene example)

A lush green meadow. Dante is bored, so he decides to annoy some Pidgey's.
Coby catches him doing this and tries to apprehend him.

Coby: Dante, what are you doing???

Dante: That flock of Pidgey's started it, so i'm gonna take them all out with Thunderbolt!

Coby: Dante, come back right now! We have a rescue mission to do here!

Dante zaps the Pidgey's.

Coby: DANTE!!!!!!

Dante: What?????

November 16th, 2008, 1:44 AM
This sounds exciting, I think I want to join.

Name: Oshri

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Gallade

Personality: Very caring of others, brave at times when necessary. Dislikes random abuse to others, and will help anyone in need.

Appearance: Blue and white body, along with it's blade looking arms

History: Oshri lived in Eterna Forest. It was like a guardian to the little creatures that lived in the forest, protecting and warding off the evil that came by. Although he made everyone happy, he wasn't to sure of himself keeping this up for long. So he decides to wander away from the forest into Mt.Coronet. Dispite that he can see in the dark, a lot of Pokemon attacked Oshri and Oshri eventually left Mt.Coronet back to the forest. Apparently, while he was away, the forest was under attacked by a Seviper. Oshri came to the rescue and killed the Seviper, but little to know that this Seviper was different than any other Seviper. This one had a very dark aura surrounding it, but Oshri didn't know anything else besides that. So he kicks out the Seviper, but with his future sight, he can see the Pokemon of Snowpoint in danger. So Oshri heads off to Snowpoint, but surprisingly Oshri got trapped by 5 Abomasnows. They didn't let Oshri escape nor could Oshri defeat all of them. In fact, the harsh weather was draining Oshri's strength away that he passed out throughout the winter. The Abomasnow did no harm to Oshri, but rather in fact protect Oshri. So the Abomasnow took Oshri into a cave to let it rest, and the Abomasnow returned back to their stations.

Extras: Even though Oshri can survive the winter without food, ice or snow seems to put him to sleep.

RP Sample: Oshri vs. Seviper

A Wild Seviper appeared!
Go Oshri
Oshri uses Double Team
It's evasiveness rose

Seviper uses Poison Tail
The attack misses

Oshri uses Double Team
It's evasiveness rose

Seviper uses Toxic
The attack misses

Oshri uses Stone Edge

Seviper flinched

Oshri's Steadfast ability increased it's speed

Oshri uses Psycho Cut

The Seviper fainted.

I hope this mini RP gets me in. Otherwise I want to ask you for a reservation so I can fix some things.

Zeta Sukuna
November 16th, 2008, 9:11 AM
@dragpyre: Sorry, this sign up isn't good enough to get in. Oh, and you aren't allowed to do script RP posts here, just incase you didn't know.

@DxEON: Reserved, work on your appearance and personality... a lot. And fix your RP sample, it has no description, whatsoever, look through the other RP's to understand how to write them.

November 16th, 2008, 10:39 AM
Can i try again?





Dante is rebellious and a risk taker.
He is also no stranger to danger, as he does drastic things to get attention, but he is normally still ignored until he takes things too far, which gets him in trouble with his friends and his parents.

Dante is a Shiny Luxray, and knows how to keep his coat clean.
When he walks, his fur glimmers, whether its by sunlight or moonlight.
This makes all the female pokemon go wobbly at the knees, as he is regarded as the hottest Luxray there is.

The scar above his left eye was from his old group of friends attacked him because he was different to them. It is normally well hidden, but when angry, it seems to show through his fur coat, when his hair stands on end, tensed and ready for battle.

Born as a Shinx, he only knew security. He went to the Pokemon Daycare everyday and made many friends. His best friends were Caterpie, Cyndaquil, Electrike and Starly. When he played with his friends, he used to accidentally zap them with Spark, but their bond never broke.

Until that day....

Waking up, and looking at himself, he cried out in terror, as he didn't look like himself anymore. Rushing down the stairs, and running to his mother, she only had words of comfort for him. He had prematurely evolved. His mother told him that when Pokemon get to a certain level of maturity, they evolve, and become stronger. She also told him not to worry, and that he was still the same person on the inside.

Leaving to go to the nursery again, all his friends shunned him, because he was different. They didn't care that he was still the same inside, it was his looks that divided them. He had become a Luxio and thats all his friends regarded him as. Not their friend, who shared a special bond, just Luxio.

When he turned 13 he prematurely evolved again.
At this point he also joined a rescue team, as he felt indebted to all the people he had terrorised and wanted to win his old friends back, and seemed to work well within a team. From this, Dante went on to do many rescues, and win, not only a reputation as a legendary rescuer, but friends, new and old. Their team, led by Coby the Crobat, had only one obstacle to overcome between being overshadowed and being legendary. And that was to become better, that Wigglytuff's team

Edit: i adjusted the history a bit

Pokemon Power:
Cuts down foes Attack when in battle


(written in first person)

Ducking between the tight gap in the rock, I skidded, my paws burning due to friction, turning as i went to face the flock of Pidgeotto behing me. Suddenly, with a great burst of speed, they were all over me, pecking me with their beaks, obviously bloodthristy.
Coby tried to intervine, but was knocked down with a Quick Attack by what i assumed was the flocks leader. Coby's last words were "You can do it, Dante," before fainting.

Getting on a level footing, I stopped and closed my eyes, to Charge my energy. Whilst i was doing this, everything seemed to slow down. Opening my eyes again (which seemed to take an age) I blasted out the most powerful Thunderbolt i had ever done, blinding myself. The Pidgeotto had a split second shocked look in their eyes, before they were literally shocked.

Running to Coby, I took a reviver seed from the toolbox and used it to bring him back to conciousness. He was weak, and I didn't know when the Pidgeotto were going to recover. I ran with Coby on my back, toward what I saw as a sanctuary, a oasis in the distance, where Coby could rest and regain his energy.

Zeta Sukuna
November 16th, 2008, 11:05 AM
@dragpyre: Yeah... still rejected. Sorry, the RP Sample us okay, but while I don't care if you are shiny or not... your appearance and personality still need work. Oh, and there's no way a Shinx is born a Luxio... it comes with hard work, but you could evolve at a young age.

November 16th, 2008, 12:04 PM
but c'mon, the person who is a gallade wrote much less than me and got reserved.

there is quite a lot of description.

I mean, i wrote more than anyone else here did, and its of a great quality.

Maybe not the best quality, but it still is good!

Zeta Sukuna
November 16th, 2008, 12:36 PM
@dragpyre: He asked to be reserved.

I hope this mini RP gets me in. Otherwise I want to ask you for a reservation so I can fix some things.

But, I see you editted your sign-up... you are accepted congratulations. I will put my sign up on later.

November 16th, 2008, 1:55 PM
thank you!

I accept that your constructive critism was well placed, and i had made a few mistakes, but i had corrected them.

and thank you for noticing my wording was a little off.

i will do my best and then some!!!!!

Wolf in the Rain
November 16th, 2008, 6:14 PM
Hey thanks for reserving me, i finished my SU. If you want me to fix anything, just ask.

Zeta Sukuna
November 16th, 2008, 6:20 PM
@wolfsrain23: Well well well, your sign up is pretty good... only problem is in the RP sample... I couldn't follow who was saying what... you're in, but don't leave me hanging with who's saying what in this RP.

Wolf in the Rain
November 16th, 2008, 6:52 PM
re-did RPS ( that was one of the first one i ever wrote, forgot it needed a re-write )
Take a look at it, if something is still missing, then ill just write one up.
And don't worry, I've gotten better, its not just all dialogue anymore, and what is, has gotten a lot more detailed
thx i wont let you down!

November 16th, 2008, 7:18 PM
Reservation please Ill have it in tommorow.

Ok I got it.

