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December 12th, 2008, 1:49 PM
Welcome to toile98's shop of events and shinies one thing I will trade events and shinies for events and shinies and legendaries I dont care what you give me as long as it's a event shinie or legendary if I have reiceved a hack and haven't realized it and you get it in a trade I'll give you a full refund and those are basicly the rules (if color me evil is reading this sorry I just needed to make a thread cause I haven't made one in a while)
and you can request shinies

And I'm sorry I cant give you my NOK's(nintendo of korea)pokemon or my npower pikachu

Here are my list of events and shinies

movie regigigas

movie shaymin

movie darkrai

movie deoxys

music chatot

Alamos Darkrai(france)

Alamos Darkrai(germany)

Alamos Darkrai(Italy)

Alamos Darkrai(netherlands)

Alamos Darkrai(spain)

Alamos Darkrai(U.K.)

Gamestop Deoxys

TRU dragonite

Poketopia electivire

Goruko octilliry

pokemon ranch mew

World08 lucario

Poketopia magmortar

E4ALL manaphy

JBHF manaphy

Nintendo World Store manaphy

TRU manaphy

mcdonalds pikachu

Palcity mew

Palcity manaphy

surfing pikachu

Nzone pikachu

Poketopia pikachu

pokemon festa electabuzz

pokefesta magmar

Pokemon center EEVEE(pretty new)





Shokoton tropius

tanabata jirachi(07)

tanabata jirachi(08)

WCS milotic(also shiny)

world hobby fair manaphy

yamamoto whishcash

yokohomo pikachu

some event flygon(pokemon ranch I think)

Birthday charmander(07)

Birthday charmander(08)

10 aniv Articuno

10 aniv raikou

Channel jirachi

Hadou regiice

mstry mew

10 aniv Zapdos

10 aniv celebi

Now for the shinies

Shiny regigigas

shiny milotic(also event)

Shiny poynta(really cool)

Shiny Palkia

Shiny azlef

Shiny Gallade


Shiny rotom

Shiny shinx

Shiny golbat(my first shiny it was caught in emerald)

Shiny pelipper

Shiny poochyena(my second shiny also caught in emerald)

Shiny ho-oh

shiny lugia

Shiny uxie

you can Request shiny's
I'm always up for a shiny hunt

Zebra Thunderhead
December 12th, 2008, 5:00 PM
I'm sorry you can't listen to me.