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December 26th, 2008, 9:39 AM
PG: 13
This is my first time ever making a RP with Shadow Pokemon so in the OOC thread I will be posting up a rules list for the shadow pokemon and ONLY SU in the OOC section or I will NOT even look at your SU without declining it...and if you put something in here I will ask you to remove it...


Welcome to the magnificent world of pokemon! Pokemon are creatures big and small, quiet and loud who can be tamed by humans and used for good, and some used for evil. Humans who train these pokemon are known as Pokemon Trainers. Pokemon Trainers usually have a main goal when they become a trainer. To become a Pokemon Master, A top Coordinator, and some a Professional Breeder.

And then there are the bad guys, who control and manipulate pokemon for their own selfish reason. Their have been reports sent into Orre about the evil teams Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Galactic sending almost all of their team members over to Orre to help assist Team Cipher in creating Shadow Pokemon.

Shadow Pokemon. The worst thing anyone could call a pokemon. A Shadow Pokemon is a pokemon who's heart has been completely shut and is fighting because its masters make it do so.

About a year back, Professor Crane invited 7 trainers to begin their quest on helping to abolish all existince of Shadow Pokemon. You were one of these trainers. You and four other young adults denied this offer and the other two went on their journeys. Now these trainers known as Michael and Seth have been captured by Team Cipher and thrown in to their secret hideout, which nobody at the HQ Lab knows where their hideout is at, and you have finally decided to take Professor Krane up on his offer.

You contact him and rush to his laboratory to find you and the other four trainers who had denied his request there. Appearently all five of you have decided it was time to abolish all shadow pokemon.


No goddmodding
No bunnying
I will only let you catch ONE Legendary Pokemon and ONLY when I post the chapter that lets you catch it.
At the end of capture posts end your post after throwing the pokeball. This lets me decide if you caught the pokemon or not and what lvl. and gender it will be.
Keep all language and romance at PG 13.
In your SU somewhere (not in any of the categories other then maybe the Other: category) put Pikachu PWNS! This lets me know you read the rules.
Obey all rules.
Have fun.
Sign Up:

Yes we all hate them, but they are required.

Name: Obvious.
Age: 11-15 please. Anything higher and anything lower will be told to edit.
Gender: Take time to figure it out.:\

Personality: Atleast one paragrpah of 4 or more sentences. This is the section where you talk about how your character acts and deals with certain situations.

Appearence: I will need you to include what they normally wear and what they wear when its cold outside and also their physical apearence like hair color, eye color, height, weight all that kind of stuff.

History: Atleast 2 paragraphs of 4 or more sentences each. This is where you talk about your character's past.

Starter Pokemon: Which pokemon below would you like. If they are taken do not request them and do not request anything other then the pokemon below!

Other: Anything else that wasn't mentioned in the above sections?

RP Sample: Atleast 3 paragraphs of 4 or more sentence each. This is were you put a sample of how you RP and also let's me know which people are best for this RP.

Pokemon To Choose From:
(Only 5 people will be accepted in this RP but I am putting about 10 so everyone has a wide variety of which pokemon they want.)

Type- Grass/Poisen
Attacks- Tackle, Growl
Ability- Overgrow

Type- Water
Gender- Male
Attacks- Scratch, Leer
Ability- Torrent

Attacks-Scratch, Growl



Attacks-Scratch, Leer


Pichu-Reserved for Konekodemon

Attacks-Tackle,Tail Whip, Helping Hand
Ability- Run Away

Attacks-Tackle, Harden
Ability-Rock Head

Level- 5
Type- Electric
Gender- Female
Attacks- Tackle, Leer
Ability- Intimidate


December 26th, 2008, 3:33 PM
hey, its me again lol:

Name: Andy
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Personality:very hyperactive, but is very observative and will notice things that other may miss or forget

Appearence: for my normal appearance, check the sprite on the left of my sig. for my clothes alterations, my vest will be a red snow jacket, and my shrots will be a pair of yellow jeans. ill come up wit hmore later

History: Andy's Grandpa was a great dragon trainer who cared deeply for pokemon all over the world. however, he did not prefer using dragon pokemon, but instead pokemon with dragon characteristics, his main ppokemon being Aggron. on Andy's 13th birthday, he was given an Aaron.

