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January 11th, 2009, 12:01 PM
Hello and welcome the world of pokemon. It has many creatures that are captured by people called pokemon trainers that control and train them in battle.

You, my friends, are one of those pokemon trainers starting with a basic pokemon of your choice and other pokemon trainers. Your objective is to capture pokemon and collect badges to enter the Indigo Plateau and become the pokemon champion.

Your characters starts out in Pallet Town. With help by me, the creator, provides you by getting your starter pokemon to begin your pokemon adventure. Your main job in this roleplay is to catch pokemon and train them to become powerful battlers for the pokemon indigo plateau. When you are traveling, there's an organization of pokemon stealers called Team Rocket and will be on to you to stop them from doing that.

Also, when you are traveling through the Kanto Region, you collect TM's, HM's, and various items on the way to become the champion, which is the final goal of the roleplay. They are many challenges and people that get in your way. Remember, they are other trainers starting with you they have no power over you what so ever so it all ends with how much you train , battle , and finish.

Name: Be inventive.. or not.
Gender: Male or Female obviously.
Age: 10-16
Personality: At least a paragraph. This is how your character acts in certain situations.
Appearence: What does your character look like picture with detailed description, or just description.
History: What's happened in your character's life so far please list anything important.
RP Sample : A sample of your handwriting
Preffered Starter: your starter

Grass Pokemon Taken by |:Hiro:|
Bulbasaur, Oddish, Bellsprout, Exeggcute, Tangela

Fire Pokemon Taken by Wolfwhispers
Charmander, Vulpix, Growlithe, Ponyta, Magmar

Water Pokemon
Squirtle, Psyduck, Poliwag, Tentacool, Seel, Shellder, Krabby, Horsea, Goldeen, Staryu,

Normal Pokemon Taken By daydreambeliver
Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Meowth, Ditto, Porygon, Eevee

Flying Pokemon Taken By Shinningkit
Pidgey, Spearow, Zubat, Farfetch'd, Doduo

Bug Pokemon Taken by pumpkinziggy
Paras, Venonat, Scyther, Pinsir

Dragon Pokemon

Electric Pokemon
Pikachu, Magnemite, Voltorb, Electabuzz

Fighting Pokemon Taken By The Kricket
Mankey, Machop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan

Ghost Pokemon

Ground Pokemon
Sandshrew, Diglett, Geodude, Onix, Cubone, Rhyhorn

Poison Pokemon Reserved by .Sublime
Ekans, Nidoran (Female), Nidoran (Male), Grimer, Koffing

Psychic Pokemon
Abra, Slowpoke, Drowzee, Mr. Mime

only eight people will be accepted with one person per type.

January 13th, 2009, 3:51 PM
May I reserve Nidoran Male?
Please and thanks :3

January 13th, 2009, 5:05 PM
Name: Tyler Weston

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Personality: Tyler is eager for anything, and loves trying new things. Unfortuanently, his large curiousity can get him into loads of trouble and get him into places he shouldn't be. Sadness and grief aren't things Tyler likes to experience, so when something traumatic happens, he hides it behind a smile. This isn't always the best solution, because then Tyler keeps his rage and grief bottled up, and more often than not does it explode and the worst of times.

With friends, Tyler can be extremely shy, even if his outgoing personality can attract others. It's a curse, knowing that he is surrounded by people and yet believing he is alone. That is why he wishes to become a pokemon trainer and create unbreakable bonds with his pokemon. He wishes for nothing more than a best friend and to finally put his outgoing personality to good use.

Appearance: Tyler has brown hair that's kind of long. It normally goes down to his shoulder blades, but he always makes sure it is tied up into a ponytail. His brown eyes can usually be seen peaking out from under his bangs. His skin is tan from all the times going outside, and his feet are covered in scars from cutting them up while exploring without wearing shoes. Tyler wears blue jeans, a red shirt and a black backpack on a regular basis.

When it get's cold, Tyler switches to a long sleeved black shirt and a blue jacket to keep warm. His shoes stay the same, which are always converse shoes. Dirt is usually seen covering his arms and face since he likes to explore so often, though he isn't against cleanliness.

History: Tyler's mom used to work as an assistant for a pokemon professor. It wasn't until she nearly lost her life to an enraged Nidoking did she retire, though that inccident never destroyed her love for pokemon. Tyler's father is a stern man, though he is not above having fun. Unfortuanently, this can get confusing for Tyler. His dad is all about rules and when to do or not do something, so Tyler is unsure of the times he can play. However, this doesn't stop him from sneaking out and exploring, though this can get him grounded. It just makes him try to sneak away even better next time

The first time Tyler saw a pokemon battle was when he was five years old. His parents had taken him to see the Johto League finals as a gift for the beginning of summer vacation. Tyler had watched in awe as a female trainer commanded her Dwegone spectacularly and a male trainer fought with a bold Scizor. He longed to gain that kind of connection with another being and has longed to become a trainer ever since.

Starter: Charmander

RP Sample:

I can only stare at my reflection, wondering and reflecting on what it is that makes me so unwanted. Am I ugly? No... I do not think so... It was just last week that a young Misdreavus offered herself to me. And yet I denied her, thoughts of what that girl said to me.

Vile creature.

Why... No, how dare she? What had I ever done to her but seek her out? Why do I seek her out constantly? I am not sure, only that I feel a tug, a pull toward her. Nay, not just that, but a connection. That girl that had fled in fear, calling me horrific names, is connected to me in some way...

Again I stare at my reflection, yellow toothed smile frowning just slightly. I hate my smile. It always seems so fake, so unreal. Just like a dolls. I inwardly frown at the thought of a doll, my red eyes narrowing in disgust. I loathe dolls.

Speaking of dolls, I glance at the one by my purple feet. It has brown, curly hair that had once been red with gray and marled skin that had once been pure white and as smooth as marble. It was clothless, for the cloth had been eaten by the wild Venomoth.

It was a pitiful sight.

Much like me, I think before I help myself. I cannot help but feel a connection towards this doll, just as I cannot help but feel a connection toward that girl. And because I do not know why, I hate it, I despise this strange feeling with my entire being.

With one last glare at my reflection, I glide away into the darkness, hoping to find peace of mind in the shadows. But as I come across others of my kind, all looking sorrowful and vengeful, I feel my kind will never find peace, for we will always be connected in the never ending hatred.

After all, we who were born from despair and rejection shall know no peace.

We are the Bannette.

January 13th, 2009, 5:23 PM
Reserved and Accepted guys hope you enjoy your Journey though Kanto!

The Kricket
January 13th, 2009, 6:16 PM
Could I reserve Hitmonchan? I won't be able to get an SU up tonight, but hopefully tomorrow.

January 13th, 2009, 7:56 PM
Name: Sabrina H. Emerald

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Personality: Sabrina is usually calm, but excited easily, and so can sometimes be hyper. She doesn't mind losing and likes challenging herself, just for the fun of it. She can be timid, however, and can shy away from most strangers. She believes strongly in her Pokémon, who are the only ones who can encourage her and make her brave. Oh, did I mention that she's easily put down, too? She thinks before she acts and believes that strategy is stronger than any strength. The eleven-year-old is determined, never giving up in the heat of a Pokémon battle. She's careful and enjoys helping others, but is serious, especially around other people. She enjoys chatting with other Pokémon trainers, and can be talkative towards them. Sabrina is curious and wants to find everything out just for the sake of knowing it. Some may say that she's nosy and even a bit childish because of it. Sabrina accepts her losses and tries to learn from her mistakes so that she can be better next time. She's also rather crazy about Bug-, Steel- and Normal-types.

Appearance: Sabrina has a build of average width; however, she's noticeably tall, especially towering over those who are younger. But of course, she can't help it, being four feet nine inches already! Her eyes are bright green, and have a large, round appearance that sometimes makes Sabrina appear younger than she really is. Her head is somewhat tall, but her neck is short, and so they balance each other out. Her hair is long and colored golden brown It's almost so straight that it beats a ruler. Sabrina has short arms and hands that are slightly smaller than average. Her shirt is a short-sleeved tee, colored light yellow with a Poké Ball on the back of each shoulder. On the front is a large Beedrill, Sabrina's favorite Pokémon. The Beedrill is pretty much the whole reason she wears the shirt almost all the time in the first place. On her hands, she wears thin black gloves that are mostly for show rather than keeping her warm. Sabrina has long legs that contribute to most of her height, along with feet that are long, but not as wide as usual. She wears sweat pants that are grass-green, with a white stripe down the outer side of each leg. Her socks are plain white, but short, so you can't see them over her dull brown running shoes.

History: Sabrina was born on August 23rd on a rather warm year, in the dry climate of Pewter City. She visited the museum once every few months to see updates, starting when she was five, and so has become very familiar with it. She especially liked fossils, and became fascinated with the ancient Pokémon, wondering, What were they like? How did they live? It brought on her interest with Pokémon in general, and since then, until now, she had always been jealous of her older brother for collecting over twenty Pokémon while she still had "not a single one," as she had said the very day that she first when to the museum. However, her parents only told her to be patient, and so she waited those "boring" years to get her own Pokémon.

When she turned eight, her brother, who was fourteen at the time, offered to show her some of his Pokémon. The first Pokémon he showed her was Kakuna, but it was the only Pokémon that he had gotten to because Sabrina had been so captivated by it. He had explained how it evolved into Beedrill and how he was aiming for one. This immediately sparked Sabrina's interest in all Bug-types, but she's always had a single favorite that never changed: Beedrill.

