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January 20th, 2009, 1:27 PM
Hello, hello, hello! My name is TJ, and I will be your Roleplay starter today! XD -Blank stare- Right! Let's get to the Plot then, shall we?


In Eterna City, everything had always seemed peaceful. People were in constant movement, whether they were leaving town, or coming to town. People loved to visit Eterna City. But soon things would changed, and the balance of Eterna City would be threatened by a terrible group of people. Those people were "Team Hi-Jinx", a team that had came all the way from Kanto to the Sinnoh Region. Once in Sinnoh, they took an immdeiate interest in Eterna City, a city that had been talked about in Kanto as, "Rich with talent, money, and trainers with rare pokemon". Team Hi-Jinx's favorite.

Besides the sudden interest of Team Hi-Jinx, the City of Eterna had a slightly bigger problem. The Gym Leader there, Gardenia, had left a couple of months back on a journey to widen her talent and her array of grass pokemon. Gardenia had been the strongest trainer to ever live in Eterna, and as soon as she left people soon began to wonder what would be done if a threat of power or disaster came along. No one ever figured it out, and soon Eterna would fall into chaos.

Instead of the normal busy activity, people were leaving. Leaving and never coming back. Team Hi-Jinx was stripping people of their houses, of their belingings, and even there pokemon. Yes, the once vibrant community of Eterna City was now gone, and those that stayed behind were soon consumed by the evil around them. Even the wild pokemon, of whom could not be controlled, were beginning to change for the worst. The forests around Eterna City became a battle ground, and all who dared to enter were quickly on their way out. Oh the tragedy, oh the travesty... Oh the... Eevee evolutions?

You see, before the before Team Hi-Jinx had came along, a team of Eevee evolutions (previously set free by their owners), had sworn to protect the City of Eterna. Vaporeon was the leader, both strong and kind-hearted. Glaceon was the kindest, although devilish and cruel if you dare cross her... All from different walks of life, all raised by their own unique trainers, but the same in the one way that mattered. Together they planned to take back the Eterna City, and to protect what Gardenia had built. Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon... UNITE!

In the Roleplay, I will set up battles for the Eevee Evolutions with the wild pokemon that have suddenly went bad. You are allowed to have an ally, but they are not recommended. After all, you never know who it is you can trust ^^. Also, the main objective of the roleplay is for the evolutions to grow in power together, as a group, and to then battle Team Hi-Jinx as a group. This roleplay may not seem long at all, nor interesting, but I can assure you that it will be both. (:

Here is the Sign-Up Sheet. Sign up and Enjoy ^^. Co-Owner Offers are Accepted as well.

Eevee Evolution you wish to be:
Your Evolution's History:
Description (only fill out if your evolution has accesories, scars, etc.):
Attacks (Only four):
Sample post (Must be at least two paragraphs):

Here is my SU if anyone needs an Example ^^.

Eevee Evolution you wish to be: Vaporeon

Your Evolution's History: Vaporeon started as just another Eevee, with just another trainer. His trainer cared deeply for him, and always took good care of him, along with the rest of his Water pokemon. Soon after his defeat of all eight of the Gym Leaders, and his absolute dismissal of The Elite Four, he began to feel he did not need Vaporeon, and so one night, on a visit to Eterna City, he abandoned Vaporeon in the street. Afraid, alone, but not a coward, Vaporeon decided he would make his own life her in Eterna, and soon took a liking to Gardenia. After she left, he made a promise to himself and his new friends, the other Eevee evolutions, that he would protect Eterna City with every ounce if his being and power.

Description (only fill out if your evolution has accesories, scars, etc.): Vaporeon has a blue ribbon tied near the end of his tail that Gardenia put on him one afternoon on a stroll through Eterna City.

Attacks (Only four): Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Dive, and Aurora Beam.
Sample post (Must be at least two paragraphs): Look at the plot for my sample post XD.

Vaporeon: Taken by ninetales09baby'.
Umbreon: Taken by pumpkinziggy
Glaceon: Taken by FrozenSnowman
Flareon: Reserved.
Leafeon: Taken by Serene
Espeon: Taken by Mira
Jolteon: Taken by ShadowYashi

Team Hi-Jinx Pokemon (These are Roles to be played as well):

Houndoom: Taken by Blayze
Lucario: Reserved.

The role of the Team Hi-Jinx pokemon is quite simple. You will post just as frequently as us, interrupting the training of all seven of the evolutions every now and then, but besides that, also giving a darker look at things. Meaning this: The view provided from the Eevee Evolutions side is one of hope, of perserverance and the battle to maintain all that is good. But as Houndoom and Lucario post, they would give the dark perspective, one of evil and the sinistry behind the plans to take over Eterna City by their trainers.

