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December 17th, 2008, 9:34 PM
This is something I’ve been planning for a couple of weeks now. I didn’t think I’d finish it but after beating Tales of Vesperia, I felt that this place was in desperate need of a ‘Tales of’ RP. However, as you read this, you might notice that this has only a few aspect of a usually ‘Tales of’ game, and even a little Megaman when you get to the other parts. However, this is not a crossover and requires no knowledge from either series to participate.

Tales of Machina


The life force of the world itself. Not quite matter or energy, mana has done much for humankind. When large amounts of the substance are collected in a single spot, mana crystallizes into in to a clear jewel that possesses tremendous amounts of energy. Throughout the millennia, man has used this discovery in many ways: to power weapons, to use what some call ‘magic’, and most importantly, to power their every day lives. But there’s a draw back to the seemingly perfect substance. All types of monsters are attracted to large amounts of mana and gain power directly from the substance. There have been countless cases when a monster has consumed a town’s major mana crystal, thereby gaining immense power. And each time, a band of heroes would use the power of mana to liberate their fellow people. Humans fighting monsters was something that people coped with on a daily basis. Fighting was even a part of public education. However, one day a long time ago, the fighting changed. Humans began using the power of mana to fight other humans. And so Machina was born.

Machina is the name of the Eastern army. The super continent known as Calamus was split into three opposing sides: the east and the west, that hated each other, and central Calamus which chose to remain neutral. The east and the west constantly fought over whose government had the greatest authority in Calamus. The east governed by military dictatorship while the west was a democracy, so negotiations were never expected to end well. Both sides used mana to devastate each others army, disregarding the fact that all the fighting was taking place in the central region. If that wasn’t enough, the excessive use of mana attracted hordes of monsters that took care of whatever villages the soldiers happened to miss. It was as if Hell itself had been unleashed upon the poor, defenseless civilians and there was no end in sight for the conflict. With no other alternatives, the remaining people of the central region formulated a plan to end the fighting indefinitely. The survivors gathered all the mana they could possibly muster into a point only a few feet wide and warned both sides that if the fighting continued, they would release the colossal power.

To everyone’s surprise, both sides put down their weapons as this new threat was far greater than anything they ever faced. The central region felt as if they had brought peace among the world, but sadly it was a false victory. No one realized that such a dense collected of mana would attract monsters from all over the planet. Within only a week, the battlefield had become a feeding frenzy for monsters both weak and godly, and the formulated mana became unstable without its human caretakers. Then suddenly, the orb of mana imploded in an explosion so great, its sound waves circled the planet several times. Natural disasters plagued every spot on the planet and deep fissures started to appear all along the central region. The fissures eventually made the continent of Calamus unstable and split the land mass horizontally. Any remaining central villages plummeted to the seas of lava as the two pieces of Calamus drifted apart at amazing speeds. Within a century, the two subcontinents had moved so far apart that one could no longer be seen from the shore of the other. The central region wanted a permanent end to the war and they got it; unfortunately, it cost all of them their lives.

------ Many millennia later: Coronas (previously known as East Calamus) -----

The facts of the ancient war and two pieces of Calamus have degraded into mere legend and now most scholars believe that the sub continent once known as West Calamus never existed. There would be no way to prove that it exist, however, as the region where Central Calamus once stood is still under the effects of the unstable mana. No aircraft or sea vessel can travel over the region without sustaining serious damage and losing all means of communication. Nevertheless, the new continent of Coronas has been doing just fine without the knowledge of West Calamus. Because they regard it as legend, no one believed the harmful effects of mana and so the Machina (which still hold political and military power) has continued to use it irresponsibly for human advances. Cities, transportation and communication have all become more advanced in a tremendous way. Yet, the biggest advancement has taken place in the military with the invention of the Mecha Suits. It would be an understatement to call these simply combat suits as they offer so much more. They can adjust size to fit any build, they enhance normal abilities to superhuman levels and lastly, they require massive amounts of mana to construct.

The plant that builds the various types of Mechas was located on the western side of Coronas. The long term effect of irresponsible mana use is different from the short term effect, but just as devastating. The regions in which mana manipulation has transpired the most eventually experience desertification of the surrounding land. These days, nearly half of Coronas is barren wasteland, suitable for only the toughest humans and monsters. Lately, the Machina organization has been spending noticeably large sums of capital on what they claim to be “research on how to stop the desertification problem,” but there are few people who don’t believe this. However, no one knows that Machina’s true intention is to spend this money on figuring how to control the mana disturbance left behind by Calamus. For if a West Calamus truly does exist, conquering their land would be much easier than fixing Coronas.

