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January 17th, 2009, 8:36 AM
Sign-Ups Are Open!



Pokemon rollercoasters roared. Ghost pokemon lurked around the corners in haunted houses. Challenges awaited in the Challenge houses for pokemon trainers. Cotton candy the size of your head was sold, and the park glowed amazing at night with bright neon lights.

Sounds amazing, right? What can be better than a pokemon amusement park? for whatever reason, you have come to this park to spend you day and enjoy everything the park had to offer.

After enjoying a long day, it almost turned into a complete nightmare. Strange men and women in purple clothes attacked all the sudden. With a pokeballs in their hands, they attacked from all directions, flooding the amusement park. People all around you are screaming and attempting the escape. Even you are trying to run for cover.

Finally, you find refuge in a small white building along with five other trainers. Everyone else remaining outside was taken by the mysterious gang and held prisoner. The gang conquered every attration and building in the park except the building you are in by pure luck. How did this day go so wrong for you?

A strange man who is also in the building with you is filled with relief to see that five people made it to safety, but is upset about what has just happened. He fears that the people are after all the pokemon in the park and the ultimate power source that gives PokeTopia light and energy. He explains that it would be total choas if they managed to break through all the obstacles in the challenge houses and collect enough merits that would lead them to the power source of the park.

With a pleading voice, the man asks you to save the park and kick these mysterious people out for good. Supplying you with a starter pokemon, your mission is to travel to each Challenge house and collect the merit there. The mysterious team will be there as well, so be prepared. It will be challenging, each Challenge house harder than the last, but you must be brave and push on. After defeating a Challenge house, you will win the merit along with a prize, which could be more pokemon to add and build onto your team. The park and all its prisoners are counting on you six brave trainers to free the park from evil. Are you up to the challenge?

- Legendaries will be in this. Yes, I repeat, you MAY capture a legendary later in the rp. There will only be one person per legendary though, and it will be on a first come first serve basis. And DO NOT ask me to reserve a pokemon for you.
- Try to be active as much as possible. I understand being busy with school. I'm in high school, so I understand, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to get up at least one post per week. Just type a little each day. You can't be so busy that it takes you two weeks to get one post up.
- PG-13 level please. There can be a little violence for you will be facing this team quite often, but don't go overboard with it. This includes sexual scenes as well.
- No bunnying or godmodding or whatever. This means controlling or harrassing another player. If you want to control another character for a short period of time, then this action must be approved by the player first.
- There will be no character interaction. All of you will be on your own journey collecting your own merits. Sorry, if this upsets some people, but it is really frustrating trying to keep up with posts that are back and forth between two characters.
- Lastly, have fun. If you aren't, then tell me and I'll take you out of it. There's no point in participating if you aren't enjoying yourself.

Sign-Up Sheet
Name: Easy Enough
Gender: Once again, easy enough
Age: between 10-30 please

Appearance: What does you character look like. Are they tall/short, messy/clean? At least one paragraph please.

Personality: How does you character act around other people, times of danger, etc.? At least one paragraph.

History: What has you character experienced in the past and why have they decided to come to PokeTopia? Also one paragraph, please.

Fears: What is your character's biggest fear? (ghosts, heights, dark, etc.) And don't say you character has no fears. Everyone is afraid of something.

Prefered Starter: Choose a pokemon below. One one person per pokemon.

Starter Pokemon
Growlithe- Taken By dboring
Level- 5
Type- Fire
Gender- Male
Attacks- Bite, Roar

Mareep- Reserved For Bamachi
Level- 5
Type- Electric
Gender- Female
Attacks- Tackle, Growl

Spheal- Taken By pumpkinziggy
Level- 5
Type- Water/Ice
Gender- Female
Attacks- Defense Curl, Powder Snow, Growl, Water Gun

Drifloon- Taken By sasuneuchiha
Level- 5
Type- Ghost/Flying
Gender- Male
Attacks- Constrict, Minimize, Astonish

Aipom- Taken by Pikalover10
Level- 5
Type- Normal
Gender- Male
Attacks- Scratch, Tail-Whip, Sand-Attack