Name: Lashe (Backlash)
Age: 14
Personality: Lashe is a fun loving person that treats people respect if he thinks they deserve it. He'll do anything to get laughs out of people and is always looking for a giggle himself. He finds cockiness repulsive and loves to be with his friends. He is usually very calm and collected unless hes goofing around or he has lost his temper.
Appearance:He is a Basically the same as any ordinary ditto except he likes to change colors(thats his specialty). His usual form is a Scizor as its the only one hes really memorized well enought to go from memory.
History: Lashe otherwise known as Backlash was found near the safari zone by a young Scyther(Now a scizor) and stayed with him his whole life. Currently Scizor is a high rank in the Explorer guild(If thats ok with you) and has taught and raised Lashe.
Extras: No, I wont take too much pwer with the morphing ability as im sure your worried about it. I wont overuse it to bring to much of an advantage to myself, but you have to remember I have no other moves.
RP Sample:
Sal slowly walked down the side of the coast. It was late and his Mantine had yet to come back from its swim

"Come on Mantine you've been down there for three hours" Sal said taking a quick glance at his feet.

He saw the tide brush against the soles of his shoes. He reached into his pocket and pulled out another ball.

"Go find Mantine" He commanded whisking another pokeball into the air revealing a Kingdra. "And if you cant find him in half an hour just come back. We cant lose you both and he knows his way to the shore."

He layed against the side of a dock and clsed his eyes. What if Mantine doesnt come back. what if... The thought left his mind as quickly as it had entered. He put his hood up and waited. as he could find nothing better to do for a time killer.

November 19th, 2008, 3:07 AM
May I join, please?
I've been looking all over for a Mystery Dungeon RP which wasn't full. =D
If my character's a bit too much of a Mary-Sue, please inform me.

Name: Clare Darling
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: Forgetful, ditzy Clare is everything an Alakazam shouldn't be. She can, however, process things and solve problems just as well as any other Alakazam can - she just doesn't remember how she did it. Ironically, her bad memory is what keeps her in the team for she cannot teach anyone else how to do the things she does. She is also overly-affectionate towards those she knows and somewhat skittish around those she doesn't. If she decides that she takes a liking towards a particular individual, they shall expect to be on the receiving end of a brutal face-licking.
When, or if, she decides that she doesn't like said individual she would rather avoid him or her rather than attack them for she believes that fighting is unecessary. She also doesn't approve of practices such as mind-reading and control. Ironically, she uses the move 'attract' on a regular basis, meaning she does often practice a form of mild mind control.
Appearance: Clare is quite a bit smaller than most of her species, making her whiskers appear disproportionately long. She attempts to appear taller by adjusting her posture. This, however, only causes her to look less stooped. Her armored top ends closer to her chest rather than her waist, giving the appearance of a bustier.
History: Born to a Kadabra and Magmortar who spoiled her beyond belief, Clare has lived quite the sheltered life. Her parents were far from rich, but they spent what they had on their little girl. Though her mother and father treated her like a princess, everyone else treated her like trash - she was beaten, humiliated and just plain tormented by every other pokemon around her who wasn't related to her, though she didn't have the heart to fight back as they tore at her defenseless little body. She did, however, eat insane amounts of food to drown out her sorrows. One day as a child she gorged herself on rare candy, causing herself to prematurely evolve into a Kadabra, then the shock of seeing her reflection transformed her into a smaller-than-average Alakazam. Nevertheless, her parents continued to treat her with the love and respect they believed she deserved. The treatment she received from other pokemon, however, worsened to a point where she scrapped her dreams of becoming a politician and so dropped out of school at age sixteen to join a rescue team. Not surprisingly, her parents didn't approve, yet they remained supportive of their daughter. Since then, Clare has been flitting from team to team, trying to find a solid place in one.
Extras: It is suspected that Clare's sub-par memory span may be a result of brain damage she sustained as an Abra.
RP Sample:

Gardevoir seductively sashayed into the tavern, slim white legs gracefully strode with wide steps past a menagerie of staring pokemon. It had been here before and was quite well-known for its prowess, how it would win every bar brawl along with the heart of another pokemon, which it would later break the same night they met. Tonight, it was going to go for the most difficult of the psychics. With its eyes on the prize, it prepared to approach its latest victim - Alakazam.

"Hello there..." Gardevoir's smooth, sweet voice slipped into the ear of the lanky yellow-furred brute, who turned and looked it over with its sinister ebony eyes.

"Oh, hello." Alakazam paused for a moment, then gave Gardevoir another glance. "Err... Look, if it isn't blatantly obvious, I'm female. Look at these curves, this face - well, actually. Um, don't... Please don't talk to me, miss." Burying her whiskered face in her arms, her entire coat stood on end.

Gardevoir was taken aback by the fellow psychic's rudeness, gasping with a featureless hand on its spiked chest.

"How could you possibly assume such a thing? Of course it's obvious - had you been male, I wouldn't have approached you!" Gardevoir hissed. As it walked off, it stopped, then looked back at the shorter Psi pokemon. "Oh, and for the record, miss - in case you didn't notice, I'm about as male as a Volbeat."

Alakazam, embarrassed beyond belief, clutched her spoons tightly and promptly teleported from the bar before she could be humiliated any further.

Zeta Sukuna
November 19th, 2008, 4:32 PM
@Gardevoyeurism(sp?): It's not the best RP, but you're SU is accepted... congratulations. I will post a sign up tomorrow, and we will begin... I will still take SU's until all six are taken.

November 20th, 2008, 3:00 PM
So... am I declined or did you not see it? Just wonderin as you didnt say anything.

Zeta Sukuna
November 20th, 2008, 3:08 PM
@Gorgormcgor: It's okay... you're accepted...

November 21st, 2008, 7:25 AM
Can you reserve me? Please....

Sweet Dreams
November 21st, 2008, 1:29 PM
This rp reminds me of the first one I ever joined on PC. Can I reserve as well?


((Ooc: I'd have liked to try my hand once more at being male, but seeing how there was only one other girl...))

Name: Jaw
Species: Mawile
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Personality: Most Pokemon, if asked to describe her in as few words as possible, would probably comment "'She's very sharp'". She had shrewd mind, wit and a cutting tongue that she used often and without thought. Jaw didn't quite care what others thought about her, if they get hurt because they can't take care of themselves, or if she hurt their feelings by merely talking to them. After all, if somebody was stupid enough to be hurt by, or even believing mere sounds, they deserved it. She didn't mean half the things she said, and downright opposed the other half; which is why she took a dislike to anybody who took things at face value. Since most people do, she declared in her mind that most people were gullible idiots. When she needed to, however, she could act completely innocent, sweet-faced and helpful. Heck, she could even act completely hysterical or empty-headed if the occasion called for it.

Jaw did have a streak of mischief in her when she was in a comfortable environment. Doing things like swinging around so that the large, vicious-looking mouth protruding from the back of her head rested inches away from somebody else's face, and yawning, brought delight to the girl. However, in whatever she did, Jaw was lively and even, if you looked closely enough, passionate. She was never half-hearted about what she did or was forced to do, including lying. Or joining a rescue team as a form of community service. One could also say that she had "nerves of steel", or in other words, she was inwardly extremely stubborn.

Appearance: From afar or her right, she looked like any other female Mawile, with, perhaps, an attitude problem, visible in her stance. When viewed from any other direction, her two large scars could be seen. One ran down from under her left "fringe", cutting across the nearest corner of her eye, before it stopped halfway down her steel cheek. The other, rather larger scar, was situated on her large jaw that doubled as a considerably weighty ponytail. It cut down from the left corner of her mouth, cut across the circle, curved back, and ended at the left foremost upper fang near the front of her mouth. This did mean she had a very impressive snarl, though. Also visible when she moved was the fact that, even for a level that was higher than most Mawile her age, her agility was very high for her species, although her defensive stats were below average.

History: Jaw did not sign up to be part of a rescue team of her own free will; after all, why would she? Instead, she had been caught stealing a rather valuable antique. Although she had put up a good fight, they managed to restrain her and she was sentenced to a year of community service via the guild. Because of this, she was the newbie, and people tried to approach her at first. The scars, the stare, the snarl and the tongue soon warned people off. So, she was a quiet, solitary, dark and bitter figure, although she did complete her missions with proficiency.