----- Where you come in -----

For some reason, you refuse to believe that Machina is really using their money for what they’re telling the public it’s for. You made some pretty good points in your argument and got the people of Coronas really thinking about their government. This, of course, was unacceptable to Machina and one day you were kidnapped and sent to a holding facility far away from any civilization. After spending weeks in confinement, you, among others, receive a mysterious letter telling you to not to go to sleep that night. You listen and at precisely 12:00 AM, the lock to your cell deactivates and you can simply walk out. For some reason, there are no guards on duty and you manage to walk out the front door. Finally the sirens in the prison go off and you desperately run deep into the desert. You succeed in escaping recapture but find yourself surrounded by monsters. However, the heavens seem to be on your side today as you notice what looks to be a new model of the MSE (Mecha Suit Expander) on the ground. The MSE allows you to equip a Mecha Suit and fend off the monsters. Little do you know that this simply act will drastically change your destiny...

***** Things to know *****


Remember how I said this RP will have a few aspects of Megaman in it? Yeah, this is what I meant. Anyone who has played the Megaman ZX games should know what a model looks like, and I basically ripped their idea and calling it a Mecha (don’t worry; you need no knowledge of Megaman whatsoever to join this RP). The pictures I use to show what mechas look like will be from these games. When signing up, I want you to choose one (1) of these mechas as the one your character finds in the desert. Now, allow me to expand on this but in Tales of Machina terms:

Buster Mecha: (link (http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2007/290/937937_20071018_screen021.jpg)) This is the average Mecha, but still stronger than the usual mechas used by Machina soldiers. Your weapon is the mana gun, as seen in the pic, which can either shoot out massive bursts of mana or rapid mana bullets.

Saber Mecha: (link (http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2007/290/937937_20071018_screen024.jpg)) Like the Buster, this is also a rather average Mecha. However, instead of the mana gun, you use a mana sword. This sword can cut through Machina mechas like scissors through paper. And don’t worry; you can leave out the hair if it doesn’t fit your character’s description.

Aqua Mecha: (link (http://i40.tinypic.com/1ffkfq.jpg)) A Mecha that can manipulate mana into water or ice. Weapon of choice is a double-sided mana spear. The spear isn’t as strong as the sword and occasionally catches some resistance slashing through metal. Out of all the mechas, this is the only one that can maneuver quickly and efficiently in a body of water. This Mecha also has rather low defenses.

Burst Mecha: (link (http://i40.tinypic.com/24f9oxc.jpg)) A Mecha that can manipulate mana into fire or earth. This Mecha easily wins the title for the one with the most fire power— I mean, just look at those mana cannons. The energy released form these cannons can easily make a hole through steel several feet thick. Unfortunately, this Mecha is rather bulky and the cannons need time to recharge. The bulkiness, however, gives this Mecha before defensive capabilities.

Storm Mecha: (link (http://i42.tinypic.com/2evvvgm.jpg)) A Mecha the can manipulate mana into wind and lightning. This Mecha dominates in speed and flexibility as its dual mana swords require a lot of maneuverability to use to their fullest potential. It also uses mana to act as a jet pack than allow the Storm Mecha to hover at a maximum of fifteen feet and accelerate to impressive speeds. Because this Mecha focuses mainly on speed, little time was spent on defensive skills and out of all the other, this has the lowest defense capabilities.

Mecha Suit Expander: A large bracelet-like device that corresponds to the colors of your Mecha. A press of your thumb on the finger print scanner will activate the expansion sequence. Deactivation of your suits can occur with a simple thought, or they can automatically turn off when low on power.


There are two main enemies in this RP: Machina soldiers and droids (link (http://i44.tinypic.com/flaefl.jpg)), and the ever present monsters. The enemy droids and soldiers have no where near enough firepower to stand up against any of the specialized Mechas’ However, what they lack in power, they more than make up for in numbers. Even you’re the Burst Mecha (which has high defense and the highest offense) can’t take on a dozen of these guys at once and leave the battle unscathed. The monsters, which I will leave up to your imagination, are also very numerous but some are a bit more powerful than your average Machina soldier. I will inform you when I want your character to encounter one of these monsters. However, when making up your own monsters, please pay attention to your environment. During that first desert battle, I better not see any fish-like monsters.

Map of Coronas

Five minutes in Illustator xD (http://i43.tinypic.com/2jyzhg.png) <--- I'll other features to this map like more rivers, forests and maybe mountains.

Coronas City (capital): a stainless steel metropolis where the leader of Machina and his closest subordinates live.