Nidoran female
Level- 5
Type- Poison
Gender- Female
Attacks- Leer, Peck

Game Play
When all the slots are taken, we will begin the rp.
Like most rps, I will not be participating in this rp. Instead, I will be the "Game Master", controlling many characters such as the man, the mysterious team, etc.
You will be in charge of your own character and your own pokemon. For your pokemon, you will be in charge of the moves they learn, if you want for them too evolve, etc. You cannot godmod other players' pokemon and actions (like mentioned in the rules). If trying to obtain a wild/prize pokemon, I will decide whether you have caught it or not, and what its level is depending on the quality of your post.
This rp will be in "Chapter Form." This means I will post a chapter with information of the area you are in, and what you're allowed to do. There will be no specific order to post in, but you must wait in between each of your posts to wait for me to grade your post. In this grading, I will tell you the level boosts your pokemon have gotten, the moves they are, or trying to, learn, the items you've gotten, etc.
Please refer to the RolePlay rules if you have any more questions, or Pm me.

January 19th, 2009, 9:40 AM
Name: Dan Zyph
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: Standing at a mere 5 ft 6 really wouldn't send many people running in fear, which is reasonable considering he is 18 years old and only that tall. Dan carries around a black back pack which he carries his money, id, phone, and other personal items in. Although Dan is short he has a very athletic build and usually the expression on his face would be enough to make people upset. His face is that off a guy who is blaming himself for the loss of another and can't help but now feel responsible for the weight of others. He has a long scar going down his right arm which he received from a fight with a kid who was trying to beat up his brother back when the were kids. The clothes he is wearing are those of his brothers a red t-shirt with an unknown Japanese symbol on it and a long sleeve dark blue shirt underneath. His jeans are baggy with a couple holes here and there. Dan's hair is about a medium length and is a darkish brown, its really quit messy lately though. All in all he doesn't clean up to bad for a kid who really has no views on life anymore.

Personality: Dan is a very relaxed person, and at times can seem a little careless because he may be to relaxed.. Since he was very little he always wanted to be like his grandfather who always put others first and himself last, but throughout his life he has found that its been tough to do that in certain situations and is now paying for a couple of those choices.. All in all he is a nice guy who just makes some wrong choices. There are times though that he can become extremely enraged but this only happens lately when he sees somebody he cares about getting hurt.

History: When he was born he had a twin brother, the two were never apart. His brothers name was Timmy. When they turned 16 though some things started to change and Danny started to make some bad choices and hang out with the wrong people, this hurt Timmy inside and was hoping he could help bring him back to making better choices.. But Timmy's efforts were futile and Danny continued going down the wrong path until recently a few weeks ago.. Some of the people Danny hung around with wanted him to go and kill a guy who they said had wronged them, although he knew he didnt want to do this he knew he had to becuase if he didnt these guys would beat him up maybe even kill him to... So Danny slowly made his way towards the guy who was crowded by other guys, he pulled his hood over his head and felt some shame as he knew his grandfather was watching him since he had died when he turned 16.. But then Timmy tackled Danny to the ground from out of no where. The two started rolling around until Danny had timmy stuck to the ground. But Danny saw that his brother was hurting and slowly took the gun from his jacket and threw it back at his so called friends, he then helped Timmy up and told him he was sorry. Timmy smiled back and they started to walk away but suddenly they both heared a shot and Timmy fell to the ground gasping for air, Danny fell to his side and the kids darted off.. Timmys last words to Danny were "Do whats right Dan like pap would have wanted"

It's been a few weeks since the shooting and Danny decided that he needed to get away from his family who were still very much upset and blamed Danny for what had happened, so he decided to come have some fun at Poketopia.

Fears: Making the wrong choices that would put other people in harms way.

Prefered Starter: Growlith

January 19th, 2009, 10:10 AM
To dboring: Good sign-up, just make the appearance a bit longer and even his personality. Pending.

January 19th, 2009, 10:21 AM
Signning up for Co-Owner if you need one

Proff of Good Roleplaying and ownership: Check out 'A New Professor In Town,' and my 'Orange Archipelago.'

Has been roleplaying Pokemon: For about 2 years.

How much I know about Pokemon: Yes, I know a lot about Pokemon up to some of the Hoenn Pokemon, not very good with Sinnoh Pokemon though.

Will Work hard: Yes

How often I will be online: Everyday

Can help with: Just about anything.

If you don't need a Co-Owner right now, that's ok. But if you ever do, look me up ok.

January 19th, 2009, 12:04 PM
I can't believe I haven't signed up for this yet!