Starter Pokemon: Aaron (if you want me to edit my sign up sheet, please reserve Aaron for me)

December 27th, 2008, 8:23 AM
i would like to reserve aron i will be posting my character later http://www.pokeox.com/pokemon/dp/304.png

December 29th, 2008, 11:15 AM
Chapter 1: HQ Lab

Setting: A nice, tidie(clean and fresh...everything is in its place) lab. You will most likely never lose anything in it and it has a bunch of Hi-tech equipement in it.


Professor Krane sat at his desk fiddling with some type of mechanical equipement. The kids he asked to gather here were late and he decided to pass the time by getting some work done. He already had a fold-out table with 5 groups of 6 pokeballs, a watch, and different colored gems spread out on the table.

He had laid out the kids starting Pokemon, 5 Pokeballs, a watch for their Pokegem to go in to, and their Pokegem. The Pokegem was a hi-tech piece of equipement. More advanced then the Pokedex and Pokenav itself. It was kind of like a battery. You placed it into a slot in side the watch and when a pokemon passed by or you looked up a pokemon it would come to life and give you information about the pokemon. You could send messages to each other and when you received a message a little holograme of the person appeared and began to tel you the message. Same with the map. A hologram of the map popped open and you could put little red, green, blue or whichever color you Pokegem was dot and it would stay there forever until you moved it. It also had features from the SInnoh Region Poketch. You could scan your team, see how strong you and your Pokemon's bond is, and more thigns that would be added later on.

He sighed and then heard a clicking noise come from his door. He looked up hoping it was the kids but it wasn't. It turned out to be one of his most trustworthy assistants.

"Yes, Professor Singe. What is it?" Professor Krane asked.

"Sir. Reports have come in about Team Snagem. It seems they have a new piece of equipement. I think if memory servs its called a Pokemachine. Appearently it lets them snag any pokemon. Not just Shadow Pokemon." Singe replied.

Krane sighed and slid what he was working on away. He stuck his hands up to his forehead and began massaging it. Where are those blasted kids at? Krane wondered.

SInge noted that it was probably time for him to go and so he headed for the door. He grabbed the knob and as he turned it he ran straight in to a young man which he at first mistook for a younger kid from the teenager's height. The boy stood at about 5'3" and had jet black hair. He carried a laptop case and had black eyes. He wore a black shirt, a pair of red pajama bottoms, black snadals, and it smelled a little of baby powder. He shook his head and led the 5 kids in to the room.

"Professor Krane the 5 trainers you have chosen are here." Singe said.

Krane looked up and smiled. He was finally realived tha they were here. He stood up and introduced himself and recognized each and every one of them from the previous few years before. He walked over to the fold out table and handed everyone their supplies. He explained how the Pokegem worked as the 5 trainer slipped it in to the watch. Some of them looked at the map while the other scanned their first pokemon.

He smiled and then told them they needed to go over to Gateon Port and head to the Parts Shop. Everyone had a quizzical look on their faces but Krane had no time to explain. He motioned for them to leave and before anyone could move he himself was out the door. He went in to the elevator and pressed a button. Then he was moving up towards floor 5 where they held their captive Team Snagem prisoner...but none of the kids knew he was going up to see the captive. Although each kid had been in the very front of the crowd when they brought the captive in side.

What you do: Explain waking up and getting your pokemon...You may only get these colors from the pokegem and only yours:

Dark_Link 12: a Blue Pokegem.
Konekodemon: A Yellow Pokegem
False Swipe: A Green Pokegem
Ninetales: A red pokegem
Serene: a tan Pokegem

December 29th, 2008, 4:35 PM
Konekodemon: uhhhhh. Please edit tomorrow with changes and more description...It's really short too short actually....

December 29th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Andre's eyelids slid open as the light creaked past the curtains to splash against his face. He picked himself up of the bed with one arm, and sat up with his back against the post of his bed. Today is the day!, he thought. Putting on whatever he could find he rushed downstairs and quickly ate his breakfast. Wasting no time, he hurried towards the lab.