Machina Facility (industrial settlement): after the desertification of the west, Machina moved their Mecha plant to this small settlement. Now it is shrouded in thick smoke and suffers from pollutions thanks to the towering factories in the outskirts.

Velas (village): A small village with very little Machina influence. Due to the fact that there are so few soldiers assigned here, monsters are a constant problem.

Atlandra (town): a merchant town run by a famous Machina General. Troops and droids are surrounding the town at almost all times.

Cameroon (town): for a town so far from the capital, it sure does have a lot Machina soldiers wandering around. Maybe the mysterious laboratory located in the outskirts has something to do with it.

Zia (town): a town that is said to have existed for millenia. These people are always at conflict with Machina and are avid believers of the Great War and the splitting of Calamus.

Kyos Plains: a region in Coronas that is absolutely overrun by monsters. Human settlement is nearly impossible.

***** Rules *****

1) Follow all forum and RP rules.
2) If you are prone to long periods of inactivity (as in an entire week), don’t bother signing up.
3) No overpowered characters. I’m giving you enough of an advantage with these Mechas, so please don’t make it so that your character is also a master in Tai Kwon Do or something.
4) Feel free to create random NPCs or even recurring NPCs, as long as they don’t play a part in the main plot.
5) If you find out you’ll be absent for more than five days, PLEASE pick someone to bunny your character a bit and tell me that you’re going to be gone.
6) No two people may use the same Mecha.
7) Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of your Mecha.
8) No reservations unless you can show me an RP Sample that will blow my mind.
9) Proper grammar is a must.
10) Don’t drag things out longer than they have to be, especially conversation between RPers.
11) Let’s keep it PG13, ‘kay? That means minimum swearing and minimum romance (but I expect zero because this RP doesn't call for it). But I don't mind bloody, gore-filled descriptions.

***** Sign Up *****

Name (no Bobs, please):
Gender (self explanatory):
Age (18-25):
Appearance (not as important since you'll be in your Mecha half the time):
Personality (very important):
History (make sure you include the kidnapping):
Mecha (just pick one. I don’t want any alternate colors to the linked Mechas or a made up Mecha):
RP Sample (make one up or copy from another RP):

***** Available Mechas: *****

Buster – Free
Saber – Taken (Gummy)
Aqua – Free
Burst – Taken (SilverTail)
Storm – Taken (Captain Blue)

Captain Blue
December 18th, 2008, 3:47 AM
I'll be sending in a sign-up, if that's alright.

Name: Karim
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Karim has a tan/brown skin tone, very whitish-purple hair, and purple eys. He wears tan shorts, black sandals with purple socks, a brown sleeveless vest, and an indigo sleeveless shirt.
Personality: Karim thinks very highly of himself, as he himself is an offshoot of the human race (hence the darker skin tone), often calling humans "inferior beings". This is due to the fact that he has lived in the desert most of his life. Thus, he does not know how to respect others who have not earned his respect, and it also means he knows little about how life is in a normal society (paying for goods, for example.) Often he'll refuse to listen to what others have to say unless he knows what they're saying is true, or he has no choice. He can get bored easily, and his policy is "I can do whatever I want, when I want."
History: Karim lived in the same desert region as the prison, living the life of a thief, only leaving the region once in a blue moon. He never believed in Machina in the first place, often believing that they would bungle their operations sooner or later. At one point he decided to leave the desert and voice what he's seen from his time in the desert, and convinced some people, although most were skeptical due to his personality. His loud mouth got him kidnapped and thrown into prison, where he escaped at the first opportunity he was given. From then on, he promised himself he was going to get rid of Machina...while having some fun along the way.
Mecha: Storm Mecha.
RP Sample: Karim looked around, inspecting the monsters. Five skeletons, their bones shaking possibly due to anticipation of their next kill. "And here I thought I had gotten away when those inferior beings stopped chasing me.", he joked. He glanced at the green bracelet on his hand, and pondered the idea of using it. "Worth a shot.", he supposed. Pressing his right thumb onto the fingerprint scanner, and his body glowed bright, "blinding" the skeletons to keep them from attacking. The vest changed colors and became armored, as did the shirt. Karim felt his body becoming more agile as his shorts, socks, and sandals changed into the appropriate armor pieces. The feeling of pure freedom struck Karim's mind when a pair of wing-like objects emerged from his back. "Speed, freedom...now all that is required is the power.", said Karim, as the helmet formed around his head. He opened his palms, and a pair of mana swords formed. The transformation was complete, and the glowing had subsided.

The skeletons, however, were not incapacitated, and were instead enraged at the delay. Two skeletons looked at each other, nodded a stiff nod, and charged at Karim.