RP Sample:

Silverfeather soared above Ilex Forest, gazing down on it with her two sharp, watchful eyes. Even from many yards above and in the pitch black of the very early morning, she could see an early-waking Trainer sauntering below. And he had a Pokémon with him... curious, the Noctowl swooped down for a closer look, opening her wings and spreading her brown primary feathers to increase drag and lower her elevation without swooping and possibly losing control.

She had only gone about ten feet lower when she began to make out the features of the small Pokémon. Actually, saying it was small was an understatement; the creature was very tiny, indeed. It didn't have many notable features at all; mostly, it was just a green ball with one leg, small wings and two huge eyes. Its wings were oddly patterned, with black stripes, and its eyes always seemed to be staring hard at something. It -- no, he -- looked rather interesting to Silverfeather. And although it was small, somehow, Silverfeather could just tell that it was powerful.

The trainer said something to his Pokémon; however, Silverfeather couldn't make it out because she had never learned to understand humans. The little bird pecked at a wild Paras, and the mushroom-like Pokémon immediately fainted.

White light began to envelop the Natu, and it grew very much, becoming tall. Its wings became a white jacked that, when spread, revealed odd patterns on its belly. Its eyes still gazed straight ahead.

Silverfeather couldn't help but fly in. She landed in front of the human and newly-evolved Xatu with a curious "Hooo..."

The trainer chuckled and said something.

"What?" The Noctowl asked the human's Pokémon so that he could translate.

"He said," the Psychic bird said in his mysterious, hollow voice, "it looks like I've captivated someone."

The human added another set of words.

The Xatu translated, "He says that maybe we should capture you so that we could become closer friends."

Silverfeather nodded, and Xatu said something to his trainer. Then he turned to his acquaintance and said one thing quickly before I was sucked into a void.

"My name is Starsight."

Then there was nothing, but I didn't fight against it. And then, I was wild no more.

Preferred Starter: Scyther

January 13th, 2009, 9:25 PM
pumpkinziggy : Accepted
The Kricket : Reserved

Man of Faith
January 13th, 2009, 9:30 PM
Can I reserve the bulbasaur? >.>

January 13th, 2009, 9:58 PM
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Personality: tom will be serious in battles but other than the he is pretty cool to hang out with .he hates people who mess with him .he can't stand someone who messes with anyone .he thinks it's just not right
Appearence: he looks like a blonde haired blue eyed version of my avatar
History: nothing important exept that he has gotten his first pokemon
RP Sample : i don't get it
Preffered Starter: dratini please

January 14th, 2009, 7:40 AM
Hiro : YOu are Reserved
ruler : Your sign-up is horrid start by adding to history and personality and add a RP sample which is a sample of how you RP Declined

January 14th, 2009, 2:14 PM
May I please reserve Dratini [Dragon Type]?

Man of Faith
January 14th, 2009, 6:13 PM
Name: Alexander “Xander” McNamara

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Personality: Xander has been frequently described as “playful,” which really means quite annoying. Extremely energetic, he's always looking for an adventure, and by “adventure” one should assume something dangerous and stupid will be involve. He's generally carefree and optimistic, but can, and is a little too reckless at times. He can't take a loss well at all, letting it pretty much consume him until he's able to overcome the obstacle and beat his opponent. Though it doesn't seem like it, he can be pretty shy and naïve around girls, not really knowing any growing up. He has grown very close to his mother's pokemon and has waited anxiously for years to get his own, to love unconditionally. Though his recklessness and lack of strategics may suggest the opposite, he's actually quite smart. When it comes to pokemon. Not much else. Actually getting high-C's/low-B's through all of his years at school.

Appearance: His choice in clothing usually consists of camo shorts and green shirts, though he does occasionally wear other things. He never wears pants unless the occasion, such as low temperature, calls for them and even then it's a 50/50 chance. His shoes come in assortment of colors, though his personal favorites are the plain white and black. His jet black hair doesn't even reach his shoulders, and is usually cut short. His skin is slightly tanned due to him almost never being in the shade, preferring the refreshing feel of the sun. There are a few scars on his leg from a childhood accident. He is about six feet tall and weighs approximately 140 pounds.

History: Born to Lucille McNamara on a dark, stormy May 16. He never got to know his father. Good ol' Dad running out on Mom before you were born, his mother used to say. He met his first pokemon when he was a baby, quickly bonding with his mother's Oddish. This Oddish caused a love of pokemon to flourish. As he grew older, he started to lose his love. Until, of course, on his tenth birthday, he fell down the side of a hill, being badly bruised and hurt, resulting in the scars on his unprotected legs. He land in the river and, unconscious at the time, nearly drowned. A wild Goldeen quickly pushed him to the surface and onto land. His mother, just then arriving, took him home. After the Goldeen saved his life, his love came back to him. He quickly blew off his studies and decided to do his best to help pokemon.

RP Sample: From an RP I created...

Into each generation a slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a chosen one. One born with the strength and skill to fight vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers.

Thousands of years ago, in ancient Africa, a group of tribal elders known as the Shadow Men used powerful magic to instilling a girl with the heart, soul and spirit of a demon. This development granted the girl great strength, agility, and endurance: she became the first Slayer, made to fight the vampires and demons that roamed the earth. The Shadow Men's descendants went on to form the Watcher's Council, an organization devoted to locating and guiding Slayers.

Upon the calling of a Slayer, the chosen girl is endowed with multiple powers. She has strength greater than that of any human, and the majority of demons and vampires. Her agility and reflexes are quicker than most, and she is significantly more durable and resistant to attack. Despite this, they are far from invulnerable, but heal quite fast, being able to fall off multi-story buildings with little harm. With enough training, a slayer's heightened senses can let her fight blindfolded or in complete darkness. Lastly, a slayer shares a psychic link with all past slayers, dreaming of past actions. These dreams are usually vague and can, occasionally, be prophetic.

In 2003, an entity known as the First Evil started a plot to end the Slayer line and unleash hell on earth. It eliminated several Potential Slayers and destroyed the Watcher's Council, taking the majority of its members with it. Later that year, while attempting to stop the First, Slayer Buffy Summers uncovered a scythe created for the Slayer to wield. At Buffy's request, magic was used to tap into the scythe's essence. The arcane rules governing the calling of Slayers were altered, and every living Potential became a Slayer, ending the legacy of “one girl in all the world.”

Preferred Starter: Bulbasaur

The Kricket
January 14th, 2009, 7:28 PM
Here's my SU:

Name: Nathan D. Samuels
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Appearance: Nathan is tall, standing 6 feet, and weighing in at 170 pounds. His build can be best described as wiry, although thin, he nonetheless is muscular, because of his active lifestyle. He has sharp blue eyes that dart around trying to take in every detail of every situation. His hair is dark black, cropped close to his head. He wears a grey t-shirt and hardy grey pants. He also wears a thick belt, from which dangle an array of objects, such as a compass, and several carabineers.

Personality: Nathan is, at heart, a very competitive person. He sees life as nothing more then one big competition, and does his best to succeed. Unfortunately, this competiveness leads him to sometimes take unnecessary risks, to go a bit too far in his competitions. He also takes competitions a bit too seriously, and if he loses one is distraught. However, apart from this, he is not easily depressed; he tends to take almost anything in stride, simply because to him, little else matters. Nathan is also a bit cold, and doesn’t try to make friends. This is because he sees everyone else as “the competition” and although he watches them closely to spot their weaknesses, does not associate with any of them for fear of revealing his own. But, he does view some people as “worthy opponents” and while not friendly, does respect and like them.

History: Nathan spent all of his life in Pallet Town. His parents divorced when he was young, and he lived with his father. Unfortunately, his father was often gone on business trips, so he and his brother pretty much raised themselves. Because of this, the two of them developed a highly competitive relationship. They were only a year apart, and they competed in everything, at least that’s how Nathan saw it. Nathan went to school in Pallet Town, and excelled, seeing it as an organized competition. However, this attitude did little to gain him friends. So, he ended up making no friends, and lived a mostly lonely life, not that he really cares. But, last year something incredible happened: his brother left on his Pokémon Journey.

RP Sample: This is from Dark_Link12’s Ultimate Challenge: New Kanto. Sorry, but I didn’t have time to write up a new RP sample for this character, if you want I will change it.

After catching the Pidgey Alex continued on his journey. For almost another hour he walked. Finally, as the sun reached its zenith and started descending he grew tired. His feet dragged, and sweat dripped down his face. Realizing that continueing in his present state, he would not get far, he resolved to stop and take a rest. After finding a good place to rest, he sat down and taking off his pack. But, unfortunately fate would not let him rest, for he heard a low hissing from the tree above him

“wwwwwwwwwurmppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee.” And looking up he saw an odd sight. A small pink and white bug-like Pokémon was looking down on him. It glared for a few more seconds, before growling a low pitched “wurrrrrrrrrmp”. After this voicing of its dissatisfaction, the Wurmple let fly a single poisionous barb. The barb flew towards Alex. Realizing the danger, almost to late, he rolled out of the way, and the barb buried itself in his bag. Seeing that its initial barb had missed, the Pokémon let loose a barrage of them. They flew towards Alex, but this time he grabbed his bag, and using it as a shield blocked the barbs. Realizing that its poison sting was not enough to hurt him, the Wurmple descended from the tree, preparing to take Alex on from close in.

As the Pokémon approached Alex cursed his bad luck. Why does something have to attack me everytime I stop? He wondered crossly. But unfortunately his predicament let him no time to ponder the metaphysical state of the world. He grabbed a pokeball from his bag, making sure to avoid the barbs protruding from it, and threw it to the ground. Out of the ball came a bedraggled Pidgey, only partially healed from his rest. The bird came out, and looking rather confused, nonetheless obeyed Alex when he yelled
“Tackle that Wurmple!