Before the guild, though, she had grown up an orphan. Her parents had left her on the doorway of an orphanage, as was the custom. Yet, instead of a lady opening the door to find yet another abandoned child and leading them in to a new, entirely legal life, a stranger scooped her up from the doorway. This was an Absol, and became the father-figure in the young girl's life. The Absol had realised that he was growing old, and wanted to leave something - a heritage - behind in this world. He himself had only survived through stealing food, water, and precious items to sell, so he taught the Mawile the tricks of his trade. He died, ten years later, leaving Mawile alone in the world at the age of eleven. She made her own living by putting her skills on hire, finding and stealing specific items for a price. Both scars were gained at the age of twelve, when she was still rather naive and had agreed to let the person hiring her pay after she retrieved the valuable. In the end, a couple of hired goons; a Sandslash and Machoke, roughed her up.

She was stealing for somebody else when she was caught, keeping in mind that the first rule of the job was; tell them who, and very unfortunate events may befall you.

Extras: (Any additional stuff)

RP Sample: Cara scowled to herself as she stepped off the ship, wondering what insanity had convinced her to leave her comfortable, if rather rickety house. Oh yes, her own. Muttering darkly to herself about the consequences of her own actions, she examined the idly floating houses and Pokémon Centre that made up Pacifidlog Town. The wood beneath her rocked gently, forcing Cara to question her footing and walk unsteadily through the doors of the Centre before sliding into a seat. She settled herself and started twisting a highly polished, metal ring on her left index finger.

It was her own fault she ended up in the position she was in, and she knew it. She had announced her “great idea” to her mother just two days ago, on account of her mother losing everything she had on an investment that failed to come through. Her plan had entailed her going off on a kind of journey in an attempt to lessen the bills at home, and pick up odd jobs here and there for some cash - of course, she would have to sort out the means of delivery later. When her mother reluctantly let her go, she jumped on the first boat out of the town, not bothering to check where she was going… And so ending up at the popular get-away that was Pacifidlog.

Resting her elbow on the table, she cupped her chin with her hand and gazed out the window into a seemingly endless, blue sky. She wondered how her mother was doing and if she had a new boyfriend yet. The last one stormed out after her mother tried to cook, ending up with a broken oven and a ghastly burnt-to-a-crisp chicken. Remembering the awful smell that wafted through the neighbourhood that day, she drummed her right fingers on the table. The neighbours weren’t happy, tittering amongst themselves about how some people shouldn’t blow things up and have their partner pay for it to be fixed, and nor should they have children. No wonder the Radcliffe child was such a failure – no proper bringing up. Now, if that girl had been their child, things would be different.

A white cloud drifted by, caught in a breeze and incapable of breaking free. *It’s lucky I’m not a cloud. Even being here, out of all places, and trying to make my way, is better than being back there and having mom struggle to make our way.* Cara leaned back, having being brought back to reality by her thoughts, and stretched. She examined the place because she really had nothing better to do and unhooked several black strings from the flaming wristband on her right arm. Connected to those strings were capsules, their two colours, red and white, separated by a thin line on which rested a small, white button. Holding two in each hand, she pressed this button twice, and the capsules first grew in size before opening, a white light forming into Pokémon in front of her eyes.

Dusk, her Haunter, rubbed the back of a non-existent neck with a ghostly claw, swivelling his head as if some form of muscle were really sore. He never failed to impress upon her how cramped it was in a Pokéball whenever he was let out. Her Manectric, Dazz, swiftly leaped onto the spot beside her, curling into a ball and yawning. Slipping into the seat in front of her and mirroring her earlier position was Glimmer, a female Scizor who played at being hostile. Left on the floor, Atra the Absol simply lay down like one of those mythological sphinxes on the cool, tiled floor.

Cara contemplated deeply about how she was going to get a job in a place like this. Her fingers stretched out to begin worrying the silver ring again. This situation was not so hopeless, however, to cause her to slip on a smile when Nurse Joy came by, and so she coldly declined the offer of food.

November 21st, 2008, 3:01 PM
UNRELATED: Is it okay if I reserve as Snake, the female Lucario? I'll only need to hold a spot until later tonight, and I'll have a full sign-up ready.

Zeta Sukuna
November 21st, 2008, 3:18 PM
I added two slots in.

@Darkly: You are reserved, but here's a tip... post a little longer then you do in Trika's RP, and you will be in this.

@Sweet_Dreams: Me likey your sign up... you are accepted.

@Darkhaven3: You are reserved.

November 21st, 2008, 4:56 PM
NAME: Snake (Lucario)
AGE: 15
GENDER: Female
PERSONALITY: Snake, being brought up a fighter, has always known the cold, sharp edge of the sword and has been trained to play follow the leader, being the true archetype of a very competent, steady combatant. She is resilient and calm in the hottest of battles and understands that she is fallible, usually opting to tactically strategize around a fight rather than run head-first into one. This withstanding, she is cunning, fast-thinking, and downright ruthless when fighting is necessary.

This does not mean that she doesn't know how to be gentle. Her upbringing has also taught her the preciousness of the calm before a storm, and just how much care she must take with the weight of lives she had previously led to ultimate doom. It is a mistake she is sure never to make again, to lead a group of herself, a Linoone, and a Ninetales to what appeared to be absolute death.

Snake cares very little for religion and 'wise tales', being a firm believer in the sciences and logical analysis as opposed to guesswork and divinity nonsense. She is very systematic at times and sometimes void of emotion to others because of this.

APPEARANCE: Given that she is a Lucario, her most distinguishing feature is her sharp, piercing green eyes instead of the usual crimson red; they stand out amidst a cross-pattern of black that cuts through the sonic blue fur of her face. A small scar is scratched into her right cheek, just barely registering amidst the jet-colored fur. A thick coat of banana yellow fur forms a vest about her torso, covering all but a once-very-crooked steel barb, which has since been filed down to a very perfect spike, similar to the ones found on the backs of her paws, which are covered up to the forearm with jet-black fur like the fur markings on her face.

Similarly, stripes of black fur follow her pelvis and shoulders and wrap around her legs, up until just above the knee which is coated by the same sonic blue as her face and biceps. Her long, colorless hair of the same shade as her forearms and legs reaches down to slightly past shoulder level, present in place of the traditional dreadlocks due to being unkempt for so long; and also rather untraditional is the light combat vest strapped around her torso, which is little more than a cloth weave with articulated seams for slightly added protection and light padding. Pockets line the vest, but are mostly empty save for the occasional food item or gummi.

HISTORY: Born (seemingly) in the present day and in the Pokemon realm, but she is actually very unsure about her origins. She seems to have vague recollections of a past life at times, sometimes late at night springing awake, screaming about "the fox girl". Though far from insane, she worries about the loss of memory she has between her birth and her seventh birthday. Thus, being present in the Pokemon Realm at least since then, she has established herself as a very quick worker, making easy work of most Pokemon which stand in her way (in a quiet, assassin-like fashion). She has never failed an assignment yet, and Pokemon that have come between her and an objective are usually never heard from again.

All was dark. Arlene had passed out cold from the sheer force of the electricity screaming through her body...

It was midnight when Arlene woke finally. She remembered little of what had happened, just... The raw fury that flowed through her, the immense hatred for that metal-clad assailant... Whatever he'd done, he would pay. When at first she opened her eyes, it was hard to tell if she had actually lifted her eyelids, due to the immense emptiness of the sky, the unyielding darkness that surrounded her. She couldn't even tell what direction she was facing at first. But once the feeling came back and the jolt returned in her sensitive nerves, she knew immediately. Snow was all around her, and the frigid cold was almost too much for her fur to keep away. She still remained relatively temperate beneath her pretty orange coat, but where exactly she was relative to her previous location was still a mystery.

