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  • I sent the links to you as a private message, enjoy ^^, also the hacks are incomplete, I never managed to finish them, but i'm doing another game, keep an eye in the progressing hack roms section or in my facebook page(link in my sign :) )
    Well you can get a lot from the description in the team recruitment thread, but I'll go into some more detail. Its about a kid (you) who comes from Turquoise Town, and your rival who has just moved in from the Johto region. Your town professor, professor dashwood, has chosen you and your rival out of all the kids in the town to explore the region. You explore a new region called Endo, which consists of all new Pokémon, a new evil team called team kyanite, who is trying to travel back in time to claim the bosses Pokémon he once owned as a child, which died in an effort to stop a shadow lugia from destroying all of his home town (he grew up in turquoise town as well). Throughout the game you play as you in your normal adventure, and also the boss as a child (you will be able to switch whose story you're playing through ingame). It'd make a lot more sense if I gave you a more in depth explanation of the boss and how the game operates if I told you over like kik or something. But I'm assuming you're coming here from the recruit thread, so keep in mind that this is not some hack you find in the beginner's lounge that is an "idea." No, I have the skills to do all of this stuff, and a lot has been done. So what I want to ask you is, are you interested in working on this? :P
    I apologize, but you know, we get busy sometimes. But it's great to find a Bleach fan on a Pokemon Forum.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!

    Depends on the condition and local ordinances and other laws regarding house degradation/dilapidation. However, if it's starting to fall apart, you will want to have it professionally assessed and, if it's repairable, professionally repaired, but the professional repairs you'll have to break down into room by room work, most likely. If it can't be repaired or you can't afford to even have it assessed (or if you refuse to have it assessed), you need to try to find a new living situation, as a home that's falling apart is a hazard to your life and the life of family and friends you have visiting.
    I was gonna say to ask in CQ&F but it looks like you... already did that, haha. I don't know myself. Sorry. ):
    Unlimited moves is cool, definitely something that helps my game stand out from the crowd.

    Another game using the same engine would be pretty neat. I do have some vague plans to make another pokemon game after I finish SPEE, probably a prequel where you play as Red, but that's gonna take a while.
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