"It's now or never. Let's see what this new me can do!" He planted his feet on the ground, and glanced at the side briefly. Before he knew it, he was already there.

The two skeletons were bewildered by the sudden movement. However, the state did not last, as they searched for their target, who had just moved again. Every time they changed directions, he had already moved elsewhere, until the two felt themselves being a bit lighter...before they fell to the ground, the both of them sliced clean in half. The remaining three turned tail to run, but realized they had an easier method of retreating. They collapsed in a large pile of bones that sank into the sand.

"You'd better run! Next time I see you or any of your kind, there won't be survivors!", exclaimed Karim, in an appropriate egotistical tone.

December 18th, 2008, 12:54 PM
Captain Blue: I wouldn't say it's a bad sign up, but the RP Sample troubles me deeply, mainly because it's so short. You need to lengthen it a lot if you want to get the acceptance. Other that, all other fields of your SU are good.

December 18th, 2008, 3:35 PM
Name (no Bobs, please): Haruko Takami
Gender (self explanatory): Female
Age (18-25): 19

Appearance: Haruk standsaround 5' even and has long, silver hair that hangs down to her waist. She can usually be found wearing a pair of black bell-bottomed jeans and a long-sleeved silver shirt with black designs across the left side. Her eyes are a startlign gold color and shine slightly in the dark. Her skin is extremely pale from long hours away from light, but her lips are full and an unsettling shade of red. A dull, uncaring look usually graces her face.

Personality: Haruko is a very level-headed person, even when in extreme situations she takes the time to look back and see what's gotta be done when. She often gets teased for this by her friend, Mizure, and called a "Human Machine" of sorts by the taller girl. Never since the two have known eachother has anyone seen her actually panic. Only before did she, as it would seem that the older girl(by a few weeks) has her back.

While not in impending danger she can be free-spirited however, and will often take the time to goof off and spend time with her friend, telling jokes, ignoring innuendo, and just going about life as anyone else would. She's actually quite a talkative girl when you get to know her. When asked any question she can usually be expected to say something along the lines of "This concerns you why?" or "Shouldn't you know that already?"

History: Haruko used to be a small orphan girl on the island of Altandros. Her parents were killed by monsters a long time ago, and she was left to the streets. Eventually she started getting into a bit of trouble, but was taken in by a fellow orphan named Mizure Takaguya, who worked in her father's mechanic shop, which she was now fighting for ownership over. Now thirteen she finally started to calm down and take things a bit more seriously, while still maintaining her care-free attitude in the company of friends, Mizure in particular.

She ended up managing the shop's budget, and earning her own living in the house on the second floor around the time she turned eighteen. Recently, she began to question the government's spendings, realising after doing some math, that it should take about half as much money as they were taking to battle the desertification problem taking over the country. Upon speaking out about this, she was arrested in broad daylight, but never arrived at the island's jail, instaid being shipped across the country to the prison on the west side of the continent. Now she worries for bolth her friend, and their shop, rather than her life. afterall, who's going to pay the bills now?

Mecha: Burst
Other: Haruko's best friend and main contact to the world is Mizure Takaguya. While she's completely ignorant of her friend's attempted advancements at a relationship, she dose know the taller girl will always have her back, no matter what!

(not a mech-using character, but important to Haruko's back story)

Name: Mizure Takaguya
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Appearance: Mizure stands at an intimidating 6'11" and has shoulder-length brown hair that hangs down around her face, parting just above her cerulian eyes. She can usually be found wearing an oil-stained grey shirt that shows her well defined arms, and barely restrains her exessive bust, underneith a pair of eaqually-oil stained overalls that seem to be atleast four sizes too big on the woman, aside from the straps which thankfully hold the top up to cover her chest. To complete the outfit she usually has a pair of welding gloves and combat boots with heavy treads. Surprisingly she can run in this outfit... although sometimes unsuccessfully. A bandaid can usually be found on her face for one reason or another.

Personality: Mizure is as brash and bold as any man can be, even worse at times. She's a small-town mechanic from Altandros, doing work on mostly vehicles and small battle-suits when they start to wear out. A bit perverted at times, especially twords female customers, she can usually be found with a lecherous grin on her face while speaking to any ladies that happen to be around, even if she's not thinking like that. A bit of a work-a-holic she just loves tinkering with things and finding out how to work smoother and on less power.

