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January 21st, 2009, 8:23 AM
Sign Ups Closed For Now

Yo, my name is Jacob. Don’t ask me to tell you my last name, where I live, or even my middle name. If I want to live to see tomorrow by my own actions, and not as a slave to some parasite, I can’t tell you anything else about me. There are a few things I can tell you, like my recent history, though that would take too long and I really don’t want to relive most of it. The thing I can and will tell you is how much danger the planet earth and all of its inhabitants are in. First off, how many of you believe in aliens. Most likely some of you will say you do, and some of you will say that you think it would be cool if they did exist. Well, I’m here to tell you that we are so not alone. And I mean on this very planet. There are aliens among us, and there invading us right this very second. Now you all think I’m crazy, right? You’re probably thinking “If there are aliens among us, why haven’t I seen any?” Well the answer is that they are inside of most of us. Now you defiantly think that I’m crazy right? Oh man. Now it’s time for the most dreaded part. I must give it all away. You must understand, by telling you this I am risking the lives of my best friends, as well as the entire planet. The earth is being invaded by a parasitic race of slug-like creatures called Yeerks (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/87/Animorphs_29_The_Sickness.jpg). They are no bigger then your thumb, and have enslaved half the galaxy. Though they may have enslaved a lot of races, you most likely will only see two maybe of them. The first race they enslaved was a barely intelligent race on there home planet called the Gedds. Even I don’t know what they look like. All I know is that they are not a real threat. The next race, and the most powerful one on this planet are the Hork-Bajir (http://site.voila.fr/fatalite/Cast/Toby.jpg). They are seven feet tall, really strong, and super dangerous without any of the yeerk’s technology. The last race you are likely to see are called Taxxons (http://membres.lycos.fr/animorphs2000/Extraterrestres/Taxxon.jpg). These things are ten feet long and cannibalistic. They live with this never ending hunger that forces them to eat any thing they can get there mouth on. Even dirt or trash. The Yeerks probably have hundreds of more hosts on hundreds of more planets. And most humans don’t even know of their existence. The only ones that know are their human hosts, and my friends. My friends and I have technically created a Yeerk resistance movement. The only problem is, it’s secret, needs to stay secret. And there are only seven of us. Our group consists of Jake, our fearless leader, Cassie, the tree hugging warrior, Rachel, basically our heavy artillery, Marco, the sarcastic and sometimes funny warrior, Tobais, the first casualty, and Ax, our own Andalite (http://site.voila.fr/fatalite/Creatures/Andalite.jpg) friend. And now me. The reason they made me an Animorph is to go out to a location where the Yeerk presence is not as powerful and make new members. That’s what I am doing, I am finding new Animorphs. Now let me tell you what you get for becoming an Animorph. First the perks. The biggest one is being able to morph in to any animal you can touch, feeling all the power of an elephant, all the grace of a cat, and all the freedom of a bird. There are a few down sides to morphing. The first one is the two hour time limit. If you stay in morph for more than two hours, you stay in morph forever. You can never morph again. Do you rember when I told you about Tobais? The first casualty? He got stuck in a Red-tailed Hawk morph. He got the ability to morph back, through a series of events that I won’t tell you about now. I will just tell you that I know it will never happen again. According to the others (I wasn't around during this) they tried to make more animorphs once, but it didn't turn out very good. He almost killed most of them, and is now stuck as a rat for the rest of his life. The other is the horrible nightmares some morphs can cause. Most insect morphs can haunt you for the rest of your life. Now I’ve gone on too long. My question to you is, will you join?

Warning: there will be some bloody fights.

1) No controlling others character with out their permission
2) Normal PC rules
3) No Goddmoding(not that it’s really possible)
4) No complaining, about anything
5) No dinosaur morphs
6) Only one character per player.
7) Tell me before you decide to disappere

Sign Up sheet:

Name: (I discourge people from using middle and last names)
Age: (nothing above 17 or below 12)
Apperence: (when you are doing normal stuff, which won't be very often)
Morphing outfit: (we can’t morph anything but skin tight stuff)
Preferred Battle Morph: (this is what you will go in to battle with most of the time)
Preferred Spy Morph: (this is usually a bug of some sort)
Preferred Bird Morph: (should be a bird that is able to fly fast, and/or can fly for a long time)
Preferred Aquatic morph: (for ocean missions)
Other: (random crap about your character)





No Longer In:
Old Lace

January 21st, 2009, 6:13 PM
yes yes I will.

Name: Woodroe Buttdont Havapaddle
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, collected, rarely seen without a book in his hands. He loves to read and loves to tell people what he has learned from his books, this makes him unpleasant if you don't like those kinds of people.
Morphing outfit: A wetsuit, from his surfing days.
Preferred Battle Morph: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Komodo Dragon.
Preferred Spy Morph: Mouse
Preferred Bird Morph: SeaGull
Other: He looks like this. Just ignore the Halo and the wings.

January 22nd, 2009, 6:33 AM
JBC: Accepted. But you need to get an aquatic morph. I forgot to put it in the first time. Does he wear a shirt?

Name: Jacob
Age: 17
Gender: Male
He's calm, and quite most of the time. He is also rather indecisve now that he is in a leader possion. He has distansed himself from most of socity so that he can become a better soldier. He does care deeply for his team mates though, so it's hard for him to make desions that will possibly kill an animorph. But the true leader of the Animorphs (Jake) gave him this possition, so he is not likely to give it up.
He has short brown hair, and crystal blue eyes. He is kind of a large guy around the middle. He usually wears a pair of tan shorts, and a plain red t-shirt. He usually wears a pair of tan sandels.
Morphing outfit: Bike shorts, and Bike shirt
Preferred Battle Morph: Spotted Hyena
Preferred Spy Morph: Roach
Preferred Bird Morph: Red-tailed Hawk
Preferred Aquatic Morph: Dolphin
Other: nope

Yamagi Sosuke
January 23rd, 2009, 1:49 PM
Gender: male
Personality: Sazaku is a tough guy he dosnt take crap from anybody.he's ready to fight when ever his opponent is, though somtimes he can be compassionate he's usually not.If see's a girl crying that usually will do it.He can be silly at times.and have hardly no manners
Morphing outfit:Black shirt with black gloves with black shorts (all skin tight)
Preferred Battle Morph: White Lion
Preferred Spy Morph: Mouse
Preferred Bird Morph:Peregrine Falcon
Preferred Aquatic morph:Killer Whale

January 23rd, 2009, 7:03 PM
Yamagi: Accepted, so long as you add a bit more to your personality.

January 23rd, 2009, 7:08 PM
Name: Reina
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: She's very spontanious, usually deciding to do something on a whim then think it through. She acts polite and considerate around her parents but to her friends she's usually wild and hyper to the point of having to be told to shut up.
Apperence: http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k228/smile1010/Anime%20file/855155a9.jpg
Morphing outfit: Black with light blue sleeves, and a gold star on the back.
Preferred Battle Morph: Lioness
Preferred Spy Morph: Fly
Preferred Bird Morph: Black Kite
Preferred Aquatic morph: Orca
Other: Reina has two older twin brothers, one of which is a controller and trying to get the other to join the sharing. Both twins despite looking the same act comptely different. Their father died when Reina was eight, The twins are 2 years older then her.

Will we get other morphs besides these. Hopefully not ants. *shudders* I doubt that would be a plesent experence. lol

January 23rd, 2009, 7:21 PM
Rii: Accepted.
Oh yeah, we will defenitly get more morphs as time goes on. We won't do ant morphs unless absolutly nessary

True Reign
January 23rd, 2009, 10:35 PM
Name: JD
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Personality: JD is extremely intelligent. Coming from an extremely, different family from most, he has seen the best and worst in everyone - including his parents. Inside of JD is a huge imagination of things to do. He's on the track and soccer team at his local school. He has one sister and one half-brother who lives on the other side of the country. Gets along great with his parents, except when it comes to hanging around with friends.
Apperence: Five foot three teenager with jet, black hair. Wears slim glasses and is usually the one sticking out of crowds. Black khaki shorts with a green or red short.
Morphing outfit: Black underarmor with shorts.
Preferred Battle Morph: Grey Wolf
Preferred Spy Morph: Eastern Tiger Snake
Preferred Bird Morph: Bald Head Eagle
Preferred Aquatic morph: Sail Fish
Other: None.

January 23rd, 2009, 10:43 PM
-[JD]- : pending, untill you add some more to apperence and personality. And I'd advice that you change your spy morph. If you really want to have it, you will be able to get it later. Pics are allowed. Accepted Left.

January 24th, 2009, 8:49 AM
Name: Skye Allegheri (Fake names. She typed in her real name in a vampire name generator thingy and that's what she came up with. The funny thing is, I really did that. Typed my name in and got that, I mean.)
Age: 16
Gender: female
Personality: Skye is your typical emo girl. She doesn't hate life or anything but she basically thinks there's not much she can do. She hates it when people think emo is all about cutting yourself and hating life, or when people call her Goth. Basically she is a somewhat fun-loving girl that likes to stare at the rain a lot. Plus, she loves wearing thick-rimmed aviator sunglasses. (http://www.sunglasses-shop.co.uk/glasses/sxuc-2008/tzc958-black.jpg) Just thought I'd throw that in xP
Appearance: http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l147/juliet_030/Ms%20hollywood/cutescenegirl2.jpg
Morphing outfit: This, (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a359/ti-on/anime%20expo%20may%2008/63.jpg) except she doesn't have the neckpiece or boot thingies, and she doesn't look like the Joker. Yes, the suit is two-colored. Get over it. Skintight stuff can be fashionable too xP
Preferred Battle Morph: Siberian tiger cub (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Amur_Tiger_Panthera_tigris_altaica_Cub_Walking_1500px.jpg). Although, she is a bit older than this one. A cub could potentially reach three feet easily, since they are mature at 4 years of age. More information can be found here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siberian_Tiger).
Preferred Spy Morph: Biting midge (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceratopogonidae), though really they're commonly called 'no-see-ums'. Since it's very hard to, well, see 'um, she finds this the perfect morph. Also, if she's not happy with someone she can just bite them and they'll get a welt on them that won't go away for like a week.
Preferred Bird Morph: Albatross (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albatross), since it can fly for more than a day at a time. It is also unusual in the fact that it is able to land on water and ride the waves. Its diet is mostly consisting of sea animals, which would help if there was a sea mission and they needed someone as a lookout or something. When just over land, she prefers the scissor-tailed flycatcher (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scissor_tailed_flycatcher), since no one knows what they are and since they're so small. For some reason, Skye loves the feeling of either being really small or really big. She loves perspective changing. It gives a whole new feel to things. Which is why she'd probably love the Helmacrons if they came to town again :/
Preferred Aquatic morph: Dusky dolphin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dusky_Dolphin), because of its shadowed appearance and advanced acrobatics. Skye loves the feeling of being free in the ocean. And the color doesn't hurt either.
Other: You make a move on her boyfriend, (http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i260/scotty8686/0902071835.jpg) you die. She's really stressed about the fact that she can't show him her secret and has to keep lying to him.