Pidgey obeyed, and speedily launched himself towards the bug. But, unfortunately he was still weak, and the attack had minimal effect on the Wurmple. In return, the Wurmple smashed into the Pidgey, sending him flying across the clearing. He lay still for a moment, but then got up, ready to fight. But, Alex realized, a direct fight would be terribly uneven, and the Pidgey would quickly lose, so he would have to change his strategy. Just as the Wurmple unleashed a salvo of poison barbs at him, Alex shouted “Pidgey go land on that branch” pointing to a branch high up in a tree.

A bit unsteadily at first, but then faster, the Pidgey started flying. Luckily it was able to avoid the poison barbs by taking off, so they thudded into the ground behind him. After he had gained almost a hundred feet of altitude, and was high in the tree branches, he alighted on the aforementioned branch. Disturbed that its opponent had fled, and forgetting its previous beef with Alex, the Wurmple started climbing to finish the battle.

When the Wurmple was almost half way up Alex cried “Okay Pidgey tackle him now!!”. Obediently the bird jumped off its branch, and smashed into the climbing Pokémon. Although this attack would not normally be enough then to make the Wurmple flinch, it was on unsteady ground. So when the bird Pokémon hit it, it was knocked off of the tree, and fell to the ground. At first it did not look like it could rise, but after a few moments it got shakily to its feet, although it took it even longer to regain its balance.

The Wurmple seemed unwilling to climb the tree again. Instead it stood below the tree, and fired a bombardment of Poison stings up at the bird. But, by the time they reached that high they were slow, and the bird was easily able to dodge them. But, this left them at an impasse, the Bird unable to come down to engage and the bug unable to climb the tree to hurt the bird. But, after a few minutes Alex thought up a solution to this problem “Pidgey, drop those pinecones on him!”

Alex had noticed that the tree had many large pinecones suspended from the branches. While these individually would not hurt the Wurmple, several of them could seriously injure it. It took Pidgey a few seconds to follow that line of thought, but when he did he worked fast. In seconds dozens of pinecones were falling from the tree. The Wurmple was caught knapping by this, and was unable to dodge the first wave. So the pinecones thudded into its head, knocking it to the ground. It did not rise.

The battle done, Alex picked up his pack, preparing to continue on his journey. Although he was tired he couldn’t imagine stopping again, after all it didn’t look like his Pokémon could take another battle. So although he was weighed down by his pack, he kept on walking as fast as possible, hoping to make it out of the forest before nightfall.

January 14th, 2009, 10:10 PM
Can I reserve an Eevee, please? :)

Profile up tomorrow or today, if lucky.

January 15th, 2009, 5:01 PM
*puts hand as high into the air as a short person can* Can I join? Can I join? Can I reserve a Pidgey pleeeeaaaasee? =D It takes me forever to do SU's, so I wanted to reserve meh poke before he was taken away... Sooo, can I? And if there is a gender perference, just say so. I don't care. =3

January 15th, 2009, 5:04 PM
OK Accepted And Reserved Everyone first chapter will be up in a day or two

January 15th, 2009, 7:57 PM
Character Name: Juliette Claire Dollandanger

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Birth Date: 17/7/1994

Appearance: 5'8, 168cm. Pale skin, rosey cheeks. Straight, blonde hair that just passes her shoulders. Side-fringe on the right. Big sea blue eyes with blonde eyelashes. Always wears a thin layer of foundation on her face to give her, or what she says 'colour'. A small freckle in the shape of a love heart on the right side of her face. Slim with large to medium sized bust. She is an attractive girl, yet no beautiful.
Wears a ruby red spaghetti straped dress that cuts off at the bottom of her knees, a black fabric trenchcoat, bright red sandals and carries a black carrybag. If the weather or landspace ask her to dress for protection, she wraps the dress and the sandals for a faded pair of jeans, a ruby red fitted top with a round neck, that shows off her bust and a pair of white sneakers, all to be worn under her black trenchcoat. A white beanie will also appear on her head.

Personality: Juliette is overall a kind, smart and easily lovable girl, who is always there to help, friends or strangers. She is also awfully stubborn at times and has quite a temper when angered. She is a natural chatterbox and flirt. Shy when meeting new people, and sometimes this is mistaken for being rude or snobbish. Once she knows a person, even after a short amount of time, she becomes comfortable with them. Uses sarcasm quite alot and can become embarrassed easily. She is 'touchy-feely' with friends and most of the time, has a positive outlook on life. She is very kind with Pokemon, but has a fear of Weezing, due to an incident when she was younger.

Talents: Flirts naturally, sometimes without her knowing. She is a talented singer and actor. She is quick at reading books.

History: Juliette Dollandanger is the middle child, and only girl of five, born to Pokemon School headmaster, Chris Dollandanger and former Pokemon Breeder, Helena Sawport.
For the first 2 years of her life, Juliette lived in a small house in Lavender Town, before her father was offered the head leadship role at Viridian City’s School for PokemonEnthusiasts. With a population boom occuring in Viridian City that year, the family decided to buy a cosy home in nearby Pallet Town. A love of Pokemon run through her family and it was no exception to Juliette, who’s passion for Pokemon blossomed the day her oldest brother, Michael, taking toddler Juliette to the fields behind their house, to witness a training session with his starter, a shy, but skilled Abra. At the age of five, Juliette was fell in love with entertaining and one day, at a children's singing contest held in Pallet Town’s City Hall, Juliette strayed away from her mother and found herself near the town's Pokemon Fan Club where she came across a disstressed Weezing disobeying its trainer. Juliette was then suddenly surrounded by a purple gas, fainted and rushed to hospital in a critcial condition. She recovered but came away with an intense fear of the pokemon, Weezing. At the age of 10, Juliette was not able to receive a starter pokemon as her family at decided to take a cruise to the Sevii Islands. On a picnic with her family, she found a tired and injured female eevee. After rushing it to the nearest Pokemon Center, the eevee developed a sense of respect for Juliette and after being healed, followed her everywhere before Juliette decided to raise it herself and name it 'Dutchess'.
Juliette hasn’t had much experience with battling, only with the occasionally battling that took place between her brothers and herself.

Pokemon Starter: A female Eevee named Dutchess. She wears a red rose behind her left ear.

Roleplay example:
‘…and they lived happily ever after. The End.’
Sigh. She closed the book and placed it on top of her bedside table, before she lay back down on her bed, staring at the ceiling. It was the same old with most books, she thought. Beautiful people from different walks of life overcome obstacles in order for true love to blossom and for them to fall head-over-hells for each other. Ofcourse lets not forget the same heart-warming ending at the end of all tese books that leaves the reader content and hopeful that something so delightful could happen to themselves one day. It is the good old ‘…and they lived happily ever after. The End.’ Even if it was not written in the exact same words, it always means the same thing. The statement, ‘The End’ leaves us with this feeling that everything that happens to the characters in their future will go smoothly and nothing could break them apart. How she wanted to believe it was all true! Every bone in her body wanted to believe that the tales of author’s could become a reality. It could be the reason she fell in love with reading and entertaining, both were different in ways but had one common element. They both brought happiness and joy to her, and others.

‘Hey, Jordan!’ yelled one of her brothers from downstairs. ‘You better give me back my Pidgey toy, or else!’

How annoying! She could never get a moment of peace with her family. She sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed. She was sure it was Connor yelling at Jordan, a hyper-active three year old who loved to play with toys and Connor, who was just the average annoying seven year old who had stacks of toys piled up in all different places of the house, was determined to let everyone know that what is his, is his and only his.

Oh well, she thought. It would be the same old ending for poor Jordan. Connor would demand his toy back and Jordan, who was too young to know that playing with Connor’s toys was not allowed (only by Connor himself though) and would continue playing with it before Connor would rip the toy out of his younger brother’s hands and mostly likely, hurt him in some way to show him that he was boss. Jordan would then start crying; Mumma would stop whatever she was doing and have to calm her baby down while she gave Connor a stern talking to and send him off to his room. That is when she realised that everything about her life was same old. Nothing new had really happened. Sure, Michael moving out of the house was something new, and it made the house seem a lot bigger than she had first thought, but other than that, nothing exciting had happened in the past year or so. It was the same old. She stood up and walked towards her cupboard mirror, then stared at the reflection. It was herself in the mirror, she knew it, but sometimes she did not want to believe it. She was pretty, boys liked her and sometimes she could be a flirt but she was not beautiful, not like the people in her books. She had the blonde hair, the blue eyes and admittly, the bust of those beautiful people, but still, she was not them, and that annoyed her. Tired of putting herself down, she made her way to the small, brown pokemon with the red rose behind her ear, sleeping happily on her purple bed. How magnificent her eevee was. Dutchess rolled over in her sleep, making weird noises as she did.Then something clicked. Not everything had to be same old. Dutchess and she would break down that wall of monotony that was put up in front of her. She could have an adventure! The idea had never appealed to her before now. Her oldest brother, Michael had gone on his own adventure years ago and Aidan, the second oldest was still on his, last postcard suggesting he had just past Fuchsia City.

Yes, she decided. She would take an adventure around Kanto, meet new people and pokemon and help develop her friendship with Dutchess. She rushed down the stairs to find Jordan in Mumma’s arms, crying and Connor slamming his door with anger, just as she had predicted. ‘Mumma, Mumma,’ she said excited. ‘I’m going to go on an adventure. I’ve decided and I really want to do it!’ Her mother cuddled her crying son, not hearing what her only daughter had to say. Not even this wrecked her mood. No matter what, she wanted to get out of this house and try something new. Maybe that is what Michael and Aidan both wanted, an escape from the Dollandanger family, and she too would follow their example, just as Connor and Jordan would do in the future. Juliette Claire Dollandanger was going on a journey, no one was stopping her and maybe, she would experience her own ‘happily ever after’ thanks to this, just like those characters in her books.