While off the clock however, she's still bold and brash. Usually spending her time with her best friend Haruko, she can be seen flirting with the silver-haired girl. While she may come off as perverse and obnoxious to others, she actually cares for the small girl and will be there to comfort her if she ever needs it. Not afraid to simply come out and say "Yeah, I like girls, so what?" she will comment on the subject as such:

"I see myself as doing a favor to all the straight women of the world, by giving them my share of the men."

History: Mizure never knew her mother, only having pictures of the busty and beautiful redhead that her father kept. Around her fourteenth birthday, her father died in an accident in the shop, leaving his poor daughter to fight for ownership. Having helped her father countless times, she knew how to fix things. Around this time she realised that she did, infact, like girls over guys. Accepting a homeless girl into the home, she got to know her and ended up becoming good friends with the young Haruko, before she discovered that she did, infact, love the shorter girl.

Shortly after Haruko joined, they won ownership of the shop as partners. She handled fixing things, while Haruko handled all the payments on the shop. It worked well for several years. But then Haruko had to go and speak out against the military. When she heard that her friend had been arrested, Mizure grabbed all the money she could find that wasn't to go twords bills, and headed to the jail to pay her friend's bail. When she discovered however, that her friend was not held there, she did everything in her power to find her friend, and more importantly, the most important person in her life.

Mecha: -----

Other: Mizure is Haruko's contact and best friend since childhood. She also has a bit of a crush on the small fighter!

PR Sample:

A large group of men, fully armored stood around a bed, weapons drawn and aimed at the person laying there. One of the soldiers lowered his weapon, turning to the one next to him and muttering in low tones.

"We've been standing here for like... three hours... couldn't we have just bagged him by now?" asked the soldier, who's legs were crossed in an attempt to avoid soiling his uniform. Several soldiers were actually doing this, quite a shame when there was an open bathroom door not four feet away.

"No.. the boss wants 'em to be awake when we out 'em... otherwise the drugs dont work right." Said the supposed commanding officer. And so they stood there, watching the teenage boy sleep, guns still raised, four of their ranks still dancing to an unkown tune. If one was there to watch the clock next to the wall on the far side of the room, they'd have seen the slowest progression of time from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

It was now that the boy chose to stir. Now of all times. now when every soldier had agreed the boy would not be waking up soon, and had left to use one of the many bathrooms througout the abandoned apartment complex. Looking around the boy saw nothing out of the ordinary with his room, and proceeded to go down to his kitchen on the first floor to grab a bite to eat.

Making it there he, as usual, didn't see a living soul inside the building, but he was used to this and welcomed it warmly, spending the first few years of your life in an orphanage did that to someone. Entering the kitchen though, he was given probably the biggest shock of his life.

He'd left the oven on. He never left the oven on. As he went to shut it off, he felt a slight prick in his neck, before reaching up and removing the painful object, only to find a dart. That's when his world went blank.


When he woke up, he found himself in a dark cell like place. And the worst thing he could see... there wasn't a fridge.

"Oh come on.. i'm starving!" He whined, not even bothering to comment on the fact that he had just been abducted. He took another look around and noticed that there was, thankfully a sink, with an old aluminum cup hanging from the faucet. He moved to get a drink, but found the sink to be just for display, no water came from it's tap.

"Stupid fangirls... if they're gonna kidnap me repeatedly they could atleast get me something to drink...."


Another group of soldiers crounded into two alleys, communicating through headsets as they waited for their prey.

"Where is she... dosn't she usually take this route to work soon?" Spoke one of the soldiers. His complaintative question was met with murmers of agreement. That is, untill their leader spoke up.

"There she is... group B, after she passes you move in to block her exit, we'll move in at the last minute to get her." The leader said, as he and group A stood wait till she was almost at them, before flooding out into the street and catching the girl in a blockade of sorts.

"What do you want?" She said, startled but quickly in a defensive position. The soldiers all chuckled and drew closer, not noticing the change in her clothing.

"Come quietly and you wont be harmed." Stated the lead officer there. Bad choice of words in her opinion.

"I'll give you quiet..." She said, cupping her hands around her mouth and closing her eyes, willing her vocal chords to take the strain she was about to put on them.

"GO AWAY!" she screamed, visible distortions in the air as the soundwaves collided with the soldiers, and shattered the windows behind her. When she stopped, her clothing shifted back to fabric and she panted, trying to regain her breath as she looked out over the group of fallen soldiers, their headsets smoking due to overloading the microphones. It was then that the knockout grenade held in one of their hands went off, surrounding the teenaged DJ in a cloud of noxious fumes that, while she was breathing hard, instantly dropped her into a state of unmoving sleep.

A third squad, group C moved forwards from further down the street. they were there bolth as backup, and to warn groups A and B that she was coming so they could prepare, but now they were there on cleanup duty. They now saw why it took so many people to bring in these alters... the sheer power.