She stood tenderly, adamant about being absolutely quiet. She did not want to alarm anyone or anything nearby, if an assailant was still near. She skillfully looked around at first, but suddenly, pain overtook her entire body. Her left leg buckled under just her own weight, and her right side went into spasms. She fell into the snow with a feathery "thud", and the blinding agony gripped her senses for a moment... When it subsided, she reached down, checking for abnormalities in her form. Fear drew her into a recessive state of mind as she passed a cold paw over her leg and noted that one part of her thigh was slightly off-angle; she had somehow broken a leg. And from the feeling in her chest, maybe a rib or two.

She forced herself to stand again, and limped a few agonizing paces over to a better vantage point to view her surroundings, clutching her aching side with one paw. She was barely able to stand, but despite the burning pain shooting at her, stabbing her from every direction, licking at her bones... She was still able to overwatch the area and think tactically. Her belongings were huddled up next to someone else's bag, and the person in question was out cold - or dead - in the snow, silent. Sighing, partially from pain, Arlene knew that whoever it was would not survive long without her help. She struggled along the snow path she had created by unintentionally dragging her broken leg through the loose mush, and carefully lowered herself down onto one knee. In the cold night air, the human in front of her would surely die of pneumonia and hypothermia if she didn't do anything.

Biting the immense, unimaginable pain rocking her to the core, the vixen gripped the boy intensely by the clothing and lifted him up onto her shoulders, at the same time dislodging him from the snow, and painfully carried him over to a nearby alcove formed into a rock face that spiked out of the snow. She then angrily fought against her own body to retrieve their bags, doing the best attempt she could to carry all three at once to their new temporary camp. She collapsed nearby suddenly, shocked as her vision became blurred and surreal... The gasping vixen coughed up a considerable amount of blood before regaining her composure and lifting herself up, and continuing to the campsite; where she promptly dropped everything from her shoulders. She was tired, very hungry, and filled to the brim - to the point where she could no longer withstand - with a fiery anguish unlike any she had ever faced.

Once again, unable to face the terrible agony, she doubled over and collapsed in the snow, though still conscious. Her energy spent, she knew that soon she would be far too weak to move. Whatever was wrong with her was very serious, possibly life-threatening. Once again, a dizzy spell overtook her, and she coughed until she expelled bodily fluids. Thankfully, this time, there was less blood. Or was it that she had lost alot already... And she was running out? Fearful, she struggled to stand again, forcing her weight onto her good leg, and shakily called out to the human boy, "Hey...! Get up!"

Zeta Sukuna
November 21st, 2008, 4:59 PM
@Darkhaven3: The history could be a bit longer... but I like it... Accepted.

I will post my sign up later tonight or tomorrow... now that I'm not up to my eyeballs in schoolwork, we can start this thing.

November 21st, 2008, 11:11 PM
i'm looking forward to doing this!!!

I can't wait to start

Zeta Sukuna
November 22nd, 2008, 3:23 PM
(ooc: I finally got a chance to do this... Chapter 1 is coming soon. My character will not be introduced for a while, so you have a chance to do your missions, I will still be reading.)

Name: Keio
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Keio is not the best pokemon to be around, as he is a little mean and controlling. But at times, he can be nice... especially to the Guildmaster. To new recruits, Keio is really harsh on them, but he views it as to help them grow up and get serious. Keio hates Mesprit for what she did to him last time they met.

Keio is a leader type, and can form up plans in the heat of battle or ambush, but also has absolutely zero sense of direction, he will get lost almost anywhere, and needs help from his comrades to find his way through. Religon is not Keio's favorite thing... Keio is athiest and doesn't believe in Arceus, but others have told him that he was wrong. All he really wants to do is to be a sucessful adventurer.

Appearance: Keio is a Raichu, and has orange fur with three lines of brown fur in the back, and yellow cheek dots... but that's where the similarities end... On Keio's paws is blue fur, and his tail is really long, and has a black line across the edge of it. His left ear has a bite mark from his first ever mission when he fought a Poochyena, and got overconfident.

Keio also wears a backpack to carry all of the items inside, and it has helped and hindered him many times, as it could hold more then the case does, but pokemon have stolen from it.

History: Keio was born from two Raichu's who lived in Treasure Town, and had a good life... until they went to explore the Northern Desert, as a weird idea of a vacation... as Keio's parents were sort of daredevils. Rei ended up falling into quicksand, and fell to the lake in the middle of the desert. Mesprit thought Keio was an intruder and attacked him, but before he was killed, his parents came in and fought off Mesprit, but the will to protect drove both parties to fight hard... but since Mesprit was a legendary pokemon, she easily overpowered them. Suddenly a team of Explorers came in and held off Mesprit, allowing them to get away.

Since that point in time, Keio wanted to be an explorer, to gain the strength of the group of explorers that saved his life, so he asked his dad to teach him how to fight. Keio's dad agreed and trained his son who soon after evolved into a Pikachu. Now he was ready to be in a team of Explorers, and signed up, before having to train for three months on combat skills. Soon enough, he was able to go on his first mission... to rescue a sunkern from a pack of Outlaw Poochyena. Keio and a partner... a Tyrogue went out to fight, but it soon turned out to be a disaster... the Tyrogue partner was killed in an ambush, made by the leader and two followers. Rei fought and defeated the leader and a follower, but the other Poochyena was able to bite through his ear, but in the end, Keio was able to win.

Now on his third mission, he recieved a Thunderstone and evolved into a Raichu, and gained a lot of power... after that mission, the rest were easier then they would've been if he hadn't found that thunderstone. Soon enough, he became a semi- famous explorer, but his parents soon passed away, from old age... now he is a powerful member of the guild.

Extras: Nothing really...
RP Sample: (From GhostPrincess' RP: Goddess of Happiness)

Andy limped closer and closer, arguing with Alex about some random things. "Well, you were the one to bring the rabid Beedrill on us!" Yelled Andy as he remembered the intense pain he recieved that day.

"Oh, yeah? Well you weren't able to beat that high-pitched hunter until a girl beat him up!" Yelled Alex, as the Electrike knew he had this in the bag. "Now, I am going to gloat when we get there!... Whoa, what are those?" Andrew looked over and saw ten creatures that looked like some kind of insect. The hellspawn dashed at the two, but Andy grabbed Alex and jumped away before striking thrice with his wind blade, but the beast was not harmed too much, as the attack was weak.

"Air Cutter!" Yelled Andrew as he waved his hands around the hellspawn, suddenly the air started cutting it, but it was not strong enough to hurt it too badly, and it jumped up before ramming into Andy, but Alex took the chance to run on the creature and electrocute it, hurting it, but not too much, as the creature grabbed Alex and tossed him to the ground, but at that point Andrew grabbed the monster and held it so that it's head was towards the ground, and smashed it's head into the ground, 'killing' the monster. "Phew, that wasn't too bad."

"Umm... I'd take a second look at the monster." Said Alex running up to Andrew in panic. The falcon morph turned around and saw the monster, as if it wasn't even too hurt. The monster clicked it's teeth, before launching needles from it's mouth, all of them hitting Andrew's arm, and poisoning him.

"Urgh, I hate this so much." Said Andrew as he grabbed his arm, and fired a small wind attack, allowing the poison which hasn't spread out of the area, to flow out, along with his blood. "This is the end!" And Andrew used the rest of his energy to make a giant wind blade, and sliced through the monster, and doing some damage to another one. The second monster, and a third then surrounded Andrew, who fell to the ground, exhausted. "I fought too much, I'm too tired to move."

"Andrew!" Yelled Alex as he fired a Thunder, killing the weak hellspawn. "No, this can't be happening." Alex stepped back, as the third monster started walking up to the two. "Th- there's no way we can win!" The monster grabbed Alex and slammed him into a building. "If it wasn't for Marcus, we'd be able to really fight."

"Grr... We still have to try." Said Andrew as he got up, and grabbed a stick. "I can still fight!" And with that, Andrew charged at the monster, before getting hit back by the tail. "Aahhh!" And Andrew went down, but wasn't out.