January 15th, 2009, 8:53 PM
I'd like to reserve a Ghastly please!

January 15th, 2009, 9:22 PM
Everyone is accepted and reserved

January 15th, 2009, 9:31 PM
Thank you very much. =3 Aaaaand here you go. I’m sorry if it’s not the greatest. I’ve never done this before at this forum, and I’ve always been bad at bios. xD

Name: Marissa- Either Mari (Mar-ee) or Riza (Ree-zuh) for a nickname if you want

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Marissa can be described as a kind, generous person who tries her best to help her friends. Normally she’s very happy and bubbly with an optimistic look on life. When you first meet her, she’s very outgoing, but as she becomes friends with you, she becomes quieter and calmer. She’s mischievous and a trickster, playing tricks on anyone and anything. However, she is also very clumsy, so that makes her pranks backfire or they end up hurting someone. When that happens, she is very apologetic and will do anything to make it up to them.

Regardless of all of this, Marissa is very competitive and vengeful, and while she accepts a loss it takes her a while to move on. She’s very deceptive in battle, seeing patterns at times in a pokemon’s or trainers battling. She loves to dodge around until she understands her opponent, and then try to mess with their head and defeat them at their own games. Sometimes this makes people angry, and she can’t stand that. Despite the fact she herself has a slight temper, she hates it when people yell at each other. If one of her friends is in an argument, she becomes quieter than normal, is dreadfully timid, and does whatever anyone tells her without a word. It’s at times like this becomes even more clumsy, and she hates herself for it.

On a few side notes, Marissa loves to eat, preferably spicy things. She loves it so much she cooks everyday as a hobby, and has become almost an expert at it. She also has a phobia of wild, uncontrolled fires.

Appearance: Marissa is short for her age, only standing at a whooping 4’9”- if that. Her bone structure is small and fragile, and her legs are long and slender, though they still don’t help her height out much. She’s athletic looking and thin, being able to sprint quickly for extended periods of time. She can also bend and twist as if she were a flexible ballerina. Marissa looks like a fifteen year old female, however, despite being so short and tiny. Her eyes are a deep green and her hair is a dark brown. She has side bangs on the right side of her face that are held back by a pink flower barrette, and always wears her hair in a curled ponytail. Despite that it only looks wavy, her hair is extremely (and I mean extremely) curly when it is wet.

For traveling, she wears a red tee shirt that has sparkling, gold swirls on the back. Her jacket covers the design, however, and she never takes it off. The jacket is a plain black with a simple design of a white pokeball on the back. She wears dark blue jeans that flare out at the ends, and light brown boots for exploring.

History: Marissa was born on April 13th in Lavender Town. When she was little, her twin brother died in a house fire that was started by her father’s cigarette. Her mother and father divorced because of it, and her mother received full custody of Marissa, so she could only communicate with her father through letters. These letters were carried back and forth by her father’s spearow, so she learned to love flying pokemon at a young age. She also visited her brother’s grave all the time to pay her respects, so she also developed a bond with ghost pokemon, becoming close friends with a ghastly in the tower. When she was fourteen, she asked her mother if she could capture this ghastly so she could take him with her everywhere. Her mother said no, and in anger she ran away from home, leaving the ghastly, as she had promised her mother she wouldn’t take him anywhere. She ended up in Pallet Town, living with the owners of a bakery for the past few months...

RP Sample:

"The woman stood there, as still and cold as stone. The rain crashed onto the ground and the thunder roared, yet she still did not move. The wind wailed, trying its hardest to move the woman, or to tear her away from where she stood. Yet she still did not move. The waves slammed against the wooden dock, reaching up to grasp the woman and drag her away from her dreaded place. Yet she still did not move.

Her eyes, as cold as darkness, stared into the ocean, waiting.

Hair whipped wildly about her face, piercing the wind with golden arrows. It cut and tore at the abyss as the woman stood, waltzing with the phantom enchantress of desire. Red streaks of sorrow ran down her face, staining her skin the sharpest black, and all about her seemed an ominous wound. The woman, she did not blink, she did not speak, she did not breathe. Her eyes, as cold as darkness, stared into the ocean, waiting.

And so she waited, as still and cold as stone."

Preferred Starter: Pidgey

(Is this okay? =0)

January 15th, 2009, 9:37 PM
thanks^^ I'll have my SU up by tomorrow

January 15th, 2009, 10:48 PM
@ Shinningkit : Don't see a probelm with the Sign Up Accepted

@ Bamachi : Alright take your time

January 16th, 2009, 8:12 AM
I'm going to have to drop my reservation :[
I don't really have time for three RP's at the moment.

You know I would do this if I could. But, I can't...

JX Valentine
January 16th, 2009, 1:47 PM
Hey, if .Sublime's dropping a reservation, do you mind if I pick it up? Same Pokémon and all. If not, mind if I reserve a Drowzee? Either way, I can promise an SU by tomorrow if there's room for me (and you're cool with the reservation).

January 16th, 2009, 1:51 PM
Can I be reserved with the Dratini, please?

January 16th, 2009, 4:49 PM
OK you can have .Sublime's reservation and sorry but Dratini is reserved by symphony

JX Valentine
January 17th, 2009, 2:47 PM
Thanks for letting me pick up the reservation. I hope everything's okay with the profile below.

Name: Vittoria Fiore (To everyone but her mother, Vee.)
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Personality: "Ti rilassi! Relax!" That's one of Vee's favorite words, and it shouldn't be a surprise. First and above everything else, Vee is incredibly laid-back. So laid-back you'd think she's catatonic. Her philosophy is to take it easy and calm, take everything in stride, and most of all, don't make a big deal out of it. As in, she's not one to stress out, freak out, or otherwise lose her cool. One could say she's incredibly impatient. Most people just say she's fine-tuned to a completely different mental radio station.

For that reason, she appears eccentric, prone to offer zen-like advice in the form of clichés (which are often misquoted in the vein of "A bird in the hand is worth two in someone's shoes."), seeming non sequiturs, and the Italian she's very fond of peppering her language with. On the other hand, she's also very mellow, incredibly loyal, blunt and honest (very likely to tell it like it is… should she ever get on the same wavelength as everyone else), outgoing, and a good listener. She will attempt to make friends with a tree, if only because she's very fond of making and keeping friends. (For this, one can say she's also fairly gullible, considering she will probably attempt to see the best in everyone.)

Of course, she's by no means an idiot. In fact, she's actually rather intelligent, capable of spotting small details, analyzing situations with a critical eye, and coming up with some out-of-the-ordinary solutions. For example, if someone gave her lemons, she'd find a way to use them to light a light bulb. The problem lies in the fact that she often can't communicate her solutions to others simply because she gets so caught up in her kind of language that it just isn't delivered. Alternatively, she'll take so long analyzing a problem that she'll become oblivious to either the fact that the problem gets solved in the meantime or that other problems are cropping up around her.

On the field, she tends to be a bit different. Although she's a go-with-the-flow kind of person who doesn't seem to take much seriously, on the field, she's driven and dedicated, one who can make a quick decision and get excited by the action. She's a hard worker, naturally – when it's something she's interested in. And, of course, battling is one thing she's very interested in.
Appearance: The first thing to do when meeting Vee for the first time is look down. She's short for her age, and she knows it (not that she actually cares). Not only that, but she's also rather scrawny, making her very unlikely to be seen. She, of course, attempts to circumvent this by wearing as unusually colored clothing as possible. Over her tanned body, she wears a dark green hoodie over a traffic-orange t-shirt. Khaki cargo pants hang from her waist from a bright red belt. Additionally, neon-blue straps dangle from the belt loops, seemingly for no reason other than because she felt she was incomplete as a rainbow otherwise. Her feet are clad in clunky, black boots, seemingly only there to make noise more than to actually protect her feet.

In terms of actual appearance, her face is round and almost always smiling or grinning. Her bright, blue eyes are often narrowed in this expression or otherwise staring at something with a lot more wonder than should be afforded to an ordinary object. Finally, her head is crowned with a mess of short, mouse-brown hair that seems like it's never seen a comb in its life.
History: Vee was born in Celadon City as the only child to a Pokémon watcher mother and a wanderer father. (Her mother never mentioned what her father actually did, and her father always avoided the question.) A month after the birth of his daughter, Vee's father went back on the road, and since then, although Vee's mother would meet him in Pokémon Centers now and then, Vee's primary contacts with him were through phone calls and letters.

For the sake of her daughter, Vee's mother tried to maintain a largely stable life. She would spend several months in a city, studying the surrounding Pokémon and submitting her reports to the scientific community. But every so often, she'd uproot herself without warning and travel to a completely new area with Vee in tow. Because of this, Vee never made too many lasting friends, and she ended up being home-schooled by her mother and possibly the Nurse Joy or any other tutor who wished to take her during their months-long stays. As a result, Vee became very close to her mother, but at the same time, she also gained eclectic knowledge (depending on who taught her at that particular time) and a batty personality inherited from her only real parent.

She was also, naturally, surrounded by Pokémon from a very young age, but eventually, they simply became another part of her life, not something she really thought too much about. Vee knew that one day, she'd end up doing something involving Pokémon. She just didn't particularly care that much because she saw them so often that they actually became, in a sense, as interesting to her as the sun is to anyone else. Vee's mother noticed this lack of dedication, and for two years, she tried to build a love for Pokémon in Vee, something that was rewarded with Vee's usual nonchalant responses.