Hope it's okay.

I haven't ever seen an Animorphs RPG. It's good that some people still like it. And Callandor, you don't have to do the font and color before every single line. Start the thing you want to be that font and color, and then put the [/]'s after the whole thing xP

January 24th, 2009, 9:17 AM
Ratiosu: Accepted. I am also very glad you included those links. The Bitting Midgit thing confused me for a second.

NOTE: your morphing outfit must be able to be hiddin by your normal clothes. just so everyones knows.

January 24th, 2009, 9:55 AM
I'm going to post my SU in a minute, I had one started but accidentally deletyed it, I'm almost ready!

January 24th, 2009, 10:59 AM
I still would like to join this RP, but the making of my SU was delayed due to work. >_> Could I reserve a spot, please? I'll try to have it up later today.

January 24th, 2009, 11:01 AM
Both of you are......RESERVED!!!!!!!!!!

I will be starting this as soon as they have posted their posts, and JBC adds the things I told em to add. YEAH!!! You people are awesome! It is awesome that 8 people have decided to join my first RP. I'm so happy I feel like crying. *sniffel*

January 24th, 2009, 11:41 AM
OK here's my SU, I had it mostly done already.

Name: Samantha (Goes by Sam)
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Personality: As a general rule Sam doesn't really like or trust anyone. However, once her trust is gained, she is a loyal and protective friend.
Though she mostly dislikes people, Sam loves animal. She has always found it amusing that she could befriend just about any animal that she came across with ease. Even ones that "Won't let anyone near them".

Apperence: She has long (to her lower back) red hair, and bright green eyes. Sam is rather tall for her age and has an athletic figure. When not out saving the world her civillian attire usually consists of boot-cut blue jeans, a navy blue t-shirt, and a pair of well worn combat boots.

Morphing outfit: Black under armor: Short sleeve t-shirt and pants

Preferred Battle Morph: Black Panther
Preferred Spy Morph: Praying Mantis
Preferred Bird Morph: Golden Eagle or Crow depending on the situation
Preferred Aquatic morph: Tiger Shark
Other: Can't think of anything at the moment. I'll add it later if I come up with something.

January 24th, 2009, 12:36 PM
Blazye: Accepted!

Now we just wait for the last two....*waiting*

Quick thing about the first posts. Mine will be introducing everyone including my self. Yours will be getting your morphs at the nearby Zoo. It will help me get used to how you all RP. Or at least those I haven't seen RP before. Also, this takes place in the 1990's, so don't want to see any PSP's or anything like that.

January 24th, 2009, 3:35 PM
Okay, for the FORTH time I'm typing this.

Name: Troy

Personality: Troy is a usually calm person, who likes to keep to himself. He can often lure people into thinking something that isn't true. Troy is a follower, rather than a leader. He does not usually enjoy reading, and when he makes one descion, he sticks with it the whole way through.He is kind of goth, in the quieter way and enjoys playing tricks on people, which he does easily, seeing that he looks and acts so innocent.

Appearance: Troy has short, dark brown hair with a green stripe in it. His head is an oval shape, and his eyes are a dark, green color. He has thin, chapped lips and a small nose. He is about six feet and has smooth, pale skin. He has a muscular, but skinny build. He wears a white hoodie with the hood pulled up. He has dark blue jeans that cover his worn-out, white shoes. He wears a thin,tight, white t-shirt under his hoodie.

Morphing Outfit: His top either consists of the white, tight t-shirt or no shirt at all. He wears black, biker shorts to morph in.

Battle Morph: Polar Bear
Spying Morph:Spider
Flying Morph: Toucan
Aquatic Morph: Albino-Colored Electric Eel


January 24th, 2009, 4:03 PM
King900000: pending, though I would prefer it if you had a slightly bigger battle morph than a fox, like mabye a Rhino. You can keep it, if you really want it, but I would defenatly advice getting a bigger battle morph. And I would like it if you change your flying morph too. A hummingbird is always 10 minuets form starvation, just so you know. Accepted, though the Toucan is still a little ifie
Now we need to just wait untill JBC finishes up.
you know what, I'm not a patint man, JBC OUT!

January 24th, 2009, 6:53 PM
Okay, thanks for the advice, I'll change it!

January 24th, 2009, 7:25 PM
The Animorphs thread in the ORPL is now the Ooc thread. And you know what, I'm going start now.

"OH MAN! I'm late!" yelled Jacob. This was not cool. Jacob was late to the introduction meeting he had set up. He was so not going to be a good leader. But Jake gave him this, so he awould do his best. He was riding his bike as fast as he could, in the dark. Though it wasn't really that dark, cause of the street lights. <Why did you set up the meeting time this late? It's almost 9:00.> Tobais asked. He was flying somewhere over head. "Because, I figured it would be a smarter idea to do this at night, in some secluded location," he awensered. "Kind of convinent that there was an abandoned construction site here." Jacob frowned. "You think he had any thing to do with it." <Maybe. He is the all-powerful weakling, the mighty manipulator.> siad Tobais. The Ellimist. The one guy that could end this war forever, right now........but won't. Jacob closed his eyes and shook his head, then heard Tobais yell, <Jacob! Watch Out!> He opened his eyes just in time to see himself slam into a telephone poll. WHAM! Jacob managed to get his shoulder in the way of the impact. Jacob opened his eyes and noticed he was laying on the ground. He looked over to his left and saw the remains of his bike. Man, that was my best and only bike, he thought. He tried to get up, and imediatly fell back in extreme pain. He looked over to his right and saw Tobais staring at him with those pirecing hawk eyes. <Are you okay?> he asked. He tried to get up again, but the pain was just as bad as before. But this time he noticed it seemed to come from his shoulder. "Yeah. I think shatered my shoulder," he said. He started to consentrate on the Hyena D.N.A. inside of him. The first thing he noticed was the pain starting to go away. He could hear his bones reforming, crunching, and grinding. Then his mouth started to push out into the snout of the Hyena. He could feel his teeth and jaw growing into the Hyena's strong jaws. Jaws strong enough to chew through steel. His skin tickeled as the spotted hair of the Hyena grew. Soon he was the Spotted Hyena. <Did anyone see me, Tobias?> Jacob asked. <Nope. Totaly alone. That was pretty risky dude,> he said. Jacob knew it was risky, but he couldn't move at all. With his new Hyena vision, he could see the construction site. He could also see seven people standing outside of it. <I thought I invited twelve people?! Oh well. Better some then none.> He started to move off to a back way, so he could come out of the construction site. He was just behind a wall next to all the people, so he spoke to them. <Hello, future Animorphs. Are you ready to save the world?> He walked out into view of everyone still a Hyena. <You all are needed to save the world. You will all be given the power to morph into any animal you can touch. With this power you will be required to fight an alien invasion of earth.> He gave the big speech, telling them about the invasion, the Yeerks, and how they can enslave people. All while in Hyena morph. He started to demorph back to human. When he was fully human, he asked "You scared now?" He looked everyone over. These are some of the people I talked to? he thought. "Now will you join me, or not? Come back here tomorrow, same time. Don't tell anyone about this. If you do, I'll know." And with that he morphed to Red-tailed Hawk morph, and flew off. He met up with six other birds of pray. <You told them?> asked Jake. <Yep, now we watch them till tomorrow.> said Jacob. <Are we sure this is a good idea?> asked Cassie. <I mean, what if one or more of them turn out to be another David?> Rachel spoke up, <We do to him what we did to David. Execpt this time he get them stuck as a bug of some kind.> <Figures Rachel's the one to say that,> said Marco. <Don't worrie guys, this is solid plan,> said Jacob. <We watch them till the next meeting, and if they do anything bad, we do something about it.> <What if one of them is a Yeerk already?> asked Ax. Jacob froze. He hadn't thought of that. This was bad if one of them was a Controller. He had demorphed in front of them, shown his face. <Maybe we'll get lucky?> But he knew he had screwed up. He wouldn't be supprised if Jake never trusted him with any mission ever again. He wouldn't trust himself with any missions ever again. But what's done was done. If worse came to worse, all Jacob had to do was kill himself to portect everyone.

January 24th, 2009, 11:25 PM
( One problem. Even after morphing and turning back Jacob's shoulder would still be broke. Because it was his original body. Tobias tried that and failed in Megamorphs 3. lol)

Reina still couldn't believe neither what she had seen nor heard. It was just too much. So much so it had to be some sort of strange dream.

Boys didn't just turn into animals.

Sure some of them already were animals, but that was different.

"Reina, you home?" Nathan called from the kitchen.

"Yea, where's Dereck?" Reina answered deciding to grab a bite to eat before heading upstairs to her room to think.

"He went to that group thing....what was it?" Nathan thought it over. "The sharing I remember."

"Oh." Reina answered. He'd been going there a lot recently, and had tried and failed to convince Nathan to join. "I'll be in my room. Don't bother me."

Nathan grinned. "Sure squirt."

Reina flopped down on her bed and put her headphones in, deciding some rock was what she needed.

What should I do?

She suddenly glanced around self concious. He said he'd know if she told anyone.... Was he watching her now?

She jerked the headphones from her ears and quickly closed her blinds and sat back on her bed with a huff. Maybe he was some kind of pervert and all of this was a hoex.

But I heard his voice in my head, I didn't imagine that. I'm sure of it.

Without really thinking about it she knew she'd be there the next day. Wheather anyone else showed or not. Something about it just felt too real somehow.