"Andy, don't get up!" Yelled Alex before firing a thunderbolt, repelling the monster, causing it to drop the Electrike. Alex ran to his friend and tried to get him to run away, as the monster was way too powerful at this point. "I don't think we could kill this monster even at full power. The first one was killed fairly, we got lucky for the second one, as you were barely aiming your attack, but we can't do it."

"N-nonsense, I admit we were lucky to get this far, but we can finish this one off, but we need a plan." Said Andy as he looked at the beast. "It's relatively stupid, so I will distract it, while you charge up the strongest Thunder you ever fired, then hit the monster."

"But, there's no way that would work!" Protested Alex, but Andrew walked up to the monster, rather slowly, so Alex just started charging power. "I just hope this works..." Andrew limped up to the monster, but since even Andy has limits, he fell unconscious, as it was a miracle he didn't fall unconscious earlier. "Of course that happens!" The monster then targets Alex and fires the needles, but the Electrike fired the attack, destroying the needles, and going in the mouth, tearing it's insides up, killing it. "Whoa, that was pure luck th-" Said Alex before falling unconscious.

Chapter 1: The Beginning!

One Post!

In this Chapter you walk to the guild and pick a mission from the board. The next chapter, you will be doing the mission!

Mission 1: A gang of Magmar has been robbing our village for a long time... we need help badly! (3 person mission)

Mission 2: There is a swarm of Beedrill attacking us! Help! (2 person Mission)

Mission 3: We're hunting for a legendary Ghost named Rotom, we need help to find this beast and to battle it. (2 person mission)

RPers, decide who will go where, as all three of these missions are important. Oh, and all of you are considered Level 5, even if you are evolved forms... I mean, in MD1 there was a level 5 Gardevoir! I hope this is okay. (I'd be considered as Level whatever you guys are around in Chapter 3.)

Wolf in the Rain
November 22nd, 2008, 5:35 PM
As the sun rose above the trees, a beam of light shined through the guild's window, hitting Volt in the face. Volt put a paw in front of his eye's as he got up to block the sun, and proceeded to head to the tub of water in the corner of the room. Once there, he dipped his head in the water, instantly waking him up and wetting down the fur on his head. After shaking his head to get the water off, Volt grabbed the blue bandanna next to the tub and tried it around his neck before heading off to the main room.

When Volt entered the guild's main room, he had expected a lot more Pokemon to be there. Still, it was pretty early in the morning, and Volt assumed that most Pokemon needed time to get to the guild. He then headed to the board and saw that there were three missions posted, but one in particular caught his eye.

It read as followed: A gang of Magmar has been robbing our village for a long time... we need help badly!

Looking at where the village was, this mission would take a day or two. But the fact that it allowed for three people meant that the team could have more strategy to it. Taking the paper off the board, Volt saw Coby fly by, probably to consult the trainies of the guild.

As he flew by, Volt asked "Hey Coby, mind if I take this mission?"

"Mmm...Yea... sure...." the Crobat mumbled as he flew by.

Volt did all he could to hold in a laugh. Since Crobat was usually a nocturnal Pokemon, Coby always had a slow start in the morning. Even when Volt was little, he remembered that every morning, Coby looked like he was run over by a herd of Donphan.

Volt walked over to the center of the room, and at the top of his lungs yelled "HEY! Anyone wanna go on a mission?!"

Sweet Dreams
November 22nd, 2008, 10:01 PM
((Ooc: Hope this is okay...))

She had awoken several hours before dawn; a habit that was much harder to drop than it sounded. Lying there in darkness waiting for the sunrise, Jaw could only blame herself for ending up in this position. She had tried to do three missions in a single night. The first two were carried out without a hitch, the night was still young - or morning, whichever, and the house was nearby. She had grown overconfident, and it ended up with her being forced into some guild where teams go off and rescue other Pokemon. Could there be a worse place for her?

Finally, she deemed it late enough to get up. Making sure that the small stash of others' possessions was well hidden; spontaneously stealing things that may come in handy being another hard-to-kick habit, she headed towards the board and scanned the missions available. One of the perks of her situation was that she lived in the guild to ensure she didn't run away, so all she had to do was walk into the next room. Some excitable Pikachu stood in the centre of the room, raising its voice to ask if anybody wanted to go with it on a mission. One of the notices pinned up caught her eye, causing her to smirk. It was titled: "A gang of Magmar has been robbing our village for a long time... we need help badly!" How ironic, Jaw mused, deciding to take the mission for the sheer hilarity of it all. A first-class thief being forced to go and catch a lowly gang who probably don't even now the meaning of the word. However, the prospect of possibly working with two sincere, honourable and, above all, naive Pokemon was not pretty. Possibly working with, and possibly sincere and naive.

Jaw gnashed the two thorns protruding from the back of her head in irritation, unintentionally causing a passing oddish to almost wet itself. It squealed and ran off, crying instead. Sneering in disdain, she silently walked up behind a Crobat, who also just happened to be the guild master, and tapped him on the purple wing. The male almost jumped out of his skin. Being a bat, his hearing was usually phenomenal, although, since he was drifting off to sleep, her having had a lot of practice, and other Pokemon masking the sounds that a steel foot made, he hadn't heard her.

'Is this mission full?' Jaw asked coolly. She actually hoped it wasn't, because the others didn't even interest her at all.

'Ah... Volt already took the mission. You should ask...' he yawned, reverting back to sleepiness after the brief shock.

'Volt.' She stated coldly. 'I'm assuming "Volt" is the idiotic male Pikachu, correct?' Just her luck. Not only did the yellow Pokemon seem like the sincere, naive type, he was also unaccountably eager. Boy scouts material.

'Well, now, I don't approve of calling would-be future team-mates "idiotic and..."' Coby tried to stifle another yawn.

'I thought that you told me when I... joined, that I should at least try to be honest here. Well, I'm being honest,' Jaw rolled her scarlet eyes, taking care to emphasise the word "joined".

'No, you're not - where are you going? I haven't finished talking to you!' The Crobat shouted, flustered as the Mawile just walked away in the middle of his speech.

'Well I have,' she said.

Coby stared half-sleepily at her before exclaiming, 'No dinner after the mission, you hear? Room confinement, too,' he added, miffed.

Jaw just approached the Pikachu calmly. 'Sign me up... before I change my mind,' she muttered the last bit under her breath.

Like she had numerous times before, she entertained the notion of escaping in the middle of a mission before dismissing it. She would just be hunted by some rescue team or other, and she couldn't run from them forever. When she got caught, she would really be sent to prison or some kind of rehab facility to "cure" her of her tendency to thieve.

November 23rd, 2008, 6:15 AM
Waking up, Dante stared at the ceiling for a while. He had been doing this a lot lately, because every mission that he did seemed to spark some sort of feeling in him which he didn't quite understand. Looking outside, he noticed the sun hadn't even fully risen yet, and only a few lush, golden rays lighted up the landscape outside.

Realising that sitting here thinking wasn't getting anything done, he got up, and began to stretch his legs, his cartilage clicking as he did. Gathering up all the stuff that he requires for a rescue mission, such as reviver seeds, gravelrocks and oran berries, he went outside, the sun further risen and its rays lighting up his glossy, golden fur, which he does his best to keep in a pristine condition.

Going to the notice board, a Pikachu was shouting about a rescue mission near it, something about a gang of Magmar ransacking an entire villiage many times. This mission was also on the notice board, and it caught Dante's eye quickly, as it seemed to have been quite a desperate plea.

Approaching the Pikachu, who seemed to be known as Volt, Dante asked,

"Is there still any places free in this mission?"

"Sure, there is!" Volt replied, "You wanna join?"

"Yeah i will. These pokemon seem desperate for help!" Dante said.

"Ok, well if you just sign here."

After Dante had signed, a Pokemon named Jaw approached the guild leader, who is known as Coby the Crobat, and shocked him out of his skin by tapping his shoulder when he was half asleep.

Dante walked off, happy in the knowledge that he could satisfy his addiction to adrenaline with this rescue mission, but he did not trust that Pokemon Jaw. She just seemed too shifty for his liking.