So, after having run out of ideas as to how to get Vee to love Pokémon again, her mother decided to uproot herself one more time – this time, headed for Pallet Town, where she hoped to bring her to Professor Oak to get her a starter Pokémon.
RP Sample: Taken from The World Ends With You: Another Game (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=164597)

It took Max a beat to realize the girl in pink was addressing him. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he shrugged and tilted his head.

"A pact? What the hell are you on about?"

Suddenly, something dawned on him. He pulled at his sweatshirt and examined his pin, then removed his hand and glanced at the timer. All of a sudden, everything made perfect sense.

"Oh, I get it," he said. "This is a reality show, isn't it? Where're the cameras?"

He glanced around as his mouth spread into a smile. Already, he was mentally sizing up each window and object in the nearest vicinity in an attempt to figure out which one might have held a camera. Mailboxes, objects in store windows, hats… His eyes briefly flicked to each one by one before going back to the girl as she shouted who knew what about things he didn't really pay an ounce of attention to. All he knew by then was that it must have been some elaborate network scheme.

Well, he was certainly one to play along.

"All right. I'll make a pact with you. And to start off…"

He darted forward and drew back his leg with the intent on punting the frog that pinned down his to-be partner. His body ducked to the side as he tensed his leg and put all his strength into the kick.

This thing's gonna fly sky-high, he thought with a smirk.

And then, he swung forward. His foot connected with the rump of the frog, and with an indifferent blink, it rose only a few inches.

Max backed up. Of course that struck him as odd. Even though he could feel that it was fairly heavy for a frog, it should have at least moved a little. But this… this didn't even flinch.

"What's going on?" he muttered as he looked at his hands.

Before he could stop to think about it, the frog turned and blinked at him. His sunglasses slipped down the bridge of his nose as he realized that it finally noticed him and probably wasn't at all pleased that he literally tried to kick its rear.

"Uh… oh. Crap. Come on!" he shouted to the girl. "We've gotta get out of here!"

With that, he darted around to the girl's side and reached down for her hand.

Preferred Starter: Nidoran (M)

January 17th, 2009, 7:37 PM
Xantine @ : Accepted

Chapter 1: The begining of a new adventure

Professor Oak is a great man. He travels the Kanto Region and studies pokemon. He has sent you and four other lucky kids to become pokemon trainers. You rush into his lab and stand in line waiting for the others. When everyone shows up he hands you your first pokemon (the starter you chose), five red a white balls called pokeballs, and a red mechanical device. He tells you what the red device is and you soon find out that it is a red mechanical device called a pokedex. It records data of every pokemon you meet.

You leave the laboratory with your newly aquired friend and stop in front of Route 1 to start your journey!

What You should do :
No Battling Trainers in this chapter. You wake up go to Professor Oak's lab and get your first pokemon. You must end the chapter at Route 1

January 17th, 2009, 10:05 PM
Tyler Weston fidgeted in excitement as he waited in line, a few other children his age standing with him looking just as eager. He kept clenching and unclenching his fists in a way to make himself occupied. When Professor Oak finally walked in, he almost hugged the man in relief.

"Good day," he greeted them, smiling kindy. His old, wrinkled face stared deeply into each of their faces as they greeted him back. "Today," he began gravely, "is the day you start your pokemon journey. It is a long road, full of terrible nightmares and hardships, as well as victory and accomplishments. This is not an easy path, being a pokemon trainer. You are to study and train along the battling creature's known as pokemon. Remember this, they are lving beings, and thus must be treated as living beings. They are not tools, nor are they weapons made to accomplish only your sefish goals."

He allowed the children to talk amongst themselves.

"While you yourself may have goals, so too do your pokemon. Their goal is to become strong. You, as the trainer, will guide these creatures into their full potential." He frowned for a moment before putting on a neutral face. "Now, these are pokeballs and pokedex's." He handed them to the children one by one.

Tyler grinned in excitement as he recieved his, nearly smashing them into his pockets to hurry up the show.

"Now go to this table, and recieve your first pokemon," Professor Oak said, turning away and hunching his shoulders, looking as if he had just placed an immense burden upon his shoulders.

Tyler rushed to the table, snagging one as fast as he could, startling a few as he rushed away from the scene and outside. For a momenr, he just stood there, staring at the pokeball in his hand.

Even with all of his excitement, he couldn't help but feel a bit awed that he was about to start this journey...

"Come on out," Tyler finally called energetically, throwing the pokeball to the ground.

With a burst of white light, a small, reptilian pokemon appeared. "Char," it exclaimed, blinking. As it caught sight of Tyler, it bared its fangs and tilted its head questionly. "Madner?"

Tyler leaned down onto one knee, getting eye level. "Hello, there, Charmander," he said softly, barely able to keep the excitement out of his voice. He offered his hand to the fire type.

"Char," Charmander growled softly, sniffing at the hand. After a moment, it gave a nod, grinning toothily. "Charmander," it exclaimed happily.

Tyler chuckled. "I suppose this means you accept me, huh?"

Charmander nodded. "Char," it barked, tail wagging and sending out flames from its tail.

"Well, I'm glad, cuz I really like you," Tyler said, grinning largely. "Come on, its time to start this journey and show everyone what we're made of!"

"Mander!" Charmander barked with excitement, following Tyler towards the first Route that would take them into the heart of their journey.

Man of Faith
January 17th, 2009, 10:57 PM
Xander squirmed for a while. He had been one of the first to arrive. He looked around the rooms, finally stopping on the table holding the pokeballs. He scanned the table. His eyes locked on to one near the left edge of the table. That one's mine, he thought to himself. I can feel it! He knew it would be his, nothing could keep him from it.

The professor entered the room, a warm grin on his face. A bright shine in his eyes. The wrinkles on his face making him look wise and caring. But Xander never took his eyes off the pokeball. Prof. Oak started to speak, his voice giving a feeling of confidence and pride to the young man. The others stood tall and payed close attention to the man's words.

"Good day,” he warmly greeted the kids. Xander tried to reply, but his voice didn't seem to work. His voice rang out as he began his speech. "Today is the day you start your pokemon journey. It is a long road, full of terrible nightmares and hardships...” he paused letting his words soak into the children. “As well as victory and accomplishments.” Another pause. “This is not an easy path, being a pokemon trainer. You are to study and train along the battling creature's known as pokemon. Remember this, they are living beings, and thus must be treated as living beings. They are not tools, nor are they weapons made to accomplish only your selfish goals."

He paused to allow the others to discuss his speech. Xander stood quietly, so nervous he was sweating. Oak took a deep breath, letting the kids know he was ready to start again.

"While you yourself may have goals, so too do your pokemon. Their goal is to become strong. You, as the trainer, will guide these creatures into their full potential. Now, these are pokeballs and pokedexes." He lifted them from the table and started handing them to the children. The pressure of his upcoming adventure grew with every second. Oak was only a person away. He stepped in front of Xander. Xander, not able to gaze into the man's face, looked down at his shoes. Oak stood with the pokedex in hand until Xander worked up the courage to look him in the face. Oak smiled and handed him the pokedex. The feel of the device in his made him fully realize his destiny. A warmth spread through his body. This was what he was meant to do.

He quickly tucked the thing into his pocket, not being able to hold in his excitement.

"Now go to this table,” he said, his deep voice full of care, “and receive your first pokemon.”

The kids went up to the table. Xander placed his hands on the pokeball he decided on earlier. The feeling of the metal on his hand felt right. He lifted it and rolled it around in his hand. It glinted in the light and, without thinking, he extended his arm and tossed the pokeball.

There was a flash of white light and there it was.

“Bulba!” the little pokemon said.

Xander smiled and knelt down next to his pokemon. His bulbasaur.

He put his hand in front of it and it nudged his hand.

“Saur!” the pokemon said, a smile on its face. Xander picked up the pokeball.

“So you're coming with me, right?” he said smiling. The bulbasaur skipped towards the door and turned, waiting for Xander to follow. Xander walked up to it, no, her, and she jumped into his arms.

“Bulbasaur!” she said licking his face. She jumped back down and dashed off, Xander trying to keep up behind her.

January 18th, 2009, 6:41 AM
You are so beautiful, my fair maidan.' A man standing in a shining suit of armor extended his hand fowards. Who was he talking to? Could he be talking to her?! In his metal, she could see her reflection and she was shocked by what she saw. She was wearing a gorgeous long red dress, with beautiful gold stitching, a pair of ruby sleepers that shone in the sun and an esquisite pure gold necklace, with a single diamond, sitting perfectly in between her cleavage. Her makeup looked flawless, her lips covered in the most seductive shade of red that she had ever seen, and my, her hair had waves in it! This was the face of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. It couldn’t be her, but it was. She looked up from her stunning view to the knight’s face, which was extremely handsome. He gave her a perfect smile from his perfect face, as he leaned close to her. She could see his lips quite well now, soft and of a superb light shade of pink. It could not be true, these were the things dreams are made of, but she didn't second guess it, instead she prepared herself for the kiss of a lifetime...

'Mumma! Mumma! Juliette isn't waking up! Juliette, wake up!'

Suddenly, it was all gone. No, she won't let it. She tried to focus again, to see that man's handsome face one last time, but nothing happened. All she could see now was black, and she had to accept that the dream was over, even if she did not want to. Her eyes opened, and who should be the first sight she should see? None other than her annoying younger brother, Connor, standing beside her bed, wearing his favourite 'I see a Seel' t-shirt and a pair of army pants, his curly, brown hair a complete mess.