As he entered the lab, many different professors greeted him, and Professor Singe showed him to Professor Cranes room. The professor smiled at him as Andre noticed that the other four trainers were here before him. Before he could say anything, the professor started to explain everything. Andre eyed the five watches and gems on the table behind the professor.

"Andre!" Professor Crane said.

"Ye-Yes sir?" Andre stuttered

"I will use you as an example. Go to the table, and pick up a watch and a gem." Professor said. Andre walked over to the table and chose the third watch and the third gem, since 3 was his lucky number. The gem also happened to be green, which was his favorite color. Andre walked back to the Professor with both items in each hand.

"Good boy Andre. Where is your pokemon?" The professor asked. Andre pulled a pokeball from his pocket. "Go ahead and let it free" The Professor said. Andre opened the ball and Bulbasaur came jumping out. "Bulba!" It said with a smile on it's face. The Professor explained what to do with the watch and Andre did as he was told. The green gem was slid perfectly in place with the watch. Andre the pressed a small button on the side and a hologram of Bulbasaur apeared.

"Bulbasaur. Grass Pokemon. Bulbasaur are a combination of Grass-type and Poison-type Pokémon. Because they are Grass-type Pokémon, Bulbasaur have plant-like characteristics such as the large, leafy growth on their back. Over time, Bulbasaur will evolve into Ivysaur and Venusaur." The computerized watch then shut off the hologram.

"Wow Professor!" Andre exclaimed. The watch was amazing. The Professor then explained where they were to go. Andre nodded and went towards the elevator.

December 29th, 2008, 8:07 PM
Flase Swipe: Good first post...Although I would appreciate it if the posts are longer once we progress through the RP.

Andre Receaved a Lvl. 5 Bulbusaur, a Green Watch, a Green Pokegem, and 5 Pokeballs!!

December 30th, 2008, 7:59 AM
The day had been extremely long and hard. Panting for breath, Tyshee stopped running for a moment to catch his breath. All around him were trees moist and damp with the coming night air as he was himself with his own sweat. He looked back a few times as if trying to see if someone was following him before taking a deep breath and sitting down.

It would have been bad for Tyshee if his father found him. Leaving his home just that morning, Tyshee ran for the whole day; he ran away from his father mostly. Ever since he arrived home, the sight of him made his teenage son feel sick. He walked around bold and happy as if nothing had ever happened to him or his only child. What was even worse was the sight of his mother. She hugged and kissed him the whole day after he got home, as if he never did anything to hurt her.

Tyshee sucked in a breath of the moist air and stood up to start running again. He couldn’t think about this kind of stuff at the moment. Wildly shaking his head, Tyshee bolted through the trees again with mild tears forming in his eyes. Everything that happened to him in a short amount of time was too much. He had to leave his home and clear out his head a little. But then the thought struck him. Where was he running? After a few minutes, Tyshee came up with the answer. Anywhere, but in a different land.

His bare arms glistened with sweat, and it made him feel more powerful than ever. At that moment, he was almost glad that he was taking a huge step in the world and starting his own adventure like his own father did a mere year ago. But there was a huge difference; he would be better than his father. The whole plan formed in his head. He would go to a faraway land and open up his own shop. It would the greatest and most well-known place around the area, giving Tyshee a comfortable life. Yup, as easy as that, he thought.

Suddenly, his foot snagged on a tree branch sending him hurling towards the earth. He smacked down on the earth face first, making his right side of his face drag in the dirt while his pants caught on to a branch. He felt them rip and tear as he fell.

With his face stinging, Tyshee sat up and cursed as loud as he could. His bold and happy dreams and appearance of himself were shattered as he held the side of his face in pain. Pulling his left leg in front of him, he found a big rip near the knee. That was good enough for a few more curses.