Name: Will
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Appearance: Will is smaller in stature. He is shorter then most people his age standing at about 5 foot 3 and weighs about 95 lbs. His hair is ruffled due to the fact that Will never combs his hair. He wears a black T shirt and brown shorts/pants depending on how hot or how cold it is.

Will also carries around a green backpack which holds various items in side. One of these items is a cloak which is all sorts of greens(the color). He wears it sometimes and when sompletely still he is vertualy invisable. His eyes are a beady black and he wears a a silver leaf pendant on his cloak to keep it closed. He also wears a belt with 6 pokeball slots and a Pokedex case on his belt too. And he always has his cell phone in his pocket.

Personality: Will is in a word isolated. He is shuned out of evreything and doesn't know why. He thinks its because his father was a knight and died in a war when Will was only 2. Will is very secretive and is very sneaky. He usually listens in on conversations and nobody knows he is nearby. He can scale up the side of huge walls and cliffs without making a sound and when he walks he is silent. He has only once in his whole life ever had a friend. Horace was his name. Horace and Will where born at the same place, same day, and mysteriously the same exact time. They understood each other because Horace's father was killed in the exact same warr Will's father was.

History: Will was born and raised in Pallet Town, Kanto. He had 2 older brothers and one younger brother. His father died when Will was two, his brother Max and brother Halt were 6, and when Josh was 1. Josh died of a terrible disease when he was 4 and Will felt like it was his falt.

All his life he was tormented by his brothers and shuned out of everything. Then, that all changed when he met his soon to be best friend. He met Horace at an ice cream stand and they talked. They soon found out they were vertualy the exact same person just with a different name and appearence. 'Maybe it is just we were born same place, same year, and same time.' Will always said when they brought up the concept, but Horace had doubts.

A few years later and they both turned 10, and the two found out they were both ferturnal twins. Will was speechless. His mother had actually had triplets at the same time. She couldn't raise Horace and the other one so she kept Will and put the others in orphanges. The other one was takena nd moved to somewhere else in Kanto while Horace was still in Pallet. Now, Horace and Will are setting out on their journeys and Will plans on finding his other ferutrnal triplet.

Fears: Will is afraid of losing his Pokemon. He witnessed a Pokemon dieng in a park in front of him and never wants to witness that again.

Preffered Starter: hmmm. Seeing as dboring wants Growlithe I guess I'll take Aipom!

Can't wait till this starts:):)

January 19th, 2009, 12:09 PM
To Konekodemon: Mmmm I'll think about it. Thing is that I've never had co-owners, so I need to think about what you could do and such. Come back to you later!
To Pikalover10: Good sign-up, yet it seems a little familiar :) Accepted.

January 19th, 2009, 1:26 PM
I'll join!

Name: Sam

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Appearence: 5' 7" in height, Sam is fair skinned with dark brown hair with lighter brown highlights and brown eyes. Sam always wears light colored clothes. Night is the one exception, where Sam wears clothes that make him look almost emo. It's dark grey, almost black then. Not skinny but not fat either, Sam is the normal size for a 13 year old. Carrying his trademark bright red backpack, Sam walks along in a pair of blue jeans with a usually blue jacket. Very clean appearence when you first meet him, but when you get to know him, he seems like a bit of a mess.

Personality: Sam is very outgoing and likes to battle. Very kind to everyone he meets, Sam likes meeting new people. Despite his cheery appearence and outgoing personality, when Sam is alone, he actually cries a lot. The reason being, he is so far from his family. He feel very attatched to his family and friends. Around people, however, Sam acts as though nothing is wrong. In times of crisis, he tries to act brave when he's really dying at heart. In a good time, Sam is usually in a good mood because the feel of the situation is often reflected in his mood.

History: With his father busy off in other regions, Sam took up a job as prof. rowan's assistant. He runs a lot of errends. He's been working with his father on these inventions that his father designs. His father thinks them up, Sam builds and designs them. Sam has been slightly mistreated in his pokeschool because he has no father on the fathers day celebrations where dads come to school. Sam deals with it often, though, so he doesn't mind anymore. He works as an asistant every day of the week. He came to poketopia to look at the battle styles of the pokemon there. He also enjoys the area and helps with the care of all the pokemon who live in the park.