Noise. Yelling, screaming, cheering, crying. All these sounds could be heard, along with hundreds of footsteps. Sitting up suddenly, she clasped her hands over her ears, forcing her eyes closed tighter in an effort to block out the sounds. Wait.. over her ears? Her eyes snapped open at this. Her headphones were missing. Her sound dampening headphones were missing. Footsteps approached and stopped just infront of the bars to her cell door. Said article was thrown, unceremoniously onto the floor before her.

Gritting her teeth, she lunged for them, pulling them on and sighing contently as the bombardment of sound stopped. Now looking upon the man before her, she couldn't help but shivver at the look of pure malice upon his face.


Bolth prisoners soon learned of what they would be forced to do.. and bolth had the exact same thought running trough their head as they rested on the floor near the back walls of their cell:

"Why dose today suck so badly?"

December 18th, 2008, 5:25 PM
Captain Blue: Still a little short, but you show promising description and narration. If you can promise your IC post will be of similar quality, then the Acceptance is yours.

Silver Tail: Both SUs are great and I like the idea behind them. However a few things you should know: I just edited in the descriptions of each town and after you read that, you should know why I can't have you living in Zia. Just edit your histories a bit and you'll be Accepted. Also, I have something planned immediately after you defeat the monsters using your Mecha, so Haruko and Mizure's reunion will have to be postponed for a little while. Hope that's okay.

Captain Blue
December 18th, 2008, 7:24 PM
It might take a bit of time for me to be able to make posts of that quality and length without taking about a while or so to consider all the details I can put in, but I'll promise to do my best.

December 19th, 2008, 1:53 PM
This is actually a combination of two of my previous characters. ^^

Name: Simon Blaine

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: Standing at a little over six feet, two inches, Simon is a relatively tall young man. He has a very slender body structure, making him look a lot skinnier than he actually is. His skin complexion is a nice tan, due to him spending hours outside in the sun. His eyes are a magnificent blue, but very few people get to see them as they are usually hidden behind a pair of small sunglasses. The front of his hair is brushed and combed upwards, unlike the back, which he keeps spiky. The last of his facial features is a stubble of a growing beard on his chin. As for his clothes, Simon’s usual attire consists of a dark gray vest over a short-sleeve white shirt. He always unbuttons the top two buttons on his shirt and vest even though he knows he doesn’t gave great pectorals. Fastened around his neck is a flashy, silver necklace that he wears at all times, even when going to sleep. For his lower body, he wears jet black pants and running shoes.

Personality: Simon has always been a natural born leader. He has always had the ability to think on his feet as well as make good judgment calls. This, however, causes him become obviously jealous when someone else tries to lead the team. He is also a very orderly being and will almost never does anything dangerous without thinking up a plan first. If, for any reason, an objective is not meant, he is quick to lay blame on the one(s) responsible, but will also gladly take responsibility if he is the one at fault. When meeting strangers, Simon is not at all shy and can actually seem a bit too enthusiastic at times. Then there’s how he treats those close to him. Simon is a very loyal and trustworthy person, but at the same time has the tendency to act like a jerk to his friends. Most of the time he’s just joking around, but he sometimes goes a little too far. Simon’s biggest flaw is his compassion for others and would much rather knock out his human opponents rather than kill them. Unfortunately, the Mana Sword doesn’t have a “knock out” feature built into it.

History: Simon was born and raised in Coronas’ capital, Coronas City. However, he was born to a low class family and was forced to live in the lower, poorer districts of the city. He rarely saw his parents as a child as they both worked six days a week, along with his aunts and uncles. They could not afford a sitter, so young Simon had no choice but you grow up quickly. When he wasn’t at school, he was on the streets, listening and learning about what Machina had forbade teaching in public schools. By the age of eighteen he was working a full time job as a carpenter’s assistant, where he met another apprentice by the name of Isaac Dolton. The two hit it off immediately and were almost always seen together for the next two years. Together they talked deeply about Machina and the many secrets it kept from its people. Isaac suggested that they hold a gathering in the lower district to rally the people, but Simon warned that it was much too risky to speak against the government, especially in their own capital. Isaac, however, did not heed his friend’s advice and began speaking out anyway. Soon the soldiers caught on and searched vigorously for the rascal that started the movement. Fearing for his friend’s life, Simon told the soldiers that he was the infamous Isaac and they carried him away without question.