Zeta Sukuna
November 23rd, 2008, 9:40 AM
@everyone: All of your posts are pretty good... I'm impressed. When a second mission is taken I will start Chapter 2... either that, or tonight.

November 23rd, 2008, 10:00 AM
"You were nervous," an average-height Sableye took note of as herself and a taller Lucario continued their brisk pace towards the central guild room, within which was the all-knowing Notice Board. From here was where Snake had spent most of her teenage (and pre-teen) life through accepting daring rescue missions that at the time seemed far out of her grasp of accomplishing alone, and yet, she had always succeeded. It always brought back memories of her first assignment to view the Notice Board, no matter how many times she found herself standing before it, expecting it to divulge some secret about her childhood.

"I never do well in the drills," Snake noted as the two stopped before the large corkboard display. As she was somewhat tall for her species at about four feet and two inches, she had to stoop slightly to read each announcement in full clarity. Miscellaneous 'escort' assignment notices were posted in haphazard misalignment all over the board and maps and detailed listings of nearby regions were lined up carefully near the edges of the display. Among them, however, three in particular caught her eye - they were written in a cryptic sort of dishevelled handwriting, in red ink, denoting some sort of urgency. The edges of the tattered parchment had been scratched and frayed, as if they had been gotten to the Notice Board without a moment to spare. The air of these three papers stuck to the board stuck out like polkadots amidst the sea of other useless drivel not worth her time.

"See anything good?" Judas, the Sableye, questioned. She had that note of 'I know what you're going to say already' in her voice, one that Snake picked up on immediately. Judas had also spotted the foreboding scrawl of mashed-together red letters amidst those that looked far less important.

The strange text seemed to make Snake quiver ever so slightly in her combat vest, but it was a feeling she quickly shut out and shook away. She turned to face her friend, and nodded. "I think I'll be taking-" she began, reaching for one mentioning a gang of Magmar ransacking a village nearby, but was cut short by the small, shrill voice of a Pikachu. Snake had to lower her ears to protect the small bones of her inner ears from his almost girlish voice. She shook her head, and turned her attention back to the Notice Board. After a brief perusal of the remaining two messages, she decided on the more peculiar sounding one... Which offered two people the chance to help find and extinguish Rotom. Grinning inwardly, Snake picked the letter off of the corkboard and looked it over once more before raising it to the air. With a certain inexplicable calmness in her voice, she called, "Going to find and kill Rotom, who's in?"

Zeta Sukuna
November 23rd, 2008, 5:20 PM
Okay... like I said earlier... here's chapter 2... you have to have a mission full before posting in it though.

Chapter 2: The Three Missions!!

3 Posts

Ignore the recruit rate: You will not be able to recruit until after Chapter 3

Magmar Mission takers read here!

You have to defeat the Magmar who have taken a base in a distant town... you have to go through the Unknown Forest before fighting the Magmar.

Here are the enemies:

Unknown Forest (2 posts)

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/fd/Spr_4d_265.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_265.png)
Levels: 3-5
Type: Bug
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 50%
Encounter Rate: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/1/1c/Spr_4d_268.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_268.png)
Level: 6
Type: Bug
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 23%
Encounter Rate: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/67/266.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:266.png)
Level: 6
Type: Bug
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 17%
Encounter Rate: Uncommon

Magmar (Scout)
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d0/Spr_4p_126.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_126.png)
Level: 8
Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Recruit Rate: 0%
Encounter Rate: Two

Hidden Village
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http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d0/Spr_4p_126.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_126.png)
Level: 7-9----- Leader Level: 10
Type: Fire----- Leader Type: Fire
Gender: Either----- Leader Gender: Male
Recruit Rate: 0%----- Leader Recruit Rate: -100%
Encounter Rate: Common----- Leader Encounter Rate: One

Beedrill Mission Look Here!

You have to save a couple of pokemon in Apple Forest from meeting their fate by three Beedrill.

Here are the enemies:
Apple Forest (Normal Enemies)

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/fd/Spr_4d_265.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_265.png)
Levels: 3-5
Type: Bug
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 50%
Encounter Rate: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/1/1c/Spr_4d_268.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_268.png)
Level: 6
Type: Bug
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 23%
Encounter Rate: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/67/266.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:266.png)
Level: 6
Type: Bug
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 17%
Encounter Rate: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/90/Spr_4d_014.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_014.png)
Level: 6
Type: Bug
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 0%
Encounter Rate: Uncommon

Apple Forest (Event Enemy)

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d9/Spr_4d_015.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_015.png)
Level: 10 each
Type: Bug/Flying each
Gender: All Female
Recruit Rate: -100%
Encounter Rate: 3

Rotom Mission goers read here!

This mission requires you to go to the Mansion and Meet your contact. He will assist you on fighting Rotom and it's ghost minions. Beware, as it can change it's form at will.


Andrew (Gengar)
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/33/Spr_4d_094.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_094.png)
Level: 7
Type: Ghost/Poison
Gender: Male
Recruit Rate: Temporary Ally
Encounter Rate: Temporary Ally

Mansion (Normal Enemies)

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9e/093.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:093.png)
Level: 5-7
Type: Ghost/Poison
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 13%
Encounter Rate: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d6/Spr_4p_200.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_200.png)
Level: 4-6
Type: Ghost
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 10%
Encounter Rate: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f9/353.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:353.png)
Level: 8
Type: Ghost
Gender: Either
Recruit Rate: 0%
Encounter Rate: Common

Mansion (Event Enemy)

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/e5/Spr_4p_479.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_479.png)http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/e5/Spr_4p_479O.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_479O.png)http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/a/a4/Spr_4p_479W.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_479W.png)
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/7/7c/Spr_4p_479R.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_479R.png)http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9e/Spr_4p_479F.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_479F.png)http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/61/Spr_4p_479L.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_479L.png)

Level: 12
Type: Ghost/Electric
Gender: None
Recruit Rate: -100%
Encounter Rate: One

These are your missions... you will gain levels during them... Be careful, and watch your back.

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November 23rd, 2008, 8:44 PM
((OOC: I hope this is, you know, barely acceptable.))

It was a bright and sunny day, Lopunny were frolicking with their Buneary friends while sleeping Volbeat rested upon the soft, dewy grass. Among these relaxed, blissful pokemon was Clare - a panicked female Alakazam who appeared to have lost her spoons. As embarrassing as it would be for an individual who happened to be of the psychic type, she bravely approached an Eevee, who she had spotted absent-mindedly gnawing on an oran berry.

"Um, 'scuse me, but have you like, seen any small items of cutlery by any chance?" Clare pleaded for an answer, crouching to bring her short snout to the level of the smaller pokemon's. It was quite an unusual scene, with a four-foot-tall fox asking a smaller vulpine creature for the directions to her own possessions. Understandably, Eevee appeared to be somewhat suspicious of the Alakazam.

The little normal-type pokemon took one look at the psychic, struck her with a quick attack and dashed off as fast as it could. To add insult to injury, the psi pokemon had been rendered unconscious by a scratch from a weak little unevolved creature.

It took her a good four hours to at last regain consciousness, after which she groggily heaved herself into an upright position with a great deal of telekinetic force. Stroking her lengthy whiskers, she examined her surroundings, later closing her eyes in order to utilize her sense of smell. Sensing the presence of other pokemon, she found it to be pure common sense to teleport before she could sustain any more damage.

As to where she teleported to, however, it was now known that she didn't exactly have the best taste in hiding places for she had now found herself in the midst of an alleyway brawl between a group of Machoke and Toxicroak. Although she was quite capable of single-handedly putting this fight to an end, her misguided conscience urged her to teleport to safety, which she did. Clare, exhausted and exasperated, was now back where she started. Setting herself down under a nearby tree, she pondered a solution to her current problem which involved missing cutlery. After a good long think, she at last managed to dig up from the very crypt of her mind a grim realization.

The explorer's guild, which she was currently part of, had a kitchen among its many facilities. From that kitchen, she had borrowed many a spoon, each one she had either lost or broken. Trying to swallow this thought, she rose to her feet, closed her eyes and struck the claw upon the hind toe of her right foot against its counterpart on her left foot.