Fears: Sam is very afraid of blood and gore. Sam gets seriously scared at any time where there is blood. The reason for this fear is when his father was beat up and started bleeding once as a gang stole his money. As they left, Sam pulled his dad home, really scared by the blood oozing out of his father's arms and stomach. Ever since, Sam has tried to avoid both fighting and any activity that involves blood. Sam usually avoids the arenas at Poketopia for this reason.

Perferred starter: Drifloon (Floon...)

January 19th, 2009, 1:42 PM
To sasuneuchiha: Everything needs to be longer. Not so much the history, but the appearance and personality slack in detail. Pending

January 19th, 2009, 6:15 PM
edited it for a bit more clarity and the such...

January 19th, 2009, 7:15 PM
To sasuneuchiha: Alright, it's good now. Accepted

January 19th, 2009, 8:38 PM
Name: Marina Barker

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Appearance: Marina has a rather tall build, standing five feet tall, but her width is average. In general, her face is round, as in shaped like a circle. She has dark hazel eyes shaped like almonds, glowing [metaphor] with excitement when she feels strong emotion. Marina has neat brown hair that's somewhat long and goes down to the bottoms of her shoulder blades. Her hair is very straight as well. Marina usually wears a plain T-shirt; most of the time, she's seen in a light blue one. Her arms are rather short in comparison to her legs, which are long, accounting for most of her height. Marina wears long, dark blue sweat pants with two lighter stripes down each side. Her shoes are plain white sneakers, with short gray socks that can't really be seen over her shoes.

Personality: Marina is rather like a loner wolf, preferring to stay quiet and out of others' way. Mostly, she keeps to herself, and doesn't say much. Marina is serious and doesn't like joking around, but of course this doesn't mean she can't have fun once in a while. Otherwise, what would she be doing at the amusement park? However, under her shell, she is smart and thinks quickly, devising strategies without much information. She always considers different possibilities and tries to leave no loopholes. She prefers to use logic, and this gives her an edge when arguing, or something of the such. Most of the time, she's easily suspicious of strangers, except in important situations such as this one.

History: Marina was born on April 16th, on a dark, rainy day, in a town near the water. This is mostly the reason she was named Marina; after the "wonderful," as her parents put it, water that surrounded them. She lived with her parents in a small house, often going fishing once she was old enough. Thus, she took a liking to the taste of fish, and meat in general. At age four, she was fascinated by Pokémon, especially Water-types. She loved any Water-type, and they quickly became her favorite.

For a day in the summer, because of good grades, her parents brought her to PokéTopia. Of course, they didn't really see it coming that she would have probably the best time -- and adventure -- in her life...

Fears: Slight acrophobia (fear of heights).

Preferred Starter: Spheal

January 19th, 2009, 9:02 PM
May I please reserve a Mareep?

January 20th, 2009, 3:52 PM
To dboring: Your appearance is still too short. I'm giving you one more chance to fix it. I'm sorry if I'm sounding mean, but I need to make sure you can rp good.
To pumpkinziggy: Good sign-up. Accepted.
To Bamachi: Mareep is reserved for you.

January 20th, 2009, 4:44 PM
Alright I fixed it up, if it's not good enough this time I'm sorry and ill quit wasting your time ;).

January 20th, 2009, 5:09 PM
To dboring: Much better now! Accepted!

January 22nd, 2009, 7:10 AM
May I reserve Nidoran please?/If I can have a wild card then I'd like a Tyrouge

I would love to be older, than 30, lets say 87.. but if I can't then thirty. (Yes, I do have my reasons!)

Name: Silphyus Mirenk
Gender: Once again, easy enough

Appearance: What does you character look like. Are they tall/short, messy/clean? At least one paragraph please.

Personality: How does you character act around other people, times of danger, etc.? At least one paragraph.

History: What has you character experienced in the past and why have they decided to come to PokeTopia? Also one paragraph, please.

Fears: What is your character's biggest fear? (ghosts, heights, dark, etc.) And don't say you character has no fears. Everyone is afraid of something.

Prefered Starter: Choose a pokemon below. One one person per pokemon.

January 22nd, 2009, 7:37 PM
I'm really sorry, guys, but I can't run this. I'm too busy since I've just joined two new rps and am currently keeping up with my other Kanto rp. I've miscalculated how much I could do and have no choice but to quit this now. I'll ask somebody to close this is coversation cannot stay away from this thread.

January 22nd, 2009, 8:03 PM
Darn. Seemed like fun, oh well.