'Mumma! Juliette is awake!' yelled her brother, as he jumped on top of the bed, bouncing up on down. 'Juliette, wake up! Today is special day! Special day!' Juliette pulled the covers off her torso, sat up in the bed, and grabbed her little brother around the stomach.

'Connor, get off my bed and stop screaming!'

'But, you just screamed, Juliette...'

'Connor, now!' Connor quickly jumped off his sister's bed, and ran out of the room, laughing as he did. How annoying, she thought and pulled the cover's back over her face, trying to return to sleep. Not even a minute later, did she hear footsteps in her bedroom again. 'Connor, I said stay out of my room, you little rattata...'

'Please, darling. There is no need to call Connor a rattata,' said a soft, female voice. Juliette quickly threw off her bedsheets and sat up, to see her mother in her room, with no sign of Connor.

'Sorry, Mumma,' said Juliette, embarrassed. 'It's just that...'

'Now, Juliette. It means nothing if you apologise to me. You will have to say that to Connor.' Normal Mumma, always being the best she can and teaching us right from wrong. So kindhearted, even at the worst of times, as Mumma has never been the one to yell or get mad, I had only seen her get mad when Michael set the house on fire and when Connor cracked Aidan's head open with a hammer.

'Yes, Mumma. I will,' Juliette said, nodding her head. She climbed out of bed and gave her mother a hug. 'Morning.'

'Morning, my sweetheart. Now, did you hear what Connor had to say?' What did it matter what Connor said, Juliette thought. He was just some hyperactive child who, somehow, happened to be related to her.

'Umm... he said wake up over a million times...' Slightly going over the top there. 'Oh, and he said something about being a 'special day'...'

'Yes, a special day dear. Can you thing of anything special?' Then it hit her!

'Damn. I totally forgot. Man...' she said, rushing over closet and throwing clothes out, while looking for something to wear.

'Dutchess, today is the day,' Juliette declared as she ran towards a large, white building near the end of Pallet Town. She was wearing on her finest red dress, her favourite black trenchcoat, an aborable pair of ruby sandals and carrying her black carrybag that her mother and she had packed the night before.

When deciding to wear her dress on her journey, her mother said, 'Dear, that is such a nice dress but I don't think it’s suitable to be wearing on your journey. It could get dirty, or wrecked.'

'True, Mumma but I want to wear it. It will be fine, don't worry. I have other clothes with me as well.'

'Ok, fine. Oh, my only girl, going on an adventure...' And the conversation continued like that for the next half an hour before Juliette decided she had to go and said her farewells to her family.

Her evolution Pokemon was trailing behind her, trying its hardest to catch up to its Trainer. Juliette could see the sign welcoming to Professor Oak's Laboratory. She stopped at it and waited for Dutchess to catch up, and once she did, Juliette picked up her brown partner and gave her a tight squeeze. 'Today is the day. Can you believe it?' Dutchess seemed to be understanding and gave a nod. 'You ready then?'

'Vee,' happily exclaimed Dutchess.

'All right then. Let's do this thing.' With Dutchess in her arms, Juliette made her way through the sliding doors to find herself in a huge room, filled with pictures of all kinds of Pokemon that she had never seen before, thousands of books on the studies of Pokemon, fossils and all kind of other wonderous things that she had no idea about. She then fixed her attention to an old man in a white trenchcoat, who was being crowded by a small group of people. A few of the boys in the group looked around her age, but then again, she was told often that she looked older than what her birth certificate stated, and the girls in the group seemed to be only slightly younger but then again, she could never know for sure. Yet, this was not the time to be meeting new friends; this was the time to start her journey. After a few minutes, another couple of people turned up at the laboratory, all with looks of awe and excitement on their faces.

‘Umm… Excuse me. Everyone,’ spoke the Professor finally, trying to gain the attention of the teens. Juliette decided it was best if she listened closely to the Professor speech, as she was not very familiar with Pokemon training. ‘Good day,’ said the Professor, warmly to the group. ‘Today is the day you begin your Pokemon journey…’

Those simple words sent shivers down Juliette’s spine.

‘It is a long road. Full of terrible nightmares and hardships…’

Terrible nightmares? Sure, Juliette knew it was not going to be near as easy as a stroll in the park but terrible nightmares? That seemed a little too dramatic to her.

‘As well as victory and accomplishments.’ The Professor paused as he studied the faces of everyone as they went from seriousness and deep thought to excitement again. ‘This is not an easy path, being a Pokemon trainer. You are to study and train along the battling creatures known as Pokemon.’

The studying part would be easy for Juliette, as her father had told her everything he knows, due to him running the Pokemon School in Viridan City, which reminded her that her mother had asked her to visit her father before she left on her journey. She was being sidetracked, so she shook her head and gave her full attention to Professor Oak.

‘Remember this, they are living beings, and thus must be treated as living beings. They are not tools, nor are they weapons made to accomplish only your selfish goals.’ Another pause, this time it was so that the others could discuss his speech.

‘Vee vee,’ cried Dutchess, from Juliette’s arms. She seemed to be looking confused.

‘Don’t worry, darling,’ whispered Juliette so only Dutchess could hear her. ‘Nothing to fear. You will love being on the open road, and you will get a chance to battle. Sounds like fun, huh?’ Dutchess pouted and looked at her trainer with her big, brown eyes. ‘Oh, come on. You will love it, I’m sure of it,’ and with that, Juliette kissed the top of her Eevee’s head and listened to the Professor again.

‘While you yourself have goals, so too do your Pokemon. Their goal is to become strong. You, as a trainer, will guide these creatures into their full potential. Now...’ said the Professor, moving over to the table on his right. ‘These are pokeballs and pokedexes.’ He lifted up a round object, one-half white, the other red and a smaller circle in the middle. Juliette had seen these objects before and knew they were called pokeballs, as her older brothers and her father had showed them to her many times. What she did not know about, was the little red device. She had heard the term ‘pokedex’ before, but only in postcards from Michael and Aidan, but she had never thought to ask what they did. Suddenly, a line formed infront of Professor Oak, and thanks to her daydreaming, Juliette ended up last in line. The Professor was only one person away now, and once the person infront had dissappeared, Juliette meet face to face with the famous Professor. He smiled and handed Juliette a case with six pokeballs in it, and lastly, the little red device. ‘Now, go to this table,’ he pointed to the table on his left this time, ‘and receive your first Pokemon.’ The room suddenly filled with nervous chatter as the whole group walked over to the table to obtain their first Pokemon, everyone except Juliette who made her way straight to the Professor, who was looking quite pleased with himself.

‘Umm… Professor Oak?’ Juliette stood infront of the Professor with Dutchess in her arms, waiting his response.

‘Oh, yes my dear. Why… why are you not other with the others to receive your first Pokemon?’

‘Well, you see, umm… sir. I already have my first Pokemon.’

‘You do, do you?’ said the Professor, confused.

‘Yes, sir. You see, when I was 12, my family and I went on a cruise to the Sevii Islands…’

‘Sevii Islands, you say?’ asked the Professor, cheerfully. ‘Oh, yes. Wonderful place. A lot of rare Pokemon around those parts. Wonderful.’

‘And, one day while we were exploring, I came across an injuryed Eevee…’

‘Say no more,’ the Professor cried. ‘Is that beautiful Eevee in your arms the Eevee you speak of?’ The Professor moved close to Juliette and gently patted the top of Dutchess’s head.

‘Why, yes sir, she is. This is Dutchess,’ introduced Juliette. The Professor moved away from the Pokemon with a big grin on his face.

‘Lovely creature. Nice to meet you, Dutchess,’ said the Proffesor, bending down to be at eye level with her. Dutchess nodded and smiled, showing that she liked the Professor. ‘Let me guess, Dutchess followed you around till you decided to catch it?’

‘Exactly, sir. So I was wondering if she could…’

‘Be your first Pokemon,’ exclaimed the Professor, once again, cutting Juliette off mid-sentence. ‘That will be perfectly alright but to be on the safe side…’ The Professor turned his back on Juliette and Dutchess and walked over to the table on the right again, to pick up the last pokedex sitting on the table. ‘If you would be so kind to place Dutchess on the floor…’ Juliette obeyed and placed a nervous Dutchess on the floor.

‘You will be fine. Nothing bad is going to happen, right Professor?’

‘Ofcourse not, Dutchess. You can trust me,’ he said, winking at the Eevee. He then opened up the device and stood back, pointing it towards the Pokemon. ‘Perfect. Superb,’ he said, closing the device. ‘You are good to go, umm…’ pondered the Professor. ‘I’m sorry but I have seemed to have forgotten your name.’

‘Oh,’ said Juliette, laughing. ‘I’m Juliette Dollandanger…’

‘Dollandanger! I know that name from somewhere. Oh yes, are you the daughter of Chris Dollandanger, by any chance?’

‘Yes, I am. My father has told me a lot about you.’

‘Yes, yes. Your father and I are old pals and your mother…’ The Professor again seemed to be struggling to remember names.

‘Sue,’ Juliette answered.

‘Yes, Sue,’ smiled Oak. ‘And… oh, I know your two older brothers as well. The one with the dark hair had an Abra as his first Pokemon, and the blonde one had a Growlithe as his starter. Yes, umm… was it Peter and Sam, no wait, or was it Paul and Colin…’

‘Michael and Aidan,’ answered Juliette, surprised the Professor could remember her brother’s starter Pokemon, just not their names.