Tyshee found blood and dirt on his hand when he pulled it away from the side of his visage as he stood up. It didn’t matter him to the moment. There would be time to fix his minor injuries, but not at the moment. He knew he had to keep moving. Reaching for his bag, he stretched out a hand--and froze. Something strange was next to it. It looked like a light brown plant of some sort. Shrugging, Tyshee reached for his bag again before freezing again. The plant was shivering non-stop. It was moving.
Curiosity on what the thing could possibly be filled Tyshee with wonder. He stopped his reach for his bag and picked up the plant instead. He inspected it up and down, left and right, side to side, finding it to be a strange discovery. It just looked like a chunk of tree.

Legs and head popped out of the plant all the sudden, and Tyshee dropped the thing in surprise. He yelled and stumbled backwards, looking back at the plant after recovering. It was standing there, wide-eyed and afraid. It had the appearance of a turtle, but a plant too. Strange……Tyshee, after a few more seconds of looking couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Is that a pokemon?” he asked himself out loud. He had read about them in the books in his village, but they weren’t supposed to be found anywhere where he lived. How did the little guy end up here in a faraway region?

Gulping, Tyshee went over to pick up the turtle. He flinched for a moment, but then let Tyshee slowly pick him up. Tyshee felt the warmth of the thing in his arms and felt a little warm inside as well.

“I’m going to take you home,” he said without thinking. But as he thought about it, it would be the perfect thing to do to get out of the region. Return the pokemon back to its home and maybe discover a little about the world himself.

With that, Tyshee picked up his bag and began to walk with the turtle in his hands.

“Well, I don’t know your name, so how about I just call you Blade,” Tyshee said to his new partner. The pokemon shook his head wildly out of happiness from joy of being with someone now instead of being alone.
Tyshee walked until he found a boat dock that streaked across the water for maybe a mile before disappearing into the woods again. Even with the small coast, a large boat was anchored right there with a small group of people talking on the sand.

Tyshee walked up to them with the pokemon clutched in his arms. “Hey, I need your help!” he shouted. The group turned around and saw the boy standing there, dirty and bloody.

“Yes, and what would your request be?” asked one of the men. Tyshee suddenly realized the clothes they were wearing. They were odd-looking, just like his he guessed. Dark red covered their whole bodies and some of their heads with an emblem on each outfit.

Tyshee held out Blade for them to see. “He needs to go home,” Tyshee said. The men looked like they were going to explode with laughter, but froze and stared at the teenage boy blankly. One of the men walked over to Tyshee, away from the group.

“You are needing to get over to the Orre region,” he explained. “In fact, with that Turtwig, you can help out the region a little. We can take you there.”

Turtwig? Tyshee quickly forgot about that part and focused on the other thing the man said. You can help out the region a little.
“What do I have to do?” Tyshee asked. The man sighed and shook his head.

“That isn’t for us to say. Are you in or out?” he replied. Tyshee looked at the guy straight in the eye and then looked at Blade, sitting comfortably in his arms. Slowly, but surely, Tyshee nodded.


The boat hit shores about a week later. After an hour or so, Tyshee was ready to go and leaped off the ship. He was instructed to go to the Pokemon HQ Lab, a place not too far off. The members in red watched him leave with a sort of gleam in their eyes.

“So, that’s him?” one of the members asked.

“Yes, that’s the boy that was destined to hold a snag machine. We just need to wait until he is stronger,” the leader that spoke to Tyshee replied.
Tyshee arrived at the lab and walked inside. It was completely empty, but well lit up and lively-feeling. Tyshee found the professor upstairs and slowly closed the door behind him. They needed to talk in private.

“So, you’re the professor. What do I need to do to help?” Tyshee asked. Blade was still in his arms, like he was a week earlier.

The professor looked at him shocked for a moment, but then smiled. He told Tyshee about all the dangers in Orre, and then about the Snag Machine. Knowing that Tyshee was capable, the professor instructed him to go to Gateon Port and handed him a watch and a blue gem.

“What the heck is this?” Tyshee asked about the watch. The professor smiled and pushed him out of the room.

"C'mon, there are some people waiting over here!!"

Shrugging, Tyshee followed the professor over to an elevator.