With a sigh Reina collapsed onto her bed and switched off her lamp, not even bothering to change into her pj's.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 25th, 2009, 12:14 AM
Suzaku walked down street thinking of what the guy said"Hmp can any of this be even true i mean turning into animals" he stopped "he said he was gonna he'll know if we betray him
i wonder if he can fight"Suzaku thought to himself "oh well better head home before she start to worry" Suzaku said.he walked down the street to his house.coming inside the house "a mom iam home "he said as he took his shoes off and put them on the floor"In the kitchen"She said as she was cooking" head up in take a bath almost time for dinner"She told Suzaku to do

Suzaku headed up the stairs and enters the bathroom,He steps in the tub full of hot relaxing water,"Why cant i get what that guy said out of my mind...If you tell i'll know..Just what dose that mean"Suzaku said while sinking deeper in the water.Afterwards he went down stairs and ate with his mom"So what did you do today Suzaku"She asked him but didnt get a answer"Suzaku...Suzaku"She said.Suzaku just hearing her"Yea mom"suzaku said then changing the subject almost immediately "You know what mom iam not quiet hungry tonight iam going to bed early...good night mom"he said as got up and headed up to his room.He switched to a white t shirt and some shorts he jumps on his bed with the covers under him."What's the matter with me i cnat get his words out my mind"Suzaku said as he puts the pillow over his head.Suzaku taught to himself"Ill defiantly be coming tomorrow, i gotta know what this is all about"He taught to himself as he close his eyes

January 25th, 2009, 8:42 AM
I would like to join

Name: Brian
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: calm most of the time and a deep thinker,is sensitive about his mother's death and if questioned about it becomes inraged, he is a bit more inquisitive than normal
Apperence: likes to keep it simple sweats and a tee shirt basically anything that fits comfortably,dark in color moslty grey and black 5 foot 5inches dark blond hair ice blue eyes and weighs about 189 most of it muscle.
Morphing outfit:muscle shirt black with thin black shorts made out of a soft cotten
Preferred Battle Morph: Kodiak bear or Great One-horned Rhinoceros depending on the situation
Preferred Spy Morph: rainforest gecko which can stick to almost any surface
Preferred Bird Morph: canadian goose not a fast flyer but can fly for a day and not stop
Preferred Aquatic morph: sword fish
Other: nothing

January 25th, 2009, 9:02 AM
OOC: Thank you, the morphing outfit will just be a normal dance leotard kind of like Rachel's. Mostly cuz my brain is shot and I don't feel like looking through Google for more tight-while-still-being-sexay stuff xP Oh, and the links were beneficial to me too. I can reference any of my animals again easily, so it worked out for everyone. You're welcome for including them ^^

IC: Skye just stared. And stared. And stared. What was going on? Turning into animals? She'd never even dreamed about something like that. What was it called again? Shapeshifting. The power to become any animal you wanted to. She was going to have some fun with this...once she got over the fact that she was about to faint.

After seeing some of the others go home, she decided to also. "Bye, guys...I suppose I'll see you tomorrow," she said to the others, and then headed home.

When she walked in the front door, she noticed a note on the phone that said, "Skye: I'll be out late. I left money for pizza on the counter." After that was the number scribbled for Skye's favorite pizza place, the one her boyfriend Ian worked at, and then a hasty "Mom." Not even a "Love, Mom". Skye sighed and picked up the phone, ordering a small pizza because only she would be eating it anyway.

About fifteen minutes later, she was in the bath. Absolute bliss. Or so it was until she remembered the entire mission she had been told she was part of. She stared up at the cieling, her arms draped over the sides of the bathtub. "What am I supposed to do?" she asked herself quietly.

Part of her didn't want to believe what she'd seen. But another part told her that it was real, and she had to face up to the fact. I want to morph into animals... she told herself, but it's going to be so hard.

He'd mentioned a war. She didn't want to be in a war, she wanted everyone to get along. Why fight? It was stupid. But she supposed she had to, seeing as how Yeerks were taking over the human race.

The doorbell rang, and Skye remembered the pizza. She pressed the button on the intercom next to the bathtub and said, "Come on up, Ian."

A tinny-sounding-voice from the other side said, "'Kay, Skye. Be up in a minute."

She wondered how she could possibly keep this secret from him, her love, her only one. When they had shared all their secrets with each other, how could she possibly break their promise that they wouldn't hide anything?

He knocked on the bathroom door. Skye got up, drained the water, and draped a towel around herself, opening the door and walking straight into his arms, his strong, protective arms, where she knew she would never ever be hurt.

And for now, he was all she could think about.

OOC: Too much almost-sexual romance? I wanted the idea that she has this person she can tell everything to, but the one thing that's most important has to stay a secret. And it's so hard because she trusts him so much. So...yeah, just tell me if you want me to tone it down a bit. I was actually going to have him walk straight into the bathroom while she was in the bath but I wasn't sure if there were any content restraints.

EDIT: I always seem to have people posting immediately after or immediately before me ^^;

And also, I won't be able to post too often, but I will try to keep myself updated. Don't worry if you don't hear from me for two days, but also don't post like 11 pages xP

January 25th, 2009, 9:02 AM
waterelemental: Accepted. Now you just need to find a way to include yourself in the next meeting.

Ratiosu: No it's okay. Just try not to get to grphic, or even to sugestive.

True Reign
January 25th, 2009, 10:18 AM
Callandor, this looks really interesting, but my grades are falling and I need to bring them up. I can't keep up with this roleplay because of it. I'll still be around PC, but won't be able to post here because of the paragraph stuff.

January 25th, 2009, 7:29 PM
OOC: I hope it's ok that I had Sam be friends/conversation partners, or whatever you want to call it, with Jacob. If not, let me know and I'll re-work my post.

With her arms folded across her chest, Sam stood on a pile of cement blocks a little apart from the rest of the group in the construction site.
She watched as they talked quietly amongst themselves, waiting for Jacob to show up. She recognized most, if not all, of them from school.
Though she recognized them, she didn't actually know them. The only one that she ever talked with was Jacob; that's the only reason she even bothered coming.
Speaking of Jacob, where was he?
Just as she was about ready to to say 'screw it' to this whole secret meeting thing, she heard a voice. Then a hyena sauntered into the cleared area where the kids waited.
'That's odd. I don't remember hearing anything about an escaped hyena.', she thought as she eyed the animal.
The voice then continued and she realized that it was coming from the hyena.
As she listened, Sam realized that it sounded an awful lot like Jacob. In that same thought she noticed that she wasn't really hearing the voice, it seemed to resonate in her head.
Once she finally came to grips with that bunch of information, Samantha listened intently to what was being said.
Aliens? Morphing into animals? If it wasn't for the fact that a hyena was telling the group this, Sam would have probably scoffed at the story and asked if the story teller had escaped the loony bin or if they had gotten a day pass.
After the meeting, with its stunning conclusion of the hyena actually being Jacob, Sam headed back home.

With both of her parents working the night shift at their respective work places, Sam didn't have to worry about being missed with her getting home late.
She was so deep in thought about the meeting, that she nearly had a heart attack when her cat meowed as the front door opened.
"Holy crap, Shadow! Don't do that!"
The grey cat just looked up at her mistress and meowed again. She then proceeded to purr loudly and do figure-eights around Sam's feet.
"Alright, alright back up and let me close the door.", Sam said with a laugh.
The red-head then made her way to the kitchen; cat in tow.
Suddenly realizing that she felt extremely tired she quickly fed Shadow, and made her way up to her room.
She shucked off her boots, turned out the lights and crawled into bed without changing. As she fell asleep, thoughts of that evening's events still raced through her head.
If all of that was true, which more than likely it was, there was no way Sam was going to stand idly by when something could be done!
'Besides'. she thought now more asleep than awake. ' it'd be freaking awesome to turn in animals!'

January 25th, 2009, 7:59 PM
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January 26th, 2009, 8:33 PM
Name: Raven Age:17 Gender:malePersonality: Raven is a very calm person unless he watches another human be put in pain, then if that happens he goes into a berserk rage and cannot be controlled. But he will never harm another human being unless it is to save another. Appearence: Raven is 6'3" and very muscular. He wears all black all the time, his shirt "Royal Rock". Sorry will finish later PSP will not let me write much lol.

January 27th, 2009, 4:20 AM
Er....I'm really sorry, but I think I'm going to have to drop out....:(

January 27th, 2009, 7:34 AM
"Alright! It looks like I won't be late this time," said Jacob. He was ridding his new bike down the same street he had rode down last night. Aperently his mom has getting him a new bike for his good grades. He also made sure he was looking where he was going. He was also caring very valuble cargo. The Blue Box was in his left pocket. "Hey, Tobais! Can you see the construstion site!" he called. <Why would you ask that, you know I can't see any better then you can.> "Just thought that sence you were higher up then me OW!" Jacob had just ran over a big bump, and was about to complain when Tobais yelled <JACOB! YOU DROPED THE BOX!> Jacob almost fell off his bike with shock. He yelled back, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I DROPED IT!?!" <I MEAN IT FELL OUT OF YOUR POCKET WHEN YOU HIT THAT BUMP! IT'S ABOUT TO DROP INTO THE SEWER!!!> Jacob looked back, and saw that indeed the Blue Box was about to fall into the sewer. He hopped off his bike and ran back to the Box, and just as he got their he managed to grab the Box as it started to fall off. "Whew.....This Blue Box, this Morphing Cube, is whats allowing us to save the world. Jacob looked for his bike and saw it laying in the street. He was going over to pick it up when, out of nowhere, a huge dump truck came speeding down the street and ran over his new bike. He stood their starring at his trashed bike. He started walking to the construction site. "Not only am I going to be late now, but my mom's going to kill me," mumbled Jacob.

By the time Jacob got to the construction site, it was a half-an-hour later then he was last night. He was huffing and puffing form how much walking he had down. At least it was down hill, he thought. Before he stood in front he tried to catch his breath, and regain some of his dignity. When he finaly showed him self he was standing tall and regaly. Almost like a king. He looked everyone over once, then said in a quite, but strong voice, "I see you all are here. Good. You all have choosen the right path. This is not an easy path though. You will face many challenges, many life or death situations. Some of you may even die before this is over. Now lets go arm our selfs." He truned to go and said, "We're going to the Zoo."

By the time they got to the Zoo and snuck in, it was almost ten at night. "I hope none of you will get in any trouble, being out this late." They got to a hallway in the intreior of the Zoo that led to the backs of most of the enclousers. "Now before we go, I want any of you to tell me if you think you are not trustworthy enough to be trusted with the fate of the world. Now before any of you say anything, let me tell you what we do to people who know about us, but cannot be trusted." Jacob paused for dramatic effect. "You will be killed. I will morph Hyena. I will rip out your throt, and your guts. You will be droped in the Hyena pen. When your body is found, they will assume that you were trying to see the animals for free, accedently fell into the Hyena pen, died, and was mostly eaten by the Hyenas." He looked around to see everyones reaction. He was quite pleased with himself. "Now go get your Battle and Bird morphs," He had explained all about battle and bird morphs on the way here. "And meet back here. I'll be waiting."

January 27th, 2009, 8:23 AM
Name: Mion
Age: 14
Gender: male
Personality: Hot headed, Hates losing will do almost anything to get his way.
Apperence: Tall and Thin, Black outfits, Black hair, Gold contacts, Pale skin
Morphing outfit:Biking Suit(Ya know one of those skin tight professional ones)
Preferred Battle Morph: Hyena
Preferred Spy Morph: horsefly
Preferred Bird Morph:Bald Eagle
Preferred Aquatic morph: Shark
Other: Lost his parents to Yeerks.

umm finish?