The Instant Classic
January 24th, 2009, 4:05 AM
Looks like this did get excepted after all.

Eevee Evolution you wish to be: Jolteon please
Your Evolution's History: Jolteon has lived in Eterna city since he was born to him it is home.
His mother and father where two great Jolteon's some say the greatest in all of sinnoh but no one would ever know if that was just a rumor or the truth.
You might be wondering why.....
When team Hi-Jinx attacked Eterna Jolteon's parents ran out to defend the city but the were out numbered and they were captured and Jolteon has no clue if there still alive or not.
Shortly after Jolteon was approached by a Vaporeon claiming that it had a plan to take down team Hi-Jinx.
At first Jolteon was doubtful of the Vaporeon until they where attacked by a group of Hi-Jinx grunts.
To Jolteon's surprise the Vaporeon managed to fight off the grunts this made Jolteon think that Vaporeon's plan might work and that he might be able to see his parents again and so he joined with Vaporeon.
( Note: just so you know Jolteon isn't a great fighter but he is very quick on his feet and can easily outrun a ponyta )

Description: He looks just like any other Jolteon
Attacks (Only four): Agility Thunderbolt Thunderwave Quick attack
Sample post: Just take a look at the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - The Last Ninetales (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=165351) RP i got some posts there.
( if you need more then that then just say )

Snow Phoenix
January 24th, 2009, 7:06 AM
Yay it got accepted!

Eevee Evolution: Glaceon

History: Glaceon's owner was born and raised her as an Eevee in Eterna City. When she lost her job she was forced to move to Snowpoint where her Eevee evolved. Glaceon was valued for her beauty and her trainer was able to return to her job in Eterna because Glaceon's beautiful appearence captivated her owners old employer. She moved back to Eterna and the owner's employer spoiled Glaceon making her value beauty over many things. Glaceon's trainer realized that she was being used so her boss could have a Glaceon, so she left and abandoned Glaceon and her job. Glaceon was heartbroken and ran away from her "New Trainer". On the streets she maintained her beauty and developed a habit of taking care of abandoned pokemon she found. When her trainer abandoned her she felt the need to protect others from those same feelings and swore to protect Eterna City after meeting the other Eevee Evolutions.

Description: She has a pendant in the shape of three icicles put together around her neck. When the sun hits the pendant the light refracts like a prism and a rainbow appears to be coming from her.

Attacks:Hail, Blizzard, Ice Fang, Mirror Coat

RP Sample from Old Lace's Jhoto RP:

“Hey kid wait. You forgot to the pay toll” a large muscular man said to a child around the age of seven. The child begged the man to let him through, but he would not budge. This man had recently begun tolling the entrance to Cherrygrove City.

Kris had observed him for thirteen hours from the top of a ledge. The man had not moved an inch. Kris was tired of waiting and this was his chance.

“Cyndaquil cover the area with smoke” Kris shouted as he slid down the ledge.

The Cyndaquil exploded with smoke and nothing was visible. He ran straight ahead, but an arm caught him before he made it to the other side. The large man swung Kris out from behind him and out onto the open field.

“Where do ya think you’re going” the man barked at Kris and he released a Poliwag from a pokeball on his belt.

Kris examined his surroundings. He was in the middle of a field of short grass and few a trees. The man was opposite him and guarding any possible entrance to Cherrygrove. Next to the man was a coil of wire and a few large metal rods for repairing the telephone poles and behind him was the previous boy escaping into Cherrygrove.

“The boy escaped and not I, eh.” Kris sighed. “Cyndaquil’s a fire type and Poliwag’s a water type” he thought while scanning anything he might’ve missed.

“Poliwag squirt it with yer water gun” the man shouted interrupting Kris’s thought.

The Poliwag hopped through the grass and hid in a taller piece of the grass. The Poliwag then spew its water towards Cyndaquil from its hiding place.

“Quick Cyndaquil use smokescreen!” Kris shouted loudly in response to the incoming water.
Smoke spouted from the Cyndaquil’s back and the Poliwag’s water pierced it. The Cyndaquil had jumped into the air was now airborne.

“That’s it Poliwag. Hit it now” the man commanded.

“Cyndar spin!” Kris responded.

The Poliwag shot a blast of water towards the mid-air Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil spun and dived towards the ground avoiding the water.

“Now Poliwag, do it again” the man commanded again.

“Jump, Cyndar!” Kris shouted frantically and knowing that his Cyndaquil had no time to stop moving.

The Poliwag shot another stream of water towards the landing Cyndaquil and afterwards rustled through the leaves. The Cyndaquil barely missed the water by jumping from the ground and he was headed for a tree.

“Poliwag jump and drown it.” The man said with confidence.
The Poliwag jumped up in front the tree the Cyndaquil was about to hit and spew its water.