‘Yes, Michael and Aidan. Good young boys. Both are friends with my grandson… Oh, damn. What is his name again?’ He turned his head to check on the left table. ‘Look at this! Everyone is gone. It was nice meeting you, Julia and good luck on your journey.’ The Professor stuck his hand out for Juliette to shake and she took the gesture.

‘Thankyou, sir.’ Juliette bent down and let Dutchess jump into her arms as she made her way out of the laboratory. A wave of excitement and nerves rushed over Juliette as she made her way to the sign that read ‘Route One.’ ‘Ok, Dutchess. Listen up. It is going to be hard, but we can do it. I believe in us.’ Then an idea hit her. She placed Dutchess down on the ground and pulled out the red device, and after some time figuring out how to use it, she pointed it towards her Pokemon. ‘Now, lets find out what level you are and what attacks you know.’

‘Vee!’ exclaimed a pumped up, Dutchess, ready for her own journey to begin.

(Sorry for it being so big. I got a big carried away...
Wondering, can my Eevee evolve in an Espeon or Umbreon?
& I will be away on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and most likely Tuesday, due to Australia Day Holidays. I will try and post during these times, but it's unlikely. Sorry about that!)

& also, if anyone roleplaying would like to their character to meet with Juliette, give me a buzz!

January 18th, 2009, 9:29 AM
@ Wolfwisper : Very good post follows all the requirements

Tyler obtained a Charmander Level 5 , a Pokedex , and Five Pokeball's

@ |:Hiro:| : Very well done hopefully you will have fun with Bulbasaur!
Xander obtained a Bulbasaur Level 5, a Pokedex, and Five Pokeballs's!

@ dayreambeliver : Yes I permit evolutions and other pokemon from different regions during the travel around Kanto.

Juliette obtained a Eevee level 5 , a Pokedex, and Five pokeball's

@ Everyone : the next chapter will be up tommorow get your posts done!

The Kricket
January 18th, 2009, 2:45 PM
The sun was just crossing the horizon when Nathan woke up. He practically jumped out of bed. Instantly alert, he rubbed his eyes, shaking the last sleep out of them. Skillfully, he put on his clothes, and buckled a dozen useful items to his belt. Barely pausing, he grabbed his backpack from the foot of his bed, carefully packed the night before. He quickly ran his eyes over the bag, making sure that he had everything. Satisfied that it was so, he slung the bag over his back, and descended the stairs.

His father was not there; he had left two nights ago, and was not due to return for another three. But, he had said goodbye to his son when he left, and told him to do his best. This Nathan fully intended to do. So, grabbing some food, he headed out the door.

He walked through the small town, looking around at the buildings that had framed his childhood. He saw the library, where he had spent many hours, studying for tests, and readying himself for the world. He, looked back, and saw his house, a small grayish building, with its paintjob fading. He and his brother had painted it only last year, but now it was cracked and peeling. He sighed; something told him that it would be a long time before this house was painted again. Leaving his house behind, he turned and walked towards the lab.

Soon enough Nathan was standing in front of Professor Oak’s lab. It was a large, intimidating building, and he paused for a moment before going in. The inside of the lab was cluttered, filled with tables piled high with notes and scientific gizmo’s. A half a dozen other children also sat, and stood, waiting for Professor Oak. As Nathan took this in, the Professor entered. As soon as he did, after making sure he had everyone’s attention, he started talking,

“Good Day. Today," he said, as if reading cue cards, "is the day you start your Pokémon journey. It is a long road, full of terrible nightmares and hardships, as well as victory and accomplishments. This is not an easy path, being a Pokémon trainer. You are to study and train along the battling creature's known as Pokémon. Remember this, they are living beings, and thus must be treated as living beings. They are not tools, nor are they weapons made to accomplish only your selfish goals." He said all of this in a dull monotone, as if he had already said it to many times before. After saying this he paused, before continuing “While you yourself have goals, so too do your Pokemon. Their goal is to become strong. You, as a trainer, will guide these creatures into their full potential. Now…” and here the professor mechanically gestured at a table to his right. “These are pokeball’s and pokedex’s.” Gesturing at another table, the professor continued “Now, go to this table, and receive your first Pokemon”

All of the waiting trainers quickly filed towards the table, none faster then Nathan, who slipped in front of most of them, and grabbed a pokeball. After doing that he quickly slipped out, and as he left, he realized that not all of the trainers had rushed over to get pokeballs, one, a girl, seemed to already have a Pokémon, it looked like an Eevee, in her arms. Although a bit confused, Nathan did not have time to wonder what was going on. All he did was note her appearance, after all, if she had had that Pokémon for a while, then she should already be a skilled trainer. So, he would have to look out for her in the future. So, he left the lab, determined to succeed, no matter the cost.

Taking carefully measured steps, the pokeball resting on his belt, Nathan headed out of Pallet Town. As he left, he looked around, it might be years before he returned, but somehow he just didn’t really care. No, he would be glad to leave this town, for how else could he surpass his brother? Lost in his musings, he didn’t notice that he had left Pallet Town, and arrived at Route 1.

JX Valentine
January 18th, 2009, 4:20 PM
A pickup truck pulled up just down the road from Professor Oak's laboratory. An older blonde leaned her head out the window and squinted towards the sky with a frown. With a sigh, she drew her head back in and looked to the sleeping child next to her. It would be the last time, she knew, she'd see her little girl asleep for awhile.

"Vittoria. Vittoria!"

She reached over and shook the shoulder of the child. The latter groaned and curled tighter into a ball, pulling at her green hoodie to keep her warm.

"Vittoria, come on. We're here."

Slowly, Vee opened her eyes. She yawned and glanced her mother's way.

"Buon giorno, Mamma," she murmured. "What's for breakfast?"

"No time for breakfast. You might be late," the mother responded. "Look, children are already going in. Don't you want to get your own pokémon?"

Vee shrugged.

Her mother sighed. This was how Vee's always been. She wouldn't exactly call it indifference simply because Vee always seemed a little too cheerful for the word. Rather, it was more along the lines of simple submission. Vee took whatever she got in life and was perfectly happy with that. Part of her mother felt a little guilty for that, if only because she had her daughter move around so often that they both had to rely on whatever they could carry with them with much of their funds going into traveling itself. Gifts were rare and often discarded later when the realization hit that there would be no room for them in a suitcase.

Leaning back, her mother smiled and watched Vee unbuckle herself and stretch. Already, her clothes were rumpled, and her hair was a mess. Another sigh heaved from her mother's lungs as she tried to run her fingers through Vee's hair.

"Fix yourself up. You're meeting a celebrity," she said.

Vee ran her fingers through her hair. It was still a mess when she opened the door, but her mother said nothing.

"Hurry on in," she said. "I'll wait here with your bag."

"No problem," Vee drawled as she jumped down from the passenger seat.

With that, Vee jogged around the front of the pickup truck and towards the building. She saw a few children heading in, and with that, she slowed. It wasn't that she'd already lost hope at getting a pokémon. It was just that she already saw them rush in and had decided right then to try going about her own pace instead. For that, it took a few moments before she finally reached the door. And then, when she entered, it took her several more moments of wandering around the place before she finally found the correct room. By then, several children stood there, all waiting patiently.

Before them was a face Vee had only seen on the back of one of her mother's books. Part of Vee was already in awe of his presence, of the wisdom in the elder's face. Another part was actually partly listening to what he had to say.

"—will guide these creatures into their full potential."

His face changed slightly. Vee edged further into the room as she watched with interest.

"Now, these are poké balls and pokédexes," he said.

The man paused to hand them to each trainer. When he reached Vee, she nodded once and accepted the device and set of balls. She slipped the latter into her hoodie pocket and looked at the former, turning it over in her hands and examining its red surface as if it would magically do something incredible.

She didn't notice the man returning to the table until he finally spoke.

"Now go to this table and receive your first pokémon."

The man turned away and shrugged his shoulders. Vee looked up and tilted her head, but she didn't move from her spot until the others had chosen. One even approached the professor as the others moved away – one passing her to go outside and another already releasing a bulbasaur.

Finally, she moved. Walking calmly forward, she examined the table with curious eyes. There were several balls still on the table, each one exactly the same as the other. For that reason, she couldn't begin to guess which pokémon each one contained. So, without much thought in the matter, she came to one conclusion: it all really came down to luck. As in, the best way to choose would be simply to lay her hand on one of them and hope for the best. After all, even if she knew what each one contained, what would that mean? That she'd have an easier time raising one over the other? But how could she decide that, not knowing what she was going to do after she got her first pokémon?

It was, therefore, best left up to luck.

She laid her hand on a ball a comfortable reach away from her.

"I'll take you," she said.

And with that, she picked up the ball and wandered away from the table. It occurred to her briefly that she might want to talk to one of the others in the room, but all of them seemed preoccupied as it was with their own pokémon. So, instead, she wandered back to the front door, her hands outstretched and brushing the walls with the tips until she left the building. Outside, the morning sun felt just the same as it had a moment ago. Everything seemed like it was just the same. She glanced at the ball again.

"Mamma probably wants to see you," she said, "but it wouldn't hurt to have a little peek first."

Carefully, she pressed the button on the face of the ball once to enlarge it and twice to make it open. The red half swung upwards, and a white beam of light jumped from the inside in an arc to a spot on the ground in front of her. In seconds, it twisted and reformed into a small, purple rabbit with spikes all over his body. As the ball snapped shut, the nidoran twitched his ears and blinked as he stared upwards towards his new owner.

Vee made no effort to look excited. She simply smiled and squatted down to his level.

"Hi! I'm Vee," she said.