Mecha: Saber Mecha

Other: N/A

RP Sample:

January 2nd, 2009, 3:06 PM
Name: Cyrus Armor

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: Cyrus has a height of five feet, eleven inches, with a weight of 172 lbs. He has jet black hair which is spiked up, and the back runs down to the first vertebrae on the neck. He has pale white skin with few freckles scattered over his cheek. He has sky blue eyes with contacts in them due to a fist fight in sixth grade, causing him very poor eyesight. He has no facial hair. His body is kept in good shape, with large biceps, triceps, and quadriceps. His clothes consist of a black long sleeved shirt, with black sport pants that have a white line running down the middle of both legs. He wears tennis shoes in a size 11, and has a spike pad on both of his wrists.

Personality: Cyrus was born in a military style life, making him a quiet and loyal person. He has an IQ of 161, making him a genius. He has always been fascinated by robots and weapons. He trained with his dad's squadron when he was 12 to 17, making him a natural in combat situations. He is ruled an outcast by choice because of his ability to be super-smart in school, while at the same time being completely dangerous to the kids around him. He loves to fight in fake combat situations. If someone puts the blame on him, he will come up with a great alibi or cleverly ditch the blamer's interest in him. If someone objects to his plans, he will ask them why they do not like his plan, then make them fully understand it. Most people fear him because of his command of so many home made robots. His biggest flaw is that he has a raging anger if another person tries to interrogate him, eventually winding up in the interrogator's death or wounding.

History: Cyrus was born in the frigid cold, while his dad was training in his military base. He went to school at the base until he was 9, when his dad was transferred into the suburbs of Coronas City to keep watch of the city, due to a tip of a mass outbreak of enemy military action in that area. Cyrus had already built several robots, one which caused a massive fire in that area, due to a flamethrower attachment. He was shunned in school, which hardened him up to become the brains and the braun of the school. He had a nice childhood after that until sixth grade, when he got into a fight in an alleyway involving a gang. The gang interrogated him on what he was building next, and attempted to make him build it for them. Several boys were killed by bullet holes and several more were wounded. Nobody knows what happened that night except him, the rest of the gang, and a few military operatives. His sight was crippled from then on, yet he got glasses, and then at age 15, traded them in for contacts. He had a quiet life after that until the kidnapping of him and the assassination of his father.

Mecha: Aqua Mecha

Other: N/A


January 5th, 2009, 7:51 AM
Name: Alisa Soranda

Gender: Female

Age : 21

Appearance: Alisa is much shorter than the average woman her age, so generally whenever she meets someone, her forehead is about on the level of the other person's chin. Her dark hair is also short, but not too short to be tied up in a ponytail. The tips of her hair usually point outward from her head. Her skin is the colour of cafe latte even when she's not tanned. The most notable feature about her - after the fact she's very short - is that she has relatively large, grey eyes. Because her hair and skin are dark, having light-coloured eyes looks very eye-chatching. She also has rather dark eyebrows and eyelashes, which makes the matter even more obvious. Having such strange eyes, people often concider her scary-looking and convincing when she talks, no matter how short she is. She doesn't pay much attention to what she wears, but when it comes to clothing, she likes the colour green. On the moment, she mostly wears green, long, loose pants and a black sleeveless shirt, but her usual attire is a subject of constant change. She is, however, very fond of long, loose pants and can be seen wearing those often. She also often wears a light blue bandanna, but instead of her head, she wears it around her neck.

Personality: As said before, Alisa is very short. That fact has shaped her personality throughout her life. Being teased by other children for many years, Alisa has developed a very strong personality. If something bothers her, she says it out loud to everyone who are willing to listen (that's practically what got her into this mess). She doesn't get angry easily and is very patient, and whenever she does get angry, she tries to act like nothing is wrong at all. Alisa doesn't trust people easily, but that doesn't stop her from being friendly. Also, she has developed herself the ability to answer all sorts of insults with witty comments almost instantly. She is a somewhat rough character and some of her friends are a bit afraid of her sometimes, but she's very friendly with strangers. Expecially when they don't make remarks about her height.

History: Alisa has always lived in Coronas City. Her parents are both from the village of Velas, so they always told Alisa how great it is to live in a city protected by the military. Three of her four granparents died in monster attacs, and her last remaining grandparent, the mother of her father, came to live with her family in Coronas City. Alisa grew wery close to her grandma, who - unlike her parents - didn't care much for the military. She brought Alisa up to be sceptical about the Machina, even though Alisa's parents always tried to say that she was just a senile old woman. The grandma also read stories for Alisa, some of which told about the legends of West Calamus.