“Smokescreen” Kris shouted.

A barrier of smoke formed around the approaching Cyndaquil and the water gun passed through. The Cyndaquil landed in front of the tree without being hit by the water gun.

The man chuckled a bit and then with a deep dark voice shouted “Slam it!”

The Poliwag still airborne fell down hard on the Cyndaquil with its tail and then brushed it away with its tail. The Cyndaquil landed near the man and let out a faint whimper.

“Poliwag dance” the man said sinisterly.

The Poliwag began to dance and the clouds grew darker and there were more. The rain fell on Cyndaquil’s back like shards of glass.

“What do I do? It’s raining and I’m out of options.”Kris thought scanning the field again and noticing the wire attached to a large metal rod.

“Cyndaquil wrap the Poliwag with the wire.” Kris exclaimed.

“Poliwag I don’t what they’re doing, but blast it with yer water before they get the chance” the man shouted.

The Cyndaquil was energized by the energy of Kris and Cyndar put the wire in his mouth. The Cyndaquil charged towards the Poliwag while it was charging a powerful shot of the water. The water hit Cyndaquil directly, but the task had already been completed. Poliwag was wrapped in the wire attached to the metal rod and Cyndaquil was barely conscious and helpless to another attack.

“You lose!” the man shouted at Kris. “Poliwag finish it once and for all!” the man continued with a menacing laughter.

“You’re wrong… because Poliwag has just become attached to a lightning rod!

“What!” the man exclaimed.

“Rain is followed by lightning and metal conducts electricity. That wire is attached to those large poles and like I said you haven’t won because Poliwag’s going to be struck by lightning.” Kris said confidently.

“Poliwag, shake lose!” the man shouted.

“Too late” Kris said faintly as the lightning struck the pole and electrocuted the wet Poliwag.

The Poliwag lay on the ground fainted. Kris returned his Cyndaquil and walked past the man into Cherrygrove City without saying anything else.

January 24th, 2009, 8:54 AM
I once had a dream that I had a Glaceon-shaped ice-cream cone, but it's already taken, so I'll do this. I had a dream I was an Umbreon once!

Eevee Evolution you wish to be: Umbreon
Your Evolution's History: She lived in Eterna Forest with a brother, her mother and father. Her mother was a Vaporeon, and her father was an Absol. Her brother, like her, was an Eevee, but with one ear smaller than the other. She didn't have anything special but a cream-colored, teardrop-shaped birhmark on her left front paw. All her life, she wondered what it meant, and her confusion has never left her. She has also always had an interest in the stars and the night sky, pondering about the constellations and stars, and how they illuminated the planet as if it created its own light. At the age of five months old, she was captured by a Trainer who was rather poor. He treated her well, but after another two months, he decided he didn't have enough money to take care of her anymore. That night, she was released, but evolved into Umbreon before leaving, out of care for the Trainer. She met up with the other Eevee evolutions and promised to protect Eterna City and all its resdents at the cost of her life.
Description (only fill out if your evolution has accesories, scars, etc.): A teardrop-shaped birthmark on her front left paw.
Attacks (Only four):
Bite (Eevee learns it)
Confuse Ray
Quick Attack
Sample post (Must be at least two paragraphs):

"No! Where am I going?!"

She felt tears begin to well up in her eyes, crying as hard as she could. Her own ears hurt, but still she cried louder, her throat starting to hurt.

It had been a long time, countless minutes, maybe even hours, before she finally got tired. Her cries became softer and softer until they were inaudible. Her heart was still racing, her throat very sore. But figuring she wouldn't get any help, she quieted down. She was lucky there were no other Pokemon around, otherwise she might have hurt them with her loud voice.

Finally, the ground stopped shaking, and light flooded into the room. Startled, she covered her eyes and fell face-first onto the floor, her large, rabbit-like ears flopping over like limp paper. Still, she was afraid, but at least she was more calm. She didn't see the human coming towards her.

And all at once, it happened. She felt something grasp her sides. Hard. Its claws seemed very sharp, its skin cold as a Sharpedo's in the sea. She struggled very hard to get out, but they only dug in deeper, and she felt a trickle of blood drop onto the ground. And then she was thrown onto the hard material that was the ground, the gray, rocky expanse coming closer. However, she didn't see it; it was so fast, she couldn't react. And she felt no more, and wondered...

Am I dead?

It was a long time of unconsciousness for her, but finally, she saw the blue sky and the clouds drifting. There was a building that looked abandoned next to her, with its rusty windows. And then, a far-off voice that was hardly audible... but she couldn't make out what it was saying. It was... calling for help?

Oddly, it seemed closer now. It seemed calm, but... at the same time, full of despair.