January 27th, 2009, 10:41 AM
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January 27th, 2009, 11:22 AM
Reina had left for the construction site a little before evening while the sun was just beginning to set. Wanting to be the first one there to scope the situation out.

After all it never payed to be un-prepared.

She climbed up onto one of the old buildings there and looked about. There was no one in sight, so she sat down cross legged to wait.

A few hours later her stomach was growling in hunger as a few others began to show up.

The guy from the other night.....what was his name? Reina was never too good at remembering names showed up well after everyone else.

He held out what looked to her like a completly blue rubix cube.

Reina grabbed onto a pipe beside the building she had climbed earlier and slid down carefully. It was dark now so she had to be more careful.

A few people seemed to jump slightly as she appeared from above.

When Jacob gave the warning once more Reina payed close attention to him, looking for any falseness in his statements. Upon detecting none, she followed his instructions and placed her hand on what he called the 'Morphing Cube' or 'Blue Box'.

She felt a sharp tingel travel from her arm to up and down her spine. It felt strange, not hurting exactly just not plesent either.

She jerked her arm back and wiggled her fingers.

She followed Jacob and the others as they left for the zoo.

Once they arrived Jacob explained what they had to do and that if they betrayed him he would turn into a Hyena and rip them apart.

Reina shuddered at this.

Once everyone left she stayed behind for a moment. "Jacob?" she asked. "I get the feeling this is more dangerous then you're letting on. I'd like to know what dangers all of this."

Reina waved a hand about.

"Could have on the rest of us? Are there any issues that could happed from usinf the cube?" she shoved her hands deep into her pockets.

January 27th, 2009, 12:59 PM
Jacob was really suprised. She's good, he thought. She was able to dected that hadn't told everyone everything. " So you want to know the dangers of using this cube, eh? Come on, walk with me. Maybe we'll find a battle morph you'll like. Well, aside from risking your life pretty much every day in life or death situations, their is one more danger." They walked for a while in silence. All the way he could just feel he presence, just waiting for the awenser. "Well. I wanted to wait for everyone to be here before I told anyone." Acctualy, he just forgot. "But sence you asked their is more than one. The first is the reason I was looking for strong willed people. When you morph, you not only get the body of the animal, but the instinks too. Anyone who is not strong enough, or morphing for their first time could lose control." He didn't want to scare her too much, so he continued, "But it's not too hard to gain back control. All you have to do assert you will even more forcfully over the animalistc instinks." They walked for a bit more. Jacob really didn't want to say this untill they all had no choise, but it didn't seem like she would let him go yet. He should have told her there was only one. "The second is a time limit. Two hours, and you lose everything. The power to morph, your old life. Because you get stuck in morph. Forever."

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January 27th, 2009, 1:08 PM
OOC: Cool. Let's just say the people that dropped out told and them and their families were killed by the Animorphs xP

IC: Skye was at the same spot she had been last night. She figured that as long as she had the chance, she would try and save humanity. After all, she didn't want to be one of the Controllers. She would rather be fighting against them than unwillingly being made into one of them. She'd just have to keep it from Ian.

Her fingers brushed the blue cube, and the morphing power flowed into her. In a way, it felt kind of disturbing, but in another way, it felt perfectly normal, like she was born to do this.

Jacob explained about the battle and bird morphs, and she looked around the zoo. "I think..." she started to say, then finished with, "...I think I'll be able to deal with this. It'll be hard, but as long as I'm protecting Ian, I'll be able to do it."

The others split up, and she did the same. She didn't like being alone in the dark zoo at night. She had an unusual fear of being alone in the dark, mostly because of the fact that she wasn't very strong and she probably couldn't protect herself. But with this new morphing power...the sensation still tingled in her fingers.

Bird morph first. Just in case the battle morph animal tried to attack her, then she could morph the bird and fly away. What bird was fast, strong, and could fly well?

Skye was so excited for this. She'd always loved the sensation of flying, even when it was only in her dreams. The sensation of owning the sky, of swimming except in air, and it was much easier. She couldn't wait to become a bird and actually feel what she had been dreaming.

She was in the bird section now. She looked over the collection. Red-tailed hawks, eagles, peregrine falcons...none of them were right. They didn't have that special something. The peregrine might have been really fast, but she didn't want fast as much as she wanted control. Both would be nice, but she wanted the control more. If she couldn't control her own body, what use would it be?

Finally, she saw exactly what she wanted. Albatross. It could fly almost continuously, shutting down one half of its brain to sleep while the other stayed awake. They made trips around the world all the time, and their feathers were specially designed to be able to withstand water. That way if a storm came, she wouldn't be in trouble. Plus, the sign in front of the cage said, "Caution: Animals may bite." That was always good.

She wondered how she would approach this. The albatrosses were sleeping in their birdhouses, which were a couple feet up on branches. The treehouses overlooked a pond. Overall, the albatross exhibit was rather large. She'd have to be careful.

The door opened easily, and she felt a slight sense of guilt at sneaking into the room. Whenever she came across this exhibit with Ian, she'd feel kind of weird at knowing she'd been inside and had the power to turn into one of the albatrosses in there.

She was climbing now, climbing the steps on the treehouse. The birds still hadn't woken. That was good. When she finally popped her head over the side, she could see the sleeping white form inside. It surprised her how it wasn't awake yet, even though she was a clumsy human and had to be pretty loud. Oh well. She slowly stuck her hand inside and touched the soft feathers of the female albatross. It didn't wake up.

Time for the next step. Just as she'd been told, she concentrated on the bird and formed a mental image of it in her mind. Just like when she'd touched the cube, she felt a tingling sensation go all the way up into her arm and through her whole chest. The bird was part of her now. She could turn into it at any time she wanted. To herself, she whispered, "Well, that was pretty easy. If it's going to be like that all the time, I could absorb the DNA of Noah's Ark."

The albatross woke up.

"Figures," Skye said before dropping out of the tree and landing on the ground a few feet below (painfully, mind you). It started squawking angrily, so she ran out of the exhibit and closed the door behind her, happy she'd survived her first acquirement (is that the word...?).

Okay. Time for the battle morph. She'd already chosen. She remembered how whenever she and Ian came here, they'd both marveled for at least ten minutes how amazing this particular animal was.

She headed towards the cage of the Siberian tiger.

When she reached it and looked inside, she could see it sleeping across the ways. It was so beautiful, like every time she saw it. Before she could change her mind, she was inside the exhibit and walking slowly toward the tiger. As if she had no fear at all. But of course, she did. She was just on temporary euphoria.

Before long she was within ten feet of it. It woke up, naturally.

She remembered reading somewhere that tigers could smell fear, like dogs. If you were afraid, they'd eat you. Simple as that. Or at least attack you.

"Uhm...please don't eat me," she said, soft as she could. Maybe her voice would calm it down. "Listen," she continued, walking forward a tiny bit with each second that passed. "I'm trying to save humanity, and I kind of need your power for that. I promise I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to acquire you and then I'll be done. Promise."

The tiger just kept watching her. Skye noticed a cub next to it, not a tiny one you could fit in the palm of your hand, but not a gigantic one either. More like a teenage cub. Pretty big, probably bigger than a human if they stood up, but not a full-blown roaring alpha male tiger. Perfect. But then there was the problem of overprotective mothers and the fact that she might eat Skye if she tried to touch her baby.

Skye Allegheri: Tiger Whisperer, she told herself.

"Can I touch your cub? Please?" Skye knelt down next to the cub and reached out a hand, petting first the tiger and then slowly doing the same to the cub.

This was seriously weird. It should have attacked her by now.

But it was giving her such a sad look with its eyes. Like it was saying, Go ahead, acquire my baby. If it will save us all. Please help save Earth.

Skye could feel tears on her face. It was just so emotional. Earth could be destroyed if they didn't do a good job, and she had an otherworldly sense that this mother tiger wanted her to take her cub's DNA and save the planet for everyone. So she did. She touched the sleeping baby - male, she discovered - and acquired its DNA.

Then she backed away. "Thank you," she whispered, and closed the door to the cage.

She ran back to Jacob. Ran all the way.

"I'm done," she said, out of breath. She hoped he wouldn't notice the light eyeliner trails down her face.

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January 27th, 2009, 1:27 PM
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Reina slowed her pace behind Jacob, and listened to his words intently.

Strong willed.....She figured she could handle that. When she and her brothers got into fights despite her much smaller size she faired ok. This couldn't possibly be more difficult.

Her eyes widened at his next words.

"Trapped...." she almost choked on her own words. Unable to take a human form again, to be stuck living in a body not your own. "I'll just have to make sure I don't go over two hours then."

Reina walked ahead slightly. "All of this sounds dangerous and I think I understand a bit better. Part of me is telling me to run screaming all the way home."

She paused.

"Yet another part is saying this could be your chance to become part of something amazing. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm ready to kick some alien butt." she poked her tongue out and laughed.

"So fearless leader, where can I find the lions?" she suddenly grinned, feeling an excitement she hadn't felt in a long time....maybe ever.

January 27th, 2009, 1:41 PM
Ic: Fearless Leader. thought Jacob. Not the feeling I thought I'd get being called that. Just then a girl named Skye came running up to them, saying she was done. "Well that was fast. I guess you could stay here with me. Or you could go find some one else and see if they need help." He thought about that for a second. "No, never mind. Stay with me." He looked back at Reina and rembered that she had asked him a question. "Oh right, the Lions. Um.....Skye, did you pass by the Lions?" he asked. "Oh and what animals did you aquire?"

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January 27th, 2009, 5:02 PM
OOC: I just put a lot of thoughts in my posts. I elaborate a bit too much. But that's good, I suppose. Anywho...

IC: Skye wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand, knowing the eyeliner would come off with it. She didn't much care how weird she looked right now. She figured the pressure kinda did stuff to her and made her all emotional like this.

"I acquired an albatross and a tiger." She took in a shaky breath.

"This is harder than I thought."

She imagined her Ian neko-kun at home, and just wished she were back with him. If she was this way all the time, she wasn't sure if she could hold out.

"Sorry, I'm just really scared."