December 30th, 2008, 12:15 PM
Dark_Link12: Good post!
Tyshee received Blade the Turtwig, a watch, a blue Pokegem, and 5 Pokeballs!!

December 30th, 2008, 1:02 PM
Konekodemon: instead of just posting one chapter of it edit your first one with them all and delete the one you just posted ok? I don't mind if it takes a few days for you to complete it...

EDIT: Since it is New Years I hae decided to let everyone who wants one a free egg which will hatch(I get to choose what pokemon) into a shiny Pokemon! All you have to do is VM or PM me this password and only if your in this RP:


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Knock knock knock...
"Housekeeping!" called a muffled woman's voice.

"Gyaah!" Gon jumped out of the bed, remembering that he was in a hotel room and that there was such thing as a checkout time. Fortunately, he didn't need to do that much packing, so he scurried over to the bathroom and washed his face, ran over to fetch his laptop bag, threw on some deodorant, and opened the door.

"Haha, sorry, I was in a rush to pack," Gon mentioned as he moved past the maid and down the hallway.

After leaving his room key with the hotel clerk, Gon walked outside, taking in the sunlight and the sight of the humble shops and the beach. Sandgem Town wasn't a classy beach resort or anything, but it wasn't too shabby a town. Nevertheless, it wasn't interesting enough to catch Gon's interest, as he found out yesterday. Yesterday he had journeyed to Professor Rowan's lab in the hopes of receiving his first Pokemon. However, when he got there, Rowan mentioned something about a Professor Krane wanting to see him--and offer him a Pokemon. Slightly disappointed, Gon left the lab and wandered around town, having heard about a boat which left for Krane's lab the following day. The shops and Poke Mart didn't catch Gon's interest, so he spent most of the time sitting in a little park and doing stuff on his laptop--playing video games, watching downloaded TV shows, sending emails to his sister, and looking up information about Orre. He found out that that region had attracted many criminal organisations, namely Teams Snagem and Cipher. One website even had a story about a Pokemon trainer whole stole a device used for "snagging" Pokemon from trainers from Team Snagem, partnered up with a girl who could tell if a Pokemon was shadow, visited the Celebi Shrine in Agate Village to cure the shadow Pokemon he captured, and ultimately stopped Team Snagem for good. However, a news page told of Team Cipher still wreaking havoc in that region...

But now, Gon had a boat to catch. While heading over to the dock, Gon passed by a little girl playing ball with her Bidoof, a pair of sparring Shinx, a flock of Starlies flying overhead, and a sign in front of the Poke Mart advertising a 50%-off sale. Upon seeing all these things, Gon began to wonder about which Pokemon he would receive once he got to Krane's lab, but figured that it was pointless to think about it. After all, he had once read a story about a young trainer named Ash Ketchum in the Kanto region. The night before starting his journey, Ash dreamed about what he would do with the Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle he would receive from Professor Oak, only to wake up late and find out that all three Pokemon had been taken. Thus he had to settle for an unruly Pikachu instead.

While on the little speed boat in which he was the only passenger, Gon decided that it was too dangerous to bring out his laptop, so he kept himself occupied by watching water Pokemon swim by or Wingulls fly overhead (he even saw a Pelipper dive and catch a Remoraid in its beak), or by just enjoying how it felt to ride this boat. It wasn't a ferry that moved so slowly that it could bore anyone to tears--it was a speedy little thing, bouncing occasionally on the waves as it went. Within an hour's time, land became visible, land on which the boat docked...

Gon exited the boat and immediately spotted a road. Next to it was a sign which read "Professor Krane's laboratory, 1 mile". Walking along the road, which was lined with tall boulders, Gon noticed the rather barren, desert-like surroundings--the internet was right about Orre being like this. Soon enough he came across the lab, which turned out to be on the outskirts of a small town by the sea. (Why didn't the boat dock there instead?) But as soon as he walked up to the door, it opened, and a man in a lab coat walked right into him. This man didn't even bother apologising--he just shook his head and gestured for him to come in.