It took her a while to realize it was her own voice. It was thick with tears, and hardly understood by anyone.

But then, a crash startled her, and the glass of a window flew off onto the hard concrete ground in front of it, and a tall, humanoid Pokemon with large ears and an axe-like tail dove out of it, dashing towards her. It had thick, metal rings on its hands and legs, and they appeared to have been connected to something, but now they were free. The Pokemon only stopped to look at her with its red eyes for a moment, seeming to hesitate, before dashing off again.

Two tall humans followed the Pokemon, dashing after it and completely ignoring the little purple one lying on the ground. She couldn't help but wonder... what would happen to her?

She looked down at her side. It had stopped bleeding, but the gash hurt a lot. However, she hadn't noticed it until now. She only wished it would all end. She gave a last cry for help, and fell into a deep sleep.

January 24th, 2009, 10:28 AM
Wow, I had no idea it was accepted. None the less, I am happy to see all the responses. (:

The master123: Declined; I'm sorry, but your grammar and punctuation is just not to my liking.
FrozenSnowman: Accepted; Very nice SU and sample post.
pumpkinziggy: Accepted; Very nice SU and interesting sample post.

January 24th, 2009, 7:18 PM
Reserving Leafeon. Please :3

I'll probably get it done tomorrow. I promise.

January 24th, 2009, 7:33 PM
Very random (and... odd) question. Can I be an Eevee? Please? Pretty please? No? Well, in that case...

Eeve Evolution you wish to be: Espeon
Your Evolution's History: Espeon grew up as an Eevee on a typical child's Pokemon adventure. She played with her trainer, trained with her trainer, and grew a relationship with her trainer that seemed unbreakable. Well, almost unbreakable. After three years, Espeon evolved into her current state. Her Trainer was overjoyed and the two began to train and battle ever harder. Soon after, however, Espeon's trainer grew ill. They were forced to return home to Eterna City, but because of Team Hi-Jynx, proper medicine wasn't allowed into the city and her trainer quickly passed away. Heartbroken and empty, Espeon met with the other Eeveelutions and swore to protect the people of Eterna City and prevent any more people from dying as her trainer had.
Description: The only different thing about Espeon is that the stone on her forehead has a silver line through it that has been steadily bleeding into the rest of the stone.
Future Sight
Last Resort
Sample post:
From Kansas's Pokemorph Liberation Force
Ember's tails slammed directly into the Haunter-morph's chest with a sickening thud. Ember jumped back and twirled around to whack him across the head with all nine of her tails.

"Take that you disgusting bloated purple freak!" Ember hissed.

The Haunter-morph shook his body loose, seemingly having taken little damage, and stared at her with a curious expression. Ember growled and jumped forward again, scraping her claws from the top of his scalp down his cheek before jumping a safe distance away. He looked up at her with a dark smile as purple gas steadily tricked out of the slashes in his skin.

He doesn't bleed, Ember watched with horror as the gas continued to drip out of the cuts.

But look, Pyra said. The human part of this morph is weak and the Haunter is unstable. The human body is the only thing holding it together.

So if tear his body apart, Ember realized with a smile. The Ghost part of him will fall apart, too.

Ember's smile faded as the Haunter-morph's claw descended down on her. She lunged to the side, but the razor-sharp claws clipped her arm, instantly drawing blood. Ember looked at her arm in shock. She hadn't seen the morph come at her.

"It will be an honor to kill you," the Haunter's deep echoing voice announced. He continued to smile and look her over in amusement.

His hands began to glow deep purple and he came at her again.

Poison! Pyra warned, but Ember was already struggling to dodge the deadly claws.

Ember spun to the side and tried to knock him over with her tails again, but she missed and jumped back before she could be struck. Sweat dripped down the back of her neck. She couldn't allow herself to be poisoned now. She would be out of commission for the rest of the battle and most likely wouldn't live through it. Or worse. One of the team members would stop battling to try and protect her. Though she didn't see that happening, thank goodness.

The Haunter-morph's smile grew, spreading across his purple-tinged face like a tear in fabric. He lashed out at her with increased intensity and speed, forcing her to retreat backwards. Ember felt her Ninetails instinct slowly take over and she mimicked his smile with one of her own. She felt her body's speed grow and she began to dodge in a fluid natural movement, feeling the steady beat of the morph's attacks become increasingly easy to predict. Suddenly the Haunter-morph's fist slammed her in the side, throwing her several yards before she rolled to a halt on the pavement.

Pyra swore, utterly shocking Ember. Pyra had never once before swore. Shadow Punch, Pyra growled. It hits without fail. We're lucky he didn't poison us as well.

Yeah, Ember pushed herself up with a groan. Because we're just so lucky.

