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November 15th, 2008, 9:35 PM
These are just a few love poems I wrote out of boredom...

A Love, Undecided

You stand there, still
My loves screams loud
I can’t stand the thrill
But your eyes, disallowed

I creep ever closer
You quick step back
My hand on your shoulder
Makes your heart crack

A tear rolls down
My fingers slip away
A deep solemn frown
And I’m gone for the day

This one is about a girl who doesn't know if she is in love with a boy. But, the boy keeps trying.

The Walls Keep Secrets

The window is open
A draft blows through
But you’re still asleep
So the call, misused

I approach with caution
Hoping you don’t stir
Perched on the nightstand
Your dreams, a blur

Slowly you move
So I look alive
The air grows cold
I must take a dive

You don’t even notice
As I swoop down low
Still lost in your mind
Like the wind does blow

You didn’t know
So away, I take flight
The walls keep secrets
I was there that night

This one is a bit more strange, it's about a crow that has fallen in love with a young woman. The woman doesn't even know the bird exists, but he visits her every night.

A Moment of Pain, a Lifetime of Love

The moon is full
And stars dot the night
Your hair, it’s perfect
And your eyes, sparkling bright

I love the way your skin feels
The way it shines and glows
My eyes watch your features
As a cool breeze blows

I turn away, for just a second
Just watching time go by
We climbed a whole mountain
To sit under a starry sky

This one is about a boy and girl who are in love and have climbed a mountain to be alone together. I just think it's sweet...

My Love Won’t Die

The day grows on
Still here, I stand
You may be gone
But I can feel your hand

I know you won’t be back
That doesn’t mean I can’t wait
In my heart, there’s a crack
As you reach that pearly gate

I feel sadness wash over me
As I remember, you’re gone
Remember how we used to be?
Sitting together, til dawn?

This one is a sad poem. It's about a man who's girlfriend has died unexpectedly, but he doesn't want to accept her death.

November 16th, 2008, 6:43 PM
All of them are sweet, in my opinion, I especially like first and third one. All are well written, even if they were written out of boredom, and I really like the rhythm and rhyme that they have.

November 18th, 2008, 5:58 AM
I really like "The Walls Keep Secrets"!!