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  • Upon liking one of your posts I realised that we have the same user title. Also glad to hear you and your family are alright.
    Yeah, and I'm thankful. <3;
    Doesn't wanna miss a single opportunity to ogle at CME's amazing stuff.

    Though rly, I intended to write down my thoughts, insignificant as they may be since I'm pretty much an amateur compared to you, but couldn't get to it because of rl getting the better of me. But I'll hopefully do it soon and show you ~for real~ how much I really appreciated it. :3
    IF YOUR QUESTION IS "WHERE IS G&P" THEN THE ANSWER IS - GnP is dead. Art & Design holds everything now including graphics, traditional and digital art as well as photography. But your question's probably something else so idk.

    ALSO HI, YOU AWESOME GRAPHIC ARTIST YOU! <333 You probably don't know me. I'm a newbie artist who got into graphics after you became inactive over here. Though I've seen your stuff and am a big fan.
    The posts in the fake lounge were intended to be crazy and impolite... Not every staff member is that crayyyyy :P
    Haha no, you don't know me, but I know you /creepy

    When I got modded I went through the whole staff forum and you were in there a lot, I'm a big fan of your work! XD
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