"I'm glad you came to me," the Haunter-morph said in his hollow voice as he took his time walking over. "It saved me the trouble of hunting you down and making you pay for abandoning the Gyms."

"Hmm, so you were a part of the group that tried to hunt me down?" Ember taunted. She rolled her eyes and added sarcastically. "You did a great job of it, by the way."

"I oversaw the searches for you," he said coldly. "But I had better things to do than chase after a second-rate traitor."

"Yeah, because being a flunky is a much better gig," Ember said sarcastically.

His expression grew even darker and he lunged at her again, his claws glowing with poison once more. Ember stood her ground as she felt fire flare up inside of her and held it, feeling it build. When the Haunter-morph was about to scratch her, Ember released the attack in a single fiery blast. He was blown backwards and he spun through the air before landing near the building from which they had emerged.

Ember swiftly walked over to him and grabbed his head, pricking his face with her claws. His purple spikes had been reduced to ash while his hands were dissipating and more Ghost smoke than ever was draining from his form, leaving his human body thin and limp. He was struggling to remain conscious, his ordinarily narrow eyes wide with fear.

Enough, Pyra hissed. Let us kill him quickly.

Pyra slowly took over Ember's body and drew on all the dark thoughts she had gathered over 150 years. Pyra had never allowed Ember to direct the attack herself because it would drive her insane. Ember didn't complain. Pyra lifted Ember's hand and placed it onto the forehead of the morph, releasing the dark power directly into him. He groaned, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to fight off the attack, but then he went limp. Ember released him and he fell to the pavement. Dead.

Let's go and help the others, Pyra said, urging Ember to move forward, but Ember's eyes were glued to the morph.

The Ghost smoke was slowly drifting back into his body, which expanded at an alarming rate. Ember stumbled backwards and saw with horror that he was filling back up. A smile once again cracked across his grotesque face.

It's Explosion! Ember realized.


Ember turned and dropped to all fours, running faster than she could ever remember before. Ember heard the Haunter-morph Explode behind her and was immediately struck by a force so powerful that it lifted her off her feet and pushed her forward. Then debris struck her, slicing her skin as it rammed into her body. Ember curled up into a ball as she was tossed like a rag-doll for what seemed a lifetime as she was struck repeatedly with projectiles. She finally landed on the ground, bleeding from an unknown number of wounds. Her breath wheezed as it struggled to enter her lungs under the beam that crushing her chest.

Just so lucky.
lol, it's a little violent (I don't usually do that so much :P) but...

January 25th, 2009, 5:13 AM
Serene: Yes, Leafeon is reserved for you. (:

Mira: You are very proudly accepted as Espeon. Welcome to the Roleplay. (:

January 25th, 2009, 7:11 AM
Ohh... Interesting :3 Would it be alright for Yashi to reserve Jolteon?

January 25th, 2009, 7:19 AM
Yes, it would. (: Just try to post your SU today or tomorrow, at least.

January 25th, 2009, 9:50 AM
Eevee Evolution you wish to be: Jolteon (Kai)
Your Evolution's History: When Kai was just an Eevee, she was the youngest of and the only her family, consisting of her three older brothers, Flareon,Vaporeon and Umbreon, with Umbreon being the oldest and her parent's were long gone, she was also the last to evolve but the first to get captured. The girl who captured her was named Karin and she was a beginner trainer starting out with Meowth Karin was an eccentric girl and loved adventure, she was kind to all the Pokémon she captured and worked hard to complete her goal to become the best Pokémon Trainer she could be, during their travels Karin managed to defeat Sinnoh's Gym's with Meowth, who was now a Persian and Jolteon by her side but never managed to make it past the first round of the Sinnoh League her competitors were just too strong and she opted to train some more before she entered again.

Before she began her training, Karin decided to take a little vacation in Eterna City, remembering it as the home town of Kai what Karin didn't know however was that Eterna was changing and her coming back to the town would lead to her ultimate demise. Karin's first mistake was when she got there and had allowed all her Pokémon to roam free, with only Persian by her side, since she was allowed to roam Kai quickly ran back to the forest she had once called home to see if her brothers were still there... the girl was shocked to find that the forest was not as vibrant and full of life as it used to be, it was cold and unfeeling and it sent shivers down her spine.

Kai had explored the area for a good 10 minutes, before she stopped in the middle of the forest, feeling something pricking her at the back of her head... something was wrong, turning back around Kai and quickly jetted back to where Karin was staying... only to find neither Karin nor Persian was there, there had been some sort of struggle as much as Kai could tell and whoever attacked her trainer had taken Karin's most prized possession and carelessly tossed it to the floor, it had broken Kai's heart to see something her trainer had cherished the most, be discarded so easily like that by an ignorant attacker. That had happened a few month's ago Kai had searched and searched for her trainer, but could never find Karin or Persian it hurt her deeply that she was unable to stop her trainer's disappearance, so she vowed to help protect those in need and after hearing about Team Hi-Jinx and all the trouble they've been causing in her hometown, Kai decided she'd help all she could, not wanting anyone to suffer the same fate as her trainer.