After a while, five kids total were inside the lab along with Professor Krane and his assistant. Krane then proceeded to hand watches and Pokeballs to each trainer. He also handed out a battery-like device, which, as he started to explain, was a Pokegem, which was meant to be placed inside the watch. Gon took a minute to marvel at the Pokegem's features.
It reminds me of an upgraded version of a Poketch, he thought, except with 3D graphics.

Gon paused when Krane handed him his supplies. He noticed that his Pokegem was red; all the other kids had different colours of Pokegem.
That might as well be. Red is my favourite colour after all. Now I wonder what Pokemon I got...

Out of one of the Pokeballs came a Chimchar.
"Chim chim chim cha-chim chim," he teased, sticking his tongue playfully out at Gon.

"Naughty little thing, aren't you?" Gon commented. "What a malicious look in your eyes."
A Chimchar? I could have gotten one of those from Rowan...
"You really need a name to accompany that... how about Mojo?"

"Char chim!"
The Chimchar did a handstand then landed and wagged his tail.

"All right then, shall I take that as a yes?"

Gon spent the next few moments inserting the Pokegem into the watch he received, then proceeded to test out the features. One showed a map of the region, another showed a communication device, another allowed him to check the status of his Pokemon... After a while, Gon just stared at the watch, wondering what else he could possibly do with it...

Getting an idea all of a sudden, Gon reached into his bag and pulled out his laptop, booting it up and setting it on the floor next to him. Then he took a cord and plugged one end into the laptop, and attached the other to the Pokegem. On his laptop, he opened a program and typed in a line of code, upon which the window in which he typed closed. Another window opened up, indicating files being copied to another location. While Gon was waiting for the copying to finish, he noticed Professor Krane disappearing into an elevator... but he decided that that did not concern him. After the files copied, a window with a status bar briefly appeared on the screen, followed by another window with program icons in it. Gon clicked on one of these icons--and up popped a map of Orre. He clicked another and it showed Mojo's stats. He clicked yet another and it showed the message "Select a buddy to communicate" and the names of the other four trainers in the lab.

Aha, for a while I wasn't expecting this to work, Gon thought as he disconnected the Pokegem from the laptop and put away the cord. But if it works for a video game and an electronic lock, of course it should work for this.

It was then that Gon noticed Mojo gazing at him with curiosity.
"Heh, well, Mojo, I guess you can call this hacking," Gon mentioned. "I just managed to copy the data from the Pokegem over to my laptop. See how cool technology can be?"

January 4th, 2009, 6:29 AM
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Konekodemon: Ok...Darlink has told you not to do a bunch of little posts....If you keep on doing them and do one more I will kick you off. As we go through I will have under the chapter title how many posts they are but with all my RPs it is only one post for the first chapter!!

Ninetales: Good post!

Gon received Mojo the Chimchar, a watch, a Pokegem, and 5 Pokeballs!!

January 13th, 2009, 3:36 PM
Kairi got up very early today. This was the day she'd start her journey. She got ready, grabbed her bag and went out the door. She walked over to Prof. Krane's lab. One of his assistants let her in. She walked in on him when he was thinking,Where are those blasted kids at?

Kairi tapped him on the shoulder,"Prof. Krane?"

Kairi just sit there waiting for her Pokemon. She could be very patience when she wanted to be. That's the thing about her. The thing she's always been best at is waiting for things that she really wanted. She saw that the Professor only had 1 Pokemon left anyway. Well, that really didn't give her much choice did it? She'd have to go with that Pokemon. Whatever it was. She sit there with her arms crossed, waiting.

The Professor turned around,"Sorry for making you wait so long. Here it is," he handed her, a Pokeball.

The ball glowed and out popped a Pichu,"Aww it's so cute!" Kairi said reaching out to give it a big hug.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Prof. Krane tried to warn her.

"Why?" Kairi asked as she picked up Pichu and gave her a big hug. She was hugging to tight, so Pichu shocked her. Kairi's hair started sticking up all over the place,"I see what you mean." She then fell over, anime style.

The Professor handed Kairi five PokeBalls, a watch, and a yellow looking Pokegem.