"There's no place like home... There's no place like home..." A la Wizard of Oz, the psychic had utilized what little power she had to warp herself to the guild's main hall. Just her luck it shall be that she had teleported straight into a Pikachu's cry with her snout practically between the jaws of a Mawile. Though it was far from wise to do so, Clare released a shrill scream before frantically warping from corner to corner, her frail, furry body shivering in fright.

At last, mercifully, after five minutes of screaming and warping about, some degree of reason returned and Clare was back on her feet, standing in front of Coby, the Crobat who led the guild. Giving a sheepish grin, she slowly approached him.

"Hehe... Um, this might seem somewhat out of the blue, but can I like, borrow a couple of spoons?"

Giving her the dirtiest look a pokemon can give, a tired-looking Coby fluttered down to meet her level.

"Don't tell me you've... lost the last pair already..." Drawing a long, deep yawn the Crobat rested his large, purple blob of a body onto a perch.

"...But since you, as an Alakazam, require those spoons to function you may have as many as you need." Yawning once more, the flying-type waved a wing in a mockery of a shooing gesture, to which Clare responded by curtseying, then dematerializing. Relieved that she hadn't tried to drown him in her saliva as she had done many times before, the guild leader gave a sigh, then shifted his focus onto staying awake for the purpose of keeping his guild in order.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen where a Charizard prepared a batch of hot chocolate, Clare by means of telekinesis slipped into her hands a pair of spoons, then warped herself out of the room as quickly as possible lest she be attacked. Reinvigorated, she made her way over to the noticeboard. Now by what had happened earlier that day, she wasn't exactly in the mood to be sent on a mission whatever the priority. However, that didn't stop her from being somewhat curious about what the missions happened to be.

"Uhh... Eek. This seems kinda scary."

A high degree of curiosity mixed with a timid nature can prove to be a dangerous combination. For the mental health of the individual which happens to possess both traits, of course. Especially when they are as easily frightened as this particular Alakazam was. It was quite understandable why a glass-cannon of a pokemon such as herself would be reluctant to throw herself into any of the situation described upon the noticeboard, of course, as Beedrill are primary bug-types, which would make mincemeat out of an unsuspecting psychic. Of course, she wasn't too keen on doing any of these though since she had been eating a hole in the budget by losing and damaging a great deal of the guild's silverware, she thought it to be the least she could do. With her slanted eyes as wide as they could open, Clare appeared to fall into a trance as she stared at the letter with the blaring red text amongst personal ads and pithy complaints about the attitude of certain guild members. This trance was later broken by the voice of a female Lucario.

"Going to find and kill Rotom, who's in?" The Lucario, who Clare recognized as 'Snake', had a strange calmness to her voice as she casually mentioned snuffing the cute electric-type.

Clare, being the ditz she was, decided that she would flap her jaw and in the process make a complete fool of herself in front of the other guild members.

"Kill Rotom? But Rotom is like, so cute!" Clutching her spoons, the diminutive Alakazam levitated ever so slightly to meet the level of the oddly tall Lucario. "Anyways, sign me up - I'm not afraid of ghosts."

Many of the pokemon who happened to be within earshot stared at the floating psychic. Clare was known to be afraid of most things, often running from things she could easily defeat. However, when it came to ghost types she appeared to be oddly comfortable around them, despite the fact that they could easily take her life without the slightest effort.

Zeta Sukuna
November 23rd, 2008, 8:59 PM

being the ditz she was, decided that she would flap her jaw and in the process make a complete fool of herself in front of the other guild members.

That is funny... I like your post.

November 24th, 2008, 1:09 PM
Lashe was abruptly awoken by the sound of his roomate Sal the Persian. Sal was a fun spirited cat, but was very annoying at times.

"Do you mind?" Lashe said angrily. He squirmed up and stared down the culprit.

"It doesnt matter anyway," Sal said "you had to get up in an hour."

"Well you do too." Lashe snapped back. Lashe really knew Sal would just take the day off, being the lazy person he was. "Im gonna head out, I guess" Lashe sighed.

Lashe's bidy slowly expanded taking the physical form of a Scizor. His body then turned the metallic red color. He stretched as his body hovered off the ground, and then he sped out the door. He felt sort of cranky after his morning alarm so he decided he'd relax for awhile until it was time to pick a mission. It didn't matter though, he knew eventually his eager spirit would come over him and he would be unable to help himself. He scoured the board looking for an interesting mission. A Beedrill attack?

"That could be fun" Lashe whispered to himself. He looked left then right and pulled the flyer down. Then buzzed around the guilds ceiling.

"Anyone wanna head Beedrill huntin' "He said in a redneck voice. He giggled to himself and looked around..

PS: I hope Darkly posts his SU soon because I really wanna start.

Wolf in the Rain
November 24th, 2008, 1:27 PM
Volt sighed as him and his squad walked to the Unknown Forest, as the Pokemon around here liked to call it. So far, all the Mawile, Jaw, had done was made comments about Dante and Volt. Volt hadn't even known the Mawile for five minutes and he had already been called incompetent and idiotic about ten times. It had been like that for the last hour as well. As for Dante, Volt knew from past experience that the Luxray never obeyed orders. Volt sighed again "Damn, it's gunna be a long mission..."

As they approached the forest, Volt realized that it was going to take at least a day to get through the forest. At least the town was right on the other side...

"Ok" he said to the squad " This forest is known to have many clearings, as well as many narrow areas. In the clearings, we split up, in the narrow areas, have someone in the lead and someone watching our backs. If we caught up in too many fights, head for a narrow passway where you can fight one at a time. Besides that, stick together, and don't attack something unless it attacks you first. Anything to add?"

November 24th, 2008, 4:09 PM
Setting off on the mission with his teamates, Volt and Jaw, Dante was at unease, because of the comments jaw was making about her fellow peers. It was not even 5 minutes before Volt and Dante were called idiotic and imcompetent more than 10 times.
"That Mawile is not to be trusted," he thought.

Dante liked to do things his own way, and he was not happy about being insulted by a Mawile, and ordered by a Pikachu. He knew that he would ignore his orders, or bend them, one way or another. He just didn't like being on the sidelines. He liked to be the main event, the star of the show, the big cheese etc.

Approaching the forest, Dante felt the familiar rush of adrenaline that he craved so much, as Volt briefed them on their strategy, and how they should co-operate once within the forest. Dante only half listened, because his mind was too focused on doing the mission as fast as possible, and getting onto a more exciting one.

Dante calculated the distance between the edge of the forest and the town, and concluded that it would take no more than a day to pass through, which he was more than eager to do.

"This is gonna be another thrill ride!" Dante murmered to himself....

Sweet Dreams
November 24th, 2008, 8:47 PM
'No, sir,' Jaw said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. If she had gone alone, she would've travelled via the trees. It was faster, and didn't hold as many dangerous Pokemon. It was obvious that the two didn't like her, let alone trust her. She'd been in the rescue team long enough to know that the Luxray was legendary for disobeying orders. And he didn't trust her? What a hypocrite. As far as she could tell, the guild was much too light on him, kissing his forehead and leading him to bed by the hand, exclaiming over how dangerous his actions had been. If he had done that on one of her kind of missions, he would probably find himself tied to the tracks and looking on the wrong side of a speeding train, so to speak. The guild was just full of pampered brats. Then Jaw smiled to herself. Fine, she would stop giving them such a hard time and do exactly as they said. She just wouldn't do anything that they didn't say, and watch them trip over themselves in confusion and suspicion at her change in attitude. Now that would be hilarious.

She rearranged her expression so that it radiated nothing but sweet sincerity. 'Listen, I'm sorry,' she told them, giving a heartfelt sigh. 'I know I've been lurking around being rude ever since I came to the guild. I didn't mean to call you names.' She knew that she hadn't pulled this act in the presence of any one of the guild members before, so they would probably be extremely nervous. 'It's just...' tears started filling her eyes and she took a deep breath, wondering which story to feed them. 'I... my brother, he... two months ago, my brother was killed during a freak landslide. He died of suffocation.' Jaw closed her eyes, seemingly choking on memories. She laughed inside at the expressions on their faces. Shock.