There were a few things Kai would always remember her fallen trainer by, one was her strange way's of nicknaming, she would sometime think up random names or jumble around the species letters and work something out and for some cases, like Kai, whom Karin couldn't figure out for the life of her if she were a boy or a girl upon capturing her Eevee, so she opted in giving her a unisex name, that way it works out. Karin would also never removed her scarf, which always stayed wrapped around her head... she once told Kai that it was a memoir of her mother and it would break her heart should she ever loose it. That day Karin had been attack her her scarf was left behind... Kai had taken the liberty to wear the scarf, as a memoir to her train and as something to remember her by.

Description: The tattered red scarf that once belonged to her trainer, Kai keeps it on her at all times to remind her of all the fun adventures she had with Karin and it also reminds her of the hardships and trouble she they had to endure, also going across her left eye, is a jagged looking scar running from the top of the eye to the lower are of the eye making it look like a thunderbolt whenever she closed it and the scars connected, she had obtained this particular scar during a fight with her trainer's Persian, that attempted to hurt the girl after evolving (Due to the fact that Persian's turn aggressive and refuse to listen to trainers they find unworth upon evolving) After that battle and a few persuasive words on Karin's part, Persian was back to his normal loving self.

Shadow Ball

Sample post:

"Hahaha. A Meowth that can't climb, what a riot!" Bianca scowled to herself and looked up to glare at whatever Pokémon was mocking her. It was a small black crow looking bird with a crooked beak, bushy broom looking tail and a feather crest shaped like a witches hat and around its neck was a beige cat claw with thin brown string looped through its base "Just what's so funny you stupid crow!" she shook a clawed fist at the bird, who just laughed even louder as it sneered down from its spot on a branch a few feet above Bianca.

"I'm a Murkrow, you stupid cat" the Murkrow hissed, not really liking her calling him out of his name "Whatever" she replied still glaring at the mocking crow "Dumbkrow, Stupidkrow, Murkrow, same thing" she shot back narrowing her gaze at the bird. Murkrow growled and flapped its wings as it began to hover in the air "What, are you running away?" Bianca grinned triumphantly when she saw the Murkrow fly out of sight "Hahaha I showed that stupid bird."

She was caught of guard however when she felt a stinging sensation at the back of her head. The Murkrow had came back with a vengeance and was pecking at her head ruthlessly Bianca winced and brought a paw forward to Scratch the black bird, anticipating this Murkrow quickly pulled back and managed to dodge the attack except one of Bianca's claws had gotten caught on the string from the necklace around its neck. "Hey! Let go!" Murkrow cried trying to yank its necklace away from Bianca's claw.

"Well, if you just hold still for a second I might be able to..." she trailed off with a devious smirk and then yanked on the string and pulling the flailing bird closer "You know what, no. I won't let go I can pummel you more easily this way" she then brought her free paw forward to Scratch at Murkrow, catching the bird in the eye. Murkrow screeched and flailed harder while Bianca's grip on the string tightened, due to all the pulling the string snapped and Murkrow took off into the horizon screeching something about revenge.

Bianca sighed in relief and looked at the large claw in her paw "What the heck is this for... some kinda necklace maybe" she murmured looking at the snapped ends before she somehow managed to re-knot the string and place the necklace around her neck "This claw looks pretty wicked" she admitted as it rested against her chest "I'm kinda worried though... wouldn't this account as stealing since I took it from him" she mumbled with wide eyes only to have her stomach grumble in response. Bianca groaned and looked up at the apple tree "I guess I'll try climbing it" she padded up to the base of the trunk and placed her paws forward and gripped the wood with her claws, in a matter of seconds Bianca had awkwardly climbed her way up the tree until she had made her way to the branch Murkrow had been perched on.

There it was. A big, shiny, healthy looking red apple Bianca's stomach cried out angrily and she plucked the delicious looking red fruit. Mmm it even smells good! Bianca felt like she was floating on cloud nine when she had bitten into the apple, it was so sweet and juicy! Too bad for the girl turned cat however, for she had only managed to take one bite out of the mouth watering fruit before it was sent flying out of her hand and rolling across the ground of the clearing.