"What! You mean I don't get a Pokedex with this! But Professor Oak hands out Pokdexes!" Kairi said in a rage.

"Sorry. I don't do Pokedexes. You'll have to make do with these. Besides the Poke Watch acts as a Pokedex. Go ahead, and put in that yellow gem stone I gave you," The Prof. explained.

Kairi started messing around with it,"Now how do I put this in?" She asked. The watch started making creaking sounds.

"Stop! You'll break it!" He screamed at her. Professor Krane took the watch from Kairi and put the gem in himself.

"Sorry," Kairi said scratching her head in wonder.

"That's ok. Just be a little bit more careful from now on. There," he handed it back to her.

"Now how do I get this on," Kairi wondered. It started creaking again, as she was trying to get it on her arm.

Now Professor Krane was mad,"If you don't stop that I'm going to just take Pichu back and send you home!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Kairi screamed.

"Oh yea!" He said picking up Pichu.

Kairi ran over to him,"Ok, ok. I'll stop! I'll stop! Just don't take Pichu back! I'll read the intrustions."

The Professor handed the Pichu back to Kairi. Pichu was enjoying all this,"Pichu," she grinned with happiness. Kairi got a glass of water, and went into Professor Krane's living room to read,"Ok, so that's how it's done," she said. Pichu was sitting on the couch next to her drinking some grape juice,"Chaaa," she said. She really loved the juice. Kairi grinned, as she managed to get the watch on her arm,"So you love grape juice huh?" She asked Pichu. Pichu grinned and nodded.

The Professor came in the room,"So you finually got it on huh? Also your Pichu loves grape juice huh," he said grinning.

"She sure does, Professor," Kairi said.

Professor Krane handed Kairi 20 small packs of grape juice for Pichu. Pichu smiled at this with stars in her eyes,"Pii chuuu."

Kairi then put everything in her bag,"Ok, come on Pichu let's go," she told her. Pichu got onto Kairi's shoulder as they left the lab. Kairi took one last look at her home town, before her and Pichu left and started on there journey together.

January 13th, 2009, 4:02 PM
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~Frozen Darkness~
January 15th, 2009, 3:16 PM
Chapter 1: Tidying Up

Name: Jake
Age: 11
Gender: Male

Personality: A determined trainer with all-around attributes, a bit hyper, and loves Ice and Dragon Pokemon. Sometimes, he may seem a bit clumsy, but can get the job done. He is very intelligent and has studied Pokemon and their abilities ever since he was 7. His dream is to become the next Pokemon Master.

Appearance: To the very right of Andinator's sig.


In the peaceful region known as Orre, there is a boy named Jake, a very intelligent boy who strives to become a Pokemon Master with Ice and Dragon Pokemon. Some of his favorites are Froslass, Salamence, and although not being a Dragon-type, Aggron. He has high expectations to receiving a Pokemon and starting his journey.
At last, his dreams may become true.

Receiving a request from Prof. Krane, he immediately darts to the Pokemon HQ Lab, where Krane explains the Shadow Pokemon incident and Cipher joining forces with Team Magma, Aqua, Galactic, and Rocket. However, as he thought about it, he declined it. A few days later, he thinks about Krane's words. He then decides to accept Krane's request. Jake then receives a Snag Machine, an Aura Reader, some Poke Balls, and his very own Starter Pokemon, a small Aron. Jake, with confidence, steps outside to begin his quest. When he walks out, A Cipher Grunt appeared! Knowing the appearence of Cipher, Jake battles this Grunt.

[Battle Scene]

Cipher Grunt sent out a Bagon!

Jake sent out Aron!

Jake's Aura Reader senses that Bagon is a Shadow Pokemon!

Jake threw a Poke Ball at Bagon!

Starter: Aron

Other: If we may, I would the Legend I catch to be Giratina. Pikachu PWNS!

P.S: Should I need to edit my SU, reserve Aron for me. Thanks in advance :)

January 15th, 2009, 5:15 PM
Can i still join. I wanna reserve totodile. I will soon be posting my character.

Alter Ego
January 17th, 2009, 7:14 AM
Closed on thread owner's request.