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  • :D Happy new year! Even if Idk you! (I'm going around to spread the new year spirit)
    Fun facts: An-chan means safely in chinese.
    Heipsan! Tässä pitkästä aikaa kirjauduin tänne, kun mietin tässä että oletko mahdollisesti päässyt bilsalle sisään? :3 Jos edes hait sinne, muistin vain että sanoit joskus hakevasi. ^^
    lol hai An-Chan how r u 2day i fergot 2 vm bak u no cuz i disaper sumtimes an stuf. distortin is gud 2 me at least it fun 2 play with an stuf bcuz it warps tha sound an stuf an delays r fer makin multiple sounds fir sum stuf so it sound cooler.

    ya gramer is bad i hat it it make me fel bad bout myslf an stuf. comas r real bad bcuz they r so hard to put in the rite spot u no? an ya r discusin make me unboard 2 it r fun stufs. ya u r reealy funies i laff all the time an stuf.

    an ya i m board 2 so how r u?
    It's not a problem. I completely agreed with most of your arguments.. I don't see people would want to mess things up by adding another type.. especially something like a Light type, which would already be covered by Psychic types anyways. >.>
    o no i mean the pedal u use ur foot on to chang the sound a gitar is makin liek i hav a distortin 1 an a delay 1 they do difernt things liek one maks it sound difernt wile the othr makes it play a sound a few times. it wuld be funy if i baght flowr pedls tho cuz i culd just go pic thos rite??? an i don no wut it is wen u chang ur gender liek transmission or sumthin i think??? translashin is wer u chang a word frum 1 languge 2 anothr liek frum finish to english or sumthin so idk. i don hav lots of mony otherwise id send sum but i hav verry litle rite now :(((( i r fine tho jus a bit tird from the last few days of wrk how r u?
    o ya moar moneyz is gud, i buy gitar stuf alot wen i get payed liek pedals an stuf. an yeh it has ben agess since we talkd last i missd are awsum discusions an stuf liek song translashins an all tht stuf. an i amm doin alrite how r u???
    Random hi! How have you been?

    Hope you are doing well. I'm going to prep some wall-o-texting, you know, since one of my friends just got Soul Silver. Also, I'm hit with insomnia so I should be able to do interesting things during the next days. Like, watching all of Brian de Palma's movies. Just because dad has caught'em all got most of them.

    Beyond that, I have to go get a new e-mail account and set up Skype. And then, FFL Cabal!
    oh, haha~..

    well, I wanted something that looked cool, so yeah. I changed it.

    I don't think it's pronounced aurawave, but I spelled aurawave letter by letter, so it probably means something else. :P
    I saw u visited my page. u visit mine, i visit urs.
    Poking back. I'm all OK.

    I live a bit south of the Earthquake Area, but we still got hit hard (and more with the replicas). I'll make the time soon for a wall-o-text. Enough things have changed that it may be interesting to tell.
    Rawr, I'm back again. Hopefully for more than a few days this time, lol. I'm also attempting to keep my messenger open more consistently, so if you feel like chatting, you can find me there. Anyway, I'll talk to you later.
    an-chan! i got compltely banned from chat! 0.0 (as you know) but i wasn't doing anything wrong!
    Yeah, I was aware it said Tokyo, and I knew it meant the area. However, Wikipedia did not inform me of the connotations involved. Arigatou.
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