"Hey What the heck was that f--"

Holy Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Murkrow was back. Hovering before her glaring at her nastily with his beady red eyes, she noticed, that the left eye had a jagged looking scar running from the top of its eyebrow to the lower are of his eye making it look like a thunderbolt whenever he closed the eye and the scars connected. But that wasn't what made Bianca want to wet herself, no, it was the group he bought back with him. There was at least a dozen of them, Murkrow's and one other big Mafia Don looking Murkrow, aside from the one she scarred, the Murkrow were hovering ominously in front of the apple tree. Oh crud I think I just angered the son of a crime lord. Bianca thought while she stared wide-eyed at the scarred Murkrow.

January 25th, 2009, 9:59 AM
ShadowYashi: You are GLADLY Accepted. Amazing SU! Just make sure you put the periods where they are needed, please. I noticed a few were missing. Thank you. (:

January 26th, 2009, 4:38 PM
Eevee Evolution you wish to be: Leafia/Leafeon (Leafi) yup :3
Your Evolution's History: As a normal Eevee, Leafi was shy, apart from others. She never hung out with other Pokemon, nor did she even try getting near. Being a nomad, Leafi always traveled around the region. It then came to be one day that she came across Eterna Forest.

First, Leafi ventured into the Old Chateau, hoping she could find someplace to stay. A bunch of Ghost Pokemon attacked her, and she immediately ran out, forgetting that Ghost-type moves did absolutely nothing against her.

Later on, Leafi noticed a moss-colored rock. It was the only one she had seen throught the entire forest. She calmly walked up to it, touched it, and evolved.

As a Leafeon, Leafi was more noticeable because of her beau face and calm eyes. She was able to blend in with any grassy background, which was perfect for when she went out hunting. Over time, Leafi gained more confidence in herself, and soon went out battling other Pokemon, becoming stronger and stronger each time. She continued being a nomad, but would usually stay in Eterna Forest for a while.
Description (only fill out if your evolution has accesories, scars, etc.): Leafi actually has a rose choker around her neck. The ribbon is made of thick, smooth grass, the rose is red and is centered in the middle of her neck.
Attacks (Only four): Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Grasswhistle, Synthesis
Sample post (Must be at least two paragraphs): From Mika's "Fragments of Alarayne".

Who are you?

My name is... Gale, watch out!

How do you know my...AIIIII!!!

Gale! No!


Gale, are you OK?

Yes, I'm fine. But how do you...know me? Oh my god, you're spewing blood everywhere!

I'll be fine, honestly. But... I am your...

What! Wait! Are you my brother? My sister? No! Don't leave me! Don't leave. Don't leave...

Silence. Complete and utter silence. At once, the girl, Gale, had stopped tossing and turning in her bed. It was that dreaded nightmare again. The one where she had met up with her lost sibling, but they immediately died saving her. The gender of this supposed sibling was unknown to her, but Gale knew that the sibling was out there in that vast world of Pokemon...

It was about three in the morning when the soothing serenade began playing. Gale awoke with a start; she had always been a light sleeper. She yawned casually, and looked out the window.

"Looks like it'll be another one of these days..." she said with a sigh, quickly laying back down. But with the serenade playing, she couldn't go back to sleep. She actually didn't mind waking up to this type of music. After all, it was better than that death metal music. Fortunately, Gale had found a way to soundproof everything - except any knocking sounds on her door or windows - so no sound would get in, and no sound would get out.

Dressing in her casual wear, Gale knew she had some time until the meeting at five. She laid her uniform symmetrically out on her bed after she had made it, and left the building for her usual trip to the gorgeous lake of Blackthorn. It had been enough years since she had seen such beautiful, pure water. But this water could never beat the water that was in Phenac. Even though it was human-generated, it was much more crystal-clear than the water here. With a sigh, Gale took out three coins, a book of some sort, and a flat drawing board. She flipped the three coins at once, and when they landed, she took note of what side they were on. Two were on Tails, while one was on Heads, so on her drawing board, she drew two dashes next to each other. She repeated the same process, getting all Heads this time. She drew a long dash right above the two dashes she had put down before. Continuing this process, she flipped the coins four more times and got what looked like this:

-- --
-- --
-- --

Looking it up in her convenient "I-Ching" book, Gale took note of what it meant.

"47. K'un - Oppression (Exhaustion)

-- --
----- above Tui The Joyous, Lake
-- --
----- below K'an The Abysmal, Water
-- --

The Judgement

Oppression. Success. Perseverance.
The great man brings about good fortune.
No blame.
When one has something to say,
It is not believed.

The Image

There is no water in the lake:
The image of Exhaustion.
Thus the superior man stakes his life
On following his will.

The Lines

Six at the beginning means:
One sits oppressed under a bare tree
And strays into a gloomy valley.
For three years one sees nothing.

() Nine in the second place means:
One is oppressed while at meat and drink.
The man with the scarlet knee bands is just coming.
It furthers one to offer sacrifice.
To set forth brings misfortune.
No blame.