Yamagi Sosuke
January 28th, 2009, 2:18 PM
a little intimidated by what jacob said suzaku stared at him,after him finish talking to them he headed inside the zoo "hmp he talks alot but the way he said it "I will morph Hyena. I will rip out your throat, and your guts. You will be droped in the Hyena pen. When your body is found, they will assume that you were trying to see the animals for free, accidentally fell into the Hyena pen, died, and was mostly eaten by the Hyenas." It defintely felt like he wasnt lieing mayb all this i real i better arm myself with some really strong animals Hmmm..."Suzaku thought to himself trying to think of a great and powerful animal."I got it"he said snaping his fingers.He headed to a cage trimmbling "men i hope this animal dont kill me" Suzaku said going inside the cage than he saw it "Ok mister lion its just me and you....:suzaku reached out and touched it he felt somthing weird entering his body than somthing begin to happen he could hear his bones cruching and changing."Woah that was weird wonder what that was about"Suzkau said than he notice he sense of smell and hearing increase alot he could smell better.He could hear the others more clearly than ever before even though some of them was very far away from him.He than notice he was on four legs "iam i a lion"suzaku thought"Than he was telling the truth"Suzaku said as he walked out the cage to find his bird morph"i wonder what i want it to be i think ill be a Peregrine Falcon there pretty good now where can i find them"suzaku said still in a lions form when he finally reached the cage and saw it he had a strong urge to attack "Hmmm...that looks tasty "Suzkau said as he began to pounce than"hold on what iam I doing come on get it together you can do this change back change back"Suzaku thought as his bones crunched and he changed back into a his normal sel "wow what was that must of been the animal urge gotta learn to gain contol of that" He said ok he touched the falcon and gathered his DNA he bone crunched and he begin to shrink and his hands changed to wings.He could see miles ahead"Woah now lets see what these wings of mind can do"Suzaku thought as he begin to flap his wings after a few flaps he begin to fly in the air he spoted jacob from the air he landed on a tree in the zoo"Okay i think i should change back now"Suzaku said as he begin to change back forgetting his in a tree he than fell out the tree and hit the ground"awww that hurt"than out of no where he heard jacob said This Controller has reinforcments comming. Lets get out of here Controller oh yea there the bad guys.controllers aww man" he got up and ran behind him than out of nowhere he notice they was surrounded"Oh crap"suzkau said than he saw one step forward and say "Good day, Andalits. I am Sub-Visser 77. And it looks like you lose." What now jacob

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January 28th, 2009, 6:05 PM
When Jacob arrived at the construction site, Sam leapt down from her perch on the cement blocks and walked over to where the other were.
Held in Jacob's out-stretched hands was an entirely blue cube.
"Looks kinda like something from Star Trek.", Sam muttered nervously.
When it was her turn, Sam gingerly placed her hand on the cube's smooth surface. In doing so, she was met with a slight jolt. It kind of reminded her of static electricity, except that this feeling went up her arm, down her spine, then clear to her toes. She then pulled her hand away and instinctively flexed her fingers.
After everyone had touched the Blue Box, Jacob announced that they'd be taking a field trip to the zoo to "acquire" some morphs.

Once the party let themselves into the zoo, Jacob warned them about what would happen if any of them were to prove themselves untrustworthy.
Sam smiled in what may have looked like amusement, then nodded her approval and understanding. In a situation like the one that she had just gotten herself into, they couldn't afford to allow someone like that to continue to breath. This was too important.
Samantha then walked quietly down the corridor thinking about what would best fit the bill for a 'battle morph' and a 'bird morph'.
As she walked along, Sam looked up at the the signs on the paddocks as she passed them.
Bobcat, Puma, Tiger-Siberian, Tiger-Bengal, Lion, Panther-Black, and so-on.
Apparently this was the Big Cat area of the zoo.
Sam passed all of them to stop before the door to the Black Panther's enclosure. She'd always liked the sleek black feline, admiring its combined grace and ferocity.
"You'll make the perfect battle morph.", she whispered to the door.
With a deep breath she eased the metal door open. As soon as she did so she was met by a pair of golden eyes. The panther was lying not three feet from the door watching her with curious eyes.
The panther's expression seemed to say: 'Why are you here? It's sleeping time for humans.'
Sam was slightly startled the big cat was so close to the door, but took another breath and carefully shut it.
"Hello, pretty girl.", Sam said softly as she slowly approached the panther.
The cat's only reaction was to flick her tail lazily and proceed to lick one of her front paws.
Slowly continuing her approach, Sam continued to speak soothingly to the black panther. Once she was close enough to touch her - close enough for the panther to touch back! - Sam looked to the cat's head.
"Can I pet you? This will only take a moment. Well I think so anyways."
The panther looked over to her for a moment then went back to cleaning her paws.
Then, very carefully Sam extended her hand to touch the panther's silky coat.
"Nice kitty.", she whispered.
Once that was done she quickly concentrated on the animal before her. Which wasn't hard, given that she was right there in front of her. All of a sudden, Sam felt that weird feeling that she had felt when she touched the Blue Box. In some part of her mind, Sam also noticed that the panther seemed to have gone into a trance-like state.
The deed done, Sam thanked the panther for her cooperation and backed slowly out of the enclosure.

Once she was out and the door closed, she let out a breath that she felt she had been holding since entering the cage.
"Holy crap!", she said with a mixture of relief and excitement.
After a moment, she shook her head, as if to clear it, and stared down the hall again.
Before long she arrived at the avian wing of the zoo. This time she knew what she wanted and headed straight for the cage that held a pair of Golden Eagles. Both of the large birds were asleep, their heads tucked under their golden-brown wings. Sam watched them both for a moment more to be certain that they were in slumber land, then carefully undid the latch, and carefully opened the door.
To her dismay, the metallic gate screeched horribly. This caused both birds to wake up. They quickly pulled their heads out from under their wings and looked around. Their eyes blinked rapidly in a confused, half-asleep manner.
Thinking to acquire one of them before them came entirely out of their confusion, Sam reached for the nearest bird. And promptly received and shark peck on the hand!
Hissing in surprise and pain Sam quickly pulled her hand out of the bird's reach.
"Ouch, you butthead! That hurt!", she told the bird as she analyzed the wound. It was just a scratch, and she knew she was lucky getting just that, but boy did it hurt!
The eagle squawked indignantly and ruffled his feathers. He looked like he was preparing to go back to sleep.
Once his head was once more beneath his wing, Sam quickly snaked her hand in to touch the golden-brown feathers. After a moment she had the Golden Eagle added to her arsenal.
Having completed her assigned tasking, Sam began to make her way back to the others.

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January 28th, 2009, 9:46 PM
From where i left off Appearence: He wears these almost skin tight black jeans and a pair of dogtags.And he has shoulder length hair that is pitch black. Morphing Suit: Exactly what he wears most of the time except his pants are tighter and silky. Prefered Battle Morph: Timber Wolf(Black) Prefered Spy Morph: Monarch Butterfly Prefered Bird Morph: Peregine Falcon Prefered Aquatic Morph: Indo-Pacific Sailfish Other: None

January 29th, 2009, 8:29 AM
You didn't finish Raven. You skiped over personality, and your apperence is a little short. Never mind, didn't read the first post. Anyway, you are Accepcted

Yamagi: sounds like you are behind a little. We still need you to post the second mission, then we can go on. You have to post the night of the second mission, because I have something planned for after we are all done.

January 29th, 2009, 8:22 PM
Reina finally waved at Jacob. "You know what I'll find them on my own. Might be fun." she grinned.

"If I don't get mauled to death in the process...." she mumbled in a low voice.

Reina took off, sneaking carefully into the handler areas behind the exhibits.

It was quiet as she walked down the long hallways.

She finally came to a door. "Northern Harrier...." she read.

"This must be the bird exhibits."

Reina then wondered around looking from door to door. "There are so many, I don't know which to choose."

Finally she arrived at a door that listed, 'Black Kite'.

"I think these are supposed to be one of the smaller birds of prey, but are still pretty agile and a common site."

Reina grabbed the handle and pushed lightly.

Just then she heard voices headed her way, the night sucurity probably.

She rushed in and quitely shut the door behind her. Her heart was hammering loudly in her chest as she pressed her ear to the door.

"I dunno Mac. Why would there be kids here at this time of night?"

"I swear I saw them. I know I caught a glimpse of a girl climbing into the area with the tigers, and some other chick rushing around the corner."

"Have you been drinking on the job again?" the first voice laughed. "What sane person would climb in with a tiger?"

Reina sighed as their voices passed by. She'd have to be more careful.

She turned then at the sound of an alarmed chirp.

There sitting on a branch of one of the trees in the exhibit was a female Black Kite staring at her. Apparently her abrupt arrival had woken the bird. It looked at her curiously.

Perhaps she expected Reina to feed her. Probably thinking no human would come in here otherwise.

"It's ok little girl. I won't hurt you, I promise." She stood on her tip toes, streatching out her hand towards the bird. "I just need to borrow your dna ok?"

The bird nipped her hand and a line of blood appeared.

"That was a little uncalled for don't ya think?" Reina winced. She then reached forward quickly making the bird chirp in surprise as she grabbed ahold of her foot.

She remembered quickly what Jacob had told them. Consintrate and acquire......

She focused on the bird and felt her go still. Her dna was now a part of Reina.

Reina slowly backed away. The bird was still calm and her eyes glazed.

The trance had apparently not broken yet.

"Thanks for the loan." Reina grinned and quitely slipped out. "Where to next?"

She wondered down a hallway to the left.

It took some time, maybe a few hours but Reina finally came across the big cat area.

There were all sorts of warnings posted, mainly for the handlers. Reina gulped at some of them. How could she possibly acquire something that could rip her limb from limb without breaking a sweat?

Reina glanced at a door that said Tigers. 'Too clishe.' she thought.

She wondered down a few more doors, til she came across the lion pen.

She giggled as thoughts of the Lion King movie came to mind.

Reina opened the door and immediately saw another door leading into an outdoor area. "Now or never." she shivered lightly, and felt her stomach turn.

Opening the door, all the while keeping her fingers crossed Reina was greated with the sight of......nothing.

"Huh?" she glanced around and walked in several feet. Where are the...."

Something growled lightly behind her.

Reina felt her blood freeze.

"Nice kitty....." she turned slowly.

The lioness behind her licked her chops.

"There now, that's a nice girl. My aren't you pretty. You don't want to eat me right?"

The lioness snorted, as if to say 'Yea right.'

Reina reached into her pocket and felt around. Lint....a pencil, a piece of gum, nail file, and her wallet.

Nothing of any use there.

Holding her breath and hoping on pure dumb luck Reina kneeled and held out her hand.

The lioness crept forward slowly until her nose touched Reina's outstreatched hand. She inhailed deepley, taking in the strange humans scent.

Reina consentrated, she didn't think she had ever more so in her life then right now. Not even during that last math test, the one she somehow managed to pass with a c-.

She felt the lioness's dna flow into her and stood slowly, hoping to get away before the trance broke.

It was then as she stood Reina realized why she had seen none of the big cats as she entered.

She gazed upward.

There were five sets of eyes on her.

Reina yelped and ran for the door, just as something heavy landed behind her.

'Please don't let me die. Not yet...." Reina reached out her hand.

Just a little further.....