In what would have been a look of confusion for a nidoran, the rabbit narrowed his eyes, grunted, and turned slightly to the side. She blinked, smiled, and scooped the nidoran into her arms. For a moment, he squirmed, his claws snagging into her hoodie as she walked back towards the truck. When she got there, she was only mildly surprised to see her mother already standing outside with her bag in one hand and a muffin in the other. A smile spread on her face as soon as she saw the purple rabbit.

"A nidoran!" she exclaimed. "That's an unusual choice."

He grunted and flinched as his trainer approached the blonde. Vee shrugged.

"It's what I picked," she said as she placed her new pokémon on the ground beside her. "Luck of the art."

"The draw. Luck of the draw."

"Huh?" Vee tilted her head. "That's weird. Why would someone say that?"

With another shrug, she reached for her bag and slipped it on. The nidoran was busy trying to crawl under the truck, but before it could disappear completely, the blonde stooped to scoop it in one arm.

"It looks like your new partner is just as curious as you are," she commented. "A perfect match."

Vee took the muffin, tilted her head, and bit into it. "Maybe."

Her mother straightened, a smile growing on her face. Then, without warning, she embraced her daughter.

"Good luck," she said. "You'd better go."

Vee blinked. "What about you?"

Her mother shook her head. "I'll stay here for awhile in case you need me, but right now, it's better if you go on your own. You're a big girl now." She pulled away and looked into her daughter's eyes. "Now, you remember everything I taught you, right? Eat only the berries you know are good and avoid the ones you don't know. Stop when it gets dark. If there's a pokémon center, don't be afraid to use it. Keep yourself clean, and don't stock up on—"

"—Only junk food. I know, Mamma," she said. "Ti rilassi. Relax. I'll be fine."

The blonde paused, smiled once more, and embraced her daughter one more time. "I know."

With that, Vee nodded and turned away. The nidoran cast a reluctant look towards his trainer, sniffed, and hopped after her. In the meantime, Vee's mother leaned against the truck, watching her daughter head north towards Route 1. Then, rubbing her eyes, she opened the door of the truck and got in.

In the meantime, Vee ate half the muffin and dropped the other half on the ground. By then, she was at the separation between the town and the route starting from the outskirts. For a moment, she watched her pokémon stop to nibble at the food she offered, but in the next, she turned her head to glance towards the town. The truck was already rumbling away from the lab and towards the center of town. Pulling her eyes away, Vee glanced northward, at the children with their own pokémon and the wide open fields just beyond Pallet's limits. With a smile, she shrugged and looked down at Nidoran, who was staring at her expectantly.

"Ti rilassi," she said to him.

Then, she took her first step out of town.

January 18th, 2009, 6:05 PM
Sabrina sat up in bed quickly, throwing the covers off. For a moment, she shook her head, gazing at the clock. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to get a Pokemon today, aren't I? Oh, no, I'd better hurry!

She quickly got dressed and dashed out the door, suddenly not hungry for dinner. Her bright green eyes shone with excitement, her golden hair flowing behind her as a gust of morning wind buffeted her face. Professor Oak's lab was in sight as she dashed down the sidewalk.

The eleven-year-old was tired by the time she reached her destination; it had felt like she had been running forever! Sighing, she stood in the back of the line of the few other people that were actually there that morning. At the front, she caught a small glimpse of the Professor himself, and suddenly, excitement rushed through her. What would she get? Would it be male or female? She cared a lot about names, so the gender mattered to her. She had read a book many times when she was younger, and knew how to tell the difference between the genders of Pokemon.

Finally, she was handed a ball as she stared ahead, mesmerized. She didn't notice until she felt the small sphere in her hand, red-side down. The bottom half, towards her, was a blank white, and there was a black stripe around the middle like a belt that divided the ball in half. It was a Poke Ball, Serena knew. Anxiously, she wondered what it contained, but then, in her other hand, a little red box was placed. The top, she could open, she saw, and delicately, she flipped it up, reviewing a screen.

Serena nodded as Professor Oak told her that it was called a "PokeDex" and sent her off. Blah, blah, blah... she wanted to get started!

Quickly, she raced out the door, eager to see what her Pokemon was. She pressed the button in the middle of the Poke Ball, causing it to drop open like a surprised person's jaw.

What emerged fascinated her. It was obviously a bug, but at the same time, it was huge. Its nose was square, its eyes glinting with bloodlust, and it had three spikes on the top of its head. A green exoskeleton covered the bipedal bug, and its muscular shoulders held up two large scythes that looked like they could cut anything clean in half. On its back, there were two sets of large, dragonfly-like wings. Its chest thinned at the bottom, joining with its hips, which widened almost immediately. The Pokemon's feet were boot-like, with three white claws.

"Scyther," it hissed, wielding its right scythe in front of its face.

Quickly, Sabrina checked for the gender difference. She could tell it was male, because if it was female, its abdomen would have been slightly larger.

"All right then, your name is... um..." Sabrina thought for a moment. "Somehow, Tiger seems to fit you. That'll be your appellation from now on."

Tiger still seemed hostile, but at least he wasn't cutting his trainer to bits.

Sabrina withdrew the Bug/Flying-type, overjoyed. As if she were a Blaziken, she skipped to the entrance of Route 1, ready to start her journey. This was the day.

January 19th, 2009, 9:35 AM
The girl walked into the room, listening to the echoes of footsteps as she went. The room was large and overzealous, as if too much time had been spent in making it for the simple reasons it was used. She looked around at the people inside curiously, watching as they stood and fidgeted. Stopping beside somebody, she studied what was in front of her and decided it was best to ignore the people, as they were all to absorbed in their thoughts or preoccupied with anxiety. The sound of a door being shut quietly entered the room and a man entered, his white lab coat dancing about him as she watched. “Good day.” He greeted, dragging the attention of anyone who hadn’t noticed his entrance.

Smiling at them all, he gazed at them with a friendly expression, as if was someone’s grandfather. The girl raised her hand slightly in a wave, unsure of what she was supposed to do. The professor, finished with greetings, went on, “Today is the day you start your pokemon journey. It is a long road, full of terrible nightmares and hardships, as well as victory an accomplishments. This is not an easy path, being a pokemon trainer.” He spoke from his heart, truthfully, as if he knew what they were going to face in their journey. She watched him curiously, watching his honest expression, wondering what kind of man this professor had once been.

The man coughed, catching the focus of the new trainers again. “You are to study and train along side the battling creatures known as pokemon. However, remember this: Pokemon as living beings and thus must be treated as living beings. They are not tools, nor are they weapons made to accomplish only your selfish goals.” His speech and expression darkened as he allowed his words to sink in. His words, though necessary, seemed almost too harsh and dark for the group. She studied him, her hidden gaze prying and unwavering. What has he done to make him say these words?

“While you yourself may have goals, so too do your pokemon. Their goal is to become strong. You, as the trainer, will guide these creatures into their full potential.” He looked at them all, studying their faces and expressions, and moved closer to them. “Now, these are pokeballs,” he motioned to the table and pulled some out of his pocket, handing them to everyone present, “and these are pokedexs. Pokedexs record information about every pokemon you see, aiding you in your study. ” He explained, handing each of them a shiny red device.

The girl took hers happily and examined it, excitement filling her as she realized what this machine meant. She opened it and examined it, grinning as she spotted the place to write her name, almost unable to contain her anticipation at the thought of writing ‘Marissa’ on that very place. Running her gently over the cool metal, the screen blinked once and an automotive voice filled the air, “Hello, and welcome to th-“ She quickly snapped it shut and shoved it into her pocket, looking around as if she wasn’t the source of the noise. The professor stifled a laugh but pressed on nonetheless with a forced neutral expression.

He motioned to the table, “Now, go to this table, and receive your first pokemon.” He turned and walked out of the way, but Marissa couldn’t help but think his expression had changed from pride to apprehension. Of course, there was no reason for that, right? Disregarding the thought, she jumped in line, eager to receive her first real pokemon. She could feel the awaiting tension in the air, and happily joined it in her enthusiasm.

Almost immediately, she was close enough to reach out and grab a pokeball. She did so, but stopped, hesitating. Why were the pokeballs arranged like this, all in a row? What if someone obtained a pokemon that didn’t like them? She hovered her hand over the next pokeball, but she was still unsure. The pokeballs had to be arranged like that for a reason. Biting her lip, she grasped the first one and walked away as quickly as she could, holding it tightly to her chest. It wasn’t until she was outside that she relaxed, calming down enough to look at the pokeball with calm, anxious eyes.

It was red and white, but that didn’t give her a clue as to what was inside. She looked around cautiously, unsure of what could happen, not wanting to be around too many people. There was no one but a two people next to a truck, and anyone could tell they were parent and child. Marissa turned away quickly, scowling at herself, “Okay, let’s just do this.” She threw the pokeball out in front of her and it opened, emitting a beam of light that pounced onto the ground. The white light shimmered and took the form of a bird, and then he stood before her, looking at her with inspecting eyes.

It was her new pokemon.

The Pidgey frowned at his trainer, unsatisfied with her seemingly lack of intelligence as she stared at him, bewildered. The bird turned and walked away, his head held high in a royal sort of way. Marissa blinked at him, “H....hey! Wait up!” She called, running to catch up with her new pokemon. He didn’t wait on her and carried himself along, and the two began their adventure.

January 19th, 2009, 11:11 AM
@ Shinningkit : Very well put heres the reward

Marissa obtained A level 5 Pidgey, a Pokedex, and Five Pokeballs

@ pumpkinziggy : Good post I hope you have fun with Scyther

Sabrina obtained a Level five Scyther , a Pokedex, and Five Pokeballs