Six in the third place means:
A man permits himself to be oppressed by stone,
And leans on thorns and thistles.
He enters his house and does not see his wife.

Nine in the fourth place means:
He comes very quietly, oppressed in a golden carriage.
Humiliation, but the end is reached.

() Nine in the fifth place means:
His nose and feet are cut off.
Oppression at the hands of the man with the purple knee bands.
Joy comes softly.
It furthers one to make offerings and libations.

Six at the top means:
He is oppressed by creeping vines.
He moves uncertainly and says, 'Movement brings remorse.'
If one feels remorse over this and makes a start,
Good fortune comes." Gale read softly. Although she did not quite understand all of this easily, she still knew a great deal of what it meant. Ah, Exhaustion. If only this book knew how accurate that was... Erasing her lines from her drawing board, Gale proceeded back to her room. She placed her coins, drawing board, and book away in one of the cabinets, which held all her fortune telling equipment, and changed into her uniform. It was 4:45 now, and Gale knew she couldn't be late. It was surprising she had spent that long down at the lake, but she figured she had gotten lost in figuring out what her fortune was for the day. She hoped that no one would yell at her...

January 26th, 2009, 4:54 PM
I really liked reading your plot explanation, ninetails. The story sounds interesting, and even better, there's the option to play a bad guy. >:)

I'd like to reserve a spot for the Houndoom, if you please. I'll probably have an SU done later this evening. If not though, I'll get it up tomorrow sometime.

EDIT: Is there a particular way that you want the Team Hi-Jinx SU to be formatted? Or do you just want it done the same as the Eevee evolution SU?

January 26th, 2009, 5:36 PM
May I reserve for Lucario ?

January 27th, 2009, 4:00 AM
Just fill the same form out for Houndoom and Lucario as did for the Eevee's. (:

They are both reserved, and Serene you are ACCEPTED. Welcome to the roleplay. (:

January 27th, 2009, 4:29 AM
since it is now open, could I reserve flareon?

January 27th, 2009, 6:00 PM
Alrighly then, here's my SU!

Team Hi-Jinx Pokemon: Houndoom (Nicknamed Pyretta)

Even as a Houndour Pyretta was a cruel creature. With age and then evolution, the Fire Pokemon became even crueler.
With her "attitude problem" Pyretta never keeps any one partner for very long. Her current partner, a Lucario, has stuck around longer than the rest; the two actually seem to get along.
Her delight in harrassing the weak - humans and Pokemon alike - made her a perfect addition to Team Hi-Jinx.
The current objects of her amusement are a band of Eevee evolutions that have taken it upon themselves to protect Eterna City.

Pyretta looks like every other female Houndoom save one thing: Her horns sport a "tattooed" on zebra-stripe pattern.

Faint Attack
Fire Fang
Shadow Ball

Sample Post:
(This is from an old RP that I ran over at the DragonLance boards. If you want something different just let me know.)
Naril pulled his red robes closer about his slender form against the chill breeze, as he limped down the road. The last few days' journey had been a pleasant one. All of the leaves had turned color making the forest a blazing tapestry of reds, yellows, and oranges. The elf paused momentarily in his journey and took a deep breath, inhaling all the smells of autumn. He smiled slightly as the wind ruffled his long black hair. With a sigh he set of again. If the farmer he had talked to earlier was correct, there should be a small village just around the bend.
A short time later Naril came to the village. It was nothing special, of that he was certain. It consisted of several humble looking wooden houses, a blacksmith, a small market area, and of course an inn.
The inn was called The Cracked Pot. It had a weathered picture of a cracked cauldron on it's creaking sign. The elf raised an eyebrow wondering if the name was implying anything about the inn's owner.

Naril threw open the heavy door and was blasted by a multitude of sights and smells, some pleasant and others decidedly not so. There were only three patrons in the inn, one drunk passed out at the bar, and a pair of farmers engaged in their own private conversation.
After taking a quick look around, Naril seated himself at a table near the back wall of the common room. The barmaid quickly hurried over.
"What'll it be?", she asked.
"A glass of red wine, and some stew."

The mage sighed and rested his chin on a long fingered hand. He hoped that his two friends had gotten the magical summons he had sent. When the Conclave had suggested that he bring some aid on this task, he thought it wise to do so. A renegade raising the dead was no light matter. Naril thought it likely, that if this renegade was indeed doing as the rumors stated, that he would need the assist.

January 28th, 2009, 2:47 PM
Blayze: Accepted. Welcome to the team. (:

Only two more spots to fill, and they both are reserved. Maybe this roleplay will get off the ground soon. (:

January 31st, 2009, 8:21 PM
Awesome. Thanks, I can't wait for the RP to start!