She felt something slam into her and send her flying forward and out of the door.

Reina kicked the door shut just as the male lion was charging her.

The door shuddered, but held.

"Did you hear that?" a voice asked from outside.

"It sounded like it came from the lion area."

There were footsteps quickly headed in her direction.

'Now or never....' she thought.

Reina focused on the black kite that was now a part of her. The first thing she felt was a shrinking sinsation, then an ittchyness as feathers took shape over her skin.

'My clothes.' she thought quickly.

Spying a garbage bin, she dumped the clothes in while she was still changing.

The door slammed oped when she was over halfway changed.

Both set's of eyes opened in shock.

"Andalite!" the first guy cried.

"What?" the second asked.

Reina took off running between both of their feet as she struggled at get herself into the air.

'Flee, eat, escape the enemy!' her mind screamed at her.

"Get back here, filthy Andalite!" the first guy was chasing her and aiming what looked like some sort of ray gun.

<Jacob, help me!> Reina screamed in her mind as she flew through the corridors trying to find a way out. <If you can hear me I'm being chased by the bad guys!>

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January 30th, 2009, 6:59 AM
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January 30th, 2009, 7:08 AM
Ooc: Everyone who I sent PM's to, just disreguard them.

A little while after Reina had left to find her morphs, everyone else had already returned. He looked down at his watch. It was getting pretty late. If she didn't get back soon, <Jacob, help me! If you can hear me I'm being chased by the bad guys!> "Everyone, Battle morphs! NOW! Reina's in trouble!" He didn't look back to see if the others started morphing. Almost imediatly his knees turned around, and he fell on all fours. His hair shortened, changed color and spread all over his body. He felt an iching in his mouth as his old teeth and jaws changed into the powerful mouth of the Spotted Hyena. By the time he was done, a bird flew past them. <Reina, if that's you, hide somewhere and get in your battle morph!> Just then a person came around the corner and saw them all. "Andalite's!" the guy sneered. <Yeerk!> Jacob yelled with all the rage and hatered he could muster, and leaped at the guy. The Controler was able to get his Darcon Beam up and shot it. The beam grazed Jacob's flank which caused him to spasem in pain, mid leap. Instead of biting the guy after landing on him, Jacob just plowed in to the Controller, knocking him down. "Get off of me Andalite filth!" the Controller yelled. As Jacob got to his own feet, he heard the sounds of people coming towards them. <This Controller has reinforcments comming. Lets get out of here,> Jacob said. He turned around and ran for the exit, with everyone following him. As soon as they got out side, they found them selfs surounded by nearly twenty Hork-Bajir. One steped forward, and said, "Good day, Andalits. I am Sub-Visser 77. And it looks like you lose."

January 30th, 2009, 7:39 AM
Reina adjusted the angel of her wings and shot down one corridor, the controller right behind her.

'What'll I do?' she wondered.

Just then she heard another voice in her head.

<Reina, if that's you, hide somewhere and get in your battle morph!>

<Roger. On it.> she replied. "And Jacob, sorry. This is my fault. I shouldn't have been so careless.>

Up ahead Reina noted was an air vent leading out.

<Time for a little upward mobility.> She shot straight up. One thing she had to say for the little kite, agility was it's virtue.

Once she was clear, another problem entered her mind.

Her clothes..... her ID was still in her pants pocket.

She flew high into the sky just as she heard an arrogent voice.

"Good day, Andalits. I am Sub-Visser 77. And it looks like you lose."

<Not quite.> Reina took aim and dived down, her claws aimed at the man's head.


February 2nd, 2009, 11:16 AM
Oh Crap! This is not good! I can't belive I've already killed us! Jacob thought. Jacob was trying to formulate a plan, but was frozen in fear, and worse yet, that Suzaku kid was caught in human form. Just then he heard a "Teeee!" coming from above. He looked up and saw a small Bird of Pray raking it's talons across the Sub-Visser's face. The man screamed and fell back holding his face. Jacob could see blood leaking from beneth the hands. That snapped Jacob out of it. "Kill them!" the Sub-Visser screamed, "Kill them or I'll send you all to Visser 3!" Jacob decided it was time for action. <Everyone....ATTACK!!!> < Suzaku!> he barked, <Hide somewhere and get in battle morph NOW!!!! I'll take care of the Sub-Visser.> He ran over to try and take a bite out of the retreating Yeerk, untill a large Hork-Bajir steped in his way. <Out of my way Yeerk,> he said and choped down on the Hark-Bajir's leg, crushing the bone instantly. The Hork-Bajir fell to the ground cradeling the destoryed leg. Jacob caught sight of the Sub-Visser stumbling blindly back to a Bug Fighter, a Yeerk two maned fighter ship that looks like a cockroach without legs, still holding his bleeding face. Jacob ran and finaly caught up to Sub-Visser 77. He jumped on top of the Sub-Visser's back, knocking him to the ground, and took a bite out of back of his neck killing him instantly. Jacob looked back and saw that the battle wasn't going very well. Darn it! Where are they? Just then Jacob heard a rumbuling off in the distance.

Ooc: In order to progress beyond this battle, we'll have to wait for waterelemental to post, because he is part of a polt twist. But we'll have to wait four days till firday. In the meantime, I would like people to post about the battle.

Yamagi Sosuke
February 2nd, 2009, 1:07 PM
Suzaku standing there waiting for a reaction from jacob than out of nowhere a bird of pray came attack Sub-Visser. "Suzaku! Jacob barked, ide somewhere and get in battle morph NOW!!!! I'll take care of the Sub-Visser".Turning around looking for somewhere to hide,Than seeing a tree he ran and jumped behing the his bones begin to change and crunch. He than walked out as the lion he attained."Okay lets see what i can do with this big cat come on lets do this" Suzaku said as he jumped on a Yeerks scrathing his back the yeerk fell he immediatley jumped to the next one Biting his throat and keeping a grip until he hears the bones crunching "Oh yeah men this is fun" Suzaku said as he saw a yeerk sneaking up on one of the others he runs immedatley towards he than jumps on the yeerk scrathing his face leaveing the the claw marks on his face"Okay yous next" suzaku said fighting more

February 2nd, 2009, 4:45 PM
OOC: Call me a perfectionist, but we don't seem to be doing much about the instincts of an animal once we morph it. Remember that this is our first real time morphing (except for Jacob) and we shouldn't have any ability to control our animals. Just saying, though. Don't shoot me plz.

IC: Skye ducked behind the bridge when she heard someone coming. Her ears pricked up a bit as she listened, something she'd been able to do for a long time. Her senses were a bit heightened from what she would call 'normal'. But mostly that was from having to listen for her parents to come home so Ian could get out of the house as soon as possible. She always went out at night so her eyes could see a bit easier than if she went out in the day. Good thing it was night, she thought, or she'd be stumbling around with no idea where to go.

"Everyone, Battle morphs! NOW! Reina's in trouble!" Jacob's voice rang clearly through the night, and he ran off. Just great, Skye said to herself, I have no clue how to battle in the tiger body and here comes my first one. Without any direction.

"Andalites!" someone else sneered.

Andalites? What the heck...oh yeah... she remembered Jacob telling her about the blue, centaur-like aliens that were here on Earth even now. They'd given the original Animorphs the power to morph, and they were trying to organize some kind of movement to destroy the Yeerks. But the home world was so far away...and the Andalites didn't really believe in helping humans. They'd do anything to kill the Yeerks.

<Yeerk!> Jacob's voice once again cut through the night, but this time it was telepathy. It wasn't sound. She assumed that's how they would communicate in their animal forms.

A laser shot through the air and stopped Jacob from completing the attack he'd started. Skye's heart started pounding. Great, they had to have lasers. They weren't little green men but of course they had lasers. She started the morph - whether she liked it or not she'd have to fight.

"Get off of me Andalite filth!" the Controller yelled.

<This Controller has reinforcments comming. Lets get out of here.> Jacob started towards the exit, and the others, who had already went into their animal morphs, followed. But once they were outside, once Skye was almost finished morphing, a voice said, "Good day, Andalites. I am Sub-Visser 77. And it looks like you lose."

Well, at least they think we're Andalites, Skye said to herself, even as she could feel herself changing. Fur was sprouting in patches along her skin, and her ears were moving up towards her head. There were a lot more weird changes but she didn't focus on them. No one had seen her, so she leapt out of the space beneath the bridge and stalked silently through the trees surrounding the outside of the zoo.

Twenty reptilian things were standing around. They were bladed on their knees, elbows, heads, and their teeth were razor-sharp. They spoke in a strange dialect of English, mixing their alien language with English, but you could tell they didn't come from anywhere in this world.

What happened next was too confusing for Skye to even follow. A bird - she assumed it was Reina, since everyone else was in their battle morphs - swooped down and tore at a dinosaur guy's face.

What was their name again? Oh yeah. Jacob had called them Hork-Bajir. A weird name, but they were a weird species. Jacob said they were originally vegetarians, but the Yeerks had seen their bark-cutting blades and taken over their entire planet. There were a few in freedom on Earth, but that was all. The blades were sharp enough to slice almost anything, so she'd have to be really careful.

Once a couple were down and she found an open spot, she leapt into action. The tiger's instincts had lain dormant until now, but once she was angry, a fury raged inside of her. She wasn't a full-grown tiger, but she didn't need to be to take care of the Hork-Bajir. Her claws and teeth worked just fine, and within seconds three of them lay dead.

They'd won their first battle. Jacob had destoyed the one called Sub-Visser 77, and the Hork-Bajir were all fallen. If they weren't dead now, they soon would be. Blood covered Skye's face, and she wasn't sure whose it was - hers or theirs. She hadn't paid attention - she'd just given in to the blind rage inside of her and let it guide her. It seemed like she'd just lashed out and now they were dead.

If this was how her battles were going to be, she could handle it.

Sure, she hurt, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Her tiger body was breathing hard, and she still wanted something to kill. But she reminded herself that the other animals were her friends, and that staved her anger off long enough for her to regain control.

That's when she noticed the spaceship.

<Great,> she said, half to herself, half to everyone else. <Now what?> She saw Reina circling above her, wondering what to do. <Reina!> She looked straight up into the sky, imagining her cute tiger face and how opposite her battling skills were from her looks. <Reina! Do you know what that thing is? And...you should probably hide. We all should. If they find us in animal morph, they'll kill us. Come on.> She nodded her head, motioning for Reina to come with her so they could hide.

Seconds later, her lithe tiger agility had her hidden safely in a thick grove of trees. In the nighttime, no one would ever be able to distinguish her stripes and almost silent breathing from the rest of the trees - she hoped.

She watched Jacob and the spaceship through her hiding spot.