'I hadn't been able to talk about it to anyone, but... I feel much better after sharing it with someone. I mean, I hardly know you, but... I can sense you're good people.' Jaw said without a trace of dishonesty on her face. Yeah, right. I sense two judgemental, sheltered, egoistical males. "Good people" my thorns. She thought underneath her tearful mask.

November 25th, 2008, 2:09 PM
Looking in the eyes of a prospective teammate, Snake studied Clare's glazed, oblivious pupils with a kind of mentoring sharpness, being careful not to prejudge the Alakazam's offering. Snake tended to be the very first Pokemon, by instinct, to call out another Pokemon for their more obvious flaws, viewing her potential comrades as either assets or liabilities. Black or white. This situation was a little different though... Rotom was something she was not about to face without any backup. A compitent ally was a plus, but she really needed anyone at all that appeared to be about her level of expertise.

Snake cocked a brow, scanning the Alakazam mentally. Her big green eyes locked with Clare's for a moment, until apparently the Lucario had discovered something. Snaking out one paw quickly between them in an offered handshake, she couldn't keep from sniggering at the timid way Clare returned the gesture and shook her hand.

"Clare, is it?" Snake asked quite simply, straightening her combat vest out a bit. She'd seen the Alakazam before, conversing with an Eevee some time earlier while she and Judas were on their way to an open field to spar. There was a moment of silence before Clare responded with a simple "Yep". This prompted Snake to give a glance to Judas for approval, who nodded in response.

"Great. Welcome aboard. We're heading to the Mansion nearby; a Gengar named Andrew will meet us there, if he's true to his word. I don't know about you, but I don't trust Gengars," Snake broke down the mission quite simply, patting down her pockets to be sure she had what she needed for the assignment. Satisfied with her self-pat-down, she nodded to Clare and looked over the scribbled message she'd taken down from the notice board, then glanced over the accompanying map. A scrawled path was drawn on top of a previously drawn layout, showing how to get from the edge of the small town nearby to the Mansion in question. It didn't seem like an especially long journey, Snake reasoned, guessing at around a mile and a half of walking or so.

As she'd proportioned, they reached the Mansion about thirty minutes later, with Snake insisting that Judas accompany them - but Judas was very picky and refused to follow the two into the Mansion. She seemed to have a strong dislike for Electric Pokemon of any form, and usually preferred to avoid battles with them at whatever cost necessary. It was a strange quirk about her friend that Snake never fully understood - or for that matter, the inverse fearlessness that Clare showed by bravely accepting a mission that could very well be the end of her if the Rotom in question was powerful enough. This was not classed as a difficult mission, however, and Snake somehow felt it best not to treat it as bigger than it likely was.

Autopsy: Service For A Vacant Coffin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56jqvx9Qnq8) (first 0:40)

Stepping foot inside the Mansion gave Snake a much different feeling about the mission, quite suddenly. Slaughtered remains not present to accompany them, ghosts of charred, fried Pokemon lingered in the air, barely present as they drifted from wall to wall; and typical Ghost-type Pokemon slid into focus from left and right, floating aimlessly from room to room, every now and then locking a piercing stare on Snake and Clare. From the shadows, a midrange, calm voice spoke from nearby.

"You've made it. Excellent! What's your names?"

(Sorry it's a little lame. I'm rather tired and busy.)

Zeta Sukuna
November 26th, 2008, 8:00 PM
@Darkhaven3: A nice start to the mission, that's how I would've done it... except much different XD. Anyway, good job.

December 2nd, 2008, 6:40 AM
((OOC: Gah... Sorry I haven't been on, I've been a little preoccupied with school and all...))

Snake studied Clare closely, until at last she extended a spiked black paw towards her. Clare, being as jumpy as she was crossed her spoons in preparation for an attack, much to the Lucario's amusement. It was rather obvious that she had offered her paw to the Alakazam in order to commence a handshake. Embarrassed, Clare utilized the power of telekinesis in order to suspend one of her spoons in the air before her before shakily placing her right hand into Snake's waiting paw. Being the brittle creature she was, the handshake almost broke Clare's braced arm.

"Clare, is it?" The Lucario asked, raising its equivalent of an eyebrow.

It was a good five seconds before the usually speedy Alakazam at last came up with a response.

"...Yep." Clare smiled sweetly, though Snake didn't see this for she had glanced over to a nearby Sableye who nodded to her. Once again, the Lucario turned to face Clare, this time with a slight smile upon her face.
"Great. Welcome aboard. We're heading to the Mansion nearby; a Gengar named Andrew will meet us there, if he's true to his word. I don't know about you, but I don't trust Gengars,"

While Snake proceeded to check her pockets, Clare brought her left hand towards her face, placing the spoon it clutched against the underside of her snout. "Umm, I don't see anything wrong with Gengars. Well I don't know where this mansion is exactly, so I can't teleport us there. Sorry."

This only elicited a grunt and a nod from the aura pokemon, who then pulled a piece of paper from one of her many pockets. This piece of paper, as it turned out, was a map which was to lead them to the mansion. With that, she, Clare and the Sableye were off.

After around thirty minutes of the Lucario trying to convince the Sableye to help with what was supposed to be a two-pokemon mission and Clare whining about how long it was taking, the trio of females had at last reached their destination. Sableye refused to enter while Clare coolly strode through the front doors of the grand old house after her Lucario teammate. Ghosts of deceased pokemon floated through the air along with ghost-type pokemon, some of which gave the pair the occasional dirty look, much to Clare's disdain.

Before she could shake her spoon-clutching fist, a calm, male voice resonated through the hallways.
"You've made it. Excellent! What's your names?"

Startled, Clare looked around frantically for the source of said voice before her eyes at last met the floor, where she noticed that a nearby statue cast two shadows. As if on cue, a Gengar rose from one of those shadows, his species' signature sinister grin spread across his featureless purple face. By now, Clare was already beginning to have second thoughts about the mission.

To make sure the sole male of the three didn't hear the hurtful comment she was ever so tempted to make, Clare decided to communicate her thoughts towards Snake by telepathy. 'You're right - that Gengar does seem kind of dodgy. Don't worry, if worst comes to worst, I know what to do.'

Turning back to face Gengar, she inched along her blunt-featured face a vacant, obviously feigned smile to match the vacuous void behind her oriental ebony eyes. For effect, her head found itself tilted onto the side with blond cascading whiskers falling upon her waist.
"You must be, um, Andrew? Yeah... Well, she's Snake and I'm Clare." Giving a slight giggle, she absent-mindedly twirled her right set of whiskers with the spoon she held in the respective hand.

"That's me! - Nice to meet you, Snake and... Clare." The last word of his last sentence was delivered with a tone of pure disdain. Had Andrew possessed a nose upon his face, he would have wrinkled it to show his disgust towards the shockingly stupid Alakazam. However, he later shrugged that chip off his nonexistant shoulder for the leader of gold-class team ACT was also an Alakazam. Unfortunately, he was unable to shake the fact that the particular Alakazam who stood at a stumpy four-foot before him appeared to be the kind who could very well be incapable of spelling her own name. After scanning over the two females once more, he nodded, then with a Gengar's grin and a stubby purple finger beckoned them to follow him towards the foot of the mansion's spiral staircase.

"Now let's look for that Rotom character, shall we? I heard he likes to hang around in things like TVs, fridges... electronic devices." He explained, as if Snake and Clare didn't already know beforehand. Following a long pause, Andrew gestured towards the staircase, his voice tainted with a tinge of anxiety. "Err, ladies first..."

Zeta Sukuna
December 15th, 2008, 6:23 PM
@Gardevoyeurism: Yeah, I'm having trouble with school too, 'tis why I haven't done anything with this.

ALL: The post limit is now non-existant... it was a stupid idea in the first place.