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    Magnemite's Region Map Thread!

    Need a region map made for your game? You're in the right place. I'm Magnemite, and I'm here to help you with your map woes. Some people find it difficult to create a realistic region map that conforms to the grid system used by Pokémon Essentials. Don't worry, I can do it for you!

    I expect to get more requests than I can easily handle, which is why I will be choosing which games to help out. I will only make maps for a game which has its own thread in the Games Showcase/Idea Space forums. I will choose games that show creativity, originality, and above all, progress. If you have little to no information in your thread, I probably won't be making a map for you.

    How to request a map:
    It's simple. Just post a link to your thread and tell me a little bit about your region. How many cities/towns are there? What is the climate like? If I choose to make your map, you should also have a rough sketch ready for me. I just need to see the locations of cities and routes, as well as know how big each of the cities is.

    Something like this would be acceptable:

    Be sure to also tell me, by number, the size of the cities. For example, 1: Small town, 2: Large square city, 3: Small city, 4: L-shaped city, 5: Tall city, etc. Also be sure to include any terrain features, such as a cave on a certain route, or an island in the ocean.
    It might be easiest for you to cut and paste icons from the image below, then draw your routes in between, that way I know exactly what icon you want.
    Okay, for some reason it won't let me add the image, so I'm going to post it in a new post below this one.

    Here are two region maps I've made for my projects. You'll notice they have different ocean styles. Kohku has the standard Ovals from D/P, while Jikou has a more realistic style. Be sure to tell me which you prefer.

    The Jikou Region, from Pokémon: Sentinel of Seasons

    And the Kohku Region, from Pokémon: Purple Sky


    Use these icons when making your map sketch.
    My computer died, and I lost ALL of my files.
    I'm working to get Pokémon: Yesterday's Journey back into development, but I'll need all the help I can get.

    If you can script or sprite and would be interested in helping me bring my prized project back to life, please PM me! Thanks!

    Watch the promo here:
    Request a region map for your game:
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      wow this is awesome dude
      heres my map
      Attached Thumbnails

      a upcoming stylish and original hacking team
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        Here is my game:

        I thank you for providing such a good service to the community.
        If you would like some payment for your work I can give you mystery gifts from my game.

        My map uses your city size scale.
        My region is based off of Hawaii so the first two island have the height going up as you get closer to the middle.
        It would be nice if you could make the edges more rough.
        I would like the more realistic ocean style.
        The city in the top right section of the lower island is next to the water and the same for the island in the very bottom of the lower island.

        The picture is to large to post.
        It is in the following link.

        Even if you decide not to make my map thanks for helping people do something that many people can not do.
        Pokemon Forest of Secrets Creator.
        Currently in the Drawing Board
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