OOC: Eh...wanted to hide. Being shot dead might ruin my whole week. Y'know? xP

February 3rd, 2009, 8:01 AM
Glancing straight up Reina saw the humongus ship above her. <That thing is huge.> she stared in awe, after Skye had pointed it out.

<Reina! Do you know what that thing is? And...you should probably hide. We all should. If they find us in animal morph, they'll kill us. Come on.>

<Hiding will only buy us so much time.> she answered. <You're right though. This is scary, and we could all really die.>

She paused as she swoped to attack another Hork-Bajir, who howled in pain and attempted to shoot her.

<Where will running away really get us in the end though? For me....I choose to fight!>

She kept attacking til a thought occured....her wallet. While everything was in chaos was the perfect time to retrieve it. If they found out who she really was her whole family could be in danger.

<I'll be back in a bit....I have something I need to take care of.>

With that she turned from the battle and flew in the opposite direction.

February 3rd, 2009, 11:15 AM
The battle was almost over. All but two of the Hork-Bajir were dead. Jacob was also hearing most of the conversation between Reina and Skye. It kept skipping in and out, like they were trying to be privit, but sort of failing. Then he heard something about a gaint ship. He looked up trying to get a view of it. When he saw it he was filled with horror. <IT'S THE BLADE SHIP!!!!!> Jacob screamed in thought. <What is Visser Three doing here!?!> He looked around trying to find everyone. He saw Suzaku in morph, blood driping from his jaws. He saw Reina swooping down on a Hork-Bajir, raking her talons through it's eyes. He couldn't see Skye anywhere, but remebered hearing something about hiding. When he looked back to the Blade Ship, he noticed it had landed. A door opened up and out poured a lot a dang Hork-Bajir. Jacob didn't count, but estimated around a number close to 40. Their were also nearly 20 Taxxons, and about 10 human controlers. The last thing out of the Blade Ship was.....Visser Three. The only Yeerk to have enslaved an Andalite. The only Yeerk to be able to morph.

<Visser Three,> Jacob hissed in thought speak.

<It seems I have finaly caught the Andalite Bandaits> said Visser 3. You could just hear the pure evil in his voice. <I'll be sure to give you all very high ranking Yeerks. Now GET THEM!!!>

February 3rd, 2009, 11:48 AM
<It seems I have finaly caught the Andalite Bandaits I'll be sure to give you all very high ranking Yeerks. Now GET THEM!!!>

Reina almost shuddered as she heard that voice, the voice seemed to fill her with dread and an almost utter hopelessness.

<I've got an idea Jacob. I'll be right back.>

Reina flew straight back down the air vent she had shot out of earlier. Just as she was diving in she felt something clip her wing, and an immense pain.

<Ahhhhhh!> she fell down the shaft, along with her severed wing.

"Gah! Andalite bandit I got!" the voice of a Hork-Bajir yelled in triumph.

Reina didn't realize what had happened at first through the dizzyness that was taking over the bird's brain. Part of her however realized with complete horror the kite was dying. Would she die too?

<Ahhh! It hurts!>

"Get in there and get it you fool!" another voice yelled from above.

February 6th, 2009, 6:23 AM
<Reina!> Skye called, unsure of what was happening to her friend. It was true that running away wouldn't get them anywhere, but she wasn't ready to fight yet. She'd have to train. She didn't know this tiger's body as well as she would like to.

<What should I do...? What am I supposed to do?> she asked herself in panic.

She couldn't fit down the air shaft and Reina was down there, being hurt. So she focused on the humans and Taxxons and waited for Jacob's command to either fight or let it go.

<Reina, hang on! We'll be right there!> Then she contacted Jacob.

<Jacob! Reina's either hurt or captured! What are we supposed to do?>

February 6th, 2009, 7:26 AM
<Jacob! Reina's either hurt or captured! What are we supposed to do?> said Skye. What can we do? Jacob thought. Were out numbered, out guned. <We don't stand a chance> Jacob accedently said in thought speak. He didn't relize it though. He was too concerned with the fact that he had basicly killed everyone here. <That's right Andalites. You don't stand a chance. Now give up, and come with us quitely> said Visser Three. Two Hork-Bajir walked toward him and picked him up. He then rembered when Jake had told him he was to go somewhere where the Yeerk pressence was less promenent and create a new band of Animorphs that would eventually join with the originals. He had been so excited at the time. Now he relized what a mistake it was. He wasn't leader matieral. He was a soldier. Then he rembered what Jake said just before he left. You will have to make some very hard dessions. Some may even lead to the death of some of your teammates. But what ever you do, NEVER give up. Fight to the very end. <He's right. Never give up. That is the way of the Free!> said Jacob, for all to hear. Suddenly, Jacob jerked violently, lossening the Hork-Bajir's grip on him. He choped down on one Hork-Bajir's arm, and riped it off. When he was droped, he then went and riped a hole in the other one's gut. <Skye! Find Reina, and make sure she is okay. After you do that, get her to a location where she can demorph and remorph to battle morph and both of you join us. Suzaku, Sam. The three of us going to fight untill our reinforcements arrive. And I'm not talking about Skye and Reina> If Jacob wasn't in morph he would have smiled. <NEVER SURENDER!>

February 6th, 2009, 1:13 PM
Brian headed for the mob at full speed in Rhino morph. Am I too late or is the party just getting started. He knew he could not take them all on but he could give the others a fighting chance. He told himself he would risk it all to save the new animorphs and he couldn't let Jacob down. The one who was there when hismother died. I won't let anybody die while im around! Brian slammed into 6 Hork-Bajir toppling to the ground. He got up relizing they would not give him much time to recover he looked at the others still fighting to stay alive. Jacob are you all right we need to get the others to safety! Before he could finish a Taxxon lunged from behind,Brian quickly doged and flung his head straight into to the Taxxon gutting him like a fish. Its your call Jacob do you think we can go on I fear for the others lives. NO Response, He knew Jacob must have had to many thigs on his mind but he needed to make a choice. Brian did love the feel of battle but if he died he would be proud to die in battle but he did not want anyone close to him to fall it was a major flaw of his. He Screamed Again "WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!" as he slamed into another three Hork-Bajir. The fight had not gone on for long but it felt like hours Finally Jacob said I have a plan.

February 6th, 2009, 2:32 PM
Skye nodded and leapt out of her hiding spot towards the inside building of the zoo. She was racing down the hall, looking around for Reina, when finally she saw about four or five Hork-Bajir holding her in their claws.

"Garfnish Visser will be happy when he sees sesknit," one growled in some weird mix of their own language and English.

Good. Surprise attack. The pads in her feet enabled her to sneak up quietly on them, and when one turned around and yelled, "Frescut! Andalite!" she lunged and took him down.

The same old rage returned as she tore into them, making sure not to hurt Reina. It wasn't long before all five were dead and she was standing over Reina.

<Can you hear me? Reina? Hello?> she asked frantically, hoping the small kite was okay.

OOC: Yayyyyy for making up gibberish Hork-Bajir words I've never heard before.

sdsfsfsfsfsfsf i'm awesome

February 6th, 2009, 6:08 PM
<Yea....I'm ok....somehow>

She quickly began demorphing, the pain leaving quickly as human flesh replaced feathers.

Soon only the large head of the bird remained. She quickly de-morphed that as well.

She glanced over to the tiger, who was eye balling her. "Just don't eat me ok? I'm sure I wouldn't make a good meal."

Reina suddenly re-coiled. "Who knew this would make me tired."

There was no time to sleep though. Reina knew this as she watched the giant cat flexing it's claws.

She immediately began morphing the lioness she had acquired earlier. The first change happing being a long tail, that sorta squirted from her butt, then the fur appeared over her skin in tan waves.

All of this while she still had a human like form.

"I'm not sure what the lioness will do. Skye, you should head back up and help the others. The last thing we need is two large cats fighting."

She continued morphing.

February 6th, 2009, 9:43 PM
Sam had only just gotten back to the pre-determined meeting place when it hit the fan.
Suddenly, Jacob was shoutting for everyone to get into their battle morphs. After a moment's shock, Sam focused on the black panther that she had aquired not long ago.
Taking a deep breath she pictured the large, black cat in her mind. As she concentrated, the transformation began.
The first thing to change was her eyes. They went from being emerald green to the golden color of the panther. Next was the fur, it sprouted from her pale skin like some demented grass.
As all this happened she was slightly alarmed and expected it to hurt, but it didn't, not even when bones and tendons popped and re-formed to transform into the panther.
With some more disgusting sounding popping, and the forming of a few more vertabrae, the panther's tail grew from her feline butt.
Seconds later, she was bombarded by what she surmised was the instincts of the black panther.
Defend the terriotory! Run off the inturders!
She ran towards the nearest enemies: a hyena and a young tiger. The panther curled her lips into a feral snarl and bolted after the interlopers. Just as she was about to leap on the hyena, Sam remembered that she wasn't a panther, but a human. After a moment of struggle, Sam managed to suppress those rather strong instincts.
'I could have killed Jacob!', she thought with a mental jerk. She shook her head and quickly turned to the dilemma at hand.

Suddenly they found themselves surrounded by a bunch odd creatures that, from the description given earlier, Sam concluded were Hork-Bajir.
After the lead bad-guy made himself known, the fighting broke out.
The Hork-Bajir nearest Sam lept at her slashing with its wrist blades. Being that she wasn't familiar with the balck panther's body yet, the blade made contact. It only grazed her left shoulder, but still hit. The bladed creature had a pleased grin on its ugly face.
Sam roared out in surprise and pain, and wheeled on the creature.
With her fangs beared she lept and drug a taloned paw across the Hork-Bajir's scaley face. It died so quickly that the grin stayed on its face even as it hit the ground.
Before long they managed to take out the offending force.
As if the fighting of aliens and morphing hadn't been enough to convince any of them that this was real, a spaceship appeared.
Sam stared at it as she limped up to stand beside Jacob and Suzaku.
The thing looked for all the world like a giant medieval, double-bladed axe.
As it neared, Sam could practically feel the evil eminating from it. She flexed her claws nervously.
Once the ship landed the reason for her un-ease became apparent:
<Visser Three.> Jacob hissed.
After his entourage exited the ship the Visser himself stepped out.
All of Sam's instincts, both hers and the panther's, told her to run and hide. Despite this though, she was frozen in place.
Even when the two of the Visser's Hork-Bajir came and picked Jacob up, Sam could not make her body move. She watched helplessly as they carried him towards the Abomination.
<Skye! Find Reina, and make sure she is okay. After you do that, get her to a location where she can demorph and remorph to battle morph and both of you join us. Suzaku, Sam. The three of us going to fight untill our reinforcements arrive. And I'm not talking about Skye and Reina> , Jacob ordered. But Sam didn't reall register any of that.
<NEVER SURENDER!>,came Jacob's sudden battle cry.
Hearing this, however, joltted Sam into action, she roared loudly in accord and charged the nearest Taxxon. The giant centipede like creature shrieked as Sam raked her claws across its bloated body. Driven mad by the sight and smell of the gore, the other Taxxons rushed to feed on the still living flesh of their fellow.
In order to avoid becoming part of that feast, Sam had to rely on the panther's natural agility to leap out of the way.
In the process of her escape her claws tore the jellyish eyes of another of the large centipede aliens. This furthered the frenzy.
When she hit the ground, she had to move quickly again. There was a rhinoceros charging through the ranks of the Visser's forces.
<WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!> This seemed to come from the rhino.
<I couldn't agree more. You have a plan, Jacob?>, Sam quipped as she sunk her teeth into the arm of a human Controller.

