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    i forgot his name (david... was it?), but he was cool. :p allison reyholds was my favorite.
    And also you. Thought you died or something. Plus ur MSN got hacked or something so I had to block it.
    Aha, is your avatar from the breakfast club?
    I shall not come back this time! I IZ GONE!


    I have a back ache. I don't even know if you say that. Hm, when I'm away from PC, my English is worsening XD I've got a test tomorrow! Being a law student hurts... But I feel sooo smart. Oh, and I'm 20 now, I'm like almost as old as Adam. Gosh. And I don't have much food in my apartment....... cuz I don't have a car anymore so I can't drive to the cheap store and I can't be bothered to take a walk to the expensive one :p And I need to put on some make up, being home all day studying makes you feel yucky and uh blobby... Where's my hairspray? Damn, hope it's not used up.

    And yeah, I just planted my thoughts on your pwofile instead of keeping them in my head. :3
    Well I don't mind hearing about one's hay day. You're more than welcome to tell me about anything that's been going on.
    hey, sorry i havnt posted in the RP for like...2 days. we've been packing to flee from Gustav

    it's okay
    Oh fine, I suppose. Had a few up and down moments but they've more or less passed. How about you? XD
    Gavin @ Pot of Gold
    Ability: Turkish Hate
    Evs: >9,000 in all
    Gay Nature ( +Attraction to men / -Attraction to women )
    - Protect (the pot of gold)
    - Growl
    - Pound
    - Attract

    Oh my my, old TCTI posts D;
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