When Alisa went to school, her shorness was so obvious the other kids started to tease her. At first, she tried to laugh with her bullies, but as that didn't help, she got depressed. Little by little she learned how to stand up for herself and how to persuade other kids to oppose the bully. She also learned how to take advantage of her mysterious, scary eyes. Her bullies never stopped teasing her and occasionally a new bully appeared, but she didn't let it get to her anymore. Instead, she almost started to bully her bullies. What stopped her from actually doing so was the sudden death of her grandmother when she was 13. After that, she became more quiet and calm than before. As years passed by, she regained some of her witty sense of humour and ability to speak in a very convincing way.

Too bad for her, because as she started to think about the government and speak her thoughts out loud in a little neighbourhood restaurant, she also gained the attention of the Machina. About a month after Alisa started speaking in the restaurant, the Machina appeared to kidnap her on her way home one night. Now she doesn't even know where she is...

Mecha: Okay, I'd really, really, really like that Aqua Mecha, but as it seems to have gone to the last person, I guess my only choice is the last remaining Mecha Suit. That would be Buster Mecha, then.

Other: Alisa is very fond of writing adventure stories that take place is West Calamus. She has thought about actually publishing a book. However, the Machina probably wouldn't be happy if she tried to get her stories more widely known, because she generally doesn't give a good picture of the Machina in them. She is also an excellent cook, thanks to the teachings of her mom, and is studying to be a chef one day. Whenever she's cooking, she wants to wear an apron, even if it was an improvised one, because her favourite teacher at school always tells his students that it's impossible to cook properly without an apron on. She still dreams about the career of a writer.

RP Sample:
I've only ever participated in one RP, and that was a Pokémon RP. So, in this sample, my character is chasing suspicious characters on the roofs of Alto Mare at the middle of the night.

Quin had some serious problems with following the two persons up on the roofs. They seemed to know what they were doing while Quin simply had no idea. Alto Mare was a serious maze of streets and canals, leaving gaps right where Quin wanted to go. They were just barely too wide for her to jump over, so it annoyed her considerably. Luffy the Jumpluff was too light to carry Quin, so she had to use detours more than often. Soon enough she was ready to give up.

"Why am I chasing after them?" she asked out loud while trying to climb over an extraordinarily steep roof. She was already out of breath, but she still kept jogging after the two suspicious silhouettes. Luffy came back to check on her again. He seemed impatient.

"Can't we give up or something?" Quin huffed to him. He stared at her without any change of expression. He knew Quin well enough to tell that she would regret not following the suspicious pair.
"Right, I know", Quin mumbled and jumped over a narrow gap. When she landed, her foot slipped and she slid backwards. She wasn't able to get a hold of the eave, so she fell from the roof, letting out a horribly loud shriek. Oh, please let it be a canal beneath me, she thought right before she hit the surface of the cold water. A huge splash echoed on the silent streets.

When she came back up, she saw that a couple of windows nearby had lit up. She had woken up the peaceful citizens. She felt embarassed about following the two characters against all common sense. Luffy was slowly ascending from the sky, shaking his head now that he saw Quin was unharmed. While Quin was bathing in self-pity, a voice came from somewhere.

"Who's there? Are you all right?"

Quin swiftly looked around, trying to determine whether the voice was hostile or not. She noticed a figure standing next to a corner of a house. She gulped.

"I... I'm all right, I guess", she said with a shivering voice. She gulped again. Who was this person? Was it a friendly citizen or some scary burglar or something? She gasped when she realized this person could have something to do with the two people up on the roofs...

If that's not enough of a sample, I can write more. Or, you can quickly skim trough a chapter of one of my fanfics to determine whether I'm up for this or not.

January 5th, 2009, 8:12 PM
IcePyro: There are a few things about your SU that bug me a bit. I'd like you to expand on your History section. Your SU doesn't show any sign of him speaking out against the Machina government so he would not have been kidnapped. Also, I need an RP Sample from you. You can take ti from any existing RP you're in or make one up. I can't accept you until I see one.

An-Chan: A very good SU, but can I ask you to expand on your appearance a bit more? You don't have to be extremely detailed about her normal attire, but at least tell us if she's wearing a tank-top or long sleeve. A skirt or jeans? Other than that, I have no problems with this SU.

January 6th, 2009, 3:37 AM
An-Chan: A very good SU, but can I ask you to expand on your appearance a bit more? You don't have to be extremely detailed about her normal attire, but at least tell us if she's wearing a tank-top or long sleeve. A skirt or jeans? Other than that, I have no problems with this SU.

Heh. In fact, I totally forgot about her clothing and concentrated only on her eyes and length... I fixed it now, though. Better now? ^-^