February 7th, 2009, 6:01 AM
Skye nodded. <Good idea,> she said as she watched the other girl morphing. <Just make sure you don't get caught again or it could be messy.> She glanced at the dead Hork-Bajir, their Yeerks still trying to slither out of their ears and then shriveling up and dying. <Well...messi-er.>

She bounded down the hall, hoping Reina would be all right. <Jacob! Reina's all right. She's morphing the lioness...where do you want us?>

It dawned on her that she sounded just like a soldier or something. And then she thought: I am a soldier now. It was something that scared her, but she knew it had to be done.

February 10th, 2009, 8:11 AM
Reina could feel the raw power building in her as she suddenly fell forward, no longer able to stay upright.

With the arrival of a few whiskers the morph was complete.

Hunt. Where is the prey? Scent....follow the scent to the prey. The pride.....where are the others?

These thoughts and more circled through Reina's head as she suddenly bounded forward with a low growl.

She ran along the hallways looking for a way out, when she suddenly shot through it into the open night air.

There was chaous all around her. Strange things with claws that ripped and tore, big things with too many legs eating on the fallen, both still alive and already dead, and finally humans....lots of them.

She suddenly turned on a black panther in her path. The enemy? This was her pride's territory. How dare she invade it.

She felt her ears flatten against her skull and a loud growl build in her throat.

February 10th, 2009, 12:46 PM
Skye heard Reina up ahead of her, and bounded out of the building into the battle scene again. A lioness was growling, ears flattened, at a black panther, who obviously didn't belong to the Yeerks. Reina couldn't control her morph, and she might kill the panther if she couldn't gain control in time.

She knew how it felt - her own tiger was telling her to kill anything that moved. It took all her strength, but she supressed it.

Not moving, she called, <Reina! That's not your enemy, it's Sam! One of our team! The Animorphs, remember?!> She made sure to keep it private, since 'Animorphs' wasn't exactly a Yeerk word. She also made sure not to make any sudden movements toward the lioness, especially since she was angry. Reina might not be able to hold back the lioness until after she'd killed Skye.

<Reina! It's me, Skye.>

She hoped the simple sentences were enough to stop her.

OOC: Rii, sorry I keep showing up. No one else is posting, so there's not much else to do -.-;

February 10th, 2009, 7:01 PM
Just narrowly avoiding losing her tail to a crazed Taxxon, Sam danced her panther butt quickly to the side. Her quick manuver caused the salivating, too-many-toothed creature to go sailing past.
When she turned to finish it off, she was met by an angry looking lioness.
(The Taxxon ended up getting distracted by a wounded human Controller, forgetting entirely about the black panther.)
Sam instantly froze in place and attempted to make herself look non-threatening.
She 'heard' Skye trying to get through to Reina and the battle raging around her, but she was only focused on the larger, tawny cat in front of her.
With Reina still struggling to control the lioness' instincts, Sam dare not provoke her.
<Reina? It's Sam. I'm not your enemy.>, she said unknowingly echoing what Skye had said.
<You've got to control the lioness. Do you hear me? You can do it.>
Sam couldn't tell if anything that she said was even being heard, but she continued to stand stock still.
Sam hoped that Reina would come to quickly; the wound in her shoulder was begining to burn horribly and the battle was quickly shifting their direction.

February 13th, 2009, 5:49 PM
<Reina?> she echoed aloud.

Pausing slightly in her tracks, Reina was overcome by pictures.....pictures of human memories.


She jerked back. She'd been on the verge of attacking a fellow team mate. How could she have done that?

She pulled back.

<Sorry....I'm in control now. More or less anyway.> Reina offered the panther a fanged grin. <Let's go kick some butt.>

She suddenly let loose with a battle roar.

February 14th, 2009, 6:24 AM
Skye watched as Sam and Reina faced off, Reina still in lioness mode, Sam trying to get her to understand that she was human. Reina wasn't listening, though...for a while, anyway.

Suddenly, her eyes went wide, and she said, <Reina...human...me...>

Then she was suddenly in control. <Sorry. I'm in control now. More or less, anyway.> She smiled, which looked incredibly weird on a lioness. <Let's go kick some butt.> And then she was gone.

Skye turned to Sam. <Are you okay? That wound on your shoulder doesn't look so good. Are you going to be able to battle?>

She couldn't help being worried for her friend. If the wound was bad, she'd have to morph back to human and try to figure out a way home. But then she had an idea. <Hey...if you morph back to human and then morph to panther, it shouldn't be there anymore, right?> Then she looked around. <But you might not be able to find a safe place...>

OOC: I'm not saying that you need to morph back. I just needed more in my post and my brain has been shot, so I don't have much originality xP

February 16th, 2009, 9:32 AM
Brian tried to keep his cool in battle. He wanted to make sure they all got out alive. He thought if

they could confuse the enemy some how scare them off,the others could launch a solid attack.

He looked around for anything something that might cause them to back off or stun them.

Brian was not a forceful fighter he liked to stratigize an conquer.

Too bad this was not the case, Brian saw the human controller coming at him and was able to dodge just in time but was cut along his back about 2 inches long nothing to cry about.

He hated hurting humans but it was either take them out or you risk getting killed.

Brian held back as he slammed the human into a light pole knocking the human out the pole sparked and gave him an Idea.

<Hey guys mabye we can push a couple electrical poles over and cause a flash or an electrical explosion!>

February 17th, 2009, 7:29 AM
Jacob was trying to think of a way to escape when he heard Brian say, <Hey guys mabye we can push a couple electrical poles over and cause a flash or an electrical explosion!> That was acctually a pretty good idea. And it would be the perfect time to escape. So he decided to say so. <That is a really good idea Brian. You get to work on knocking down those light poles. EVERYONE! We'll use the explosions to esca-> Jacob was cut off when he looked to see what the visser was doing during this fight, and saw that he had started to morph. The thing he was morphing in to was fourteen feet tall, with green and red reptilian flesh and razored tentacles. <I see you Andalite filth have finaly noticed. I found this one on the Hork-Bajir homeworld. I believe it was the last, or possibly the only one. Their a few that I only saw once.> While Visser 3 was saying this, he was also walking closer, flipping those tentacles around. One time he caught a Hork-Bajir at the waist on accedent. The tentacle didn't even seem to stop. It just went clean through, cuting the poor creature in half. <This won't end well> said Jacob. Jacob looked around for some help, but noticed the others were a little tied up at the moment. When he looked back in front of him, he noticed the Visser was almost on top of him. One tentacle, nearly twice as long as the Visser himself, shot towards Jacob and got stuck in the ground. Jacob tried to bite it off, but when he bit down, noticed something. The tentacle was extremely squishy. The only bone part was on the end. It was strong though. The Visser lifted it out of the ground and with it Jacob. As it was going up, Brian managed to knock down a lamp post right next to the morphed Visser. Their was a bit of an explosion, but none of it touched the Visser. <That was good Brian. Next time though, mind having it hit the Visser?> Then Jacob noticed something. The Visser had stoped moving. Jacob didnt know how and didn't care. He let go of the Visser's tentacle and ran for the nearest exit saying, <EVERYONE! Time to go! Get to the nearest exit, morph bird and meet back at the construction site. Brian! Mind knocing down this door for me.> All of which was in privet thought speek.

Edit: I, unfortinatly won't be able to post for awhile. I really don't want this RP to die, so I am passing on tempory control to Rii, because she seem to know the most about Animorphs. Rii, when you get the chance, PM me so I may tell you about the details of the next few posts. I do have a plan, and what's happened heas happened at a really inconveniant time. Or, if you don't want control, tell me and I'll get someone else to do it.

February 23rd, 2009, 6:41 PM
<He's right. We should defintely retret.> Reina thoughtspoke.

She turned tail only to find her way blocked by a burly Hork Bajir.


Reina lept, claws out.

The controller was knocked down, Reina's claws slicing neatly into him.

<Andalite bandits!> the Visser rored. <I will destroy you all!>

There was the sound of Police sirens in the distance.

Visser three hesitated.

A Hork Bajir said something to him, something Reina didn't catch.

<Fool!> the Visser roared. He sliced him in two. <Feed on this fool, and we retret for now.>

He began demorphing as his controllers provided a barricade as they made their way back for the Blade ship.

February 24th, 2009, 2:19 PM
Skye had seen the Visser's monstrous form. She'd seen the failure of Jacob to bite its arm off. It looked like they were all going to die, even with the electrical poles being knocked over, when suddenly...there were police sirens. She never thought she'd want the police to come, but right now she wanted them more than anything.

Maybe the police were Yeerks, she thought. But probably not, since the Visser was retreating.

Thank God. Thank God. Skye wasn't sure she could fight anymore. Her muscles were tired and blood pounded in her eyes, and the dead bodies all around her were beginning to stink. She was exhausted, more than a day at the beach. This was dead-tired exhaustion.

<Can we...go home now?> she asked tentatively.

February 28th, 2009, 11:55 AM
Brian knocked over his last pole when he heard Jacob call.

<Brian! Mind knocing down this door for me.>

Brian did as he was told he knocked down the gate with a simple swish of his head.

He looked to the others and saw somthing amazing. They were retreting, all of the forces but why?

What in the world was going on he knew the battle wasn't over but even Visser himself was falling back.

Then he heard it the best sound all day police sirens!

<Thank heavens, Lets get out of here and get to safety I can't go on for much longer>

Brian felt so weak and he was cut in a few places but what would haunt him most about this night would be the terrible mental image of Visser's morph.

He longed for a safe place to rest and try to tend to his thoughts.

March 13th, 2009, 2:51 PM
I really hate to do this to everybody, but I would like to have this RP locked. The reason is I plan to make a newer and better one than the original. I hope all of you in the first join the new one. Trust me it will be much better.

March 15th, 2009, 6:21 PM

What a surprise :/

I probably won't do the next one...I don't have the time.